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Ep. 1247 - Uncle Tim And The Very Racist Left


Tim Scott crosses the line by saying America isn’t racist, so the racist Left attacks him; Kamala Harris touts the Biden White House’s 100-day record; and Joe Biden continues to promote useless mask theater.

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TIM Scott crosses the line by saying America isn't racist, so the races left, attacks and commonly terrorist House Biden White House is one hundred. Accord and Joe Biden continues to promote useless, mask theater and educate. This is the benchmark today. Show is sponsored by Express VP and protect your data from big tech with Vps. I trust visit expressive, gps, dot com, Slash man, speaking of which you may have noticed the baton, companies that they really suck like they. They ve been alive time, cracking down on speech they don't like, and then they target people they don't like, and they use all of your data in order monetize. All of that Whether you talk me, your internet service provider or sites like Google and Facebook, their monitoring You do, and nearly all times, because they're following your ip address. What is the best way to make sure that one hundred percent of your data is encrypted, that you get the power over your data back well expressed. Vpn would be. It expressly began
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we know black person, America is allowed to say according the mainstream media which that America is not racist, see the mainstream media have bought into the entire racial essentialist argument that your race is your politics, unlike religion, which actually comes along with a set of principles. So if you say that somebody is catholic, people typically say okay well catholicism- is a set of principles. If somebody says they're catholic, probably they mirror those principles same thing with being jewish same thing with being protestant. Okay, if you say somebody is white. Typically, that doesn't come along with a set of principles. You must believe if you are white but according to the left, it does. If you are white, you are inherently plagued by white supremacy if you're black you're inherently plagued by victimization- and you have to think what's more, that you are plagued by that victimization. If you are black It is heresy for you to suggest that you don't live in a viciously races country in which you have no agency over your own life and TIM Scott makes them irrationally angry by saying eisely the opposite and there's nothing new about this. The left is, extraordinarily angry everybody from Clarence, Thomas Decanters Owens for literally
entire lifetime. Anytime, a black person has the temerity to say America's, not racist. I have agency, I have in my life, I can make their decisions and I can get ahead in a free society under which equality of rights is the law. If a black person says that the left loses leap and turned him. Scott is just the latest example of that stop. What did he say? That was so bad luck in his wants to the state of the union. Address that interminable soporific ridiculous, state of the union address, in which Joe Biden barely awake himself with the rest of the nation to sleep bludgeoning us into submission. With wisdom, trillion dollars bunny items and also suggested this old white man, is systemically racist. Then TIM Scott got up and said. Well, no America is not racist. Just because I've experienced racism in my personal life does not mean that America is completely racist, which is what mature adults think about the world. Just because a bad thing happened to you does not mean the entire world is against you just because people have been very.
Anti semitic me, does not mean that all the marathon, where it systems, are anti semitic. Two teams- God says this about being black in America, and this of course sent off the left into a frenzy of apoplectic idiocy a hundred years ago, sheets in classrooms were taught the color of their skin was their most important characteristic and if they looked a certain way they were inferior today, shoes are being taught that the color of their skin defines them again and if you look a certain way, Veron oppressor from colleges to corporations to our culture. People are making money and gaining power by pretending. We haven't made any progress at all by doubling down on the divisions we ve worked so hard to heal. You know this stuff, it's wrong here me. Clearly, America is not. A racist country is
backwards to fight discrimination with different types of discrimination, and it's wrong to try to use our painful past to dishonestly shut down debates in the present. Of course, every single word, the TIM Scott says there is exactly correct, and this is what sets off left. This is what makes so he was sub tweeting a couple of folks there, one of the people that he was substituting for sure was Abram Kendy. So when he says it is wrong to fight discrimination with discrimination, That is a precise counter to implement. Candy who has said discrimination of the past requires discrimination. Today can you not only disagrees with TIM Scott? He was basically being subjugated by TIM, Scott right. There TIM's got was saying ever met, candies perverse view of America and the and the ram occasions of epidemics, can you use are bad for America. Tim's got saying that set off. It reflects candy, so much candy is an absolute
I mean this is a guy who's raised tens of millions of dollars based on the lie that not only is America racist, but that it is better for America if we treat every American by their racially essential characteristics, which is racism, is TIM Scott, tweeted out that Did you grow line from the speech Jeremy? Clearly, America is not arrests, country, an economics candy than tweeted back the heartbeat of racism is denial. We can hear the heartbeat clearly it so it works. Candy loves to engage in such a drifter. He loves to engage in these Kafka traps, so Kafka TRAP is where you accuse somebody of a crime and come from France Kafka's the trap You accuse somebody of a crime and then the person denies the crime. You say: well, if you really were innocent, you wouldn't be denying it. Would you right so the Kafka trap here is, if you say that America is not written Just this makes you a racist, because your dinner that America's racist, because I only A truly non racist person would acknowledge that America is in fact races. You see how this works. Ok. Now it makes no sense for on catch twenty two, because there is no way to get out of that
