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Ep. 1180 - Turning Biden Into The Normcore President


The media push President Biden as the most normal normal person who has ever normalled, but there’s only one problem: his policy is anything but normal.

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The media push. President Biden has the most normal normal person who has ever normal, but there is only one problem. His policy, not normal adventure pair of this is the. Today. I shall today who is sponsored by Express VP and stand up for your digital rights? Take action and expressly peons outcome so I've been well, you may notice the government preparing to spend more money than has ever been cut. did by man, oh god, it's pretty impressive stuff. That means the probably should be looking to diversify your investment. At this point we are now at the mercy of one party control in agenda driven by tax and spend economics and forget about the social ramifications. Fiscally. You can expect compounded growth of the national debt. The system evaluation of the United States dollar. So is there there really is only one question: what are you doing to protect your savings? What you should be doing is sever supplying a little bit into precious metals birch gold group can help you with that. Brcko group will how Butte Iverson A portion of your savings in Irish are eligible for one k into an IRA back by gold and silver there, the premier precious,
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some years ago. There is a trend in fashion. It was called norm, coring, ok, norm. Coring is a term that is they mashup of two terms normal and hard core right. Your hard core normal was the basic idea of this that the term was coins in two thousand and thirteen there's a trend, casting group called a keyhole and they published a report in which they talked about norm coring. The idea was to blend into the car, we're gonna start wearing like J crew, clothes and stuff from the gap is, was norm core even be militarily normal. So this is the media's attempt to to do. Biden is the norm or die. That's what they're going to do so Biden campaign into
twenty as a remedy to return to normal, see right. This is so crazy. Everything is nuts and, of course, this was the call from the moment that Trump and her office was we cannot. We can never pretend this is normal. This is not normal every single thing from day one. This is absolutely not normal, even if it was totally normal and if he fired a- U S attorney, which had every power to do and happen, pretty regularly when in administration and resolves this is not normal, we cannot pretend this is no one. Now there's a lot of things that present from more normal brightening present from to do it alot present from like, say, crazy stuff on a fairly regular basis. President Tromp was certainly the only person as the President of the United States with utter the word coffee president. From what about him. It wasn't normal, but here was the weird thing for a lot of conservatives about President Trump. While he himself was not a normal human and well himself was this garrulous Anne and blow obviating real estate. Reality tv start running that that's what he was. Many of US policies super normal right right,
wearing America on the military stage, perfectly normal, lowering taxes perfectly normal. Putting in place we're going to properly interpret the law perfectly normal, where his actual policy was super normal compared to the salute abnormality of the Obama administration, which radically moved us in the direction of identity. Politics revised the relationship entirely between the United States government and the american citizen, which completely rationalized american politics. If you compare not the point no manner an aspect of the commander in chief right now. If you compare the personal aspect of the commander in chief Rocco, I'm was more normal than than Trump and buying more normal than Trump. If you compare, the policy trump was more normal than both like a lot more normal, then both because if you look at the shift of radical change, radical changes coming from Obama, It was not coming from from. There was no radical change in policy. There is a bit of work of backtrack on some of the radical change of Obama's policy, but
There wasn't as radical as you would hope of Euro conservative right we were still trend, is spinning. Four trillion dollars year. Europe still blowing up the amount of money that the government was spending, so his policy was a lot more normal trumps was then Obama's. Now Biden comes and what we are going to do is we're going to say: ok, we're restoring normalcy. This was binds entire campaign, he's the most normal Neuro who has ever norm what a normal he's just a normal dude who normal for a living like that's, that's all he's been for fifty years he's been normal, I mean sure, he's not super normal sure I mean he's been in government service, since he was twenty. Nine years old was elected to the Senate at the age of point. I'm sure you spend virtually every moment since then either on the public doll or making money having been on the public all sure he doesn't actually live a normal lifestyle for most Americans. It happens to be true that by any american standard at this point in his life, he is very, very wealthy man. I think his network is somewhere in the neighbourhood of about ten million dollars but he's most normal person who has ever normal right? I mean he took Amtrak Super normal guy
and the more normal they can make Biden seem the more you are going to ignore the fact that this policy is absolutely abnormal, the more they can make it seem, like Joe Biden has been lay like a friendly uncle. Your friendly grandpa, your friendly great great, great, great grandpa, the more they can make. It seem like that. The less you're gonna pay it the fact that he is actually cramming down a particular view of the United States. That is wrong, headed and a bunch of policy that is super not normal, and the media are invested in this because the media are just the republic. Relations wing of the Democratic Party is astonishing. How fast the media have kicked into gear on this and unfortunately every front page. Just as we are on the right, we have. You know what your new found aggressiveness the trunk administration. We find a weird because eating any of that when Obama was present and there are no more aggressive with everybody and then by- enters office and they just start slobbering, little whore hasn't taxes for the binding administration over there. It's incredible they. So let me give you an example. So yesterday, Jen sacking with the White House Press secretary
very normal everyday there's normal normal under normal, ok, so Genji tacky, she is taking questions on her cell phone for the President of the United States, and she tweets out last week I asked you for your questions and you delivered answered a bunch here and looking for doing this again soon. Spoiler, revealing poultices, favorite ice cream and President Biden tweeted back, can confirm its chocolate chip, so normal man, so normal, I mean he's a normal that his favorite ice cream is chocolate. Chip which is like the most normalized went right, maybe said vanilla than you build a global. He hasn't chocolate is probably Paypal will probably doesn't like vanilla, So atavism cookie diabetic, while you know that that they want a carbon arson said who just like TAT, what shape and errors wow look our normal that guys guys so normal I've never met. But he is normal. Is Joe Biden Siwash among whose writing it but we like in the Atlantic immediately to reach up it's so nice to have a boring president. Again, that's gonna, be the theme he's a boring president. Now
You can have a boring man who is president without him being a boring president. This is the thing you can have a boring man who is the president of the United States without the presidency being particularly boring. it Woodrow Wilson, extraordinarily boring human being religious. They bore from top to bottom his presidency. was one of the worst presidencies in american history is characterized by vast amounts of terribleness. You have perfectly normal people as present in the United States, and the presidency is not boring because it turns out. The presidency is not just the personality. The presidency is what you do with the power. The presidency is the policy that you implement that affects at this point. Three hundred and thirty million Americans. yeah sure month and followed up some folks. I have no doubt that, like any President Joe Biden, we'll get plenty of things wrong, I'll speak up when he does, but if you don't feel deep relief that we now have a decent incompetent man in the White House, we have very different assessments of the past four years. Ok! Well! What? If I mostly concerned, as I was during the Trump Administration with the policy that comes out of the White House, that effect
me when I mostly concerned with the direction the United States move. Now. None of that is an attempt to justify the various acts as an insanities of the trunk White House, but I think that we can acknowledge, on a baseline level, that the policy pursued by the Trump administration was shockingly normal again very president was definitely not a normal dude belgic shockingly normal, she went out and then we get this which is so normal guys? We can't, he saw normally go to sleep, we just go. We don't even have to do our jobs here in the media. In fact, it's over. We no longer have to worry about anything. Ok, so that the norm coring the the attempt to pretend that Joe Biden is like the most normal person was ever live is so in swing. Unless I mean to the point where they are now out there taking the least normal parts by making them normal. It's pretty incredible. So here's Brian stouter who reliable sources
supposed to be the media watchdog, and instead, of course, he has just turbines lapdog here he was honestly. I M just get my nickname for the means for the establishment, do you wanna comes to democratic administrations, there's a human centipede they're, just the human centipede anyway, there's here's Brien Spelter explaining the Joe Biden is can you news boring again he's making news what so here's the thing? If you're a news person brain cells are, then this would not be borne he's pursuing some fairly radical policy right off the bat we'll get to that in a moment. But it's boring because you see all you wanted to cover Trump made their job so easy. He really did the reason that trust me their job easier, because every day they get up They look at from twitter feed and then decide what they cover. That you'd literally just read out the new cycle he'd be like this is ably Paul. Oh my god. It's twelve hours of content get me a panel Jamila Hell. I wanna get Do I need an air right now get Michael Eric Dyson on phone step, president tweeted out their country is a bleep whole country and it was like okay yeah, that's like not right, but I'm just wondering what that has to do with policy.
