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Ep. 1206 - Why They're Cancelling Dr. Seuss


Chris Cuomo finally realizes covering his brother for CNN is a bad idea; Dr. Seuss is cancelled in Virginia; and Joe Biden pursues reparations.

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Chris Cuomo finally realises that covering his brother. Andrew for CNN is a bad idea. Doktor Zeus is cancelled in Virginia and Joe Biden pursues reparations and veterinary services. The Ben Shapiro Show today show is sponsored by Express VP and don't let big tech track. What you do in autumn? Is your web browsing Express, Vps, dotcom, Slash then, as I am speaking about the fact, as you can't trust the big tech browser with your information, they don't like you very much. In fact, there is a way a variety of institutions. All seeking your data then want to use that data monetize and simultaneously use the data against you instead, weren't just hide your daddy. Is your data as private entities, tech companies can operate pretty much as they choose, protect your personal data from big tech with the Vps. I trust for my online protection Express Vps when I express VP, my connection gets really. did through their secure encrypted servers. So these companies can see my ip address at all. My internet activity becomes anonymize by network data is encrypted. I recommend,
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the least disturbing the story, so we had a couple of stories or any one was from imprisoning Lindsey boiling who worked with coma. She suggests the basically, he called her up to his office for the express purpose of trying to kiss her, and then he gave her an unwanted kiss. We had people suggested is harass them in the past, make mood com to them? At twenty five year old woman came forward and said the while she was working for him. He asked questions about whether she had sex with older man and whether she had a tram stamp in this kind of stuff. Ok, while this particular story is the third in a line, this is from the New York Times and a route. I never met Governor Andrew Cuomo before encountering him at a crowded New York City wedding reception in September. Twenty nineteen, her first impression was positive enough. The governor was we're in the room effort hosting the newlyweds and when he came upon it miss roots. Now, thirty three. She thanked him for his kind words about her friends. What happened next instantly unsettled, or MR corn put his hand on his riches, bear lower back. She said in an you on Monday, when she removed his hand with her own research, recalled the governor remarked that she seemed aggressive and please his hand. Her cheeks! Yes, if you can kiss her well enough, standing, thereby to hear the searchers bewildered by the entreaty.
He said and pulled away as the governor drew closer. She said how so views and shocked and embarrassed. I turn my head away and I didn't have words in the moment. This account comes after two former AIDS accuse. Of sexual harassment in the workplace. Plunging is third term into turmoil. Has the governors defenders informal himself strain to explain his behavior? You put out a statement suggesting that this was in misinterpreted as an unwanted flirtation since being sent anyone felt that way. I am truly sorry about that. Now: here's the weird thing all of this is is caught on picture and them first of all, friend requirement now great picture so being lit liked. Directly like Satan, is a little bit on the nose I feel like you're. He looks like he's completely wrong but whatever the lighting here is, it's a problem for him and this woman has her face the same exact expression as Palatine waiting raided the looks as though Andrew Como is about to perform the scene from the dark night in which the Joker asks. Abby Gallagher
If you want to know how he got that smile, it's very weird like very very we are now there are gradations of behaviour that are in the end career. The gradations of the behavior range from Harvey Wine seem, like actually rate people to an unwanted kiss. He asked her and she said no, and then you let go of her head, not in number one as the practicing orthodox you and your life. Let me tell you, you shouldn't be touching people about their permission like ever. Ok, that is also the moral thing to do. I am not somebody who does in fact, I've been marked in the past for doing the key honour reads: hand in pictures right. I don't want to talk to people that their permission and so in long rope lines of people were I'm taking pictures of people. Your very often see my hand kind of above their short term, because I really want to such people present not really a thing, and I think, frankly, that politicians in
The figure should engage in the galleries, upperhand sort of famous for this inequality is, it is not just a hunger is a kiss her apparently or an he any goes directly in four grabbing. This lady by the head, which is a very aggressive and weird move now, is not the case. Thing that a governor should lose his gubernatorial see over should be impeached over that. Typically speaking, I would say no answer to this. Is bad behavior tat behavior their gradations of bad behaviour, and him, making weird comments to women about either The whole sausage making like losing questions or we're jokes. I bet that that does not seem to me. This kind of behaviour Did you lose your gubernatorial seed over? However, however, Andrew Cuomo setting Standards and Andrew Cuomo Standard is that there is no due process and uncle standard is the need to believe all women standard and if you set yourself up as a backup that standard Everything you get an emerald incomes for you is the revolutionaries, have no friends, they have only obstacles and when Andrew Quantum became an obstacle. Andrew Como is in serious trouble right now, because there
every major politician in New York. All of them have their long. That's out for this guy. They hate him. Here's the reality. They hate Andrew Conall, he's a jack ass. Everybody in New York knows that, if you're in York Democrat, you know that Andrew Cuomo is Jack S and any opportunity to get rid of him. Is the opportunity to get rid of him right now a year ago also to come out, everybody would have ignored it a year, though he was very for as a tool against Donald Trump Banana down from is no longer present, and that means that Andrew Cuomo, you gotta go right. It is perfectly clear, and to get rid of Andrew Cuomo because at the same time we're getting rid of a guy that nobody really likes very much zeal, very aggressive and very nasty unease, jerked everybody and also your clearing. The way for what? If you James is of the world in the policies of the world that something that the Democratic Party would like to do, frankly, not only that you also get to clinical reestablished dinner. They care about me do because one of the things you may have noticed about me to moment is that has wavered in its strength and consistency at the very beginning, was like. Well, you know, Harvey one scene is real bad. If he's a Democrat, so beauty still gotta go and then started.
