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Ep. 1203 - The Cancel Culture War Is Here


Democrats worry about how to cancel Republicans, while Republicans worry about being cancelled; Amazon engages in digital book burning; and Andrew Cuomo’s career falls apart.

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Democrats worry about how to cancel Republicans. Well, Republicans worry about being cancelled, Amazon and using digital book burning and Andrew Commerce Career falls apart. I mention here. This is the bench of Europe, Yeah today show is sponsored by Express Vps dealt with big tech track, what you do, and unless your web browsing and Express Vps Dotcom, slash metal due to all the news in just one moment. First reminder: we are now at the mercy of one party control. They Joe Biden agenda driven by tax and spend economics, there's a talk about massive inflation or chocolate spending, beyond the capacity of the United States GDP, only to get into social ramifications, but fiscally can expect compounded and worth of the national debt and systematic devaluation of the United States. Are over time. So there really is only one question: what are? doing right now to protect your savings and your retirement. I know the people of virtual thy trust the people virtual I've been working with the people,
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forty seven to get started? Ok, all begin today with a pull that came out via our friends over an echelon insights, that's Kristen, salted Anderson, the poster and this kind of a fascinating Paul, because it asks Republicans and Democrats what they think are the biggest problems facing the United States or the biggest problems of all problems facing the United States, which ones are the biggest and this. Blade where the future of the culture war is going, because the reality is that we cannot have a country together if half of the country would like, for the other half of the countries with just go away or of half of the countries, the other half of the country as a true, an ever present threat to their liberties or if it turns out that some people actually are true and ever present threat to their liberty. So let's look at the differences between how Republicans and Democrats view the world when it comes to the biggest threats that country. So we begin with our friends on the left. So the question was: how concerned
you if at all, at the following are a problem for the country. When this was asked of Democrats and leaning, democratic voters sure where there's how priorities here their top priorities- ok number one number one with a bullet Donald Trump supporters. Dont transported worthy number. One top worry of Democrats cannot cover nineteen, not healthcare, not the economy, Donald Trump supporters. That was the number one worry so by the way, a bigger worry white nationalism or gun violence or discrimination, the biggest where it was Donald Trump supporters, because those people are the enemy. According to this pole, eighty two percent of Democrats and leaned Democrats say are extremely concerned or very concerned about Donald from supporters. Eighty two percent: it is the single most popular view among Democrats in terms of what is your big concern with the country
from supporters, another ten percent, but we are somewhat concerned only seven percent say they are not very or not all concern the means. Ninety two percent of Democrats say they are concerned about the fact that anybody supported Donald Trump remember. Seventy five million people voted for Donald Trump a huge number of those people voted for Donald Trump, because they didn't want vote for the radical policies of the left open, or two on the west, for Democrats was white nationalism. Now, let's be real about this. The actual number of white nationalists in America is very, very small. White nationalism is the belief that America should be a white only cut That should be enough, no state that there is no place for minorities in american life. The number of those people in american society is exceedingly low. I mean we are too maybe tens of thousands of people, maybe at the upper end. Ok, we're not talking hundreds of We are certainly not talking. Millions of people are certainly not talking. Tens of millions of people, that is number two worry of Democrats. According to the echelon insensible, seventy nine percent of Democrats say their extremely or very concerned about white
nationalism and other eleven Bruce. So they are somewhat concerned about white nationalism. The top two priorities are from supporters and white nationals himself. This tells you a couple things right off the bat one. The media narrative is exceedingly strong with these folks people at CNN Msnbc, who keep saying over and over and over the Donald Trump. Evil and his supporters are also evil, and we keep saying that white nationalism is a true threat to american democracy which, by the way, it is ideologically because everything in me, ideologically rubber, practically speaking, suggesting Maybe maybe ten thousand people are true threat to two american democracy across the way, is just an exaggeration of the nature of the threat. If you say the word about your people committing acts of violence and people committing acts of terror. In the name of white supremacy, I would say that that is a fear that is not entirely unjustified because we have seen those sorts of act of terror would seen against the jewish community. I have personally the FBI's personally arrested away from
desperate targeting my family. I totally get that, but the number to worry in the country over all is white nationalism. He three is systemic racism, which is a term that most people can unified. They don't even know what systemic racism means they just think system. Racism, means racism, so they are asked. Nepal is Racism are concerned, and they know that the answer is supposed to be. Yes, please, if you say no, then democratic, neatly say members, the media immediately say while that's because you don't take racism seriously, so the way these show, the pollsters that you take racism seriously is to say the systemic racism is issued. The problem for the country. Most people don't understand it. When they say system racism, the people who created that term and promulgate that charming something very specific, They mean that the institutions of american life are rife with racism that they are built in order to achieve racism, and that, if you stand in favour of any of those systems, then you are part of the problem. The way you can tell me Don't understand this by the way is that, according to this pole, some seventy seven percent of Democrats, in lean Democrat
ay, but they are extremely or very concerned about systemic racism, but only thirty nine percent, so they are extreme are very concerned about capitalism, but people on the left But she understand what the term systemic races means. One hundred and then believe the capitalism and systemic racism are intertwined. She can see because most democratic actually believe that Don't you understand what they're saying when they say that they believe that like racism is a serious problem for the country can hear their other top priorities: gun violence, Americans lacking health coverage, domestic terrorism, this brutality discrimination against gay Americans. Fifty nine percent say their deeply worried about that another twenty seven percent of their somewhat word sexism, voter suppression, students at in capitalism, is the Good NEWS here is that even among Democrats, they're, not super concern about capitalism's deserve the Bernie Sanders take, which is that we are all socialist now is not true. Most Democrats are not deeply worried about capitalism.
