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Ep. 1130 - So, Who Won?


Republicans hold the Senate and pick up seats in the House; the election carries on into Wednesday; and we analyze what everyone got wrong.

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Republicans, probably hold the Senate and pick up seeds in the house, the election it carries on into Wednesday and apparently far beyond, and we analyze what everyone. Yes, every single human got wrong. I'm bench brothers, the bench Barroso. Eventually, Russia is bound to my expressive. Gps surf the web with peace of mind, sign of now expressly peons outcome, life and we'll get to all the chaos, and it is. This is the most chaotic day in american political history, or at least that I can remember. Okay, this is more chaotic than two thousand. It is just it is, it is ably show it is, I believe, show out there there, a bevy of states that are too close to call we're the morning after the election there still bevy of states that are too close to call Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan They are all too close to call. Georgia might be analysis. We still loan over. The president is going to be. We don't know whether this is going to come down
in voting irregularities and what the voting rules actually are in states like Pennsylvania or Michigan or Wisconsin. It is an absolute uttermost. Only one thing is perfectly clear: everybody in the pulling in stringing slowly code. They need to learn to code, except for Rebecca Hayley, overt Trafalgar. Every single other human in appalling industry needs to immediately be put to work digging ditches, so they can mean the actual human outside of New York and allay the polling Arusha were so, but we're gonna get to all of this in just one second, first Let us talk about the fact that the market is not a big fan of uncertainty. The market does not love uncertainty. I can't think of any more uncertain time an unsettled time. Then this has been over the course of the last year. That's why it's worthwhile diversifying at least a little bit into precious metals. You should ever via portion of your savings into gold or silver. Precious metals are perhaps the greatest hedge against uncertainty and the weakening value of the dollar Brcko group. It's the company, I recommend by gold and silver
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the Trump team bill. Steppin terms campaign manager. He says that Wisconsin is a tight race and recount territory. It is indeed
streamline close right now. The vote counts in Wisconsin says about ninety seven percent in and Joe Biden has a zero point. Six percent lead in Wisconsin he's up by about twenty thousand votes in Wisconsin and their apparently still another hundred thousand votes still left to be counted in Wisconsin as of this morning, so that that is where things stand right now and then you move over to Pennsylvania from right. Now, pencilling has taken it sweet. Damn time problems of our Lord, oh. By the way being your floor, demand increased state Florida worked beautifully. Flora reported vote holes we were done by early in the evening. Affordable gets a flawed in a second, because it shows some real pathways for for the Republican Party in the future, and some real shortcomings for the Democratic Party that are quite delicious and in a variety of ways. Pennsylvania trump right now is about ten points in Pennsylvania, which is about five hundred thirty four thousand votes. There still one point: six million votes out there to be total. Those are supposed to break heavily. Democrats can be extremely close in Pennsylvania. North Carolina Trump is likely to win.
Michigan is really really close accelerated by twelve thousand votes at this point by another point to point point: do so by half million votes to be counted in Michigan trumpets, like he's going to a finish off Georgia, there's a lot of doubt last night asked whether Transnational Win Georgia, it start off is likely trumpet move to lean trumpeted move to toss up, and now it's back to likely trump. At this point, Arizona is a state that is absolutely clear. like Arizona, was called very early on in the night by Fox NEWS. They insisted that they were right now, there's no. Mason, suggesting that maybe there are a bunch of maybe there's a bunch of outstanding in Arizona. So this is just an absolute mass- is an absolute must. The trunk campaign Nevada is extremely tight. In fact, Nevadas only eight thousand ten thousand votes apart and about it. Just decided they're, not
Do you not to any new vote totals until tomorrow, which is this all unconscionable in guys fix your election systems seriously. It doesn't mean that fraud is happening but fix your damn election systems, so Steppin says Michigan their confidence in a pathway that includes the State Nevada, their claiming victory possible by fifty five hundred votes and the projecting optimism about Georgia and Pennsylvania as well. So recounts, don't as far as the Scots and recounts. Don't normally reverse twenty thousand vote gaps. They don't usually ill shift a couple hundred votes either way in Florida, for example, George W Bush and Al Gore. We had months of recounting and only shifted a couple hundred. In Al Gore's directions, are shifting. Tens of thousands of votes on the basis of recount is fairly unlikely from campaign advisers, believe the Arizona might still be an reach for President Trump on the regular account, because there's still counting election day, voters so trunk with Europe
We went Nevada in Arizona and that would put him over the top it from takes Nevada and does not when Arizona Buttons Pennsylvania, then you could still be over the top. So This thing is not over yet, and this is putting aside the possibility of lawsuits. This is putting aside the possibility of Iraq where it is being found made. So, in other words, everything is mass. Everything is an absolute best there, only a few things that are absolutely clear at this point in time. One is that the poles are damned garbage, so I'm bringing pulse consistently can bring you the Poles, because I dont, like operating in the absence of data my binds in fit my biased in favour of data turns out to be a biased in favour of crap, because
