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Ep. 1123 - Using Covid To Take Down Trump


White House chief of staff Mark Meadows says the United States can’t control the pandemic; Gavin Newsom rolls out insane new Thanksgiving restrictions; and the Left tries to manipulate social media into censoring conservatives.

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White House chief of staff Mark meadows, says the United States cannot control the cupboard pandemic. Gavin Newsome rules out insane new Thanksgiving restrictions in California and let's try summit Elaine social media into censoring conservatives and bench brothers- is the bench parachute Today's been Shapiro Show is sponsored by expressing deep in your online activity should be public, protect herself. It expresses gps dot com, slash and burn, we'll get into everything. News related in just one moment. The first we are approaching black writing. Don't you wish that everyday shopping was like lack Friday. Well, good news when it comes to yourself on bill. It basically is all you have to do to switch over to pure talk. Usa, Verizon agency T Mobile, if you're what them overpaying pure and simple, and easily save you over four hundred dollars per year. Listen! Here's what you need! Unlimited talk text and two gigs of data for just twenty bucks a month. If you go over on tinder, you said they don't charge you for it to hear the thing those big cellular
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it comes down to Arizona North Carolina Flora, all of which trumpet must win, and then it comes down to Michigan so Wisconsin may I'll write trumped needs to win what needs when at least one of those others so trumpets bit of a tall task in front of him right now. The polls show in the milk or politics national average, Joe Biden up by about eight points. The re seems to be extremely stable. Florida Biden interim by running essentially dead. Even going to a couple of new poles. Trump and Biden are running very close in Arizona their running very close in North Carolina when you get into the upper Midwest once you start getting into that, so called Blue, while that Hillary Clinton have breached by Trump in a major way in twenty sixteen, then the gaps start to look a little bit larger Wisconsin is starting to come down in terms of
widens lead so if you look at the polls in Wisconsin Biden, right now is up approximately four point: six in the net in the real world politics pulling average, he was up closer eight to ten. The latest poor from Fox NEWS has Biden up about five, forty nine to forty four in Wisconsin that was taken and of last week. If you look at Michigan Michigan as one of its most out of reach, sellers close to eight point, I feel the Pennsylvania, Joe Biden has about five point, lead in Pennsylvania, so trumped to in one of those three states now. The good news for drums then Pennsylvania there. A couple oppose that happen within three last report Pennsylvania, have Biden up to three and five respectively. Jesus a closer watching this wing states, even if it is not particularly close nationally, and that means that, as we approach, the election Democrats are trotting out their final appeal. Their final appeal is covered, and it always was probably because it turns out that press
in France record up till the point to cover hit was really really good, and, put aside is rhetoric which made a lot of people uncomfortable right, left and centre. Put aside the tweets put aside this only statements, winning and you can we deal with the silly statements most Americans were willing to treat the presidency. Like a plumber, Why a plumber says doesn't matter the question is: can you fix your toilet? Well, as February early March, people like ok, well so much my plumber pen accrued dimensions, but we can fix my toilet aroma. My toilets running great right now I got it I had a clog in the shower. He came in, he unplug the shower and everything's hunky Dory Joe, I would want and baby sitting my kids per SE is hygiene may not be the best, but the bottom line is that breathing is now running away, that it was not running before right. That was, I think, the generalised take on trumped up so about February then covered hits and things stop running, and not only two things stop running. Then all of the crudities and the Andes seem to make a difference to the american people, because the America,
people suddenly want from their president, something more than making things run on time. They want the president to be a comforter in chief. Is Joe Biden likes to call himself? I want the president to be somebody who's going to m eyes, would damage or feelings and in all this sort of stuff, which is not from mainstay now that in and of itself would not be a killer app when it comes to Trump because trumpets Trump and we all know the trumpets from the killer app when it comes to from the Democrats. No, this is that they have to promulgate in extraordinary lie, and why is the Trump is responsible for everybody who died from covered by the term administration backed this in a way no other country did. This is the great lie and they keep putting it out there over over and over a couple of weeks ago I cut a video about President Trump and which I said I was going to vote for him in twenty twenty, even though I didn't vote for men, two thousand and sixteen, I explain all the reasons why and in the oh. I mention covered only to the extent that I then I was impressed that Trump had gotten the resources where they needed to be, and also that from had not used the power at here.
In order to centralize more power in the federal government, he had allowed localism to rule he allowed round the standards to be represented here request for better or worse to be a requirement. The bottom line is we live in a federalist country. They live in a country where rule is supposed to be chiefly done at the local level and not at the very top level and from had, I think, wisely and actually bravely refused to grab control from the top. Now folks and left saw, that is flawed because they love top down control top down control is their favorite thing in terms, what government can do, and this was the greatest excuse for top down control and history of the nation. So at the same time there are calling Trump vicious fascist. There are also calling for trumped to take control of virtually every production, somebody it he could get his hands on via the national defence at National defence authorization at so you're. All of that from profusely and I said I was getting so start getting calls from members of the meat guessing. Why didn't you talk about from record uncovered more in that particular video? Why weren't talking so much about trumps record uncovered, and I said because I,
don't think that any single politician anywhere on planet earth has good handle uncovered, I dont think that that leader of New Zealand has great handle uncovered. I think that she lives on an island with more sheep than people. I do not think the leaders Western Europe. How good handle on this thing, because, literally not one of those nations, has not experience spike, and we are now watching a spike in places that here too, for had not seen one places like Germany we're seeing a second spike in places like ITALY, ITALY had done heavy lockdown and by the way early October mandatory masking outside, and they are still being a massive spike. It turns out that when it comes to it, I will quote a virus. There's not events hassock way to handle a novel, corona virus. It is heavily seated, even get a hold of it before its heavily seated. That's one thing, but the fact is this thing was widely seated in the United States as February Studies are now showing it may have been in the United States as well. is early January and sorry to race across the country. Incredibly fast in its interests are tourists cross America started to raise it. Every western, european and northern european country, and then the
birds across Europe right now are much worse than the numbers in the United States. In terms of the number of daily infections. You can see the spike spike is enormous in Europe. I knows that transport. The answer, of course, is no, and when I get pointing out, as the Democrats had no different policy, the only policy the Democrats have brought to bear is locked down policy. Lockdown policy is not sustainable at a certain point. You have to get up the lock down so that people can live their lives and when that happens there will be spread and the only thing that you can do is mitigation. The only thing you can do is try to protect the vulnerable and protected the elderly, which mean social, distancing and mask wearing, and that's pretty much. If you are elderly and if you feel you have underlined condition, you need to stay home as much as humanly possible. That's all you can do there are no. There are no solutions here. There are few tax that are better than they were a few months ago. We know how to treat this thing better in hospitals, a lot better and hospitals than we did back in March. The death rate uncovered are down about eighty, sent in Hospitals- and they have been for several months here, which is why you're seems massive spiking cases, but not this massive spike in deaths in the United States. This big spiking cases
were daily. Debts remains round a thousand a day which is horrible and which is tragic, but I'm not sure that it Primly avoidable, given the fact that we do not have that for this they, nor do we have a therapeutic that radically reduced The mortality rate of the disease thus far, but that's not just for the United States- that's true in Europe as well. In other words, what Democrats in the media have been trying to do is create a point of differentiation with regard to trumpet performance that does not exist. There is no democratic clan to stop covered. There is not. There is no democratically. That makes covered less steadily there isn't. There is no democratic plan to prevent the spread of covert utterly, and if you think that full walk and is going to spread the stop the spread of covert utterly and what is your plan for shutting down the entire american economy for another year for another year, particularly since covert is not threatening to people who are under the age of twenty? Eight is less threatening than the flu for people who are under the age of twenty.
