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Ep. 1105 - The Big Debate: LOUD NOISES


In the wildest and most irritating debate in presidential history, Trump and Biden go at it; Chris Wallace morphs from a moderator into a debater; and we explore whether Biden will allow another debate at all.

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What how wise tat in the wildest most irritating tibetan presidential history trumpet Biden go at, it Chris Wallace morphs from a moderator into a, and we explore whether Joe Biden will allow another debate at all. I'm bench appear, this is the venture Piero show. today so is sponsored by expressly paean to let others track what you do keep herself safe. It expressly peons outcome. Slash ban will, after you watch that epoch Bleep show last night. Maybe I had some trouble going to sleep. Well, you wouldn't of if you had had a helix sleep mantras. Why? Because helix sleep makes personalized mattresses just for you to comfort each and every contour of that glorious body. You sleep, it has a quiz takes just two minutes to complete matches your body type in sleep preference to the perfect mattress for you with your cisely, perhaps it, but what
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little definitely minute, I'm lamenting on my job, but now what must be perfectly clear about this? I told you I told you, I told you gimme Chewbacca versus the Swedish F, and that's exactly what it was. That's exactly what it was. It was just Joe Biden being some real name is eroded and don't crumbling That's all for ninety long minute, I've seen more productive conversations between homeless people screaming. About the aliens that live in their hair? Then I saw last night, there was the least productive presidential debate in history of the world. I mean it was truly an awful presidential debate. So what's the net effect pretty much zero, maybe Hisn actors and nothing matters. New whatsoever now here is here, is a basic truth. Joe Biden performed very poorly he did. Joe Biden has many many things I cite that are morally objectionable that are outright false. He said things that were literally true over and over and over and Chris, This did not factual by. He was there to Badger Donald Trump, whose there to interrupt Trump
but from himself was so busy interrupting binding the basically it was the justice cabin Devils triangle of interruption and crazy towns, so nobody, Vienna, Worden edgewise. nobody knew what the hell is going on. It was the worst episode Jerry Springer in history, because nobody had each other with a chair. That's all was an we didn't know. The father was when it was all over. We have no clue. All we know is that we had just been witness to a leap, show the legs I have not seen now. You're gonna, get alot of sugar coding from a lot of people tonight on also the aisle unless we, like all Joe Biden, was a statesman, wasn't no wasn't whose garbage, when the right you're gonna get Donald Trump, really took it to him. Donald Trump was like a rabbit badger last night, which means that scored a couple of points, but he would so busy being the rapid badger that all the attention was on the rapid, battered and here is the deal guys in this election cycle wearing leave the race is, is worth where was today, That is where it currently is today. So if you think the Donald Trump hasn't troubles and if you look at it your pulling. He does. If you look at them
trouble and we're Donald Trump is down anywhere from seven to ten points nationally and he's down literally every one state or at the very least running, even about half of them. Down in the other half then last night was a blow an opportunity. If you want you see trump when he needed to come out and he needs loud Joe Biden to say dumb things, and then he to pick it apart I know how you could wait. I myself debate what and when you debate people one of the things we need to do is let them make their argument specifically, so you can debunk it. There were times when Joe Biden would say things that were eminently false. Just bleat, only untrue, immoral. There a couple times, you said things and I thought were morally evil. Actually I mean not condemn the Antigua suggesting that America is racist, we'll get it and those women great ties for trumpeted jump in and say something, but the problem was tromp was so busy jumping up and down the none of it distinguished itself from anything else. It was just one continuous, no respect a wall was down ending with a shotgun blasphemy nets that it was like. I can't describes you how useless I thought
Last night was for everybody involved and guess what that's kind of what the poll showed. So CBS News, instant poll showed that forty eight percent of yours, not Biden one forty, one percent, our Trump one, another ten percent thought the debate was a tie. What do those numbers look in awful outlay oh, look exactly like the national polling, exactly like the national pulling, in other words everybody who liked from going in like from everybody like Biden going in like by coming and everybody in the middle whose, like these, both people like that they're just terrible almost people came out thinking. Boat people were terrible. Franklin's did a one of these focus groups unattainable, alot of stock in the focus group, the one thing in the ones focus group that I did put. Stock, and is that one third of the people who are in the focus group said they were less likely to vote Altea after watching it that maybe that benefits from right. If you think that the goal of Trump is too short of lower, the turn out for by that in turn out election. If you get people not to show up, then it'll be alone. An election like last time and then presumably trump Linz, then maybe that's part of the strategy, or maybe the strand
last night was for trumped to go so hot out of the gate. They intimidated Biden into silence. He was hoping the Biden would sort of collapse under the barrage of blows. I literally compared Trump yesterday to the guide and want to fight in high school cause. He was gonna pull any weapon at his disposal, bricks from the side of the building, a lead pipe from underneath the plumbing supply, a knife out of his back out. Looking just didn't know what tromp was going to pull out and that's exactly right. I mean Trump. Biden with the kitchen sink last night and biting didn't look good under the brush. The problem is that there is a way for us to engage. The blows was like watching a boxing match between professionals, except the blows or so fast. You actually can't tell you the blows you can't see which ones are hitting and which ones actually or not If these are not professionals, it was a clown car and everybody was just slapping each other with rubber hammers. Ok, so with all that said, let's get into it. So, let's begin with the performance of Joe Biden in there, start with the performance by news because Bidest firmer right now, according media corner. The balls Biden is the front runner and his performance will be utterly ignored and the rest
