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Ep. 1087 - The Elites vs. The People


Trump visits Kenosha as the media gnash their teeth; Nancy Pelosi heads out for a blow dry despite local covid mandates; and rumors abound that Trump’s health is compromised.

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From visits Canosa as the media NASH, their teeth, Nancy Pelosi heads out for a blowdryer does by local mandates and rumours about the President's from health is compromised and then Shapiro. This is the bench a parachute today show is sponsored by expressing the appeal my savvy fan. Secure their internet join them expressly peons outcomes lash been well. As always, there is plenty of news. Will jump right in momentarily. First, have you noticed things? Can a wild out there like kind of olive oil? You may notice that there is this quiet on the home front. You may have noticed that the stock market seems to be, we're disconnected from the realities of economics on the ground, made notice that there still all sorts of controversy about whether we are shutting down or whether we are opening up and all this well now might be the time to invest just a little bit and precious metals and you know have been good. If you listen to me like several years ago, and I said to invest in precious metals, be gold is now
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as backdrop to everything that is happening. It is important to recognise that the poles do seem to in fact be tightening at least a little bit nationally and more significantly in the battleground states. It is pretty obvious at this point that the poles we're going to tighten, because that always happens the real power politics national average just a couple of weeks ago, Joe Biden up something like nine points. Now Joe Biden is up in the national average somewhere around six point three points in the bell: sounds Joe Biden, led the top our grounds, we'd is down to two point: six point what we are seeing in a variety of states that things are getting really close like within Argentina era. Closed Arizona is within two by news of two points. You point Michigan is up to in six points Pennsylvania. His four point, seven point: Florida he's only up. Point, seven North Carolina. The latest polls show trumped up Wisconsin Abiden is up only three point, five point again one of those states, the polling is not necessary super recent, and if we look at the latest was- and pulls the latest Wisconsin Poles
have not been done since August. Twenty third hate something's happened since August that, namely the Aren T happened since August twenty third, this this vast spate of attention paid to the amount of violence in Canosa. So I would think the right now trumpets gotta be favoured in Wisconsin if you'll get flora, seem sort a deal at the poles are very, very narrow in Florida the latest Paul's again had Biden up. I just three points, and that was hasn't August. Twenty third, so the later pulls seem to be all around that period August. Twenty third, you may notice it is not August twenty thirty September second. So that means that it is are we going to have since there has been a good pull a good, solid pull from some of these key battleground states end. It was tightening even before all of that, in fact, the report that were showing that tramples up in places like Michigan, even before the Republican National convention. So if you are Joe Biden campaign, you have to be feeling very disquieted, At this point, you have to be feeling a little bit uncomfortable now, there's some other polls that are showing the trumpet slipped. Monkey groups, particularly there's a pole from U S
torrents at daybreak, which was fairly accurate into doesn't sixteen retract voter private this daily four years ago, their doing so again this year. What they basically have is this same group of people. They go every single day and asked. How are you feeling about the election and then they can tell from sort of who is switching and who is not where the various candidates stand. According to you, ass, he Doorance I've, trumpets law, support from bout, nine percent of voters who bathroom Twenty. Sixteen that their poll shows no major shift in the race during the last few weeks, belying alot of the speculation that the back to back national political conventions and violence in Oregon Canosa might have changed what has been an unusually stable contests during the democratic convention by and gained a couple point then, but Trumpery Gay some of that ground during his convention. According to that particular pull the net result, natural is the bite and led by something like eleven point, but again
You'll need these, poles are sort of all over the place and we do not have any state specific poles from the battle grounds in the last two weeks and was close before that she have to imagine the right now. Momentum is a little bit with trump theirs, so the serious possibility that people are now highlighting the there'll be tremendous confusion on election night, specifically because there's been so much focus placed on voting, not in person. The Democrats of basically and everybody can vote early and vote often and that their basic idea is you vote now and you vote in mass numbers right now before any news breaks before anything changes and you lock in that boat before maybe cove in starts to wane, or maybe before Joe Biden falls down on the job literally, do it before the debate to right now walking that vote for Biden right now. What would that could lead to? Is this vast gap between the election results on election night and the election result a week after election night? It could be a full scale disaster. In fact, there are democratic groups that are now warning that honest Can I appear to have one potentially in a landslide, but then, as the votes cast
in all these male imbalance come in who actually have lost. Now that doesn't mean that but she did Martha mix in her last Senate run, she on election night, led by fifteen days, boats and then, as the mail and votes came in Christian Cinema ended up being or by someone like seventy thousand votes. There is a huge swinging the mail in and that sort of what they are warning of. Hawk fish see these as a democratic voting group, because the scenario a red mirage. She says we're selling an alarm saying this is a very real possibility that the data is going to show on election night, an incredible victory for Donald Trump, whenever genuine voters tallied. We gets that final day, which will be some day after election day. It will in fact show that what happened on election night was exactly that a mirage. Their model suggests that Biden could theoretically win back, something like ten states that could change from red Blue over the course of the evening, ranging from Florida to Michigan. Wisconsin to Pennsylvania. It could look on election night as those from one all those places, because in the in person,
balloting lot, Republicans show of devoting of, but a lot of Democrats have voted largely in advance. They suggest that one. Seventy five percent of the male ballots were counted. Perhaps four days later believe could then flip to bite in Spain which of course, would lead to a tremendous cason. Tremendous confusion is one of the reasons why vast numbers of mail and ballots are, Only really bad for democracy, they are not good now, the rabies scenarios in which we have to have them by their plenty of people literally cannot make it to the polls. Why they should requesting absentee ballot, but the idea that we should all be waiting around four weeks after a contentious election. Waiting to see how the melons go ye, not after the american people than prep for literally decades at this point in waiting for the results on election night, because if, though, results rolling and also from one Florida Trump one hour hired from one Michigan. What trouble I'm handling it from one Wisconsin from one Arizona,
from one Colorado right, which is what it could look like on election night and then over time it looks like Biden, one there's gonna be a lot of disquiet. There'd be a lot of serious questions to be asked. Obviously, so all of this is leading to a bit of heartburn, for I think everyone across the board and in one of the things that Democrats could do to end. That heartburn, of course, would be to separate off from Anti fa and black lives matter movement, but they will, of course not do that in President trumpets taking full advantage, as he should, both for the sake of the country and politically. The fact is that the democratic base Please set up a mathematical scenario where to buy the only way you get these rights to stop is if you portal disco by and said bring these people to the table, you bring them today and bring them to the table and we bring them to the table by conceding The false notion that America systemically racist and evil at times a little bit yesterday, radio show about where the spray systemically racist comes from. It comes from snugly car Michael who was once the head of Black Panther Party, he's the one who shifted.
