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Ep. 1290 - Yes, They Hate The Country


Prominent Leftists in politics, media and culture protest America on Independence Day; the National Education Association pushes Critical Race Theory; and everyone wants to be a member of the intersectional coalition.

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Prominent leftist in politics, media culture, protest, America on independence to the National Education Association pushes critical race theory, and everyone wants to be a member of the intersection of coalition, I'm bench purposes: the bench Barroso Today show is sponsored by Express. It depends on what big tech track. What you do anonymize web browsing expressly peons outcome. Slash unhappy at a one for we can we get all the news in just one moment. First, our minor problems binding way too much on your cell phone bill, that is unless you switched over to pure talk, USA. I know many ministers have another thousand of you my extremely wise listeners have already made the switch from your overpriced wireless carriers to pure talk over the past couple of months, what exact are the rest of you waiting for. If you with agency, Verizon T Mobile, your family could take over eight hundred dollars a year just by switching to pure talk, the same rate coverage because they use The exact empowers is one of the big carriers you can. You can keep your enter number, but you will say they fortune by the way. Pure talk is the top right
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of all evil, the root of all evil in terms of foreign policy, weren't we're imperialist colonialists power in terms of domestic policy or in evil racist, discriminatory sex hello, normative Sis gender place in this didn't appalling data according to the daily called a poll published Monday from issues in insights and Tipp insights, found only thirty six per the young adults are proud of the american thirty six percent. So that means that sixty four percent are not proud of being american, no country can survive when sixty four percent of its public believes that the country is not good or worthwhile. They're, not proud of being a member of that country. We're not talking about proud of being a German in nineteen woody sex, we're talking about proud of being an American in twenty twenty one. In the most, racially tolerant, prosperous and free society in the history of the world. This young people, of course, is not all people in the United States, but this problem is getting progressively worse over time and is good
progressive lures, because our educational institutions and our entertainment institutions in every other institution in american society have been taken over a radical left that is hell bent on the notion that America must be made on a fundamental level changed ground up all of the institutions ripped out and replaced When I talk about this in my new book out end of this month, authoritarian moment in picking up on Amazon Pre order right now really important. The institutions of our society have been weapon ized by radical left that has entered these. Institutions is small person, people re normalizing, the institutions to their principles in apathetic centre, basically thrown up their hands and doing nothing young adults? According to this pole, aged eighteen, twenty four, but the group least likely to say they are proud of the American of those pulled. Fifty nine percent of Americans each twenty five to forty four said they were brown, along with seventy five percent of adults forty five sixty four and eighty six percent of adults over the age of sixty five. So in other words you can, we clearly see the impact, may crappy educational system on Americans adult Moreover, the age of sixty five
six per cent of them said about even adult between forty five. sixty four and middle aged adult seventy five presented a proud and even a solid majority of Americans age? Twenty five to forty four say they are proud, but people who are in college or college generation overwhelmingly say they are not proud of being American. Also, this is pretty consumers are much more proud of the american and moderates or liberals. Eighty one percent of conservative said they were proud compared to sixty six percent moderate and fifty five percent of liberals that right across party affiliation somewhat similar. Eighty five percent publicans, say their proud of in american Sixty four percent of Democrats. Fifty nine percent of independence said the same now. What kind of amazing about that is that you would think that conservatives would be less proud to be american today than they were one, for example, propolis president, you see this with Democrats. All the time Ambrosch Obama's present a solid majority of Democrats will say they are proud of the American and they went from his present. A solid minority of Americans will say they are proud of american consumers are very consistent. There always proud to be american, regardless of what,
the president of the United States, which, by the way, is how it should be I'm so proud of the American, even though Joe Biden, a man I disagree with we all the time is president of the United States, and even though Congress is controlled by a party, I disagree with them still proud of you, I can, because american principles are still left principles, manner: eighteen percent, more likely than women to say the proud of being American, the profound seven seven percent men, fifty nine percent women were proud. Seven three percent White Americans. Fifty six percent, a blackened hispanic Americans said there are proud of being American, as well only forty four percent, responding to their extremely proud to be american dollar? Twenty three and very proud ten percent moderately browed, only six percent sake not proud at all, but Here it is the bottom line. The bottom line is that when you look at young adults, equitable future of the country, these are people are much more likely to be antipathetic toward the United States.
