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Ep. 1185 - CNN Wants Fox News Destroyed


CNN openly calls for a social crackdown on Fox News; Team Biden gets more and more radical; and Trump’s impeachment team falls apart.

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CNN, openly calls for a social crackdown on Fox NEWS. Team binding gets more and more radical and Frumps impeachment team falls apart and bench bear. This is engineer I'll, show you eventually I shall sponsor by expressive BP, and why haven't you that? No bp and yet visit expressive, gps, dot com, slash when speaking of which you have been talking about expressly paean on the show for months so seriously? Why have you not just gonna gotten press Bbn. Yet I will tell you this. There's never been more important time to protect your digital right. You can see the big tat rose. They are all over you and I, like you very much. You should be protecting your data from menu, should be protecting our data from hackers and allowing people sitting home right now, a lot more people working online. That means a lot more fertile ground for hackers to mine. Instead, why not protect your data with express Vps? Did you believe Vps isn't for you because Use the internet just fine without a bbn? Well, anytime, you go online. Your internet service provider can see every single site or visiting a confused about how works dont, be expressly Vienna's, an app for computers and smartphones, encryption network data and re routed through secure server,
That means you can use the internet more anonymously without having your activity tracked. Using Vps are complex only for tat experts. Take it from me, they're, not with expressly piano, launch the happy to have just one button to protect yourself. It really is that simple. I trust expressly. And to protect my online data, because the raided number one by Cnet and wired and they stand for my values. Now is the time for you to take a stance had on over, to express it depends outcomes, lifespan, take back your privacy and three excrements free on a one year package when use the ex pr. Yes, as gps, dot com, Slash man, that's expressive. Europeans outcomes like spending at three extra money for free, again visit, expressly peons outcomes; lifespan right this very instant, ok, We are watching, as the left basically uses its new found power in order to call for crackdowns on everybody. They disagree with and they're telling you that it's not important, because everybody that they disagree with those still have outlets. It's fine, though so, have places that they can go, and then the next step is once they have
actually forced everybody into an ideological silo than they blow up the silent and is what we saw with parlor from the left left at. You know you don't like twitter handles business while just go. Have your own social media platform, so buncher conservative said aright sounds good bunch libertarians and they form parlour and then the next move was well. You know there's a little too open over there. What are you just see, platform them, and we see this routinely throughout the media. The first move is you know you conservatives, why can't you make it on the left wing liking? join up with left wing outlets and then concerns try and they say no, no. You can't come in here because he or conservative them into bad since you ok, you know what we're gonna go: form our own outlets and we're going to use the normal methods of distribution in order to achieve a market share, and they the same people who else Amsterdam them through them outside the house. They say: ok well now, because you're so bad, you really and have access to the market at all. You can see this happening in real time, and it's been happening for a while.
really is coming to a head right now, because every crisis as an opportunity for the left, I said the day the January sixth took place the day the deep the violation of the capital took place. I said that act of EVIL is gonna, have tremendous repercussions. It was going to be used by the hard left as an excuse to basically sense are everywhere, They didn't like no one's gonna, restrict that two people were actually engaged in criminal activity and we're never gonna restrict that two arguments that may have fostered the criminal activity. Instead, there are going to use that's grafter, everybody they don't like because it let's face it, votes in the media, purvey things that are not true a lot a lot. It depends on the narrative how many members of the CNN staff spent months claiming the Jacob leg was an unarmed black man had been shot by white police officers for no reason pretty much all of them. How many members of the CNN staff, how many there big anchors
claimed that Andrew Cuomo is the greatest govern all the land for months. At a time, around a sense and floor was a scourge virtually all of them. They they propel whatever narrative, they want to propel at any given time and they will fit to do it or they'll twist the facts to do it or ignore countervailing fats. In order to do that, but the thing is that, if those countervailing facts are brought to light by anybody else or if there's a narrative, they see from the other side that they don't like very much, then that other side must be silent, so Brien stouter, who is a sort of bell whether for the the will, left infusing itself into mainstream media. Stilted didn't used to be quite as radical as he has become. As on his show a few years ago, and he said you know, you know you have your beer outlet daily. Why? Why do people like you were concerned? try to go into mainstream media literally said to him anybody it's in and then try hire me. You think bright, and the answer, of course, is no will now. Brain seltzer has gone to the point where he is openly calling for a crackdown on Fox NEWS he's openly calling for a crackdown.
on people who disagree on people he believes are prevailing, false information, here's the thing you ve seen a shift in the. Which being used by folks when it comes to what sort of information should be given a platform on which store of information should receive distribution, they shifted to its subtle linguistic shift, their a couple of major subtle linguists. ships that are happening right now, as we speak about going to elucidate them on today's show. One is the shift from misinformation. Gay, so it was misinformation and this information, so disinflation campaigns really were a worry. The idea was, though, those reform weapon was formed propaganda. So, at this information campaign was the soviet putting out false information that they hoped would be eaten up by the left in the United States and then propagated wider audience that was disinformation by just information means actual lies things that are not true. Then there is quite misinformation. Misinformation use the term that is now being used in the media, overtime and in terms of stuff. I dont like right. Maybe some of it is not true. Maybe some of it is true, but I don't like the name,
so the shift from dish information, which is the idea that it is being propagated by foreign power in order to push a particular agenda that is Anti american and scope. The shift from this information right deliberate attempts to falsify to misinformation, meaning information that I disagree with or information that I I think is wrong right. That shift is pretty subtle, but its being used at an extraordinarily rapid is being adopted by members of the mainstream media as an excuse to shut down competitors, and not only that if you have ever uttered something that that they say was not true then the idea is that you must be shut down as human beings, so doesn't matter, but again, CNN has propagated absolute untruths antenna
The gate lies about coming in Catholic CNN, propagated lies about black lives matter, seed and propagated propagated lies about from CNN, propagated, wizout Bush, CNN propagates. Why sometimes does that mean that CNN should be platform that they should lose their ability to distribute information? Of course not, but that is where brain cells are going to go to now. Brian Spelter says you know what we should reduce the age of people that I disagree with, basically where people were on the other side of the Alex is not is, though they have a consistent standard truth, it's not like ok you're the people who live over time, and then there are the people who tell the truth all the time. It is just that they believe that people who are of their opinion.
