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Ep. 1039 - They Don’t Care About Fixing Anything


Democrats block police reform while proclaiming that the time to act is now; the creator of the 1619 Project calls for slavery reparations; and the media focus in on COVID-19 spikes in Texas and Florida while ignoring California.

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Democrats block police reform are proclaiming time. Tat is now the creator of the sixteen nineteen project calls for slavery, reparations and the media focus in uncovered nineteen specks in Texas in Florida, while ignoring California. This is the big Shapiro show. Well what you get you today, we're gonna get you everything covered related because we are seeing spikes around the country. Only certain parts of the country are apparently worth lots of media attention like California, which actually may be seeing the big spite my home County of L, a county is now number one county in America in terms of covered nineteen identified. In fact,
that's getting ignored in favour of Florida and taxes will get to that in a little bit. We will also get to a new call for slavery, reparations which, of course, is not going to settle the problem, because the fact is that a lot of people are calling for slavery. Reparations are not going to suggest that, once the preparations have been made to people who had an ancestor, who a hundred and sixty five years ago is being held in slavery that once that reparation is made that suddenly, the problem has been fixed and now it in line with our allies net. None of that is is the reality. Obviously we're gonna get to he promises labour reparations and, in the very, very bad argument is being made by Nicole headed Jones, which of course, is based in rooted in the idea that America is endemically. Racist continues to be endemically racist and that nothing much has changed in the United States will get to that in a little bit. First, let's talk about the reality of the market's markets. Are up endeavour, another so much uncertainty in the markets. Meanwhile, the government
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That anything that is, that is relevant to solving the underlying problem. It is not about an attempt to reach gaps that have existed in american life. It is not about an attempt to rectify historic. Racism is not even about an attempt to stop police brutality is not found. None of that. Yesterday, the Republicans brought up in the Senate a a police reform bill and police reform bill didn't give Democrats everything I wanted, for example, did not outright ban. Chokehold said that department has to take a look at chokehold and decide how they would be applied, and the federal government would make its funding contingent on critical procedures put in place. With regard to choke old, now, they're bunch, Democrats, you think the chokehold should be all right, then, because either they they are miss characterizing. What a troubled is, there's a difference between a chokehold Andy and its mission hole, or they are trying to deprive one Foresman of a tool that sometimes require in order to make a situation more questions, as opposed to being forced to use doubly force in a case where somebody's resisting arrest mean. This is really what
one of the instances in which offers the easy, an officer in the after his trunk, but somebody into submission old, red they're, trying to they're trying to deprive oxygen, the brain, not the personnel or at least put the person and more class and state the alternative to that is the person containing to thrash round struggle, maybe grabbed the officers got set. What having Democrats really dont know anything up? Police procedure decide flat on the federal level, exactly what local police departments ought to do after a thirty year, continuous drop in crime in the United States. Is a pretty astonishing move. Republicans we're gonna do something different there. It must say: ok. These chokehold have sometimes resulted in death. These emission holds and sometimes results enough. So we should look at the procedures because it is a livid vaguer. Democrats didn't like that crafts decided for that reason, among many others, that they were just going to block this police reform bill put for by their publicans and win, don't allow a vote on it.
Allow vote now, just a couple weeks ago. The idea was, if republicans don't bring for legislation and they don't care about black American, so immediately Republicans put together a bill. Senator TIM Scott has been very out spoken about his belief that the police, sometimes who act in racially disparate ways, ready sought to at his own personal experiences. What with what he believes to be racial profiling. He was the lead sponsor on this bill and Democrats rejected it outright. Now. I will note that the the suggestion that America is endemically plagued by racist police is not backed by very much data Jason. Really, his good piece in the Wall Street Journal talking about how the police ACT, that talking about the real problem with Lucy points out in the two thousand fifteen Gallup poll taken after Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson, a majority of black respondents had police treat them fairly far more black thirty eight percent in White eighteen percent said they want to greater police presence in their local communities. Another gallop survey published last year s blackness residents low income neighborhoods about policing and found these groups got aren't averse to law enforcement. In fact, airport
early concern about crime in their neighborhoods. Fifty nine percent but lacks and Hispanics said they would. The police to spend more time in their area than they currently do, making them more We then white residents, fifty percent to respond this way democratic Republic in seem to agree them. A more uniform data collected data collection and police agencies would be a good thing. Jason rally, the right, but it's no guarantee the media, were aboard the additional data or put in contacts with plenty of data right now loose, shooting Alan precipitously, since the nineteen seventies abortive, ninety five per black homicides in the United States, dont involve law enforcement miracle studies have found no racial bias and police use doubly force and the racial disparities that system from racial differences in criminal behaviour. The problem is, and a shortage of data, but a race base narrative is immune to any data. The challenge it. Nonetheless, there was a push for police reform. Edges lease across the country are endemically brutal