We, the United States, is a bad place that America is a terrible terrible place, and this is in green every day by our institutions. America systemically raise it posed a black square on your page on Facebook. If you agree America is hetero, normative fly a problem pride lad. If you agree there, there's a feeling that America has to be overthrown, that its institutions are bad, and you saw this come out really in enormous measure. On the fourth of July, of course, Corey Bush, who is a member of the squad Corey Bush, she is certainly adjured- member she's black lives matter. She she recently joined Congress. She treated up when they say that July's about american freedom. Remember this freedom. Referring to is for white people. This stolen and black people still aren't free, know best. That's not what people say. The fourth of July, about the fourth of July, is about separation from great Britain and then the fulfilment of the promises of the declaration of independence, overtime, thereat, referring to freedom.
only for white people, which is by the way exactly what thinkers ranging from Martin Luther king to Frederick, is that the promises of the declaration of independence were promissory note that had to be fulfilled by the way the last sentence there is so insane coming from a sitting member of Congress. This list stolen and black people are so every seems, Mccord Bush pretty damned free in the United States of America, I've noticed other large distinctions between how black Americans or treated Circa eighteen, Eddie or even seventeen. Seventy six- and you know two thousand, and he won't have noticed a fairly large distinctions right there and as far as the argument that the category and was stolen. If you mean that every single country It has ever been founded involved, population transfers and violence. That is true and if cord, which wants to give up her house in Saint Louis to whatever native private, originally occupied that area she's more than she is more than capable of doing no, I don't you're making many moves along those lines. Do you mean
have represented matching waters. Another beneficiary of living in United States should be able to drift off the american public in LOS Angeles last thirty years, and meanwhile decrying every area of law and order. Indecency in american life messing waters truly one of the most corrupt and horrible members of the American Congress. She treated July fourth, and the declaration of independence, as all men are created, equal equal to what what men, only white men, isn't it something that they wrote this in seventeen? Seventy six one african Americans were enslaved. They weren't they then, but we're thinking about us now. Ok, this is so historically Knacker because an axiom waters she does not have to in cells to rub together there, not any synaptic firing up their equal to what I get. What all she all men, are created, equal means creating equal before God in rights equal to other in right, they wanting a black Americans when they wrote the declaration. There is a specific provision of the declaration of independence in the original draft discussed slavery was removed at the behest of southern states. you're, recognising the hypocrisy of Thomas Jefferson does not mean.
Principles? He espouse we're not universal, in fact, he's only a hypocrite. The principles are universal, if the principles when I universal, you won't be hypocrite. If Thomas Jefferson had written in the declaration of independence. All white men are created. Equal would be very difficult to call him a hypocrite. You didn't, he said all men are created. Equal is the ironing entire country than has decided to Thomas Jefferson is a through and through villain, a terrible per and that the declaration depends was lie. Hast you on the phone until level acknowledge that the declaration of independence, the truth in order to condemn Thomas Jefferson, because if the declaration was a I bet you didn't do anything wrong, but the declaration is the truth and we all know it. I know it because we were handed those principles by people like Thomas Jefferson. Yes, people whose end like all human beings, yes, people lived in a context of a different history, like all human beings have lived over the course of history. But two to throw away the declaration of independence because was written by people who don't live. Two thousand twenty one in a context,
in which slavery was legal. The world over is pretty insane and pretend what may Jefferson a unique human being was his slaveholding, as opposed to the declaration, is to ignore all of human? Has. free and every culture on earth at the time in seventeen. Seventy six maxim, just stop there. She then continued furthered the declaration of independence as we hold these truths to be self evident, yet seven, instead of inactive voter suppression was. This is a lie. There are no We're suppression, laws in the United States, its illegal. You can actively. So the vote in the United States and the lie the black Americans are being prevented from voting again is a joined up. Why I designed to appear, boost. Voter turnout for Democrats, but also provide the country Supreme Court, got it in five of the voting right jack. No, they didn't George Why Brianna Taylor, Michael Brown, Sandro plan to mere rice, need, I say more hashtag July. Fourth, it just discussing reversible, even lumped together, Brianna Tale. And Michael Brown is an absurdity. Each one
