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Ep. 1232 - Gun-Grabber Joe


President Biden unleashes executive action on gun control and tells a bevy of lies in the process; Republican governors fight back; and the bullying of corporate America by the Left has only just begun.

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President Biden unleashes executive action on gun control until the bevy of lies in the process. Republican governors fight back and the bullying of corporate Amerika by the left has only just begun, and then Shapiro as the bench Barroso show is sponsored by express Vps. It's time to stand up to big tat, protect your data at express vps dot com I've been we'll get to all the news in just one moment, because we do have a lot of breaking news today. We begin, however, with a quick fact: you're spending way too much money on your cell phone bill. Why would you do
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First, not that is pound to five zero, say Ben Shapiro. What a phone companies they'll tell you need unlimited talk text in unlimited, didn't you don't need unlimited data? What you need is six gigs of data, just thirty bucks a month in again, if you go over, there can charge for its. What exactly are we waiting for him? A lot of money simply by dialing pounds, you fifty and saying my name, then shipyard get started with my friends over a pure talk. You essay already to the breaking news this morning is that Prince Philip has died. He was aged and ninety nine. So this was not unexpected. He'd been the hospital recently. obviously. According to the UK son Prince, Philip has Asia has died age. Ninety nine, according Buckingham Palace, the Duke of Edinburgh Bird, had been married to the queen for seventy three years and described her constant and described as her constant strength pathway peacefully at Windsor Castle. This morning the royal family announced this view tweet the queen shared a poignant photo available. She talked for deep sorrow and a heartfelt tribute to our beloved husband, a statement from Buckingham Palace entities, with deep sorrow that her majesty the queen has announced the death of her beloved. How
in his royal highness, the Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, his Royal Highness pathway peacefully this morning at Windsor, cast for further announcements will be made in due course. The royal family join with people around the world in mourning has lost the royal pathway. To and one day short of what it would have been his one hundredth birthday, Prime Minister Berlusconi. Contributes any help, steer the royal family and the monarchy so remains an institution indisputable by the balance and happiness of our national life Johnson said he was environmentalist in a champion of the natural world long before it was fashionable with his Duke of Edinburgh awards he shaped inspired the lives of countless young people at literally tens of thousands of events. He fostered their hopes and encourage their ambitions. We remember the duke for all of us and, above all, for a steadfast support for her majesty the queen, and this, of course follows hit his hospital stay, who saying to the hospital February sixteenth for feeling, well, and then he had an infection and a heart condition when he was transferred to Saint Parts Hospital a couple of weeks later, his death, obviously hard on all of the controversies around surrounding the royal family, thanks to print Harry
and Megan market, but that obviously has nothing to do with his dad. The man is ninety nine. It was ninety. Nine years old you ve been struggling with ill health for at least a couple of years, in nineteen forty two. He became first lieutenant in the ancient US walls at twenty one year olds, here's one, the youngest first lieutenants in the royal. Maybe he married Elizabeth nineteen, forty seven at Westminster abbeys I'd for his constant strength after the parrot met at the wedding of Princess Marina of Greece of Denmark and Prince George Duke of Kent in nineteen thirty four, they had four kids obviously, and they are the source of the current royal line. So that is the breaking news as of today, that is the death of install then just to show you a garbage place. Twitter is the tweet below the announcement of his death are often people celebrate that I've been ninety nine year old man who was a lieutenant in World WAR to sell landed, are our modern life just getting better and better in terms of art, morality, other news that is worth covering
So yesterday I didn't entire hour on the children trial and I pointed out that the prosecution cases, Seem to be on very, very thin ice, the lot of prosecution witnesses I had been basically torn apart by the defence. It is worth noting here that the prosecution did have a much better day. Yesterday. So this case is still very much indeed for people who listens yesterday shown they said. Well, you know no sane jury could come the conclusion beyond reasonable doubt or based on the prosecution case yesterday, a danger could come to the possibility of that conclusion. That does not mean that if it comes to, reasonable doubt conclusion that that is wrong. It also doesn't mean that if it comes to not reasonable doubt conclude That is necessarily wrong based on the prosecution witnesses. Yesterday, now the prosecution yesterday, when how prosecutions are supposed to go, namely if the prosecution of witness the defence is not supposed to be able to promptly tear down the witness, the way that the defence had over the past couple of days yesterday,
prosecution brought forth Doktor Martin Tobin position in pulmonary and critical care, medicine from Chicago he's presented as an expert witness on respiratory matters, and he basically just analyzed the taper Floyd and said he could tell simply by looking at Floyd and measuring his his breath and measuring his chest moving up and down if he died of a drug overdose or if he died of simply being compressed by tariff shovin. Frankly, I find that low, but article because it seems like if you can diagnosed cause of death simply by looking at somebody dying than you are making it your job or alter actively your reasoning backward from a conclusion, but in either case you did exactly what you're supposed to do. He testified what the prosecution needed him testify, which was definitely not. I know it was definitely not. Math is definitely not the pre existing heart condition. Anybody
any healthy person was but an opposition, and somebody sat on them for nine minutes would die of essentially loss of oxygen, so he did what he was supposed to do. They also brought forward Daniel ICE instrument. A forensic toxicologist of animal laboratories was involved in drug testing floods blood and also brought forth wooden smart energy. medical, medical, physician and self described police surgeon who discussed, excited delirium and try to rule that out says Branca who's been doing a very good job, covering this over illegal insurrection, says today's trial proceedings looks a lot more typical for prosecution, presenting its case in chief, in the case so far in Minnesota, in Minnesota, verses, Chauvelin. What I mean by that is that the state finally Dane which its own witnesses do not I'm do end up doing that events more good than themselves. Is this every day of the trial should have looked like so far as the prosecution presenting its case, the defence doesn't get to its case until Monday. Presumably someone update on that. For purposes of those, our following the news and the trial on a day to day level are able. The big news of yesterday was Joe Biden, has now announced.
