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Ep. 1212 - The Woke Are American Royalty


Piers Morgan loses his job for ripping Meghan Markle; media rush to defend awful New York Times pseudoreporter Taylor Lorenz; and Disney’s CEO says the Gina Carano firing wasn’t political.

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Peers Morgan, loses his job, ripping woke princess Megan market. The media rushed to defend awful, our time pseudo reporter Taylor Lorens in Disney C users Juno Corona, throwing wasn't political at all, I'm bench, but this is the bench bureau. Dimension Russia is sponsored by expressive, VP and protect your online privacy today at expressive, gps, dot, com, Slash Ben already, so the drama in the? U K continues, oh my goodness! Well! Well now the drama has reached the point where the royal family has responded. The accusations made by Megan, Margo and Prince Harry in this bombshell interview with upper Winfrey, in which he asked precisely zero difficult, follow up questions and allowed, whose just essentially call the royal only a bunch of racist, bigoted, terrible people to be celebration of the media. Here's my view is an american royal family. Don't care about my?
because here's the thing we ve got a revolution to stay away from the royals, but but the reason that the media have this I did that the royal family is bad is because the royal families emblematic of british history thereof, We is emblematic of british institutions and therefore the royal family. to be torn down. If you need a woke second rate american access to do it. Well, then, that's what Andy so just go for it and any He who stands in their way will be torn down as well Well, families no issued a statement and it's hilarious. Could people on the left are pretending that this sort of hostage statement from the royal family represents them admitting the truth of what Margo, had to say about them being racists and then suggesting bad things. a baby or stripping her baby of of his title. Even oh, by the way the baby had no legal title under british law since nineteen seventeen, because that baby is not one for the crown. In any case, according to the hill, Buckingham Palace is responding to Prince Harry and making the duchess of Sussex bombshell in
you with Ober Winfrey saying the royal family is currently saddened by the challenges. The couple faced, especially those regarding raised, because this is the way the you're supposed to deal. This is what the the pr experts tell you you're supposed to do. When you face an accusation or not just allowed to say, I don't think the accusation is true in our said anymore right. Even if your Andrew Cuomo, you believe that all the women who are now coming out of the woodwork are not telling the truth about things are not just allowed to say. I don't think that's true you have today. Instead, we are so happy today are telling their story and they are entitled to their opinion about all of this. So that is what the well, family is now doing would make Markel they put out a statement. Is the whole family saddened to learn? stands about challenging the last few years have been for Harry and Megan, which is non admission of guilt. By the way, the issues raised, particularly that of race, are concerning again not an admission of guilt or than any of the stuff. Then Megan Merkel said happened with regard to we're going to the palace and saying that she was suicidal and them ignoring her and basically saying or whatever, lady or them being blue racist in trying to deprive her children of benefits there not admitting, any of that they're just
using the mush mouth can of corporate speak. That allows you to evade flexibility while simultaneously patting the woke on mad right. That is, I'm very sorry. You felt this way. I'm sorry! You felt this weighs. What is what the royal family is now saying, that statement from Buckingham Palace left room to disputes couples, accusations that, while some recollections may vary, there taken very seriously and will be addressed by the family privately, while some record Mayberry is code, for we don't think that what you say is true idea that that is what that is code for they had. Somebody comes to you and to make an accusation- and you say well, my record berries. What you are saying is that you don't think that's true. That is what the family is saying: they're not admitting guilt. Now stand in the way our media work is that we are supposed to pretend that none of this matters right or supposed to pretend the because Megan Market made an accusation, because Megan Markel is a woke person and she's, really video after video over the course of time
you're, calling America systemically racist and suggesting that all of western societies systemically racist and all this because it Megan Marble checks all the proper workboxes. This means we must believe her right, listen and believe Apparently. Not only is this mandated by our woke media. It is also made it had apparently by british law in some way, jar woke media overboard, total more, but this down lemon on CNN over the course of the last couple of days. He actually said we don't even need to hear from the other side Remagen market, so Eminem, eminently believable and she is so victimized within the system that we can believe what she says because it rings true. Now, I have to say, we have watered down victimhood pretty far when you are talking about a woman who is a bee rate. Actress on a second rate, USA Network show becoming a princess of the UK and then leaving in order to get a giant Netflix deal, and
