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Ep. 1186 - Democrats Unleash Their Impeachment Strategy: Feelings


The Democrats’ unleash their impeachment strategy, and it’s all about emotions; President Biden moves to ram through a $1.9 trillion stimulus package; and the media continue playing offense against Republicans.

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The Democrats unleashed their impeachment strategy and its all about emotion, president, by moves to ran through a one point: nine trillion dollar stimulus package and the media continue playing, often against Republicans, I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the bench Bureau show the bench Morocco is sponsored by expressive EPA and you have a right to privacy, defend your right to express gps dot com, Slash Ben I've been watching over the past few weeks as the stock market got extremely volatile extreme. Quickly he and right now. You may think yourself wait only about spent just a bunch of anybody have its neck and mean inflation down there. You might want to think at this point about diversifying into precious metals. At least a little bit and silver is on a little bit of a run right now. We're here is the good news. Birch gold will lie to diversify into any of the precious metals that you see fits diversify into particularly gold and silver. We are now at the mercy of one party control in agenda driven by tax and spend economics. The social ramifications and be a problem fiscally. You can expect compound the growth of the national debt, the systematic devaluation of the United States dollar. So what are
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no longer in office would be unconstitutional. Only five Republicans voted in favour of that. Those five were Senator Mitt Romney Senator Susan Collins. We some rakowski bends ass in tat to me, or the five voted against the idea. This is an unconstitutional trout, but that really suggests that there is nothing to be tremendous support in favour of conviction of President Trump in the Senate and here's the reality for Democrats. They know this Democrats understand that the chances that Trump is actually convicted in the Senate trial are extremely extremely well, and so what this is all going to be about is about ratcheting up the emotion. It's all going to be about ratcheting up. The idea that Republicans are entirely Sponsible for what happened on January sex and their retroactively responsible for what happened on January six. If they fail to convict Trump in the Senate after he was impeached in the house. That is the idea
other strategy only yesterday, when the innovation CNN basically said that directly to Senator Rob woman who's not been an ally of President Frumps, at least on a personal level, she said, if you don't convicted, aren't you basically just excusing the behavior, but that's not the way any of this works. You can say that what from did in the months and months, leading up to the agenda, Sixth riots was really really bad. You can say that he was lying to people, because I think that here when he was claiming that that there is a vast voter fraud that was responsible for his failure to win reelection when he was attacking Black and officials in Arizona and George, I'm Wisconsin and pencil yet in Michigan means I all that was really ugly. Is only on presidential. It was bad. Morally, he never should have been doing any of that. Some are saying he had no evidence yet there are courts of law in a place where he could, of contested. All of that, he try to contact some of that in
those courts, you didn't mean alleged voter fraud- is that was not a worthy endeavour at all. Also is that in peaceable very doubtful and when you actually look at the impeachment charge that passed through the house again with a democratic block and then ten Republicans voting in favour. When you look at the actual impeachment charge, the problem is that the standard that is set by the impeachment charge is not one that is actually warranted by the facts, because what they are actually trying to impeach from four is what they call it I ve been to insurrection, so let me read the impeachment charged is remembered. This is what the Senate is. Gonna have to vote on senators, not voting on whether trumpeted something that I'd be essential arrangement. I think that cabin Mccarthy and House should have brought a censure bill. I think you should a force Democrats to vote in favour of that. I think the metro carnal should put forward a center, but as far as impeachment there you actually have to fulfil the charge that you are making and here's what the actual impeachment charges just refresh everybody's memory, things again the Z legal proceedings. This is not just a
what's vote on whether we think Trump is bad after he's out of office routine. So here is what they are accusing him up. They say that his conduct, vice president of the United States and in violation of its constitutional old faithfully, to execute the office of President of the United States and the best of his ability, preserve, protect and defend the constitution and in violation of constitutional duty, to take care that the laws be faithfully executed from engaging in high crimes and misdemeanours by inciting violence, against the government of the United States in that on January, six, pursuant to the twelve amendments, the constitution of the United States, the vice president of the United States House of Representatives and Senate met at thus capital for joint session of Congress to count the votes of the electoral college. In the months preceding the joint session. President from repeatedly issued false statements, asserting that the presidential election results where the product and widespread fraud should not be accepted by the american people or certified by state or federal officials, and now, if they wanted to impeachment solely on that basis, theoretically, they could of pride. They could of seven thousand abuse of power that it should be challenging. Election results would be awkward for them since, for four years they ve been claiming that trunk was not legitimately elected because
and interference, and they keep claiming the Governor Stacy Abrams is actually the Governor Stacy Abrams is suppose you just Stacy. Abrams failed gubernatorial candidate Georgia. Shortly before the joint session commenced Trump addressed a crowded, the ellipse in Washington DC there. He read it is false claims that what we want the selection and we want to buy a landslide. He also wilfully made statements that, in context in court and foreseeable resulted in Wallace Action at the capitol, such as, if you don't fight like hell, you're not going to have a country anymore, thus incited by president from members of the crowd he had addressed in an attempt to, among other objectives, interfere with the joint sessions, solemn constitutional duty to to certify the results of the twenty twenty presidential election unlawfully breached and vandalized the capital injured and killed law enforcement personnel. Many members of Congress, the VP and congressional personnel.
