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Ep. 1215 - The Military Goes Woke


The American military launches a full-scale public attack…on Tucker Carlson; Team Biden pushes a new era of big government on the back of lies about an endless pandemic; and the Grammys was full of pornography.

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the american military, is now going to be rebuilt along woke lines. Apparently, this is the way that we are going to do everything in America. Right equity is the by word. Equity is the thing that is going to drive all Biden, administration policy, and there are certain institutions in America that I think conservatives correctly felt we're sort of biased toward conservatives among those institutions, business which has been completely hijacked by the Woke and now militarized Hence people who think differently. Military was one of them. The military was an institution that generally tends to vote. Conservative. It is filled by people who tend to be patriotic. Is you have to be pretty patriotic to sign up or a life of service in the american military you tend to be pretty hawkish on foreign policy is one of the great polarities of the left, always using neatly called chicken hawk argument is that if somebody didn't serving the military, they can't be hawkish on foreign policy responses are gonna pull the members of the american military will only use their vote. I have very little doubt about which way that is going to go it, but now all these institutions have in fact been taken over.
by the Woke orderlies cudgeled in submission by the well counting and file in the military agree with what the top brass are doing at the military right now, but that's a little consequences People at the top of the military have decided mirror the priorities of our left. The same thing is happening in police departments around America. Those police departments have been cudgeled into silence by left wing federal agencies, as well as by police chiefs, were hired by left wing mayors, and what that, in so doing, incidents of driving good people out of the police force it into making the police force less efficient same thing in the military is now the military. According to the left, the Miller, It is bad when it is used as an instrument of american foreign policy. It is good when it is used as an instrument of social engineering, so the American military is bad when it is used in Afghanistan or Iraq. At that point, american soldiers become just people or dropping bombs, civilians. Is Brok Obama one suggested about Afghanistan, but when the Eric and military is used as an instrument of instituting gender policy or when it is, used as an instrument of forcing forward certain policies with regard to safety.
marriage then it is very good institution because it's under total government control will now the american military has decided to apparently embrace the standards of political correctness and not just political correctness, they decide. But the top grass in the military are now one should focus their fire on public relations, fight with journalists they don't like, which is quite astounding. Imagine if under in Trump top members of the american military. Having hurts, as things about them for years from when media like MSNBC, had decided you want one. They were just all gonna go hard out after Rachel NATO, Rachel Matters, something about the military and the entire military brass decides they're just going to go directly after Rachel Matter. Cries of authoritarianism would have been deafening. The crime fascism. What I've been deafening, why is our civilian controlled, military speaking out as an independent body and suggesting that it should be in competition with members of the private sphere.
And one of the great things that America is. We do have civilian control of the military. The military does not control the military, the civilian branches and government control the military and guess what we all get have opinions and how the military is used. Whether or not we have served by none of that again is a referendum on the bravery of the peoples as I have said many times, I'd, never bravery deserve that Olaf's people today, we disagree with me for the bravery seven. I appreciate that, but it does not make their opinion significantly more able than mine, considering my vote counts the same as theirs? Depending on the issue. Perhaps I've studied the issue, perhaps studied the issue doesn't really matter. The bottom line is that severely control of the military, is one of the hallmarks of american democracy and, on the other, lots of american democracies, the military, does not speak out as an independent body against members of this house, in sphere. In fact, it is dilatory violation for members of the military to do this then allowed have private based opinions. They are not allowed to speak on behalf of the military. In members in in matters of public policy. So all of this began last week when Tucker did a segment talking about how Joe Biden had been out there bragging
How they have these brand new uniforms for pregnant women, and the general point that Tucker Karlsson was making is the point of the military is to be efficient, is to break things and kill people basically, bed. the job of the american military is to make America more secure and typically, when you're home at the military, that is through the threat or use of violence and top ready for a body that is designed to do. This is not, in fact the need design. Of new uniforms for pregnant women. Like this all that's nice day of design for you, for pregnant women isn't exactly like the bleeding what you need from your military areas, Emily from a military, it is more firepower. Its excellent troop cohesion- it is a bill, is high levels of efficiency in being able to threaten or to perform the act of breaking things in killing people rather than what the military is there to do, or to preserve the peace, with the threat of breaking things are killing people in so took her says you know what we're talking about top priorities and military, the temporary and military,
not be the maternity leave policy for pregnant women, it's great. They have that, but that is not our priority and why you have tat members of the administration touting that as like. This is the most Raising thing happening within the military, as opposed to here, is a retrofit of all of the all of the obsolete equipment that the military requires to be replaced right. That should be top priority. If you're talking about maternity leave, then maybe you ought to look to you know. Some of the other federal agencies have even want to do that by using Military is an instrument of social engineering or at least pretending that the top priority the military, social engineering, is bizarre and does not make us more competitive on the world came down on Tucker, how dear he say, this he's sexist. It's terrible. If you suggesting all of this may help, how could he and then what's worse, is that the military decides that they are going to get involved in this business. things get really wild. So, according to the Uk Independent, a top military shall you S. Space Command has hit out at, took thousands commenting in Sweden and military, pointing out the hostess never