This was coming. Joe Biden has now announced that it was time for four gun control, but he needed to issues of executive actions and uncontrolled his executive actions and uncontrolled many them. Don't I should do anything. A lot of this is just for show is transcript of national view points out. A lot of this is just Kabuki theatre. Essentially, what is being done here are a couple of things that might have some impact on some Americans, but most of this is just a sop to the left and it's it's basically who eat so. can say that he did something. So we begin with binds announcement of his gun control executive actions because again, the way this works in the United States is that we electric Congress to spend on guard sums of money in giant omnibus packages without debating actual provisions of locked it. That's all Congress is there to do and then we'll let the dictator every four years traversed the last dictators executive. So now we have Joe Biden doing this with regarded uncontrolled, so Joe trotted out there or hobbled out there and and proceeded to plain that gun violence in the United States is an international embarrassment. I do love it when president of the United States,
can I have the United States- is an international embarrassment. First of all, I don't care what the Europeans think of us, and I am frankly confused by anyone who does care what the Europeans think of us. Why don't give a damn what they are: and think of us ever hundreds of years of international warfare and saving their ass from the Soviet. I really could not care less what the french think of our I'm laws in the United States wrenching stick it like. I don't care. What could I possibly care? What China thinks of our gun? Violence problem China's too busy walking up. We are Muslims in challenging and what we would like who why? Why would I care habit of age? a policy based on whether I think the policy does a good job. in risk reward and right about that, the constant appeal by democratic politicians to what the world things I don't care I don't understand why you would care you remember, of the IMF can it democracy if parliament,
our goal of in Denmark. We hear them up to date with the votes in the Netherlands. Thank you are free to pick up and leave at any time. I don't. Let me explain, I don't give a shit. I don't care, but here is a Joe Biden. Explain it was deeply deeply care Now what the international community things my gun, violence, friendless, environment, the case that we ought to curb guns- the least effective case here is yeah. What is it? What the Australians think who cares? Here's Joe Biden, trying to together, isn't gun. Violence in this country is an epidemic. Know me say it again: violence in this country is an epidemic and as the National Guard and people clapping that ok, first of all, is not never done it. You know it's an epidemic in epidemic which is taboo we ve had a giant global pandemic is finally coming to an end gun. Violence is not an epidemic because epidemics, they are things where you have a disease, and then you pass that is used to someone
no matter how many attitude and violence are committed in the United States, will not make me commit an act of gun violence randomly because it was passed me on a bus. Their business languages so stupid. It's like the CDC director today, so that racism is a public health problem. No racism is, of the human heart that has impact anyway. Right of areas whose out a public health problem and gun violence is done, epidemic, stop making comparisons between things that are not comparable cabinets on the basis of stupidity like this, there is an import bunch of crappy executive actions on guns we'll get to that in just one. Second, first, let us talk about the shirts that you're wearing right now, so I gotta tell you when I'm off the air, our allotted teachers, the only sure I, where I'm serious, the only tee shirts I wear, are from my friends over cuts, quoting the sport of business. Means demanding excellent from aircraft in a wardrobe. Your fits needed verse running timeless sound comfort. You look as good as you feel for that there is cuts clothing. They ve taken a classic men's fashion, staple laplante. They will find it combining premium quality with a minimalist aesthetic cuts, shirts polos. What is crucial.
