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Ep. 1255 - Joe Biden Is Jimmy Carter: The Revenge


Hamas continues to fire hundreds of rockets into civilian centers in Israel; inflation numbers come out, and they're frightening; and the Biden administration continues to lie about covid statistics.

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Come on continues to fire hundreds of rockets into civilian centres in Israel. Inflation numbers come out and they are frightening and binding. Regime continues to lie about covered statistics, I'm bench purposes the bench of erosion. yeah the bench of Euro show is sponsored by expressive. Vps. For peace of mind, whenever you go online visit Express Vps, dotcom, slash battle, get to all the news in just one moment. First, your reminder again: there are a lot of e p and providers out there. You probably heard of it, with them. Some of you may even used Vps before protect yourself from big tech and from all the hackers out there who are looking for your information. I like to do research on my sponsors I only recommend brands. Medicine is, I believe, an that's why I've been talking for so long about express Vps expressing can is the best Vps on the market. Here are just a few reasons why number one expressly paean does not law that your data there what's really cheap or free vps that actually make money by selling your data to add companies, which is precisely the opposite of what you want from avian instead express Vps helped to technology. It's called trusted server that makes it in,
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and they were about to win an election by the way in the West Bank, which is the reason for all of this. The the recent history here is that in late April, Mahmoud Abbas, who again, is a terrorist Mahmoud Abbas treated as a budget that illegitimate world leader by much of the world community, but is not not one of the Palestinian Authority, which is a terrorist organisation, but slightly terrorist organization than from he had declared would be elections in April, the first elections since two thousand he is now in the sixteenth year of a four year term upward so he declared elections, then it appear who's going to lose so cancelled the elections in late April, blamed the drew. Who is because this is what you do if you are a palestinian leader, who is suddenly got their feet to the fire, so my little basket the election? He blames the Jews and he starts ramping up. Calls for violence come ass, not to be outdone, because the way that you apparently garner support is to show the hate the Jews you more than I. Next year Hamas decides they're going to ramp up the violence. This all culminates in
Violence on the Temple Mount spurred biomass, spurred by FIFA people using the Alex him ask a wholly site to Muslims as in will staging base to perform acts of terrorism and violence against police officers, really police officers. Then, when Israel goes into soft that, then the rocket fire begins from Hamas, which has decided to up the ante soap number one, but just recognise a quick truth. None of this would be happening right now. In terms this have you fire from Gaza is Israel had not unilaterally made the concession in two thousand five to pull out of the Gaza Strip completely. Remember Israel had jewish areas of the guy Then there were jewish areas in the northern Gaza Strip. There are these little. he's in the northern Gaza Strip, a greenhouses and white prosperous into thousand five Israel unilaterally withdrew in order supposedly to push for a new peaceful, The idea was going to be look, Israel is giving up his land and now it's another, it's another stone in the wall of peace. That's going be built right here in
had come ass, mediately, rushed in burned all the greenhouses and then started building up its rocket bases for use against the state of Israel, and what this has resulted in is a most of Israel is now under the umbrella of terror, from the north, Israel is under the umbrella of Hezbollah, which is an iranian bacterial group in Lebanon, live apparently a hundred and fifty thousand rocket do you think it's bad right now, a chemist firing hundreds of rocket today wait until it because blah firing thousands of rocket today from the south there under assault from come ass, a terrorist group located in the Gaza Strip House in Islamic Jihad is located in both GS, Mary, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. so Israel, israeli citizens basically live under the constant threat than at any and things have gone up in flames and all of a sudden they could be living underground. I was too then, with a bunch of friends in Israel last night, were literally texting from bunkers. Many of them had been giving forty five seconds. Sixty Ninety seconds warnings to get underground. As soon as you the possible, because the fact is that Israel, a tiny, tiny country, and it is eight
any country surrounded by malevolent countries that do not wish and do not wish it well. This is why the Trump breakthrough in terms of actually creating alliances in helping to foster alliances between Israel in places like the United Arab Emirates, in places like Sudan in place that Morocco why this was such a good thing. the binding ministration mediately blew it gets out there. A few events that led up to this one was about cancelling the action and then having to demonstrate to the Palestinians mostly it was Israel and we need to blend Israel and let's have a competition as to who hate Israel most it, smart move biomass in the sense that come ass in going all the way in shooting rockets into Israel was going to be also the chief recipient. of israeli return fire so Shabazz's, basically, and he is really to his dirty work by killing off alchemists leadership. So this is one of the things that happening as well. The other thing that happened. Divide administration upon entering office immediately signified that it wanted to push Israel and to make concessions to these terror groups that are restructured
