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Ep. 1228 - The Propagandist, Lying, Activist Establishment Media Must Be Torn Down


Major League Baseball moves the All-Star Game out of Georgia based on media lies; and 60 Minutes runs a completely false hit piece on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

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Major league baseball moves. The asked our game out of Georgia based on media lies in sixty minutes runs a completely false hippies on, the governor, Rhonda Santa's, I'm bench brothers is the bench Barroso today, show is fostered by expressive, dp and stand up for your digital rights to catch. It expressly peons outcome, Slash Ben speaking, of which you listening to the show. You know how much cancel culture as a problem. You know how much there big textbooks, really don't like you that, like a prospectus but their monetizing or data, why not deny them access to that data by using express Vps? Why would you let big tat cancel your right to free speech instead, when I cancel their access to your private data, Express BP and can help you do this? I've ever wondered how these big texts I make money when there actually free to use well, they track your sword
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media that are partisan, hacks their partisan activist liars. This is what they do for a living and I've been hesitant to use the phrase enemy of the people, because the stalinist phrase that suggest that people should go to jail or the people banning should happen to people. But let me just say that the media are the enemies of the truth. Establishment media are just partisan at this point, you have allowed Joe Biden Biden administration to simply lie about the content of this George of Voter LAW, which is more liberal. With regard to early voting, then laws in places like Josie its voter idea, requirements utterly uncontroversial. It did not dismantle all ballot drop boxes or anything like that. Battle drop axes are a new thing. There are sort of created for the pandemic in limited the number of those who didn't get rid of all of them. It expanded in many ways boning hours in Georgia is an extraordinarily mild law in Georgia, but that's not what you'd get. If you read your mainstream media, if you read your establishment media, what you'd get to this is that this was a Jim Crow attempt
You stop black people from voting. That was a lie. A lie a! Why would a lie all the way through Joe Biden kept saying Jim Crow over and over and over and nobody in the media saw fit to fetch her. That's it and the fact that very specific statements, the job I made on occasions you get the Washington Post, giving Joe Biden for Pinocchio for suggesting that the Georgia Bill Limited voting hours but with the overall rate, his statement that this was like Egypt Promoting will, of course, not. Of course, not. Even though, is overtly a lie you have to be so unbelievably ignorant and stupid. To believe that this Georgia law has anything to do with Jim Crow. And yet, if you pulled Americans, I would bet money that half of Americans think- and this is Jim Crow racism is. Georgia voted
which again is more liberal than Delaware State Voting law. Apparently so here's what happened Joe Biden and by demonstration and his partners in the media, because that's what they are, they are not objected in any way. They are simply propaganda. On behalf of the Democratic Party, the this partisan hack group decided to push that. Why not just push that lie, then an activist fashion to train pressure, private corporations into pressuring public bodies Georgia, state legislature or, like the governor of Georgia, they're trying to mobilise corporations to do their dirty work for them. There have control of deliveries of power in Georgia and said what they're going to do is to try and get private corporations to pressure of these public bodies into doing what they want now, there's a certain irony. Do this members and left are constantly saying corporations they shouldn't be donating. Money in politics should be in politics in these corporations with there,
a corporate money, influencing politics and then, at the exact time, ill demand that these corporations actively use their businesses right, not just their funds, their businesses themselves. They should change how they do business in order to punish republican states and so they put a lot of pressure on major League baseball, Joe Biden, one on European and he'll Berkeley called for mutually baseball to remove whilst our game from Georgia and mutually baseball and Rob Manfred, whose an abject coward is a pathetic, abject coward, he's a yellow, bellied coward that that cowardly, ridiculous person decided. You know what that's what we're gonna do. We're gonna pull the all start game from Georgia, follows in the footsteps, and other sports have done similar things. We saw the anti double lay: pull basketball games from North Carolina after a bill that would have protected women's bathrooms. In Charlotte, we saw that there are their sports legs, tempted to target Arizona in the aftermath of Jan Brewer from governor of Arizona, pushing the idea that that Arizona was going
force, immigration law, state level. This is nothing new, is latest generation and most ridiculous adoration, because it is based on just complete, utterly eyes again. The Georgia law is not offensive for anyone who is actually looked at the Georgia law. The lies about this. This bill are insane the lie that you can't drink water or be given water. If you're a hundred fifty feet from pointless No, you can't have a partisan activist bring you water, but there are poor workers there and they will bring you water. You can bring. Wandering yourself friend, go get your water. This is the same law that applies in a bevy of states, but that's not what you heard about this law. Is it? What you heard from Stacy Abrams was a liar Joe Biden was a liar and the media were liars. Is the disease Jim Crow voting tactic designed to stop lack people from voting again in overt lie, miserably baseball decided to mirror that lie hidden. The these lies were consistent. Over and over and the media just repeated them. The the Washington Post Review,