And other violent deadly destructive and seditious act right. So that is the basic contention. Is that trumpery everybody up and then on January? Sixth, he unleashed the mob on the capital building, and that is the narrative that has been pushed throughout now. There are a couple of countervailing points to be made here. One is that he actively said in that speech. The people should go peaceful protest over the capital building that does matter. I know people are dismissing that it does matter, because the truth is that Congress members President's lots of people in politics use inflammatory language all the time, but can we do not want, one thing and also not incitement to violence and wonder publicans point this out. Democrats waved their hands and say is not comparable, but in many cases It absolutely is comparable. Bernie Sanders suggested that the republican Healthcare plan was for you to die. He said that in one of his words when shot of the congressional baseball games that make him guilty of incitement, no Barack Obama kept saying over and over during his presidency that policing in May. Was systemically racist and kept making statements about the inherent races
the american system. Races was bigger than the Americans yea, then a black lives matter, supporter wooden, shot, six cops and tell us was: was a bomb responsible that no, he was not. That was not incitement to violence. If me irresponsible language without being incitement to violence and that the question of causation comes into play here, so we level. There are two levels of causation that usually come into play when it comes to law, and one is what we call, but for cooperation, and the other is what we call proximate cause, but for causation is a very low standard. But for causation is the idea that, but for your activity ex would not have happened. The problem is that that applies to a wide variety of activities that are not in themselves guilty, but for causation would suggest that, for example, if I were, if I were hit by, if, if, if I were hit by a train that morning, I had missed the boss and therefore I had to take the train he, but for causation would suggest that, because I missed me,
I missed the boss. I was therefore hit by the train. Does that mean that the bus drivers responsible for me being hit by the train? No it actually does not, but for our position is very weak standard is not usually used in law. Then there's proximate cause proximate causes something different. That suggests that Europe Action was not only necessary to the chain of events, but it was causal of the chain of events. There was foreseeable that you saying that stuff, resulted in the overturning of the Kapital building a problem, that is, that nobody really oversaw the over running capital building, except maybe for the FBI, who didn't do their damn job and it turns out that they had indicators the New York Times that there are groups there are mobilizing in advance of trumps January six speech in order to go and do these things. So unless you can show that from new that those people are going to do that, it was encouraging those people to go do that it can be very difficult to show proximate cause. In this particular case. Deep political irresponsibility does not equate to incitement, there's, not a lawyer
America, who really believes that Trump is guilty of legal incitement here, so they're really saying that trumpet a bunch of stuff, that's bad because as bad he should be allowed to hold office again and sorghum conviction in the Senate. Ok, what the question is: windows, bad rise to the level of convey people in the Senate and what standard are you setting for when something is convicted in the sentence? In other words, what are the rights had not occurred? What trump unimpeached? That's it trumpet made that rally a nobody, has torn the capital building? What what is activity in and of itself have been peaceable? On that basis, I think most people would say probably not would mean bad woman ugly, but it's the riots that made a quorum court impeachment will the problem is we didn't cause the riots? Then it's not really impeachment either until that is the question that should be up for debate at the actual at the actual centre,
while there is a question of actual causation, what did from? No? When did he know it? Who knew what was the activity on a day like my dad should really be the case, but because democrats know that they are going to be hard pressed actually make their case in the public view, because they know that there's gonna be pushed back from Republicans along a wide variety of lines. Cutting you know. You guys use a lot of inflammatory rhetoric during the summer when two billion dollars in property damage was done and I believe about. Twenty people were killed over the course of the summer in various anti by in Vietnam riots. Yet where were you guys? Is that incitement, rather Democrats want to avoid all that's what they are doing. Instead is their ramping up the talk? What actually happened that day? They are going to turn the Senate trial. Into essentially a cavalcade of recollections of the horror of the day. I have nothing against at others, We find, I think we should all be aware of how horrible that day was. I think that, frankly, Republicans who are threatened should be calling witnesses to talk about how horrible that day,
was. I think we should all agree how horrible that day was how threatening that day was men. I talked to active republican members of Congress. Well, guys we're going on while they were being sheltered in place. Atocha least a cup of senators. I believe that day, and at least one Congress person of whom are being sheltered and place in it, really really bad, and I think that the american people should be forced to look at that. I think that's good, that the american people remember that it is not a case for incitement. It is not a case for impeachment we'll get to what the actual agenda here is in just one. Second, first, let us talk about the fact that you don't trust big tech companies these days it, nor should you, the big tech companies, have been making it very clear that they wish to Target people of certain political viewpoints Democrats are urging them to do so. The media are urging them to do so so why actually are you alone Ben demonetized, your data. There there already play on how they're gonna quash stuff that you like, meanwhile, their use
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that should be the case they are making. Instead of making the quotation case, what they're going to do is they're gonna, recount the horrors of that day and then they're going to use how her effect that there was in order to essentially smear every Republican, and the idea is going to be that we voted for Trump in twenty six scene was foreseeable and if you go to for twenty forty trump and twenty twenty, it was foreseeable. If you think that trumps behaviour is agreements and doesn't medium peaceable standard, then you are responsible for all of this right. That is. The goal is to broaden out the indictment of January six to include not just people who engage in criminal activity, but people who engage in non criminal activity and not just to invite people who engaged and cynical politicking but to an inside but two, to somehow invite people who are not engaged in any of that body. The concentric circles of blame are going to be widened and widened and widened, and at the very centre is January Sex, so it you're going to see over the next. Several weeks is Democrats coming out in
in their stories of horror of January sex and then members of the media, urging them to impute debt or to everybody who disagrees with them on the other side of the ILO things over and over and over so, for example, Mondeo Jones he's a democratic congressperson from New York. And he and many other Democrats have been claiming that, in the midst of the capital rise, they were literally fearful of sharing space with Republicans there are fearful of being, in the same offices as Republicans during the right, because they felt like the Republicans were actually on the side of the riders now those writers where their presumably to take prisoner people like my pants, my pencil Donald from vice president, they weren't gonna, be kind to Mitch, Mcconnell or any of the other senators, presumably and they were not there to make friends with Congress, people on either side of the ILO. As talking to Congress, people were in the rooms and Democrats. While all of this was happening, cave ammonia Jones. He goes out thorny claims. They use fearful of sharing space with the Republicans, because he thought that the Republicans or essentially part of the effort to go ahead and
Hill members of Congress. This is a claim there's been made over and over and over by Democrats. I have yet to see a shred of evidence to support it if they have evidence that there are members of Congress who are actively coordinating with the rioters in order to do harm to converse people. Those Congress, people than crude, that they committed actual treason like actual treason legal treason right if they were complicit in a scheme to overthrow the workings of the United States government by selling out the location of their colleagues in coordination with criminals intent on doing harm their accessories to attempted murder Rachel. I would like to see some of those sorts of allegations. Instead of just these broad, ranging Alex since that any evidence to support them. So far as I can tell seriously, let us know, because I dont want traders in Congress to you. If it here is Monday Jones, making the case that he was fearful of sharing space with Republicans, for example, the EU should not trust A number of these people- and that is that is an extra- anything to say about you know, Now your colleagues in the United States Congress, but the fact is that a number
These people. In addition, adding cited that violence direction, that we saw a light. We were coordinated, more explicitly with with with these people and so in the USA, asian is ongoing and I even every day we learn more about, the level of the level of involvement of a number of our colleagues. How can he said a law to stop right there? If we learn about that bowed criminal activity in those people should go to jail at a minimum, may seem to me if you commit active treason against the american government and your unelected Congress person, and I mean that that may fulfil the the actual legal requirements of treason that entered the death penalty under the constitution of the United States. So I mean, let's see some evidence of that sort of thing. But again that's not the goal here. The goal here is to invite everybody who disagrees with you and she is most colorful language possible in doing that. The person who's been doing at the most over the course of the last couple of days has, of course, been Alexander Cosmical. Has West. I took two instagram for ninety minutes to talk about her experiences of the capital. Now, there's some people on the right who have been mocking hurry.