these cases and pointed out before has its own particular gradations. But whenever Michael Brown gets listed in the in the sort of lexicon of black american etymology, Michael Brown attacked the police is there any Obama deal J didn't prosecute the officer. In that case, the evidence shows it Michael Brain was the aggressor, in particular scenario? Is its automatic truth: it's a matter of a fundamental outlook about the United States that the United States is is a bad place. It's a bad place! and give taxpayer funded entities like NPR or pushing this same nonsense. So NPR is funded through the corporation for public broadcasting. The corporal public broadcasting does receive money from the taxpayers they treated out on July. Fourth, quote: Two hundred forty five years ago today, leaders rubber thirteen british colony signed a document to declare independence. It says that all men are created equal, Women, enslaved people, indigenous people and many others were not held as equal at the time. I just have a question
is now. A major declaration depends important really like that lots of people who openly said, and all these groups are not equal. None of those things are enshrined in Americans in America's monuments. You're, the writings John C Calhoun enshrined in America's monument or even the writings of Thomas Jeff, with regard to superiority or are inferiority of particular racist. None of that it adopts a monument or Jefferson. Memorial, by what american history chooses to focus on is the fundamental principle that allowed for the growth of the United States. Adaptation of the United States to more for human beings and how, The document also include erased slower against indigenous Americans, David Trier, whose Ojibways says what a diversity of opinion thought among native Americans a community more than five million people about the documents. Words. I'm sorry. This is what you choose to focusing on July. Fourth, with taxpayer dollar: no us in this threat of that
duration independence, as NPR you can see. A document was and deeply ingrained hypocrisy. It also the foundation of the country's collective aspirations. The hopes for what America could be or get what I needed lead with that, because there is, the point in notion- is always an forever at the founding principles were insanely corrupt at the beginning and remain corrupt. Today she can have both what the left wants it both ways. one hand they want us to inherit the values that founders spouse and, at the same time, condemn those values, inherently corrupt, written by brutal and dictatorial man. This is is what they would like. Those two things cannot hold and you're, seeing them a part in the guise of divine Administration were Biden. Talks like an old school democrat in patriotism and unique american idea. The american creed it he's been in short of old style, patriotic terms and then talked about how America systemically racist and equity. I e Racial discrimination needs me enshrined in american wide every level of his administration. We'll get into more of this in just one second, because the anti that sort of Pope
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The case was mulatto. Put out a little video of herself saying reminder: United States was founded on the unjust treatment of native Americans Africans and other people of color, not just in two ends. and then and then interest her kind of staring into camera, with like little fireworks, I'm very confused as to why work what she intends. Saying with this video other than she doesn't like the United States, ensuring american flag. I feel that these are in conflict hatred. Some is wanting the country you live. You love to live up to its potential see. This is the idea. The idea is that America does not live up to its potential, does not try to live up up up to its potential now It's a conflicting message. If America is rooted in racism, bigotry and evil, then what is its purpose and how do you define it? What doesn't have an answer for this running on the fumes of declaration, while attempting to burn the declaration,
Those two messages are in direct conflict with one another, but this has been pushed directly into american education. It's been crammed down nearly every area of american life or supposed to believe that America is is a truly bad and then we lie by the way about what people have said about America in the past. So, for example, there is peace by Julie broke out in the Washington Post, very, very long piece about Frederick Douglass staff. Writer from you she's impose history blog metropolis? Ok, she writes Frederick Douglass. nothing but scorn for July. Fourth, the black abolitionist spoke for the enslaved. Ok, that's that's not true what said is that the fourth of July to be enslaved was hypocrisy because it talks about freedom and independence, but people are still being held in bondage, but you, the declaration of independence in the constitution, glorious liberty documents, the entire point of his oration on July. Fourth, is not that America is irredeemably horrific. It is to be found
principles laid out. The declaration of independence in the constitution are eternally good. That's the actual point, and that's it Mary was giving the wide to those principles, and so slavery had to be overthrown. In to ensure the July fourth meant something to black Americans, but that's the thing Slavery was overthrown, Jim Crow was ended. We have we In place of racially discriminate on behalf of black Americans today been that the notion that black A conciliatory bush would be saying they are not free or then as wildly discriminatory country. It is, worldly ignorance and it is a slap in the face only to the founding fathers who actually enshrine these principles and that in our founding document, but to all of the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have fought and died, civilian and military in order to preserve the dream of medical the declaration of independence of that the the idea that that Frederick Douglass stood for something as Anti American is people stand for today is wrong. Use attempting to hold true to the founding.
