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Ep. 1116 - Facebook and Twitter Just Ushered In The Most Dangerous Political Moment In Memory


After The New York Post runs a bombshell story about Hunter Biden brokering a meeting between a Ukrainian oligarch and Joe Biden, Facebook and Twitter crack down on the story; we examine our intrepid journalists, who continuously cheer censorship; and Amy Coney Barrett moves one step closer to confirmation.

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After the new post runs a bombshell story about Hunter Biden, brokering, a meeting between the ukrainian oligarch and Joe Biden, Facebook and twitter crack down on the story. We examiner intrepid journalists who continuously cheer censorship and becoming bear. It moves one step closer to confirmation, Ben Shapiro. This is the bench of Morocco They show a sponsor my express vps, my savvy thin, secured there internet join them. An express VP end outcome slashed by one of the reasons you should secure your internet, that social media giants cannot control the information that you see and hear as easily, and that is the topic of today's should mean this is unbelievable, unbelievable. So, yesterday, morning, early afternoon, then, Europe Post breaks a story,
about Hunter Biden and Joe Biden and essentially the story, is this hundred Biden, who is in fact a crack at a mean that he is. He is a drug addict, he's an unsavory character. He has several he he has had many of errors with various different. I women need he's he's. A mass hundred hundred button is just a mass, is a mess of a human being and doesn't Jos vault per se in there were lots of good parents who have messes for children, but it is Jos Fault that It has allowed Hunter Biden to run across the world, picking up sacks of cash by trading on his last name, and that is one hundred Biden has been doing for years. We picked up sacks of cash in China, picked up sacks of cash in Ukraine and for a long time conservatives have been focused in on a hundred buttons activities with regard to Ozma now the original narrative with regard to Burmese MA's breeze, my is a natural gas and oil company in Ukraine.
mine, was sitting on the board of their company and picking up tracks for fifty thousand dollars a month, despite the fact that he didn't know anything about natural gas or oil, despite the fact that he himself, a personal, that's the only reason he was on that borders, because, whose related to Joe Biden Joe Biden, was then the vice president of the United States and largely in charge of ukrainian policy. While Joe Biden, then bragged on tape about getting one of the chief prosecutor is over in UK,
fired he's threatened withhold one billion dollars in foreign aid, Ukraine until they fired the sky. Joe Biden always claimed that it had nothing to do with Hunter. This prosecutor claims that he was about to investigate basement. That was the company hundred was working for the the chain has never quite been made. So there's a lot of controversy over the victory over whether Victor Shokhin, who was that prosecutor was actually going to prosecute bereavement. There was indeed a lot of focus on Victor Shokhin as possible. Corrupt figure inside Ukraine. Why do people in Europe want to see Victor Show can go as the chief prosecutor in Ukraine Biden has always claimed that his firing of victims, Victor Shokhin, was on the up, and up choking has always claimed that it was corrupt. The controversy has been Therefore, quite awhile. What is unchallenged is that Joe Biden, family members, ranging from his brother to his son, use his name in order to make money for themselves, and that does have an element of corruption to it. Now, the best that you can say about it is the job I
turned a blind eye to it. By the end, this is sort of which all his argued, Joe Biden, who said well, I didn't know about it either. Nobody ever did anything. Nobody ever deadening man, nobody come on man come on. I never knew no come on. Ok, so here is the bombshell yesterday than Europe Post reports hundred Biden actually brokered a meaning between a ukrainian oligarch, who was a breeze, my chief member and Joe Biden directly. That's what one of these emails tended to suggest. So here's the story from near Post hundred Biden introduces Father, then vice President Joe Biden TOP executive in ukrainian Energy firm lesson. Here before the elder Biden Pressure government officials into Ukraine into in Ukraine into firing a prosecutor whose Estimating the company according to emails obtained by the post than ever before, revealed meeting is
mentioned in a message of appreciation that Vadim push our sky and at an adviser to the Board of Breeze. My allegedly sent Hunter Biden on April seventeen twenty fifteen about a year after Hunter joined worrisome aboard reported salary of up to fifty grand a month. The email reads dear, under. Thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spend some time together. It's really an honour and a pleasure. In earlier email from May. Two thousand fourteen also shows push our sky. Reportedly bereavement number three exec asking hunter for advice on how you could use your influence on the companies behalf. The blockbuster correspondence is then Europe's post reports. flies in the face of Joe Biden claimed. That has never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings, its contained in a massive trove data recovered from a laptop computer. The computer was rob off apparently at a repair shop and binds home state of Delaware in April two thousand and ten, according to the stores owner other material extracted from the computer, including around she twelvemonth. A video that appears to show Hunter was admitted struggling with addiction problem. Smoking
while engaged in a sex act as an unidentified women as well as numerous other sexually explicit images. The customer who brought in water damage map a proper repair, never paid for the service or retrieved it or a hard drive on which its contents restored. According to the ship owner, who said, he tried repeatedly to contact the client, the shipowner couldn't positively identify the customer s hundred Biden but said that the laptop a boar sticker from the Beau Biden, Asian named ever hundreds of late brother, informer, Delaware, attorney general photos of a general federal subpoena given to the post, show the boat, the computer and hard drive seized by the FBI in December after the shops owner says he learned the feds too. There exists and before turning over the year, according to the rapporteur, who made a copy of the hard drive and later gave it to form, mayor, Rudy, Giuliani, labourer, Castelo, Steve Ban and inform adviser to President from told the post about the existence of the hard drive in late September, Giuliani provided the post with a copy of it on Sunday, less than eight months after push our sky thanked hundred binding for the introduction to his dad, then vice president, admittedly pressure ukrainian President petrol or a shingle and Prime Minister RCA, yet
in York into getting rid of prosecutor General Victor shaken by threatening to withhold a one billion dollar you as loan, Gary see during the December two thousand fifteen trip to give by an infamously brags the council on foreign relations. I looked at them and said I'm leaving in six hours if the prosecutor not fired you're, not getting money. Well, son of a bitch you got fired, and so it is not necessary to actually believe the Joe Biden got Shokhin fired to protect his son in order to recognise that Joe Biden taking meetings of people that his son is picking up bags of cash from who have influence in areas of which Joe Biden hadn't, Once that is not a good look, it may not be illegal, but it is certainly corrupt. P rose didn't have to bet on his own team in order for it to be a bad thing that he was betting on baseball. The Clinton foundation did not actually have to manifest in Hillary Clinton. Doing thing for the various countries were sending cash to the Clinton foundation. The fact that they had access to her was the corruption shy.