in terrible and awful across the board and survival can switch worthy spill, and then the Democrats block it the democratic to outright block at forty five senators. They known allow votes there, publicans controlled Senate's, their publicans you're gonna get a majority it forty five senators, they were not even going to allow a vote. According to the Wall Street Journal, a minority of the Senate. Forty five Democrats voted Wednesday to close off any debate on a police reform Bill, not against the bill against even allowing this attitude to or offer amendments to TIM Scots proposal. Things are going to allow something like twenty one amendments to the proposal: the calculations your election. Your cynicism lot descended from passing a bill. The Republicans could campaign on then denounced Republicans for refusing to pass the bill it House Democrats will pass this week. I would micromanage local police departments, limb Republicans, proposing reform when Senate Democrats, where the real opponents is the Austrian when its oil board, much of the press corps will play along by reporting on the houseboat. Retreating descended the Senate. Voters GEO P failure election year, calculation,
the largely a mention as Democrats, maneuvers returns and its democratic party control in twenty twenty one it is no accident, the California sender, commonly Harris led to filibuster as she campaign to be Joe Biden running made, so nothing gets done, which of course, is the purpose. The senator, knocking vote for the hospital where they they're not gonna vote for a bill. That micro manages the police to the extent that Democrats want to micromanage this thing. So democratic, just demagogue miss they don't actually want seventy percent what they could have as little Scott points. Now he said TIM Scott pointed out. Is it like you guys you could get seventy to eighty percent of what you of what you want here? and you won't even allow you to put up the bill for amendment. We can debate this thing. Feeling maybe have some different priorities here. I finally realised what the problem is. Mr President, the Our problem is not what is being offered. It is, who is often and instead of getting seventy percent at what you wanted today. And tomorrow and next week you get zero,
until the election to get more okay. Well, Why? Wouldn't you take baby percent now If you can win the elections, that on the other twenty percent and the answer of course, They don't want the eighty percent now, because there are low so from many of our part power. Genes, many members media plus they don't want to solve problems. They want to keep talking about the problem, because the problem is politically beneficial for them. They they want to exaggerate the problem or continue to jabber about from, and they ought to make it look like people who, just give them a policy. Actually don't care about the problem leading that groove courses, Nancy plus you just terrible human being, I mean really despicable. She said over the last forty eight hours, the Republicans are trying to cover up George Voyage murder, whether trying to pass a police reform bill, but her colleagues are blocking on her behalf, presumably she's saying the Republicans are trying to cover up George Floyd's model. You're insane insane. Have you seen a single Republican, defending direction like any of them what the hell are you talking about, but, of course it's all about
in the narratives all about how Republicans are a bunch of evil. Romantic glossy is, of course, a godsend white woke liberal here to save whack Americans across the board. Shoes asked about ridiculous comments. Yesterday on NBC News and said, no, I'm not going to apologize for saying the GOP covered up voice murder, which is nuts nuts, their cabin is going to be tried by Keith Ellison and a democratic state with a democratic mayor of Minneapolis with a democratic agee. When you were speaking yesterday, you said the Republicans our court trying to get away with murder. Actually, the murder of George Floyd Centre Republicans are demanding an apology for that statement. Will you apologize until they pay actively not that bad. That is what people say I think you finally in the press, have given them far too much credit for a bill that does nothing there's in what you have your bill. They had their see our bill. Just something there's doesn't do their bit
nothing arson, something therefore, there trying to cover up the murder of George. Let me despicable stopped by the way. If you wanna talk about changing police behaviour in major cities, it might be worth while when I hear that every one of these major city has gotten by Democrat every single one of you know, what's easier and passing federal police reform having local mayors change police procedures in Chronic areas do something. To stop points out is less it wasn't. Democrats are talking. We need to change this. We need to do something guys. You are in charge of these cities and seen rights in Ferguson item, Baltimore Baltimore, as a Democrat City Museum Riots in Atlanta Democrats, Eddie seem right and allay Democrat City New York I'm city anytime, you want guys you can make this change, but I see making the change. I just you dumb admission for political gains, Republicans got in Detroit Lana Minneapolis, LOS Angeles Philadelphia. All these cities could have banned chokehold themselves. They
