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Ep. 1270 -  Is The Biden Administration Already Over?


Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) kills Democratic dreams of federalizing all elections; and Facebook bans Trump for two more years.

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Synergy mansion kills democratic dreams of federalism, elections and Facebook Bands Donald Trump for two more years. I'm bench purposes bench Barroso. Yeah, Ben Shapiro shortly sponsor my express deeply and you have a right to privacy, defend your rights, expressly peons outcome. Slash then we'll get to all the news in just one moment. First, let me remind you that now be an excellent time fruits it ever since I was a little The precious metals mean look at what is going on right now we had an inflation rate of four point. Two percent in April alone is the biggest bump, since two thousand eight higher fuel prices higher prices, construction costs, housing prices, inflation is not just coming it's already here. The protected your savings here, investments you're, making a mistake. At the very least, you should diversify a little bit
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the best attempts of the daily wires Mouthwash Alexandria, Yo Cortez is, I believe there is still living in poverty, so you will recall that last week she had her shit? She tweeted out our general cause. You Cortez did without her grandmother living in Puerto Rico and her roof caving in and she blamed from, and the policy making and poor regions we could get into the policy making Import Rico, whose really responsible for the distribution of resources and more rigour, how is kind of Democrats in Puerto Rico, who left millions water bottles on the tarmac to just become completely useless and all this, but instead one question that a lot of people were asking was why exactly is our central cousin court has literally least eight Tesla apparently last month, why she complaining about the living conditions of her grandmother when she could. You know how about her grandmother and that Russia is one of the people who actually tweeted.
about this. I tell she entreated out. Just over a week ago, my umbrella grandmother fell ill. I once put Rico to see her my first timing here because of covered this is her home. Hurricane Maria relief hasn't arrived Trump locked release dollars for Puerto Rico, people having forced to flee ancestral homes and developers are taking them in this prompted again some people to say I'm Alexandra, you, apparently just you just least a fifty nine thousand, our Tesla as you caught got caught in MID, may parking in restricted slot also. She has this really really nice apartment, like the super nice apartments, she's doing fine right, surmount Walsh, had treated out shameful live in luxury while allowing your grandmother to suffer in these squalid conditions, She got mad at hand entreated back into, so man did what any generous conservative would do, and he started go find me for ass, his grandmother, any tweeted
as you ve heard ale sees well, is living in its elaborated home that was ravaged by Hurricane Maria ass. He is unable to help programme, for whatever reasons why have set up this go find me campaign to save her home. Please give if you can hashtag help a blow up Kate. What within hours like four or five hours, almost six thousand people, Had pledged money to help ales he's grandmother raising over a hundred thousand men fundraiser shut down because somebody, presumably from as he's office or inside the family, conveyed to go, find me that they weren't going to take money. So then tweeted out my well. It is ok, but instead of only caring for mine and letting other suffer, I'm calling attention to the systemic injustices. You seem totally fine with having in you seem totally fine with in having a. U S colony, ok, didn't result in one of the greatest headlines waldheim it, this is the headline from the Uk Independent, ready, right wing.
Under launches. Go find me for Elsie's grandmother in latest personal attack. Not tat quite like trying to hand somebody a hundred thousand dollars man a normal in his hand, the mediterranean somebody getting be down the street, but I mean if somebody wants to attack me an anti semitic fashion. I give me a hundred thousand dollars the towns ok may just just terrible horrifying. I can't believe it so wash dead, men tweeted out some one else, he's a well as family told go find me. She won't take the money, even though, as he previously claimed for grandmother, is in dire straits and was from salt ass. He still hasn't acknowledge this. We're, thanked us. Here's, the email from go on me, and then he provided a screen shot. So sad news that the attempt to help Elsie's grandmother was unavailing help her grandmother, presumably is still living in the same sort of your poverty unless, as he has decided to redistribute some of her own money to her grandmother and maybe skipper Tesla Payment, or to our meanwhile
The big news of the weakens the Joe Mansion may have just ended Joe Biden Presidency, so Joe Biden presidency is deeply reliant on swing senators, particularly Joe Mansion and Christian Cinema, Cinema is in Arizona which is a purple state and mansion is in the red Estate in America? Mention is a mechanic centre from West Virginia he's an apple Asian bilaterally. You won his last race, pretty narrowly in West Virginia down from one. That's it by thirty. Nine points case the reddish state in America in terms of presidential politics, and yet it has this democratic centre whose really sort of a hold over from prior generations is West. There needs to be reliably democratic, state for a very long time and only shifted red in the last few. election cycles, mentions or hold over there, and because mention is a Democrat. The Democrats have the majority Now the senator split fifty fifty the Republicans shouldn't?