it is said that at the time of his buy rating March, two thousand sixteen he'd made specific plans to investigate bereavement that included interrogations and other crime investigation procedures into all members of the Executive board, including under Biden Biden, has insisted the US wanted Shokhin removed over corruption concerns which corruption shared by the European Union. So as early as two thousand fourteen, the email show that this the top person at Brisma was urgent Hunter Biden to use political leverage to help the company. They sell. That was the story. Ok, it's a story. I mean it certainly a story that Joe Biden apparently met with or is planning to meet with this breeze. My executive on behalf of hundred Biden, seven hundred, could continue to traffic with daddy's name, so the binding campaign released a statement, the end
Bates their spokesman, said investigations led by the press during impeachment, and even my two Republican led Senate committees, whose work was decried as not legitimate and political by Giovanni colleagues of all reach the same conclusion that Joe Biden carried out official yours power. Retorted grain and engaged in no wrong doing Trump administration officials have attested to these facts under oath. Then Europe has never asked the Biden campaign about the critical, so the story, they certainly never raised. The Rudy Giuliani, whose discredited conspiracy theories in alliance with figures connected to russian intelligence have been widely reported. Claim to have such materials, moreover, review turbines official schedules from the time and no meeting as alleged by the new post ever to place. Ok, so that is a very carefully worded statement. In its very carefully worded saving, as it says that it's not on the calendar, it won't lots of meetings happen between people that are, in fact not on the calendar. Furthermore, I do enjoy. It went look: that's start complaining and whining about Russia
This information, when they literally traffic in russian disinformation for three one year's culminating in an impeachment attempt against Donald Trump, and the fact is that the Mulder report was largely predicated on steel dossier, which was a piece of russian disinformation that was not only bought into. It was a vertically trafficked by the Hillary Clinton campaign. The fusion gps to the entire community is unchallenged, is so dont lecture us about Russian. This information, when the fact is the Democrats were perfectly willing to accept russian disinformation and then and then jabber on about how Trump was was on tape, asking people to piano in such a way that that, just as work there's a very carefully worded denial from Joe Biden and then, as it turns out, the denial doesn't actually mean anything because a little bit later in the day political report, a quote Biden campaign, would not rule out the possibility that the former VP had some kind of informal interaction with the shower sky, which wouldn't and binds visual schedule this at any encounter. Women cursory bazaars guy did not respond to requests for comment. So now
their admitting oh yeah. By the way the the meeting could happen at no point anywhere in here. At no point is their denial, but the emails are real, but the emails are legit, but they were written by a hundred Biden or by jars guy. At no point does the Biden campaign actually deny immaterial fact of the report. Other than continuing to deny that Biden got this prosecutor, Victor Shokhin fired in or protect hunter embarrassment. That is the only part of the story they have denied. If not tonight, any of the surrounding circumstances. They ve not denied that a meeting took place. They have not denied that the emails about the meeting. Our So the story is real. Ok, the story is correct and centre. Republicans mediately announced that they would launch an investigation into all. This will get into that one. Second, it turns out that the big story here is not in fact, these hundred Biden story. The big story is how our social media matters have decide
There is information you should not see, and you should not here and they are doing it on a purely political basis. There is no question about this and I've been a big defender of freedom of the internet. I've been a big defender against using legislation to crack down on social media companies it makes it very difficult for conservatives to defend a laissez faire view of Facebook and twitter and various other social media companies when they act as avert organs of the Democratic Party and involve themselves in censorship of mainstream media outlets like the newer opposed because they don't like the story, it makes it almost impossible. I dont think legislation is the proper answer to this question. I think the government overseeing Facebook and twitter and controlling what they can do is answer, but I sure, as Hell, don't trust the people who are in charge over there. If this is the kind of activity in which they're going to engage. This is egregious. Ok, that's the actual story here. So two hundred Biden story- that's bad, but it's just the predicate to the actual story here, which is the attempt to stop you, the american people, from being able to access information that you want.
overt attempt to stop you from seeing bad information about Joe Biden in the three would swelling up to the election that madness. That's madness. These social media companies who purport to be platforms rather than publishers are now in the business of censoring content. They do not like not on the basis of any neutral application of rules, but on the basis of an absolutely, not neutral application of rules we get to this in in one second. First, let's talk about fact that you're spinning way too much on cable cable cost a fortune. When I get all the channels they want with cable. This is why you need football. Tv is how you should be watching tv. I haven't been paying for cable to me for a long time in football, makes it possible for me to see the channel I want fool tv- will bring you over one hundred channels, cloudy the are no hidden fees you can stream shows on your tv or any other smart device. They ve got the major broadcasting cable networks. You can find all your favorite chose, including last sports news and primetime tv with mobile TV? You get all your favorites like this? Is us in the bachelor
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the newly released emails published by the new posts that reports reveal that Hunter Biden introduced his dad Joe Biden, while he was VP of the United States to an executive that ukrainian gas from charisma, the emails contradict claims. Joe has repeatedly made to the media Johnson told Fox NEWS. The committee was contacted the source of the email quote, although we consider those communications be confidential, because the visual in this instance spoke of the media about his contacted the committee. We can confirm receipt of his email. Complaints have been in contact with the whistleblowers and are in the process of validating the information he provided about two weeks ago, the Senate Committee announced the findings. We your long investigation into Hunter Biden after Senator Charles. I believe I will raise concerns about alleged corruption linking hundred by millions of dollars and transactions taking place between bereavement holding National Guard, Elaine about Arena and chinese businessman with ties to Beijing's communist government. Joe Biden has repeatedly said he knew nothing about any of this is all it is all right, new to him. He did not know anything about any of this and then, as a turn
Well, not much ok, so the underlying issue is again in issue of corruption. The appearance of corruption is certainly there when the vice president of the United States with power over Ukraine Palace is meeting with ukrainian oligarchs in charge of natural oil and gas companies at the behest of his son was picnic. Bags of cash in Ukraine from their company does not look good John Kennedy from Louisiana. He pointed this out last night on factors President Obama put Vice President Biden: Charge of America's foreign affairs would do countries, Ukraine and China in case you saw on most. Romano batten walked away with millions of dollars of contracts. accusing any body of anything but I'm telling you this this is a message sent to the rest of the world, the farm
policy of the United States of America can be bought like a sack of potatoes. Ok, that is the impression, let us put out there in the same way the Clinton foundation which was receiving bags and bags and bags of cash from foreign sources. During the years when Hillary Clinton Secretary of State and then all the funding magically dried up the minute. You is no longer secretary of state because that's him appearance of generalised corruption. Ok, that's not the real story here. It isn't. The real story here is the social media reactions that I have never seen anything remotely like this cabin highly critical of twitter, in particular for censoring material for booting people for using fake fact, checks in order to target particular stories in particular, tweets, particularly from from I've, been
extremely critical of Facebook in their use of outside fact, checkers. At an entire episode on this just a couple of weeks ago, when Facebook used outside fact, checkers to take down to separate adds that we're both true one claiming the Joe Biden was gonna razor taxes and the other, claiming that the equality ACT would make it impossible for there to be separate male and female sports if taken literally a gate, the be faithful to both of those down basin, garbage fact checks from a garbage leftist backtracking, psychoanalytic fact,
Facebook has been attempting to remove itself from the business of determining what material should be up or down. Instead, they outsourced it to a bunch of outside fact, trackers, who all virtually all of whom happened to be left wing. Fact. Hackers who have no interest in actually check, in fact, instead what they do is they ll take a statement that is perfectly true from a conservative and they will fact check the implications current, what implications things that nobody said and then they will declare that a perfectly true statement is false and then Facebook censor the material based on the outside fact. Trackers Facebook has also set up. A group is supposed to be a panel like an appeals board on the sort of stuff, but that appeals board has not gone into place. Yet you have no idea how that appeals board will rule on particular cases. So Facebook has been deliberately attempting to take us out of the business of being directly responsible for censorship by trying to outsource it to various fact working groups. Yesterday the mask came completely off completely off.