Creasy place, reporting themselves. They can have more data information themselves. They can have the escalation training themselves. They can have duty to India. In themselves. Minneapolis as well. All these. These have been run by Democrats for decades, Europe, yet so, where the solutions anytime Bueller dealer, maybe it wasn't about the solutions It was never about the solutions, it is just about promulgating. The narrative, the ol disparities in american life argued broad scale, american racism and you block the solution, because if you provide a solution, then you can't talk about homer This raises an evil anymore. You ll notice that every time every time people talk about the evils of american racism independently shootings they never mention Walter Scott. It is amazing, you'll you will see them talk about how these are our wrongfully shouldn't black men, then you'll see them list the names, the victims, and many of these cases are cases that are really, at the very least, tough I don't mention the case of Michael Brown. Michael Brown was justifiably shot by the police Department of Justice
the Brok about found that that was the case. They will mention the the racial Brooks case, a case in which a black man, Down to authors, took it pays off one taste in officer traded the other one while running away and then got shot a mention that ok, that is a disputed fact that are, at the very least, to say that, as clear cut case raises more is insane and completely disconnected from Faxa they'll talk about that one let's talk about you may arise which they horrible situation in which a twelve year old boy was shocked by the police. After he was around in a park and he had yet a pellet done yet to be begun, but he had sought off the front of the baby gun the binge part. Normally when you buy a be begun, there's an orange part on the front that lets the deliberately there. What's the cops, no, it is not an actual done. They gotta call the police, gotta call them Somebody who's running around the park, with an actual done they there and there was somebody who's running around the park with what appeared to be natural. It didn't stop and put down the gun when told to do so. That doesn't mean the shoot was good, but you try That is a racist murder. They solely on the rays of the twelve year old child to mere rice, to lump
these things together right, deserted disputed cases. Here's an undisputed case occasion, Walter Scott, never gets mentioned in this litany, is truly amazing. Cecil The later when he gets in a headed Jones is awful piece on the the attempt to lump all these cases together have very very different factors. And then ignore the one most clear cut racist case. Why is what happened in that case? What happened to the police officer went to jail for murder, so they won't talk about that case because, in a case where the system more about it is the system works. You can't indict the system system. Instead, you have to pick a case with eight with a very gated fact pattern with a difficult back pattern, and then you see justice system didn't work, because in this case, in this case the system is really shown the waters got kids, we have a clear cut case or black men is running away from police officer, unarmed yachts or shoot him in the back end transplanting on him. You also ends up in jail ass. He should former right that we once we got it.
It's amazing, if you ever want to know about the bad faith of people who make a lot of these arguments notice than the litany of victims of white police violence. Walter Scott never gets mention he never gets. Mention is truly incredible thing and you have to wonder why and you don't have to Why? Because it never about solutions, is never about fixing the problem. It is always about inviting the system. Generally speaking, damage mythology. One on the floor yesterday and he said: listen you guys were the ones were like put a bill on the floor. There, like ok, we'll put it on the floor than you refuse to even allow us to amend the bill or debate the bill. So it seems to me that you're not you super focused on solutions. Your guys for work, Later has blustered that the sun- it simply had to address this issue before July. Fourth, well, that's what The vote this morning about are you, beginning to see. Others game works weeks ago, it was imply the centre would have blood on our hands. We didn't. I got police reform now them
of those two hundred Scott and forty. Eight other centres have blood on our hands because we are trying to take up police reform correct, correct anyway, that blowsy bill is going nowhere. You know, I'm not going anywhere recycling anywhere because plus he's not allowing any amendments to be brought. Nancy policies He is not allowing any come amendments to be brought on the Democrats police Reform Bill, which means it's going absolutely. No, where the rule provides for four hours of debate, about no amendments and and then a straight out so. Do you think that bill is going anywhere? The Republicans roaring amendments and the Democrats blocked it anyway? This is not about solutions, it simply is not about. Solutions will get more of this in just one taken. First,
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The alleged vigilante stammer of arbour by three white men mistook him for a burglar, ignited nationwide outrage, but not as nationwide outrages. George loyal noted threaten the George Floyd case. I is, is much more paid attention to why? Because I suppose the idea is that case the system worked or whatever the system works. The media palace attention, but that's the way this works when system works, media palaces. Into it. The media have an interest in driving the particular narrative that that's just the reality. The media are pushing origin we're narrative been America does not care about. Black men in particular, does not care about. Men who are killed, but does not they're about racism in general. Amerika just doesn't care about racism, business narrative, is so important, is not so important in media that even since is of non racism, are portrayed as continuing grievances about racism. So perfect example bubble walls, today, finally admitted oh yeah, by the way that wasn't a news, remember level, scarred leaves a nuisance garage the walls when a national tv- and you should know it-
