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Ep. 1090 - Everything Is On Fire


California experiences rolling blackouts again in the midst of a record heat wave; protests continue to break into violence in major cities, while Democrats continue to praise Jacob Blake; and Trump vows to stop the 1619 Project and federal indoctrination in critical race theory.

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California, experiences rolling blackouts again in the midst of a record. Heatwave protests continue to break in I in major cities, while democrats continue to praise Jacob Blake and president from vows to stop the sixteen nineteen project in federal and operation race theory, I'm bench beryl? This is the venture Barroso today show is sponsored by express Vps. Don't let others track what you do. Keep yourself sake that Express bbn, dotcom. Slash then we're gonna get to all the breaking news in just one moment: first, a song by back there we can maybe finally we're ready to get some good sleep, but even sleep all that? Well, maybe the reason you didn't sleep all that well over this long liberty we can is because your mattress you have been thinking about it is garbage. You need a better mattress and the mattress you need is made just for you, it's personalized and just like the Lahti get down at the local coffee
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Here in California, we had a record heatwave where I live. It was well into the one turns out, and Woodland Hills was a hundred and twenty one to Greece's massive massive eat enough this normally would become a minor news We get a minor news because pay its California get taught in summer who knew, except for every human being, who ever lived in California for really thousands of years. Well, that became big news. Why? Well, because it turns out the California government is garbage. It turns out that this state, which has the highest tax rates in America, that attacks rate the top tax rate in in California, is currently thirteen point, eight percent, that under the federal right- and that means that people who are in tax bracket, maybe paying well. Over fifty percent of their income to the state and federal government. California also has tremendous sales tax instruments, local taxes, the only taxes that are decent in California, because of a proposition democratic to overturn proposition. Thirteen are the property taxes,
Other taxes extraordinarily high hearing, Californy Worthy worse tax people in America, and we have no power because it turns out that the electrical grid for California, not only has not been really update in quite a while, but it turns out that we have been steadily moving away from efficient forms of energy creation and toward inefficient forms of energy creation, which led to the pathetic aid from the mayor of LOS Angeles. Eric Darcy quote. It's almost three pm time to turn off major appliances set the firmest the seventy eight degrees or use a fan instead. Ok, let me inform you if it is, hundred ten degrees outside that Van and I'm gonna, do you want em, but a good? You gonna die if he'd exhaustion, turnoff excess lights and unplug Any appliances you're not using. We need every Californian to help conserve energy. Please do your part hashtag flex alert. So I have a question: was he not aware what it was all of California, not aware It's hot in summer, here in California, because I've been here, my entire life and it turns out it gets hot here, super hot
During the summer when your power goes out, it is a miserable experience. I've been here during a power outage and it is just terrible way to transform a few years back blue on our streets, in the middle of the heatwave and we're literally lying on the floor of our house, because we're just trying to get close to the hard work and for her because it was cooler than the air I mean it is really really he really hot out here when it gets out, and that is why a sea has been such a wonderful thing. But it turns out that if you're going to sustain a sea for some tens of millions of people around forty, six million people live in California you're going to need electrical grid that has not reliant on frontier. Solar energy. The reason they said you have to start shutting down your powered about three p m is because a huge percentage of California electrical bread is now reliant on so called green energy, which, as it turns out, is wildly inefficient, incredibly expensive and means the of rolling blackouts. In the middle of record heatwave, the Department of Energy had to authorize a federal intervention shelling Hayes
into who the the deal we spokeswoman said tonight. Pursuant has authorities under the Federal Power ACT in response to an urgent request from the state of California, Secretary Roulette issued. A section. Two of you see emergency order to preserve the reliability of the Bulk Electric power system. During this period of heat and stress on the grid, the secretary concurs with the California independent system operator, collaboration that grid rely quality emergency exists, which remains immediate rural intervention, I was Granary has offered its emergency assistance to California in this time of crisis. We also encourage a state policy makers to evaluate why the grid is not able to handle extreme stress which could be alleviated with the support greater base, load power generation and natural gas supply, and it is that lessons that matters. The fact is, the California. Moving steadily towards very inefficient forms of green energy, still the majority Power instead of California is provided by older, reliable carbon based forms of energy, but we ve been dumping of billions hours instead of California, into this green energy. That is supposed to take care of us and dumb, and it has not done so. The good news is
Democrats want to extend this kind of malpractice across the entire nation. The worst Colonel had an article on this weeks ago, August, twenty thirty thousand twenty. So, two and a half weeks ago, the Wall Street Journal had a piece titled. Why California keeps having blackouts quote when rolling blackout, stark and parts of Livonia this month, Frank, woe, lack in economics, professor and energy markets, expert at Stanford University had a painful sensation issue will lack was among the people who helped California chart a course out of crisis in two thousand one when a poorly if state electricity, deregulation law resulted in frequent power shortages, sporadic blackouts astronomical wholesale prices and market manipulation as California, can experience rolling blackouts and millions more are threatened with losing power, a warning that continues to Monday. Well, let's say it was clear that California, policymakers completely forgot the lessons from the crisis in the rush to go green, a big part of the problem. Is the California regulators left the state exposed by and large amounts of imported electricity on the spot market during peak periods? Andy
where there is extreme few demands, we moved for green energy and then, if we fall short and we try to buy electricity from other states, what happens when there is a giant call on the system and the system is not able to meet that man will lack like this to go into the airport on Thanksgiving expecting to fly standby only this time, the crunch time for the states grid, opera isn't the actual power demand peak in late afternoon. It's when you start the sun starts to fall in early evening and the noble energy. The state is increasingly dependent on begins TWAIN. Remember: solar energy, when the sun those damn and starts to go down. You're solar energy begins to win because we still don't have a great way of storing solar energy and batteries on many days, health His grid operator now has to find ten thousand to fifteen thousand megawatts of replacement powers. Sometimes that is somewhat retain a quarter and half of all the energy needed to keep the lights on. Three hour period as solar and to a lesser degree, wind power falls off. Sweden have led to win over the last several days and solar power again began to fall off early evening, and so everybody was stuck in one hundred degree, whether health
we often relies on imported power from other states to help village void. Want a historic heatwave, gripped the western. U S this month estate struggle to find a way to replace up to eight. Thousand megawatt disappearing. Renewable energy each evening came up short on sundays by as much as half that amount and had to call rolling black out in the middle of August, and then we just did that again. This weekend in two thousand fourteen and two thousand eighteen estate reduced its consumption of electricity from natural gas fired power plants by twenty one percent over the same period incur renewable energy consumption by fifty four percent, these were em she's mandates that were designed to lower global warming. By the way, the impact on global warming is absolutely negligible stances. Statistically speaking, you could replace the entire supply of natural gas in the state of California with solar and the impact on global warming would be in credit negligible tiny, tiny, tiny over the course of the century, it'll just mean that everyone, we have to turn on the ceiling vans in the middle of this massive massive heatwave. Every time there is a heatwave, there's again it Michael PV. He served as president of the California Public Utilities Commission before it.
