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Ep. 1038 - Fake Noose


The infamous racist NASCAR noose is a fraud; Jimmy Kimmel issues a passive-aggressive apology; and we explore the bestselling book in America, on white fragility.

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The infamous racist NASCAR News, is fake news. Camel issues, Passiveaggressive apology and we explore the best selling book in America on wage fragility. Adventure of this is the bench Barroso. Yeah, The bench a bureau show is sponsored by expressing deep. Yet you have a right to privacy protected at Express GPS, dot, com, slash and burn. So indeed fake news. But you know, no news is good news. Here's the thing there, a bunch people online are very very upset that it turns out that other Wallace's news was in fact not a news that bubble. Wallace's news was, in fact just a pull down string at the garage now listen behind closed doors and privately I had my doubts at this He was real from the very very beginning, but I was hesitancy voice, those doubts because, after all, NASCAR, which they major organization had backed the story And that's how you know I mean they have cameras in all of the garages you think they have
multi million dollar engines over there and they don't have cameras in the garage that cameras and all the garages didn't all of their staffers. Presumably done some sort of internal investigation founded the story was legit Nord apparent it and make it you know one story in the world or, alternatively, they were duped, or, alternatively, they are just unbelievably full of crap and decided to go woke or broke and simply believe, whatever story bubble, Wallace told them. So wherever the story came from, the story was promulgated and the story now that it is being promoted, as the Wallis really didn't know what Following on from the very beginning bubble, walls was told that there is a news in his locker and he really check it out, and then he repeated the story and others and listen I'm willing to give people the benefit of the doubt until the point where they completely blow the benefit of the doubt, and at this point I feel it there is one the benefit of the doubt. Isolate bubble. Wallis has borne the benefit of the doubt and it feels a lot like everybody decided to one or two to jump to a ridiculous conclusion based on non evidence and based on
obvious based on something that obviously does not hinder, whose in order to promulgated particular narrative, I always had a tribute to stupidity. Vote we everything and malice, virtually nothing, I'm having a real hard time on this. One thing a real hard time, not attributing to malice what happened here, because again, NASCAR has cameras there. Me, I tweeted out about this because NASCAR had said that had happened and ask our: should you know, release the origin and prosecute whoever did it raises the person to be prosecuted? most hurt must have known all along and it turns out that the news was not in fact they use. It was the pole string on a garage. It was the put that had been there for a year before this. Mean ain't net. Couldn't askern been this ignorance could bubble. Wallace had been his ignorant that huge traipsing through days easier really singing the song that it NASCAR had written for him, or is it possible that bubble Wallace the new that this would be us all along decide to exaggerate its again, I'm willing to grant people the doubt as willing to grant NASCAR the benefit of the doubt until they lost the benefit of the doubt and even last night
after the story came out as Willing Grandpapa Wallace the benefit of the doubt that he was told by NASCAR. There is a nuisance locker and then he will or in his garage, and then he saw picture and like a news and here's a well of NASCAR says that that's the case. Then, probably that's the case in that's that really upsetting and then bubble. All is what a national tv and decided that he was gonna double down on this after the FBI investigation. At that point, you know at his sincerity in question. At that point, I have to think to myself well Maybe he knew all along. This wasn't really what it appeared to be an who has had to go along with it anyway. So here was the statement, then ask are released. Last night there released quietly it first of all that this came after people online right. The online searchers, it's very easy research where they showed pictures of the garages last year and what they showed. Draw strains on the garage where the poster on the garage door. There were shaped like a hen busily handled by the were there not really looking like a new. So much as you know, a draw strength that you pull.
