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Ep. 1236 - Team Biden Thinks America Sucks


Joe Biden and his top staffers continue to lie about endemic American racism; prosecutors decline to charge a cop in the death of Ashli Babbitt while moving forward with charges against a cop in the death of Daunte Wright; and the activist media move to pressure corporations to echo the racial resentment politics of the Democratic Party.

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President Biden in his top staffers continue to lie about endemic american racism. Prosecutors declined to charge a cop in the death of actually Babbitt well moving forward with charges against a cop in the death of Dante right and the activists, media move to pressure corporations to echo the racial resentment politics of the Democrats party I'm bench bear. This is the bench Barroso eventually, Rochelle, sponsor by expressing PPM, protect your online privacy today Express Vps, dotcom, slash but well Joe Biden was elected to be not Donald Trump. That was the main mandate for Joe Biden. His mandate was not to completely Remould America. His mandate was not too like Bernie Sanders on economics or to act like loose thereupon on race, and yet this is exactly what we have been getting from: the Biden administration, his top appointees
have all been echoing there call Hannah Jonestown Hussy codes, nonsense about how America is rooted in endemic racism, and that is the job of the Biden administration, to completely remake all of America's institutions in a mould of equity and is the critical racial theory. Nonsense is the idea that all of the institution, America are shot through with racism and tearing them out at the root and replacing them with something more equitable, namely top down government control seeking equality of outcome rather than equality of enforcement of rights. That should be the goal, and every day it becomes clear that this is what Biden is up to, which is an incredible thing, because again, this guy is a lifelong semi, corrupt, petition whose entire career has basically been putting his finger in the win on a variety of issues ranging from abortion to criminal justice It is a guy who is in favour of locking up criminals? He was very much against locking up criminals, there's a person who is against passing until he was causing favour buzzing. This person who used to be kind,
antiabortion until he was super pro abortion. Joe Biden is not there and you'd go do for a principled stand, and yet here he is staffing up here ministration with a bunch of radicals who have extremely principles, and all of the principles are wrong, but there stands are extremely principled and now at all or in any way, moderate, belated again What this is you an ambassador, Linda Thomas Greenfield, so she is a Biden appointee. Remember is the? U N ambassadors. And speaks for the United States on the world stage hundred Donald Trump people Nicky Hayley, as we want me. When and basically told all the other countries on earth where the United States I value system is indeed superior. And you really ought to give us a lesson. Meanwhile, you the binding ministration trotting out to the EU and a person who says that America is steeped in bigotry and racism. That America is a terrible place. Here is Linda Thomas Greenfield the Union Vassar speaking to the National Askant Action network, which of course the owl sharpens group. By the way, it remains a source of astonishment me that AL sharpen is well
Except in the halls of democratic power, for for a bunch of folks who say they really don't like race riot, they seem to be kind of a what they wanted to sharpen promoting it. In any case, it was Linda Thomas Greenfield speaking to the national action network and explaining that the United States did you. Racist place founded in racism, with founding principles shot through with racism. I grew up in the segregated south. I was plus two a segregated school on weekends. The clan burn crosses on lawns and our neighbourhood. I share these stories and others technology on the international stage that I have personally experience. One of America's greatest imperfections: I've seen for myself how the original sin of slavery weaved. Why supremacy into our founding documents and principles, we would avoid supremacy into our founding document and principles. This is precisely the opposite. The opposite of what Frederick Douglass in actual former slaves suggested in the To the civil war, when he said that the car,
adoption of the United States is a liberty document, and the problem was the promissory of the declaration of independence had not been fulfilled for black Americans, but a foundational principles of the United States were indeed universal. It precisely the opposite of that is being promoted by the Bush administration. What you're saying there is so despicable to say that on the world stage is despite having that's what she sank said on the international stage. I go round to countries like China, which is extraordinary human rights oppressor or IRAN, and I tell them that I have experienced oppression in the United States on the basis of race, not because their evil people who misinterpret America's counting documents, not because America has a fraud history with race that is filled with darkness and that we have overcome gradually and with tremendous success. Statistically speaking. No, what I say is that America's founding principles, the principles we still and upon are shot through with white supremacy. She also added quote: racism is the problem of the racist and it is the problem of the society that produces the racist and in today's world,