Down at the end of twenty fourteen. He said rigid adherence to the green policy might have gone too far, particularly in life. State decisions to shut down to big sources, around the clock, power, a sound and offering nuclear plants in twenty thirteen and then the last remaining nuclear plants in the stage Yarborough Canyon. After twenty twenty five, we only we have nuclear power in the state, so it's been, disaster for a long time. Here is just that this became absolutely clear for all of the United States. Scale install battery capacity. Today, tolls approximately one thousand megawatt, we don't have enough batteries, one California, I also estimate, is the state could need up to fifteen. And make lot of energy storage capacity to reach of eliminating carbon emissions from power generation by twenty forty five, a so again bad policy these rolling blackouts, I'm constantly amazed watch called We politicians going out there in saying things like when you know that this was a historic heatwaves, so high. I gave a noose him at the DMZ doing their standing out there in the forest being look. We have wildfires because it so hot it turns out. Human policy has an awful lot to do with a lot of bad things.
Happen here in the state of California only of rolling blackouts in the middle of one hundred and twenty degree. Whether because you didn't forcing it might get, hot during the summer you stupid jack. Ask is this: is the predictable result? Is the predictable result, shocker so where tax billions, dollars every single year we run a deficit every single year here in the state of California. We're going to raise taxes again, and you can't even do the basic necessities of this is turning into a third world country. Well done caliph, in just a second we'll get to the continuation of violence in cities across the country. We have been informed that the mostly peaceful protests remain mostly peaceful. I mostly peaceful, there's study came up so about one in ten of these protests turn violent, seven percent. These protests Violent, which means like five hundred and seventy different riots, and looting incidents across the United States over the past several months. We'll get you how the weekend went. I told ya the simmer down, but that didn't happen too much that we get to that in just one second, first or is it national Life Insurance Werner's month? You didn't know that, but now you do and now they are aware of your response.
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Fortunately, poor example of soap. Suppose it please now faces a really really bad example and Jacob Lake is not a hero, Jacob Lake as an alleged rapists and remember, there's an open warrant for Jacob, eggs arrest, because a woman allege that he had gone into her room there's a couple months ago, it has gone into her room in her house invaded her house that he had heard her child sleep next on the bed and he had digitally raped her that he then snifters Dozens heads smells like you, ve been with other men can then he had run away She shows up again and then she calls the hot all. This proceeds, Jacob, like resisting arrest being taste twice apparently, and not falling down, refusing to obey police commands walking around the driver side of his car reaching into his car apparently for life, because a knife was found on the driver side floorboards in then he was shot and the Democrats have chosen to make this person a hero. They chosen. That this person is going be here, not just the Democrats, the media to have decided to make this person hero, so Benjamin Crump who's, the lawyer for Jacob.
It basically any time. There's a police incidents. The family immediately goes directly to Benjamin. Crump has been at the forefront of nearly every one of these particular incidents In view of his office has disseminated really bad information. Initially, on a number of these incidents, ranging from Michael Brown to Jacob Black. Remember, I believe it's Benjamin Crumbs Office that arise leads to summon aided the lie that Jacob Blake was there to break up a fight between two women. It was peacefully abiding by what the officer sad and then they shot him for no reason will now. Ben Crumb has put out a statement with his coat councils, Patrick solving the second blurry, without our central commentators visited with the family of Jacob, like Junior, who joined by phone from his hospital bed. Now here he's not just in the hospital bed because he is wounded Also in the half. The web exist literally change the hospital bed, because under arrest right now for alleged rape here is the statement put out by Benjamin Crop.