from today in his life. Well, that is true about everybody, and Joe Biden was not the army, so there What job I was announced in the policy was none of Joe Biden. Press team was in the army and what? What? What are we talking about here? None of these people were Marines, so the how what That's not relevant, there's no single Hosanna NBC so far as I am aware, whose perform military service that find their entitled to their opinion, internal entitled to his opinion. Your opinion any more or less valuable, whether you served in the military again, if only but who serve in the military or able to speak out on military matters, the military be doing that stuff that its doing right. Now, these I promise you ve asked rank and file Americans who are in the military, what they think about what policy now coming down from the top? I shall want to the military. They don't agree with it. They ve never agree with it by the way. So there is a there's this guy from space come. Who is some? Who, who now put out a a videos,
is Master gunnery sergeant. Scott stalker is the command senior enlisted leader at? U dot S space command and you put out this video ripping into Tucker Carlson. I understand some comments were made yesterday and I watch the clip of that Mr Carlson produce, as he referred to pregnant women in the military, I'll remind everyone that his opinion, which he has a right to, is based off of actually zero days of service in the armed forces. Let's get back to work, let's remember that those opinions were made by an individual who has never served a day life. Let's remember that's all about drama tv! God bless America, Simper, Fidel's! Ok, I mean that that's an amazing statement when he says that his his opinions zero, decent melter again you pull members of the military. Donald Trump could still be. President members of the military, unnatural Republican would of law, since about nineteen. Seventy six, maybe, but beyond that, the basic notion that
The strength of the amount of american military is pregnant. Women is not really true. You want to say that America's better offer, having limited military, there's an argument in favour of that for sure. If you want to argue that pregnant women military. That, of course, is very silly. Pregnant women are at the strengthened, american military giving women the ability to take maternity leave. Maybe a positive and worthwhile thing for purpose. Of retaining females in the military of volunteer deserve. But that's not the same thing as saying that pregnant women are what the string of the american military. That, of course, is incredibly silly. In fact, all the army regular, these are precisely the opposite. Regulation say that a twenty weeks pregnant There is exempt from feel duty, they see the way standards are made irrelevant by pregnancy, soldiers, not available for deployment during pregnancy, if you're, the mother of a newborn for four months after delivery until the soldier waves soldier not be assigned to duties when they have not easy exhaustion. Suddenly headedness, if that be hazardous to soldier or to others, that includes Aviation duty and classes this requires the army regulations does not meet the brutal sexist over Fox NEWS or something
The army has regulations a basically wave all standards when a woman is pregnant as they should, because, when it when is pregnant, she's, not nearly the same physical condition as you be otherwise and by the way Women are not in the same physical condition as men, otherwise, because men have higher performance athletically than women do on average, not always at the Bell and at the end of the bell curve for a woman is going to be above average for a man, but the tale of the Bell come from his way about the detail of the day. For eight for woman again, the army regulations have significant restrictions on what women can and cannot do if they are pregnant. They're not permitted to paint weld sought brine. Sentimental wash parcel from other do other duties where there were two we exposed to carbon monoxide soldiers cannot participate in indoor weapons training. You can't work Did your body armor after fourteen weeks being pregnant the diagnosis of pregnancy. A soldier is exempt from mandatory pity and from pc testing at twenty weeks,
Lindsey a soldier's exempt from standing parade rest or attention for longer than fifteen minutes, a twenty eight weeks of president in pregnancy, a soldier must be provided a fifteen in a rest period, every two hours, a soldier's work. We do not like seed, forty hours, a soldier, Catwoman eight hours in any one day if they are pregnant, but also for took her to say yet. You know you you're focusing a lot on what we do for soldiers who are pregnant. That is now the part where we strengthen the american military as a general policy. That is not wrong. What we should be focused on is: can we win wars, honest to God over the last week, We had a top general Jackie means. There is no guarantee that we will even win a war against China. Were we to fight it? ten years right, spot difference, Answers have run wars on this very subject result is we lose when I was on congressional commission looking at the national defence strategy in twenty eighteen. We said this. If we
in a war with China, losses to personnel and high capital assets would be on a scale not seen since world war. Two, we would be challenged to win, and indeed we could lose. Ok If that is the concern at a certain point, you know you on actually worry about the state of the military rather than what sort of magical performance for political correctness purposes you are doing, and it was Biden, who decided that he's going to oppressor about female uniforms for pregnant soldiers, and so the point the Tucker was making is not wrong if your focus the efficiency of the american military again find have soldiers were pregnant. In the military having uniforms adding there's a little more question to be had about whether you ought to be admitting soldiers who are then once to be eligible for transition surgery at the cost of taxpayers. As he bizarre You may consider we have minimum standards of getting in military that excludes people who have any sort of Europe mental disorder.