to every society Rachel. If there is a racist in the United States that, because of society producing that racist society itself is evil and cruel. She also said that you believe white supremacy was the key factor that lead police to kill both George Floyd and reality. Last year. Again, there is a zero evidence. I mean zero evidence that George Flood was killed because of his rights. Not one person has brought a single shred of evidence to suggest that use go because was raised. Its is simply a conjectural point brought out by people on the left, who want to back a narrative that every time a black person dies the hands of a white cop or is involved with white. Absolutely we know at this point given medical evidence, whether George we died because of Derek chauvinist all anytime, their situation involving a white cop and a black person who dies in custody. It must be because of endemic american racism. Symptom with Brianna Taylor is their evidence. If Brianna, I ve, been white you'd still be alive, whereas the evidence on that considering a fire blindly through that through the door they shot or by accident, get it
This whole motion being promoted by the by an administration. It is a lie that America, endemically racist. It is a lie that America's founding principles are shot through with racism, their explicitly couched in universal human,
terms. That is why the United States has been able to adapt to a more diverse population. It's why the United States has become one of the most racially tower and places on planet earth on planet earth. Do you know where black people on planet earth have the highest household income? Wait for it, the United States, it is not close gave it. The idea is that the United States, every part of the United States he shot with racism, because the bigger you can make the crisis. The more deeply can make the crisis in America saw the more you need the heavy hand of government to cure it. This is the real picture. Biden is making see if there's one thing, the United Biden agenda throughout his career. It's the government can solve the problem and if you want bigger government, which is what Joe Biden wants, wants more control, he wants more control over your life. He wants administration, have more control over the things you do every day of the systems under which a live, but nor to justify that you better have some sort of crisis. The? U can cite
Many times of crisis, the Joe Biden has attempted to cite injustice for a few months in office is attempting to use covert as a crisis, even though on the way in, which is why you seen his entire scientific establishment, embracing false nonsense about how the vaccines are not all that effective and after you have them, you can go to a restaurant in all. This is attempted to play up the covert crisis in its waning days, so he can ran through four trillion dollars and spending and then call it infrastructure. Are you seen him play up the crisis of climate change, but now it's a climate emergency. We have to do something. If we don't you something that can be the day after tomorrow, Dennis Queen is gonna, be wandering through the streets of Brooklyn. Frail by tsunami of ice. This kind of crisis, nonsense and now you're getting the crisis at the heart of America's soul. Ok, here's the thing: the United States elected a black president, twice does say something about the United States. The current vice president of the United States is a black woman. United States again has the highest household income for black people of any country on planet earth and the notion
the United States is deeply shocked with racism is, it is a lie. It is a lie that is specifically I find in order to promote the ability of people like Joe Biden to control all the aspects of your life and is being promoted day in and day out by. This means russian. It's. Why have Joe Biden himself? Captain moderate out there saying things like parts of our country backsliding in Jim Crow name? The part of the country how anything they are doing. Right now looks like Jim Crow. You can't, because an abject lie is disgusting. I'm sorry, it's a moral outrage that Joe Biden is suggesting that Georgia is sliding back into Jim Crow. Georgia currently has a black senator Stacy Abrams is maybe most powerful political figure in Georgia. Right now, black Americans have been out voting their share of the population in Georgia in the last couple of elections. What in the hell is he talking about sliding back into jet lag? Is he he should know what Jim Crow is he's old enough to remember? It is old enough to have seen both shaded and been friends with people who are in favour of Jim Crow was Joe Biden, how dear he suggests that forty three states across Amerika attempting to attempting to there
fi electoral information amounts to a new form of Jim Crow. It is a lie, but again the. Why is designed for a purpose, and the purpose is top down control. The larger can make you will think decreases as the more they will want to hand down Ringgold more on control of their lives. Here is job. I, being Dotterine old, moron and morally abysmal one at that ports. More counter backsliding in those days Jim Crow passes, laws that harken back to the air of poll. Taxes on black people were made to guest how many beans, how many jelly beans in a jar or count the number of bubbles in a bar before they could cast her ballot. Agony, says this to EL sharpens grouping in our shops unworthy. Ratepayers in american history. What the actual f is he talking about? Can you name a law that looks like anyone in America being forced to guess? the number of jelly beans in a jar to vote cadmium, anythin. Anything remotely like that. Of course, you can
