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Ep. 1129 - Election Day 2020 Is HERE


We examine the last-minute polls; Trump and Biden make their last-minute cases; and we examine the Left’s plans if Joe Biden is elected.

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bad indicator for the rights of good indicator, in the sense that the left being nervous means they dont think that this election is how to reach for Trump, which is good. I mean if they were that conference if they thought that they're going to walk away with this thing, They'Re- probably a bad sign, but at this in time. The fact that their nervous, where they were last time, means that the left is going to get out and vote, which means, if you're conservative, it there's a reminder, get out, get out and vote and do it right now get out and vote. Take three or friends. Take five. Your friends take tenure, friends in fear and swing state particularly get out and vote. All of these swing states are marginal. all of them. What's we're is that nationally, there's not a close election and all the national holding buying up anywhere from seven to ten points on the state level in the swing states. This is an extraordinarily close election, a very, very, very close election coming to renew the real, clear politics pool averages right now from this wings and I'm gonna give you which key states to watch tonight, because there can be some early indicators and where the election is going against. The scenario
basically at this point are from narrow victory by narrow victory Biden blow up. There's no scenario here with the Trump blow up from, could theoretically do really well in the electoral college as well as last and he's not gonna flip, in all likelihood any of the states that Hillary Clinton one last time to the Red column, Nevada and Nevada and and, for example, Minnesota probably are out of reach fortress, but he hold on to most of the safety one last time and still win. All he needs to do is when all the station one last time and you can still lose Michigan and Wisconsin and it can still won the election that is most likely path to victory. So, let's talk for a second about where these state poles stand in the real, clear politics pulling average Florida, the real quick politics pulling average has beaten up point nine percent, which means it's even write them. Instead, now, having moved down to Florida, I can tell you the enthusiasm for Trump informed is extraordinary. I mean off the charts large and, if enthusiasts, from the hispanic community. In Florida is extremely large there, a lot of cuban expatriates lotta venezuelan expatriates, which would be
a larger large vote, a lot of brazilian expatriates, alot of whom sort of remember the ban. The days of socialism in these various countries or left wing rule in places like Brazil and they think themselves. not so hard on that. It also turns out that one of the unfortunate fact about translation from English Spanish are fortunate in this case for purposes of accuracy, is that the same work, that. That bind was using his advertising to say that he was going to be progressive. That word, the that the word that is used in spanish- and forgive me my spanish- is not good, but this I know the word in Spanish for progressive is the same as the word for socialists. Talking Joe Biden was an advertising ban progressive. He was going to be, there is being translated into spanish adzes. Oh I'm Hugo Chavez, which is really not a great look. Ok, so I think that is gonna win Florida, but Florida streaming extremely competitive. I would vote in Florida last week. There is a big line. It was the middle
the middle of the day on a Monday, and there is a fairly long line- headway. Thirty, five, forty minutes to vote where, where I was voting, other battleground states, North Carolina trumped up point two percent. Instead, even now, here's one thing that is true nationally, and particularly in these when states it looks like from, has a lot of mental in virtually all of the swing states. From his close the gap, so there was a wide gap in Florida forbidden as very recently there's. Why gap forbidden in North Carolina as recently there is a much wider gap forbidden in Pennsylvania. As recently right now Biden and from our margin of error in Pennsylvania, corns that real, clear politics pulling average here are the last five poles in Pennsylvania inside our advantage. Had trumped up to in pencil. They need, and machine is nearest had by five in Pennsylvania. Trafalgar had turned up to revive our is skewing very heavily from there are the ones you called the last time and they are using a basic that sort of thing and voter waiting model are trying to tease out me shied from Voter Rasmussen.
had Biden of Three and Pennsylvania Susquehanna today has trumped up one in Pennsylvania. So what that ends up at, as is that even wrote that the margin of error when, when the real composite pulling average, put somebody within two points, basically its toss upstate. So that means that we are the floor. It was some state. North Carolina is a toss. Upstate Pennsylvania is a toss. Upstate Michigan the margin is come down forbidden. The margin was up at seven or eight points just about a week ago, and now that margin has dropped fairly dramatically, really in the last couple of weeks that the real politics pulling averaging Michigan had Biden up nine it had by now nine just about two weeks ago, not even to a week ago, by news of nine that real politics pulling average now button is up for in that real core politics, pulling average trumpet closing the gap and fast in Michigan as well, although that one again from would really have to exceed expectations too, in Michigan, in Ohio, trumpets now up in the real world politics pulling average in Arizona Biden and from our dead, even the real compounds
pulling average had been with a wide led just a couple of days ago it just a few days ago. Biden was up five points in Arizona now they're dead, even there's that even in the real crippled six pulling average a Texas trumped up at one point to its widely expecting the Trump is going to win taxes any Nevada Biden has only up by two point two and about us about what is close to margin of error. Georgia trumped up one that one should be, will not wider. So there's two issues like this: one is a lot of states. The term should be walking away with that are wage close to call the other. Is that all the states that, by needs to walk away with our also close to call, which means that when you look at the final analysis of the polling and good news, guys after tomorrow, after tonight, a Napoleon doc, nobody cares composer doctor If you look at the polls right now, the Poles would not have to be wrong for binding to win three hundred twenty electoral votes or from twin three hundred electoral The poles who not have to wrong for any of that happen, member poles. Margin of error business. If you get it with him