Senator Harris had an inspirational and uplifting one. Our visit with Jacob lay Junior and his family. Today she spoke individually with each family member about how they were handling the trauma and urge them to take care of their physical and mental health. In a moving moment, Jacob Junior told Senator Harris he was proud of her and the senator told Jacob she was also proud of him and how he is working through his pain, she's, proud of him. So much party she proud of Jacob I really am wondering what it is. There is to be proud of he's an alleged rapist within open warrant for domestic violence, for domestic abuse and for rape resisted arrest before he was shot It seems like there are a lot of things in life. You can be proud of someone for I'm wondering what it is that she is proud of exactly about Jacob Blake, just to just U Review commonly Harris's and how she perceives alleged rape according to calmly Harris Brett, Cavenaugh, committed array
or at least the suspicions were so great to have committed a rape. You shouldn't sit on the Supreme Court based on zero evidence other than an account that was belied by everyone supposing witnesses to the event from Christine Blasi Ford. Also Camel s declared that Joe Biden like a year ago who had been credibly accused of sexual harassment and, in fact soft forms of sexual assault radiate touch people that that was Harris now she's out their praising a man who allegedly raped with her child in the room and then return onto the scene and tried to take the keys of the house from the woman in violation of a restraining order, Jacob Junior, he was not going to give up on my for the sake of his children syndrome, parasol discuss the policy changes Jean Vice President Biden will seek including the just in policing act, an implicit, biased training to make things better for all. Americans should encourage them to continue to use their voices even through their pain top America make progress and systemic racism
Emma racism, the the vague mush word. That means nothing when heard by everybody. In the United States, but means everything to people in the press to understand that these systemic racist charge means they have to tear down nearly every system in the United States coming Harris interests. Have this statement the idea, the idea, Benjamin Crump LAW firm. She also spoke to the press about that. She said the bleak family is just wonderful in factually called them incredible. Its in the list of in the pantheon of american families. It goes like Polly, you know, the Rockefeller family he Johnny John Quincy Adams, family and then the Blake family Right worth where the sun I represent the fathers rabid, anti semite who pose stuff about how the Jews, when the world on his facebook page that that is the pantheon. Credible families in America. Here, a Senator Harris praising a family where the sun is an alleged raper and the fathers rabid, anti semite. This is the vice presidential candidate for the Democrat,
I thought I'd really wonderful, I'm in their family. They endured ambitious, you think, maybe in Greece and other carrying the way voices on their shoulders method. For you sure you want to express concern for their well being and, of course, for their brother and their sons. Wellbeing like another thing of support important in an incredible family, guys incredible found. Now. Let us be clear about this. The Democrats have taken the side of people who are elected or when you take credibly accused were very, very credibly accused. Having committed sexual assault and their answer, my family members, those people they support. The cops, however, should go to jail again. You can watch the shape of the incidents that is justified, shooting all available evidence that is justified shooting unless new evidence emerges, that is justified. Shooting calmly Harris has called for the officers in that case, to be charged.
She's chosen her side gaily body, This campaign has chosen inside and they have decided that they are going to sign. The criminals rather than the cops in this current We made more obvious than in the case of Jacob, like nothing. At times mirroring. This is well we'll get to the New York Times, building up Jacob Lake as a hero, I'm not kidding you the real thing, their building up an alleged rapist as you're the victim lately disappears by the completely doesn't matter there. The female victim numbered me too members say her name when it came to grow when it came to women being sexually assaulted. Member that meet you moment yet another matter anymore, because that in just one second first, let us talk about the fact that right now is not a great time to go through the post office, but you I'll have to send lots of male? Hopefully, your business is still doing a lot of business, and that means you need to get those packages out the door. Or how can you accomplish this? saving time and save money. While you use stamps dot com with stamps dot com, you can print postage on the man you can avoid going to the post office will save money with discount the right. You can't even get
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Stamps outcome is no brainer. We ve been doing it heard the office for years, just gotta stamps that come right. Now, click on the microphone at the top of the homepage typing Shapiro and get a special offer that includes before we trial, plus free postage and digital scale. No long term commitment go to stamps that come enter coated. Shapiro does happen a homepage and get that special incredible deal for we trap, plus three postage and digital scale, no long term commitment that is stamps, dotcom click on them like a tap the homepage, taping Shapiro, as the New York Times, is also attempting to push the lie that Jacob Blake is a one full hero, is funny candy, someone's gotta lotta flat for suggesting that people were lying icing. George Floyd In- and this led did Chapelle too tat, can designs and suggests the a bad person, because she was pointing out that it's not merely the people were upset about what happened to George Lloyd. There also line seeing him as some sort of american hero being buried in a gold casket. Another s the media are giving the full treatment Jacob. Like me, they are giving me full sycophantic treatment to an alleged rapist with multiple children by multiple mothers I mean that this guy is this is
a model of excellent human behaviour. In fact, if you don't wanna be shot by the police, I have a couple of recommendations: one dont, rape, anybody, two don't resist arrest when they come to arrest you for ripping somebody. These are just a couple of of tipps of handicapped starvation. Your car for a knife on the floorboards, a few handicaps but apparently none of that matters because you'll be line Ized his hero by the media. So long as you are black and the police officer is white and so long as it serves a political purpose for Democrats, and that is what happening right now. Here is an article from the New York Times today. Jacob Lake rare survivor at centre of police protests starts telling his own stories and it's gonna be empowering its empowering us in a video recorded from his hospital bed Mr Blake was shot by the police as it hurts to breathe in her sleep demonstrations against, please, violence have been filled with the chance of victims, name's George Floyd Brianna Taylor, to mere rice, Aragon. In recent days, a new name, Jacob Lake has been called out in protest across the country and that list, though Mr Blake, a black man,
was repeatedly shot in the back by white police officer in connection with Johnson is also set apart. Ok, you might notice that damn that description of the crime lacks a little bit of context according to the New York Times you just a black eye, repeatedly shot in the back by police officer. None of the EU was reaching for life and a scar, none of the heat repeatedly disobeyed orders by the cops none of the Hebrew currently resisted arrest. What you did, none of the he was called in the conflict, seeing as whose violating restraining order for woman who alleged rape, none of that makes it to the New York Times these weird reared guys according to the New York Times, unlike so many of the people who grim symbols for movement, Mr Black survive, and has begun to tell his story. They buried in paragraph seventeen of his face buried in paragraph seventeen of this peace is the little known fact That Blake has pledged not guilty to three domestic charges against him, including a sexual assault, count. The charges were filed in July on the name Blake was shot. The woman reported the assault called nine eleven and nine one. What I'm saying that Mr Blake
at her home, the Canosa police are there are trying to arrest. You're Blake when the shooting occurred. Ok, you say they are trying to there's a tape of its guy he's. Having like this is all on tape. The trial and error has been scheduled for November, although it could be delayed Ben Crump. These civil rights attorney said Blake was still coming to terms with the public attention to what had happened him and what it might mean for the months. In the months ahead. Crumbs said, he hasn't been able to fully grasp what a symbol has become adding. That Blake was mostly focused on making sure that his young children, free from witnessed, shooting are not traumatized, and I understand that he will emerge from this crumbs said he's trying to be a strong black father for his children is the way he's taking on the mission of this movement. You know it's a great way to be a strong black father, not allegedly people and then resisting arrest when they come to rescue baby, a great way to be a better father period. No matter your race, but the mere tens runs this longest. Nowhere in this peace to actually find out what he did or what he was alleged. You have done, but don't worry Jacob legs now hero. So here is this video
rock around the internet of Jacob Lake, complaining about his injuries and pick better heroes. People pick butter euros. Stay with my back. Stables I'm down stomach you do not want to have to deal with. This twenty four hours, every twenty four hours, pay is not paying Bree sleep, the move from side to side, her plea, I'm telling you realize how dare you stick together? Nation money may everything easier, floppy wired magazine so much time has been wasted. What makes him money again, this man allegedly raped a woman. That is why the police were there. Ok up when you said the narrative that America is evil and systemically racist in horrible across the board, the predictable reserve does that, no matter what the circumstances of any individual police interaction with a black person, it will be treated by the media.