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in the world, they actually lower the amount of violence using guns in the United States. There not calibrated to do that their calibrated to please the radical left that has again a complete disconnect with reality when it comes to the causes of violence using guns. They believe that the way these tat violence using guns is by barring of you're so things that are used by some donors without a lot of connection to crime. The actual way these top gun violence, in the same way, these up all violence from workshops on the streets, precisely the opposite, what they want to do. So what is this really about? Is not about curbing the amount of violence. Guns and I see violence using guns, writhing, gun violence. For reason, there is a difference. Gun violence implies. The gun is responsible for the violence, which is idiotic, fixing knife a violence. They bombed violence, no there's violence that uses these things as instrumentality is in any case, what really is driving us what's driving this? Is the american people think that Joe Biden has the fields, because that's all he's there did you guys he's the comfort and cheap sure is pushing radical power.
But is the comfort and chief he's just he's most feeling generous emotionally deep human who's ever walked the planet. It will tell you this. The Joker Kamel Harris President Joe Biden is a leader with rate. Will great detail nation and even greater empathy
He has seen the grief of all of those who have lost a loved one, two gun violence. It is for them for all of us that he will never ever give up on this fight. It you're not really funny about us. Remember one. Vice president punch, you seduce kind of stuff a trump get out there and talk about how trumpeters the greatest human who ever lived and entirely jubilant. Look at this sick of him. Look at him over here. Just massaging from what Kamel Harris does this and every six she's amazing? She just incredible it's my way. I don't care about. I dont care might be a theme of today. Shall I don't care about how empathetic Joe Biden is? I dont look to Joe Biden for empathy. I look to him to be president of the United States.
Constitutional duty. If I want empathy the dog, I don't empathy I'll go to my wife I'll go to my kids I'll go to my friend. I mean empathy from the President of the United States. If you're looking for empathy for your politician that let me suggest that your wife needs some filming in it. If the place that you get your field is from the politicians, you support your creating a golden calf and then worship again has comes director made the same point. However, I didn't see feels feels about this. His feelings guys, ensure those feelings might have some ramifications by making tens of millions of Americans felons for owning stuff that they already own bottom. He s feelings ass. An important thing he's somebody throughout his entire career in public service, who has been incredibly focused on gun reform. You know he worked to pass the Brady bill when he was in the Senate. He worked to pass the assault weapons ban are. This is something here, feels incredibly powerfully about, and so the actions he's announcing today are the first step. He would be the first to say it's not enough. Beauty.
First, it is what they always say: it's not enough. It's not enough as a substitute for it doesn't you anything that we wanted to do, but if it is not just not enough it doesnt actors that calibrated solve the problem, because what is the actual problem? The actual problem is that we have this incredible: rising crime across the United States. That's been happening over the course of the last year. Emma Tucker and Peter Nicky us over it. Cnn reported just a few days could, you just saw significant crime rise across major cities in twenty twenty, and it's not letting up major american Citys. Thirty. Three percent increase in homicides last year as a pandemic swept across the country. Millions of people join protests against racial injustice and police brutality and the economy collapse under the weight of the pandemic, a crime search that has continued into the first quarter of this year. You may have noticed in the description of the problems last year, they did not include police were put under the gun, and then we're told not to police anymore. That would be the actual reason, not the pandemic, because it turns out that in a lot of other areas of american life and a lot of other areas. The countries that are not major metropolitan areas- crime actually went down because people are staying at home it, but
real reason that this happening, of course, is because, if you rip on the cops all the time and then if you try to defend the got, an origin of cops on street violence goes up. Noticed major american cities so that the Red represent increasing Besides those are all democratic areas, it is difficult to know. May major american city in the United States that does not go Democrat can ones that are that are having the major like some crimes. Are the ones that already like Joe Biden, that already like his policies? Many of them have the same gun control policies that job minority wants nationally. He the real answer to the violence with guns problems is the same as the but the solutions, the violence problem generally, which is you need more cops on street. Sixty three of the sixty. Largest police jurisdictions saw increases in at least one category of violent crime and twenty twenty includes homicide, rape, robbery and aggravated assault. According to a report produced by the major cities, cheese, Coal Association, Baltimore City, Baltimore, county rolling Carolina did not report increases in any of the violent crime at categories.
