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Ep. 1063 - Another Terrible Day


Herman Cain dies of covid; President Trump floats delaying the election; and Democrats and Republicans can’t reach a deal on propping up the economy as more Americans join the unemployment rolls.

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Herman Kane dies of covered president from floats delaying the election and Democrats and Republicans can't reach a deal on propping up the economy. As more Americans joined the unemployment roles, I bench bureau. This is the bench of Euro. Show yeah, here, I'll show sponsored by expressing deep in your data: is your business protected at expressive, gps, dot, com, Slash Ben? What is this to stay in the jewish calendars Tisch about we'll get to that of other later on. The programme will explain exactly why people like me are not eating or drinking, and so it's not exactly a giant shock that this is just another terrible day in the calendar deserve a jewish equality, Precision the tick about this can be a bad day all around. Apparently, that is exactly right, we'll get to that in just one moment, but, as you may have noticed, a lot of uncertainty right now, what a volatile any right now, nobody knows what the next day is going to bring right. Now, that might be one reason they might want to diversify.
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In our boss, our friend like a father, so many of us had passed away well paid so hard. Every day we knew the timid common warm come home. We really liked having him here with us. We held out hope you have a full recovery. Survivors include his wife lorry ashes. And his two children, Melanie and Vincent Kane, was among the highest profile public figures accord. We see NBC to have died from covered at nineteen again. Seventy four year old survivor of state for colon cancer and people are dumping on Kane on Twitter, because obviously he attended. President trumps rally entails a less than two weeks before being diagnosed covered nineteen. He had posted about how it and one where a mask- and this is a rationale for many on the left Duncan Herman- came because obviously, if somebody who's politics, you dont like dies of covert, then you gotta dunk on them. That's the way. This has been working for quite a while here. If somebody posted scepticism on Facebook or twitter about the extent of the danger of covert or if they posted scepticism about masks, then it gets dunk on them. If they dies is basically the way that our garbage world works,
now here's the reality and plenty people who are dying of those who have been wearing ass, intimate being careful and their plenty people. New media have been quite, shall we say cavalier about the activities in which people should and should not engage up to and including mass rallies so long as there are further public purposes that so many of our elite like so spare me some of the crew, good I'll two years on behalf of of Herman came from people who really are mostly just not happy with Herman Keynes politics. Not does it not even as much as is his politics uncovered mostly if they don't like is politics generally, they say it's, it's ugly stuff, it certainly ugly stuff in very, very bad news. Canada hospitalized in Atlantic lie first, two days after being told the attested positive recovered. Nineteen. According to a statement, postage is social media accounts. At the time he obviously was, unlike chief demographic territory for risk, this has been hitting black men harder than has been hitting white man is in heading people, preexisting conditions, extremely high
and has been hitting people above the age of seventy extremely hard. Kane filled. All those categories he didn't require respirator was awakened. Look when you tricked into the hospital, but it's about a month for all this to progress. Now, there's no evidence that he acquired this at the Trump rally, the term campaign, so that every attending the event had their temperature checked upon entry, masks and handstands has were handed out now required to use The July second statement on Keynes hospitalizations had there's no, I ve known for sure how or when came contracted the corona virus. The term campaign said, after his diagnosis, had not met with the president at the tells a rally, so obviously sad and tragic news and honestly, the kind of dumping on people after they die of covert is, is pretty it's pretty gross. It's pretty gross its especially gross because there's been so much focus placed on mass squaring up. As you know,
I have been an advocate of mass glaring since the curves, since these sort of professional wisdom suggest the mask oil is a good idea and thereby several studies have shown that there has been some sort of minor but at an individual level from wearing of asked, but if everybody does it than the then the aggregate sort of a fact is good. That's ed its ITALY, controversial, not just in the United States but abroad. The fact is that the Danish got that the dutch government has already said that they have no plans to mandate. Mass minister for medical care tomorrow on arc in the Netherlands said that there was no evidence actually their effectiveness. It from a medical perspective, there's no private effectiveness of mask, so the cabinet has decided there'll, be no national obligation for wearing non medical.