Origin of area poll was right. It doesn't actually have to call who won the pole. If, again, that is, then appoint or two it doesn't matter. The pole did a good job, so the election is really really close, which is why you need to get out and you need to vote, and you need to do it right now, now the media are setting up a post election sort of conundrum for the american people, which is if Trump wins they ve already set up this narrative. What was voter suppression, voter suppressions, not a thing on the right. There's a lot of talk about voter fraud. Hey, there is the possibility of people attempting voter fraud it. There has been no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands. The possible if somebody exploiting the system it does exist, that exists in every system where you have a hundred and sixty nine. in people doing anything, but do I think that this election is come down here with a voter fraud or voter suppression. I know for a fact, is not coming out of our suppression because we have the highest rates of voting in american history right now, not in terms of the overall rate, but in terms of number of actual votes that we can have more roads in this election and anyhow american history before election day, we have
ninety million ballots cast in states like Texas, more ballot had been cast before election day cast all the way through election day. Last time, around you're gonna blow out, whatever record number of votes were cast in the last election. There is no widespread voter suppression. People are not stopping people from voting. It's not a thing. There been lawsuits filed to determine what constitute legally or illegally cast ballot. That is not the same thing as voters suppression. If I sue, because I think that you are casting a ballot without fulfilling the legal obligations, that's not called voter suppression, that is called enforcement of statutory law and the courts will interpret that. Many of these lawsuits betterment, attempting to, for example, discount drive through balloting in Texas, have been invalidated by it. Like a Bush judge, a Bush judge invalidated that lawsuit. So all the talk about voter suppression is nonsense. the media are pushing the voter suppression that angle extremely hard, because there are always looking for another reason for Democrats not being responsible for their own loss, there's something that that
I dont really see Republicans doing very often looking for an excuse for why their candidate lost, if Republicans Lou I think that what you're going to see is Republicans being upset Republicans believing correctly that the media put their thumb, Tom. Their entire are not just their entire on their entire body on the scale in favour of Joe Biden, and I think we're publicans will be angry about that. I think will be right. be angry about that. But there is not going to be any excuse making in large measure about how system itself was deeply corrupting needs to be torn down at the root theirs alone. We talk about how we need to quash Americans fundamental freedoms in order to ensure that are and it is one that something only the left us in twenty. Sixteen we had the intelligence apparatus mobilise against Trump Post election reminisce is now pretty clear. The James call me in company were actually using the various means in our target members of the Trump Administration, where people like Michael Flint that they will be seen the Democratic Party get into the Yes, I'm trying to regulate the living out of social media end or pressure social media with threats of regulation, so they will prevent that assembly
information, and there were successful. They are successful at bullying, twitter and Facebook into not covering things about Joe Biden that Joe Biden found unflattering a democratic turkey about reconstituting the Senate, adding state you talk that there still talk about going to the filibuster, their teamwork and where the electoral college packing the Supreme Court. When Democrats lose. In other words, they see this, as a with the system when a publican lose, they generally see it as a problem with the candidates. When Democrats lose its the system and or that forty five percent of Americans they think, are just terrible people when republicans lose its generally about the candidate, it maybe about people in the media, not covering things properly, that a symmetry means. The Democrats constantly pushing for the thing they're always pushing for which a systemic change, which is exactly the sort of thing that you should be afraid of, because this is of the United States are in fact, quite good things. Remember this election. As with every election day for virtually all of human history, human beings could not choose their own leaders virtually all of human history. People could not vote a party in power for a party out of power for virtually
of human history, people live in poverty. People lived on the on the verge of death and for billions of people the world over. All of this is still true America, damned incredible country and if you're a solution your candidate losing is we need to tear down the entire system because you're doing something wrong. If you're solution to your we're losing is waiting to infringe on Americans fundamental freedom you're doing something wrong. This is what I'm here for love. If the left witnessed today. I am fearful of the Democrats going along with that programme, to tear down those fundamental freedoms because they see such things as obstacles to their agenda either. Those things are rules for them electoral colleges, Goodwin Obama wins right. If Texas flip flip stoop to bind today, the electoral college will be good again, but when those things cut against their agenda, those things become bad Democrats are instrumental us about the system they believe in the system itself. There instrumental asked about it if the system helps them. It is good if this system does not help them, it is bad and ought to be torn out and that you oughta, be afraid of that's why Democrats should not be put in charge of the system because they don't actually believe in the system. They actually believe in the institutions. They make excuses for why,
historically law rather than to sanctions. A crap candidate who deserves lose and the american people choosing answer instead of that, they decided we're going to start tearing away at the fundamental fabric of american freedoms in american institutions. That's going to continue a pace, whether binding is elected or not, but it binds elected he's now in charge of dismantling a system that elected the office, and I don't think that what we shy about that we'll get to that in just one. Second. First, let's talk about the quality of your clothing. So now I used to be one of those guys who just go by like a generic t shirt and then, if you like, three washes would fall apart like crappy, they just don't look good, and more more these days, because many of us are working at home and more more casual stuff. You need a great t, shirt that looks fantastic every time it comes out of wash. This is why I love. I love the clothing from cuts. You don't really need to wear an ivory resume meeting, but weapons in your go to Jimsie. Dont really feel right, either cut clothing, its support