Mission of racism from you, have done anything that is racist or is that there is a policy that is explicitly geared to a race to anything that has a disparate impact is therefore racist, and so all systems, including capitalism, are racist right. That shift from actual racism to court on court, isn't to institutional or systemic race not the impact of historic racism having impact today, which of course, is true. His railways has an impact, but the very idea that the systems themselves are so rife with racism. Then they must be torn down. That phrase is inherently pernicious. It is wrong, it is a lie. America's institution are not systemically racist in two thousand twenty and if somebody tells you differently because they're trying to sell you something and what the real frank sell. You is on their own pathway to power, but Joe Biden actually promised in his little speech about it I violence that you bring the violent to the table by presumably make concessions to them so that, as one path, you can do that you can see to the arsonists who are setting fire to cities or he can stand up to them. President from a clear which one he would like to do.
He visited Canosa yesterday he visited a bunch of sight of the destruction he didn't give. A sort of a big address didn't give a big speech about what was going on in Canosa. Instead, he did what President very often do and there, in the middle of jasper scenarios, he walks through the disaster scenarios resellers when brought about more visit the site for a Keynes. We saw this after September eleven when President Bush visit the visit at ground zero as a general rule. I am not a huge fan. Politicians visiting sides of disruptions, I don't think they actually are necessarily doing anything. But the fact that from is is doing. This is not only not unprecedented. It is very well president it so he visits It can also, you can see behind him the burned out rubble, which was virtually everywhere and local leaders were praising from lover. I know that the media has been. Saying. This is, though, everyone in the local community didn't want from to come. That is not true the canosa that county ably voted for Trump and twenty. Sixteen there. A lot of people who are very enthusiastic about from showing up
Harrison Video of local leaders praising President Trump Fora for showing up. Thank you so much for your rapid response and the fact that you're coming to a small city in the United States is saying that That's a board as every other city, and the fact that we did things that control the scar phenomenal our law enforcement people working together using pretty well together? Other resolve these Wisconsin, really helps rights has a lot to do that to you could talk with you. Thank you so much did pledge some federal help for the local police and can only produce something with a million dollars in federal aid to Canosa. President trumpeted talk about Joe Biden, and he says Joe Biden won't mention visa, but were the ones who are doing their work and he's right about this again. He's right about this, and the fact that You are so unbelievably willing to cover for the fact that Joe Biden refuses to me can the source of the violence. It's incredible. I'm not sure I've ever seen a media cycle, so obviously, in the tank for the Democrats
I'm I'm, including the Obama years they hit from so much that they are willing to completely ignore anything Joe Biden says in favour of what they think he should say, and then these rewrite the script, He will spend an entire speech linen white supremacist for violence that does not really get chalked up to Supremacist Biden and then, just right stories about how he condemn violence, including Antigua and be aligned with cheap. He obviously did not do here is Trump pointing out. That Biden was completely non specific in. This, and not only was he nonspecific? He completely avoided mentioning any aspect of left wing violent. And this is something the media and democratic politicians and studiously been doing for the last several months. Of course, why administration is restoring public safety were firing, our police surging, cuff one crime, federal prosecutors, increasing penalty is for US law enforcement and for dismantling anti for Doesn't they don't want to mention the word anti, for nobody mentions that there's a bed group of people very, very bad,
very dangerous group of people. And we are doing a big number on anti for their bad They are bad and the fact that the media have been running defence for them for a long time is pretty insane. From also said, the parlor politicians keep saying that the police are racist, which is of course true. This is, of course true, and when Joe Biden has most police officers are good. But the system of policing is systemically racist. You have to understand what he means by that again. When people talk about systemic racism, what they mean is that, even if you are not a racist This is the system under which you operate and within which you work and that you, in fact forward with your work. Is a racist system is what everyone can you talked about. This was totally comical originally talked about that. If you are part of a system that is racist, does not matter, if you have any personal intend to be racist, that does not matter it does not
If you have ever done a racist thing, it does not even matter if there's an explicitly racist policy that you're following all the matters is that you are part of an institution that has produced unequal results. Therefore, you are in fact part of them the system. So when Joe Biden said the other day, the most police officers are good. These work within a system golly racist system that does not alleviate any of the any of the stigma around police officers. It just says that they are dupes. It says that they are fools forming an evil system and that's what that means. It is a danger. Perfect. If it is a dangerous for sex perspective, the policing in the United States is systemic. We racist it is dangerous because it essentially says to everybody that, regardless of whether this police off or who is pulling you over? Is a racist or not? He is operating on the basis of a gestapo like racist system. That is out to get you. You are what you could be victimized by this guy. Even if he's not a racist, in fact is even more of a dangerous message. The guy doesn't have to be walking up to your car wearing some sort of iron cross tattoo and our freedom
gout you should freak out just by the factories wearing a police uniform because he's not part of the system. It doesn't matter. If he's a black officer as a matter of ISA, hispanic officer. None of that matters, he is part of a systemic, gives understand. I'm not making this up. This directly from from candy is directly from Robin the annual it is directly. The original writings of socially car, Michael in the nineteen sixties. This is nothing new. This philosophy that's been around decades is just people thought it was not until the last five to ten years and it has real consequences. So unfair says that the West keeps labeling the police racist, and this has consequences he's not wrong. He's very, very right to stop the political violence. We must also come from The radical ideology that includes this violence, reckless far politicians continue to push the destructive since that our nation and nor law enforcement or oppressive, or racist. Throw out any word that comes to an end. We must give far greater,
for two alone forspent. It's all about giving up additional support. These are great people came. He is right about this, and the fact that this even remotely controversial speaks to the gap in philosophy that happening in the country and his philosophy, as de brute I talk about my book. Had this framework in three easy steps is deep root. It is a serious philosophy. It is wrong. It is dangerous, We are seeing the results in the streets today. My pants made the contrast clear yesterday as well said we stand with law enforcement which, by the way, should be a winning message in any same world. One fourth than other people standing between cities and the people were and looting them in the last campaign, President Trump enjoyed so much support from law enforcement because we're we're going to follow the facts. Justice will be served in every case. We poor violence in any circumstances, but we're not gonna reflexively condemn law enforcement. President tromp, his vice
