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Ep. 1276 - Joe And Vladimir: A Love Story


Joe Biden continues to malfunction on the public stage as Vladimir Putin makes his aggressive intentions clear; and China demonstrates once again they can’t be trusted.

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Joe Biden continues to malfunction on the public stage as lead. Mapuche makes his aggressive intentions. Clear and China demonstrates once again they can't be trusted. I'm bench bear this is the best here, I'll show you today, show is sponsored by expressive. Gps stand up for your digital rights. Take action and expressly begins icon, slash that will get to all the in just one moment now. You may have noticed that we are in a significant state of economic turmoil here in the United States that the government is pumping money into the system, that inflation is running a crazy rate right now, and you might say, yourself. How do I diversify? How do I protect my assets, especially when my assets are depreciating, if I just keep them in the bank, and the answer is in get some of your money and precious metals. In April alone, consumer prices increased by four point: two percent- that's the biggest bump since two thousand eight, with higher fuel prices and higher pricing, construction costs and housing prices. Inflation is already here and again. You need to talk to my friends over birch goal to help fight it. If we have not reached
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media campaigns for daily. Where, for this position, someone who has strong skills with organisations management attention to detail at least one year of previous professional IX in a paid media by air or similar role and excel proficiency required as well. This is in office position in Nashville Tennessee applied daily, where it comes slash, squares, Madeleine check out all workers a daily word. I come slash careers if you wish to get involved with this magnificent company already. Well, we begin with the simple fact that Joe Biden is slated to meet Lattimer Putin and am things are not going to go well. This is my protection. According to Yahoo NEWS, President Biden agrees with russian President Vladimir Putin on at least one thing. Relations between their two nations are currently at a very low. Ebb now might ever way that that is, that is sort of raised Suggestion that they have been at high up in the recent past may have remembered the George W once said that he looked into Vladimir Putin's eyes and saw his soul and relations didn't have been very good and then Barack Obama was like. I made no business, you may use inflexibility,
and then things that are going to go off and then Donald Trump took a harsher position with the Russians, but was currently bit was simultaneously being accused of being a sort of russian stooge. But it turns out relations want that great. It turns out it's very difficult to have excellent relations with a dictatorial murderer, like Vladimir Putin mean just baseline, very rough, rough stuff right, but apparently job and Vladimir Putin agree on one thing, and that is that down trumpets, very bad Orangemen, whose bad and orange as well that is much in interviews leading up to Wednesday's meeting in Geneva, which comes intentions over myriad issues, including a spate of cyber attacks emanating from within Russia Putin's millet. adventurism along his country's at border with Ukraine, and his imprisoning of opposition leader electing if only we survived, poisoning with a russian nerve agent according Yahoo news Biden arrives at the summit fresh from enthusiastic
of allies, welcoming the return of the United States to conventional multilateral diplomacy, hymns use that support to present a unified front to challenge Putin. That's a weird way of putting it, considering that in the recent past, your Biden has basically grain lit the norm stream to pipeline, which is going to wildly enrich Russia and also say what he's arriving fresh from anywhere is a bit of a malaprop. Considering that Joe Biden has not fresh for nigh on forty five years in that fish has been rotten for for quite a while and debt. Simple fact, demonstrative sort where we stand in terms of global politics right now, the rest of the world is, looking at the United States and they are seeing easy pickings right now. That's just the reality. The reality is the Donald Trump for all of his foibles was considered prickly. He was considered unpredictable. he himself said I liked to be sort of predictably unbridgable right. Well, I don't want them to know what I'm, thinking and nobody knows linking them into his credit. People didn't
whether is gonna hugged more. There is going to fire some sort of missile, let them- and this is a terrible thing, It was Joe Biden, everybody sorted knows what they're going to get, which is a little bit to talk and not much action. The Russians know this letter reboot and isn't being shy about any of this? Not only that Vladimir Putin Anderson enough about the American left to understand if you just mirrors the arguments of the American left, there's not much. They can do about it. Now there, a common tactic during the Soviet Union during the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union would be criticised for you know slaughtering twenty million of its own people or keeping a hundred million people under the boot here of a totalitarian regime or taking over Eastern Europe or in communist insurgencies round the world ending with a murmur of tens of thousands of human beings, and they get these sort of. Eggs and resolve it, is air from laugh but sometimes and their usual respond to be. I yes, but you two have sinned. I