By a population that has been taught by the media that America is a horrible place as an incident of white and black brutality, and that is what we have seen across the country and by the way it will be latched onto by agitators of all rates, is particularly upper class white people, shocking number of anti for members and writers and looters had actually been upper class white people will get to that in just one second. First, let us talk about the fact that your engagement median awful lot these days meets and election seas. And there's a lot going on in the world. That means that you need an excellent pair of premium wireless ear, but especially if you get them at less than half the price of the other guy which is why I recommend wireless your balls brake on reckons newest the everyday you twenty five? Those are the best one yet six hours, a playtime, seamless, Bluetooth, parent, more based, more compact design, a noise isolating that which is excellent. Kids are scrimpy, while you're on the phone to say frequent occurrence in my home re kind here, but they are so wishing discreet no dangling wires, no stems, and indeed try right now, because there are forty five day. If we return policy taking me-
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why people are looking for a reason to be angry about their lives, and so here tape from Rochester where restaurant was basically overrun. Erin Black lives matter flags and these table. Systemically racist, guys, gonna knock over some chairs, cover some glasses wrecked. The outdoor restaurant Rochester in their name, systemic and just as yet tossing chairs, you know, really go for it and he lamp right. There seems chemically racist, not that separate over really good stuff, not a lot of pissed off white people. Look indirect restaurant is always good from era. And I feel like the the binding Harris campaign is going to rain it in by praising people who commit acts of disgusting crime and then are shot in the process of resisting police that that that seems like gonna, probably he'll things in DC protesters were blocking reporters. That's always it that's always good news. We ve been told by the by lady, seem reporters who try and cover for the protests.
In Britain, they're nice people, again bunch of white people with decided glum onto the movement and do the hard work according to Robin Janshah up according to front Frederick uncle of the Washington Postcode protesters are now blocking media from filling their demonstration shining light into our Rapporteur States blocking shots with fans umbrellas and following like corn, quote minders. So the times over in Washington DC over in Portland we hadn't instance in which people are Molotov cocktails at the cops and one of the protesters who is standing in further cops was hit by the Molotov cocktails leading to him being set on fire and then, ironically, having to be put out by the very police officers who is protesting, so the cops were systemically. Evil had put out this man who, who is on fire he's getting military protesting, the police and yeah. That's an atom video right there, you're trying to put him out, I mean that's. If you got processing the police neurons yet set on fire by Molotov cocktails thrown by one of the members of your own side, and then the police have to come in
here, because you idiot friends we're trying to put out a fire with a trash can, as opposed to you, know, an actual fire extinguisher where the cops Europe and try to help you yet well done everybody that the writ really solid stuff. Meanwhile, molotov cocktails were found by the Seattle p D. So Seattle they did. They had an instance of somebody for amount of cartels. The cops last night Seattle PD released an image of people carrying around Molotov cocktails probable most evocative imagery was not even a man being set on fire by Molotov cocktails thrown by presume guarantee for members. It was these Pittsburgh Protests in Pittsburgh, their protests where people went to an outer restaurant and again decided that this a good luck. It's always good luck. When you're trying just harass random people who are our dining for the evening. They went to a They went to some sort of outer restaurant and somebody He decides that she is entitled to somebody else's beer, so she literally just walks up to the table where people eating outdoors and then grabs the beers lack woman walking up to this elderly white
just walked up and start drinking the ladys beer he's wearing creditors, nazi wives, don't matter which the irony of my and a fascist walking up to other people and just taking their stuff and seas. Yet in the name of racial justice, pretty incredible stuff right there. The grid irony, of course, that the elderly couple has covered so sad. For that lady said. Fidelity to all of this is being the country a better place, and this is why, when you hear pioneer sticking to calm the tensions, they're gonna call attention the only way the Democrats column. These kind of tensions is by suggesting to the protesters testers. They are going to do what they want, but they're gonna com, the tensions, in the same way that anybody who caves to arsonists and terrorist columns tensions there came to them. If you appease them, and presumably they will get a little bit calmer. The only problem is that you are now it's that the math works at every time they decide get violent, you're going to do more work on their behalf. I dont think that the american people are
to into being blackmailed, especially not by the wonderful people who are doing. They were engaged in this sort of blackmail. In the first place, There is an amazing story of eight of a wealthy college student who was arrested over the weekend. For engaging in writing is in New York City. Her name is Clara Kramer. She was among those arrested after vandalism spree on Friday in the flat tire district, where demonstrators were protesting. In favour of, be it did a hundred thousand worth of damage to businesses in Manhattan merrily she has now been charged. She was arrested. Who is she. Well. She was arrested at her families. Second home she's, underground, arrays university. Her father is a psychiatrist who teachers at Columbia University Department of Psychiatry. So we are now lip living out. Philip broths american pastoral. Her mother is an protecting a prestigious Manhattan, firm, the family and twenty sixteen purchased one
a million dollar apartment on the Upper EAST side, they also on a home with more fireplaces in Connecticut one law enforcement source, told the post. I wonder how parents feel about their daughter. How would they feel if they graffiti their townhouse? This girl should be the poster child for white privilege. Going up on the Upper EAST side and another home in Connecticut. This is the height of hypocrisy, but of course, it isn't there hypocrisy. If you engage in a moment, it says that America systemically racist and that that is basically the vault white people and the only way the white people can alleviate their historic systemic racism is by leading the way in creating change in the way the changes, greeted by overthrowing all systems, of course, she's rebelling against exactly the systems that made her parents wealthy, because those systems racist she's, doing something virtuous, see she's even leaving behind your own wealth. She's rested of outer families second home by the way, so are all very, very good stuff entities into something much deeper, ideologically speaking, we'll get to that in just one second. First, let's