take one of two seats in Georgia, but they fail to take one of the two seats in Georgia, largely because president trumped decided to talk about how George Eyes elections run You know this and Republicans in rural areas to sharpen vote. She ended up a tutor, chronic senators in Georgia, which is unthinkable stupid and instead, you end up with private majority, but that democratic majority is really fragile in the Senate and its particular fragile because again Joe Mansion knows where his bread is buttered, he knows what state you represent and he is not going to move along with this radical Biden agenda. So Joe Biden was for he had basically one of choice. It is forced into this choice. Choice number he could pursue a more moderate agenda that pick up a few republican vote, plus you'd have cinema and mansion on board most of the time, or he could run directly to the radical left and you could try I too apparently leverage mansion and cinema into doing his bidding. Well, yesterday, it became here the romance was not going to allow Joe Biden ladder. Joe Biden has been trying it just last We can remember the job that that Joe Biden got up in the middle of a speech in certain ripping on his own centres, he's
did the mansion and Cinema should go along with the killing of the filibuster, so they could ran through a six trillion dollar budget. So it could ran through a two trillion dollar infrastructure package and HIV which completely federalized all watching procedure and make it much easier to push ballot listing emotive rod- and he was to push cinema in mansion into the corner. Overall, this imagining cinema have repeatedly said over and over and over we're not be known scan for baby in a corner. We're not doing this. We are not and technocratic this is? It is amazing, american politics, how vote where's nationally, because every issues now been nationalized, the base of the parts he's out of alignment with the reality of the base of the parties public and party will look. and senators likes using Collins and made the ashes terrible. Someone should primary her, neglecting, of course, that if you primary issues in Collins, there's a very, very good shot that the person places using Collins's Democrat. Meanwhile, you, what we are doing, the same thing with mansion and cinema. Oh, my god, look at these terror do even bother having Democrats state good question Gulf WAR, Jersey
primary mansion with somebody from the ABC one primary cinema, with somebody from the oh see one of the party and see how that goes. For you, those seats will flip Republican again. So you could work in line with the reality, or you just complain about reality in force. The people in your own party, over the other side of the ILO you wanna, have mentioned, which parties is a very, very good way to do it. That's how Joel is killing turbines progressive dream in just one. Second, first, let's talk about the fact that if you're responsible and, being you really need to get life insurance? You need to make sure that your family is taken care of between fathers. They lag a national yoyo, they walk or not in the month of June, but policy genius makes it easy to cross life insurance offer to do us this busy month. You can get back to the yo, yelling and similar lies in your financial support, whether we're talking kid or an aging parents, or even a business partner. You do need life insurance policy genius it's easy to compare called from over a dozen tapping jurors? All in one place? Why compare? Well, you could say fifty percent more in life insurance by comparing quotes with policy genius, which mean
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their bare bones majority is not going to hold and romantic the clear over the weekend when he wrote for the West Virginia Gazette mail that he was not going vote in favour of each hour, one which is this bull crap before the people act. So the fourth people act again is eight Wild Federalist Asian modeling procedure violates the constitution. It sucks up all local voting procedure into the federal level and then bar state from, for example, pushing vote ready. It bars states from preventing ballot harvesting, which I think is most egregious in practice in America is the practice where urological door to door and pick up people's balance from them here and talk about the possibility of voter fraud. Haven't you pay somebody to go pick up. A democratic vote mean that that is about is as easy. A border fraud mechanism as exists in Amerika today, and one take very much right are you have to do- is go to somebody's house. As a member of your own party, you knock on the door, you say: did you get here? absentee bout mail is a yes earn. You say what you fill it out and you're, not really Would you like me to help you with that big deposit?
the Ladys from motor fraud involving intimidation and pressure are merely endless and democrats we're trying to federalized that entire procedure there making voting significantly less certain right? Now, it's not about broadening the capacity vote Everybody has the capacity of all right now we just had an election in which and fifty five million people voted the eternal in minority communities remains extremely high and yet democratically. Of anti democratic. Keep saying look at these Republicans with their with their voter integrity bills. There only doing this because Trump, is whining about voter fraud in all of this. Yet well. Here's the thing, your guy, just one, purportedly by seven million vote by one by seven million votes in the popular vote now purportedly he actually want by seven million votes pipe in the popular up, and you are complaining that there is voter suppression going on how explained, on the basis of that you're gonna vial The constitution and federalism voting procedure. Okay. So romantic like what I'm doing this, he he right the right to know
is fundamental to our american democracy and protect me right should not be about party or politics least of all. Ports this right- which is evaluation- should never be done in a positive manner during my time. Is Virginia Secretary of State. I was determined to protect them and ensure our elections are fair, accessible and secure, not to benefit my party, but all the people of West Virginia, for example, a secretary of state antics civic actions to establish early voting for the first time in West Virginia in order to provide expanded option for those whose or family schedule, made it difficult to vote on election day throughout my tenure in politics, I've been guided by the simple philosophy our party levels can prevents us from doing what is right. Unfortunately, we are now witnessing that the fundamental rights vote has itself become overtly politicized. Today's too, about how to best protect our right to vote and hold elections is not about finding common ground, but seeking partisan advantage, whether to state laws that seek to needlessly restrict voting politicians with northern to secure our elections, part policymaking won't, instil confidence in our democracy. It will destroy it as such congressional.