People are under the age of fifty is marginally more threatening than the flu. When I say marginally more threatening, I mean it might be twice as deadly as the flu, but if it is not particularly doubly for people who are under the age of fifty, so one of the things people need to understand its base rate. Ok, if one out of a thousand people die of the flu and two out of a thousand people die. of covert the base rate is still really well read that still one in five hundred people dying of covered, but it is now twice we as the flu, so it all depends on how you tend to think about these if you say I'm willing to undergo my light ramblings, I'm thirty six right, I'm not in the under twenty crew, which means the coveted, sadly from hidden afloat, am willing to hide. In my house for the next year and my willing to never go out again and I will cannot go shopping, we're not willing to go to a ball game, and I will go with you to now willing to go to a restaurant of, and I won't do any of those things for a year on the chance that this thing has. It you in one thousand shot of killing me as opposed to a one in one thousand, shouted the flu killing me. If I get it in the first place, and the answer I think for most people is no, which is why went from,
said the debate, the ninety nine point: nine percent of young people get this live. I think that's the first in a lot of people are hearing about. The media have steadfastly refused to talk about the actual infection fatality rates on this disease because they recognise that if they do, then people- my might not be up for the kind of societal shut down. The Democrats, our apparently calling for looking at here is the bottom line. there, is no solution being presented by the Democrats, but nor for trumps lose they have to pretend like the solution is right. Here is right. There in front refuses to pick that apple off it for some reason, from some meaning from a bastard and from wants you to die like that is the final pitch for Democrats is actually been there pitch throughout Covet trump. Is only incompetent and his incompetence has not only women but he's malevolent Republicans our malevolent and they are an end. If Democrats, our electors,
they will have a plan. You hear this from Biden and Harris all the time we have a plan. They don't have a plan they dont can plan they have presented. Thus far is exactly the template. What have we like developed with that ain't right trumps? Doing that? What if we ensure that people use deliver to hospitals, personal protective equipment from in that way, you know what what have we urge social distancing, unmask wearing, ok, well, every state in the union is doing that and regardless of what Trump says all this public health officials are saying that is including the much maligned Doktor Scott ATLAS who came in the programme. Sweden that exactly that, it's not the Democrats have a different plan and Republicans it's that whoever was president of the United States because of the president is seen in Amerika for some bizarre up. Soon but reason as a God, like figure capable of writing all wrongs, whether as president reap the whirlwind of a very bad thing happening and Democrats are simply going to lie to you that the president, once those bad things to happen in the first place, we can all this came to a head. Over the course of the week and because the White House Chief of staff, went on national television and use talking about the pandemic, and he said that we are not.
to control the pandemic going to focus on mitigation, and this apparently a world shattering statement that we're not gonna control the pandemic. We are going to focus on mitigation. Ok, let me make this absolutely one hundred percent clear. Nobody is going to control the pandemic only way to control the pandemic is have a very, very low level of sitting in your society, as happened in EAST Asia, and then to have massive testing regiments at that time, massive masking and mandatory corinth- Those are the only ways that you're going to get that under control, and that would be if you had a zero percent seeding right if the ceding or unbelievably low right now the United States we are experiencing. As of yesterday, sixty seventy thousand new cases a day a day, hey. There is no way to get there and community spread massive community spread across the country, There is no way for us to call him quote: stop the spread. That is not going to happen here. The only way that the spread is going to stop is when it burns itself through when a lot of people have had it, because other or vaccine is developed that it there is, nothing
why you can slow this threat by social distancing and wear masks? You can prevent that I'd unintentionally to people who else we buy shielding and protecting the elderly, but nobody not Democrats, not Republicans. Nobody is stopping the spread and if you don't believe me, ask Europe where the thing is spreading like wildfire, and we here, magneto, saying something perfectly obvious and in the media using this as an excuse While they were ass, we stop has been really explain. Cheerful explained, I wanna hear how you stop the spread Hagen. Do it And we had a man, three masked man, the outdoors as an early October. Italy didn't qualify right now. Tell me how you going to do it tell me up. Alice at CNN Hagen into it and we're here mark meadows, saying a bad bad thing, he mentioned in absolute baseline fact. In the country we heard thirty million people with tens of thousands, cases of a virus spreading a day, and the thing is three times as credible as the flu you're, not simply going to be able to stop the spread. That is perfectly one hundred percent anyway, there's more menacing. A a perfectly obvious thing.
We'll see the media using that as an excuse to suggest the trunk was people to die here. What we have to do we're not going to control the pandemic. We are going to control the fact that we get vaccines, therapeutics other mitigate. Why are we gonna Gary? Although because it is a contagious virus? like the volume of wine making efforts to contain it. Where we are, making efforts to contain and running all over the country not wearing a mass Ganz with the life programme is yet further back back and forth left. Let me just say this: is What we need to do is make sure that we have the proper mitigation factors, whether there a or vaccines or treatments, to make sure that people don't die from this meadows happens. exactly right about this and Jake. Why, like the Jake, is absolutely wrong about this, as I do that you're going to court to contain the earth's you're. Good luck That again, Skinner reasons deaths from ITALY in one second aunt em. What you say
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He was not open. Italy had had full on mass me again. I keep repeating this, because people apparently do not want to understand this. In fact, as ones this thing was widely seated. It was going to spread end of story, The only thing you can do and really where we should be putting your focus is where you can save lives, of course, of course, but This is why, in the wise going be promulgated by the media at this, this to surrender so bright stealth, reliable source- he says: that's the cell. Of surrender it if you say that you are not going to control the virus, that you're gonna have to learn to live with it s going to shield the elderly and guess what react is that nobody's been able to control it. Then apparently you're you're, giving up that's called giving up. I'm sorry. This is anti site the garbage it is anti evidentiary, anti scientific nonsense, and it is deliberately blind, is deliberately mind is funny when talking those media members about trumps, covert, handling versus democratic, open handling out citizens, what democratic done differently, as he trotted out there to talk about it.
