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Ep. 1229 - Biden’s New World Order


The Biden administration pushes global corporate tax increases while ramping up spending and taxation at home; the White House signals more bullying of corporations to come; and Republicans are optimistic about 2022.

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The binding administration pushes global corporate tax increases, while ramping up spending in taxation and home the white, signals, more bullying of corporations to come, and Republicans are optimistic about twenty twenty two and then Shapiro. This is the best. Morocco The ratio is sponsored by express Vps. I protect my data with bbn, so should you visit Express Bbn outcome? Slash ban will get all the news in just one moment. First, here is Your reminder, you should be said, a lot of money and herself and bill yourself. Andorra now is way too high, but many
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Ready, so Joe Biden, world changing plans are a pace. Democrats are now preparing a wide variety of tax increases. See there's this weird idea, other the Democrats re spending in and they have to raise taxes. That is incorrect. Democrats want to raise taxes. They like raising taxes. Higher taxes are part of the goal. They think that higher taxes, weeds redistributive equality? Equity can only be achieved through redistribution of income, even if it means that overall people make less money. Barack Obama said this very openly introduced
whose ass, in the middle of a democratic primary debate. If you raise the corporate tax rates and if that result in less revenue to the government, because the duck, because the economy shrinks, would you still be in favour of raising the corporate tax rates and Brok loans that I? What for purposes of fairness? It is not about maximizing economic growth. It is not about making America better place to live, is simply about punishing people for earning and punishing corporations and punishing anybody who runs a business, because the idea is that the government is supposed to take care of you. The government is God in this innovation and because the government is God, the government is there to provide you with a fair and just outcome, even if that means that something we have to get punished unjustly in order to achieve that fairer outcome recordings. In your times, the Vine Administration and top Democrats in Congress began detailing plans for significant changes to the United States and other countries ex multinational corporations as they look for ways to
revenues and Vice President Biden, two trillion dollar infrastructure proposal now remember this infrastructure proposal is a complete boondoggle. Five percent of it is about roads and bridges. The rest of it is about a bunch of giveaways unions. The rest of it is a bunch of waste fraud, bunch nonsense, but only wants to pay for even lying have been saying that is concrete nineteen million jobs. That is not true. According to CNN, Moody's did not estimate the infrastructure will create ninety million jobs. They asked me economy will around ninety million jobs, but thank you for twenty twenty. Thank you for twenty thirty. If the infrastructure proposal get past and sixteen point three million jobs, if it doesn't get past so in other words its going to add theoretical about three million jobs, but that's assuming that there isn't a massive economic downturns to inflation because keep pumping money into the economy, and everybody understands here that when you blow out the jet the way Joe Biden is doing it and we are spending more money that has ever been spent in human history. It is that simple, more money than has ever been spent in the entire history of humanity. When you do that, somebody's gonna have to foot the bill. Typically, the people who foot the bill, our people would say
because you inflate the currency and people who earn more money or going to have taxes raised upon them, and then they simply will not hire people. They simply macro their business. How much money are we spending Congress doled out, according to reason, magazine four trillion dollars in response to the covered pandemic. National debt held by the public is currently twenty two trillion dollars about. Sixty six thousand dollars per citizen that surpasses the countries the annual gdp for the first time since world war. Two on the current path, this video predicted in March, the debt would grow to one hundred and two percent of GDP by the end of twenty one, twenty twenty one, two hundred and seven percent by twenty thirty one and two hundred and two percent by two by twenty If you want it also predicted by twenty fifty one, the federal government we spending more than a quarter of the annual budget, just to pay interest on the principal all of that was before Joe Biden, so a nearly two trillion dollar covenant. Unilever and before he started push another two trillion dollar infrastructure plan. What is the risk to the US economy, According to recent magazine in twenty ten midway through the first term of present abroad,
Obama on the heels of the great recession, the national that would skyrocketing it had exploded and President Bush engaged the U S and to form an expanded elder care entitlements, which are the biggest drivers of Eurostat, the tea party was to prominence riding wave a pub. Concern over debt levels that they said would hinder economic progress and stick future generations with the bill. Republicans renewing their commitment to fiscal responsibility. Post Bush after Democrats lost President Obama, establish the Simpson Bulls Commission, which concluded that disaster was inevitable unless the federal government started cutting spending and raising taxes and reforming entitlements, then they just ignored all of this will now say, say a couple of of scholars. Now they say be the situation is significantly worse significantly worse than it was then, Jason firemen, who chaired the Council of Economic advisers under President Obama. He says he and war in summer. They now say they have co, authored a paper tiger questioning past assumptions about the national that he says the debt hawks twenty tensile worry.