The guidance performance will be utterly ignored is because everybody wants to focus on tromp, which brings us to a larger point about this election again. Hey. That large point is pretty simple. The fact remains that if this election is a referendum on transfers, banality lose if this reference, if this election is a referendum on binds policy trample win because binding is radical. it is no bulwark against the radical left Biden is not all their use. Well, there last night and people are saying that he stood up to the attacks in it real serious? Why? Yes, he didn't physically collapse, hidden breakdown, crying onstage, but he was not exactly with it. He was news all over the place. He was saying things that were patently untrue. You will get backtracked by Daniel lowered CNN, whose almost an overt employee of the and see and has been for a long time, what binds had many many things last night that were very, very bad and Chris Wallace routinely bailed amount and from a kind of old amount by interrupting him. So often so, let's focusing on what
I naturally said about policy and what he actually did last night, because the media will not focus in on that EL focus instead on the stuff that hurts from, namely the personality stuff, and this was again the error of from strategy it brought to the fore all the personality quibbles that people have a trump they're, not quibbles mean their concerns. It brought to the fore everybody's real issues with Trump personally as opposed to the policies, because this or just on policy one order verses. I will. I won't bash Antigua. If this were about the the covered response, namely try to keep as much openness possible keep american life. while protecting people verses, lockdown everything. That's a debate trampling on the issues. These are all debates, Trump winds, but I'm not sure that anyone even AW an issue. Last night is so, let's start with with Joe Biden performance in just one second, really lacklustre. It was really bad will get to that in one second. First, let's talk about the fact that everybody needs life insurance, any life insurance
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yes, I'm comrade now to get started. You could say fifteen hundred hours or more year by comparing codes on their marketplace policy genius when it comes to insurance, it's nice to get it right. So a lot of the debate for Joe Biden was taken up by him. Just insulting trump people are focusing on the fact that Trump insulted by not abided insulted back. It was basically grumpy old men with Jack, limiting Walter Math AL and Walter Math. How here trying to stab Jack lemon with a frozen fish here is here, is Joe Biden telling trumped you shut up. It is always senator. I should like an answer the question why we said that it was: U S journal the nourishing uses the rational left would use less it. Will you shut up man, so the left was cheeriness, You shut up man than here when he sang a trump, and it is this about fifteen minutes in and from had not drawn up at that point so
get it. I will say, however, that what Biden was attempting to avoid in that particular exchange again. So much of these debates comes down to the clips that happen afterwards. What Trump was trying to get across in that exchange? Is they Joe Biden literally refused to answer whether here tat the court? He refused it over and over and over again. In fact, he was the lead up to Biden, saying trumped that he should shut up right. This would be thirteen years by refusing to answer on court packing. Are you willing to startled the american people tonight weather you will support either ending that's alabaster or packing. Whenever position I taken that that will become the issue. The issue is the american people should speak, you should go out and vote You're in voting now load and let your senators now, how are you feeling lead now in a factory. Assure you, in fact let people know is order, Senator Russia, so that success,
right. Ok, that ended with Chris Wallace bailing out by bailing out we reach the end of this question. Criswell as behaviour last night is we'll see, was not exactly wonderful. I think he started off with good intentions, and by about twenty minutes in he decided that his chief goal was to get trumped to stop interrupting, and so it became just Wallace became one of the debate as he jumped into the bait himself. Ok, more of Joe Biden going after Trump on personal level, saying he can't get a word in with this clown know. There's a war this from Japan last night. So let me there's MR listening people under you get three and everybody has outlined a scale. Tat testified under oath, it is administrative said I did a job, and I did it very well and always they every while giving the list of the authoritarian had sorry they ve already fired most of them because they did not know jobs on people. Don't well. Here's
with a view to wait a minute. You get the final word Miller it's hard to get anywhere with this clown. Excuse me the state, I let me what is it? Ok, so binding? I very testy last night- and this was the again for people on the left- is thrilling. They got testy withdrawn, I am not sure that particular Thrilling Unuttered showed a great side abiden. He did this over and over and over one point where, after one of these again talk, overs ensure that transcriptions, for this particular debate. You had the worst job in America last night, but here is Joe Biden, kind of IRAN. Please saying this was a productive segment and Chris Wallis chuckling, along with him, we have ended the segment we're gonna move under the second segment. I was really promote productive segment, one gps many people, understand you. keep yapping men and yet again that this is not the best of job, I'm ok! Then there are the actual issues. Then there are the actual issues. The things the Joe Biden said on the issues. They were bad guys. They were and I know that were supposed to only focusing on what terms, and I promise you will get to what from said and a lot of it. Not very good last night there's something here.
