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Ep. 1055 - Why Did The US Get Slammed?


The media confidently explain that the United States has failed at fighting coronavirus, but it’s not quite that simple; Trump stumbles through an interview with Chris Wallace; and the media continue to ignore a Chinese genocide.

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Civil rights hero Jean Louis passes, wake the media confidently explained that the United States has failed at fighting grown a virus. So quite that simple and the media continue to ignore chinese genocide, and then she this is, the venture bureau show the bench appear or show is sponsored by Express DP surf. The web with peace of mind, sign up right now at expressive, gps, dot com, slash bent when we get to all the news in just one second and much news. There is. But first I told you back in January and I want to think about TAT, versify and oppression. Metals was right was I I was because that was back when gold was below fifteen hundred bucks. Today, gold is up over eighteen hundred. Why or gold and silver thrive and uncertain times, and this has been a little bit uncertain right between
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age of eighty? They don't have to agree with all Jean Louis his priorities as legislator recognise that he was indeed an american hero that his role in the civil rights moonies last living man who spoke at the Martin Luther King March on Washington. His role the civil rights movement as an activist fighting for racial equality and for the rights of black Americans is unquestioned and good, obviously, The way congressman's family announced his F with inconsolable, an enduring sadness late Friday evening, according to a statement from NBC News occurring, Stephen Hughes, honoured and respect? It is the conscience of the Us Congress and an icon of Mary. History, but we knew him as a loving father and brother he's a stalwart champion in the Congo. Struggled to demand, respect for the dignity and worth every human being. He dedicated his entire life to nonviolent activism and was an outspoken advocate in the struggle for equal justice in America. The summit
our croppers lose, was drawn to the civil rights movement as a teenager participated in lunch counter citizens in the early nineteen sixty is by the way those lunch counter. Siddons were incredibly successful because essentially, they helped shame. Corporations into opening up their lunch counters through actually non governmental means Later became the youngest member of the big six? The cloak will mean for the group of civil rights leader, including I'm. Ok, we organised a march on Washington. He received all sorts of bipartisan tribute Senate majority with it are much Mcconnell praised, the civil rights we talked about the humbling experience of joining hands with John as members and and members hours and singing. We shall overcome attitudes It's her money honouring his friend, Doktor Martin Luther King Jr, President Trump and First Lady Maloney, a trunk put out a statement. The trumps twitter account. Obviously he and Louis were not on speaking terms Louis and certainly not a from family boycotted the inaugural, but trumpet out of statements and suddenly heard the news of civil rights. Euro John was passing Maloney and I send our prayers to him and his family. Vice president pens considered Louis a colleague in it
said he was unfailingly kind in that his gold, selflessness and conviction render a into a more perfect union. His example inspire. Generations of Americans and President Obama said that he could love this country so much. He risked his life in his blood, so it might live up to its promise through the decades. You not only gave all of himself to the cause of freedom of justice, but inspire generations that followed to try to live up to his example. He's part of these shared history that we all have as Americans and the country is lesser for the loss of John Louis. That does bring us to a Fox news port. There's a Fox news pull out today- and this is not about president from this- about our shared values of a book coming up tomorrow, of how to destroy America in three easy steps right now, it's rings in the top three over at Amazon. I think the reason for that is because there are not a question:
but whether we can hold together as a country in order for us to hold together as a country, we have to share some common values. Those values are the values of the declaration of independence that all men are created. Equal, regardless of race, will have equal rights before the law that we have rights to pre exist government the government was created in order to protect all of those right. Don't you see from the civil rights movement Heroes is that these are folks were invoking the promises of the declaration of independence for invoking the promissory note is the language Martin Luther King Jr. Invoking the promissory note is the language of Frederick Douglass, suggesting that those values were not only useful but eternal and universal, and at the failure of the United States, was to live up to its own values. And the story of american history is the progress toward the fulfilment of the values expressed in the declaration,
of independent. Indeed, what makes the founders heroes rather than violence is the fact that they helped the world progress away from values that stood against those universal enlightenment values, those values that all men are created, equal, that we have liberty, the pre exist government at those values are good the failure of our education system, the failure of our media, the failure very leads to reincorporate. This message means that the country is on the verge of falling apart in that's what you're, seeing in the streets today or you're. Seeing is a whole group of young Americans. Nor the Americans, who have been taught that the american dream is actually a lie? The sixteen nineteen project, which is a pseudo history, dedicated to the proposition that America is inherently evil That pseudo history has become a mainstream history, and so many of our institutions- and you can see the gaps in terms age and race. On these questions. Listen. You can understand why you are black American. You looked in american history, which is replete with Jim, Crow and and slavery.
