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Ep. 1253 - Biden Is Already Wrecking The Economy


The Biden economy misses wildly on job expectations while the White House pays people to stay home; vaccination demand drops precipitously thanks to Biden’s messaging failures; and the social justice mob grows ever more insane.

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The Biden economy, MRS wildly, on job expectations. While the White House pays people to stay home, vaccination man drops precipitously thanks you. Widens messaging failures and the social justice Marlboros evermore insane and then Shapiro. This is the bench Barroso, yeah today show is sponsored by express Vps. I protect my data with bbn, so should you visit express gps dot com, slash and burn with a lot of news to get whose busy weaken first. However, let us talk about the fact that your pain, but very often coverage. You really are your cellphone provider is charging you way too much money. They ve told you a pack of lies about how much money you actually need to pay in order to get good cellphone covered here is what you actually need. You need a pure talk. Usa, in fact, pure talk saves the average family for over eight hundred dollars year. Here's the best part you'll have to sacrifice coverage because, on the exact same network as one of the big providers rise in eighteen teaching, friends. Switching is easy and keep your phone keeper number or get huge discounts on the latest iphones hand androids right now you
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Most economists expected a million job increase, a million job increase. Obviously, expectations wildly missed according to the Washington U S: economy added, just to sixty six thousand jobs. In April, a disappointing month of growth that fell well below economists. Estimates despite declining virus caseload, can increase vaccine distribution around the country. The April unemployment rate remained relatively unchanged at six point. One percent although economists caution the numbers misleadingly well, given how many people have dropped out of the labour force in the past year, whose increase political pressure in Washington and concerns about whether a labour shortage report in some parts of the economy is slowing down the recovery. But why has rejected that notion on Friday? Instead, they said now. Everything is fine. Here, for example, was pressed binding these job numbers they show that were on the right track, while except for the fact that this was a completely unexpected slowing we had as of just before the pandemic. Some one hundred and fifty two point five million people who are employed. We have right now about a hundred forty four point: three million people are employed. We are still
eight million jobs, short of worry workers, the thing we have seven point four million job openings right now, but nobody is telling those job openings. Why is when you pay people to stay home? You know what they do they stay home here is Joe Biden pretending that his idiotic economic recovery packages haven't somehow softened the economy This most job numbers show were on the right track. We still have a long way to go cuz. I said my laser focus is a growing the nations economy and creating jobs. Running his real laser focuses on ensuring that he makes sure that it's he Matlock, but aside from that. His laser focus, apparently is on pursuing policies that greatly soften the economy, greatly softened the economy, because here's the thing, we are currently experiencing is exactly what you would expect if you know anything about economic history, when you blow a bunch of money into an economy that was already in a state of recovery, and when you talk about how your one to tax everybody who creates jobs out was who will end up with is slow economic growth, and massive inflation, and indeed even cnn- is picking up on them
according to CNN over the weekend everywhere, you look, there are headlines about higher prices. Some are tied to commodities which are getting snapped up. Is the global economy emerges from long slumber, Prices are at an all time high thanks to an epoch, home building boom, copper and steel prices have also reached record agricultural products are exempt. The price of corn is at its highest levels, Two thousand swells him for soya, even sales of block cheese futures had been soaring in dissipation of grilling season? Then there are consumer products. Diaper prices have gone up to major producers. Kimberly Clark and Proctor Gamble have worn customers that fresh coming as well? Shortages of computer chips are helping to push up car prices soon could do the same for electronic and household appliances says. Yeah This doesn't matter for Americans guarding their pocketbooks price increases are also being closely scrutinised by investors and economists are desperate to know. Is this a passing? it is. The country emerges from a once in a lifetime economic shock or more the trend that evokes the nineteen seventy now normally. It is true that you would end up with higher
rises in a time of greater demand and lower supply, but the point is that then demand would be caught up to buy supply, right as the demand is high and supplies low, you'd be able to ramp up the supply me. Man is usually how supply and demand curves work, but when you're artificially preventing people from employing anybody, well, then it turns out what you get is for inflation at this, when you end up with the with the money that you have in the Bay being worth less than it was yesterday. These products are just more expensive and this is happening across labour markets, and I was talking yesterday to a small business owner who went out from others day for brunch, for my wife and for my my wife's mom, and we went to this restaurant and there is like one waiter and then Brussels Pact. There's one waiter and the owner came out, we're talking the owner and the others had yeah I had. Seven people were supposed to show up for work this weekend. Instead, they said no, I'm not gonna shop. For these I'm getting paid too much to stay home mean that is a common where your hearing from small businesses across the country, a hearing it over and over
more business. Owners are saying openly that the reason that they cannot ramp up supply is because they cannot get people to come into work. There are people who are paying bonuses just to keep people to just to get people to interview for jobs, I was here and rumours that their chain, restaurants, that are now paying people like fifty bucks just to shop for an interview, because people are not showing up when you pay unemployment benefit now been extended all the way through September. You move a is effectively in many states in the union right now. So far as the economy is concerned, he's in the governor round. As has the floor, saying, listen, you need to show actual effort that you're going to try and get a job if you're gonna continue to get an employment benefits. The White House has has not been nearly so forthcoming. They're trying to deny all this they're trying to pretend that none of this is happening so genuine over. The federal reserve last week admitted that inflation is going to kick in. And then said: well, you know we can handle it does, presumably, by by getting rid of
their bond holding, set a buying bonds in the open market and and trying to ramp up the open markets rate, the overnight rate for the feds. What I mean. Maybe he can do that or maybe this gonna run out of control, because you ve created too much of a barrier in the economy to people getting back to work here is Jenny, on the treasuries I've been using now know everything's! Fine. If I had to write down a number is, might best guess it would have been higher, but I've worked data for a long time, and I know that it is extremely volatile. There are often surprises and temporary fact. yours and we should never take one month. Data is an underlying trend. Besides, remember wasted in the actually, what happened is stronger. I think in the headline number ok did that. In other words, don't believe the numbers believe me that it'll be fine or maybe a wound, because this job reports this jobs report.