straight up news. Not do. That was not afraid of news. That was not an it was not a knows it was able to handle. It- was going to sleep not write it was it was. It was a handle on eight on a garage door. And but was it not straight up Newton, an entire left started. Mimicking business notion We should still worry about this as racist incidents, even after it has been debunks will finally bubble. Walls puts out a good statement what you should put out in the first place. He says it's been an emotional few days I wasn't relieves, I am. The investigation reveal this wasn't what we feared. It was one thing my team. Ask the FBI for acting swiftly and treating this is a real threat. I think, will gladly take little embarrassment of what the alternatives could have been made. No mistake that some will try this. Not detract from the show unity we had a Monday and the progress made is sport to be more welcoming for all look at it. That's a semi should be put out in the first place it as soon as the story was debunked issues at its pretty amazing. It entirely scar came around me when we even thought that this was happening for that sign of racial progress. Your tens will not allow that here is the New York Times Headline
how will dig a noose incident, puts spotlight unasked powers, troubles with racism or thing that didn't happen highlights NASCAR struggles with racism, so things debunked by the FBI and you're still go on with the story. This highlights NASCAR struggles with racism, the entire motor team over Antella data, all the drivers, all the papers Marshall what was the front of tallow data over an incident that didn't happen to fight suppose it racism? in your headline, it in your times is challenging. A noose incident puts a spotlight on Cars troubles with racism. Of course, that has to be a headline news. We actually put the fat in the headline non Nous incidents with significant overreaction against racism against racist incidents. It did not occur. What light and recently makes no sense the minute. The facts are known story makes no sense, but it doesn't matter Juliet maturity, when Blinder talk about talk about the situation in the national
from all of rage and cereal. Injustice has complicated both Wallace's reaction and the public's responds to the FBI's findings, with the government's investigation closed and no charges by well, as has found himself all the to defend himself from baseless speculation that he or his stage the incident to garner publicity all but forced to defend himself Lula force whose forcing it seriously, who while NASCAR characterize the new support for garage for those fashion. Like a news, some people insisted the useless. Europa the handle and it wasn't. Doc erasing executives, it overreacted. Well, it literally was eight Oh cord Anita arrives go with day overreacted by calling it a news, but according your times the narrative must never not narrative is never die. Even situations that don't happen are indicators racism. By the way, I fully predicted that I fully predicts that I tweeted yesterday at the New York Times the next showed run with the story
about how garage purple handles have along racist history in the United States mean that this stuff is, is wild and crazy and their consequences to it. There are consequences to. It leads to full, Foolishness so be most foolish. Article of the day again comes courtesy of many times. It is called. The Minneapolis neighbourhood vowed to check its privilege, it's already being asked. It again is all about how again why people are refusing to acknowledge their white privilege, but what worries about the article Is it really demonstrates how, when you are initiated into be white, woke leftist thought complex, its unsustainable and idiotic. Its truly incredible there, a few different stories that I told you so the let me read Thomas you when Sherry Albert move, three DEC you go into powder, horn, Parker, Treelike, Minneapolis, neighbourhood notice, a havens leftist activists and bohemian artists like herself, she went, works bruising it up. She became a blow
Bob Leader, organizing mostly white neighbours, to bringing playgrounds and help tackle long standing issues with crimes on Monday night, she banged on car windows. Amendment consulates, prostitutes outside her She said she get meticulous note when dozens of men would gather in a circle for gang meetings in the park across Marhaus. After each episode she called the police at times of change after the death of George Floyd at the hands of police The elders whose white and many a progressive neighbours have vowed to avoid calling law enforcement into their community doing so, they believed, would add to the pain the black resident Minneapolis were feeling and could put them in danger. Ok, when you draw the narrative, the police are all endemically racist and not only that you are implicated in the racism. If you call the cops when you see a crime, people stop calling the cops monsieur crime. Why do you think happens so crime rates if we go down any thing to go up? You're, not a more on, of course, so here- is a vineyard hundred words already. That method has been challenged. Two weeks ago, dozens of multicolor tens appeared in the neighborhood part they were brought by homeless. People were, displaced or in the unrest, regret the city, the multiracial group abruptly three hundred
residents teams seems to grow larger and more entrenched every day they do more. Listen to music and strategies about how to find permanent housing. Some are him are hampered by mental illness addiction or both their presence is drawn heavy car traffic in the neighborhood. Some from drug dealers, at least to residents have over TAT was in the encampment and had to be Megan away in ambulances? The influx of outsiders has kept Miss Albert Awaken night, though it is unlikely to happen. She's had visions of people from the ten km forcing their wage were home. She imagined using a baseball bat to defend herself not being able to call the police, as she has done for decades. Shaking her. I am afraid she said. I know my neighbours around and I'm not feeling grounded in my city at all anything could happen.