for Facebook and twitter. Never had a mask, and so Twitter, basically just decided. Ok. Well, you know what we don't like the story out hundred binding Joe Biden. It doesnt matter that we have yet to find an element of the story. That is overtly not true. None of that matter is the only thing that matters and that this story cannot go out. It cannot go out so Twitter decided that they were going to censor the story so did Facebook, they both made it impossible to distribute the link you mineral and twitter. You literally could not link demure post story. If you try to tweet out a link of the Europe of Story, a warning would come up. If you did tweet out in Europe a story they suspended your account, then Europe Post Mean Twitter. Account was suspended, it was suspended. You couldn't tweet from the Europe Post Twitter account because of this story. Cayley MAC in any event, has pressing Jerry had her twitter account suspended for tweeting out information from the new post story. This is crazy. Towns is a mainstream media, but Europe has a very mainstream publication. It is
in nothing in the story, is less well sourced, then a bevy of other stories of mainstream media have run with their anti trump does not matter both Facebook and twitter crack down on it and made it impossible to distribute the story and that's it. That's an unbelievable breach of whatever twitter and Facebook were supposed to be. If again, the idea is that these are platforms and that their job. to provide an open forum for people to disseminate information, particularly if the information is not overtly false minute again. This is prior to any fact check. The emails are real. The allegations, Nine hundred Biden story: what do you think there's areas or not is of secondary concern? The bottom line is this: it appears that Facebook and twitter we're so concerned with the ramifications of aid. add story going out about Hunter and Joe Biden based on leaked emails that they shut down the entire story and there's only one reason for that. The only reason for that is because the leftist at Facebook and the leftist twitter and the left us in the journalistic establishment have decided
Then it is time to shut down the dissemination of information they do not like it. This is a threat to the republic, ailing hunter binding, Joe Biden are a threat to the republic. I do think that social media becoming a full of one side to the extent that they are now openly censoring what material can be disseminated? Informational journalism, their shutting down? You wanna talk to me about tramping, a threat to the press provident one eye What are the threats to the press that social media are when they decide that you cannot publish a story that reflects an egg Leon, Joe Biden, that's insanity, perfect insanity, and people should be leaving me. Services in roads of these are the standards that are going to be put forth by these social media companies. Again, I've been very hesitant to talk about big technical the monolithic leftist entity, or yesterday they acted as a monolithic leftist entity without any attempt to pretend that they were enforcing anything remote
resembling a neutral rule. That's that's madness. We'll get some more of this in one second, I'm I'm I'm enraged by this, and you should be enraged by this time. Honestly left, right and centre should be enraged by the idea that these social media companies will literally stop the dissemination of a story because they don't like the story not because of any underlying reason, because they don't like the story. Therefore, you cannot disseminate the story and the particular no at the store, because they are afraid that, if Joe Biden were to see that story disseminated on Facebook, then maybe Joe Biden in his democratic friends, my regulate facebook. It is exactly the accusation that the left has been making about from, and companies like Facebook is that, because Trump has had conversations with Mark Zuckerberg, then Zuckerberg what was was somehow biasing. The algorithm at Facebook to benefit from this is all part of the left, is bull crap narrative that they pushed in twenty sixteen after Hillary Clinton
horrible candidate lost too, maybe most unpopular candidate of all time, Donald Trump. They pushed initiative. That was because Facebook taken over by russian Botz had somehow change the outcome of the election, and then they decided to pressure Facebook into changing. Policies, so basically social media companies are so afraid of Democrats. The new voluntarily do a Democrats wants Democrats, dont come after them. This is a blackmail routine by democratic and social me it's an inside outside job, because so many members of the media love Facebook, censoring material and his facebook. Inside job in twitter of an inside job. When top Democrats at these places decide that it is time to shut down material is a baseline agreement between Democrats, the social media, eyebrows and the and the journalists, all of whom are lines you about their true agenda. None of them apparently care about freedom of the press, particularly the journalist. Tarnishing it astonishing how little journalist care about freedom of the press. I mean they really no care about it. They hated. In fact, I would love to see many of them free speech. Cracked down
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Panes private information may put people in physical harm or danger or contains trade secrets. The platform does currently allow leads in hack, monsieur from other sources, including Wikileaks, to be shared the platform. So the policy applied in this case due to concerns about the lack of authoritative reporting in regard to the origins of material okay. So let it be straight than Europe Post reports that there is a laptop Hunter Biden who is eight? Who is a dope attic? Ok, Hunter Biden, who is a drug addict, a derelict left his computer at this computer repair store according to the Europe Post, he has left a daring, never pick it up was filled with us or to stuff the guy opened up the computer, dissolves whore for material apparent carbon into the FBI made a copy of it because he seems to be something of a conspiracy dearest and then he handed it over to really Giuliani right. That seems to be the way that the scotch within Europe Post, but according to Twitter, they suspect that this is actually russian disinformation, that it was hacked material by the Russians handed over to a couple of things. One since when has russian disinformation,
been banned curiously from twitter. Russian. This information is not banned from twitter. The entire russian whose scandal was essentially Russia than the Christopher Steel Dossier was all russian disinformation did twitter take down a single story on it about the idea that twitter takes down hats material, really, how much hack material did they take down from like Edward Snowden or Wikileaks? The answer is: none didn't take down any of that stuff. Why you just crap when they took by the way twitters policies even broader than that first they say there is a lack of authoritative reporting, based on what, based on what lack of authoritative reporting again, the thing had not in fact checked. Yet it's not as though there was a fact check of the story, and people said: okay, well, the story falling apart and so Twitter took it down said preemptively Twitter took it down and ban you from disseminating the article, so it must be said about this. A month and a half ago there was a story from the Atlantic acclaim