by the way. Anybody who has depression, but so you can have a depression gettin in that you can get the military view if Europe depression in Cancun to the military. Rather, if you have depression, you cannot get the military, but if you believe your men lose your woman, you can get in the military in the military. Will then pay for your surgery like a bizarre military policy, but beyond that like, even if that is the policy that is where you're putting. If you focus by the way. We are all doing this at the same time that, according to the Uk Telegraph, U S, army now considering a reversal of its new gender news, physical test to instead included, for an evaluation categories for men and women. Research showed that the army, witness test, which is the same for male and female soldiers, was leading to lower results for women with a knock on effect for promotions, because it turns, are the women and men are not physically the same it there. Also studies have been out for years suggesting that all male combat units perform better than mixed units. Do is going to NPR two thousand fifteen, a year long Marine Corps study, trying to understand how gender
immigration would affect combat. Readiness has found that all male units were faster, more lethal, unable to evacuate, casualties and less time he's appointing all of this out. If you're looking for combat efficiency, that's not the same as the standards that are We need to push forward by the social engineers. Can none of that should be supremely controversial, but Tucker set? So is controversial and not always controversial. You're gonna get now hit by the military itself, which is re. Easy. Can that's the pact, it's really not is not. The people are giving Tucker flak. These issues have long been in the public eye. The idea, the top levels the military are tweeting out, woke talking point slogans against Tucker Karlsson is not is the hijacking of an american institution that is required to be non partisan for partisan purposes? If it had happened, and from that,
our growth or terrorist authoritarian fascism, it happens under Biden and it's just considered fine and wonderful and good for the American built. First, I'm looked like the military in like decades incredible, but it's more of this in just one second. First, let's talk about the fact that you not really one good that on our part store. I know you don't you dont, understand in line and then finally get to the front line, and they ask you very specific questions and then they order the part on line and then, if we, for weeks. Then they charge you or you know you could just skip all of that and you do online yourself. A rock Otto Dotcom recorded outcome always offers lowest prices possible other than changing prices based on what the market will bear like airlines do. Why would you spend twice as much for the same part, I say happened need off the tap my added Delphi after fourteen fifty six fuel pump assembly for two thousand five hundred thousand ten hunt odyssey. There are costs you like three and fifty four bucks at a big train store. That is the kind of thing you could get a rock out over two hundred and seventy Bucks recorded outcome is a family business serving auto parts customers online for twenty years, but Iraq uttered outcome to shop or ATO and body parts from hundreds of manufacturers best of all prices around
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then they followed. Somebody was like you. I want to focus more on defeating the Chinese, then you're focusing on defeating, took across it, and there are like had what was last time you signed up for service boomer located. It's now become. he'll Arend is running the the Marine Twitter Account apparel this is what you really think you can draw people than the military, but it is an about turn people to the military, it's not about attractiveness to the military, knowing if you'll aren't gonna China, because this well crap, you know many people, I get letters from in the military asking whether they should re up, because this woke crap and I'm not sure frankly what to tell them The operating under these auspices is very difficult in the same way that if you're a cop, I got that lots of emails from cops asking. My department has decided that they are we cracking down on my ability to do my job should ivory up. I don't owe the answer to that is what this is. about making military stronger is, of course, weapon eyes in the military, against political targets like Tucker Carlsson and really weapon rising against it in time
side of the political I'll. If you're, the chinese military have to be laughing at this point, but if you're America's enemies- and you are seeing that the military is extending its resources, fighting with tucking Karlsson about the the whether it is worthwhile to your your publicity to leave with pregnant women and not whether to have women in military, but whether the the most important thing. Military can do right now is provided national maternity leave, twitter and you're the chinese Jerry and maintain over the South China Sea like well. I feel like these people don't have their priorities in order. At this point,. and now for the media. The media love this kind of stuff, so the media who have despised the military for DEC I've always seen the military as as bad in Israel american Imperialism and colonialism will now there are there over the moon, because what they think is that they think, first of all, bunch of traditional minded Americans who love the military. Again. I promise you conservatives I pulled. Statistics love the military significantly more than members of the political left, no question as yet
the average conservative, how many members military they know. The answer is going to be a lot higher than members of the traditional left it, but the left seems to think that all the people I love the military are now going to turn on Tucker because their members, the military, tweeting pc crap. I gave it up. That is not what's going to happen here, but that the media are super happy about its. They think. That's what's going to happen here there any time there is a major institution that is guided by the Woke and then taken over by the woke. The left are super happy about this thing and particularly ones, militarized against their greatest enemies. Over Fox NEWS, O Brien Spelter. He is out there saying that you're Tucker is the new trumped up. Here's the thing you guys need an enemy red Trump was your enemy because from said things you didn't like and because. Bullshit you're ratings, the ratings, it's gonna drop precipitously since the election, since that is true for virtually all that It's been a strapped, actually much more precipitously foreseen and then, for example, MSNBC sober Still to rethink. Tucker is the news No, you want you make Tucker the new trumps. You have something to cover the reporters you spend.