It creates a completely unfollow, viable situation. It is low early, the scene from Monty Python, the Holy GRAIL in which they decide that to determine There are a which is a witch or not throw her in the water and cheap energy float. Means she is a witcher must be burned and if you throw in the water and she sayings, this means that she was not a witch and she's innocent, but sadly she's dead. That is how antiracist Morton diplomats candies world and, by the way, he's a racist, Kenya is consistently saying things about how white people are inherently plagued with white supremacy. It makes candies consistently judging people on the basis of the color of their skin alone and suggesting that, Erica's racial institutions are inherently racist because there is unequal outcome by race. Doesn't said many times you couldn't. You could take any room in America, any room full of people in America and draw a line along any angle in that room that separates the population in half, and you will find inequalities in that room
you'll, find that on average one group is taller and one group is shorter or one group is fatter or one group is Skinner. One group is a hierarchy, and one group has a lower ac or one group has more criminals and it has your criminals, there is no life you could draw in any room in America in which the outcome on both sides of that line is exactly the same on all aspects that can be marked? That is just not the way that statistics work. That is not the way the world works and that's particularly true when culture makes a difference which we know that it does. If you took a bunch of white people from Appalachia who are living in poverty, and you put them next to a bunch of white upper class people living in Manhattan, they're going to have a very different life outcomes and that doesn't have anything
do with color. That doesn't mean that the system is discriminating on the basis of whiteness is the point that Charles Murry makes in his book. Coming apart. He talks about cultural differences between white people because he said listen. I keep getting ripped on for suggesting that culture makes a difference in the outcome of your life, because people say that has to do with race. So I'm just going to write a book about white people. I'm just going to write about a book about how there are differences within White America in how your lifestyle makes difference to your outcome. It doesn't matter they still call Charles Mario Racist, because this is one of their favorite things to do, but you don't have to be related. it is just a religious worldview and TIM's got his attacked religious worldview and the left. Seize him as a heretic and heretics must be burned, says not just diplomats candy, who is the high priest of welcome its throughout the meat its throughout the culture, Joy Bay, her lecturing TIM Scott about systemic racism. Now, there's a word that people left like to use about stuff like this white splaining
joy bay, Har, explaining to TIM Scott about systemic racism, is just absurd at the highest level. First of all, Joy Bay, heart cannot understand basic concepts. She really, has a deficiency in in intellectually understanding things, but you're sure attempting to lecture TIM's got a black in America who acknowledges that he's experienced significant racism in his life. About what's stomach racism actually is tell us joy who, by the way, dressed in black, face in students Erika and still has a job here. She is now TIM Scott. Here He does not seem to understand and allow don't seem to understand the difference between a race this country, and systemic and systemic racism. They don't seem to get the different. Yes, maybe it's not a racist country, maybe Americans John already on not racist, but we live in a country with systemic way says oh well, it's not
racist country, but you know it's still. Stomach racism, because, even though America's not raise- is the systems are racist, but he can explain how the system's erases, because legal racism has been illegal in the United States since the nineteen sixty. So, as I said before, the term systemic racism can mean a bunch of things. It can mean you're a racist, don't say that they can mean that every american deep down has implicit bias. They sometimes mean that they could say that it means legalised racism, which is not true because that's been federally illegal since the nineteen sixty or they can mean that history has consequences and be as it used to be that there is a lot of racism in the United States that that has far reaching consequences downstream. True of all history by it it is true that history has impact in the here and now. But the question is how you will that and we say, systemic racism. The ideas there must be a quart of systemic solution while that, but that's not right. The reality is the single best way to escape
is the same for every single American get married. Don't have kids until you're married get a job. That's it If you do those things it doesn't matter what race you are. You will succeed, America, you will not leave in permanent poverty in American, statistically speaking according to the Brookings Institute. But then I want to talk about that, because that puts personal onus on you, and so much of the left belief In what needs to happen is that you don't have any personal responsibility. The government has to take responsibility for everything at Glenn Lowry has an excellent peace over a very white is substantial about what systemic racism means. He says. Basically, systemic racism is just a mush mouth term, designed to foreclose all debate. He says the people who keep saying systemic racism ignore the fallen. Truth in America is basically a Jude equal opportunity in terms of race with chased away the Jim Crow Bugaboo, not just with love. But also by widespread social customs practices and norms. When Democrats called a Georgia motor integrity law. Resurgence of Jim Crow is nothing more than a lie.