There are very many that were bad and his general tactic, which was Rapid Badger, was not, I think, well thought out, but Joe Biden had many bad things. Last night, though we completely delighted by the media in here on the show. One of the things we try to do is bring you all perspectives. At least all the information that you need a case of the fact is the Joe Biden said a lot of things that were patently false or wrong or damaging. Last night I so at one point Joe Biden was asked specifically bout being dominated, but from that you're gonna be dominated by your own party right Europe. run around by IRAN Party. You don't know you don't run your own party and bind said. I am the Democratic Party right now. He then proceeded to take every side of every issue that he was asked about throughout. The entire debate is pretty incredible: there's a guy who's must be the boy work of moderation. She stranded, none of that last night. None of that you gotta make mush mount ways about the green new deal in then you'd immediately walk back using the green feels great and they no. I don't believe in the green new deal, maybe like I'm not pretty funny
believe what the police are systemically racist abuse. It was all over the damn place here was Joe Biden declaring he is the Democratic Party, Your party wanted to go socialist might is already is social Israel. Now I am and they dominate Joe. You know that I am the Democratic Party right now, the platform not according to heart, which is what I in fact approved of. Ok. Now here is the problem that platform he approved of was co written by Bernie Sanders Centres is brag about this and ask see. He ain't, no Borg, moderation here right, look here here this I thought was the worst moments the night and everybody ignored this, because I know that this should become part of our traditional rhetoric now, but it is the worst part of America's Google discourse right now. This accusation that America systemically racist, which again for those who missed it discussing this for months gate. The term systemically racist springs originally from starkly car. Michael,
use the term institutional racism to describe any institution that results in inequality between racial groups. In other words, the only way that you can tell if an institution is racist is the inequality of the result in any inequality of result renders the institution racist. That means that all institutions have to be burned to the ground because they are racist by all of them have to be fundamentally remoulded because their racist here is Joe Biden in Institutional as to the Were supposedly a man who's been in the United States Senate or in the or in the vice presidency, for forty seven long years, a servant of the system so to speak, declaring at the end American system is two tiered it. First of all, They lie about America, a vicious lie about America. Second, it is just lie about Americans and third, it is a damning calumny against the prospects of black Americans. When you tell black Americans It cannot rise under any circumstances because the system is so runs against them. You're telling them a lie to tell a child that is a form of child abuse in a free country and yet Joe Biden in
ages in this myth, making this interim candy Robin the actual bull crap. He doesn't every single day and get away with it and cresswells into. Second class Criswell, as not only let him get away with it, eat he hoped promulgate this nonsense last night, but here is your binding That was the worst thing in the night and apparently nobody picks up on, because it is just soap such a part of our wrote politics. Do you believe that their reserves apparatus, but on the equal system of justice for blacks and this country? Yes, there is this- is this: is systemic injustice in this country in education and work in in in longed for in the which is in force. That is just a start there is every system in this country, every six months country is least with racial injustice every system. How is that? Not the chief issue? I don't understand Raymond. This would have the opportunity for promptly jumpy, and would it not- and he ever system in America is racist. Everyone we abide.
Wished legalised racism in an eighteen sixties doesn't mean that we have I wish all racism from the human heart, because that is literally everywhere at every time, throughout human history, but the very best the idea that America's institutions are rooted in racism. That the justice system today is systemically raises its designs black people. The economic system is designed to John black people. These are talking point from the NEO Marxist left, how exactly withdrawal- the lads get away with that, whereas the follow up question there. We will why wouldn't Criswell a say, ok, your plans. You fix these systemically races. Systems are too because he doesn't have a plan. Just to use this as a baton. That's only one of the bad things that Joe Biden said last night. There were many bad things. He said last night, they got away with, because everybody was so distracted by the fact that tromp was what like a woodpecker over here against the tree near by we'll get to that in just one. Second. First Let's talk about the fact that sometimes around your car- and that like goes on now now
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not right now, car she'll dotcom use could bend save at ten per. or dial eight hundred six, six five, twenty one, fifty seven mentioned code, then right now, ok, so more nonsense, spouted by Joe Biden last night- and there is lot of it. So here is an amazing flip up on the green new deal incited thirty seconds. He said he is for the green, he'll and that it is actually going to save us money. In this way the other custom. Ninety trillion dollars his ease proposed some bazaars they'll down version of the green new deal, but Elsie is part of his campaign and is helping to head up his panel on climate change here, Emily says in his own platform that he's in favour of the green new deal. His vice presidential and it had calmly Harris's cosponsor in the Senate of the Green new deal. So you don't get to just separate yourself. How again, where was Criswell us on this, where the F was Chris Wallace Criswell, as last night, was not only there to fact check what tromp was saying,
an badger drum. He was also there to shield Joe Biden from any serious question and trump was not really able to prosecute the case against your Biden because he was too busy focusing in a sort of the inanity surrounding Joe Biden as opposed to espouse he's here is Joe Biden, flip flapping. The green new deal incited thirty five seconds, new deal will pay for it as we move forward, we are going to build. Instead, in fact are great pollute. Planet using a renewed they'll put before me, bore. No, I dont support the green. You don't that's statement, acceptance of the radical left. I said I support even allied and plan that I, would forward across the green new deal is gonna save money, but also here, support the green new deal and then christmases. Ok, what are you ok
hold up. You just said, is gonna save money, Baden support it? Why not? Why dont you support the green new deal. Wouldn't that be the normal. Follow up. Question never comes other moments from Joe Biden last night, so there can be a lot of focus and there has been a lot of focus and from towards, unlike supremacy, which will get you in just one. Second again in irredeemably stupid error. bye, bye, Trump last night on the stage, but Joe Biden also set a thing that was not only irredeemably stupid also morally benighted and everybody is just It doesn't mean anything in there Megan Kelly is running for pointing out that it does mean something. So Joe Biden was specifically about anti fa. and he says Albania Anti further. There really not an organization there more than just like an idea. Ok, no, they are called the FBI and ideology or a movement, an idea something that has no practical, real world ramifications unless it is taken down and made into an ideology or a movement, but here is buying just pretending and if it doesn't exist, it wasn't me