data here was crap. Ok, the data here was garbage you and it was really carbajal on the national level. The final real, clear politics pulling average spread on this election had Joe Biden up seven points nationally. Seven points nationally right now in the national vote count Total Joe Biden is up by less than two points nationally less than two is it just over fifty and from is at just over the eight percent- and that is not seven point- it is certainly not ten points mean I'm going to read you some of the poles. There were being trotted out the day before the election. The economist yoga have beaten up ten points. Ten Ivy Nietzsche IP had been up for those most optimistic or from Reuters had Biden of seven CNBC He had been of ten. Can it be echoed by eleven NBC News Wall Street Journal had beaten up. Ten. Can a gap? Is too too when you blow it
that badly on the national pulling. No one should ever trust you again. All these jackasses need to learn to code like right now and yet incompetence bothers me. It really really does have a battleground states, so the battleground stays were fairly wildly off as well in the battleground states in the real politics pulling average, which is more favourable to Trump than, for example, the five thirty eight pulling average in the local politics pulling average. They had come down in flora by point nine from Poland of winning their sate by three percent, so not particularly close in Florida. Once again, they blew it in Florida in North Carolina. The real capacity pulling average had trumped up by point to right now, North Carolina when ninety four. percent, reporting has trumped up by about two points. One point: five two points: the real competitive pulling average in Arizona had Biden, winning that state slim. It looks like that may hold up in Wisconsin and here's a massive pulling her and was granted in Wisconsin
Rilke politics, pulling average had beaten up nearly seven points in Wisconsin, nearly seven Wisconsin right now. Button is up by less than a void in Wisconsin is about twenty five boats total in Wisconsin. That is six point pulling here in Florida. You are looking at a five point pulling here in the national numbers. You are looking at a minimum five point pulling here in many. These poles in eight or nine point pulling air pulling. Is chicken intro reading these people dont know what the hell they are doing. They don't know how to pull for trumps coalition, Radipole people or not college educated. Why people they don't know how to help people who are not pick up. The phone all your questions about holes or totally justified up to be fair. To myself, I didn't say I am sceptical that it is far apart as the poles worsen. Thing- and I did say yesterday that from could easily when this thing, without the poles being totally wrong on the state level and that's true, margin of error states. Them remained margin of error they, but something is deeply wrong in the pulling into
something is deeply wrong in our media industry there is addressing. The turbine could hide in the basement and run away with this thing. This is not a runaway under any circumstances. Not only is it not a runaway, these aren't. Even we're pulling airs the worst pulling errors, are not on the heavily pulled trumpet and raise the worst pulling airs RO the pulling errors in the Senate there, these blue it- and I will have permit myself Back from my prediction understand- and I did so- I thought the Republicans would likely hold the Senate so a mess for pollsters today, an absolute mass in a big day for a public and by the way, if you are a publican regardless this turns out with front because that still up in the air- and he could still when this thing, depending on how those late votes are counted depending on whether they are lawsuits right. This is still very much up in the air. Regardless of that, if your Republican are concerned, She feel very good. Looking for this was supposed to be a year like twenty eighteen or Democrats walked away with this thing, or was a blue, tidal wave. Why?
away, all in its path or Joe Biden, was gonna win by ten points. Nationally, he's gonna carry three hundred fifty electoral votes. Where Democrats we're going to walk away with the Senate, where they're going to then nuke to filibuster and then use its crammed through states and crammed through court packing, no, that's gonna happen. You senator image Mcconnell, as can be in charge of the Senate majority. In all likelihood at this point, which is a devastating blow to the Democrats, an old slow, Joe Biden winning what maybe the narrowest electoral college factory in american history. If it turns out that Trump Winds, Georgia, anyone's Pennsylvania and Biden wins all the others. The election gap is something like two. Seventy two to sixty eight, ok his clothes and is, as it is possible, to get aid. That is not a massive mandate for huge world beating change and Joe Biden Odin Doddering Andrew. I can't hold a thought in his head and he's gonna phaser fractious coalition, severe conservative, regardless what happens going for it? If you just stop time at this moment before, we even know what happened to the presidential race less, it was a very, very good night
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not all those in this house up, Linsey Grim blew out, blew out his opponents in that raised by leaps and bounds, like thirteen point blow out huge huge blow out, and we were told that Amy Mcgrath verses, Senator Mitchell Mcconnell, that that was a somewhat competitive rates, not even close, not even remotely close maternal blew them out, blew them out. The fact is, Democrats spent too hundred million dollars? Trying to asked Tom tell us in North Carolina programmes are now even tell us. They spend two hundred million dollars trying to oust Linsey Gram in South Carolina and me Mcconnell in Kentucky any blown. The f out in both of those races and the posters were telling us that both were competitive, particularly South Carolina race, Republicans pulled out the victory in Iowa. That was supposed to be a democratic victory from of the race. Republicans pulled out a victory in Montana, Republicans blood, the victory in North Carolina now supposed to be a Democrat.