Nor I say, okay. Well, there is virtually no masking Northern Europe there's a lot of asking in southern Europe. Both have been wallets, so you're gonna have to explain it. Who about masking more really would have changed the trajectory of this thing, especially given the fact the Democrats openly saying for months that, if your protest in George Floyd's death, it was totally go out there and MAC on people in the middle of a protest to a million. I ain't much blow back when there are huge rallies for the ehler liquors, winning the NBA Champ, directly outside of staple centre with no masking, whereas the massive blow back is gone weird, in other words, the chances that that you are going to stop the spread of universal masking, because the Democrats were telling you to absolutely not ok, that's not true. They also mean the again. None of this is anti mask. I've been saying out the shall end for months and if you're in close quarters of people, you should be wearing a mask and of course there is a difference between the kind of You were cloth. Mass are not nearly as useful as surgical master
you're not nearly as useful as a one thousand and ninety five b or one thousand and ninety five c, but the notion that this thing was eminently containable, except from a lie and members of the media, its inner item. of religious faith now, because, if you ask them a question, they literally not tell you what Democrats would do differently. They can't because there's nothing democratic do differently, but that is the article of faith and every democratically he's gonna repeated years. Brain cells are repeating it That is the sound of capitulation by the federal government. That is the sound of surrender. Meanwhile, me sounds bored with this leadership challenge. Clearly he doesn't want the top story to be. Second dine American struggling with a virus, that's out of control in part due to his government's failures, obviously he wants us talking about Hunter Biden or fake news, or how means sixty minutes is to him. Can this basic raise, but he is out of touch with where the rest of the country, as you are putting them. if the country in a position to believe wrongly that from position is now
fingers make this thing stop. That is not correct and if, by the way, the Democrats in the media. If, by an elected, immediately snap, their fingers in than others when we're stopping we're not going anywhere covered anymore, just what the employers and workers guess what covered so gonna be out there. It is, I wager red. Germany was a model of how to stop the spread Germany had as October twenty. Third, almost fourteen thousand diagnose cases in Germany, so this thing is spreading everywhere, but again, this is this. Is the left wing nonsense? Michael more said, the Donald Trump is killing off his voters. Any other present would have seized the corona virus taken the rains tried to have been the hero. Especially when this was killing he largest demographic and twenty. Sixteen was over sixty five. This could get the twenty five hundred deaths a day. Why tromp would be killing off is voters Ah historians and political scientist unit to figure this out in the future trumpets night coming off his voters. Chris quote
Christmas brother Andrew Cuomo, killed off the author of the voters in New York, Gretchen Whittemore in Michigan, refusing to protect the nursing homes again. This is the it is it is it pretty. Morally disgusting aired of the trunk is responsible for all of these death. is that people at Lincoln Project have no problem. Pushing morally discussing narratives had actually put up times square billboards billboards in Times square about the evils of vodka in Jared, not even about from him rubber evoke. I injected say these giant billboards. One is a picture of a vodka trumped smiling. Then it is three fat through thirty three thousand forehead eighteen plus new Yorkers tuna, twenty four thousand plus Americans and she's piling when she's happy about it, but you that, because that that's a vulgar right if Uncas so evil, but she wants Americans die, that's what you want it desperately want Americans. I now we're, because when I noticed that the governor of New York as a Democrat,
the mayor of New York City, is a Democrat, the entire city Council in New York is democratic. That's what I noticed, but apparently it's Vanka trumps fault, and not only is it her fault. She rebels in it that was an extra giant, smiling picture of jarred kosher, saying to you we are going to suffer and that their problem. Ok, that was vanity fair reporting, unconfirmed denied by pusher, does Matter Lincoln Project ones with it because the mean have have greater drifters been created, and the folks at in project. The definition of a drifter by the way is someone who knows what they're saying is false, but continues to say it for the money. They know what they're saying is false. They can see you say it for the money. You frank on people into giving them cash is so all of this is now being forwarded this this this giant narrative that we are seconds away from a democratic in office in getting control of this thing, iron. Fist take control we'll get to that in just one second. First, let us talk about the fact that sometimes you need your employees to really do their best. Let's say that you have to allay weeks and weeks and weeks
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where the jobs and is also not nepenthe me just have to choose which doktor you wish to listen to and turns, There are major epidemiologists who suggested for the same thing as actors. Scott ATLAS. They are the authors of the Barrington declaration, which has been actively downgraded by Google and by Youtube and by Facebook. The great Barrington declaration advocate for policy I have been advocating for months, which is pretty the elderly make sure that the elderly and the infirm are protected. Tell them to stay home, get all of them M. Ninety five masked make sure they have what they need, and then, if you're twenty years old, then you getting that Irish, not only not be it is the end of the world should be treated, as probably a good thing in the long run for her community because hurt him, unity will be developed one way or another great one of the great lies the media tell about the sort of stuff is that if you cortical advocate for heard immunity, you are advocating for uncontrolled spread. That is not what heard immunity means hurt and unity is a proper heard, immunity is something that happens, hurt anyone. happens when a certain percentage of the population gets a disease a vaccine and then are not capable of
asking it along to the reproduction raindrops below one. That's what heard immunity is it's going and whether you like it or not, it can happen with vaccine or it's gonna happen, not with a vaccine. The only question is how you pursue heard immunity, and so the great since acclamation die, say, and this includes Martin called orphan J bought. A charter has been on the programme. One of them is from Stanford by the charges from Stanford called orphans, biosphere distinction from Harvard studies as epidemiology. They they have said and then joined with two net regroup Gupta, was a professor of epidemiology it at Oxford read. These are all well qualified people. They ve all said that if you wish to pay heard immunity at the fastest possible clip than what you need to do is allow eighteen and twenty year old to get this thing, and then you need to have them not come into contact with them, people, and then they can pass along dollar people right, which is something that I ve been talking about since literally I believe April, when I started talking about so called control the avalanche strategy, which was a strategy that have been pushed by a couple of scientists.