On a garage like everyone has in their garage in America. Like death, would brothers racing group put up a and whom we are thankful. There was no one involved in perpetrating hate during this week's race, just like the rest of the NASCAR garage were shocking. Nepal to learn of the existence of the rope fashioned like a news Our employees alerted us yesterday morning it without knowing that these tales of the incident you're calling I'll handle in the garage pull down from last fall. We immediately alone ass garden of assisted investigation in every way possible. What transpired over the past eight is a plus is a unit It has only served to strengthen the bonds between each and every remember, fan and unfounded, like what our brothers Organisation is proud to stand with bubble Wallace and the entire industries who worked make every race fan a part of our NASCAR we will get I'll be well and good if NASCAR had waited to jump conclusion and spread it as the number one new story in America and proclaimed that this is indicative of broad and deep american racism. I pointed out yesterday, by the way that even if there had been a news in the garage affected, every single driver and pick group in NASCAR March with bubble Wallace in front of him
data, motor Speedway was worried. That indicated that the person who did it was now outlier. Now it turns out the entire things blow crap from beginning to end and now we're supposed to believe it Z, providing incidents as opposed to dies. Somebody did something wrong it. Here's what NASCAR said the FBI has come its investigation to tell it egg a Super speedway and determined the bubble. Wallace was not the target of a hate crime. The FDA report concludes and photographic governance confirms that the garage whole Rob fashion, like a news had been position there since as early as last fall. This was obviously well before the forty four teams rivalling garage assignment. We appreciate the FBI's, quick and thorough investigation and are thankful to learn that this was not an intentional racist acts against, but we remain steadfast commitment to providing a welcoming an inclusive environment, inclusive environment, for all who love racing, ok, and that should be by the way, the normal reactions. This we are, let's go that there isn't a racist incidents. Nascar
just call for a massive change and s courage when, along with that, inspires confederate flags, it's gonna get to know the there wasn't a massive racist incidents, but it seems that there are many people who are very disappointed today, namely people who are looking for supply of racism is actually a little bit short for what they are. Looking for. At this point, I have said before that the demand for racist incidents- or to propagate the narrative that America's deeply racist and covered with racism stems historic man for four that much racism is not met by the supply of racism. Well, if it weren't the supply of racism. You wouldn't have to manufacture incidents like this one international stories or cling to the story once it had been completely Gabon, and yet there are people who are completely clinging to the story after it is divine. So let us just remember the sick. Krypton memory Lane or the last seventy two hours bubble. Wallace went on National TV yesterday. So yesterday morning when he said this was a despicable act, racism and then suggests Anyone who doubted the story was a racist, so
You down at the store, your raises. No, I didn't expressed out about it again because now, at least not publicly because again NASCAR had, basically put out a statement. I figure can ask our two major organization with internal deliberated bodies in and in their mouths, if corporation, they probably had done it negation- they probably can be this stupid. While it turns habit wrong. I was wrong, I was but it s my producer calls it. Behind closed doors, I was a little sceptical at this thing was actually a noose placed But what his garage, the regional skeptical is not because I don't think they are bad people were raised. Now there is because we seem- probably in my lifetime five. Ten years would probably a dozen cases of people claiming that News was left is a racist symbol and all of them so far where turnouts people grab, we had one two weeks where we had one in Oakland, where a black I put up some ropes on a tree. People could use them for exercise and the Oakland Mayor Libby shaft than lush. I hate crime investigation, suggesting that the interest, the the intent of the ropes and matter only the impact of the ropes matter and
going to investigate it anyway, even though black guy had put up things that didn't look anything like nuisance, so when I hear a new story. My first reaction is maybe we should wait for it: No all the evidence can I almost a giant major organization, backs the story. Well, now, I'm just gonna go without em you're, gonna death and permit, or whether a giant organisation, that's the story or not anyway Wallace, the National TV, and not only did he say this was despicable. Acts of racism is that anyone calling it a hoax is a racist. If you even had doubts your racist before tell their own opinion to make them feel good, whatever make them help them sleep at night. It's just that. It's unforeseen circumstances. Terrible time that were in right now, you're twenty twenty only one year, two for sure forget, forward. But it is a simple minded. People like that, the ones that are afraid of change they they use everything in their power to defend what they stand for and instead of trying to listen and understand
scorn on simple minded people afraid of chain Those are the people who were doubting the story about the news in the in the garage and then he said, just than anyone who called it a hoax or staged was racist. When, if you said there was a hoax and you are also a racist as well so good stuff here from a boss was all before therefore came again. I was willing to grant and benefited out. Even it was willing to go along with this? Ok? Well, maybe he didn't know. I mean at the time had been told by NASCAR, presumably that there is a nuisance garage so we'll maybe he believe The same thing that I believe, maybe and then you have like Gmail Hill Regimental, helpful declared all of american society Root branch. Racist everything is racist, Gmail Hill. She said yesterday that the news was reminder of who the sport was for not the giant numbers of people, drivers and an pit members were walking with double Wallace. The news was the reminder of the sport. Was for such a molehill. Yesterday, NASCAR They had to deal with, maybe not
nooses installs, but the shadow of the confederate flag being considered a symbol that you often saw NASCAR races. These very overt reminders about good sport is exactly four and who should be a fan of this fort, and this is something that they ve been dealt with a long time and unfortunately, in this way, these issues bubble to the surface. In this way they bubbles the surface. These do that right now, as our mentioned on the show, the way that we do conversations in this country is maybe dumbest wage do conversations ever which, as we wait for a flashpoint incident, and then we had tribute to a broader system, that is what the left likes to do. They flew away from flashpoints in and then they tribute to a broader systems instead of fighting statistics or disparities that are based on on things. Not behaviorally explainable. Instead, what they will do is they will say, Newton bubble, also garage. This means all NASCAR fans are racist right, which is just saying, even if there was a news and bubble Wallace's right, which there was not, then