Are pure as the driven snow and people who are not of their opinion. If you can find any hook upon which to hang their banning, yours go for it. So here's brain cells are unreliable sources over the weekend, big tat platform, so they are removing lies about vaccines and stamping out stop the steel bs queue at cop content. They'll do these private companies have too much power shore. Many people say yes, of course they do, but reducing liars reach is not the same as censoring freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is different than freedom of reach and algorithmic. Reach is part of the problem. Okay, so he then extended that over the Fox NEWS, he basically suggested that Fox news itself should have its free of reach withdrawn here when he says that it is not a first amendment violation to restrict people's reach. What he's really talking about here are places like daily wire or places like the federalist or anything that is right of centre on Facebook when he says that what he means freedom reach is not the same as for
speech he's basically saying what we need is for unofficial, She'll media sensors to stop the distribution of information, and you think that's not. The government is right, it's not the government, but it is just as damaging as the government when the town square is Facebook. Brain Facebook is not like the comments in over at daily wire, because daily Wire is in fact a publication right. We have a particular point of view. It is open. Obviously, our point of view as Facebook is much more like a town square was designed to be a towns where, when they decide they're going to censor particular points of view- and they are going to do so- basically with the permission of the government, because the government has given them these carve out under section two thirty, then they are violating their core tenants gave. The freedom of speech does not cease to apply as a principle in places where it supposed to be the chief functioning principle. So members left her plainsville game here and again, I'm libertarian law the stuff. I think the private companies should have enough
lot of freedom to do what it is that they want. I also think the rival public companies should also be able to private companies should also be able to do what they want. I think the parlor should exist in twitter should exist. I don't think the people she media platforms them when you have neutral service provider There are denying nine serviced one side or the other based purely on politics, which is what this is. Then things getting really really ugly, really really fast and the only answer is going to be a rewrite either rewriting of section two thirty or reinterpretation of section two. Thirty of communicate. Decency actors will get you in just a second, but it's the principal, that's amazing. Here she have reliable sources read. This must be a free speech programmes and freedom of speech is really important, but what we would love is for private companies to restrict their freedom of speech. Private companies need to stop people from seeing information that I dont like achieve. Had members of the CNN crews suggests that, for example, Comcast should simply get rid of the ability to distribute Fox NEWS.
you have had anchors on CNN claim the same thing. I've never seen anything from Fox NEWS along these lines about CNN or MSNBC. By the way, for all the talk about Sean, the more Ingram and took her house and look at these look at these opinion host with their strong viewpoints, not one of them. So far, as I am aware, has ever hold on Comcast CD platforms, yet another msnbc, but Siena Nemseh We are calling for this sort of stuff and are calling for a pretty regularly Joe Scarborough called for at last week on MSNBC, so to make emergency. You sing, seltzer call for it now when they see Freedom of reach is not the same as freedom of speech. That sort of like the argument that freedom of religion should basically be restricted to inside your house.
These should only be free to practice their religion inside your house and you go outside our housing you're, acting as you would in the business world and are making decisions in your business based on your religious precepts. Well, now that's not freedom of religion anymore, because after all, your ear acting in the public will, if you restrict somebody's freedom of reach to essentially zero, then what of what value is their freedom of speech? At that point, when you got a real problem on your hands but again the goal here is not a in exchange of decent ideas or even an overturned window. That is better police. The idea is the people I disagree with, should be sounds or Oliver Darcy he's a nice guy, but Oliver Darcy he used on CNN use. As you know, we have to stop comparing Fox and MSNBC. We ve stopped comparing that, because Fox should basically be declared Formal MSNBC should not here's Oliver Darcy on CNN making claims about rival networked its into its an amazing thing to equate on what msnbc those or some of these other outlets do with what Fox does it is nonsensical. There are
it's that have opinion house but they're playing in the rue real world, whether in the world of facts and in reality and foxes spending its own reality into suggests that there is an equivalent between the two. I think it is not accurate and and something we should really be, and we careful to avoid a really is not accurate. I'm old enough to remember when, during the Michael Brown protests in entire panel of people on CNN, held up signs that had hands up, don't shoot and commentators, like Sally Cohen, were actually doing the hands of don't shoot them, which is a total fought fraudulent lives, a fabrication top to bottom. hang on CNN, the network of Covington Catholic right. They had to pay a settlement, Tunic Sandman for slandering him in there not the same. No, they are the same, their exactly it's just that you like the views on MSNBC and CNN and you're like the views on Fox NEWS, and that has to be silenced
over the Washington Post, they're doing the same thing so Margaret Sullivan is the media communist over the Washington Post, chaise apiece today, basically saying that everybody that she doesn't like should be silenced and that's not cancel. Culture left likes to play this game where they like to cancel people and then claim the council. Culture does not exist, which always makes it kind of fun and an karmic when they themselves are cancelled, which, inevitably happens than about six months and cancel culture doesn't exist. You'll see! There's this it's hilarious pattern in which folks I left a council culture is not real and then five months later somebody unearthed an old tweet that was bad and suddenly, there cancelled by same left, but they were cheering on a moment ago, because the mob loves you
London lobby anymore. It's a Margarets Alvin. Has this peace over the Washington Post and her ideas, the same smelters, which is we should just withdraw the means of distribution from people? I don't like, and that's gonna have no consequences whatsoever for the american body Politic, other than good to here's. What you write according to Washington, examiners, Eddie scary, nothing! Less than a social justice mob descended on political Africa, the guest editing slots, rightwing flame, throw urban Shapiro, I first of all cool nickname. That's really! Thank you for that also flame throttling. Have you listen to five minutes of this show There are, of course, not of course, and uneasy these people do this, all the time rush, limbos, racist and Nelson five seconds of russian them, while they never even heard anything rational, MA's ever set by the way that was actually the first conversation I ever had with Elizabeth worn long before she was a senator she's professor at Harvard LAW School, and I met her at the top of the W hotel when I was being recruited for Harvard LAW, and she- and I M mmm,
and she- and she said- oh yeah you're, the one who wrote that books had written a book already about biasing college campuses and she started time rush limbo have you ever listened Russia number and she's like no sense a. Why are you talking about Russia, but that that's the perspective, your right, wing, flamed or because Margaret Sullivan, I'm sure has never listened to anything. I've ever said calls me a right wing, flame, thrower and the goal colony rightwing flame throw of course, is the idea that I should be platforms as she says: scary mock those, including many of political employees. Without your Piero, never should have been in charge of the sites popular playbook newsletter, even for a day such objec our efforts, silence, conservative voices, Gary claims in another piece, liberal journeys, core journalist, called believe one side of the political spectrum to be legitimate. There should be given a few opportunities to have their opinions heard as possible. In other words, it's all part of a cancel culture, the catchphrase for how the masses, supposedly getting up to silence provocative voices. I happen to think that
because staffers were right to oppose the news organization, granting a team premature to someone which appears history of performative bigotry. I guess that is my history, performative bigotry, it doesn't matter that are given full speeches ripping the all right. It does not matter that. I oppose these so called Muslim, but none of that matter directly. She doesn't know India that done care doesn't care by the way, breaking news to Margaret Solvent sure it's for the Washington post. She doesn't like that outlets granted granted their premature to me in two thousand. Sixteen arrowed, not bad for the Washington Post Margaret. She may want to talk with your auditors. Over there, in any case, she says, scary is entitled to his opinion, and so are the objectors at political and in defence of the idea that it should be banned. She, citing tweet from two thousand ten. It is now two thousand twenty one. They just checking your calendar ones wheat from eleven years ago that have expired. one thousand times about the really armed conflict sites. That literally, I have a piece on the website.