He broke university and its actual strategy. But democrats don't have a strategy. A democratic strategy is just that, if you even mention heard immunity, your bad that the solution to this thing is and is endless lockdown. So here is Joe Biden ripping on Scott ATLAS and suggesting by proxy that he's going to push for endless, lockdown Doktor Scott ATLAS, he advocating young people go about their business and older people sequester. Nobody thinks he makes it. He says nobody, no serious doc around the world. So Joe Biden says that nobody listens has got Alice. Nobody is saying that it makes any sense to to allow young people to get it while protecting the older. although I can guess what it's gonna happen. Joe Biden likes it or not. It's gonna have. Whether Joe Biden wiser now as driving around yesterday, and one thing that I noticed random Lord and one thing I noticed as driving around with my kids and we drove past a gym, ok and the Jim was packed. Ok was packed with younger people,
It was all younger people. None of them were wearing mask is not a good idea if, if any those people gonna come into contact with the older people or vulnerable people, it's not a guy but are they gonna? Do it anyway? Absolutely everything all the massive house parties that are taking place, cargo or Miami or ally. You think those are stopping right. Now. There is a reason why the death rate or down their couple reasons one hospitalizations are going. Better, but to young people. not nearly is apt to be hospitalized recovered as people who are elderly and also junkie, I'm not going to sacrifice entire years of their lives and not do anything for a year because Joe Biden tells them do. It's not going to happen is happening in your that happened. The United States, is now happening anywhere, so either you can set up a series of restrictions that are doable and you can try had set up some sort of strategy for reaching heard immunity like the great Barrington folks suggest, or you can pretend that everybody is
the mask up at one hundred percent rates. There are going to know how to handle them ass. There gonna have high quality master, not just can be wearing cloth mass. They don't really do a whole lot to act to protect you from transmission of the disease. There only apparently going Scott Golly, because not me, this informer FDA commissioners got Golly Cloth Master only about ten percent. active at preventing you from getting this thing yet surgical Masterson, like sixty percent effective. According to Scott ATLAS, I mean, according to us, dolly- and I am a ninety five. Ninety ninety five percent effective in preventing you from getting this thing this, according not to me to Scotland, giving people know that people are paying attention. Huge majority, the people icy out there are worrying cloth face mass or neck gaiters. There's some studies. decades are counterproductive. It again there is this myth. The myth is from blue at democratic. Get this under control to end up with. Anthony Vouchers suggesting over the weekend he became more and more openly. Political ready, speaking out openly, obviously is in the media, you speaking out to sea and
Well, maybe it's time for a federal mass murder. Yes, I'm sure Anthony that'll make all the difference doctor, I'm sure doktor of algae that now Efron marches had nobody. I am asking for the now. These hey everybody needs mask, not always they need a mass will punish them. Presumably, at the federal level we'll make a federal crime, not wear a mask where in a public place and privileges Emily, I'm sure this will be highly highly effective battle. Finally, get things under control mandates across your I'm sure. That's gonna, get it under control doktor about you sure sure. If everyone agrees that this is something that is important and they mandated everybody pulls together and say gonna mandated, but let's just do it. I think that would be a great idea to have everybody do it uniformly? One of them she's, though you I get the arguments say well. If you mandate amass, then you're gonna have to enforce it in that will create more of a problem. Well If people are not wearing masks, then maybe we should demand any bearing up. So finally, we reach the end point here. Maybe.
should have the federal government final jail people if they refuse to wear their master, in particular generic, and here is the question where you can tell them where the mask jurists them a scientific level. We are now realising that in certain countries, eighty percent of all this mission is being done in the home. You, the people, wear, masks and home or good NEWS Democrats our here, for you gave a Newsome now, as the EU should wear a mask at home. Accordingly, this week I had of Thanksgiving Calvary like avenues him in the California Department of Public Health release, news DE guidelines for all private gatherings. Amid the ongoing cover nineteen pandemic, the new rules come with strict restrictions that aim to help reduce the risk of spreading infection gather as are defined as social situations that bring together people from different household at the same time, in a single space or place when people from different household mix. This increases the risk of transmission of covered nineteen. All gatherings must include no more than three households, including hosts and gas, and must be, the outdoors, lasting for two hours or less. I have a question why, for two hours, unless we ve been told you can transmit this thing in fifteen minutes, so why not fifteen
that's your less just what is the scientific evidence? The two hours or less is gonna, be the great barrier her and also I understand you want out Torres because it has a better ventilation, but they are now suggesting that if it's like me and my parents, I guess the debt is to households. In the save calculations me my parents, who my sister that is three household in a state of California. I'm sure this it can be set an what what's gonna happen, that happening whom knock on your door and arrest you off you did you together with family members on Thanksgiving. That's it for this can be wildly effective and three. You know what you're right we need to electoral binds that we can have the federal officers come to your house. If you are in a house with you and your parents in your sisters, family, we need the full at your door. If this sounds like a disturbing inside my novel, it's because we ve basic. We reach that point according to what now being requested all in order to prevent the transmission of a disease that is not extraordinarily deadly
people under the age of seventy, but is extraordinary gently for people who are above the age of seventy eight, which means that The message, if they're all rational and sent in human beings by the way when it extraordinary doubly I'm comparing it's like extraordinarily deadly diseases like Ebola words, bubonic plague, because the flu not extraordinarily doubly I'm not comparing into the flu. For your social media, SAM Combat, I'm not comparing the flu. I've been very precise in my language here. This is about three times as deadly as the flu for people who are between the ages of approximately forty and Heaven needs about twice a deadly as the flu for people between the ages of we in forty and the reality is not that many people die of the flu? Every year on, a population adjusted basis, so is it deadly yes Is it highly highly highly deadly in the mould of like mirrors? No, it is not ok by me now going to have what federal officers banging on your door if you get together as some people over Thanksgiving thank Health Money is gonna. Do this? The neural state those it a gathering may remove their face coverings briefly to eat or drink, as long as they say
six feet away from everyone outside their own household and put their face. Coming back. as soon as they are done with the activity. The latest guidelines at bay coverings can also be removed to meet urgent medical needs, the existing. These coverings, also set out by the Cd Ph, also they see, everyone must wear face companies in high risk situations, including an outdoor public space, when maintaining a six feet distant outside from those outside your household is not feasible, also knows being no chanting and shouting and are you, participate in quiet activity. musicians are allowed gatherings, but they must be from one of the three household also know playing of wind instruments. So I get it Zog. Gonna go get em for everybody's, going to abide by this in California. I'm sure that every single person is going to abide by this in California by the way the state, with the most confirmed, covered cases in the United States. California, with eight hundred fifty five thousand confirm covered cases despite massive lockdown restrictions.