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it now cuts clothing that come slash, sugar, ok, so a lot of people are paying attention to the National Poland. Tonight, that's pretty much work. Was there a couple reasons why it's pretty much worthless if from comes with it four points in the national pulling his shot at winning, if he was by eight, is, can be a foregone conclusion at that point that you probably now probably he will lose if he is down eight points in the popular vote he's gonna lose now. It's also true that if there is a shy, Trump affect us talking about this with the or by our fellow Delaware talents Cassie Dylan Shoes pointing out that if there is a a shy trump affect me up, well who are hours voting from, but not telling pollsters they're gonna vote from that's actually most likely to shop and national pulling not state level pulling. I tend to agree with us the reason being living California live in New York. No way upholstery calls you up and ask about. We are voting for it like absolutely trump, because the social consequences of voting for proper place
California or New York or Massachusetts or Illinois write in very heavily populated democratic state. The strike from boat could really be a things you couldn't see. A a heavy over estimate of Biden's margin of victory in the popular based on that try Trump effect, particularly in major cities in blue areas around the country, but ass five thirty seven says five. Thirty eight rather needs overs organisation. If Donald Trump comes within four point of jobs, if he's three, if these three points down a job in the national vote, Hawaiian, basically there's a fifty seven percent shot that if he is within three points in the national popular vote, then Donald Trump wins so prompt, does not need to close the gap, the entire way he does not need when the popular vote. Now. That said, obviously, the national pulling is bad from according to Yahoo uneven. What threatens to be most contentious and potentially confusing election day in modern memory, democratic
presidential nominee, Joe Biden retains a double digit lead over president from and that final Yahoo that you got pool of twenty twenty campaign, its attendant Origin is more than three times ass. Large ass Hillary Clinton final pulling advantage in twenty six seen yet most voters. Fifty one percent expect from four refuse to concede. If you lose more than three quarters. Seventy seven percent, where the violence will break out in the coming days. Ok, this is often brought by the media when, when I talk about the media being a target that people should should focus on the media's behaviour of the last four years has fundamentally foreclose the possibility you should trust and never again seriously. There needs to be an alternative media source. You look you I'm not saying return on CNN again about that guy, I'm sick If you're gonna watch you are you absolutely need to watch another source? You cannot take it for granted that this objective new sources circle Jack and new sources are providing EU objectives they absolutely or not. The narrative that Trump is Gunnar refuse to concede if he loses the election like lose it clearly, not that I get the litigation Pennsylvania. Then he refuses to concede, but that uses Georgia. He loses taxes.
Many sitting there Billy I'm never giving that's not going to happen again. That's a media created narrative, should you say if I lose clearly, of course him out, but I may have, ensure that all the legally cast balance that are there are cast our counted and then, if I lose was I leave. I mean that's obvious, that is true. My pencil set it and other members, the cabinet who said it s The worry that violence is gonna break out in the coming days? Who do you think is responsible for that? Violence? Read in here is here is why people are by violence seriously. The reason people are worried about violence is because the democratic debate have crafting a narrative. The narrative is perfectly obvious. That narrative is that, if dont, if down from wins, it must be some form of voters suppression, it must be felt some form of corruption. The system is fundamentally broken. His can be a dictator for life and therefore you should be on the streets The media have been promoting is the idea that is right, wingers for promoting violence in the streets. It is not right, isn't right, honest to God. If Donald from loses, I do not
you're gonna, see right wing violence, industry Ali, my words, that turns out not to be true, but I do not see the evidence that right wingers it gonna go out in the strictest our burning down stores and bringing to see the ass if from loses tonight. It's only left, that's been doing that and the the avert attempt by the media to twist street Violence into a republican phenomenon is completely, and also it's amazing available. The american people are about this. There is a whole. They came out. middle of the rioting and canosa, showing that a plurality Americans were more worried about white supremacist riding in America's major cities and black lives matter, which is totally crazy. Ok because you can only the media or you can believe your own eyes, but the problem is when the media are your eyes, there is no way for you. Leave otherwise you're willing to go to more of this more of the preparations for violence for what's coming after in just one second, first, let us talk about how hard it is to find excellent, excellent employees. I am back in LOS Angeles today for our election night broadcast
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already candid it within the very first day right now, you can try to preclude for free at zip, precludes outcome, slash Why are the zipper grew dark, harms last. Why w? I tried again for phrase it proposes slash daily, whereas the Procureur is indeed at the smartest way to hire, and I would just be remiss if I did not mention that. I also that, fell within my eye wine today. So he will also be mentioned in the zoo. Procure add, just as you know, just as slap neck, because it had it had to be done. Okay, so as we as we move towards the election you can see this narrative being set up by the narrative is that if the russian goes the wrong democratic system. Also, the elections is the right way to turning system. So it seems as though almost it doesn't matter how the electric those democratic media and the left would like you to tear down the system as exciting stuff twitter was pushing today. a peace from Yahoo NEWS, Australia in their twitter trans am sure that there are so many people who are aiming there. There click over two. They are aiming their mouse over to the Aarhus Australia site that we have just had a feature it.