Was Democrats really are worried about is castigation of their neighbours as white nationalist, evil doers, and that is the narrative that is promoted. Has been promoted for years now, which they have people disagree with Democrats, it is probably because they are quoting Quote Donald Trump supporters or white nationalists. So those are the top concern for Democrats. Now we get to the top concerns for publicans, and what you'll see is the Democrats top concerns? Democrats tap concerns have to do with how much they hate fell Americans who don't vote like they do and how to get many of those people with terms that do not apply and how they castrate a system of the time they don't even understand, you're the top concerns or republican. Illegal immigration is the top concern for publicans eighty eighty one percent of Republican, say extremely or very concerned about illegal immigration. Seventy nine percent say they are
We are very concerned about lack of support for the police. Seventy seven percent say that they are very concerned about high taxes notice, the top three. None of them have to do with castigation of the other side. There actual policy preferences go back to the democrat side for a second, you go back to the Democrats side. What you will see is that the Democrats side, their top three our castigation of people on either side of the Isle, Donald Trump supporters, white nationalism, which again people don't understand that white nationalism as nationals, but I d algae not just a term that you throw up people, you don't like and systemic racism, which is an attempt to label people on the other side advocates of racism right. The top three are really one. On the democratic side, which is people, I don't like our Donald Trump Supporters- Slash White Nationalist, slash because for systemic racism, the top things the Republicans are worried about her actual policies like illegal immigration or lack of support for the police or high taxes,
Liberal buys in the mainstream media seventy five percent. Seventy five percent of Republican say that they are deeply concerned about that general moral kind of a country's seventy four percent socialism. Seventy three percent anti violence. Seventy one percent china- Seventy percent legal abortion in the third trimester sixty five percent election fraud is sixty four percent tech company censorship, sixty four percent and discrimination against Christians. Fifty seven percent- here is the thing republicans are mostly worry about. Policy and Democrats. Mostly word about Republicans right. That is what you come away with when you look at this point, data and one of them was that that's kind of fascinating about the pole is that the pull also shows how can and Republicans are about cancel culture. Ok, when it comes to the number of Republicans our concern about cancer culture. There is a vast gap between Democrats and Republicans. So, according to this pulling data, Republicans about forty, eight percent of Republican say that their extremely or very concerned about cancelled
We are very concerned that there should be cancelled that there can be there would be willing to come out. And this is why liberalizing the mainstream media caught in a number four on that lookin worries, chart right. Seventy five percent of Republican say they are deeply worried about liberal by us in the mainstream media. How many democrats are worried about cancel culture, twenty three percent? Why? Because they know their outlines, you're gonna get cancelled, Kate. You cannot have a country when half the country believes that the other half of the country is inherently evil. Now that the wrong not to Baghdad policies, now that they disagree with you about illegal immigration or the police or high taxes, not that they disagree about economics, but they are actually the people themselves. Are the worry me? That's insanity, and it's not just instead, It's dangerous because once you start to see the people vote differently from you as the actual problem I don't know you see those peoples, friends and neighbors anymore, as we breakdown in terms of
unity and, as we see the people make stored, not as people who may differ with us on some important fundamental policy considerations, but people who are early, unlike you in any way, because they support different candidate, how do you share church with those people? How do you go to school with the had your kids. Become friends. How does any of that work? How do you sure society with people that you actually believe are the worst of the worst Beppo start showing the Democrats are more of all the priorities, the one that you Five, the most is hatred for Donald Trump supporters and fear of Donald Trump. Supporters is insanity, its absolute crazy towns, but it is promulgated by a media that is firmly fixed on trying to get rid of people I disagree with. What we have right now is an advocacy media that exists on the left, masquerading as an objective media have millions and millions and millions of people watch that and take it seriously, and it has an impact on a wide variety of behaviors and when you change the moral code of a country