maternal trumpery team. We went around to military cemeteries and said bad things about that soldiers. It turns out that every element of that story fell apart. There are people on the record denying the story. Every source in that story was unnamed. every elements that story so far, as I am aware, has now been debunked by people who are on site. Ok, there's, yet a single main source in that story, not one link from the Atlantic with moves on that basis You know many stories. We seem like that. How many links went out there about how Russians. Repaying Taliban fighters to kill american soldiers in front was ignoring it, and then it turned out that story kind of fell. Apart did any of those links come down? No One of those links came down because there's no neutral standard here this just a bunch of crap- is just a bunch of crap twitter originally suggested not kidding that their rationale here was hacking. There is no evidence the thing was hacked in the first place again the storing the Europe of suggest it was not about hacking, the story, then Europe will suggest there was a laptop that was physically too
overdue, really Giuliani and to the FBI pace and then later, in the day, Twitter tried to release a second explanation here was their second explanation. We want to provide much clearer, much indeed, clarity around the actions we ve taken with respect to junior opposed articles that were first. We did this morning the is contained in the articles include personal in private information like email addresses in full numbers which violate our rules. Ok now does not correct and get people disseminated. Those in images all day yesterday on Twitter, their accounts are not taken down. The link was blocked and here's what we get here's, what gets good. As noted this morning, we also currently vehemence
rules, including the articles as violation of our hacked materials policies. Commentary on or discussion about, hack materials such as articles that cover them, but do not include or linked to the materials and selves aren't violation of this policy are policy only covers links to, or images of, hack materials themselves. Again, there is no evidence. This point that this is hacked material Hunter Biden has an idiot, so he left a laptop at a computer repair store beyond that hacked mitya. Ok, so then it gets even worse. Ok, ready! Here's where it gets wild twitter says the policy established in two thousand and ten prohibits the use of our service to distribute content obtained without authorization. We don't want to incentivize hacking by allowing twitter to be used as distribution for possibly illegal. obtained materials here is where we are off the rails. Now. Ok, hacking is a very specific charge which that somebody illegally violated, though they went, they violate the law, they happen, you're computer they took materials. Twitter doesn't want that distributed. Forget about the fact
If not evenly applied this policy. Obviously they literally say that their policy prohibits the use of our service to distribute content obtains without authorization who lets you. Can we think of a story in which content was distributed without was obtained in distributed without authorization we think of twitter in the past, having distributed those sorts of stories and played them up. What, if I told you that, like a week and a half ago, twitter Wit Buck naked crazy on the trunk tax returns? How do you think those came out? You think trumpets decided to release those giving an authorized person decided to release us how eggs wait. Did those materials come out, I mean I'm told by Twitter. They prohibit the use of their service to distribute content obtained without authorization who authorize the release of those materials. Anybody anybody Bueller Bueller they. I can name a half dozen stories off the top of my head
which twitter allowed distribution and not only allowed the distribution, push the distribution right prompted up on their twitter friends. I'm old enough to remember when there is a state of Mitt Romney talking about forty seven percent of Americans who and vote for him. There was tape, I was not authorized. Is Jimmy Carter grandson who took a table? It was that authorized material had Mitt Romney authorize the release of that material about pictures that are not authorized to people who have not given their permission. That's every public photo in a public place. Hey this is it. This is insane. This has nothing to do with a neutral policy. Nothing to do and it's a clown, show a total ridiculous clown show trumps tax returns. Apparently, that's authorized at all authorization, but you know, but but this was completely unauthorized, crazy, crazy. So how does it Jack Jack, Dorsey, dumb ass, head of twitter guy, who donated ten million dollars Avram Candy
He could feel not racist while getting bet by Mosquitos in Malaysia, something how to Jack Dorsey respond to this quote our communication around our actions on then Europe Post article was not great and blocking you EL sharing, the tweet or GM with Euro cotton context why were blocking is unacceptable. The problem is not your communication strategy. The problem is that you're blocks the material without any actual rationale, us why you would block this material as opposed to any other leaked. Cereal. Virtually every major story is an unauthorized leak of information, everybody, hell stories and unauthorized league. How many off? How many authorize links have there been from the federal government in there past, every story involving Andrew Mackay bleak into the Wall Street Journal which, as it turns out, got his his pension cancelled. I believe anaemic, those oarsmen hunting them. My twitter, every unauthorized leaked from the mother probe we're any of those taken down but, of course, not
There's only one story: there's been overtly banned by twitter and that a story involving Hunter and Joe Biden. I wonder why it could be that what why's that from statutory perfectly or their authorized? No, I'm now I'm to believe that they were authorized. A twitter is a leftist garbage cheap. You should go check out parlor today or as a good alternative to Twitter is not going to ban people or information dissemination based on pure political content. It go check out. Parlor today, run by a bunch of my friends and colleagues were worth establishing an account. It wasn't just It was also Facebook and facebooks standard is even more insane even crazier. They will get to that in just one second. First, let us talk about the fact that you don't have time to go