Is by three quarters of a million jobs. Ok, there's a lot of jobs, a lot of jobs in a second we're gonna talk about all the various ways the white has tried to spend this, but again The reality is that when you spend a bunch of money that nobody needed and that way when Americans were paid to stay home last year, so actually The amount of money the Americans have in the bank right now is actually higher than it was before the pandemic by statistics, so people are ready to spend, but they are not ready to work, and that is massive gap that is going to have significant downstream effect on the economy, and that is what your seeing right now. It's me, that in just one second, first, let's talk about that- you don't want to go to an auto parts, store right efforts, while it may not even have enough employees over there. Instead, why not go to the inter WEBS auto dot it so much easier than walking into a store and someone's man and quick answers to things like is your odyssey and electronics, and then they usually just have to work hard online anyway, because there are so many types of cars impossible to keep them all start. You have access to rock audit outcome at your desk and in your pocket. Rock otter outcome always offer
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check them out right now, already so much Mcconnell, we send a minority literacy. Listen! I can tell you right now: it's probably can't pay people to stay home and expect an optimist. I hope we ve been so generous with our plaza the unemployment insurance, the trucks. What we ve done, firming everybody agrees- many Kentucky ends. Americans look at the situation found their better off financially. To stay home rather and go back to work. So we have inflationary issues and we have difficulty in getting people to do the work to meet the new demand is perfectly true obviously so red is absolutely clear that this is the case hate. So, what's weird about this, of course, That then you have Genseric you saying that it was not the unemployment support. The fact that we tried to extended, although it is a temporary out. The fact that we are paying people to stay home is not the fact that we have just decided that we are not
we're going to trust two trillion dollars into the economy, but we are also calling for an additional infusion of four trillion dollars. None of that has any. Fact on the economy according to transact in order to receive any kind of unemployment benefit payments must be able available and actively seeking work and workers are not permitted to you sir suitable work and continue to receive benefits that all remains true, including under the pandemic, I programme are only allowed to refuse work and continue to receive benefits if you're sick, with covert taking care of someone sick with covered or offered a job and an unsafe workplace. Ok, here's from how are you going to check on all that are going to have done all that people game that system all, but am time like yours, they give it all the time. You know how many people are paying people under the table, so they keep their unemployment benefits. Huns of people in this economy are paying people under the table, so they claim unemployment and pick up the money. On the other end,
that is happening on a routine basis. Everything that's not happening. I urge you to check the disability roles in the United States were literally tens of millions of Americans were not actually disabled or on the disability rules. This sort of stuff happens all the time. There's not a shock, while the kind of last ditch defence here is coming courtesy of Stephanie rule over an msnbc, so James PET. The cook has quoted Goldman Sachs Goldman Sachs, that's kind of a steak and how the economy does they tweed. They apparently said quote Lee supply appears to be tighter than the unemployment rate suggests likely reflecting pack of unusually generous unemployment benefits and lingering virus related impediments to working, in other words, when you pay will stay home they do and if you're a business trying to hire somebody? You can't pay more than unemployment seventy rule genius that she has Sheet Why is it that the unemployment benefits are too generous rather than the pay offered by employers too? Well pay more money equals final. Workers. If margins are so, then you cannot increase pay without passing through losing customers. Your business model doesn't work,
So literally, in a time of high unemployment, she is calling for businesses shut down unless they can pay for higher labour costs, which leads to wait for more unemployment, because when you artificially boost the price of labour such that businesses cannot pay it. Those businesses dont simply pass on the prices to consumers if the consumers are not able to support the business instead. The businesses shut down effectively. What she is calling for is a gigantic an ever increasing ever increasing minimum wage programme. That's really what she's calling for a universal basic income that drives unemployment and then she blames the businesses for not paying more money. Ok, so, let's but the businesses do whatever the businesses increased prices, that's called inflation right now. All the businesses are increasing prices in order, so they can afford to pay for the labour and then you haven't. We can't afford to pay for those prices, and then you get more unemployment, because a bunch of demand falls off This is how you get an inflation stagflation, recycle it. What did I do? pushing right now is driving a stand
stationary, xenophobia, honest with you heard me on the show, talk about the economy, the passing thought that the underlying economy is strong enough when the economic recovery is naturally strong enough. There can be a couple of years before he saw all this stuff start to kick in serious fashion, especially because Joe Biden is planning tongue in terms of new spending right, he's planning ten flowing in dollars and spending if he could get his way this year, sides expecting you get away the year of solid economic growth before the stuff started again, but literally months into his administration. You're. Already seen Mrs on jobs, report by three quarters of a million jobs, it's insane and meanwhile you have all of these. These Democrats, at the same time pushing vaccination Ideas in his well that are also the economy lots lower than they should be by the way some members of the Bush administration. Admitting as much labours. Marty washed out over the weekend whose, like yeah, you know, what's it actually keeping people home? Also the fact that all the schools are closed. Oh, why are these? schools, closed Marty. I explain why is it that not all the schools are open