about the framing of a lot of law and order discussion last night it was all about the right wing violence that happening our major that weird, because it seems like the violence in our major cities. S trump himself pointed out will see. This is coming from. The left wing here is Joe Biden refusing to condemn and tv last night, too there's an idea, not an organization. You get it. Not least, that is that I have here. I can, as they have been I dare say. Well, then I know now that we're done sir. Every move on to the next item is the order of their age. An idea of reading writing and arithmetic aviation tells you. The truth is about a bad idea. I tell you, I have no idea and tv is a danger. I read on women who are now moving onto the track records and fill overthrow. You in a precedent, I'm going to ask a question, ok and then well jumped in to protect raymie again walls, we really bad. Last night. You really from TAT used to being Wallace and by last night at the beginning, that wasn't true by the end of the debate. That was absolutely true. It by defending anti, for there is a low point, is a bad move. It is, it is bad
the moment, it is about moral movie, antivirus a violent group of thugs, they ve been going around many them. Criminal records records, ve been burning, things have been hijacking peaceful protests and even we'll be alone, will tell you this anyway. Round in setting things on fire occupying swathes of city areas attacking cops and Joe Biden more down there because they're just an idea, not an organization final clip of Joe Biden last night, Joe Biden also blamed Trump for the riots in port he somehow came around the bizarre position. There was Donald Rumsfeld, the riots in Portland, even though again Donald Trump sent the federals in and then he withdrew. The federal and rights are still ongoing in Portland. Here is Joe Biden sing, another asinine thing, You know his own former spokesperson said no right and chaos and violence help us cause. That's it all about owner who said I do, who I think it Kelly Conway. I don't think she said she said that there's Nora but bears a point. how it is that that's what he is
keep China rile everything up. He doesn't want to come. things down. Instead, of going in and talking to people and say: let's get everybody together: figure how to deal with this. What's he do he just pull ghastly in the fire constantly. Ok, again, that is a lie by Joe Biden. It's not about Trumpery gasoline on the fire in Portland, as a left wing city being run by left wing radicals, and the fact is that the violence that has been breaking out every night in Portland, culminated in an anti for member shooting somebody who is a member of patriot prayer. So no you, you don't get yoga to hide behind the down, from a bad orange, mean man arguments to avoid condemning and actual violent terror group in Antigua, which is what they are again just a second we'll get to president trumps performance, which likewise was not very good last night, because this is what America deserves. Your actual Megan said that democracies idea that the people know what they want and deserve to get a good and hard we're getting a good and hard gang. That was it that was he a mess,
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and she's the brands, specifications and prices? You prefer that amazing selection reliably low prices, all departure car will ever need rock, auto dot com. Don't over Iraq, Otto not come right out to other parts of ale before your car or truck and right Shapiro in their. How did you hear about his box? So they know that we sent you ok just now. You president trumps performance. It was not good back back up and otherwise not can talk about. How is a genius performance? It was not a world beating performance, it was a bad performance from came in as crisscross. He said very, very hot and he never went up It was two hours of continuous sound. It was now really unworkable. Now, if trump we're in the lead this my excellent I make sense, be neutralized, is the ability of Joe Biden to lie at length, which would be not a bad idea right it in two thousand and twelve, when Paul wine was debating Joe Biden job,
and wide fluently and Paul Ryan didn't backtrack him. He assumed the moderator was gonna. Do that moderator did not in fact do that in that case, and then a badly for Paul Ryan, so being aggressive with Biden is not about strategy, but there's a difference between being aggressive and forcing questions and prosecuting and just being irritating, and the problem is this: there is a theory of this electronically Something like this? The american people are exhausted, the spinning exhausting for years. We are willing to take the exhaustion and the craziness and the tweets in the constant chatter. We are willing to take that the american people were up until things went back, then the american people in a bad mood and now they're, just exhausted and whoever exhaust them less end up becoming president. Now that that's a war with IE more general motion had more charismatic candidate tends to become president from is obviously more charismatic and by and by his it he's charisma free, his speed bump of human. But if the question is whether your exhausted last night was exhausting fifteen minutes in people reach for the whisky, thirty minutes in their region. For this annex forty five minutes no region for the shot gun. Ok, it was
exhausting evening wonder how many Americans actually made it through the first half hour seriously because it was just people? going over each other is loud noise is there was not a good strategy because here's the thing that your mind he is doddering. He does not know what he is doing about. He makes errors on a routine basis. In fact, from was perfectly capable of finding that half of those errors but there are times when Joe Biden would say things like you're gonna, throw a hundred people off their healthcare and trembling, what the hell talking about. There are two hundred million people with pre. listing conditions or can be thrown off their health care. What what in the world are? You say right, Trump actually fact tracked him from time to time. The problem is because it was in fact just this road does drone of If you are somebody in the middle and those of the people that we care about I mean if you are on the right of the trump anyway for unless you voted for buying anyway, if you're in the middle. How do those people think of it? I cannot imagine any other than if you are in the middle watching this thing all you wanted to do was switch over to Hulu, Netflix or Amazon, and why
anything else literally anything else. Are we to watch that man having sex with the Octopus movie like anything but watch this thing and so trunk him out extremely aggressive and again since last year, in the same way the Parsons on the left, your when Joe Biden tells from to shut up doing these things. Corny points, I don't think so. So here's from being really aggressive saying that that buying should never used the word smart with him. a lot more going to die unless he gets a lot smarter, a lot is deprived of the Jews, smart you said you went to Delaware State, but you forgot the name of your college: Delaware State. He graduated either I was too, are almost the lowest in your class. Don't ever used the word smart with me. Don't ever use that word