when you re normalize entire moral code of a country. Your noble through pretty wild behaviors and the media continue to foster this every single day. Republicans are correctly fearful of cancel culture because the left does want them cancelled. They are worried that the even exist notice, something that is not on the GNP list at all. At all Joe Biden, supporters is anomalous. Donald Trump supporters is number one undemocratic list and white nationalism is number two white nationals: Mcgann EVIL, also a tiny percentage of the population, the CAN the reason that the people on the left believe the white nationalism is a deep and abiding threats in the nature of the country is because, if they complete the first, do they think the Donald Trump supporters are white nationalist and they think that, because every single time. The Democrat media Complex mentioned the January sixth riots. They have said white nationalist uprising at the behest of Donald Trump. Every single time. Essentially that has an impact on how people think
the resolution that is happening in this country right now and it is happening with extraordinary rapidity. That polarization is almost entirely. The creation of a media elite believe themselves to be part of a new ruling class who get to dictate to you how to live. They know better than you how to live, and if you agree with them, then you are one of the elect and if you disagree with them- and you are, a member and the stars by the way at our universities is an art in the New York Times called incited battle over race class and power at Psmith. College in this is just indicative of Our society really works. Does colleges are basically just a microcosm, a slightly more extreme microcosm of what's happening in corporate Amerika of what is happening even in the scientific community is shut down of science is currently happening in the publishing community. The war on openness of ideas is ongoing and dangerous. So, according to New York in mid summer of twenty eighteen O Canute a black student Psmith College. I apologize if I'm mispronouncing minute recounted
stressing american tail choosing. Luncheon adorn lounge, when a janitor and a campus police officer walked over and asked her what she was doing there, the officer who could have been carry a lethal weapon left her near meltdown. Miss Canute wrote on Facebook, saying that this can encounter. Continued a year, long, parent of harassment and Smith. All I did was be blackness Canoe wrote it outrageous that some people question my being its myths, and my existence overall, as a woman of color, the college's President Kathleen Macartney offer profuse apologies and put the pan. The gender unpaid leave the job dinner is painful. Internet reminds us of the ongoing legacy of racism. Unbiased president wrote in which people of color our targeted simply while going about the business of their ordinary lives than you are times. Impose CNN picked up the story of a young female student harassed by white workers, the ACL you, which struck the suit case, said she was profile for eating, while black less attention, paid three months later, when a law from hired by Smith College, to investigate the episode found no persuasive evidence of bias o interesting.
Less attention was paid is in the New York Times note. This happened again in MID summer of twenty eighteen, the date of this Baldwin everywhere now is February twenty fourth, twenty twenty one. And yet we need three months later, that the story was bull crap during your term. Sprinter interaction, of course, not just in Europe- comes go back in a port sort. Of course not did CNN. Do that. Did the Washington that, no because their dedicated to the narrative that America is a place of deepen abiding racism, but who opposes that narrative is in fact it opposing the narrative is itself a sign that your racist, Opposing the narrative suggesting that it is not systemically racist. That America is a land of liberty filled with decent people, that that is a sign that you are a big it are you probably one of those from supporters? there are times less attention was paid three months later, when a law from hired by Psmith College to investigate the episode, thou, no person This is evidenced by us, Miss can it was determined to have, in a deserted dorm that had been closed for the summer, the general habit
courage to notify security of these are unauthorized people there. The officer like all campus police was announced, So every single element of the story was why every single one dispersed insisted in eating in a deserted dorm hall, though supposed to be closed. The janitor had been instructed to tell people if someone tried even there and the author was unarmed, and according this woman's story, Would you like a normal dorm? All the general profiles, her for being blackened and armed officer came in threatened, or so every element was why Psmith College official, emphasised reconciliation and healing after the incident in the months to come in just a raft of anti biased training for all a revamped, more sensitive campus police force and the creation of dormitories, as demanded by Can you ever ACL you lawyer, set aside for black students and other students who color by the way, if you watch the case, study in a perversion of liberalism into hard core left us just take a look at the issue of Eu Israel. You used to be the people who suggested that, yes, we hate the KKK, but they were right to March through the door,