It's nearly impossible to attribute any year to your change and violent crimes that show any single factor and homicides. Shootings aren't intensely local phenomenon. That can speak for dozens of reasons, but the increase in homicide rates across the country is both historic and far reaching, as were the pandemic and social movements, but it ain't the pandemic. A pandemic is not the rationale for why people I'm a ring each other. The reason is because we take the cops off the streets owing to the cops are bad only of twenty million people in the streets marching against the cops the cops stop doing their jobs. We but of this in two thousand fourteen two thousand fifteen with so called Ferguson effect after Ferguson Missouri and now we are having this with George Floyd Effect, and that is that is what is happening, but Joe Biden is not interested in solving that problem. In fact, Joe Biden is interested in precisely the opposite is we'll get you in just one? Second, first, let's talk a simple fact for dude: you don't think about your hair, a lot if you're a fairly young guy you're in your theories, but this is what he said. Loser if you're in the thirties gonna start losing your hair. If you are on average, most other american men. This is why you
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in crime would be market, you know used in others, Joe Biden Domain was partially responsible for their nineteen. Eighty four crandall that he now derives as having been racists but the nineteen eighty four crime that was instrumental in bringing down the crime rate in historic fashion, the United States crime region nine states sword from essentially nineteen sixty eight to nine ninety four and they started to come down. Why? Because localities and states put more cops on the streets and there is great offer greater federal funding available to but cops on the street. You know he's too know that Joe Biden one now Joe Biden swishing, precisely the opposite. According to MSNBC maidens, new gun proposals are investing in community based solution, not incarceration, except, of course, for the fact that if you want criminals off the street, incarceration would actually be the solution to that particular point: the administration, will also invest in evidence based community violence intervention rather than incarceration. Ok. Well, that is not the solution. In fact, none of this is really designed to be the solution. So what exactly? Are these executive actions according to the daily wire innocent
the administration outlined the following initial actions in his attack on gun rights won the Justice Department within thirty days, Proposed rule to help stop the proliferation of ghost guns, so ghost guns are basically you buy a gun kit with the parts and then you put it together yourself. Let me just express that there is very little evidence that goes. Guns are responsible for a large share of violence using guy. In the United States. I am unaware of any data suggesting that goes. Guns are a major problem in terms of criminals who are using guns in the United States beyond that three printing of basically it is completely irrelevant three principles: going to become more and more prevalent in the United States means that you can simply cut the parts yourself using a blueprint online, and it is a crackdown on the first amendment to take that stuff offline. It's a real problem. It's a first amendment issue. If you're saying you're going to take the plans to build a gun off line for Junior suffers at home, so is that designs really solve a problem is only evidence that taking cortical ghost guns
regulation is number one going to be effective and number two is in any way support border. The second amendment as a really difficult case, to make second, the Justice Department within sixty days, relational proposed rules made clear when it ice marketed, as he stabilizing brace effectively turns a pistol into a short barreled rifle subject to the requirements of the national firearms. At this particular provision with regard to stabilize embraces. Apparently, there are ten to fourteen million stable. Embraces in circulation. Basically, a stabilizing brace is a device that you attach to the end of an era pistol and it straps your arm right doesn't strapped your shoulders that make a rifle Joe Biden said yesterday,
that it makes it more deadly than rifle I've. I've, no idea where he's getting this were as deadly as as rifle it makes it more accurate, maybe, but really it's there too, to kind of prevent the recoil from being as large. In any case, here, as I hear, is Joe Biden ripping on and gun braces, is that, like have we seen a wide variety of wide spate of violent crimes using guns in which the gun brace was really? The problem here is your by non. This particular policy the third change we want a tree pistols modified was stabilizing braces with the serious They deserve, stabilize embrace. You can, in principle, essentially makes that pistol a hell of a lot more accurate and many rifle as a result is more lethal effectively do a short barreled rifle. Ok, I have a question give any data show that is more lethal than normal hand on, because we vanity of the hand and is,
centrally rooted into factors have experienced. You are with the hand on any muslim velocity, that's pretty much it. Neither of those things is really affected by destabilizing brace per se again here he's what he's doing this is all for show. So much of this is for show According to daily, where the portion of the statement dimension destabilizing braces reference to a RNA pistols which have the that are shorter than the minimum. Sixteen inches required by the National Firearms ACT. The statements had the pistol the army are conceivable. That's really not true, because again, that means that air pistols would be like two feet long. Maybe it's conceal woman backpacker, something, but certainly not on your body. Acclaimed. The weapons of the pistol brace will be quite a good subject to the requirements of the National Firearms ACT means gunners will likely be forced to pay you a hundred dollar tax stamp on those firearms. Other things that the the executive wars are going to do to publish model red flag legislation for state. That means nothing because guess what stage they don't have that kind of ass it. Since the dawn of past red flag legislation,
already will have done it. So a lot of this is just for show. A lot of this is basically just a big nothing. It is what Charles Cook over National Review is pointing out. Charles Koko's a real gun advocates and all the policy meat and binds missive since within his reach? In writing. His call for Congress to pass legislation section which, given that there are no votes in the center for gun control means nothing is going to happen. everything else in the release smacks of a sideshow. Those guns are not really a growing problem be proposed, Well, to get rid of stabilizing braces into semantic topic, but it has connections, the murder rate, the public red flag model legislation means nothing can states will have to adopt it. So most of this is just as I make Joe Biden look like cares about gun control without actually doing anything and uncontrolled. I'm not sure why he thinks that's good optics, considering that he just activated, perhaps the most rapid voter base in the country against him.