can you and our w I, which is an agency specifically dedicated toward fostering palace, guinean extremism, that being that the United States, restore two hundred. Ninety million dollars worth of foreign aid to Palestine, authority, much of which would be used four for terrorism and fostering of terrorism. As the United States. Basically re opened the door. The Trump administration said: no, we are making very clear. Our allies are here and if you engage in terror, the money in coming your way- and things were com and things were quiet the binding menstruation came in and with much of this massive conflagration, which is now on the verge of all out war, and the reasons on the verge of all out war is because Israel literally has millions of citizens now living underground is to understand this conflict. The thing you We need understands the map. Okay, so there maximum to show you right now. The first map shows you the actual range of fire from Gaza. Can the distances from the Gaza Strip to various israeli cities and what you
see here is that the distances are tiny. Israel is a tiny postage stamp of a country, the distance from Gaza, the Gaza Strip, which is located in the in the southwest corner of Israel, the sir, the distance from the Gaza Strip to ask alone, which is a city that has been under steady rocket fire over the course of the last three days, is about thirty miles. That's the distance thirteen miles the distance from the Gaza Strip to TEL Aviv. This was considered a longshot for Hamas until recently that distance is about forty four miles. A not a long less than a less than an hour car ride, significantly now require right. It is since from Gaza, Jerusalem which serve in the centre of the country is only forty seven miles from Gaza to ash. Dude is twenty four miles, Kay, this means it means that when you fire rockets, people have pretty much no warning a here is a map of the morning times when a rocket has fired a if Iraq were to be fired from essentially Gaza,
two- I showed you be talking about at most thirty seconds of warning time if you're talking I'll Gaza to Jerusalem, you're talking about one point, five minutes of warning time about ninety, kind of warning time for talking about two TEL Aviv about the same little under ninety seconds of warning time. It means that if you walk in about three a m by a rocket siren, going off, you'd have ninety seconds to grab your kids and get down into a bomb shelter before the Rockets start to hit a cell come ass. Knowing this has been hundreds of rocket and Israel. The reason there are firing hundreds of rocket simultaneously is because they're gone. to overwhelm Israel's iron defence system, so Ezra has an iron iron. Dumb systems called the iron dome system and the iron dome system is largely relegate two shooting down missiles that are going to land and populated areas. So TEL Aviv has an iron dumb system. Jerusalem has an iron dumb system and its very effective. It should stand by ninety percent of these rockets, but here's the problem as you increase the number of rockets that are fired, New additional ten percent in absolute number starts to go up, so here
Is a map of the rocket alerts is of the sirens just over the last year. This over a thirty minute period. Last night, as you can see, the entire map is red. Eyed. The entire map from our stowed in the south of the Sahara in the north is completely is completely red in the reason is because there are firing. Hundreds of rock is divided over a thousand rockets over the course of the last thirty six hours from the Gaza Strip into Israel. They don't care who they hit it. They don't care last night. Mass killed aid in israeli AIR, father and seven year old girl in Lord, which is a city there. Now is actually in the middle of of race riots. Essentially, hey so come ass started. This conflict cannot clearly started. and now Israel has no choice and no country can sustain this re, no country can allow its citizenry to be put under ground by terrorist group. Israel has every moral obligation to go and anti Capitaine the entire commerce regime. What comes next
most, but is rather a moral obligation to go in and kill every commerce in Palestine, Islamic Jihad, leader they can find, and in fact this is what Benjamin Now the prime minister of Israel is saying is not just Netanyahu is not just about Netanyahu. Yeah you're lucky in the opposition, feels the same way. The Benny gods, whose any opposition feels the same way. The current french Minister Heavy the there is widespread israeli acknowledgement that just. like its view in your city were put under ground by a terrorist group living across the border and you're told you live in a basement and you're gonna living under constant rocket fire. You would expect the american government to go into this rate that regime The same thing should be expected of any decent state in Israel, of course, has a moral obligation to defend its own citizens as even most members, the West acknowledge now most members. The west also then participate in moral, equivalent game where they pretended Israeli. Somehow an aggressor here, which is a complete lie, but, as Israel does have, obligation to do this. Benjamin Netanyahu came out yesterday and said yet we are not going to stop any time soon like. If think that you're going to get a cease fire here now
The answer is, no, you know get fire thousands of rockets into Israel and then survive. That's not just that's not something that you get to do Over eight hundred and fifty rockets have crossed into israeli territory after being launched from Gaza by the way how little Hammas care about its own citizens when people say it's, therefore terrible for the Palestinians, that's true, the Palestinians are not of concern to Hamas cross. Does not care to hunt, of the rockets that they fired, fell into Gaza. Getting fired two hundred rockets that land on their own people. They don't care. So Defence Minister Pentagon's said the idea of the israeli defence forces will continue striking Gaza until it can bring a complete and long term peace. During a visit, Loan on Wednesday. He said Last few hours, the idea has carried out of here insignificant to act if attacked squads of commanders insignificant Hamas infrastructure will continue to protect all residents of Israel with it. Many hundreds of targeted towers are falling, factories are collapsing, tunnels are being destroyed, commanders, our assassinated, all the means.