Everybody knows there is no real Jim Crow to be found anywhere in America. The phrase headache racism does a great disservice to blacks into the country. Here. We are now well into the twenty first century. Our are being remade every decade by technology Globalization, communication, innovation and yet always seem to care about is race. My deep suspicion is that Charges of systemic racism have proliferating, grown so hysterical because black people, with full citizenship and equal opportunity in the most dynamic contracts as well- Who is black, are failing to measure up violent crime is one dimension of this: the disorder and has in our family wise is another. The IRA that so many of us, this cry systemic racism, even as we simultaneously demand this very same system deliver us such as land lowries, pointing this out John MC quarters pointing this out as well. He said systemic racism or its alternative term institutional racism became common quaintest DEC, designation in the late nineteenth sixties, just as the expression of overt person prejudice, was increasingly proscribed and such prejudice itself and ever more leaving behind sutler kinds of bias. Was easily addressed the idea.
The phrase that inequities between white and black on the societal level, such as in scholastic, achievement wages, wealth quality, housing and health outcomes are due to racist bias of some kind, exercising its influence in abstract but decisive ways as such, the eggs, since these inequities represents a sort of racism and must be battled with the same urgency and even indignation that personal prejudice requires. The problem is sociology and social history are more complex than misinterpretation of systemic racism allows all racebased inequities are not due to prejudice. Moreover, space. Inequities. Do not lend themselves to the kind of solutions that eliminating prejudice. Do, for example, tribute black students, lesser foremans on standardize. Tests to systemic racism is an extremely fragile properly. You simply eliminate the test is racist, because black students, underperform is anti intellectual and even destructive idea, mcwatters, as I find the term systemic risk,
to be the most nettlesome term in the english language of present. It's meddlesome because left constantly engages in semantic overload. This is their favorite thing to do. They pick a phrase and then the phrase means ten different things and then, when you attack the most common use of the term they set out on me now. Are you say, systemic racism implies that the systems right now are racism, you don't know that's out. I mean I mean history while ok, I agree that history has lots of racism in and that there are consequences to that. But the question is how we alleviate those consequences and if a woman but now you're denying the racism exists like what holborn I'm using your definition, this is again the game are you'll evoke some left when it comes to terms they have created out of hope. Is like trying to nail Jello to the wall. It is bound to fail because they are not attempting to be ideologically or intellectually consistent. All they are trying to do is try the term systemic. Racism is a trap, because the moment you attempt to define it, they shift the definition, so they can continue to call you personally racist.
He'll say I'm not call you a racist, I'm saying, there's systemic racism and then you say: ok defined systemic racism or, if you needed to find for you you're a racist hook it. So this whole game we just to get to the end point they want to go to in the first place, which is racist. If I disagree with you, we can all see that happening and here's them thing about about all this when it comes to who actual racist aren't american life, who are the people who are actually pushing hello centralism, who are the people or suggesting The only reason that somebody, like TIM Scott, would be able to get a slot speaking opposite. Joe Biden is because his right, who are those people, people on the left, there's a reason that Uncle TIM trends it on twitter. And there's a reason. The people on Twitter allowed to different category the repetition they took it down, which means they allowed it to trend hey. They allowed it to trend, because on the left, it is not considered a racist to be racist against a black person. So long as the black person does not think like the quote, unquote essential black person is supposed to think we'll get to more of this in just one. Second. First, let's talk about the fact that if you're, a responsible citizen, you need to make sure that your family is taken care of the case. God forbid something happens to you, you
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and we get to the actual overt racism of many unloved society, Hoskin also of the view, also a political one, says. The only reason terms got was chosen is because he's black, which is because I've been informed, my folks and left that that is the specific region. You should choose people to do things truly. We ve been told that you're supposed to shop at black own businesses, we ve been told that we needed a black female vice president, not because of anything that she'd accomplished in her career, but because she was black and female. Specifically, those war Joe Biden said out loud. He was looking for those characteristics in a vice president, its people and left who suggests that Asian Americans should essentially be thrown out of college in favour of black American simply on the basis of race. But apparently now it's bad. If TIM, Scottish and on the basis of his right now, the reality is the TIM. Scott was not just a chosen on the basis of race. He was chosen on the basis of his viewpoints and experience, of course, which are independent of race items.