it aims everyone's actually claimed. This is a claim from Stacy Abrams again the greatest politician american history, Stacy Abrams. She claimed quote the Georgia GEO Pete traded economic opportunity for suppression, supremacy, suppression of the vote. The Washington post by the way did report in fact check that experts consulted by the newspaper said. The net effect was to expand the opportunities to vote for most origins, limit them. That can stop the Washington Post from simply repeating add nausea, Joe Biden lines about how this was Jim Crow. Racism Biden said that he would strike We support the boycotting the city over the law that was passed by democratically elected officials according to Daily, where Georgia, Governor Brian Camp, fought back against all that you said, there's no way. We should apologise for this law. Are you guys in saying there's nothing wrong with the wall? There were mechanical issues that needed to be fit, there were reasons to try to figure out a better way, a more accessible way in a more secure way for us to hold a lead
and there is nothing wrong with that. We shouldn't apologize for wanting to make it easy to vote in hard to cheat, but maybe there's an argument for boycotts and protests and moving all star games. But that is not what happened. What happened was Georgia is going to have secure, very accessible and fair election, in the future. In this, it can also went ahead and slammed Joe Biden, who of course had lied about the Georgia over and over and over again, certainly doesn't help when you have. President of the United States say, and that in body in the national media it he's in the mainstream media, will even ask for a correction when he simply last gets four pinocchio of all people of all places from the washing post me not to tell you right. There he's not being truthful, he continues to line mislead about what the bill does. So, how exactly did this boycott come about by the Americans?
how exactly measurably Baseball America's National pass them decide that they are simply going to inject themselves into american politics on the state level and punish states on the basis of democratic lies. Have this happened here is our give you that store in just one second cause a truly incredible. It shows you how a small intransigent group of people, along with the media, pushing from the side. An activist fashion can make this stuff happen. It really is an amazing amazing thing we'll get to that in just one. Second first here is a serious issue. If you are irresponsible person you to make sure that your family is protected in his God forbid, something should happen you. This is why all responsible people with dependents should have life insurance, but it used to be, but for policy genius. You'd have to do this by word of mouth. You'd have to find a friend. The front will tell you about their life insurance policy. Then you end up with a life insurance policy, those actually not the best on the market, because you couldn't competitively shop this thing, but policy genius will help you competitively shop and get the best deal on your life insurance. Once you find your best option,
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all corporate blowhard ISM. Basically, you have a small intransigent group of people inside of cooperation. They have to be very large. It used to be very loud and very interesting and they work in inside out again with the media. They push from the inside the small entrancing Kroupa folks, and then you have the media, pretending that this presents a broad majority inside the corporation and threatening that cooperation with outside action. If they refuse to acknowledge what he's woke stores inside their own house. What right this is, how you walk Nikola Coca COLA, because you have a very small percentage of employees at Coca COLA, twenty percent of employees and Besides, they don't like the Georgia law, and then you have the media on the outside yelling at coke, and you have all of the heads of co going well beyond. It doesn't really matter. If we like just say we don't like the Georgia laws that really that big, a deal which put out a statement saying you don't like it and then I'll leave us alone. This is what happened with the M l B, with major early baseball and again on a personal level. I don't have a lot of brain investments for our care. If I don't have to invent, bring coke ignominy
Nan, drink, hope in the first place and not a soda person. But I do care about mutually baseball, I'm an enormous baseball. Then I've been enormous baseball fan my entire life. My father and I wrote a full on book about the two thousand five Chicago Whites acts championship season, We went through literally every game at ease and that's how big a baseball than I am and a huge huge based both in I grew up with it. It's a part of sort of the life blood of the country and seeing that life blood poisoned with the politics of wilderness is deeply disturbing, is disturbing number of levels, first they're taking things that we all should be able to share together in the wreck and the wrecking them their politicizing them. But just as import we are taking cherished aspects of american culture and they are turning them to politics, and once you do that there is nothing we share their making it This is making its there's literally, nothing. We shall recapture a baseball game without getting political. We can pick a razor bran without getting political everything.