they just out of each of these, because so many people visit Yahoo NEWS, Australia, the peace is called the controversial. U S. Electoral college explain how its controversial now is. It says when talking point that electoral college, you know the system by which we devise our presidents and have done so for more than two centuries that that is one that is controversial. That's that's being promoted by Twitter, Willy nilly Josh Shapiro, No relation, thank God who is the attorney general of the State of Pennsylvania he twisted up if the votes are Added up in Pennsylvania, Trump is going to lose. That's why he's working overtime as many votes as possible from this process for the record, his own against us in court, we ve protected vote, right now ignore the noise vote. They so you're going to point out here that some that is paving the way for violence. It is if all the votes are added Pierre trouble is best the attorney general State of Pennsylvania, charged with enforcing the law in the state of Pennsylvania, saying that if his candidate doesn't win, if Joe Biden does not win its because somebody sheeted that's
numerous stuff. What amazing is that the media refused to acknowledge that is dangerous stuff when it comes from left, they just keep talking about voters pressure and from talking about border fraud in all this kind of stuff, Entire mainstream media is telling you the election is not legitimate from wins. What do you think is gonna, be there two more result, especially in a country where the vast majority of political violence that we have seen over the course of the last six months been left wing political violence in the street. Why? You think these businesses are boarding up? our business out here and always boarded up today. Why do you think that is nor boarding up, because we think that the trunk caravan folks can compete down our doors it from border loose according to access, America cities are pressing for violence as soon as tomorrow, driving the news, landmarks stores and rest in New York, Washington, DC and other cities are boarding up their front doors in fear that elect you'll bring another blow to their business, as many of which are already reeling from the pandemic and damage from photos. Why it matters the country's elections. Come could lead to civil unrest. The matter who wins people all over the country are preparing for the worse. So that's the Funny Party was that of buying wins. You could see celebratory rising
rates its riding for all seasons out here in the blue cities. I'm enjoying the fact that many of these blue cities are these businesses are putting up apply board on their on their stores. During the black lives matter. I it they put up, be alive back on business on the board like, please, don't rob us. Of course it doesn't help at all now they're putting up antitrust crap on their businesses, so that everybody knows nation rob their store because they would like Trump either, however, let me real about this. The only people who are looking to rob, stores and loot things. Those are not Donald from voters. They ain't they so post election. That is the threat hey. This is it is everything crystallized from is not a threat to the system. I know you can from the media, the troubles of Russia. The system has been president from four years. Explain how you threaten the system, please I'm waiting seriously. he's not overturned, the will of the Supreme Court is obeyed, their law he's obey the ruined. He has not overthrown, the will of Congress
He has not used executive orders and nearly expands ways as his predecessor, Barack Obama, did he's not threaten the personal reason jail because a trump Rocco, I'm actually put journalism jail. Donald from has not done that come from Darted, no new foreign wars, Donald Trump, has been a far less obtrusive governmental presence in your life anybody from the Democratic Party was or will be in the aftermath of the election, because just recognize it after the election, all of the incentives for Democrats are to crack down hard, particularly with regard to Colvin already made that prediction on Colvin yesterday. I think what will happen is that we will hit the top of the curb in December in from the number of infections, late November, somebody's. What scientists are suggesting and then, by the time the inauguration ill are to be on the way and if Joe Biden has made president, No matter who still do National walked down till still do masking then, who claim credit after the curve has already Aren't you come down the other side and then I'll go right along with it, which is exactly what they do with Andrew Global,
my Andrew quota only started implementing all the mask measures after the curve had already had the peak, and then they credited him ass though he had fixed everything which was absurd on its face being just a second we'll get to the final campaign points being made by all of the various sides, and again politics very often comes. The stupidest innovations of what are actually very profound ideas. We will see that in action, as both parties rally to the entrance had been visiting Pennsylvania a lot by is in Pennsylvania, had been deployed Barack Obama to Florida. Those that those are, I think, the two key states, and by the way it really had a ball park. It you have to
the Pennsylvania in Florida are the two key states of Trump when forty so as to intensive area. If I'd and wins Florida, the elections over that can be a first indicator. So, if you're watching our coverage tonight, what you should tell me where to come because we're doing all night long surprises special gas, an amazing announcements, really truly incredible announcements from what we can be doing in the next year's pre great and over to daily word night. But floored can be the first indicators. Tat things are gonna go tonight. Herring gets more of this in just one second. First, let us talk about the fact that if you ve ever owned a car and not least on the car- and you ve got your car but if a scrape car appears can costume absolute damn fortune. I remember I had a baby blue light up there and I had a baby through baby Blue two thousand six Ford, Mustang Gigi Convertible, my wife hated it because a really messed up her hair when we're dating she hated it now. I have, of course, that the dad car I have a hunter odyssey and love it love. It was not the same, but in any case my wife, maybe unfortunate mistake of driving. That form.