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before a fact check before a factual, they didn't wait for their vaunted outside factors to Patrick the story. They preemptively prevented you from disseminating the story. He Andy Stone whose Informer Democratic operative hee hee. Now works in a high level over its at Facebook. He treated this out yesterday very early yesterday morning Well, I was intentionally not linked to the new post. I want to be clear that the stories eligible to be fast tracked by facebooks. Third party fact partners in them time where reducing its distribution on our platform. That's insane! That's re, z he says. This is part of our standard processed reduce the spread of misinformation. We temporarily reduce distribution pending factual review because you go back that first we'd for second, because gonna break the stone, so their new standard is if any stone doesn't like Facebook, they will pre
we ban the distribution of the information waiting for a fact tracker to do their dirty work and call the thing false. That's not! It has not been factual, get the story, this morning, you literally says that the story is eligible to be fashioned. Every stories elderly fact on Facebook, Every one of the daily wire stories, as fact basically bipolar fact and half of them, are lied about overtly bipolar fact. Again, it is a sin for Facebook to outsource. It's fast tracking to avert the political sites like pull it affected, purports to be none left as they are left in the extreme, but that's not even deafening what this is. This is in that they are sourced a fact check of a true statement to a left, his source, who declared in false this is we didn't even bother to wait for fact checkers. We are banning the story before it is fat, checked. Why? Because any stolen? The Democrats are suspicious of a story the makes by look bad. He refers to the Facebook policy there. It
he says. Well, you know this is in line with our normal facebook policy, which is that we will reduce distribution of a story pending. A factor here is the actual facebook policy quote we're working to take faster action to prevent misinformation from going viral, especially given equality reporting. In fact, checking takes time in many countries, including in the? U s. If we have signals that a piece of content is false, we temporarily reduce its distribution pending review by third party factor. What were the signals that this piece of content is lost any? What? What really? What I have yet to hear a single aspect of the core story: demote, the wash can post hilariously tried to debunk something that actually is not the core elements of the story right they say. Well, you know, there's no evidence that Joe Biden actually got Victor Shokhin fired nor protect country. That is not the core element of the story. The core element of the story is the emails and the meeting. None of that was debunked, not a word of it. So what
was facebooks, preliminary information signalling that the piece of content with false what the binding denied it, because trumpet tonight a thousand stories that Facebook has not preliminarily taken down this happens. All that every single day. There was a story in which the New York Times Report, something that the trumpet ministrations has his false. Has Facebook ever once preemptively removed the link or downgraded the distribution? Of course, not, of course not, it's perfectly obvious. What happens? Are Democrats decided didn't like the story. Democrats and social media decided that they didn't like the story and journalists cheered. This is the part that maybe the most sickening of all is that are journalists. Establishment is very much in favour of censorship. They love it. They love it. They think that Trump is a threat to the republic, giving Trump as a threat to the press. The press is a threat to the press.
journalistic betters are a threat to the press, its jack asses and morons, like Harris Wisher at the New York Times or Kevin Russa than your time for Charlie Wars hell at the New York Times. We spend each and every day trying to not so suddenly urge social media crackdown on dissemination of any information that day personally, do not like there's a reason that Ben Roads, the man who overtly acknowledges who overtly acknowledges that he created a journalistic echo chamber to promote falsehoods about his ratio between it out the republican freak out over not being able to spread a disinformation unchecked demonstrates why you should not be able to spread this information and tracked. They know they have no political viability without the capacity to spread. Lies. I've
and what says that this is information. What there's no information year? What Ben roads means is information. I don't like this information and it should not spread unchecked and therefore I want all of this shot down and it was not just been roads. There's a bunch of journalists is Charlie Wars EL in your time yesterday. Well, you know just because, just because there is a freedom of the press, to print doesn't mean there should be. Freedom of distribution does mean that what the social media do all this one and that there are a couple of underlying factors here. One members the press are generally of the left. They do not want people who are of the right to have the ability to distribute a material. There have been one thousand stories about how my outlet the daily, where is successful, on social media, on twitter on Facebook, and the implication is of course, that we are doing something deeply corrupt or facebook or currently being downgraded by Facebook. Gonna pull crap backtrack. Okay, so that's not true. Beyond that,
the basic notion, which is that the right wing is being specifically pulled out an chosen by Facebook, but as a why they know it is a lie, they continue to promote the lie anyway. The media keep saying over and over and over that engagement on the right is really high. End Engagement on the right is really high, so, for example, in August NEWS, but now that the daily, where my outlet had for the second month in Europe, in the top spot for total engagements amassing a hundred. One point: nine million engagements over the course of the month to other explicitly conservative sites, the blazing bright Bart made it into the top ten. So this was supposed to be big news. Ok, but here's the thing, if you add up all of the engagement of the three conservative side, You find that they collectively wrapped up one hundred eighty seven point eight million engagements over the course of the month. That is just under a third of the five hundred eighty seven point: eight million total engagements among the top ten. If you expand the list of the top twenty five minutes, publishers. Four August you'll find just three more self styled conservative sites, western journalists, DNS News and conservative away.
The total engagements represented by that group of six two hundred fifty seven point: four million engagement, that its neck is explicitly conservative sites. Just twenty seven percent of total engagement in the top twenty five if you include Fox NEWS daily mail and then your post you'll, find right. Leaning sites account for less than half of engagements produced by Facebook. Stop twenty five sites. And if you look at the data from previous months, you will see that it completely falls apart. Then, in previous months, our reach has not been quite as great as that and it's not just which states get the most engagement, its, which lights have the most each. In other words, which cites posts are seen by the most users there to left, leaning in mainstream media outlets, outperform conservative site a point highlighted by facebooks head of news feed.