It was not to undermine those guiding principles or save those founding principles. World our ally, it's the idea instead is that they need to be expanded and they were expanded. Pretend they weren't expanded its it's all a maddening and its being taught, and our nations largest school district is being taught at the behest of left us run. Teachers and this is what the debate over critical race theory is really about. Critical race theory is eight theory that says that all of the Supposin declaration independence, unconstitutional ally, Amerika, was We found it in sixteen nineteen. America's institutions are thoroughly races. An utterly thoroughly racist, they're. Just a guy's for power dynamics reason that neutral laws are not good enough, because those neutral laws were really designed in order to keep people of minority persuasion down and the only way to create a fairer world is to have a coalition of the distance
asked that runs up against those institutions and then overwhelms them. Any anyway is pushing the stuff openly. At this point, in fact, is Chris Repose been doing yeoman work on the stuff over manhattans. It is he reports. The nations largest teachers union has approved a plan to promote critical raised during all fifty states and fourteen thousand local school districts. Their new business item adopted as modified quote the any I will with guidance an implementation from the any president in chairs of the ethnic minority Affairs Cox's share and his eyes through existing channels, information or available on critical race theory. What is it it does not have a team of staff members want to learn more and fight back against Anti seniority, rhetoric and share formation with other any members as well as their community members, provide an already created in depth. Study critiques empire. Wait. You Missy anti Black as anti indigent anti racism, patriarchy, Sis, patriotic capitalism, able as anthropocentric anthropocentric, prism and other forms of power and oppression as the intersections of our identity and that we oppose it.
To ban critical race theory and or the sixteen nineteen project publicly ends. Guess, teachers Union in America came through twelve attempting crammed this garbage gown undercut about whether succeeding only thirty six percent Americans aged eighteen to twenty four hour, proud of american publicly says the anyway. They want to throw exists. Media convey its support for the accurate and honest each and of social studies, topics particularly truthful and age, appropriate thousands of unpleasant aspects of american history, such as slavery and the oppression. discrimination of indigenous black brown and other peoples of color, as well as the continued impact this history has on our current societies. This last part where they start to edge over into maybe radical leftism to which they are so accustomed Of course, no one is saying that american history should be taught with all the towards evidence. chapter in my book address for American jeez. That's about America! history and how should be taught- and there are plenty of work to talk about, but the notion every injustice of today is attributable to an interest The past is a lie.
And then they say they want to join with black lives matter at school and asean education project, copper rally this year on October, Fourteenth George Floyd's birthday. as a national day of action to teach lessons about structural racism and oppression mania. I'll publicize these national days vaccine to all of its members, including in any aid today, and conducted virtual listening to her, though educate member, and the tools and resources needed to defend honesty in education, including, but not limited, to tools like see. Artie the rational background, USA's economy and social, or is built on interactions between different races and cultures, to deny opportunities to teach truth about What brown and other marginalize raises minimizes the necessity for students to build efficacy. The ancient african proverb says know thyself. I am sorry, this unbelievable crap that they are now pushing on this in education, budget cowards and is a pathological wire, the his book the history of the United States is in a group obviously horrific book it as it is Please misread of american history, mean herds and makes it. Is that the United States became fashion
after world war, two effort to feeding the Nazis in that the? U S alongside the cold war essential in did, but they I want you leveraging sixteen nineteen project and Howard's in its while their education. This is to your kids. And by the way, not not protect our shock when the anyway, also passed a resolution that was recognizing palestine- is a state in shooting down. Bigoted barely should engender resolution into publicly boycotting Israel, so it the radical left some of our teachers. Unions are out of control and again design to indoctrinate you kid. And what we are watching his transformation from in America, cheer certain fundamental respect for principles in history to in Amerika at his post american in nature now Remy by Post American in nature, in just once, I confess, have even been listening to show formality. Probably heard me talk about my helix mattress helix has now launched abroad.