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Now I no longer have to car shield. Saves me: go to car shield outcomes. Lifespan use could bend to save at ten percent. That's cautious outcomes, lifespan use code, then it is up to all, may apply. Ok, so everybody campaigning to the end. President Trump has been in Michigan and he has been in pencil. Dania he's all over the place is deployed members whose family members of cabinets places like Arizona terms. Closing patch is what is pictured, have been oh which, as he has helped the economy has kept the country open. We are, in fact, in the midst of a historically good economic recovery from a historic low because of it if it transpires that, where necessary the beginning, when we do know what we are doing but now are counterproductive and unnecessary. Here is president from talking about how, under him, the economy grew at the fastest rate ever You're, my leadership. Our academy is now growing at a faster rate ever recorded. History of our Godfrey thirty three point: one percent three point: one percent we created a record
Eleven point four million jobs in the last five months may so that obviously, is true and that would have been a great campaign run. I wish that we had more of that from on the stump throughout the campaign. From also pointed out is accomplishments right. He said we have great new Supreme Court. Just says this, of course, is also true. Going to have we just put a great one on Amy, three Supreme Gorgias Citizens whatever we buy. You going to say it. Is you gotta pack, the court? He just keeps them but maybe smarter than we think along the way he's gonna put on it was supposed to say: will you cannot vote for him? If he doesn't go you about backing the gourd? They say that that is transposed hence my pants, of course made the same pitch. He points out, president probably stood for religious freedom. Again. This is a thing about trumps record track record is quickly
as I pointed out a thousand times on this programme already, if you just separated off all the things that people don't like about trumps personality from the stuff he's gotten them, he went in a walk that pulled from galloped, showing fifty six percent of I can't say they are better off now. There were four years ago, which is indeed the highest percentage for any president in the last thirty years That should be a foregone conclusion. He wins. A lot of this is just a personality issue. Here is my pants, pointing out the record? under President Donald Trump, we stood for that first rate of religious freedom. Strong we restored Constance rights are doctors and nurses, and it was President Donald Trump who the assault on the little sisters of the poor and the Supreme Court made permanent. Ok make it is right about that. He also pointed out at this rally that, down from his in favour of in writing one of the reasons the scene. The poles closed, so fast in Pennsylvania is cause of Joe Biden, saying in the last debate that he was going to end the oil industry. transition away from the oil industry has pens going after that
Many women have no matter what Joe Biden Cobbler say right now, you can take it to the bank. Joe Biden Democratic Party are going to try and abolish fossil fuels closed down the oil industry, ban tracking, we're, not gonna, let it happen more for acting more american energy, more energy independence for this generation and for generations to come when we re elected President Donald Trump perform or policy level. These are all sixty forty propositions in favour of the Republicans, pencils and pointing out the Republicans aren't interested in defending the police turbine. and he's also not interested in defending the police. There's only one problem he's talk openly about shifting funny. Away from police, which, technically speaking, is defining the police, hairs pants resident I'll make your problems, we're not
if the police not now, I ever we're gonna back we're gonna back for four or more years, and so that is the contrast divisions. Meanwhile, Joe Biden is entirely and has been the Donald Trump is a blight upon the land and when removed, everything will be solved. So yesterday he campaigned as alternatively, your dad, the Pope and God thousand actual campaign. Yesterday he treated out three separate sweet that sort of laid this out one. He suggested that he was, going to treat me like a member of his family, which is the last thing that I want. I do Want him treating me like a member of his family because I don't want any politician treating me like a member of the family. Frankly, we're gonna have a politician treat me like a member of a family binds on bad guy to do it, because, then I could pick bags of gas for no reason, except my family name in Ukraine and cast Stan and China will have to know anything about those countries, could just kind of jet sat there and pick up giant bags of cash diversified
said he was going to reopening members of our family of of his family, which I dont want. I want these people anywhere near my family. God bless you our far far away from us. They, then he treated out part of this campaign saying we were in a battle for the soul of this nation, and I believe that even more deeply today make no mistake into battle. We can and will win if you believe that your soul is can be saved by geriatric politician has shifted. Every major positioning he's ever held while corruptly using his office to allow his friends and family to benefit from its effects. Save your soul get a little God your life and then find in Dubai, Well, I ain't got good news. So here is this final tweet, I'm not going down the country, I'm not gonna, shut down the economy. I'm going down the virus, yet bull, crap, okay, this is wish casting for morons. If you're you're such a dupe. Do you think that this guy's gonna save you Your life is on the line and Joe Biden going to save you. Donald Trump is a threat to your life. You can come to your house deep at night, he's going to take those
those orange hands and wrap them around your throat like the unity, and I don't want to tell you about, but the entire Biden campaign is it specifically and only about what a bad person Donald Trump is because on policy they don't. I on policy. Nobody likes their policies. Let's acres binds binds closing campaign again was Donald. Trump is a very bad man whose bad an orange mean bad in also banned, stupid. No in January Davy was and how many people could die. and he's gonna be Thank you, you re or anybody else. It kept secret programme of the people You know I was working with blue belie the Americans. We really know what you're going to disappear, journalists. America was problem, or maybe we shouldn't JANET. Please nor veins and whenever God, what a anyway anyway. I am, I guess I didn't say, whose nature directly to your veins. He said very silly. Things are in the press conference about
getting some weight in your body or something is more by injecting sunlight frankly, but none of that should be quite honestly about this, about instead of focusing on the dumb things that Trump says over the course of his presidency, focusing on the things that he has done as president of the United States. It is also why, by the way that from knew how bad covered was even Bob Woodward doesnt really allege that Donald Trump quarter knew how bad covered was. Nobody did and then, if algae in February was suggesting everybody go about their business, but according to Dubai, in January Donald Trump knew this is going to kill hundreds of thousands of people and did nothing which is just crap in the Joe Biden has to focusing on terms personalities again the policies and from have been successful in two and he's been in five minutes watching Joe Biden, you know two things one. This guy is no trends from she'll Saviour of the United States and to this guy and can be an office one here here
just a little bit it Joe Biden over the last twenty four hours stumbling over his words, because again you can be made, maybe he'll be. Maybe if he's elected, you will be competent through the first four years visit ministration, I tend to doubt it and I don't think that that is a a rip on everybody's above a certain age. I think so on this guy. I've been watching this guy for a decade remain watch watching since two thousand eight and before you senator before that the market decline in job it's very obvious, which means that camel hair is going to be present. Here is Joe Biden yesterday, stumbling bubbling just throughout the day as you can imagine, we laid by them example of our power. Not just by the power by the power of origin, Marcia Bow volunteered yet to give up seat of attorney general involvement go to Iraq four year he won Braun, STAR, thickest, conspicuous servicemen, be the first president who didn't have an ivy league degree in a long time,