wave or just a little bit ratios terror, red, accusing Joe Biden of something. Well, then, would you sort of black out those accusations that matter very much? In other words, me too a standard that is subjected to the importance of politics and noticed, for example, that the Democratic Party, tossed l, Frank and off the back of the bus and then back to us up over him. Why did you that they did that because they are in the middle of a race in Alabama, in which Roy more was running right. More was the Senate candidate in Alabama, who had been accused of trolling food court for four, in your old girls like thirty years ago, and so the Democratic Party won said he standard and the standards. Credit party wanted set was at least we're, not those guys, and that was when all of the franc and stuff came out, pictures of him hovering over the the survey, sleeping woman and making some subtle, weird funny pose over it and so forth lost his job and send over that and five minutes later there like, that was a mistake they thought Roy more was gonna win in Alabama, and then they would be able to hang that round. The neck of the debt of the Republicans like an albatross for the rest of John it turns out
more Lawson and like all, we should not run out frank, and so here s the thing politics is always the name of the game here. Andrew Como is going down right now, not because of any of this he's going down the nursing homes scandal, but they can't say it's because of the nursing homes scandal, because then, then that would be to admit that they should have known all alone would be to admit that they blew story from the very beginning. It would have to admit that their approach to covet has been dead wrong. The entire time because returns Andrew, close real senior is not his behaviour with one. Yes, that sinful and yes, it's grows and yucky, but that in and of itself would not get him cancelled right. The only thing that would really truly justifiably get Andrew Como kicked out of office would be him covering up the fact that his policies led directly to the deaths of elderly people in nursing homes, They can't, but they can admit that, because the now would be to admit that, because we all knew that here's the thing we all knew middle of last year that Andrew Cuomo had had been participating in cover ups in New York. We knew it is nursing home policy was garbage and we knew more than anything else that has nursing home policy stood in direct contrast to the nursing home
policy of the person at the left hated most in terms of governors round his answers in Florida, regicides had protected them arms and then told everybody else. You know what you gotta live like free Americans, make your own decisions and guess what right now, spring number two in deaths, per million, analysing up taking cases by the way and flora we're doing just fine israeli number, twenty seven with the second population in America, after main, which really means the oldest population in America, Spain has seven people at a moose. Right. So this is the reality. Here is that the media have decided to cover the Andrew Como sexy stuff because they don't want. You cover the Andrew Cuomo, nursing homes, stuff, the actual scandal, so instead they will make it up but look at looking to honest. We are right, we're so honest and now we're covering Mister Redmain we couldn't covered at last year is what crystallize on CNN said we're going to cover this last year. We know about this stuff last year, how would we have known that he was sexually asking the help by the weather a bunch of great tweets over the course of the last couple of years about the love of their coming back to haunt people. Now remember that for the last year, or so
The establishment media decided that Andrew Como was assemble He was the one that all the Ladys wanted to be with you. I mean I met my personal favorite tweet in all. This was Katy Hill, be disgraced. California, Conrad Calphurnia Congresswoman, who stood have a staff. She had the whole thing about how she was attracted Andrew Qualmless it while you can t, don't come in Kenya, but again there is a reason. The media have decided to cover this right now and what you're seeing is that one can servers complain about media coverage of Palmer. The media will say two things one we didn't. Nobody is itself a year ago, and now we do know about it. So we're honest guys, we're objective. Don't you see words? the journalists being that Cuba should choose we'll. How could you besides our journalism in one word ones covering start, because this story is not actually the super important story. The sex stuff. Ok, like it's important and they should be investigation and it's bad that the behaviour of the inner Cuomo in me again their gradations to each of these incidents like calling a woman up to your office works for you, so you can kiss
is bad behaviour and may be viable behaviour going up to a woman in a wedding and asking feeling has or has not actually fireball behaviour grabbing. Her head is a different sort. Read there nations to all this. But there is one thing that not only should Andrew Como have been tossed out. Office where he had been tossed out of office last year, for it could we I know about it back in may- that he was lying about nursing homes, debt and that is he's a nursing homes, I've done a lot of people killed and by the way it is amazing that the media ever children, Andrew Cuomo as their guy. Why very early on the pandemic. You'll remember Andrew Como shut down state very late, very late. If you go back to his comments in early March, This is exactly the drums comments in early March, there's only later in March. Did Andrew Como started to be like what did the lockdown dove so again everything being about politics is nothing new about. Truth is a very simple rules to watch inaction, and you can see it most of all when it comes to the media coverage from his brow
from. I will never say he's afraid, because I've heard from Chris Cuomo that it is somehow races to call him Fredo like the dumber brother from the godfather. I don't know how he said it was like using the word, which is aware tat about banana case not frayed over here, Chris Cuomo. He was doing for a year for a long year. A comedy smothers brothers, routine with RO I using as regenerate bring em on and have a giant Q Tipp, my brother is that rate as Governor Americans. So proud of me, just amazing crisp almost doing this, for you and she and I now only what them cover it. This way they promoted. It does look at Chris Bottle interviews on brother. Now there are those of us who said: isn't it a conflict of interests that are coming your brother? a little bit of a conflict. I mean this time a new kind of important and wonder what the best policies are. I mean that we want to know about actual performance, discover instead we're getting Mama liked you best routines from Chris
drew it will now now is Chris Cuomo going to cover the fact that his brother is enmeshed. In the sexual harassment scandal no don't be silly they'll be a conflict of first. You see see here's the thing is not a conflict of interest when you're praising your brother, its conflict of interest, when you would have to criticise your brother, so here is Chris. say I can cover any. This is a conflict of interest. Journalism comes out again. Obviously I'm aware of. What's going on with my brother, and obviously I cannot cover it, because he is my brother. Now, of course, CNN has to cover it. they have covered it extensively and they will continue to do so. I have always cared very deeply about these issues and profoundly so.