Anywhere something no journalist. I am aware of your opinion journalist I'm, whereas has ever done. I posted every single bad thing think I have ever said and then either explained it or apologized for it like in writing. Ok, so she sites that is always there go too. Is they find a tweet from two thousand and ten right that, like that's, not ok and then another tweet in two thousand and nineteen wasn't a tweet. It was a. It was a statement on the show which I was talking about. Beta works view that he would be able to essentially get rid of religion in public life. A better rotundity ones, remove all nonprofit statuses from any choice. Or synagogue that did not go along with his work. Social justice nonsense and I made an argument that beta Iraq was going off for alleged schools, move their nonprofit status after churches, remove their non profit status and then, when the left's next move would be to declare that if you did not educate your child in the ways they wanted educators.
Do come to your front door. I said anybody who tries to take my kid away from me on the basis of teaching my kid values that I don't want to watch my kids. I will meet them at the door at the gun. Okay, I don't disagree that sentiment. I fully agree with me. I was right, Besides that, as reason, why should not right for political? She says in America all these people get to talk because of the first amendment. The government won't shut them down. That doesn't mean they're immune to other forms of accountability, though, and here's where we get into the fun part for folks on the left, they are the accountability. They grab control the institutions, then they bar you from the institutions. Then, when you build alternative institutions, they read them and that that is that. That is the pattern that we are seeing over and over an american city. And then, if you complain about it, then your whining right, then you are, then you are part of a victim had culture It hilariously enough there's a peace over an access about this by Jim Banda here. The other day recited me. He cited Tucker Karlsson about the new right when talking point that the right is
result from the institutional centres of american culture. The right wing had had centralized round the shocking point and I emailed email, the folks at access as Jim Banda, hey the guy who wrote this peace three weeks ago, three weeks ago you wrote a piece in what you said: Blue America is a sentence in every institutional area of Amerika and was going to mean a rethinking of thought in speech in the United States. and then you wonder, why were little paranoid just because you're paranoid does not mean you're not out to get us, because you guys are endorsing it every day. The sort of gas lighting words like we're gonna destroy your career. going to see platform you. Why are you so? Why me about it? So well that that's a whining that sensing a threat and William. We here
at the daily wire and other conservative places we're going to mobilize to fight against that threat, and we are going to use every market possibility to fight against that threat. We're gonna build alternative institutions. We are going to make way for thoughts that you guys do not want propagated. Tough bleep going gets more of this in just one second. First, let us talk about fact, the euro and we spending time in line at an auto shop right now and not about part sharply vetoed by the way you don't ever go over to local, auto parts shop, and then you wait in line, gets the front line have to order the part anyway they charge you too much for instead, why not just use the same thing you use for everything right now? Use the inter WEBS rock outcome is much easier than walking into a store in someone's men and quick answers to complex questions about your car and then usually they just order. The part anyway, instead handed over Iraq, Atacama your desk and in your pocket rock ordered outcome, always offers the lowest prices possible
other than changing prices based on what the market will bear like airlines. Do I spent up to twice as much. For the same part? That's? U can get Iraq or, for example, a day which, for example, you needed the Delphi, F G fourteen fifty six fuel pump assembly for two thousand five thousand ten hunt odyssey agriculture. Three hundred fifty four bucks had a big change store. Iraq, ordered That, of course, you two hundred seventeen bucks, their family business in sorting out of parts customers on line for twenty Years- great catalogue. They make it easy to order hadn't over to rock auto dotcom right now to other parts veil before your car truck reach appear in their. How did you hear about its box? So they know that we sent you again and has rocketed comradeship, IRAN, that how did you hear about his box? So they know that we sent you on consumer rights. Alden continues along these lines. She says that it is not cancel culture. If we cancel you, she says night after night, Fox NEWS offers primetime viewers. Its leftist assaults on speech show Josh Halley, who needed only a few days to find a new people. For his book. Subsequently blasted the Muslim of America in an opinion piece in the widely read near post. Have any of these people been silenced, hardly and then members.