The options are on the table: there's a lot more activity in the bank, so the idea will continue to attack and bring a complete long term peace. Only when we achieve this, Can we talk about com? There is currently no end date will not accept moral sermons were any organization institution about our right and duty to protect israeli citizens. Again Pentagon's is, is opposition to Benjamin Netanyahu. This has not been up to now is not about. We could dance is not a member of the good. There is widespread israeli sentiment as there would be in the United States that, if democratic report and though there were hundreds of rock, is falling on San Diego for Mexico, there'll be a widespread sentiment. United States government needs to go in and pacify. The folks were doing. That same thing is happening in is: right now. To that end, Israel has knocked out several commanders of the of Hamas, and Islamic Jihad will continue to do that it? Will we actually have video of what's been happening in the Gaza Strip, so a few things one come ass is one of most evil groups on earth. They fire rockets deliberately from civilian. Areas they, they deliberately fire rockets from civilian areas, because they know that if Israel would respond, Israel would have to kill him
billions in order tat the rocket fire and they know that Israel is low that to do that, because Israel is actually a moral state as opposed to Hamas, which they deeply deeply evil. Group here is video of Hamas firing Roy. it's from the middle of civilian areas. These are their civilian apartment buildings there surrounding the firing sites for the Gaza Strip Easy. These are permanent. This right is right. In the middle of populated area, there firing rockets directly from the middle of streets in the Gaza Strip. go here is that if Israel, where it take out those batteries, then Israel have to hit those civilian areas and, by the way, a few other notes, You ll notice that when these rocks are being fired in the tapes, you will see that there are markers, and these onlookers are not are not just kind of watching this go on their shutting I'll walk on their own were shouting their celebration that these rights, it's our being fired on Israel. Now Israelis require that their guns,
and actually defend them, obviously, because any government should defend its citizens, but not going to see Israelis out in ST cheering as rockets are of bombs fall on commerce buildings. Just as these, Instead, there is no cheering in the streets when the United States Whose bombing the Taliban they, because that is you do more in sorrow than in anger, read something you don't wanna, do it except apparently, if rocks are being fired on random. Just remember these are not rockets that are targeted at Milton resides in Israel is a rocket. It's that are there being randomly fired, populated areas visceral they don't care who they kill. Israeli herb, the matter, babies, it doesn't matter, they do not care, they don't care is that simple ain't heard the onlookers. Shutting our walk buyers. These rockets go off to presumably attempt to kill us many children and women and innocent civilians as possible.
Certain rockets being fired off people celebrating insurance? What is it like? A door? There's moral equivalence according to the West, ok, so I will show you more footage of what is going on over in Israel. Then we'll get to the insanity of a west. That somehow declares moral equivalence here is quite while we can then just for Movin. First, let's talk about a simple fact of your responsible person. Any life insurance rap, just something you need are they really are families taking care of his god forbid? Something should happen to you. Well, policy genius makes it easy to compare coachman a dozen top insurers all in one place. Why compare vacancy fifty percent or more on life insurance by comparing quotes with policy genius it could. thirteen hundred dollars more per year on life insurance by using policy genius to compare policies. Relations licensed exports policy genius work for you knock insurance companies. She can trust to help you navigate every step of the shopping in buying process. That kind of
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it's a bullet hitting a bullet wheedling. Ninety percent advocacy is an unbelievable efficiency, is incredible like something from star wars, because it in fact there is rallies, we're still retaining their sense of humour who put the star wars, theme: music, over what iron dome has been doing here. The goal here, of course, is to overwhelm iron till my firing so many rocket simultaneously. the iron tomes system is not capable of knocking out all the Rockets at once. But imagine this happen. over a city where you live, imagine it there's just about The rockets and all you can do is sit there and wait for the thing to fall on you or for Iron Don T shoot down and in some this is obviously it has worked. There is a direct impact for him want a school in Ashcombe see here is the difference between the Israelis and the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip Hamas though the passing in Russia in the Gaza Strip from us. The difference is that the Israelis specifically avoid targeting schools read the in need the Hamas, as did the Hamas terrorists,
literally put their military bases in schools that that is the difference school those hit directly by rocket. Thank God all the kids were not there. Otherwise, presently hundreds of kids would have killed. There are also firing had been green airport there, trying to kill as many people as possible and shouts any air travel to the state of Israel. So this is an actual footage from we're in airport, you can see the rockets firing been worrying airport, and you can see them being shot down by the iron dome system. Overrun hello, and which is eight, which is an outskirt of TEL Aviv. Against about forty five miles from from the Gaza Strip, a bus was hit directly by rocket fire only one person was killed in this area, particular attack? The bus flaming from the rocket fire? Another Hamas rocket, don't hit me Trans, Israel, oil pipeline, which of course does know