You would look America's founders sceptically, but that's missing the story. The story is that the founding fathers moved America away from a system of slavery and or a system of freedom, and it was indeed the civil rights leaders who saw in the promises in the declaration deliver by which they can move the country. Forward away from the brutality of bigotry and toward tolerance. The story of America is the story of seventeen. Seventy does not this re. Sixteen nineteen, but that's not. The story- has been promulgated to America's young Poland is not destroyed, has been promulgated, two black Americans in hispanic Americans, particularly by these pull members I feel in the Knesset and as promised, Probably black Americans are hispanic. Americans are young people, it's a problem with our system that has failed to teach people the truth about american history and about american values because concern was abandoned, the institutional fight and instead went toward the political, because too many a marrow. Have a traditionally unionist views. I call it in my book have internationally
in assuming want to hold together of our history and our philosophy and our culture. They they abandoned the halls of education. They abandon the holes, media halls of Hollywood, and instead it focused in and winning political victories as sort of a last gasp attempt to stop the march of the cultural left and there's been a failure. You can look at these numbers. So here is the question. According to a Fox news, for that is out today in Do you believe the founders of our country are better described as villains or heroes. Total fifteen percent of Americans believe that defenders were villains. Sixty three percent believe that the founders were heroes. Fifteen percent said it depends, seven percent said they. Don't know that means fully almost four and ten Americans dont know or disagree. The defenders were heroes, founders, we're heroes, were they flawed, absolutely did they committed
great evil that were commonplace at the time. By the way, yes, absolutely does that mean that the evil is minimize know what does it mean? It means that when we look at the contributions of the founders, we're not looking at them, slaveholders were looking at the values they espoused that led to the rise of the greatest most free, most tolerant, most prosperous nation in the history of the world. The story of the founding fathers is not truly the story of slavery or evil. The story of the founding fathers is the declaration of independence. Slavery in evil are part of that, because that's you, where's. We humans in, but to look at America and see just the bad, which is the purpose of so many of the disintegration in our society, is to misread the history. Yes, we should obviously look at the since the evils of american history as a corrective to a completely whitewash version of american history, but the evil does not overcome the good the story of humanity the world over is here. Sin and human flaw in human evil. The story of the American Revolution is the story of
putting in place a system that would gradually overtime? Vitiate, though, since that's the story, the needs to be told so, look there pole, number that your sixty three percent of Americans think the founders we're here as opposed to thirty seven percent who either don't know. I don't think that they were here us it's very deficit pull. It means that a very close majority We believe in the foundations of a country Look at the demographic breakdown is even worse. Thirty, nine percent of black Americans believed that founders repellent only thirty. One percent believe that the founders were heroes, sixteen percent set, it depends. Fourteen percent, had they don't know if a plurality of black Americans believed the defenders were villains, as can be a problem for the future of the country, because
if the founders rebellions than the values today espoused our villainous values and is the perspective of the Nicole Hannah Joseph the world is the perspective of the Robins Angelos of the world that America system is ins in and of itself cruel and racist and vicious twenty six percent of of hispanic Americans believe the founders we're villains, forty four percent believe they were heroes. Twenty one percent said it depends eight percent say they don't know so lax in Hispanics, a plurality Ellie Lastly, up, your majority refused to say that the founders were heroes by the way. This holds true for young Americans as well and is not the racial think. This is a field.
Of our educational system. If you look at Americans who are under the age of forty five, fifty percent say heroes, twenty three percent civilians, but if you will get under the age of thirty, it gets worse under the age of thirty, only thirty one, thirty one percent of Americans under the age of thirty believe that funds for villains. Only thirty nine percent say the funds were heroes, which means over six and ten young Americans under the age of thirty over six intent believe that the founders we're not heroes, which is just devastating for the future of the country. Again, if we can have a country any country, not just America,
any country that holds together has to share a common set of values. We have to share a common history. They share a common culture, now devalues the history in the culture of the United States, are embedded respectively in the declaration of independence in the constitution and our cultural institutions, institutions like church our education system or media revalued of entrepreneurial ism values of virtue and in a common history, and when we look at our history again, we have to acknowledge that, since we have to acknowledge all evils, but we have to recognized in american history is a glorious thing. It is a glorious story of overcoming, though sins of human nature, our inability to teach young people this our inability to teach that the promise has been extended to minorities and that the story of Amerika,
Is the flaws of human beings failing to understand the reality in the truth of the founding principle, and then the gradual realisation of that principle? That failure has deep and abiding consequences, and you can see those consequences in the streets today, as violence continues, as the country overwhelmingly feels like it is falling. Apart than that that that feels right and if That is fine but love. You wouldn't blame from further falling apart of the country. That is not right. These are long term trends. I've been catalyzed by president from selection because there is a feeling among members of the left, but they had captured the Democratic Party. And if they could gradually move the Democratic Party toward their goal, which was the dissolution of the system over time, and do lose again and then, when president from one, it was like a shock to the system. They couldn't take it so that its catalyze
much of the opposition in so much the rage that we are seeing right now. What does that mean means that from loses, and presumably a lot of the rage and opposition will be integrated back into the democratic parties as opposed to being sort of outside the system more generally, but it doesn't mean that the overall threats the american system is gone. It just means that it goes back underground into the house democratic party, where the battle really rages resellers during the Obama administration, when the sort of roots of the Elsie Squad versus the the Nancy Pelosi Court of what traditionalist started to build or that broke out into the open. After from selection, they can see that building a lot earlier than that mean the Ferguson rise were happening during Barack Obama's presidency. So obviously there was this. This outraged belief by a huge number of Americans that America was endemically wrong and bad an evil they may use. The democratic party is a vehicle for expressing those values. In terms politics, but they ve been generally unsatisfied with that over time, which is why, again, there was so much. I think, resistance to Hillary Clinton nominee