In all of this covered talk is predicated on the notion. If you just slip a switch, it goes away and its, which is Trump as a pagan. Silly notion, it is not true, it is simply not the case. Ghana. Second we're gonna get to Joe Biden. the binding campaign because he continues to surge in the polls, even though here again has not done nearly any media. called another led today. I believe because then just one second, first, let us talk about the fact that you hear these ugly stories all the time guy used a gun to protect its family from criminals, and then he gets arrested. Well, sometimes this system is unfair and responsibly. Armed Americans could become political targets, which is why you really need to know what you can legally, and what you can't you legally and also better hasn't legal defence at your disposal. If, God forbid, you have to fire your gun in order to protect yourself, here's how you can
a simple, powerful journey to firearms in self defense confidence. It's called the complete concealed, carry and family defence guide from the United States concealed Carry association. That's the USA is one hundred percent free you'll learn how to detect, detect attackers before they see how to survive him ass, shooting The safest and most dangerous places to sit in a restaurant had responsibly own and stored on a unified, got little kids and a whole lot more. It is a hundred and sixty four pages. It comes with a bonus. Audio urgency can listen whenever you want just sex Ben to eighty seven to teach you again text Ben to eighty seven ujiji he'll get instant access any chance. When a thousand bucks, you can buy a gun to protect your family text Ben to eighty seven to to do right now, text bend to eighty seven tutors you'd get instant access to that family defence Guide, concealed, carry and family defence guide. From the? U S, you see a good folks go check them out right now in Catalonia, two more
when the presidential race in just one. Second, first point: when he's been in senior and if it feels like things are coming apart, it's because they really are with massive philosophical differences that are now coming to a head in the United States turbines been trying to gloss over them with his magical adds that are basically just stock footage of farm. Then stop footage, will baseball game and then being like America ok, but here's the reality. The democratic party and many in the Democratic Party now represent a viewpoints that is at odds with this philosophic founders of the United States. They do not believe in the negative rights guaranteed by the declaration of constitution of the United States they believed in american history is a roll call of evil. They believed that american culture A culture of entrepreneurial ism. Intolerance for others right is wrong. Headed that allows for the success of the evil. I read about all of this member counted, destroy in three easy steps which isn't just to take down of a leftist view of America than men,
bad? It is also a reminder of what makes America so very good why the declarations ideals are correct, why the constitution is properly structured? Why it is that the culture of the United States, forwards, tolerance and entrepreneurial, isn't, and why american history is a story of good punctuated by great periods of evil, but of America striving to fill her founding principles. Go pick up a copyright. Now, how does for American three easy steps? Is gonna, be a primer for, if, God forbid, Joe Biden wins, the election is going to be a primer for how to fight back go check it out right now. Hundreds right America in three easy steps, also in case you, MR yesterday, we had on it their great episode of the Sunday special. This time it was jarred kosher, apparently, is responsible for all the deaths in New York. According to the Lincoln Project he senior vice president Trump Jura joined the show to share his experience with the President and Romania american people of the administrations accomplishments. That will continue for former years, if tunnels is reelected. It was a great conversation. I hope he enjoyed it hadn't over to daily. Why come right now you can listen on Apple podcast, Spotify or wherever else you get your progress. Also, as you know, the presidential elections
monsieur. You have an amazing day of programming planned for you. I live stream starts on election day, Tuesday November third, three pm eastern Twelve P M Pacific we're gonna go until the cows come home, featuring special guess, live interviews, multiple all access lied sessions, leading up to a very special episode of backstage where we'll be covering the results with you in real time. Even better, join Delaware. Right now get twenty five percent. With code election, twenty five percent off you watch all of our election coverage live on an apple tv or rogue who EP members get articles, have free access to all of our live broadcasting. Show library, the full three hours of the bench. Shapiro show use of readers past content available only daily where members in your considering an alleged membership yet to join us on all access live. Rene for online and lives from discussions. You also get not one but two leftist years tumblers with your membership as well as early, sometimes exclusive access to those magical new daily where products so watch the election with us a daily, where I come at twenty five percent off your daily, where a membership of code election, when you sign up today,
Listening to the largest fastest growing concern to Pakistan, radio show a quick final vote on Democrats covered Jacques yourself. Over the weekend, five people in my pants his office tested positive for covered nineteen and dumb The basic idea from the media is that might pence should take himself off the campaigning which is where, because you know who actually didn't do that was Kamel Harris and severe on the other I'd, apparently, nobody cares. If you do, it remembers, have come. There's a steam with covered, and there is no repercussion, nobody suggested a wait, a second seems like it's really really transmissible and even though people in need I'd Harris Team are wearing mass. It still seems like a lot but getting this sort of thing instead of being realistic about covered. In other words, we decided in our minds and we're gonna do what every Ellison its understandable to understandable human reaction to tragedy? Add things happen? Our first reaction as human beings is just try to spot the differentiating feature so that that tragedy will never happened. Us that's why, when you hear that somebody died at a young age, the first thing you say is what did they die of,
and if they say that they died of cancer, the first thing you say is: what did they smoke? I did. They today have heart disease to run their family. In other words, you try to look for the reason why it's not going to you why you are going to be immune to the virus right when you watch a zombie apocalypse mood first thing you think, as oh I'd be the guy who survived, probably not Another reality as and when it comes to covered we're doing the same thing my words angle ourselves. Ok, while I wear the mask- and I'm definitely I'm definitely not gonna get this thing. Ok, here's the reality! We will lessen your chances. You may very well get the thing. Ok, if you stay away from other people, you less in your chances of getting covered. You may very well get the thing and nothing is foolproof here you can take a cautious action and I've ripped into trumpet, I think, he's not taken. Cautious action have been very much against. These rallies have been very much against these open air events where people are not mask. I think they're stupid idea, but that does not mean that the Democrats have any broad scales
version to this entire thing, but here's the thing the covert narrative allows everybody to escape. Having to talk to Joe Biden about issues regarding Joe Biden, you realize the Colonel Harris has not had a single press conference coming years will be. President of the United States of Joe Biden has elected. Joe Biden has on its last legs. It is perfectly obvious to anyone who watches him for any period of time. That Joe Biden is on his last legs calmly. Harris has not an awe press conference, not one since she was nominated for the VP, not one If this were flip side, don't you think that perhaps the media might be asking questions about it, but here they are so willing to go along with ever allows Joe Biden to be elected. The meat are the real story, the selection areas they will be after the election? If I wins, the story There is not going to be the bike run, a wonderful campaign. The store here is going to be two fold that Trump blew it from south because you couldn't shut his YAP the media- are the worst things in american life that the media are the overt partisan wing.
communications wing of the Democratic Party, because apparently there are just not going to cover stories now. In fact, it's bad to cover stories. Now it's amazing, very few members. The media will ask anything about Hunter Biden or Joe Biden do we stand on the hundred by Joe Biden stuff, but guess what we know. from the emails and from the tax is that Hunter and James James's is it shows brother were pursuing, Business deal in China with a group called see. Fc China, see I see China initially set. I was gonna, send ten million bucks in early twenty seventeen to a joint venture, including Hunter and and James. They focused on trading, EL futures in securing a righteous overseas oilfields strife torn places like Chad, South Sudan and Iraq. One version of their business plan indicated the Hunter and James Biden in their american associates have forged alliances with the highest levels of government, banking and enterprises. We obvious to everybody by the way that the reason that Hunter and James were being included is because of their proximity to Joe is hundred and have no qualifications. Otherwise, now that doesn't necessarily mean that
oh, was in on the arrangements for the whose making from the arrangement or that he was involved in the deal prior to when he left the vice presidency. And he says you know anything is not received any money. The deal itself ended up cancelled, but there is no question that Joe look the other way as members of his family trafficked in his name. for years on end, which is indeed it may not be criminal, but it certainly corrupt. If you're, a member of the government and members family are generating around the earth, telling foreign leaders and telling foreign corrupt oligarchs that they have access to you and that you have purview over there over their foreign policy amidst pretty corrupt stuff. In fact, even the New York Times is reporting now that the joint venture here, was at least partially predicated on Joe Biden and Joe Biden proximity to power. According to the New York Times, the documents show the country's hundred by James binding their associates plan to target for deals. Overlaps with nations were Joe Biden, previously been involved, as vice president one. Forty two page plan includes a section
specifically highlighting former vice president binds role in facilitating increase commerce with Colombia, which is one of the targets of the joint venture alone, with Luxembourg, Oman and Romania again hundred binds role in that China do wasn't key in the relationship set up messaging. The goodwill around the chairman, referring to each on meeting the chairman of Cfcs, We still don't have any answer from Joe Biden asked whether one text message that suggested, There are one email that suggested that ten percent was being held in Essex, for the big guy who the hell the big I was here. These are all open questions. They should be asked of Joe Biden, obviously mainly because Biden has portrayed himself as clean as they are no you said, the hunter has never done anything cropped which of course, is very very silly now, if you're on Fox news than prison we'll get a reporter it. You will ask the question. Chris Wallace asked Gretchen Whittemore the Governor Michigan, doesn't Biden O a fuller account. Rather sons, business dealings while he was VP women- are of course, has no answer.