Wrong to worry that America's balance sheet endangered the economy, but as the industrialized world wrapped up debt through the twenty tonnes, inflation and interest rates stayed low. The situation had forbidden summers implies the US government has more leeway to borrow from its has the floor. It is still the same here, but John Cochrane at these Stanford University Hoover Institution is Greece's. If you wait until the crisis comes, everything is much much worse, so, in other words, people are starting believe that we can to suspend the laws of economics permanently that is not correct. Even more and summer's war helped author, that study saying that were not spending too much money now he says we're spending too much money. Debt projections right now are probably too low therefrom, we significantly July so they're, going to raise taxes and owing to raise taxes massively and that's what they're interested in doing here's the problem, the minute these are raising taxes. You start driving corporations out multinational corporations and we move out of the United States we had about,
reverse organizations of major american companies during the Obama administration, when companies that were sort of partial organised year impartially organised broad, simply refer scores and organised abroad. Instead, because the tax rates were lower there, so be it What kind of party simply denies this assembly economic realities can spend money endlessly through modern monetary theory and also, if you raise taxes on people they won't leave. Now, obviously, is untrue of euro tax on people they really one of the rules. people and leaving California for places like Flora and Texas is because there's no stated, come to act in Florida and taxes. I speak as somebody who left California in large measure, because the state income tax in California, but Joe Biden is out there saying things that are abjectly untrue. There is no evidence that high taxes, DR corporations, out, which is just insane
Ohio tax will drive corporations not at all, because there's no evidence to that effect was thirty, six percent the sound down to twenty one percent and the idea that that's better reserve. We were talking about a twenty eight percent fact that everybody told was just good enough for everybody. Here you have fifty one or fifty two corporation of the fortune. Five hundred haven't made a single penny attractive. Three years come on, as yet Joe Biden go to when he has no actual logical counterpoint to the fact that corporations will react in their own economic self interest to protect themselves. If you radically increases the corporate tax rate, so they have decided that they are going to come up with a new solution by an administration that I'm just gonna race.
at home. They are now going to create a new world order in which the United States work with other european countries to artificially boost to tax rates around the world. So if we can get other countries, if we can't beat other countries on the tax front, will get them to join us on the tax front and artificially increase the price of doing business, which, of course is I'm going to avail anybody, because corporations will then move to other parts of the world have already been doing this, though offshore two places that are not in Europe Ill offshore to countries that do offer them tax havens, The notion that you can change all the economic incentives in nobody changes their behaviors completely crazy, but the goal here is to organise essentially a United Nations of economics, If you wanted a new world order, the way that the divine Administration is talking is the new world order, and here is the thing right now by quantum, what leading the new world order, but what happens when other european countries raise their corporate tax rates above the United States is coral tax rates in demand that we raise our corporate tax rates as well. And what happens when all
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you're going to raise taxes on people making under four hundred thousand dollars a year. You know me: small businesses in the United States have people who on them we don't make four hundred thousand dollars you're a lot when you raise the corporate income tax. What you end up doing is raising taxes on all the people who make the money from that cooperation. This is going to impact economic development right now, Biden can do everyone's because, again right now, we are not social recovery because we're an artificial depression? Last year we had the greatest economy in the last fifty years running up into covered, then covered happened, been artificial depression and now because of an artificial depression, organ avenue artificial, boosting economic growth. When everybody goes back to work, everybody on the Democrats out of the AL knows that, and so what they feel like is ok, but we ve got this to nominate economic forthcoming. That means that we can simply float our taxation boat on top of that economic tsunami. But here is the problem when you change needs we structurally there are long term impact of that by the way the tax increases. The dead proposing are not real. Their proposing taxi Greece is the materialise over fifteen years in spending the materializes over eight. What happens
ten years from now, we nobody wants raise those taxes. The duchess goes up, but more broadly JANET Yellin, who was supposed to be the moderate agenda. Yellowish postman is a political, figure at the head of the Federal Reserve. While she wanted was sort of moderate, slow inflation, slow growth in terms of the Federal Reserve, boosting the economy and instead is essentially put the federate down at zero and left it there forever. Janet Yellin has a solution to the big problem here, which she's tacitly acknowledging, which is that if you raise the tax rates in the United States. We believe corporations organise elsewhere. What is her solution? Her solution is a global tax, a global tax. We can have a global tax regiment. whereby all the industrialized countries decide to set a minimum tax rate for corporations, thereby forcing corporation today that actual matter where they organised by the weight for small, you think countries really do this using countries are gonna? Do this nose into this is ridiculous. If you are a smaller
