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Ep. 1233 - They’re Not The “Resistance,” They’re The Powerful


New police incidents roil the country as riots break out again in Minneapolis; corporate America activates against everyday Americans; and the media promote covid panic porn.

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yeah right, I get unlimited talk text, six, gigs data for thirty bucks a month in. If you go over on the data, they're, not gonna charge for it from your cell phone to pound. To fifty say Ben Shapiro, you will say fifty percent off your very first month that is pound five, zero say my name then Shapiro and begin your journey with pure talk. You ass, a that is a pound to fifty down on your phone and say my name Ben Shapiro, he'll, say fifty percent of the very first months have hundreds of dollars across the course of the year. By switching over to pure talk, you ass already, so we begin today with a couple of updates on policing situations that surely are going to be national stories, because any time police abuse the white person. That is not a national story if they abuse. Where and that is obviously a national story, because it plays into the narrative that the police are systemically racist, the story from today there too stories that are worth note with road worthy of note with regard to policing today, one appears to be An awful police action when we just don't know yet the first one that appears to be a bad police action. Is this situation with Joe Gutierrez in winds?
Virginia according to the New York Times, a police officer in Virginia who confronted a uniform black army medic at gunpoint in doubt and with pepper spray during the traffic stop exchange captured on video has been officials and on Sunday, the officer Joe Goodyear, as was terminated Roll in the December fifth encounter involving car owners. Oreo, a second lieutenant in the: U S: Army, medical, core, the town of one Virginia said in his statement posted on its website. Well said an internal investigation and determine the good years his actions not consistent with department policy. They did not provide further details on when good years had been fired by the camera. Footage of the encounters run widespread it and criticism of Gutierrez Walls, another officer who is involved in the traffic stop. Both officers were soon on April seconds, in U S history, court in Norfolk, by and in his area whose accuse the officers of using excessive force in violating his constitutional rights. but there was no lawyer listed for good years in court records earlier
Sunday, Governor Ralph, nor them of Virginia Democrat set on social media. He become begun and outside review of the encounter. He said. The incident in Windsor is disturbing and angered MA am directing the Virginia state police to conduct an independent, investing she's a commonwealth is unimportant: work on police reform. We must keep working to ensure that Indians are safe during interactions with the police and the enforcement of laws is fair and equitable. Member that time that wrath Northernmost was forced to resign because way back when he dressed up in full on black face end or a KKK outfit maritime yeah. He saw the governor over there. The medical driving to Petersburg Virginia from a drill weaken the native summer Fifth, when he saw police lights flashing behind him. According to the New York Times, Accords lawsuit and video footage of the encounter lieutenant Nazario, whose black and latino from about a mile to a gas station, because I ve been nervous about stopping in the dark and road get out of the car. One officer can be heard, yelling as lieutenant is our remaining seated repeatedly asked. Why has been stopped and why the authors have drawn their guns, patients is empty hands outside the window, I modestly afraid out of the car and as areas as yes, his Gutierrez
should be according to put from his body camera this area was worries Army uniform at the time he's them serving country and this time treated what's going on and a good years as what's going on, is your fixing to ride the lightning son after whose Britons, began crying and cursing the police did not even arrest him and file charges in a report from that night. Yes, sir, said they pulled over now because ass, you ve, didn't have any license plates majority. recently bought a shabby tahoe. It was waiting for life place, temporary ones had been taped inside the rear window and we're visit according to lawsuits in outline appears to be just an awful case of police access, and the officer has been found. and so presumably you will lose a lawsuit. If the evidence proves what the eminent seems to show their, the answer will be punished. This, of course, will be treated as another example. Tremendous police systemic racism. Although again man's name your good years, I'm not sure that man is white, and that is not a typically white name, so it's it's a little bit harder to say that its white unblock racism. If it was in fact frigid
but latino on, black ladino racism, but they'll say system is races, no matter the ethnicity of the officer. In this particular case, and meanwhile in another case, that is gaining national attention there is a man who was shot to death in an encounter with police. This I'm in Minneapolis again the riots last night, people attempted to use this as an excuse to go loot, the local Walmart, as noticing that happen? So it's. it seems to me that, no matter the outcome of the police looting, local Walmart is not the solution, as it turns out. This encounter is again India, because we don't have all the details, so everybody heard in a black man had been shot by police and they immediately rushed in the judgment that the police had just shot man unjustifiably, we I know the answer to that end: you're, seeing the media also play this game where they take a sort of random detail from the and then they use that characterize. The whole arrest Did you this routinely and criminal encounters where they want? You believe it's that that the encounter, was freely about the random thing and not about something else of region. When the traveller indoors Zimmermann case the detail,