on federal voting rights. Legislation must be the result of the Democrats and Republicans coming together to find a pathway forward, or we risk further divide in destroying the republic. We sort of protecting, defend as elected officials, Democrats and in Congress, pussy sweeping electoral reform bill called before the people act is more than eight hundred page bill has garnered zero republican votes. Why are there republican senators voted to impeach from because of actions that way to an attack on our democracy are willing to support actions to strengthen our democracy. Are these same senators who many my part? plotted for their courage now threaten the very democracy we seek to protect the truth. I would argue that voting Election of one that is done in a partisan manner will also ensure partisan divisions continued even to mention making the pretty easy pointer easing. Listen, it's not just tat grew by voting for this or Josh Halley Susan Collins is in voting for this Mitt Romney is in voting for the right the most moderate republican centres are not voting for this has Joe Mansion with that in mind. Some Democrats, again propose eliminating the Senate. Filibuster have attempted to demonize to fill.
Mr inconveniently ignore how it has been critical to protecting the rights of Democrats in the past for it as well and are just for short years ago, has mentioned in twenty seventeen. When Republicans Healthcare of the White House in Congress. Donald Trump was publicly Center Republicans to eliminate the filibuster, then it would send a Democrats were probably defending filibuster. Thirty recent Democrats pen the letter to Senator structure in which, what kind of warning of the perils of eliminating the filibuster and has been by much wiser people than me at court that absolute power corrupts absolutely says mansion. Well, what I've seen during my time in Washington is that every party in power will always want to exercise absolute power. Absolutely our friends, were wise to see them to the temptation of absolute power and built in specific checks and balances to force compromise that serves to preserve our fragile democracy. So he says I'm not going to kill the filibuster. Just to push for Now that is gonna, garnered zero republican support and he's right about all this. But this does spell doom. It may be that bind his head is high water mark and whose legislative accomplishments
and whenever he was gonna get done. He basically got done already that that giant stimulus bill, which is not a stimulus boats, actually just inflating the currency right now. That's all that's happening. Just inflating prices that giant quantum. What relief package may be the biggest thing that he is able to achieve here. he's pushing things like this giant infrastructure package. There is no guarantee that mansion or cinema are going to vote for a two trillion dollar infrastructure package or killer filibuster or do some mention is suggested he's not a fan of it. There is no guarantee that they're gonna get certainly six billion as six trillion dollar budget through Congress at a split fifty fifty in the Senate. And again, instead of Biden taking the clan Tony intact and talking to the centre buttons He wants a double down and stupid here an end sort box himself in because the sort of rhetoric that they have used. The Democrats with regard to voting suggests that, if they are to, if they came to Cinema Mansion and provide some sort of compromise built that, for example,
Shores of vote ready, but also broadens early voting, but if they did that their own base would kill him there and base would come after them Where did they ve moved so far out on a limb with their rhetoric? The dissolved Jim Crow kind of stuff to be seen? implicit in, that is death for their base, so another caught between a rock and a hard place sort of assembly, the Republicans were also nursing, a very fragile majority in the Senate, and thus weren't able a lot done, but had also promised the world to their base or sought between a rock and a hard place with their own base Democrats are experiencing the same thing, and people like bra Burma are continuing to push it. Here's Morocco over the weekend suggesting the Republicans are rigging the game in terms of voting. Ok, what that's thus this dimension in cinema the villains and that they need to somehow be held to account or good luck with backing. This really has to do with.