I just want to tell you that there is a lot of news going on that matters also. So, let's get after that- oh my god, like the vector CNN things can get away with this me, you were going to repeat the words very slowly, for those of you who continue to think entered. Cuomo is good, governor and vote for Democrats. Thinking that they actually care about. You, I would repeat, is very slippery. Ass quote. Obviously I cannot cover it because he is my brother direct quote from Chris Squabble about his brother, Andrew Immenseness scandal. Obviously I cannot cover it because he's my brother so question where they brothers Last year I seem to remember them being brothers last year. In fact, I believe that their brothers, since their youth, I don't think they recently became brothers like in the last couple weeks or so and was then call a kind of relevance to the political conversation. At any point here, I feel proud
where he was was he not. I mean there are literally talking that replacing Joe Biden undertaken within requirement if I should volta so I feel like I was kind of relevant, but here's the thing about our media. They don't give to dams about the truth. They don't care, they don't all. Is about, for them is the narrative the narrative last year is, the newcomer was good and Donald Trump was bad, and now the narrative is that Andrew Cuomo is bad and therefore we have to act as a matter of journalistic objectivity, not allow Christy, where his brother, amazing, amazing stuff- and let me just say this when it comes to the rest of Moreover, there they are all Chris Cornel when it comes to the Democratic Party Chris global history. Andrew Cuomo Association is to the Democratic Party, their brothers in arms. They agree with the agenda there, sycophants and their covering the people but they love. That is the reality of the situation, which is why
didn't trust their takes on a lot of these particular issues. Ok, injustice second burning gets the continuation of the fragmentation of our culture and, owing to talk a little bit about. What's gonna go down over the next week or so because next week, betrayal of Derek Shovin. in the alleged murderer of George Floyd is going to begin so we'll get you what is going on in Minnesota, getting spicy over their first spring springing. Hence the perfect reminder to tidy up and get your life, nor. Why not start by protecting your family with life insurance policy genius can help you compare top insurers in one place and see fifty percent or more in the process. Once you find your best option, the policy team will set up a new policy for you, an answer, any questions you have along the way here, so you can get started first heard over the policy genius, dot, com and minutes. You can look at how much coverage need and compare quotes defined about price policy. Genius makes it easier to compare policies from his those fifteen bucks a month. It may even be eligible to get that in person medical, it's him since there are licensed agents work for you, not insurance companies. There is euro hassle if he had any speed, answering the application process policy genius will too care of everything they kind of?
This has an policy genius, a five star rating across thousands of reviews on trust, pilot and Google. The best part all the benefits of policy genius, the comparison tool, the handling of paperwork, the unbiased device totally free to you, sell your tidying up around the house. The spring. Why not get your life insurance organised as well, it could see fifty percent or more by comparing quotes feel good. Knowing that, if something happens, your loved ones, taking care of gonna policy genius, dot com to get started policy genius when it comes to insurance, it's nice and quite important to get it right. Ok, so over in Minneapolis, all hell is about to break loose over the next couple of weeks According to the daily wire Ashdown reporting, the many apples courthouse that will feature the trial connected, George Floyd died well in police custody. On May twenty fifth, twenty twenty has been quote, turned into a veritable forefront according to than your opposed jurists election. March, eight for the trial and we're direction is charged with murdering Floyd. The post reports that had been county district court has quote been rings with We barriers security, fencing barbed wire. This is, in addition to increase
Security in the area, including Minneapolis police, have encountered sheriff deputies, many Minneapolis State, troopers, Minnesota State Troopers and the National Guard menace public safety. Commissioner John Harringtons had we're not gonna, be caught flat, footed apparently the postscript, The Minneapolis authorities have been hatching security plans for the trial since July. When outrage overflights, death on May twenty fifth well in police custody spark massive protests. World I'd Minnesota government and walls, a Democrat sought to assure resident sank what there's going very high motion on all sides of this, and we will be prepared, apparently occur to the mayor of Minneapolis, as many as three thousand law enforcement personnel could be deployed before the case goes to a jury is not just the courthouse prepared for unrest. The city jail city Hall also being reinforces fencing barbed wire and barriers also visited Minneapolis. They just backed off of when they had been actual plan to higher social media influencers to combat misinformation during the direction trap. The reason for this, of course, is because we have seen many instances over the past year in which
be rumours that go around about a particular incident involving police that are just not true and people than right based on those rumours. So we have seen that many times over the course of last year, where there will be a text that goes out some, who shot unarmed and it turns out. Not only were they not an army, there are threatening the place, but a riot starts anyway, because the facts do not matter in these particular This is the reason I bring this up is because it is a very bad situation. We are in a very bad situation or country when only a verdict that a particular side of the political out likes results in peace right, in other words, if Derek Shelving gets convicted of second grimmer, which I think is an overcharged. Legally speaking, this looks more like thirty remembered me, if that at all right leg, it there's a better case excessive force than either of those. Frankly, I think that Sharon has a fairly strong defence. Here I mean just on a legal level. Put aside the morality of what Derek Shovin did shovel Legal level is gonna, have a fairly strong to venture, and I'm warning people about this right now, because the way the media are gonna protrude, this is of Derek Shovin gets off and it's going to be because the that system failed.
Your eyes are yet you can trust her eyes when you watch that tape, you can't trust the system directions. Defence is pretty straightforward here. His offense gonna be the George. What had enough at no one or two colors and that it can be his his claim and there's been we fairly good evidence for that there is a medical autopsy done after George Floyd died medical examiner, it set explicitly and George Vitamin found dead in his house without level a footnote in his blood. Then he would immediately declared into drug overdose. The medical examiner in in that particular case struggled to find evidence that the that the knee on the neck of George Floyd is what actually caused his death. There is good video evidence from before the We even include that everybody has seen the George what was acting in extraordinarily erratic ways that he was resisting arrest, that he appeared to be suffer from a condition? That is no The police community is excited delirium, where people are high on drugs and then their heart rate starts to rise Ex extremely fast. They protect very, very erratic
and then, if they have underlying health conditions in anyway, then very in certain instances they die of that underlying health condition. The Minneapolis statutes with regard to police use of force do allow the kind of hold that shovin was using on George Void, George, what explicitly asked not to be put in a car? They tried to push George Void in the car. He's anyone the windows open. They open the windows for him. He then pushed his way out of the car, and then he said he warns be outside the car, at which point they held them down and again, just medically speaking. If somebody says that they cannot breathe if they, if you can say that you can't breathe, that typically means that you can actually breathe Arlette. What that means, medically speaking, is that you're having a heart condition. I very often someone says they can't breathe. That is not because you are having a strong closure of the trachea right is not assign about your your neck
being in some way pressure red, there's, no damage those actually done to George Lloyd's neck in the autopsy. So again, all this is going to it that offences for Derek shaven and better proof some level of intense by sharp and which can be super difficult idea that the notion that you can do you can say that this police officer came to kill that day, which is kind of what you have to say in a second degree murderer. First of all, like you fully intended to kill him, he wanted to do it second degree is reckless disregard that he did it. Knowing the George Floyd might I that's gonna be hard approve again. If they really want to get shouted the best they could hear her, I think, is probably an excessive force charge now, maybe because of all the hubs, ending the trial, the jury sized convict anyway, because in a way we, the people who are known, is letting Derek Shovin off the hook, for what is the most celebrated case Police brutality in our lifetime, Alison's Rodney, king, but the but still the defence, yours any pretty strong I'm giving that warning right now, because we're going to sing for the next several weeks is that there was a justification for rise put forth on all sides. That is if,
In conclusion, there are children should be conducted at secondary murder, no matter the evidence. The jury will be. If the jury does not vote convex Shovin, then the the call will go forth at the american justice system is incredibly unjust and George Floyd did not receive the due process of the law in terms of his victimization and in terms of the treatment of the supposed perpetrator and then there riots, and that is why there are putting up the fencing right now rebel where it was. It was used as an indicator of the ill will. Of many on the right when we had a fence off the capital building in the aftermath of January. Sex It should be used as an indicator that people are not care about. The fact they're not gonna come out the process here if you are putting up offences preliminarily in a trial, but that is not a good sign for the country, but that is the country that we now resided, and this is sort of the point we now live in a fragmented reality in which the no matter. I am perfectly willing to evaluate the facts on their children as they come out in the direction of entry.