media really fixated on was the travel Martin was skills and iced tea, and this was supposed supposedly indicative of higher case, even though the actual case was about whether Martin was on top of. momentum. Beating him into the ground of others, and men was attacking Martin, and all of that same thing happened with with Michael Brown. The idea was that did Michael Brown. They leave the entirety. Tell the case was that he was here handsome five dollars cigarillos- and this was deeply indicative of the case in some ways it- it really has nothing to do with the heart of the case. But this happens repeatedly. Whenever the media cover major police, or racist, inter or supposedly racist interaction is in It's happening right here now. The story at in Brooklyn Centre, shooting is in air freshener. So I'll explain why the Accords Minneapolis STAR Tribune Brooklyn Centre Police officer fatally shot a man during a traffic stops on afternoon inflaming already raw tensions between police and community members. In the midst of the direct Sheldon trial, relatives Dante right, twenty, who is black, so the tens crowd
the scene in Northern Minneapolis some Sunday afternoon, right drove a short distance after he was shot crashes, car indicted, seen protesters later to the Brooklyn senegalese headquarters near nor sixty seven Gavin North humbled, avenue or locking stand off with the police and right you're late on Sunday night officers repeatedly order the crowd of about five hundred to disperse protein there's chanted right, name inclined to tap the police headquarters sign by then governing graffiti police had used your guest, flash banks in rubber bullets on the crowd National guard troops arrived just before midnight. where's targeted the Brooklyn Centre Walmart in nearby shopping mall, because of course, when somebody even if somebody's unjustifiably shot by the police, it seems like the best. Probably the best thing you can do is go here. Nearby shopping mall for a pair of shoes or somethin. Several dozen he's around Lamarck were completely destroyed, including the foot locker t, Mobile and York Men's clothing store by quick judgment. If you use the opportunity of a tragic encounter between a person and the police
As an opportunity, you grab yourself a suit from the New York men's, causing store your garbage person. Looting is not a proper response to bad things happening between the police and so The UN's loony was widespread late Sunday, inner into early Monday's billions, north and South Minneapolis reports have sourcing uptown and along. street were also being looted as well. According to Brooklyn Centre Mayor MIKE Elliot, he issued a curfew over until six m the closed all school buildings they cancelled. All school activities, Just this community needs, I'm sure he said our entire communities filled with grief following today's officer involve shooting of Dante. I write a twenty year old young man archer with his family. and all those in our community impacted by this tragedy. Now again, there's an investigation ongoing. What are the actual details of this particular encounter? So apparently, a part of public safety. Commissioner John Harrington said Minneapolis will wake up to more National Guard station around the city gates, reports of looting and shots fired during scent of the police rocks and other objects were thrown at law enforcement.
Brooklyn Centre Police Department does her body Kim's, there's likely video after the shooting police said Brooklyn Central Police officers pulled over another vehicle for traffic violation shortly. Before two p dot m. Six thousand three hundred block of Orchard Avenue is the actual story. That is two p dot m. Before all this happened, there was a traffic violation, the driver we had a warrant back into his vehicle, as officers were trying to take him into custody. So fold over is supposedly because he had an air freshener and his wife, his rearview mirror or something around the place. They didn't think that the guy on the car or something they pulled him over and the guy took off right. There was an outstanding warrant for him, and also discharge breaking the driver, the vehicle and travelled several blocked before crashing into another vehicle officers and medical personnel performed by saving measures. The drivers pronounced dead at the scene. A female passenger was taken to the hospital with injuries that we're not life threatening his family an earlier. The shooting occurred and Plymouth, but it had not been
criminal apprehension. It will conduct an independent investigations again. We will know more about this, because the robotic cameras and ask him so wrong during the incident and of course, as I say when it comes to these- Miller incidents. The media like too fixated on particular details, so Katy right. The the alleged victims mother said all he did was have air fresheners in the car and they told him to get out of the car while yells had announced anymore. Apparently he got out of the car friends. Are they shot him back in the car he drove away in crash now he's dead on the ground since one forty seven, nobody will tell us anything Talk to us. I said please take my son off the ground, within hours and shooting a couple hundred people had gathered near the scene, the enemy is turned into a riot so hears about. Why we don't have details in this particular case, but that's not stopping the writing. Their sort of pre emptive riding in in Minneapolis over all of this It is the latest on the law enforcement front. All you can say in these pretty cases they ought to wait for the details to come out, because the details usually clarify the situation rather than the initial
reports have had you many situations in which rights have broken out major american Citys on the basis of incomplete reports that are without either by the media or by people neared the scene of an alleged crime. So before the meeting jump into this is yet another example of police racism. We probably should wait for exactly what happened here in that Virginia case. Different story: we have a lot more of it because we have national body. Can video and consequences will attend all of that as they should ok? Meanwhile, we have a large issue in the United States that is worthy of talking about, and that is that it a huge Latin America, the believes there engaged in the courtroom court resistance when they are in fact the dominant upper hand in american politics right now. These votes are not the resistance. There are the most powerful it is in our society and posing themselves as the resistance allows them to get away with quashing descent. I'm old enough to remember the Democratic Party suggested the Corporal should have no voice in politics at all. Corporations are not people, vibrations were bad, bad, bad, bad. Bad is why we need a campaign finance reform, these view under corporation, and you