but look at race relations in the United States. Ah, yes, but look at the United States were cruel. Exploitation has led to capitalistic poverty unless we elect that's true, oh my god. I never thought of it that that so true, We are we. Maybe we are the bad guys to Vladimir Putin train in the KGB he uses these exact intact? It all the time when he says stuff was that the American left look real if she makes the same critics of the United States the polemics he makes the critical race theory arguments that the left in the United States likes to make and so he would have liked to any criticism in all criticism simply by about the weaknesses of the United States, which, with which the left largely agrees. Here's let me put in, for example, deflecting criticism by setting generous if he said we have a saying, don't be mad at the meeting with your ugly point honestly point for being a bond villain from two Vladimir Putin set before the man is just an excellent bond. Billings as it has nothing to do with personally,
but if somebody blameless for something, what I say is why don't you look at yourself, you'll see ourselves in the meal, not us. We have in common, Mr Bonde, every Vladimir Putin speech. He said Did your order assassination of the woman who walk into Congress and were shot and killed by policemen he's talking about actually Babbitt the Duma, one hundred fifty individuals were arrested after entering Congress, it ain't, gonna, steal, laptop, became a political demands. Now he's he is suggesting but the crackdown on people invaded the capital building is sort of like a crackdown on you know. Just he's full the sensors in Russia who have been imprisoned on mass protests, broken up and all the rest, and so this is a game that glamour Putin loves to play, and, let me repeat, and also at the same time will not commit to human rights in its own country, because why would he tells the point you ve been there for twenty years? who's gonna who's gonna do something about. It is landmark pollutants, point of view. So potent samples asked about whether a less
Volney who's. This russian dissident HU was basically been Lastly, in prison in Russia, whether he is We prison alive because very sick Putin trouble of allegedly trade poison, him awhile back very sick recovered. Now in prison in Russia. As you ends in Russia, they immediately grab him and Roman presented. Now he is like on his death bed in responding. Going full Yvonne travel. If he dies he dies. Will you commit that you Personally, I am sure the election of only will leave prison alive. I proceed from the premise that the person that you have mentioned the same kind of measures apply not in any way worse than to anybody else? Have simply who happens to be increased, His name is Alexey. Laval, me people will know you'd. Do I dont care to say I don't care he would and he doesn't care about.
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scale naval exercise since the fall of the Soviet Union, and present, will meet you US counterpart, Joe Biden. Engine sixteenth Putin was pretty shows military might. Just days before the meeting, a total of twenty warplanes took to the skies, including tee one for two and three long range: anti submarine aircraft, Mig thirty one I'm high altitude internet providers and a selection of other aircraft belonging to Russia's era. This force according to tee, as us, video put out by Russian Ministry of Defence, the fleet can be seen in pursuit of an equitable driving out a mock enemy, submarine Moscow Defence Minutes statements had during the exercise, the crews of the Pacific leads warships fired from the automatic naval gun mounts. Eighty six thirty and universal Naval artillery a one. Ninety, so obviously, when recruiting trying to flex its muscles meanwhile Joe Biden has no muscles to flex in is the biggest problem. Joe Biden is not all there now. Theoretically, he could we not all there, but his team could be staffed by a bunch of hawks really are going to face up to the threat that Russia poses an remember. According to
Democrats until the last thirty five seconds when your mind became president, Russia was the chief threats, the United States. Now they said that, of course, because they were focused, in over and over and over on the idea that Donald Trump, with somehow being bribed to be President Vladimir Putin and was manchurian candidate or the Moscow candidate, but now, binds president, though a guinea one you'll be great. If we cut our military- and you know what can press him like recruiting that as for the military, that featured lesbian moms, mentions a great way to record for the military and for the CIA. What? If we like, really targeted the group of people? Who are thinking that applies to the CIA but suffer from China. I think I d disorder that that's like that's what we're gonna put our time and our effort, and also We have to consider whether military bases should fly the pride fly to meet. These are really important subjects for the United States military in the face of increasing, russian aggression and meanwhile got that administration, topped by a person whose brain is just not on ok, I'm sorry it! The media are not going to show you these quit. They will not try these quips on CBS evening.