Political now- and this is the way they wanted. This is why, when you hear some conservatives, why it's a word about the culture wars weren't? You just worry about the spending. I care about the spending. I do I care about your binds. Crappy bills will get to that, but I care much more deeply about culture, because culture is upstream of politics, a culture that refuses to acknowledge dissent as legitimate, a culture that refuses to acknowledge political diversity, a culture that says work at this corporation? Can you voted for Trump or they can you can't have an all star game in your state if you voted the way, we don't like that culture is not destined to remain as a culture that is destined to break down to polarize and then to just. collapsed in on itself like dying star and that's what we're seeing in the United States right now. How exactly did major baseball again, a coalition of teams within it I trust exemption that should be removed. Now, how did that coalition of teams with teams all over the
States, including in red areas, ok, Georgia, despite the fact that, just elected to blue senators in a bizarre special election, it still is a red stated- has read: legislature has read governor, and now after this is going to have to read senators next time it comes up. How exactly did this leaned decided? It was time to use to alienate half of its fan base. Minimum happened. and by Commissioner Rob Manfred according to European made the decision to move the argument. Events along with the amateur draught from Atlanta, after discussions with individual big leaders and the players, alliance and organisation of Black players formed after the death of George Floor last year, the Sultan together rather quickly such a kind of country, outfielder, Jason Heyward, was black. We had, I think I d left in spring training the players lines. We gather and got as many people as we could call. It was pro less than fifty guys on their out of the one hundred or whatever we had our conversation. We knew how we felt about it ones make sure. I think that, regardless of what happened, the decision was made and that we were there to do what we couldn't Atlanta so number one.
They promulgated alike that the georgian voter law was about voter suppression. It was not, and I was based on a larger lie. The Democrats were pushing over the course of the last few years, which has every time they lost an election was about suppression of the black boat. It was a lie. It's been awhile. It continues to be a lie. This has nothing to the Jim Crow has nothing to do with rage and it's disgusting I mean really repulsive media pirated that lie entreated. It is legitimate over and over and over, but for our purposes is just as important to see that the and they'll be shifted, its entire stance and removed according to the Cobb County officials in Georgia. one hundred one hundred million dollars in revenue from cop county, because forty five players they'll be decided to write a letter. Rob Manfred mean that this unbelievable we're going to Daily Wire Georgia County that voted for binding we lose a hundred million dollars over the Be relocating game, a hundred million dollars, from local autonomy. People lose their jobs because Jason Haven,
makes millions of dollars were being overweight, a baseball player and some forty other players decided that it was deeply necessary for the and I'll be to move at all star game and Raw Manfred, because a coward decide to go along with it. Both are really about. Those players was really wasn't only about those players is certainly partially about those players, because those players were very loud and they were shouting about Rachel Justice. Even though again, this had nothing to do with and was based on a lie, but it was about this intransigent, woke minority inside and I'll be combined with a media that was actively pushing this stuff actively pushing this stuff and what does it actually pushing the stuff? Let me give you a an example of just how actively they were pushing this stuff in just one second, because this is indeed it it. It shows what the media
They are in active as propaganda group on behalf of the Democratic Party. That's all they are. It is often no more respect than the normal press release that you get from the DMZ or from the DMZ or from the the Democratic National Campaign Committee or from media matters there. Just an activist group, very propaganda outlet there, the problem of the democratic party we'll get to the proof in the pudding in just one. Second, first, let's talk about a great gift, something can do to making for a family. So if you have family, if you have parents, grandparents it just your family, you only sure their family members are preserved at such an important thing nowadays. Most must take our pictures on a phone videos hunter phone. But when you are growing up that was not available, obviously use it taken on the camp quarter, and this will take you put them in, but the age ass. They know it s a vcr. Nobody has one of the little tapes, those things only just anymore, so you ve got in your garage boxes of this stuff. What do you do with it? It's just taken up space instead have transferred over to a digital format and save it for