cherries, Skokie. Now the Asia Europe people are like you know what we should separate dorm rooms for the sensitivity of black suit. And make sure that we have segregated dorm facilities Rachel. You are the people who say that they will not the fat. They literally said, as they will not happen. Civil liberties, if those civil liberties come into conflict with higher priorities of sensitivity, They are literally the opposite of a civil liberties union. This point it demonstrates the shift from liberalism to leftism. And how you leave behind all the priorities you used to hold so long. Or in the search for utopia. According to the New York Times. They do not offer any public apology or amend the workers whose lives were gravely disrupted by the students accusation. This is a tale of race class in power collided at the elite. One hundred and forty your liberal arts, college or tuition woman boards have seventy eight thousand dollars a year and where the employees who keep the school running often come from working class enclaves view
The schools elegant, wrought iron gate. The story highlights the tensions between students, deeply felt sense of personal truth and the facts that are at odds with that, my god. The way that the New York Times phrases that the story highlights the tension between a deeply felt sense of personal truth and facts that are at odds with it. Ok translate that over to the Cuban on folks and see if the New York Times goes along with that there are people who have a deeply felt sense of personal truth about the Cuban on conspiracy theory, but their fats at odds with that, and there is tension there or is it the you're completely wrong and lying enabling a bunch of whores crap, and there are facts that disapprove this. What makes you a wire a liar because fact exist in real life, and then you are times reported the lie we're years and only three years later they coming back around like well. You know, I guess that you know there is a tension between your personal drew, the natural fat. These tensions, as the New York Times, come at a time when few and Psmith community feel comfortable publicly questioning we'll orthodoxy, Unreason identity and some prefer
There's worthy administration is too deferential to its increasingly emboldened students right because why would you question liberal orthodoxy? If you, if you question liberal orthodoxy, then you become one of the people of a target on your back. James, Miller. Econ professor Psmith says my perception is: if you're, on the wrong side of issues of identity, politics are not just mistaken, you're, evil, correct correct and that perception has spread throughout the liberal community, which is why you see that step that the highest percentage of any potential Democrats who believe that there is a problem believe that the problem is trumpet What is more, nationalism in an interview, Miss Macartney, said that Ms Canoes encounter with the campus staff was part of a spate of cases of living, while black harassment across the nation, Why she noted great pressure to act. We always try to show compassion for everyone and bubble, not not Jenner, the generals, by making twenty grand ear back. I got in serious trouble doing nothing wrong faculty members pointed to a pattern they say reflects the college's growing timidity in.
Of allegations from students, especially around the issue of race, ethnicity, into thousands. Sixteen students denounced faculty at Smith's, so work programme as racist after some professors question whether admission standards the programme had been lowered, and this was affecting the quality of the fieldwork Dennis meals, where the proof theirs. They decried left the school long after, because you're not even allowed to point out that, when you put in place a fervent of action programmes, it lowers the standards of admission. That is what formed of action programmes are deliberately designed to do. If people had to meet the exact same standard, you will have to have affirmative action programmes affirmative action programmes, are dissolved deliberately designed to lower standard through the soft bigotry and low expectations in order to achieve the proper racial balance. But if you point out probably should have, you should be forced to leave because looking truth directly in the faces, now then, in the autumn of twenty nineteen, the religious studies Department propose. To class are native american religion and spirituality, a full complement of students registered, but whether for class it began
contingent of native american students and allies pasted bright red posters on buildings on campus reviling, the course as harmful, intrusive and Israel. And attacking the instructive was young white and not on a ten year track. He had an egg, background in this field and is miles his court. That was meant was well on. Professor, a member of the chalk donation administrations. To challenge the student protesters. Had the instructor submit two sessions of radical listening, but the protesters in the religious studies Department drop the glass. All of this is disgusting and terrible, but it doesnt matter than Europe and still treat the original story as worthwhile of respect which it turned out to be crap by the way the janitor the one with the actual victim in this story? The general whose in its sixties and poor of sight, was emptying garbage. Hands, we noticed someone. The close lounge all involved with the summer camp required have state background checks on campus police had advised staff. It was wisest to call secure rather than confront strangers on its own. The janitor dialed security.