on a fourteen point, five million dollar estate in California on her mother and lost twenty five million dollar endowment, that that seems not super victim me especially when you're not providing any sort of extraneous evidence of the accusations that are making, but according to download and its good enough for for making markets. Couldn't predominant in a great journalist on lemons has listened this check out my priors since my prior to that What is racist, the royal family is racist. Western history is racist. This means the Meghan Markle has to be telling the truth. I don't even have to check the story. The story is too good to check
down lemon objective, journalist, journalists being all over the place, hot sticky journalism getting just all over the CNN studios here, knowing people say what we haven't heard from the other side. What's the other side, gonna say we're gonna say of course, were not racist or whatever, but what did they do think about their actions? Big? They did not stand up for their own, because their own was married to a black woman had a black child. They didn't listen to him inside of the royal family. They let him go they let him leave the country. They wouldn't come to terms with what they wanted to do. So listen. We ve only her from one side, but that one side at this point rings very true, ok, but rings true. Therefore, I won't check the other side. That's great, you analyse mean guys amazing journalism in their from dominant, so that is the way that most of the establishment media has treated the accusations by making mark on the here's. The thing that public disagrees. According to the UK on, there is a whole internet. Fifty one percent Brits want them stripped of any rules. Only twenty eight percent want them to remain. Official member
of the royal family after that particular interview. So over on Uk Tv overrun, I tv which the big channel over in the UK peers Morgan was on good morning. Britain impairs Morgan is a big critical, Megan Markel he has been. Quite a while. He was kind of friendly with making Markel for awhile. Apparently, and then she apparently boasted after she got involved with Prince Harry and choose can asked you to him- and this is your according to a growing appears and then he didn't like the way. The truce treating the royal family, apparently she was trying to throw her wait around inside the royal family, should respect the lot of the traditions and so Morgan's been a long time. Critic of of Megan, Marconi, full disclosure and friendly with peers now remain. That is the whole area. The hungarian hair, hilarity of our current political moment, is that anyone who doesn't by into every narrative of the work, on one side and the work on the other that has always worked so anyway. Peers Morgan was very critical of Megan Markel or on the shelf
He said I don't believe a word that comes out of her mouth right. The direct quote from peers Morgan is he said that if she I wouldn't believe it if she run your whether report he's talking about her report, they not only what she said: title, but that you went to members of the palace and that they basically dismissed her complaints about being suicidal. He said who did you go to? What are they say to you? I'm sorry globally, where'd. She said make him Arkell. I couldn't believe it if you read me a whether apart a gate now this result in a massive outpouring of criticism, because how dare appears Morgan say that in his opinion he doesn't believe Megan Markel. You must believe, break down limits as she fits all the category, so you must believe you're not to check the story. You'll have to find out. The other side is so. This resulted yesterday in peers, Morgan on good morning, Britain getting into a spat with this guy, who is apparently like the whether a guy on good morning,
Britain and I d, be they who basically said that Morgan's take on the situation was disgusting and peers got mad and walked off the show. I understand that you got a personal relationship, would make mark or had one and she cut you off she's entitled to cut you off. If she wants to how she said anything about you, since she cut you off, I don't think she but yet you continue to trash. Ok, I'm done well. There's an internet are now do know what that's putting s right: you're, moving not by another beings, sorry causing absolutely diabolical behaviour, diabolical crystal cattle of the bridge, so he goes after Morgan. Morgan walks out the shell and now Morgan's out of a job now. The reason them Agnes out of job is not because he walked off the shelf. The reason the morgue, out of a job is because the government started to investigate. I tv and you Know- is a person who put in a complaint to ideally our great victim, the victim of the hour Megan markup because
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Apparently, according to the Hollywood reporter Megan market filed in eighty, the complaint against peers Morgan, which is not babyish behaviour at all, somebody criticizes you anti these. You file a complaint with their bosses. I'm sorry, that's childish behaviour under any circumstances that a shit I've received more than my share of criticism over the course of my career and public figure, best way that it works. I cannot remember filing a complaint. Somebody's boss asking to have them discipline for something they said about me In fact, I have a number of fairly good friends whose friendship for initiated by the morning Sun crappy about me in a fairly prominent place me reaching out in saying I, I'm listening to stop, even though I think they got a wrong, but not making mark all. Apparently, according to the Hollywood reporter, neither tv nor archway have denied their complaint was lodged on behalf of the duchess. Megan Merkel made a formal complaint. I ve fallen