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through its unreal its, and that only happens because the media are with me- are the sort of the media do what the media do? Is they then call up and they'll these advertisers? They call up local color and they say you guys advertising Moby. You just said that you came out against the Georgia bill, but I see that you're advertising with the imo be whose having their I'll start him in Georgia. Why would you do that and then woken COLA calls up M l B, and they say you know it's real upward for us when we move the ostler again, that's how this little pathetic game worked and the media are in on it. When the media call up Coca COLA for comments, they are not calling them for comment there demanding action from Coca COLA, because the threat is we are now one too a headline saying that Coca COLA is a bunch of hypocrites. This is one of one. These corporations should never give an inch, because once the interest they are done as the minute you feed told the alligator. The rush of use gone is the this is the the Robert seen in jaws and many are sliding down the deck air trying to fend off the shark with feet? Presume you're, gonna find
torso in its mouth. That is what's happening to all these corporations right now. So how does this is the perfect proof CBS put out a headline over the weekend? Here was the headline it was frightened. I quote three ways: companies can help fight Georgia's restrictive new voting law. Does that telling you you as non their opinion section, does not it. There is no pinion tag or disclaimer on the article
three ways, companies can help fight Georgia's restrictive new voting law. So number one a few problems one. It is not a restrictive devoting law, it expands. Voting, expands it to such just lie too. That is a perfectly activists headline. You would see that from the Democratic National Committee. You would see that its Stacy Abrams as website three ways. Companies can help fight right, the implication being if you don't and you're in favour of Georgia's evil restricted and voting on the media are activists. If you give them on a yoda of respect, it is because we're being Dumdum they deserve. None of your respect. This doesn't mean don't watch what they say and then don't backtrack it. You should factual but if you take what they say at face value because your moron, there is no way that you should be watching CBS News and take me to face value. There's just no way to do it and it's just mirroring democratic party priorities. That's all they do that's their actual agenda. Why these of the media actually report? What's going on with him I'll, be ok, perfectly obvious. How hypocritical m l B, as as Fox NEWS, reported it
out, the major League baseball is protesting that Georgia voting law. Meanwhile, they bolstered ties of the Communist Party back chinese company, the crackdown on an NBA executive who supported the pro democracy, move in Hong Kong, the email they deal with. Ten cent on Wednesday is one of China's largest tech companies. It's one of the chinese firms that brief briefly dropped. Nba games and twenty nineteen. After former Houston Rockets, general manager, Darrow Morey, publicly voice support for pro democracy protesters facing a Beijing that's crackdown in Hong Kong. As always, it turns out that these sports teams, it's all about the money, is spent about how they are principle. The opponents of the georgian voting law is because they wish to avoid the scrutiny of the media, who don't care at all that all these corporations are doing business with the worst people on earth companies that are sponsored by the repressive and tyrannical chinese government. It just it's an incredible incredible that headline migrant CBS News eventually pulled it, but the fact that it was even.
just demonstrate where your media are and they are garbage by the way. Speaking of hypocrisy, remember, Joe Biden called for and they'll be to move the asked our game. I that's a real reason. This happened, Joe Biden called for it. Stacy Abrams didn't call for, but basically said that the George Voting was Jim Crow, which, which promulgated the myth, the media pushed it, And then he had. She asked enough people inside him I'll be yelling about it that Rob Manfred, whipped out, because that's what he was going to do. Meanwhile, Jackie can't answer a very simple question: why is it then you're saying company should boycott Georgia, but you you, president of the United States, the White House. You are not calling for the United States to boycott the Olympics in China, which it turns out. Is you wonder, Neither has really restrictive voting was like Superscription voting was not melick. People were partisan, given water bottles to people a hundred, fifty paces from the voting place, but you know people being sent to detention camps if they vote wrongly.
You know China, bad voting was over there and yet strangely Joe Biden seems perfectly willing to have an Olympics in China. When can we expect the final determination from the programme? United States participating in the Beijing Olympics? Given that he said the chinese president doesn't having democratic bone and his body? Well, I think the? U S Olympic Committee would play a big role and in make early while here that I stand sleet didn't, I think, I'd enough. You heard the court the answer, the question. The answer that happened a few minutes ago were way addressed us, and I answered the question. So I give a little more contacts, but maybe weren't paying attention to that part of no you're just a liar ears, like your father with the United States, doing the Beijing Olympics, because you don't care if China oppress its own people, but you do care about lying about Georgia. They can presumably win a bigger share. The black vote by lying to black voters, the Jim Crow, is coming for them.