so I bringing Sandridge so successful despite the fact that he's not to generic communist or made, because the fact that he's not to generic communist bottom line is that if we don't reincorporate our values, America's gonna fail If we do not reincorporate the values of America's hounding, America is going to fail and its there's no excuse for that. We are the free as most prosperous, most tolerant country in the history of the world. The fact it now may not have been true. Historically, it is certainly true, now The idea that America ought to be living on razors edge at this point in time is patently absurd, except for the fact that we have undermine all of the values that we share, I don't mean for there to be a book petrol. Essentially, is she go check out my book how to destroy American three easy steps it comes out tomorrow. It is available over an amazon dot com, as well as everyone else that you buy books in, go check it out right now in just a second link it to your Kobe. Ninety,
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so seeing a sort of flattening out in the death rate, at least at this point? What we have seen on a dandy level is that were hovering around a thousand deaths today, some from eight hundred two thousand, not today over the last few days, none of which is good remedies are all bad numbers, obviously, but what it does suggest maybe we're starting this year, flattening out we're start, certainly starting to see a flattening out in terms of the hospitalization rate in place, like Arizona in Texas, unclear whether that is happening in we're not, although their early indicators that may be happening in Florida, real issue here, as I discuss last week, is there may not be any right answers here now. I know media want to promulgate this notion that they are based they too answers to this into answers. Only one is mandatory, mascot masking and the second is lockdown media was locked into me. Really love walked down. The idea behind this is that, if you want to prevent the spread of the disease, you have to keep people cooped up in their homes. No problem is that that's not natural solution, and we all know that this is not something that can lesson
notably the Europeans, know this Israelis know this. Everyone all over the world is trying to figure out how they can reopen and when they can reopen and how much spread they can allow when they do reopen the Latvians. We're never meant to crush the curve and that this new phrase remember it was flattened the curve before right. Your member flatly curve I ve learned the curves, all sorts of foreigners fifteen days to stop the spread and you had the giant spike, and then you had the lesser spike and we can draw the quick chart. Were you right here? You can see this line here represented medical capacity and they show the big big wave over here and there when you wanted to avoid, because everything that was in this shaded area was once the excess death. The medical system was not going to be able to integrate these folks me, we're going to die they. What we are looking for instead was a broader longer curve. The bar longer curve
and there are still do me a lot of cases, but it also meant that fewer people we're going to die. He now what's been weird about this is now we are talking about crushing the curve. So the idea about crushing the curve is that, in order to prevent all transmission of the disease forever, we should just stay home forever and know that has never been. A solution has never been a solution. The full lockdown policy has not solutions to the real question is: are we threatening the system it? If we are threatening the system, then what you're gonna have to have a sort of intermittent letting people out impotent people back in, and this is what we are again. This is nothing new. This is what the court of court experts were saying at the very beginning, there are things can be alternating policies of sort of quasi locked down and half locked in freedom and we're gonna have to very it based on county is what the experts are saying and then, when that happens, the entire media suggest. Oh, my god, we're all gonna die. Oh my god, we're doing it wrong is really doing it wrong. Those redstone And then you look at the numbers. What you see is the blue states are getting to cholera. Gettin had to California is getting smoked right now.
I live in L, a county l, a county looking another lockdown right now, not just another locked and then looking at a stuffed full stay at home order. They Our Seti says the corona virus spreading in the city to the point where a new stay at home or might have to be issued December on the brink of that he said the sunshine and inclined to be more specific. He said we have to be surgical. Than a cleaver that would just shut everything down he's. Had he agreed LEO restrictions had been relaxed too quickly. Is mayors. I have no control over what reopens up in what doesn't that either to state or accounts you level, but he added is not just about. What's opening closed its also about what we do individually tailored cereal about this Ellen ever opened a guy. I've been here, I like did not open and there is a mild mild reopening and then a sort of slammed shut again. So the notion, Locked downs are the answer to this thing in long term, or even the mid term is just not right. Meanwhile, the sort of red Blue
at the supposed leagues, isn't it doesn't really exist or seeing uptake in cases in places like Colorado, you're, not sing it to the extent that you ve seen it in place like Flora or Texas? That's because it's not as hot in Colorado right now, but setting up taking Colorado. That's because Colorado opened at the same time as Georgia. What reasons these enough to across the south is because the harder it gets by the way. I expected, because there's been a heatwave in place like Washington, sealskin uptake there too, because of the heat are being driven inside you, air conditioned closed areas, and this means that you're seeing a spike in cases. None of this should be surprising, rests not supremely surprising, but again we moved from flattened the curve to avoid spiking over the healthcare capacity to crush the which supposedly means they are disposed stay home forever, what that's not going to work. I don't know like that. This notion that this was ever going to be a consistent policy. Then, as we reopen gradually, there would be no setback,
along the way I dont know where this came from. I seriously don't know we're came from Vienna Aged rector, yesterday's that, while the big problem here is doc, references Collins is that states jumped over the CDC recommendations that they they moved too fast here or alternatively, when you let people out of her confinement, there's going to be a spreading cases. I literally said this every day for months that the only purpose here was to allow us in time to buy us some time, which allow the medical system to get better. This and good news the medical system to get better at this. The rate of icy- two hospitalizations is down. The road of deaths dies you use is down. Younger people are getting this, which you don't want anybody getting this, but younger people getting. It is a lot better than older people, getting it and even when people are getting it, we now have better treatment. We know things we didn't know at the very beginning, simple things like flipping. He belonged to their stomach and sometimes help prevent putting them on a ventilator but here is the age directors in the big problem. Is that states jumped over CDC recommendations? Listen when your government, after understandings and restructure incentives.