The basic rules by which we all have agreed to keep this diverse, multiracial democracy functioning. Are we going to stick to those rules? Are we going to start at rigging the game in a way that breaks it, and- and that's not going to be good for business, not to mention not good for our full, not good. First, oh by the way, our brok amount to talking about our soul is always a laugh considering how he corrupted american politics in order to foster its own power. Aids pretty is pretty astonishing can we talk about rigging the rules of the game, recognise that's what each our bodies is a giant rigging of the rules of the game, I'm sorry but but massive early voting is also rigging the rules of the game, because your being in advance how people are going to vote against the the idea. That you are voting three months in advance of an election before any of the news is broken, is a bad policy. It is a bad idea. Dnc chair, Jamie Harrison is very upset. With dramatic
there? He was living on his own unsanitary yesterday disappointed in centre, mansions decision and obviously Disagree because listen! I know he wants to protect democracy, but there will be no democracy if you dont, protect the right rights too. So all Americans There's only one party in this nation right now there is over three hundred fifty plus b rules in order to suppress, encumber the rights of voters in this in this nation. Only one, party right now that is trying to cut hours in which people can go vote changed the standard by which courts look at elections and determine whether not theirs brought in elections only one party that is allowing political goons to go and tried in Emily voters at the pressing and that's the republican party. This is both sides issue. Ok, and he's ripping Amazon Centre and basically put himself in a position in Jimmy Harrison where, if you don't pay your own centre
we buy your own centre. Now your raisins right, your league with the evil Republicans now to debunk. What he's talking about her? This notion that you are somehow restricting the right to vote by not allowing the emergency conditions or the pandemic. be the new. Normal is absurd on its face. Record voting to designate. We had very high in two thousand. While voting fell off in twenty sixteen then like either candidate, and we had record voting in twenty twenty. The notion that people are having their boat suppressed in the United States is just a lie. There is more evidence and border fraud. The United States in there is evidence of voter suppression. The United States is now son of evidence of either, but there is better evidence that vote fraud is easy and available than the voter suppression is easy, unavailable Democrats key push it and keep pushing this you'll keep Keep up a dead horse mean seriously just keep doing a guy's, because you're not you're alienates your own senators, here's the programme on the energy secretary ripping Andromache and for not supporting the infrastructure package due respect, Madam Secretary, answer. My question because the question is, would mansion vote
for a bill. If it's just democrats- and you said he would vote for it if its by partisan- and I mean I don't know of any republicans- your weapons event for this reference, yet will not just preference that might His line right right, of course, that's his line and you'll have to ask him about where his ultimate bottom line is, but I know that he sees the faces of peace We need these investments to new socialization natural mansion. Look mansion is going to the swing, but he always was question is whether there is any color filibustering square he's not going to this means. The Democrats cannot pass any substantive bill. outside of reconciliation. Reconciliation is a budget procedure demo have already used one of their there's must have two per year there, They already used one on the american relief bill. Ok, which again has been a complete. boondoggle if one left ok end there we can and abusing our raising corporate taxes will get you in a little while so they're, not gonna, haven't for infrastructure. They're, not gonna, have it for each hour, one.
It wasn't applicable nature one anyway, he's not a budgetary bill, so Democrats are in some trouble here: environment. Frazier. They don't have a lot of substance left out there. set for raising taxes. That's pretty much it in taxes and spending some more that's, that is all that is left of their agenda, world breaking, let's change social policy in the United States, the legislature of the alleged their deposit, that's not on the table anymore. It's administer she could have seen its high watermark already ain't. Only saying that the votes of the New York Times Quote Demo defeated President Donald Trump and captured this last year with a ratio collection, it delivered victories by tiny margins in key states like Georgia, Arizona and Wisconsin in the next, can they cannot count on repeating that feed report warns are a view of the twenty twenty election conducted by several prominent democratic advocacy group has concluded the parties at risk of losing ground with lack hispanic. An asian american voters almost does about Job of presenting in economic agenda encountering republican efforts to spread misinformation and tie
democratic candidates to the far left. By the way, tile democratic candidates to the far left will have to tie anything you are doing it yourselves, you're, taking your own moderate senators in them, of the United States attacking the to moderate senators in your coalition. did you want to earn enough to say anything? Did you see her and point, but down Sutherland the end of invasions bodies, natural I've point at you bet it Republicans, have to spread misinformation. Always did we spread information? The seventy three page port obtained by the Euro Times was assembled at the behest of third way, a centrist think tank and the collective pack and latino victory fund which, from a blackened hispanic candidates, argument is all the more striking because it is addressed to the victorious party in part. The study found Democrats fell short of their aspirations, because many house and send a candid failed to match Joe Biden, support with voters of color Those constituencies include hispanic voters in Florida and taxes, the unease Mare vietnamese American and filipino american voters in California and black voters in North Carolina. You know why, because you keep going wild to the left, you keep going wilds left.