gave money from your LLC to some sort of of campaign. This meant that you were engaged in an attempt to strip american democracy of all of its plenitude. It was an attempt to get rid of that city of american democracy using institutional power. Now, however, the left is realised that they ought to do with corporations. What then with nearly every other institution in american society and simply grasp the means distribution, and they are now going to left eyes of the means of distribution. of institutional power in our society. The greatest indicator of this, of course, is that apparently on sunday- there was a meeting of more than one hundred chief executives in corporate leaders, They gather online Sunday according to the Washington Post, to discuss, taking new action to combat the controversial state voting bills being considered across country, including one recently signed in allowing Georgia. So you now have major corporations that are decided to just do the work of the Democratic Party and there is no doing the work of the Democratic Party is because they believe that the Democratic Party is in an unbreakable ascendancy right now. They believe that the countries,
having ever more left word and that there is no worry it. There will be backlash from the right, and so they are just go Did you what the Democratic Party wants them to do and in return? Presumably the Democratic Party believe them alone a little bit grant them additional regulatory power or give them tax breaks or ensure in some other regulatory fashion, that their opponents are stifled. That's what's really going here, because we believe that all these major corporations gave to day I was about Georgia's voting while which again does not real does not restrict the right about. It does not vote ready, is not a restriction on the right to vote. Mint anymore ballot boxes in the word two thousand and sixteen is not a restriction on the right to vote broadening voting hours in many counties is not a restriction on the right to vote, but he's corporations know that they have to just become the another wing of the Democratic Party. The privatized wing of the Democratic Party or the democratic Gonna come after them until they are caving on behalf of the devil- This is extremely dangerous stuff. There
Tens of millions of Americans work for these companies. I saw a chart over the weekend. It showed the political donations from employees of America's biggest companies, we all a majority of those come majority who place those companies gave the Democrat tool. We are why is the complete hijacking of corporate a mirror? on behalf of the radical left, and then you will watch I'm down happen internally inside these companies and an attitude taken with regard to the customer base. That requires that you accede to their politics is deeply dangerous stuff. What gets more of this in just one second, first, let us talk about that. Now is not a great time to go overture, local Otto parts or because why would you ever do that in the sand and line? actual you'll, get to the front line. When you finally do get to the front of the line, he will ask you for details that you don't know, and then there's just can order the part online anywhere. There are actually have it. Then they are charged for it. So why would you do that? Instead weren't, you just cut out the middlemen and go straight to the inter WEBS, my friends at rock auto dot com
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and have always given money to politicians, are there's been a thing for a very long time. American politics, and that is not rare. Nobody would be surprised to see the heads of Google give money to Democrats. Nobody be particularly surprised to see two heads of war market moneyed Republicans, and none of this was particularly shocking. What is shocking is the corporate Amerika is now seeking to punish the voters that directly, that is a different thing case of corporations deciding that they want to give to this position or knock into that politician. Those are corporate. Political decisions have been going on for a long time. They ve lobbyists. Those lobbyists work in Washington literally for four at this point centuries in America, but there is a different thing going on when you have corporations that are openly targeting the voting population and attempting to bully them into voting. The way they want, that is a different thing, entirely its using the same left, I would suggest the corporations are bullying their own employees for not pushing invite. of unionization assembling attitude to free market exchange. Those same people will be perfectly happy with corporations. removing their business from places simply based on the politics of those play
how people voted in those places and ever their ecstatic that M l B, of the August, our game from Atlanta Georgia, because George of Georgia voters decided that they were going to vote in favour of Republicans in the state House, seeing the population is a very, very different thing than punishing particular politicians. Nobody saying you have to give Europe a book and you ought to be a corporation gives Democrats so be it don't want to help republicans on the other end. But why would you? But if you are a if you're a corporation and you are targeting the voting base itself, that is a completely different thing. Frankly, there's a stand. But we ve had with our own advertisers here and shows like this one and their advertising decide they no longer want to advertise, thus that's their prerogative, but when you target the people, listen to the show what other people listen to the show? Our bad or their views are bad and you're, not doing business, because you know the views that people who listen to the show well, then you're on the other side a bit, decision is not the same as a political decision, and these corporations are, in full scale into making political decisions by attempting to blackmail states. That is