when republicans are gonna win both on the seats in Georgia. Begins- are gonna lose that seen in all likelihood, Muslim Excel in Arizona. They're gonna lose Corey gardener in Colorado. If that's what you got Figure Lincoln Project, Griff Money, gang of good luck to you. The IP reports hope fading for incentive. droll. Democrats had a disappointing election, I as Republicans watered down, and lot of challenges and fought to retain their fragile majority. It was a jar and outcome for Democrats, words, they loved here, who had devised and expanded political map eager to provide a backs up against President Trump and his party's grip on the Senate, the races to try in an unprecedented outpouring of small dollar donations from Americans, apparently voting with their pocketbooks to propel longshot challenges. However, they want to see now and then Republicans hold their own in one race. After another, South Carolina, Iowa, Texas, Kansas and Montana Linsey rammed weeded out, you wasted a lot of money So this is the worst return on investment, the history of american politics, because he defeated Jamie Harrison by double digit after they dump a hundred million dollars into that campaign. It looks very much
Senate Majority Leader, which Macao stays the Senate Majority Leader John Continent in Texas, Tens is it Johnny Earth divides Teresa Greenfield. That was seen as a toss up. It looks like in Maine Susan Collins can retain Hersey. In fact, using Collins was it was dancing over the course of the evening, because Republicans held her, it s Susan Collins, getting jig you with it last night in Maine, I'm not a huge using column sound, but I will say that Susan Collins Holding that's. It is a massive massive thing. There's a big difference between a fifty fifty cent in which commonly Harris cast the the deciding vote, if indeed Biden pulls out the election and our public in majority in the Senate. So this is this is all good news, for applicants very, very good news for Republicans and Republicans based on the supposedly I had no right to expect any of that Good NEWS to materialise, not just their progressive candidates that skunk throughout the country
don't have a clue districts they want, or else he won't re election. That is not a shock. The honourable Alexandria causing Cortez Democratic, which of course when real action she's in a deep plus one million district, but there's a bunch of progressive, has candidates who are badly lagging closely contested races according to Josh crash our over at national journal. He said for supper, races in which members and the Justice Democrats, or at least agile members lost their races last night, it turns out. Americans are just not all that interested in that kind of garbage outside of Brooklyn, so Republicans are gonna pick up somewhere in all likelihood, between five and ten house, it's Republicans are gonna retain the Senate, which brings us back to the presidential race itself. So the posters got this thing wildly wrong. Why do they get a while the world because they litter you don't understand from coalition because nobody really understands college. Someone give you some example numbers these are astonishing, truly astonishing because they do
said the democratic narrative at all one iota if one narrative should inside a gruesome death last night, it was the narrative of the work it was the narrative of the world. called, but simply shouting, racists and everybody means that you're gonna be able to create really durable minority coalition to defeat the suppose. It racist white, silent majority right that narrative bitted us last night and a bit it incredibly hard, the media bit. Thus last night, they spent four years declaring the Donald Trump is an abject racist that he's a big it that anybody who vote for is a racist and a big it and Americans, not only China by master vote for for President Trump, I mean in huge. Huge numbers is a record turn out here. This is the biggest turnout year in american politics in nineteen hundred. Normally, you would think- right, because that conventional wisdom, myths, that big turn out helps Democrats, it did not last night, is a huge turnout year and guess what even if Joe Biden Wind, it's going to be by the thinnest of hairs by the thinnest of hairs, Annette Balding paid
When the election, if he wins at All- and that is where things currently stand at, what amazing is the coalition that trumpet together here in terms coalition is the future of the Republican Party from coalition is fascinating, is fascinating, because what we are watching is rebuke to the Woke mentality, that demography is destiny, the Duma, demographics or destiny. That all you have to do is call Republicans racists and you can cobbled together a huge super majority of Hispanics. An blacks and Asians, and then you can just replicate the Obama coalition. Once again, the Obama coalition only works for Barack Obama, because Brok of almost unique ended he was the outlier. Barack Obama is not the new democratic party. Barack Obama is not the future pathway for the democratic party. Brok of almost unique candidate- and you need time the reality that these ex upon them using a blow your mind, while democrats continue to maintain that
just that half Americans are racist, that's my trunk did so well last night, regardless of final outcome, while they maintain that the reality is far different, if from loses its becoming it's going to be because he lost a share of white men, not kidding not getting these acts, it pull. Numbers are ringing rebuke to everybody in the media who thought but they had any thoughts on this election because after twenty six year, these are all european will go out into the stakes in we'll talk to some of these trump supporters, and it was though they were Steve, Irwin, exploring the wild, now they didn't understand from support, they didn't understand nearly anything that how politics works in the country they intellectualize their way into believing that if they went with the intersection coalition was gonna carry them to victory in an absolutely did not it was a horrible night for interest. Externalities last night was a horrible night for the work, which is a great need for the country. We're going gets more of that in just one second, first, let us talk about a good night's rest. So, needless to say, I do not get much restless night. There are two reasons for that: one there's an election last night and I was really
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Slash than already so here are some of the numbers from the examples and again these are absolutely stunning meter, astonishing numbers from the apples. So from one men it is the New York Times exit points from women. Forty nine, forty eight he lost women by thirteen cannot was perfectly predictable. That was the only predictable part of the night. He won't fifty seven percent of the white vote for forty two percent Joe Biden among Black Americans there's some early data that suggested that he may have one in place like for up to fourteen or fifteen percent of the blackout, even by the New York Times estimate he won't twelve percent of the black vote last em around you want only seven percent of the black folks who he radically improved. He showing among Americans you radically improved showing among Hispanic Americans one thirty. Two percent of the hispanic vote: human thirty one percent of the asian vote. again. These are. These are not numbers that the media were even close to expecting
But he improved to share with black men black women he improved to share with elderly Americans, argue hidden improves our elderly Americans beheld them in protest. with virtually every demographic sub group in the United States, with the exception of white man, I'm not joking there's a thing that happened last night: ok, maybe what that's as is the Americans want to be campaign to as individuals, here's the thing about from he cut through this by density crap, because everybody has an individual opinion of Donald Trump. Nobody has the image of Donald Trump and on the wall by the media about Trump I've been very critical of from use of twitter and very critical of some of the things that I think from his head. That are wrong, but it is absolutely true that he has a unique connection with american voters, because you so prominent because everybody knew Donald Trump was before he ran. It made it very difficult for the media ever to box men or pay.