Then hilariously enough quote Parker Malloy of media matters? Yes, there is an objective in objective non partisan, non, silencing site, media matters exists only to silence voices. It does not like all media matters does every day each day they hire people to just watch shows like this. One put them out of context, and then attack our advertisers and our subscribers. That's all they do all day, so she called them as a source for why cancel culture doesn't exist in my goodness just quote Oj Simpson on why murder never happens a really as part of a boy puts it, despite getting a spot on the front page of the fourth largest newspaper in the? U S, coverage across the entire families. when a new book deal not into more than half a million followers on twitter and the lengthy list of credit, and I am GB how we would like you to believe he is a man without a voice. Ok, so the goal here for that. But here's the thing you guys want to take away all those things all of those things. It's not as though you're saying
yeah, you know Josh Halley HEAT, you know if he was Simon and Schuster book contract. I am glad that there are other publishers out their willing to pick up Josh Houseboat contract. You are sad about this. You are angry. You dont want regularly to exist. You don't want Fox news to exist. You don't want daily where to exist, quoting the person from media matters, the effect that Josh heavily is not being silenced. All media matters does all day long is attempt to silence people. They don't like. These up here is what Margaret Solving concludes. I talked to the leading First Mehmet lawyer and scholar, Gmail Chaffer, about all this last week. Javert thanks. A lot of these complaints are misguided, bring. He said from a misunderstanding of what the first amendment is all about. The point of the first amendment is to take these kinds of debates out of the heads of government and put them in the hands of private citizens, says: Jaffa, Columbia, university law, professor and director of the night First Moment Institute. It's not. Averting the first amendment to criticise a politician or cable news: whole store, rightwing provocateur, that's the whole point of the first amendment, nor is it is
free speech values for news organisations to make editing decisions over social media platforms to make an enforced rules. There is the jump. I love that part. So I agree Besides me, as much as you want, nobody said, Margaret Sullivan should lose her spot over the Washington Post for being the world's crappy as colonists I'm not saying she should have she hadn't. You should keep that and if you keep paying right pap, everybody has to make a living in this country. But I love that she says it's not even a subversion of not the first amendment free speech. Values is not a subversion of free speech values for social media platforms to make an enforced rules amazing. She says these neurons views, don't get much airtime in the outrage. Factories have cable news and talk. Radio Javert set its important should tolerate diverse views. We benefit from a public square that includes ideas for making us uncomfortable, oh, but but she doesn't want that. Does she she doesn't at all. She says it would help if journalists push back more effectively
thence PAMELA Brown give a master class in her devastating interview with Madison Catherine. Even if that's what are pushed back becomes the norm, news organisations should be wary of handing the charlatans megaphone instead of just rebutting people you don't like. Instead, you should just not let them on the air she's. U can combat cancer culture if you want, I call it responsibility. Yes, responsibility is made sure you never have to hear an opposing point of view or about it. You can just ban them outright excellent. I definitely trust these people. Why, in the world, would people on the right be paranoid? You guys are trying to run our lives. Ok, here's the thing it really isn't, even about Margaret Sullivan going after me, or about CNN, going after Fox NEWS. The thing is: everybody knows this bleeds down to the common person. This these young people who are not in media, see. I do have an outlet. We spent millions of dollars. Building this out. What I witnessed, the ala that we have is a very powerful outlet it is still reliant on social media platforms to allow us to exist right, it's possible that you are listening, the show right now on apple. It is possible that your listening to this
right now watching it over at youtube- is possible your watching it over a facebook where all of those are platforms. All of those platforms started off as places that pledge themselves to open and honest debate. We are still reliance on them, but here's the thing we still have our own platform. We still have the ability for you subscribe is why been crochet everybody around the conservative side of the hour. You need to go and pay direct for the stuff you like, because the left is gonna, try and taken away on the other mechanisms of distribution, but put us aside, because we in the media is our job to find a way to get our information to you and in a free country which the United States, thank God, still is waste and most ways we are going to find a way to get. You then information with your help, but what this really is about is not about me or about Tucker or about any of the people who are in the media sphere, which is really about is about. You is about you working your day, job and normal cooperation. It is you working your day, job at a school. It's about you working your day, job not being a politically volatile per
just posting on Facebook every once in a while living in fear that your preparations going to crack down on you for saying the wrong thing at work that somebody at work is going to find out that you voted for Trump wants, with Trump rally at somebody at work is going to find out that you listen to the shows make sure that you listen to it during your off hours. This is about you worrying about that. Your friends and neighbors are going to treat you as a zit, a leper, a social leper, and you haven't have different points of view. In order for the first amendment protections to buy North Penn legal protections government not to get involved in your free speech to continue, you need an attitude that is pro free speech. You see how Margaret Sullivan conflate the first men that legally with free speech as a value, those are not the same thing Free speech is a value as a commitment by the common person by corporations by your boss to the idea that there can be some dissent in the workplace to the idea that there can be open conversation that they're not gonna fire you for something that
nothing to do with your ability to do your job. It means that you among your friends, you're not going to attempt to cancel people in your social circle just because you have disagreements about tax rates I did or or because they voted for somebody that you don't like. It takes commitment by everybody to this a certain level of diversity of values that it does. There have to be certain baseline because that's adversity value stands ass. It stands at a broader universal value, read about which there can be no diversity, and that is a value that free speech matters than a free society. We should be able to treat each other decently and still disagree about things. That's the thing you got me That's all they call me a right when flames or we'll meet people have had on the show who disagree with me, tons and tons and tons of Sunday special nearly every week. Somebody who disagrees with me in some way my resolve and is calling me the right one in four, I'm, not the one who shutting the window, I'm not the one who's welding closed. The door is Margaret Sullivan. Doing that and praising yourself for doing that, and it's happening every day around the water
people are self. Censoring people are silencing themselves, is bad for the country. The left is happy about it because they feel as though they are in control and they are in control. There is a pupil that was taken last year in order to ensure that a plurality of every group politically in the United States outside of woke progressives, believes they have to self sensor. Every single one, liberals, moderate liberals, say that they have to self sensor what they believe at work, because they are afraid of the repercussions. The only people who never have to sell centre are the most radical left us. Those people can say whatever the hell they want, they can say whatever they want and back is going to destroy the country, it truly is ok, so here is, is how this manifests for the media, what the media loved to do in order make this happen, that everybody understands the really ugly thing that is happening right now. Even people who are sort of Maine
We liberals understand that this is an ugly thing. That's why he had the Harpers weekly letter last year that a hundred fifty academics on the left, all of whom voted for by them sure not single from voter among them, wrote a letter to crying, cancel culture and the left when, after them, all of those people are being lumped in now with people on the right and all those people are being lumped in with the worst offenders of people who violate sort of norms of decency, because the goal here is to shut the Overton Window, so small that no one fits in it, except for the weakest of everybody on a social level. So if you have the right political values by the way, then you have freely to do whatever you want and we don't have the right political values. Then you have a pre pass, you nothing and we will take up everything. You wrote back in two thousand and two and we will use it to ruin you. So let's take a couple of examples. So, right now in politics there too stories one is going to receive significant media attention. One is not going to receive significant media attention.
at least not in the long I'll get one, as I can receive significant attention. Long held the story right now, so it's gonna logo to mainstream media attention to be fair. If I receive any over the course of the next two weeks. The co founder of the Lincoln Project right, the Lincoln Project, is a bunch of supposedly ex Republicans who went. Democrats wasted tens of millions of bucks, targeting particular Republicans across the country and then claim victory after the last election cycle. We must not now not only never trumpet anti trumpet Anti Republican. There are going for people like Susan Collins and main etc. It turns out that the Lincoln Project, which basically a bunch of drifters who suggested that there were going to say nasty things about Republicans and raise lots of money to do it. It turns out that the CO founder John Weaver has now been condemned by the Lincoln Project. In the wake of allegations that the long time GNP strategist made unsolicited sexual overtures to several young men, including one, was fourteen years old at the time it received sexual messages Weaver the group. Finally, after that I mean the report's others for months by the way. Finally, the group put out a statement on Sunday when it became clear they couldn't keep running away from.