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These so called the Quality ACT which is designed to restrict religious practice rights. It will same thing when it comes to gun control. Joe Biden will talk about how he's not attempting to restrict the second amendment. All he's trying to do is restrict the second Mehmet, so Joe Biden has no amendment to the constitution is absolute, which would come as a shock. two former slaves in the United States. The thirteen amendments pretty absolute when a bar slavery, for example, some amendments to the constitution to be somewhat semantic era are absolute. Here is Joe Biden saying no amendment is absolute, which is again a weird take, but no amendment, no amendment to the constitution, his absolute you can't deal crowd You're, fired and crowded movie theater recall of freedom of speech. From the very beginning you could known any weapon you wanted own. from the very beginning, the second member existed, certain people aren't allowed to have weapons, so the idea is just bizarre suggested. The things were recommended are contrary to the constitution. I would love to see his source for restrictions on type a firearm,
wounded the bounding, I'm pretty sure he's gonna have our time finding that, as far as the argument that the first member has restrictions, Veronica forethought anytime, a politician says the Is by air in a crowded theatre? It's because they don't know the line there more. On any politician, this is a source of restrictions on the first amendment, number one doesn't understand the original case and number two doesn't understand that was repealed. Essentially by Bren Burg, verses, Ohio. You can in fact our fire in a crowded theatre. If there is a fire in a crowded theatre plus, there is a solid case. We may that shank verses United States, which has defined a crowded, the aerospace, is bad law it. Beyond that, the that does not answer the question as to what restrictions are appropriate. Second, amendment simply saying that all amendments are subject to some restrictions does not answer whether this particular restriction is subject to the to the constitution and in Japan, and expands is your second men that rights hunted sake, but this is only the beginning and we're gonna come after morbid guns, nothing, I'm about to recommend
in any way impinges on the second amendment phony arguments Jesse, that these are second amendment rights at stake from what we're talking about so yeah. So here's the thing whenever the Democrats say we're not running of human rights or threatening your second member rights and then proceed Stella spell policies that do in fact threaten your rights there, not telling you the truth. Of course, this is going to be a case. It's gonna go to the Supreme Court. These executive words will the Supreme Court and if your, by not his way, he would absolutely be passing gun control legislation? In fact, he said in this press conference that if you could pass one thing, if God could give him controls to pass one thing that was not an executive order, be massive gun confiscation bill, he's there'll, be a huge gun, control, build that's what you would pay All this is rooted in wise about guns and what gun restrictions, audio books, frivolous? what you'll hear the lighted it's easier to obtain a gun, then the vote, which has just absurd, but here, is robust.
selling an overt lie. He says you know we have to do. We have to close the gun show loophole. Can there is no such thing as a gunshot loophole again? This is just lie that is repeated ad nauseam by the mediators repeater by Democrats. There's no gunshot loophole what there It says in law, but I can pass a guy Aren't you my child without having to go to a federal licence? Firearms dealer? However, if I go to a gun, show, and I buy a guy and from a federally licence firearms dealer. I have to go through a background check the same as everybody else does. gun shows, are not the sort of magical free zone wherever It just gets to buy whatever gun they want Willy nilly without being subjected to federal and stay regulations, but here combined, you're saying things than Andrew these bills. One report background checks for anyone, purchasing a gun at a gun show or an online. So most people don't know you walk into a store and you buy gun. You have a background check, but you, We're gonna, show
whatever you want. No background check what I mean. That's it s, just not true in by what everyone no background checks. Signing up for that gun show that man s hands Maison, but no, that's actually not true other things that are not for the job. I said he also touted his failed us all weapons ban and there is no evidence whatsoever that this lowered the rate of mass shootings or the rate of crime in the United States. The number of people who own guns in the United States number guns nations. Rather what went up radically in the aftermath of the US all weapons bill and the gun violence rate went down. If it here is Joe Biden, shouting about piece of legislation This been a hobbyhorse mine for a long time. Gotta done once we should also banned, saw weapons and high capacity magazines in this country that ten years we had have done.