Nothing of her story to capital and mocking her retelling of the story, the capital. I know that there are people who are illiterate danger. I don't think she's wrong to Afeared, for her life in the middle of what was going on in the capital riots, as we will see how I think that she is wrong when she then starts to suggest that fellow members of Congress are akin to rapists this is where I think she goes wrong. So I get to Elsie in just one moment because she has been the most are colorful exponent of this sort of and of argumentation, which is something truly horrible happened. I was traumatized by it, therefore, something unrelated we'll get to this in just one second. First, let us talk about the fact is not happening in front or these days you having package is delivered in groceries delivered for. For us, we ve had a lot of friends and family, stopping by just to say, happy birthday to my daughter, what happening at their front porch, you wanna, make sure you know what's going on on your property at all times. This is why you need the ring of video doorbell with ring. You can see and speak to whoever is it your front door from anywhere right on the phone you're, not gonna. Mischievous
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Home security system. We can easily inside yourself right now and a special offer on the ring. Welcome kid, a ring it dot, com, slash when it comes with rings at videoed, or about three and try and promotes the perfect way to upgrade your front door and start your ring experience had on over to ring that comes, I spend that is ring dot com, slash been ok, so yesterday Elsie went on her instagram sorry, the honourable represented Alessandra causing Cortez deeds, which she went to her instagram, which is the place to make very serious allegations. Instagram and she talked about her experiences during the day there a couple controversial things then she said here. Let me start with what is uncontroversial. It is it's gotta, be a horrifying experience of your member of Congress. Your rushed out of Europe, a strong to announce our two alternatives because writers and stormed the capital- some not gonna, doubt that she was freaked out- did did the one part of the story. That's a little bit humorous. They share. Apparently, she landed in the office representative, Katy Porter an inch.
Said that that Katy, poorer sitting there sipping coffee and basically waiting for all of us and so kudos to Katy Porter in any case, Elsie describes those experiences, but then she goes on to teach you a couple of things that are pretty unpleasant one is that she suggests that when a capital police officer arrived in her office to warn her to go to someplace else in of the writers have actually got into her office. To declare a capital police officer arrived in, her often told that she needs a rush out of her office in and get simply safer. When the capital police officer arrived, she suggested that she had doubts whether he was actually a capital police officer because he was flustered and because he was white and they have something that she said, which I mean again. I'd only now is the time to actually be like crap and all over the capital police who are doing their jobs in protecting members of Congress. But I guess that dumb, it is not for into Democrats. Unfortunately, the crap all over the police it at every available opportunity
in any case, Elsie talk about that, but the parts again there are legitimate when she talked about being scared and traumatized I've been in the middle of a difficult. Situations not to this extent. Obviously, but I've been at the centre of situations where I'm speaking and we require six hundred police officers. In order that my speech at Berkeley or I've been in the middle of a quasi riot like on a small scale right over its calcium LOS Angeles, where we required police officers me we're being on the doors. It's not pleasant. Examples in this must have been way more unpleasant than there It does not have been truly scary, obviously mean there are people there who are being for blood and injuring police officer. So I mean this is worse than anything I've ever had to experience. I don't doubt that hurt trauma and explore is a really her where she goes next. That's where I have some problems who hears what Alexander.
Cause report has had to say on her on her stream last night. These folks, who tell us to move on that. It's not a big deal that we should forget what happened or even telling us to apologise, and these are the same tactics of abusers and I'm a survivor of sexual assault, and I haven't told many people that in my life and bites when we go through trauma, trauma compounds on each other, ok, so things? One sexual assault is something that ought to be treated with the utmost utmost seriousness, the utmost care. When people talk about sexual assault, it should not be done. Cavalierly sexual assault. I am not suggesting that just I met her on sexual assault. Clearly there? I don't think she has aw assault is, in my opinion, the worst crime,
a human being can commit against another? Can being I've long suggested that rate should be punishable by death? I think it is where's crime. In many cases the murder, rape is just a horrific horrific thing. Obviously, so do things can be true at once, as always, one sexual assault is a grave grave matter, a supremely grave matter, the greatest crime one person can commit on another person. Second, to compare sexual assault to people. You disagree with politically saying, then impeachment is unnecessary at this point for a person who did not actually participate in the capital rights Trump. That is an injustice. It's an injustice. I gather that the suggestion that much in the people sure talking about there were outward TED cruising Josh, Halley dissenters who have both suggested that we should move on in terms of impeachment right. Not that we should forget what happened on January sex, not that the criminals are generous, acts should be punished, but that
impeaching trumpet. This point is already out of office, says constitutional questions there or linking him directly the modes of incitement to the activity at the Capitol building that the evidence is there for that to compare those people to rapists, which is what she's doing right there. That's that's an ugly thing to do is really really ugly thing to do, and you you're not going unlimited licence to compare people to your sexual assault or because you have suffered a sexual assault in that the person who is comparable to the sexual assault. Is the sexual assault on who should be in prison, should be in jail. I hope to God that goes to the police and whoever sexually assaulted her end up in prison because that's where they belong at a minimum. But the attempt to suggest that Josh, heavily and ten crews are like abusers want you to forget about the abuse, to compare them to people who engage in section assault is truly extraordinary and this is coming from the same congresswoman when the past week has suggested that ten crews tried to have her murmured without evidence, which is again nor
When you a legend, somebody is an accessory to murder you, you ought to have some evidence to that effect. Otherwise this makes you a false witness, their biblical commandments against such things. So what is the aim? GO here, the actual goal here, it's mine. Anyone who knew do disagree politically or disapproves of the impeachment, as not all, complicit in that, but complicit in the worst crimes available to humankind and that's really inappropriate stuff come from from an sitting congressperson. Yet that again, that is not to undercut anything that she says about the trauma she experienced during the day. That is not to undercut anything, the cheers about the trauma of her experiences. Sexual assaults are vital. It is to suggest that you don't get to compare people to sexual assaulters without evidence that they have committed sexual assault, the worst crime you can commit against another human being, and you certainly don't get to do it on the basis that they disagree, you about impeachment, of a person who is already out of office and, in my opinion, didn't commit unimpeachable offence anyway, inflammatory inappropriate an ugly language mean if the new standards but if you use inflammatory ugly language in orange, lukewarm quote in sight an uprising