because they are extremely disquieting. Honestly, you have to feel bad for the President of the United States with this, seems to be the victim of elder abuse, their trotting out a person we Does not have his faculties about him, if you ve ever had an elderly relatives who, starting to lose it Joe Biden, is our elder elderly relative was starting to lose it. I actually feel bad for the man he's in a high pressure situation. The highest pressure job on planet earth and he is clearly not capable of handling himself- is or does it he's my present into right he's your president is elected president. You don't want the elected president. Do not have the ability to even speak here is Joe Biden yesterday mean is an unbelievable clip. Here is, Fine yesterday asked about their Vladimir Putin, is a killer now he did to preface this clip to backtrack for a moment understand that in March Joe Biden didn't interview, would, she was asked whether Vladimir Putin was a killer, and he said absolutely here is Joe Biden just a couple of months ago, Langen Report was a killer, most important thing dealing with foreign leaders,
experience and I've dealt with an awful lot of more. My career is no, the other guy. So you know Vladimir Putin, you think he's a killer. I do ok so pretty swiftly answer there with his good friend George Stuff Annapolis. here was yesterday to remember the zoom in a three month gap. They visit this guy in a city State of mental decline mean. I don't know what else to tell you, I'm only looking The evidence in my eyes, and not a doctor then we're tenement. After all, I can do is that if you ve ever seen a person with slight down the hill in terms of his faculties. Joe Biden looking off while I get remember that was him with stuff Annapolis in March here is done here. Is your presidential Biden in June being asked the same question? thanks to the first question and listened to Actually, I well look,
I mean he is made clear that the. The answer is, I believe, If he is in the past, I say to you now it's that he was. There are certain things that he would do it did. The luck when I was asked a question. on air eyes around, but it's not. I d under the Uno. They get matters a whole lot in terms of this next media. We're about to have ok. First, very weak answer, but second of all, that is a full six and a half second gap in that it, they just standing there not know. What's going on around back, I is gonna. Stand up to a key gb train killer, leg, Lattimer Putin. I hope he does is my president. Do again. I would love to see the president of the Euro data, go hard, strong stance with regard to the Russians. I just on. It's going to happen.
Nobody was also asked by the way about Russia and any he referred to Russia as Quarterboat our adversary ends or are possible. adversary. Again, it's just that he is. He is now Schwarzenegger Internal Recall wearing the the lady disguise when it starts to glitch me afraid it. he's gonna turn opening up right now. That's that's what it is chicken all over the place and individual explode internal. Georgia did so weird here. Here's the president, United States. I've been doing is a long time. Yes, you have the last thing anyone would do negotiate in front of the world Press as ours your critical meeting with other adversary and or someone who could be an adversary shall I say I'm going to do next. Yes, great, ok! Well, meanwhile, China is on the move as well binds being tested so far,
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Republic of China, air force, radio operators between five hundred and forty eight, a dot m and one thousand and forty three a dot M local time. The precise number of intruding aircraft was initially unclear. who Taiwan's Ministry of National Defence spokesperson declined to comment on these developments that apartment later announced it had detected twenty eight China military planes that is a single day record apparent large incursion into the southwest corner of Taiwan's ADHD comes after tended relative quiet with just one pillar asked detected in the area since June forth a why aid and somewhere in war warfare, aircraft spotted on Monday, the chinese military return to graze on activity around. I one follows it binds attendance of key summits with G. Seventy NATO allies both which result in firm rebukes evasions actions across various sectors and understand this is not about China's about to invade Taiwan, and what this is about is intimidating. All of the what countries around China into understanding that if they push China too hard, China will push back and not only will they play back. They understand the west isn't going to do anything about it, Monday's
the joint statement highlighted China's ambitions in a sort of behaviour, but they agreed to do nothing been agreed anything by law gee, seven leaders and communicate that included several. At an indirect mentions of China, pushing Beijing for cooperation on carbon nineteen origin, tracing, fared, pit, fair trade practices and human rights, but they're not gonna. Do anything again. There will be nothing done, and that is really what matters in foreign policy is not these. These empty statements. Nobody knows are empty, it's what you gonna do anything then understand China like Russia is now An accelerating power, China is declining power. China has serious problems. China, because it's one child policy? It has got into steep population decline, which is why they now said that people in China should have three kids. After engaging in the murder of literally hundreds of millions of children over the course of the last three decades. It now reversed themselves because they were completely demographically, wiped themselves off the map, not only that economy is not nearly. What it is supposed to be is predicated heavily taking out for in that it is predicated on being able to call