John Hagemann in July. In response to the New York Times Tech columnist, Kevin Roose is steady stream on Facebook, themed Sweet trying to suggest that can service to be shut down on social media Hageman suggested the roots and others are missing at the proper metric. According to Hageman, a more accurate method for understanding what news people see. on Facebook is reach, or the number of people who saw link in their news. Feed haggling, shared a list of things that had the widest reach on Facebook, compared with the post with the highest arrangement on the same day, much life. If, for example, the post with the highest engagement came from Franklin, Graham me, bright Bart for America and Tina. By contrast, the way but the widest reach. That day came from the allay times: MSNBC Rancor Buzzfeed and ABC News, so they're just lying about the idea that conservatives have this outsize did vantage on Facebook. It is just not true, but this is all part of the generalised, journalistic rage. The right wing even exist. There is an attempt by mainstream media and left wing outlets to shut down dissemination. The right this does not exist on the right. It does not exist on the
There is no one on the right who believes that social media should shut down NBC the New York Times. Abc news I think, imposed Buzzfeed or any other leftist outwit, there's no one on the right who said that in your term should not have the right to post that Trump tax return stuff on Facebook remove objected to the story. We have asked whether it was criminally obtain, but nobody suggested that Facebook should take it down only left and our journalistic betters are saying this are journalists? Do care about the first amendment they object to the first amendment. The first amendment allows people to disseminate information that, unlike, and so they are attempting to do- is use non governmental mechanisms in order to reduce distribution for material they don't like. That is what you are seeing: inaction right now Romania being used as an informal mechanism of create a bottleneck in the informational dissemination system, but the one Beauty of the internet, is that broke the mainstream media domination. There was one of you of the internet, and now
swimming our pissed and what they would like to do is reduced distribution for everybody else, the others for media network for everybody where everybody gathers and make it so that your back to only having access to stories that the left wing approves of and only outlets and the mainstream media like they are trying to reestablish monopoly the Facebook via Twitter, the other social media sites, the predictable effective. They should that people should be brushing away from those sites on ass to sites that are actually going to allow you to see the things that you want to see. As I say, this is purely political. It is obviously political. I sort of Amerika the editor of the Europe Post up at page This is what to tell a terrorism. It looks like in our century, not men in dark in cells driving screws under fingernails, but Silicon Valley Dweeb, removing from best swathes of the internet, a damaging expos on their preferred presidential candidate. He says the standards that they're using they ve, never been applied to any of these other stories. Remember
four CNN reporters claimed in June twenty seventeen James come? He was about to dispute in congressional testimony, trumps claim the F B, I d had reassured the president, he wasn't under investigation. Come you didn't do it did twitter and Facebook censor the story nope? remember when the guardian concocted a story about Trump campaign to Paul Manafort and Julian Assange meeting in ecuadorian embassy in London. I mean it didn't happen. The facebook report about the story, no Pienso Post it member on the Atlantic. Several thousand words story, suggesting that just sessions had lied when he said he didn't meet the russian ambassador. As a team surrogate, but as routine member. but as a routine matter. The Mulder report debunked the Atlantic decisively, is that Atlantic story blocked misinformation nope. It's perfectly obvious what happened here and that disgusting and stomach turning part of this is that it is not only approve by Democrats what you would expect, but by the social media companies themselves and the Democrats within
and it is proved by the journalistic institutions who supposedly stand squarely in favour of free speech. The first amendment nonsense: they do not, they simply do not get to more or less in just one second, because this is the scandal of the campaign. Whatever else was happening in the campaign, the thing that's going to affect you beyond the campaign. Is this? Ok that, because we all engage with these social media site, where I get more of this in just one? Second? First, let us talk about the fact that, with all Scary things happening busier policy. Genius would like to mark Halloween by making something less scary. Life insurance shopping for life. Insurance can seem like a daunting task. Policy. Genius makes it easy. They combine a cutting edge insurance marketplace, withheld from licensed experts, save you time and saving money right now you could say fifty percent or more by using policy genius to compare life insurance
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Ok, we'll get you more of the media, cheering on the crackdown on free dissemination of information and by the way it's not just twitter and Facebook. It is now Amazon as well. It's more of this in just one second. First, if you have not already heard Delawares old Glory, Delaware, baseball, bat, its back the clue, bat. This is our limited edition. Handcrafted custom painted baseball bat emblazon without magical daily work Well, go so every hit. You may be a home run since we relaunched on Monday that almost all sold out today is less. They will be available in still get yours if you hurry text that you were baseball to eighty three four hundred purchase your back tonight, you haven't already had an over daily where'd. Our constitution of scrap become a member. Today, members get our articles, have free access to all of our live broadcasting. Shall library the full three hours of the bench? Appearance
exclusive readers, past content available only to daily where members, if you're, considering in all access membership, yet to join us on all access life every night for online and live stream discussions now, so that not one but you leftist years, tumblers with EU membership, as was early, sometimes exclusive access to New Delaware Productivity in this coming year, when we have so much amazing content for subscribers, I cannot even begin to discuss the magic but shall be follow you when you become a member Delaware, dot com, slash subscribe, go check it out right now, in listening to the largest fastest growing concern to Pakistan, radios the nation S, there's a reason begins are fighting mad centre. Josh Halley of Missouri has been calling regulation of Facebook and twitter and social media in general here
That's Manning answers as to why Facebook and Twitter limited the ability to read, then your post peace, and he is now asked the Federal Election Commission to express his concern regarding what he described. This unprecedented suppression from big tech. So the post reporting has understandably attracted substantial public discussions. Callous Americans have sought to discuss and debate that article, but to social media platforms have engaged in unprecedented suppression of public discussion. Of that article, the conduct is not merely censor the core political speech of ordinary Americans, though it definitely does that twitter and Facebook conduct also appears to constituted, constitute a clear violation of federal campaign. Financed law. Federal law prohibits any corporation from making a contribution to a federal candidate for office. He sings, basically, fine contribution by the media by that standard. Frankly, that is the that is the democratic, slash, mainstream media. Every single day, Donald Trump commented on this in a rally in Iowa last night, going hard after the social media companies as well. He should Harry was yesterday false
I believe stories everyday, false libelous stories, and they knew they were forced to they knew they were far ass. They were. Taken down by twitter or Facebook or the mainstream media never once yet with biting. Today they take negative posts down almost before they even go up there trying to protect him. They tried to protect by he's not wrong about this, and he is right to call it out and he should continue to call all of the town play: there's a follow up story. Today from the New York Post, almost Hunter Biden emails. It turns out that I was also picking up bags of cash over in China, which is exciting stuff. Apparently, He had been offered something like ten million dollars annually. Two hundred by how, by a vanished chairman of a company, called see Fc Ye charming, bind whispers made ten million dollars a year for court introductions alone. I don't worry, he wasn't trafficking