Measures to always say people weren't, cautious enough, and that's why all this happened. Here's the reality. What happened here was by all indicators, fairly inevitable, is happen. Every single state, every single one. Without regard politics can he only states that have not seen a major uptake our states where there are no people they last. It's not you not take because there are no people main is not in a significant because there are no people. Wyoming has not seen a significant uptake there. No people where there are lots of people. There is lots of bread and when you reopen there's can we allow more spread, and that was never the question again. The question was not our people going, we get it. The question was taken a swamp, the healthcare system. So far we have seen no indicators that the health care system has been completely swamp in as we said, hospitalization rates are going down, I see rates are going down, death rates have been going down since their peak. When we talk about how taxpayers in Florida there are the New York, no, they are not even close to the New York. New York was losing like a thousand people
Texas in Florida as bad as they have been losing like a hundred and thirty hundred forty people. Again, that's terrible. That is not New York rate. Anyway. Here is the alleged rector saying. The big problem here is that people opened up to really, even by the way many they say open up early. May we didn't you spike in terms of case rate until like MID June, like approximately two weeks after the mass protests, remember that here's, the c I a here is the dna tracker. We frankly did a good job in New York in New Jersey. In Connecticut with that terrible crisis that happened many lives, and if you look to see what's happening now in those areas, they came down very close to zero, but meanwhile the rest of the country, perhaps imagining this was just a New York problem kind of win about their business. Didn't really pay that much attention to CDC recommendations about the phases necessary to open up safely and jumped over some of those hopes and people
art and conquer gating, and not wearing, mask unfailing like it's over and maybe some or all go away. And now here we are ok. I frankly cannot believe that America's public officials are talking of New York. It is unbelievable made so talking of ITALY, how in the world are you talking up the area? The country they got smoked New Jersey and New York in Connecticut got brutalized approximately thirty seven percent of all deaths in the United States. From complementing happen, though, Threes those three states alone, they represent like six percent of the american population. That is nuts to talk up those states. Look at what they did in New York in June, economically, they really handled their bleep. Did they, though, by the way is- that same thing that Anthony out you said, and then you asked me to trust the experts. Listen, I'm happy Listen to the experts when they say blatant. Both was a blatant bull crap. I men have a time a tough time, believing them. Ok again, the death rate per million be state with the worst deathrays per million are in order. New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, followed by Massachusetts. Rhode, island and District of Columbia. All of those areas exactly what.
The cdc and their age said they should any got smoked. So the idea that the day they ve now conquered this thing, no. What happened in New York and New Jersey, the region not taken up right now is because everyone's dead anyway, Anthony value again, I dont what what's going through his head, that he is that he's praising New York's responses- I just don't get it we have the problem? We need to admitted and own it, but we ve got to do that things that are very clear that we need to do. Return turn this remit. Bring. We can do it. We know that when you do it properly you bring down those cases we ve done it We ve done it in New York, New Yorker kit. Worse than any, is in the world and they did it correctly. They didn't correctly. How do they do a correctly? Everyone died. What what can we can get some more of this in a second, you wonder why we can't have unity, why we can't have nice things. We get him nice things, because our experts are telling a stupid stuff like that. I'm sorry, that's dumb! As he's dumb, ok, eminent I've been felt. You too
I've been saying, is doing, is doing the best he can he's operating off the best info when you just spill blatant crap into the public like New York. Did it right? I don't know what to tell you. Ok, that's just obviously not true by every available there, That's not true. Going gets more of this in just one second: first, as we slow adjust to the new normal. We still need to be smart about how we do business or those things means wary. Wasting time and energy go in the post office instead had another to stamp stuck on stamps outcome. It makes things easier. Thousands of small business owners have discovered the benefits of stamps that come in recent months have been able to keep their businesses running, avoid the crowds of the post office all from their own computers with stamps icon. You can print postage, undermine avoid going to the post office and you'll save money with discounts in rates you can't even get at the post office stems dot com also offers you p s MRS with discounts up to sixty two percent, no residential surcharges. It's a great service, your daily, where there's a reason: women using daily using standstill com since twenty seventeen, no more wasting.