is Morgan's incendiary comments about the duchess, the UK broadsheet newspapers reported, but the guardian and the telegraph claim a complaint was lodged on behalf of the royal after Monday's episode of good morning and which Morgan repeatedly lashed out of Print Erin Markel over their revelations and the explosive interview with upper Winfrey. The growing fewer over the former CNN hosts tirade, they also on storm offset after being rebuke. Tinier by a colleague would ultimately lead to him quitting the breakfast news show without any making announcement. He was standing down on Tuesday evening among organs, controversial comments that you didn't believe Marcos plans should felt suicidal it had reached out for support from Buckingham Palace only for it to be rejected. Okay, so he didn't actually say. I don't believe that you felt suicidal Rowena. She say that if you go back and watch the comments when he set his believe a word. She says which they pretty blanket statement and what he specifically I it was hidden believed believe that you'd gone to the palace in the house had been like. You're suicidal. Well, you know something that happens. That's going on you! It's gonna, look bad for the family. If we bring in a site like they have their own medical team inside Buckingham Palace Gate, the commons drew wider
condemnation, including from a mental health charity and lead to more than forty one thousand. Complaints to regulate or off come ok, and this is where this becomes Roland from arrogance it because we are now living in a world in the United States. Many many people in America want an american version of off come so what exactly is off come so outcome is a regulatory agency whose who sees its job as to regulate the way the media is done off. Come is a is again a government agency that is designed to regulate what people can and cannot say in December of two thousand twenty, the regulator launcher of you protections workplace with regard to mental
and well being of individuals who take part in their show. The commons digital culture, media and sport Select Committee has launched inquiries into the reality. The industry, for example, I've come, creates measures aimed at protecting vulnerable people and others not being used to not used to being in the public eye. I've come has done director of standards, an audience protection, ok until off com, which is this against british agency, which regulates disorder like the FCC Cept, has an enormous power of of over over actual broadcast, in a way that the FCC really does not off come as the Office of communications. It's a government approved regulatory and competition authority for broadcasting, telecommunications and again them wide a bill
Eddie, you punish people for saying things they don't like. So apparently there is an official investigation by off come by the UK media regulator, basin, peers, Morgan, saying it in blue Megan market, which is nuts cats, an opinion by appears Morgan. How do you get investigated for an opinion? I am confused, see here in Amerika we have the single freedom of speech and the first moments pretty great. In Britain they dont have the same thing. European standards of speech are very different, is worthy of hate speech regulations. They they seek to measure harm of speech against value of speech, which, of course, is a complete we subjective decision, there's no limiting principle to it and so off com. Does this on a regular basis? According variety off come launched an investigation after more than forty one thousand people wrote into complain about. I tvs good Morning, Britain host peers, Morgan's comments on Megan Merkel. So, first of all, who gives a crap written United States if a bunch of people wrote in to the
That's easy about me having a penny about Mega Markel. You know what the result will be. Nothing because we have a first moment in this country. Thank God. There have the same thing in Britain on Mondays Edition of the show. Of course, Morgan made his comments, and so now I've come was apparently investigating and I've come spoke and told variety. We have launched an investigation into Monday's episode under good morning. Britain, under our harm and offence rules, harm and offence rules are greatly that the fact you have Harmon offence rules and a supposedly free country means they are countries not nearly as raise your pretending that it is now more. Did come back on the air on Tuesday before the walk off, and he said when we talk about this yesterday, I said encompassing thing I don't believe, will make a mockery of saying generally in this interview- and I still am these concerns about the veracity of a lot of what she said. Let me just say for the record on my mental illness, non suicide is clearly extremely various things and should be taken extremely seriously. And if someone is feeling that way, they should get the treatment and help they need every time they belong to. Institution like the royal family and they go and see how they should absolutely be given it. It's not for me to question if she felt suicidal, I'm not
Fine, and that is to say more, concern with disbelief that you went, we senior member of the royal household and told them she was suicidal and was told you couldn't have any help because will be a battle for the family. If that's true, first, that person should be fired Second, the royal family had serious questions that need to be answered, but that, apparently to fix the problem when Morgan still had to go because Morgan had offended the Woke princess and the princess, the powerless victimized will princess and her and got him fired and got investigation going from the Office of Communications in the UK paid is usually pretty easy to tell. Who is a victim and who is the victimize are in a situation like this, the whether you can tell us who is the person who is threatening to actually do something to another person? That's all you can tell the actual victim is here it Megan Markel was not threatened by peers, Morgan, white yet opinion his opinion said that hidden believe lot? What meaning Megan marketers island? I frankly agree with a lot of that.