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the thing about reorganising outside the United States of America, because happened. A lot during the Obama administration is a tremendous acceleration during the Obama administration. there's just reorganise in another western european countries Joe Biden has decided to combine with all of the progressive left politicians in Europe in order to foster a corporate baseline tax rate. Now the only reason that these other countries would do that is presumably because they They will still have some sort of advantage over by. I understand that, if it set. The international baseline corporate tax relief in presenting mangoes to twenty eight percent, so almost doubling it. So what their figuring is? Ok, while this is still pretty good collective action for us, because if we fifteen percent and I'm Germany and France to do that. Well, then, I guess people won't shift their corporate headquarters. France is supposed to Germany some will use by leveraging us as awaited will continue to have an advantage over the United States, but we'll get credit from Biden in
will prevent all the other european countries from apparently basically gaming. The system. by Joe Biden, meanwhile, is being in hearted. U business everywhere, he's trying to leverage? Oh, by the way, there are lots of other countries on planet earth you you're about to see if any country is smart out there, that is outside of the g7 their media, we're going to lower their corporate tax rates almost zero, and everyone will immediately start to reorganise their country. Accordingly, CNN group of seven finance ministers gathering in London agreed saturated back a global minimum tax of at least fifteen percent of multinational companies, the geese My group also agreed that, because companies pay tax where they generate sales, not just where they have a physical presence. In other words, if a french company cells products in the United States they'll have to pay that the United States acts by this going to lead to all sorts of serious complications by the way, because, again, how do you even I mean, I know your gauging it from from point of sale. To determine whether you think you're gonna make more money by exporting to get,
say you're, not exporting its a de facto tariff because eventually we're gonna end up with is if the United States is a higher tax rate on these corporations, then does France, for example, Then companies are just going to stop exporting to the United States sticking to look for other markets. Emerging markets. Meanwhile, as a domestic boon for american companies presumably is based, is a de facto tariff. It makes it much harder for consent get products that they want to get at the present they wanna get them in the United States taxpayers who are paying the price on all of Us Uk Finance Minister, Richie sooner announced the agreement in a video posted on Twitter Saturday, saying the G7 finance ministers hailing from Canada, France, Germany, ITALY, Japan Kay and the United States had reached a hidden agreements, reform the global tax system to make it fit for the global digital age and, crucially, to make sure it's fair. So there companies pay the right tax in the right places. It right there is defined as progressives. Get to tell you what to do. The group was made during the G7 meeting of finance ministers and wondered attended by JANET Ellen Yellin said so
The criminals who significant unprecedented commitment from the world's richest economies aim to prevent and companies from avoiding taxes by shifting profits overseas, because again, by the way, corporate profits that double taxation is all that stuff gets passed down to you in the form of dividends or in form of wealth that is passed on generationally or the form of income bracket. Motionless work for corporations, tech giants such as apple facebooking, Google, effected by the agreement. Foreign governments have long complained, large digits, companies should pay them more in taxes sum of recently passed taxes Thirdly, for targeting revenue generated by such companies, including those base in the United States like Facebook, Google and Amazon Nick Clegg, of course, of referred era facebook, whose main job is to please the vine administrations at their happy about this. Does what people don't understand? What these major corporations they understand? The Facebook over Facebook Nick Clegg understands Facebook will survive the global taxation. It is the small competitors, the price we now live under the rule of corporatism, cronyism, in which these giant corporations were hand in glove.
the government, in order to enshrine their own power and if they have to pay a little more untaxed maitre their competitors can ever rise up. They do it send it strongly supported the work done to update international tax rules and helps countries continue to work together to ensure a balanced and durable agreement will be finalized. Soon said, Google spokesperson Jose question yet. as spokesperson for Amazon also embraced. All of this a soap again there there a there. There are a couple of countries that want to undercut this. Ireland is one of them because they offer a corporate tax. Britain just twelve point, five percent is: what's more countries will do if you're, not a member of the G7 lawyer corporate taxes now and get ready for the money to flow in all of this is not going to go. the United States economy, raising taxes, sucks money out of the entrepreneurial sector and into the pockets of giant government bureaucrats within spend the money on stupid garbage, which is why you have low growth rates across the less for the last several decades get button
but your Biden is delusional he's at our plan is working are put except it's not here is Joe Biden having to announce last Friday. That has economic plan is working despite the fact that, unlike in varies a third straight month of under performance, economically speaking, had March, which was a big job month and then was revised downward whistling nine hundred thousand jobs revised downwards seven hundred seventy thousand job. Then we had April, which miss three quarters of a million jobs and it may, which was by a hundred thousand jobs and is again because by an economic policy. Is garbage, here was Joe Biden stumble in bumbling his way there, his war with the teleprompter to the notion that his plan is working. We have a chance to seize on the economic momentum of the first one. My administration, not just to build back with the bill back better. This much is already clear were on the right. that is not clear plans work. No, not gonna, let up now, no really can t
the move on; ok, so even the votes of the Washington Post or just cheerleading him. They said you know what made you will get back to where we were in terms of jobs by the end of twenty twenty two now you may have noted that it is now June of twenty twenty one. That's insane his plans are not working, he's gone back to the same, slow growth strategies and pursued by Barack Obama. Hamstring major corporations threaten them with, with post facto taxes threatened with global taxation, raise the spending minutely, these economic plans are not in fact working he's taking credit for natural economic boom that he himself is suppressing. I do it's amazing to watch the gas letting right. Joe Biden said that we are experiencing historic jobs, progress, ok, networks, historic jobs. Progress because we had the economy point to an artificial coma for a year, used, Coma, regular and now we're coming out of that. You'll get sick credit for us coming out of that when you are doing our best to make sure we never come out of it. This is progress, historic progress, progress towards peace,
in our economy are the worst crisis is Ben one hundred years and its testament The new strategies is growing arsonists economy, not only growing provided for them bottom up in the middle lab. Remember why office in January economy. Wasn't tailspin job growth install. covered with rage average innocent, plans for unemployment insurance were over eight hundred and thirty thousand per week. Now those of fallen below four hundred and thirty thousand about half of what they were. The call from here we had a reduction in labour force participation rate in the United States when he says build that better habit is heavily used, build back to where we were before all the stuff happen. You know three point: six percent plenary and rising wages about that bill back better. it's all, excuse plums, push bad policy will get more of this in just one second, first, let us talk about.