they are doing well, and these are major corporations member. These are the people or in institutional power. These are not outsiders, attempting to stop the march of fascism. these are political insiders, extraordinarily connected extraordinarily wealthy. This is not the masses who are attempting to rise up against power. This is the powerful The voters of George our significant less powerful than the heads of Google and L B, no question about it according to Jeffrey Sun and felt a Yale management professor who organised the call executives for major airlines, retailers and manufacturers, plus at least one, and if a loner talks about potential ways to show they oppose the legislation, including by halting donations to politicians who support the bills and even to laying investments in states that pass the restrictive measures. Now again, your prerogative urine give money to Republicans again. Don't expect those republic. Are they going to rush to your defence when it comes to you proclaiming your allegiance to free market principles? If you don't give a damn about free market principles, obviously your backing the party that stands against them, but
by the same token, very different thing. If you decided you are literally going to boycott those states, even a boycott those states. Now you engage in political warfare upon your own consumer base. You have decided that people who don't think like you, ought not consumer product. Fine. You believe that we will take you up on that. We are one hundred percent take on that and we ll fight back as consumers will start on businesses these r d jurists, dangerous things and by the way, it seems to me perfectly justified than in America. in which antidiscrimination or rules the roost, in which the discrimination which has been in the ascendancy in the United States since the nineteen sixty four originally some good reasons, and now some very batteries and anti discrimination law, which is route in the idea that Freedom of Association is, it must be curbed in the name of ability to pay for nice. If you believe that then it seems to me well within the realm of possibility that states are simply going to start adding political, recantation as a basis for non. This'Ll of Service in states across the country. But if you're gonna do business in Georgia, you don't get to decide.
Who you do business with based on politics. Otherwise you can just leave. It seems like is the way that a lot of these states are going to go into that discussion is being held at the highest levels in some of the red states. You're seeing right now, because God are not going to allow their bare states two essential. become the preserve of corporations that wish to bludgeon there, differences into silence. According to the wash was imposed on the final steps? Were agreed upon, the meeting represents an aggressive dialing up of corporate Amerika stand against controversial voting measures nationwide. Even they give a damn about this seriously. These controversial voting measures by the way again are less of the many voting measures and states like Delaware, for example. These corporations didn't care five seconds ago, but corporations are notoriously slow to react and quick to overreact They are slow to react to trends then, when they sense the trend they react and radical hammer fashion. Now he's done with scalpel everything is done with a chainsaw, and so instead of these
abrasions being going through the republican legislature and Georgian saying here the provisions that we don't like this one in this one. Instead of doing they wait until the wise passed and then see that Stacy Abrams Super passed and then, though, I've always if Stacy Abrams superposed, maybe who are just cut off all business with the state of Georgia, is not homework out. Well, for you guys, it's not gonna work out for you guys Guess what if you guys, decide not to do business in the state of Georgia, their plenty of other people or more than happy to do business in the state of Georgia, the canoe Please don't go away. The businesses do all of this came. Days efforts into minority leader. Mr Mccartin warned that firms instead of politics, echoing the view, shared many conservative politicians and setting up the potential for additional conflict between republican leaders and heads sum of America's large firms. Now again the media are playing this. Publicans are the reactionary ones? Note the corporations the reactionary ones they are reacting to the preparations the radical left, Republicans are reacting to the fact that all of these corporations have decided to target their voters by the way now coming out, the Stacey apron, seems to be a wire stacy. Avram said,
She had no impact on em I'll be moving again. Apparently, I'm only spoke directly to Stacy Abrams before they decided to move the asked our game leaders from dozens of company Delta American United Starbucks Target Lincoln Levi Strauss bossing. Consulting group, along with the owner of the Atlanta Falcons, were included in the zoom call once more on this in just one second as this is a truly dangerous trend in american life, leads to break up the country may so, according to the Washington Post, the discussion, which was scheduled to last one our but went on for ten minutes longer was let a time if I can consult the former chief executive American Express and Kenneth Frazier, the chief executive of Merk, who told the executives it was important to keep fighting what they viewed as discriminatory laws on voting. But you know that
major, of course black, and they coordinated a letter signed last month by seventy two black business executives. That made a similar point now. All of us could stop of corporations are said. No, that's the amazing thing about this. Oh corporations have to do is say, listen. We are not in the business of signing into debates over voter idea and it is not nor purview, but in our view is how, for example, the government regulates corporate earnings. What is within our purview? This is partly other primary energy problems. One corporations have moved beyond simply targeting politicians based on their stances and have decided to target overt populations which they buy. Change. The other thing that is happening. Corporate Amerika is the corporate Russia has decided that they are not going to restrict their opinions to areas in which the corporation operates. They're going now have opinions on everything is going to what does Coca COLA think about