No, no, no, not normal, only twelve we're not normal with tyrants NASH, normal right that I was not the entire Trump administration was that the truth is the saddest people in the world in the media, the trumps Twitter, Japan, are the members of media because now they actually are supposed to have to do their jobs, but here's the thing they're not gonna, do their jobs instead there literally their new policy in the media is to declare themselves irrelevant never seen anything like this in the media we felt we irrelevant in the trunk administration, because we're coming balls and strikes Emma Conservative, I give you my opinion of what Trump did Can I give you my opinion of yes, the tweets, but also the policy the meat like, no one can uncover the piles you'd. All we're just gonna cover the sweet, and then everything with regard to policy will be seen through the prism of the tweet. But now that a Democrat is in the White House and the Democrats of Congress,
now the media are declaring that they no longer are relevant. I've never heard of anything like this. It's amazing they have the same perspective about their job. That I would if I were a politician which is my job, would we not make myself irrelevance? You can live your life, but the media, their job is not to be irrelevant their job. is to cover the news, but here's brains, delta of reliable sources, explaining basically we're done canoes is boring. You have to watch anymore turn off CNN. What is going on here? There's brain stellar This precedent, by making the news born again, people are always asking what the mediaeval do post president Trump this week after bind inauguration. They ve been asking our reporters going through withdrawal. Are they missing trumps tweets? Are they lost without outrageous to cover these have minds from for MAC, ceos and other websites? Point but the bargains plan is dull by design, so is making the news boring again. Did he
in the new points had inundations couple, a headline re access by this dull by design plan, the Atlantic Boring, is better Mashable, Joe Biden First presidential suite is refreshing. We born to you so normal guys, normal boring with I will see and boring this isn't that amazing, by the way, Spelter then tweeted out a Cairo on his show. This is the Cairo sack he promises to share accurate info in parentheses. How refreshing? What do you think your job is? Brian stealth are seriously. What do you perceive or job to be? How refreshing? Ok? So here's the thing: every single person who gets up at the White House Podium says thereabout to provide accurate information. They then lady, you ok. This has happened for every single one. Has press secretariat from I'm aware some of them wide less than others again. A brain owner reflector lied less than Robert Gibson Jake Harney it, but the basic idea that you in the media, like how refreshing politician has promised me honesty. Literally, the opposite of your job, your job.
say: yes, I know you're promising the honesty and now and hold you accountable, but they don't do that they have no intention of doing that in the wild shift between look. How normal and burns is in five minutes. Why does everything as a crisis? Every single thing is a crisis. Its action the astonishing here's, a flashback regularly to brain cells. Are we saying this is more back to normal guys, it's boring its normal. This is Princeton. just a few months ago, feeling nothing is normal. There's not a single thing! That's happening! That's normal right! Now! It's like New Orleans floods. Every day, it's like the planes go into the towers every day and to look away or act like it's now normal or acceptable. A disgrace to the victim's. Ok, edged, can and point out, while you guys we're talking about Joe Biden ICE cream flavour, while user our normal joblessness. boring in the new normal. More people are dying.
Daily basis in the United States and have ever died from covered in the entire history of covered. He's gonna point that out So we will, if we were the media- and we are to cover this consistently right now, brain cells and would have done The Austrian had been like look. There was Joe Biden. being out about chocolate chip ice cream. Yes, It was nine eleven in the United States. Yesterday, planes were flying into buildings in the United States in this guy was tweeting about chocolate chip ice cream. How did this is? not normal banana, there never gonna do their exit, so normal happenings normal and the media are determined to talk about how normal this is, because last week, one of their importers in the White House Press room ass chance does Joe Miss being accounted these kind of questions that you are going to get from your establishment media, the human centipede over here. residents and candidates have some events were therefore for the candidate, the big crowd than the acceptance the convention, the big crowd.