The general did not notice, did not note the ladys race. Miss can it was in the shadows. He was not sure if he was looking at a man or a woman. Later canoe would accuse the gender of Miss gendering her a well known The campus carry officer drove over the norm, recognise Canada's a student made a brief and play conversation which you recorded. He apologized for bothering her. She spoke to him of her discomfort. Tat nature were to Facebook posts and how'd you get so seriously that they basically decided there can everybody involved in all of this is just indicative of WAR we are as a society is indicative of how our society works and its terrible again, it's it's. It's just insanity, Kate, the the the treatment of the story as anything remotely approaching realistic insanity through me After the incident Tyler House, Miss Blair Cafeteria
worker received an email from Rapporteur at the Boston Globe asking her to comment, and why should called security farmers can for eating while black this puzzle to what did she have to do with anything? The next morning, the food services director called Jack he said you're on Facebook, Canute had posted her name, photographing, email along with the general name, photographing, email. Canute, said the Blair was the racist and said that the janitor was also erased. Blair has Lupus, she felt faint. She lives are. There has been a mechanic and mixed forty grand year, Psmith put out a short statement, noting the Blair had not placed the phone call to security, but did not absolved of broader responsibility. Somebody administration called the cat again. This is like an unrelated cafeteria worker who is now getting death threats because of all this, but don't worry. This is just about the tension between some people's version of truth, and you know that truth. Ok, so here's the thing This is now bled over into every element of our society, because the narrative matters more than the fact, which is why
Amazon has now put in place an actual digital book burning policy according to Emily's naughty over daily where'd icon, internet. Mega retailer Amazon appears to have quietly updated and internal rule. Just the news reports eliminating an exemption for books and periodicals from its site. My policy against selling items that contain or promote hate speech throw, Change might have gone unnoticed. Accept that a conservative, arthropods and on social media at Amazon, had ended its own sales of his book and transgender ism and barred third, these were even selling the work on Amazon. This, of course, of our friend Right Anderson Reimers on the show yesterday talking about his book when Harry became Sally, which is a very thoughtful examination of gender, is for you and the mental problems associated there with the book calls for tolerance for people who suffer from tenderness, for it, which of course, is the humane, decent and just thing to do.
Doesn't matter the books been pulled down. Why? Because Amazon now has the same sort of policies Psmith, it doesn't matter if the book is true in matters of the book offend someone, never hate, speak policy now and that hate speech that hate speech policy from the largest retailer of ideas on planet earth, because that's what I was on it when you talk the largest bookseller on planet earth, that is, the largest retailer of ideas on the planet and people. Like me, my last couple of weeks had sold early, hundreds of thousands of copies on Amazon There are many of the same claims, the Rhine, Anderson Mix, so Amazon come after me, note that I make many of then came the Rhine Anderson makes because that is what the science says, that there is such a thing as a dichotomy. Sexual difference between male and female in the human mammal, That is just a reality: a science Amazon pull down the book. Just the news note some time before this week, when it removed from its digital shelves a book critical, transgender ideology. Amazon altered its content policy to explicitly for
books that promote hate speech, a major rule, change that could be used, rationalized actions against a broad range of books sold by the digital retail giant Amazon yanked why Harry became Sally from its main web stories, Kindle servers and its audio baudoin up with no explanation the policy under which, when became Sally was booted now reads: we don't sell certain content, including content. We determine is hate speech. The Washington Free Beacon, notes that the rule change appears inconsistent across Amazon seller guidelines, trusting the change was recent and that Amazon has yet to bring the foresight into compliance according to the free beacon, the company's content previously contain no mention of hate speech and an apparent conflict. Amazon's seller, central page on offensive and controversial those currently exempt, but because they know what appear to be, you know burning books, but now they ve changed it
and so they are essentially engaging in digital bookbindings, which is the same thing as a digital book. Burning by the way is now standing together. Corporations according to the twitter account local distance target, has now remove the end of gender. I doctor result was not a conservative. That is a book again about gender ideology and its wise. They removed reversed damage by Abigail Schreyer. Again, your member target did this a few months ago and then and then decided to to walk back Kate so target back down last son. But again this is. The back. Ok, we are now in a world where publishing companies are cancelling people. Preemptively we're in a world where booksellers are banning books. All based on this notion it to be will have next order. You are your enemy there I mean, because the old reason that you would stand up to liberal agenda is, of course, because a racist. I believe, politically. This