down here for all the schools are open David Open since September. What are you doing over there in the White House Labour Secretary Marty, Walsh admitting when he wasn't supposed to admit. We also have to deal with childcare and schools and knows it. Those are two barriers right now. My opinion that a keeping people from getting back into the workforce as well because their children at home, their learning remotely oil or their their childcare facilities and open you tell us who is and who is making sure that the schools are plunged. Oh, that's right is the CDC that's right. It's Democrats in blue states or schools close and talking about her. They can keep enclosed, maybe in the fall you see, directory shovel and you should be summarily fired, she's been awful all the way through. She now admits. the teachers unions changed the guidance here case it you didn't it from all sides. Here the assault on the american economy from this administration is breathtaking, their blog they call me to create inflation, their dramatic, Increasing the number of people who are even looking for work and then
artificially shutting down schools at the best of teachers, unions, so people have to stay home from work to take care of their kids and then their puppy. Who's your shovel unscathed, from the CDC explaining that yeah universal. Besides based, but we got the teachers unions to help us right. The guidelines for scurry openings as a matter of practice when we put out guidance, we engage with our stakeholders and users of that information. Consumers of that information to understand what it is. They mean from the guidance when we put it out. We do that before we released the guy, and so we understand what and confer that what we put out is what they need to move forward, but believable. So there she's admitting that they re wrote the standards for school reopening the behest of teachers unions. Why? Because those the union's been hundreds of millions of dollars, every single watchin cycle on Democrats. So in the end, what it? What are the Bible how spoke so that's it you're, not stopping impatient years being impatient,
we're being impatient. We aided we waited a year, recovery to happen, we're being impatient. The recovery should be happening already. Things are wide open people off their masks after their vaccinated, like it's done at least it's moving toward done and your Jennifer Grand the energy secretaries. Hang you know it's just everybody's the impatient about this whole thing. We haven't vaccinated to the point where we can open up fully and I would say to the number show this: that more women stayed home because their kids are not in school and that is still in their day. Care centres may not be open, so we are not through this year. Things are going to get better. It's just a question of the impatience of some, I think, is unrealistic. bit impatience. You say: yes, it is us, you are telling people that they have to stay home to watch their kids go. The schools are closed, ensure we are the ones push
bad information on vaccines and when you can go back to work and enjoy life. Sure all that's true, but but you just being impatient at you, it's that they're all principle. Skinner is it me? No, it's the kids who are the problem No, it's you! It's you guys will get to the vaccination misinformation being put out by this administration in just one. Second, first must offer a second about the fact that, while you're spending time at home, you ve already got the great mantras. Then I told you bought from Helix leap right. You did you weren't, you got the he'll sleep address its personalized for you and it's fantastic will now. Helix is made her home. Even more comparable they're gone beyond the bedroom, they started making sofas, they launch new company called all form there. Making premium. Customizable sofas ensures shipped directly to your door. So what makes him off himself a really cool off restart This is the easiest way you can customize the sofa using premium materials at a fraction of the cost of traditional stores. You can pick your fabric spill stain scratch resistant that a super useful to me. I've three young children, the sofa color, the color of the legs, sofa size and shape to make sure it's perfect for you and your home them that armchairs, unless it's all the western eighties
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as we have the entire media now parroting. The idea that, if we don't have heard immunity would never go back regular, here's the deal. These vaccines are unbelievably effective, like incredibly effective, so affected that once you are vaccinated, you should be looking to get back to regular life. Right once you're done, you done me. The reality is that the vaccines are well an excess of ninety five percent effective and we're talking Madonna or Pfizer there well in excess of ninety five percent. the preventing serious disease and death, and it also prevents back to prevent you from getting it in some of that ninety percent of cases, according to the latest israeli data, so you're in world trade, when you get the vaccines ingo out, you can live your life you don't actually had once you have the vaccine, you dont need to wait for court of whole herd immunity in order for you to go out leader life and also take off your mask according to the best available data, and I'm quoting there a number of doctors ranging from Doktor Mortimer and what are the CNN in house doctors? It is fairly widely accepted this point, but instead of applying the efficacy of the vaccines which, by the way, would encourage people to get
that this administration continues to declare the pandemic will be forever pandemic and the media mirror this You have the New York Times today headline the world may need to learn to live with the virus. Ok, first of all, if that were true, Maybe you should have been saying that, maybe a year ago, when instead of shutting down economies and forcing everybody back into their homes, maybe you should have said. Ok, what have we actually just take precautions and go back to work, but you're doing that then now you're doing it when it is pretty clear that once you get the vaccine you're pretty good to go, the New York Times as early in the pandemic. There is hope, the world one day You ve heard immunity. The point when the Corona lots of hosts to spread but over a year later. The virus is crushing India with a fearsome set. Waving surging in countries from Asia to Latin America. Experts NOS eight is changing to quickly new, more concern He's variants are spreading too easily and vaccinations are happening too slowly for heard immunity be within reach anytime. Soon, yes, but these vaccines are also unbelievably durable against the variants in field tests. These variance the british Variant South African very