It is not a shop in the same Joe Biden included, Mitt Romney one for black people back in chains is claiming that a law that expands voting access in Georgia actually restricts its her black people. There just empires and the media repeated their pitiful scale. Now here's here's the Good NEWS, there's gonna be a, clash. Ok, let's talk about the backlash for a second here's. The reality in Georgia was about to happen in Georgia. Is that Raphael Warnock is about to lose a seat gay. He is up for reelection about a year and a half year, not even right. He's he's up for reelection about a year and a half November twenty twenty two he's gonna Lucy he's going was his seat because it turns out that the people of Georgia only voted rough I'll, Warnock, basically, because Donald Trump intervene in the Georgia centuries, both of those he should have gone a publican, so that was up their second. It turns out when you read a movement, wake up your own state, that's really unpopular, which is why Stacy Abrams, who is the lead promulgated of the over why that this is a Jim Crow Georgia Voting, though even she came out against a maybe she said
blame Republicans word. She said they prioritize, making it harder for people of color revolt. Were the economic well being of all Georgians like men, Georgians. I am disappointed. The M l b is relocating the all start aim. However, I commend the players and the commissioner for speaking out? So, in other words, we about ways she's very happy. they never be speaking out and removing the austrian It also. She sat removing yesterday, that's because she's writ recognising, maybe for the first time that people losing economic activity because they disagree with Stacy Abrams, might not be a great electoral strategy in a state like Georgia. The backlash is coming and his coming strong. and should come strong and there's a piece by Dave Seminara in the Wall Street Journal of what I wouldn't give for a shave that isn't woke. He says: my closed. My bathroom, my house is full of leftist brands is time to do something about it. He says It is wrong to think conservatives should refrain from adopting the bullying boycotting tactics have left. I made the case against emulating progressives in these pages last summer. As I lamented the rise of the Woke corporation documenting how many of my
We're companies embraced dahlias antithetical to my own, but its increasingly clear that the sharp increase in corporate virtues signalling after George Lloyd's F wasn't a passing trend, but a sea change, perhaps a sign for conservatives to boycott companies that hate us. Yes, this is correct as hamper companies too. on the right in direct opposition to this stuff wouldn't be doing that a daily. I promise you it's coming. We are going to be forming companies that are specifically designated in order to take on the Woke culture in corporate Amerika, and you should do the same. If this is the country that the left once this is the country they're going to get there going in a backlash in Georgia, whirling and in the cultural sphere, people on the conservative side of the island and start businesses that do not cater to the Woke but decided to cater to everybody and they're gonna. Just tell the woke to shove it because here's the dirty little secret, the woke, don't have that much power. The media are a paper tiger, the media yelling at you and say having the boycott you and I mean you know, one gives a crap
no one gives a crap. The dirty secret of the media is the dairy mirage. The media have a perception of power because they can drive narrative, but not enough. People pay attention to the inner of cash, make it up. is just these corporate leaders are so online line there so on twitter and they're afraid of seven people on Twitter. We know this, for example, because Harry's razors decided to cancel advertising with some of the shows on daily wire because one of the daily House made the crazy statement that man is a man and a woman is woman in, and I want to say that two Harry's razors like this doesn't agree with our values. Ok, well, you know fine! Fine! You don't like us, you know, like our listeners, that's fine! Her is raised. What is launching different brand razors and our people can go to us because guess what too can play at this game? I said for a long time. I don't like boycott tactics, him them, but there's only one thing: worse than boycott tactics, and that is putting the other side, use them and then being victimized by them, there's only one. Thing worse than having nuclear weapons, and that is the other guy having nickel
weapons and you being completed his arm. The right is not, and for this any longer, nor should they the blow back, is coming and going to come very strongly and the more the media, just let it out of the closet exactly what they the more the ball back is coming and going home against the media to there's a reason, right wing media are growing and they will. We will continue to grow here a daily wire, because people don't want to get their news from bunch of partisan hacks who won't announced that they are even part of We heard the daily wire knowledge were conservative. I've told you, I mean I've told you goes listen in Amerika goals and my show and then where we agree on the fact tat her that's the fact. Everything else opinion in nobody on the West will do that because they are liars because they, why about their own agenda, is such a thing I doubt the fact they lie about their own agenda. I don't lie about my going to you know my agenda. The moment you set foot in the engineering ranger, the show of the media just lie to you and they'll. I consistently and a y with narrative
it's happening over and over and over another example. So over the weekend there was a rather major story, but it's not a major story, because here's the way it works when it comes to crime stories there is a crime story, the backs the media narrative that America systemically racist and evil and filled with white supremacist right wingers. Then that's national story, if a person who is not moving along with a narrative commit summer in a high profile fashion. That's not a national news story, that's a local news story. So if a white person kills a black person answered That's a national story because it underscores the idea that America is and systemically racist. And how could we be such a terrible country if a black person comes a white person on the street which, in terms of statistical
ability is actually more likely to happen. That's not a national story, that's a local news story. If you perfect example, over the weekend, it turns out that there is a in attack on the US capital police. A member of your Kapital police was killed by person drove a car into the into Europe's capital. Police officers then got out of his vehicle with a knife, and then he was shot by the police, immediate response by the media. I many them he was. This has to be some sort of white supremacist read. This has to be a cure, non guy or something what turns out not It turns out that the that the attacker was a twenty five year old black man was a follower of loose fair consternation of Islam. This person's Facebook page described themselves a follower of Aragon, in which he said that fair con was Jesus. He said that he was his spiritual father and call them Noah Ex many twitter account. Initially rushed was soon. The attack was carried out by white supporter of former President Trump, but the minute it turned out that this was a loose arrogance
horrible knows gone from the media even heard about enough even heard about it I'll, just as many police officers were killed this week at the use capital as were killed on January next,. And there is there's one police officer. We cylinder how you dive any of his murder, the capital, but also Brian Signet, died. Maybe presumably let me again, the facts are still coming up during generous. Its text in over a use comparably software is just murdered over the weekend. Is not national news story because the identity, the perpetrator, the media, have decided it's, not national news story, because their partisan hacks, because all they care about is the Democrat, leaning narrative- and let me just say this: if that had been down from support, every Republican in America would have been asked about how your vote for Donald Trump effectually did this kind of thing. But this person is valor of West Africa.