tree and you're only draw is your tax rate. Why would you sacrificed, because JANET Yellin wants you to you, wouldn't beyond that? If you artificially increase the price of doing business, hasn't pretty mainstream effects in the economy of you boost the amount of tax should pay no matter where they locate. All that's going to do is lead to price inflation. That will in turn to job loss. It will lead to a lack of demand. You're to create a global depression, pretty good way doing. That is raising the global tax rate. Beyond that, once you establish the basic vision of a global tax. Who do you think is going to be, that global tat, your assuming its always gonna, be the United States making those rights. But what happens when all the rest of these countries and say listen, you are a global tax. We really need to do is being set up a council in a global economic council, and we are collectively going sigh, the tax rates for the entire western hemisphere went into it for all. Industrialized countries, soldiers give up Autonomy to centre on tax rates you're in the United States. Views with global tat, how does it
This is going to work here. She is proposing it all to justify a crappy bad idea from Joe Biden that is going to offshore jobs. We are working with cheap twenty nations to agree to it mobile minimum corporate tax rate. They can stop the race to the bottom, together you can use a global minimum tax to make sure the global economy thrives, based on a more level playing field in the taxation of multinational corporations and spurs innovation, growth and prosperity. Ok, then, the notion increasing global minimum tax, as as increasing innovation and prosperity is not. I mean it's not it's taking money away. The people who do the innovation that prosperity and giving it the government is blown on random crap. But this is a big idea and again there's no way that once you set up the G20 as a global, taxing body, but that is not that that is it one way ratchet. You think that the G20 in the future, as well,
after that taxes it back down. So you talk about giving up american autonomy in the long run, except the only way this works. Other countries are not go along with us because we wish them to their country. so if they gain leverage and where they live it is by saying we need a new economic structure in which we all get together and set attacks together. We set attacks together. Basically we are going to reverse breaks it here. We are going to increase the interconnection of all economic policy with a bunch of countries have completely different social structures, completely different spending structures, its wild. I mean it, but don't worry, Dory the blue states in the United States will get off easy. Mr part of its own, credible it really as Democrats our offer increasing taxation, except for their friends. This is the part that truly astonishing will get to that in just one second. First, let's talk about making your business better. If your business is growing, zipper quarter is the way to go right now. You can try it recruited for very different reasons. I come slash daily wire. It's really important for companies and job seekers to be able to
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we reject com, slash daily. Why are already so Joe Biden in company proposing a massive tax increase in the United States? also democratic Congress, releasing their own proposal to add teeth to the de facto minimum ass. The United States already imposes on income earned abroad, one that would apply to american multinational companies regardless worth the rest of the world. Does the proposal could raise as much as one dollars over the next fifteen years from large companies. What weird chasm one trillion dollars over the next fifteen years. You know that doesn't amount you four trillion dollars that want to spend over the next eight and those are just the two. There's the buttons trying to pass in the first four months of its administration utterly wild yellin is her support. global minimum tax according to New York Times, could help cattle. an agreement being worked out through the organisation for Economic Cooperation and development, which seeks to reduce companies, practice of booking profits in low tax haven countries to avoid higher tax bills, where negotiators are discussing a range of possibilities for such a plan, but they have not settled on several crucial details, including the rate of the minimum tax, the focus on,
Raising taxes for large companies comes, as Biden begins, to push to sell a two trillion dollar infrastructure plan and finance it with higher too, Democrats in the White House? Hey their goal is to ensure companies pay their fair share and don't move jobs and profit abroad to avoid paying taxes in the United States. But, of course we are already taxing quarrel since at a higher rate, the most european countries were now encouraging all those european countries to come along with us, the the way that works is if they also get to control. Some of our policy. Senator patch me said the yellow hen a global minimum taxes, an admission that binds plans raise the corporate tax makes american companies less competitive, which, of course, is exactly true and that you say we need a global minimum tax. What you're actually saying is that the United States is no longer competitive, so have to bully other countries into doing what we want them to do. Yellin says that, dumb, many developing and middle income countries are struggling financially because an insufficient tax revenue and