Masks the head of the Netherlands National Institute for Public Health again him shop. Then this will added that the organization is aware. Some studies show masked can help slow the spread of the virus, but he argued the evidence is not conclusive and it masks can actually increase the likelihood of transferring the disease, if not warm properly. He said we think you're, gonna, use, masks and public setting. You must give it. You must give good training for it, how
she's in denmark- are also finalizing a study to be released next month on the effectiveness of face mass to determine what the requirements should be going forward. Danish health official ethnic Boon Guard said all the country's recommending face mass haven't made their decisions based on new studies. Here the only effective face covering maybe a visor, because the virus can travel through eyes and cloth masks, may provide a false sense of security. Doktor Anthony Fouche, actually yesterday him and said that the masked might be enough. Maybe we shall start wearing goggles, so there there's just not enough known about the mask wearing overall basis mention where I've been again advocating for because it seems to me if there's an incremental way to prevent the spread of the disease, then you should absolutely do it, even if the evidence is is mixed on this thing, at best with that said, to two Duncan somebody, because they want the phantom ass going after that, I have covered is, is pretty gross, is pretty gross again their eyes in there a lot of people there. We had fifteen hundred deaths of covert yesterday, the United States, as from some
people were masks, the it turns out. This thing is really really transmissible and it may transfer Vallely eyes, not just the notion mouth so before we start dumping on people recognise that everyone can be dumped on honest. I think the dumping on people for four dying of covert is away for people to dissociate from the possibility that they may catch themselves. If I did all the right things, he did all the wrong things. That's why he's dead? I'm not! The fact is the death comes for all of us, unfortunately, and in all of the protective measures that we are taking, none of them is a proof, positive guarantee that everything is gonna, be ok when it comes to cover. This is very, very transmissible and remains dangerous. Critical in the upper age range with prejudicing conditions as Herman can have. Meanwhile, as I mentioned there has been. This massive spike in a number of reported doubts. Yesterday the United States reported at least fourteen hundred forty four new corona virus. That's those the biggest one, the increase in more than two months, some of those backlog every time, there's a weakened as the weak sort of progress is basically Monday's, are really
anti and then Tuesdays. They start to increase. Usually wednesdays are the high point, and then they start to recede on Thursdays and Friday in terms of the deaths that are reported, a huge number of those debts came in Texas. Taxes have been lagging behind Florida in California in terms of death, but Texas reported over three hundred deaths yesterday from covered nineteen. Again, it's not a great surprise, considering we ve had this enormous increase in the number of diagnosed cases in the United States and death. As we know, the lacking indicator. Herman Keynes, perfect example of this was diagnosed with court of arson month ago. Hidden die until today, apparently, but obviously, all this bad news in it placing the shaky economic recovery and even less firm footing, tactic of Patel and Emerson misusing another sheltering place. Mandate should be considered, which again would basically destroy the economy. The chances that we are going to be able to shut this thing down and there will then be able to turn it down until a vaccine is developed, I would say, are slim and none of the other countries that have supposedly done an incredible job of this over in Europe are experiencing second waves. Now, like all of them, but there are
to consider new shutdown orders if they do not wish to see this thing increasingly transmitted many of these countries and we're not shutting down, even if there is a low level of consistent outbreak. The fact is that the lock and have not proved to be incredibly effective, all the way through the there's. Still a lot of trust here that have to be considered if people are social distancing, while not lockdown that those happening since early may in places like Lord Spike, really happened after Memorial Day and really after all, these giant rallies in the streets. It is very difficult to a tribute exactly where this stuff is coming from. That's what community spread means community spread, simply means you dont know where the virus, is actually being transmitted, but here was Doktor Commuter Patel announced NBC same. We might have to consider a shelter and place mandate. Would you be recommending, a shelter in place in these hotspots. At this point, I think it's gotta be considered gas, I say that knowing the serious gravity with which the IMF, patients are that are working, families etc a check we got here because we're not taken it
seriously we ve had no national strategy, as you pointed out, and on time, for that we, We are never going to do any sort of economic recovery of people, just don't feel safe, so I do think it has to be considered one of the thing bothers me low, but about this is that we keep hearing this phrase, we're not taking it seriously or not taking it seriously. There are certain things that suggest you're not taking it seriously. If you're getting together in close quarters with people and you're, taking no precautions, then you're, probably not taking it seriously enough. However, I would point out that again, the media were cheering on people in the streets by the millions. That's nothing it seriously either. So I was wondering what taking it seriously constitutes is the only mark of seriousness that we completely shut down the entire american economy, because that has some pretty significant ramifications as well is particularly for young people now I ve been saying for literally months. Basically, since this began to treat all Americans as equally susceptible to cover, it is the height of anti scientific foolishness. Herman Kane was particular
separable took over nineteen seventy four years old, who is a cancer survivor, the pleasures of a black man which, unfortunately, for reasons that we really don't understand yet the death rate- and this is true across western civilization. Their death gaps between black and white is from Britain, Eastern Canada, it's from the United States as well. So when we talk about the, how exactly if people back into the population, one of the things the media are trying to do is, on the one hand there trying to say they are not taken seriously in Botswana Shutdown, schools. On the other hand, in gotten rally in favour of George Floyd, you can't have it all different ways at once. The reality is, if you want to treat the scientific evidence with the with the most possibility. Will you recognise that people who are older and more risk now to stay home, they may be in shape for shelter at home, and it is certain people under the age of fifty five and the United States under eleven thousand people under the age of fifty five died at so lot of people. It is not a lot of people under the age of twenty five and of each authority. Five you're talking about, I believe, still triple digits. So now means
probably should be going back to school, and now we should they be going back to school. It is actually imperative they should be going back to school. It turns out that the city Sea had rather Readville. He suggests that the number of of people young people who are dying of suicide. An overdose is now actually overwhelming. The number of people who are young dying of covert there has been another cause that we seen particular in high schools. Were seen and sadly far grey Your suicides now that we are asked from covered where's in far greater death from drug overdose dinner, Bob access no hands background, then we are seen death from covered up That is something worth keeping in mind. We are talking about exactly what to do is also true, and we are talking about economic recovery is we'll get to injustice. Second, I do want to talk about the partisan nature of so much. What's going on right now, as I keep pointing out, there is very little partisanship too how Cove it affects people. There is very little parsons partisanship
How come it is hitting state. What we have seen is there's a lot of partisanship to the media coverage and to political response to covet. So to take a perfect example every Yesterday was talking about the number of deaths in Florida. It was nearly surpass. The number of deaths in California, California continues to have more than two twenty five hundred more deaths than Florida. Overall, California continues to see a radical uptake in new cases. There seems to be no trailing off in California settings you a little bit of a trailing off in Florida. Little bill trailing often Texas, you're not doing anything like that in the state of California in terms of of deaths. California, two hundred ninety five deaths report. Yesterday, Flora had two hundred sixteen deaths report yesterday, but apparently we're not really allow dimension that, because California is blue State Susan Rice, whose desperate to be Joe Biden Vice presidential nominee yesterday.