in our general, causing Cortez. Handsome explaining to do here is Elsie justifying gladly matter, violence during the summer. Here again, I dont think that she should be impeach from Congress for this. There is a general cause, your Cortez doing this again In summary, the bit of a flashback here, if you're trying to call for the end of unrest, but you don't believe health care is a human right, if you're afraid to say black lives matter. If you don't, if you're too scared to call out police brutality, then you are in asking for an end of unrest. You are asking for injustice to continue and for your people to continue to endure the violence of poverty, the violence of a lack of housing access, the vial,
a police brutality and not say a damn thing. That's what you're asking for these again there. She was using logic during the summer, basically suggesting that, if you're not calling for universal health care, then you ought to just be ok with the rights that are happening during the summer. I mean that's inflammatory is anything the Trump said in the lead up to January sex. So if the goal here in impeachment trial is to demonstrate causality, if the Golan impeachment trousers to demonstrate actual incitement you're not to do better then than what prompted on January sextant. So that's why my deep suspicion here is that for Democrats dissolved the arm of remedial by Basically said that Joe Biden has said that he understands that there is not going to be a convention here that essentially, this is all about just brow, beating Republicans who didn't have anything to do with January sex and many of whom were were in the same exact rooms as Democrats, waiting to be preyed upon an lumping all of those people in, and you wonder why Republicans are again suspicious of impeachment is because exactly this type of move
This is all part of a broader effort by members. The democratic party members the media to lump republicans in with their most extreme outliers right to take the most extreme components of the of the republican voting base, and then say that is all of you, people that is everyone. Now here's the thing it was Mr Mccartin, who got up on the floor of the Senate after the capital riots and suggested that american government had withstood the predaceous of these radicals. It was vice president, my parents who presided over the actual certification of the boat and made him not vice president anymore winds. Republicans, you did that so the next move for the media are, of course, is, of course, due to suggest that everybody on the right is now in league with Margaret Hale written she's become the new outlier that we can smear everybody with mistake, Marjorie, Taylor, brain and paint the entire republican Party with these Becker Margaret Haileybury, now again here's the problem, most republican. Shep. As far as I can tell us, condemn Marjorie Taylor Greens comments in the past about Joe
space, lasers and and the parkland massacre, and all this naughtiness she's crazy person and a radical and she's crazy. Radical things came here is what Mitch Mcconnell had to say about that yesterday, quote he's like metal is Cheney. Rightly, Cheney has been targeted by some Republican she's, the number three in the house to a peacock S and should vote in favour of impeaching trump again. I think that there is a case to be made to vote in favour. I think there's a case made against I'm on the against cyber. I dont think that, if we vote in favour that its unthinkable in any way in any case where's Cheney Right has been hit with a wave of rage by some members of the Republican based. Here's a mature colonel said he said: Lizzie training is a leader with deep conviction and the courage to act on them. Importantly during our party narration, I'm grateful for her service. I look forward to continuing to work with her the crucial issues facing our nation and they he went on interest blasted living crap out of Marjorie Taylor Arraign when he said
imbraces loony wizened conspiracy theory. She said that that's a cancer for the republican Party. He said in his statement quote somebody who suggested that perhaps no airplane, depending on a nine eleven, that horrifying school shooting for priests age, but the Clinton's crash to have caging yours airport. Is not living in reality. This has nothing to do with the challenges facing american families or the robust debates on substance that can strengthen our party here, but the goal of left is, of course, not to let Republicans disassociate from large retail agreeing. The goal is for them to move in with Marjorie Tail arena. I will note the Democrats are very keen on expelling Marjorie Taylor Grain from Congress. This is their goal right now now Mckinney. As far as I'm war was not expelled from Congress. Attendee Mckinney, I believe Lawson Election, ok, but in any case ill had Omar, is treat as a member of leadership in the Democratic party ITALY was an anti semite- is treated as a membership, a leadership member in the in the Democratic Party academic. Anybody!
issues to feeding the primary bank Johnson, whose similarly radical, but not quite as I had spoken, the crazy in any case Democrats are saying that tailoring should be expelled from Congress, while no, you have to do something as an actual member of Congress in order be expelled from Congress chosen done things: expulsion worthy. Yet this is why we actually have elections and she will be primary and my understand my hope. My great hope is that you will lose in the same way that seeking lost his primary inside the republican Party. There is Debbie Washroom control to absolutely. Is it not more to expel any of the radical Democrats in her caucus saying the Margaret Hale agreeing should be expelled if she had honour? Of course she would resign if she possessed shame, censure and an apology might suffice. Expulsion is a fitting punishment, but it takes a two thirds vote in the house and that would require support from enough Republicans who aren't morally bankrupt, which is unlikely so reducing the future harm that she can cause in Congress and denying her seat at committee tables. Where fact based policies will be fast, it is both a symbol
fishermen and a proper restraint of her influence. Ok, so again led the push by Debbie, Washerwoman Schulz, who is the former head of the DMZ to expel Marjorie, haven't been. What that really is about. Is then saying that if you dont boat to expel Margaret Halloran right into the it's, the is the sort of analogue what's happening with impeachment. Your vote to expel Margaret Hale a brain again there may not be a legal basis for expelling artillery that who is not job and should not be in Congress. Then this means that your complicit with Marjorie tailoring- and this is the picture that is being made by Democrats in the media, particular Michel Goldberg, who again, is a a fool and a simpleton or rights for the New York Times. She has a piece tale Margaret Hale of Green Party now chimeras, some Republicans but she's, no outlier, no she's pretty much outlier, you believe the jewish space lasers are responsible for a wild firing, California and well, that would be kind of awesome as a person would undoubtedly be part of the council,
on Friday night to decide where exactly to deploy the jewish space laser. I will say that I dont think that is a mainstream position inside the Republican Party. I will tell you what is a mainstream position inside the democratic party. Is the Jews are privileged? Jews are privileged white people, that is things reimposition inside the Democratic Party, these days, which seems a lot more threatening the Jews, then the fringe view that we control a space laser agenda that there's an old joke in jewish circles. Which there's a their shoe jewish guys in their sitting on our pension. One of them is readings, are starving. Which is the Nazi newspaper and he's right their starmer and laughing and nineteen point thirty five and the other drew tourism is. What are you laughing at me says. A memory of these have