have the text more. Yes, that is definitely the developing countries need a new tax more than just the unbelievable ridiculous of this. That's the big problem. Developing countries don't have centralized enough and then more tax revenue that little definitely fix the problem. You know that those that, before The Soviet Union of Taxation levels one high enough about what is this is what is really about what is really about is punishing enemies and helping allies, because the same administration, the same exact by an administration that is currently pushing to raise taxes on corporations and raise tax on multinational corporations and raise taxes on the top tax brackets. They are trying to carve out exceptions for their friends. So one of the little notice things about it from tax bill is that if you lived in a blue state, it absolutely Jackie the Trump tax bill, lower taxes overall for some eighty percent of Americans who pay taxes, but what the what the from Tactical also did is, if you are paying a state or local tax, it was not counted as a deduction against or federal tax
These are called sought deductions. They were not counted against or federal tax silent in California. Now, then, that before steam, local taxes were taken out of my income and then based on the remaining income, I paid federal income tat. Those are taken as a tax deduction against my federal income tax after the Trump bill they weren't right. My top my gross income was taken as the basis for both the state local taxes and the federal taxes so basically stacked on top of each other. He that that creates a counter incentive for states to raise their own taxes, because now citizens of those states are actually pay higher taxes. Now what the? What the Democrats would like to do is raised the federal taxes and punish states that have very little tax. Why? Because they now want basically exempt states and localities with high taxation. From their citizens being higher tax rates over all the ideas that the federal government is going to subsidize states localities with high tax rates, so just to get the math wrong, but give a brief example. Let's say they have a hundred
there's another income and lets say that you pay ten thousand dollars and state local taxes have ninety thousand now left over to pay your federal income tax and can take the a thousand dollars to tax deduction against that right down those the old system under from spill One hundred thousand dollars was used as the basis for the ten thousand dollars state tax and as the basis for the Twenty thousand dollar federal tax paid thirty thousand dollars in federal tax, as opposed to paying twenty percent of ninety thousand dollars, which is eighteen knowledge rates and setting thirty thousand dollars and tax you're, paying like twenty six thousand dollars in tax twenty eight thousand dollars and tax, it lowered your your basic tax burden. Well, the binding ministration wants to go back to the the old tax system. Five you're in a blue stay with a higher tax rate, you're, not punished for being unable to state with a higher tax rate. Now, what's weird about this but these are the same people who say that they want to fill in the that gap they want. They want to punish the ridge.
What's the rich having to live in a blue state, in which case those rich should be treated better than rich people living in red state, because those red states are better, and the last thing we want is for people to move from blue states to read states for purposes of saving on tax money, Jackie over the White House. Just well, you know. Maybe we will reinstate the blue state tax deductions, there's some that are proposing, as you all know, salt deductions and other areas that are not revenue razor. So this will be all part of the discussion and absolutely our economic Tiemann numbered data countries will be crunching numbers as we proceed, but were kind of in the early stages of these discussions, at this point. So again they want to carve out exceptions for all their friends just like they want to carve out exceptions in campaign finance, reform for big labour and just like they want to carve out exceptions when it comes to. When it comes to you, personally every other five kobe they want. They were simple, their friends, the same thing
happening here, they want on some other friends from the new tax laws as long as they live in blue state. Why? What? Because those states want you raise their taxes do and they want to reward those states raising their taxes, New Yorkers currently such raise taxes on people earning over a million dollars so welcome to Florida. All you new Yorkers were about to move them please leaguer politics back where UK, where they came from the purpose here. They know that all the tax are going to rise in California and New York. Is blue states want to raise taxes, so mine is trying to make it easier for states to raise taxes, just like Biden trying to bully other countries into raising their taxes is to build back better what they mean by bill back there than in more top down. Government control can be more government, confiscation of private property and then use for random pay off to all of their friends. It is a new american order and it is a new world order that is currently being pursued by a world war which, if you're an ally of the binding russian and left. Then you get special goodies and if you're not, then you simply get punished it. Meanwhile, speaking of punishment
The binding ministration continues trying to unofficially punish corporations for not doing what they want up. There is some funny blow backer, but the reality is that divide administration basically push major companies based in Georgia and doing business in Georgia into breaking up with Georgia by lying about this Georgia voting law. As I said before, it was all lies. The Georgia voting LA broadens the voting hours, the Georgia law broadens the ability to vote. You now have more time to vote and advancement election. It opens alternative Sundays. Devoting the georgian lot it's not restrict voting more people will be able to vote in Georgia more easily. Thanks to the new or just by law, but the binding ministry. Was lying about it for political gain because they want to make it seem like Georgia's red nature, meaning that is more republicans. They ve been democratic states. Despite the last you set, it raises that republican state.