the brazilian vary in all these areas are not overcoming the, the natural immunity provided by by that. Nor that immunity is provided by the machine, but that we have to maintain this level panic, and so you end up Doktor Anthony factually continuing to declare that you know maybe a year, from now, things will be back to closer in a year from now. Are you insane if I live in the free state of in a free state afforded. Let me tell you how things go: everybody's, fine, you get the vaccine and then you go out and you live your life people were free, are done. Once they feel safe there doing what they want and if you don't want to get the backing- and you wanna put yourself that level of risk we're not talk, met somebody who s some sort of deep pre. Just a condition that prevent you from getting the vaccine and you still wanted at the vaccine, but guess what then You re mean that, then, is your decision, your free human being as well, pretty Jonah Flora and things are fine, we're back to work where back to regular life. Things are fine, but here's Anthony fat. You saying you know maybe like a year from now, mothers they'll be different,
year from now, and then they wonder why the economy is slow, yes, it because of you guys. You are doing this is on the White House, and I hope that next month they were going to see a dramatic difference than what we're seeing right now. I believe that we will be about as close to back to normal as we can and this some conditions so that George, we ve got to make sure that we get the overwhelming proportion of the population vaccinated when that happened, the virus doesn't really have any place to go. There are in the lot of vulnerable people around and whether or not a lot of other people around you're, not going to see a surge meddling notice. How the language of this administration has shifted from Get the vaccine and everything will be fine to heard immunity. Now some people were talking to natural heard immunity early on some people are saying heard immunity, especially if you haven't among young people, is not a terrible things. You're here, vectors of transmission, and then you are told you're killing grandma for twenty and yet covert. Even if you don't know, You and your grandma. Neither
heard is to be a weird, had amassed can change the just in time to slow down the economy and in the message from the White House is if the economy is low, that requires more spending, even though our spending that's causing the economy to be slow. Now. How much of this is based on actual science pray? Much? None of it ok, so much of what is being promoted by this White House right now is steeped in anti science. So, for example, Joe Biden codes are used with Jake Tapir and who is being asked Why is Biden wearing a mask when he goes outside wise Biden wearing a mask when he socially distance the duties vaccinated? What is he doing? And yet here you have Jeffreys ends explaining to Jake Tapir or failing to explore Why Joe Biden continues to promote nonsense? Is it really necessary for a fully vaccinated person to wear a mask
limited indoor gathering if everyone there is vaccinated, while the CDC has giving guidance that, when you're with family and friends that are vaccinated, small groups, you dont. Even so, why does President Biden in a room full of facts: journalists lower the everybody in that room vaccinated. Why do you need to wear? My resident is going to continue to follow the CDC guidance Not? You literally, is not those yeah entire question- you literally, is not following the CDC guidance twinge of regions. As their he's gonna followed, he's, not ranger? Reading Biden is making the tacit case they getting into action, makes no difference. He's still masking up is ridiculous. Ok, it's not just that The white has had so blown the covert messaging here in the vaccine messaging here that they created the vaccine hesitancy. The same people are like we vaccines, they create the vaccine. Hesitancy. Ok! So let's talk about that for a second just a few weeks ago, just viewing, ago, the Biden administration announced severe the FDA that there are holding up the change of vaccine and they're holding up
jobs, and why? Because out of the several of six or seven Eight million people, Johnson, Johnson vaccine six people had a severe blood clotting reaction. Six, out of like seven million people, which, by the way is is kind of the proportion that you have seen in terms of the number of deaths from covered from people who have gotten vaccine, something like eighty eight million people of color as if a couple weeks, gotta get eighty two. Eighty three eighty format, people had been vaccinated and eighty eight deaths total in the United States from covered among people had been vaccinated. Sees things are unbelievably effective. J, also very effective vaccine and much more people in the sense that you can shipping, easily. It only requires one shot as opposed to two and then and then this administration idiotically, put a hold on the change of vaccine and publicly announced that they are putting a hold on the J vaccine case here was Joe Biden covered are Jeffreys ants, explaining that you know when we put that J vaccine on hold. It made no difference now. Here's the problem: it did make a difference. A of people like that
I'll. Come not getting a vaccine non scared. Now, I'm afraid of the side effects. So here is Jake Tapir questioning, Jeffrey sensing good for Jake on this. In retrospect was, it was a mistake to put a hold on the J J vaccine in terms of confidence that make Europe task harder. Now, not at all in the FDA is the gold standard in the world and the FDA is constantly monitoring for safety in doing the pause the right thing that build confidence. That people know that the FDA, the CDC or monitoring, not necessarily only there should build consulate actually shows that the research showed after the pause at cop in its overall in the vaccines increased for the wrong gall. Okay, here is an actual graph is from nature silver. He made silver is now. Right wing or from five thirty, eight neighed silver put out this graph. It shows the daily counted people receiving the first