I don't agree with a lot of. I don't believe some. What may mark letters are either I found it largely self serving. But the fact is that in our culture, if you claimed victimhood, this apparently gives you ultimate power to actually harm. Other people so here's the thing we now live in a society where it appears Morgan says something that offend Megan Markel that is considered harm if Megan Markel, fast, complete with HIV intensive, getting peers, Morgan fired that does not natural harm, so one loses their job. The other has their feelings a little bit hurt and one is considered a very, very serious harm to how do we determine what the harm as we simply looked, intersects analogy we determined whose more woke if you're woke your victim, even here the victimize or you're the victim. That's the way this works. Now the woke are the actual royalty. The woke are the actual american and apparently british royalty, because now have to be treated. The weather royalty ought to be treated. No one can say word against you and if a word is set against you you'll be investigated, maybe you'll be fired. Peers Morgan did put
statement here on Twitter is that on Monday I said, I didn't believe Megan Margo, Enroll Brenner view. I've had time to reflect on this opinion, and I still don't if you did ok, Freedom of speech is a Helen having Dian thanks for all of the love and the hate, I'm off to spend more time with my opinions, and then he quoted Winston some people's idea of free speech that they are free to say what they like. But if anyone says anything back, that is an outrage he later double down. He said, I believe anything that comes out of her mouth. I think the demonstration the british monarchy into the queen at a time when Prince Philip is lying in the hospital is enormous and frankly contemptible. If I have to follow my sword, fixed honestly held opinion about making Markel and diatribe of builds, and she came out with an interview, so be it. I think its verdict, although the wolf credible think they cancelled me. I think they'll be rather disappointed when I re emerge we'll get some more of this in just one second, because of course the woke royalty doesn't actually have to be rules. He thinks the members bar sandwich media legacy that in just one second, first a lot is happening at your friends or these days. Your lot of packages there being
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cancel. That is our main job. Most recently, she went on clubhouse and she tried to get a tech investor cancelled, verdant, not saying a thing. He didn't say something she accused of saying it in his mark Andreasen, and so she ism I'll take a bad report should not promote knowledge, is an activist just like many members of the New York Times woke editorial. Oh, oh yesterday she put out a tweet, and here is our tweet for international women's day. Please consider supporting women ensuring online harassment. It's not exact
nation, to say that the harassment and smear campaign I've had to endure over the past year has destroyed my life. No one should have to go through that suit number one donor, ass people online number two. If your way of common commemorating international women's day is to say- and also could you guys- please be nice to me- that's rather self centered, but Taylor Lorenzo Course, checks, dwelt boxes, which mirrors what politics she's woke herself, and so this means that the entire media infrastructure rushed toward offence for this rather self centered, tweet, so Tucker Karlsson points out the tailor runs
claim, which is victim when she spends most of her day trying to find people to get them fired and to ruin. Their careers is rather ironic, so Tucker when, after on Fox NEWS last night by most people Standard Taylor Rennes would seem to have a pretty good life, one the best lives in the country. In fact, lots of people are suffering right now, but no one suffering quite ass. Much is Taylor. Lorenzo suffering people have criticised for opinions on the internet and destroyed her life. Let's paws on this international women's day and recognise that you thought female wingers headed bad. You haven't talked to tailor the rents. Ok, so the media went into full defence mode, retailer lorens, of course, so you had a member of the Washington Post. The media report for the Washington Post, personal Jeremy BAR tweeting out noticed how many times took across and says tailors full name on his highly watch. Television show: that's not a coincidence. He said her name servers five hours.
To say people named General Wanna bite, but apparently not apparently we're not supposed to say people's names, because if you say their names many times, then this is a form of targeting which is a weird take. But been notification, went out and walks lack channels, and so this became the talking point among the among the media left airport from Rico Antennae sleeper pointed out, this is so dangerous and took across and knows exactly what he is doing so tailoring again has spent her career going after people and attempting to destroy their careers. If you mention her name on fact, is this a form of targeting now Steve peoples? rapporteur for the AP tweeted out, this is dangerous and disgusting. Someone asked for help. suffering online harassment and his men matter and primetime using your full name I've separate times in an obvious attempt to encourage more harassment. We are better than this. Ok, though, that we are better than this crowd is ready to rush to defend the of people who actually lose their jobs. and had their careers destroy because people like Taylor, Lorenzo reporting on their battle tweet, I
How doubt it I somehow doubted it, then the Woke brigade are, they say when I say there royalty. I mean that they are unclear, sizeable you're, not supposed to criticise them. You're not most asked questions about them and they have the power to destroy. They have beaten same sort of societal ability to exercise people ruin their lives as the royalty of old They are the new royalty and, if you cross them at all, they will just come after you and they'll denied. It does not, of course, but this is this is where society currently worked or gets more of this in just one taken. First, you never thought covered could cause your home right while it could now. Can cybercrime is seventy five percent by far the most serious cybercrime to worry about is home title theft that is correct, cybercriminals, foreign and domestic there. Now, after our homes, it's easier than you'd think that'll document to our home Tom. I now that you find your home settle, forges you're, seeing they trying to quickly. Indeed stating you so
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Well, then, they are sending in every area of american life there's an and everywhere. So, for example, Winston Marshall, who is from a ban called Mumford in Sunday, the banjo player on Mumford and Sons- apparently I'm not aware of the band but aright he put out a tweet a few days ago, and you can see this one coming a mile away. He put out a tweet a few days ago recommending any knows new book abandons either. This is bad. This
is cancel. He read a book. Man wait till they find out the Winston Marshall once read. If I ran the zoo, my goodness, if they find that out, he's totally toast, so he then put out an abject apology for having treated out a book is reach without a book that some people don't like. This means that you actually have to have your career destroyed or going to full penance mode. So Wednesday, Marshall put out a tweet, it said over the past few days. I have come to better understand the pain caused by the book. I endorse again. This is the way this this crap works. You trying to ruin his career isn't an actual harm. Him saying that he read a book is an actual harm. We now are in a place where, in order to designate so Thing is harmful, no actual harm, it must be done. No actual harm must be done in tort law. If, if you hit my car, I can see you because you did a damage to me. If, however, we narrowly avoid a scrape, I cannot sue you because you have not done any harm to me. However, in american politics harm.