This is exactly what they wanted him to be, and this is reflected in a lot of these exit pulling result. I mean that these young people should feel astonished by this, should feel shocked by this, and they should feel really optimistic about all of this, because what this means is that the demographic stranglehold that we were told Democrats have on hispanic. Voters does not exist. The demo stranglehold suppose they had on black voters. There has been highly overrated. These examples are evidence that Republicans can in fact make headway that they can make ground with particular demographic groups. Supposedly they had forgotten it out. I mean this: is this amazing amazing stuff and it came from Donald Trump Right, the guy who they were? a wild racist for years on end there a lot of votes on the right, Mary, Catherine HAM, hadn't between last night. She said I always thought or bubble
you could put together a multiracial coalition. Extending trump would be the one to do it, but in many ways he wasn't one to do it specifically because he's Donald Trump and because people have very specific opinions on him as a human being, and he cannot simply be marked up as generic republican racist by Democrats. Here is so member running of people policy project he he got a hold of some Edison exit points. Here's what it showed it showed that trumps share of support. My white men dipped five percent among women in increased by two percent among black men. It increased by four percent among black women. It increased by four percent according to the exit points, medicine one: seventeen percent of black men, seventeen percent of Black men- if you told me before the election, that from one seventeen percent a black men and thirty five percent of latino than you think, ok, this guy wins a clear reelect victory. He just lost a little bit in the White Male
category and it's a very, very large category in the United States, say made way with which you know, men with which you know women with black men with black women with other sowed, include Asian Americans and thirty six percent of the vote with the other groups in the United. It meant. That is an amazing amazement that bodes so well for the future. The country ass, it s the thing that makes me most optimistic from last night, because what that says is that the intersection of bull crap, that we have all been fed that we ought to think of each other in terms of group identity. It is a lie, it is a lie and you can fight back against Ally and Donald Trump deserves full credit for fighting back against ally for not caving to the lie that he is a racist for not caving to the idea that he has to be defined by the media. For not accepting the premise of all their questions: that America is a racist and terrible place that you can win minority voters while saying that America is a wonderful place. That is not a black lives matter, health.
That is an amazing amazing thing and oppose really well for the future of the Republican Party. I would point out specifically in just one second, what happened last night in Florida, because Florida is the future of the republican Party. My new homestake, wonderful, wonderful stay, though talk about that in just one. Second. First, let us talk about getting in shape, so over the course of this pandemic. Alot of people gain some way because your home a lot and that means and stress, eating and all the rest. Well one thing you have to change the actual What is your habit? It really isn't so much about diets. Has people go on Zan they go off thy. To really is about changing how you think about health? How you think about exercise? How you think about what kind of food but in your body- and this is where new comes in new- is the habit changing solution? users learn to develop a new relationship with food through personalized courses based psychology new teaches you why you do the things you do that empowers you at the tools. You need to break bad habits and replace them with better one's name. Isn't it it is a healthy easy to stick to our way of life new as one of the biggest most accurate food databases available. What you track meal habits. Very,
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it should have been from cultivated. The latina vote in Florida and paid off reported NBC News. Last night, around fifty five percent of lorries, cuban american vote went to tromp according to NBC these examples. Thirty percent of border regions, forty eight percent of other Latinos back Trump from one state going away he drastically improve to support in Miami did county. He went from three and thirty four, thousand votes in two thousand, sixteen to at least five hundred and twenty nine thousand votes in Miami date. County Biden did not grow democratic support in the county, in other words, Trump workplaces that people had not gone. He went to democratic counties and he stopped for votes and he got those votes and all credit to my security guy in Florida who happens to be of latino extraction, he said you can be shocked by the men who turned out the easy for Donald Trump and he was absolutely right. It's one of the reasons why I have been saying for a couple weeks now that I think trumpets, gonna win Florida crumbs popularity meant that other House Democrats fell rubber,
Debbie, more castle power is the First south american member bore South American Bore member of Congress. She was trailing policy menaced Miami date mayor in helping Russia Rice en route. in Indonesia Leyla, is out trailing tv hosting commentator Maria Elvira, Salazar, hey. This is largely because Democrats have raised the mantle of socialism and it turns out when you embrace the mantle of socialism, and you are attempting to gain ground with crowds of conferences. What countries in autism, like socialism, everybody several in a socialist countries. You know love socialism, about your white people who don't live in socialist countries. That's the message of what happened in Florida, Trump outperformed with what he knows in flora by a huge, huge margin. Meanwhile, apparently, don't from also outperform with Jews in Florida you about forty one percent of the Jews in Florida, which makes a lot of sense, he's most pro Israel precedent in american History BAR none k that is Asia, that's an amazing showing right, and that is largely because the population. Florida is either old enough that they are sort of traditional