because they lie, it is not true. Where's where's the fact check on this where's polluter fact. On this I know political fact checked him. Kennedy for the greater suggesting that totalitarian regimes gun control, which happens to be true, but they're, not gonna backtrack, Joe Biden forcing four months. The gym crows happening in America is races in its from since option. Then America's dna is rooted in the stuff and it right now in Amerika there. People who want black people have to guess the number of bubbles in a jar inaudible, but it's just a why it's just a lie and your media where gas letting living. How are you they're telling you that they are the fact trackers? They are the people who should trust? No wonder no interest the media, because they are just the pr wing of this garbage administration it so far hey. What he's doing is immoral. It is immoral to suggest the your fellow Americans are in favour of Jim Crow because they disagree with you about voter idea, and it is in its even more immoral to use those lies as the predicate furnace, on individual rights and free market economics, which is exactly what your Biden is doing
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the new mantra of the Democratic Party, by the way anything I do like is infrastructure anything. I don't like his racist. How racist is Christian Clark, while she wants argued that the huge. Rain was structured in a way that makes black people superior to why people, and that called human mental processes in the brain have chemicals that imbue one race with superior physic A mental abilities and spiritual abilities. Clark claims that this raises diatribe was mocking the controversial book. The bell curve. But Clark also happened to invite a holocaust, nine fraud and Anthony Martin and a professor wirelessly college to speak at Harvard around same time. Clark was writing unrecognisable, satire about black supremacy shoes calling Martin Intelligent, well versed black intellectual. Basis and information on indisputable fact. That's where, because he wrote a book called this guy roads export called the secret relationship between blacks and Jews, which claimed used for the slave trade and also of the jewish onslaughts published by nation of Islam. Leader was Farrakhan, hurt notion that she was pending these these,
authors on race, a sort of parity of Adele curve is about is plausible. As her assertion today in front of the Senate that her news, we got bad titled. I prosecuted police killings, defend the police, but be strategic, wasn't actually about funding the police. In two thousand and nineteen, she signed a letter supporting to make em Alaric. They lose fairer, concentrating women's March cofounder, who asserted the black, the jewish people, more especially collective responsibility as exploiters of black and brown people. Now christen Clark could made the case in her hearings that she's move beyond her youthful high drinks should naturally make decades, and in fact the truth is the Christian Clark is racial. Radical centred, cotton Americans? How question her about her viewpoint and Michael Brown? If she is such a Rachel moderate? Now, if you move beyond the radicalism of the past, why is it that years after it has been conclusive? determined. The Michael Brown was not unjustifiably shot by officer Dern wasn for example, are in the hands of don't. You was a lie. Why is it that christian court continues to make?
the fiction. The Michael Brown was shot for reasons of race gun down by white police officer. For no reason, I'm asking you a simple factual question was absurd therein, Wilson, justified or not, and the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and two thousand fourteen based on the facts said. I know I'm not privy to the details that the federal government may have been privy to in the course of its investigation as a private citizen. There is something that feels unfair. While my aunt you ought you're obviously do not want to take the position. The shooting was justified spite what Eric older men intergroup to upset the fact that you won't answer the simple question: yes or no. I mean it's just incredible, so that person is a personal. Joe Biden wants to be the assistants train general of the United States, but don't worry guys, they're, not politicizing. The the deal J, in any way by the way here is a list of things that Christian Clark has called racist. Senator likely, my friend from mutual Harry is going after,
in Clarks claims of racism and pretty much everything in american life Miss Clarke. I want to read a non exhaustive list of of thumb elements of american society elements that you have one point or another described in the past as racist police departments, federal agencies, Airbus and be election laws designed to combat fraud, the Workplace, America's DNA, the Virginia Military Institute, the healthcare industry, federal courts and the Department of Justice. Ok, I'm inertia in the work at the Department of Justice where she has worked before so This is not a radical administration in any way to get. The idea here is that if you create crises, a crisis of the soul, american racism, a crisis of the economy, inequality, a crisis of global climate change, a crisis in terms of covet, then you can do whatever the hell you want and it Suffice any sort of crazy action, which is why you are seeing Democrats introducing just listen! I kid you not to expand the Supreme Court there, no in it
Thousands of Democrats are introducing legislation today to expand the number of Supreme Court justices to thirteen from nine. I wonder why? Thirteen? Why why thirteen could it be because right now, there's six republican appointees on the court and then just one point for Democrats, Could it be that could be? They want to outnumber the republican appointees on the court? Seventy six or probably, not, probably just you, know, objectively, they think thirteen, the nine for no reason at all essential if the number of Supreme Court Justice is for the first time and like a century and a half, and we should do that for sure just for no real reason, guys mean what kind of show, probably The radical power rubbing attempted by the Democratic Party on the basis of false crises that do not exist is astonishing right now, it's astonishing. If your fault, what you're a damn supper, we get more of us in just one second. First, let's talk about the fact that if you ever get car sacred firemen hung over print terrible feeling. Knowledge is not a lot of fun when my wife tens yet Carson