our administration are going to stand with the men and women of law enforcement, we're gonna, let investigations proceed suggests Sir David should be running message, but unfortunately, right now it may not be winning message and then has pretty dire. Ramifications. Does ramifications include the teaching of american children that America is systemically evil. It includes teaching kids who have not been victimized by the United States that they are in fact in her and victims of the United States in this has pretty far red, ranging concept is not just for the moment, but from the next. Several generations in american life will get to that in just one moment. First, let's talk about something super awkward, really, really awkward to say the word you ready a reptile dysfunction. Oh yes, that was awkward, but but if you have eighty, it is something that can in fact be solved quickly, discreetly and from home with Roman. It's easy to talk about this with a medical professionals who can prescribe
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in a free and destination worth defending, preserving and protecting Donald Trump said Michael Mc Fall, who used to work in a government wrote patriotic education. The sounds exactly like Putin to me. If we have now reached the point american or teaching kids that your country is good, is considered Putin like propaganda and I'm old enough to remember when people talked about how the Russians would undermine confidence in America. By talking to how America was racist, how America sucked now he woke perspective is that it is prudent propaganda. If you say that America is good, which is totally insane. There are consequences by the way to telling children over and over and over again that they live in an evil racist, brutal vicious country. There is an incredible twitter thread today from a person thousands of public cola, whose I guess some sort of academic working in the major university
systems, and he is apparently in interracial. Marriage, and here is the thread that he wrote today woke anti racism is child abuse. My family is living the antithesis of Thomas Chatterton Williams, Self Portrait in black and white that a book that has recently come out all about the about what it's like to live as by racial person in the United States. I fear it may damage my children, a revenue Let me explain: I'm white my wife's black when we met we saw each other's raised, but we didn't think that was most interesting thing about us. We foolishly thought our children would be part of a post racial future in which all Americans could just be human beings to one another. Then came from I decided. I should try to learn more about my fellow citizens. Why now realized were completely opaque? To me, in contrast, my wife to say, She was at war within immutably white, supremacist Amerika, my wife began, read authors like Nicole Johnson, Michael Harriet? She had a racial awakening, concluding she'd been in authentically black all her life. My wife came to think that her mind trained in exclusive private schools.
Into Ivy League institutions for a ba and a Phd had been cortical. Colonized she's come to think so. Her success to being pulled the right kind of black woman and inauthentic and white acting black woman was non threatening to white spaces. Most disturbing she's reinterpreted her five decades of life in which she only ever had one very mild story of micro. Aggression has a history of what grinding racial oppression deep beneath her inauthentic white. A cooperation is an oppressed black woman struggling for freedom. This is what racial grievance entrepreneurs can call headed Jones, my wife's mine. What she's doing in turns the minds of our small children makes my blood run cold. My wife is teaching our children that America hates them and wants to kill them because their black, rather than take the birth of children, ambiguous, innocent restless, little creatures as an opportunity to rethink the oppressive american race ideology, and not here, down to a new generation. My wife got woke after Trump and doubled. On anti racial centralism. Here are three:
arisen stories. First story. She regularly explained to our kids that the police want to kill black people. Blacks are people police like to kill and always happen. They will keep using the pretext that they got scared when unarmed black people reach into cars like Jacob Blake or steel police. Gazers recreation Brooks, as long as that protects, allows them to keep killing black people with impunity. That's what you told our children, who, by plantation logic, are among the black population that the police go out, hoping to kill everyday second story. She told our kids the child. House, like so many white hates black people and wants to kill black people. So he went to appeal in protest and open fire. When I asked in a neutral way why she D written House had shot those people, she became upset and stormed out of the house not return for three hours. The obvious answer is that written houses white supremacist I don't think she knows that he shot only white people any probing beyond self Evident Axiom issued, triggering to indulge by the way have not offensive written house a confused. You could get whose foolishness an apparent credit.
Behavior ledge was needless killing of two people. Third story: we drove by approach. It has had often out with a picture of armoury daughter, who's that wife, that's a black man who was killed. My seven year old daughter now trying to think why people hate and want to kill black people like her went straight to the inference: oh so they killed him because they black people- my daughter needed no further information to infer that a black man who had been killed was killed because they called hate black people. This is bad enough, but what's what but what's worse is that my wife is training her to see herself. One of these universally headed black people, whom everyone wants to kill, what the implications of that for my girl, soul for the east which you will encounter her world sink in my wife. They again, this is an entire twitter thread. Written by man in an information marriage in academic in an inter racial marriage, my wife wants to inherit the wound. The wound, as I've heard Thomas Jefferson and say when she should inherit nothing but joy love in a sense of her own endless potential in a world that war award her for her beauty and brilliance, not punish her for her hatred of her blackness. Why does my wife one our kids to inherit the wound? I suspect it's because you two are apparent successes who fought the civil
battles in the sixties and became a surgeon and a teacher she never inherited won't herself and has come to feel in authentically black after all Hannah Jones in codes are always telling her. How traumatize you should be just cause she's black in America, so she has come to believe that only She viscerally feels the wound that all black people are supposed to feel what she herself be authentic. My wife's father taught me glad his daughter and Obama to come from the personal rights generation because they did not acquire his black rage is wild could be elected, he said, and my race was never important to his daughter, my wife until now newly desiring to feel the moon, but not to offences we experienced due to a life of untroubled, privilege, she's living by curiously through her kids, trying to inflict wound upon them. Maybe if she can't be an authentic, we wondered black person. They can. Like a father who pushers his son into sports, in which he could not excel himself she's pushing ritual and into a racial grievance that she is right about in books and in the New York Times, but has never had a chance to experience for herself. He said
said he is committed to mitigating the effects of what I see as this child abuse, where I can, until our kids are old enough to read for themselves, people like Thomas Chatterton Williams and other thoughtful. Writers who come from a place of love and healing of our anxious and needless racial wounds. But that is not the philosophy that is being taught on America's college campuses. It is not the philosophy of Joe Biden or the Democratic Party. Their philosophy is that America is systemically races. The police are out to get black people that blackmail, are living under grinding oppression every day in the United States. Is that ever likely to leads racial unity, or is that merely rage democratic to channel into electoral victory, very obvious answer, and I think we all know the answer to that when it comes to the democratic and just second we'll get to what the actual message from visiting notion, was now at the meeting on. Don't you will get to that in just one second. First, let's talk about fact now terrible time to go to the auto parts or in fact, all times terrible times to go to the auto part store. Why? Well? Because why would you go to the Ottawa