would not mean that all national bans are reasons, but those who gmail Hill Is- and this is the way the chief promote her message as it turns out. We have pictures of it. The old draw strings here is pretty obvious, From anybody who had seen this thing, I mean, as soon as I saw these pictures on my last night. I was like oh yeah that that's pretty credible explanation, because literally people had uncovered photos from last year showing the picture of the draw strain on the garage door from last year that had the the hand high in it read that looks basically like a loop does Justin, loop, and then they show the picture the next year and handled was missing, was a shorter rub. It looked as though I had been cut now, and I was willing to Grandpapa Wallace the benefit of the doubt here you can see in the picture there is that there is the hand hold in the in the rope and then the very next year's just gone, because somebody to cut it off for whatever reason before bubble Alice got their long. Verbal ask other itself as willing to grant
it benefits that out. Everybody was acting in good faith and had been intentions, then bubble Wallace. When anonymous show last night, Alice, undone women show decided to not only stick with this but you double down on the story. After the release of the NASCAR statement on the FBI report, so bubble Allison No, it's a straight up news straight up a noose. No, it isn't. The FBI deployed agents fifteen to investigate this fifteen agents says. My colleague mouthwash has pointed out. We ve got protesters tearing down federally, put up statues all over the United States nobody's doing anything about it. I suppose we find news in his garage, and we point fifteen FBI agents to investigate a clearly we're out taking racism seriously enough in this country. Then then efforts, debunked by Wallis goes out, there is, I don't know, I'm not taken the debunking it made up to now. This makes me wonder whether bubble walls knew all long wasn't news, because up until now, I was willing to grant him the credibility of of sincerity rather than Houston, sincerely believe that this thing was
symbol, but once it It's not instead of being relieved like all good, that's great, like I'm, not the victim of racism, it was all misinterpreted. Instead of that is ignored, it definitely was racism. I have very little sympathy for this. At this point, I will admit to you and my sympathy, mice, The levels have dropped below zero. At this point, there is somebody has been victimized by an awful lot of people saying extra. Let's make things as the number one target of Anti Semitism in United States online in two thousand sixteen I received death threats in the mail, all sorts of good, wonderful stuff. I remember a specific answer, ok there's an incident. Were somebody sent a piece of male directly to my house? my house is not registered a minor anything, and so this is, we're right when people send mail directly to my house and a little suspicious, and I, like an idiot, decided. You opened this piece of mail. I opened a piecemeal and in the in the male is a is a folded up paper towel. Basically, and folded paper tell I opened a little. They illustrate this powder inside and I think most of all goods
but he is somebody sending powdered. My house, like that's, probably nodded the thing, so I called my security people, my scary people check it out and coordinate with the police. They look at it and they decide that it actually is not in fact dangerous substance. There's nothing comes along. That explains what this stuff is. Not dangerous. Media reaction was oh good. It's not somebody trying to kill me. My family, that's a good thing right, I don't go on claiming all this was another anti semitic incidents. It me you're normal human reaction. We find out you're, not a victim of a hate. Crime is relief. No human reaction. When you find out that somebody is not targeting you for destruction and hatred is all good will. That makes my life easier. That's nice, I'm glad I'm glad by the way, receiving all that hate mail. I never attributed to the entire country. It's insane! Ok, I certainly go national tv and in maintaining that the thing was a piece of hate.
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car around my thicker guys to confirm that it was a noose and never seen anything like it. Never anything like it never have at last year who's on the garage, I understand that you weren't there because they those are all stars. Maybe the walls was announced our but like it was there, dies, and when we have pictures of it, it was a straight up news straight up Oh my gosh, you know a middle ground, my desk right now. Oh my! Oh, my god. What is this right here Is it my computer court, or is it a straight up news? Who knows it could be anything, he wasn't apple investigation must clear me up We have been used to myself. Oh no, that's just my computer does matter straight up news straight up to straight up news you always such bubble, Wallace, whose maintaining again they desire. For the story be real. Is the parties really telling the deep, abiding desire on the part of many people to make the story real. Isn't
it is again obedience. I urge you paint America in a particular way, as I've said where I was living most medic incident. Then I found out. It was not in fact Nancy Medic Incident of your great good news. America, good news me great good stuff, Instead, I turn up I've been told by the FBI. It wasn't a news. It was a news, straight up. It was a noose trip. Oh my god! What's this right here on my shoe, what could it be? I don't know about. You can check guys come on what what good. They get over yourself get over your people when is not news. That is the Good NEWS. No no. Goodness guys, ok, but Jim he'll, his still made, as are its absurdity, it's it's a damned absurdity and it's horrible for the country. Renault, maintaining the racial incident happened when it didn't happen when it didn't happen and your maintaining it and pretending that it, For the country that your maintaining it l sharpen, went
national tv this morning on MSNBC, when he said this quote: its clear what a noose represents. Did someone it was in the store when they did belatedly assigned Bubba there. I do not think we seem closure in this particular inquiry. That's it that's! What Ashura? Here's what our european home so I dont think deserves a lot of questions and clearly from what we just saw a bubble while, as it does not seem, he who is the victim and possible targeting this matter seems to be satisfied with this. I do not think it we ve closure in this particular inquiry. I get by the way believe what I'll sharpen has to sell me on investigations? I definitely bill. I think we need the word avail. Sharp in that debate actually happen before I go any further, because what I think credible sources on criminal investigations. I think about the guy who faked a rape of each other. Young girl in the nineteen eighties and blamed white D for it and ruin his life.