is constituted if I say something that offend you in any way. That is harm. If you read ruined my career for having said so, think it offends you in any way, no matter how innocuous like hey, I read a book, then that is not a harm. That is you just zealously guarding decency. That's the way this crap works right now. The only way that the deep philosophical routes of that why again go back to the notion that I've been mentioned several times in the past few weeks? The notion that we define ourselves through expressive individualism we want to express ourselves, who we are is not how we interact with reality. Realities of no consequence we get to choose who we want to be every single debate every single day we get to define who we are every single day and if you challenge ourself definition in any way, an advertisement or inwardly
Then this means that you have somehow Dunaway harm right. If you have, if you refuse to acknowledge myself definition, this is an actual harm and I get to do whatever I want you shall. If Winston Marshall read a book, sang antifraud is bad by ends. You know, then this means that You can go after his career and you are good your righteous for doing so, because he has done an actual harm. The way by the way you can tell who the actual harm do or its in real if the way you can tell who's going to harm, is who actually did serious damage to somebody that aid can tell who did the harm that is in real life in woke land, which is now becoming real life. The way you can tell somebody has been harmed is by. Are they a member of a book? I density group. If every member of awoke identity group, they dont actually have to demonstrate harmless done,
them all they have to demonstrate is that they were offended by something and you have challenged their self identity. That is all they have to do it: a hierarchy of power designed specifically to exclude certain people and to include certain people and to obviate the need to demonstrate harm so Wincey Marshall, into any armed anybody. He recommended a book you're like the work done by the book. That's fine! But now he s to put His mewing apology is over the past few days. I've come to better understand the pain caused by the book. I endorsed by the way did cause any pain. I've offended not only a lot of people- I don't know, but also those closest to me, including my bed maids, and for that I am truly sorry because that means is jackass. Bondmaid went away like brew wegg. How you like Beethoven's is banned how's mean brow. You know that that book, the defensive Brown who, as a result, my actions I'm taking time away from the band to examine my blind spots or Google woke re education camps sounds great Bela. He had come back to the band and if he does,
anytime, you says anything else in the future, there's gonna slap and back into place. You know it's way. This works for now. Please, no, I realise how my endorsements have the potential to be viewed as approvals of hateful device and behaviour. The entire book did Andy wrote is about how antivirus, hateful and divisive, but if you read the book and if you read then the book this means you ve done something hateful innovation, because you have offended awoke. I apologize not at all my intention. Abbot intention doesn't matter again harm. Doesn't matter intention doesn't matter all that matters is whether somebody's sense of identification has been challenged in some way. It doesn't matter if you paid by accident. None of them matters does matter of any actual harmless done. None of that matters because absolute royalty comes with absolute privileges and the absolute royalty of our society now dictate the terms which reigns, but perfectly normal things happen
get rid of it. When I say perfectly normal things, I mean, like the word normal, so dove soap has now announced they will no longer used word normal on their beauty programme on their beauty products. So why do people use dove body wash? For example, we used a body wash in our home and they have a bunch of from brands of the w. I should have liked for sensitive skin. and they have for Ruskin than they have for normal skin right, meaning not any of those things. They ve now gotten the word normal because it might make some people feel as though they are Abner more and if your Abner ML. This means that you are bad and see feel bad about yourself. Now, if you are the kind of person who was walking through the soap I'll at sea vs- and you come across a dove products Lord Normal, you start crying in the aisle. I'm feeling a problem ended up soap. Can you need some mental help if you're so offended by the packaging on a dove soap product that done
has to change the name of the product to acquiesce to your stupid desires. The problem is you. The problem is not the word normal. You are, dare I say it abnormal. If you start crying at a dove soap, bread being decision. This is because you are abnormal. You haven't abnormality. That is only normal thing to do the term normal about the generic and the statistical sense. Statistical normality suggests the vast majority of people not cry at the packaging and does so packaging at the words and I'm so packaging the sort of generic attentive normalcy is then it is not a normal, regular or reasonable thing to do to be very upset by the word, normal and self doubt doves now acquiescing because Doug has to be sensitive. It has to be very sensitive to those with sensitive skin and not sensitive skin. According to the New York Times,
the beauty and personal care company Unilever set on Tuesday or no longer used the word normal on its products. After a sunny revealed, it makes most people feel excluded. Ok, now most people don't feel excluded most people and give a crap. Now, if you will never thought about, this is just that when you ask people if their victims, people know the math, they how this works. Would you rather be a member of the victimized royalty? Or would you rather be one of those one of those people on the outside? Looking in so, yes, I too feel very offended by things and that that sense of offence gives me ultimate power over the director society, Unilever's company based in London, the dove acts sunset ass a lean among other personal care brands. They said they would not digitally alter the body shaped size or skin color of models and its advertising as part of the positive beauty initiative. According to a news release, because, obviously, if you, if you don't, you just leave women, looking the way that they are then that is somehow better than digitally altering the women. For some reason that remains unspecified main aim of these steps and others Unilever said was true better.