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Right Shapiro in their. How did you hear about a spot? So they know that we saying ok, so it is pretty obvious what the conflict visions. Here is on the one side. You have a belief that America is inherently the place and, on the other, you have a belief that amount as an early a bad place? No trump may not understand the deep roots of american philosophy, history or culture that I talk about my book: how to destroy America in three easy steps: It does have a got level feeling that America is inherently a printed place and the democratic forgot level feeling there Russia is, in essence, a pretty horrible place and when they pay lip service, The declaration of independence is not because they believe the declaration dependence embodies true. American values is because they believe the debt that the declaration of independence, is as Nicole Hannah Jones has described it a lie when written. They believe that the founders races. They believe that it's time to get rid of american history, because american history is replete with cruelty and violence. There is a reason why a DC committee yesterday recommended stripping the names of Thomas Jefferson. Benjamin Franklin Frances got key
and others from city government buildings. As a committee reporting to DC mayor Muriel Browser commended renaming dozens of public schools, part in Dublin buildings in the nations capital, including those name for seven years president's at first. Being a historical namesakes connection to slavery and oppression. In fact, they suggested adding plaques or other context. Some of the most famous federal locales in the city, including the Washington monument. Supposedly they wanted to that. They recommended either moving tearing down or reckons extra lies in the Washington monument. So great will just pick up the entire giant thing. It will just move it somewhere, perfect, then White House Reboot, the boughs administration in they remove the recommendations dealing with federal Events on Tuesday evening, a White House saving called Muriel Bouser radically liberal marrable think uneasy, which is ruining for literally spent city resources to paint a block with this in black lives matter. Then renamed black lives Matter Plaza, which is just I'm sorry absurd. She said John
They said you ought to be ashamed, Raven, suggesting revisions to the monument and listen to how the Washington Post describes this, revisions to the marble monuments dedicated to president who were in slavers. Ok, if that's what you learned as like the chief important thing, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington you're doing America wrong. The White House had President Trump believe This places should be preserved, not torn down, respected, not hated and passed on for generations to come. So mere bouser pulled down twenty four page report and they drank at twenty three. Just the page listing a federal sides. The committee identified as needing additional context was then missing. It then went missing. This is not a shock. This is, in fact the deep rooted philosophy, unfortunately, of one entirely go party in the United States. They just like saying that party politics. They understand that Americans, don't particular like ok to have a conflict divisions present from goes to Canosa, highlight that conflict envisions and what are the media focused on the fact that trumpet refund soup guns so as to guarantee for president from has this
weird bizarre and a fixation on stories that he hears, somebody will tell him there on a plane with much fancy for members and it turns into there's a pain for the black tried people actually running. The bag and campaign and then from did the same thing with soup cans yesterday. This is it's silly, but is this really the headline from from visiting Canosa? Apparently us is what friend it all day yesterday on Twitter, because the important thing is the term set a silly thing about. You can not that a city has been viciously burned and looted by a bunch of people who plan on vote for Joe Biden, there is from talking, that's u begins, and then they have cans of soap soap and they throw the cancer, so that's better than a brick, because you can throw a brick it's too heavy but I can assure you can really puts a power into that right and then, when they get God, they should know. This is soup for my family, there's so innocent. This is from my family. It's incredible!
people coming over with bags of so big bags of soap, and they lay it on the ground and the anarchists take it and they start throwing it at our cops at our police Had you that's worse than a brick as it's got force? It's a perfect, it's like made perfect people, of course like what they their claim. Soup, Nazi. Of course he does. I'm coming in wages, I met soup and Campbell Soup was trending and all of us, ok, so is that a silly little clip S does that on that vitiate? The point that these in which that their dangerous people were throwing rocks bottles and cans of soup at the cops, I led to real thing and they actually do broken stupid. The cops apparently that's the only thing, that's the takeaway now. Meanwhile, the violence just continues in America's major city. Just continues night night, the president from yesterday's that wasn't we'd love to help Portland. They won't. Let us help them in the ears president from yesterday. We'd love to help really love to help Portland, because we can
of the problem so easily. We have the people there ready. They could be there and less than an hour less than an hour and it would all end, and they get a glimpse of that in this great state. They got a really good glimpse of it happened. Quickly and now baby, and I see it there already rebuilding you're already rebuilding you store, you'll be rebuilding its door. Soon became worship so We don't want to do that, but where jump we're we're gonna have to do it, so he puts that offer out and of course it is in completely and utterly rejected by the mayor of Portland, who continues to be just offload: how bad, as the mayor Portland at its job he's no moving. Condom? So short video yesterday people firing works right outside his conduct and harassing amounts had is kind of you now is moving. I'm glad that he has those capability. There are some people who are living in parts of the city who don't actually have the money to move
what's going to happen right now in the United States is places that suck people who are richer, gonna leave. That's all it's going to happen to you needed a greater stratification, greater inequality in american society, according to the new post. The democratic mayor of Portland Oregon is now moving from his eight hundred forty thousand dollar Kano to avoid writers have repeatedly targeted the building. According to a report, the organism what's that Wheeler wrote to his neighbors and is building to say it would be best for me and for everyone else is safety and peace for me to move from the bill, the writers try to fiftieth birthday on Monday is that I want to express my zero apologies for the damage to our home and the fear that you experiencing due to my position here, are not experiencing fear junior position, they wouldn't be. If you just. Stop the riding in looting, so he would rather move his house in rather move his home and he would rather allow people to continue to target him and target people's houses, then too
stand up to the writers and looters is a point that was made by the Department of Homeland Security Secretary treble he wrote a letter to Mere wheeler. Remember, as a couple days ago, Wheeler wrote a letter to trumpeting. Don't sender, federal forces here, everything's under control, and then somebody got shot in Portland will now the acting homeland security. Secretary. He wrote you state your letter. There is no place for looting, arsenal, vandalism and our city. Unfortunately, you failed to back up that sentiment with any action. In fact, your action has fostered environment that is fuelled senseless ones and destruction night after night for more than three months, Portland has become the epicenter of crime and chaos with rioters, attacking them buildings with the intention of burning them to the ground, as of today, since July. Thirty. First, there have been two and fifty five arrests made by local law enforcement and twenty three riots and unlawful assemblies declared. Despite this, you have stood passively arguing that the nightly violence will ultimately burn itself out. The evidence demonstrates otherwise Portland continues to be a wonderful place. Meanwhile, Seattle continues also to be a wonderful place. Video from last night shows Seattle Anti for trying to again you quit trying cement to lock police into particular.