this law in Arkansas that says the children should not have medical experimentation done on them for purposes of transgender verification. What I mean they're silences, deafening by what we have now reached. The point corporate Amerika we have reached the Taylor Swift silences, deafening point in corporate Amerika. For those were not aware of this mean for years, Taylor Swift was fairly apolitical and then everybody online kept saying whenever there is a controversial thing happening. American politics, He was with silences deafening and those of us on the road like I'm. She makes music. Why do you care about what Taylor Swift has to say and then Taylor Swift got hit so hard so much from the left, but she decided go fully woke and you start producing songs like ten years late about gay rights should into pop star. Never stop. Never stopping in that inevitably, which is very funny. There's a there's. A Annie Sambre plays a character who's. This pop star makes it pro gay rights, some basic twenty years, late on it and so everybody's? Why
making this that was Taylor. Swift action makes this gay rights song like ten years after gay marriage becomes a thing in the United States and was it why shit? What is pretty obvious? Why she was doing it bullied into it by large corporations are now the Taylor Swift of our politics. Corporations have decided that they are going to their silences deafening. They must count on everything, the less demands of them, ok, guys! Well, if that's what you want it, that's why you're gonna? Have it if you're going to engage in the Ultra presbyterianism speaking outside your purview, in which you are not commenting anymore, about corporate tax rate or the restrictions on sugar imports from Cuba, but instead as Coca COLA, but instead you're not going to comment on ass from bills North Carolina, then you are explicitly political actors and you'll be treated as such, and the consuming public will do so, and Republican logically it will do so and that is not reactionary and then on the part of Republicans that does not them starting the fight. That is them simply saying. If you I have chosen to engage in this field will be It is. Somebody engaged in this field will be treated as an adjunct to the Democratic Party, which is what you are. The calls go according to the Washington Post was unify.
companies that have been issuing their own statements and signing onto drafted statements from different organizations after the action in Georgia, Seinfeld said the leaders then, from around the country, sometimes Famagusta, Georgia, where there are attending the masters, I noticed the rabbit, Friends do not in fact be they had themselves, do not in fact give up his up his membership to August at National and I've noticed that Coca COLA has now moved its corporate headquarters. I've noticed that CNN, by the way, has not moved its corporate had where's, which is located in Atlantic, which means presumably they endorse the Georgia voting law. That's where this works right, son and felt this professor from Yale. He says: there's a defiance of the threats, the business he should stay out of politics. There are obviously rejecting it, even with their presence on the call, but they were there out of concern about voting restrictions, nothing in the public interest, yeah sure, or they were there, because the no they're getting blackmail by the left, and they are deeply afraid that their investment pension funds Union, Can funds run by the SBA you that are going to pull money from their stock price? It will again this game can work both ways. This can work both ways if, by the way, these folks
that that joining with corporate Amerika is going to gain new massive popularity. Let me recommend they take. A look at the Republican Party would join with, corporate Amerika in nearly every generation of the past thirty years and proceeded to lose massive amounts of power in the United States Now the north Americans typically dont, like big corporations, cramming down their views and it even worse when those preparations have decided to move out of the realm of tax rates, corporate tax rates and have decided to move in the realm of what do we think you're during should be learning in school. I do not give two craps with Kenneth Tunnel things, my kitchen e learning and public school. I don't want to know what what American Express thinks about this. I have no interest in them and if they try to tell me what to do, I'm slackened patronize their visits outside different credit card and if all of the credit cards to suggest there will be regulations to prevent them from doing this and red states, you can see how these, Patients are going to wield their executive power in order to damage the American P
when you can see it most clearly in the realm of social media. So, for example, is the most obvious and ridiculous example over the weekend broke. Their Patrice killers was thirty. Seven is one of the founders black lives. Matter has now brought a one point: four million dollar home into Pangaea Canyon now being from California, sure you do. Pangaea Canyon is super white men is an extremely wide area. In fact, it is eighty percent white and one point, eight percent- Why so preschoolers soon she makes money off be alone, should not a nice house right, their independent canyon? Apparently it is eight. It is a pretty expensive has as a vast great room with a vaulted and being sealing the real tours right at the large backers ideal for entertaining quietly contemplating cross kenyan vistas for premature trees. They appear aboard the black lives matter took in ninety million dollars, and donations last year is not clear. If we're how colors is paid by the organizations, its finances are opaque, which means, of course, that people are taking up vast quantities of cash whenever the fine
This is of an organisation? Are opaque pretty sure levers at the head of the organizations to imprint tee well, so preschoolers first opportunity she immediately takes her point four million other home in Super white to paying a canyon when he so here's where this becomes more than just hilarious story of more limousine, liberal hypocrisy, Kate, that is Jason Whitlocke. Who is the black writer for the blaze now Jason whitlocke? He apparently was. He was apparently barred from Twitter for tweeting out the story. Apparently they locked his account where he treated black lives matter. Founder, buys one point: four million home one point: four: in our home into Pang of which was a black population of one point. Four percent she's with our people and this got Jason Whitlocke account walked. He got his account locks bees. That's the way of this works. Now, if you violate what corporate Amerika would like for you to say, there's a good shot, they you're going to be targeted by corporate.