I would like to know more about that. In the same way, I am perfectly willing to look at the facts of each individual case, because I think that the fact matter and when its awkward, our very else, a lot like racist killing, When it comes to George, why that was a lot less like a racist going to me just on the backs of matter when it can be Jacob like that, didn't look like an active police brutality at all, then what Jacob like resisting arrest with a knife in his hand, every situation is different because the facts matter in every situation, if you're talking, an awful lot of steel, which is an unjustified police going as a very, very different story. Then the story of error honor or even the story of of Craven Martin. It all. These sorts of different fact entered their differential level levels guilt and we, as human beings, are called upon to evaluate the fact patterns in each of these circumstances. But I fear that as a culture we move beyond fact. I fear that as a culture, we have decided that fact no longer matter all that matters is people's self definition and their personal feelings
there is a sentence from a story in the New York Times. When I talk about at length last week that I think really sums up what we are as a country where the sentence was in the story about Psmith College, where it turns out that there is a black woman who alleged that a janitor and and in a college administrator in the cafeteria worker was utterly and involve had combined in order to perpetrate racist act against her shoes, union dormitory and they came, and they told him leave, and she said that this is racism, there's a full investigation. None of that was true, and the New York Times had this unbelievable statement. Read the New York Times
is incredible said sentence and I think it sums up pretty much everything you need to know about the country right now quote: the story highlights the tensions between students, deeply felt sense of personal truth and the fact that are at odds with it. Now normally in real life, we would say that there are facts and then there's opinion Arafat and then their allies Fairfax, and then there is the spent. But in the world that we now inhabit, there are two competing versions of reality. There is the reality that is your deeply felt sense of personal for your identification of the truth, as it appears to you and then there are the objective facts and it is not. That fact should away your deeply felt tons of personal truth. It that's the two are in conflict and we ought to give both sides. Look here's the thing once you even do that aside, I want you decide that the facts are at the very best, only on par with a deeply felt sense of personal freedom.
Let your opinion or your feelings, or what wise you tell yourself. You can sleep at night once you do that you cannot have a republic. A republic literally, is rooted in the idea that you and I can have a conversation about a common set of facts, right, facts that exist outside of us and that we have the capacity to him. In being so, The vice of one another and even understand each other's emotional states are on a basic level, are not fully cause. You can never fully understand somebody else's emotional state because you're, not then, but what you can do is at least understand where they are coming from all of discussion of conversation. Oliver Republic, Olive Republic is based on these basic notions. We have now cut against all those basic notions because, if I apply to, if I appeal to facts in a given situation, that in and of itself is considered discriminatory. It is considered as though I am doing something bad to you and she was most clearly in the realm of the transgender ISM debate, in which somebody is there a member of the opposite sex as it will. The facts are against that because you are not in fact a number of the opposite sex
you say you are infringing on my liberty. I citing fact stop your citation of that you're not allowed to site that, in fact, you should be banned for citing those that that is a perfect example of a society, your identification. Your your net, your notion of self, is deeply tied into rejecting facts that are objectively verifiable about the world and, what's that happens, you can't have a conversation because we have now become the tower of Babel raided the tower of Babel. That story we're God basically says to the people who are building a towel. Together he says. Ok. Now you sneak a variety of different languages. What does it mean to speak? A variety of different languages means we can't understand one another. There's an active women, in this country to make it so we can understand one another and that any appeal to a common language, a common basis in fact, or stats or data, but that is bad and wrong and infringing on my liberty of self identification is. It is the sort of deconstruction of movement,
at its root, deconstruction movement of Jacked, Erika and Michel Foucault that that he can structures. Moment basically said that there are. These things come facts, but the priority that your society places on facts is different where their different societies and they treat facts in different ways and there's nothing inherently better about the way that your society treats fat. Britain, Enlightenment society to treat fact is paramount. There's nothing better about that, and not enlightenment society that doesn't free treat, fax, is paramount trades. Instead, myths as paramount- I perhaps that's better it once you get to the point where we can no longer assume that we as people care about facts then we care about opinion, then you, you literally, cannot have aside anymore and outsourcing right now by every trial turn into a battle of narrative, not a battle over the facts on the ground, is what happened in, for example, Ferguson Missouri, where the fact of that situation with Michael Brown became completely irrelevant, it did not matter the hands up. Don't you never And millions of people around the country marched holding up there
and the same hands up, don't shoot because it was symbolically true, even if it was factually fall, there's something else. He said. What does it even matter? If, if my factor so long, as my morality is right and the answers. Nice guy matters novel why it matters an awful off. Why? Because we can't have a conversation, otherwise effect or merely but you know how you're societies truth, then facts Billy have no claim. Superior to any other claim right? This is why the left, instead of appealing to that very often appeals history, There's a power. I too have you determine who wins and a conversation. If we can build a fact and decide who is bringing facts to support their case and then decide the argument on that basis, then how do you determine who ought to women who are to lose according to left? The answer is the person who ought to win is the person who has been victimized systematically. The person who is the victim of hierarchies of power is the