jump article in rural areas, misery on its own citizens. Is it It remains a totalitarian slaves state for a large number of its citizens. Not only that their supposed technological prowess reading the Thomas Forming, while Tom Friedman has written now. Try is creating new high speed rail. Ok, the reality is that China's infrastructure sucks. Ok, they have a few nice and a lot of really bad things. It sort of like a Soviet Union used to have these show pieces. These are pumpkin villages where they bring the Westerners bit I'll. Look isn't in this nice, China, but better because actually do have some serious major cities, but understand that in a country of a billion people, huge number those people are living in serious poverty. Does what by american standards through abject poverty, not only that there their facilities are just not all that great I mean right now. We have a report that you thought that the wind
was was China's Chernobyl nope? It turns out that China's Chernobyl is China's Chernobyl. According to CNN. U S. Government has spent the past week assessing report of a leak at a chinese nuclear power plant after a french company. That part owns and helps operate at warned of an imminent radiological threat. According to you officials and documents reviewed by CNN the morning included an accusation that the Chinese save jobs What he really was raising the acceptable limits for radiation detection outside Natasha on nuclear power plants in Guangdong Province in order to avoid having to shut it down into their duty, enforced gale communist authoritarian state in order letting often radiation. I haven't idea what, if we just call it not too much radiation. It is their idea is what they're doing so, there's a leak that happening basically these governments, like instead of defining it, is weak. What have we just pretended? It wasn't bewick. How about that too? the alarming notification and Framatome the French, beneath the by an administration believes the facility is not yet in a crisis level. According to one of the sources, Josephine
of deem the situation does not currently pose a severe safety threats of workers at the plant or the chinese public, but it is unjust. Therefore, in company would unilaterally reach out to the american government for help when its chinese state, partner is yet to acknowledge a problem exists. The scenario could put the? U S complicated situation should really continue or become more severe without being fixed. Well, why I mean: is it possible that the reason that the french company is coming to the US is because the Chinese are hiding this, because this is what the and he's government does the Chinese, given by the way, continues to play down the stability Bobby, serious lab league. In fact, one of the scientists for China, has now said no, no, no, no, there's no loudly here. There's nothing to see she said Ellen Can I offer of evidence for something where there is no evidence? the world is comes in, is constantly poor and filth. Innocent scientist she knows. Suspicions as baseless, is what chinese bat woman Wretch who worked at the dilemma including the allegation that several of my colleagues have been ill before the outbreak emerge. I don't believe you
words of Ankara man. I don't believe you and I don't know you, because you have not demonstrated any sort of trustworthiness I do want to say, not demonstrate any sort of trustworthiness. Remember. China ruled out its Quarterboat Sinner farm vaccine for cover. Nineteen. It sucks so badly that countries that have used it are seen massive spikes encoded. So China is native decay, which makes it more aggressive. Russia, instead of decay, makes more aggressive and we have at present native decay, and that is no a dangerous second gonna get to what is truly occupying the? U S government at this point near the important things. First, let's talk about how you protect yourself and your family, so only a firearm is great it, as I answer for them, but it's not enough government. Somebody breaks in your house, you want to be to defend yourself, but you also want you have you know some form of the actual protection, and this is body. Armor can be a really really good idea, pretty good chance of your listening to this programme. You own a firearm, or even, if you don't you still care about, taking yourself your family and your second Mehmet right, I mean, I know it, but the second amendment pretty
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Meanwhile, we are focusing on the important things here in the United States. Not foreign threats come on, not not rising world powers that are, there are three being people around their borders and hacking. American systems and stealing american technology and undermine the world economy and threatening trade which none of them we have our priorities. Our priorities are the progress pride flat, the insured apart me yesterday, flagged ESA shows flag a flag day celebrates the the adoption of the original american flag in seventeen, seventy seven so on flag day. It was time to adapt, new flag over the insurer Department Helen one of these social progress, a pride flag, so there's a flag that we probably aren't all familiar with the classical pride flag was just the Rainbow Flagroot. Well now you have the the it is truly hideous wag. You have the project on an aesthetic level. They progress pride flag.