we're gonna die some some God made. I didn't blow I'm sorry, I'm sorry like that. it's, not a person who is going to be serving as president of the United States in eight years I gotta be serving as president to the United States in full instead of going at this year's calmly Harris talking yesterday about getting rid of from stacks bill which, by the way, if you actually arrived from synthetic tax bill, would raise taxes on eighty percent of Americans. Joe unjust and there were many pass, that tax bill benefiting the top one percent and the biggest corporations of America causing us to deal with the two trillion dollar deficit: that wasn't about working people and if we get done what we need get done, Pennsylvania in the next term. Four hours Jonah about the gear that tax bill. All of the taxpayer you're gonna get rid of you mean even the parts, the catastrophe everybody that person is who you're actually
and with as president, I want when she was elected as GPS out, though such a gift to drop, and it just I don't know, taken advantage sufficiently of by the Trump pens campaigns, but that will get to more of this in just one second and then we'll get to what things are. Gonna look like if, God forbid, Trump loses what what looks like it opposed from Europe, because you can see where this is going in see where is going. Threat, is to the institutions and the threat is from the west. What gets that in one? Second? First, let us talk about something you can do that's great for a family, Simon, encouraging. Today people go out and vote, and then spend some time with their family because is much more important, spend time with their family, then it is about edge. It just is just in terms of your life is much more important. One great way you can bring families together rather than turning them part through power. is the reserve is how legacy box it's a super, simple mail and service. Have all your video tapes camcorder takes film rails pictures digitally preserved on a thumb, Dr Dvd or the cloud, our families, memories trapped in an old camcorder tape or film real, even if the chess player anymore, the answer, of course-
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down memory Lane had an over the legacy. Boxed outcome. Slash appear to get incredible. Forty percent off your first order by today take advantage of this exclusive offer send in when you are ready, go legacy box outcomes, Lasher piracy, forty percent, while supplies last that has led to see box dotcom, Slash, Shapiro, and we use that slash varies. A forty percent well supplies last already more coming up in one second. First, as you may have noticed them its election day. Ok, it's urgent urgent that you go down, vote, ok and then, once you voting, stick with us, day long, we're programming all day. Long in this is an urgent election. What we want right now and then discuss more moment, is a threat to our institutions are fundamental freedoms that the fact is that, for the Democratic Party, freedoms, fundamental american philosophy, these are all obstacles to utopian vision of levelling that they see Conall Harris put out a video yesterday in which he IX,
recently said that equality, the outcome is the goal that anything that stands in the way of equality of outcome is in fact inequity. Ok, that's just outright soft Marxism, that's just all it is, and Democrats are willing to make your rights secondary to all of their goals. They had a choice to make the current stood with american rights and it will made their programme from Utopia little bit harder to achieve, or they could have gone all the way with the hard work left they went. Although the hard work that's what is at stake in this election, the direction of the country you need to go out and then you need to ensure daily wire dot com and you need sure they watch our programming all day long right now, twenty five percent off all memberships code election is special election. They deal. Our election coverage starts at three p m eastern Twelve P M Pacific time. It can go all day all the way until neither have winner
don't have winter when you go until as late as we can possibly standard stimulate eleven hours to our emulate all day. Long also, we have lots of surprise for you. Coming up on tonight. Broadcast starts like three p M Eastern Welcome Pacific, and then we do basically backstage all night to cover everything have election cut a wasted. Two experts in the in the other room are covering the map, is, can be great gets. Can we just it and taken you're gonna want to stick with us. The entire tat will be entertaining Hopefully there will be more laughter than tears. You can watch all day and again twenty five percent of code election, while you're at it pick up a copy of Mobile Canada, Sri Lanka in three easy steps. Ok, that book is not just Roland for the election way beyond the election, there's a lot of education that needs to be done, particular of particularly of America's young people. If you ve got a kid was in high school, if you aren't getting high school of Europe, if you're a young person in college people, ass maritime, what's the best to read that will give me a brief overview of american philosophy in american history. This is that book, and it's about why there's only,
well, who want to tear way that history terawatt that philosophy, caraway key parts of american culture go check out my book. How to destroy America in three easy steps. Right now is a valuable, Rita, very proud of it. I think it is going to impact a lot of people are already has hundreds of thousands of people have go check it out right now. You can pick it up at Amazon or Barnes and noble dot com. You are listening to the largest fastest growing concern. Pakistan radiation in the nation I already thoughts about the institutions, because this is really what I wanna talk about, because this is a battle. The battle is just about from and binding. As you know, when it comes to personnel, I have no great love for any of these candidates. My view politicians, there plumbers, I dont want but their lives. I don't want to hear about what they do. I don't really care to hang out with them. I spend too much time with them, as it is already the more time but with politicians, the more you realize that they are the dumb ass kids from third grade class, who pick their workers and ate them. There's this great myths about american politics. That is the greatest wise
statesmen among us who make an american politics, I think that didn't we should let that one go guys. Frankly, politics is deep. It is not in fact, of cards conspiracy theories are generally wrong because they require a baseline level of intelligence in competence. That simply does not exist for ass majority of people who are elected to office. It would that's ed what does protect. You are you're constitutional rights does protect? You are the institutions of the United States, but those only work that that only but will that only works. They they only protect you if those function properly. So that means the intelligence apparatus, works to protect. You haven't functions properly and is not politicized, which is why I am deeply fearful that if Trump World The report, a cessation of the intelligence apparatus, would be upon us. Can there is no question at this point that intelligence apparatus, people Peter struck in dreams. Combing was politicized in the early days of the
from administration in the last days of the Obama administration. There is no question about this here. The evidence is now very clear that whether or not the Russia Gates Investigation was properly predicated. Evidence suggests the problem is not that this is bad information being followed via their euroclydon campaign, infusion GPS to members of the FBI. In order to initiate destination, but even assuming that was done in good faith. The quick turn from that too. We when use every means at our disposal, legal and otherwise, in order to fulfil our utopian fantasy of Donald Trump is russian agent. That was a complete, perversion what the intelligence agencies are supposed to do, and so it is no surprise today that James call me who's this honourable for overseeing much of this posed in a binding Harris. Twenty twenty two sure, with Abiden Harris Coffee CUP, yet we know James. We know we are fully aware that is the problem. Europe you're the year to save the intelligence apparatus from being politicized by Donald Trump you're there before Trump and Europe, Michael actor, then when we all know the James call me back did politically in order to protect Hillary Clinton from criminal liability.