Challenge, narrow beauty ideals. Yes, I'm sure the men will find completely different things hot. now that you're no longer digitally vote. Shopping your models. Now that you just left the pebble on the face. I'm sure that meant that you'd you're right, you totally changed society standards, beauties, stamina, beauty. Now now people find completely day. I am sure that your new models will be your people who are objectively worst looking, that's probably what you and your change society's standards of beauty along those lines, probably that that's what's going to happen, never had some changes came after the company commissioned to ten thousand person study across countries, including Brazil, China, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and the? U S! The study found fifty six percent participants thought that, The industry could make people feel excluded? Could not does could pay, which is not a real study. Oh my gosh couldn't make somebody fills anything can make somebody feel excluded. thing. Literally, all the things tat make somebody feel excluded. Seventeen,
People agreed or normal on products and in advertising and negative effects. Eight and ten people agreed among participants aged eighteen, thirty, five, because again anything that threatens your sense of self identity. His bad. If you say that something is normal and I happened. Not check the box instead of me to say: ok is a normal, indifferent, whatever or maybe I'm not normal, because I, reconsider my behavior. Instead, it though normality itself is the offence. Seventy four percent of participants said they wanted the beauty industry to make them feel better. Not just look better there. It is. Society is now responsible for how you feel, which, by the way is, is number one. Is the recipe for a failed society, also failed relationships by the way? If you expect a partner in relationship to quota, make you feel better. That is a recipe for a failure. I can show, you know you responsible for your feelings, you all you can say is that you wish that your partner in relationship that their behaviour or butter, but if you are making someone else responsible for your feelings, you're going to have in this
the light and if you as a society, are saying that society is responsible for your feelings, your destined have a miserable society. That is the natural outcome of all of this. The woke are in control of all Believers of power. Meanwhile claiming victimization It's an amazing amazing thing. We're gonna get some more of us in just one second, first, let us talk about making your company a more efficient place. Finding great candidates to hire can be difficult at finding a needle in a haystack, often sure you can post your job, is job work. But then I can do is hope. The right person comes along ass. We should try zip recruited for free at super cool, reject com, slash daily wire, Zip recruited. Does the work for you when you posted javelins, procure it get sent out over one hundred top jobs sites with one click, then zippers matching technology finds people with the right skills and experience for your job and active I invite them to apply yet qualified candidates fast, so all their services may overwhelming, with applications to sift through zebra.
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What does she slamming Harry styles for wearing address or getting into a twitter war? With Carnegie? Many have tried to cancel a kind of all have failed its hard, not to know backhanders. If you are on the right kind of time, someone popular figures on the right for a while. Now. jumping in where angels fear to tread in two thousand. Eighteen Kansas kicked off the bloodshed foundation, which aims to change the narrative that surrounds America's minority communities, she's also the for the New York Times best seller black out her black America can make its second escape from the Democrat. Plantation gets no canvas the real Candice every single week if she shares or humor her insight, and she defies all the stereotype starting next Friday March, nineteen Candice will be lose him to daily where members, if you aren't member, yet go to daily wired outcome, Slash Subscribe, use code Kansas for twenty five percent off, that is daily wire dot com. Slash subscribe, use code Candice for twenty five percent of daily, where Thou Comest lash subscribe, use. Cocaine does get twenty five percent off today. You're listening to
I just asked is going into repackage their radio shown. The nation is already so again. The the left is on the march you're not supposed to notice this by the way, and if you notice this is very bad years. most instead focus on the spending bills in response to focus on the politics of the day. Now the reality is, you can focus on about re invoke. Somehow today and the spending goes. You could also forgot to focus on the real culture, but when it comes to what impact your daily life most, it is not in fact a spending bills coming out of Congress. It is, in fact, the world culture that has invaded your business. I get. I will tell you dozens of emails every single day from people at various major companies around the United States and abroad, talking about woke standards being shoved down their throats, what they are forced to say what they are forced to sit through, what they are forced to endure. And if they do not go along with it, whether they are fired or not, and that that happens on relatively frequent basis, but then were told by these woke higher ups that you know what, when they do, this kind of stuff, when they fire of people for their release its because they have
reversal standard, the beauty of being a member of the the Woke royalty is that you can and your standard is everybody standard. This is what the CEO of Walt Disney company Bob Topics and on Tuesday the firing of Gina Cyrano from the Disney plush demand alluring. According to Hollywood, reporter the executor was asked. Situation during annual shareholders, meaning aspects during Q and a portion of Disney had a blacklist. insinuating krona by name was targeted for a conservative politics chipping responded not see Disney as a left, leaning or right leaning company. Ok, literally yesterday, Disney plus announced that they would not allow the movies DUMBO Peter PAN and the aristocrats to be on children's playlists. They had do at least be seven or older to access those. Those movies Why? Because, presumably your four year old is going to watch double and come away with racist understanding of black Americans, which is nuts can first of all