These things and then burn them. Also, our friend Jason ran from Katy TH. He reports that criminal anti for activists hid deadly weapons inside ten set apart. They were occupying across the street from these precinct. Your occupying Kehl Anderson Park, supposedly to help the homeless, but during a sweep on Monday morning, Sierra police found scores of weapons, including machete, hatchet homemade spikes trips in splendid mortar and well over a dozen makeshift shields, so things are going. In Seattle as well in Chicago things, are going wonderfully according to the blaze, the FBI has reportedly told you area law enforcement to be on the lookout for dangerous gang members. Looking for a reason to co cops according to a report, Monday night from double or less about thirty. Six street gangs have bowed to shoot on site any cop that has a weapon drawn on any subject in public. The report obtained by w plus is titled quote pact may My people nation gang factions to shoot on sites. They spelled site wrong. Any police officer with they weapon drawn. The report
Lee originated from Chicago FBI, officials August, twenty sixth and states that members of these gang factions have been actively searching for an filming police officers in performance of their official duties. The purpose is to catch on film and also drawing his or her weapon. On any subject and the subsequent shoot on said officer in order to garner national media attention some gangs, purportedly advice. Then the activity include the black P stones, L ruins latin kings and vice lords. So it is pretty obvious that that what they are attempting to do is if a cop is holding somebody at gunpoint, because there are criminal they are now going to drive up on. The company them acquainted David, brownish, color, police superintendent, who, by the way is black, is, I think, it's bigger than a suggestion. Having fifty one officers being shot at were shot in one year, I think about quadrupled. Previous year in Chicago's history, so things more than its adjusting. The people are seeking to do harm the cops, so things are going well in Chicago as well knowing it gets the media coverage of all this in just one second and the continuing fight,
drink of the narrative than America is evil and on the verge of another crackdown on black Americans Joe Biden, another great Unify Joe Biden literally suggesting that we're about to re enter Jim Crow. I'm not kidding you This is captain unity and light over here. We'll get you Joe Biden, pathetic words in just one second, first as of our daily work audience? There are a number of ways for you to take in the pot gas. You can listen on apple podcast, spot a fire or another pod cast up. You can also try pod cast on Youtube Facebook or ideally where'd, icon bottom line or make nor content available to you. Who are you, watch or listen, and now we're introducing a new upgraded experience. Daily wires. Now an apple tv and radio, so members can enjoy all the magical. Visual elements on this podcast on your big screen, either live. Man find the daily wire on Apple, tv or and download. Today you have to be an inch
remember to watch live so ahead on over the daily wired icon, slash apparel and use code watch a check out to get fifteen percent off your membership purchase. The deal is not going to last long at fast. If you alive shows when a big screen, plus the one of a kind, highly coveted, never duplicated, makes Julian fries left his tears. Tumblr again, that is daily wired are complex, periodic at fifteen percent off with gold watch and download the daily wire unravel tv and rogue, who today, another great announcement for again the bench of Euro chosen. A special is back this week with an all new episode featuring Canada's Owens will be talking about the twenty twenty election. George Floyd Cardy, be President Trump and tons of other good stuff, so do not miss out this Sunday September. Sixth, who are listening to the large fastest growing. Conservative, Pakistan, radio, the nation such as the country, continues to remain in a state of chaos, as America's major cities remain under threat of violence from left wing agitators. Joe Biden stoking the play
he's going to the trumpet stoking the flames. It seems to me that if you want a silk the flames of violence, we should probably Jews continuously just over and over and over again that American systemically evil just and targeting black people. So Joe Biden was talking with commentators who five seconds ago, was calling Joe Biden Racist, I'm not gonna. Let this go because it does demonstrate in full living color how cynical the democratic manipulation of the racism charges, It's insane mean camel. Hair is called this man, not only a racist, but a person would have kept a little girl like her from going to an integrated public school a year later. She is running with him for the White House and she is proclaiming that here, great racial unified, so she lying then or she lying now. The answer is that she was lying then, because the fact is, I don't think that Joe Biden is racist and you think he's a fool. I think he's a career, bureaucratic idiot who has drafted and into a position of high power. I Barack Obama to make moderates field
comfortable with Obama's radical agenda, but I think humble Harris's wire, and I think that her lying is indicative of a greater truth, which the Democrats our consistently using the race issue in to Americans in order, until that raged that outrage into votes. That is the goal here. It's what Obama didn't twenty twelve by the way is so here was not commentaries, but Joe I think that we are on the verge of a new effort, a Jim Crow in United States, a Jim Crow such as these trade What Jim Crow once was a legal regime that mandate segregation between black and white and the subjugation of black people at the hands of white people. That is what Jim Crow was. It was not a voluntary regime, it was not people. Opting in it was a legally mandated regime from the local and state governments of states across the south. In this country,
captain Joe Biden, suggesting we're on the verge of a new Jim Crow, which is insane if you're a black american living in twenty twenty. The idea that you are living on the verge of being put back into segregated restaurants and segregated schools and forced to drink at separate water, fountains averse to sit in the back of the boss. This is nuts. This is nuts warble for the country that Joe Biden is consistently suggesting that we are on the verge of boom with one's map of the fingers. Donald Trump was gonna, put you in the back of it, but there's a team schmuck using just admit, he was gonna. Do it so forget is any amount from set out from this? Is the typical democratic line, Joe Biden too Then there are gonna put P black Americans back in chains in twenty twelve security was, would come, Harris sitting, one thousand feet from each other, so they don't covert each other and and Joe Biden just that we're on the verge of a new effort, Jim Crow, Things that I'm worried about is there is a whole new effort and Jim Crow out there,
over and you get over things. Thirty three states roughly did a pass law, some like eighty, some laws that make it harder to vote and North Carolina. The court of appeal said that lovers designed had surgical precision. Those were the words of the current gap said: and black photos from voting, there's still a significant effort in this administration to make it more difficult for Americans devote. This is this. Is not black Americans have been out voting the percentage of population for several election cycles in a row. This is crazy and for him to continue to foster this notion that black people are living under the grinding boot of White America. That states like Georgia and Florida and all of the southern states that those states are trying to re Institute voting for measures designed to subjugate black Americans into lie. It's a lie decision there I met this room court decision suggests that there used to be so
pre clearance. Any voting law that went in the south had to be prepared by the federal government. The Voting Rights ACT of nineteen sixty five to justice and Supreme Court found that after six the years of change, but the same point There was not required Democrats him in claiming ever since that this was in effect, an attempt by Republicans on the court to somehow allow the south to recycle gait, which is nothing it's crazy. It's inside it, it's it's legitimately and nuts thing to say, but again fostering racial conflict is what the Democratic Party is about. Meanwhile, claiming their all about unity and media are covering for all the stuff save a couple of different lines. One is that this all about trump tromp is the bad guy here, so that new vineyard times had a headline that is so nuts yesterday that it judges demonstrates their they're. Just a press agency for the Democratic Party here is how they are preparing violence in American Citys quote as right wing groups and crew. Can we move to confront protesters in? U S, cities, demo, Traders are assessing how to keep themselves safe, so easy overseas, we're fine peaceful protestors and then the right wing.