we'll Single Democrat was met with was there can be asked about this? We'll Single Democrat was made, nice would lose Ferrok, I'm Talkin Bout represented Hank, Johnson and some are suited to leave open Omar. I'm talking about all the democratic members who have been warm with figures from nation of Islam or any of those people be asked at all about their association with with a person of that idea. Ology no don't be silly, don't be silly because that of course, is a local news story in a secular and get to the biggest media battery of the day I mean it's just the media are there out and they are proud in their living life to the forest. The backlash can be extraordinary and I cannot wait for it. I am here for it and that's the biggest media battery of that aid is perfect, purposeful battery. It is frankly to family, it's defamation and if they weren't targeting public figure, they find themselves in court. We'll talk about that in just one second. First, let us talk about the fact that you really don't go to the post office these days or you know, and if ever
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a podcast Candice on Apple Spotify or wherever you listen to your podcast. So if you need some kind of zones in your podcast need look no further had on over to Apple podcast respond. If I subscribe today be surely the five hour of you, if you like what you hear it listening to the largest just going concerning Pakistan radiation the nation already. So let's talk about the worst. battery of the day and it is not a mistake. Okay, this is not just them being bad journalism is that they are hacks their partisan hacks within agenda. This is deliberate propagandists. Sixty minutes rather propaganda piece about Lord Cumnor on assent is now dissent, as has been the target of the media. Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, because this answers to confront strategy than California any York- and he showed them up- he made them a really bad. It turns out that the census ran this state beautifully. The state that I meant well me work in California ran their states like garbage and recover shipped covert positive patients back in an hour
onto killed thousands of them and covered it up in California, they shut down the entire state for a full year and ended up with the same deaths per million ratio. As for despite the fact that California has one of the youngest population, in Amerika in Florida. Has the oldest population America outside of main it, but the media hate dissent as because the census didn't listen to their pathetic, lies about covert and how to treat covert and all the rest of it. The census new covered with a threat in was a threat. The mostly centred on elderly people, and so it protected the elderly any told everybody else to go out and use risk assessment and wear masks when they felt that they were at risk and then live their lives. He didn't destroy the economy, hidden, prevent people from leaving your lives. He didn't kill all there. France and prevent people from eating outdoors waited in California? Dissent is handled it right, Cuomo inducing handled the wrong the media like Cuomo, and they like museum cell since the beginning dependent, they ve been covering every idiotic story out of Florida and then, follow up to show that they were wrong. So they have
Some more on lawyer, walking round the beaches of Jacksonville, dressed up as the grim reaper and saying like well. Look at this guy he's shaming round a census, follow up to point out that no one actually got covered on the Jacksonville Beach love story after story to look at Rhonda Stances and Tampa. Amid the soup well they're. Surely there will be a massive out, but no massive outbreak no follow up and will now they're trying to suggest that this answers is crops up a couple weeks ago, they just put like week they put out a story, the media there was a lie, but sense was covering up deaths and it turns out that the person who authored the study there, drawing from said the media were lying about it showcase they have promoted the idea of hashed had death sentence, it doesn't matter all the matters is the narrative. It doesn't matter that the excess death numbers that were being used in Florence were the same as the excess
where's everywhere else. It doesn't matter the senses. The bag ass. A sixty minutes tried to generate a headline last night with a story that has just complete bull, crap and just not true and, of course, Drudge Report, which is basically just become the having imposed. You may notice this. It's pretty incredible right, drudge, who used to be a fairly conservatives, lash, libertarian voice. His headlines are no indistinguishable from having can boast indistinguishable the headline Drugs right now is to census. Accused of pay for play in backs roll out grocery chain give pack a hundred thousand dollars. Ok, so here is what their supposed story is it sixty minutes there supposin story is that Rhonda Santas allowed public's to hand out the vaccine
It rose, retain public stand of the vaccine because they gave him a hundred thousand dollars in a super back. There's only one problem of the story: it's not true. It's not true, that's not why he allowed public's to do it. You didn't see vs and Walgreens had the vat. I know I was here see just Walgreens had vaccine first, the day were insufficient at pushing up the vaccine, so local official said why not give its public's lots of their eight hundred public's around state afford up what public's were able to do it? And it says, like hey, that's a good idea. Let's do it public's gives money to politicians on both sides of the island grocery chain giving Rhonda Santas was corrupt. We using public's to accelerate the role at what was supposed to do not accelerate the roll out of the vaccine in the old states in America. The result is not just that. Sixty minutes, boches distorted by the way democratic officials say that they bought the story. Democratic state officials senator of its false and offensive according to daily wire, the segment