actually discriminating against black Americans does lie. Stacy Abrams has been telling for years. It's a lie. The Joe Biden has been telling for years and they triple down on that with their lies about the Georgia voting LAW, which we discussed extensively on the show transacted White House was asked about the fact that Joe Biden has a damned liar about this. Georgia law and she's doesn't care best answer. She doesn't care holes. Plain bore, no videos, because tat part of the law is colonies. The off into stand by our. Since I was curious, if the present to fundamentally the present doesn't believe it could be made harder to vote
He say has been determined by election law. Experts is curious, if he's going to think. Well again, I think we can the fact checkers will also tell you that this bell does not make it easier for people across the state of Georgia to vote, and that's where he has concerns. That is not true for smaller batch hackers who have set it makes it easier for people to vote as in general, over prior election law in Georgia, beyond that, the fact represented by his life, but that only about one doesn't matter the goal here to punish people who are not like Joe Biden, who don't think like job. I dont think. Like Democrats, Zackie said that when Biden encourage be major league, baseball, I'll start games, Move from Georgia can even care about economic consequences in Georgia. After all, Georgia's red Why should you care their origins, accusing he showed even say. If Biden considered, the economic consequences apparent Cobb County is going to do
not a hundred million dollars in this deal. By the way worth noting that dumb, Georgia is a heavily black state, an M l b. Is moving to a county in Colorado. That's like seventy five percent white, so yeah here is it transaction. Before the president He would strongly support moving the offered in Georgia to reconsider the economic impact because the car tourism seals and is a hundred million dollars and lost business activity thousand hotel rooms. He think about that worthy. So strongly support the move. Again, he was doing an interview. He was given the context, as I just read out to you and full details of how the question was asked. He answered the question. Ok, so what's amazing here and will get us in a second Biden is trying to back off the slightly because the backlash is coming guys. The backlash is coming to almost to the new world order. Nonsense about.
She's coming to the covert hysteria nonsense. The backlash is coming to spend more money than God. The backlash is coming to the racial equity, bull crap being promoted by the by the bye, demonstrate. The backlash is coming and it is coming strong, but Zackie says we are going to punish armies right. There will be more efforts like this, and there should be more efforts like this to go after corporations and force those corporations to get involved in politics and if they dont mirror politics to punish those corporate. And finally, the tour players were arriving Augusta this week on the register. For the time I got together and design talk now not participating as something he will strongly support. Or is there any? I'm sure you will ask me that question or him this question, but our focus is on doing what we can to advocate for making voter voting easier and more accessible around the country and that
where our efforts are going to be from the White House nurture. The answer is gonna, be yes, the White House is going to militarized against corporations and against anybody doing business with states. We just don't like now. Of course, the people were actually benefit from doing business. Any states they're not gonna, actually stop doing business in this state aid, as as Marco Rubia points the senator from Florida. He said the right man for the head of her. Maybe you know it's weird cuz. I noticed that your member of August, the national, are you going to give up your membership, in August. The national is their right to ask you whether you intend to maintain your membership in August, the National Golf club, as you are well aware, this exclusive members, the clubs located in a state of Georgia. So you a great battle, speaking of baseball's hypocrisy here, so they moved the game from Georgia to Denver. There's only one problem: Georgia's law gives you seventeen days. Verily voted. Colorado's law gives you fifteen days of early voting. Not only that according to add more as you running it, hot air, Collar,
also requires government issued idea for in person. Voting the same whether Georgia does also. It turns out that Georgia actually prevents people from giving you stuff within a certain distance of the ballot box get guess what sort of Colorado it prevents campaign workers from giving food and water to voters within a hundred feet if their wearing campaign apparel, also your you. your signature required in Colorado for male imbalance, their signature, vacation from L a ballot also again the state- Population in Georgia is thirty, one point two percent black and they moved the One hundred million dollar business opportunity to a state or four point: one percent of the population is black or if you like, land eyeglasses. Fifty one percent, black and M Denver is nine point: two percent black and seventy six percent white silk. So yes, none of us makes any sense, but are not meant to make sense, is meant to be a punishment. Everyone must be punished. Everyone must be punished.