We believe a sharp than when it comes to this kind of stuff. I'm sorry that all sympathy has been lost gone gone. It is, it is a way of his dissipated. My sympathy levels are now zero your maintaining the story passed the point when the story can be maintained and Gmail Hill by the way, you know what her responds to this was Gmail helped weeded out It was a news. They just don't believe it was reckoned about. The walls were, no that's not. How have you of this works? That is not here Any of this work is not racist, simple. If it wasn't directed above a lawless and wasn't a news, it was a hand high on a grudge we ve having reached peak stupid, get no. We have not reached peak stupid because again, in Europe, we will never reach feet, stupid its legs those paradox, the closer we get to be stupid. The further way it still seems a genoese paradoxes. The idea, if you keep having, since between yourself and a goal. You'll never reach the goal, because you can always divide by half. Ok, that is it. That is what we have.
On this point. We are, we will never reach being stupid, will just keep sub dividing Harrods breath, move forward incrementally toward pig stupid, but we will never reach pics stupid Super is always receding goal in the distance and big ugliness, because this is ugly ugly crap. It's ugly, crap and Yoda really does It makes people feel good in tearing down a system where they have no right to tear down guess what NASCAR restructuring is not racist, guess what new cars Am base is not racist. It is not erases fan base and for you to simply That is a racist fan base because you think they're all southerners snuggled to bumpkins, who hate black people is absurd. Certain demonstrate your own bias. This whole thing is ridiculous. Man made to again that the the pure unbridled evidence is you maintain a story like this. After the story is over and we can all see or motivation, all see it. At this point I was willing grand sincerity as willing to even worse. Mistake once you start maintaining the credible, the story once the story has been completely debate by the FBI
I don't think you're sincere anymore. I just think that you're pushing a narrative on the back of crap. That's what I think, and I think mainly you're, doing its make yourself oh good, I think it's mainly what's going on here and the Iraqi with White with which White progressive have glum to answer this kind of stuff is truly incredible. It really is amazing. I want to talk here about you're, not the Gmail Hills ever the owl, sharp tens or people who make a living off of polarizing people unrest until about why so many people go along with this. I think it really is kind of important. It's kind of important, basically occult has been form among progressive white woke people, and that culture is that these standards for declaring somebody races have changed and they will you to change and you will be made you bow before them up and that's incredibly day as for the country are watching that happen all over the country right now, we're gets it at in just one moment. First, let us talk about the fact that right now you may be putting on the pandemic fifteen. What people would talk about, putting
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the changes on Monday on one day, small steps make a big progress sign up for your trial. Today, new. That's an oh, am dad comet slashed Shapiro, again Newman Dotcom Slash appear to start that proud today and what you have to lose does it knew that combat slash up start your trial today, that's an old dotcom, Slash, Shapiro and oh am dot. Com. Slash appeared to sign up for your trial tonight. It's a meanwhile we'll see the white progressives leading the way in all of this right, declaring their fields iii to the to the woke caused an as I've been suggesting for weeks. At this point, what started off, as perhaps a good hearted question to curb police brutality, has now morphed into basically race painters. Taking them. And white workpeople feeling about themselves, and that is how you end up with video like this and there's a lot of video like this. So yesterday, Washington DC white women yelling at black police officers that this is again fear typical. Unfortunately, of a lot of these protests is white women yelling.
Black police officers, always good luck. You're wasting your time is the two black police officers who see the problem with ILO there. Now I dont know why they got my wife and I have an experience. Read them without double pipelines. That doesn't mean are not aware of the problem, but why President Wade racism is her problem. She needs to fix it. As those paternalistic statement, I've ever heard in my racism is her problem, just as I have an experienced racism and you sit or know anything about racism. That doesn't mean that I can't yellow these black cops. About raises business self centered arrogant, nonsense. I've ever seen and again this is this out across the country weight. And screaming at White House officers. There's something it happened yesterday, straight from their yoga class
these Karen's yelling at yelling at black police officers. I want to see the manager, whereas the bad here they are. As I was? nothing it's time. Done quite like screaming at police officers. Men need these. These white women deaf we are very upset that they cannot by the LULU Lemon PAN the proper prices, so that isn't it had they needed, beat to somebody immediately immediately if it's the sounds of sort is because it is absurd. I'm sorry that we have now reached the point where the parity has moved the parity, but you cannot do parity of this anymore. We forgot to come set up their own independent state in Seattle