your rapporteur sharing a fancy ambition to stand in a press conference last month, aggressively questioning him using a misleading narrative about the way he has responded to the covered pandemic. Alphonse you try to suggest the public's the largest grocery store chain in Florida had exchange engaged in paid a play by donating money to do since his campaign, in exchange for being award of the contract to distribute vaccines in the state public's put out a statesman. They said the irresponsible suggestion. There is a connection between campaign contributions made to governance. Answers and our willingness to join other pharmacies in support of the state's vexing distribution average is absolutely false and offensive, or of our pharmacy associates for administering more than one point: five million doses of vaccine to date and for joining other retailers in Alabama Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia to do our part to help communities emerged from the pandemic former floor to save sensitive jarred Moscow, a Democrat slam. Sixty minutes saying this answers office did not push for selecting public's. Must which is director of the Flora division of emergency management and is overseeing the states response to the pandemic
the minute he said. I said this before I say it again: public's was recommended by the Laura Division of Emergency Management and the Floor Department of Health. As you The pharmacies were not ready to start period full stop. No one from the governors often suggested public's. It's just absolute malarkey is a democratic official. It's a democratic official pay, so what'd sixty minutes. Do in order generate this big narrative, so there's this exchange that a month ago, between charnel fancy and Rhonda chances here, as has sixty minutes, cut the exchange. Ok, here's I'm show you
Are they cut the exchange benefit to show you the full exchange they cut out the part where descents explained why she was lying and wrong is cut it out completely to make it look like he was just being randomly combative. It was so here's the fake exchange from sixty minutes, the selectively added exchange, their very foolish ensures the selectively editor one and now with the county mail. I met with the administrator. I met with all the folks upon these county, and I said here is some of the options we can do more drive through sites. We can give orders hospitals, we can do the public's and they said we think that would be the easiest thing for residents but Melissa, Mckinley, the county commissioner in the glades, told us the governor never met with her about the public's deal. The criticism is that its pay to play that it's wrong. It's a fake narrative. I just this abuse view of the narrative and you don't care about the fact
Ok and to our rooms are all looked at. Combating branded answers. Look at him all the experts from the Lincoln Project when they were not busy covering up for for people who are abusing male staffers, they will look at the experts. Look at Rhonda sense will combat. He he's a liar: ok, here's the full exchange, because we have tape of it here- full exchange, sixty minutes sliced out the entire explanation by the chances of why churn Alphonse
he's just lying and wrong. These cut it out because he made her look like a fool. There was the entire exchange. First of all, when we did the first pharmacies that had it receive yes and Walgreens and they had a long term care mission, so they were going to the long term care facilities. They got that seen in the middle of December. They started going down a long term care facilities. The third week December to do L T sees so that was their mission. That was very important and we trust them to do that. As we got into January. We wanted to expand the distribution points. So, yes, you add the counties yet some drive through sites. You add hospitals that we're doing a lot, but we wanted to get it into communities more, so we reached out to other retail pharmacies public's Walmart. Obviously, CBS wanderings had to finish that mission and we said we're gonna we're gonna use
Frazier done with that for the public's. They were the first one to raise their hands say they were ready to go, and he does this full explanation. He says he says they calculated. Ninety percent. There seniors live within a mile and a half of the public's. They said we think I'll be the easiest thing for residents. So we did that and we ended up happening when she had sixty five published in palm beach. Homepage is one of the biggest counties, one elderly counties, which animal seventy five percent of the seniors in palm beach? And the reason is because you have a strong retail footprints. So our ways been motor Faceted has worked around I very much expanding CBS Walgreens now that they ve completed that long term care mission. Ok, that was that was his full explanation. Just cut all of it out just cut all of it out to make it look like he was not telling the truth. His own officials break democrat