David CNN, like media matters, gurus just sitting there monitor box for bad things that they can then put on the Cairo CNN, If you want to know what's happening on Fox, all you have to do is to an overt CNN and you'll know. What's happening on Fox here's brain cells are saying tuckers the neutral note. You need to make Tucker the neutron, because you have to have trump. You have to have a trump and talk. It could be that Bilbil could be that I could be. It depends on the weak today, sucker, here's brains, dotingly effort, Hugger Tucker Quarrelsome, is the New Donald Trump Tucker has taken trumps place as a right wing leader as an outrage, the later as a fire starter, and it's all happening on Fox. Just like trumps campaign did. Let me think about all the ways these two men are similar. Everyday Karlsson is throwing bombs. Making online
means offending millions of people also delighting millions of others. Tapping into white male wage and resentment stoking distrust. The big tech in the media generally coarsening the discourse never apologizing for anything studying the GEO Peas agenda. Ok, I'm actually you know who setting the european agenda you guys unless you're setting the european agenda by being crazy, and then took her comments on your crazy and then you say that it suckers fault is the exact same thing: they did with Trump, but makes hunger precedent by the way. It's crazy. We weren't nuts, because what they are doing is the date HU a bad thing, and then, if you comment on the bad thing you commenting on the bad thing is the story: it's always Republicans pounds, it's always Tucker Pounces or Shapiro pounces, or this outrageous thing that these right wingers are saying in response to us doing crazy thing and we ve been working in the Ngos, we don't like any basic commodities, polarizing terrible people. talking about banning books where they focused on policy.
New passenger trillion dollar package relic yeah, that's a bad policy that looks terrible. How dare you criticise our policy you're the one who are starting the fire? Now, I'm sorry just like Trump I said over and over and over Trump was The murderer of american politics use the corner. He arrived on the scene and the body was already called. The same thing is happening, he arrives. Unseen, there's a story generated by Joe Biden, its men to generate a story. Token Karlsson covers it, and then they whose their minds, because this is what they need to do, because everything the search and destroy mission. Tucker is ineffective. Communicator. He must be destroyed. This way have April Ryan Aperient National TV to talk about how Tucker's entertaining is deadly on CNN, its deadly. Ok, it's not just she disagrees. It is that it's gonna get people killed. This is inhumane. What he's doing- and we know a judge had to wall overtime- calls him when his attorney talked about him. He's not unusual porter he's an entertainment entertainer. This entertainment value of Tucker Karlsson is deadly and Fox NEWS should be ashamed of it because payments,
lives are in jeopardy. We we saw the threats that came into reality on January. Stick six, because a broom, a poisonous witches were was stirred by Tucker, calls him and others over there. Ok, then, this is the real goal is to get rid of your opposition. You build up your opposition so that you can tear down that's the actual there hey in just one. Second, we'll get you more of this first, let us talk about the fact that you are sending an awful lot of time. with media these days, you're watching tv. Are you listening to shows like this when you need a great pair of wireless here, but because we are not living in two thousand and seven is now two thousand twenty want. You need wireless hereabouts, where they are catching up on your favorite newspaper Castro, Benjamin Audio Superpower and through your work with a pumped up playlist a pair,
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Because the culture wars are an innocent political wars. The Democrats have turned every single thing, political, so much so that even some members of the traditional after looking at them cross, I'm going. This is insane you have lost it in and as the left pushes further and further because they think that they now have the ability to walk over America. They believe that they can just they ve grabbed the power in these institutional strongholds, and they are just going to bulldoze America they're going to generate an outside to mount a blow back. I'm not sure that they are aware of this, or maybe they just don't care. Maybe they think they can just seem role that the de LA back, but I think that's gonna, be trouble for them. A Sarah Silverman over the weekend settlement is about as far left. It is possible to be campaign for Bernie Sanders wildly antitrust, but Sarah Silverman happens to be a comedian and because she's, a comedian she's been cancelled several times for.