Laurie Thing John. We really want a secret life, those built on a foundation of deception at every level, he's a predator, a liar and abuser. We extend our deepest sympathy to those who are targeted by his deplorable and predatory behaviour. The Lincoln Project for us to prominence last year The campaign against fraud and other should supported him. Weaver sixty one helps co found. The group had previously worked on the presidential campaign for John Mccain Enron case. It there are times published reports and in mourning, based on interviews with twenty one, men will ledged Weaver, sent them unwanted, provocative messages or solicit that it solicited them for sex, often in exchange for the promise of professional help near TAT story, followed reports, bout, weavers behaviour from earlier this month, including one by the american consumers, rind girder ski on January, eleventh and by actual on January, fifteenth. His original response weavers was that he was a game in which is the get out of jail. Free card of sexual abuse, at least for a couple of weeks. Right is that if you're a straight, I suppose
who engages in predatory behaviour claiming you're gay is somehow supposed to give you cover. Most gay men are not predators whence they mostly nearly all game and are not predator sorry bout that pre pathetic defence there, via by Weaver may so on Sunday. The Lincoln project we were was never around the other members who said we are grateful beyond words that no time was John. We were in the physical presence of any other member of the Lincoln Project. Ok, fine! So this will be out of the news. I promise within three days and Lincoln projects will continue as though nothing ever happened because they have issued the denunciation of their co founder and move on. Ten may that's right, that's right! Maybe they never seriously I'm not give them the benefit that maybe they never knew any of this stuff was true, maybe than ever
than any the rumors were droop fine. Do you think that the right is going to be if they were right wing group? You really think the diabolical within the next few days watch watch the news. You'll see dimensions of Lincoln Project in the national borders should retain their just going to crater. Meanwhile, ever Republican in America will be asked about the crazy person Marjorie Taylor, Green, every single republican for the next couple of years. We asked every time Marjorie tailoring has a crazy thing to denounce Marjorie Taylor Green, because that's the way this game works is that if there is somebody on the right who is crazy and you need somebody crazy, you can focus in on. They can slander the entire republican Party and every conservative. Would that person you just keep focusing on the person.
We will not be in the news two days from now. Margaret Hale Green will be in the news for the next couple of years, a minimum, the matter how many times people say that she's a crazy person, because, by the way, she's crazy person we'll get to this in just one second. First, let us talk about a big thing that you can do this year, a big the important thing you can get life insurance. You need to do it. Are you responsible human, if irresponsible human, make sure that you get the life insurance? Your family requires policy. Genius can help you check off too big items with ease, compare life, insurance rights and a fifty percent or more in the process. That means more cash to put their towards the things you care about, plus there is absolutely no hassle licence experts work for you, not the insurance companies, so they can offer unbiased advice and you need it yours, outworks first, yet another policy genius tat come a minute. You can work out how much coverage need and compare quotes from top insurers. Defining s price policy genes will compare policy starting as little as a buck a day. You might even be eligible to skip that in person medical examined to apply,
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Alright you're gonna be getting into more of the contrast between the material used to slander the left and the material used to slander the right, not quite the same way that the second first daily, whereas you know I keep saying we have to push into the culture we need to fight back on every front. One of the ways we are doing, that is, we are getting involved in entertainment content. That is why we put our first them run. Hide fight exclusively for daily wire. Members can catch that over on daily, where I come now to mobile. Upon are streaming apps had Apple tv, Enrico you're, not a daily, where member yet use promo code of our age have to get twenty five percent off. That is, our HF run, hide fight for twenty five percent off I've been hearing from puns members, the audience they love the film because really good, it's really really developed and the critic so unlike at which the kind of stuff we wanna make stuff, the critics aren't gonna love, but you will you can catch it over I'm daily, where I come on mobile app on streaming, absent, apple tv. Ok, you're, not a daily, where member yet use promo code are h after get twenty five percent off. That is our age F for twenty five percent off here. Listening to the largest fastest growing conservative, Pakistan, radio shown the nation
already so here is the thing you ve got the entire. The entire left basically saying that everybody on the right has to answer for its work with its worst members. meanwhile, the world on the role and left the you never have to answer for any of your worst members. It is pretty amazing. Actually I've been hearing from folks unless we and you guys on the robot, just guess get rid of your worst folks, and I say: well, you know one Steve kings had his white supremacy defence comment around. He said that thing some of us went fall out for his opponent and primary primary. He lost Betsy now belongs to two fiend straw in that same district, so I'm No, you guys had Nancy policy on the cover of magazines with eleven Omar Ellen
Mars is an open, anti semite soldiers to lead their both openly anti semitic. Like repeatedly and openly, you couldn't even get a censure vote against those against those Congress. People and the head of your caucus did magazine covers with those people, and they are cheered wildly by the people in your in the media. Constantly he Marjorie Taylor Green, does not have a fan base outside of her immediate constituency in Georgia. Cat I'm wondering who exactly is the giant fan base for Marjorie Tailoring and yet Margaret Hale Green is being treated as though she is so the heroine of the Republican Party. These days I dont know what I mean. I do northeast coming from its coming from a motivated media line of thought. That says, Republicans are their worst members and Democrats. Don't have bad members, they don't exist. So, for example, we are seeing this Barbara leaves
I'm a grant, of course, and barbarously. She says on CNN, of course, that Marjorie Taylor, Green, is a dangerous, should serve any legislative body and it just indicative of how bad the Republicans are. The shooting lab served up a couple. Things want just North congressperson. I dont believe that you can inject and elected congressperson based and comments made before they are congressperson was there are congressperson. You can inject them, based on common sense MEG, but if you dig up something they set a year ago, presumably the people spoke based on that information and here's barbarously making this particular case. She is a danger, she's a threat to review, to wear masks she got now. Of course, we see which is to be expected. The support of Donald Trump, who has sided vile, assumed, promoted the attempted coup on January Saxon. Fire people die as though,
based on whom she has her behavior, where she is there is it sees the danger, as does not serve in any legislative body tigris. She never had been elected to Congress. I totally agree about whether the comments that she is referring to Audrey Taylor. Grain believes a bunch of crazy crap that she can crazy. They here's the stuff that she is that, according to Sacramento, be she suggested Facebook post that the wildfires in California. She says there are all these people, have said they followed by lasers or blue beam of light, causing the fires and pictures and videos and Currently, these lasers are controlled by the Jews, which is interesting, opposed cleanse involvement from investment. Your blood has been centre, Diane Feinstein, any bringing firm, Rothschild ink. So apparently she says if they are beaming, these sons energy back to earth, I'm sure they would never. Transmitter receiving station right. I mean mistakes are now. made when any news invented. Oh, that look like anyway
Laser beam of light been coming on earth. I guess, could cause a fire. I don't know, I hope not attribute. Look so good for peach. Any Rothschilds, insular and or Jerry branded doesn't seem fond of p d and e should also trafficking human on which is crazy towns. And she shared social media posts, asserting in two thousand a keen that the parkland shooting was a false wag operation. One case a sheet she's, not here, not a person who was elected to Congress because it was a a small primary she's, the only person who received any sort of funding or media attention and next time around she should not be elected right and if she said this sort of stuff well she's in Congress and Congress, has every ability to ejected from Congress, certainly to censure her with all that's had the attempt to paint Marjorie Taylor, Green is the face of the Republican Party is pretty obvious by the media. That is why there is all this apple focus on Marjorie Taylor Green right now, so they can do it for Trump anymore reforms gone so now they have to find it.