America. You can see this happening also by the way in terms of covert, because the entire left now has an interest in pushing covert panic born, which will get you in just one second but Youtube. As mentioned last week, pull they covered round table with Governor Florida afforded them around enchanted, surrounded Santa's, had Scott Alice, enabling Sharia from Stanford and a couple other scientists on a panel and on their panel members. The panel said that small children should not be wearing masts waste of time it. That is at least a debatable opinion certainly not well established in five year olds need to be wary mass. They are not good at wearing masks. There's a good case that they do not transmit the disease in anything like the numbers that adults transmit the disease and when you transmit the disease, it tends to be a weaker strain of the disease, apparently because they're they're sort of the disease counts it just not as high as the germ count,
not if I may so that is a very reasonable, reasonable and debatable opinion Youtube pulled the entire video, because this, of course contradicted the nature of the stuff. The Youtube wants to put out there about Covet Albert J, Moratoria, eight and epidemiologist from Stanford mine. You to say, This is crazy. I love to have a debate with somebody a Youtube, because apparently some low level but you do believe they know more about epidemiology and by Sharia. Does I mean is really it's really crazy? That really gets its one of these things You look at it. You say: how can we, how can you have an open discussion about a policy that affects every single person's life when you can actually even have? It has had a mega make a point based on scientific evidence between individuals? They say they want to make. You think that the only way forward is these lockdown swimming the big failed, but have that debate by the charter is right about this, but again its corporate America's power. That is allowing them particularly social media sphere, where they are in the free speech sphere to shut down alternative methods of debate, and this becomes
particularly relevant. When you see neutral service providers like Amazon web servers, shutting down parlor at the beginning of the year, simply because they said based on a lie, the parlour was the chief organizing. and his amused, and organ as the January six riots that they achieve organizing mechanisms by all available evidence were Facebook and Twitter It was discussed apparently on parlor, but apparently more of the discussion was happening on Facebook and twitter in see those guys getting pulled down by Amazon Web services again contravene while corporate I want you to know that particular issues or what corporate Amerika wants you to think about particular issues will use every means at their disposal in order to come after you. This is deeply dangerous stuff and they are in fact promoting. Why, after lie about America, America, being so, likely racist, the new grow in Georgia and called it still on the loose when talking to covet panic poured in just one second, because it is beyond the pale of this point. First, let us talk about fact that when I am in public, I always have to be
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that's my favorite part of the show this week shall be hosting comedian in Pakistan, Adam guerrilla tuning, and I can order. Mr conversation, the show streams on Fridays, at nine p, DOT M Eastern eight, p, DOT, M central of dailywire dot com. You can get the Audio Podcast Kansas on Apple, I or wherever you listen to your podcast. So if you need some kind of zones hinder, podcast need look no further had on over to Apple podcast respond. If I subscribe today be surely the five star of you, if you like what you hear me listening to large fast is going into repugnant radio, show the nation of the amount of panic, when that is now being push on you by the media, is truly astonishing. Has no time is over the weekend, so people, it's amazing Youtube, will pull down, pull down. Reasonable conversation among scientists about whether or not small children need wear, masks, they ever needs warm asked in the pull down over you do, but you can see the most insane crap about vaccines and their ineffective and their innocence,
If this, and that apparently is fine as long as you're on lots of, for example, joy read over the weekend, tweeted out that she was with Jonathan Cape. Our should I too am one backs down: but even when I get the second shot, and to skirt to be out their wild and no mine and no indoor activities for me, Nope hashtag Sunday Shop, This is excellent, and I was right here so about denials, and this is the nihilism. Vaccines are extraordinary, and one of the great scientific accomplishment of the last several centuries to have Maxine inside of a year is ninety nine percent effective in preventing serious disease and death. It's a miracle notion that you are still going to be fine battling. The evidence that this was transmitted on flights is non existent. There is no evidence at all, literally none since the beginning of a pandemic, that airline flights or a chief source of transmission from virus either again there are great happiness. was on. The point is that there is really not a lot that, whereas in I wonder if I am not aware of any single study that says that airplanes were achieved vector of transmission throughout this pandemic,.