I didn't. We move beyond the parity, but just when you think we move beyond the parity, you realize we ve not move beyond the parity. It turns out that there's an organised attempt to tomorrow, Tear down emancipation, monument in Washington, DC ammonium established and paid for by freed slaves and the dedication of which Frederick Douglass Spell, The crowd is now during this they're sitting: com People were turned, bringing down the emancipation money in Washington DC, which they monument of Abraham Lincoln, and he is standing sort of over and with his hand, out to a free black slave. Those recently turned the monument to face a black educator, so it chose Lincoln Pandemic to a black educator now in terms of proximity to other monument and then bringing that that's exciting stuff, also in content with a group of protesters, again largely I've decided that it was necessary to pull down a series of capital he'll statues according to the did he Journal Sentinel Online Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, fury explore outside the Wisconsin Stay capital on Tuesday night, as protesters smash windows at the state has attacked states
and tore down to iconic statues, including one. An abolitionist who died trying to slavery during the civil war begin earlier Tuesday, following the arrest of a black man was arrested for bringing it megaphone a baseball bat into a capital swear starts. If we have mostly peaceful protests of the death of George, like ok, mostly peaceful protest is like it. It's just the greatest euphemisms history is the greatest euphemism the peaceful protest they shut down. The entire city of LOS Angeles at six p m for a week is mostly peaceful protests. If I spend twenty three hours and fifty nine minutes of my day, firstly peaceful and then I abuse my child, those not mostly peaceful day, guys the day in which I did something bad. That today, which I have to go to jail. If I protest all day and then I walk into account elsewhere, restaurant carrying a baseball bat, an apparently threatening people. There was not mostly peaceful lagging during the mail. Wait on Tuesday democratic states entered him. Carpenter he's Democrat was assaulted. After taking a photo of protesters, he said
happen: arduous, stop and take a picture. The next day, I'm getting five six punches getting kicked in the head protesters, chanting The release of the man had been arrested earlier also broke glass. At the time you Tom, sent Centre and West Washington Avenue smashed windows and lighted the stay capital and set a small fire at the Dame County jail before police arrived just before when I am in Madison statues. Whose content model forward, which, by the way is a rapidly progressive statue, was a statute that was erected originally in order to pay homage to the broadening of voting rights in the state of whiskey it was commission. I was gone to women and sculpted by it was gone. Some women undesigned explicitly as a symbol of progressive ISM in the first states ratify Nineteen amendment allowing women the right to vote or getting they ripped that they they ripped it down. They ripped it down about They also rip down a monument of Colonel HANS Christian head anti slavery activist who fought and died for the union. During. U S, civil war is one hundred year old sculpture was decapitated and thrown into a Madison Lake by the protesters. Unbelievable,
I mean it's just that it's ridiculous, an insane how Governor Tony every Democrat and not intervene in this is just it. It does say everything. It does say everything so well done everybody just all good stuff, meanwhile over in Oregon again result. Yet some of this is is black. Americans were like what, in terms of the protein, be the constituency of the protest at this point. Now these many of the protests they're out of control are not lacking. There's some black Americans among the crowd, largely this white Americans, and we look at the pictures. You can see that it's more We went, Americans were doing this sort of stuff. At this point, it's like these woke college. Students were off on break because of covert nineteen and they decide get active and prove to everybody how non racist they are. They all read write fragility by Robin the Angela and decided to interrupt the system of splain. What exactly lappel crap means in just a few minutes here, but I'm not done with my run down on the complete melt down of the White woke progress.
Left? It's incredible. I mean it truly. Is we'll get you morbid in just one? Second, first, we all have dreams. We do like some of us want you dream about having a country where people are not tearing down every step you inside so much, one of your maritime wouldn't go outside to a restaurant, but the big dreams can a heart attack about others are all small rooms, the big dreams? Those are those are hard to talk about like we say to our: maybe they won't come true. When it comes to your future, you do have to dream big, the bigger the better in the dream, better tomorrow does start we'd, better education. That means getting a degree from Ashford University asked universities, online, bachelor's masters, degree programmes. Allow you to learn on a convenient, inflexible schedule at Ashford Expert Faculty. Teaches you real world skills from while the experience and online classes built, relax, twists and turns you can learn from home or wherever you feel comfortably can pursue a degree in want of Ashford six
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action of America does in fact continue. A pace is not just to its constant statues coming down or the attempt to take down the emancipation monument. Everybody is now being forced to bow before the mob, so we have Jimmy Kimmel, whose now being forced about before the mob, which is exciting stuff. I do love the passiveaggressive mob, availing of Jamaica so Jimmy came up dressed up in black face ass calm alone, for several sketches for man show in the early two thousands now I've more maintained, unlike other hypocrites, I've. More maintain that if you dressed up as it were a person that is not the same thing as rushing up as a stereotypical black face person in nineteen twenty designed to mark all black people, so I dont put Jimmy Camel the same category as people who are doing this in nineteen twenty- and I never have. I vote that was an absurd comparison. In alone, It's not that one William to Central America, as does everybody who shredded rationality, understands the Darrow gradations of bad here. Ok, but Jimmy Camel was cancelled yesterday when they try to cancel him.