who ought to have no credibility, is why, for example, in that Psmith College case, he's, gonna call headed Jones. Ask what is the social class of the black student typee centres on what is the actual power dynamic at play here as well her lying about a janitor, somehow justified if she was poorer than the gender or shouted from skin color and the janitor, because then her deeply felt sense of personal truth would be rooted in class or rate higher. And that means that should be given additional credibility, even when the facts can directly against her the region, talking about all of this is because, I believe, but the sense of fats not matter in the sense that we ought to instead, looking our own hearts and anyway also start because he can't right look into your own heart for definition of the world and then everybody else is just supposed to go around ignored in your definition of the world. This ends republics, and it is. It lies at the centre of everything that is happening in our culture right now, every single thing, from math to literature, from journalism to criminal law, its underlying a sense of everything, fats are no
longer of import. A long had this tagline facts on care about your feelings. The reality is that at this point we are now in a completely new situation: the United States, where feelings, don't care about facts. Facts are irrelevant factor of secondary concern and, in fact of your facts, conflicts with feelings. Then you're facts ought to be thrown out I'll. Give you some examples of this in just one moment. First, let's talk about something awkward already erect out this function. Yet I was awkward. Wasn't it well? Here's the thing you want to talk about it. Well, you still have to go. Get the medication need for an emergency medical problem, not just gonna, go away
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are you treatment, I'd get roman Dotcom, Slash Ben already, unjust, a second we'll get to some examples of how the fact it no longer matter how a basis in logic Unreason a longer matters. Here's the thing! This ties in broader thing that we're doing here daily wire, their lot narratives run hot topic. Issues to keep track of all the newest bs narratives left is pushing any given day right now, obviously, is pushing at you, the men or women in women or men, for example. It is difficult to respond to these arguments because the standards are constantly shifting trying to argue with people. We very often feels like triennial jello to the wall and honest only thing you can do is create a solid argument of your own. That is based in fact, and based in research and based in the data that can be pretty time consuming what we're doing it for you. This is why I have launched and show it is called Dubai.
It's unusual hosting every Friday. The point of this area is to provide you with a breakdown of popular fallacies pushed by the political left. Then the research, I know the data on the work for you. I walk it through in fifteen minutes or less on a different topic. Every single week last Friday's episode covered minimum wage. I'm sure you keep hearing this argument that a minimum wage will give you a living wage to women The liberal atavism politicians want acknowledge: is it the minimum wage actual results in more unemployment, so the actual minimum wage is zero dollars? We talk about all the staff in this week's episode of debunked debate his veiled exclusively and only to daily, where members had an average aylward outcome. Slash subscribe, use could debunked to get twenty five percent off your new membership at his coat debunked. Go watch the minimum wage upside state to have a new debunked episode coming out this Friday the largest fastest growing concern to Pakistan radiation the nation alright
So let's talk about him. Examples where the factual matters up. The perfect example of an area where facts do matter and where there are correct answers is man remembers. easy one. We should all be able to agree literally. The duplicity calls for it should be so very, very easy or John MC horror, who is a black professor of linguistics? Very famous in this field. Has a peace over at sub stack titled? Is it racist to expect black as you mouth for real? since there is a document getting around called dismantling racism in mathematics, instruction, a guide put together by a group of educators and as a black boy on the cover, the idea is to show us how our racial reckoning of late ought to change. How we expose blackens do math. I suppose the council is also intended for kids of other types of melanin, but this is in essence, a document that could be called math for blockage The latest is that state level policy makers in Oregon are especially entreat by this document. there is also reason to suppose that its influence will spread more widely this- is to be resisted. As this lovely pamphlet is teaching us, then it is racist to expect blackened to master the precision of math, to wit its message pen.
people who consider themselves at someone Most Morley events, holes in the history of the human species is one strong thurman. What happily have taken us where the whisky too? Of course the authors haven't, they quote the framework for deconstructing System in mathematics offers essential characteristics of the anti racist, math, educators and critical approaches. Dismantling white supremacy in math classrooms by visualizing the toxic characteristics of white supremacy, culture, ok well there. That is a lot of jargon. Whenever the left talks about deconstruction ISM and my factual matter, the use of his jargon, by their talk about hierarchies of power and anti racism by anti racism. They mean disrupting those couldn't what hierarchies of power dismantling white supremacy is code for we don't like things and therefore just gonna say that their white supremacist translated since John Mcwhirter. This means the math as we have known it is racism. That's a rich claim. It is corrected of earth shattering urged
you, but as a correct ass, he heard holds up now. Part of antiracist, math teaching or John MC quarter is to teach rap lack mathematicians or to air facts that such as the need for additional Europa approach. Numbers use based twenty known. What objective these things, nor to the idea that what we teach them, of color about the career and financial opportunities enough in some fields, but ninety six percent of people reading this They will be thinking yeah, but what about the math and there's nothing? What you premises in their question? The substance of a serious proposal about eating math will be well teaching how to do math itself now its history and sociological, for example. What one idea in this fashion all is that the black students learn how math has hurt people, but it's no slam. Don't little kids need to be taught this when this effect a child's attitude toward mastering the scale.