bad old jobs. So over the weekend she said you know I'm getting kind of tired of the Democratic Party which has bought into all this stuff. I dont think that Sarah Silverman speaks for no one. I think she's things for an awful lot of people here here. Sarah Silverman saying unbelievably enough an intelligent thing. It's the absolutist nests of the party. I am men that is such a turn off to me itself in the latest, hit out for some called progressive. It allows for zero progress, it's all or nothing, no steps toward all or nothing again righteousness porn, and she is right about this, and this is what the left pushes every single day
because they need a target every single day see when you have a roving mob on the internet waiting for the target, then you need to target it used to be that mobs had to mobilise around usually a terrible purpose. Everybody come home from work, and then they would see something bad happened, and then they would Bob and do something awful and evil. Now roving mob on the internet that you spend all day on the internet, and so the only question is around: what drop of blood are they going to congregate? You put a drop of blood and water, and then they all just swarm. And it's pretty obvious what their culture their attempting to build here, it's a culture of sense. various righteousness born. She says that actually tolerate actual port red gift understand that what they are acting in defence of is not a
counterculture what their acting in defence of as an anti culture. The tears way all traditional standards, and so anybody who is a defender of any element of traditional stands up to and including your individual right to offend that must be torn down too. It is important that anything that smacks of the old ways and the old ways is not just you know to parent household, that the White take offence and the two two and a half kid it's not just that. The old ways include your ability to offend anyone. If you offend anyone, then this means that you must be cast out into the outer more into the outer rooms you if you wish and corn field. This is why the Grammy's it's it's hard to square right when you, when you watched any the Grammy's last night. What I don't know who did the ratings probably were garbage, but when you watch the Grammy's, which is made for blue trademarks on twitter, there were two competing visions. That really does one was bill, birth setting thing and the thing was unworthy, and this means that billboard is bad and he must
friend and he is cancelled, because we must never allow anything like what Bilbil said. Do you said ever again, none of public space, guys Bilbil, has to be stopped. Comedian any violated our sense of propriety. Our puritanism. The new puritans are great, with porn and very bad with political dissidents. If you disagree with them, then that then you must be burned at this. but if you're assimilate lesbian sex acts on stage and for the millions of people, then that not only is that good. That is wonderful for our culture, virtual billboard, he gets up and he makes a joke, because why the hell in his right, his he was there to introduce best, latino or latina artist or something- and billboards like why am I as I might go, I'm a white guy, Edens, yellow feminists out there already complained about Here's a builder had to say in any trend for this. was. I only want to want to kill himself during that piano Sola. I bought a suit for this. I thought I was gonna be on tv. Such a moron
thanks so much money right now and unaware Grammy goes too. Tally, love, ok, be four point thirty. I will it's all sorry. I will accept on behalf of her, if I put you to name of sorry right, a comedy feminists like go or not so how wise the FIS White male do. It always lad Tito stuff. Ok and people are and will gladly its true. Why is that white male doing other Slovenia Stephanie commenting on it? How dare you laughing about butchering people's names? How dare you right? This is where the puritanism comes out, because cultural Puritans can never allow Buber to make a joke about its own inability to pronounce lets you no names. You can know what sort latin Ex names right you can never make a joke about. That is which burning stuff right. He must be must be burnt, billboard, a bad man because he's Sis and his white, where the each comes before the W White right he's a very, very bad man. But you know
great for culture. What is great for culture is Harry styles, we're boa because using a bad David, Bowie impersonation from nineteen eighty seat in ferment, eighty three and and then what is also fantastic, fantastic for culture is xx orderly, graphic simulated, lesbian sex acts on stage for the brand new artist of the year Megan these stallion her given name her parents decided did she her middle name had to be not with one e, which make sense should be Megan. Thus Megan these stallion. You are the stallion pay, not just shoot. You are making v v, be a stallion her, so she and her party be simulated like fallen. traffic at and then this has been the stick for why or I'm going all the way back to Mcdonald's opportunities as anything new the simulated sex acts on stage the Grammy's has been quite a thing for several decades, but this was also uniquely graphic, right. So here was a little bit of what happened to Grammy's member, our new Puritans, our great with with porn and infecting the culture with debauched behaviour. There
and task with us, where they are, the same people will say that weapons and entire in a deeply empowering feminist songs. Nothing says empowerment, quite like wrapping about the moisture state of your genitals for the play, or of men to consume your actual content that that that is, feminism hang up. There was a tremendous levels of feminism That is great for culture, but if I ran the zoo has to go guys if I ran the Jews, deeply dangerous for your kids. If your kids read about the island of Mazurka with a bird called the Eureka, your kids will be ruined for life deeply disturbed for life, but if you give you kid purity blockers it in the age of five, they can decide their gender at the age of thirteen, and if you infused the culture with a bunch of warmed over soft core pornography on the Grammy's and then call it high culture, that's not bad for the culture, that's good for the culture! This like Shakespeare, it's amazing! Now! Listen! I'm not sure that there is a deep can
between the quality of art and culture produces, and morality of the culture. A german culture produce some wonderful eyes, but I will say this: I have yet to see a culture that produces low arts and pretend that it is high art that is worthwhile. Read that that is not a thing: They did so, just because a cultural desire does mean the culture is good, but just because a cultural produces lowered and that becomes the height of art as a priority Decatur that you have a culture in decline, busy culture in decline right here.