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Europe or Democrats. Finally, stop conceding the Supreme Court's Republicans. I do love the revisionist history when Supreme Court has been a bulwark in favour of conservatism. In the last ten years we have found out that Supreme Court believes same sex marriages mandated by the Constitution of the United States and that the Civil Rights ACT of nineteen sixty five covers men who believe they are women. These are things what a bulwark the Supreme Court has been guys incredible, incredible bore working. There president, Joe Biden has said that he is not a fan of the idea? Instead, the White House announced last week the creation of a bipartisan commission Is this really going anywhere now, but it is a signal of where democratic would go if they actually had the power to do so, which is why should never give them the power to do so again? All of this is predicated on the that America systems are thoroughly corrupt and need to be torn out at root, and this is why spread feeling in the Democratic Party The reason why, if you ever see poles of how people feel about their own party democrats are always hide, satisfied with their own party, while Republicans always highly dissatisfied with their own party. The reason is, because Republicans looked to the Republican Party and say why aren't you cutting government? Why aren't you
funding plan paranoid. Why are you doing the million things that you have said that you will do democratically the democratic party? And I say I know that you promised us the moon, but the truth is really trying to get there. We see what the utopian and goal is any guys are trying to this is why Democrats always come home in a way. The Republicans very often do not have one of the thing. That sort of amazing about the Democratic Party is that for all of the talk about Republicans are terrible it, lasting radicals from their own ranks of Republicans, got rid of Steve King Republicans. Didn't let right more. Can you find? Ah, ah Democrat in Congress who Sylvan Congress setting mats rose? Is no longer in Congress, he find a democratic Congress was willing to say nary a word A word at all about receded too liberal in allowing the fact that a blatant anti semite, I won't find a Democrat anywhere in America and so much the rank and file democratic. Voter too knowledge, the anti Semitism problem inside the Democratic Party to acknowledge that hanging atmospheric. Is actually a bad luck to acknowledge. The Joe Biden is addled
Finally, the Republicans will say bad things about their own politicians. You never get it from democratic ever. Why? Because they all have the same utopian goal and it was there. Liberal minded Democrats, willing to stand up to the radicalism, outside their own party. This is just going to continue because even the most radical people in the Democratic Party people who the mainstream Democrats or of Tut Tut. It's not that they see those people as doing something bad. It's not that they see those peoples having that principle. It's that they see the most radical among them as just two committed to the cause, they're just two committed. In the same way, they look at anti for riders in Portland, or black lives matter rioters in every major in the United States. You know it's not that they are doing bad things or believe bad things were are acting based on false information. Note is that there are just two committed there just to ideologically pure
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Sue produced able was Super Fort for binding it elevated him by burning who had a momentum, so clever was asked about. The fact that receded to leave has now called for ending the police you too to leave in the aftermath of the Dante Right shooting in Minneapolis, said it's time to essentially abolish policing and incarceration by the way which good luck with that. So gems Kleiber, whose are much more responsible politics, was asked about this and instead of him saying that's crazy. What the hell are you talking about he's? As I understand the passion I understand or she's, coming from whenever Democrats talk about a policy or issued to leave or airline Omar, it's always with the tone of sort of my cute, but slightly wayward mischievous child and feel that they really just did just so pure and innocence of heart, and maybe the learn to be a little more practical as time goes on,
is the thing if you dont, if you dont, excised radicalism? Now it is absolutely infectious and it is in fact in the rest of the Democratic Party, here's gems, clever. You have efforts to get this. George floored justice and Policing ACT passed to get it through the Senate and it's gonna be an uphill climb. Do you think her comments hurt the causal nor do I think, she's expression, frustrations and watching. He's America statements, and I can understand that what we need Tat is just any police just because it gives us the town tools we need to deal police officers who are not part of the game here, it's play by me from democratic politicians. Is you see these these? These rapid radicals on our left here you're? They have other aid, Engines baino really want them control you they want. You want us controlling you, so what you really need is for us,