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this matter and the associated violence involved with black lives matter. That will never happen. All. Over the weekend, Joe Biden was asked specifically about Anti funny said. Yes, I condemn condemn that violence and all other violence, which, of course, is both sides. In the same way the down from was criticised for intellectual. I remember I was one of the people criticise them for it. Ok well bred bare ass Simone's handers, whose a spokesperson for the Biden campaign why Biden had not spoken we condemned Anti VA, like joyful speech, to assist a soldier moment talk about the evils vans. He found the excesses of the alarm, but Biden, of course, will not do that because he is definitely Fraid of losing left wing of his base and a competitive election figures barbaric, asking a simple question to Simone Sandridge. She does not give a simple answer this week the former vice president, has condemned that right. Having and looting and violent spoke out about it, but he has yet to can condemn. And teeth. A group that behind allowed the violence specifically, why Brat
vice president has been very clear. He condemns all forms of violence and, frankly, what you heard him say in the speech that he gave Monday of last week was doesn't matter what political party you belong It doesn't matter what our political beliefs are violent is wrong. Ok, that does not cut it Sorry, violence is wrong, does not cut it when you refuse to specifically talk about the evils of anti far or specific. If used to talk about the evils of be alarmed, the organization, as well as the protests that have led to violence across the country, had prepared and asked him more so. The question is months energies. As you know, thirteen members of dividing campaign try to Bailout rioters Minneapolis got anything on that Simone and the answer, of course, is no to the dozen ploy spartan campaign staffers, who donated to this minute sort of freedom fund. Have any regrets bout that now that at least one person bailed out been re arrested on a serious charge. Vat is,
not and has not been our campaign position of baling anyone out. So I am unsure about specifically what you're speaking when you come on stream of road. She said if you are able to contribute to the sort of freedom fund to help Kosovo for those protests on the ground in Minnesota. Please do What's images like well, you know we don't like violence in any for ok, no, honestly, honestly, be Biden campaign seems kind of sanguine. About violence along comes from left. It is violence of the outright and white supremacist that they are very very concerned about. You can be concerned about all of those forms of violence, but it the violence on your side of the AL. You have to speak up against, particularly okay. This is one of the things I for a very long time in go back and listen to old episodes of the show. How many times have I done Full episodes on the evils of the all right and white supremacy literally and sometimes on the show dozens of times. Ok, anything that is perceived to be violent needs to be condemned, very special,
really and its motivations analyzed. But here's the problem for Democrats. They dont very often want to analyze the motivations of Belem or Anti fa because they might come up against the harsh reality which that be a lemon Antigua imitate many of their talking points and they agree with on many of these ideas. How'd. You knows because they'll say it out loud, Eline Omar, the radical democratic congresswoman Nea was endorsed by Nancy policies. Are not radical. Mainstream Democrat. Ok, let's just stop calling a radical she's, not a radical, should they mainstream Democrat Ehud Olmert, mainstream Democrat who posts on the cover of rolling stone with Nancy Blowsy, hey she's she's, an awful anti semite. She she Emily characterize nine. Eleven is something happening to some people. Basically, a l Il Hunt Omar is is a is an awful human being illiteracy. Mainstream Democrat she's been embraced by the democratic and here is your home- are suggesting that what we are watching our streets is an uprising over sent rise of racism and oppression. That is what we are watching our streets, so very difficult for them from it. For the Democratic Party to look deeply it anti or be alarmed when they are reading from the same hymnal
Well hello, my reading ferment hymnal we are in the midst of an ongoing uprising over centuries of racial neglect and oppression. We can talk about the protests in Minneapolis Canosa. Was what seems nationwide without first looking inwards. We maintain a system that wines millions into desperate poverty, a system that doesn't provide the most basic necessities, like Food, shelter and medicine aids in uprising and again something deeply ironic about a woman coming to the United States from an impoverished position. Right I mean she came from Somalia to the United States gaining he's seen in Congress and talking about the grinding evil of the United States and its racial and ethnic oppression. I mean it's just frankly supreme disgusting thing to do. It is a disgusting thing to do there criticism to make of the american system. The idea that the America
Ryan's millions of people into poverty and is complicit in racism and oppression brutality that coming from a sitting Emmy she in her very on person, is rebuke to her own perspective. This is a mainstream democratic perspective. What a stop pretending! There's, not a mainstream democratic perspective when Joe Biden goes out. And he says nice things about the declaration, the constitutional went, Obama does it. That is just surface level: nonsense for people core gullible, because at the heart and the Democratic Party is in fact a they'll homer. If we're not Nancy close, he had every opportunity to endorse ill hunt. Almost opponents in a primary should not. Instead, they decided to integrate this into the heart of the Democratic Party, and this is an ideological thing. It is. It is the reason why, because again, they should not be tough like from a political perspective. Joe Biden doesn't actually need the support of Anti VA from a political perspective, by doesn't even need to go along with the vial to be alone, he could say, listen, I think they're there now sit that there are people
These are not systemically racist that their corrections that we can make, but we live in a country where all trying to do our best. He does actually need skilful radical on as he does not. The reason that he does is because he thinks he needs to do that either politically or because you truly believe that one of the two he has decided to embrace the Ellen Omar position come over. Here is much clearer about him. He fully embraces the often Omar position whenever you hear people by the way categorizing as corner court uprisings, the the once that has been done in the street matching waters. Did it ninety ninety two circled the ehler riots? She also, she called it. The Ella uprising the same thing it is happening here. This is why the Democrats or having it time condemning this, because they only disagree about the means they dont disagree about the ends. Nor are they disagree about the arguments. Arguments have very, very deep root. One of the arguments is an argument about critical racing He's critical race theory is the basic idea that all human interactions are basically power struggles
all human interactions in the United States particularly can be analyzed through the lens of race. So every policy that is created in the United States is actually just reflection of underlying, she'll power dynamics, critical race theory, is an offshoot of nickel, legal studies, critical legal studies is the theory that there is no actual principles, interpretation of law. Instead, Other is people pretending that they are doing principled interpretation of law when, in fact, they are simply attempting to effectually systems of power on their own behalf, critical Those studies came about nineteen, sixteen nineteen seventies. They fingers like Ribeiro Hunger or would propose some critical legal studies is visiting his entire way of teaching law. I mean they, they taught us that have lost or there's an entire way of teaching law. That is deeply engaged with the idea that law is itself an exercise in oppression and power, and so the only question is who the power and who gets to wield it. Now. Critical legal studies basically destroys smaller republicanism. It destroys the systems because of legal systems are not predicated on principle. There merely it competition among power dynamics. Well, then, why not side with your