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down or weakening yell at you and two is masking again. I am. I am put off by the fact that people who are promoting locked down right now are simultaneously saying and again that is Anthony Voucher, the head of the National Institute for infectious and logic and infectious diseases and the innate structure, both too in New York, is an example of what to do. I dont know how to have its possible. I really know no had its possible Anthony Quote Andrew Cuomo Andrew come. He didn't the governor of New York. He did not shut down the subways until the beginning of May locating cleansing queen them until the beginning of May, even overnight it in clean them. You a shipping elders with covert back into nursing homes for months like how. How is that, gambled what you are doing right now. The other angle that is being used here is masking is the be all, and all that listen I worm, ask
In fact, I insist that everybody in my immediate vicinity at the office worm ask- and I take this stuff very seriously- neatly evidence on mass going is mixed. There was to be frank about this Doktor Scott Allison Hoover Institute from Stanford University. He has said the evidence is mixed. The CDC says: the evidence is mixed, W chosen, the evidence is mixed. Now, if there is the the chance and is going to lower the the rates of transmission out of an abundance of caution. I recommend masking, as I've never been an opponent of masking I've, never thought it was a grave infringements and my liberty to ask me to mask up when I go into a highly crowded area. I've always thought okay seems like a cautious and wealth in step, but the notion that masking is the be all and all- and this is simply become the beyond all, because from refused him ask em. You really is that british from had not said anything. From collateral lean hits, and you know it's a good idea. I'm asking this would not be an issue, but the media we're looking for a point of political polarization. Oh here's, the problem that data do not back the idea that tons of Americans are wild
a wildly and I'm asking there's some Americans were wildly, and I'm asking, but by and large in the areas where there are was cases. People are overwhelmingly masking. I pointed this out on Twitter over the weekend. Point not. I pointed out that if you look at them the areas of the country, where there levels of infection. Those are also the areas where there are the highest levels of asking people on the left immediately review Three. My follow up leads in the thread which pointed out that I was not saying that masks. Don't stop the spread of disease. I was pointing out merely that we People are seeing infections, they are masking so the idea that people are being four willingly, Willy nilly, stupid and she's going their tons of infections in Miami and outward masses really dumb. As in Florida. For a couple of weeks, people were masked up as things are happening in Miami everybody was wearing mask NL, I ever more mask the the basic idea the media put out. There, though, is that this is just a failure masking out that there are a couple of flaws in the sort of thinking is so here is a pull. It was put out by the New York Times
and it shows by percentage how often people from different places say they wear a mask when they leave the house in here's. What it shows in the means ninety two percent of people say that they always wear a mask when they leave the house, always in Mexico, which is just getting smoked ray Mexico's numbers are awful. What are the real is. There were seeing a spike in border counties and there is, there is a massive spike in border counties in your time had been forced to pay attention to this vulnerable border counties are now being overwhelmed with new cases. The reason for it is, because some people are crossing the border illegally and because, if somebody crosses the border from highly hit Mexico to a border town. It spreads more easily Rio Grande Valley, more than a third of families, according to the times live in poverty. Up to half the residents have no health insurance, including at least hundred thousand undocumented people, often reliant under resourced community clinics or emergency rooms, for care places like the southernmost wedge taxes are seeing a punishing surge in infections. Ok, so Mexico is actually It has brought me she doesn't Arizona as well, but
this in Arizona getting hard hit, particularly in the border counties it, but Mexico go back to the chart showing the new masking rate Mexico. Eighty five percent of people Mexico say they always worm ass when they leave the house in Spain which devastated eighty four percent so they were a mass when they leave the house. So there is this basic idea out there that masking equals really low rates of death, and then people look at Hong Kong which, by the way, is experiencing another sort of actually, the Hong Kong government just announced that they are going to mandate mask is not just about turn The new mandate masks undergoing go back in the lock now, because Hong Kong has seen a surgeon cases now. The surgeon case in Hong Kong is like a hundred cases as opposed to general seventy thousand. United States, but for Hong Kong, which will never experienced a major head, that's a pretty meant that they said basically spreading out of control. We can't contact trace. It anymore is what they were saying over the weekend over in Hong Kong, but you can see the differential can sustain their deaths per million rate.