face of the republican Party? Sorry, they pick one of the other phases of their public and party they picked like Dan Crenshaw. No, of course, not instead there in fact Marjorie HALO, green attempt to claim the entire republican Party is in fact, Marjorie. Taylor, green and suggest. Over and over there are publicans are more worried about about the the normal within the party, and they are about the Marjorie Taylor Greens within the party. So that's what Chris walls was doing over the weekend on Fox NEWS, the Fox NEWS, but with brains dealt with about eight years, Chris Wallace saying that there is more focused on line Cheney in the Republican Party than there is on Marjorie Taylor, Green, which I'm not sure how as the case, considering that every single republican member I have heard of has condemned Marjorie Halloween's comments, and I guess there's Cornwallis, you know you ve got a situation. Now, where there is more visible outrage inside the g, o p over lives chain a member of leadership voting to impeach that president, over rather than the sum of these while,
Conspiracy theories being espoused by Marjorie Taylor Green, how serious as this for the gnp- and what can I do about it? I mean I take her off committees: expel are what what? What are they options here. So a couple of things. Liz Cheney with regard to impeachment is actually doing something. That's kind of more important within the Republican Party party than this fringe, not from Georgia, he's in jewish space laser by the way, I can't tell you more about your space laser first rule of jewish space laser. Is you never talk about your space laser Second world jewish space lever? Jewish space? Laser is only never rolling Travis. Those are the two rows of jewish space laser. But, aside from that, but the reason the Republicans our men may be focused on the controversies running. This change is because impeachment it's kind of a big and the Chinese the number three Republican in a house. Where is this? Ladies? First from back bencher from Georgia, who probably won't we re election in her district? So maybe that that is more
issue in the immediate term for the Republican Party. But the goal here, of course, is that every Republican is gonna be smeared with with Margaret Hale Green, in the same way that ever Republic, in a few years, back with smear with Todd Ache, and that is the way. This works a you're gonna hear MTV, Margaret Hale Rain, repeat, over and over and over again and by the way, because the left as this is what they do, because the left is going to spend an inordinate amount of time. The mainstream media on his person that is going to drive people into the arms of this person, because then people will likewise is person being unfairly attacked. Why she? Why they constantly talking about her miss? You can end up with a larger following which, of course, is exactly what a lot of people want. A lot of heat including Margaret Hale, a green autism, love that media attention, because the media focusing on that means a lot of people in reactionary, fashionable then go and defend Margaret Hale Arena to things. Can we draw ones one she shouldn't be in Congress. She looks a lot, a crazy crap, crazy, crap and too She's, not a mainstream republican voice. She's the leader of any movement. She is not important person in the Republican Caracas and
should be primary next time around by well funded opponent can, but that's not what the media's design Harrison's media's design is too, is to create this. This suppose it Balance between craziness on the right and craziness on the left reality check their craziness on both sides. The crazy people on both sides need to be condemned, I see actually more condemnation from it very often on the right. Then I do from people on the left in the left. Just wants to pretend away, idea that there is any sort of similarity between the craziness craziness extends across the aisle. I saw an entire democratic party. the other way or cheer. Whilst you burn during the summer and then when the capital rise happen. That way. You guys on the right now condemning the violence more strenuously. Some of us condemn the violence both times guys someone's gotta was evil both times. Some of you are just full crap And when you do the same thing with Marjorie tailoring well, you wrap your large scale. Democratic, embracing, eleven Omar and pretended she's a leading figuring your movement? I must say that you guys,
have a leg to stand on. When you talk about Anti Semitism in your own party, especially given the fact that your entire career race theory, nonsense is rooted in anti semitic perceptions about how Jews are not actually victimized people whose are actually just successful white people. Now Asians are turning into why people thanks to critical race theory. So yeah, any of your ear, phony insanity about this Randal weirdo crazy purse, I think that is a little bit things. A little bit convenient that you have decided to elevate. Mark Taylor Greens, the leadership of the Republican Party based on zero evidence that she is a member of the leadership of the Republican Party, that that is the goal here fringe everybody by pointing at this. By putting this one part and then
allows you to basically silence anybody. I this department, amazing again to be mildly self, centered here for a second, when political, when people session of written for political, because I'm a right wing firebrand. Let let me point out, I'm may be the only person on the right who said from the ghetto that trumped didn't have evidence that he won. The election case spoke, but that's it There's nobody moderate enough for these folks. That's the point: if you disagree with them, you are by nature immoderate, that's the hobo. Everybody is. the same boat, including the person who is not even political, who just wants to go to work and be left him and go home and then believe what they want about politics, they're not going to be allowed to do any of that. Ok, meanwhile, I will say that the that the
Adam naughtiness within the Republican Party needs to be stopped and needs to be condemned having overall, it has been, but I think that it would it needs more always always more. Ok from both sides will be great, but I'm a conservative. I would like to see it in the Republican Party as well, so does do see the excellent governor of Arizona He was censured by the State Republican Party for no reason at all, because Kelly Ward is the head of the Stairs Publican Party, which is very foolish. The state party chairman I instead has been condemning juicy hysterical can party has been on twitter in signalling loyalties. They idea the Trump won the election overrun over or that there is fraud in the state of areas on which I dont believe even alleged by the term campaign, and then they are, they tried to censure doozy for not going along with attempts to overturn the election results. Here is juicy chiding stay republican Party by the way no terror
on Republicans. If you want to make that stay blue, please continue doing what you're doing if you'd like to states remain read you need to stop going along with the with the people who are the fringes of the french passion does not mean strategic. Ackerman juicy happens to be an excellent republican governor of purple state You know what they say to go blue, maybe should listen to the guy who can actually when statewide. This is up action of of very little consequence. The party in Arizona has had a long history of discontent. This is just the latest example. I think that the State Party chairman should focus on winning races. That should be a top I already. I believe I was in good company in that cartoon, and I also want to say I worked incredibly hard to deliver the state for Donald Trump and read up through election day. Hey so mean
Things are getting radical, overrunning Biden, side of the bargain, we're not going to talk about that everything that bind us going be treated as completely mainstream and decency in every possible way. So let's talk about that for a second every single day, The Democrats are rolling out more evidence that they are. More and more radical and immediate entry This is moderation they're. Getting just pretend that nothing bad is going on so Susan Rights, whose the domestic policy adviser, based on her vast experience, lines the american public about Gaza. She is investing policy adviser to job I, and she was explaining to Jonathan Cape heart. Again, is a a far left guy rates for the Washington Post, he's over on Amazon BC. She's waiting, Jonathan Cape Heart than Wendy Biden Administration says things like racial justice and racial equity. Then that is not divisive. Now, here's the thing is super device it. The reason is divisive is because it is thinking of justice. As a group thing, justice is not a good thing. Justice is an individual thing, the definition of justices you get what you deserve. Not you get what your group deserves, which is inherently racially bigoted.