Was chosen because he was the lead in doing criminal. Justice reform on the right side of the Isle TIM's got was chosen because he does have personal experiences with so he hasn't credibility when he says he doesn't believe that America is, is a racist country, sunny Hostin immediately goes to oh yeah. Republicans are doing this because they're racist, they pick TIM Scott, a black man to deliver the response to the state of the union. Because he's a token in and racist. Why was he chosen to give this rebuttal? He was chosen because he is the only black republican senator. He is that person. He is the person that Republicans want to put out front because of the problem of racism in this country, and he knows that an end. So I was sort of disappointed that he was used in this way and didn't take that opportunity,
to address that type of issue. This type of issue head on. I mean it's amazing, you didn't say what's any hostile said so bad that he was back now. I promise you that when they cast the view race was one of the things that they looked at right. This is true whenever you cast a show in Hollywood to that, race is not a factor. Casting in Hollywood is just ridiculous. Of course, it is, of course it is. They look for particularly diverse cast they'll, say We need to white women the black. What like that's how they cast these shows. So, let's be real about this. People are constantly doing this in America, If the question is whether they are doing this because they wish to promote ideas about race or whether they are doing this, because the person independently qualified and has personal experience that can speak to the issue that is currently being discussed, which is the story with TIM Scott. It is significantly less racist to trust him Scott, to do it together The union response address talking about his experiences with race in America, it is to choose a vice president of the United States, specifically because you need to apparently appease members of your coalition, because it doesn't matter which black person you pick it just has to be a black person
the Republicans weren't, like okay, we're just gonna pick a black person and that black person, any elected black person, would be fine. For Democrats, it was like okay, we need a black woman and we're gonna pick a black woman and here's a list of black people that we're going they were related. This they literally put. I wasn't like Balkan, became Basle could be they'll damage or your member. This there when there is so much in process where they just came up with a list based not really on viewpoint. As long as your own left was fine, it wasn't based viewpoint. It was just based on it had to be a person who filled this particular hole in it, but it's fine and left as it is fine. In fact is praiseworthy: when the left us it you're not allowed to oppose it when the left does it you're allowed him even mention it when the left does. It is pretty impressive stuff and the media jumping on this, as well as in Washington Post. I should like an all time. Amazingly, is an amazing amazing sweet from the Washington Post Quote senators Scott accused liberals of shutting down debate in practising discrimination Republic,
and on his comments with Thursday Thursday, while said he was giving giving white supremacist white like the Washington Post, is just the Democratic Party this that they should. They should guild that that tweet and frame it in gold and put it up in a museum That's how good that suite is Senator TIM Scott accused liberals of shutting down the bat in practicing this discrimination right. So that's his accusation. Now watch as the Washington Post tries to shut down debate and practice discrimination. Republican sees on his comments, Thursday, they're always seeing that's us. We are great at pouncing. We are great at seizing it is our thing activists said he was giving cover to white supremacist. Well, those activists, their republicans, didn't defend TIM Scott. They seized on his comments, but activists knew they knew that he's actually giving cover to white supremacist in the Washington. Goes further than this gave an entire peace, Harold Centre at him. Scots comments on race ignite, a fiery debate, if he's by Cleave Wooten and make two bonus.