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so I ve only got one for my parents as well. It's just that good all form is offering twenty percent of all orders for listeners right now and all forms outcomes- Life Pentagon, that's all form dotcom. Such men go check them out. now take up, got America's biggest teachers unions, pushing anti american nonsense in Israel during the ninety nine these aftermath of Oslo. There was this move inside. Israel is called the post scientist movements and the idea that Israel has been founded on terrible auspices. The radical left pushing this and therefore Israel had to surrender to all of its enemies is radically Willie remake itself and Frankly, there is no reason for Israel's existence. America is now entering the post american moment is assured. by Barack Obama, who suggested, of course than american exceptionalism was just like greek exceptionalism or any other exceptionalism, but really truly Amerika was founded on oppression and is still as oppressive as it was originally proposed. American, when is extremely dangerous. It means that we focus
on tearing down the institutions of a society that is create more prosperity and racial tolerance than any society in human history and that we also deem our entire past awful terrible an egregious in bad and then ask sequences for how we teach our kids today because of course, see. Archie essentially suggests that whiteness is the problem I witnessed studies is an offshoot of supporting critical ray. There suggests that it because all the front of our society are late, with racism and built the racism that it is, our cities are imbued with whiteness and because every one who is white benefits from this whiteness they bear a certain stain of racial guilt. This is likely to result in some of the worst crap you'd seen in american politics in decades. Now the racial polarization is a horrible thing in american politics. Rebels Brok amendments President, there's a reason that America's optimism about race was an all time high. There is a reason why no one sliced in half- and that is because
an attempt to racially polarized for political gain, particularly by the Democratic Party. So The question arises: what is the best way to fight back against this sort of stuff? So there is he's today in the New York Times like Belfast David, French, Jason, standing, Thomas Jefferson, Woods and friends with many of these people, I respect them as thinkers. I think the pieces dead wrong says antichrist Raise theory was our unamerican know: they're, not they're, not every state passes educational standards low calorie, has its own educational standards. Public schools are not a place where every single arena of of thought is taught to students. It's just not a kick. It had curriculum not taught to students and public schools, nor should it be nazi curricula not taught in american public schools. Pretty security should be taught in America's public schools. We have an obligation, as parents as community members, to ensure that what we taught orchids number one factual and number two does not
undermine the fundamental fundamental bases of the United States. Now I dont think that any of these offers Kemal fostered. friendship is down there. Thomas charity volumes are advocating Georgi they're, not what they are suggesting. The best way to fight against poverty is with lawsuits. I right Jack, their suggesting that we need to have a competition of ideas in the public schools, but here is the reality. Is no competition of ideas in the public schools. The n e a makes the best and you just lie in it- the school board, so we ve been neglect. For far too long and the conservatives I while focusing on- National politics, the school board have been taken over by radicals who then use their power to leverage garbage into your kids head what these authors, however, right at the New York Times in again its worthy of examining their case, because it is my firm belief, There is nothing wrong Passing laws on a state level, in fact not only nothing wrong. It is quite useful for states to pass laws banning the teacher
of racism in our public schools under the guise of critical race theory. but say these authors. What is the purpose of a liberal education? That is the case at the heart of a bitter debate that has been roiling the nation for months schools, particularly the kindergarten through twelve grade level, a response well for helping turn students into well informed and discerning citizens at their best, our nations, rules equip young minds to grapple with complexity and navigate our differences at their worst. They wrote resemble indoctrination. Factories in region weeks. Hennessy, Oklahoma, Iowa, Idaho, in taxes, have all pass legislation and places significant restrictions on what can be tightened public school classrooms and, in some cases, public universities to a couple of quick notes here. The purpose of education changed over time. When you are seven, as my daughter is, the purpose of education is to teach fundamental prince, and then later complexity comes in winter. Seven complexity in thing. Are you going to teach reading and writing
each american history. You can only teaching very broad strokes, because kids are seven and then, when there ten or twelve grade, then you can start teaching more realistically about all of the words. But the question is why is the fundamental principle that you lay down. What is the bedrock they lay down when a kid at seven, is there going to be an anti american principle or pro american principle is very much alive? Treating eight it's like eighteen year old is very solely when it comes to education, and no one does it and suggests and we ought to be teaching critical race theory principles as part of a a way Just examining the universe to seven year old is, of course, at Fort really stupid. But that is, of course, what the SBA is trying to do. There is a reason that they are coming after the kids, guys, there's reason Avram Candy is has a children's book garbage an entire video on Youtube out its kind hilarious. there's a reason, the Robin the Angelo with love can learn this stuff from the youngest available ages. that when we talk about indoctrination, this is indoctrination. The question