It is just that we call the cops anymore and then her neighbour, whose being taken over by people who are overdosing in the park, so things are going great guys really well done the consequences of of the narrative being promulgated at the expense of the fat, their real world consequences to this sort of stuff. There really are bringing more examples of this in just a second, then we'll get you the sixteen nineteen editor Nicole Hannah Jones doing her best very one tiny. He see coats impersonation, calling for reparations and doing what she does Ignore in fact, in the process I mean she. She really is she's really awful job, but she's she's, gonna Pulitzer. I guess we're done here. We gets then just second. First, let's talk about the fact that it had been listening to the chauffeur. Well, you ve heard me talk about my helix. Mattress regulates sleep, it's fantastic mattresses,
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since change over thirty seconds, said Tria Hauser, whose part native American, or that means that she's in a tea she Kepler S, establishment the women agreed to let any proper The damage, including to their own homes, go ignored and to request they block party permit from the city to limit car traffic resident law enforcement if they saw anyone in physical danger, it resolves called the american indian Movement. A national organization created in eighteen. Sixty eight redress native american grievances, such as police brutality, which had been policing on community locally for years, but some people the neighbourhood have already found their best laid plans to avoid calling the police are to execute and eight imagine, because here's the deal if you commit a crime and you're a person of color. Well, then, it is races to call the police on it. People are not held to the same standard, but dont commit crimes in the United States anymore. If you have a particular, if you have a particular history, is a member of a victim
racial group, then, apparently your immune law, because you call the police, the police may come and be very mean it please. My company might be racist based on which evidence the evidence that stuff last Thursday night Joseph Megabits, black man wearing a hospital bracelet passed out in the elevator of his apartment. Building two blocks away from the part Mickiewicz was white quickly phone community activists, but she had not pick up. He felt he had no choice but to combine when one. So he did. Question ambulance only not place ultimately a weapon soft or rather the scene. The also check the situation. I briefly in the return to a squad car. It didn't resolved. I hope Mr Malkovich said all they do. Is for to bring him back to the hospital he refused. They kicked him out on a rainy night? the hell elsewhere they supposed to do so. If they it shoved Timmins wildcard and taken him to the hospital, because, obviously be in a hospital. Then you would have planes. They were responsible for police brutality. I'm sorry ridiculous crap and these people are insane and self periodic its it revisit. This is it's just it's ridiculous. It's ridiculous!
to the extent that illegal activities going on in the park Toby Miller was thirty. Four does not blame the tent residence by four around. It is those are symptoms of systemic oppression and that's not on All personal responsibility is gone. You can make any crime you want, because systemic oppression, systemic oppression, good stuff I'd really really solid stuff on it. In the afternoon Sarah Kenya, Diane Colombia or both white were speed, walking behind their toddler sons through the park leading up to the camp. This can you ve been ensuring there a few times a week. She said the experience, a challenge for to consider not only safety of her own family, which has a comfortable home and locked doors to retreat but also that of people living outside without protection. Miss Colombo agreed some. Of color in the neighborhood, however said they were sceptical. The community would allow the encampment to stay this thing's problem. Last year. Three weeks it is our job Mexican, a native american Father, was walking through the park with his three children yeah, you think. Ok, here's the best story Mitch
Erikson's fingers begins Island nine, when one last week before had a chance to even consider alternatives when two black teenagers, who ought to be fifteen current him outside his home a block away from the part one of the boys pointed a gun. Mr Erikson's chest demanding his car keys first Mr Harrison handed over a set, but it turned out to be the huskies. Teenagers got four. Read it and ran off installer different car down the street Mister Eyre since I later he would not cooperate with the prosecutors in a case against the boys after the altercation. He realized it. If there is anything you wanted, it was. You offer them help, but he still felt it had been right to call the authorities, because there is a gun involved two days after an initial conversation, his position and evolve in thinking more about it you're a text message. I regret calling the police, who is my instinct, but I wish it Ben? I put those boys in danger of death by calling the cops. What about the fact which had put his life endanger called yeah? I know and yellow skin but the didn't really have much to add. After I call them, I've been forced to things like this before sort of have lost my car. So what
at least known what I've been killed. Ok, you're nobody under civil society- I met at the end of civil society cannot hold people to be basic standards back like a human being like. Oh, I don't know, don't point you're gone at someone, chest and Britain to shoot them if they dont, let you steal their car. Ok, call the cops. Did you call the cops your racist? Does anybody think any of this is sustainable? Then we think any of this is sustainable. Of course, none of this is sustainable. It. The idea Personal responsibility has disappeared into the best either of systemic oppression is so dangerous for any society again, if you're a point to a system that needs to be changed and change the system, if your point to a racist person, doing a racist thing and what's all fight that together but dont give me, I can't call the cops when someone pointed gun at my chest and steals my car that's, not it's perfectly insane on every level, but again mythical here is not sufficient. We go right back to the beginning. Maybe go here is not solutions, because this ain't, a solution, maybe the goal here is just a narrative and the narrative and