Came and now the demonstrators are scared. So of all what's been happening, several months, figment of your imagination, joining in a figment of your imagination, grow or a bunch of very special journalists. Yesterday, Somali John Fast, whose very bold working like she's a very bulwark persons, the bulwark is a is a kind of new limit, described his kind of never trump publication. I know a lot of people over. There are like a lot of people over the bulwark, but Molly John fast being employed by the Borg is a disgrace to them. She treated out a picture of of wash, I believe, is Washington DC and ensure the picture of like a normal street or its is pleasing this photo of my burning city, you'll notice, it hell Skype when she was the only one doing this. Yesterday, there, a bunch of left wing journalist doing this Josh Campbell. He said good morning wonderful Portland, where the city is not under siege and buildings are not burned to the ground. I also add my breakfast Brito outside today and so far haven't been attacked by shadowy gangs, vanity for commandos, Dan's, ACT of the law
You can post he treated at Washington DC, simply out of control and then there's just a little video of people sitting in a park and then just president of political, he wrote yeah DC wrecked when four run in Rock Creek Parliament's happened Lincoln Memorial for a while now gonna go to dinners the horror Ella. Well, there it hath another journalist, said yes destroyed so thoroughly. The wilderness has reclaim much but oh no weight. Is it just a beautiful peaceful park in Dc Sheesh? Oh so you mean, like the parts of the two parts of the city that you don't live in, are the ones that are having trouble canyon, the elites versus rest of America agents. It's ridiculous. New York magazine ran a peace that showed pictures of people, writing bikes and said just look at these nightmare scenes from healthcare that is New York City. Then their headline was obviously New York is a fiery health, cape of crime and misery. Bicycling meeting friends in the park late summer produce nightmarish are itself the murderer.
Is just up like a hundred per cent in Washington DC. The Marguerite is up and every night, their protests that very often will devolve into writing and looting over the past several months, but you guys, like a picture outside your apartment outside Europe. Tony apartments, The salary for sitting there in writing. Bull crap, like this, really well done. Everybody really well done now that you have No, I'm working outside my window onto a single person dying of covered here a person in the hallway right, you're dying of carbon. I guess cover doesn't exist seen. Anybody outside right here, like in the hallway being murdered being homeless. Homelessness does not exist in a way any more, because you know I'm looking right now at the door to the studio and there's no one in the studio whose homeless, therefore homelessness. Now exist. In L, a county has been solved, guys people call it a homeless hell escape. They must be wrong to understand the elite. Damn, it takes to say something is done as this, but this is me it doesn't affect them. None of this affects them. If they don't give a damn, although they care about is the narrative, because that's what they do every day,
journalists, pseudo journalists, which is really what we should call them. These are pseudo journalists there in the business of the narrative they're, not in the business of considering the lives of people. Unlike them, it's amazing I'm captain, empathy now! Ok, I who believe an empty is bad for politics, because it is a bit it there's a hobo called against empathy by problem. It is correct. The idea of empathy and politics is a bad one, because if you are done to fight with solely you put yourself in the shoes one other person, your ignoring the public policy consequences for everyone else. He sympathy is good. Empathy is not good for politics, but if you are talking about sympathy, frigate empathy, Europe, much sympathy for other people, you're talking about helping other people you might want to get out of your bubble for, like five seconds, use your morons excellent. Listening so much journalism acknowledging faster the picture outside or window in her Tony Richie ray of Washington DC, guess there's no problem in Washington DC anymore. Speaking of the
Firstly, the rest of America to Nancy Pelosi, right who's been people and taking an eye taken cafeterias, Dana President Tramp. He won't take it seriously and if he did, everyone would be a better covered, wouldn't exist anymore of debate. Has there were people when they ask Nancy Blowsy, whose entire state of California is completely shadow in California, rains shutdown hair salon are shut down, nail, salons are shut down, Jim's are shut down, and so we have. I can tell you, because I've seen it all overlay, basically bootleg businesses, people arriving to businesses that reportedly are closed paper, not the windows and then they're just doing business inside, because they still have to feed their families only Nancy Policy, whose worth literally hundreds of millions of dollars, but the rules that apply to Nancy plus you see because Nancy Policy is one of the important people just like Glory Lightfoot in Chicago the mayor, she's one of the IMF people should not her hair. Did and animals got her heralded everybody got their hair did if you are one of the elites, so everybody who owns the
one has to shut down their business, but Nancy Blowsy she'd get our heritage today, because Nancy Policy is a very important person. Unlike you and unlike me, and unlike anybody else does not apply to blowsy. There's video that emerge yesterday of Nancy Policy without a mask walking, the hair salon there. She is there. She is, going around that has taken steps. Slowly read their walk around with others, bull and that hair salon just getting her hair done. No mass. No, nothing. Ok and Nancy blows. People then put out a statement. She got shit firms you gotta heritage in San Francisco. Here's what she said, Katy view a trip to San Francisco San Francisco salon has turned into controversy for how Speaker Nancy, blowsy this office tells Katy View shouldn't think should in anything wrong beginning our hair done indoors. On Monday security footage reported on Fox NEWS shuttle. With what here and without a mask inside of Islam in apparent defiance recover nineteen rules in San Francisco faced cover. Or mandatory and most public settings. Salons may only cut her outdoors under
rules that took effect on Tuesday. The speaker always wears a masking complies local covered requirements. This business offered for the speaker to come in on Monday and told her they were allowed by the cities, have one customer to time in the business. The speaker complied with the rules as presented to her by the establishment, but on Tuesday afternoon. Islam was closed, the salon owner has not yet reached the has not yet been reached, but, according to Fox NEWS owner Eric Accuse said, the policy had an appointment with established you rent space in the union's reads one? She said it was a sign. In the face when she went, and you know that she feels she can just go and get her stuff done, while no one else can go in and I can't work so her head on and they ever blow dry, and then she appeared at evening on MSNBC, looking positively radiant. So saying by the way I didn't understand the rules. Everyone in California knows the rules, everyone California knows the rules I live in California. Everyone does rules, you can walk round alike you will see that hair salons have set up tens outdoors in a hundred degree heat, so people get their hurrahed financing.