joyously and so care about the state of Israel or their orthodox, very big orthodox community in South Florida, which is one of the reasons why now live in South Florida is a Florida, is a good indicator for where the Republican Party is moving going forward. There's a lot of talk less about building a working class party is not just a working class party with multi ethnic appeal. Here's the thing by making inroads with Latinos I mean there are stats from Texas last night that are absolutely astonishing k there, the most latino districts in the United States. Ninety six per cent latino in Texas, it only one forbidden fifty.
To forty seven, fifty two to forty, seven, those our heavy inroads into a new demographic that Republicans amid told you could only win if you cater to them on illegal immigration and amnesty and it turns out. That's not true, because the vast meant every single Tito was voting in the United States. Right now is legally in the United States because you have to be in order to vote. To turns out. All you have to do is go and talk to people and from those talk to people who talk to them directly and is a major victory for Trump and is a lesson for any Republican going forward. That is a very, very positive time for the public and party going for an here's. The thing if Trump was disproportionately bad with White College educated folks in their Rami one in twelve. Imagine if you could capture, the share the Mitt Romney one of white, suburban women in twenty twelve, and combine that, with the share that Donald Trump is winning of black and latino voters in two thousand twenty. That is the majority party, and that is a clear majority party that's an amazing amazing thing, so good ones. Trump and good on the american people for spitting in the eye of the Woke now, naturally, this
Why was this lesson for the media, who really believed that they got to declare the outcome of the election three weeks in advance for us and about the media who declared for years the down from was an illegitimate present people hated so much. He would there's no way no way he would even be competitive in this election. Republicans really me it absolutely hammer swamp can be a hurricane that blew them away, what we're the media repentant last night. Of course the media won't repentant last night. The media. Repentant number one iota of a second The daily shows reaction to trumpeting Florida is they put out a meme of the deaths are blowing up Florida. Here's what that's! like MRS Kessler falling on the state of war, can we do this love Laura? I just put that out there, when ten crews adjusted that there is a difference between your values in Texas, Valleys,
he was accused of Anti Semitism by the left? He is accused of being a big it by the left. The daily show just puts out there that we should look Florida, basically, because you don't like flora and that's supposed to be funny, that's supposed to be good funny, so you can keep it going us more of this more of us because here's the really deep down in thirty truth about Trump and its level of support, because people like me and Movement way. Sixteen. I voted for him in Florida in twenty twenty Why the reason I voted for Donald Trump, maybe above all, others, is because what Donald Trump he's had many things that I think are not true. He said one thing that is the most true thing that he's ever set, which, as they don't hate you, because they re Donald Trump they hate Donald from because they hate you heavy. They hate you if you voted for down from they hate you. If you think that the work That is bad. They hate you they're willing to destroy you. They are willing to destroy your life there, willing to use, cancel culture to come after your job there willing to Austria size you from every social sit
nation and declare Une unmentionable. That is what they think of you. They think that if you voted for down from, you deserve to be knocked, that's the way it is Canada, because of that that so many people are saying you know what I'm not gonna. Listen to you, I'm not having their conversation with you. Could you not reasonable you're, not rational, and media is certainly a reckoning in the media. I highly doubt I don't even know me a reckoning, the media enough for one second, they ve already decided which direction they are going to move they're, not gonna bans abandon their anti racist. MAX candy robbed the actual gripped, but I'm gonna give up any time soon. They're gonna keep pushing on that they're gonna keep. Preferring anyone who disagrees with them is races because they have only one mode there pop star, never stop, never stopping their, never going to support this sort of thing, so other Donald Trump winners or losers may pains themselves in a core because guess what the reason the Democrats did so badly. Last night is due to two factors: one Donald Trump has unique
an actual folks and to one of the reasons that Donald Trump has unique connection without is because the left is agreed just and horrifying, because the Woke left is agreed just and horrifying and terrible in every way. and they demonstrated a full scale with lots of their reactions. What was going on last night, particularly on racial level, we'll get to that in just one second. First, let's talk about male pattern? Baldness runs in your family. You need to protect your hair. You really do some male pattern. Baldness, unfortunately, runs on both sides of my and that is why I have been using- keeps as dude much of our identity is wrapped up in our hair from how it feels after getting a fresh cuts, the waves styled before going out. That's why, when we get into our twenty seven you start noticing the first signs of hair loss. You need to get active. You need to sign up with keeps, because two out of three dudes will experience some form of male pattern baldness by the time, you're. Thirty, five, the best way to prevent hair loss. is to do something about it. Why you still have their left, get treated from home used have to go to the doctors office for her less prescription. Now things to keeps you can visit a doctor on line and get here. Was medication delivered directly to your home