the number of mass shootings, actually went down. Get no, that's not true. That's not true. There's no evidence that that case that the number measures went down, in fact between the time that was put in place and the time that it went out a practice exam Lucy Member Mass shootings on average happen. So that's that's not true, but honestly, I don't expect Joe Biden again all the stuff right, because the man can't even speak English anymore, it now speaking in some other language. That is not. Maybe that's. Why he's looking for international approval? Maybe they speak because language, because we sort widowed Harry, was screwing up. he's appointing a new head of the the eighty off the alcohol tobacco firearms branch of the of the federal government. I aunt em he screws up the name several times in a row. The bureau racquetball alcohol tobacco firearms recursion, forcing gun was hasn't, had a permanent director since twenty fifteen
day. I'm proud, denominate David Shipment to serve as a director of the empty David, no they have to well, he served their for twenty five years and Vice President Harrison, I believe, he's the right person at this moment for this. port mages women. I hope that he knows better than Joe Biden, who calls it. The F day is actually called the eighty ass President Biden by the way will talk in one second about who Biden just picked two head eightieth, because this guy is a radical he's. A radical and take an activist is the equivalent of Donald Trump appointing to head eighty ass way, Lop ear, read the head of the energy or gets this in just one second. First, let us talk for one moment about fact that hr problems when running a business that can be such a headache just just be nasty when you're running a business hr issue can actually kill. You don't think about it when you start a business, because you just want to do
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please been cancelled from CNN and he s been for his up front. An interface commentary so naturally use the perfect guess for Canada to talk about M l B and the infection of sport with Woke ISM, Tunisia wash their hilarious discussion tonight and nine pm eastern eight p m central. Only on daily weren't come at twenty five percent off a new membership with code canvas. The show streams Friday's nine pm eastern Opium Central Jelly, where you can get the audio podcast, Kennison Apple, Spotify or wherever you listen your pocket. So, if need some kind of zones in your pockets need look no further had on over an apple podcast respond. If I subscribe today be surely the five star of you, if you like what you hear, it was some large fastest growing conservative, Pakistan radio, show the nation. So just to show how radical Joe Biden is. Undone control, his new eighty F pick, a guy named David Shipment, is super super radical. According to
gun owners of America. They say they are shocked at the brazen decision to nominate a registered antigay lobbyists to be director of the Bureau of Alcohol, tobacco firearms and explosive. The GEO I also expressed opposition to biogas plants renounced new gun control measures on Thursday accordingly Thirdly, brown presidents of the National Association for done right. He noted shipments role. His agent. For each year from the branch to video trial, Aarhus basic legal texts, field office, he says Japan has been leading edge, VHF scandals for decades ugly, backed Waco known, shows for gun confiscation control, ink chauvinism, Every hare Brained gun control scheme proposed, of course, by an Harris chosen of that right in with our corrupt administration. is obviously a administration that is dedicated to cracking down on the second amendment, to the extent that they can legally. Meanwhile, of course, Genseric he's trying to clean up the fact that Romania's liar, you know how bad Joe Biden is. Thus the Washington Post give him a mostly false writing
statements about the ability to buy guns at a gun chose without any sort of back on track, to get a mostly falls from the Washington Post basis. You have no worse liar and existence of your Democrat, because the way that it works is, if you are, What did you say something that is blatantly untrue? Is they call it have true? And if Europe can you say something wrong? Something is true. They call it mostly false if you're a democratic culture Mostly false. I mean it is the fastest thing that has ever been set in the history of humanity, so you got slapped to backtrack on this one. There is John sacking trying to walk back. Is it the present, its belief that you do not have to A background check where you are, I think I know it sounds believe. He believes that gun that background checks should be universal. He says no background check. Well, we know it his position as right. So let me reiterate that, which is that it got back on checks, are something that should be universal, their supported by more than eighty percent of the public. He supported legislation advocated for that and advocated against loopholes as well. So that's his position.