subject to so we have. The tools will protect you from these crazy, but also the crazy things that crazy. I mean, like you understand what coming from get no here is the reality all this built on line that America's policing is shot through with systemic racism. So let's talk about that for just one second, because since we ve been using anecdotal evidence rather than data to support this bizarre position once you some anecdotal evidence, okay, so here is what happened in the jaunty right case, so Dante right, resist arrests, he's pulled over here. Is this arrest. He was apparently a person with a pretty serious criminal history, for example, been so the police may have known that when they ran his license plate and when they pulled him over. In any case, he decided to be a wise idea to resist, arrest and jump back into his car as it turns out. This was not a wise idea, but beyond that, he was in fact the victim of a piece of police abuse, ready the officer inquest, meant you shoot him with eight days are instead shot him with a gun and he died it now. What is the one? Is the logical outcome of that
logical outcome of that is that the police officer has now been arrested by the police officer has been arrested, rooms Kim Potter, she's, been arrested and she's probably go to jail for manslaughter that is the predictable outcome of how a justice system should work and she's going to manslaughter she's going for manslaughter. Even though again, the idea from left is that that Dante right is a completely innocent. Wonderful human being to things can control once one Dante right could have been a career criminal, who tried to run away from the police and to the police still should not have shot him with a gun should have used a taser and if a mistake or taser very gonna go to jail for manslaughter, both those things can be by the way on the Dante Right criminal history, the daily mail is report, and he choked woman and threatened shooter. If you didn't over eight hundred twenty bucks. You had stepped in a bra core papers obtained by the day Male allege that's the case. The ledge well worn for his arrest at the time he was shot and killed by the officer, Kimberly Pie in Minnesota. On Sunday leading two days of unrest, apparently he was pulled over for having expired, license plate tags. Although he called his mom and told her, it was
having an air pressure hanging on his rearview mirror. While checking these details, learned of the warrant, so it turns out there that that may have in fact affected the police officers more aggressive behaviour, but bottom line is what happened in the particular case of America's justice: more truly racist. Then the idea hair ribbon, everything's, fine, everything's, fine, but you're not happened. The officer is how we can go jail according to mediate. The Minnesota police officer fatally shot twenty year old Dante right and unarmed black man pulled over for driving suv with expired license plates will be charged with second degree manslaughter Brooklyn, police officer. Computer is twenty six, your veteran of their apartment, if convicted she faces up to ten years in prison or a fine of up to twenty thousand dollars. She did resign from her job. The Brooklyn police in Brooklyn Centre police. You ve also resigned on Tuesday Gazelle. Does that sound like an abjectly racist system Does it sound like a super racist system that the police officer who shot a man who resisted arrest,
at being out on a warrant for threatening to kill a woman of the gun. Just your money from her the police officer, mistook a taser forgotten, is gonna go to jail. Now, as presumably should, based on the available evidence. That's like a deeply unjust racially by a system. Let me put on the table. Another story for you, ok, Finally, Babbitt is the woman who was killed during the generous extract. The only pursuing off was directly killed during generous riot. We still don't know how after Brian Sickening died, he did not die at the at the place. He was not hidden ahead with it with a emergency fire piece of me with it with fire extinguisher. That story turns our natural. True, as far as we are aware, so that means that the only person who is directly killed during the January sixth riots was in fact actually Babbitt, who was by all accounts unarmed, but actually Babbitt was climbing through a broken piece of window. To invade the capital building and a police. I'm involuntary a police officer whose ins
a door shot up at her and killed her That is the story of actually Babbitt. Now we are learning, then investigation conducted by the US attorney's office for the deep district of Columbia determine there is insufficient evidence to support a crime. Prosecution of the officer in question. We still by the way, don't know the identity of the officer in question. We do in the in the Minnesota case where we knew the identity officer like pretty much right away. I thought he had considered for months whether criminal charges were appropriate for the capital police. So fatally shop, Abbot the GEO Jays decision, the expected officially closer investigation prosecutor said they had reviewed video of the shooting the statements from the officer involved and other officers and witnesses examined physical evidence, Francine and reviewed the autopsy results as well. So let me put it this way if back at him in a black person associate with black eyes measurement
by a cop unarmed. In this way, there ve been riots is any doubt about this out, really loved her. The counter argument on us. If the officer had then been Lego, if they'd send you know it justified shoes, she was unarmed, ensures climbing through a window and an officer shot her. Do you think that people in the media would really up no problem? It's fine and if you see the than reactions left, that is the reaction who left the Russian. Let Actually Babbitt had it coming because she was a generous, its rider, but, as we have found out over the course of last year, you can be a black lives matter, rider angle, loot and burn things, and the media treat you as though you are some sort of racial. Just as Europe is pretty incredible stuff If we're talking about the bias in the system, I'm not seeing it there, seeing the racial by us in the officer who should actually have no problem or who shot Don T right is charged manslaughter that doesn't look like racial biased me that looks like either objective justice being done or like