those reports in the city see by the date administrate in the United States. What we see is that the number of people who are getting the first owes grows up until about the beginning of April, recedes idiot starts jumping really around like beginning of February, to set climate from December all the way from February than theirs. Like a brief pause and then starts going up, pretty romantically at the beginning of February, all the way up to about two million people a day who receive on average, whereas leaving their first dose of the vaccine on some days, you're getting over two point: four million people who are seeking the vaccine, and then he starts to plummet right around the beginning of April writer. On there it jumps aid serves to decline rapidly with just one point. Sixty one point, two down to now only about four hundred thousand five hundred thousand people a day who beginning their first dose, reported to the CDC? So what happened? You might ask around the beginning
April that was the J J pause. The change a pause is right at the peak on their chart and then you can see a drop like a stone. In other words, this administration has been garbage at everything. Air messaging, with data. That is completely wrong cannon is not people who are merely sort of freedom advocates. Like me, you know people who are saying that they should be able to take off the mask once you had the vaccine. Scott godly who's been cautious, as it is possible to be the former FDA administrator under President Trump, given very cautious. Although big advocate of asking he says. Once you got, the vaccine really should be able to unmask inside. We have always said from a public health standpoint important that we would set as a metric. Maybe when we get down to ten cases, per hundred thousand people on a daily basis will have the countries there right now. If you want to be more conservative and say five cases per hundred thousand people well this week by this, we probably about a quarter of states will be there. So around the point. Right now we can start lifting these ordnance,
and allowing people to resume normal activities. Certainly outdoors, we should be putting limits on gatherings anymore. We should be encouraging people to go outside and the states were prevalence as low vaccination rates are high and we have good testing in place to worry data find infections. I think we could start lifting these restrictions indoors as well on a broad basis. Yes, correct, ok in again got leave is not a hawk like me when it comes to the sort of stuff. I got it has been very, very friendly to some of these restrictions, so suddenly the science not on the side of the installation and not on the side of media, but the media still have to prop up the narrative. This isn't Biden. Small vaccine hesitancy is in his fault the a downturn is involved. So what are they doing? Deployment token Karlsson, so all an msnbc existed. You do at this point is just cover. Fox news is pretty astonishing, may spend all day long talking about how terrible it is that far that fastenings exists and that Tucker Karlsson exists. Ok, now Tucker has been on his show talking about your adverse reactions to the vaccines, and I think that he has. He is not covered. The vaccine
no way, certainly that I would cover the vaccines, but if you think that the chief cause vaccine hesitancy in the United States is talking Karlsson rather than you know, the CDC, the FDA, the White House you're on your mind, but the media have decided they have to blame somebody and can be Biden for this fact, hesitancy this by the way been the myth all along in the media, is that it's it's everybody who loves Trump refusing the vaccine really because from voters are older than the general population. Some eighty two percent of people under the age of sixty five in the United States have already taken the vaccine. In fact, if you look at communities where there is very, very low levels of vaccination, those communities tend to be predominantly minority communities. Did they did not vote for President Trump Button in it, but it's Tucker's fault according to CNN, because it can't be binds, while the really is that simple I've heard talk of corals and repeatedly say:
the many Americans or die, not forgetting the shot, and he says it with the implication that the shots are to blame with no evidence at all he's scaring his audience so recklessly that even some of his own colleagues called him out for it on twitter corals and acts like no, some secret truth. That's been covered up by some shadowy enterprise. You don't maybe you should be writing some junk movie of the weak for networks are to be. Maybe you should go right, horror novels for a living, because he is clearly not responsible enough to have a show that purports to pretend to be news? Gallows o Brien such down crusade for a while to get Tucker, kicked off the air. I do agree with what progress has about vaccines. As you know, I'm probably these strongest advocate on the right for vaccination. I think that a nation is a godsend. I think it's basically scientific miracle. At the same time, the notion that token Karlsson is the chief cause vaccine hesitancy in the United States is absurd on its face. It's the White House that is the chief cause and there's a reason why the media have been swimming in clocking Karlsson. There from to get around anymore, so Tucker their new standard
already in just a second we're gonna get you the latest in social justice warrior and because it continues apace. Ivan artists in the early times than just demonstrates how stupid this, as it is? Really amazing? First, let us talk about the fact that if you are looking to make your company better, you need better employees in the best way to find a great employees to check out zip recruiter, dot com slash daily, wire, hiring can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack impose your jobs and job work. But then all you can do is hope. The right person comes along, which is why you should try it precluded from free. That's it precludes outcomes less daily, where, when you posted job on to procure it get sent out to one hundred top jobs sites with just one click then zip requires match technology finds find people with the right skills and experience for your job and actively invites them to apply. In fact, zipper grew so effective that four out of five employers postpones a perimeter, get equality candidate within David