Gimme a because you know what it is. Nothing smart about you just pay so now is that funny sure is it? Is it really productive? These again trumps job here is to make himself seem more palatable to the american people, not to see more trompe to the american people. Ok then Trump Braided Biden about hundred Biden now again Hunter Biden is legit campaign issue and, frankly Chris, while, as should vast Joe Biden about hundred Biden, considering that there now reports at hundred button was receiving money, he was in fact receive money from the wife of the mayor of Mars. Now, and it was in the millions of dollars parallel these firms who is connected to transpose after hunter and bind gets mad about Hunter, did do people think this? It can make a big difference in the actual presidential or is it just look like trumpets getting so aggressive that its aggressive aggression for russian sake, Irena your last Joe and no wonder you son, goes entity takes out what he takes millions of dollars takes out billions, I was to manage, you makes millions of dollars, and also
Why were added? Why is Just out of curiosity, the mare of ah scares wife gave you some three and a half million dollars as lotta deserve it. Did he do with the results on hundreds of thousands are on last year on amounts, or if not none of that is to really help women now that they have to president is the only answer that plays told how do you do have created if it has not been totally discredited? It was not worth while four from asked the question, then you have to sit back and let Biden lie right in what he says, there is actually number one, I'm not sure the angle attack is supremely useful, lemon hitting him on Hunter. Just to get him this game early on actually recommended by doing it like forty men, in the debate and then letting go enough to let him lie about it and then say you're lying, I mean there are actual reports. That hundred Biden has done these things and then there is, there is no break. There is no back
all you need to. Let him answer the question wrong and then clock him now get tromp was prosecuting by last night. The problem was in court. Generally, it is a bad tactics or cortical badger. The witness did the badgering is not a useful tactic. So, for example, I thought this a very good exchange for transport. When after binding said no, we keep talking about how you know your parole law enforcement at the same time are calling them systemically racist. You don't have anyone Foresman support. Does it good line of attack from a very good line of attack? What you have to do is say name a group where he did eventually, but first he says it twenty five times and then let it set what it said now, as you'll see Cresswells jumped into defend by this, was a serious problem throughout the evening. Wallace would not let us it either, while society He was gonna, get aggressive. Do those three agree, people getting aggressive with each other, which is pretty much just a double wrestling match heroes from going forbidden, of any law? Brazil? He has no law enforcement. Almost
who'd name, one group that supports you. May one group that came out and supported you link. We have time we I have time to do it right now. I'm lines law enforcement group there we're element, I think I'm gonna. Do I'm gonna take back. Ok! So again, do you see I was jumping again binding, have an answer, but This is where you let it breathe as attacked the wheeler. It's great question: it really is from asthma, robes they're. Just let a breed. Can you name it group seconds of dead silence written that the prosecutor again prosecutors from was not bad from last night. He was not right, it was. It was the fact that it was constant. The fact that it didn't stop for five seconds need the dramatic break right. You need that you need. The ear needs the break that now on the issues. The fact is that, on the issues from pussy, and binding was wrong. We're gets tramping right and binding rollin issues in a second and then we'll get, of course, to the comedy
everybody is talking about today, and that is trumps comments on white supremacy. Our know how many times you have to go through this routine or trumpets s specifically white supremacy and then he shows I'm willing to condemn what supremacy and then he says something dumb and then he- seeds to, and then he proceeds to sort of fats around with that, like all get to then a second, but first let us talk about that being done under it has a major responsibility. The fact is it you wanna, protect yourself nor protect your family, but even if you do protect yourself and your family, if you do wrong. You could end up in jail me. We ve seen too many cases in the recent past or people protect themselves have done and I was when they find themselves under the prospect of prosecution. What you need to know what you are doing with your gun. You need a proper education, industry leading training to ensure your skills are sharp when faced with danger and you need the nations at best legal protection. Should you there's a loss in the aftermath of a self defense incident. You need the? U S, this it started today by texting, gun to Asia
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last night. You should join daily wire. Now is an insider all access member get twenty percent off with code debate. She can watch all the coming debate coverage why the daily Wired I come Apple, tv or the rogue who EP members get our free access to all of our life broadcasts, ensure library, the full three hours of the venture Shapiro show an exclusive readers, past content available only to daily wire members considering in all access membership, yet to join us on. ass his light every night for online and live stream discussions. We also do not one, but you leftist years tumblr with your membership as well as early and sometimes exclusive access to New Delhi, wire product self watch. The next debate with us at twenty percent off your daily. Where membership, with coded debate, when you sign up today, it listen to the largest fastest growing concern. Custom. Radio show in the nation states are trumps rough tactics last night obscured back and on the issues. He was right so, for example, yet a great line last night and it just didn't land because there were so many punches being thrown. He said about by now,
more than forty five months than you ve done in forty seven years. That is one hundred percent rule is absolutely true. Joe Biden is what most useless Powell fishing in history, Washington Dc- there is Donald Trump talking about it. Middle EAST, I've done more in enforced seven months. I've done more than you ve done it. Forty seven years Joe, we ve done things that you know even thought of including relaxing the broken military that you gave me, I'm not taking care. What you gotta know ye again he's not wrong about all that and then from taught my locker unlocked down totally written by an was totally wrong, so Biden was saying that he would have saved of the various lives ready, save all wives. Also, the economic crash is somehow trumps fault, even though Trump wants to reopen also, he kind of like slot gowns. Also he does one. Lockdown Joe Biden was all over the place and trump quite correctly, slams by numbers You take a look at what is happening at some of your democratic run: states where they have these tough shut down,
and I'm telling you it's because they don't want to open it. One of them came out last week you so that we can open, but November night, one of every night, because its after the election date their hurting us by keeping them plus their hurting people. People know what to do they can social distance, it can wash their hands, they can wear masks, they can do whatever they want, but they get when these states up He is right about that Reagan. On on the issues, I wish, I wish you just let a brief, because only issued fighting is wrong. right Trump, when after him also on uncovered more generally binding him saying We would have done amazing on carbon terms. They know you wouldn't have and by and try to bring out the Joker Grin and An incomparably slammed in here is from began governors said I did a phenomenal job. Most of them said that in fact, people that would That being necessarily on my side, said that present drug did a phenomenal job. We did we get the gun.