maybe a little bit of racial sensitivity, running in favour of the running against the white woman who got shot because that woman in black? I think that the story be completely different in the capital riots have his plays into the flood cases well into the George like, as we have heard from every member of the Democratic Party, that the George Lloyd case is a case of american racial bias. I ask you any evidence of this seriously any evidence. George Floyd was highs. Kite use resisting
rest. Other people in his car were telling him stop resisting arrest. George. They tried to deal him for forty five minutes. He pushed his own way out of the car. He was shouting I can't breathe before he was out of the car, and yet somehow this has to do with race and racism, and not only that the media treated as just unquestionable that it had to do with race and racism. But here's the problem. What's gonna happen if Derek Chauvelin, I could saying this: what happens if there are seven gets acquitted or what happens if there's two Hungary riots right or what's gonna happen we'll get to the latest in the Shovin trial, because that continues apace gets that in just one? Second, first, let us talk about the simple fact that their allotted Jews or dealing with issues that they dont actual Wanna talk today
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a end outcomes. I've been right now, yet fifteen dollars off your first month of eritrean, you gotta problem, go get it solve, get roman dotcom. Slash ban for these special offer. Ok in just one second warning against the latest in Shovin trial and then we'll get to our garbage activist media, which is complicit. They in fact, are the main drivers of the propaganda efforts aimed at the heart of the United States and in its principles, or gets more of this and one second. First, it's already episode five, and I know that you can't get enough of Kansas Owens over Brandy show Candice having checked it out. Our no you're waiting for Canada, lively series gas each week for a discussion panel interviews and for signature cancel caress. My favorite part of the show this week because my friend Adam Corolla, who is awesome to it, and I don't want to miss their conversations- show streams on Fridays. Nine pm eastern ape him central at daily wire dot com. They get the audio podcast canvas on Apple Spotify or wherever you listen sure, podcast right now. So if you need some Candice Owens,
You're podcast need look no further, had it over an apple podcast respond. If I subscribe today be sure to leave a five star of you, if you like what you hear it listening to the largest fastest growing conservative, podcasting radio show the nation ready. So meanwhile, in the narrow shoving case, is becoming increasingly clear each and every day that, at the very least, reasonable doubt would be justified, and that would certainly be a justified finding by the jury that offences laying out its case. Basically, this thing has turned into what the Wall Street Journal is trimming clash of experts according to the Wall Street Journal, the murderous, Derek shoving shifted into a battle of expert testimony. In its final days with a forensic pathologist testifying for Defence Wednesday, the George Floyd died of cardiac arrest because of heart disease, the death, couldn't even be rolled a homicide. The testimony from David Valor, the former chief medical examiner for the stay of Maryland, contradicted prosecution, expert and buttressed chauvinist offence that drugs and health problems doomed. The forty six,
Lloyd and not the former Minneapolis police officer kneeling on him. In the proposition for nine minutes, I mean frankly, I find that much more plausible feller said that that he died of cardiac arrhythmia. That seems much more applause, my my colleague met, had been thought experiment. Let's say that you had a choice today between taking the amount, affectional and math. That was in George wide system or having a hundred and forty pounds with forty pounds of gear, Neil on your shoulder for nine minutes, which ones you choose also having seventy five percent. Every blockage which will which one of those things you choose either all the health conditions on the one hand, or a guy kneeling on your back for four nine minutes. Forty nine seconds good thought experiment doesn't mean that it is positive, but to pretend it George Floyd's prior health conditions. We already have testimony that he had been hospitalized for for an overdose, just
A few months before we have the medical examined. The original medical examiner suggesting that, if he'd found George LE dead in his apartment, immediate, would have ruled the dessert as an overdose that like reasonable doubt when it comes to zation seems like a minimum here. Almost here's, the defence medical examiner, devouring Floyd, died of cardiac arrhythmia. Did you form and your pinion to a reasonable degree of medical certainty which you thought was the principal cause of Mister poyser? Yes, and what is that colleagues have risen in due to high pretences at risk or cardiovascular disease? during restrict. Ok, he didn't you say that he also added that this notion that that prone position makes unable to breathe is just not true, cops routinely used the prohibition on people, it does not mean you die. In certain situations, people are examined in the proposition. There are therapy.