Which has a bunch of new stripes coming in from the side in an arrow formation, pushing across the original pride flat this includes transgender and Inter Saxon, and all sorts of all sorts of stripes for four different people because place unify anymore. You have to have an individual flag strike on the flag. The represents your identity personally doesn't represent in a like a state like Starwood because that is a body politic. No, it represents you personally and the like, and this is now flown over government buildings, because, obviously a unifies all Americans. All these issues are truly unifying too all American, so damn how in it it out. Today we celebrate love. For the first time ever, the progress pride flag is raised over the insurer department. Happy pride again. Imagine that one Donald Trump was present he just decided to raise up a giant flag, may cross over a government building and said the happy just freedom Day, America, you think it Boardman, ok with them, and yet this totally that need. These are the issues that were focused on the most important issues in America today, and in fact it is
the most important issues are recognising that America is a system of privilege that must be revolutionized from within. It is a concept ongoing revolution and if you notice the revolution, then you're the bad guy. If you notice that there is an active attempt by folks, left to undermine traditional american values, the bad guy. If you point out that the left seems wildly focused on identity politics, that suggests that America's institutions are not only right with races and but rooted in racism and inextricably intertwined with racism. If you notice that they are pushing is actively, then this means that you are the bad guy. Terry Mcauliffe E former Virginia governor current Virginia gubernatorial candidate, he's back and using you all these rights there's more focused an uncritical race theory. These days there are no other focused an uncritical race theory. These days, even though we are now adopting the tenets of critical raised here, in nearly every aspect of american education in government, known and unknown you have your noticing it's because you are conspiracy dearest had all the Republicans are talking about. A critical re, staring there may claim is huge,
about it. It's all the conversation in the NEWS of Virginia. What are you going to say to all those people making education about another right wing conspiracy? totally made up by Donald Trump and gone. Yet this is what they are: a conspiracy theory, our chickens, He very weird, then, then, is being adopted and praise in the pages of the New York Times, and also that there are so many open proponents of it in the halls of power in the United States, strange strange There is in theory, it seems like the conspiracy is kind real, considering how many major players are out there. in critical. Rais D originate Charles blow being one of the latest in the opinion, The New York Times just demonstrate understand critical race theory suggests that all of America's court institutional tunnel, all of our basic values of the declaration Independence- there lies the really those are just a guy's for white supremacist power. Politics is all about upholding the power of lightness,
about upholding the systems of power in the United States and all this talk about individual rights and freedom of speech and freedom of the press and freedom of religion. Freedom of so all those freedoms are we just they lie designed to keep people of color down, which is what because, in the United States Americans are the highest running income. Grim nigerian Americans are extraordinarily high, earning income, far higher than white Americans. So apparently institutions meant to elevate why people actually kind of shock in the United States. At this point, but All of that aside, the idea is that everything at root is about power right. There's, no such thing as principle is the theory of critical theory, all those principles are lie. It is all about power, not the dirty secret that critical race theory itself, is an attempt. you Regan power. It is not about principle, it is not about establishing some high minded principle of equity. It is simply about who wields power against whom, which is they are so dont upset. If you try to define their terms,
you say: ok, I want you to explain milk or grey areas so that I can actually understand it and then accepted. directed they get very angry at you and even if you read all their work, even if you read Richard Delgado Red Genes defined checking Red Derek Bell, which I have in Moscow, If you read all those things, they will still say, you'd know you misunderstand and the rest They always say this notice, this common tactic and wept refusal to define terms if I didn't have to define it. You just don't know. They do the same thing with the term woman. If you say ok, it seems like the term. women that your constantly using to talk about the competent it is the camel hair ass, a woman, for example, it seems, The term is utterly malleable, considering that men who fires, women. You also consider women so pleased to find what public, if you know now- and I'm not going to explain it to you, the last refuge of the intellectual scoundrel who had left. Does this all the time they dont want to define terms because terms, language is a tool of power, is pure Michelle. Call vote suggested that language was basically just a weapon and left believes this
everything is just about. The right is true, have left it is just about the right that we have principles, but that those principles principles there really just power that we Then we are merely using words is cudgels, because all the left does all day it is just a projection. Is pure projection. James Lindsey says does the professor. He is correct about this. It is in fact just projection and pure projection. Charles was a perfect example of so he will say that all America's high minded principles, those are really just cover for power, but also critical race theory is not just a cover for power Our critical race theory is a higher ideal, but if you attempt to define it, they're not going to let you, because I sort of like the powers after that is embedded in critical race theory. Minnesota we'll get you Charles no trying to obfuscate the issue because, again in the obfuscation, lies the ability to beat to political death your opponents or gets that in just one second. First, let us about the most comfortable off his chair in all the land. I, of course speaking of the fantastic ex chair,