Not that you can catch up. You can catch on airplane, but but there they were achieved transmission Becker or a key trend. No, it's ok. There there's no evidence of that. As far as I am aware whatsoever, not only that once you get the vaccine, what in the world are you talking about? The vaccine is super duper effective, like credibly effective, but apparently that's where journalism is not only ok is welcomed on the left, but after you have the vaccine, you still won't go out engage in society, which of course necessitates the government step in and take care of you if everybody followed joy, rigid vice, would all be stuck in our homes for ever, and the government will just keep sending us tracks based on Kashmir. Not exist. So that a simple vaccines- and I was in its being taken up by the horrible media coverage- our media are so garbage at this mean unbelievably garbage their coverage. So, for example, CNN put out a story that is totally
wrong about how to fly safely a year into the pandemic. Now here's the thing you can fly safely throughout the pandemic. You could, if you are a mask and you're on a plane, you pretty much ok, again the need there is! No. I am not aware of any surge of documented cases that began on an airplane. You can say that people travel with coal, but on the other end of the airplane, they spread it when they got into an apartment, building or something. But that's not. The same thing is in your place with achieve vector of transnational, can put that aside, here's what CNN as this is just statistically illiterate, they said real worlds. These are the Pfizer, Bio and taken Madonna vaccines They are only ninety percent protective against covered, not ninety five percent, as reported in clinical trials translated into reality, That means for every million fully vaccinated people who fly some one hundred thousand could still become infected. No,
all that is statistically illiterate. So, first of all, when they see their ninety percent protective against corona virus. That means there are nine percent. Protective against getting corona virus does not mean they are only. Nine percent effective in preventing death or serious disease mccrone virus that still ninety nine two hundred percent had beyond that. That's not how statistics work. Gazed if there are a million people who fly on planes- and there is a vaccine that are taken by everybody right, everybody has taken a vaccine, but it's only ninety percent effective in preventing the transmission of the disease, that doesn't mean that there are a hundred thousand people who are going to get the disease has, Sure viewpoint out translated into actual reality a ninety percent effectively he refers to a reduction in the odds were vaccinated person being infected relative to somebody who's taken the vaccine, that is in a given group of, say to that
people, if one hundred on vaccinated people would ordinarily get covered just ten percent vaccinated, just ten vaccinated people in the same size group would get the virus. That does not mean that two hundred vaccinated people would get the virus right. In other words, you have templates call the base rate. Ok, if there are a million people, Lamb planes and a hundred thousand people are not protected against the viruses doesn't mean all a hundred thousand people get Cove. It has never been through the hell. Are you talking about a tiny percentage of those people get Corbett and then of those people? Ninety percent will mark a covert if the resonated, that's that stabbings Instead, CNN is openly panicking you that if you fly Andrew vaccinated you're still gonna get covered. You wonder why would media? Where's like that people are still word there, Gimme a covert after being vaccinate or get another piece of news
the media are blowing way, the hell out of proportion. If you look at Drudge today, which has just become Huffington boast, he Drudge has a headline at the top of the page in all Red Pfizer, can't stop south african strain. Now, if you read that headline mode, you think what I think so I've had the Pfizer vaccine at this point K. So what would I? What would? I think I would think ok well, means that if the south Africans rain has met screwed right, visor can't stop the south african strain wrong, and that is not what the story says. What the story says is quote this, the african variant of the corona viruses, notably more adapted breaking through the Pfizer biotech vaccine than other variants are. Israel has defies or vaccine almost exclusively to vaccinate millions of citizens with aversion by Madonna music used. Emily
from television University and Quality Healthcare organization sequence, the swabs one hundred fifty is really should tested positive, recover nineteen despite having being vaccinated. Ok, so there are a hundred fifty Israelis who tested positive recovered after having been vaccinated. Six to seven million people in Israel have already been vaccinated, so number one you're already talking about pretty much, statistically almost nobody who got the virus after having been vaccinated, then in that sub group, what did they find that sub group of a hundred and fifty Israelis tested positive, recover nineteen after having vile vaccine here's a they found in their study, the prevalence of the south? african strain among vaccinated individuals were infected despite their inoculation, was eight times higher than is prevalent in the uninfected that in the unventilated infected population low, the number factions among the vaccinated was relatively small. The findings indicated that this very