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it's going to remain on a knife edge. So long as Americans don't understand, roots of their own values is something to be re acquainted. Go pick up. A copy of my book had industry America in three easy steps right now, you're listening to the largest fast, going into repercussion radio. Show the nation I already said the amount and scorn the media. Have I wouldn't that end. So there there's a lot. After twenty. Sixteen about how we're gonna go out with to investigate the term voter and then within five minutes there, like you, know what it's easier, just call Trump racist, it's easier to follow what he does on twitter and calm racist, and you know what that had. No impact. None is linked not only none less than none because from did pick up boat. He did he's going to broader share of the electorate this time round. The did last time around and whether or not he is winning the election, and if you think that Democrats are simply going to abandon their woke priorities, you have another think coming and that they are not. I should have no faith that they are going to
give up on the work. It is culture that they have promulgated here, Nicole hadn't Jones tweeted last night, in the aftermath of Florida, Birch again, Flora was a devastating rebuttal to the entire intersection philosophy, Latinos voting in outsize numbers for Donald Trump. Fifty five percent of Cubans voting for Trump a huge percentage Filipinos generally across the country voting for from he picked up hispanic women. You picked up hispanic, many big black men. The black women, all those numbers were up so naturally Nicole Hannah Jones, the in house racist than your times trotted out one day after selection is over I'm going to write a piece about how the Tina is contrived ethnic category, that artificially once white Cubans with black border regions and indigenous guatemalans, and helps explain. Why would she knows that support from at the second highest? It s easier, not truly latino. Unless you vote for Democrats acquainted a coherent,
just as you're, not really black. If you, if you don't go for Democrats according to a cool headed Jones, the racism is not going to stop. They cannot give up on this narrative because they believe it is still there pathway to power. They don't want to make the arguments on behalf of their policies. The policies are not popular, so they are going to continue to rely on this character. Assassination of everybody who disagrees so now, according to Nicole Hannah Jones Cubans are white. Did you know that Cubans are white now. Why? Because they voted republican and presumably as an increasing share of an israeli but republican, they too will become light and the only people who will not be white are the people who vote how Nicole Hannah Jones wants them to vote because in a coherent, Joneses world, the way that she used. White as they stand in for evil and therefore, if you are a Cuban any voted for from your evil. Thus, your white This is pure unbridled racism. That's the lady who founded the sixteen nineteen project, is the de facto editor of the New York Times. She wasn't the only person to say nonsense like this. There is a person last night and Andrea Pino Silver,
who is any movement, scholar, author and queer Cabana. She took it out there, you can vote is not Valentin about. Cubans have been sold in Europe they have a guarantee path to whiteness and many will sell out every other minority to get it trumps. Appeal is the appeal of white supremacy? Doesn't it he won an increase share of black voters does matter. He won, increase our ability, innovators. None of that matters relating to matters is that if you voted for Trump, it is because you are a is because you are a vicious brutal racist AL sharpen Vicious racist was little randomness embassies. Others last night you said the cuban voters are just stupid. That's what happened. Human voters bought the socialist propaganda that that Joe Biden Uncommonly hairs from socialist, ok. Well, it turns out that they bought into it, because Democrats have embraced that label Bernie Sanders calls himself. A socialist Democrats call themselves at progressive, which, in many south in latin american countries, is a sin,
four socialist, that that is their fault. But here is a sharp in pretending. The Cubans are just stupid. That's why they voted for Trump. We don't have the strain dynamics there. We haven't Florida. Where are you like in Miami Data thing, it was joint, pointed out a large Cuban in Florence enter The cuban voters who look or to the propaganda that we deal with socialism, and all that a large black turn out. Ok, so again, it's all about it's all about the suppose. It whiteness problem they aren't Duncan the former education secretary are brought about age. We tell us that we should stop talking about red and blue. We should start talking about whiteness. There are gonna like all. It is not in any way shape or form of you. Think you're media argument suddenly learn a lesson wrong. You are the same you have been lying to you and honestly. Don't know how to read the Poles being this role nationally, except that people either are in such a deep bubble, the day of internalized their own inability to pull trump voters in them
and they live in a universe of their own making, or this was a lot of push boy right- that this lot appalling designed to disintegrate trump support, particularly in battleground states, by saying that states like Wisconsin and Michigan we're out of reach here, but the media are not can shift their story. The media have inherited the media, have an agenda and we need to replace them. The media were worth a minimum of five to ten points for Joe Biden this election. If it were not for the media, that is a minimum income if it were not for the media to media, had covered Donald Trump. Honestly, if the media had covered politics honestly, if the media weren't dandler, theirs in pursuit of an agenda down from one easily last night easily, because even sound from loses. Where can we talk models? losing by a combined total of probably under a hundred thousand votes in Pennsylvania Michigan, Wisconsin in Arizona and Nevada right. This is its extraordinarily close election, the media sort of let the cat.