and he says that we control the world and it says we control the banking system and it says that we control the army and it says that we control financed. I mean why I read this stuff and its great news and then the wonderful thing about about being a Jew is that everybody always imputes? U world, breaking powers that if juice had had our history, we not quite simply, but in any case the the argument being made by folks. Unless, of course, is that Margaret Hale Ring is the Republican Party just like they sensitive king was the Republican Party entirely taken? Was the Republican Party increase o Donnell was the Republican Party in Donald Trump was the Republican, but there are, the Republican whoever is the most outlandish outlier. That is the person who is the Republican Party so says so says: Michel Gilbert had Steve King, the former republican congressmen smile. I must feel robbed two years though he was stripped of all. As many assignments after asking in an interview within Europe what nationalist white supremacist western civilization, how did that language become offensive? The Republican Party through its weight behind kings primary challenger and whose whisked off the national
age since then stand interchange. Ok, let me just make something clear one Republicans like me when the charge for primary speaking, we were given zero credit by the democratic press. None but had a democratic press instead suggested that we actually secretly backed Steve King I'm not kidding zipping that happen. People like all well, you know I'm sure they they took whales Yes, I mentioned they had a primary, but really that they're all likes the king. Aren't they too now the New Steve King is Margaret Hale agree they represent a large retail agree. Mrs again, Michel Belburg in New York Times is every bit as bigoted is in ten times unhinged. By now, you surely heard her thoughts, the California wildfires may have been caused by space lasers can by jewish bankers. This wasn't greens first and Anti Semitism in two thousand eighteen, she shared roads. Is white nationalist video, in which a Holocaust denial claim the designers supremacist have scheme to promote immigration. An assassination recently green met with the far right british comedy Katy Hopkins was described, migrants as roaches, etc, etc. Is eight Kevin Mccarthy there
and how's leaders, Michel Belburg, is meeting with Green is far from clear how act against her because she represents a much of the parties base. Oh, is that right? Is that correct when the New Yorkers Charles Bethia, A group of greens, local supporters Lastra? They were generally familiar with you and on several agreed. The Democrats are controlled by Satan. Well again, I would assume that people who support her support a lot of what she does, but that doesn't mean that everybody who supports or does or that a obscure first, Congress. Person from a contested primary in Georgia is representative of the entire democratic party, but then matter. The whole goal here is just just an american conservatism is part and parcel of this insanity. Michel Rocard says American. Services, and particularly its evangelicals, for now the Christians Ban, Christians has fostered arrangement in its ranks for decades, insisting that no source of information outside its own self reinforcing ideological bubble is trustworthy. O the irony of colonists the New York Times suggest
Its silo wing on information and creating a bubble of your own making is a problem o the irony. If your steeped in creationism, said, Michel Goldberg, and believe that elite our lines you about the origins of life on earth, it's not a stretch to believe there, to you about a life threatening virus. So, first of all like to church believers, even a lot of new earth creation is a lot of them. Are gonna take vetting autumn there, bunch lefties, we're not gonna. Take the vaccines that that's a bit of a stretches. If you know the history of the revisionist is the revision is version of the Christian right in which God, deeded Americans, the faithful, plural pearl of pluralism, will feel like the theft of your birthright. If you believe last M accredit present was a legitimate and strengthen the brothers claimed it somehow,
Billy, dark forces would voiced another unconstitutional leader on the country. There is a moment after the capital right when it seemed as if a critical mass of the Republican Party was recoiling at what it had created. But the moment past the moment passed on Monday political reported Republicans, don't strip green of committee assignments. Democrats will try to do it. Bringing the issue today has floor. Republican members will have the chance to distance themselves from If they don't, it will be because they know she belongs. Yes, I am sure that that is what you guys would love, there's a reason that she is now most well, no name in republican circles in an anchor Republicans. It's because of Democrats. This column is mirrored by one from using Robinson incidents, Washington, Post titled. Literally. If the GNP is to rise from the ashes, it has to burn. First look inflammatory language literally inflammatory language. It has you burn for before I soon responsible political party can rise like a phoenix from the ashes of today's dangerously unhinged gnp. There must be ashes to rise from the nation is going to have to destroy the Republican Party to save it. You might think the violent and deadly January sixteen
Russian of the capital would snapped the GNP back into reality. Unbelievably, though, you would be wrong if anything, the parties headed deeper into the wilderness. Look at how the two most powerful Republicans left in Washington behave last week cover Mccarthy made a pilgrimage to Morrow Logo to bend the needed Trump and which Mcconnell voted to question. Whether from coming impeachment trial is even constitutional. The GEO Penal bears no resemblance to the party, may perhaps Lincoln, says Eugene Robinson Mayfair. Part of this is where Michel Gilbert and Jean Robinson pretend that three minutes ago the Republic in Party was seen in the report. Ten years ago there is, the Republican Party is unhinge. Nothing has changed. They just unfounded brick to hit Republicans with Eugene Robin since, as this is now, the Party of Marjorie Taylor, greener, again is given Mccarthy posing on the cover of magazines of Margaret Hale. Agree lot more case that the democratic part is the Party of Eleven o my machine to Lebanon. See then the case that are there are public and parties. The Party of Marjorie Taylor, Green Eugene, Robinson, admits the Mccarthy Mcconnell, don't believe this nonsense,
but they do believe there within striking range regaining controllable the house and the Senate, and they are choosing power over principle there. Their hopes must be utterly dashed some. Yet this is that this is the aim all right in the end is again, there is another calm in the washing postmark goldbricking saying the same thing: the gene once knew what to do about problems like Marjorie, Taylor, Green, but now the again, I'm not gonna, listen to this crap from people who, literally, What else can Omar and anti semite unrelated to leave on the cover of magazines like that that it just does not wash? It seems extraordinary Cynical because it is extraordinarily cynical and it is all part and parcel of broader attempts that have been going since January, six to suggest that ever republican, every conservative is responsible, what happened on January, sex
more. You say it. The more will be true. He doesn't make it true because not true it hasn't been true. It is not true. Even people who believe that the election was stolen are not responsible for the people who went into the capital PETE lots of people in the United States. Can believe, lots of horrible and terrible and untrue lying things. Blots people do better in the same way it black lives, matters, supporters, believe that America systemically racist, which I think is a lie that is unbiased on vat, even though they believe that they are not responsible but going in burning cities? In the same way, even people who believe the untruth that the election was stolen if they were rioting,