I've been trying grab power. Critical race theory is just an adjunct to that. As the first proponent, one early proponents was Derek Bell. Their fellows a big proponents critical race theory and his basic view of american law. An american politics is the same as Avram candies, which that all of american war is white. Supremacy. Pericles very clear about this in his own writings, He was also promoted at the time by a young, Harvard LAW student in Iraq, Obama famously hugged, Derek Bell. When Derek Bell was denied tenure at Harvard LAW School, there big rallies about Derek Bell in what should Derek they'll be maintained there. This was not legal scholarship right. We just politics masquerading as legal scholarship, but critical race theory has become serve the go to anti racism programmes so used to be sort of a fringy thing that you saw in upper level loss. It is now bled down into the mainstream. It is you see when you see people like Robin the actual or airum candy being hired by you buy diversity and by corporations and by members of the federal government. To teach about anti racism again be basic. Going theory is that
declaration of independence? Is why its bunch of ideas that me nothing? The constitution is early in a tent by white people to maintain their own power that all systems of power, all systems of law are, in fact merely a cloak for disguised racial oppression right. That is The basis of critical race theory is also the basis of the sixteen nineteen project which springs from the same place, an ill had a bumper sticker it when she says that what were watching us an uprising against racism and against oppression and that all systems of Amerika are rife with racism and oppression. The sixteen nineteen project is basically an offshoot of critical race theory all of american history is just a racial struggle and his white supremacy inaction Twelve administration is rightly fighting back against us. An interim set over the weekend that the Department of Education would be investigating whether funny schools are using the New York Times. Is sixteen nineteen project in public school curricula. The these six uniting project is, of course, anti factual. It is garbage on the show and a big analysis of it in my book how to destroy
in three easy steps are basically blends everything from traffic patterns to housing. To matter. Mortality rates and disparity we maternal mortality rates on Americans, America's history of slavery and Jim Crow trumps weeded out to part of education is looking at this. If so, they will not be funded. Now, one know all the people who are very upset with president from for suggesting that he is going to cut view that apartment education funding to California, based on their teaching of the anti fraud. Sure sixty nineteen project, which again is anti american propaganda. That suggests that America is not found in nineteen, seventy six, the declarations principles me nothing. It was down instead on slavery and racial oppression. The very angry front, because they're saying why can't before you run its own ship. Ok, I've an ideal is just eliminated. Apartment. Educational together, has been a long time. Republican proposal, if California wants to propaganda to its children, are right, but she got rid of the daily entirely. No more common core, no more federal. Standards get rid of their partner education on the federal level as a whole. Frankly,
do something I'd be very much in favour of analysing the federal government has any business and how I teach my children, but so long our government is going to be involved. Then it seems to me in the federal government's interest not having states not to have states teach propagate evil. America is Russell. What the director of the often management of budget has all Instructed heads of federal agencies to dramatically alter racial sensitivity, training programmes for employees, them unamerican propaganda in aid to page memo and by the way the memo is correct. This is anti american of propaganda. Russell bought put out a statement, since it has come to the president's attention that executive branch agencies have spent millions of taxpayer dollars to date. Training, Quantico training, government workers to believe divisive, anti american propaganda. For example, according to press reports employs across the executive branch have been required to attend trainings where they are told that quote virtually all white people contribute to racism or where they are required to say that the court will benefit from racism. According to press reports,
some cases. These trainings have further claims that there is racism embedded in the belief that America is the land of opportunity or the belief that the most qualified person should receive a job Types of training is not only run counter to the fundamental beliefs for which our nation has stood since its inception, but they also engender division and resentment within the federal workforce. We cannot accept our what use receiving training that seeks to undercut our core values Americans and drives division within our workforce? So the all agencies have been directed to begin to identify all contracts are agency spending related to any training, uncritical race theory, white privilege or any other training propaganda effort, the teachers or suggest either one that the United States currently racist or country, or to that any race or ethnicity is inherently racist or evil In addition, all agency should begin to identify all available avenues within the law. Cancel any such contracts in order to avert federal dollars away from these unamerican proper. And training sessions course. This is like the left. Him say that trumpets instead, trying to bend racism known and independent, Linda. No, that is not what this is. If you defend
sixteen nineteen project again and anti historical bag of garbage, or, if you two fun these diversity training initiatives led by Griff. There is like Robin the annual I mean she's, a full aggressor. Winning a lady is made for herself upper Class White lady lecturing Nobody else on racism- and all you have to do is we'll leave you at your own racism to cleanse yourself of the racist eaten by Robin Diangelo, twenty thousand bucks, a pop or a broom candy at twenty thousand bucks. A pop and magically racism is now relieved good for the Trump administration on this stuff. This is an ideological battle. It really is, and the fact is, the Democratic Party has decided full scale to embrace this agenda. They have, and Joe Biden is merely a front man for this, because Joe Biden appears not to be radical. Joe Biden appears not agree with some stuff, but I want to see him forcefully denounce it, which you never will never forcefully denounced, sixteen nineteen project appraise it he'll, never forcefully denounced the idea that America is land of racism, intolerance and oppression. He agrees with that or
he's weak kneed enough to cave to those people who do agree with it? So again, one of the things that you engage in this election like every election, is whether it is a competition which individual figures, which is very often people see elections, is trumpeted Biden or whether it is a conflict between movements and idea, and from maybe a highly imperfect, highly imperfect vessel for the expression of Amerika Ideals and wiser highly imperfectly. Splitting it extraordinarily mildly. I think a has tremendous tremendous and terrible character was that I have criticised at length on his programme. But if I am forced to choose between a party and is fully engaged in sixteen ninety mentality. This is America systemically racist, a party that fully embraces the alleged evils of Jacob Blake and ripped the cops verses, a party that has no, you know what America is not systemically racist. Its police are not systemically races; we have to identify instances of racism and fight them. If that is my choice, that is no choice at all:
That is an extraordinarily easy choice. Other Democrats had to do was be not nuts and they have been, unfortunately, are able to do it like at all at all now, meanwhile, there has been a tremendous amount of of media, sick infancy again for Joe Biden. They the easy thing that the media have been trying to mimic the Joe Biden versus Donald Trump, raise narrative, and I mean like races, I mean like need. The twenties I've been trying to mimic binds narrative button, binds narrative, it's a conflict between peoples, not a conflict between ideas and so in order to promulgate that they have to make it into nice all Joe, Nay soldier and the media are into this full scale. So, over the weekend over the last several days, Joe Biden has just gotten the richest media treatment. I've ever seen so by literally cannot handle himself on the trail in that is not a conspiracy theory. That is a reality now. How do you know that? So I got critique to over the weekend for suggesting that Joe Biden is it not with it? He bore, say
you know if you really want to help Republicans than what you would really do. Is you talk about? How is with it and then he would, he would undercut expectations. Ok, That's my job! I may tell you the truth. Joe Biden has not with it is very obvious to anybody who watches him from more than seven minutes, and he has not even what Joe Biden used to be and what Joe Biden used to be one, that grain of earthquakes most be honest about that. Joe Biden was a weird dude. It's you who had augury. I use constantly just jabbering nonsensical about random stuff there's a reason then he ran first in eighteen. Forty two. There is a reason why Joe Biden has run for president one million times and lost every time. Ok, so over the weekend. Job- was doing a zoom session agenda. Somebody does now extends basement does in sessions, and he literally is being fed answers in his tea prompt or any couldn't read the teleprompter led to this awkward exchange what will your administration due to help them, given that chance? Thank you.
No we used to be a basic barging in his country. Worker shared in the wealth, their work help create, move it up here is him talking to his teleprompter operator because presumably guineas be fed. The answers The good news is the media will cover for him, no matter what Joe Biden it doesn't matter. That campaign is basically a mess. He will be covered bore, no matter what, and it is a masked by the way It is covert comments in just one second person. Gotta show how the media have just been sycophantic sycophantic like her, around his drool coming his literally drilling and they're carrying around a bucket for him to Drooling Wellington about what, You then, not only are they not water carriers for him he's totally with it? I mean it's amazing. It's amazing, so Maria Border over on CNN. She literally called empathy, his superpower, it. Let me just put this out their Joe Biden unhappy Superpowers, his nose superpowers at this point turbines only superpower is that he cannot escape the basement gates liking,
So it's like instalment of saw except he's, not actually change the one. There is no threat to many still can't leave the basement. Here's Gloria borders hang empathy is Joe Biden, superpower, looking at the great fair and all empathy. Biden has talked about empathy as sort of his number one way to really can act with the average american yeah, I hate the he does, and I talked with somebody was worked for them, who said it's his superpower. He reaches out to people and kind of a past or away because he said to me look. I can understand their grief and am I think it helps cement away to share his own well. Well, that's a superpowers. He's nice guys, because again the media are trying to boil raise down into tremors abiden as opposed to the movements they represent, and then they miscarriage moments. They represent, of course be a lamb is all about peaceful change while job well, apparently, the from supporters are about violent evil gets there
moment, also because seriously, there's an entire article in the daily beast today. Talking about how left us, our bracing for probe from violence after the election, call me a massive episodes of programme violence, wit, whereas aunt, where are all these evil right, wingers burning cities? Where are they I'm not talking about? You know the clashes between the proud boys, where a small group and yell a fringy group who have not been embraced by the republican establishment and anti for members, and I'm not talking about, white supremacist been actively thrust out of anything resembling the right wing by people in power until lately, Fgm about widespread vial I think we all know where the widespread violence even come from after the election, it's gonna from when there will be widespread burning of cities, and we all know that that's the case, the daily bestow
we're trying to make it. But it's about how the Abbe Right wing is the true violent wing of of the of the american political spectrum. In any case, the media really pushing Joe Biden heart. I mean a hard. So on Friday, Joe Biden, it'll, oppressor, Bello Press are involved, the media massaging his back for an hour. Here's montage of the questions that Joe Biden was ass. These are not questions here. This is them feeding him answers about how wonderful he is using a barber Walter's interview. If you won t what kind of tea would you be Joe Biden here here we go last night, president, mark to you for wearing a mass and said that this a sign that you must have some quote big issues. He says this. Though he knows that according to scientists and public health officials wearing mask, saves lives here Another thing the present said last night: he once again suggested as supporters that they should consider voting twice if they're in one of those states that can allow you to request an absentee ballot,
fill out now and then go try voting again in person. State officials who said it's a felony when you hear these remarks, suckers losers, recoiling from amputees. What does that tell you about and saw you said today is the angriest you you ve, been presidential candidate, but said you're trying to restrain yourself herself there a lot of people out there who ward Putting your inclined to not vote for the president. Who would say why is it Joe angrier oh my god to the questions, are weren't you angrier what's wrong down from soul and also, why are you the gray? person who ever lived or by really tough stuff there from the media at. Why don't you trust me? It s why why is the media losing circulation to folks like us over the daily? Why why? Why don't why? Why are people tuning over to the show as opposed to watching yet, and I can't imagine- I literally can't imagine Donald from correctly pointed out- the Joe Biden is getting worse. Since when children. This is exactly right here. As president from going after the media, I watched-
The interview with sleepy Joe Biden and hidden Ask questions you didn't ask questions like that. Read the questions. Yes, they were like meant for a child. Those questions were meant for a child smiles and faces of reporters, not you and you they were smiles on the replace. What do you think take a look at them? questions that they ask him. They were not meant for a grown up. They were meant for a child. Is exactly right by the way. Why is it that the media don't ask tough questions? I brought Bear Asamoneus Anders about why exactly Joe I won't dissociated from people in his own campaign we're trying to spend money to bail out protesters, including commentators. Why it? Why is it that the the the Barton Harris campaign over the weekend that live in saying we need to follow science follow the science fight covert, followed. The science follows on and then over and over over the weekend, camel hair, a suggested that Donald Trump rush out of vaccine that you would somehow cudgel the medical community. Into approving the vaccine and therefore she wouldn't take the vaccine.