Here's the problem. Jimmy Kamal has cancel others. I ve spent entire career, I'm late night, basically declaring that if you're, not if you're, not properly woke, you should be cancelled, you should lose your job? You should have your life road will now Jimmy Camel once you both mainly in his moral authority and also I apologise for having done this horribly, supposedly races thing back early, two thousands also unclear rock radio men. Ninety ninety she did a rap album or he imitated Snoop dog and dropped the inward bunch of times. Now, if that happens, will right. Winger Jimmy came we'd be out there calling for that person tat what you mean. Doesn't want loses had instead, he says. Listen, I'm woke to leave me alone. There was the statement Jimmy Camel put up. I've wondered and to address this, as I knew doing so, would be celebrated as a victory by those who equate apologies with weakness and sure for leaders who use prejudice to divide us. That's away was mistakes he's gonna blame his lack of an apology on everybody else. It somebody else's fault, guys, it's the right, wingers, it's the right wingers! I didn't want to give them what they wanted. I'm, but I'm going to anyway. I'm give them what they want to, because that's just how big a man I am of Passiveaggressive Bull grab ever you don't care rock radio in mid nineties,
recording impression of the NBA Player car along the way please, I continued impersonating alone on tv. We heard make up our. Make me look much like Malone as possible. I never considered that this might be seen as anything other than an imitation of a fellow human being when they had done it they had no more to do with Carl skin color than it did his bulging muscles and bald head and then dozens of impressions, people, including soup, Dog, Oprah, Eminem, Dick vital rosy and many others. In each case I thought MS impersonation celebrities. Nothing because that's what they were obviously, but he has to bind the new standard and silky must prostrate himself before the mob. Instead of just saying I was imitation celebrity get over it. Instead of doing that, it's not enough! I want to welcome. I write for the world market is now calling for my head, I route for them. I want them to continue their righteous work on behalf of social justice. I believe I have evolved and matured over the last twenty plus years. Its says Jimmy come up. I hope Lebanon to anyone, watches myself. I know this will not be the last I hear of this and that will be used again to try to Why it me oh be used to try to quiet you. Will it aha,
so he likes to bully everybody else, but he's afraid that you will be bullied into silence. He says I love his country too much to allow that. I won't be bullied into silence by those who fain outraged. Is there a and genuinely racist agendas? So, in other words, I did a bad thing. It's everybody else's fault and if you say that I should be held to the same standards, to which I hope everybody else I say no, I will not be held to that same standard. You silence me, I can only silence everybody else. I can only silence everybody else. That is not an apology. By the way that is Jimmy More passive aggressively attacking everybody, he doesn't like an and pretending to apologise in the process, of course, but reestablishing is all authority because he has internal. Ices has internalize to sit and you'll be forced to internalize, you're saying you up will be forced to internalize using or you shall pay the price you shall pay. The price of the white woke left, making that country worse
one story. Item have a couple more white will but stories, and then I want to explore for just a second where all this ball crap is coming from, where this kind of any it's coming from such a place of arrogance and self centered. This such a place a pattern was the idea that black Americans do not have agency, and so they need white workpeople to save them anyway. What why the among these people have a white Savior complex beyond belief that they need Jimmy came out there on the front line? Speaking on behalf of black people, if they dont have Jimmy Kimmel, while no one else can feel they get like here. You want to know how ridiculous this is they already Jimmy Camel tomorrow there are placed to make him with a black eye, saying all the same, woke stuff. Would that be a victory for social? justice, according to social Justice warriors at what right, because presumably late night would now be more diverse. Is Jimmy Camel giving up his job to awoke black person who can mirror this?
messages, but also can claim to experience. Racism, which can we can will never has, of course, not gonna. Do that his voice. Just two important, you see he's voices just two important white work left us are just too important to give up their positions of power in America because its white people's problem, cheek here's the thing when you make racism, white people's problem. What you're really doing is suggesting that only white people have the solution, which is to say only way. People should have the power to change the system, which is to say the black people, don't have the power to change the system People don't have agency in their lives, and that is that The argument that is being made by the white walk left. It is most self flattering self aggrandizing argument ever ever and it also leads to paternalistic garbage policy, as we will see in just one second, but first let
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where I come sign up for just about just one dollar, go check it out right now, a daily wire that kind of listening to the largest fastest growing conservative Pakistan radio show nation. Already so other white bookstores descended dad in the purchase and bad policy and with a couple of things a completely divided country, which obviously we saying It also urges and also bad policy, because all you have to do is clear that somebody is racist and in line with the mob thinking and then all of the all of the new ones goes away and a person can simply be purchased. Light society is an amazing story. Out by Jonathan Trade over at New York magazine today called an elite. Progressive, listen, melts down over a bogus racism charge. I may twenty eight progressive election day to analyse the shore tweeted about new paper. I Princeton professor Omar Whatso, showing a peaceful civil rights protests, move public opinions or protesters by violent protest at the opposite effect between violated
Abu in some leftwing quarters against criticising violent protests and lead within days was firing. What happened after that was or bizarre Unhewn eleven says I wrote an article briefly describing shores. Sweden firing forties later progress by was a list. Surfer left of central data analysed, kicked shore off in a message. To the group matters. This project we as racists and further accused him of having encouraged harassment of another member of the list, the racist. We simply summarize the findings of the study, which said that if you violently protests, it shifts people away from your cause, while few peacefully protests censorship, people toward your cause, which is number one quickly obvious number, two backed by data Jonathan traits, as I have obtained the entire thread: meeting the names of contributors because they had nets vacation of privacy when they contributed to it and their identities are terribly relevant. It reveals first accrual attempt for the professional reputation of shore. I smearing him with unsubstantiated charges in front of his professional peers. Second, it suggests an unseen when Europe Open inquiry within? Let's have central professional data world progress files has one thousand members only a tiny percentage of whom,