She suggested that all of this is, of course, from small Jews. On the view, a repository of all stupidity in the United States and she suggested that, if Obama had been running, this thing would have been widely different, which again the evidence just does not show this year. She was explaining that the Obama administration gave a pandemics for dummies playbook to the Trump administration which, as we see, is kind of weird, since they really did box, the Swine flu thing be differences that the swine flu is not nearly as communicable or as deadly. Everybody knew anything about national security. Global health understood that a pin damn it was inevitable. I write about it in my book there we were just talking about briefly at the outset prepare the incoming administration with a pandemic from dummies play book and a table top exercise, and so many other briefings so defaults here that the tragic loss of a hundred and fifty thousand Americans and count is on Donald Trump and gives rose. Mishandling this pandemic against,
who wants to be vice president of the United States? But let's look at the facts on this. The fact is that the Obama administration, when came swine flu, they do not handle it all that well just turn out. That's why who is not nearly as deadly in the United States as as Covid nineteen been. I mean the LA times reported that after the swine flu epidemic in two thousand and nine, a safety equipment, industry, association and federally sponsored task force, both recommended depleted supplies that ninety five respirator be replenished by the stockpile. That didn't happen, the first? U dot s space, swine Flu in California was identified April, two thousand and nine on April 25th the World Health Organization, declared each one and want to public health emergency now echoed by about one day later, doubly sure declared H one then one a pandemic June eleventh. It took a bomb until October to declare a national emergency. So the fact is that the no one has a great handle on this, and anybody who is pretending to have a greater like human beings have a need for control. It makes sense. We live in a very chaotic, difficult world. Human beings have a need to feel in control, but the fact is that when it comes to cover, nineteen just think that much control you do what you can that's pretty much.
All you can do in a second when we get to the economic follow which continues to just be horrendous. Meanwhile, Republicans and Democrats arguing over how to shore up call me, while Americans are still in many places, ban from being able to work in a cover, nineteen continues to tear through various communities. In terms of case diagnosis, we get to that in just one second. First, let's talk about the fact that right now, you're thinking man, it's life, insurance, correct. You do need life insurance if your responsible person, make sure that your family is it taken care of with everything going on right now, lot of people are asking if it's even possible to buy life insurance. The answer is yes, and it's so easy to shop for life insurance. If you have loved ones depending on your income, you probably should right now
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A bad headline from CNBC? They say the second quarter, GDP plunge by worst ever thirty, two point: nine percent. Amid a virus induced shutdown, that's not correct the actual economy, plunged by nine point, five percent in the second quarter, the annual lies number meaning, if you extended it over the course of the year, would look like thirty two point: nine percent, but that's not correct. I mean your annual lies quarterly GDP numbers does make a lot of sense of. Apparently it was the worst to drop ever the closest previously coming in MID nineteen. Twenty one, exactly the chief economist Moody said. The report just highlights: how deepens art the whole is the economy cratered into in cue to citizens very deep and dark hole we're coming out. It's going to be a long time to get out and it's gonna take longer. If we can't get past covered nineteen now, we still don't know whether the telling off that we start to see in Texas in Florida or the telling off that we saw in New York is horrible, permanent telling off or whether as people go back to work and its people get out there again things going optic again, as we have the flu season. What Something of a big second wave during flew season was that there would be a team
off during the summer. Thanks to climate. That really didn't happen because so hot outside everybody went inside. The air conditioning gave everybody the corona virus so the assumption was it'll sort of tell offering summer and then a crop up again in the fall that that was true a hundred years ago True during the nineteen eighteen pandemic is a result. Air conditioning, where was hot people's didn't get a very much because they weren't in small areas with recirculated air. That obviously has not been happening. In fact, there's been reversed correlation in the United States, which, in places where it is really hot and a decrease in cases, their judgment in increasing cases places where it super hogs everybody's going inside getting covered. So we still don't know what that means in terms of a second wave have already seen wave. We don't know at this point the one thing Do know is that more and more Americans are being added to the unemployment rose. Barely one point, four million Americans join the unemployed employment rules again this week, which is really scary, stuff, and many states still have some form of lockdown in place. Obviously LOS Angeles, pretty much all the businesses are still closed and their shit heavy restrictions on what you can and cannot
in the city of LOS Angeles, for example. While this means that there's been a lot of debate inside Congress about what to do in terms of continuing to prop up the economy and make sure that people have basically been barred from work by the government are not the ones who take it directly, gin, Republicans have been looking at some sort of measured response and Democrats have been looking at just blowing it out and spinning a variety of idiocy. That makes no sense at all. Now, even the Republicans we're looking at spending and have random garbage there, there is talk. The president Trump wanted. Additional funding for federal buildings in the in the corn called simulate package. Again, this is not a stimulus package. A similar package is when the economy is slow and you just inject money in order make the economy go. It is not on. The government has asked
created, mandates that you cannot work, and that is a different thing. If the government came and paved over my house and set a million times if they tabled my house, they have to compensate me. This seems to me effectually taking when you have the government saying to people that you cannot work telling them. They cannot go to work. When you have the government telling people that, if they do go to work, they have to obey certain restrictions that making nearly impossible for their business to do business or that is it taking and just compensation is required under the constitution of the United States under the undertaking. Was the fifth amendment to the constitution, the United States. So it seems to me that this looks more like an eminent domain situation than like a stimulus package. That's Ed did the way to make clear that is. The case is actually filling the gap not just blow out the spending. So there's, apparently a big gap between Republicans and Democrats on exactly how to Fill in that gap, Nancy Blowsy says everybody. So really far apart on this new cortical stimulus package, he says it's like trying to