far more successful in getting through vaccinated individuals, defences and other strange to number one when we say relatively small, we are talking about. Nearly everyone in Israel got the Pfizer vaccine. Yet like a hundred and fifty two hundred people who actually got infected, afterward and you're. Take away from that is that defies or vaccine is not protected again. South african strains you're talking about a margin at them very, very varied sipped operate here. You're talking about a tiny group of people got infected after the vaccine and of that signing group of people more people were infected with south african strain. so not noted in the study did any of those people get super. Second, I nope. So it turns out advice is still extraordinarily effective against all of the strains. In fact, in lab tests, Pfizer has been proved to be effective against the south african strain according to Doktor Mortimer, carry Johns Hopkins University. So like no that's ridiculous. If you're too,
the way is that you gotTa Pfizer vaccine and now you're, going to die of the of the south african variant no wrong, but that is to take over the media is all panic or Ngos and pushing up an important, naturally doktor, Anthony algae vouchers. Pushing the ban important over the weekend found. She said that he would still not do. A lot of things after getting a vaccine, but he still said that he would whose people at home but stay away from crowded indoor spaces after getting the vaccine, he said I don't think I would, even if I'm vaccinated gorge and indoor crowded place where people are not wear masks. Why explain explains on her really explain? Is ninety nine one hundred percent effective against death or serious disease. So now what you are saying is that if Europe, you're getting a mild disease. You should stay away from public places, my god he said we shouldn't, claim Victor
over the virus, yet because case councils are searching in several states. Ok again that I mean look at the case, counts right now forgotten and bring up because kind right now, right now case. Count in the United States are in fact not surging. They are not surging over the April ten There were sixty seven thousand diagnosed cases of covered in the United States has April tenth February, twenty third theirs, Four thousand cases diagnosed we're not surging. We are completely flat, in the numbers of diagnosed cases in the United States. In terms of dealing with that, we are at the lowest point that we were since at this point looks like September October. Of last year, when people thought maybe you're already, hitting the end of a thing. So take what you just nonsense, but their friends where the hell out of you and then their frank bull, you into silence, if you're not scared, the goal here is to scare them. out of user. Then they can over each as much as they could possibly want how crate Are they getting about all of this? How nuts
here they are getting so not about all of this. Then now they ve decided there targeting Amy chew the famous professor over at Yale LAW School. So apparently she was having little guy the rings at her home where she was meeting with students who are having trouble and people decided the chair to be covered, policed. She writes a letter says I receive an email from a yell dealings reporting Julia Brown when, for me she was working on art and an article about how you will not. Leading a small group at the law school next year and that there were likely be a formal announcement about it on Monday. This is the first I'd heard about. It, therefore, is email and The decision has been made on the basis of an allegation been recently hosting parties at my house, ridiculous algae I've never heard for before from anyone. Finally, email contained a shocking number of confidential agreements. Details about an agreement I reach back and twenty nineteen, which the daily
apparently preparing to publish and dumb and apparently this then went public and they're trying to basically take her out of these small group sessions because she was hosting small groups of people at her home cooking. Vaccinated? I'm sorry, we are now living in the middle of a major corporate crackdown on free speech. The institution Of power have decided that they no longer need your opinion. Instead, there going shaping your opinion from above going to be doing so on the basis of their own self satisfied sense of who they are. and there can be cheering on the by the administration as they do the same. So if you don't want that, it is past time to fight back on all of this, because you simply cannot trust the corporate media. You can't trust your corporate leaders. There are no institutions. Standing between you and the naked face of north authoritarian left that seeks to cram down its values on you and against you, which means no
and build our institutions. Number two have to fight back against. The institutions that currently prevail already will be let back later today with India. our of content in the meantime go check out. The Michael mole show where he discusses how Brian Spelter wants to watch. Conservatives get vaccine. Yet I was a weird thing because you miss it on CNN Brien. Seltzer tat was really bad thought that hosted Fox NEWS. Hadn't taken selfies getting the vaccine, super super bad. Meanwhile, joy reaches out there saying things like even after I get the vaccine, I'm not goin public ever again. More details about that story. Over Michael show that's available right now. I'm bench brothers is the venture Barroso. If you enjoyed this episode. Dont forget to subscribe and if you want to help spread the word please give us I've star, review and tell your friends to subscribe to prevail. One apple, podcast Spotify and wherever you listen to podcast, also be sure to check out the other daily wire podcast, including Andrew Craven, show the Michael moles show, and the mat Wall show. Thanks for this,
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