with the idea that there is a vast group of owed in the United States in a vast group of a wing in the United States, and you can tell who is owed and who is, owing simply by dint of skin color, which seems fairly racist. Me team, the racist me, the you refused to take into account any of them. In all decision making involved in being a human being personal agency disappears completely we're all simply the products of systems. That's all we are and this presumably, is why you end up with essays. Like me, giant essay in the New York Times magazine what is owed the suggestion that slavery, regions are in. This will fix all problems. Now it wasn't. You can make the case for slavery reparations. If the idea is that IRAN has been done and needs to be repaired. Typically, you have to link the wrong that has been done to a person and to the person who has been wrong, like if, God forbid, my my father it somebody with his car. It would not be on meat pay that person's grandson, but that's not the way the justice works. It put that
outside the notion of racial reparations or holocaust reparations or any regulations, is that people who are responsible for the sin have to pay the people who are responsible for people who are victimized by the scent, but actually have victimized. You can't just been it something bad happened, my grandfather and that has historical after effects could otherwise there no there's no limiting principle there. The history of the world is replete with groups. Rising one another. There is literally no end to that particular logic, but the real logic of slavery reparations is again the logic that systemic oppression is great rationale for all disparities in american society. And the and the evidence that is offered to prove this particularly vulnerable case is usually pretty skimpy. Any usually relies on extraordinarily broad claims put in particularly passionate language. That is it that that is why the case on are typically being written, not by economists on how this will help lack. Americans are typically being written by people who,
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spikes. Their happening around the country uncovered. Nineteen which are very dangerous will get to that as well. First, if you're not already, ideally where member should consider getting readers pass a daily where D come it's a great value from the three bucks month when you sign up get there first month for only ninety nine cents, you also get access for mobile, app articles ad free access to exclusive editorials, like my newest editorial, the only good people in history live right now, all about the protesters than people tearing down statues, because the only good people with ever lived in go check that out right now, given checked out the readers passage He had a lower daily where I come and sign up for just one dollar just about to make that happen. Daily wire gauze comical subscribe right now, you're listening to the largest fastest growing conservative, just radio show the nation already Nikole hadn't Jones is pushing forward, need the offer and sixteen nineteen project
It was said that she is happy if they called the sixteen nineteen riots. What's been going on around the country. Has a piece in the New York Times magazine, suggesting that it's time for racial reparations with the peace is really about the cooperation operations is readily call for specific policy because it turns out what what amount of money would be sufficient to repair for slavery. It technically ended in eighteen sixty five. What what? What amount of what amounts of money would be severe? to answer for Jim Crow how'd. You calculate that amount, especially we're not talking nearly sixty years after the facts, which I met, the grandchildren of the people who are subjected to Jim Crow. How exactly would you measure that nickel Hannah doesn't bother with any of that is again the goal of the case for slavery, reparations and for racial reparation. The goal is to a tribute all disparity. All of it to discrimination is America is endemically evil, it's just an extension. Sixteen nineteen project mentality. Now, in order to get to this answer, you have to play a bunch of of tricks:
linguistic tricks, historical tracks, a factual tricks and nickel hadn't Jones is certainly not above any of that she says it has been more than a hundred and fifty years since the white plants or class last called up slave patrols and deputized every white citizen to stop question, and so do any black person who came across their paths in order to control and surveillance population refused to submit to their enslavement There's been a hundred fifty years and sweat. Americans couldn't for slave was its had. White people acting in the interests of the plant or class would not be punished for killing a blackbird. Those laws morphed into the black codes passed by white southern politicians at the end of the civil war to criminalize behaviors like not having a job. Those black clouds were struck down and altered over the course of decades. Eventually transmuted into stop and frisk broken. We and, of course, qualified immunity. Ok, that is just such sheer. That is just such a sheer lie, but the basic idea is slave patrols, morphed into stopping frisk that it's not that it's not ok, but this is the linguistic trip again. America has not changed and Eric has just said:
muted America has not that money. Better America just got more subtle, races, never went away. Racism is in fact there and it is racism as the driving indicator of inequality between white and la between white and black. That is that that is the driving factor in american life, which again is this about solutions. The answer is, of course, is not about solutions. You could go to check to everybody, America today was black and it would not alleviate either number one historical, the historical Wilms overnight. It would not alleviate that at all right. All those historical wrongs that still exist, and also it would probably not alleviate unless they probably I mean almost intuitively, would not fix all of the gaps between us. And black in the United States, absent changes in other factors absent, but the fact is that the drivers of the income gap, for example, are things like dropout rates in schools. Inability to get a good education from school single motherhood when these things do matter, but a whole according cynical, headed Johnson Romero whatsoever like at all.