As Republicans have sometimes found themselves on that offensive in recent months, when it comes race, praise the South Carolina for addressing the notion that democratic black activists are too quick to shout down those who disagree with them by calling them. Races. Democrats generally treated Scots word of caution, but many black activists who publicly I Scott into the wee hours Thursday morning deemed him the latest in a line of black apologists who give political and racial cover to white grievance. I'm Scott on Twitter, Scott was compared was compared to figures. Conservative commentator Candice Ellen's whoa whoa. I mean well you There are some of the countess that that means that that is bad. You must be super bad of your compare him to canvass through its Jaws and Scott controversy, shows our competing premises about how far the nation needs to go to fix racial fishers and how bad the problem still is. Scott, who said he had personally experienced the pain of discrimination too many people suggest the countries gained no ground when it comes to civil rights. Republicans
he's down the notion. That Democrats are only too happy to criticise America, but the activists, the activists they their fighting back, because apparently he's he's providing cover two white supremacist. I think that the very very white Washington potion talk about us Jeff pieces need sound off on this pretty impressive step by the way. This is the pattern here. The pattern is the left says ridiculous things about race and if you respond you're the instigator Gimme a perfect example and one second. Ok, so it turns out the by an administration is now attempting to basically push critical race theory, which The idea that all the Americas institutions through with racism that America is rooted in racism and that all those institutions to be torn down. The by trying to cram that into America's education system? So the education Department has now made clear that it wishes to Each Ingram Ex candy style drifter bull crap, so they put out, for example,
a list of the resources they are recommending that schools use included in that list is the sixteen nineteen project, which is a piece of ridiculous fiction of one insignificant detail it member counterstrike, Erika in three easy steps and also talked about it at length The can go back and look at the old episodes, not only brooding bad history and called out by a variety of historians from every political viewpoint. Basically, I mean, for example, the original sixteen nineteen projects you just that it was the alternative history of Amerika, the true history of Amerika and then Nicolet Jones, who is a ridiculous person, immediately walked out back when she got hit by Eyed and me was the actual history of america- suggested that it should be read as a sort of a counter and in a part so the traditional history of America. If that's not what you originally suggested should rejoice tested in her opening essay fourteen. Sixteen nineteen project that the sum that the Revolutionary war was fought. George reserved slavery there is no evidence of this- is just not rule actually just outright untrue case. It's a bad piece!
of non journalism and non history and the education apartment under Joe Biden wants all american children, presumably to learn about it and say no they're, probably going to say no, what we're going to defund this. We don't like how this is that treated treated by political today as though the Republicans are being aggressive. Anything Democrats do is the default anything Republicans due to stop. That is save Republicans are always the instigators. She'll see democratically like men are women and women are men. The Republicans as like no hold up a second we're gonna, stop you right there and the media treat Republicans get aggressive on culture. War issues like hold up here, I was just sitting Here- was sitting there doing nothing, and then you told me the boys can be girls, and I was like no an you're like, oh well, that's your fault! How dare you be so aggressive to get you slapped America in the face? And then America says I don't like that. You bastard you will like it and that's what they doing now, but you were gonna crammed down on your school kids. The idea that America's
clear Asus that are true. Family is not one thousand seven hundred and seventy six, but six thousand and nineteen, and then we say no and then you're like how dare you you aggressive jerk How dare you start this culture? Was? I didn't start the culture I would just frickin sitting here. You keep changing roots standard of how we educate our children is changing standard, basic logic and science, and then, when we say no, you calls an aggressor, hey. Here's perfectly that secures politico on Mitch Mcconnell saying he doesn't like the sixteen nineteen project being funded by the education apartment. Hey here's the ears, the peace. Mcconnell takes on a sixty. Nineteen project is from the playbook vaunted playbook, which, by the way I wrote once and hundreds of political staffers called into complaint. How get I touched the bonds at political level. You remember this is just Months ago, exclusive Mcconnell leans into the culture wars is Mcconnell started a culture where you it wasn't that a bunch of regret, left has decided to rewrite american history and put in its place.
You know history in which America is a great villain. Nazi chemicals, getting aggressive Senate minority leader Mitch, Mcconnell and thirty. Seven GOP senators will call on the education Department today to stop a proposed rule that invokes the sixteen and nineteen project. The latest turn in the culture wars. Biden, administration, citing the ongoing reckoning over race and the disproportionate effects of the pandemic on African Americans, has proposed updating american history curricula to more fully flesh out the consequences of slave. and contributions of black Americans. Now you gotta love how political covers this so, in other words, your head in public school has to learn that America was right, in slavery because of the Unquote UN going reckoning. Overrate goes completely circular, so you make a case. I say no, an ongoing reckoning ovaries, so you would Also, it's amazing how they just repeat the same phraseology answer it's like down to down to the propagandistic semantics reckoning into always a reckoning reckoning reckoning.