More to. The point is that this entire document is focused on an idea that making blackens be precise is immoral. The document pays lip service, otherwise clemming at one point to see to teach rich, thoughtful, complex, mathematics and rather often the word practices used. But the thrust of the pamphlet is that one a focus on getting the right answer is perfectionism and Either or thinking to the idea that teachers, our teachers and students are loners, is wrong, free to think of it as a problem at the edge patients you haven't, students are not met. Is racist for to teach math any linear fashion with skills taught in sequence? Is racist, five devalue procedural fluids are you knowing how to do fractions and long vision over quota? What conceptual knowledge is racist? That is black. It's brilliant know what math is trying to do. You know what it's all about, rather than actually trying to do. The math Just as many of us read about what physics are asked for. Physics accomplishes that ever intending to master the math that led to the conclusions six require students to show their work is racist in seven requiring students to raise their hand before speaking, can quote
reinforced paternalism and power hoarding you may wonder, visited cartoons John Mc Corner, but no, this is real bizarre. Actually, what this document, again and again to distrust. This document is not against social justice, but against racism? Now the point that that mcwhirter is making is very real, and we have seen that this, this polarized animistic thinking, about ourselves, individuals that our self definition matters a lot more our feelings matter, a lot more than learning, objective skills or looking at the data are trying to figure out true answers that has deep ramifications for every area of our society and issues are glossed over because here's the thing most people don't look at the deep substratum of thought here. The deep substratum of thought when it comes to all the stuff that we are hearing about the vocabulary is, I call it the vote
Mueller is just a bunch of words who we are taught to mimic, so we can be part of the upper class right. I mean that's really what it is. That's what colleges all about these days! It's why you see people put their pronouns in their twitter profile, like I know, you're too young and put him. I know your check union put she her right if you're transgender, then maybe you haven't prefer programme, but the fact that you have a bunch of people who are system under putting pronouns in their profiles is just a way of quoting that you are a member of this new Uppercross elite who speak the Wool Cavalry and that's all the matters and Americans want to be part of that uppercross elite. Can have always want to be part of the new Uppercross elite. They want to be part of the new ruling class. It used to be that if you wanted to be a member of the new ruling class in the United States, what you would do you look super hard and you dress really well above your station right where suit to the office, and you would try and get nice wrist watch. And you would learn to help. You learn the word of the day and he would try to get a good education and tat was the way they demonstrated that you were a member of the new ruling class and more change. Change, and so you see now that to be met.
of the new ruling class means half redress downright if your mark cuban than you are genes in a t, shirt or from a soccer bravura hoodie. There are certain things that change, but the best way to become a part of the new ruling class. These days is to speak to a cab. You worry, it is just the shaven, a haircut two bits of entry into the secret societies have said before, when, when it comes to the use of these terms, it is not about understanding the terms. Most of the terminology does have a deep academic background. That's complete bs, but people don't have to know that and then I have to buy into it. This is why, if you ask Americans, you believe America systemically races Nobody understands what the term systemically racist means, because that is a term that originated in the centres of academia and has actual content, but it has been robbed of its content for purposes appalling. All you know is that if you don't say that America systemically racist. Then you will be labelled a racist and you can never be part of the new ruling class right. That is why the sort of vocabulary is used This is why it is now due regard for prominent people to talk about how they are embarrassed to be a member to be a white person, for example, to John Brennan.
Who shares the honourable gentleman. He lied to the Senate openly lighted Senate, but John, and it is still considered a person were listening to use our MSNBC and AEGIS, throws out a comment like this, where he says he's embarrassed to be a white male. Why mysteriously? Why I understand why should you be embarrassed of your skin color, only whatever skin color should be embarrassed of your skin color. It's bizarre, ok, but this is now considered a way into by sea. that you're embarrassing me a white male, you can actually be super proud of yourself being, male was embarrassed to be a white male two years jumbo former CIA director sayings nonsense speaking the vocabulary increase we embarrassed to be a white male these days. In light of what I said as I other white male saying, but it just shows that, with the ex, but very few exceptions like Mitt, Romney, less Cheney, Atkins injure There are so few Republicans in Congress who value truth, honesty and I'll. Take it
all his recipes take on the Republican Party doesn't matter at all that the fact that Nicole Wallace and everybody was a white lady is it the net is laughing when he says embarrassed to be a white male question. Why? Why, in that that that's ridiculous, even if a white person did something bad? Why exactly without embarrass you to be a way message saying that every black person should be embarrassed because there are some black criminals, that's ridiculous! Why would you? Why do you you're an individual? Again, it's about speaking the vocabulary and, if you don't speak, we'll capillary. Then you can lose your job. You could have been a member of the new ruling class, one second to know. But if you don't speak, the vocabulary, then you're out which is what happened. Donald Macneil, over than your time, is now release. This is long for part essay explaining why who fired from the New York Times you remember, Donald Macneil was then we'd covert report, rather than your time, she's not made for proper for a Pulitzer this year and whose ousted from the New York Times for the great crime of have
several years ago, gonna have to Peru, where somebody asked him about the use of the inward by a twelve year old girl, and he says well in what context which, using that, and he said the word and he lost his job over. There will use forced out whose forced out by the editors in your time, because he had cortical, lost the newsroom foresaw earning a high and lose the newsroom who gives a crap with the newsroom thanks. seriously you then you are times you're the leading newspaper in America. You give a crap according to a new room, it thinks about your lead rapporteur, uncovered in the middle of a pandemic, but according to the Washington Free Beacon gene but can be couple of the executive error. The paper said I know, you're not a racist but encouraged him to resign anyway, because he inquired what lost the newsroom briquettes and we're not firing. You were asking you to consider resigning, although well technically resigned of his own volition, whose on under intense pressure to do so when this besides, what will react more details about the allegations became silent. Macneil said it felt like an attempt to intimidate me.