read a flamingo in a giraffe which is a hell of a tick bite, Nancy Pelosi. We could come to some sort of reasonable compromise here, but she says that this is not going to happen. Apparently, in a meeting she said it's like a giraffe in a flamingo they're, both at a zoo, a dumb person, may think they could make for offspring. A smart person knows that's impossible. That's our bills, they're unable to mate White House, staff mark meadows and treasury secretaries diminution or also in the meeting, as was sent a minority leader trucks. Humor tumor said that these democratic, was a golden retriever, and the GNP proposal was a two hour said a golden retriever can't may with a two hour average. While we have a beautiful lion, I mean take me. I don't know enough about dogs is there is that true? Actually lions can meet with. Who I was either. That is all we are white where we talk about mating animals. What what have I will talk about like what we should do very strange stuff happening in Congress, it
What one the nice things about american government is always know. You have the best and brightest where we're going be handling. Your future is very, very uplifting that the gap is this accordingly, CNN Centre, Republicans of art unveiled. One trillion dollar stimulus proposal this week out include eight six hundred dollar federal boost to unemployment checks that expires July. Thirty first Democrats are unified behind a far bigger indifferent proposal. Republicans need some democratic support. So what exactly is this? Are the payments, so we sent Republicans want a second round of direct stimulus payments, they're worth up to twelve hundred dollars for individuals and twenty four hundred dollars for families individual, an additional five hundred bucks for dependent, regardless of age. The first round excluded dependents. We're older than seventeen the size of the payments would scaled down. With individuals who are more than seven. Five grand a year and married couples where more than a hundred fifty thousand dollars and phase out altogether for high income individuals again that actually doesn't make sense of sense, for the very reason that people of basically all
incomes in the United States, especially for measuring based on last year's income for the pandemic everybody's getting hurt, nobody has cost. But put that aside, that's a lot of money. We are talking about payments for up to twelve hundred dollars for individuals in twenty four hundred dollars for family five hundred dollars for dependent House Democrats want twelve hundred dollars per family member matching its six thousand dollars. Per household six thousand dollars per household, which is an enormous amount of money in money that we do not have an would incentivize people not to go back to work. Obviously, one of the big problems with the last stimulus package is that if you are paying people six hundred dollars per week in unemployment benefits and supplementary unemployment benefits than very often, people are being paid more to stay at home, and they are too go to work, which you really don't want rabies when, when the economic recovery does happen, when people go back working alone, be paying them to stay at home and unemployment benefits. The proposal from the Republicans would extend the federal boost unemployment benefits, but it reduced amount call for cutting the weekly payments at your hundred bucks from six hundred bucks until states implemented system. There are play
is roughly seventy percent of laid off workers wages. Basically, there saying states have not been footing the bill. The feds been footing. The bill states need to pick up. The slack Democrats want to accede. The six hundred dollar enhanced unemployment benefit through all the way through January. All the way, through January, just in time for Joe Biden inauguration, is what Democrats are those receiving regular state benefits that time could continue receiving the six hundred calaboose as late as the end of March, so just forever for all time is so that their some pretty significant gaps here, The House Democrats include no additional money for the Patient Protection programme, so they want business is basically go under and people can be directly support by the government. Is the House Democrats way which even universal basic income is what this really looks like more than anything, also how stomach rats one provide a hundred billion dollars in education funds. It specifies that sixty nine percent, fifty nine billion- would go to Kay through twelve schools. Thirty percent go to higher education. Again, I am confused as to why we are blowing the education
bending when schools literally are not in session, and, as you will see, teachers are saying they don't even want to teach remote the bill for the Democrats also includes a five hundred dollar five hundred billion dollar Bella, state and three hundred seventy five billion dollar bailouts. Local governments, which is pretty wild, so there's filling in bad governance from a variety of states or no wonder there is this big gap. The interest you can have our when someone how much people should be receiving on a personal level or on and unemployment level, when you start with all the goodies, the paying off states and all of that you ve gotten into territory that has nothing to do with filling in gaps created by covered in the first place mean just second we're going to get you some cultural issues that been cropping up as recently we'll get to that in momentarily. First I sort of something nice they like some nice Ailin settling nature can do for your family. Here is what it is. You can have a beautiful portrait painted of your family professional artisan. You can do so without spending an arm and a leg. If you want a truly meaningful gets going, gives somebody a truly meaningful gift. Go try paint your lifetime com
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sixty four thousand and join up with paint your life. Ok, so meanwhile, teachers are now saying that they don't even want to return to our mind instruction demonstrating once and for all. The teachers unions have little to do with helping students and a lot to do with helping teachers. The New York Times reports, teachers and many districts are fighting for longer. School closures, stronger safety requirements and look. And what they are required to do in virtual classrooms, while flooding social media and stay capitals with their concerns and threatening to walk off their jobs of key demands, are not met. Clearly, the needs of the children are first and foremost in the minds of tea we don't even want you online education, it is one thing to you. Don't wanna go into schools to seven years old. Need I wanna get infected and die. Is another thing to say you dont want to be unbidden. Oh you know, one do assume call on
de the nations second largest teachers union raised the stakes dramatically by authorizing local and state trappers to strike if their districts do not take sufficient precautions like work, requiring mask and updating ventilation systems before reopening classrooms. Already teachers unions have soon flawed as governor over that states. Efforts to require schools to offer in person instruction, even as unions, exert their influence if its enormous public and political pressure, because of widespread acknowledgement that you gotta have kids back at school. Apparently many of these teach are now upset that they even have to work at all. So now there saying that their teachers, one above and beyond work hours, laid out an emergency labour agreements, their members provided technical support to families and answered emails and text messages from students and parents. Wow that's rough, considering you weren't in school teaching. Now representatives must balance the concerns of an often feisty membership against you.