It's fun to watch the media, rewrite the narrative in real terms as a bad night for the media last night you can see they were downcast about all this. Obviously the most one person to watch was chink Eiger over the young Turks. He just lost it change Geiger now to be fair. Chang is a in opinion. Host is not an objective, Unless we get to our objective journalism in France, where journalists being all over the place, the journalism was hot and sticky. Last, it all over CNN and MSNBC, but we'll be remiss if we did not play tank losing his mind last night forget him be erases, forget him being a fascist, the guys I Q lowered and seventy do use reared he's a total moron and you couldn't outer question an election mandate. Corporate demo grass in the mainstream media socket this. They absolutely pause only suck Brainwash smart people into compliance, ok, so right about mainstream media brainwashing people into compliance. You just hilariously wrong about the idea that if the Democrats attacked way the work they have done better in this election
Can I led the only reason that there are even competitive in this election? Is they ran a dead man who was able for all antitrust sentiment in my country imaginable. Bernie Sanders and one from one's going away right. Given these results, it centres and about this thing, over early in the night for job here. But let's go to the objective media watches the narrative shifted last night in the objective media, Jake Tapir on CNN said: Abiden blow out was always a pipe dream was because I'm old enough to remember because more than one day old, when the entire media was declaring that there was a ninety percent, shot mine was gonna win because he was there a blow out trump the national pulling was showing the who's up. Seventy ten points, so here is Jake's Happar now rewriting the story so that double blow up was. It was apparently always a pipe dream the by people we should say have not conceded any Florida or Georgia or North Carolina, and they feel very Would they still feel good about North Carolina? They still feel very programme very positive about. Arizona and the blue wall
It's just not going to be as some Democrats we're hoping for. They thought it was gonna be, and An early landslide now was really always a pipe dream. Ok! Well. Why was that a pipe dream I mean seriously. We are told that that was actually not about We now have a possibility by many members of the media, not Jake, specifically But many many members of the media were saying that it was a foregone conclusion that bind was a blow out Trump and from us North Carolina whose goal is lorries can lose them early in the night, was gonna, be over by seven P M Pacific time it Brian Williams, let the cat out of the bag is again. The numbers of our frustrating five years. Yeah you damn right there frustrating for of yours. Is there a bunch of liberal partisans? We are coming onto the top of the hour. We are at a not many poor, clothings laughed, but there
or a few extra closer we get to the West Coast and there are a number of states. One boy, those are just some of the numbers started to add up as we get laid in the night. However, frustrating this night is for many many of our viewers, and yet it is very fast waiting for many of the of the MSNBC viewers because did not go how they wanted Van Jones was extremely upset last night. At the result, he was cities, as this just her to just hurt. Does the moral victory in there's a political victory, that is to say the same thing? The political victory still may come by thing for people who saw babies Van snatched away from their mothers at the border for people in their kids into schools, where the inward is now being used against them. We will see this wave of intolerance. They want a moral victory tonight. We wanted to see a repudiation of this direction for the country
The fact that, as this close, I think I've heard is they hurt. You just hearts, and indeed has heard members of the media, because they had a narrative in the media, completely employer employee on them. In the middle of the night, I will say it was. It was kind of wonderful. The watch. George stepping up was enter into an Rina panic, so George stepping up was last night. I began to lose it in the middle of the night, was kind of money. maybe a little early start plant narratives pogrom manual is trying to do a little bit. This is looking a little bit right now, like a reply to them. In sixteen I'm not sure the problem? We? as you have so much early, voting in every state is different a when they count that and so we're looking at counties, and you can extrapolate when you look at how, closer highways, it's basically six percent right now better than it was twenty sixteen, but you look it. I think it still gonna come down to come down to ok,
could see the panic and Democrats eyes all throughout the evening, our thinking to shift because of this, because they got to so wrong there. A lot of tweets this morning from a lot of folks on the centre left about how they need to rethink, how they friend american politics, you think they will. I really really think not. I really really think not. I don't think that's going to have an ok so where do things currently stand so the current update was that was godson. I sold NBC News that their done counting the Biden has one was guns in Nevada is not done yet. Nevada has by not by that eight thousand handouts and vote, but they're not resuming until to Morrow Arizona, was called for by the less night, but Republicans keep insisting that Arizona is still open. I talked it from campaign operatives who say that the final count, Arizona can be closer than what they are talking about right now, at the very least, apparently Biden is up in Michigan it right now, but Trump is up in Pennsylvania as well as Georgia.