dissipated in the discussion about your many more from received a chilling message from his expulsion, more important than a a case study in the new ones are discussing race engender within the progressive universe. Many progressive and sidestep the problem presented by the liberalism of these norms. Dismissing them is goofy campus brothels over the past few years. Actually, the past few weeks, these norms are gaining a foothold in elite professional settings codified by terms like white fragility into tightly circumscribed scripts of accusation and confession: Arap wrapped his people getting kicked off with serves for citing data. Now, I'm glad to see that that out of there honest to God. I'm eating note from people who are extremely liberal. We disagree with me in front of them. They disagree with me on everything, political on their thing, I'm scared out of my which, at the sense, worries at the censorious. Halting culture that has been promulgated in our newsrooms online in general is to stand, which means it is this. It's cold, like behaviour is colored paper nor results by this call called behaviour in ridiculously insane policy like, for example, this policy of work and in Oregon
no exempting non white people from a new order that requires face masks, be worn in public. Ok, so why to prevent racial profiling to prevent racial profiling, Can you help officials announced last week. All residents must wear face coverings when in public places in which they are likely come within six feet of another person was not from their own household, but people of Color Janata, follow the new rule if they ve heightened concerns about Rachel profiling and harassment, overbearing masked officials. According to the new post. Ok, first of all, this is lately you cannot have a law that applies to white people, but not black people. Second, if you want to kill black peoples a great way to do it honestly like if you want black people, put it higher risk of carbon. Nineteen tell all the not wear masks of racial profiling masks protected if they are not protected you're, leaving that, then why we wearing them that's the whole purpose of them. This is insane speaking about policy. Nancy policy is trying to push her prevailing view on police reform and because of her way,
we'll credentials she suggesting that the GEO Peter disagrees with her is trying to re murder. George Floyd, or get away with the murder of George load is held thing to say about a bill being pushed by the GNP Co sponsors TIM Scott, Black Republican, Senator from South Carolina Nancy blowsy here, she is worth thing to happen. You're gonna have to the realities of privilege to town the he of the need for justice and policing and recognise in that there are many many good people and an on board for meant, but not all, and that we have to dress, is concerned. I shall one day. Admit that an heads a gesture that are worthy of consideration, but so far there trying to get away with murder, actually the murder of your life. So, whereas all of this coming from what you meant Jonathan Shape, mentions the book white facility by rubbing the actual is having the best sellers in the basic idea of the book. Is that if you are what you are,
just any, because your white and because you are racist, it is your responsibility to tear down the system. The book is insane: it's insane. It's a cottage piece of nonsense. It fruit is it is not an argument about change. The need we made structure. It is, basically you must. Listen. You Robin the actual and pay her as university trainer in order for your threatens to be removed by all of you, spoken sense that you haven't even committed. You have committed by dint of your white skin, and that can only be you can only be cleansed of your Athenians if he listens Robin De Angela. The book as such garbage that there may people who again are on the left, who are looking thing going. This is insane like fully insane Jesse, single and Katy Herzog. Have I ever pod cast that has begun. A pug has from the left in which they talk at length about Robin the angels, but white fragility and their take is exactly right. This book is utterly crazy. It is the number one bestselling book in America just recently host
Jimmy Thou. So what is in his book? I think it's imperative to talk a little bit about what in this book, because it so popular and because of your white woke friends are recommending it to you in the book is crazy. It filled with craziness, so there are several central contentions and, above all of which are utterly not ok, they're they're. Basically, I would say eight major problems with the book. I came categories, let's put my eight categories of major problems in the first- is the historical narrative the Robins Angelo draws Robin the Angelo is a crazy person. She's crazy. I mean that's the only way to characterize this should in no way for under the whither she describes their. There are problems in broad strokes, one it is filled with him. Our common sense. Ok, she suggested the history of America has not changed, for example, is a direct quote from above. Women were denied the right to vote until nineteen, twenty and black, were denied access to that right. Until nineteen sixty five, no black women were allowed to vote in eighteen, twenty, just like all other women.
If you want to talk about the Voting Rights ACT, any necessity of broadening the capacity for black women about that's okay, but you can't read this book without coming with the idea that black women were legally not allowed to vote in the United States until one thousand nine hundred and sixty five, which is not true, she says, It is just an amazing, while in some ways raises Indiana Nations overtime are more sinister in concrete rules such as Jim Crow, the adaptation produce the same outcome. People of color block from moving forward have been put in place by a dominant white society that won't or can't admit to its police. So Jim Crow was less bad than what we have today. According to Robins, Angela quote: there's a curious satisfaction and punishment of black people. The smiling face of the white crowd picnicking, it kings in the past and satisfied approval of white people observing mass incarceration and execution in the present she's early, comparing people attended lynchings in nineteen nineteen. Sixteen people in two thousand twenty watching the workings of the criminal justice is much of tat, means and she's great Britain, but he's let's category number one.