but the idea that you get what your group deserves. Why? Why seriously? But that is the case that is being made over and over by the Biden administration here, a Susan Rice saying that this actually unit This is the new unity. Guys are not radical. There's all moderate. There is here Susan Rice. This is actually the opposite of dividing us. This is about bringing everyday and being inclusive. It's a bit bit rich to the Republicans after the four years of the Monti vice president of her, who use big a trend, hatred as a political strategy to a kitten new administration that is trying to include and looked up, everybody
otherwise, nips is literally not attempting to including lives up everybody. If you are saying that certain groups should be privileged above other groups, that is the exact policy that is being proposed by the way. Even political is noting this. Today I didn't, I political guys. It's ok, you're and half the amount of political, ok, staffers apolitical. Seven entire peace in the fade fame. The fabled famed untouchable, pristine political playbook about the about the equity verses equality, routine, that the Biden administration is doing. They say this. There are talking about. Equity right is the early buzzword of divine administration popping up in nearly every policy proposal, executive order and speech by the President and his top officials. So far, there all talking about equity, not to be confused with the quality, the umbrella term. That path administrations, including Barack Obama's used to describe efforts to address racial and economic disparities? So what's this all about the idea, in a nutshell, is this equality means every person is treated the same thing at the
resources from the government and same access to services, no matter what one, though equality generally means that every person is treated the same according to the rights that are accorded to them. Equity is an attempt to account for differences in need among people from disadvantaged backgrounds, or even this bias. No equity is an attempt to end with the same result for all groups. That's the goal right, whereas calmly Harris put a tool. before the election equality suggest. So everyone should get the same amount. The problem with that not everybody starting out from the same place, which sounds a lot of communism right every, should end up with the same amount. The distinction is more than a matter of semantics. It is critical to understanding how the binding agenda is taking shape and where its heading in the month in years to come already equity is in organizing principle of every policy. Prescription Biden has put forward so far from housing to climate change, dumber than radicals guys. It's
really fine. Today I wrote about another example and a story for political say. The editors of playbook, black and brown people who are disproportionately affected by the corona virus are also least likely to get vaccinated. There are lots of reasons why, but access to the internet to sign up for shots and access to pharmacies in hospitals to receive the shots is a big one, simply giving all people access to vaccination is enough by an official say, likely require deploying mobile units to certain black and brown neighborhoods, among other targeted actions to get the job done. Ok, no. The actual critique of vaccine policy is now that in areas where there is literally nobility vaccine, we should make sure that people can get vaccine. The critique is that the CDC policy originally recommended that we vaccinate young african american people before sixty five year old white people, which is nuts. Oh, that's crazy. Now says political conservatives have taken notice of binds embrace of equity and are criticising it as affirmative action might have a name. That is what it is, and push for woke equity
by an abandoned equality rather headline of new posts at a Tory over the weekend. The equity approach assumes that any outcome it doesnt meet inane racial quotas is the result of bias and in fact, is that if his systemically racist, the newspaper pined centred on cotton American, so I asked HIV Secretary designate Marcia about the difference. During her confirmation hearing on Thursday, seemingly trying to get her acknowledge that equity means treating people bait differently based on their ace fudged response quote, you know if you said to me that I'm gonna give you five bucks and you're gonna get my friend five bucks. My five bucks necessarily gonna goes far because my friend already has mother and father wealthy shortly after cotton sent out an email blast highlighting the exchange. So
this, could soon become ammunition. Washington's partisan warfare- oh it's Republicans, pounce! That's the problem! These Republicans! They won't accept the idea that we should basically segregate people according to group and then treat them according to group identity rather than individually. By the way, even fudge is fudging there. The truth is in the United States. We already have means based Social welfare programmes. I do not receive any benefits from the federal government. People who are very impoverishing United States receive benefits from the federal government and the south is about when they say equity. What they mean is that they're going to judge you based on your race there weren't, you judge you based on your history of racial victimization, not personally, but as a group. so Colin Powell cage received by bucks and my kid should not receive by bucks, even though both are going up very wealthy, expected debates has political to shape our some weight Americans in the middle and on the right think about the Biden Harris Presidency there. What's his recent
Grace the shift to equity and black and brown people have been there for decades will bind. Try to sell it to the public, doesn't look like it so far. At least administration officials are saying equity, alot, proposing policies, they think reflected and hoping that it clicks of the reason that they are using the term equity as opposed to something like affirmative action or Quarterboat. Repetitive, justice, pregnancy them. When they use repaired, justice? Is the reparation? Didn't wanna use that language, they say, equity, hoping that your brain will think equality and then you'll just let it go. That's the goal here I just as it just as they ve shifted from this information this information in the media as they can shut up people they don't like now, they're shifting from equality to equity and hope that you don't know the difference between equality and equity, because one has only one extra syllable basically- and this has become the talking point for every element of the democratic agenda over the weekend national Climate adviser, GMO Cartagena, Mccarthy, she said the environment is racial. Just
since you everything is racial justice issue. I'm a change is a racial justice issue because it exacerbates the challenges in the communities that have been left behind. It goes after the very same communities that pollution has held back and racism is held back in its our opportunity to serve those communities to elevate thou, and it's pretty amazing, beaten by the goal here. The goal here that racial just as in climate justice, are the same thing. The goal here is that, if you then say you oppose their programme ordered morbidity inequality, nor is going. I don't like your climate change programme. Oh, it's consumer ovaries, eraser history, since your white to premise you're, defending the white supremacist system is whenever you hear anybody on the left used language, antiracist, there's so much semantic game playing her when people and left to use the language antiracist, they do not mean opposes racism, they mean opposes the. If your antiracist means opposes court in court systems of racism, meaning any system that ends