The inauguration big rallies because of carbon, president has been denied. All those has he ever been, and always full of us are missing the fun parts. they cannot even our asian look at Jane Sack. His face reacts to that question genes. Happy spaces like it's like when my it's like when one my kids ass, a cue question to my wife that if that is what that looks like she's looking at this report, like he's her child asking you dumb but sweet question, because that is a dumb, but what does he ever? Did you ever feel like he missed out on having big crowds? Joe Biden has ever feel He missed it in the first forty eight hours was presently he signed in the war. Thirteen executive orders may give them extremely radical in your question. Is dinky miss out on having crowds. You guys. I wonder I know it. Trust you seriously, no untruss you and meanwhile the media are just that
openly declaring themselves relevant? It's unbelievable again. I keep coming back to this cause. It's astonishingly, I can almost can't fathom doing this. but it's the opposite of what everyone else in life dies which is new, make it relevant to everybody else. What your job is rated by the media, whose literal jobs to cover the needs of local. I guess there's a moralistic cover. I guess we just don't. We won't cover anymore, so Glenn Kessler, who is the fact checker at the Washington Post, is that you know we're going to need a fact like them. I trouble you we'd have running, taught we're running list of the number of times. Trump lied, we're not going to do it Joe Biden because he's a truth, teller guys you truth. Teller here is the editor in chief writer, for the Washington Post factor when Kessler announcing their manufacture them in the way that we did Donald Trump. Now, now they would not know. I assume the binding you. I didn't five years of Obama and I assume the belgian presidency will be a lot like the Obama
presidency and that they will be responsive and will be able to quickly back up what you're, saying and occasionally the president will go off kilter critically when is generally speaking, extemporaneous Leah, not following till they did creevy as previously been factor in the very first press conference, Jen Saki and by and by the way line repeatedly wide repeating Lee about the idea that there was no vaccine plan wide repeatedly about it. That's a big lie. That's only small I that is a very very large lie. Is the idea that handed nothing the day the inauguration over one million. That's it things were performed in the United States. It will not handed nothing if trumpet come any Billy. There is no Canada, none nine zero job had I have to emphasise from zero every, like that's Elias, not true. How dare he and now you know what it'll just like your moment. Yes, it will be like the Obama administration, that Obama repeatedly lied. People in his ministry in brag about lying to you guys, and you guys insisted they were honest. You can abused girlfriend. The media are enormous
I know my boyfriend cheats on me regularly and he meets up would like strangers and does blow in the bathroom, but he's really a good guy. You never lied me sure. I checked the cell phone and full of pictures with him and Instagram models. But you never cheat on me that that stop that what are you saying that about him? Stop it? This is your media amazing. My favorite is that they continue to bring Jake Harney on TV to talk about the integrity the binding, inefficient hung about somebody who has been of ruining interest jaikark. He was the press secretary for Barack Obama. He worked with generosity, and here is, like you know, who's your nose out of integrity. I mean I'm in a shocking this. You know it's got a lot of integrity. The people I agree with her is Jaikark. the administration telegraph very early. This is how they were going to be honest and truthful, of spending about its Euro today, Joe Biden as President tomorrow covert skin, you know the beginning of the end is near. They ve been very clear that it's going to get worse before it gets better and I think you begin to make deposit
scan the integrity bank. When you we are honest with the press and therefore the people, and I am always glad to see that my no organ to see more of it by the way they ve been so clear about how it can get worse. Words get better that Joe Biden said that who's gonna shut down the virus does like part of his actual patch. Just get to note that ok, I mean like this article, thirty eight twenty twenty quote: I'm not going to shut down the country, I'm not going to shut down the economy, I'm going to shut down the virus. Joe Biden, official twitter account, ok, but so much honesty, guys happening so much as ok, but it's not just about the honesty and the integrity and the normalcy of abiding administration. It's also by her normal Biden, is on a personal level. The guy is just normal beyond normal, so my favorite peace at the weekend. I really love this peace because I'm a watch guy right. I like luxury, watches out just where the then chairman, I have like a bunch of luxury watches and on so I know something about watches and there's a piece in the New York Times Joe Biden and his watches in Joe Biden owns a number of very expensive watches by very expensive. I mean that these are watches that price upwards
thousand dollar. Seven thousand dollars eight thousand dollars Susan article nine times their task in this article, should they trees to accept it. is to turn it into a normal habit to collect watches. Now I am fully aware that not a normal, haven't you have many expensive watches. I know this because, like five years guiding have any expensive watch it when it was, it, was a luxury that, as I been able as I was able to afford it. I was able to indulge in that luxury, but it is not a normal thing is not enough more thing when I give watches to friends and family fairly regularly when I do that. It's no big deal to them as it should be, because these are expensive watches. So the New York Times has to somehow come up with the idea: The Joe Biden is the super normal sky, whoever normal well. He has super expensive watches. So here's how they do it. Listen to this. I love this so much. The article is titled Joe Biden Watch geek in chief reason, president, not name from pretended where every maritime pieces, such as time essential. No one hears. What if he says, president Binding,
ass, his arrival in the White House as a return to business as usual at sixteen hundred Pennsylvania Avenue, but there is at least one way he's breaking from prevailing presidential tradition. He wears a ruler at his inauguration. Mr Biden laid his hand on the family Bible wearing a stainless steel Rolex state, just watch where they blew dial a model that retails forward. Seven thousand dollars and is a far cry from the every man time pieces that every president, not name Trump, has warns conspicuously in recent decades. Okay, so here is curse, cheat number one. How much does the watch cost since a Rolex state just right? It's a nice watch! That's a very nice watch How much does it cost so they say that it retails from more than seven thousand dollars how much more they click through the link. If you quit through the link, the answer is a retails not for about seven thousand hours yourselves for seventy nine hundred bucks. Almost eight thousand dollars instead of the morning it as the watches, with almost eight thousand dollars they wanted to watch worth over seven thousand dollars interesting how they do that, then they say too many
a president wearing a luxury watch may not seem unusual shouldn't the leader of the free world where power watch befitting his position, never mind that across the equivalence, equivalence, doesn't or so stimulus checks, that concept was a wide was widely accepted ones. Ones. Ideas in our Lyndon Johnson posed jealously for oval office portraits wearing gold rolex is not for. Nothing is relative story. Data model known as a president. Such political power watches, however, had gone. Lifestyle in the internet age when most recent president, politicians in general seem to consider the luxury watches signifier of out of touch elite ism coming to get more of us in just one second, because it is just picked accurate or the way that the New York Times twist Joe Biden owns expensive watches into, but look how normal he is well owning, expensive watches. Is it's amazing? It's really great! We get that in just one taken. First, let's talk about the fact that you don't have a bunch of money to spare instead You need to do is not spend time at the Post office and save money on all of the packages that you are sending on a day to day basis. This is why we need a head on over to stamps Dotcom stamp Stockholm alive
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all american watches by Shinola or sporty watch by your gray, based in southern California, the costs less than five hundred bucks. This may come as a shock, but trumped shattered those norms. He remained on Brandreth s term flashing, mobile worthy gold. What else watches by protect Felipe Rolex and Fashion Constantine right? Those are very, very expensive watches, which brings us to Mr Biden, who seems to balance both heroical whore, illogical, sensibilities, her logical meaning, having do with watches, seems to balance of both whore illogical sensibilities and is unafraid Chavez House switch why Swiss watches all stainless steel, including his relax and omega speed. Master Moon Watch, professional and in omega seem there's over three hundred m, both of which retail around five Six thousand dollars again for smoke depends on Oh you're, looking at the moonlight professional, very often retails about acre and the omega see master Diver three hundred m. Depending of like the bond addition that also retails about a grants. What you're talking about is at least twenty thousand dollars worth of watches, is what you're talking about right here here is the New York Times to be fair. None of Mr Barton
watches, scream luxury, at least to watch. stores were acclimated to the thin air of swiss Watch prices. We didn't scream luxury really do they not. Many people whose entire salary on a yearly basis might be fifty or sixty thousand dollars. It seems to me Only twenty thousand dollars and watches in excess of that easily might be considered. At least a little bit of luxury is the little There's nothing wrong with this. Ok, I'm not anti collecting luxury watches. I collect luxury watches. I love it. I mean it's fun, and I don't have anything all Joe Biden doing it- I'm just pointing out that the media have to take even things about Joe Biden that scream not normal and then pigeonhole them back into normal. they're doing, is they're taking a habit that is not inexpensive and there, like you, have a decision. Normal guy would right I mean like love. Is it really went on his role estate? Just for example, is considered an undisputed classic, but in another sense almost could be
It is entry level for a brand with hedge honours. The quickly climb into the five figures using the relic stage us, which is like a grand, a retail yeah. That's a relief to watch it s like a used car right there, but and Joe Biden has captain normalcy who takes Amtrak. So it's a little in Congress and we don't we morning betray the fact that your binders were ten million dollars on three separate houses like wouldn't want to do any of that, because that seems not normal, but here's the thing. If you look at it in a certain way, a real estate. Trust is actually just like Timex, like if you compare a rolex to other relaxes, is just like a Timex, because the data is one of their down model brands. Rightly it's like it. If you, if you will convey just that's like one of their lesser expensive, watches. Ok, I could see the exact same thing is very specific about the potentially catastrophic can challenge rather is the baseline of potentially protect Felipe is, in an age of YO. Show succession there is a very great line up is excellent. That the line is is utter.