the citizens of the Gaza Strip, some of the magic at their power from the sort of thing would come for rulers and so set the transit wrote pipeline on fire. It meanwhile, here's, how is it so? That's how come ass, treats this conflict righteous shoot rockets everywhere see if you can hit anything, is basically the game. Battleship use randomly shootings there people and hope that it had. Somebody here is how Israel handles this stuff. So here is tape of a palestinian state. regard being called by the israeli military and told get everybody out of this building. We know that Hamas use this buildings were knocking down the building. That's literally what's happening here. Israel calls minutes before their outdated building. They call whoever they get and if they get all the civilians out, He sang at least two to three hours. No one should come close go to the other building and not let anyone come close, no problem problems are first one shot learning and then to miss. All I'm here
you mean first, a war and then you'll have building I don't. I just want to make sure that there is no one in say: ok, so this new person talking to me he's really military israeli military is literally giving up the element of surprise, which is the number one element in warfare particular when you're talking about terrorism are embedded in the middle of civilian populations, they're saying what we would rather not till the terrorists. Will then firemen, I on us in order to get civilians out of the way and then the propaganda, that is printed by the media is that Israel is knocking down town without any mention of this sort of stuff. Ok, so here Hamas put out this video of Israel knocking down this apartment, complex, hidden, this apartment, complex, Israel caught. You know how they know that an apartment. Why do they know where to turn the camera? How do you know where trend camera
the answer. Is they know where to train the camera, because Israel dropping not bomb on top of that are not pharmacy bomb is designed not to penetrate the top layer of the apartment complex. They drop a bomb, it shakes the building then break the building. Everybody gets out and then they knocked down the pillow. So that is how Israel treats all this. Meanwhile, in what is the most devastating element of all this, not the not the actual terror attacks from commerce, which it somewhat expected that the most devastating part of all of this is the situation and load. So Israel has now twenty percent populations error that eighty percent of its population is jewish and typically in Israel, those populations don't leave in close, pressed many with one another, typically you'll have sort of a jewish city, and then an arab city that's right across the way, rather than that fairly typical in Israel, and there are a couple city there are an exception to this rule. One of those cities is low, Lotus, considered sort of a model city in this way, and it is amazing, I mean last time I was in Israel a couple years ago, myself on brocade
you to the nearest mall that had some sort of cellphone repair shop and that will happen to be loved. I went there and worth Iraq's Jews, walking around the same malls as Arabs in and getting along in the basically that city is seventy percent jewish. Thirty percent error, when everybody lives in pretty close quarters, will now thanks to commerce and fatigue, ramping up the violent. The riots in the city of load in which arab citizens were going out and burning down synagogues. True separated were burned down three June schools were burned down and a bunch of Jews were threatened in their own homes, requiring evacuation, by the ideas and now said of him. Since he has been declared in law which again was eight, was a city in which people were made living together. Fine now state of emergency was declared in load with Defence Minister Benny Guns, into the Jerusalem Post, announcing the deployment of several more police units help quell violence that saw the burning of three synagogues in dozens of cars. At least use people are in serious condition from clashes, one from rocks in Argo, which is another. So that's actually,
married it's another mixed, Airbus or city in northern Israel, and eighty four year old man was seriously hurt when a restaurant was set on fire by riders, some twenty five of Roma and load where rested on Tuesday night, according to police spokesperson, a hundred fifty one we're rest in total within the Central Northern District of Israel, I admire your revival said: we lost control of the city and the streets. Israel, police, chief, Kobe, coffee shop, tie not seen this kind of violence since October, two thousand, which was the last intifada, Borys Popular Jewish, on fish restaurants in an acre. That's been set ablaze, as well as an echo. The aims set in a blaze in ya fo there has been violent. So internecine racial violence has now been taken place, prompted, presumably not presumably real simply by herb citizens who are. In solidarity with Hamas and with feta they all of this is disastrous, and so the question becomes. Why exactly is all this happening right now rise, others having where now we'll get to the answer to that in just once, I can first, let us talk about fact that
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Hamas hates America hates America, many Islamic Jihad, hates America, Palestinian Authority, hates America. These are people who do not like the United States in it, Hamas is explicitly backed by the iranian regime. We wonder how they got all this technology, Israel's been kind of stun by the ability of philosophy these long range rocket. Why? Because around shipping that technology through the Gaza Strip and end the United standing right, they're, trying to reinstate good released, with an iranian regime that openly declare step to America and Israel. What America makes a difference? The United States based we isolated the Palestinian Authority, they citizen it because one may is anytime. You want to you. Can otherwise all the arab states they're going to just recognised you're, not top priority they're going to make peace with Israel in order to counter the rising threat of IRAN and taken a bunch pistols, and then the Biden regime came in and they decided you know,