We get the masks we made the ventilators, you wouldn't have made ventilators and now we're weeks away from a vaccine we're doing there it's already. Fewer people are dying when they get sick. Far fewer people are dying. We ve done a great job, well I'll, tell you Joe, you could never have done the job that we did. You don't have any new black. You could have never done that. You're! Ok, so all of that is is totally fine. Now the area that people are focusing on is this one exchange, so Chris was again we'll get two walls and a second. I think that his moderation last night was abysmal, abysmal, but Chris Wallace decides to ask from about white supremacist. He doesn't ask bind to condemn black This matter, violence and the cities, which is what has been going on, they shut down the entire county of LOS Angeles for a week, so black matter associate writers and looters could go in here. Mailros Avenue for new parishes result. So let's not pretend
there has been going on in a major cities is not caused by an event black lives matter. It is nonetheless Chris Wallace decides to pick up the democratic talking point that actually too much weight. You premises in the cities were actually causing. All this, which again, is a lie. It is not true white supremacy. Our evil- and there is no one in America who I think in a level may be targeted more than I have been or who white supremacist. More than I do have been perfectly clear about this. They are garbage human beings why'd. You premises are not the cause of the violence has been happening in America's major cities. It is be eleven Antigua. The fact Chris Wallace thought that this was the key thing to bring up a debate is in and of itself idiotic, that doesn't mean that from handles this right, so we re equip and then a man who actually read you the transcript of and what you see is that the media are just lying about what actually happened in this exchange. So the media's line here is the trumpets defending white supremacy. Here's the actual clip. Are you willing to lie to condemn white some promises and militia gropes and to say that
They need to stand down and not add to the violence, in a number of these studies, as we saw in Canosa and as we have seen him for sure you do they look like, but it has a. I would say almost everything I see is from the left wing, not from the right now. What are you? What are you? Are you signed up willing to do anything? I want to see what you gonna do. What sir, I do say you want to call them what you. the column Gimme a name give me like you surprised us. Unreliability can derive from us unripe, proud of my voice. Stand back stand by, but I'll tell you what I'll tell you what but he's got to do something about Anti for and the left, because this is not a right wing problem is, is a levy I direct this life guy, I'm going to take away from the media here is that he's than he is defending white supremacist Joe Biden Today, there is no other way to put it. The president of the United States refused to disavow white supremacist under debate stage. Last night by the wind turbine then put up a picture of Kyle Rittenhouse
seventeen year old from Canosa who shot three people, probably in self defense, five all available evidence. There is zero evidence that Kyle written houses, white supremacist, not some zero, like as in none zero zilch. Joe Biden calling a cholera and has a right to premises when Joe Biden jumps in any says the proud boys gate. The probabilities are probably what you'd call all light there they're, not overly white supremacist the problems. The problems can get violence. They are not a group that anybody should be associated with a lot from the problems. There are not over Why two premises they're, not in fact the founders of the proposed dissociated from the problems I gave him against. He tried, I believe, dissociate from the problems when he thought that they were Not what did their associating too closely with white two premises in any case Europe to defend the problems. Bottom line here is that funding problems are bad group bottom line here is if you actually read the exchange that happened right there. If you read the exchange, what you will see is that
repeatedly says sure, I'm willing to extend it to condemn my two premises here is the actual change again Wallace. Are you will? to condemn what you premises, emotion, groups, sure they need to stand down not add to the violence in a number of these cities, as we saw in canosa and ass, we ve seen in Portland August, first of all in Kosovo is not what you promised group in Portland. Patriot prayer is not a white supremacist group so that, on the basis of the question is in and of itself false, it is not a true statement and trump card we says I am prepared to do it, but I'd say almost everything I see from the left wing, not from the right wing and I'm going to do anything. I want to see peace and then Wallace being a private again, we'll get two walls in just one. Second Wallace was garbage last night, really bad. He started off ok and then it was wet. Why it is then do it, sir, and in buying jumps into yet do it do it? in terms of what you want to call them gimme a name and was his white, Japan, as rightly militias and Biden as proud boys and then from says, probably stand back and stand by, now it is the end stand by killing him right because as it stands,
which makes it sound like. I want you guys, like standby in case there is violence and and go back in the cities to people are focusing on standby, and then he says, somebody's got to do something about Anti for unless he didn't mean the proud boys have to do something about anti for and let you can tell them from his inflection. He means that nobody in government is doing anything, Antigua and left and Joe Biden explicitly refused to condemn and even on the stage on the stage that is not a clip of download from defending wage supremacy, It was actually being rational about this, of course, TIM Scott, racist, there, Scott, the Black Centre from South Carolina. He said quote. I think he must focus responsive, Cresswells comment. asking. What could he was asking Chris? What he wanted to say? I think you spoke a thing you should corrected. If he doesn't corrected. I guess you didn't make better rational response, but that this notion that, from what condemn, what supremacy, even in the Charlottesville said, patient the problem. There was not that he wouldn't condemn, like supremacy. The problem is: use equating the various groups to play there, but what he has said I'm explicitly not talking about the white supremacist when he went
said that there were good people on both sides are used, not people who he supposedly were marching. with the white supremacist, but in favour of the the confederate statue- and I said well that what are those people with people don't exist? That's ridiculous! You should be saying that sort of thing, but Did you condemn what supremacy that repeatedly that we get over and over and over again, this is part of a narrative, the demon driving for a long time, and from is bad at this he's awkward of language. That is not I'll trump defending white supremacy, that is a media. Why again, I've analytical again that that isn't? That is not Donald Trump, when says weight of. Will you condemn white supremacist as sure? Does that sound like no? Do you the wind was ass. We condemn Antigua his ears was Antigua, isn't idea, it is not an organisation that is an explicit refusal to condemn Antigua In only one of those headline now get, if you go back to the chaos theory of this election, which is that people for whoever is less chaotic, said the final note on the evening, which was Donald from talking about widespread voter fraud. It is true,