Media are full in on this. The by demonstration is full and honest. Nbc is now openly targeting corporations to try and force them to this associate from any state. They don't like it's not just Georgia, Brian Schwartz over it see NBC political finance reporter. He put out a piece yesterday saying that this Geico, expedient and and other corporations back floor lawmakers where now sponsor, Restrictive voting bills since two thousand in thousands of dollars, have flowed from these corporations into the campaigns of Lord lawmakers sponsoring about now. The idea here is that all of these corporations are supposed to cut off business with the state of Florida or giving donations to any Republican, who support anything that they that that the left It's not like this is all a bully tactic. It is all designed to militarized private industry against people with whom the left disagrees, and it's really really rose is going to have consequences as we'll talk about in just one second because it turns out that there is momentum building and it is not on the left side of the Isle.
It is not on the left side of the ILO. The worst left get the more. There will be a backlash now. People pretty sanguine about what by misdoings they're, not following it because he's a house plant is all he's there to do- is hide the water stain he's a non threatening, Nearly senile old gentleman, who doesn't seem particularly mean, and the media just cover him with this, with this sycophantic slobber, and everybody goes. Ok gets things are right. I mean the economy's recovery, we're going back to work. There will be consequences to this stuff. Political it'll. Get that in just one. Second, first, let us down but the fact that when you see a home with ugly balance, when you walk into a home, it's got bad window coverings, occasionally not negligent. Now that I've set it you're gonna see it, you walk into the home, you look at the blinding you realize this house needs an upgrade while looking around house does it need not great. If it does, you need to check out my friends over blinds dotcom ones that count in simple to shop, top quality, blinds shades and interior shutters from home, with easy, when ordering an reshaping. The experts blinds outcome, understand that window treatment I wanted the household items you just don't think about, but they can make a huge impact on
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growing internal Pakistan, radio on the nation, s gate, other factors that are going led to blow back here. So we ve already talked about the economic policies of Joe Biden, which are going to win an artificial damper on what should be a rip roaring economic recovery. Here, we're talking about inflation, inflation of prices, retainer spending money. We don't have time that raising taxes to ungodly levels and then trying to basic building Economic Berlin Wall to keep companies here at home, and all of this is bad. Then you have the insane bullying of a White House trying to force corporations into doing what they want them to do politically, of corporations going along with it. Then you have the way. Continuing to promote this covert insanity. This notion that covered is not on the way over. A hundred million Americans have already been vaccinated population through thirty million. That is mostly the most vulnerable who been vaccinated because we started with everybody over the age of sixty five and rational states. In them,
seen is now available in places like Lord to everybody over eighteen years of age. So weird near the end of this thing, We are still seeing the symptoms of covert insanity everywhere and its being treated as as some sort of normal like the new normal is covert insanity. This hasn't real world consequences. Are quite sick of it. Then they take those men ground, yesterday's from Spirit Airlines where they take to family off, because a two year old would not. Where am I, by the way is a family entails. An orthodox jewish family he's wearing a yamaha ends. I and the he has not only special, what he not only as a two year old, whose eating. Eating and wearing a mask, which is ok but also special needs child sitting. That role and the stewardess suggests that this family has to be kicked off. You call the cops and clears the
maybe once she's just a month on this line and what she had gone away. They d plain the entire aircraft. Ok, this stuff is crazy. It's crazy, and you know what it's unnecessary. Planes have not been a vector for transmission, the entire time, the entire time people are not getting sing on planes way. It has been proved since the beginning. The pandemic. Now that everybody is getting vaccinated or evergreens already had covered because remember millions and millions of Americans have already had covered and not have the backing, again, as in an event overpass over where people want worry masks and if the rapporteur had walked a node. Oh my,
Surely this will be a hotspot, except that I asked the crowd one of my speeches, how many of you have already had covered? or that of acting every single hand in the audience goes up, except for a couple of parents brought like a five year old man. Five rodent here didn't put his hand up dated that this country is not in the middle of another covered. and yet, if you read the media, what you get is that the countries in the middle of a covered pandemic, which is what should all be panicked about people not wearing masked around us. and the media are ones you about copyright they just openly why sixty minutes openly lighted rounded answers. They suggested that governors answers here in Florida took on one hunter there is now a bribe from money into a super back in order, get public's to distribute I've. Seen which is in saying is public is the number one grocery store with eight hundred outlets in the state of Florida even one point: five million people call the shots in the state of law. That's a bad thing, apparently according germane swimming about why a democratic mayor of Palm Beach county. He said that this is nonsense. Does I watched the sixty minutes segment, I'm Homepage county last night and feel compelled issued a statement, the report it was not yet basin battened.