capital informing the capital building you can't blame. Even the people went peacefully protested with trumpet and left when they always going on for the people to storm the capital can, but this exact, but of course the same standard just does not apply for the democratic party. Just does not ok in just one. Second, we're going to get to the breakdown of political bi partisanship. So we have seen in terms of policy, have already seen the breakdown of suppose it bi partisanship in terms of the moment of unity that did not last for beyond a five minutes during January sex now move on to actual policy, because Joe Biden has united not invite tat when it comes to you know all the things we have that moment. First, when the founders wrote the constitution, the first thing they did was make sacred the rights of the individual to share their ideas without limitation by their government. The second thing they did was secure: the rights of individuals to protect that speech end their lives with force if needed, owning rifle it's a big responsibility. Building rifles is no different. Bravo company manufacturing builds a professional grade products. It is built to combat standards. That's because Beseemed believes the same level of protection should be provided to every American, regardless of their private
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Joe Biden has can be a moderate united. No, no he's not he's simply a facade for the radical left and what has happened. He is a facade further radical left. All his administration has done so far is you more executive order is in the first week of any term in any president in american history and those executive wars are filled with things like boys should race in girls, sports and also, we should make sure that racial equity is the basis of all of our policies. Meeting racial favouritism based on suppose it victimized status by group. So yeah things are going great other ran through one point: trill at one point: nine trillion dollar covert package that is unnecessary. It is not necessary. What we need right now is temporary help for people who are in need. We don't need more aid, then it just thrown out the window to people who have jobs for we working? We also need people to be paid more than they were making when there are actually working there
something that we require right now, and that is exactly what is being proposed by Joe Biden he's also proposing a raised you fifteen dollar minimum wage, which makes no sense federally because it turns out the states have widely variant piles of living. Fifteen dollars goes a long way in Mississippi. It doesn't go half way in New York. The idea of a Federalist wages idiocy on its face, especially when it raised some exorbitant level that is greater like one third of all, the wage earners and a particular state. In any case Democrats they could have come up with a with a compromise deal here. In fact, Ten republicans on over to the White House, to talk with Joe Biden Democrats headed on over Democrats were meeting with. Republicans was almost be happy. Bi partisanship
Collins led the way, the centre for managing super happy to talk Joe Biden. It was some very good exchange of views. I wouldn't say that we came together on a package tonight. No one expected that in a two hour meeting, but why we did agree to do is to follow up and talk further. I think it was an excellent meeting and we're very appreciative fed ass. His first superficial me in the oval office at the President chose to spend so much time with does want me, I'm glad it's using Collins feeling super flattered by spending time job I mean like that's the best when they spend time in well, I d and e, and it's just you and ass. They grow. They set their likely board games. They have a cup of tea meanwhile Nancy blows. The injunction where's ran proves that this bill ramoth through according to the daily, where Senate Majority, leader trucks, humor and house speaker
supposing introduced a joint resolution on Monday afternoon that will allow them to pass presidential binds grown up. Our stimulus package without needing support from the Republican Party introduction of a joint budget budget resolution is the first step to potentially inaccurate budget reconciliation bill. One legislative tool available to Congress to quickly past bipartisan covert relief legislation said a joint statement from the two democratic leaders. Irresolution outlines he reconciliation instructions for each House and Senate Committee or how funding can be spent in their jurisdictions. Congress has the responsibility to quickly deliver immediate, comprehensive relief to the american people hurting from covert nineteen. The cost of inaction is high and growing a time for decisive action is now remember. It was Democrats or holding this thing up while Trump was president they're holding it up before the election. For months, even though there is my partisans, in place, they rejected a big bipartisan deal in order to literally hold it up until after the election. Anthropology admitted that, but now is the time to make sure this gets done and we're gonna ram. At this thing, through its while Susan Collins doing Happy talk with Joe Biden, Gents Jackie, the warehouse press secretary is like
glad they came over, and now we had some in and it's pretty gray, we played Rummy cube, but also, when I can do anything, they want we're gonna do jack. What we want to do. This is an exchange, an opera, to exchange ideas to have a conversation. That's why he invited them over here to the White House. There are some really impacts, which he will certainly reiterate, as he has publicly and privately in many conversations, but they put forward some ideas, he's happy here from them, but he's also feels strongly about the need to make sure the size of the package meets this moment, and the american people, expect that of their elected officials has another resembled. They showed up good to see them. Also we're just going to completely ignore everything that they just had to say, supervised, partisanship happening where there is like the Simpsons set that clock back to zero days since we broke bi partisanship rights have a clock back to zero. It was it was that like not even a day and setting a back to zero,
the White House, but a statement also. They said that the president and vice president, hey substantive and productive discussion with republican centres this evening at the White House. The group share the desire to get help to the american people are suffering through the worst. Of an economic crisis in a generation while there were areas of agreement The president also reiterated his you. The Congress must respond boldly and urgently whenever congresses bold and urgent hold on your wallet man, whenever a policy, This is bold and urgent what they mean, as we are going to spend more money than has ever been created by God or man. They noted many is in which there are public and senators proposal does not address the problems. Biden reiterated while he is hopeful that the rescue plan can pass a bipartisan support. A reconciliation package is a path to achieve that end. The president also made clear that the american rescue plan was carefully designed to meet the stakes of the moment. Any changes in it cannot leave the nation short of its pressing needs, so, in other words, sought thanks. So much for stopping by its been fine. Also we're going to completely ignore everything You have to say captain unity, unity and get up over there. I mean, like super lots of unity happening inside the democratic parties. Up here's. What we ve got
the age of unity, the new golden era. So far we have gotten if you dont, vote to convict trombone impeachment This means that you are in league with the January sixth riders, that if you believe that retailer green. Is he not job in a crazy person? But also you can't spell her from Congress for stuff that you said before the election, that that's why we have a national election process in the United States, but if you ve actually believe that you remove from committees is that makes you the Party of Marguerite Taylor, Green and also, if you want to cut a deal on stimulus, is gonna cut a deal literally like right now- and you wanted you four months- Sancho binds deal we're just going to ignore you so