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on the nation already Charles blow of the near attends wanted worse. Com is over there, but one that beautiful things mapping a ban communist for the New York Times. Sometimes you make clear what the truth is so has peace today in the New York Times settled demonizing critical race theory. The fact that the entire democratic party feels the necessity Van critical race Neri says something about its importance to them so says Charles BO critic last year. It is the political rights new bogeyman, the theory when the nineteen seventy one legal scholars uses race as they went through which to examine structures of power. It was, I would argue, a relatively obscure concept, not because it lacked merit, but because it was novel now you may notice again. He's definition here is just wrong. It is not just that he's, not the funding the theory the theory is, he uses race and they went here. That's not a theory that SIRI is like a theory like what doesn't feel right about the world like we all understand it. Race matters,
but what is it? What exactly does that have to do with how you examine the world? Hey so says, Charles, well critical race. There is simply an analytical tool, but some white people, the fact the white supremacist overtly use In fact, american systems of power, but both racial oppressions and Rachel privileges is too much to handle. It is just comforting, rebels the American, it's ok, so this is where he he moves beyond his vague definition. It gets a little more specific where he moves beyond critic Is there a way to look at the law? You know you look at raise in the law in the relationship between the instead, he lets the cares about what is critical race theory. Critical race theory is deferred, the white supremacist overtly used to infect America's systems a power with racial oppressions and racial privileges. He says nickel, raise three dozen diagnose the country's evil, even though it is beyond. That some evil people design the architecture of racial oppression and that there are still Well maintained it, in fact, only. Most people have any real concept of? What critical raced areas is justified section of words that hinder them: an agitation and agreement, a theory that
since race, and that is critical or in their mind, criticizes critical race we began to stand for any teachings the challenge the narrative the White America had crafted about the country and an unveiled any truth that it had tried to hide or raised just now at the left is trying to do is trying to say that if you object to the idea that all of America's institutions of power are shot through with racism today, racism is buried so deep in some structure of American, like that it has to be torn out by the roots. All those structures have to be torn up by the roots if you oppose them. It's because you dont want teach kids about slavery or something. What is real goal here. The real goal here is to be able to press forward the agenda right in and Charles look pretty much makes this clear. He makes clear that he just wants what he wants and if you attack critical race theory then you're racist racism is a full Martin Bailey argument right, they put argument is a critical race theory. The argument is that America's basically racist, like from its inception through it through all its institutions, is raises two: that's not true, and then there are true true, oh you don't wanna tell the truth about him.
You didn't, which means your racist. Of course, because your racist, I should get to make all the policy says Charles blow, this attack and critical raised here is no different than the rush during the Obama administration by states to ban sure realign state courts. This is simple An extension of the Brok Obama, Zizi grow muslim conspiracy, and the backlash to his presence in white house- oh that's what this is all Finally, some of us actually ran critical raised there and we know what it is and is bad habit. The fact is that, again, all of this sort of stuff, the ideology from left, is a tool of power. It is not about higher principle. It is about coalition, building and tools of power. How can you tell because certain types of cancer Harry, are fine according to left, even they violate the intersection. structures of left- it just depends? Who is doing it? Hey so today a perfect example. Yesterday, trucks humour was a useful person right. There's a division unless, between are useful and people who are not that's all. It is not who is right and who is right? It was useful and who is not. Structure is still useful because structure, of course,
the Senate Majority leader, so yesterday he was doing a show and he used. The word retarded now. We ve been told over and over and over the use of the word retarded, particularly when you're, referring specifically to people with down syndrome, for example, that that is not allowed and it is on Coos. It is ugly, it is a slower rate this. What we ve been to most of us have been trained on this for the last couple of decades, or so as many comedy here, kids throw this round playground and, like ninety ninety three now a comedy here, kids, throw this around the playground and like two thousand twenty one trucks, humor, just throw it out there. The media, said the Chuck Humours use of the word retarded. Read. It hid his use of that word here to refer specifically to children with down syndrome. His of that word was not for it was not a sailor. It was just uncomfortable is outmoded the word the political use, those outmoded heroes.