She was intentional false. I know this because I offered to provide my insight into palm beach counties. Vaccination efforts and sixty minutes declined, No, the governor came to Palm Beach County and met with me and the count minister, and we asked to expand the states partnership with public to Palm Beach County. We also discussed our local to expand mass vaccination centres throughout the county which the governor has been incredibly support above we asked he liver. they have that information. They left it out because it kneecaps their narrative and is the robotic mayor of Palm Beach, County Dave, Currer he's a Democrat in the media are so focused in on the by demonstration. Narrative. The pandemic is endless, which is why we have spent rules and rules of money and build back better there so focused on that that they're, just complete, be willing to override reality. It's amazing by the way. What are the real world impacts of this about this. Yesterday, the LOS Angeles public health provision issued their daily uptake from April fifth There are three hundred and sixty six new cases in L, a county which they county of.
Million people, how many doubts, whether one one new death in L, a county which is again a county of ten million people? They closed outdoor dining healthy, tell tee. This is crazy and there is going to be a backlash and a backlash is going to beat dear? It's going to be real and it's going to be severe, which is why Harry Ensign got himself in all sorts of trouble yesterday for pointing out the obvious at a peace over at CNN, pointing out The early signs are very good for the european twenty twenty two. It has presidential buttons for We too have months in office have been far better received. former president, Donald Trump binds been able to maintain it all rating north of fifty percent. Yet a look at the data also reveals that binds them up party has likely not picked up any support since the election. If historical trends hold Democrats are likely going too the rough political environment in midterms, one of the best ways to judge the political environment is through the generic congressional ballot. The generic ballot asks respondents
reform of the following question. If elections for Congress were held today, would you vote for the damage or the Republicans. Democrats, our head on their leisure. By about four points in the average pull taken since the beginning of binds administration that leaders about this, the final margin in the twenty twenty presidential race, and in this Wednesday, twenty House Popular wrote. This tends to line up what, with what we have seen in terms of party identification. Remember the twenty We poles tended to underestimate the republican position, which means republicans are actually doing better on the generic ballot now than they were heading into the twenty twenty election. Additionally, the types of voters will become. A ballot in twenty twenty two will likely be more favourably disposed to the GNP and they rob Gordon population. The reason is that there's a democratic. Why now Republicans have a turnout advantage, a study? I did that Twenty eighteen says: Harrington was formerly a five. Thirty eight reveals that voters who turned out in terms of democratic president's or more republican, leaning in red start voters at large in every single mid term, since nineteen seventy eight on average in these men terms the gap between
the register, boat or any actual electorate had been about five points: more republican among the actual electorate, just a plain that shifts and pulling Oh it's not hard to imagine. The Republicans may already have an advantage with the voters will turn out next year. Of course, it's possible the cycle could be different. It's Equally, however, there will be some movement towards the Republicans in the national political environment. Between now and next November, the party, not in control of the White House, has done worse in the National Houseboat than they have and they were doing generic ballot. At this point in twelve or fourteen mid term elections, for which we are pulling at this point, the only exceptions, worse, nineteen, seventy four when Democrats already had a large lead and two thousand to one pulling didn't take into account September, eleventh. Once you control for who controls the White House, there's a surprise, we strongly relation between the generic congressional ballot. Nineteen months before the mid term elections and eventually house results. If friends hold the likely national House results in twenty twenty, given the current generic ballot is Republicans winning between four and five points. So
be a historical anomaly. Republicans not win back the house in the next election cycle to this. This notion that Democrats are always and for ever, going to be me on the move. Here is just not true in the same way that it is not true in two thousand and four Barack Obama, one a sweeping victory and you can tell the Democrats are starting to run scared here. One of the ways you can tell the Democrats are starting to run scared is that Joe Biden is now acting off of his own push for M l b to move the Austro games. Remember you went on he s been with you. Therefore, research, steel and sage asked him about by the way she put out a tweet saying she disagreed with him on this so just worth noting sage, steel asked him your Dick Should m l B, The arguments outback that will now that's easy. Abrams with pointing out you Joe Biden in company, they you just alienated a huge percentage of Georgians, nonsense, now by trying to back off of it according to political, when buying, was ass, less what he thought of Major League baseball. Moving its asked our game. He told the opinions from support them doing that on Friday,