for unity happening right now, loving the unity feeling the unity, there's no unity. Meanwhile, speaking of no unity, it's always fun to see how the heavy democratic Party manipulates the media and have immediate just go along with it. It really is fun. So, for months and months and months, Joe Biden did not answer in non priests, green question. His media team was taking questions from the media they prescribed. Basically, that was the allegation during the campaign Kamel Herriston out to a single press conference, four months after being selected as vice presidential candidate by Joe Biden, not for money meanwhile, we heard was why won't from talked to the press? What will you do? A press conference, then we need to talk to the press was likewise even out you're talking to the press. Ok, so here is what we are now learning from the daily. These Maxwell tiny reporting- if you are a porter with a tough question for the White House, Press Secretary Joe Biden staff wouldn't mind knowing about it in advance. According to three sources with knowledge of the matter, as well as written, commune, She reviewed by the daily beast. The new president's communication staff have
ready on occasion, probe reporters to see what questions they plan on asking new White House Press Secretary General sacking when called the pondering briefings the request. Granted. Concerns among the White House Press Corps whose members, like many Borders are sensitive to the perception that they are coordinating with political communication, staffers, ok, so, first of all the only using transaction, is asking to share the question before him. Is because she believes a lot of members. The media will go along with it. Can you imagine Sarah Huckabee Sanders or Cayley MAC and any enabling a member of the New York Times, like you know, will be great if you could. Let me know what controversial question going to ask me Jimmy from Vienna. Can you let me know what going to ask me: there's a reason they ve never seen that email, because gimmick costume, the illegal on air and sea they'd send an email asking to prescribing questions correct, but the media are so in the kind of Democrats that they have to anonymously leak? This story to the daily beast shouldn't journalistic establishment. That cares about its own prerogative. Just say openly. We are not going to engage in us and not only when
going to engage in that they should say by name I am rapporteur x. I ve been asked by the White House to prescribe my questions with them. I am not going to do that. Nor is it appropriate for them to ask me to do that. Then I'm doing that thou. Instead, there leaking didn't wanna, then you'll want to offend the widening minutes JANET, a key issue. We will not one with engines, acme truth, teller extraordinary, how refreshing how refreshing, in the words of brain stouter, so much truth, so much transparency. Also, if you just submit your question in writing beforehand, so they can pay for it or so they can ignore. You Thoud be just excellent that just be great according to the daily beast. One rapporteur raised the issue during an informal white: has Correspondence Association soon collapsed Friday? According to multiple sources, leaders at meeting advice, print reporters to push back against requests by the white has pressed him to learn of questions in advance or simply do not respond to the Biden teams inquiries. One white has corresponding said, while its relieved to see briefings return, particularly with a commitment to factual information. Here. Just a quick note. They ve already wide repeatedly transaction went out there, the very first day,
said there is no covered relief, but there was no vaccine plan available. None they entered office and there is nothing bouquet ass. It was a lie, wasn't true! Then she suggested it was going to be a dramatic ramp up to get to a million shot. Today there are already at a million shots day thousand lie as well. Issues already not telling things over, but but again what you ve been here from the White House Press is. Thank you, sir. May I have another. That's all. This is right, yeah lying to us, but there really telling the truth. Don't you see there they're just telling the truth all the time, one? What has correspondent told the daily bees, the president really do its job and a briefing room at the White House is picking and choosing questions they want. That's not really a free press, it all it pissed off report for people to flag for the White House Correspondence Association for them to deal what said another knowledgeable source the White House corresponded to so Patient zoom call was off record data, be staffers participated in the call those staffers had known What into this story whatsoever? The reporter who wrote the sorrows?
are bound by the terms of the calls agreement. All the information in this article is independent, together with and without his colleagues knowledge, so that is the. This is now the daily bees for poorer trying not to out his own colleagues right, God forbid somebody from the daily beast whose report I should say, you notice, really inappropriate that they did this publicly. It's gotta be anonymous when Wanna take up. I wouldn't want to take off team refreshing over their. According to the daily basins, Biden took office. Two weeks ago, the White House, press team has visibly attempted to draw contrasts with the term press. Which have no Torreon antagonistic relationship with reporters and eventually scrapped their traditional daily briefing. Altogether sacking has pleased many members of the principal by ensuring the reporters in attendance aren't doing so in vain. During the first pressure, tacky promised restore regular briefings, including those with top administration health officials, adding shed a deep respect for the rule free and independent press and that they share a common goal, which is showing accurate information with the american people and quick note to the american press. Him. You share a common goal, but
was literal job, it is to do spend for the White House you're, not a member of the press. You are a member of the Lapdog media at that point. Binds pressed him do not deny that staffers had solicited questions from aboard, but the White House contended it had tried to foster a better relationship with the press corps than the previous administration has tried to reach out to report is directly in order to avoid appearing to dodge questions during briefings. Oh that's why it so we can be more transparent, an honest by asking for your questions in advance, so we can spend it in advance, and then I love this. Even the daily distress has been this right. This practices in totally unheard of in previous administrations, parents are federal agencies. For instance, former President Donald Trump Whitehouse Press secretary, Sarah Huckabee centres was known to answer. News outlets about their questions in advance of the major high profile trot trump oppressors or events according to you, people, but direct knowledge of the matter
negation staffers during the Bush in Obama years would ask reporters for the gist of questions in advance. If they wanted to interview cabinet secretaries, that's not the same thing. That's not the same thing! Ok! If the idea is, we are setting up an interview with the president. What kind of questions have been asked? The president that if that happens on this all the time last guest to come on the gospel believe what you want asked me about: that's normal. What is not normal for the press office to routinely ask reporters what there to ask them during a normal press conference. When the, though I'm sorry, this is just it's ridiculous, but don't worry, recording to Eric Schulz, former deputy press secretary in the Obama White Ass quote: this is technical Committee patient work, the briefing becomes meaningless. If the press secretary has repeatedly put questions instead of coming equipped to discuss what journalists are reporting on like, what's be real about this, there are a lot of things the press secretary should know about, and hunting is the thing that, just like a lot of conservatives were making fun agenda Jackie over the past couple of days, because you kept saying during pressures amateur circle back on that net bacteria and people are cutting montages for saying, Roman Circle back