Urgent needs of vulnerable children. I should the representatives are doing any of that kind of stuff it all. They just caving two teachers who are actually teaching. That's it that that is pretty incredible, allay the nation. Second large we'll district has already made the decision to start the year online because of infections. Now the union and administrators asian long negotiating sessions, the zoom with one of the six points of kings and being how many hours per day teachers should be required to teach the alive video Sicily, Meyer crews, president of the United Teachers, LOS Angeles Union, said she understood the benefits to insurance and engage with teachers online sharing their full school. They over video would not be feasible. Further students or teachers centre, not gonna, see people engaged. Kids will turn after that. Instead, they think the remote mental health counselling should be available to students. Basically, they just don't want no one big, they didn't do nothing which is really exciting stuff
well done all the way around. So another chaotic news of the day, president trumped decided that there would be a good idea today to tweet out and then pinch the top of this twitter page, a suggestion that election day should be delayed. So the president tweet, out today quote with universal mail in voting, not absentee voting, which is good. Twenty twenty will be the most inaccurate and fraudulent election in history will be a great embarrassment to the United States delay the election until people can properly securely and safely vote. Three question marks: itself. Melon voting is bad idea. It is a bad idea. It is rife with possibility of fraud. No less than Jimmy Carter has said something similar in years past. However, the president of the United States is not actually have the power to delay the United States watch, and that requires an act of Congress. It's not going to happen. Melons two things can be true. Melon voting can be a bad idea. Generally. Business can take weeks to hash out because there is the possibility of fraud
for all the reasons that we talk about before also the president floating that he wants to delay. The election is like the worst idea. Ever it's a terrible political idea, and now we'll get full forty eight our new cycle on. Why Denmark, why Republicans won't denounced the president for saying this sort of stuff? Now the end that the true answer is but the present can say what every once again, it takes an act of Congress to delay the election. Nobody has any intend to delay this watch and it's not going to happen so you'll that mentioned very low in a lot of the news reports, but is that the kind of solidity the people are seeking in a time of great pandemonium, our people feeling salmon in the great benefit you Joe Biden in this particular election, is that all Joe Biden has to do is be barely that really is his key if you still alive and makes a lot of gas. But if he's dead- and he said she has to be just kind of like barely alive but barely alive is when he wants to be because he can just point to Trump being extraordinarily volatile and then when Trump says he
now all Biden has to do, as you say. Ok, I may be senile, but you're incredibly volatile and are not senile. So what happens when you get senile from trumps? Twitter is like the worst thing that he can do right now. It is a very very soon, but move? It can be a today's new cycle, but it's really a giant nothing burger. Meanwhile, member that time the end with super woke in the NBA Electra on social justice, incredible story from european today in the European Investigation has found that coaches at NBA at China academies are complaining of player, abuse and lack of schooling. Accordingly, he s been long before and sober tweet in support of Hong Kong protesters, spotlighted the envious, complicated rules in short with China, but we faced complaints from its own employees over human rights concerns inside an MBA Youth development Programme in that country, and he s been investigation is found. American coaches at three and be a training academies in China, totalling officials, their chinese partners were physically abusing young players and failing to provide some
as you know, commissioner, am silver- has had education, we central to the programme according to multiple sources, with direct knowledge of the complaints, the NBA, ran into myriad problems by opening one of the academies in challenging the police in western China, where more than a million we are Muslims, are now held in barbed wire camps. American coaches were frequently harassed and prevailed in challenging resources set. One american coach was detained three times that cause he and others were unable to obtain housing because of their status as foreigners. A former league employee compared the atmosphere where he worked in challenging to world war to Germany in an interview with the S pen about its findings and be age? I bid you, commissioner, and chief operating officer Martinez, who overseas national operations said the NBA is re, evaluate and considering other opportunities for the Academy programme, which operates out of sports facilities run by the chinese government last week we acknowledge they closed the changing academy, but they refused to ignite. They refuse to say whether human rights were factor somewhat humbled said Tatum. One of the lessons we learn here, as we do need to have more direct oversight and the ability to make
having changes when appropriate. The programme launched in twenty six. Was part of the NBA strategy to develop local players in a basket bob's US market, it is made, engage, five billion dollar enterprise. Most of the former employees, spoke on the condition of anonymity. One american culture worked for the endgame. China described the project as a sweat camp for athletes. At least you coaches quit in response what they believe was mistreatment of young players, one requested and received a transfer. After watching chinese coaches strike teenage players. Three sources told the SBA another american coach left before the end of his contract, because He found the lack of education unconscionable is, and I couldn't continue to shop everyday looking at these kids, knowing they would end up being taxi drivers, not long after the academies, open. Multiple coaches complain about the physical abuse and lack of schooling, Gregg stalls the legs VP for international operations is unclear whether the information was passed on to the NBA in New York. The NBA would not make salt available for comment.