one of the sons in law of the mobile who spoke to become a rumour Murdoch and he wants to give his father in law, protects Leap and when it gives him the watch, he says it's watch that tells you how rich you are right to protect Felipe Baseline collar travel model. If you buy it new is gonna cost you almost twenty thousand dollars tat a very, very upscale actually but compared to other protects the leaves which can run all the way to a million dollars, but solely down Brandreth Timex, so real estate, just it just like a time acts. If you compare it to unilateral acts, they don't know or if you compare it to the knee, Relics see master right if you compare it to the city to be there at the yacht, the odd master whenever it is missing, Well are the James Cameron Caedwalla? They ok come on. Let your work into hard here guys. Likewise, his will make us do not cannot fancied us, at least in the eyes, watch snobs, the moon. while I was in origin have been embraced as an american emblem. Ever since the APOLLO eleven Astronauts war, the story model to the moon, they do connote fancy this actually because their cost a lot of money. Also, there like this
ass, a bride scuba watch, worn by Daniel Craigs bone breaking James Bond that doesn't can advancing this James bond literally the guy who wears a talks with the with the Sea master s out. They are working so hard, so here's how they finish your Eddie, whether a conscious fashion statement or not behind, but macho watches suggested even it. Seventy eight, this former Highschool Football STAR of the kind years still wants to be seen as a human rugged and young at heart see his aviator sunglasses. They also embody a classic version the american dream that anyone, even a kid from Scranton can make it to the pinnacle of power. Then again, he majors wished to make its White House meetings on time. So normal guys, like he's the american dream. Now, if republican WAR inexpensive watch and came for nothing, but if I were if, if times redo an article about fact, I own expense of watches. Do you think that would be really rooted in Shapiro grew up in a two bedroom home of eleven hundred square feet.
Sharing room with three siblings with one bathroom right: six people eleven hundred square feet, one bathroom one phone right. I do think that it would be about the rising from humble beginnings to behave who own inexpensive watch or do you think would be like look at that, at least with his expense and Roger era, but fine guys. He so normal he's so normal, I'm sure he owns a house in Wilmington Delaware. That was did the property was purchased for three to fifty bucks in the property is now worth more than two million dollars sure he has another one in republic, Beach, Delaware, that's worth like three million bucks ensure there It hasn't MC lean Virginia. That is over twelve worthy, but he's a normal dude he's so normal so much normalcy. Why just unbelievable levels? Normalcy, okay, so this is the more the goal is we are going to push Joe Biden as a normal human
and the regional and push Joe Biden as normal humanism. You dont have to cover the fact that its policies are absolutely abnormal and that's the thing, the more you pretend he's normal unless you have to focus on his policy. So, for example, he just killed the Keystone Excel pipeline that southern normal thing, do it just killed at least eleven thousand american jobs. It pissed off our northern neighbours in Canada, ten crews asked people to judge about this important area. Well, yeah, I understand we're having lost jobs, but you you have to understand that overall is going to create jobs. No, it's not! It's, not! Ok! It is not a normal policy to kill Keystone itself, but we have to be so boring presidency guy stopping attentions policy. There is ten crews with the the hoping for the incoming secretary of transportation. People to judge only the most important thing is to make sure that we make good on the promise of the president's climate vision as being one that creates far more jobs millions. We hope I know that won't just happen will have to do a lot of work to make sure that's real, but getting this right means ensuring that there are.
more good thing, you need jobs for all Americans delivered through that infrastructure vision, my so normal, so normal just tell eleven thousand jobs for no real reason. Also, normal federal agents firing Cheer Gaston of a nice facility in Portland over the weekend rubber, when that was a fascist member. One trump sent federal agents to to fight back people who are trying to invade a federal facility and whose fascist not normal, not normal. This can happen in America, job Does it so normal it's not even worth supporting on so normal, so intense tat, he was asked about it at a press conference. She literally did not know that it was even happening. That's how normal things are there other normal things that are happening over the weekend? So Joe Biden is now set to restrictions on transgendered military service members. So to understand exactly what this means you have to understand what the policy was before. So the actual policy on transgender service members was in two thousand and nineteen rewritten slight.
and the basic idea is that it was ok to identify as transgender animals whether there was no formal, transgender military ban as implemented by the United States military, but the actual transgender military ban was designed to prevent essentially people from joining up. And then suffering from severe mental illness, generous warrior and then needing transgender is that what was designed to do right to the policy allowed that if you wanted in French under surgery. The military could discharge you, because now your basically joining up and then you required Surgeries that should be paid for by the taxpayer was the basic idea behind this now iversen that, by the way that the idea that this was from discrimination is, is completely bizarre. Considering the fact that very bevy of mental illnesses that make you ineligible for military service according to the balanced careers dont come here. Some of these disqualifying medical conditions we're serving in the military known as a right to serve in the military. I first of all this is not what about say right here. None of it.