So this thing is still very much up in there and that is putting aside any and all legal challenges that could be brought is putting aside mandatory Rico. in Wisconsin. If there is a margin of error, there's men for a week out, all of this is still a mass, so could trump still when it sure does have an up. Path at this point does have an appeal path. Where you been If you want to Arizona go, if you want Arizona, then this election will basically be over at this point right. If you want Arizona, then who did Pennsylvania and then the sucker would be done is the last night I Joe Biden came out, I end, and he suggested that they were on are to win the elections. There was Joe Biden statement is very, very late last night believe we on track to win this election. We knew because of the unprecedented early bone, the mail in both those who take a while we're gonna have to be paid until we. The hard work of italian votes is finished
Ojo every boat is counting every battle in this county. Ok, so very was saying that he expects they're going to and then president trunk came out last night and he gave a statement. He did a much more a much more comprehensive statement on the on the boat. So first he treated out that he, whether they are winning big, is that we are a big but their frank. You steal the election will never let them do it. Vote cannot be kept. after the poles are closed. Presumably there he is talking about Pennsylvania TAT Day. He says we're up big, trying to steal the election. Ok at the time there were a big into account, reminiscent false, doesn't matter twitter, tried to dispute between and said that it was irresponsible and all the rest, and because this is twitters mandate, twitter is now the the arbiter of all truth. What he's talking about there is the Pennsylvania state rules that do not make it clear whether or not you can count a vote that has been
asked after election day, even if it has no postmark that that is what he's talking about their present work has a last night trump comes out, and he says he looked so over downcast, because I think he you wanted to walk away with the victory on the night of. Obviously, he says we're winning Pennsylvania Most importantly, where winning Pennsylvania by a tremendous were up, six hundred and ninety thousand words in Pennsylvania. Six. These aren't even close. It's not like it's laws with sixty four percent of the vote in its be almost impossible to catch and we're coming into good pencil in areas where they happen to, like your president's visit,
And then he said that about that that analysis of Pennsylvania may very well and are being right, tremendous winning Pennsylvania. Then from says in his opinion, they ve already won the election, which of course, is a step beyond what Biden said Joe Biden said was, I think, we're on a path to when the election, which is an opinion from says we did. We election. I is, I is an overstatement brain any shouldn't say it right as the President of the United States. We should wait for the vote to be counted and then declaratory. You shouldn't we're victory and election or the votes have yet to be counted so there he says to things as we will see. One of them is not glad uneasiness at it. The other is being wildly misinterpreted by the media for political purposes. So here was president Trump. Talking about how, in his opinion, the elections are even one by Trump North Carolina pigs. drew with North Carolina so we won there? We led by seventy six thousand votes with almost nothing left and all
some everything just stopped he's a fraud on the american public This is an embarrassment to our country. We we're getting ready to win this election. Frankly, we When this ok said statement that we won the election and there's front happening all over the country, see the responsible statement there is we lawyers on the ground in all the states to ensure that fraud is not going to be the deciding factor in this life. We believe the world of halfway between fact. That's exactly my pen said one moment later, so that is something that that president from should obviously not have said. Then, president from said at one point, I want to find the direct quote, because people are taking it out of context. So President tromp was talking about the vote and he and he he said,
So here is a statement for the buying campaign manager. They said the President statements and I do not trying to shut down the counting of duly cast balance, was outrageous, unprecedented and incorrect that sound from said Trump did not said they should stop counting duly counted ballots Julie cast out these, as we want all voting to stop we, I want them to find any balance at four o clock in the morning and add them to the last okay. Now we want all vote counting to stop in fact, crumbles protest at the fact that there are random stoppages of the vote counting last night, where there is this, this weird to our gap where all the sudden overstates kind of stopped at once supporting ongoing electron counting results has started reporting them reporting in bulk. And we want a voting to stop. We don't want them to find out if four o clock and mooring allowed them to list he's clearly saying we don't actually want them to manufacture votes in the middle of the night and then use that make up the margins. So that's not wrong, it isn't so he said to things there, one of them. He's not great. One of them is fine. The media are treating both of them. Is the end of the world. Obviously hears about online. This election will end with some four.
Of litigation in some of these states Norwegian recounted in some of the states we're gonna find out in. shorter or rather than longer or Worthing stand, but if you're a conservative. If our conservative I know a recent Hendricks about the presidential, I'm too I mean everybody's got to turning they got. I do I get it wouldn't be here all day, bringing you updates and all day tomorrow and as long as this thing goes, but if you're, a conservative, you should looking at the outcome of last night's election, given the priors and think yourself. That was a massive victory, a massive victory against the hard radical left, and that is a great thing that every surely everybody should be celebrating right now, you are allowed to take up a sip of champagne for how the election last night, even while we wait for the final outcome of the presidential already moving back or later today, with two additional hours of content, including all of the updates eventually are. This- is the bunch of erosion
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