is there some racist stuff in DUMBO? If you understand the references? Yes, but if before you understand the references, no because you're for he actually have to be in, you know how long it takes people turn, the same thing as fill a bum from Washington, posing. I grew up on if I ran the zoo in ever thought there was anything racist in it. Now I read it. There's something racist here: will then it bother you I didn't make him a racist, did it? How much has been made racist by dumbo show of hands anybody viewer Bueller? How many kids grew up thinking? The native Americans are bad because they watch Peter PAN. Anybody anybody at all. No because again you don't have to show actual harm. I have to show is quarterboat potential for harm. I have to say I am offended by the way not buy something even directed at me because usually its work People who are doing the work here usually woke why people are like yet DUMBO racist Black Americans deeply care about number. My guest
a very minimal member, namely woke White College graduates care deeply about DUMBO. Probably a lot is a vast gap between what woke went, liberals think about the world and what the people they are supposedly defending think about the world. For the same reason it woke Liberals used the term meetings which no one single person has ever used or will ever used because its idiocy. There are many many Luciano people who work in this particular office. If several producers and security people and executive executives in company with many people working at this company world GINO, not a single one of them, uses the term LE tanks, because in idiotic term and yet the walkway liberals, will you at its huge for them very important. It's when Disney does the sort of stuff they say there, not right, leaning, a left, leaning. We all know that scrap, of course, Disney is left, leaning, left, leaning because that's the expectation of them Chebec says and he stands for gold values that are universal values of respect, the values of decency areas of integrity and values of inclusion. Also, that's what you fired! Gina, corona
tweeting, a thing that is significantly less offensive than anything the Pedro Pascal, his tweeted about immigration in the past few years comparing immigration America to Nazi death camps is what Pedro Pascal did that's fine, Juno Corona. However, she had to go says Chebec. We see tat the content that we make reflective of the rich diversity of the world. We then- and I think that's a world we should all with in harmony and peace, but always not left. When you just can about bunch of left wing, bull, crap, atta, I'm not left wing, I'm going to say the words harmony and peace and diversity over and over again, but ass, I left wing at all levels are those values that only nobody
I agree with what a left wing but are not left wing is just absurdity on on its face. Obviously- and unfortunately, it's this sort of absurd- that this is one of the things that have happened in college campuses, one of the one of the great sort of when it one of the great sort of mental moves on college campuses that many college professors arrowed this, my very forceful, Brainwash, Mouselike Nineteen- has been a long time has been true for a very long time. Many people in college campus because they have a bubble of their own, never know that there is another point of view out there about the world. They just don't understand that point of view exists about the world, and so they actually think that their opinions are fat and therefore their opinions are universal. I didn't anybody who challenges that opinion is now liar. Their opinions are the universal truth about the world. When the tsar you end up with the absurdity of aims gun the again he's a Disney director. Kinsman rainwater marvel does
Originally fire Jim's gone when a bunch of his battle tweets came out these jokes about having sex with children and stop their obvious jokes. there are like two thousand ninety thousand ten and he ended up being. From guardians legality, there are those of us. Like me, I defended James gone. I think you should not be cancelled for bed all tweeds, because we don't wanna, live in a society where people are cancelled for bad old joke tweets to mistake. I stood up for genes gone because, even though I disagreed with the tweet, so I think there are dumb- and I think the jokes one funny and I think that I'm going to run about politics. I don't wanna live in a society where everybody gets cancelled for violating the wolf structures of the day. James going too, however, a believer in the structures of the day he just as well be cancelled, so James Gun put out a thread regarding all of this, the other two eggs and stop calling everything. Enzo culture, because you're too didn't have a nuanced opinion. People can be offended by there are things some thumped, something socks and that's not cancel culture. Its free speech- that's true cancer cultures, where you get somebody for another job to all. Those writing me about the time, people get unfairly attacked. Yes, that's up, but that doesn't
every time. Someone is offended by something it's cancel culture calling every That is a knee jerk, calling everything that is a knee jerk response. That destroys your point, but he's so far. I dont disagree with this, but here is where it gets fun. He says Pepperleigh Pew is offensive because of the way he treats that cat, but speedy Gonzalez is not offensive, and so you should be cancelled. Hey this is completely subjective now, so basically, gems gun is saying. Is that if you remove Bill appeal from tv that he has not been cancelled because he deserves to be cancelled, but you shouldn't speedy Gonzalez because Jim's gun for some reason, Lesbians, Alice, don't worry guys. It's not cancel. You're so long as their only cancelling the stuff that I want cancelled as loans