one of the fundamental principles you want your kids to know when their seven, that's really what we're talking about here, because in theirs play within those principles. There is flexibility, there's there's the scratches on the veneer, that is America for sure, but what exactly can teach them? as the is, the root of american education, these authors Lieutenancy House Bill Sb Zero, sixty three, for example, bends. Any teaching that could lead an individual to quote, feel discomfort, guilty anguish or another form of psychological distress. Because of the individuals race or sacks. Ok that perform Edison. True, that's not true. Legal Red House bill s be zero. Six to three. It does not say that anything that could mean someone who feel discomfort is ban. It says any education that tells students they should feel discomfort, guilt, anguish or any other logical distress because of their sex race is banned. Regret, that's a very different thing, saying you're gonna, ban teaching that could make somebody fuel. That is not the same thing as saying you're one to ban teaching that has a kid should feel because their white black or green, in addition to this vague prescription, it
Fritz teaching that leads to division between or resentment of a race sex, really creed, nonviolent political affiliation, social classroom, class of people, taxes no thirty, nine! Seventy nine goes further forbidding teaching that what slavery and racism are anything other than deviations from the trails of and failures to live up to the authentic founding principles of the United States. Ok, I'm wise about really wise up at last. I checked that's exactly what Martin Luther King and Frederick Douglass were saying that these are betrayals. Founding principles Are we attempting to teach student anything else in our schools because it now be fundamentally on American? That America is in about racism in slavery and those are embedded in our founding principles, it also, There's any classroom from acquiring court an understanding of the sixteen nineteen project and prohibits the sun. Any parliament is required with us, because this crap materially the notion that we are supposed to simply leave it up to read what I saw my kids were parochial school. So make into a private jewish state. School is because I want my kids learn certain values as a parent and
american citizen. If I want to make it a public school, I want my kid to learn certain values that America and pretend that we are supposed to be completely neutral between the values that we teach our children is insane. It's crazy, arrogant, I'm not accusing these authors of saying that sound think that's quite they're saying they say we, the authors of this, as they have whites, wide ideological divergences on the explicit targets of this legislation. Some of us are deeply funds by the academic, discipline of critical race theory and its critique of racist structures and admire the sixteen nineteen project. Some of us are sceptical of structural, racist explanations and racial identity itself and its with the mission of methodology of the sixteen nineteen project. You spend the ideological spectrum impressive, moderate, libertarian conservative. It's because of differences we hear, joined together as we as we are I didn't want overarching concern the danger posed by these laws: liberal education, the Danes, liberal education- is the adaptation of your kids in anti american bull crap. That is there there's a liberal education. It is to pretend anything else is not to see what is real on the ground that was different.
Respects eighties authors, but generally Graham blocking any teaching that would lead students to feel discomfort, guilt or anguish because of one's race or ancestry. They create various card, As for the impartial teaching of the history of oppression of groups by targeting of these attacks, there are at all consistent with demands for goods. Coming again is a deliberate misreading of these. that is not what the law is. A critical race he teaches. You should feel bad because of your race is implicit premises laid out by Richard I've gotta when genes defunct. They said he laws are dangerously imprecise. They say that other law Appeared a potentially genuine expression is benign support for forms of action, but is far from clear. In fact, shortly after Texas Past is purportedly an uncritical raise theory. The checklist public policy foundation, a conservative think tank published a list of words in concepts and identify critical race theory in the classroom, lowest included. Such a social justice colonialism and identity? Ok well, doesn't mean that can ban those terms. Obviously, there saying that if you're trying to find out
They are being treated like this. If these are speech cause they secretly public education by banning expression of ideas. Again, there's a difference between doing this at a loss. occasion level in doing this in public universities, which are sort of a different story, but to Britain. This entire articles wide these critical race, fury, Antichrist phase. Three was a bad one. Exactly is their solution. There solution is proposed their curricula and enforce existing some rights like ok. So what would he better curriculum? Look like seriously because it turns out that the trumpet fresh and try to come up with something called the seventeen seventy six project, which was designed Counter the sixteen nineteen project, the button reaching came in overthrowing the any eight once kids to learn is sixteen but not seventeen. Seventy six project, also, they say title six entitle seven of the Civil Rights ACT. Both prohibits discrimination on the base race in factors, Eddie and Education Apartment office of civil rights complaint and better a lawsuit aimed at programmes that away ITALY attempt to play students or teachers. Interracial affinity, groups, ok, but this is purely response. It meaning, but you