in her ear males case actually had to rewrite the lawn at intent is an element of law in order to not prosecute Hillary Clinton. And he oversaw the fires and warns that work not legal against Carter. Page James call me was a political figure, use grandstanding political figure he remains grandstanding, political figure and he'll go back to being the government. If, if Joe Biden wins people like him,. Well, even if gems commies never rehired people at Peter struck the suppose it good soldiers were overtly political. Those people will be in charge of an apparatus. capable of watching your every move or taking adviser warns against you get intelligence apparatus, gonna be re politicized. The electoral college is gonna, come under fire, so Sally Code, one of the issue of the Democratic Party and she tweeted up for the outcome tomorrow, then all capital letters, the electoral colleges, a horrible raises progressive- may get mechanism of repressing democracy. I just that way, because it's all in capital letters. Yes, I'm sure the
Ro College, the horrible racist, regressive mechanism of repressing democracy by the electoral college will come under fire. The Senate come under fire. You ve already seen many Democrat saying the Senate is on constitute the Senate is not on additional is on American because Montana. Hasn't many votes is California, which is some sort of the boy you may have noticed. Also, the Democrats are claiming that they want to help them. what're. They are claiming that they want add states to the United States Senate, nor does make it permanently democratic and they talk openly about quashing the court that there is no question that What kind of Carthagena push radically the lessening Bernie Sanders is saying this openly as Joe Biden winds than by and Bernie, and I personally, and the squad and Johan Omar and General cause a Cortez, the honourable Sandra Abkhazia Court has not Elsie we cancer more. The honourable congresswoman Alexander Lukashenko has deeds which represent a push you to leave burning, and these are the people pushing binds the lesson we can go along with it, because this dude is not a bulwark in favour of moderation.
Firstly, as we made it clear, everybody's no great secret, our first task, we got gotta defeat, the worst president. The monastery of this country number two we organise our people to make sure that Biden becomes the most progressive president since at the same time institutions is going to be overwhelming, is convened, alt on our freedoms, because those institutions protect our freedoms. There'll be assaults on freedom of speech. There'll be a push from the left over the coming years for for hate speech, regulation for an attempt to stop people making freely that there will be a push on left against religious freedom for the idea. that if your religious person, America, you cannot operate your business as you see fit, because they have social priorities that take priority, that that they take first place. They'll come after guns because they said they're coming Africans, Joe Biden said they're coming after guns. He's any but made all Rourke in charge of coming after your guns, our coming after all of the institutions, fundamental freedoms, not just that their perverting Continue to promote the media, so what. Most hilarious things and that the media really believe
that their mission extends only as far as the nearest Republican. They believe that the the Republicans are worthy of covering in great detail and I've sent for a long time. I don't mind that media Our hypercritical from what I mean is that the media are hyper. Obsequious Democrats, they want to go The Democrats they carry around draw up comes from they care around a bad because it you'll get to do that and then pretend you're objective as nonsense. If ninety percent coverage of Donald Trump is negative and ninety nine percent of coverage brok. Obama is positive Doing it wrong is the so called objective journalist. You say your objective: you're, not objective, not in any way shape or form, and the the self described heroism of these folks is astonishing, admitted that they do. They believe that they are heroes. The democracy dies in darkness, crowd are not important.