CARE about those peace deal. What we want to do is one river Riva, via this idiotic notion that IRAN is going the original force for stability, which is insane it was pushed by Morocco Mama Joe Biden, his reimbursed it. This has led to the stupidity of morons, like David from suggesting you know that what happens all those cushioned from people bragging about peace, the answer as they actually achieve peace within the first four months. You have achieved war within the first four months. Joe Biden has given all the green light to all of the conditions for for a new intifada, so the worse conflict in this region, since two thousand six that is because of Joe Biden it. Last time we had a sort of conflict was two thousand fourteen, those under Barack Obama. There is quite in the region for four years. You know why that was when America sides with its allies. There is no conflict when America does not side with its allies. There is conflict. Every time concessions major terrorists they immediately are emboldened and proceed to
age in this sort of activity, and so it does make a difference that the West has decided to attack of moral equivalence along these lines. They d amazing part of all of this truly is that there is moral equivalence even being drawing me just demonstrates the moral blindness of so many people here is John Saki from the White House drawing moral equivalence. The president's support for Israel's security fritz legitimate right to do and itself and its people as fundamental and will never waiver. We condemn, ongoing rocket attacks by Hamas and other terrorist groups, including against Jerusalem. We also stand and extremism that is inflicted violence on both communities. We stay That last part is the amazing part. We stand again, extremism that is inflicted violence and both communities. Excuse me right now. That first statement is the one that's supposed to matter the hell are you talking about. Extremism has inflicted, but you have thousands of its being fired into civilian areas right now, Israel has right
the itself. The first part of the statements by the last part where she tries to back around then Jude cycle of violence. Routine, is just nonsense. Recognise that really what this started with was a bunch of Tik Tok videos. the union's beating the living hell out of Jews in Jerusalem fomented by feta, because what I wanted to distract from the fact that just cancelled elections Meanwhile, Hamas leader is now honey who lives over in Qatar. See you scared of living in the Gaza Strip is afraid that Israel mock him out he's been reading out. The bombing of TEL Aviv and the oil pipeline facilitating Ascalon and a lot God is great and glory is to God alone, Jaso tweeted out a friend me a little while ago and told me laughing many. Unfortunately, the servants of those I know from here and there, and you know where exactly are very angry and humility. Briggs them and oppression pervades them, because you, oh heroes, have broken their thoughts.
And destroyed designers while hiding in shelters below the earth mourning for their personal persecution, which went in vain. Ok by the way, this is the leader of Hamas, he's leader, Hammas moral equivalence, unreal, but don't worry, and by and by the way, to Twitter ban Oh honey. Look you still there they'll banned from, but not somebody's openly. Celebrating terrorism have an item How many where these are the people that that the Administration is trying to make concessions to the iranian regime. He treated out. How are waken determined? They must continue. This path One can only talk with the language of power. With these criminals they must increase their strength. An strong, confront the enemy and force them to stop their crimes, hashtag free Palestine, so just to get this rate, Facebook and twitter band Trump, but they won't ban this piece of human. Very pretty Annabelle stuff in the Good NEWS, is that the radical left in the United States, which is indeed Only the mainstream left in the United States is openly siding with the bad guys here. So L,
Sandro caused, has very angry handwriting and ring is running for mayor of New York. He looks likely to win, which is a good thing and regain its weeded out his support for Israel, so she got mad. She then tweeted out utterly shameful bringing to show up to an eight event. After sending out a chest, thumping statement of support for a strike, killing nine children, especially for his silence is all ox was attacked, but then try that an Historiae during Ramadan. They will let you know, ok, so I'm a few things that are just open lies: autos, not attack the only people who attacked a lotta are members of Hamas and Fatah literally took over the building brought rocks in from the from the surrounding will mount an fireworks and proceeded to fling them at israeli soldiers and bill barricades so as to violence in the middle of Ramadan. There is no obscurity about this. There is no or passing about this. It is perfectly clear what happened there. There's bears video. I showed it here so she's just lying as far as show a chess thumping statement, support for straight killing and children. Israel has been attempting
you, kill Hamas members Hammas members deliberately hide themselves behind children, knowing that morons like Ale, see women blame Israel for defending itself. Rather than most people were hiding behind children. What a moral cretin she is Goodness Bernie Sanders. Similarly immoral cretin, each region I am extremely concerned by the growing conflict in Israel, and Palestine again. We are seeing how the irresponsible actions of government allied right wing extremists in Jerusalem escalate quickly and devastating war. The EP: is he talking about you just making things up right now, israeli children, not have to spend the night scared and bomb shelters has many are doing tonight. Well, that's from rockets you're, not fired palestinian children do not have to go up under the constant violence and oppression of occupation, as so many do and have them. Gaza is ruled by Hamas. Israel does not rule the Gaza Strip, the palestinian author. The rules, Judea and some area. It is not ruled by Israel. Israel just does not allow people to ship weapons in and out and can John Border, that's all Bernie