see something that violates title six or title, the summer I jack and now you have to come up with a lawyer sue the school district into submission, or you could just stop them from indoctrinated. Your kids at the start, agent, that there seems to be this assumption that we are coming to this issue fresh we're, not we're coming for generations and operation of our children into anti american nonsense and is now coming to its combination. And if you don't fight back with the tools, the earth, so you're doing it wrong it coming up. Speaking of the of the attempts to Sir Pitt Americans against Americans, it is amazing to see how radical the coalition of the dust as has become, and also how many people who want to join it, because it is the cool thing to do. Is the trend eating into the real reason? Only thirty six percent of yellow
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long story. The commander of the enemy ship told his men to surrender, to which Jones responded had not yet begun to fight before engaging in a three hour. what was gunfire battle enforcing his opponent to surrender instead, John Jones was an original here, Sammy Cell, the bravery, the went to America's freedom today subscribe now to America's forgotten heroes on Apple podcast, modify or anywhere you listen. The sixth episode is out today, Tuesday July six, the last action packed up so drops tomorrow July, seventh, for a total us the episodes too many here has never achieve the recognition they deserve. Sharing their stories with you on this independence Day holiday is our small tribute to their here was the likely here. If I serve, you helped us in the rankings up share those incredible stories. Thanks for listening, thank you to the heroes who made an excellent podcast past it was the largest fastest growing concern for Pakistan radiation. The nation Meaning in breaking as this is a beautiful thing about the the crew, believes that America such terrible place at his reply, with racism and bigotry is nothing is ever enough
really, nothing is ever not perfect story on this tonight and I urge you to have to want it, so university of North Carolina? You recall offered a pervert professional iron Prevaricator, Nicole Hannah Jones, who has suggested that America is, endemically and institutionally racist and every level promoted riots during twenty. Twenty has suggested that the destruction of property does not amount to violence has lied about America's police, bread they offer tenure number. They offered her tenured position a universal North Carolina based on her best economic, qualified, and which include, and also ok. So they offer that then crises like women. You should think about that for a second. What are we just offered or non tenure transition and everyone, nuts, How dare that Dodds cancellation cancer got bar and then They came back and about nine forty giver tenure will now after having ever have Forced the entire universe you ve North Carolina, insufficient,
Nicole, haven't Jones, no humiliated them by saying she's not going to take the tenure position instead, she's going to hand over to historically Black College Howard University, which also hiring tunnel hussy coat according to having imposed. Hannah Jones will become a tenured member of the faculty of historically black universities, Cathy Hughes School of communications. Maybe announcement Tuesday, during an interview with Gale king on CBS. This morning, the: U N, C alumni will take on the role as inaugural nature in race and journalism, and will begin her faculty role this summer. And it was only the universities, newly created centre for journalism and democracy, which will train the next generation of black journalists and investigative foundational journalism. Skills does nothing says investigated, and foundational journalism skills, but like lying about american history, ignoring historians were actually qualified and disparaging them as white, the central, to work with other journalism programmes it historically black colleges and universities across the country, Penny Jones End Quote We are at a critical juncture in our democracy and our press does not reflect nation had served and too often struggles
ass, the danger for our country, as we see growing attacks on free speech and the fundamental rights about said here. Hannah Joan saying that there is a fundamental attack on free speech? While she runs around the country being handed awards money tenured positions, its hysterically, we have more or less in just one second, First Java car sitting in your driveway that you're just not using I'm sure glad to get rid of it. I mean why would you keep paying for it if you are not using it It has all the train, get rid of it yet place. Had people come and see it. That's why I were you. I would donated to cars for kids. Its quick, it's easier to tax deduction. End will be doing some good. Your car donation is fast ray it's usually picked up within twenty four hours. Even the same day in cars for kids will take your car even it's not even running takes just Matthew minutes handle all the details. All the paperwork, oh you need, the schedule. A pickup signed the title. If you got when it really is that quick and easy, and yes donating your Our is tax deductible cars, kids works hard to sell your confidence price, that means more funds for their charity and bigger tax deduction. For you, hundreds miles are donating. Two cars for kids like out from San Francisco
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It had a Joneses decision to turn down the schools offer is that we support Miss Hannah Joneses Choice, your paw during treatment of one of our nations. Most decorated journalists by her own alma mater was humiliating, inappropriate and unjust. We will be frank. It was right This issue was raised as not to immediately offer a tenured position, but to consider it and then offer the tenure position you so Is that now she's slammed on key issues is dumping on them limit what you know. I love it. Hats off respect, respect man spectacular gave it does. This goes to a broader issue and the broader issue an american life right now is that it is great to be a member of the intersection coalition. If you're a member of the international coalition, and was power in american life you're able to do any narrative in your own favour? You are able to take advantage of Ray opportunity and slammed Duncan people who even offer you opportunities. You get to pretend to be the height of virtue? Well, ruining all your enemies being member of the international coalition has all privilege and no fall out.