The referendum and individuals, trenchant or otherwise for joining military in doing something far more patriotic than I have done right. All those people should be given enormous enormous tribute. This is a question of how you make military policy, military policy does not allow the following people to join military. If you suffer from ADHD, you cannot during the military. Unless you condemns passing academic performance and no use of medication and the prior year hey, you are not allowed to join the military. If you had a current or history of academic skills or perceptual defects, including, but not limited, Dyslexia. If you have any history of disorders, they haven't psychotic features like schizophrenia or paranoid disorder. Any mood, disorder like depression or bipolar or psychosis. All of that is disqualified. Any three of mood, disorder requiring medication and where our patient care for longer six months by a mental health professor, is also disqualifying. Also any
in terms of mood and ventilation that affect social ability school morning or work efficiency, disqualifying behavioral disorders disqualifying right up at their speech affected disorders. It speech, impenitent any speech impediment, stammering, stuttering or other receptive or expressive language disorder that may significantly interfere with the ability to repeat commands is disqualifying Any history of suicidal behaviour that English discussions, gestures or the actual attempt is disqualified. Self mutilation is disqualifying anxiety issues by the current or historic panic, Agoraphobia social phobia, simple phobias, OECD, OECD, other acute reactions to stress PTSD. All of these
qualifying for entry into the service. But if your man believes you are a woman, Joe Biden believes that should not be anything that qualifies for service. That lets seems fairly radical and kind of radical, no apparently not, apparently that does not radical in any way shape or form, but again be that's, because everything is normal. Everything is super, duper normal, the policy by the way. was until Joe Biden came into power into power that currently serving transgender troops. Anyone whose signed in Lisbon contract would be able to continue plans for hormone treatment engendered transition, but no one with generous warrior? Who is taking or had transition to another gender would be allowed to enlist anyone currently serving Any currently serving troops diagnosed with generous for you, ll have to serve in birth. Generally. Cancer switched gender and barred from taking hormones, are getting to train surgery. That was the Trump Administration policy that is being completely overthrown. That's he likes. You paranormal do interesting, interesting that this is what is now normal. Also,
things that are normally there one you be pursuing equity, above all, by equity. We Democrats mean where they're going to be seeking equal outcome, not the enforcement of equal rights. According to the New York Times in his first days in office, President Biden has devoted more attention. issues of racial equity than any new president since Linden Baines Johnson, a focus that is jeered, civil rights activist Indrawn, early system from conservatives in his inauguration speech the President Pledge to defeat white supremacy. using a burst of executive words, and they want to declare the court advancing equity civil rights racial just as an equal opportunity, is the responsibility of our whole government. or he's Colonna virus response team to ensure their vaccines are distributed equitably, non bases, risk equitably. One point: nine trillion dollars recovery plan targets under serve communities by calling for paid leave for women forced out of jobs, unemployment benefits that largely how black and brown workers and expanded tax credits for impoverished Americans are disproportionately non white. So they are. They are looking at equity issues above all,
right and not freedom, equity, but don't worry guys. This is all normal business. Just this afternoon, well because binds a normal guy. So don't pay any attention to. What is actual agenda is just pay attention to the fact that he's a normal do, who extraction ice cream, and, even though you are expensive washes its like a normal diverting expensive watch is not like a rich guy wearing expensive watches gain a second warning, get two more of the abnormal policy and what it means for the country we get to that just one second. First, let us talk about the fact that your most valuable asset, Probably your home. I predict nature home title, so numbers steal your homes, that's not really possibility, but your home title. Can be stolen, illegal titles to our homes. They are kept online, where they can be hacked a cyber thief. Find your homicidal forges your signature on Acquit, claimed deed, stating a soldier home to him It takes out alone against your home until all the equity is gone. You're not gonna, know until the collection calls for in it are not protected by your bank or common identity theft. Programmes home title lock can protect you in the unlikely event. You become a victim of title
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I would like to steal your money. Go protect your home titled today had a nobler homes, analogue dot com use code, radio for thirty three days of protection. Already, when we get back to this in just one moment, we're all gonna get to impeachment talk and cancel cultures. A lot going on over the weekend plus covert gotta get we gotta talk when Anthony value for us and we'll get to that in a second first daily, where we are taking back the culture we are starting with entertaining content. Earlier this month we released our first film run, hide fight exclusively for daily. Where members you can catch it over a daily wired outcome, honourable app, or on our streaming apps and apple tv and local, if you're not a daily, where member yet use promo code are h, ass to get twenty five percent off. That is our h f for twenty five percent off the early critical views from movie terribly negative, of course, of course, because those are the kinds of movies that probably will be making the stuff the critics eight, but that you love audience scores have exploded. We picked up one eyed fight after Hollywood. Shooter
turned away from the chronicle distasteful subject, because it didn't include leftist, talking, point and celebrated actual bravery run, hide fight, followed seventeen year old girl, fight back against school shooters is terrific. It's a really really good movie. Our viewers are loving. It and right now you can catch over a daily. Where now come on our mobile up or understanding Apple tv and radio, if you're not a daily, remember yet use promo code are h after get twenty five percent off. That is, are h, F for twenty five percent. After listening to the largest fastest growing things Pakistan radio show in the nation so normalcy, normalcy, normal. So many people who are still pushing it normally Our overtly calling for Joe Biden to do things that are not normal, so, for example, David Brooks who is like the normal guy He is norm core, he is norm. Courts
extreme he's. The guy ones praised Barack Obama because Brok on increased his khakis. I could you not. That is a thing that David burgstead stable growth at a piece in the New York Times over the weekend, in which he said this, the Biden values are their humility, vulnerability, compassion, resilience, interdependent solidarity, Donald Trump patriotism was bloated and fear based binds the self confident patriotism he absorbed. by growing up in a certain sort of country during the american century, by setting the stage for a moral, viable a moral revival. Biden has the right agenda, the redistribution of dignity, and then my favorite, you just sceptical paragraphs. He says I was struck by how Republicans and Democrats are committed to each other across part wines how fervently they want to break the partisan, Waldron, resolving normality. In any says this. If this doesn't work,
begins going to full obstruction mode Democrats should absolutely cobra filibuster. Oh that's Eames normal. Oh, you mean you're going to kill the filibuster, which has been the greatest procedural check on majority and excesses for the past two hundred and eighty years up better than simply I did not normal. Actually, but not its super duper normal everything is normal over the Washington Post, my Aegean saying no, what we don't need unity. We need urgency, because that's what nor, He is right: normalcy is ignoring or political opposition and just running roughshod over them. So much normalcy. amazing normalcy happening, I can feel the normalcy Britain out all over. It does not in the policy areas, or else the normalcy is breaking out. Oliver speaking of normalcy, not all over so Anthony found. She now says that he is going. He feels free he's free of last August, a number one
then he vowed. She was made the face of all this by down from its administration. He also proceeded to bash listening six weeks, from Sunday, I know we're almost worship at the altar of Anthony Voucher, though I must point out and they found has not been good, ok, Anthony found. She was wrong about people worry about this and in January, when we are told that the downs new and I'll Anthony found. She was saying in early January. Don't worry about that using that through February, by the way, using in early March, do not ask up. Then he was saying that, rate of heard immunity was gonna, be seventy seventy five percent. Then later today I was lying using ninety whoops lying about that there was in touch magazine yet would use taken all the plaudits what a hero he was just incredible well now Anthony Voucher, who literally was on the cover of in touch magazine while Tromp was president using now, I feel free he so free and tourism.
fancy over the weekend, explaining science will rule and abiding administration in science will speak sure. The covert vaccination terms according to the New York Times are gonna be sat through equity. Not science, equity equity is about the idea that if you have a disproportionate number of white old people. We should nor the elderly in favour of younger black people right. That's what equity would dictate, because, after all, we have to have the same. Racial outcomes is about protecting the most vulnerable and for its about what he could hear. Anyone here was Anthony's outweigh the greatest more scientists again in terms of doctors. It goes like doktor, J, Doktor, strange Jonas Salk, Anthony fancied. That's that's. How goes here is doctor, Fatch, explaining now he is free. Science will rule science will speak, men are ladys, babies don't exist until their born go doktor factory the president made it very clear that what we were gonna do going forward. Is everything is going to be based on science, Evidence and data and science will rule inside.