Just me. She says. Don't matter enough, I mean literally says an essay. They do not matter at all. Confounding factors do not matter. There is a direct quote in this in this peace: here's the requisite industries, ready You summarize none of the actions we are told black people must take if they want to listen, sells out of poverty and gain financial stability, not marrying not getting educated, not saving, more, not owning a home Can mitigate four hundred years of racial eyes plundering none of those issues. Personal responsibility has been lifted. Every inequality An american life is attributable to slavery and, by the way, when you say hundred years embrace lies plundering do again equate to date to get two four hundred years restless. Don't you have to have sixteen nineteen to two thousand nineteen right say that there has been no mitigation whatsoever of racial eyes. Bring in United States YO between full on slavery and the end of slavery and Jim Crow and the end
Jim Crow is to be historically lying, which is one of course, she's very good at she's. Very good at this, and all of this is designed not to create solution, is not designed to help lack Americans What is designed to do is tear down the system that our ears and is just that, the system itself, the system of individuals and the system. Maritime policy is inherently flawed, inherently bias. I promise you, Nicole hadn't ones, have if it checks got signed tomorrow, Nicole, headed Jones at the next day, would accept. In the checks were insufficient because all remaining inequalities, after the writing of the tracks would still be the result of systemic american racism by the way tat he caught in his own peace on the case for operations basically says. That's me. He says it straight out in his. Sure. Labour reparations might not actually fix anything, but at least we have done it. Take that that that is not a case for us Every reparations, especially when you are talking about doing an injustice today to people live it on behalf of people lived three
durations adult minimum gale were on behalf of our grandparents does not about solution. Now. Speaking of think, people were not about solutions. What's it, let's move on, you covered nineteen, so it is fairly obvious at this point that cover nineteen. There are only a few things that we can do one. There are few treatments that we have attempted to hospitals that had some mitigating factors: pre common stairway, apparently as mitigating effect on on people who are in fairly sure conditions require oxygen or who require events. Waiters. We know that if you protect nursing homes any test everybody going and now we can prevent the death of huge swathes of citizens. We learned F Madrigal Mobile, didn't we know that masks can help prevent transmission The thing and the universal masking in places like Hong Kong and South Korea and Japan has been fairly successful at preventing the transmission of these disease Becker's without said there is no solution to the virus right now, there's not going to be a solution for several months, and this is happening across the country is made
I've, been focusing almost solely on Flora in Texas or to Texas Arizona right those it s the triumvirate Florida Texas, Arizona, what do all those places having common, but our government republicans rates of duty in Arizona and break Abbot in Texas around two cents in Florida. These are, of course, the hotspots. These are, of course, the worst places that are the very, very bad places a California is getting crushed right now, California is just getting wrapped in the virus. Cases in California are up extraordinarily heavily. They're up so heavily the Disneyland. Just the latest reopening Disneyland, which was supposed to open on July, seventeenth They said we're not going open at all the state of California of the company.
No indicated will not issued impact reopening island until some time after life worth given the time required for us to bring thousands of caste members back to work and restart business. We have no choice but to delay the reopening of our theme, parks and resort hotels and to receive approval from government officials. There's been a spike in L, a county l a county now officially has more cases than any other county in America. Hospitalization rates are not as high as feared, but obviously those hospitalization rates could rise fairly dramatically because hospitalization is trailing indicator. Basically, there's three states yet diagnosed and then might take a few days until you have to go to the hospital may not have to go, and then, after that a few days until he gets the icy use. The deaths are the biggest trailing indicator. Such deaths are low right now because we are actually looking at staff from two weeks ago if hospitalizations are low right now, Russia itself, from one week ago from you, have to wait a week to see where we are in terms of hospitals, Asians and two weeks in terms of debts. According to a b c news, as quota virus cases continue to claim across the country a new format
from the CDC says, the US could soon see a hundred fifty thousand fatalities. Currently, we have at least a hundred and twenty two thousand fatal. The two point: three million the two point: three eight million confirmed cases according to data from Johns Hopkins University. Dozens of secret service agents, are now and self quarantine. After President trumps rally in Tulsa over the weekend, a source familiar with matter, told ABC News number of secret service personnel. Herself quarantining is in the low dozens, because, basically there in public in a lot of people were not wearing masts. Apparently there, a bunch of people who are, said already Disneyland. As I mentioned, the weight reopening Nevada statement about it has no mandate that everybody in the state were mask or facial coverage. In order to stop the spread of a covert. Nineteen which is correct, Texas, is is offering local authorities the ability to mandate mask wearing the same thing is happening in in Florida, in California, over nineteen cases, stunning sixty nine percent jump in just two days. According to governor, gave a nuisance. California reported forty two hundred thirty new cases on Sunday. I must,
five thousand UK on Tuesday seventy one hundred new cases as the stating she's testing residence should anticipate more of an increase in the positivity rate said the governor hospitalization numbers have increased thirty percent. Vice EU capacity Statewide is being used right now. Obviously the spike is what people fear away has over. Eighty eight, in five hundred residents diagnosed with Cuban nineteen, followed by eighty seven thousand seven hundred casing could County Illinois, which should cargo and sixty four thousand cases in queens in New York City in comparison, entire state of Florida right, you ve flora, entire state of Lorna had a hundred thousand cases so eloquent about ten million residents Laura, has twenty Point four million residents Florida has about twelve thousand twenty thousand flood eleven thousand cases more than the entire county of LOS Angeles. In
Why, which goes to show you that, while Florida is getting hit, em in forty is getting hit a sixteen percent positively right out of the tests conducted on Tuesday thirty six hours three hundred testing that don't you used, it is not a mere Florida problem. This is in everywhere problem. Now, it's obviously in everywhere problem right now, according to access every single day, in the? U S, with the exception of North Dakota and South Dakota and Alabama Indiana New Jersey, Marilyn, New York, New Hampshire and main as well You see every single one of those areas has every other state has in either a keeping study or a vast increase in the number of cuban nineteen cases. Particularly steep increase is like an over fifty percent increase in common in cases in states like Washington, Idaho Montana, Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas, Florida and Arizona according to access.