there is then continues. The United States must call for an immediate ceasefire and an end provocative and illegal settlements actively is not about settlements. Are you insane hell about settlements, their firing on Ascalon, deferring the ash owed their chanting, Bonbon TEL Aviv on the Temple Mount. We must so recommends working with Israelis and Palestinians to finally on this kind of what what a joke. He is what an absolute more what soviet unbolt, what what he's just disgusting? Truly then the number of people on the radical left have been mainstreamed into democratic party is truly an astonishing. Astonishing thing in the media will continue to allow lies to be promulgated the same. Media. That will tell you that that fake news is right. we really dangerous they'll, just allow lies to be promulgated, they'll have honour and MSNBC guest. Palestinian on MSNBC, not sure the name of this gas, and he was there. angry than anyone who gets outcome. As he says, you know, uses wage more wars than there are Hammas members. Excuse me very major cities
has ways more wars than there are Hamas members, I dont waits for the United States to tell me what constitutes a self defence and what not constitutes itself France does not wear. My moral compass stems from. I don't think the United States is in position giving all of the genocide on wars, its partaking and to say something about who has the right to self defence he's here? Sadly, like Johan Amr isn't exactly proceedings away, he sounds exactly Lugosi. He sounds like Bernie Sanders right. The international terrorist Movement uses the talking points of the left on a routine basis. Right America, do have any moral credibility to call against rocket fire into eminently aimed at civilians because, after all, you guys are really bad. It's pretty incredible spring
then, of course, you have trouble Noah, who just tells open lies. I travel actively defend Hamas last night on a show. If you start from Israel fired Rockets into Gaza, will then Israel is the bad guy because their bombing Gaza? But then you take a step back in time. You go well. Hamas fired rockets at Israel and Hamas is the bad guy. But then you take a step back and you open the israeli police. They went in and stop beating people up in a ask during Rama done the most holy time in the muslim calendar. Will then Israel is the bad guy? Ok, what Except for your lying that didn't happen. Again the number of lies and have to be told in order to reach the point of moral equivalence between states that seeks to define
its citizens, including Israeli, urged, by the way, work and murdered by Hamas last night between a state that has a twenty percent of our population that attempts to warn people before they kill terrorists and a group of people who openly declare that they want to wipe every drew off. The face of the earth an fire thousands of rockets indiscriminately into civilian centres in other mental gymnastics. Do you have to do in order to gather the moral princeling you have to do? These folk makes these folks morally make sort to so lay look like nothing is unreal, moral flexibility that you have to have a certain point. The rubber band has to break her. It's pretty is pretty insane already in just a second we'll get to the latest on the economy, because shocker Shocker relation is on the rise. You could have predicted what gets then just moment first, if you believe in standing for the national anthem or supporting our military first responders, or you just want to celebrate a job. Well done, you need redneck, Riviere whisky. It is your whisky. The guy who owns it. John rich attitude, is a spectacular dude here. I love that guy he's really
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and so culture everything we do in consumers weapon eyes. Every single thing from the education we even the movies we watched in issues, we were on our feet you're, not alone and noticing ass. You may notice their bosses telling you what to think or training you in diversity, so that you feel bad about the color of your skin. You may have noticed kids are being subjected to indoctrination at their school. You may have noticed that the media is lying to you. Well, I wrote an entire book about the institutional take over the United States and how to fight back against. It is called the authoritarian moment in it. I get some background how we got here, how each individual institution and american life from a scientific community all the way to Hollywood was taken over and how in how we fight back ass, most people part because you have to understand how we got here in order to reverse the process. So if you are to preserve their individual rights, if you want to organise a taking back of our institutions, though check out my book today, the authoritarian moments is available for pre order at Amazon, Barnes Ennoble, any other major bookseller. I think it's deeply important stuff needs a really important book. I wrote it white heat, I mean some books are hard right. This one I wrote it
fast, because I want to get out you as fast as possible. The authoritarian moment available for pre order right now at Amazon, Barnes, ennoble or any other major bookseller you're, listening largest fastest growing concern to Pakistan, ready on the nation. Already. So meanwhile, inflation is cropping up in the United States. Amazing how Joe Biden has somehow prompted intifada so unrest in the Middle EAST, more powerful IRAN has prompted inflation and gas lines that we're back to Jimmy Carter. This is great, really excellent, One stop mean about the same age that makes it makes inflation is back According to Yahoo NEWS, yours, inflation is expected, jump three point: six percent: in April alone, economists forecast yours. Consumer prices are expected to have risen by three point: six percent in April over their level a year ago,