Maneuvers, where people are deliberately placed in the prime position. One of the best examples right now is covered with patients will be put in a prime position just face down and it improves their ability for oxygen exchange, not decreases it, so the proposition by itself does not have at least There is no evidence right now that that is a significant issue. So Valor said that it was not a profoundly oxygen state induced by the police, the subdued wars. An imposition was Fixy ETA caused quite hard to stop. You said, instead of his words, exceptionally fragile physiological condition. A condition of nobles the arresting officers. According to legal insurrection, according to the defence narrative, it was floods on physiological fragility. They killed him when he chose to subject himself to the justified use
force by police officers compelling his compliance with lawful arrest, including his forcible ten minutes struggle with multiple police officers and subsequent restrained? This again makes a fair bit of, common sense that the reality is that the medical examiner, those brought forth last week by the by the prosecution, the testimony that they could tell just from the tape alone that the cause of death, I find that almost impasse believe I find it really really difficult blade. I'm not the only one. Their legal analyse, encore tv. We ve had another program talking about this. I've never seen anything remotely like that in a quorum, somebody suggesting that they can watch a video tapes and determine cause of death had nothing to do with drugs simply by watching somebody breathe on tape. From a distance of ten to fifteen feet like I, it's a magical ability. If that is the case, feller looked at the autopsies fellow looked at the available information. He said you know. One thing that is worth while noting here is that the defence is the depressed.
Fusion is completely shifted its case, which, by the way, has originally the prosecution case was that it was. It was shoguns knee on the neck that cut off the circulation of oxygen to the brain and thereby killed George Lloyd. Then it turned out that the defence had pretty good evidence. Ben fact, chauvinist was not on his neck for nine minutes. Forty nine seconds, not only that Chopin was not using the kind of hold in any case that actually cut off oxygen to the brain in fact, is what medical examiner testified yesterday, Fowler based upon your review of the video. In this case, did you observe Mr Shoguns knee obstructing the carotid artery of Mr Ford, that needed not obstruct either carotid artery and even if it had obstructed one
The carotid artery on the other side, plus the two vertebral arteries would continue to supply the brain with enough blood for it to function. Here's the bottom line. If Jovan ends up in Hungary, there will be riots and we all know be right and raise preparing for riots, and that's what the media love this particular case. You may notice it as soon as a case is disposed of with the officer going to jail, adjust its number it's ever headline again. It's just not noticed Walter Walter, Scott in South Carolina shot in the back by a police officer running way and the police officer than drops a gun next to the body, and then that police officer goes to jail former. That does not become a riot. Why, because is pretty obvious what happen? Everybody agrees, what happened and the obstacles to jail in the case of of Dante right, where you're going to see if the officer is tried and convicted
There will be no riot in an uncontroversial cases, are not the ones the media love. The media love the controversial cases, because what they like to do is impute bad intention to people when we look at the Evidence- and these are part and parcel again of driving- that crisis mentality America's and states constant crisis, and if you don't take aside, then you are on the side of evil and is being driven by the media in an act of activism that that is just clear activism. This is not journalism in any way. The New York Times is now printed. A piece of quantum hold journalism is not journalism. It's basically Mccarthy eight lists. It's from AIR Andrew Raw Sorkin, Jason Korean Sarah Kessler, Michael J dilemma said
and heard an affront leave me because of the eighty seven people writing for the Euro Times the seals, who didn't sign a big defence of voting rights. Hundreds of leaders in company signed a letter opposing strict limits. They did not there's only activism journalism view when somebody doesn't signed a letter ones lesson that was news. There is a collective letter I didn't sign it was there a letter on all the people who didn't sign Harpers weekly letter was there was little to big story about that. Now, the goal here is to pressure all of these corporations and to pretend that they are in favour of voters, suppression and the new Joe Biden ask Jimmy if they don't do exactly within your terms. Wants them to do. Our media are just the activists, propaganda wing of the Democratic Party at this point, and they are the ones who are pushing forward into the private sphere. All of the lies being told by the Democratic Party. There is the New York Times, Amazon, black