Reckoning, it seems like if we're gonna have a reckoning. It kind of happened, mostly in the sixties, right when we completely wrong. Shifted the nature of american law in many good ways: okay and the disproportionate effect of the pandemic on African Americans question. What does that have to do with the sixty nineteen project seriously? What is the disproportionate effect of the pandemic on African Americans have to do with the sixty nineteen project and also, why is it that you're diving this thing up by race, as opposed to by class Cova disproportionately affected low income? People covid does not affect black people worse than it affects everybody Our committee is not racist. Come too horrible virus is not racist and leave the basing notion now than ever, to get a vaccine that the the need Conation process must be disproportionately targeting non black. Americans is also a lie. Well, you're, seeing as extreme vaccine hesitancy, centralized in large parts of a black Amerika and the media covering four by Why? How many articles have you seen about house Tusky?
here again and people are worried about Tusky yell over again as we well know, that is not a good reason, not get a covert vaccine. In any case, political says the lightning rod for Republicans that the proposal specifically mentions the sixteen nineteen project which several prominent Torrents of criticized in a letter, Macao and other centres will blast the administration for putting ill informed, advocacy ahead of historical accuracy. Missive comes as former President Donald Trump on Thursday called from account to be replaces leader also must be that he's pressured into this is what they're saying now I do of that political late in this peace notes that a bunch of people who are not conservative also oppose the sixty nine. Project, which of course is true, but the idea here is the Republicans are always the aggressors in the Culture WAR Democrats get aggressive, Republicans respond, and it's all about how Republicans are the true aggressors here now, it's amazing about all is the council Harris contained same exacting since got about american upping racist and not receive the same black. These. Of course, everybody knows that she wants to tear down America's instead and so I wanted her down America's institutions- you can say whatever the hell you want here is Colonel Harris, saying
also that America is not racist but but America's kind of racist. I don't think America is a racist country, but we also do have to speak truth about the history of racism in our countries and its existence today and I applaud the president for always having the ability and the courage frankly to speak the truth about what's to deal with it, knowing we all have so much more in common than what separates us, So I noticed that this. This is president, whose president as someone who is calling a vicious racist, wouldn't let little girls like her go to school like a year and a half ago. So color me a little sceptical that there is any level of principle involved. Here is all just political cynicism as ways, as always: ok, just a second look at Tacoma Harris touting divide administrations, one hundred a day record, which of course, is built on a barrage of wise. We get so that in just one taken. First, let's talk about the fact that if you are a responsible parent, for example, if you're a husband,
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The economy. Rushing massive inflation in things like lumber at the price of lumber is up like over. A hundred percent were seen commodities prices skyrocket because it turns out that there is a shortage of commodities and people can go back to There's still a bunch of places where you're not allowed to go back to work, and not only that even in places where you can go back to or the government is as we paid you to stay home, business owners all over the country and big business, actually are telling me they're having trouble finding employees to come back to work because the government has paid them so much money do not go back to work is truly incredible, but accordingly whereas there are doing doing just stellar. Stellar job is camel, hair celebrating Kamel Harris, because that lady loves her some common areas. In one hundred days, we have created more new jobs than any other administration history. We have two more plans that we are working to get past. The first is the american jobs plan. It will be the largest job investment that our nation has made since world war. Two
because the fact is too many people, including too many people right here in Maryland, are still out of work. So, while we have made significant process progress on the, perhaps front, there's so much more to be done. So I just have a question: what did she do its job? One point: three million new jobs. The answer, of course nothing. Those jobs are being created, there are being created because dynamic is ending, but again this is the entire Stick of the Biden, administration jump in front of a moving parade and then lead it to a dead end like animal house. That's exactly what this is really just are piling up behind them I am ready cheering right now, but as soon as they turned at a dead end, things get really ugly, but don't worry. They're gonna move faster into that wall. Here's Kamala Harris sing. We need gun laws, we need racial justice legislation. We need all the things, just everything. Let's just do it. Man go for it Balton, Well, let's do this thing. There have been too many
days when we woke up to news of another mass shooting another black or brown person shot by the police Another act of hate again station Americans, another designed to make it harder for people to vote. These are reminders but we still have some much more work to do in the fight for reasonable gun loans in the fight for racial justice, the fight for voting rights, more stuff, all the stuff do more stuff. Meanwhile, U S? Labour secretary has now suggested that California's brilliant idea to classify gig workers as employees. Effectively, something ill be and left, and then they had to create a cave out for uber and lift, so they can continue to operate. They want to now extend that nationwide, which is just a genius idea.