a prospect already spooky markets and could fuel concern inflationary pressures are setting in, according to consensus, forecast assembled by definitive. The Bureau of Labour statistics will on Wednesday report that its consumer price index rose from two point: six percent in March to three point: six percent last month compared with the same month in twenty twenty stripping out food and energy costs. This EPA is expected to rise from one point: six percent in March two point: three percent in April on an annual basis. Ok and- and the truth is that it is worse than that. Ok, according to the consumer price index, summary The bee, alas, the index for all items, less food and energy roses: zero point: nine percent: in April its largest monthly increase since April nineteen. Eighty two given inflationary increase in forty years happening right now. Again is: according to the bureau labour Statistics, they government source nearly all major component indices increased in April, along with the index for use cars and trucks the indices version
Airlines, whereas recreation motor vehicle insurance and household furnishings in operations were among the indices, with a large impact on the overall increase. The all items index rose four point: two percent for the twelve months ending in April a larger increase The two point: six percent increase for the period ending large, similarly x for items less food and energy rose. Three point: zero percent over the last twelve months, a larger increase than that. Point six percent rise over the twelve month period ending in March. In other words, we have now basically doubled the inflation rate over the course of the last month or so The energy index rose twenty five point, one percent over the last twelve months, the food, an increase of two point, four percent, so I mean under the levels of inflation setting in almost immediately despite the fact you ve got the entire by demonstrations and there's no problem to see here. Hears Jane That is, why has literally s, raising any inflation will be transitory. Of course, we take the possibility of inflation quite seriously as actions that have been taken to date or proposals that have been made most
Economic Al Analyse had believed that it will have a temporary, transitory impact. But in terms of analysis on current events, I would point to the Federal Reserve, ok and job quickness nobody is completely missing in action. Yet conflict in the Middle EAST, you have a massive inflation heading IV. Gas shortages that are basically knocked out half the gas station on the EAST coast and robustness. Noah he's watching Matlock. Well done. Buddy, while it, but at least are no means weeds and we should have no means weeds. That's that's really important stuff no mean tweets from the news has had every crisis as an opportunity. You secretary General, Grant home yesterday, she's The good news is that, if we're gonna have these gas shortages, remember, we ve had a giant pipeline, the colonial pipeline that was hat. So that meant that that basically gas went down most of this week in terms of its supply all over the South EAST Coast, a weapon in New Jersey.
Energy Secretary Grandam says. Well, you know. The good news is the least this'll push us toward a green new deal. You know a few drive an electric car. This would not be affecting you clearly. The broader issue is a very important issue at seven issue for the president's our priority in the american jobs plan. The issue of investing in its mission grid, for example, so that you don't have the cyber issue associated with it. So there's a lot of broader questions in this and we hope that will be able to see that investment in infrastructure It will facilitate clean and renewable energy. I mean Amazing she's really smiling about look at her she's, like she's gleeful, about there's this gonna facilities green new deal stuff, I'm sure it's costing you like a fortune to pump tree. Can we get gas, but everything is going great because it facilitates the agenda. Crisis is always an opportunity for these people. It's always an opportunity for these people can mean
uncovered. The unemployment rate continues to be artificially high. We all know why that is because the binding ministrations paying people to stay home. So last night the chief of Japan outweigh the restaurant officer. was on CNN, explaining that the region- can't get any employees, because you keep paying people to stay home. A half dozen states now have announced that there are going to end those benefits before they expire. Is that the right? move. I certainly believe it encourages us to get back to work. There are a number of jobs available across all industry today for us to continue Rodya candy here that he was gonna happen. ready and willing to engage in back to work and continue to drive. The economy is perfectly true. That debate administrations riving people out of the workforce, but the Good NEWS is that we have a president who, just as fighting teleprompter he's not fighting inflation is not fighting unemployment. early in fighting for our allies around the world, ranging from Taiwan to Israel, but he's definitely fighting the teleprompter. He is locked in a death match with the teleprompter help us get
are we ve added to new tools, one America's can go to vaccines that girl, or they can text bears if code to three issue me spoke, there's if code texted too for three, eight to nine Messina will cause you're out there doing nothing for a living except pushing radicalism and fostering instability all around the globe really really well the organisers we have experts in charge like, for example, It is equally rush out will so she should fired long ago. You remember just a few weeks ago, actually kind of feeling of doom and ensure an inner feeling of doing we're all going to die unless we are vaccinated three times and also work a triple mask, and hopefully, a bag overhead, and we like a plastic bag. In that we took some duct tape wrapped around her neck. You wouldn't have covered. If you did, that a hundred percent guarantee. Well here she was yesterday CDC Chief Linsky saying she