really begun under the Obama administration. You can see the polling day on this appalling data. Is the domain It's not race, relations, we're getting definitely better all the way up. The Brok Obama took office, and then they started to plummet by the way that includes the four. Few months of the Obama administration. When Americans were, I think, justly excited about the fact that we headed by president, I think, is very good that America has had a black president because began a dominant the Americans it does, it is evidence that Americans are not super racist, too heavy black, It is a sign that you are not systematically object objecting to the idea of black in power right, which would be a racist idea, I've got excited the blackboard happening- empowers Barack Obama, whose erratic leftist- but I understand why Americans excited about that. Of course, it, but Brok Obama, then print did you polarize Americans, along political lines, because he didn't come along and say
we're all. He didn't actually repeat the messages that he gave in two thousand for that famous Dnc speech, but we're all markets, work, miracles, want Americans, red and blue roadside Hindu that it's not what you did instead, Brok upon the very quickly transmuted into a president who suggested that anybody who opposed any element of a jet of his agenda was doing so because We're a covert racist, maybe away now Well, you never know so Barack Obama This brings me member timber. Springsteen. Couldn't add that was supposed to be about coming to the centre of the country. And we're going to find moderation and all of us on the right. After the Abacha Bruce Springsteen is partisan, democratic, yet now he's doing podcast Barack Obama, so yeah. I think probably right on that Brok Obama does a package of Bruce breaking, don't worry, guys, also brought about a very serious human being. He isn't in any way, just as a celebrity hound. His he's a he's, not somebody who's ever pursued the spotlight Barack Obama, history, humble public servant, Barack Obama, who does park Hassebu Springsteen when the great minds of our time here is Morocco, am explaining to,
Springsteen on their joint podcast that the only reason that people opposed to the gun that was basically because they were racist. What I saw during my presidency was that the politics of white resistance and resentment made the prospect of actually proposing any kind of coherent. Meaningful reparations program struck me as politically, not only. A non starter, but potentially counter productive, ok, so there is brought about missing. I would have done so, every and racial reparations, except for those evil ways, emphasis or on the other side of the Isle, where did you learn lessons about white resistance, is about? Many Americans are unhappy with the idea that you are going
be giving benefit solely on the basis of race, because that's violated of not only beforehand amendments to the constitution, but in fact the civil Rights ACT. Nineteen sixty four legally speaking, are you are not allowed to get benefits on the basis of race that is banned by federal law? That is discrimination, Kate, but that's not a problem for Europe. But the problem is all of his enemies were people who actually we're just secretly a little white supremacist right. It was white resistance was about white resistance which is why you see an apple Democrat. What is their second priority? Fighting white nationalism again they don't know that white nationalism, as a very specific when they hear white nationalism. They just think white resistance in the way the brok of homage suggested, and that means Donald Trump Support, all of which led to this sort of reactionary polarization using on the right side of the ILO, because Donald Trump came along and he said, I'm not gonna listen to any of these narratives. Believe any of these narrative that yours they your saying and what, if Neatly: label him away nationalist after spending decades, pumping him up as major figure american light? Suddenly he became a vicious racist.
They put him on NBC, here's the apprentice guy. He was appearing at the Emmy awards, only use a vicious raises. The moment came down the elevator. And everybody associated with him, was a vicious racist and therefore an and therefore what that drove. The right too. Was ok, the reason the hate him is because you hate us which has come true. I notice Democrats are not worried about Donald Trump, their word about Donald Trump supporters. You write, or even if you can vote for Donald from people who oppose them more broadly speaking, we may get to that in just one second, because that leads to an interesting political analysis from cook political about the future of the Republican Party and what can from support represents- and I think this is a correct analysis we'll get to that in just one second. First, let us talk about getting healthy, a lot of contradictory information at their about how you get healthy? Well, here's the thing! If you wanted healthy and stay healthy. You need to know about how you make decisions, because people are gonna short term diet and in their eyes, fall apart. There
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is the figure had the you have chosen as the fond of all evil right as the as the figurehead of all evil and that's. What could pull The reports as today any Walter has good piece about this. She says the degree to which folks continue to view american politics through the Trump Prism is both understandable and frustrating and the one despite losing the election, the farm present, has remained in omnipresent figure in our daily lives he spent almost every day, from November third until January, twentieth, attacking the integrity of the election, etc, etc, etc. Trumbull take this John Sunday in Orlando, at the annual see Pat conference once again, the polluter who conversation will revolve around GNP in fighting and the challenge for a publican leaders like much Mcconnell to put Trump in the rear view, mirror in an attempt to prevent that narrative, dynamic, Republican Senatorial Committee, Chairman Rex, God sends out a memo on Tuesday declaring that, while port a parade, abundance and even lookin voices suggests we should have a GEO peaceable war. This does not need to be true, should not be drew and will not be true, but says. Amy author of political report, again, not republican, its import remember. We are only one month into Biden, first term, where more than twenty one