There is evidence it may be that binding, didn't take money, but clearly his brother, his son, were involved in business dealings. There was talk about the by name, one wasn't that propria for that to be going on. While I was vice, president sure sounds like influence peddling, and doesn't he oh a fuller accounting Chris? think that Joe has sat for questions he has answered these questions. The american people are going to be distracted, Odin can be So you don't have to answer any questions. We are against a ton. Cotton was was on with thy Andrew Raw Sorkin on CNBC. Andrew Sorkin was asking him about why he should report the story. He said we can't corroborate any of the emails and cons like okay hold up a second, so now, you're standard for reporting is that you have to be able to corroborate the underlying evidence. Did you guys run for like years with a up- and you didn't corroborated single fact about it- you're talking about the tech companies, sensory, such
report news if in fact the tech companies had corner, but liability like news operations. Do you you wouldn't want them to be reporting, something that they couldn't corroborate. No. You mean, like their russian collusion, oaks and still dossier that you reported on for four years, Andrew ok That would be the end of that particular conversation. But again standard for the media is we can't corroborated, were not reporting it, which is not their standard, is I'm close to Santa because guess what not corroborated renewing corroborate unnamed sources knowing corroborate them, in fact we know the sourcing and undermining emails way better from the Mariposa. Then nearly anything and reported in the mainstream media about Russia or collusion or Ukraine for years on end. Nonetheless, the standard for the media, its new to new standard, the media are overt partisans on behalf of job. I
It is insane NBC News, reporter Ben Collins, you actually tweeted out reminder for your uncle. The press can cover hunters hard drive because we don't have access to it. This isn't a Wikileaks thing. One guy has access to it. He wouldn't give it to us now he's in quasi hiding he's got caught in a hotel room with Boar S, daughter, radar, about regionally on not turning over the hard drive to NBC, for example, but we're because I dont remember you having any access to any of the underlying material in early any of the stories you reported about Russia Gate for literally years on it. The standard is magically morphing. It is magically changing my favorite line of the weak and actually came courtesy of Thomas rid, a professor of strategic studies at Johns Hopkins University School of advanced international studies at peace. In the Washington Post is a direct quote, you ready We must treat the hundred Biden leaks as if they were a foreign intelligence operation, even if they probably aren't They probably aren't so now have to just ignore them in that report on them, even if their budget because we have to.
Under the assumption that anything said bad about Democrats must be russian disinformation, all which allows Joe Biden to simply treated there's like garbage when he's asked about it. Here was Joe Biden over the weekend being asked about providing just cutting I'm dead a controversial to you today about a hundred point, your sons, but there is no point you got a job arise, its flag lie because the present has nothing else to run on. You notice is, while american people talking about what's happening their families. He has no plans to babies, no point everything from the Wall Street Journal of every other major No news. I always said what you say is simply not true about my son, but is gets classic trumped classic trump. Ok examined. fact that I'm actually the emails are real and attacks are real and are asking logic, questions about them, but the Good NEWS is he going to shout coveted masks? and everybody has a well. He knows the solution dies Britain will be better tomorrow. If that evil Malevolent Forest Donald Trump is out of office. Again all
also allows Joe Biden to escape from the fact that he is not with it. Ok now he can get does not to say he can't get through sentencing get there isn't enough through several sentences. He can't get through like a full paragraph that starting to lose it over the weekend over and over and over Joe Biden, used staffing all over the place. Now one of these gaps would have killed any other candidate seriously any can't Mitt Romney. Remember what about your gas people yet yelling Mitt Romney, as though Mitt Romney were half as senile is Joe Biden, appears to be on the verge of being yeah. I'm old enough to remember when people took gas, Sierra, as long as there are coming from Republicans, we still remember, of George W Bush is get right. Education, member! one education we saw a Dan Quail, miss potato right. These were major gas, Joe Biden mixes up, which offers he's running for it mixes up which state he is. He makes up the candle he's running against over the weekend. you suggested who's running against George. I assume you mean
we're not Georgia, the jungle, but guess what she's been out of office since two thousand eight years by Miss Kate mistaking from for Bush is most cost not because I'm ready because you are run against this most consequential election and a long long time in the carriage Country, in my view, is looming on the ballot. Organic you're going be Former years of Georgia Georgia. Gonna find ourselves in a position where it far trunk castle we're gonna, be we're gonna, be in a different world that wasn't the only one then Joe Biden, brag about having more expensive voter fraud organization in History- and these are these are gas that would any other candidate these Robbie headlines, but its protect the precious time now right when the final days, the electron protect the precious. Even if that precious is a dotterine coup. who is not going to be an office for four years, let alone eight. There is Joe Biden. We're in a situation where we have put together and
huge guys did data for our mused, the President Obama's administration. Before this we have put together, I think the most extensive and inclusive voter Fraud organization in the history of american policy sets, things, but you get the most extensive border fraud organization in the history of american politics. You gotta get those conspiracy. There is going to be the way they do it again. The good news is that for Democrats nobody's gonna ever ever have to answer tat question? Is there Democrats so calmly Harris was, sixty minutes when she broke out. That Joker I mean the crazy Joker laugh a lot to couple Harris. Has this really bad tell if you ever asked to play poker commentaries? Do it because you ask her if she is godparents actual just like I mean it's, why it's like she is going to it. It's like he has set up two separate crimes,
and then she has to direct Batman, which want to go to its it's crazy. So here is here, is calm layer issues asked about her perspective and she's asked whether she is a socialist, our progressive, and apparently this is just am delirious. I mean absolutely hilarious went into a laugh. I mean this nay laugh right here. I promised show that I will give him that perspective and always be honest with him and his as a socialist or progressive perspective no, it is the perspective of a woman who grew up a bit child in America, who was also a prosecutor, who also has a mother who arrived here at the age of nineteen from India. Who also Oh, you know like hip hop, but why do you want to know man hilarious, Where is by the way, she was then asked a follow up question so you're the most dumb liberal member of the United States Senate ass. It again. I mean this belief is frickin hilarious Raymond
it's like he's watching to Chris Farley Moby over here he's asked whether she is a liberal and at its very easy question red damask at your most liberal member of the United States Senate. Just like me, my god, you were therefore, as you well know. Actually that's Godfrey I enjoy. The good news is no Democrat can always count on their friends. All they need is a little help. From their friends, speaking of which ok social media over the over the past several weeks has become very open and obvious in their desire for Donald Trump to lose the election they corporation social media and the zoo virtue signalling garbage salt. What what corporations have decided, as they have decided that a huge number of Americans are buying products based on political preference? They decided that is better to go along with the woke