Our secretary Marty, Walsh, that's what we're looking at it, but in a lot of cases give workers should be classified as employees. In some cases they are treated respectfully. In some cases they are not. I think it has to be consistent across the board. These companies are making profits and revenue modem. Your success trickles down to the worker. Ok, maybe the reason that they are making profits and revenue is because they have engaged in voluntary transactions with gig work who will lose their jobs? If you do this, which is exactly what happened in California, so here's the thing Democrats were actually in the business of legislating Democrats, particularly in purple states. Beginning to lacrosse I'd at what exactly the an administration has planned, so wasn't whose HIV man, let's go for it by Chris Coon's Intel, worries and younger he's he's solid Nancy he's like well, we can't leave policies on the table. Let's just go for it. You know you have the opportunity once in a lifetime man, but YOLO, here's Chris Coons. I think the president has done a great job of putting forward proposals suggestions for how we pay for
of his major plans, the a rescue plan, the jobs plan, the family plan is put forward, ways to pay for them and turned ass. Instead, you're the Senate, junior as you said, last night, roll up their sleeves get to work. I think we need to pay for as much of it as we reasonably can. We shouldn't leave The proposals on the table? Simply because we can't come when agreement on pay force. I love this. I love. As you say, we can't leave bold proposal. Table just because we have no idea how we're gonna pay for things. This is just the excuse that pretty much every spend a holocaust, everybody who's ever destroyed their life through credit card debt has exactly this excuse. Every single person, like you know. What wasn't I understand that I don't have any money, and I really don't know how to pay for this, but that is a sweet deal on that car right there. That is amazing deal and if I leave that deal on the table, I'm just not going to be a live with myself. The Christians, like There's an amazing deal on spending ten trillion dollars and just as we have no how to pay for it. I mean we'll figure it out, because life has a way life finds a way, but you know
we don't really need to think about that right now, but just because we can't agree on. You know like how we actually pay for these things. That doesn't mean that we can't just do it anyway and meanwhile he's in a blue state. So who cares what he thinks it? the Democrats in purple stage, where the indicated that they know they are going too far like way too far too fast. So Joe Mansion was asked about the state of the union. Address the jolly fake state of the union. The Joe Biden gave the worst they love. It was the worst addressed to join sessional commissar ASEAN. He was asleep audiences to sleep, there are some people in their euro mass for no reason so Joe Mansion was asked. It this litany of spending. The Joe Biden wants to do and mansions from red stages like no just no on that. When you look at the overall price tat all these proposals, let me
it's a lot. I mean we're, not consider millions and trains at all. Here's the thing we've got one nine train that hasn't gone out to do it. Yet we just passed american mission and he needs to be fully paid for we need to pay for it. We do I mean we're twenty eight and a half trade. Almost twenty eight points two and a half trillion dollars. No, that's not Annabelle at anybody is not sustainable communities. Just amazing monkeys mansion, whose you know the swing boat. Is it not? Now is a lot of money they are spending. Meanwhile, we get more Kelly whose also in a purple state and he put out a statement after state of the union address it well, I share president binds urgency and fixing our broken immigration system, but I didn't hear night was planned redress. I can holding this administration accountable to deliver the resources and staffing necessary for humane, orderly processes. Work to improve border security, support local, enemies and fix our immigration systems are Kelly. Just wants retain a seat he's up for reelection or a couple years and and Kelly's thing norms of Sky is gonna, lose me my seat. Yours are about
founding here's where republican starts to pound, because Mitch Mcconnell is like basically Biden is Bernie. Joe Biden is just giving Republicans talking points with which to run here's Mcconnell, making that point he's not trying to do anything remotely close to moderate. Think of it as the Biden Bait and switch. He ran as a moderate, but everything he's recommended so far has been hard left. Bernie Sanders is really happy. He may have lost a nomination, but he won the argument over Today's democratic party is well access, more spending, more borrowing, and here, of course, exactly right about this, and the New York Times was being. Doubling down is remember the headlines right after the speech by Biden. That means we're how he's going to radically transformed the nature and government how he was going to change everything about America. The headlines from the Washington Post Biden teach them
investment in tax plans, as he recasts the role of government? Okay, recast, the role of government watch for that to be a phrase that is used in every republican ad in two thousand and twenty two, the New York Times bye, makes case. Vastly expand. Governments will not as a positive zimri the very excited about this, but that's only than your terms readership everybody else in the countryside, governments role they're like what now what mean like all of headline. Funds are actually bad forbidden and people in the purple states know it. It's waves involved lemmings backing off in Florida of the ridiculous hands. High police positions and by the Democratic Party in the media, Brian shooting. It's why you have seen so You see Abrams in Georgia, going yeah this whole boycott. Georgia thing not super into it, even though I kind of endorsed it, she went back and she wrote her when you say today, our bed, you get rid of all the lines. The basically made excuses for boycotting and, of course, USA. Today oneself ended it on her behalf, because the sweater establishing media institutions do so in the Purple States democratic, starting to run scare.