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on the nation and meanwhile, as though the economy were not already slowing, as though we didn't already have enough crises on our hands that the debate and ministries and is doing an unbelievable job of manufacturing crisis, pretty everywhere at home and abroad will start at home, then we'll get to because it really is fairly incredible how they ve somehow manufactured in economic crisis, where there really ought not be won their manufacturing. A covered crisis where the covered crisis is on the wane and essentially done, bunch of states and they continue to foment social panic with regard to race relations in the United States. So the blacklist matter movement continues to create issues in cities the country. The latest example comes courtesy of Plato, taxes, so Plano is about is ready area, as it is possible to find Plano is like sixty five, thirty five republics, it may maybe higher net a blacklist matter took over an intersection anyway, and the cops decided instead of clearing the intersection, just going to allow black lives matter to take over there,
section and stop traffic, which is not enough of this crap. Already. Ok, you can get a licence to protest licence to shut down, But if you just decide shop in the middle of the street and shut down, traffic everybody has a right to propose to you. One driver got his car. The police decided that he was the problem. Not the people were holding up the traffic he's going to Dorothy's in Endicott show up screaming at an end, He black slipping mouth. What are the cops? Do nothing? That's you just standing there doing nothing. I sent the cops want, as others have sought the cops I've been told presumably by their political higher up, do not stop this sort of nonsense. It's an absurdity of this sort, of social division in the country is simply not a good thing, and the fact that the police have been told to stand down in the face of this sort of stuff is really really bad. But again, this is all part and parcel of the giants. Equity push being put
by the Biden administration. It's part of the continuing fragmentation of american life on the basis of race. Michelle Obama, who have all the people in the United States, should be pretty great. for how Great United States been to her. I feel this way, but anybody who is in a position of power and very very grateful to the United States for all the opportunities that I have had many about a month, Princeton University and Robin into parent family and became a heifer, Luton lawyer and earn a big salary and married the prison the United States, yet she she really it seems- should be pretty grateful for the fact that the that this country has been good to her. But she has not been grateful. From quite while I'm in your call back in two thousand, Michelle Obama suggested openly. That's the first time that she had been that she had been grateful for the country or the first time it should be proud of the country, rather is when her husband was nominated for the presidency. That's the first time in her life, which pretty amazing, considering against
Princeton University, and will now Michelle Obama and President Obama speaking out a lot about race in an excerpt of an You that's gonna, be released later today with Gale king of CBS. This morning Michelle Obama revealed her fears, couples, daughters, Malea and Sasha could come, could fall victim to racist agree. As they go about their everyday lives? She said every time they get in a car. themselves. I worry about what assumption is being made by somebody who doesn't know everything about them, maybe they're playing? musical little out. Maybe somebody she's the back of their head and makes an assumption. I, like so many parents, Kids, the innocent act of getting a licence put fears in our hearts. I get. This is just rooted in non data. The notion that young black women are being gun down by the cops for the crime of being is insane that is not backed by data but she's pushing it anyway because the Democratic Party has decided to foment ray. polarization for purposes of electoral victory. In the same interview, Michel praise be alone. She said they're taking to the streets because they have to do they have today You know those. Those billion dollar rights last year was everything that had happened there. Trying to have people under
and they were real folks. Are we get that you're real folks and infringing the responsible human being, like any other responsible human being. You know like responsible for not shutting down traffic like responsible for not telling lies about the police? The bigotry of low expectations exists and it is quite prevalent on the American left, and, of course the Obama are earning strange, new respect from the same left and it started to move away from them over all of this sort of stuff down doing the same thing over on CNN. He says the TIM Scott you Senator from South Carolina who has said America's, not erases countries. What your terms Gus an Oreo which is a rare. Elsinore, meaning black on the outside white on the inside he's not an Oreo. He just you know, doesn't care about black folks, so, basically an area according to download it out. If you don't,
need the name calling at any time. You call someone a name any time you do that you don't want to become them, so you stupid their level. You give your your competitors ammunition and you give them a talking point and you become then. I think that it is damaging to Democrats if they're trying to do that, and it gives Republicans talking points. Ten Scott should be held accountable for what he's doing and if he is voting against the interests of its own people, should not stop calling names. Also he's voting against the interests of its own people. What well non dominant the fomenting of racial polarization in a country that, as of two thousand eight, was at the height of a trajectory toward being non racist is impressed. How we reverse that, over the car of over the course of the last decade and a half, or so pretty amazing how we reverse that so quickly Meanwhile, woken is infusing every part of american life. This article is beyond it honestly be on parity from LOS Angeles times.