Two of the former NBA employees separately, told the afghan coaches, the academies regularly speculated about whether silver had been informed about the problems I set up we're shows up raw fired immediately tables in the NBA did receive a handful of complaints, the chinese coaches or mistreating players, but they did nothing about it apparently ITALY and from local authorities that the league have zero tolerance for that behaviour, but didn't report the incidence of the league at the time or two or two Tatum order, silver, sure sure or, alternatively, everybody said to look. The other eggs are making a bundle in China. The NBA brought an elite coaches and athletic trainers with experience in the G League, individual basketball, to work at the academy. One former coach describe watching a Chinese. Could fireball into a young players, face a point blank range and then kick him in the gut. The kid was barely thirteen or fourteen years
old, so good times with the with the NBA in China. I definitely want to hear about human rights violations in the United States from the NBA. I think I think that's what that's what we definitely have to hear about these people are not hypocrites and anyway, in just a second we're gonna get you a big tech hearing that happen on the hill. Yesterday, there were some moments that we're not so great, as always for Congress. We get to that momentarily first gang had ever heard. By now about my new book have destroyed Erika in three easy steps. It is officially on sale. In fact, it is the number two best selling book on Amazon's outcome for the week. It was number three I'm in our times bestseller list this week. The book covers the disintegration of philosophy that is now prevalent in the United States, the velocity that says to make any progress. We have to tear down every american system. All the systems are racist and sexist and bigoted and homophobic. You can see that particular vision of the United States playing out in time before our eyes as the city's Byrne. How destroy America in three easy steps details how this garbage worldview has gained? Cultural traction offer suggestions on where we go from here and get your copyright out at
on or Barnes ennobled com. If you like, the book, please happen, leave a five start review, keeping it keeps higher on the charge, so more people will see it and enjoy it here, listening to the largest possible and Pakistan radiation the nation is now speaking of China. The fact is not just the NBA that isn't Roger so many of our big ten companies are in Thrall to China in Thrall to China as well is pretty incredible. So yesterday there was this big hearing at the at the house. Judiciary. And was participated in by the heads of Google and Facebook and twitter and Apple, and there is amazing exchange in which vary. See, were asked about chinese intellectual property theft and
one of these Ios actually honest. So you had TIM Cook of Apple, who basically denied that there is any intellectual property that you have sender peach eye of Google, who said we had no idea. I never heard of it. You have Jeff Pieces saying that is heard about it, and then you have Zuckerberg was like yeah. Of course, that's true, because Facebook is, it is important to recognise you're, not all big tech companies are the same. Facebook has been significantly more pro free speech than any of the other out. What it is it is not particularly close. Twitter is not the same thing as as Facebook. This summer, as will see Congress, people don't noakes, do not understand how the inter webs work. It is also true that Facebook has taken a pretty antagonistic view towards chinese regulations in a way that apple has not. The Google has not that that Amazon has not, and that is worthy of note. You can see the contrast in this particular exchange. Do
leave that the chinese government steals technology from: U S, companies. I dont know of specific cases where we had been stolen from by the government. I am no first hand knowledge of any information stolen from Google congressmen. I think it's well documented The chinese government steals technology from american companies. I haven't seen it personally, but I have heard many reports of it: nasal amazing how only he's really willing to come out and say yes, absolutely Chinese are stealing. Corporations are willing, make money virtually anywhere. That is just an aspect of profit seeking that is why the government really needs to be focusing on China, not on big, take so much big tech. Neither there's some problems inside big tech.
But the question is whether you really want your Congress. People in charge of big Tec is question as to who should be in charge when it comes to China. That's a very different thing: Ellison the NBA so long as the government is not shutting is one thing for the NBA to be overtly participating in human rights abuses, but for the NBA to participate in trade with China is not the end of the world. Again, that's perfectly legal! It's why the government of the United States should really be focused in on shutting down a lot of the avenues of economic growth for China, which is indeed a geopolitical threat to the United States and to its neighbours mostly. Instead, we are focused in on attacking our domestic corporations. Some of them are the biggest errors in the United States, and let us be frank about this, like their their problems with a lot of these corporations. There are we, then Google is obviously bias against conservatives the, but the idea that you're gonna put Congress in charge of all the big tech companies and the Congress can do this better seems to me bizarre example. Yesterday, a representative sense in Brunner, asked Mark Zuckerberg face
about suspending down from doing it has only one problem since in Brenner was asking my twitter, that's completely. Different company was reported that prompt Junior got taken down for a period of time. Oh I do that happened congressman or first to be clear. I think what you might be referring to happen done on twitter. So it's hard for me to speak to that. But I can talk to our policy is about us. We, who prohibit content that will lead to imminent risk of harm and stating that there proven cure for covered when there is, in fact none might encourage someone to go, take something that could have an adverse effect so we do take that down. I do a bit that he is attacking Zuckerberg for something that another company did. The truth is the worst its companies is twitter. Twitter really is overtly censorious of views. They do not like in a way that many other companies or not, is also true that again, Google has been acting with a certain amount of political alacrity
to crack down on concerted every mistake, the good that the problem is they never let anybody inside their data is very difficult to tell exactly which companies are discriminating against consumers and which ones are not again say that I don't think the Facebook is discriminate against conservatives, because it would be hard for me to claim otherwise considering the daily. Where does very well on Facebook, random and just on an anecdote level, it's hard for me as the head of a company that that gets good traffic on Facebook say Facebook is cracking down on us. I can say that when there have been sort of weird instances of Google glitches, they always seem to target conservatives over a google, so distinguishing between the companies seems to be something worthwhile. According to the new posts couple of days ago, Google's headed fixed above the lead several conservative websites disappearing from search results on Tuesday. But a former engineer for the Tec giant said the glitch may have inadvertently exposed in internal list the targeted certain news outlets, MIKE Whacker, said it appears to have revealed
distance of another blacklist and disproportionately targets. Conservatives said the glitch is that site Thomas Black was disappeared from Google search results, but the existence of the list is very much my design, and that raises a major question: why exactly does that list exist? In the first place? for several hours Tuesday morning in early afternoon, users couldn't Since a number of websites on Google search, including break our drugs report by Jean Report and the national pulse major newspapers, like the New York Times in Washington, post we're not affected. We saw this by the way, just maybe a year ago, when Google decided they're gonna put fact, checker evaluations of only conservative sites on the side of the Google page, so yeah Google ghouls been a problem for this represented Jordan. Whenever Google yesterday heck. There's an email and twenty sixteen that was widely circulated amongst the executive is that your company that got public
where Miss Alien Marilla had of your multi cultural marketing talks about the silent donation, Google made to the Clinton campaign, and you applauded her work. She she points out the male, I'm just curious. If you did it and stick teen, I want to make an you know in spite of the fact Sixteen president tromp one I want to make sure, and I'm going to do it again and twenty twenty ok, so it is The Google has Pisces now. The question is: is Google monopolies there to sort of use of monopoly in line one is the consumer based view, which is that long as consumers are not being job. There is no monopoly by monopolies really be stunned whether the consumers being overcharge were being exploited in some way that they don't know about for monopoly practices. The other is whether a company is very, very large. I tend to it towards the first vision because there can be such a thing as a natural monopoly. Where were you break up the monopoly the consumers actually harmed and that that actually happen with windows and Microsoft has broken up in the late nineties? The idea being Microsoft is too large and an apple eight Microsoft's lunch. It turned out that it wasn't even monopoly
in the first Place- and the answer to to Google now having its own bias, is presumably for somebody to invest an awful lot of money in Altavista or now turn a search engine googled and become a monopoly simply by by dint of them being biased. They become monopoly by dint of being better at their job minute. They expect an awful lot of money on market research there, an enormous company and the notion that Congress can be able successfully control. Big tat, I think, is a mistake. Considering the most of the people in Congress literally don't know, an internet is so worth worth, while noting that we're vows keeping that in mind it meanwhile there's more contrary brewing over the Trump administration. President Trump decided to tweet out again about the about initiative. That is, that is called the F h. The F age is essential.