way from the mid term elections from Roland twenty twenty. You could be a definitive, actual, definitive issue in the next election or may not be. We need some perspective. History tells Us Democrats, while a tough time holding onto their already narrow majority next year, only once more than eighty years has the party and white has not one seat in a first term, mid term election, A mid term election is not a contest contest between two different visions for America. It is a referendum on the sitting, president and his party, the party out of power, is not unified by in what they are for, but what they are against, namely the other side's policies and here's the thing the Democratic Party is performing like an opposition party right now there in power, but the proverbial economic engine power. They're not unified by actual ideology, as you can see by other attacking Dro mansion, a moderate on the Democrats I'd there, you know they are unified as though Donald Trump we're still in power and Republicans right now, in large scale are being unified is also, though from was still in power, but that's not the reality. The reality is the trumpets not in power and what is going to unify, capable
and is going to be eventually the recognition that the Democratic Party has decided to other republican party. The Democratic Party has decided, see them as the enemy worthy of cancellation and worthy of destruction. That is what the unify. The republican party tromp was a figurehead for that, because he was the person most targeted by that sort of material, but as time goes on- and he no longer is that is that can be bought from all right now. It is about Europe and that's why to such a mistake, when you hear people like leaves Cheney say you know, trumps should be the head of the party. It's all about. Here's think Trump was really never about trust. Ok, like I understand why people loved him. I understand why people didn't like him. I have many ambivalent feelings about president from a human have not been unclear about this said over and over again, and I think man has significant character of laws. I criticise what I thought that he deserved that I liked a lot of his policies. It didn't mean that his character didn't exist, but the reality is that the high levels of support for Trump,
really about republican solidarity in the face of a movement that seeks their utter and complete destruction and wiping away in american life. It would not, by the way and that democratical, if its had Donald Trump supporters or if it said, Louise Cheney supporters for the Democratic Party. If you oppose their agenda you Who are the opponent? You are the enemy. This is why these Cheney, falling directly into this particular trap talking about Trump, as though Trump is still somehow the a deeply important figure, as opposed to just the name, the guy who is the most recent president of the United States and who had most republican support you're missing the point? It is not about Trump Rwanda Republicans, it was never about trumpet, was about them. That's why it from here. Such high levels of support in their inside working party in the first place is because again the attacks on trumpet perceived by republicans in large measure and in many cases truthfully as an attack- then from was just the guy who is standing in the line of fire so much He does this trampling people for being Angry ATLAS training when she says
You know what from shouldn't be the head of the but you're just falling for the democratic narrowed it that's all you're doing you're calling for the democratic narrative. That Trump is the seminal figure. Public and party, and everything is about from personally the universe never revolved around from. I understand the media wanted to make everything in the world about from it. Wasn't all american six did not begin and end with Donald Trump. It still doesn't right now, the fight of our time in terms working parties is. Will you lose your job not for quota hold supporting trump, but for anything that crosses the left, is in ever shifting standard of moral vacuity? Will you cross them accidentally and then let you them where they hate trump. So here is this clip. Yesterday, of course one of the media love the most. This is the conflict inside Publican party lists Cheney, saying that from shouldn't be the head of the party having Mccarthy sort of suggesting that Trump is still a powerful figure inside,
public and party, like an of loose Cheney. Here, is going to the strange in respect of what exactly is the pointer, but here's the glad to have this decision to see back there. My views about the extent to which he said. We don't know that. I know him mccartin sewing accomplishes the death like wait persons. Could it just stop right after that? It's up to see that provided the basic idea from was changed them the buying into the narrative that everything is about. Europe is what it's the narrative, the media want, that's what the media want. They want
and all about from because they see and from a great orange villain, because from also has a habit of stepping on rakes. But let's be real about this again, it is not about from it is about you, ok, it is about who you work, for it is that your corporation, coming after you It is about whether they had good book down on Amazon is about whether your janitor and ecology. Do your job and the house decides to fire you anyway, it's about what neighbor thinks that you're evil and a white National was because you voted for the guy, who isn't Joe Biden. That's the conflict in american life. It was never about from ends not about from right now. Ok, meanwhile, Andrew Quabos career finally seems to be falling. Apart is amiss in that all it took, was Donald from losing an election for people to recognise the Andrew comments about the garbage Some have been saying. Is a bag garbage four year longer that actually but Linsey Boiling, whose a former progressive sort of icon in New York She has a long piece out over a medium dot com. Talking about how Andrew Conall apparently only sexually harassed her you know