undoubtedly me what about ways? Not just Facebook and twitter cracking down on dissemination material they don't like Amazon has no cancelled, shall be. Steel, shall be steel, who is an incredible thinker, the author of just in incredibly insightful book about race relations in America, white guilt, among other things, has a new documentary out. It's called what killed Michael Brown. Amazon has turned down distribution of the documentary. Why? Because shall be still takes the perspective that correctly Michael Brown was not in fact murdered in cold blood by police officer. In fact, there are deep and abiding problems with regard to black crime rates for example. The subject race relations is a major fault line in the presidential election. There's a reason why the steals schedule that their film of release on October. Sixteen the movie, however, does not fit the dominant blacklist. Better narrative and so Amazon rejected it for streaming from. She can't even obtain it there to Amazon will give you basically software pornography if you'd like to buy it. But if you want to pay
LE bucks to watch shall be stills movie and Amazon. You cannot Amazon, inform the seals, therefore misquote not eligible for publishing, because it doesn't need prime videos content, quality expectations, movies, Wilmot, I've seen it about that It's about the fact that shall be steel does not abide by the black lives matter, narrative that America systemically racist and that all problems in the black me and he sprang from the evils of the United States. I mean that is so. That's an amazing story. It's amazing! Now I want to discuss an lobe of length again how the media have reacted to all of these giant crackdowns by these social media companies and by our major corporations in the or is that they are fine with it. They love it. I have yet to see a lot of mainstream media reporters or journalists or even opinion calmness, saying that it is bad,
at the social media. Companies are cracking down on your formation. They do not like, in fact today, over in York Times magazine, there's a piece by Emily Bazelon suggesting that free speech is bad, that the first amendment needs to stop. This is literally the piece in the New York Times magazine this weekend. It's all about how free speech is a threat to our democracy, The basic idea here is that, because free speech allows for the possibility of of misinformation, free speech is bad. According to Emily Babylon. She says the conspiracy theories, the lies the distortions, the overwhelming amounts of information, the anger encoded in it. These all serve to create chaos and confusion and make people even on partisans, exhausted, sceptical, cynical about politics, the spoiling the falsehood isn't meant when any battle of ideas, its calls to prevent the actual battle from being fought by causing us to simply give up. The problem, isn't just the internet, a working paper from the Bergmann client Centre for internet and society
released earlier this month, found that effectiveness, information campaigns are often in elite driven mass media. That process in which social media played only a secondary and supportive role from selection put him in position to operate directly through Fox NEWS and other conservative media outlets like russian embossed talk, radio show which have come to function. In effect, as a party press, the harbor researchers found a false story about Democrats, plotting a coup spread through typical feedback. links from Fox NEWS Hose and other rightwing figures in line with Trump, like in Bonn. Gino often dominate the toppling some facebooks news feed four legs comments in shares in the United States, though Fox NEWS is far smaller than Facebook. The social media platform has helped Fox attained, highest weekly reach offline and online combined of any single new source in the United States. According to a twenty twenty report by rotors Institute again, this is all tied into the New York Times his attempt to prevent social media from disseminating information. They do not like better to force social media to shut off those spigots better to cut against the first amendment directly.
Emily Babylon just goes right for its own point for honesty, Emily Babylon and your times magazine she's, not just ripping on. She'll mediating social media should crackdown on free speech. She saying we should all crackdown on free speech. The government should rewrite its own doctrines on free speech. According to Emily Babylon quote: it's an article of faith in the United States and more speech is better and that governments are regulated as little as possible, but increasingly scholars of constitutional law, as well as social scientists, are beginning to question the way we have come to think about the first amendments, guarantee of free speech they think are formulations are simplistic and especially in the attic for our Europe. Censorship of external critics by the government remains a serious threat under authoritarian regimes, but the United States and other democracies there's a different kind of threat which may be doing more damage to the discourse about politics, news in science. It encompasses the mass distortion of
with an overwhelming waves, a speech from extremists that smear and distract do understand the insane danger than Emily Babylon is proposing as policy her she's saying that, because you get to speak freely, you might say something Emily Babylon doesn't like, and therefore the Emily Babylon categorizes as speech from extremist that smears and distracts, she saying there is a bigger threat from you speaking freely than there is from the government controlling speech. That is patently absurd. Absurd disgusting perspective on your rights as an individual american citizen is disgusting. It really is its top down. Fascism is essential. that you cannot be trusted with your own liberty. Therefore, the government will stop you from speaking freely or should stop you from speaking freely or should prevent the dissemination of information that Ben Roads and Emily Babylon and your betters it in your time. So like this concern
bans the ideological spectrum, along with this information campaigns. There's a separate from of troll armies, a flood of calm enters often propelled by bought that into discredit or to destroy their the reputation of this favorite speakers and to discourage them from speaking again is Jack Goldsmith. A conservative law professor at Harvard this tactic may be directed by those in power either way it often grimly effectively meeting critical voices and yet as to move a progressive. While Professor Colombia points out in the same book, the use of speech as a tool to suppress speech is, by its nature, something very challenging fourths for the first amendment to deal with These collars argue something that may seem on settling to Americans that perhaps our way of thinking about free speech is not the best way. At the very least we should understand. It is the only way other democracies in Europe and elsewhere have taken a different approach. Spite more regulations on speech. These countries remain democratic. In fact, they ve created better conditions for their citizens need to sort what's true from what's and to make informed decisions about what they want their societies to be here and United States. Meanwhile, we are drowning in lies, so presumably should like these sort of hate speech regulation you see in Scotland, where fuel
person you can be thrown in jail depending on what you have to say about algae BT issues. Presumably, should like the sort of hate speech regulations you see across Europe, where, if you say something, Quantico Islamic Phobic, you could theoretically be prosecuted, you're out could be shut. This is what the left in the United States would like. Now the ACL used to say that they would fight to the death for your right to say something with they disagree now the acl you and the entire leftist infrastructure say precisely the opposite: they want the government's crackdown on speech. They do not like their becoming clear and open about this Emily Babylons peace here is just the tip fear, is that this has been going around and left to circles. For while there is in your times, peace, maybe a year ago, urine half a goblin Obama, administration, official, arguing the exact same thing. We should pursue hate speech regulations in the United States. And the dissemination of information and perspectives that members of the left do not like Emily balances. Facts and transparency are the intended pillars of the modern. First Amendment