Google Warren Buffett in hundreds of other companies and executives have signed a new stage in opposing any discriminatory legislation that would make it harder for people to vote. The statement which renders the tube age ad in the New York Times comes meant a flurry of voting related proposals from Republicans with generated competing calls for corporations to take a stand and to stay out of politics. Less warming. Retaliate just as notables than into sign? The statement are those that didn't whoo, hoo, hoo hoo those evil corporation staying out of pilot political matters, don't involve them those evil nasty. Preparations not doing what the New York Times tells them to do. There's no omissions as the New York Times, many companies declined to sign statement some executive, such as Warren Buffett sign for themselves, but not on behalf of their companies, Coca COLA and Delta D, and the other name, perhaps during more blow bat for earlier statements and also not feeling the need to speak again. Gibby Morgan Chase declined to sign the statement, despite a personal request from senior black business leaders to Jamie's I'm and made a statement on voting rights before Doug Macmillan. Walmart ceo, whilst chairs the business Roundtable lobby group, sent a note to employees to explain the companies
certainly said we're not the business of cars in politics or government relations teams have historically focused on core business issues like tax policy or government regulation Walmart and other major employers are increasingly being asked way in on broader societal issues such as civil rights. The company didn't sign statement. By quote, we want to be clear. We believe broad participation and trust in the election process are vital to its integrity. So there are going to be bullied into speaking on topics that have nothing to do with their companies and that are controversial at the very least, and the media are just gonna put this stuff they're, going to push it as hard as they possibly can. The virtues signalling will continue until a mare is all better, which is why you get Bening Jerry's announcing that didn't like the police anymore, so free, I screamed, for everybody seems to me that if meningitis, unlike the police. Next, I'm somebody robs abandon Jerry's Dave, nobody to call quote the murmur of Dante right murderer now, manslaughter murder of Dante right is rooted in white supremacy. Again. What's the evidence, this is rooted in supremacy and results from the intentional criminalization of black and brown communities. Intentional criminalization, I mean
again Don T Reginald shot, also don't ever. It was a criminal intentional criminalization of Dante right. The males no there's watered down form any resisted arrest says benefit the system can be reformed. It must be dismantle a real system of publicly rebuilt from the ground up. Ok, I look forward to up to all of the free ice cream for everyone. Meanwhile, Coke is real. Seeing that they have made a very large mistake. Coca COLA is now strikes. Conciliatory tone, after coming under pressure from conservatives, according to the Washington examiner, which shows that there is hope moving forward for conservatives and that it stands up on your hind legs and stop giving into this crap bestowed. A giant based in Atlanta was absent from that list of more than five hundred corporate individuals that scientists naming condemning The election legislation that would quota will restrict voters from having quote an equal and fair opportunity to cast a ballot Coca COLA so that the company had not seen the letter, but it certainly open to hearing the perspective. They said what we build:
The best way to make progress now is for everyone to come together to listen, respectfully, share concerns and collaborate on a path forward remain open to productive conversations of advocacy group and law makers. Who may have differing points of view. Why? Because they felt it in the pocket book right. That's all that happened here. They felt it directly in the pocket book, and this is true of all of these corporations they're, all virtue signalling, because they know that the left is attempting to eat them. That's all by the way. This is also true for some of your favorite places like the NBA. It turns out that the NBA, according to clay travesty I'll kick, has been out sourcing to chinese companies with knowledge that they ve been using slave labour. Cotton. This according to Clear Travis, so the same people who are virtue signalling you about how America is a terrible horrible, no good, very bad racist place. That's Emily there there pushing companies that overtly engage in muslim slave labour according
truck clay, trousers I'll get will be joining the shallow, but later on today, a so should we pushed back on this. Of course we should push back on this and there will be a success if we do pushed back on this. This is the point the left is pushing and their pushing their pushing pushing a false narrative about. You may say that you are a racist if you believe in America systems their pushing a false narrative about Americans turning principles and they're using that fake crisis in order to ram through tremendous change to a system that is not only functional as the greatest system created in the history of mankind so assigned for the push back, be part of the push back, don't be part of the surrender caucus. I'll be back later today, with an additional hour of content coming up soon and now also airs thirty pm Eastern be sure to check it out over a daily Werner. Come I'm Bench bureau. This is the benchmark
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we don't have an advantage over women in sport. All of that and so much more today that Walter.
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