now. You would hold the game elsewhere and, by the way, invoked Biden in their actual press release asked during the briefing whether binding, supported the leagues decision sack you re read by remarks and distance the president from the boycott she said he wasn't dictating. What may truly baseball should do? worse than being able to make that decision. Ok, that is just revisionist history. The Democrats might be starting to realise that it's a bad idea to be this crazy. They might be beginning to realize that there will be a backlash to all this and by the way the backlash might be much stronger in terms of both the law and in terms of politics than anybody on the left is willing to contemplate one of the areas. A backlash could theoretically be going after Facebook, Twitter and Google justice. Thomas had a concurrence in a recent supermarkets on Monday, in which the Supreme Court vacate the lower court ruling in finding the present Some had acted unconstitutionally by blocking people on Twitter that case, which the justices demote hinge on the idea that the Donald Trump
as a public form run by the President of the United States and its concurrence to some, as agreed with the decision to that. The case was mode because Trump is no longer present, but he argued the twitter twitters. Recent ban from accounts suggests is the platforms themselves. The government officials on them that hold all the powers or in other words, if you are going to treat Donald Trump Twitter account as though it is a public utility. Yet to treat all of twitter like into public utility, Thomas wrote is Twitter made where the right to cut off speech lies most powerfully in the hands of private digital platforms? The extent to which that how are matters for purposes of the first amendment and the extent to which that power could lawfully be modified, raise interesting and important questions Thomas had some digital platforms basically ought to be you'd, like common carriers, Thomas has a traditional telephone company, led physical wires to create a network connecting people, digital platforms, late information infrastructure that can be controlled in much the same way. Thomas argue the, while private companies Subject to the first amendment, common carriers are unique in that they don't have the right to exclude. He suggests that large type platforms with substantial
get. Power should be bound by the same restrictions is as if the analogy common carriers in digital platforms is correct and answer arise for dissatisfied platform users would appreciate not being blocked laws that restricts the platforms right to exclude so Thomas's overtly now something for Republicans to pass a law. Maybe what sums advocate that basically say that twitter and Facebook and Google can no longer exclude people on the basis of political bent. Thomas describes the shore scope of facebooking, Google's market power. citing facebooks three billion users and Google ninety percent market share in search. Has it changes nothing? These platforms are not the sole means for distributing speaker information. A person could always choose to avoid the toll, bridge or train, and it said swim. The Charles River or how the Oregon trail, but in itself, whether accompany exercises substantial market power. What matters is whether the alternatives are comparable for many of today's digital platforms. Nothing is tell em Thomas said that it wouldn't court. Does this he said there would be a legislator later. Does this research will soon have noted
but to address our legal doctrines apply to highly concentrated, privately owned information infrastructures such as digital platforms. Here's the bottom line. The backlash is coming: it's going to come, strong but on the right, are nothing to survive and stuff. They are not they're, not gonna sit by and Watch Joe Biden unilaterally redraw the wines of division and demarcation between the government and the individual they're, not going by and watch social media redraw the lines of the first moment, they're not going to buy and watch Democrats redraw the nature of America freedom of association and Freedom of speech. They're not going to do any of that, Now I can go along with the corporations to go along with this. There will be a backlash. The backlash is coming and I am pleased to see a backlash coming because nothing, could be more timely that a massive backlash against the wild leftist overreach. We are currently seeing already we'll be back later today, with an additional hour of content. Coming up soon amount
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the cowardly governor of Arkansas Vetoes, a bill that would have banned the chemical castration of children. Insanely lenient plea deals offer to the two girls who carjacked and murder, demanded DC, neither fair is harassed on a plane because their young children, weren't masked than their children's defence, gets the police chief to make us uprising on the stand. All of that and much more today about worship.
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