you didn't do nothing and people sharing than a woman dancing inside a bay of eight a box in which cash is being blown at her. This is high culture guys this is the head of our culture. So if I read the zoo, varied advocates, dont know if I was you hucks in terrible, feared children Mark TWAIN has to go. Shakespeare is sexist shake beer is racist? Shakespeare is old fashioned. Our new culture, however, has amazing things like this like showing on major national television in the EU, in time full answer related lesbian pornography well done Everyone, like just that I feel are key he was in great hands and by the way, if you make a joke about it, you oughta be cancelled. You'd make a joke about it. Then we are grafter. Advertising get fired.
Hence our, but this new puritanism is not going to stand cut, it is garbage, is not even puritanism on behalf of some purported higher continents with the universe or something but he's not like I'm trying to get in touch with deeper values and frank and touch with my God. I can't do that and well well. These people are dissenting, that's bad enough right. The accuracy is bad, but this is just the accuracy on behalf of pagan garbage get. This is the accuracy on behalf of pornography, which they very weird form of the accuracy and it just paganism, and that pagan culture will brook no dissent, everyone must be ruined and if you cross the woke pagan culture, then you must be destroyed, is gonna generate an awful lot. A backlash can get you more of the destruction of our culture, because it is a thing Ok does matter will get more of that in just one second first, we have been talking about it for a week now. This is where it gets really exciting her daily. Where, because this Friday March, nineteen is the premier of Kent
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I'd fight? You want subscribes that when Gina Kronos nobody comes out, you have access to that plus we have all access right. You can hang out with each of our host. So much good stuff happening for subscribers right now go to daily where'd icon. Slash, subscribe use could Candice for twenty five percent off Listening to the largest fastest growing can sort of progress and radio show in the nation I mean has to be a limit to this right, but we're not can reach element for quite a while member I've been reporting to you thanks to producers savvy and Jessica I've been on top from beginning of this bachelor controversy, which Chris Harrison himself into super giant. How water? Why, for the great sin of defending a bachelor, contestant, Rachel, Colonel because a few years ago she went to some sort of Anti Bellum themed, costume
already and because it was an answer balancing Costume party, this meant that there were neglecting the evil sins of of slavery. Now again slavery, the great evil of of american history, no question also wearing a fluffy dress from eighteen. Fifty does not mean that you are in fact a fan of slavery. That's an absurdity, like saying that, because you dressed up as George Washington for Halloween one year, you're a fan of slavery like does it I'm sorry? No. It is true that people who dressed like that held slaves. It is also true that people dress up as people throughout history who have been in cultures that held slaves. In fact, if you pick any culture prior to about sixteen hundred cases, either slavery and their culture. But beyond that he did. Even defended the behaviour across Harrison. He just said, maybe should grant for some great. Maybe she didn't know that this was offensive. Maybe you should just leave it alone and not mob her, maybe You shouldn't go after her parents and their voting record, and you know who else said this. The other person who said this was the guy she was
eating at the time who happened to be the bachelor she won right. She ended up being the bachelor rat. Harrison then did in ill advised interview with awoke former bachelor rat and during that interview, he said that she needed to have a little grace right. He said we I have a little grace little understanding, a little compassion. I've seen some stuff online. This judge jury, executioner thing. We're parents are just tearing this girl's life apart and diving. It's like her parents, but record- is unbelievably alarming to watch this. He was then issued. He was forced to issue an apology and then a second apology, but now turns out the crosshairs and will no longer be actually hosting the show at all that is after he died, another one of these mewing interviews the Good morning, America in which he knows who is taking drastic steps to save his job, including lessons with a race educator, he's gonna get the Woke re education at still wasn't enough. His job is still gone. Show producers announced that he was being We were placed at least his host of the bachelor at the female version of the show the ehler imported.