I will speak, we'll be transparent. there will be bombs in the road. There will be possible There might be mistakes that we make and what we want to be, doing is instead of pointing fingers, making blame will in trying to fix it. Ok, so his amazing now the new day has done now should be frank about this vaccine. That's been put in place was created under the trumpet minister. the action plan that will be put in place will be a Trump administration plan, with very, very minor twigs by the incoming by an administration, but don't worry guys now we're we're back to normal things, are gonna, be amazing. Bodily speaking things that are our normal, apparently job. I, is now going to reinstate all these cover travel restrictions, imposing a new ban on South Africa. Only american citizens in South Africa can now come home. Everybody else's barred from coming in. Remember when Joe Biden thought to doing this with China was a really really bad idea. You know who else by the way that was a bad idea, apparently Anthony algae in the early days, whether this was a particularly bad idea. Also,
turns out that the incoming by an administration literally, doesn't have any idea what they are doing, but the norm. Is there a guy's is really about the normalcy about the normal attitude is not so much about what they do as much as the attitude Xavier Bassorah, who is a rare The leftist gay he was the attorney general of the State of California. There's no reason in Hell. This man should be up for Secretary than human services other than he checks, particular particular international boxes. I guess it no history of really knowing what he has done with regard to public health. Doesn't matter he's gonna, be the incoming health. Inhuman services secretary for no reason again is the way that Biden did this administration was here are some people here are some positions, but if I randomly assign them just make a card wasn't secretary of helping Human services Bob. It's you very exciting, so here's Xavier Bassorah openly playing down the response of the binding ministries. you see when one bad things happening, you say they're going to happen. I feel like the Joker here, but this is the seven media approach, the stuff, if you say that things are, to happen, and then they happen, the media. Take it in stride. If you say bad things
not going to happen in it. Then they happen. This means that you're, a bad person cigarettes, Xavier, Sarah being like a lot of people, are gonna die yeah, I'm on your watch, presumably, but you won't get held to account because that's not the way the media work. I believe president bite is make it very clear. The the plane is in a nose died and we gotta pull it up and you're not going to do that overnight, but we're gonna pull it up. We have to put up, we can do better. We can not only control covered but get us back to reeled normality, but it takes everybody all hands on deck. We ve gotta, make sure we're coordinating and we are talking to people. Where do we can't just tell the states here. Are some people isa masks? Here's some vaccine now go. Do it now? Ok, what now that sounds like a plan, we're not talk to people, because phones, phones, year plan well done and then bazaar was specifically us on one of that things can be available right yogurt. Your captain plan over here you're saying you gonna federally coordinated
thing. So when can anyone who wants a vaccine get a vaccine emissaries like bout solemnity, remedies, regret and taint of actually o shown? Great is bizarre. Can you give me the timeline? Well, I first at the beasts toward it, take to give you a timeline, but what I can tell you this presidency has made it very clear to us. We give people straight trot information, we don't we don't try to hide the ball once we have that information, I guarantee you we will share. Can you give me a general timeline issue call this summer? Well it. Let's put it this way, the president before he had an opportunity to be enough. oval office when what, for one day had already committed a hundred million vaccine shots in a hundred days? Ok on I'm going to point out here, if out, she has already backtrack on this, so regionally vouchers add by a hundred million vaccine shots in a hundred days authorities a hundred million vaccinated in a hundred million The two hundred million vaccine Shatrak sixty shots. He then vouchers like not just
hundred million vaccine shots everything's going right over there normalcy? Can you feel it? Can you feel the normalcy in their speaking of normalcy? of Borneo. It turns out there now lifting their stay at home or run all regions of California. Why? That's amazing, just as Joe Biden took place, California is releasing everybody from their lockdown in going back to the tariff system. Why, almost as though that somewhat political, California was ass. First metrics and there like no one- I can only say to you- you shouldn't know that according to Katy view his administration, Malta's closely information that will help determine when his stay at home order is lifted he just at it, but today's announcing that your freed it you're free to move around. Oh that's it. That's exciting, hungry by the way Calphurnia getting wallop right now recovered. So obviously, everything is working. Fine and there's nothing to see here, because everything is boring and normal guys, boring and normal and knowing and normal and boring and more boring normal boring us pretty pretty exciting stuff. Ok, meanwhile, this week is supposed to launch the impeachment effort against
president from innocent it. Now, if you're asking yourself like, isn't he out of office? Yes, he is indeed out of office. This goal would be too to prevent him from ever running for office again, according to the Washington Post Democrat, Members of Congress are pressing ahead with preparations for the second impeachment trial of former President Trump saying there is a compelling case for trying to be. Did of inciting an insurrection and arguing the moving forward with the trial is imperative for the country's healing. Meanwhile fractures within Europe can party we're evidence. On Sunday, GNP senators appeared split on whether it was even institutional, told and impeachment trial for a president who had already left office? Mitt Romney said that dumb they should put forward impeachment trial because we need unity. So here is it Mitt Romney who again voted for the impeachment this time around, so he sang shockingly that he's gonna vote from judgment. The second time around and also this will bring unity right. Like the first impeachment crowded, so much unity, you can feel the unity. It seems like unity, Basically is just do whatever the media and these days, but here is a senator again
things into Ronnie is of of bad moral character. Effort for pushing for this, I think Centre Rami, is very moral. Do I do, I think, is wrong about this, but here centre where, where certain recently gonna have a trial, I wish that work necessary, but the the president's conduct with regard to the call the Secretary of State Rapids Burger in Georgia, as well in citation towards the insurrection that led to the attack on the capital calls for a trial, and Gotta have a unity in our country. I think, is important to recognise the need for accountability for truth and justice. I think there will be a trial and I hope it goes as quickly as possible, but that's up to the council on both sides Elizabeth. Warren said I can't imagine. A republican opposition to insurrection would fade over the space of a couple of weeks. It's not the republic in opposition to the attempted insurrection inside the capital building faded from
in office anymore, and the urgency of making him go away has somehow faded when he is not the president of the United States anymore. That happens to be the case. later on in the same shall roundly was on without Cresswells Rubio said it stupid and bad for America and em. My grounds of South Dakota said the same thing you said impeaching from his basically moot point. The man isn't in office anymore to begin with. I think it's a moot point, because I think right now, tromp is no longer the president. He is a former president constitution, and I think- and I know that there are the people out There- that may disagree with me, but article one sections: I think it's three six and seven specifically point out that you can impeach the present and it does not indicate that you can improve it. Can peace, someone who is not an office so I'd? I think its aim, a moot point, and I think it's one that that were that they would have a very difficult time and in trying to get done within the Senate. Senator ran Paul feels the same.