that universal melon balloting is a bad idea. He made this distinction between you requesting a ballot amounts being sent. Your house has re about all that, but him tempting to sort of lengthen the length of this election is a bad move for him, who is from concluding last on voter fraud. What's up running is incredible. I just heard I read today were at least one percent of the balance for twenty. Sixteen were in validated. They they taken. We like I'm, we don't like nobody role arrived. There are no today have mailmen with lots of. Did you see? What's going on, take a look at West Virginia mailman selling the ballots being sold there being dumped in rivers. This is horrible thing for a country's MRS nourish. No, this is going and well I see tens of thousands of ballots being manipulated. I can go along with that
and what do I do that from a communist? Does that mean you ought to be able to take the media the fraudulent elections? This is such a problem is trot please directly into the myths that Democratic Europe, which we know that eurobonds going to contest the election here. has hundreds of where's on standby. There ve been full articles written about his very plans move on DOT, org and all these various other groups to take to the streets. Should he loosed the election. Donald from has to say here is: if any election is apparently certified as fair and free. I will, of course, respect the results of the election. We should be deeply concerned about the possible fraud and we will use all want enforcement mechanisms to ensure that it does not occur and encouraging people to go in person, because the possibility that you bought your ballot or they are ballot sent in by somebody else. Mail in that position
they exist. So please vote in person. Maybe there's a way to do this. They leave again feeling of caste last night does not benefit from it. Makes this thing a referendum on trumps personality. Ok, now, Criswell US last night was terrible. I mean truly awful cresswells began and I think that he was so taken aback by trumps, very, very aggressive, tat by drums, Crowd Biden, strategy red got up in the corner than useful jobs all night long. I think it was so put off by that and so upset and myth. Frankly, I think we saw offended by crumbs tactic that he decided. who's, gonna jump and become a debate or their multiple times when Trump ass by new question and you would jump in and say we're moving onto the next topic and save Joe Biden. There are multiple times when Joe Biden would get stuck and walls feed him at the next line. There are multiple questions that he has, that we're just bad. and in those ones are more excusable, even because those questions were paper were prepared in advance right
Donald from very early on felt that the walls was coming after him. I thought early on that. This was not quite fair, because Donald Trump was in fact talking directly over Biden forbid. The first fifteen minutes in the debate, but from turned walls- and he said I guess I'm debating you and pretty much did turn into that by the end of the bait. Tromp was not wrong about this. You in the course of for years have never come up with a comprehensive plan to replace Obama, care and justice. Last Thursday who signed a largely symbolic executive, water to protect people with pre exist, conventions five days before this debate. So my question, sir, is: what is the trump how there are plans for. So I guess I'm debating you not him, but that's! Ok, I'm not surprised. Let me just tell you something that, because nothing symbolic dithering,
You said that is because, whilst jumped into Save Biden in one of these exchanges, walls is questions last night were terrible. So here are some examples here is Chris was asking down. from about banning critical raised during the government now critical raised there is we have discussed is a racist ideology. Critical race theory says that every institution in the United, It is under guarded by racial supremacy, critical ray theory suggest that, just by dint of your skin you're, a beneficiary of white supremacy, If you are not anti racist in other one to tear down the entire system. You are racist, critical. The retraining involves people literally telling white people in rooms sponsored by the government that they are racist simply because their white that that's what this diversity trained, bull crap from epidemics, kenyan Robins Angelo, is Chris Wallace. Just something blatantly unfair in this question. Is this why banning racial sensitivity. Training, Mr President, he's not banning cortical Rachel
sensitivity training you banning critical race theory, which is a Neil marches, garbage ideology that should not be taught on any college campuses, any Highschool campus any government agency or any contracting agency with the federal government here is Cresswells completely blowing the question here, la racial sensitivities, an interview or a certain person. You no status in life. It was sort of a reversal and if you look at the people we would paying people, hundreds of thousands of dollars to teach very bad ideas and, frankly, very sick ideas, and and really they were teaching people to hate our country and I'm not going to do that I'm not going to allow that to happen, again the fact that Wallace like what wits about Rachel. So it's not racial sensitivity, draining it isn't that the premise of the question is wrong, and then, of course, he had was asking from to condemn what supremacy he did not directly Astro binding in Amity anti far or black lives matter I asked met any of that we had Chris harassing from Bell global warming. I mean it was like six, seven straight questions:
Why don't we do you believe that global warming are what you believe uncle? He gave his answer it. Oh walls would let it go. There was well as harassing that global warming. What Do you believe about the science of climate change and what you do in the next four years to confront it. What do you believe in The science of climate change are jointly body that human pollution, gas, greenhouse gas emissions, contributes to the global warming up. I think I'm not a few believe in the science of climate change. Why Have you roll back the Obama Plain we're plan which limited carbon emissions in power plants. I have you relax fuel economy standards that we are going to create more pollution from car Riley again, that is, that did did whilst Badger Biden on anything like the last night like twice now packing the court and environments like I'm, not answering it, and then he let it go and I think everything was summed up by the end of a debate, Joe Biden. Chris walls were laughing together, which basically sums up where possible,
ended up by the end of the day, Anthony and intended to be there at the beginning of this is certainly worry, ended up. I don't resident answered. His court has final question The final question is I can't remember which of all is ran a little trouble, my stockings Now you just turn into the Bay participant and now I've Joe Biden. So, to sum up, persuasive which was terrible for moderate. I mean really really bad to Donald Trump over aggressive performance, distracted anything relevant that he wanted to say we didn't and of doing severe damage to Joe Biden by in his battery and that white supremacy, western ended up damaging him, maybe a little bit, but only will have any real effect. Because again, this has been the long time. Democratic narrative, that's why that you won't condemn what supremacy he's literally called it evil for