Chris Harrison will not hold the next season of the bachelor for the first time in the history of the franchise, which began as aid the pleasure monetary beauty in two thousand to we are dedicated to improving the bypass represent hate representation of our crew, including on the executive. serve ranks some water and ABC. These are important steps in effecting fundamental change. Franchises celebration of love that is reflective of our world. Yes, nothing says reflection of love, quite like somebody to lose his job for suggesting that perhaps you should have great further human beings. The backlash when this comes is going to be significant and Of course, when there is a backlash will be attributed to racism. Sexism and brutality and homophobia and all the rest? Because that's the way are stupid. Culture works at the way that the way that all this works is that the left does something extreme, an extraordinary, well mainstreaming, a bunch of fringe behaviour. And then, when you protest, they say it's because you are a bad,
Americans are gonna, stand for this up to the point where they don't stand for anymore and when backlash comes, it is going to be incredibly strong, but good news before the backlash comes. The democratic gonna take advantage of the fact that they have the commanding hygiene all of our institutions and the governments to ran through everything they could possibly want in origin. They also have to prolong the crisis that they believe we're in with regard to covet. Now, let's make this clear we are now in a crisis anymore, if an article that is used around the country are threatened, nowhere there's not us. The place in the United States, or I see you are under threat of being overwhelmed. There are still a lot of covert patients that are coming in. They tend to be mainly younger and less severe, because a huge percentage of the elderly in America's elderly stage, place like flora, are already vaccinated. Vaccines are going out next ordinary rightly doing that two million shot today, this crisis drawing to an end, but in origin ran through massive government policy. The left has to pretend the crisis is never going to be in an already certainty: Morpheus right, already starting say well is no longer a covert crisis. Now there is the possibility,
The climate change will be. The big problem is how you have Chuck Todd saying you know what shore pandemic might be coming to an end, but we need more government spending and we need to build that better, because you know there could be more pandemics in the future because of climate change. Remember before this, the the suggestion was we needed to we're throw the structure of the american economy because of climate change. I'm inequality. Then it turned out that actually, the best possible response to income change income, inequality and climate change it turns out is actually more cap Let him in a lot of circumstances, not less capitalism, but the left is pushing that as the crisis. Now, this crisis appears be waiting, so truck Todd is saying you not more pandemics because of climate change. So maybe you should continue doing the stuff. You know when you think about per sadly having to prepare for this again, and I know there's a lot of folks who, who think that they now due to climate change and due to the globalization in general, its inevitable we're going to deal
more and more viruses like this. The biggest lesson here, you're going to take away to prepare for the next one. It some need the desire to prolong the crisis Davison in captain crisis here is a doctor Anthony capture, the second greatest Doctrine- America, after Jocker Joe Biden, who, if you have a heart, attack, limiting diagnose you with a community college degree, Doktor felt she was on the structure and use explaining thing. You know what we're just gonna continue. This will continue to pretend that this crisis is a crisis. He says I can't tell you we can schedule weddings indoors. He can't I can. No one. You can schedule a wedding indoors right now and if people don't wanna show to show in schedule wedding indoors right now and if your vaccinated, you don't have to worry about it, the cdc hundred say that if you are vaccinated- and you are in contact with a person who is positive, recovered nineteen- you do not even have to quarantine which means that they are not worried that you're going to pass along the disease by the way that the study show from Israel. They show that the rate of transmission, four people have already
vaccinated and have the other bodies are extremely low if you're vat in any future, and if you had the opportunity to get of acting and you're, not vaccinate at that point that one's on you, I can tell you right now when people against our rescheduling weddings indoors and the answer is the course of the next month and a half by the time That way it is already mid March by the time we hit the beginning of of April there. going to be before starting the schedule, weddings and by the time we hear the beginning of may there will be full scale. Indoor weddings, but here is focusing I can we want a schedule wedding indoors, maybe never, maybe just what no. This is still a free republic. Supposedly we're not going to listen to you just because forty years ago, your pointed the head of a government agency, I will say
the amount of respect media have her fancy is not matched in any sense by the amount of respect that people in private sector medicine, half her doktor vodrey. It is not a thing. Ok here is doctor. Fancy saying that, basically, you know he'll, give you permission when you can go back to having weddings one can people plan amend or whether you know that's it? That's a good quest And I think that's gonna be within a reasonable period of time, and you know what the CDC is doing they gave Maybe this I wonder what would time of the year on you know. I can't give you that exact date, because it's gonna, absolutely the pen, and this gets back to work a conversation a minute or two ago, it's going to depend on the list, of infection and community ok again tell you always has there'll be a degree of normality by the summer. What degree you can't tell you are our scientific establishment has been corrupted by politics. We rejected them,