This is borne out. I've acts are stuff, it really is, but this is a party of science is the party of of wonder here is Simone's enters. She wouldn't answer. If Joe Biden would take the vaccine we'll Joe Biden get the vaccine if it's available, while went back again, As I just noted. First and foremost, I think talks have asked them. We have lots of conversations about casting right myths folks know now, vice president by and Senator Harris our are being regularly tested at our campaign staff, but, first and foremost at the top of the Mai, of mine, for Vice President Biden, is: are the american people getting what they knew, what they mean? You know the white Hath, as has testing brat need evokes, are tested very regularly coming in and out of the White House, anyone whose around the president, but that testing that level of testing is not available to spokes across this so that is that that is not an answer and then come here.
Said that she would literally not trust any vaccine promoted by Europe to interest of acting promoted by trumped up again was Bestrode about that. Nobody is asking you to trust Donald Trump. On the back saying they're, asking you to trust the medical community of action. Are you really of the opinion that Donald Trump can simply cudgel? Anthony Valjean Endeavour works into endorsing a vaccine that is inherently unsafe here is here is not on CNN what you say there is a vaccine that is approved and even industry. Before the election. Would you get it? Well, I think that's gonna be an issue for all of us, I will say that I would not trust Donald Trump and it would have to be a credible source of information that talks about the the efficacy and the and the reliability of whatever he's talking about. I will not take his word for it. He wants us to inject bleach. No, I will not is a personal. It's a lie. He doesn't want anybody indirectly, but second of all she literally We also set in this interview, but she believes that down from
Muslim his scientists, so you have the scientists endorse the vaccine, The anti are kind of stuff. Trump correctly said that bind inherits should apologise for the anti vaccine. Rhetoric is not wrong about this. Biden in history liberal running made the most Ro person in Congress by the way is not a competent person. My opinion would destroy this country. It would destroy this economy should immediately apologised for the reckless anti vaccine rhetoric that they are talking right now talking about endangering lives and it under me. Science by the way, not wrong about this? Here? Is a pole from CBS News? Is a battleground tracker, pull the national registered voters? Verona, vaccine became available. Would you get one as soon as possible? Twenty one percent in July that thirty two percent consider awaits you. It happens. Fifty eight percent never get one. Twenty one percent, ok, so literally only one in five american voters say that they would get one as soon as possible. That is there
from one in three american voters, and that is because it Democrats keep saying that Donald Trump is gonna, run, a vaccine in order kill you also I am amazed to see that nobody seems to be asking tough questions to bind inherits about what exactly they would do uncovered. Remember. Part of their campaign strategy was Trump botched, go so here is commonly Harris who set over the weekend and wearing a man would be the standard in the United States. If they were elected to high office. It's about a national standard. Everyone should wear a mask, and here's thing about this: none of us lights wearing a mask. Nobody, you, like in words between the city, sacrifice, there's a difference between a standard and a mandate. Would it be federal mandate under the button Harris ministration. It would be a standard everything. So areas in the world of I've always told my children evacuated the building in a movie, it's the person is always laughing. Bones are always having a great time and movies palpitates. Always laughing is just it's going to be a villain, so you can identify who exactly
is the villain in this scenario. I'm amazed that common Harrison had been able to get away with us. They keep saying that masking would be the standard. The standard, Joe Biden, openly over the weekend, will be unconstitutional for the federal government to issue a national mass mandate. Sayers Joe Biden final answer, so in other words his policies, exactly the Thames Frumps here's ears, Joe Biden sounds like you might want to stronger federal. You no response to this, and do you trust the governors to hand what's best for their states. While I hope we can trust the governors, but here's the deal. Federal government there's a costume which were the federal government issue such method I'll, the constitution. They could find issue, a mandate, but playing with I carry my mask with me everywhere I go. I settled, example: well done
make a huge difference, Joe Biden, by the way in our little people, trust their authorities uncovered now and so all around here, the poles on how much people trust various sources about covered your eddie you're governor in March. Sixty nine percent of Americans trusted their governor uncovered. Now it is fifty five percent, the CDC eighty six percent of people in March trusted the CDC uncovered Now? It is fifty four percent Donald Trump in March forty six percent of Americans trusted him uncovered. Now it is forty percent the national media, forty five percent trust them in March. Now it is thirty five percent, five percent below Trump and twenty percent below their governor. All of that is earned. All of that is earned the media asking tough questions of the Biden Harris campaign. As always, alright, what later tonight we'll be back with two additional hours of contents, including president from saying he could two hundred million of its own dollars on its campaign. We'll analyzed that particular claim and we'll get you from fighting back against the military and military members while top ranking Military members, we get a lot more you'll have to go check out daily wire now come so we'll see you here later I mentioned this is the
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Bible, says: woe unto them call evil, good and good evil, which is bad news for the democratic. As that's a whole campaign. We'll talk about it on the Andrew Klavan Show.
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