I appreciate you asking for the clarification. Ok, that is his position, but he did lie also gents access. Don't worry! This is only the beginning. Now, here's the thing it isn't only the beginning: it's the end. He doesn't have the boat for massive gun control in the so this is all they're gonna get I and all this is just for show. It is interesting how Joe Biden feels the necessity to constantly show on behalf radical causes. Yours Jen Saki proclaiming there'll, be much more gun, control the come spoiler, their mode of feeling doing everything it can to meet the scope of these commitments are now well. Today the administration announced initial actions to address gun violence. There will be more. That is absolutely his commitment and he also will use the power of his presidency his voice, his political will to advocate for actions in Congress. Yet what I'm getting at work? Sorry, Nancy Blowsy, basically has a house majority that is
like to legislation. Instead, she needs to hold together her entire coalition issues, like two votes, she's in serious trouble in the house and in the Senate, no room for air, so yeah, that's pretty much the end of his meanwhile governors are saying they're, not gonna, put up with a binds attacks on the second amendment, Texas, Governor Gregg, Abbot, tweeted Biden. This threat Our second member right, you just announced a new liberal power grab. Takeaway guns were not going to allow this in Texas, its hands. legislation making taxes a second amendment sanctuaries day passed into my desk for signing, means Alaska, governor, my dunwoodie said the same thing is in Alaska second amendments first, it will be evaluating our options. Basically, what does that mean? That means that the state government is not going to work with the federal government ineffectual, adding these laws, I'm very much For this honestly, I want more sanctuary states against federal preparations by various republican government. If democratic this with illegal immigration and say that they are not going to allow local law enforcement to work with federal agents in rounding people who are criminally illegal aliens, for example, will then? I think it is perfectly plausible- and in fact good for states like
This is to say we are not helping eighty one iota you're on your own. You aren't you this you're. Never do yourself, South Dakota, Governor Christine, highlighted the portion of the second amendment. That says, shall not be infringed. Writing Biden. Claims sections want infringe on the second amendment. That is fine, placing new limits on fire arms sales- and it is an infringement curbing ammo purchases- is an infringement Idaho, Governor Brad Little said the same thing. So all of these red states now starting to move in the direction they should move, because guess what the single me, the first time or last time that the binding ministration infringes on core liberties in the United States about time for states stand up on their hind legs, and here we are not going to participate in this. Meanwhile justice. I note here, I think worth while noting here the Joe Biden, whose very very anti gun has assign, who will not be prosecuted, undermine his committed pretty much every crime. The Joe Biden has ever put somebody in jail for or wanted to end yet, yet talk about like a double system of justice in the United States, is outweighed in black thing. It's a power thing, ok It is a wealth and power thing hundred Biden would be.
Jail, one million times over for the activities in which he has engaged. If the man we're not the son of Joe Biden, but his bright arnauld straw, Pollack, writing present by an issued several new executive order as national Thursday into gun control, while his son hundred Biden is accused by critics of having violated federal law by lying about his past drug use. In the background check for a gun then, was part of a domestic dispute. The reportedly involve the secret service. It later disappeared. Polluted I managed to obtain a copy of the fire and transactions record and received for the gun in question, dated as of October, two thousand eighteen, it asked are lawful user of or addicted to marijuana or any to present stimulant narcotic drugs or any other controlled substance. Cancer hunter, No, despite a long history of drug use and by speaking of Hunter binding are going around trotting round the plot the media saying that laptop might be Fagin. He has no idea where it came from. Meanwhile, the Uk Daily Mail put our actual follows from hundred buttons laptop of him it with to prostitute on top of
hey, I'm pretty sure. That's underlines laptop. I am pretty sure that at the very least those materials are hundred items materials. Amused to see how the media are going report hard. Aftermath gets because met gets apparently was engaging in prostitution. Allegedly engaging prostitution. But hundred Biden is it's a sweet, wayward child whose fifty one years old by the way, about this about whoever engages in criminal activity should go to jail? That's my standard and whoever engages in disgusting behaviour should feel the public wrath about those things. It's either both or neither ok, don't get to pick and choose they son who
person at issue. Is that as a double standard of justice can? Meanwhile, we ve been talking extensively this week about the the push back on corporate Amerika right now, the left is in control of corporate Amerika. They have taken the reins. If decided, they basically have free rein to do what they want with the corporations of the United States, and the pressure is coming from the weakest among us, according to Pennell, each Joseph writing for CNN, power in the boardroom, is leading the fight for justice is a black business leaders. Efforts to stop voter suppression in the wake of Georgia's recently enacted voting bill illustrate the Venice, separation between protest in politics in America today they also embody the work of Doktor Martin Luther King Jr over seventy black executives, led by former American Express YO, can channel signed a letter release at the end marks depressed corporate Amerika to take a stand on voting rights. One of these, for moral and political issues in the United States. Today, a new line, those like