Use one of the special people as the rules. Apply to her than are applied a lorry lifeless. There are applied across Cuomo if you're, one of these special lives who takes covered so serious, the intellectual everybody else about how and recently there taken covered in the register Why do you anymore? Just like all these left us send their kids to private school, but then decry anybody who sends their kids private school normally, I don't call out hypocrisy because hypocrisy suggested the standard is bad. The standard is bad. The point here is that the standard is bad. People should be able to open their businesses right now and, as we see in a second people, are a fact opening their businesses. In fact, one has now announced their opening. Their businesses places all over the country are announcing this, but Democrats are opposing this proposal. And the same people who are announcing. That is bad. If you open up your business our going getting their heritage because they are important people. This is just a complete disconnect
when the Nancy blows he's Marie Antoinette, what them let them eat outdoor hair salons is is unbelievable, is unduly, but it is perfectly believable because, of course, the rules that apply to the important people ok. So meanwhile, this is the new standard right, snazzy blowsy she goes and she gets her. Hair done in a in an establishment where she's now to get her hair done in San Francisco. Everybody knows the rules if she tells you should and understand the roses because she's a damned liar, because she is my ten points out that dumb, you forget about her. Getting our hair done, Nancy below was condemning the White House for having an outdoor event where some people not wearing masks and had nothing to say the next day about a marsh those happening that we can with fifty thousand people marching without masks in close proximity to one another, because, of course, there's all hypocrisy. If you hold the right political point of view and cover doesn't apply to you anymore,
The way this works with remarkable me is that of Nancy policy. Had, to my knowledge, not a word to say about the gathering that took place outside the Lincoln Memorial. The next day we literally thousands and thousands of Americans all gathered, but I would say in both cases the american people were exercising. Those God given rights enshrined in our constitution to peaceably assemble, we did it on the south lawn on Thursday. We did it. They did outside the Lincoln Memorial on Friday. Now here is the reality covered in the United States is on the wane, except for hot spots, where has not hit before right. That is the way hope it always works. Anybody who tells you that what we are experiencing the United States is a second wave is ignorance places they got hit hard I have been saying for literally ones. Maybe since the outset place, they got hit hard have not been hit again. I've been advocate,
for a position of of what they call controlled the avalanche for very long time, suggesting that if younger people get this in passing along to other younger people, it's not a bad thing. That's a good thing. It removes vectors of infection and then once it has moved through community, it seems to basically be done and what we are watching right now cross. The United States is the fact that this stuff is on the way in which we are seeing a decline in NAM of diagnosed, new cases in California in Texas in Florida in New York, New York is still can we shall down. Yesterday there appointed nine total doubts across the entire state of New York. Has twenty million people in it George number diagnosed. New cases is down Arizona. Its way down they had fourteen. That's yesterday in Arizona and again, debts are a trailing their mother. There there, the lagging indicator rights of. If, if there is a wave of cases, you're not gonna, see the doubts until later. So basically died down already in New York in New Jersey in where'd ya, it's down now in Arizona.
It's nine down now in California starting to die down now you can see it in all the chart, and so people are things were reopening, but the problem is that everybody in the political world wants to claim that the reason that all of this happening, because they took significant lockdown measures that is not correct- blocking measures had almost nothing to do with this. All locked can do is delay the spread very small amount of time and then, as soon as you release a little bit, you get to spread again. Lockdown did not cause the decline backgrounds. In fact, we're taken were undertaken after the spread. That's why I went whenever you're Andrew Como say well, you know I'd talked about masking, then I talked about locking down. He walked down. Waylaid he masked waylaid, it was already well seated in the population. By the time you locked him ass, it had nothing to do with the policies that Andrew Cuomo pursue in New York. It has nothing to do with policies still Murphy pursued in New Jersey. All you can basically do is pretty
to the ought, the elderly and the vulnerable it's pretty much all you can do, but here's the problem, a lot of people are invested in the idea that their lockdown policies are what cause their success against covered, and so now they have no political incentive to relieve the lockdown policies, and that's what you see with Andrew Cuomo, again, the number of cases in all of New York. Yesterday, I am looking at the stats right now from world amateurs. The number of cases in Manhattan today, which is a population of one point: six million people. There were forty six diagnosed cases and zero new debts yesterday in Manhattan, zero, and they are still lockdown and apparently they have no plans to reopen the restaurants until those vaccine, which we lay insane because guess what you may be out of acts he next year and half the people may not take it in frankly, I see no purpose to me giving a vaccine for covered to my four year old. I don't see a purpose. It is probably far from my kids get Goeben than to actually get the vaccine for covered. So what what are we talking?
bout here? We're just gonna containing two lockdown until the end of time, then there are the states but It actually have investment unlocked downs men here, I'm talking about a couple states one and they never lockdown and one that did lockdown, but then has a governor that smart enough to recognise that lockdown are per annum. Particular good policy so stay there. Never lockdown is flora. Florida instead allow local authorities to shut restaurants or limit attendance in restaurants, they know that local authorities to pursue mass mandate, but they treated different areas of Florida differently and Florida, whether this thing significantly better like much much much better than a cop we'll population in New York. If you look at the number of deaths per million in New York for the number of deaths per million in in Florida, for example, there is an extraordinary disparity if we still look, let's just look at the deaths per million population right now, so here are the top ten stew
in terms of death per million population because it New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Louisiana, Rhode, island, district of Columbia, Mississippi Arizona clocks in a ninth Then Michigan Illinois Maryland Delaware, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Florida Flora clutching at number. Sixteen number sixteen ok applauded it wrong, except perhaps Lord it into a wrong Florida protected. The nursing homes Florida had people tested before they went into the nursing homes, and it turns out that once a population has experienced significant optic, then it wings as it runs the population Rhonda Santa's. Yesterday he said you know what we're not locking down ever again. We're done there were not doing. Lockdown began to Santas happens to be somebody who actually is data driven, unlike understand, hey, consider following the science in places like New York, when you are literally trusting that you never reopen when you had nine deaths from carbon Lagging indicator in a state of twenty million people. By what metric? By what metric? Can you reopen under those circumstances. I'm not sure there is a cost.