I'm glad you came out with this now. It would be much more useful had apparently been happening for years, but much more useful. She had come out about this earlier and when I say useful, I mean, if you want to stop people who engage in alleged sexual predation. It would be great if you would come out when they enforcing age that again, I'm glad he's doing it now. But if you want to stop people from doing bad things, you should probably say so when they do about things in any case, Linsey Boiling says characters what you write my story of working with Governor Let's play strip poker. I should have been shocked by the governors could comment, but I wasn't we're flying home from October. Twin seventeen event in Western Europe on his taxpayer funded. Yet he was seated facing me sore quote so close her knees almost touched his press. It was to my right and a state trooper behind us. That's exactly what I was thinking. I responded sarcastically an awkward. We tried to play a cool, but in a moment I realise just how acquiesce and I had become, Governor AGRICOLA, had created a culture within his administration or sexual harassment, and bullying is so pervasive that it is not We condone but expected, is inappropriate. Behaviour towards women was information that he liked you that you must be doing something right used. Intimate
Kinda silences critics and she dared speak up. You would face consequences. Two. I panicked on the morning of December thirteenth well, enjoying again with my husband in six year old daughter, I spontaneously decided to share a small part of the truth, had hidden for so long in shame and never plan to disclose the night before a former Cuomo staff. Invited to me that she too had been the subject of the gunners workplace. Harassment Her story nearer my own, seeing his name floated as a potential candidate for use it. In general. Set me off in the next few tweet I told the world what a few close friends family members, my therapist had known for year, Andrew Conall abuses, powers governor to sexual harassment, just ass. He had done with so many other women. So what exactly did he do? Well, apparently, she, say: government in twenty fifteen as VP at empire, say development she's quickly promoted to chief of staff. The news of her appointment, on Sunday morning from a friend be careful around the governor she's. My first encounter with a gun came in January. Sixty two thousand sixteen events and Madison Square Garden to promote
Pennsylvania station fairly complex project. After his speech you start to talk to me. I was new on the job surprised by how much attention paid My boss, in informing the governor, had a crush on me, there's an uncomfortable, but all too familiar feeling the struggle. We taken seriously by a powerful man who time my words to my body in my appearance. Seventy Benton director of the governors told me in an email on December fourteen twenty. Sixteen, the governor, suggested. I woke up images of LISA Shields his room and form a girlfriend, because what we could be sisters, and I was the better looking sister. The government I'm calling me LISA in front of colleagues. It was degrading I complained of, the governor would go out of his way to touch me and my blower back arms and legs. His senior staff began, tabs on my whereabouts, he's a sexist pigs. Avoid being alone with my mother, texted me, the governor have you made me nervous. I didn't him until December. Twenty sixteen
you're, saying employees gather at the Empire State Plaza Convention Centre in Albany to celebrate the holidays in a year's work. After his remarks, the dumb responded me in a room filled with hundreds of people waiting to shake my hand as began to approach me, excuse myself from coworkers and moved up stairs so more distant area of the party minutes. Later I received a call from listed number. It was the governors body person he. What he told me to come to this but because the governor wanted to see me, I made my way through the underground connection that link the plaza to the capital, as the black wrought iron elevator took me to the second floor. I called my husband. I told him I was afraid of what might happen I accepted the elevator form a walking down. The hall governors either cameras your I asked him. I remembered my muff mothers text warning the month before I work out be left alone with a gun right in no way I was there or how out Howard and he brought into the governors office apparently closed the door. He paused at one point smoked, shut off his cigar box. He told me President Clinton and giving it to him.
We must have since my fear, because he, finally, let me out of the office Ellie Seed and try to touch her, but in twenty attain she's promoted to deputy secretary for economic Development and special adviser to the governor and apparently the point here, he was there in his nerve city office and as she got up to leave and walked for no boundaries. Follow me and kissed me on what I was in shock, but I kept walking. She started to get nauseous at work every two okay, so here's my mind this, the kind of account that would finish republican politician right well, Cuomo has denied it and I hope it. Andrew Cuomo receives all of the due process. Of law when these sorts of allegations come up, as he has been so richly in favour of giving Republicans. Like my cabinet. Oh, yes, he's all due process of law. Here we deserve to your Andrew Como side of the story, because facts do matter: note that a believer woman would suggest that, at this point, Andrew Cuomo should be out of job and
More more, it seems like. I may actually happened, because he has outlined his usefulness to the Democratic Party, all right. Well, we will be here. Later today, with an additional hour of the Ben Shapiro, show be sure to check out the Matt Walsh show it is today at one hundred and thirty p dot m eastern over They weren't com. I mention here. This is the venture Barroso. If you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe and if you want to help spread. The word please give us five star Review and tell your friends to subscribe to were available on apple podcast spot and wherever you listened upon. Gases also be sure to check out the other daily wire podcast, including the Andrew Craven, show that Michael all show and the mat walls thanks for listening, Dementia Piero Show is produced by Coltan Hoss executive power. Jeremy boring our supervising pay users are math, is Glover and Robert Sterling production men her Papa white asking our associate producer
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