with a racially desperate outcome is a racist system and if you dont oppose that system, you are therefore complicit in that system. That's the Ebro Ex candy nonsense. How radical is this? It so radical that over the weekend, Avram Candy was attacking John MC horror. Ok, John MC quarter is not a conservative. John MC quarter is like a middle of the road liberal, but now Avram Candy is basically suggesting that that John MC work needs to be run out of polite society because he opposes ever my ex candies antiracist, fishes dick nonsense and by the way it is absolutely fishes ignored. Since there is no question about it right implements. Candy has specifically proposed. I'm not kidding you that there be a national department at the front
level in the executive branch, a national Anti racism Department capable of striking down any state local or federal policy, ending with despair, racial outcome, it would not know everybody just a bunch of experts who basically rule in order to achieve a completely equitable arrangement at the top of politics. Now candy is going out for John Rapporteur, whose a black liberal, ok like this- is this: how far this is going so dont, let pretend that this is all about equality or it's about decency or about liberty. It absolutely is not. It absolutely is not. Instead, it is, it is about ousting people you disagree with, even if you disagree with them kind of mildly, on policy is prompted by the way. John Mccord.
Over the weekend that we stop pretending about Avram, candy, you're, not alone and findings. Ideas, primitive, go with it and walk on. Maybe even tell your friends, you don't get the hype, you'll likely fine, but they never did either. The court has an excellent piece over at sub stack all about this. Here he talked about at sub, stack the candy ideology and how it is infusing, so many places all across
country. He says it's great these. He says in my lads article about Anti racism manifesto that threatened to destroy institutions of basic missions. As educational I mentioned that the dont in school in New York was considered, transform was considering transformative, antiracist measures. However, I haven't got forty than affected. Image was already done at last. Mister Harrison snapshots from Dalton fall. Twenty twenty from concern. Parents who, because of their public with their names they would be pilloried, is bigots. Nationwide are staying in Artemus quote every class this year has had an obsessive focus on recent identity: racist cop reenactments in science, disinterring whiteness in our class learning about white supremacy and sexuality and health classed by the way, not rare at all in school in California, believes it Brentwood School. Somebody sent an email to me that showed that kids are being separated. Parents are being
printed by race for actual parents, you sure conferences, the heavenly away parents night and a black parasite is indecent ones. Equity. It's all equity, honest it is engaged in is from nineteen, fifty five or just clapping glee in their graves. Now the elect my term for the hyper works woke, says John MC quarter or hijacking constructive leftist ideals, and this nation will claim that this sort of thing is exactly what education needs to be and that white or white parents are who objects are displaying fragility. However, we get that for joining notion from one of the worst books ever as I have argued with dull he's doing, is tragic and grisly by the way a carers is noting that I hear good authority that Professor Robins Annual has claimed she's the Neil digressed hastened to my astrologer. I will only say that quite a few presented within the three of us would find me more account if only superficially detained for certain reasons, Milligrams Thyssen's black mcwatters, black, the angels white. He says in the Atlantic Pisa
How antiracist protest, shut, younger and more or less master? The protest actually spread to alleged schools have averted Swarthmore. I haven't on good authority that Swarthmore the President simply folded arms and said no to the protesters upon which they basically folded in their tails and went away. Why? Because the president is a black woman, Valerie Smith, the key is he this is the key she knew she could respond. Melodramatic performance are with the refusal deserve, because no one can call her racist, and this is a point that is making. Is that again, the redefinition of racism from has analysed on the basis of race, to u dont groove, my agenda, that that that transformation is vile and
dress? He says I don't mean the being against racism is be ass. I mean there are certain strain of courting court anti racism. These days is be ass. An that's right for just saying this cat. Can you once basically Mcwhirter barred from the public conversation and that's what that that's, the exact ideology that has been lobbying braced by divine administration, get ready for it. This is a danger of the binding administration, not specifically the policies they enact, which will be bad the stuff it's actually dangerous from abide administration is going to be the ideology they put forward was an ideology first put forward during the Obama years. It is being redefined much more deeply and in hyper partisan fashion by the binding illustration. By the way, if you think these people have they need best, I think we will have the best interests of all Americans at heart member Biden. During his an hour, colleagues, and I'm here for unity, and I'm I'm here, because I want I want to stand for all Americans, unity in all american and all the stuff. I dont think
Administration has all Americans in mind. Just the latest indicator Kamel Harris most wondrous vice presidents, I just incredible at her job. She didn't interview over the weekend, in which she has all Americans. Mansion deeply cares about all Americans and the binding ministrations environmental plans are going to wreck a bunch of jobs in places like West Virginia because of their attempts to shut down carbon emissions. Heroes. Kamel Harris will obviously cares veterans so carrying so knowledgeable completely boxing West Virginia mining policy. You will hear her in this
web refer to abandon mine lands as landmines, because you so knowledgeable and understanding and really takes all Americans concerns you recently job creation around, for example, all of those killed workers who are in the coal industry and end and transferring those skills to what we need to do in terms of dealing with reclaiming abandoned landmines. Well, we need to do a round plugging leaks from oil and gas wells and and transferring those important skills to the work done yet to be done. That needs to get done abandoned, that we do need those those West Virginia and out their ensuring that we, what somehow fail to trigger the abandoned landmines, sacred Demilitarize on an increase, but what well done their common Harris? Only the experts only
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