Per million rate in Spain. Vermilion population is six hundred and eight, which is significantly and that of the United States heavily for them and for hundreds death per million rate in eighty four percent of population. Spain says the mask eighty three percent of the population of Hong Kong says they ask the Hong Kong death rate is two point: one million to itself is very wild differential there, so you're, looking an independent variables masking doesn't seem to be the most obvious, ineffective variable right where everybody got wiped out. Eighty three percent: the populations as they ask Germany, where they religion, get very hard hit. Sixty three percent population says that they ask the United States by the way fifty nine percent of American Senate ask every time the garb of a house now is also reported. So who knows if it's true self reporting Social Science Data is usually the worst, but fifty nine percent of Americans say they always mask I suppose you fourteen percent, who said he never mask he. Now. Let's look at some of the other countries on this list. Four percent of people
or wasted, I always mask zero percent effectively. Zero percent in Denmark, Finland and Sweden say then ask when they go to the house: nine percent in the Netherlands, ten percent in Australia, nineteen percent in the Uk- thirty five percent in Canada, so keep her in Canada. Did this right cannons doing right, ok, but Kennedy asking is so: what's the deal, France, fifty were presented. Him ask as push you fifty nine percent in the United States, and yet what we keep hearing is masking masking massing again. This is mostly because president from has not been so active on the masking front. Roach again, I think out of an abundance of caution, you ask but the the very weird notion that America is not masking like there's not a lot of data to diminish, this I'm looking the map right now from the New York Times. That shows how and you were a mask in public when you expect to be within six feet of another person in all of the hot spots. Those are in excess of eighty percent of people who are certainly in in seventy five percent,
we'll say that they always worm ask when they are with other people and nearly everyone else's frequently very few people say rarely or never. Hey, but the merit of the media is that their only two things that can shut this down locked down, which is never gonna, be a long term solution and masking which most people in America are adopting, and yet the thing is still spreading. Why? Although a few reasons, there are few reasons, one community spread never stopped America's. A very big country, because America's a very big, very populous country, it looks a lot more in urban areas like ITALY or New York, then it does like Vermont, that's number one or, like main number to the strain said, the United States is the european strain on the Asian strange, comparing what's happening in Vietnam or Hong Kong or Taiwan to what's happening that it states not actually accurate. It's different strain. The chinese virus went to Europe there, it mutated it became about ten times as transmissible and that's what's been, hitting the united states. Now the Good NEWS is tins like it was a lot less deadly than the version that was hitting Asia. The bad news is that its less steadily in warfare miserable, can still end up with a higher of absolute debts, but the way the media are pitching this that you know
state is blowing. This was a long article in the Washington Post today about how the United States is blowing this an apparently they say we came out too early and we wear masks again we're masking better than most european countries, european countries, their mouths- better than we are at a higher rate in many cases, and when it comes to these are just pure statistical fact. We are testing more than any other country by a huge margin in enormous margin. So we talk about. The number of sheer cases being detected. President from would be wrong if he suggests that the tests than Jobs are are basically the reason why we see skyrocketing cases. We see skyrocketing cases, there are skyrocketing cases, but those he is right when he says that we are seeing numbers like actual confirm numbers because we're doing what housing. That is true. Obviously again that doesn't mean that the spread is false. It just means that we are seeing the spread more clearly than a lot of other countries. We're doing more testing. We opened up at same times larger european countries. We are handling this pretty well in the hospitals and
growing is generally being adopted, but the media's narrative is that we are uniquely too Thus, we blew this in a way. Nobody else blue. This here was truck Todd yesterday, suggesting United is uniquely defenceless against the virus. Again, I'm looking at the death rate per million. Ok, this is from world honours. I'm looking at death rate per million and it Etheridge per million across the world. The United States is not number one United States currently ranked number ten after Belgium at San Marino, Andorra, UK, Spain, ITALY, Sweden, France in Chile, the United States ranks number ten Brazil is sound our heels and number twelve. The Netherlands is number thirteen. Mexico is close, Henry Hills in number. Sixteen, the United States is not in fact, uniquely defenceless against the spread the United States is struggling with it. Just like pretty much everyone else that had community spread without heavy testing in tracing the very beginning. I think we should actually distinguish between nations then never got hit hard. I didn't have a key number of.
Really cases and got on an early and nations where did already spread so widely. There is community spread before you could even do. Testing and tracing here is truck Todd, put This notion that America has handled this uniquely badly went again. The evidence does not suggest that this is true. How did this happen? We are there it. Just country in human history, with an army medical infrastructure, any literate, educated, populous, yet today we stand, you meekly helpless among us Austria lies countries in the fight against covert nineteen o world. Once looked up to us to do the impossible. Now his eyes over our failure to do the possible again, I'm just wondering what he thinks the possible looks like we have lockdown virtually every part of the country for long periods of time.
People, I'm asking the national Mass mandate from the Congress, I'd like to Nancy Policy promoted, knew it and see if we can get away with this constitutionally. Its most people are adopting smart behaviors just add by the way before lockdown people lockdown hit, people are generally acting in self interested fashion. The lockdown help slow this bread, which is what they are supposed to do. There were never the full on answer it, but this is the narrative. The narrative is that the United States has blown in every way, except for the democratic areas which have done incredibly, while at New York, New Jersey in Connecticut, which is just a joke, and that is that that is not correct. How this thing got police, Well, I suppose you, everybody is struggling with the right answers in an unprecedented time, and it is pretty obvious that we are seeing right now with covered, is just sort of the final integration of of a country's dissolution and seems like that is. That is really what is happening here. Hopefully, with the help of God is not a final period, the american attack, I don't think it is, but it certainly feels that way.