Harry being granted by politics. Our culture has been completely destroyed by politics, and we also now the scientific community destroyed by politics. It is incredible to make that we spent a year suggesting that tromp was tearing the heart of the scientific unity while he was allowing founded on tv and spout whatever felt you wanted to say, and yet the Biden administration is rarely and obviously, and openly changing CDC standards to match their political priors and the entire immediately August there following sides know it is the opposite: here's Anthony fetching what will have a degree of reality by the summer, not we're not gonna, have a degree of normality. By the summer we are going to have normality by the summer period. End of story. There were two issues getting enough doses which we will have with the new contracts with the pharmaceutical companies, but once you get those doses to get it into people's
arms and that's the reason why, when the precedent set by the fourth of July will be, will believe strongly that if we do all these things will reach a certain degree of normality by then and then well into the summer, will get even better and better towards normal and what age amazing, how he turned toward the positive tax by the way. As soon as this giant useless and counterproductive stimulus act passed, ok, that thing is replete with pork, and we all know that shall priorities, arrogant, prolong the crisis, so you can continue to force forward all sorts of insane spending. Here's Nancy blowsy talking about them
but the union's so there's a ninety billion dollar bail out to private sector unions in this thing made sindbad contracts with companies that pension funds running out of money, because there are predicated on false promises, and now you, the taxpayer, you get to pick up the check for that genetic blowsy says the bail out to the union's was about the children and also their grandparents and also their grandparents. In other words, yes, we are just paying off her chief constituencies and we're pretending it's about the crisis, but it ain't shares. Nancy policy have always said that the three most important issues facing the Congress are children. Children are children of their health or education, the economic security, their families, including pension security for their grandparents, an environment in which they can thrive safely, world peace in which they can reach their fulfilment, while the first three of them,
their health or education and the economic security, their families, whose very much affected by the Biden American Rescue plan. Again, just like you, talk missing plus you know what's coming on the other end, what Democrats really want, which is higher taxes? That's a democratic we want in the great lie. They will tell you that there does not raise tax on anybody except the super wealthy. The supervisory can pay for all this. No one came, I can promise you could confiscate every dollar of wealth from the top one percent in America in redistributed today, and it would not dent America's national that it would not dare to kind of that we are doing right now. Here's Nancy Blowsy openly embracing the idea of raising taxes down the line again their economy. consequences for the spending binge that we have all decided to go along with here. I am glad that we have decided as a culture that the giant gaping hole in our hearts left as a result of the death of religion in community can be filled with puritanical wilderness, ridiculous hedonism on tv and governments Demi tracks, but it can't it ain't, gonna, kill anything on him, come on the other and is paying income
increasing taxes for people in the middle. I love how people we have european styles of living, but without having pay european taxes. If you're and over sixty grant a year, here's Nancy Policy they signal Friday that major infrastructural legislation is coming next. That's gonna require new taxes. Can you keep Democrats united behind a proposal like that and attract any republican support? Well, we'll see Emily, but it is going to take new taxes right. You say fiscally sound where we say: there's some some sea sick spring from certain harbour: tat maintenance, tax credits, this that will see it. I think that some of it needs to be well well. Look at everything. Oh yeah. They will look at everything. Environment is this. There is a piece of your times today about the era of Bill Clinton being over and that's right. The year of Bill Clinton is over because Billiton was a democratic, embraced. The basic notion that the iraqi government was over the Arabic when is back its sucked in the sixties. It's gonna be even worse now, at least in the sixties. Theirs argument to be made the you're trying to rectify, deep and abiding
imbalances. At this point, all your attempting to do crammed down a socialist inversion of big government in which government incorporations work hand in hand to destroy our freedoms and to restrict competition in favour of some sort of bizarre. and of utopia and which are not allowed to speak freely and the government hand you a check. That is the direction which removing already we'll be back here later, they with a an additional hour of content in the meantime, go check out the Michael mole Sean. Today's episode, Michael, will be talking about the possibility. Megan Markel running for office, quick note there by the way I predicted that, a year ago, as in January, twenty twenty that Megan Markel wanted to run for president and other talking. that's. Why have to stop joking things into realities, really a problem that episode of Avail right now, I'm bench of here. This is the bench a bureau show if you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe and if you wanna help spread. The word please give us
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