He said this is a sham. He writes a piece in the hell talking about this. He said the first and people Donald Trump in twenty nineteen was a witch hunt filled with fabricated charges, unsupported evidence, partisan, rancor disguised as legal? learn. I worked against that impeachment. Granted one thing while wrong, headed that France had every right to do it fast forward agenda. Twenty twenty one and national tragedy occurred when militants agitators and zealots were convinced, allows believe the general six could produce any results other than the certification of the electors of Presidential Biden, should firmly on the side of those who believe Congress should not overturned state certified electors and are doing so might destroy. The electoral college did Trump Push Congress to overturn the electors. Yes, it's on my colleagues perform a little play for their support. in which they claim to be fighting for different outcome. They all knew couldn't happen. Yes, did the combination of out of control, crowd and absolutely most decisions by those in charge of our security led to an unfortunate ban on January sixth. Also, yes, but to argue that
politician that tells a crowd you fight back to take back their country is somehow guilty of. Incitement is absurd, and this is the right point. Ok, this is it forget about the constitutional questionable, in a speech, a person is no longer setting an office that sort of an open constitutional question. The historical precedent seems to be You can't impeach somebody who is ITALY's convict somebody after they ve already left office in order to prevent them for running for office. Again up, I will say that the political acumen of people like Mitt Romney for saying that they think that if they push forward here and the Republicans vote to acquit, which will probably happened right again, you need two thirds of the Senate to vote in favour of a conviction here which is likely not gonna happen. You'd require seventeen Republicans to vote in favour of impeaching trump here It doesn't happen and your goal as Mitt Romney is too or Mitch. Mcconnell is to minimize trumps presence in the party going forward. Him not being convicted in the Senate would be like the best thing for him, because what trumpeted, then, our Who is the reason that they were coming after me is not because they want to out of office. I was already out of office the reason they came out.
it is they wanted to prevent you from voting for me again, and so I M running again, to give you the opportunity to vote for me again here think counter intuitively the thing that, if Republicans r r D done with this- and I mean elected Republicans, of what Europeans politically speaking, are saying we're done with us, then pretty much. The worse thing they can do is push forward with this entire thing, knowing that is going to fail, because that tends to send an essence had before. I think the american people done with even thinking about this as a general rule that the american enthusiasm from each one is very high at the beginning, and then it steadily drops off post election impeachment talk in the middle of a covert pandemic in the middle of an economic crisis. I think many Americans are mainly. Why are we talking about from? Still I use any, not the president, didn't you lose by seven million votes and by eighty electoral votes in that, in that what happened on January sex in any case ran politics. They need the best sort of principle point
with regard to impeachment is, as it were, to blame politicians for the most violent acts with their crazier supporters. Many of my colleagues would face and pretty harsh charges themselves Ivan shot at assaulted and harassed by supporters of the left, including some would rightly said, the words politicians move them to violence. I was at the ball field, then, and arrange Bernie Sanders support almost killed, Steve's police- and Leslie wounded. Several others at the time for arguing the GEO plant and GNP plan for healthcare. Was you get sick and then they let you die? Is it any wonder an insane leftwing gunmen took their rhetoric to heart and concluded if the GNP is going to, let me die, maybe I'll just kill them. First. Interestingly, now one Republican stepped up to blame Bernie Sanders or suggestion are held responsible for the attempted assassination of more than twenty congressmen, and he says what of this exercise. They have started in this and is about sneak up which somewhat dutifully report as impeachment. The judgment is told from somebody from office and again, then I think the constitutional question is a lot more unsettled and policy making it out to beat, but I think that his argument there, which has if the charges, incitement you're shift, approve incitement and
very difficult to prove incitement in a speech in which France and I want you to peacefully protest down at the Capitol building- that's a very typical charged reproof. Just on the face of it. Everybody knows that, if proper incur There is no way to prove criminal and Simon against him on that basis, and what the Rapids Burger call to prove that he was intimidating rations burger number one you'd have to show that he actually have Java, Rapids brother and number do you have to show you wasn't just mailing off? We talked about that on the show even want to happen made. Things can be felt once trumps behaviour could be egregious and bad and wrong and lying in anti factual. All that can be true, and also it can we not a crime not particularly in Portugal, on the basis of any sort of consistent principle, and that's the question because but we're time, that is, the establishment of the consistent principle. Anything's unbeatable, read it to its political thing. You can impeach anybody for anything, but the, but the basic idea of impeachment for the Democrats is, of course, political. They want to keep from top of the headlines more leaking from tat. This ties back into the idea that what they are looking for is to contrast. It binds suppose it
Personal normalcy, with Donald Trump suppose it personal abnormality, and at what you'll ignore all the underlying policy than shifting radically in the direction of a hard core left, and this is why Chuck when the Democrats are really pushing this thing here. Restructuring or late in the week explaining bizarrely that President Trump actually inside interaction. No, I church know thing about here. That's that's a weird thing to say, but here we go make no mistake there will be a trial, and when that trial ends, senators will have to decide if they believe Donald John Donald, John Trump incited the erection insurrection against the United States. Came up. Erika bodily Anderson Cooper apparently made the same mistake I gotta about a week ago. Some not sure it's it's free time, it's free time and american politics and meanwhile the the generalised
push in the culture continues to be an end. This is going to be, I think part of the push back on the right to any sort of impeachment ever is going to be. There is a broader effort right now in the media to not just go after Trump. Obviously, but you suggest that if you dont want Trump impeached or if you ever voted for Trump and you do want impeach, they have never supported any elements from your part of the abnormality. The goal of again, if the whole campaign here is, we are the new normal once the Democrats worthy normal and right and look at from back, I was a normal we're normal sure were pushing for a bunch of random crap that most Americans don't actually like very much ensure the election was mostly a referendum. Montrose personality, we're gonna, make it about policy, though you can see the attempt to lump everybody who has a generalised conservative worldview in with Trump that I've said that since the day that this happen- and there were two actual her Events on January sex one was the recommended self right and everything surrounding the paper leading up to it. The behaviour by Trump, the behaviour by senators right there's a lot of bad stuff
on January sex acts of evil by the people actually perpetrated the crime at the capital. That was one bad thing that happened, and then there is the battle It has now been closed again. Seventy four million Americans on the other side, and it's more than that, because many more people actually agree with basic conservative principles and actually voted for Trump. The press are going hard after anybody who disagrees with them. The founding fathers believed that the greatest protectors of press freedoms would numbers in the press as it turns out. The people who are leading the charge in terms of taking away press freedoms are members of the press going after their political opponents Why have a peace? They Margaret Sullivan the media columnist over the Washington Post about how to basically take Fox news off the air is an amazing thing. Fox news has never called for the Washington Post to be taken out of circulation. I trump hated the Washington post. He ripped them Washington Post regularly. I can remember single person a Fox news. Everything the Washington post should be de platforms.