We can't even get our bleep together on recognising decent intent for most people when it comes to trying to handle a global pandemic which, by the way again rising in many areas that are not the United States in just a second and get to president rummaging interview with Chris Wallis is much valued. We'll talk about it. Just a second first minor books have mentioned hundreds for America in three easy steps. It goes on stay on sale tomorrow, Tuesday July, twenty four six M Eastern three p M Pacific. We will be doing a virtual live signing of internet release with your purchase of assign copy. You can write in a question which could be read unanswered. As I sign your book live on, the air could be lucky you
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enjoins, regular, listening largest fastest growing concern to Pakistan. Radio shown the nation is already so all of this kind of chaos and covered at nineteen has led to people basically declaring themselves virtuous, for they're, not gonna, go back to work. There is a peace in your time. Cynical by won't returns the classroom and you shouldn't ask me, do by Rebecca Martinson that I looked up Ms Martens and she appears to be hard to judge people's appearances. She appears to be in her forties. Probably she does not look like she's in her sixty or seventy, which means that she's at high risk of covered, but she's not a severe risk of death from covered. She says that she doesn't want to go back to work just public school teacher. She says every day when I walk into work as a public school teacher, I am prepared to take a bullet to save a child in the age of school shootings. That's what the job requires, but asking me turns the classroom amid a pandemic and expose myself and my family to cover. Nineteen is like asking me to take that bullet home to my own family. I won't do it and you shouldn't want me to she became an educator after
where, as a I teach medical science and introduction to nursing to eleven and twelve gaiters and a region, skill centre that serves students from twenty two different high schools in thirteen different school districts. She says that her school district, school haven't ruled out asking us return to imprison teaching in the fall, nothing I've her wrist. Me. I can safely teaching persons or a couple of things one. We have a central workers, and I mean people warlike grocery stores. We ve been working for months than ever stopped working our public school teachers less essential. Then the workers who are suffering the grocery store I've been told the public education is the number one most essential business in America, which is why we should be spending oodles and rules of cash on it, so which is it Is it a central or is it not essential? We know the risk. Kid is essentially minimal from covert nineteen. Why is it that we can try? solution proposed by my friend John Priority Commentary magazine bring the kids back to school, have the teacher Skype for so worried or when I have younger teachers, but
This notion that you are essentially protected from disease when you go to school, as a teacher was in life, is filled with risks. That does not mean that we should take measures to try and protect our teachers and a lot of private schools looking to open. They want to protect them this too, and you know they're doing there they're taking measures to do exactly that. I assume that they will do the same thing in the school district that this woman teachers at retards- article is often a central worker, well saying you're less essential than the people work at the grocery stores or whether we have been asked to go into work and who are disproportionately young that this is not about the kids when it's not it's just not about the game and you're not going to happen here. There's gonna be a vast increase in homes. Schooling, as there has been noted, last year or so she's. Just distance learning, distance learning has been a giant fail for public schools. I believe this This was an l, a U S. Forty percent of students never opened a computer. When I got home the gaps that are going to emerge, the class gaps, you're gonna be incredible. People like me, I can afford,
to be and to spend time at home. My wife can spend time at home. My kids, grandparents, my parents can spend time with my kids at home. My daughter has has thrive. In this homes going period. She went from being a kindergartner reading at first grade level, so it cannot gardener reading a third grade level during this period. How many people is that, true of or already struggling with, the finances, you're no exacerbate class conflict, you wanna exacerbate income inequality, make sure that people can go to school This narrative hasn't fairly significant consequences. Also, it happens to be anti scientific. Europe has reopened at schools in the schools, have not been the main factor of spread, particularly for young get. There is some evidence that junior high kids are spreading the thing, but that evidence is is still not as rich as you would like. Certainly for young kids, the idea that young kids are specific to school is kind of crazy, it's kind of crazy and meanwhile prison.
From the interview on Fox NEWS with Chris Wallace. The media were all over it because Criswell is basically factual, Trump in real time. There's only one problem: half the facts, Criswell essentially said, will not quite correct from called him and then he called Trump on some of them and it was particularly horrible showing Bertram, but it did show that that trumps flu see. What the fact is now that had also shows from the difficulties is going to have with Joe Biden, mainly because he's trying to draw a troop, a two pronged narrative against Joe Biden. Pro number one is the Joe Biden Senile an old and doesn't have together and then prime number two is. The Joe Biden is true threats to the country. Now the whether you could do this is, you could say, Joe Biden Souci now and so crazy. That is vice presidents actually denby. President. You can have to wait until the selective Ebay, if your by nor to select a camel Harris. Then you just to tat. Calm awareness. Raising Joe Biden has not the present common Harris's, the president. That would be the line of attack. I think that that maybe Trump is waiting for here. But in the meantime, you have is bizarre, jewel message where Joe Biden simultaneously deeply unfair because he's not alive and simultaneously super duper.