How can we be outmoded where I first was assemblymen? They wanted to build up a congregate living place for retorted the label was against it. These are harmless kids, they just need help. We had a gun again, noble back up use, modern language. Now. Imagine if republican use that word are the world comes crashing down, but again Chuck humour, but not the word that the inconsistency is the point he eats the feature, not the bug. It is not that the left arm, hypocrites that they have no standards, the standards are merely a tool. They hold you to account here, but the sailors One of them is one hundred Biden can use the inward as much as you could possibly want no problem. but if a seventeen year old girl used the inward within at the end Imitating wrapper when she's fifteen got her, drivers from a Deniro terms will run a four thousand. Were peace annual, lose her scholarships lot insure leading at the University of Tennessee. Read that the Standard applies to one side of the Isle, because it is just a way to be good enough. Everybody on them
understands this by the way you want it why the right embrace Trump, because whole by any of your standards. Now the proper answer would have been some of those are bad and some are good and let's try and figure out which are good at which are bad and hold everybody to account across the board. But instead, with the right did, is a fairly predictable thing. They said your Sharon's are both. We know you're standards bull and because we know you're standards are but we're gonna like this guy. You know what he doesn't obey any of your standards, tear down all the standards, which is a There are understandable response if if only morally justified, one the left doesn't have any standards is not about hypocrisy it about they. Dont have standards except standards to which they hold you to account
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professional service convenient, pickup maximum tax deductions, vacationed out her an you're doing good, that's cars with a k, K, R s number four kids k I'd: yes, dot, org lifespan, cars for kids, dot, org lifespan, another pervert examples. We history Marjorie tailoring the controversial republican congresswoman from Georgia, who said a bunch of crazy things that jewish space lasers in the past, then she made a weird Comparing the end, I thought ridiculous common comparing mask wearing were or businesses that suggested should have to wear masks when you walk into your own vaccinated to the Holocaust, etc I visited the Holocaust Centre in Washington DC now this is normally we demand of our politicians right. In fact, I recall that there was a democratic politician in one tendency who said that the Jews control the weather, when you visited the Holocaust Museum and it came out, remained apology and imposing ok done that Hell agreeing to the same thing. She went to the Holocaust Museum in Washington. Dc interconnection made a statement.
The horrors of the holocaust or something that some people, don't even believe happened, but there is no comparison to the Holocaust, Words that I have said I know, are sensitive, and for that I want to Apologize- and I am- I am just fine and very glad to be able to come out here and do that, I believe that we need to be able to leave no way. Where is very important for us to say we're. Sorry, ok, sir, she goes you say she sorry, she openly apologize for. The commons wasn't well taken, are at meanwhile see Cohen Demo Congress person he comes down. These are not enough. Not enough Marjorie Hilary. Now I refused to The apology she didn't learn much about really that express the holocaust.
so my shields embraces that she saw maybe some I told her about the worst genocide errors. Have you never happen again? I ll never forget, but it didn't Sally enabled the heart. Ok, I'm sorry! So the Democratic Party watch is murdered. Had they just Strip measured, Haileybury Revolver Committee assignments right over these comments, and so much Taylor, brain lost or committees. I mean she went to the Holocaust museum. She apologized Omar is a wild open, anti Semite, Rashid its leaves a wild, open, anti Semite, they again every Let me just say something about how much they hate Jews, basically and the entire time when a party is like and then equitable clarify Nancy blows. You will give you well, you know it's all good. It's all there You don't want, there's nothing to talk about case closed. You still on the Foreign Affairs Committee, so cares, as is the point that I making with regard to the left. It's all about the power it is not about mental principle is about how they gain and maintain power. I do not accept the honesty of principles they supposedly promulgate.
They are lying to you. I think our lying to me. I think that if they believe stop their wine to themselves. I don't think that hold any of these standards. I think that when people are convenient, then they get you out live there. They there add as and when they are inconvenient, then we just dispose of them and just flex their power every so often you'll see the left just get. Somebody taken Apology for no reason at all Rachel, illegal migration, apology for anything she's ever said, but he left Of course, when Manual Miranda to offer his latest apologies remember, when Mango Miranda has been forced to serve offer up policies, for having written Hamilton? How dare he not me slavery. The key issue in the founding of the United AIDS in Hamilton and yet the issue. Some some apologies for that will now Lynn Manual Miranda is having to issue apologies for in the heights, which is a racial endeavours musical about people. In crown heights. in New York who are of minority persuasion.