the rostrum many many times in Joe Biden perform exactly well either. So where do we end up status quo ante? We end of exemplary started, which is nobody gains. Nobody loses. The problem is for Donald Trump. The clock is running if he is ahead great, if he's behind time is running out. If you are going to clock Joe Biden and make a difference here, you need to let him hang himself downwards and from wooden alarmed you do that you just kept still, in and crowding in your gun, one brave enough to fall over ok. So the predictable reaction from the media was exactly what you would expect after spending years, hyper ventilating over every single thing from says. After turning our media culture into a series of low level. Stupid debates after hosting from the most radical guessing the most radical things. They were astonished and stunned, our members of the media and how bad this was after going after Mitt Romney would the alacrity of a rapid monkey. They decided to do we're going to get very offended by what happened here, I saw buncher tweets last night. We were like member that time
the wheel when after Mitt Romney for the binders for women are how wasn't that an ice or time wasn't at a richer time and am the answer to that is. It was a better time, but it is your fault that this happened media you did this. You decided that Mitt Romney was to be treated like the plague and twenty twelve Mitt Romney. He mildest most Milton Human being was ever walked planet earth. He is the definition of a milk toast human being Mitt Romney was clean as the driven snow. As anybody gets him and you decided to muddy him by suggesting that you strapped dogs, to the tops of cars, forcibly cut the hair of gay kids in nineteen fifty and was a racist, would put your back and change in the words of job I'm. So you don't get it! You don't get to do this. I am so offended by the bye, detect others it now how offence run or other. As I said before, Donald Trump is the corner of american policy she's, not the killer, Indian, like what did last night, then you might want to take a day. you're on your own behaviour media, but the media won't take again.
Instead, the Jerusalem and how could this never happened? How could it George stuff novelist wars, debate over George seven up was ok. George, I agree is a quite terrible debate. I said I think, was the worst debate I've ever seen also, how is George seven opposite knees news makers position in a newsman position after asked. Positioning himself at the head of the Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton campaign in nineteen. Ninety two: how how does that happen? You won't have their own front became president. You don't like what you saw out there. Maybe it's because you created this monster as Jake Aust, formerly the Standard put it Doctor Frankenstein sending her by look at this monster rampaging through the cities, and you don't like killing people as this is terrible. You created this, you broke it, you bought it. There was George stuff novelist last night as some is watch presidential debates for forty years as some
his moderator presidential debates. As someone is prepared candidates for presidential debates as soon as covered presidential debates, that was the worst presidential debate I have ever seen. Ok, thank you. George set monopolise. Meanwhile Jake Tapir Indiana Bash again agreeing this is the worst debate ever after you know extraordinarily extraordinarily high, pitched coverage of how tromp was a russian cats offer for years. It turns out they. Now everybody is upset with the tenor of american power. Well, I I wonder how we got here gang is, though, that I am highly irritated with this notion that is very central to american politics. But every bad thing began and ended with Donald Trump down front didn't appear and then speak words and politics came into being Donald Trump as a result of the system, a system built by the people and cable news anyway, carers are cable. News has been very apt. last night, that was a hot mass incited, dumpster fire inside a train wreck that was the worst
debate I have ever seen. In fact, it wasn't even a debate, it was a disgrace and its primarily because of president tromp one thing for sure the american people lost tonight, because that was horrific, distant the words out of my mouth, some high minded language and risk, and it say it like it is. That was it Shall I get it was, but I'm just not willingly here from the members of the media have been pursuing the bleak show for years. Years and years mean Jeff. Sucker was now having phone calls with members from campaigning twenty. Sixteen advising them spare me the spare me the outrage again, I'm not saying this about any one of these individual perception, maybe stuff Annapolis. Maybe data bash a little bit, but is it but the media's shock? And ah, at this debate you created this. This was All you have to now: the media have a new narrative and the new narrative is maybe this is the last time Maybe this will never happen again now. The button campaigns said that they want more of us have already said
we're gonna do more debate you, maybe it's because they think that their their guided ok last night and in essence didn't lose last night, because nobody one last night, but I hear- is whatsoever. to put it out there. I would not be completely shocked. Biden simply pulls out of the rest of the debate, only shocking just that behaviour was so agreed and the media cover for ever. Zero soldiers- and I just came in Here- is worthless- are making that suggestion. Last night this was the most arctic presidential debate I've ever seen, and I suspect most of you, if not all of I've ever seen most chaotic presidential debate and it will certainly raise a lot of questions raising a lot of questions about the future of the presidential bait between these two candidates. I wouldn't be surprised by the way, if this is the last presidential debate between the president of the United States and the former vice president of the United States,
but we shall see mean how badly the media want Joe Biden when they were at their meeting this argument a while ago, renouncing Pelosi was saying: maybe there won't be any debates because they figured the Biden, was winning so hide button in the basement, that's their strategy and they hope to continue that going forward because they stole the one answer? Any serious questions remember in this debate. By refusing them anti called all America's systems, racist and then refuse to answer who'd stack the Supreme Court and its innovate. He supposedly one, and that that is that's not a good showing by Joe Biden. It's just that again down trumps tactic. For so distracting, there was very difficult for people to actually fully grasp what the hell was. Going on ok, we'll be back a little bit later today to additional hours of content. More recap in same story. Apparently there is now a we're doing. Fine on Maoist struggle sessions by professors at all. State University who have suggested it exports. apparently you're not allowed to say that you like sports anymore and that's racist. We get to that of the later on otherwise will see her to Morrow. I ventured there. This is the bench. Barrow show
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