are both undemocratic and on American and they are wrong. The memo to corporate Amerika, the fierce urgency of now which they viewed as a full page at the New York Times channels. Africans word from is April. Fourth, nineteen sixty seven river Riverside church speech criticising the Vietnam WAR toppled. The sanctity of voting rights in America Letter outlines the way that seeming that seeming, raise a neutral or ostensibly colorblind. Wasn't policies can be designed, have a race, specific outcomes that harm the black community. The letter spoke for many by expressing In truth, there's no middle ground said Martin Luther King, either for more people voting or you might want to suppress the vote. So that is the letter from can channel. There's nobody, and we, the former people voting, or you want expressed about now There is a middle ground. I want every legal legally cast down to be counted as the middle ground. I dont want more people voting if they can't legitimately vote is not a question Many people voted to question whether the vote is legitimate in the first place, but the point here is that, if you can leverage on the basis of race
corporations into doing what you want. You can shift politics and you can shift the nature of the war by loving leveraging these hours. The push is, is growing stronger and stronger, and corporate Amerika is not standing up to it, which is why, of course, the right is gonna have to push back as I've been advocating at a certain point, or their areas can have to turn these corporations sailors, and if the left is going to push you to take a position on controversial issues, we will put you in the opposite direction, because right now for these corporations, if they feel pushed back only from the left there, just gonna do with loved ones and figures the right we'll just turtle the right does it have to turtle but visit they, the oats that are being that are being fit felt here by the by the hard core Woke wing of the Democratic Party, are pretty extraordinary, So, for example, Pd Sean Combs has now issued a letter to corporate Amerika. There's no longer can corporate Amerika manipulator culture into believing incremental progress is acceptable. Action.
Corporate Amerika now must become a tool of pity by the way. What is pitted he's not worth these words that nine hundred million dollars so clearly has suffered in this evil. Horrible, no good! Very that racist country. comes specifically called our General motors, which listed on media company revolt as an example of a black on media company and support running that solidarity is insufficient. If corporations don't offer financial help it is the parties really find we are now just in straight blackmail, territory right when you are you're just saying corporation we're going to call you racist and part of the problem. Unless you sign me a check, that's just extortion, vs blackmail! The p Diddy write this letter in a corporation case what they deserve, what they got to be perfectly honest with you if a corporation has so little spine and they came to the sort of nonsense they deserve to be torn down. I'm not that I'm gonna stand the way, a pity and company tearing down GM. If you emphasise two caved in them. Here's what did letter says if your new in situations of injustice. You have chosen the side of the oppressor. It's a quote from Desmond Tutu these same feed these companies,
used to stand with us and solidarity are the same feet. They used to say and on our necks. It first of all that in and of itself is egregious language, whereas compare, The death of George White Men, who died to the fate of people like PD, whose work nine hundred million dollars when confronted by the leaders of several black on media companies, has Pd General Motors listed my network revolt as an example of back on. Media support or vote does receive advertising revenue from GM. Our relationship is not an example of success. Instead, revolt, just like other black on media companies, fights for rums, while genomics billions of dollars every year from the black community. So so basically, his case is that if a black person buys an auto from GM, their money must be reinvested with a black person. So segregation is what you do: about here says beady. Exposing gems historic refusal to fairly invest in black on media is not an assassination of character. Its
closing the way GM and many other advertisers bodies have always treated us no longer can corporate Amerika manipulate our community into believing that incremental progress is acceptable. Action. It is straight up AL sharpening going amazing thing, I'm to call you guys racial profiles and racist must make donations and national action network. This is where we are now in american life is the case being made by the left with regard to racial reparations. They are your racist if you don't actually just give money, Distrait checks to black people, and we have not worked out of work yet, but we're and you simply to put that out there. That's PD right here saying that GM is racist unless it signs in the larger track says, be daddy. Patients, like General motors, have exploded. Our culture undermine our power, excluded black entrepreneurs from participating in the value created by black consumers in two thousand eighteen brand spent, thirty nine billion dollars on advertising less than one and that was invested in black owned media companies. Yet so what I mean are they invest? It is that cause they hate black people or because the most
missions media companies at reaching an audience the GM is trying to serve our black owed. The into this whole thing is an absurdity, but again when it comes to the left woke causes Equity is just a guy's for benefits. Give me what I want: If you don't want to call your racist, basically ever like now, and the democratic side is infrastructure everything I don't like, as racist already we'll be back here later today, with an additional hour of the Ben Shapiro, show. First, you can forget to end your week by checking out the reclaiming showed Russia is every single Friday. He's got an exciting evening plan for you. EL hadn't over the daily Werner com. This evening at seven p M Eastern in June, and I've been Shapiro. This is the bench a bureau show if you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe and if you want to help spread. The word please give us five star Review and tell your friends to subscribe to were available on apple podcast spot.
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