are saying, but he's telling the truth, and sixty minutes is why you should be fired. Financed should lose her job. The selective editing is a hippies. It is a hippies from sixty minutes and its being now laundered into the public press is being monitored by the media. So here's how axioms covers this quote Florida. Governor clashes with sixty minutes recover that steamroller ocean laugh. It just a clash. Why it matters dissenters has been criticized for directing vaccines for wealthy communities with some benefited from the vaccine. Pop ups also donating so the governors Political Action Committee, that was a lie as well. The idea that this answers we just giving vaccines to the rich, no use putting it worthy, people are the old people in Florida happened to be in the richer communities generally. That is ridiculous, of course, given the vaccines to the old, the older ones. Dying of covert was supposed to do given to people who are poor and young made no sense at all. They push that nerd so now tried several different narratives triennial dissenters because they see dissenters as a possible twenty twenty four contender so trying to knock moderately, firstly from
the wind narrative it by having the state open at all, he was killing people. It was not true. Then they try to promote the narrative around. His answer was incorrect fashion, rolling out the vaccines. Only for his political, rich allies wrong used rolling it out for the elderly. Then they try to promote of the round. His answer was covered up the cove numbers. That was also a lie, and finally, there are now promoting the narrative. The Rhonda scientists for a hundred thousand dollar donations from public decided that going to allow you not the largest grocery chain in Florida to hand out the vaccine, and this is treated only is legit news, but as driving the news driving the news they accordingly? Yes, the sixty minutes programme Highland reports, vaccine favouritism, with Lord, is poor communities being left behind in the roll out. There's no public in Belgrade in Palm Beach county. Also, they found a terror. There's no publics just now using the most be most branched grocery in the state, is a bad thing. You're stupid, that is,
Do you find the grocery that's most common in the entire state aids? And you know I guess you have the vaccine so what'd sixty minutes do they went to a community that doesn't have a branch and then there, like you, know what, because this community doesnt have a public, no public should have it the hell. Are you talking about state democratic representative Amari Hardy told the show? You have lots of oak sort of cars in the community into round trip over two hours at thirty, four stops to the nearest twenty five miles. Why public's? Isn't the only outlet headings out CBS while brings, are also handing it out, and there are say pop ups getting out of action, and this is all it just wrong? It's a lie it just not true, but it doesn't matter because sixty minutes drives there too, because the media are driving the narrative
just absolute disgusting, partisan hat. You should not trust them with an iota of your time with an iota of your money, you can trust any narrative. They push they're out of the closet propaganda on behalf of the Democratic Party, just trying to push Joe Biden to a second term on a gurney, its unreal and they'll. Do it anyway. They can take, for example, the unbelievable coverage of Hunter Biden, new books, a Hunter Biden has now put out a book of his book is an attempt to cash in on the fact that he's a garbage human ok, this has nothing to do with Joe hunters being Carbon human, is not Angelo its hunter. Hundreds of garbage human by every by every specification he's a long time crack cocaine, attic who used to mess around with strippers impregnated one hundred get a paternity test. The child never really comes up in his book. Like none of its he's a bet he all he does his one ramping up bags of cash on behalf of because he has a last name, it's Biden hundred is is a bad person. If, if you follow his life story, there is no question he's just if you follow
text messages is apt, but the media have been steady cover up mode four hundred binding about person. Their friends can reflect badly Anja, which is unbelievable. They could just say, listen. Hundreds garbage just fine began through that. Instead, it has to be undermining. Story doesn't even exist. The hundred my laptop story, this information, Russian, this information will now hundred Biden has acknowledged, but that that that laptop is probably his and the media. I won't say media saying it was a non story now they're like his new book out, and you know it's moving and wonderful book. It's moving an incredible book accepted the book is basically a cover up, except that the book basically exe, choose him or his own activity doesn't really talk about that that the fact that he was scoring deals to get on the board of Amtrak and scoring high paying gigs consulting and me get free him with just absolute kid gloves has no answers, but they'll go through. Incredibly, here is hunter.
Toggle, CBS News. Not you not cooperate with video Germany's guy there's a current department of Justice investigation into your finances. What is it? bout. Can you say anything like here, but we can see. This is on cooperating completely, and I am absolutely certain one hundred percent certain that, at the end of the investigation that I will be, cleared of any wrong you're a hundred percent under hundred produce. Certain of it and all I can do- is cooperate and entrusting the process sure sure yeah by the way to books being covered as wonderful piece what're. That's how they're coming it punter Biden bears his soul bears his soul. That's the story! Not the hundred Biden is Gus. Bucky just picked up two million dollar banned from Simon enthused, her for basically lying about his own history. Unreal already we'll Viagra later did. An additional hour of content in the meantime go check out. The Michael mole show where he discusses Easter Lock, and it can hear more details about the story over Michael Show. That is available right now, I'm bench grow. This is the venture bureau
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