Apparently than your tens union was unwilling to defend Macneil. The union was called deeply split over my cat he decided he needed to somewhere that the reason for all this, of course, is because he didn't speak to a cab. You are, he said, some things that were in politics and if you say things that are impolitic, meaning they violate the precepts of the woke. They violate the precept that fact matter data matters then like that entire incident was not about him using the inward entire incident was about him asking for specifics. You're not allowed to ask for specifics. Specifics, provide clarity, generalities, provide confusion and room to wiggle right now. All of politics is about this. If you ask for specifics, you are seen as bad. You are seen as wrong. You are seen as racist. If you ask for specifics, you are seen as rebutting somebody's deeply felt sense of personal truth, and this is it
fusing stuff you can violate the structures of the moment. At any point, a twitch hilariously found this out yesterday, a twitch the streaming service. There's a backlash from liberals and conservatives after referring to women's history month as wimps history month, W oh, am x and history month in nobody with a brain has referred to women as it doubly all m ex end, but they were trying to make is that women were different than then Whoa men is like so I married an actual ash murderer. Women, woe man they! Basically, then the tray community cans, and this is terrible because some women or men that its tread phobic just its Larry. Us is Larry's like it. It's pretty spectacular that the dead, the walk can't even get it straight, but that's the whole point and in the end that's the entire point and everybody everybody is on the cancellation block and if you don't cancel the best path,
Joining the work by the way is to cancel yourself preemptively, and this is precisely what is happening to doktor soothed, so doctors uses books are classics of children's literature, he's the greatest children's author. four kids, who are under the age of seven of all time. It is not close. I read doctors, his books to my kids pretty much every day we gave it according to Virginia School district doctors who spurt they can no longer be touted on read across Amerika Day, because a study said the authors. Work is port filled with orientals, an anti blackness and white supremacy now aggravating doctors. These books, you grow up. Writing doctors, his books, everybody group, reading, doktor, she's books. Did it make him or racist to read it? She's book did ever occur to you that race was an element of doctors. These books, until I just said this one second biggest, of course not because no one, no one- is actually reached about this There is not. There are no human beings redoubt, pursues partner, really angry at them. All of this is just about signalling,
is about setting new standards hoops for people to jump through, and if you ask for any sort of contacts the provides whether the book is racist, Whether it is it whether it is racist for to read, if I and the zoo, because there are people of asiatic appearance in the book. If I ran the zoo, if you even ask that that in even the question is racist, if you say okay well, you know He drew that in nineteen forty and let's just say that it was insensitive in nineteen. Forty has any child, read this in the last twenty thirty forty years and come away with a bad impression of people from Japan, because they readied actresses book Asked the question is to be the problem because now you're asking for evidence they claim, that is by nature, a claim that is rooted solely in feelings. So how did after she's donation respond, does not by defending their guy. Of course, not. Instead, the the
official organization that controls the ones you doc pursues said it will no longer cell six of the authors, children's books of racist and insensitive depictions, including, is very major book and to think I sought on Mulberry Street. I can remember what is suppose we racist To think that I sought a mother is right. If I ran the zoo and Mcgillicuddy who, by the way, I want all them, you should buy them today. wait for your kids need the notion that this is that he perpetuated wish stereotypes as financial stingy any and that all this appears in his books. The study published in twenty nineteen examined fifty bucks by doctors who found forty three out of the forty five characters of color.
have court characteristics aligning with the definition of oriental ism, unbelievable unbelievable. It's just that. It's all insanity, but again too, to call free in the end to the insanity is too excised yourself from the community of the new ruling class, and that is what all of this is about in the end is only one way to fight back against people who have declared themselves to be at the top of the ruling class and necessary. You don't get to rules, end of story. We ignore you you're stupid or not paying attention to any of this nonsense ever ever again. But here's the thing the binding instruction is brought into this stuff acquaintance Ankara. So here's the thing he
and ministries and being members of the new ruling class and Joe Biden being an old white corrupt politician has decided that here you he speaks to all cavalry to as very important that he speak the war caviar, because what the left is basically done is they have decided that by banding together, identity, politics and socialist thinking, they can craft enough, they working majority to cram through their actual political agenda and integral back to them. General thesis of today show it's all about politics. It is all about power and getting things done about the authoritarian crammed down of certain policies. Basically, there bunch people who don't really by into the vocabulary, who have decided no make common cause with people who do by into the vocabulary and a bunch of people who actually believe in the inequity is inequality. Argument of dust I did, but they will make common cause with the socialists have wing of the Democratic Party in order to cobble together, new coalition of the ascendant.
You can see this actually pretty well in Bernie Sanders. If you look back at Bernie, Sanders is original presidential campaign in two thousand. Sixteen, in Spain that raise nearly at all, it was all about how the problems in our society can be laid at the root of the capitalist system, and if you just get more socialist yourselves everything then over the course of that fear something interesting happened to the Bernie Sanders campaign. He was told that it was not racially sensitive to speak. Only in terms of class Bernie Sanders is basically a copyright Emmy. His is perspective on life is rooted in marxist fundamental lies about class conflict and how all of human, Life is driven by this class conflict. Everything he says is driven by that, and so, if you believe that everything a route is about class conflict, it's not a word about Rachel COM,
right, black working men and white working men have more in common than the White Working Man and the anti white rich man or the black working man, and the black recommends that class. It's not about race, but Bernie Sanders was told that this was racially insensitive, and so he decides make common cause with awoke and start pushing, as many will policies as he could get his hands on, and this was writ small. What has happened with the Democratic Party writ large? This was the magic of Barack Obama is what Obama did as president. I know that we have this picture of Barack Obama. Is the brok? Oh Mamma? Was this wonderful unifying figure? It is a fact. put forth by the media is a lie. Brok above two thousand four was not the same as Brocklebridge Circuit TAT, twenty tonnes in two thousand for Brok about moving there, no black miracles. There know what Americans well just Americans original Red American Abloom Erika, just Amerika, my twenty ten barometers breaking down Americans into their identity groups, so that he could specifically appeal to members of those Teddy groups to create a coalition is the reason why he actually shrink his number of votes between two thousand
she doesn't want, but I was enough to get him by Mitt Romney. So neatly. Merger between identity, politics and typical sort of democratic power politics has been ongoing and Joe Biden is the combination of that, which is how you, end up with a machine politician like Joe Biden and that's what he has of her machine, typical, corrupt old white politician. who suddenly become the face and voice of erased, preparations movement. According to one of your binds top advisers he's going to start acting now to address reparations to black Americans, speaking to actual sent HBO in an interview, said here on Monday, why? How senior adviser, Cedric Richmond discussed efforts targeted to helping minority communities regiments had there not waiting on Congress, and we all want to wait on a study on this Now we have to start breaking down, racism and barriers that have held people of color back and especially african Americans. We have to do that stuff now, right, that's the vocabulary and we're gonna specifically appeal on the basis of race and suggest that all inequality is an equity and Joe Biden has
I did. The equity is the byword of his administration. So, for example, he says that we are to start talking about free college tuition to historically black colleges and universities, if you start every community college and title one, and all these things I think, are well on your way. Now, let's be real about this, if you're talking about Free college The reality is that the great imbalance here Cities, the number of people going to college between people who are black and white, the number of people who are white going to college my percentages significantly higher the number of people going to college or black. That's not because of lack of affirmative action programmes or benefit, around or scholarship programmes. All those exist in plenty, but the real problem is the failure of lower education, the failure, the public school system. So what is this a typical democratic policy smuggled in under the guise of the vocabulary? It's a typical democratic policy position that now being smuggled in under the guy
of doing racial justice. He call it reparations and then you can put forward the idea that you are speaking. The war can be learnt and can build your coalition on the back of all of this, and so this is the new pitch. by an administration pitch use Lord Equity, crammed down all the typical democratic policy proposals and claim that anybody who Greece is a racist, because there's nothing. Joe Biden can claim that anybody who disagrees with them is a racist. It's bizarre, wider than the back of this piece of paper and building up right now? It may be in a whiteness competition. I company distant second to Joe Biden. It is not close Japan, is a super. Why dude and yet because he's using the language of court of Equity and the language of anti racism, to push for a typical policy proposals the idea becomes now, then it is white supremacy to oppose Joe Biden policy positions in old white politician when the widest people in it and so that gives him enormous ability to push for these positions, while calling all of
opponents racist, which again bizarre Brok Obama, could do it, because you could just eight people who hate me around. And what was why he could always pretend it was true because obviously, at least the factual basis of him being lack person was right. Joe Biden, not black person, still making the same exact claims. So when you merge them a coalition of idea with the racial ideal and all that becomes rather, systems of power are not about facts, not about the success of the policies about the sis of power and get away with nearly anything Joe Biden noses tell what is he doing he's pushing olive is typical policies, but all of its can be based on racial politics. According to the daily wire reins of reporting, the binding administration is report. We considering scheduling a controversial vote, gun control bill in the next couple of weeks. More I mean, of course he is because he's always wanted and uncontrollable are for by punch ball NEWS, which was founded by far.