Death in New York, but takes less than nine people a day like what are we talking about here? The protein nine people in your good tidings lightning every Emily this is. This is crazy, but here's Rhonda Santas correctly saying we're not shutting down again, because these backgrounds are stupid and useless. We will never do any of these large towns again, and I hear people say to shut down the country and, honestly, I cringe because you win oh places that have done that, the most Coney and locked down in the world has been Peru military enforced since March they have the highest per capita mortality in the world from covered and at best what a lockdown will do is delay. It does not reduce the ultimate mortality, but I think that your Alice would agree. It creates a lot of other problems with mortality and a lot of that. A lot of people don't necessarily focus on a very small
we know that is a duty is driven by data and run the senses. A great dumber look around us answers took enormously in euros from the media and he was exactly right and Andrew Como has got nothing but slav slobbering love slobbering full on pornographic love from the media, and he has been garbage by the way how bad is Andrew Coma. Now I could you the Health Department of New York is refusing to release data on the death toll of corn in nursing homes, say they cannot find a record not getting acquainted. The centre dot org early last month, the Empire Centerville. Freedom of information on request seeking accounts of all nursing home Residential died from carbon nineteen, it specifically sought the number who had I'd ever being transferred to hospitals in their last days, which the department has been leaving out of its official tally in a letter on Monday, the departments had it could not fulfil their request, because quote a diligent search for relevant documents is still being conducted. They said that the information will be provided no sooner than November Fifth, weird November. Fifth, what could that be? Always two days after the National Election
How are they want? Always any data. Another blue in the nursing homes in New York until two days after the election on real unreal citizens has got it right. Cuomo got it wrong, but again our leads. Don't have to worry about any of this, because there are only two guys: their super duper elite, and that means they never have to deal with the consequences of their own decision. They can just pretend that this is actually just political malpractice. But again you don't have to be a hard core right winger. In order to pursue data driven policy. Governor Larry Hogan is not as moderate Republican as there is in America. He pursued pretty strict lockdown measures in Maryland will now at a state House NEWS conference on Tuesday his announced relaxing krona, various restrictions across Maryland He announced that all businesses, including entertainment values like theaters, can reopen starting Friday. All businesses, not previously reopen may now do so in the state of Maryland. Establishments can reopen at fifty percent capacity, including movie theatres and live entertainment, or up to one hundred people are indoor venues and two hundred and fifty at EL torment,
is it has all the sage around us have already done this already places of worship can to increase their capacity from fifty percent to seventy five percent. There still some lengthy requirements, including mandatory, face, mask and employee training and signage, and also their don't use it. Registration and payment and stagger performances to reduce touch points and all the rest, but places are opening up. There are smart in places Stan clothes that are stupid. New York, New Jersey are places that are deeply stupid. What amazing is that democratic politicians are still claiming that schools are closed, because from is republican. Where's all over the United States have been data driven here. It is democratic, others remained ninety two driven. It was Joe Biden suggesting five seconds ago that if the science suggested shut down. The entire country here is Joe Biden yesterday, however, suggesting on schools and covered, we gotta get kids back to school. We gotta get kids back to school. It's Democrats won't, like kids, go back to school. All of Florida is open. All of California is closed. It was Joe Biden doing this routine. Yesterday, this picture went viral over five years
boy in Georgia who was just broken down into tears while he was learning online. What does your message to two boys like this one? mother and, of course he speaks for for millions. My message is: Joe Biden is elected, that he will. Be sitting there crying. He will be sitting there with his laptop with a smile on his face. Joke has empathy. He understands what families are going through. Ok, joys, empathy right! That's all that matters. The empathy doesn't matter that it pursues. Crappy policy has empathy. Not the reality, of course. Is that empathy ain't gonna do it. You shall have to change the policy. Scott ATLAS, who correctly was brought in by the White House in order to provide a counterbalance to the what be single factor. Analysis put out by doctors factually and works for concerned of one thing and one thing: only lowering the spread post you balancing all the competing interests and have undertaken a policy Has it ended in human history, which has a lot don't entire populations of healthy individuals in order to protect the vulnerable, which has never been done before its
he's been shield the vulnerable and allow everybody else to work here is got out yesterday saying: listen, we have to get, but we have to educate. Our kids is Republicans who are pushing this Scott Alice was appearing with around us. Answers in Florida again has handled this gruffly. We can sacrifice. Our children have been there's nothing really higher on the national agenda than educating our children in the arms of nano. Schools are really tremendous and all that goes with the known evidence that children have very very low risk from this. This illness. In fact, less than seasonal influenza. So if we proceed logically of we're not going to have schools clothes who want to have schools open as much as possible, he is right about. This is incredible to me that the debt crowds continue to maintain that it is Trump whose shutting down the economy that its transport from honest, open it up. Its Democrats want to keep a close It is now obvious, just political. This is when New Jersey at New York, which have no cases in states of
millions and millions and millions of people are continuing to lockdown. Ok, we'll be back here later today, with much much more. Will get you Chris Cuomo, who apparently told my phone call and that has been accused of sexual harassment and elevators? Until I elevators like I guess, escalators are non sexual harassment places. There is therefore a closing and things change will also be getting a little bit later on today. To all of these accusations, the president from has health problems, apparently speculating about binds health is a conspiracy theory. Doing it about from self is just the way the journalists being works, but you'll have to be a subscriber for that. So had another daily wired outcome and check out these subscriptions available to you again, promo code watch will give you fifteen percent off and while you're at it
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