the circle back on the circle back. Let me just point out: that's ok, to say, there's nothing wrong, transaction, saying the chest: a circle back He doesn't have that information. That's fine as normal! Not normal, is asking reporters. What they're gonna ask her in advance of the actual press conferences we can stage these things. It meanwhile, is always encouraging to hear from the Biden White House you get what you get there only issues you this, what they want unit unity, unity, unity, better, they would love to have social media. Is social media platforms, reduce the amount of free speech on the platforms, John sat yesterday from the White House saying that she wants to push social media produce hate speech on their platform. She said this in response to questions about from being banned from social media the first provided support picketing president trouble new sites, I think that's a decision made by twitter. We leave certainly spoke doing he's spoken to the need for social media platforms to continue to take steps to reduce hate speech, but
have more for you than that. All we wouldn't we just in pushing the social media platforms, reduce hate speech. I hate speech, we mean anything, we don't like its commitments. The speech that really is making conservatives feel good these days or nearly so letter five new defied these days with did with the new administration. Meanwhile, what kind free speech. They like they liked to speech from the media where the media just play cover for Democrats. That's always amusing, like, for example, it Superfund, but MSNBC interviewed members of the way, in project over and over and over and over over the past few weeks, and never once asked met allegations that the co founder was was sexually soliciting young under age people. That's fine MSNBC did that apparently, statement According to media statement, Rick Wilson, George Conway all appeared on MSNBC to conduct interviews seventeen times after the allegations were first made public on January Levin by Rhine, girder, ski according to records collected by media clipping services. The tell it was first noted by the zero colors Michael
Ginsburg. So it's it's always gonna be fun to be an MSNBC person, and I never asked relevant questions to people. Meanwhile, Daniel they'll, never fact checker extraordinary over its unity and his job was just to be like I'm going to backtrack. Everything Trump ever says in the most diverse, thick term, for I M going to get intellect been nitty gritty details fact check not only the broad statements he made for I'm going to like fine flaws in statements that are generally true and then click. Therefore, so now he's doing the opposite. Now, as an entrance member of the of the Biden White House Press corps he is going to essentially spend his days spinning on behalf of Joe Biden, so on the show we played a clip of Joe Biden during the campaign talking about her views. Executive order is outside the scope of your executive power. You are engaging in dictatorship, right you talk about taxes specifically, but was a more general point. More general point was if the president acts outside the bounds of his of his actual capacity than his engaging in dictatorship,
any of us unripe, pointed out. Ok, you just and acted more executive orders in the first week of your administration than any president in history. Many of those executive orders had no actual statutory room for you to do that right that not everyone was executive waters was enabled by be members of Congress, and a piece of legislation will now January as decided. His job is no longer to compile. Listen from lies now is to compile a list of how everybody's being mean to Joe Biden treated like a full five minute thing. On CNN people, just you saying mean things retroviral general doesn't like that very much stopping mean things about Joe Biden dies. The key word there is things. Button was saying, as he did at other moments of the campaign that there are certain policies you can impose the executive order. He didn't say that executive orders themselves are inherently dictator like, and he didn't even say that doing a lot of executive orders is dictator like in fact, and binding, explicitly campaigns on doing a bunch of executive orders and is also worth noting that many of binds executive orders
simply were verse Trump executive orders that binds critics never complained about at the time. Ok, but I will point out that a lot of people complain about trumps, executive orders and many of those executive. Others were successfully challenged in court for being outside the scope of France Authority. So yeah, I'm wonderful, said to see that the fact sectors at CNN have now decided that their job is to just be Jackie in a wife inhabitants ACT, the media are gonna, do it for a coordinating with Jackie and the media, are going to spend their days. Backtracking binds critics as opposed actually fact, backtracking Biden, that's very, very exciting stuff, so that is worrying only stand with our wonderful, wonderful media. There, ain't excellent, oh by the way note about media. Have you noticed in the media? Non Andrew Como that only took like a year bets fun. So Cuomo is. Is a garbage governor somebody's been pointing this out since last March, that he's a garbage governor and he's responsible for horrific death toll inside his own state? he was shipping old people back into nursing homes with covered in order for a hospital bed
that resulted in mass death in the nursing homes. Someone's been pointing out from us that there are open reports that we're pretty obviously doc It was under counting the number of seniors who died, of covert nursing homes Well now the media are finally catching up. It only took seven months for them to catch up on this thing. These are the people we should trust, I think probably so, our Jake Tapir and Sancho Goop defamation and blasting Cuomo where's Chris, by the way Chris there too, to rebut this thing or Chris was not can report on aid, or does he like a giant a giant q chip that he can make jokes about with his brother CNN? You must trust in avenues. Writer! That's why
EL the irresponsible thing for a later to say during a pandemic, we need the public to believe the experts. Do you have any concerns have really quite quite stunned that that's what he said and if you start to take away some of the media, the credence of these experts, I think that's really really harmful, especially now alarm. Glad at Vienna has picked up on this, but we need our times picked up on it as well. According to New York Times, the Deputy Commission for public Health at the New York State Health Department resign in late summer. Soon after the director of its Bureau of comment of communicable Disease control also said, So did the medical director for epidemiology last month, the state epidemiologist epidemiologist, said she too would be leaving the drumbeat of high level. Departures in the middle of the pandemic came as morale plunged in the health department and senior health officials expressed alarm to one another, what are being sidelined and treated disrespectfully according to five people at the experience inside the apartment, their concern and almost singular focus Governor Andrew Cuomo's in the New York Times even as dependent,
used to rage and your struggles to vaccinate a large nations population Cuomo has all but declared war on its own public health bureaucracy. The departure of underscored, the extent which pandemic policy has been set by the governor who, with his aids, crafting a vaccination programme beset by early delays, now want to note the timeline in this story. Is the New York Times itself reporting so when these people leave Debbie? Commissioner, late summer soon after the director of the Bureau of Communicable Disease and the medical directive remedy me,. Jeez nobody mythology, so I'm, whereas there are times has at last summer. Last I tracked was not today today is February. Second, So where were you guys? Are that's right? You're busy massaging his ass, so yeah? I think we should definitely trust you guys, the arbiter, of truth and decency and our media. I trust them. Don't you I mean that they're just so trustworthy mean that there are praying This guy is the governor for all Americans well done. Well, then, I can't imagine why so many people are turned to conservative meat outlets for an alternative source of actual information already we'll be back at a later date,
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carefully describe the trauma she suffered during the Capitol Hill Riot Chicago teachers still bravely refused to return to work, doctor fauchier versus himself on maps again and Camila Harris a stepdaughter is hailed as a style icon. All of that and more today on the Matt Walsh Show.
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