The co rapporteur said how Speaker Nancy Blowsy. Another house Democrats were focused on turning their attention to other issues. The Biden administration has on its agenda, including gun control. After passing, this giant cortical covert relief package, which is really not covered relief package at all. Some of these controversial boats would require universal background checks, undone sales, which, of course, would create a giant gun registry, another bill and closely so called Charleston Loophole, which allows gun purchases to proceed. If the background check is incomplete in three business days, you can hold these things up in terminally, of course And am essentially, he is calling for a ban on some automatic firearms mean that that is what, when he says, banning salt weapons, there's no definition to all of this. So this is a typical Democrat. policy being pushed under the guise of equity. Other typical democratic policy being pushed the guise of equity is immigration policy, so Joe Biden has basically decided to open the borders wide and we all know this
Joe Biden has decided he's not going to enforce immigration law. You can go right back to not enforcing immigration. Law is attempting to kill agreements whereby people have to wait in Mexico in origin they ought to be granted asylum in the United States instead by industrial come into the interior of the United States, a meal he's trotting out his own members. The governments just lie about it. She's got a department of Homeland Security, where Jerry Alexandra Majorca saying there is no crisis. This is just a lie there about eight thousand unaccompanied minors, the border that is the highest number that we have had in many men years that isn't it were ninety seven percent capacity at the borders, which is why we now reopening of the bad old Trump facilities right. But it's not a crisis is not a crisis. Cause you're button says, is not a crisis, here's Alexander America's: do you believe that right now the crisis at the water, I see said the, and the answer is no. I think there is a challenge at the boy. that we are managing and we of our resources dedicated to to managing
your predecessor still Johnson. He said that the thousand illegal border crossings, it ain't- constitutes a crisis that another allows the system right between three and four thousand now according to see the official. So how is this not a crisis? I have explained that quite clearly, we Our challenge that the border, I love, you said to challenge, not a crisis, totally find an if you say to challenge, not a crisis. The crisis would require you to actually do something to stem the tide of illegal immigration, but just think for purposes of equity you buy. An administration has no interest in stemming the tide of illegal immigration. In fact, they are now openly saying. Well, you know it's an awkward for us right now, if you just like hold off on the illegal immigration for seven minutes that be awesome, but you know in the end, we can ok with it. Does the deleted director of homeland Security, the Secretary of Homeland Security, a hundred America's saying we're not saying don't come to legal analysed, we're just don't come right now guys we're little overwhelmed. I dont have a particular timeline,
All I can do is communicate both to the american public and the individual seeking protection that we are working around the clock seven days a week to make their timeframe as short as possible, but they need to wait, but they need. Await with a particular goal in mind. We are not saying, don't come, saying don't come now, because we will be able to deliver as safe and orderly process to them. As quickly as possible. I mean I'm sorry, that's crazy, that's crazy! We know that the vast majority, arriving at America. Southern borders are not legally claiming asylum. We notice. Ok, there's just a reality, the vast majority. People who arrive on the border are not claiming political asylum in its typical definition Economic asylum is not a thing, because economic asset I'm just means: everybody gets in America has a really strong economy and when he says we mean just don't, I'm right now. What he's really saying is just come on? You know it's fine just come everybody knows this ink in democratic representatives wonderment
representative Incentive, Gonzalez Democrat of Texas. He says this policies are absolute, catastrophic again to say Democrat from Texas saying that, because it menstruation policy makes no sense. My concern this in the recent weeks in my district migrants, who made it across the border, who even pass a line of Mps, were five thousand folks that are such that have been waiting for two years across a border made it across the Rio Grande Valley, a process and released? If that is the message that we send to Central America and around the world? I can assure you won't be long before we have tens of thousands of people showing up to our border and it'll, be catastrophic for our party for a country from my region from my district, and in the middle of a pandemic in an area where we ve lost over three thousand people in my small congressional district.
That is just the reality, and it's just a reality, but in all ties into you will capillary again in all ties into the idea that if you can t everything interest, if you object to this, it must be because you object to America getting more bread. Or something which is absurd, as have one thousand times. I do not care about the race of Americans. I care about is the ideology, philosophy and decency of Americans. That's all I care about, but did not so on the left, because again so about the facts about the narrative and and when it comes to the narrative fat. Very often stand in the way of good narrative, already we'll be back her later today, with an additional hour of content coming up soon, mouthwash airing at one thirty pm eastern, be sure to check it out over a daily weren t come I'm bench here. This is the bench Barroso. If you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe and if you want to help spread. The word please give us
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