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the part Rock IRA comrade Shapiro there. How did you hear about us box? So they know that we sent you in the first place? Okay, so Mt turbines, labour secretary is sitting so his we're Secretary Marty Wash. He says you know what it's not that we're paying people to stay. that's keeping people home it, some it's all its it's. Actually, you know like come well, that's pretty much much their answer. The the Vine Administration Erika present guidance plan is work. It was working we're to continue to move forward. Here we saw growth in hospitality and leisure and restaurants. The largest girl to the last two months It's a good thing, a lot of the lot of the restaurants in business that we're saying that people are coming back to work because of the three on animals are actually in those history is and was seen those industries coming back, which is a great thing to do, for our countries see those into she's. Coming back, seeing hospitality come back. Seeing travel come back, it's great to see that can yet for the fact that people are coming back and people are having to intensify its peoples. Even come in for interviews, nodes emitting was much by the way New Jersey
careful Murphy's in New Jersey, governor fell. Murphy is a terrible governor. He also see a radical Democrat he's one these shut down insane. Governors who decided it every single thing in his day we need to be shut down and so basically forever. Here he fully admit that payments are keeping people at home I think it's a combination of things Stephanie. I think it's more time on the clock. I do Support Jason's comments that this is temporary too, degree, perhaps its due to that somewhat to the three hundred dollar premium. I think that maybe part of but I actually believe it's a combination of things. I think it may be gay care we're not entirely full on in school, so you ve got some realities have taken care of your kids. I think you ve got folklore scared still to get back in an indoor setting, ok nope. We have all the same from provision is that we had before the pandemic remained the same. Day care centres that are now open. There were opened before the pandemic, and yet you are subjected.
At least there acknowledging the reality. Here's one area where he won't acknowledge the reality right, there's the there's the reality that Democrats know about there's the ignore the reality that will acknowledge the reality that No about that when they raise taxes and make it hard to do business, businesses, don't do business and then there's the reality, though, acknowledges maybe sometimes that's true, but we're gonna pretended other things. So here is it Josie governor Murphy's in people aren't leaving Jersey because of high taxes of They are, I know, people who have left measures because of high taxes. I left of warranty because of high taxes, there is ears filmography, saying a perfectly idiotic thing: it turns out people Fact, or not, leaving New Jersey, the census showed that we gained many hundreds of thousands over the last decade in the past year alone, somewhat due to the pandemic. By the way a lot more people are coming, believing that does not mean that we don't care about cost of or the price you pay to live in a in a state that we think is the number one state in America to raise a family I would just say when you're the densest
the nation which we are in the densest region in the nation. Northeast corridor with a more than share of legacy assets any infrastructure programme. We are a huge winner, ok nope, a democratic and refusing to acknowledge the reality, so fine keep keep it up. Dies Turning now to the realities, keep pushing radical running in taxation policy. Keep pushing more of this critical race theory, nonsense, the Essen pushing hours every cheerfully and alienate the to moderate senators in your college and the same time, it's a great goodness for that. they can always count on the love of the media so brains Delta had on transact over the weekend, ceilings viable sources and you could ask or anything right anything right now the White House has been promulgating misinformation about the economy, though it has to be promulgating misinformation about covered the way has been lying about the role of China
and they ve been prevaricating about what they plan to do with regard to China, you could ask you know about or any of those things instead Here is how the media like this is just such a window into how the the CNN media treat did their their bosses over the democratic parties. Let's be frank about this. Their propaganda wing for the White House here is brain cells, are performing his laptop ancient busy summer had infrastructure election reform. What is the press get wrong when covering binds agenda when you watch the news. When you read the news, what do you think we get wrong? What do you think we get wrong? What What has it can you imagine Messner to kill him? How can any? What do you think we get wrong about from? He would never ask that question come on. We all know what this is, how cozier the press with the with the White House at this point,
saudi White House reporter for USA today, tweeted this out. Yesterday we did a l, a picture of cookies and Kamala Harris was handing out to members of the White House Press corps on your force to their picture. I don't know who did this cookie and maybe they're going to making. But it's a comma Harris handed out cookies with aid ice picture of common Le Harris on the cookie, but her face is not on the cookie. It looks at it. It's completely. Aids is completely washed out. Such issues should have better one of these modern paintings in ITALY, every so often you'll get there. The city wall, in some local artist to redo like a classic renaissance work of art and then look completely to forms of them and all those stature that I love so much where the faceless, nothing like it's a bit that does it