Fat, shaming, be am I an alienation covert? Nineteen brought new stood much large sized people. because this is what were right about now. Here is the thing: there's there's been been this body positivity movement in the United States. Ok, Bali, positivity movement is basically said, you're beautiful if okay, that is a matter certainly of subjective opinion. It depends on what you look like and everybody has their different opinion of what beauty constitutes. However, there is very little that suggests that you are healthier if you are fatter and the reality is that Covid does not care about your subjective. It sends up a self esteem or duty. covered kills people more fatter, end of story. One of the leading indicators of complications from covered was fat. Heavy body positivity movement kept saying you're beautiful if you're fat, which again is a matter of subjective opinion and is not backed by very much data from around the world, but put put aside these objective beauty question and instead focus on the by any movement. Second answer, which is: you are healthy if you're fat, which is just contrary to
all known medical opinion. Now the prom MS, according to delay times that there is a stigma attaching to fat people during covered, but maybe not about the stigma. Maybe it's because if you wanted to live through covered, losing weight would be a good way of heightening your chances. My Either we had a few extra pounds and during the covered pandemic used like you, know what I don't want to die from covered, so I am going to try and lose this weight as fast as possible, again steady early times like stop, you know this is all about. You told that self esteem and shaming crystal ball begun cried after the needle went into our, not because her first dose of Madeira vaccine hurt, but because, finally, being fat, actually paid off. The fifty three old was inoculated in the parking lot of Keyser Permanente in San Jose on Friday in March for days, Effort ability and California was broadened to include people with underline conditions, among them a body mass index of forty or more two hundred and thirty three pounds for an adult who five feet. Four inches tall
Begins guns, medical record of cars or she's morbidly obese as an activist she prefers the word fat. Her experience with medical providers has been won, didn't size stigma after another. She said like the time she went in with a scratch cornea and was to lose weight. She fears being hospitalized, Cover nineteen are unable to advocate for herself dwell. Maybe your healthier you lose weight and when you deal with medical providers, they will keep telling you that if you lose weight, you'll be healthier again because how much of the work movement is about subjective sense, self esteem over objective? That we cannot pretend that the big issue with covered is all that's. Ok, so when it comes to racial polarization in the United States? One comes to welcome another crisis being fomented by this administration and then there's foreign crisis fomented by this administration. So this administration came into office have averted, suggesting that they were to reef palestinian terrorist groups, suggesting that
we're going to side with IRAN over Israel, suggesting that they were going to try to essentially put the Abraham accords, which is these historic theses between a variety of arab countries in Israel in the rearview mirror And then said, instead incentivize violence in the Middle EAST in that's exactly what has been breaking out in the Middle EAST and make no mistake the folks in the Middle EAST, but our common terrorist groups around they know it would in the White House. They now have somebody who is significantly friendlier to them than to Israel as a true it Obama was in the White House as well, because the soft bigotry of low expertise certainly applies to palestinian terrorist groups by american press. In the same way that it does to a variety of other groups are not expected to behave with decency so. What you see in the headlines over the last couple of weeks is certainly the last few days. Riots in union rights are not riot. Violence cycles of violence breaking out in Jerusalem does violence, rape, violence, now in Jerusalem and it's not random, is because the Israeli are really really bad. If you listen to Canada and the so called quartet, the court
is the EU, the United Nations, the United States and Russia. Using them. These really are the problem. It's terrible, the Israelis are doing in the Middle EAST. I, according Jerusalem post they condemned on Sunday the violence that took place on the Temple, Mount Jerusalem and call on Israel to halt eviction plans for palestinian families from the shake sheriff neighbourhood as violence rises in the country's capital, the you and you have also issued a statement against the violence and the pending Sheikh Shiraz Fictions ended, as did Jordan, Turkey, Qatar, each of the USA, in Bahrain and video european countries. While South Africa have spoken out as Well Kennedy, foreign minister market, our nose. We call for immediate de escalation of tension and for all sides who have waited unilateral actions is the easiest thing to do. If you know nothing about this region, just as a cycle of violence, have been used to calm down single bad parents walking in onto of their kids horrify. While just everybody should come to start everybody, stop it it's on everybody. ok. Well, that's not actually what's going on here. Here is what is actually on in the Middle EAST. Right now, but ah, which is the ruling party of the Palestinian Authority,