Today is getting closer to the worst case scenario and vision in the spring. A nationwide crisis made worse by vacuum, of political leadership, threatening to over one hospitals and spread out of control and citizens grimace map in the eight weeks since access began tracking the change in new cases in every state. Alternatively, it is very difficult to keep something under can as soon as people leave their homes as soon as people, either in and by the way, mass protests it turns out. They did not immunize you too, to cover nineteen CNN yesterday had this ridiculous peace, but I suggested it protesting did not read the virus and then, with the actual study said, was protesting, may have been drowned out by the fact that so many state homes. In other words, everyone got curfew and the people who are curfew didn't get coffee. Nineteen, but people at the protests may well have been getting a virus which, of course, they will then bring home and give to mom and dad and grandma and grandpa. So this is this is dire stuff for sure, and we are seeing that
in countries like Germany, the there there's been a bit of a resurgence in covered nineteen, the our rate, the reproduction rate, is going up. In Germany, we have seen that the rates are going up around the world, really there's a computer virus resurgence. Apparently that has been continuing in South Korea. Well, so it's not just the United States. They are everybody's or pretending that this is just the. U S is not just the? U S, obviously, Are there any resolutions does what the really is only one in that his personal responsibility, Michael Rubio, yesterday's senator from Flora citizens put on stupid mask is putting on like serious. Unless, let's keep this thing tat down, you want to go back to work. Don't have the time you'll have to wear, I'm asking you to beat you're far away from the people or when you're eating outdoors,
way from other people, but if you're in an enclosed area in including in an air conditioned room where it asked, is correct about this. However, unfortunately, the world is filled with stupid people. I do want to point out that again, the media coverage here is pretty astonishing, so L, a county has seen, as I say, almost as many cases, the entire state of Florida without half the population. Cnn, however, is focused. Laser like in on a crazy people in Florida, so that there are new restrictions in Miami Dade and Palm Beach County and a bunch of people went to sort the local parks and Wreck Board meeting and decided to yell at the board that had mandated mask wearing his there's a new rule in Palm Beach county as well. Miami David You are in the inshore, crowded area. You need worm, ask to see an and cover this floor to town hall. The real question is why she and covered it, not that there are crazy people. If you ever been so public events or people speak out too, like their local boards. The only people who have time
energy! Did you the sort of stuff are exactly the sort of people you would not want, and control policy nonetheless made for some colorful tv Harrison crazy people yelling at this board. Those mandating mass wearing You literally cannot mandate somebody to wear a mask knowing that that mask is killing people every single one of you that our being the devil's laws are going to arrested, and you doctor going to be arrested for crimes again humanity problem with humanity. Today is ignorance, arrogance and apathy kicked. Making the road of least resistance, keep listening to the tv brain watching you from birth and they went throw gods ones? for breeding system out the door,
wrong, turning your backs on it who gave ok. So I think probably those people should not control are covered policy, he's gonna put that out the Republican, but that other than those that people are not but the again the point there is this year and will cover that they're not gonna, go down to allay and find the crazy should welcome to hold meetings. Only two in flora because Florida man right. That's that's that's the whole ass. The whole goal here by the way mentioned worth mentioning the Democrats are not playing a virtual convention, so everybody a sort of expecting this last until the fall, I believe Washington DC has already declared. They may not reopen schools. So if you thought that this was going to end anytime soon wrong
You were, unfortunately, as always, there not a great solutions. The only solution he personally responsible recycler self, if you're older. If your younger masts protect the elderly and the vulnerable around you, it's it's a pain, but I don't like doing it either. Nobody likes doing it would be a responsible human being and make sure that this thing does not spread out of control. Ok, we'll be back her later today with two additional hours content. A lot more to talk about, including Michael Flynn release. The bills court has now ordered the release of Michael Fennell, get to that a little bit later on in the day. Otherwise, we'll see you here tomorrow by Ben Shapiro. This is Ben Shapiro If you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe and if you wanna help spread the word. Please give us a fight STAR, review and tell your friends to subscribe to were available on Apple podcast, Spotify and wherever you listen to pod. Gas is also be sure to check out the other dearly wire podcast, including Andrew Craven, show that Michael moles show
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