chemicals, the camel hair standing up and the members the protests eating it up colours of the greatest Joe binds the greatest. What can I say meeting today so that, by the way that will tend to think that the media are helping the Democrats in this. There comes a point where they help begins. To hurt me, Ask them any of the tough questions they require in order to correct policy since then a popular Antonia presidency, going to end up with a very, very unpopular Jimmy Jimmy Carter Presidency, because you spend all of your time. Getting the people who are promulgating that policy in just one second we're gonna be getting to Covet Powell the over at the White House in the continuing Phibbs and Salinas's. With regard to Anthony Voucher. First, let's talk about fact that you need to upgrade your employ base. You need to make your employees better if you're a business owner whose hiring you probably face a lot of challenges. When it comes to fight, the right person for your role at my hearing can feel and trying to find a needle in a haystack sure you could poster jobs and job were then all you can do is hope. The right person comes long. That's what you should try zip recruited for free, zip precludes
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Alright, wouldn't it gets more? Second first, we all love watching can disrupt Ruth bombs, your daily wire, but we are also huge fans of letting the truth trickle through our headphones on. The Oh that's all. We made sure that one of our best qualities logic can go wherever you go as well, whether she's asking Donald Trump Card, hidden questions like whether she should happen his sick twenty twenty four or getting Adam Guerrilla, to expose Hollywood conservatives org feminism the role it deserves with her panel of guess, your guaranteed a smart funny listening experience so subject to endow mode canvas the audio podcast on Apple Spotify or whatever your platform of choice. Maybe if you like what you hear be sure to leave a five serve, you keep canisters pod cast at the top of the charts while you're at it. Don't stop a Canvas Minister debunked as an audio episode dropping every Saturday in it? I expose left us for the frauds. They are ideology facilities. It is only fifty Minister, myself, if you're stepping up quick, walk. Lord had absolute we destroy the less talking point: training, teachers, unions or trends.
Under rights, ideology or the minimum wage. With every step you take dont, let the walk roll over you with their baseless accusations and silly lies about science was censured. About prepare yourself for the many unfortunate left us encounters they have on a daily basis had another an apple spot. If I were every listen, you're Pike S Subscribe and download debunked your future self will. Thank you. If you like what you hear leave a five star view. Bumped this progress to the top of the charts again as a separate pack has called the bunked search for subscribe, leave a five starve, you what's hates it when we succeed, so that's always double win. It wasn't largest fastest growing concern for Pakistan, radio shown the nation now, meanwhile, the binding ministration continues to defend the embattled Doktor Anthony factories in battle, because we seen as emails over the last year- and it turns out that these occur career bureaucrats who defends institute above the science. We ve done this for a while, and you shifted his opinion on everything based not on the science based instead,
and whatever the bind administration wants from him or what is considered. You must protected viewpoint with regard to the an HIV that's the institution for which You are nonetheless be binding. Ministration suggest there are no circumstances under which they would fire Anthony Value, which is a hell of a job guarantee. I wouldn't know that you're a dealer, no circumstance Lincoln all. Why he's got in for granted? what there with a horse and nothing like it, turns out personally cooked up, who I I can imagine circumstances like. Why would you say something like that: seriously: here's Jackie coming out four square with Doktor Anthony of algae, doktor, fallacies, renown, pub servant civil servant. I should say career civil servant. I he's overseen management of multiple global health crises in the text and in an attack salon Send him are certainly something we wouldn't standby. Says you mention dialogue? Can you imagine any circumstance were present buying, would ever fire him no no under
circumstances. Ok like what! If what if, for example, he knew full well about the fact that the United States had funneled funding via a third the Eagle have lions to the woman lab work over nineteen was developed and then get actively play down the path ability the lab leak from a year when it would have that earlier that there may be a problem. Would it not Apparently not Joe Biden says he still confidence. In fact, you know to be fair. Joe Biden you know where he is or who Anthony Faccia so yea always have state the stuff of a grain of sand. he's about to walk into a wall here. How and he bowed his head back out just to say that we are Groundhog and meanwhile, sure why there's a confidence in doktor, family doctor Factory has suddenly become very hawkish, in China to be compliant with his request for informing, He said over the weekend that you would like to see what happened in China
in twenty nineteen. He said I'd like to see the medical records of the three people were reported to have got sick in twenty nineteen. Do they really get sick and if so, what are they get sick? With the same with the miners who got ill years ago, the medical records of those people say it's entirely conceivable. The origins of size called me Tom was in that cave and neither started spreading. Naturally, I went to the lab. Oh, is that conceivable now interesting, fascinating, like easement ear. Downplaying this thing in saying anybody who mentioned it was ridiculous. Now, shortly, after your ass, specifically by rainfall in public, whether your protest Masks Theatre. No, I would never part, is it and then it turns out. Of course you are participating. Unmasked, theatre, you're also asked by ran Paul once you ve covered unto me when you're like. No, we don't know. Is it your your room? really bad at your job, but the gun