A rule created by the Obama administration that gives federal power over local zoning. It's it's! It's a bad policy. It's it's been a bad policy for quite a while president from tweeted out about it with, I would say, probably the worst available take. So the F h again. Is a policy that is designed to give the federal government a lever to reengineer Nerli. Every american neighbourhood is going to stand. The courts of the ethics and public policy centre imposing a preferred racial and ethnic composition, thence a fine housing transportation and business development in suburban city alike, weakening or casting aside the authority of local governments over correspond, civilities from zoning transportation to education. If the F of ages reaches
the widespread, because so many communities has become far too dependent on housing and urban development programmes like community development, block, a grant of a city, tat, city or town, wants federal housing funding. It would have to comply with F age. The mandates egregious this was magnified because they were using what they called disparate impact, which means that if, in fact, the programme is administered neutrally and the impact of disparate legged, it impacts differently, and that means that the programme is somehow raises, so that gave the government enormous power to basically deny housing in urban development funding to localities based on lack of preferred racial contribution. So, let's say the d, the country largest, thirteen percent black and iter. Received housing and urban development funding and then the housing and urban development funding and the towns composition. Demographically went from thirteen percent black to nine percent black. Then this would cause the federal government to step in and re zone the entire
our house, which takes local control out of a handsome locals. Obviously, it's a bad policy. It's been about policy for a long time. The heritage foundation points out that the F h rightly came to the sites of Ben Carson's hd. Soon, after changing demonstrations in two thousand, a teen Carson's housing in urban development announced the withdrawal of the two thousand fifteen mandates, so called local government assessment tools in which communities hats report non housing related information. This would then be used by the HIV to judge the efforts to diversify the community. A federal bureaucrats believed the community was not sufficiently cortical. Diversified, local jurisdiction. Would knock at federal funds intended to provide a fordable housing so
this basically required local officials to answer questions on topics like significant disparities in access to opportunities, disproportionate housing needs, local officials had to analyze and reported on issues like access to public transportation, quality schools and jobs, environmental health hazards. In essence, it was the federal government stepping in and trying to control in top down fashion, exactly how towns reconstituted, even if those towns we're not creating policy to bar people on the basis of race mean a lot of this actually is barred by federal law. At federal law bars the equity from conditioning federal housing, assistance on this type of conditions outlined in the new rule so bad rule. The Trump administration was right, you cut against it, but Trump Treaty. I am happy to inform all of the people living there. Suburban lifestyle dream will no longer be bothered or financially hurt. Having low income housing built in your neighborhood you're, housing prices will go up based on the market and crime will go down. I have resented the Obama Biden, a f of age rule,
enjoy. I guess I was just simply saying that you want to borrow low income people from the suburbs. That's not what this is really about. Okay, that's! That's! Not what this about it's about local control and people moving out to the suburbs wanting to be a boy to determine what the nature of their community is on a non race based a non racist basins right, obviously, you're still bar by federal lions law from discriminating on the basis of race. But it is true that one reasons people move added suburbs is because they want better public schools, for example, and that means they're moving ass. The suburbs, because presumably people who can live in the suburbs can afford to live in the suburbs, and so it is not unreasonable to say I don't necessarily want who lived directly next to a homeless, shelter red zoning regulations, exists in every city in town across the country, because people want to be able to control play the kind of neighborhoods they live in and their certain factors that should be taken into account. Obviously, racial segregation would be one bite, but the notion that the federal government can, on the basis of disparate
pact coming control has owning is done in every community in the United States is really bad from articulate that in a way that is not particularly good. Now in good news for the trumpet Ministration jewish credit, they are doing something good. President. From his now extending operation legend to quit, in Detroit and Walkie, so this is giving more federal resources to local law enforcement. To police high crime areas according to the daily wire on Wednesday, the GEO J announced it was extending operation legend, which is an initiative in which the federal law enforcement agencies work in conjunction with state and local law enforcement, defy violent crime there, extending that two Albuquerque from from Albuquerque can see Missouri Chicago to Cleveland Detroit and the walkie. That is a good thing. If you'd like to crime go down, there be thou, be a positive developments. Deirdre stated that Cleveland is currently experiencing a significant increase in vain.