What what did you do wrong, according to variety we manual around now addressing criticism over the films, lack of afro latino representation in a saving posted twitter, rent, poligized for not including more dark skinned after Latinos in the phones cast, especially in the leading roles, I started writing in the hedge because I didn't feel scene and over the twenty years I wanted was for us all of us to feel see. Miranda's statement begins. I'm seeing discussion around after latino representation in our film this week, and it is clear many in our dark skinned after Luciano community don't feel sufficiently represented within it, particularly among the leading roles. The discussion Miranda mentioned stems from a video article in the route published on Wednesday where there are no dark skinned Africa, Gmos in the films leading roles, so very import, for him to apologize now, Moran and in his statement by saying he would try to do better in the future. Try to do better in the future. Meanwhile, trying to cudgel apologies out of time. because Tom Hanks is not sufficiently antiracist. He's just not racist, so NPR ran up every person in Eric Deadlines
Tom Hanks, his is a non racist, is signed him to be antiracist, she's, just gonna cudgel you into the corner. If you are a person who is a lifelong democrat, but you have not done sufficient work, turn the worth they'll cudgel you into the coroner, because again it is not about principle- is about power. Politics is about getting people on board for ever you're radical agenda is today. This article is, is pretty much a master classes Eric Eggins over an NPR. He writes first Emma but how much I love Tom Hanks, performer Hollywood, citizen and round. Stanhope die, of course, he's a consummate attributes scores and storing rules and landmark film, such as Philadelphia and Forest Gump, he's been announced, but advocate for gay rights. Environmentalism. So when saw he had recently written a guest. As for the New York Times, calling for more widespread teaching about the tells her race massacre, I would sincerely hardened now thought will see him examine how his work so often focused on Achievement of virtuous white male Americans made made a tougher for tales about atrocities,
just also to find similar space using it turns out. Didn't programme was not about Tulsa, but it should happen about also to Tom. Hanks is a bad white man. but says arrogance. You didn't fully go there. Here's what you did say quote history. Mostly written by white people, black about why people like me, while the history of black people, Putting the horizontal so was too often left out until relatively, certainly the entertainment industry, which helps shape what is history and what is forgotten did the same. That includes projects of mine Then he goes on to learn it. Also from an article in the New York Times last year,. And another line later in the peace today, I think historically based fiction. Entertainment must for trade, the burden of racism in our nation, for the sake of the art, forms claims to various some verisimilitude and authenticity says Erica, These are wise words, but it is not enough. He built a career playing righteous Whiteman after many speaking out about rate and media in Amerika. I know the toughest thing for some weight. Americans is to admit how they were personally and specific connected to the elevation of white culture above other cultures, but in Hankses case
the average american or average Hollywood star for that matter over the years. You start in a lot of movies, but historical events, including seven private Ryan Greyhound Forest, can propose. Cambridge spies and news of the world. His sir the producer or executive producer and even more films in tv shows based on american history, including Banda brothers, so the John Adams and from the earth to the moon and other it is a baby. More star was built a sizeable part of his career on stories about american white men, doing the right thing, but the story, often leave out black contributions. They are We got a black soldiers returned home from fighting in world war, two to find out they weren't allowed to use the g. I built a secure hormones in certain neighborhoods or cheated out. Claiming benefits it also, but should be clear guys know angry Tom Hanks, because saving private Ryan didn't end with a black member. Of the platoon going home and being rejected from the G idle, which benefit seamlessly into the plot of the film obvious, when he should have done that now Tom Hanks, must be cudgeled its
difference between being a non racist and being in antiracist. He saying it's time for folks like Hanks to be called anti racist. If you really want to make different hanks, another stars need to talk specifically about how their work has contributed to these problems and how they will change its all thou struggle sessions. It's all. about how that's all focused on here at home. Who can we go What are you doing? What left wants not confronting foreign adversaries, not strengthen America? How can we come other Americans into doing what we want politically by upholding standards that are completely hypocritical and our utterly inconsistent on every level. That's where we are so good luck to us over the next few years, ready we backer later today, with an additional hour of content coming up soon, the mouthwash ears, at one thirty pm eastern, be sure to check it out over a daily wired outcome. I mention here this is the bench bureau show if you enjoyed this episode, dont forget to subscribe and if you want to help spread the word please give us a fight
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using efforts to normalize sex work. All of that and more today that Walter.
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