the nations founding the constitution is guaranteed. The government shall make no law abridging freedom of speech or of the press for more than a However, these limits on the states power or with little or nineteen from one thousand seven hundred and ninety eight to one thousand. Eight hundred and one two dozen people, including several newspaper editors or prosecuted, by the administration of John Adams under the alien in addition at prosecutors, were also jailed for Secondly, government during World WAR, one that the similarities, now defending some of the darkest periods for free speech in american history. Most people who studied the constitution think the aliens addition that were bad most people who studied the constitution thank the Woodrow Wilson, calm down on the dissemination of ideas during world war. One was bad, Emily Balance as well. Maybe it's good, maybe it's good. So again, this is what happens when you believe that you have a sheer majority and, through the power of compulsion you can get
to shut up. This is the attitude of many a media. Do not make the mistake of thinking that, just because there are people in media who purport to believe in free speech that that is the dominant ideology inside the media. It is not, and there are many piece of evidence for this. There are happening in real time, not just the Emily Babylon article. So yesterday, Maggie Hebron, tweeted out, then Europe Post, peace, apparently that was evil. She caption proposed with an excerpt from the post peace, but the computer and the hard drive or seized by the FBI in December after shops owner says he learned the feds there and everybody on the left were not journalist when that's. How could Maggie Hebron tweet out a link from a major american newspaper alleging a thing about Joe Biden? How could that happen? Kimberly Johnson, who is some sort of left wing author? She writes for Huffington Post, for example, sheet. What is wrong with you? You know they're calling you Magda Haber main right and you deserve it. Should
on you. We sought other outlets complaining about how it was terrible that Maggie Hebron had had. They had had the temerity to tweet out a link, how dear Maggie Hebron, how dare Maggie Human, a cabin crews, who is just another one of these, these joke commentators here, you wrote, really kind of crappy peace for the sixteen nineteen project. So cabin crews, he put out a tweet about Maggie him and that's why you amplifying this pathetic hit. How dare you tweet out a link? She literally just weeded out a link. It then later she followed up on it. I trying to walk back. She said things that are sketchy and in Europe, a story and hundred Biden. Why wasn't this IRAN Johnson report of its been in possession for a while? When did you Leon acquired
Giuliani has been everywhere on the on this, but this has been kicking around since late last year and unreleased until now kid this need. The David corn meanwhile suggested that this was done formation members, the media very angry, Maggie Hebron, because again in the end, in the end, all the matters is that the information disseminated is something that members left. Unlike some Maggie government is bad cabin crews, my goodness, ok. Another example of this NBC staffers are fighting mad because NBC scheduled a Trump town hall tonight. So there are supposed to be a debate tonight. the commission on presidential debate, which apparently is just another organ of the left and there's no other way for me to interpret their cancellation of a debate a week in advance because from had called it, I don't get it they literally did not consult with a single member of the medical community. Apparently they just decided. We can't have any person debate. How stupid was this policy tonight trump?
you ve been doing open rallies with the with the advice of his doctors that he is no longer capable of transmitting covered nineteen, so Joe Biden is going to a town hall on ABC pc is scheduling a counter town Hall with Donald Trump and ends He staffers are mad instead of NBC being like. Oh, you know it's kind of newsworthy, though the presence of the United States during a town hall and on the other network they have the candidate for president It is also why the hell not instead NBC staffers, are angry. There are dismayed over a dozen efforts from NBC Msnbc in CNBC have not expressed anger over this decision. That report comes just several. hours after NBC, announced the town Hall and ABC indicated that requirement move it scheduled event with Biden. Why are they angry like? What is the idea of the minute that their angry, because they don't want people to remove attention from Joe Biden? That's really what this is about.
So angry at their own network for doing a newsworthy thing, broadcasting a town hollow Trump, their angry at their own network. These are news. People supposedly- and you see this again across the left- a Wolf Blitzer. We play yesterday this this amazing exchanging wolf. What's our Nancy closing? Which policy absolutely loses whatever is left for mine and started yelling at Wolf, Blitzer suggesting we ve bore people you're mean all because Wolf. What's her asked for very simple question, namely wanting to sign off and one point, eight trillion relief package in the middle of covert plus you couldn't answered for forty minutes. Instead used, she decided to break with Blitzer, here's that sounded like yesterday. You are there I'm just saying. I said, then that we know them as well. Then we represent that old, like a perfect, be the enemy of the good, as they say in your nowhere near Paris. Madam speaker is always the case, but we're not even close to the good. Let's see what happens because every day is critically,
equally important thanks so much I joining insensitivity to our constituents needs. I am sensitive to them because I see them on the street begging for food begging for money, not a speaker effect having them. We feed them. We feed them. She is Jews, awful red shoes, awful, so how'd. You members left, responds to Nancy Policy being often with They got angry at what what's her hair was joy Bay higher yesterday on the view yelling at Wolf. Blitzer for having temerity to ask Nancy closely a simple question: Wolf, I love love, who doesn't love Are we all love Wolf for he was out of line he she doesn't know. What's going on behind closed doors he's not in on the deal, you know If here in front of the Chemical Democrats, have a real long term deal going on and we all know we're gonna be in this for another year. We all know that where's, the money for a year now of the west from so so there we gone down and let let Nancy do a job, absolutely absolutely crazy. But this is the attitude
Many members have your traditional left Nancy blows. Yesterday. Job stop asking her to have questions. We don't we like Joe Biden, dump antennae stories about Joe Biden. Social me should stop concern from being able to disseminate information, or they should be downgraded as bad sites, because partisan factors have downgraded them. We are in a war of information of the abilities even to disseminate information and that war just got hot, it was called. It has now got an extremely extremely hot. He social media platforms. They better get right with the first amendment. They better get right with principles of free speech and dissemination of information, or both the government is gonna, come after them from both sides, and other outlets are gonna, come after them and they absolution.
alright, we'll be back later today with two additional hours of contents, otherwise will see here tomorrow and then Shapiro. This is the venture Barroso. If you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe and if you want to help spread. The word please give us a five star review and tell your friends to subscribe to were available on Apple podcast, Spotify and wherever you listened upon. Gases also be sure to check out the other daily where podcast, including Andrew and show it might go all show, and the mat Walsh thanks for listening, then Shapiro Show is produced by coltan hearts. Are technical director is often Stevens. Executive producer, Jeremy boring our supervising pretty there's. Our math is clever and Robert Sterling Assistant era. How the white asking ourselves producer is next year shows My Adam silence, audio midst by make comments here and make up its mind to Geneva. Eventually, I show, is a daily where production, copyright daily wire. Twenty twenty They have one is Andrew claimant hosts of the Andrew claiming show big tech has a mess
for the american people, shot up and says just then the spearhead of a left. This attack on the first amendment will take a look at that and The Joe Biden, email scandal Andrew claiming show,
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