Could be running scared. They should be because what Biden he's doing right now is gonna have tremendously negative ramifications for the american economy. Most him. Are not in favour of this sort of radical change. They don't like it. Joe Biden CARE is younger around to see the ramifications, so what does he care? But you know does care all those people in the Purple states all of us democratic purple stage there beginning to be like I don't know about this, meanwhile turbine is not stopping me. Can't stop won't stop pops never stop, never stopping Joe Biden yesterday. He did an event an outdoor than in Athens outdoor event. Aside from having weird face masking issues which will get you in a second, he had this odd exchange or people were yelling at him. There, a bunch of anti protesters you shut up and started shouting him abolish eyes closed. Detention centres and by neither not hearing them or hearing that neither ways not great immediately. Like I want to do you guys want listen. This is crazy.
I agree with you: I'm working on a man gimme another five days and monitors ok, they're chanting, their chanting abolish ice clothes. All the detention, centres is, I got more acute or give me another five job or barriers, dreams. There's a moderate moderate in! Don't don't give me the not a radical. When he's literally saying I agree with you, two people shouting in him abolish ice and clothes all the detention centres what has happened, in other words, nothing good border state, Marguerite Annual said yesterday binding care. What happens here, which is obviously true near the people's voices going to do our job what they needed to hear. Last night from the president, we had we to hear more. We didn't get that from a moment that shows you. This presidency doesn't care about, what's happening here, but the sheriffs do
continue to stand up for the people and for America by the way, how bad situation on the more so in the middle of an interview alive interview with a Texas ranch. On the war in the middle of his life interview with data Verena, this Texas? His name is John stool. He was interrupted because The border patrols chasing illegal immigrants across his property, hit with the background. Ok, there's just a meal Brooks Comedy at this point here- and here is the ears, the Fox NEWS interview. They went viral yesterday, Dana I'm sorry. I forgot his coming through looking for some immigrants. You're gonna have to put it back at me again, I'm just gonna go ahead and that we understand to tell you that we don't have. You know we're not getting the support. As did U S. This is not banning outlet for us. We're undersea
here and when I say that I've already thought three this morning before breakfast, you know he's. I may illegal immigrants crossings, probably buttoning Democrat Ban because for binding it's all about. What can I do this radical right now? you know, he's gonna want and president he knows you can. We want and presidency get it all done right now and what he's You do also in Oregon, and all done right now is prolong. The feeling of panic, so Biden continues to promote ridiculous ideas about face now he's isn't easy says you don't have to mask when you're outdoors right. This, He is way too cautious. By the way I mean. That's not me that is the Washington Post saying that they help to do page Cunningham Today CDC Mask guidance, is still too It's for the vaccinated, some experts say: ok, but even the CDC too strict standards say that if you'r vaccinated you, you don't have to a mask outside, so here is Joe Biden literally yesterday, literally yesterday,. Masking outside and then when he takes off is masking. You can't find it again. Then he's like put me in trouble.
No more Matlock. For me, this is your valuing areas where my mask Heaven it you're vaccinated. I love the music in the background. It's really. I can't find my mouse. Let's go, oh god, you're vaccinated outside look it for my mask. I'm in trouble. I'm in trouble and where's my mask. I don't know, what's going in you needed your outside your vaccinated, the hell, but again the eight than Hobo here is to make it feel, as though endemic is never over the never ending pandemic. Just me saying this is not a right. One thing is a science thing here: CNN Medical analysing Joe Biden has consistently sending the wrong message about this stuff. Where did this? Is the vision and metal unless this is Leanna when she says with asked and distancing bindings speech to send the wrong message about the power of our vexing. Yet no bleep someone's been saying this and by the way there
bill, attempting to ban for saying that for a while here this is the game. The game. Is you pretend that is still a crisis? ran through all this stuff. Fine, do it very seriously? Do it was he who works for it's, a bold move, cotton we'll see how it works. For you in the twenty twenty two election cycle You will be back here later today with an additional hour of the ban. Shapiro shall first dont forget to end your wheat by checking out there Clavin show drew shows every Friday he's got an exciting evening plan for you, so heading over to Daily Wirecom, this evening, seventy m eastern tune in I'm bench services, the bench Bureau, If you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe and if you wanna help spread the word. Please give us Five star review and tell your friends to subscribe to we're available on Apple podcasts, Spotify and wherever you listen to podcasts, also be sure to check out the other daily wire podcast, including the Andrew Clavin, show the Michael moles show and the Matt walls.
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