Historical narrative matters, as I talk about in my book, hazardous Romero can raise steps. If you draw up there as thoroughly evil and ever changing. Well, then, very easy to talk about destruction of the system, which, of course, is what she's talking about, which brings you to number two red big problem number two with Robin the angels, but number one is historical nonsense. Problem number two is that she basically labels the big problem of America Systems, just as individual is Missouri. That is, if you think, of ourselves in individual visual, and you don't actually understand that you are a member of a race so thing of yourselves in India. What is really to ending of others. As individuals is just as bad, you have to think of them. Ass members of race, which again last I check, is actually the predicate to all avoid superiority in racism right, if you think of people as members and groups rather than individuals. That is a bad thing. That is a bad thing. She says.
She says crazy things like this. Denying that we have few cross racial relationships by proclaiming how diverse our community or workplace is is enacting racism, attributing inequality between white and people of color to causes other than racism is racism. Meritocracy. If you back meritocracy, racist. If you back objectivity, these are things. She says that objectivity, that the idea of objectivity is races living on american citizens living in american history. She also talked about a problem. Number three you treat black people is tokens mean clearly trees. Black people is tokens you're, seeing this without lady, who screaming at the black carpentering? I can talk about racism. I'm a white lady and racism is our problem. Treating what black people is. Tokens is clearly a robin the actual thing. She says things that are just crazy. She. She said what perfect example quote. I told my fellow why participants visitor meeting if they felt move to tears. They should please leave room I'll, go with them for support, but I asked they not cry in the mixed group and white women not cry and from a black people I would go
before support they not crying the mixed group. After the discussion I spent the next hour explaining to a very outraged white woman, why she was asked not to cry in the presence of people of color there's a long historical backdrop of black men being tortured and murdered because of a white woman distress. We way people brings histories with us our feet. Our tears trigger the terrorism of this history, particularly for african American. She suggested for white woman, cries in front of a black man, the black man's media response to think he's. Gonna get lynched she's a raise percent of you should probably before she redefines racism as just whiteness and whiteness is defined. Being white in american society. Using seen examples of racism clearly not raises so. She uses an example of racism that squarely not racist, you're, to store your child points out a black person and says hey Mommy, a black eye, and you say your kids, and the is cause you're afraid your kid is embarrassing, the black eye. She said The debt. Is you silencing the racial discussion with your for Europe at a grocery
What is your bad bad races its another problem with her, but she also I mean it's just its call, scrap it. Just culture scrap. She said this: a direct quote, from her. But how can I say that if your white, your opinions on racism are most likely ignorant? When I don't even know you, I can say Hell because nothing in mainstream yours culture gives us the information we need to have a nuanced understanding of arguably the most complex and ensuring social dynamic of the last several hundred years. Ok, so in other words, the only way that you can be disabused of your of your ignorance is by reading her, but she suggests that if you claim your color blind or that you celebrate color because marched in the sixties or because you marked for particular cause, you can't say that if you say that You have taken race off. The table is the record from a if racism is not a topic of discussion between a white person, any person of color or friends. This absence of conversation may indicate a lack of cross racial trust. So you'll talk with black friend about race. Is because your friends, you feel like talking about race, because you're just happen at the time.
Your friend I want to talk about. It is because you are racist, also, though she says in this book, but if you ask a black person about racism in Europe your token eyes the black person, because it's not the black person I have racism to you, which leaves the one person who can explain racism. Do Robin De Angelo pray that this holding is insane, but the main goal of it is to make way people feel superior for into in the system and for tearing down the system right why people are responsible. Everything is encapsulated in at one clever. The white lady screaming the black cops, but it is her job seekers, races, not the black caught, and she has more to say about the about racism in the black cops to that perverse attempt to self aggrandize at the expense of the actual country and at the expense of black people in many cases is truly horrible for the country, but we are watching it apace already, I'm into a deep sigh by the way on rum-
angels book this weekend. I got thrown in detail so sick around, for that also to be her a little bit later today with two additional hours and content, and I will be back here tomorrow with much much more carbon nineteen update and all the rest so check us out over a daily where I come and subscribe for all that I mentioned here. This is the benchmark yeah you enjoyed. This episode don't forget to subscribe, and if you want to help spread the word. Please give us a five star review and tell your friends to subscribe to were available on Apple podcast, Spotify and wherever you listened upon. Gases also be sure to check out, other daily wire podcast, including proclaiming chow commercial and the mat Walsh thanks for listening Shapiro show is produced by Coltan Hoss executive producer, Jeremy, boring supervising producer. Math is clever and Robert Sterling assistance. Dear Papa, why dusky taken The are often Stevens play and media operated by Nick. She him associate we're Winterton edited by Adam Science? Audio is: I might call amino here and make up
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