those are sixteen year old son that he can't go to summer camp this year, which is ass, a nine number one. The vaccines already been approved for sixteen year old number. Two. He sixteen he's not going to die from covered number. three his outdoors. The hell are you talking about, and these two bags are supposed to represent the science puss irons were here's Rochelle, Linsky being completely a scientific but very angry about it. I've a sixteen year old every day, every year he comes home from camp and he writes the number of days until he returns to camp the next year. This year it got two zero and I told him he wasn't going. I want our kids back in camp. We now have thirty eight thousand new infections on average per day. Last may eleventh. It was twenty four thousand and we sent a lot of kids. Home and camps were close
the camp guidance is intended to get our kids to camp and allow them to stay there. Ok, there's just ridiculous. Ok, she just compared the stats from this year to last year. Do member this time. Last year we didn't have the tests available the number of tests that we're tracking out was like one quarter, one fifth of all, your trenching out right now. It was much much lower it during the infection rates in May of twenty twenty two, the infection rates in May of twenty twenty one out of your damned mine, based on the stats, the Jews citing right there, gibbet again, she's not represented you just representing power. Politics is all politics. Susan Collins was no rapid, right, winger accused the cdc of using faulty data and its recent mass guidance for the doors. The agency, last month that lesson ten percent of transmission was occurring outdoors, except that that was why We misleading according to the New York Times. into the New York Times when the CDC released a new guidelines last month from ask wearing it announced that less than ten percent of carbon nineteen transmission was occurring. Outdoors media organisations he did this, yet it quickly became a standard. The script
the frequency of outdoor transmission, but then Where is almost certainly misleading, it appears we based partly on Miss Classical of some call the transmission but actually took place in enclosed spaces and even bigger issue is extreme caution, CDC the officials who picked a benchmark, ten percent so high Nobody could reasonably dispute it. Doctor mood said: ok, virologist at the University of University of Saint Andrews said the benchmark appears to be a huge exaggeration. In truth, the of transmission that has occurred outdoors seems to be below one percent and maybe zero point. One percent zero point: one percent aid: you understand the difference between zero point, one percent and ten percent. Ok, that means they are off by a factor of one thousand right. You are correct, but what in the world, what, in the actual hell
well, not one. Second, ten divided by point one ten divided by zero point. One should make sure I got that the numbers right that Europe I factor of one hundred here you're off by a factor of one hundred. They said that under ten percent- ok, that's like saying under one million airplanes fall out of the sky every year that, through million aeroplanes, Falada Diskiver you! The answer is much closer to zero. The cities ages lied withstand to tell you why, with statistics. as the New York Times, are saying that less than ten percent of covert transmission occurs. Outdoors is akin to sing the charts attacks Then twenty thousand swimmers ear the actual world numbers run a hundred. Fifty it's not true leaving this interested gotcha math. Is you it's an example of how the CDC is struggling to communicate effectively or, alternatively, they are communicating effectively just communicating lies the why they are communicating is that everything is crisis mode you gotta have kids were wear masks at camp outdoors and ninety degree. He ll have to pretend that outdoor transmission is going to be widespread. We have
pretend like will ask you just lie there, that transmission levels are at the same rate. They were in May of last year, All of this is insane or give them. what is being pushed by this administration why's that that lead to economic uncertainty lies that lead to violation policies that we'd it's worse outcomes for Americans policies that lead to more conflagrations around the globe. It's incredible! This guy. This administration, Was supposed to return to normal, see I'm waiting to feel the normal? Are you feeling the normal? Yet it should be a period of optimism All this can be the booming twenties, not the stagflation, seventies Instead, we're getting seventies wearing an oil embargo. those were no, I mean like this- is ridiculous: we're getting gas lines, we're getting inflation, we're getting stagflation well and we're getting all of this. Because of that policy policy makes a difference. It makes a large difference, and I know that everybody was very up in arms about this stuff
Come said. I hated alot of a two, but guess what, at the end of the day, the policy implemented by the White House makes a lot more difference in american lives in whatever dumb crap people put on twitter. But unfortunately, we live in a world in which we are supposed to pretend that the crap people say twitter is a significantly more important than what actually happens on the ground and people paying the price that right now are you waiting in line for gas and you at restore now having to pay twice what you're gonna pay and you. Yes, you israeli living in bunkers under your cities. Right now, unreal already Willie, Related to those in additional hour of content in the meantime, go check out there, the most. Your on today's episode, Oj Simpson, endorses was training, which is weird attention all of life. All politics. Just man lives right now so it is available right now I ventured to oversee the bench Barroso. If you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe and if you want to help spread the word. Please give us a fight
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