It is simply stay silent because the Woke demand they demand answers right now. There is no luxury to stay silent, as we found out about Chris Pratt the actor last week. If you stay silent is comp, and so your mandated to say something and people want is corporations to this is how you up with the ceo of expensive, I witches The service that helps you basically do your expense reports. He sent an email to tat, Million customers on Thursday demanding they vote against Donald Trump and for Joe Biden he sent out this this Chinese met, which of course receive plaudits from the media. Now imagine if Walmart sent out an email to all the Walmart employees and said I need all of you to vote for them from because otherwise Joe Biden is gonna wreck our business and you're gonna end up either fire or with a lower wage rates, are This will go down and I'll be consequences that the media would lose. It lose it. In fact, media did lose it when companies started sounding Off about how Obamacare was gonna damage their business, which would it was how dare
They hate Obama, that's what this is about, but everybody cheers like seals, because the expensive by CEO put out this nasty email about how you need to vote for Joe Biden quote. I know you dont want to hear this from your goddamned ripe I guarantee I want to say it, but we are facing an unprecedented and the foundations of democracy itself, if you the citizen, anything less than a vote for me, It is a vote against democracy, weird because you not I heard about Joe Biden- is that he wishes to pack the Supreme Court that he wishes to kill the filibustering wishes to stack the centre with his friends. So that seems like not super democratic or super republican. Smaller Republican David Berets has that's right. I'm seeing a vote for Trump a vote for third party candidate or simply not voting at all they're, all the same they're, all the same Sophie choose not to vote for either. If you choose not to vocally, find em that they both think they're both the same, you are now an enemy. Accuracy, you're you're, like the Germans, who sat by wash it or take power they're. All the same in the home in court, I care more about my favorite issue than democracy. I believe trumpeting is more important than democracy. I am come.
while standing aside and allowing democracy me methodically dismantled in plain sight, if the poles are accurate, there's roughly fifty percent chance you agreed from needs to go. You know what to do shop on November third and vote for, and I love these hidden- puts out this little q and a ok. Here's and the culinary ready. Why do you care so much about democracy. I mean this is like when somebody asked you in a job interview, what's your which are worth calling SAM to diligent, why do you care so much about democracy? David, ask David! I care so much about democracy. Is I'm just that kind of guy democracies, courts or business success in a variety of ways, internally. We are famously flat organisation. Nobody reports to anybody else and investment is the result of. Well defined criteria as judged by the vote of those who have already advanced. We are. We are democratic, when he really okay. So what if they vote YAP you'll be happy with that? Has I can offer you David? Are you the head of the company? Is what gives you the right to tell me what to do? The first, and to be clear, you don't need to listen, but the first man exist to encourage people like you.
you and me to find some way to talk about the issues that matter the burden of democracy, is that this is literally our job sought masking almost to take it seriously, and he says expensive it depends on a functioning society and economy. I see you of this business. It's my job to plot, of course, through any storm and for more years of Trump will lead. It will damage our democracy to such an extent. I'm obligated, on behalf of shareholders, to take any action I can to avoid it. He says: he's he's not sure democracy, survive a trumpet presidency, don't you think you're exaggerating? No, I truly wish I was I wouldn't be sending this email the election, we're just about normal issues, but it isn't. This election is referendum on what limits veni. We place on our elected officials to govern us in a fair and representative way, and then I got voters oppression. We need a more votes in this election that any action in american history bar none the early turnout insanely high and is idiots talking about border suppression. Still. Ok, like all this corporate him,
I have decided to mobilise on behalf the Woke and then social media has. Cited to mobilise on behalf of Democrats and the media have pushed this along. Let's make no mistake: there is this feedback loop. It exists, in the media whereby members, the media so called journalist ACT as activist people like Heaven room at the New York Times, people by Kara Switcher at the New York Times, people juggler Gamble, Google gum right. They'll put out these reports about how social media, by being so tolerant or right wing, use has allowed from to win what we knew. What we need is through their democratic, which is this policy in Germany, the bans NEO nazi parties. We need something like that, but for the right way, make sure that social media never allows rightwing views to be promulgated and then When people on the right sound off about it, then we say: well, conservatives, complaining about social media? Look, how the work in the rest of you guys. You been working the rest for years threatening legislation again, social media. I've been the one saying I'm against legislation with regard to social media.
And you guys have been pressing for legislation and you ve been pushing not suddenly at all to shut down the methods of distribution for outlets, not mainstream, quoting court outlets, if it's not in Europe I'm CBS or ABC you wanted done. You're angry about it. And when we sound often we say hey look at this. It looks like they are shadow banning us, it looks like they ban, been the twitter account of the new posts for a week and a half. It looks as though your suppressing our ability to distribute by the way we can tell you think we can tell our own traffic, we can tell them she'll downgrading us. It's happening this week in real time in the run up to the election, but if we complain about it and we are told how do they complain about social media? Cnn has apiece today say it has a right wing offensive is under way. Credit social media companies just days before the election. What began as complaints about anti concerned censorship by social media companies has now evolved into outright allegations of election interference. Well, I mean yes, but You literally said that you would not support any of the hundred by delegations pending a fat check. You still,
not ruled anything falls in the Europe of stories and Twitter, still banned in Europe was yes that is election. Interference is overt, it is not covered. It does not subtle, but accordingly, CNN outside experts of her little evidence to support claims of widespread systematic political by as in Silicon Valley technology, but the conservative allegations are an explosive charge and a dramatic escalation ahead of election day visit hilarious. Now there From that perspective, it Silicon Valley is not biased against conservatives. Ok with you, I arguing in places like CNN and the New York that Silicon Valley is biased in favour of conservative, I can't tell you the number of pieces. They ve been written over the course of the last six months of our daily. Where is Ben EVIL, because we are highly traffic on Facebook. I, what you will see is people putting out these charts suggested and our engagement to daily wire is really really high on Facebook right right, good headlines. That's why! But apparently it's because social media is biased.