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and better because right now, you can get unlimited talk text in six gigs of data for just thirty bucks a month, and I know you're saying yourself what what if I use more data that they're not gonna charge you for it, grab your mobile phone down pound to fifty say Ben Shapiro. When you do you say fifty percent off your very first months, our pound to five zero, say Keyword, Ben Shapiro to get started. Pure talk is simply smarter. Wireless. We won't have any value appearing on media, only friendly media, of course, and being asked. Questions like Why are people so mean to you on MSNBC? You know There's this concern. Is it a natural evolution or is it some? that happened out of a lab, an accident of winning a? What have you? It is import, to understand that, but it is being approach now in a very vehement way and in a very distorted way, I believe, by attacking made. I think that the quest is extremely legitimate use want to know how this happened so that we can make sure it doesn't happen again, but what
happy in the middle of all that I become the object of extraordinary, I believe, completely inappropriate, destroy Where did misleading and misrepresented attacks really have you now interesting some of us were actually willing to give doktor vouchers benefited outfit like months and months and months go out of lack for that, because people want to jump to a conclusion and then I reached the conclusion that many of them wanted, which that you did not a good public servant. and now I guess I'm the source of these distorted into look. What have I said about? How should the distortion can anyone named think there's an article in let it out it's just that I was at the forefront of leading the attacks on family. What have I said about him? It's true! Curiously, the name the thing I've said about satisfactory, that's Andrew! You can't, because I have not I've said far fewer untrue things than doctrines out she has that's were again J mandatory over at Stanford University, who was widely reviled among Democrats for last year, because he had the temerity to suggest that perhaps well
aim for her community among the young and healthy or that perhaps we ought to lower restrictions among the young healthy, while protecting the elderly, which uses the actual Rhonda Santa's did in Florida too great success, but a charter when hard after Fouch over the weekend he's been all over the place on masks their meals. you can find in their treasure. Trove of emails have been released where he acknowledges that the virus air supplies of the the cloth asked that the people in recommending they're not very particularly effective against air supplies to our new virus I don't really understand his back and forth. His answer made absolutely no sense, You should change your mind when science changes, but what is that science? The change that convinced him, that mass are the most effective way in fact, like the timber, the CDC director Raw Terrestrial said, the mass for more effective than than vaccines and doktor faulty did not contradict him when Doktor Scott ATLAS said that that that was nonsense.
As I mean, I think it's just I think has credibility is entirely shot and it is true, is credibility is shot, but here is the thing for a year if you contradicted voucher in any way or the W h hole or to science and scientific institutions, not the process and science, if you did that you'd be shut down. My facebook misinformed misinformation. This is why you wonder why so many conservatives are upset about social media and their crackdown on particular types of information. Now because we believe that everything your cracking down on his true and decent. It's because we don't trust you to determine what is true indecent. We do not think you should be the arbiter of truth, so example. Facebook is now announcing that they have banned Trump for an additional two years. According to the New York Times, Facebook sat on Friday, trumpet suspension from the service would last at least two more keeping the former presidents off mainstream social media for the twenty twenty two mid term elections. As the company also said, it would end a policy of treating posts from politicians differently, those other users with social networks.
From would be eligible reinstatement in January, twenty twenty three before the next presidential election in now, regardless of what you feel about Trump regarding what you feel about what he said about the election, the notion that Facebook should be deciding. What you are allowed to see and hear, is completely absurd, third, especially considering the for last year. If you said true things about the possibility of a lab leak from when you are going to be pressed on social media. The question isn't about from specifically the question: about what standards do you guys have any answers? You don't have any standards other than the arbitrariness of balancing from Wall to Wall, along with what other but whenever democratic like today, if Democrats want you to support a global actual, do if Democrats want, you been trump you'll, do it and of Democrats want you to uphold these scientific credibility of people Lost all credibility like fancy you'll do that too. So we don't trust you, nor should we many will be back later today with India. Our of content in the meantime go check out. The Michael moles show he discusses Joe Biden ignoring Didi tremor.
it also raised right of nineteen. Twenty one can hear more details about that story. On Michael Show, that's available now. I venture paralyses the bench a barrage of if you enjoyed this episode, dont forget to subscribe and if you want to help spread the word, please give us a fight star review and tell your friends to subscribe to were available on Apple podcast, Spotify and wherever you listened to podcast also be sure to check out the other daily wire podcast, including the Andrew Craven, show that Michael moles show and that, while show thanks for listening to Ben Shapiro, show is produced by Elliot Felt, executive producer. Jeremy born our supervising producer is math is lover, and our assistance director is Papa. White asking editing is by Adam silent. Audio is meant by Micro Mina here and make up is by family Yola. Christina production assistance is Jessica, Grand entropy Russia is a daily where production copyright daily wire, twenty twenty one, a lecturer at Yale fantasize about shooting white people.
Joe Biden ignores D day to remember that false or race, riot of nineteen, twenty one and Facebook ban strong for another two years check it out on the Michael all show
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