the armed wing of the Palestinian Authority, which is not what about his group. There are supposed to hold an election. Is the gun me the first election since last election which was in, I believe, two thousand and six because mouth, what is now in the fifteenth year before your term, so they have not actually held elections since two thousand six been a long time there are supposed to hold elections. Then they cancelled the Elect They blame the Israelis for, of course, and now, because they cancelled elections and because Joe Biden has signalled that he's going to be very pro palestinian society. You know it's a great ideal, its ramp up the violence for some media credit and because photography outflank Hamas Commerce is considered more terrorist sick and more radical than feta for TAT is a terrorist group, but for TAT S authority over these house. Indian areas in terms of a certain level of domestic rule. Commerce runs the Gaza Strip in an election. Fatality afraid would lose. moss. So now there trying to outline commerce on the we are violent terrorists front trying to trying to outdo Hammas. So what is the pretext that they have used in our
to launch a new round of riding on a semi intifada. What exactly is that protects here is what the actual pretext is. There are for families. Or being attracted from homes for which they have not being paid a been paying rent for decades in hush Jura. She Jura is little outskirts of Jerusalem. It's a bunch of its eighty. almost entirely arab area is also known. She moments idea because there is a grave very famous Tommy, its age and inhuman over their heads dorkly jewish area. Although the nineteen forty eight, whose majority jewish in Jerusalem up that's on and then the forty eight war happens right, they establish when instead of Israel happens and Jordan Conquer the old city of Jerusalem, EAST Jerusalem and Futura, and expel every jus existence between Israel having territory and the arab countries having territory is that when the arab countries gain territory, they expel every Jew. When these he's getting territory. The herb stay right, one fifth of the past,
relation of Israel is arab, and so she Jura is made union Rhine from forty to sixty seven it then Israel, one sixty seven war, wins back that territory, including Chaitra and There is a lawsuit that is filed by the original owners of the homes in Shiraz, seeking ownership of the buildings. The basis of the land that they were forced out of, one forty eight, so there's this ruling in nineteen seventy or in the end, and the ruling said that if you can show that you have a land record here than these buildings belong to you pay and so jewish groups came along is located in the belong to us. They register the properties were register is israeli authorities under a couple of organizations in divide that has fourteen and bought her colleague, Nessa Israel, and in eighteen, seventy three. These are recognised to be jewish homes,
in the organisations than sold the properties to another organisation in two thousand three, according for nineteen eighty, nine high court decision in Israel reaffirmed as in the case lieutenant living on somebody else's property residence living on the land were required to pay rent to the organisations that own property they didnt pay rent for literally decades now this has been elevated to legal case, and the district court found and then the people who are living there not being run need a parent or they need vague or the need of aid, and they can be affected. So this all innovation case a legal eviction case, and these rules, nor is it ok. Well we're going to that and they use this the Palestinian Authority and fatigue, use this as a pretext to start a round of violence. That is all this. Is it just a pretext to start round of violence in order for for tat avoid the implications of avoiding an election and are for because always good for some violence to seek to outflanked feta as the populist islands and terrorism generator with less treats. This is as though Israel is aggressor in this particular situation. So in other words, you have a
The conviction case that has been adjudicated israeli courts and in which, by The defendants acknowledge that they never had any land deed to these areas and not only today, not having lousy they jewish ownership of these particular buildings and their views to parent. And this has turned into a a regional issue and now global issue and in the end, what that's really more than anything else is the view by the Palestinians that if they can- a sucker, the Biden administration into taking their side. Then they can generate concessions and they can avoid the implication of being horrible to their own people, Hamas and Fatah, our garbage for the palestinian people, their garbage for them. If they can generate all anger and directed at Israel. Then this is the natural outcome, the binding ministry, noses, and I don't care because they have decided that the Israelis are the bad guys in this particular region. Generating MRS, wherever they go by an administration, doing a wonderful, wonderful job. As always, by the way the violence you're seeing on Temple Bout, is pre planned the other thing its pre planned. It is part of a broader terrorist campaign of plenty of table.
Anybody who is telling you a disease spontaneous uprisings that is really police are the aggressors, is patently lines you they're just why it is not true it, but the media, no nothing. I shall great Michael Creighton quote over the weekend, so Michael Creighton said about the about media. One point that if you have any expertise and a particular topic and watch media coverage of the topic, you know the media, don't do anything, then you flip over to a different age there Well, I got well, they must know about this. Well known, they don't know anything about the Middle EAST. There know anything about the the players on the ground. They don't care. All they are doing is reflecting a pre. A pre set narrative that they wished run within, that bind administration wishes to foster and the result more violence, more poverty, more suffering wine it's the Biden, Whitehouse wipe already woman back related zero conditional hour of content. In the meantime, go check out. The Michael mole show on today's episode. Make will be talking about an insane incident or a Swat team in Canada took down a christian pastor hear more details about that story. That is available right now, I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro
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