An increase in Social was secretly, so here is present and from to Chris Wallace talking about Biden, doing interview like this one, it up again I'd and others can be particularly successful. Tat by the present in here. Let him come out. This basically go around I'll make for fighting. She's a day I'll be interviewed by you I'll, be interviewed by the worst killers at eight, my my guts, I hate my guts is nothing they can ask me, then I won't give em a proper answer to. People were like if some people want like. I agree with that, but look you answer That's why he should, through an interview like is he'll, be underground,
crying for Mamma, you say Mommy Mommy, please take me home where we asked him for an interview, sir. He can't do an interviews, incompetent thinking that there's truth to this. There is true to its, but simultaneously that's actually not the biggest problem for tromp, meaning for Biden, meaning that by being a not alive prisoners have been saying for months is actually one of his great assets. Trump is what did the covered is really hampered from civility campaigning on a political level? Put aside his reaction to covet troms ability to campaign is relevant, I felt here trumps main pitch in twenty. Sixty more than was he's a high energy. Do right, Heller, equipped with stumbling into vans and Donald Trump same age with running around the country, taking jets to seven different place, during these rallies demonstrating high levels of energy he's box. Didn't he can't you rallies right now and that's really hurting him in a fairly major wipe. It does help on the president starts talking about his own cognitive facility faculty. He says that that Chris, what he tells Chris walls you cognitive test, easily Ankara's walls like remedy cognitive test is: can you identify an elephant?
the hardest task now with less a picture of the lad and it's an Eleanor. Nor do I get to see that's all misrepresentations, that's what it was on the way. I saw a misrepresentation because The first few questions are easy, but you couldn't financial the last five questions about youth when they get very hard, the less viable one of them once come back from a hundred by seven, and let me tell you you couldn't answer you couldn't answer? I was many of the questions I get you the test, I'd like to give it a go. On to you, the job. I could not answer those ask us, ok, you, All thirty five questions correctly. I'm sorry this anywhere, I'm here, I'm sorry, that's just not going anywhere. This is it's a cognitive test, guys cognitive tests are not. The same thing is like the S, eighty It was in the owl sad he was taking it wasn't in the medical board. Cognitive test is basically does your brain function. It is not. But I mean Cresswells Neuron- is what Criswell as is wrong. Is there are in times your walls just repeated stuff that wasn't truths of, for example, walls was confronting Trump uncovered. Mortality rates and walls was suggesting the United States.
One of the worst in the world the dealing with those in trumpet like no or not and from his actually right here we have the seventh highest more tallow right in the world are. Tell him you rate is higher than Brazil its higher than Russia and the European Union has us on a travel ban, you, I think what will do what we have them. Only travel ban. To close, I closed them off. If you remember, I was the one that did the European Union very early, but when you talk about mortality rates, I think it's the apple, I think we have one of the lowest mortality rates are weak, where we can, we had nine hundred deaths good day. We will do this number one alone modality, I argue, show the sooner because it shows what factors is ok from his right about this again, I ready this ass a little bit earlier, so Wallace actually had a row Here's the media were treating it as the Trump got everything wrong here. That is not correct. Walls, gotta bunch things wrong here s another example of this Wallace,
while as in front when added about whether Trump well about whether Biden has threatened to defend the police, and this really rests and hinges on the question of what you mean by defend the police. So the left has played a game with defined the police. On the one hand, you have some people who defend the police means completely defined the police, know more police. It's true Biden Set, are not defending the police, then there's divine the police, as in shift funding away from the cops and towards social workers and buying basically embrace that, because it just as a predicate here is Flashback Joe Biden saying he supports redirecting money from police and then suggested the police have, in some cases become the enemy instead of sending to police officers with deadly weapons. To that, when these drive through in Atlanta, We could have sent a wellness, counselor and a tow truck and then raise hard, Brooks still be alive. Today and his three daughters would still have their daddy. Are you open to that kind of reform? Yes, I propose that country for surplus military equipment
for law enforcement. They don't need that. A lasting you need is an up. Humvee coming into a neighborhood is like the military invading they don't anybody to become the enemy this post, protecting these people so much point. We agree that weaken redirect some of the funding. Yes, absolutely, and yet we are told That's exactly what you find. The police means by the experts, whether full articles in Washington posting your times, suggesting that define the police Shifting the funding was Joe Biden embraced here is Cornwallis telling from full scale that your mind does not want to defend the police. Liberal Democrats have been running so these in this country protect poorly what, but why is it so bad right. Now. Are they running poorly? It was always bad, but now it's gotten totally out of control and it's really because they wanted to fund the police and Biden wants to fuck the puppy place. Are he does not look shorter, Bernie Sanders. I will get that one. Just I've got was right in the mortality rate. Did you read that
part of that he agrees. I knew nothing about the funding, all really it says, abolish it says: let's go out, I got it. Gimme, the job of blinkered she's, gotta start setting for these again in an you, he's not write about five when he is right now that the Joe Biden has suggested before that he wants to shift funding away from police rather than the media play. Mrs look at Cresswells really really from TAT, ok drains interview, you related this wasn't about interview for Trump. The big problem for Trump is that until Joe Biden appoints a VIP, its can be difficult for Joe Biden to be attacked a sort of a threat to the republic and the other attack that Joe Biden, this kind of Siena like well, no man, that's that's not really much of an attack already so we'll be back here, a little bit later to two additional hours and hunted in the meantime, gotten purchase a copy of my book. How destroy America in three easy steps: surging up the best seller charts right now. It is out
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