Beside you know that the opinion leaders, the people that the self congratulatory opinion leaders over the Lincoln Project, people like MAX boots, amassed boot. I just put the sweet up because it so absurd on its face. He tweeted out, win or lose never Trumpery can hold their heads high. We made our best case road. Our most coaching com produced are most convincing commercials. I know that I left it all out on the field we all did. The rest is up to voters, say Kevin from the office. I am a hero, but that that that's that's all these folks are our people who, sit around in a coffee clashes and talk about what heroes they are for standing up in front. But the problem is not MAX boot because who cares that exploit remain captain fedora over there and by the way his someone's books on lake military warfare? Actually pretty good said what happened in attribute, but putting aside maximum talk about these so called objective media there, basically acknowledging where they're going post trump and the answer is it's getting uglier is getting worse because not gonna get better if you believe the media are going to get better at this after the election. Yours,
Thirdly, mistaken we're gonna go right back to the era of Brok Obama, when the only scandal was a town suit, and if you ask Barack Obama hard question, it was because you are racist, J Rosen who teaches journalism, and why are you here it out today. Today I dont mind admitting that I mentally and spiritual exhausted nerves, fried patients, worn smile, fake soul, damaged insights, depleted and I'm feeling, like all the words have been said. My wrist aches from tomb scrolling members may make his wrist may eight from something else, and doesn't my shocking busted my mind what real and that that is captain journalism over and why you meanwhile Bandsmen peace over than your time talking about what happens in the media, if Joe Biden would win and the answers go right back to being the partisan hacks that they were before they are partisan, hacks they're not objected journalists. He says many leaders and news media have been holding their breath for the election and planning everything from retirement. Two significant shifts in strategy the months to come. Whoever wins president trouble,
I'll succeeded in making the old media great again in part through its obsession with it, his riveting show, that much of the television news business in particular to put off reckoning with the technological shifts that have changed all of our lives changes in the air across a newspaper newspaper has revolved around the president or weird, so it went from president than the news report around the president, but one Barack Obama or Joe Biden or any other democratic president, then the media cover everything else. Everything else the change how they cover so many in the media have decided that their retiring, their job here is done guys. Their job here is done. an neurons- are not declaring that they're going to move openly in the direction of left wing agenda according to bend Psmith. He says Many people are stepping down the executive editor of the early times when Pearlstine is looking to recruit a successor by the end of the year, Martin Baron, the executor of the Washington Post, just bought it I was out of town to post. You said they expected him to depart next year. The Post spokeswoman Christine Karate, said he added given,
as yet, but the executive editor of the New York Times contract retire in twenty twenty two. Meanwhile, just Sakharov, CNN has singled he's frustrated with war media and their special, in that he may leave now. Here's the best thing: ok here it! Here's where it gets really that so Pearlstine again. Is the executive editor of the New York Times. He says the new metrics success in media ready? The new metrics for success in media might be different as well. Issues such as inclusiveness, such as being antiracist, so that media openly, telling you, where they're going there, an open propaganda of the radical party of the Democratic Party, the most radical part of a democratic way. anti racism is called for Evermore candy rod Robin the annual crap, that's what it is called for is called for. You are a racist if you oppose the socialistic agenda, a vibrant candy and Robin to Angelo the fascist social the agenda of those people, if you oppose that you're not antiracist, and that means your bad and so the way that we can engage media coverage and its success is how anti racism, it is
Also. He says that we're going to allow all the staff journalists union ice, run the shop in media. So, if you're worried about the status of the mainstream media watch as it destroys itself in perfect, but massaging obsequiously to them rats. Pearlstine says the old top down. Newsroom management is a thing of the past. He says consent of the government, something to take pretty seriously. No, you don't not at Racial, are you insane? You think consent of the governed matters one iota around here, a daily work and the editor? Ok, I'm the editor Emma writers have daily wired. I come you think of my bill came to me in there are like we're, not antiracist enough. We're upset about that. You think I like. Oh I'm, gonna, listen to everything that you have to say in your stupid, add a little brains. You think that's what I would do it since, when has since the governed Binny thing at a newspaper. What in the world Lowery, CBS News, correspondent has been a voice for more diverse and politically engage journalism, said he'd, already seen signs of change. He said these big institution. Very rarely come out and big sweeping change. They say changing and they change. Even people who made a big
about how the rebels were wrong or now conceding to the things we all wanted. Wesley Lowry by the way CBS News correspond. Is a person who says that all journalism should be openly partisan? They don't on false fairness. We need open, partisan journalism. So, if Biden Elect watch for more open partisan journalists and a half of Joe Biden Watch for attacks on your fundamental rights watch for attacks on the institutions of the United States watched by the way for an economy. That is going to stagnate. Pretty quick, now. All of these things are things that are likely to happen. If Joe Biden has elected so glutton vote, if you like the institutions, if you like the fact that, on election day, we all get to exercise our right in freedom, then maybe vote to preserve those freedom, is because, in the long run, the agenda of the Democratic Party does not square with many of those fundamental freedoms and why and be grateful that you live in a country as wonderful as the United States and think maybe why the United States is so great and what we can do to uphold that? What we can do to in president from phrase make Amerika great again,
ready I'll be back later today, with two additional hours of content. Also, we have programming all day long all day long and daily word. I can't remember twenty five percent of our use the code election when you, when you get that membership and you can hang out with us they watch the election returns come in. We are going to be marathon, all day? So, hang out with us over a daily where I come, this is the venture, a job. If you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe and if you wanna help spread the word. Please give us a five star review and tell your friends to subscribe to were available and Apple podcast, Spotify and wherever you wasn't upon. Gases also be sure to check out the other daily. Where podcast, including the Andrew, and show it Michael Marshal, and that won't show. Thanks for listening, Dementia Bureau show is produced by Coltan, HANS Executive, pretty Sir Jeremy boring our supervising pretty there's our math is Glover and Robert Sterling Production manager the white asking ourselves producers are next. She hadn't Rebecca Doyle Show is
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