Crime homicides are currently at more than thirteen percent shootings are thirty. Five percent over twenty nineteen homicides are up. In Detroit, nearly thirty one percent shootings resulting in wounds are up over fifty three percent in the walkie homicides rub eighty five percent this year, nonfatal shootings are up sixty four percent. Now this is not the same as deploying federal agents in in unmarked cars, with with the military fatigues that that's it. That's a completely different federal initiative right, that's protecting federal property. This is sending more federal forces as an adjunct to programmes that are anti gang or or anti gun prevalence in major american city. We need the authority for this already exists on the books. Twenty five federal investigate
and yet the idea and eighty ever being sent to Cleveland support by million bucks from the Bureau of Justice assistance. Forty two federal agents are gonna be sent to Detroit, and twenty five more investigators can be sent to. Milwaukee is a good thing as a good thing for all the talk about trumped, not caring about people of color. This is specifically designed to crack down on climate. Disproportionately affects people of color. So the fact that Europe is doing that is in fact a good thing. Of course that's not gonna be covered, and if it is covered he's in, we call the fascist for now using federal resources to help tempt down on crime. Instead, everybody's going to focus in on president trumpet saying something about the laying the election already one quick notes. I feel like it's a good time to do this, so people wonder if it feels like to show slightly off today this, because today is a faster, no eating. It means no drinking today is Tisch above yes to survive in the ninth of Olive, which is set to stay in the jewish calendar in just a quick,
about Tisch, above so, for those who care about cultural diversity. Tisch above is the commemoration of the destruction of not one but two temples, not a great day in jewish history. As I say there sort of a superstitious belief in the jewish community that and based on the evidence of all the things that have an undesirable this bad. They just generally so not a big shot. The new sucks today, in any case to survive commemorates the destruction of the first, a temple in Jerusalem and five, eighty six b c and the second temple in seventy see respectively people fast on the states and they fast in commemoration. It's worth while noting that the the thing that is being commemorated is the destruction of the Temple on top of the Temple Mount. So, as I have said many times on the show before many in the media, just get it wrong. When it comes to Jerusalem, they say things like the western wall is the holiest Satan Judaism. So why the Temple Mount is the holiest site and Judaism. It was usurps and then built over.
By Muslims. Frankly, I mean that as the that story here is that Judaism, that that is, unfortunately, a habit of medieval Islam is to take religious sites that belong to other religions and enables them and then build mosque, essentially not just medieval Islam. It's happening right now in Turkey, where a church, Was turned into a master, any museum in turn back into a mosque now, in any case, the Temple Mount was was made into a religious site for more than one religion, but it was originally a jewish site, obviously, which is why you have this giant flat area in the middle of Jerusalem. There's a very famous tom. You two story in which Rubbia Kieva may those famous rabbi and atomic they is sitting
shortly after the destruction of the Temple in seventy season, with our other rabbis in there all crying and he starts laughing, and they ask why any says what you see the fox that is running through the Temple Mount and they say, asked his well there's the prophecy that says that the Temple will be destroyed and a factual run through the through its ruined. And now we ve seen that, and the Good NEWS is that eventually the temple will be rebuilt because that's the other half of the prophecy, so they did going jewish notion is that one day, The petition Bob will be a day of rejoicing as opposed to a day of tragedy. The only reason worthwhile, noting MRS because whenever people try to eviscerate the history of Israel by suggesting that basically, we just repository of european values recognised that the dream of Jerusalem has been on the table for some four thousand years and Judaism, and the bizarre notion put forth by idiots like South Rogan on widespread podcast, that there's no
jewish connection to land of Israel, or that if there is direct connection, he doesn't like religions up obviously set Rogan knows best or South Rogan suggested the Jews would be better off dispersed throughout their allows. You probably Jews in one place if you're worried about rescue them. Well, I think that the history of the world has shown that wherever Jews are there to be a threat, and the history of Israel has shown that the fact that there is a jewish state willing to defend jewish rights places that are not. Israel has been quite good for Jews. Generally speaking the the Revitalization of the state of Israel is a glorious thing and I ask
an orthodox. Do we pray every day for the restoration of a temple? There's a way believe or not. There is a way that it can be done without the destruction it's kind of controversial, but there's some opinions and say this is what can be done without the destruction of the dome. The rock, for example, but bottom line is that if you don't know anything that jewish history study takeover of because the story of the jewish people and the destruction of those who temples demonstrates the ever present commitment and connection between Jews and the land of Israel, it is, it is not merely just a bunch of white people who arrives on court of arable land method. That is
Relation is nonsense. Already will be back here later, did two additional hours of content. Otherwise, we'll see you here tomorrow, I bet you're. This is the Ben Shapiro show if you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe and if you want to help spread the word. Please give us a five star review and tell your friends to subscribe to we're available on Apple podcast, Spotify and wherever you listen to podcast, also be sure to check out the other daily wire podcast, including the Andrew Klavan, show Michael Marshal and the mat Walsh thanks for listening Dementia Piero show, is produced by Coltan Hoss executive producer, Jeremy, boring supervising producer. This clever and Robert Sterling Assistant director Pavel light ASCII technical producer, often Stevens, back and media operated by Nick. She him associate producer. Katie's winterton by Adam Science, audio is mixed. I might call Romena here and make up is by Negro Geneva. The eventually show is a daily where production, copyright daily wire, twenty two there are: the Mai will show not just another show about about power,
I think there are enough of those already out there. We talk about culture, because culture drives politics and drives everything else, So my main focus is our life family faith those are fundamental and that's what this shows about. Hope. Europe give a listen.
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