in favour of daily wire. I'm sure that's what's happening, I'm sure it's exactly what's happening, there's only one problem. It is a lie. Ok, so I want go through this for a second actually important by using this lie by promulgating? This lie. The media have created this feedback loop. Here's haven't loop goes in your time. Claims social media is by. against conservatives. Then social media, in obedience to the New York Times says: ok, we're going down social conservatives, then So you say: you're downgrading us, then the media say look at these paranoid conservators saying there being downgraded? How dare they, how dare they and then they say, look at these rightwing sites. You know you can tell their bad even super tell their bad because they keep repeating each other's messages since this whole loop, its whole circular logic, bull crap. So let's break it. for just a second as he charged the go around generally from place like news whip, showing the kind of thing When did various sites get a so the top ten web publishers on Facebook for the last month, for example, it showed daily wire at the top of it.
four August each other. We had one thousand articles and then we had said a million Facebook engagements SAR per article, age what was really high. The reason it was really high is because our people right fantastic headlines and because there is not a lot of great conservative content out there, the number of conservative sites that will see is actually pretty low. You'll see the bright Bart, we're six on this list. Fox news number two in daily mail is number three, but you ll notice that man if the other sites on this list are left wing, CNN and Bc News in your times and PR the hill a so? Why is it that conservatives are getting that sort of engagement. The reason is because there are fewer rightwing publishers than there are left wing publishers in the top twenty five publishers on Facebook. Sixteen or of the after nine are of the right. Well, if there are fifty percent, people want conservative content and fifty percent people want leftwing content. Then those aren't going to split evenly right here have more left wing outlets than rightly than rightwing Alex what you are likely to see you
The left wing outwards each get less engagement and the right wing outlets overall get more engagement, which of course, is precisely what you see of the total engagement. Seventy hundred eighty four million engagement, total engagement in the top twenty five left wing Let's received four hundred nine million engagement, rightwing Alex received three hundred seven six million engagements, so she looked at me, engagement, then the right did on Facebook as far as total lights, which is a better measure, total likes for the top twenty five news outlets. Sixty eight point: four percent were for the left, if nearly two thirds of the total likes. So while the New York Times is about how outwits, like mine, are getting engagement on Facebook. Many of these areas have more total legs than anything remotely like what we ve got. It just happens to be the ragged headlines and there's an under supply of conservative content, which means that we are over trafficked proportionately speaking, but this is how all of this works. All of this is an attempt by the left. You suppress narratives
you're not like, and they will use any cudgel at their disposal and they do control the controlling heights of the culture. This is why you end up with pieces at the New York Times today. Right again, this is that it not so subtle pressure tactic, quote servant of new sites feel voter fraud, misinformation right back to Washington examiners, there's emblem amplify false claims of rampant cheating and what to do? A study has a propaganda feedback loop. They keep going back to this Harvard did this This sort of Harvard institution that day is constantly writing about how evil right wing sites are made. Workmen at Klein, centre for internet cities are the same people who suggested that right when Youtube directs people over the all right, which is crap. It's not true. Ok, you must have overtly taken on your written hit and gotten slings and arrows for it. Then matter again, the idea, there is that of conservative site. Repeat information about possible voter fraud, their bad leftwing sites. Talk about her Donald Trump is going to steal the
an outright or remain in the White House forever, and I repeat that in talking point: that's not a feedback loop at all. If you want to know by the way how these narratives get created, all you have to do is look and how the narratives get created around people like Sasha Baron consul Baron Cohen right, though the boy A guy somehow turn himself into the sort of cultural icon with regard to politics, so he knows who the hell are you talking about here is not so again here. Is that that subtle, sure not so solemn pressure coming from these social left there is. Such a ban comes back in December, suggesting that Facebook is bad, because Facebook allows me Ariel Sharon kind, does it like since just like, if they allowed material from Hitler. Of course, Facebook does have policies to crack down on you not to mature, but that doesn't matter to social baronet, because he's a damned liar security was going after Facebook for having the temerity to right. Wing content. If you pay them, Facebook will run any political add you want, even if it's a lie and
they leave and help you micro target. Those lies to their uses. The maximum effect under this twisted logic Facebook were around in the nineteen thirties. It if allowed Hitler to posters second ads on his solution to the jewish problem. The broader point here is an Sasha bearing calling treating everything on the right is, nor does it Larry, and so not only Historically ignorant he also happens to be a sensor himself. He loves censorship. Began such a baron Conrad mad because turns out he wrote a piece for, I believe, is Newsweek magazine and which they put a picture. Up other a person wearing acid cover. Nineteen is a fraud and the algorithm at Facebook. and the dissemination of the article, because they said was propaganda. The article of course, was about how that wisdom and he got mad.
Censorship is bad. Oh I'm glad to learn that such a common, Baroness Ashton Con thinks that the censorship is dead. Now, that's it that's very, very exciting. Stuff censorship is bad songs. It is blood. You saw sharing colonies very good when it is applied to any one else by the way. Quick note, quick, final mode about Santa Baron calling he's in the independent today talking about social baron corners of what is being cancelled, it is called bore out to such a barren coins or by cancer culture by evolving. Instead of moaning, they will. What exactly did he have all to evolve to the left? That's all that happened. He came out as an open leftist. He started target commonplace, clinical, vulgar right wing Americans from the meat, I did not against one. So that's the wonderful thing about cancel culture. You don't get cancer, you don't get cancelled if you are a part of it. which is why I honestly points to Sarah Silverman. Never thought I'd be afraid I'll take over the weekend. Sarah Silverman she suggested to cancel culture is righteousness porn. If she is one hundred percent about this.
Without a path to redemption? When you take someone, you found a tweet, they wrote seven years ago were thing that they said and you suppose it- and you say this person should be no more banished forever you're gonna find someplace where they are accepted. Do we want people to be changed or doing want them to stay. The same freeze in a moment we found on the internet from twelve years ago, and so we can point to ourselves as right- and them as wrong. Ok, the answer Rachel this poor. She is right, she's, except I can believe, as she is exactly right about all. This is not just that their freezing in place there changing the standard every day they can Frazier and places that that you have to obey them and there hunting the dissemination of material they don't like in order to elevate their favorite candidates, and that's where we currently stand. That's the battlements can be a battle. Long beyond this election is, can be a battle for this entire generation. This is the battle
come here whether trumpets reelected, whether Biden gets elected, is irrelevant to this battle. The media are cultural, better, they have declared you should not have access to internet information. You like that. If you disagree with them, you are evil and you should be and you should be suppressed and that of the methodology of technology. Corporate Amerika social media should be used against you. This is what they have decided, and that is a battle that is much bigger, who gets to decide the next tax rates on the top rack in the United States already we'll be back later today with two additional hours of contents. Otherwise, we'll see you here tomorrow. I believe in all access live tonight. Actually. So, though, subscriber daily outcome can hang out midnight. As you know, rules are t shirts and questions and bizarre behaviour, so go check that out tonight at daily Wire not come this. The bench a bureau show, if you enjoy, This episode don't forget to subscribe, and if you want to help spread the word, please give us a five star. You and tell your friends to subscribe to were available.
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