cancelling itself, I won't cancelled. Then it's not cancel culture at all gave this order mentalities, infused everything. It is infused our schools as infused our colleges. It is infused our media, as infused Hollywood has indeed his infuse our corporate life. This view is now cram down by the western royalty, the works. They are the royalty because an inter sectoral hierarchies right there at the very top at the top of their privileged hierarchy of people whose opinions matter great peace by very wise today, or at some staff about how this is infused America's elite institutions. She writes the dissidents you pseudonyms in turn off their videos when they me for clandestine zoom calls they're, usually coordinating soccer practices in carpal. Now they come together to strategies, they say they could face profound repercussions of anyone, knew they were talking the situation of weight has become too egregious for emails. Were complaining on conference calls so one recent weekend on a leafy street and washed away They gathered in person and invited me to join in the back yard, behind a form
from home. Ten people sat in a circle of plastic Adirondacks years eating bags skinny bob. These are the rebels. Well off. Ella parents who send their kids to Harvard was like most prestigious private school in city about one hundred Westlake is prestigious. It is a boatload money. It's like fifty Grand a year. Your kids Harvard was like my normal american standards there quite wealthy by the standards of Harvard Westlake, like average user to career couples, who credit their unsuccess not to family or inherited wealth, is their own educate? so it strikes. Them is something more than ironic that school because more than forty Grannie Year, a school of Charlie Monk, war is right hand and Sarah Murdoch. Whether Laughlin reports daughter in law in its board is teaching students. The capitalism is evil for most parents, the harmonization of capitalism is least of it. They say their children tell them there. Speak up in class. Most of all, they worry the schools new plan to become a quantum put anti race institution unveil July. Any twenty page document is making their kids fixate on race and attach importance to it in ways that strike them as grotesque,
making. My son feel like races, because the pigment nation of his skin says one mother. Another poses the question to the group. How does focusing a spotlight on race fix how kids talk to one another? Why can they not be will rains were Harvard Westlake has declined to comment this. What this haven't Westlake parents group is one of them of many, the rising quietly around the country to fight what is described as an ideological movement that has taken over their schools. The stories and interviews more than two dozen of these centres and we principles into the blue estates in the country in New York in California, the parents, in the back it is for every one of them. There are many more too afraid to speak up there, all eager for their store to be told, a single one would, let me use their name, they worry about losing their Jobs are hurting their kids at their opposition. To this ideology were known, the school And ask you to leave any reasons had what mother at Brent, what another Ellie Prep School, then you'll be blacklisted from all the private causing you'll be known as a racist, which is worse than being called a murderer. One private school parent born in a communist nations, has I came to this country sky the very same fear of retaliation. My own child now feels and other jobs. We need to feed our families, oh and pay
fifty grand a year to have our children get indoctrinated, a teacher Europe, put it more concisely to speak up against. This is put all of your moral capital at risk. Parents have spoken out against this ideology, even in private ways, they haven't gone over well, at a conversation with a front, I asked him: is there anything about this movement? We should question said her father with children, into principles in Manhattan. Any subdued that's dangerous ground around in our friendship. I've had enough of these conversations to know what happens. the atmosphere is making their children anxious, paranoid and secure and closed off from even their close friends. My son, you I was talking- he begged me not to see another haven't Westlake mother. He wants us to go to a great university. He told me one bad statement from you will ruin us. This is the USA Freaking kidding me, but this is the reality. This is the reality. Maybe the power in America as very why says now comes from speaking, woke a highly complex and revolving language, disappointed I've made repeatedly I'm gonna make it my upcoming book, which is that work is A. Must
speaking the lingo, it is not about making the world a better place, is an entry card to the new ruling class. That is what woke him is a Harvard West. Like English teacher welcome students back after summer with I am a queer white woman's, a european descent. I use she her pronouns, but also feel comfortable using it. They them pronouns. She attached South Carolina, recording Audrey Lord caring for myself is not self indulgence. It is self preservation, and that is an act of political warfare. The tide. The working class get were rising colleges and use it and uses latino instead of letting acts or hostile was conjuring verbs because a classmate prefers to use the programmes they them. Yet this is a world in which we live, the woke rule. It is, in fact, a halt. It is called and that culture is in control of the major institutions in american society. Already in a little bit, we'll have a our of the ban, Shapiro, show in the meantime go check out. The Michael mole show in today's episode, Michael, be talking about the ever worsening Cuomo scandal. That episode is available right now, I'm bench appear. This is
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