Elliot ever happen when yet here was the Washington Post, quote of Margaret Sullivan over the Washington Post, happen be watching Fox news and election night when the network startled the political world by calling Arizona for Joe Biden. It was weird moment without the fanfare that usually accompanied the announcement that a state was being put in one column or another. A few hours later, the AP made the same call many other nations, including the Washington post. Today's reach that in conclusion from world was enraged using the traditionally wrenched. It would make a damage harder proclaim. The election was so close. It must in fact been stolen by the Democrats. It would disrupt the big lie narrative by the way that the fact that the media universally taken to Congress, the big lie, as in like Joseph Goebbels Big Lie- is pretty, astonishingly, tone. Deaf there's a difference between saying the election, which was stone which they lie ends using the Jews are responsible for all our problems: let's genocide them. That was the big lie, reckon they don't use that kind of term and capitalize big and lie can ugly anyway, Margaret Sullivan, says,
last week to key members, a Fox news. This decision as to Brook decision desk abruptly to part of the network, one was laid off. The other has retired. Some insiders are calling it occurred in recent days. Factors taken a sharp turn for the more extreme approach as it confronts posted Trump ratings dip. The result of some of its further shred viewers moving tablets like whose match and one american news and some middle of the road is apparently finding CNN or MSNBC more their liking with profits as the one true religion, it fox something had to change. Eighty nine year old, Rupert Murdoch, according to a number of reports, has stepped in to call the shots directly most notably network, has decided to add an hour of opinion programme programming to its prime time offerings. Okay. So what is the solution for Margaret Sullivan? The solution for Margaret Sullivan is to basically destroy Fox NEWS, how to get the Fox NEWS monster under control? I do not believe the garden
have any role in regulating what can and cannot be set on the air, although I often hear that proposed, that would be a cure worse than the disease, but let's not count on the hope that Fox, controlling Murdoch's will will develop a conscience. No, the only answer is to speak the language, the big woods of factual, understand, ratings advertising dollars. Profit corporations that advertise on Fox NEWS should walk away. citizens, whose care about the truth should demand that they do so. In addition to trying to steer the friends and relatives away from the network, when you think about foxes role in the world When thousands of lives lost the pandemic, it's fair to call their coverage deadly. Some corporations, don't wanna, be a part of that if reality based America must communicate. Clearly, the Fox NEWS will have to do it in a language that they understand the language of money. So here's Margaret Sullivan, calling for mass boycott against a competing news network. Meanwhile, Carmen Rosen
terrific peace over a tablet MAC pointing out how many journalists are now mobilizing against free speech, and it's a bunch a bunch over the weekend. Anon Dirt harness in MSNBC talking had a New York University Journalism, professor former, your tens writer. He treated should a Fox news be allowed to exist, brain matching as a business shouldn't be legal. He can I'm not a lawyer, but I do understand why you're not allowed to manufacture book attaining that doesn't have a certain threshold of iron in it, but you can broadcast brainwashing, falsehood and good people towards terrorism. So that's pretty astonishing stuff there from a journalism professor and New York University have at sea How did you time Pulitzer Prize Winning Dean of Colombia, journalism school in it? her appearance on MSNBC, he decried why latitude of self expression on Facebook, so those of us in journalism have come to terms with the fact that free speech, a principle we hold sacred, is being weapons used against the principles of journalism.
that's insane so free speech is bad because it undermines journalism. Richard single was no longer be serving inside the abide administration. He made an argument that we should have hate speech, laws that are deemed constitutional. He said all speeches not equal or truth cannot drive our lives. We must add new garden else magazine and Andrew morons over the new Yorker. They ve been writing about how we should basically restrict media, because free speech can fulfil its function. If people are allowed to hear descent Views is in the news. Media have traditionally born the responsibility for ensuring that the actual purpose of the first amendment is fulfilled. It Americans are content to leave this essential components of democracy to profit, driven corporations with next to no regulatory oversight.
They complained that Mark Zuckerberg had given a speech in which he said. Free speech was good. This is and what goes on and on and on the push by big name members over the Washington Post and the New York Times MAX boot last week, suggesting that we ought to regulate outwits they don't like can push for cancellation is increased please strong right now. Incredibly, and it's only gonna get stronger again to restore normalcy. All we have to do is to unduly really not normal things and then almost will be restored. That's exciting! I will say that there is some toy to be had at least some Shouldn Fred to be had in the in the fund watching left cancels out we're watching this happen on a fairly regular basis. Now, because, once you here's the thing once you let the walk out of the outer the cage they just go, wild and What's been happening on social media latest to find herself in the box is Miley Cyrus, so exciting, stuff, Miley Cyrus who identifies
as my sexual or pants actual righteous, Japan's actual, which me she likes pans, but also shrugs, both guys angrily. So she didn't interview with serious exams. Abarbanel radio wishes that girls are way hotter. We know this. She said he's not interested in the mail genitalia, and she suggested that everyone knows that breasts are prettier than a male genitalia prettier than us goals. Ok- and this is why she says that using the girls, ok, here's what happened out magazine, which is the algae Bt Maxine, that Algeria imagine tried to cancel her for saying this.
So she says that she is interested in lesbianism because for physical afresh and women and out is like that's friends phobic. I can't I will admit that some areas, that's really funny. Here's. What out magazine wrote about all this. A person named may Rude wrote all this. Ok, here's what here's! What this person wrote our north person, gender, is because I have no idea and literally No, it's ok! So here's this personal quote. I wish I could say this news makes me excited and proud to be. A woman and a lesbian, but services quote is littered with transphobia. This of general centralism, was left behind by most of the queer community years ago. Janet do not equal gender and Miley should know this as a lesbian, Miley Cyrus, should be having sex with dude and find do JANET you just as attractive as non do genitalia. You understand this array
lesbian would be having such a due to say their ladys and if not your turf, a turf is, I M a person who is reinforcing the the anti trans positions of lesbian community in an age where tariffs are more vocal than they have ever been comments like these reinforcing very dangerous. It is about bodies and generously out magazine having agenda preference or even a genitalia preference, and who you sleep with, is obviously not a problem but reduced The genitalia to men's bodies contributes to dangerous. Least about trans women. Some women have penises Pappy hands emerging, because so many people like Miley, believe genitals determine gender trans. Women and girls are often considered to be men in public spaces. Oh you mean, like men, are considerably men in trouble: basis trans women are kicked out of women's restrooms, walk rooms in school sports not allowed, and women's shelters put in prison with men murdered or because they have
they'll genitalia, if Swap Annie, notions and interesting work on the actual number of trends, people who are being murdered disproportionate whose actually didn't kill it in any case. Put that aside, for a second, be the basic notion that biological men should not be allowed and ladys locker rooms seems fairly unobjectionable. But again everybody is subject to the council. Culture here is the thing guys left right centre once you what the cat out of the bag. Once you start cancelling people for views you dont like, and once you start conflicts your own views with quoting the fact there is no limit to the kind of censorship you will pursue. This is what the left is going to do. This is their push. This is it. This is what they are. This is what the and they're not going to stop. This will continue forever but again, you can enjoy a little bit of these rights and freedoms of watching people who have been too the cancelling the past doing being cancelled. One of these more Wolfe was an editor over at the New York Times by the way should be cancelled, for that sort of thing should illustrated Toil job. I think your attention must own it. She treated out. Some
about how she had chills she how she had children, Joe Biden, landed in air force, one just a few months. She treated it's hilarious, this refrain of council culture as if it is actually anything, then She was fired apparently over that sweet about Trump and then she's, like you know, when people talk about cancelling, they forget that I'm a real person with a real life and a real job who now has to make the bells? Yes, we know we are aware, would that you had picked up on this it'll, but sooner, oh, how sad already will be later? It will be here later today, with one additional hour of the Ben Shapiro shortcoming up soon. The mouthwash show airing at one thirty pm Eastern now will be covered. if a story about a school that has finally opening up prompted by multiple child suicides. You'll want to check that out over a daily wired outcome. Adventure since the bench a barrage of if you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe, and if you want to help spread. The word please give us five STAR Review and tell your friends to subscribe to reveal
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