You can make one very and obscure hammer throw one for the Olympics and as soon as you make it- into a camera during the national anthem. You're gonna get it I would like an answer. Your Nicole handed George Gimme, absolute garbage job doesn't matter, they will hand you the editorship within your times, and Byron for us as you and then we offer to tenure university position and a major publicly funded university and turn it down man it for our country. So all fired racism sexist. It is on level to be a member of the international coalition. Taking advantage of this on an intellectual level, it really is all the way down to men walking into ladys spars, with the junk hang out over the weekend. This we blew up nationally. We talked about last week there was an l, a spot where a where a naked man walked into the women's section of the spot, junk hanging out in front of a six year old girl, the woman
a person with a beard any penis that anyway hot of naked, with her six year old daughter at we spot on Wilshire Boulevard in January, twenty twenty. She claims she and her sexual daughter had gone to be out into the spot. Together when a transgender woman said on the edge of the hut where they were soaking, there were protest outside we spa with people saying you know what, if I'm going to be If I'm a biological woman, I don't mean to see junk pay and even. shut and beat the living hell out of people on the street. For this A Harrison video of that it's insane indeed this is our wearing gay pride, lads and transgender flags restart stealing people signs ripping up people signs of people for no good reason, here, they are trying to intimidate these when they're trying to push ahead with it without skateboard and there
there there ceiling or had there. There are physically assaulted woman. So much tolerance, so much diversity such diversity. and by the way this was treated as though this is like somewhat legitimate. Saying according to the daily mail, violence had broken out on Saturday outside we spy after viral video showed a customer complaining about a frenchwoman will actually expose their penis. Ok, let me just reading once again, because that's not an English, a transgender woman who allegedly exposed their penis me words. Don't make sense in that particular sons, as a bunch of words from together in what seems to be a somewhat grammatically correct phrase, but is, in fact nonsensical, ports are people showed up outside of waste by the support the woman there are met by anti for counter disasters supporting transgender rights. Protesters were seen assaulting an independent journalist was hidden ahead with what appears to be a pipe video protests posted to twitter shows how delightful,
is really really solid, starving people showing up with size a stop friends, hate and with gay pride flags, just delight what what a wonderful world we live in, what a wonderful jack, it's so wonderful member of the international coalition that everybody wants, and it's over now just going to make up things. So you too, member of the international coalition, which brings me to my favorite story of the day, Mikhail Kennedy? Cuomo twenty three Is it Gunnar, Andrew Comas water? She came out in Instagram, whose last month as queer now we used to believe that that queer. You know now now having been hijacked from a term of of delegation as a driver. Worry is now used by members of the gay community is sort of championing term rigged. It used to mean gay, bisexual lesbian raised, means something one now Mikhail I can equal. came out as Demi sexual. According to web MD demonstration, people only feel sexually attracted to someone when they have an emotional Bonn. She says,
I was in elementary school, I feared I was a lesbian when I was in middle school, I came out of my family in close friends. Bisexual when I was in high school over pan sexuality and thought that's the flag. For me. I recently mourned learn more about damage. Actuality and have believed that identity resonate with me, the most and then said she's always dreamed of a world in which nobody will have to come out because everybody sexuality will be assumed fluid, but in a world that for It is. Gender heterosexuality coming out of the closet, is lifelong process of unpacking, internalized social constructions and stigmas, and she is she's Demi sexual. She added when she first came up where she ventured verdant, Percy detention seeking since his coat hip or cool. Do not. hydro in my liberal bubble and there in wisely showcase what the hell's it s actually ask yourself. So again, Wendy now list Emmy sexual scope, only veal sexually? tracked it to someone when they have an emotional on it? Now damaging we'll started off as a ban fiction rule play for in two thousand for a made up
the in a middle school or character An end now time web empty, they so Demi, sexual it describes a person who only feel sexual attraction when there's emotional on a woman, a woman. What studies demonstrate repeated social science and hard signs that suggest that women tend to have higher sexual satisfaction by leaps and bounds when I have an emotional connection to the person with whom they are having sex. But now this is Some sort of minority sexuality, Demi, sexuality, ever but he is so interested in jumping on the international bandwagon because again for part of the coalition and you're, not part of the evil. More of the United States, the evil blob that is the United States. The left is banking. On this weapons used our institutions in favour of this sort of nonsense. As brief, predictable effect, the demonization of people across the other side of the ILO and the attempt to subjugate institutions of the country and destroy them as somehow not benefiting you.
the country does not have a future with this kind of stuff it just as not. In the morning people who feel that it is popular, joined, cortical coalition of the oppressed cause you the oppressor or the oppressed. Any binary Avram Ex Kenny nonsense, construct. The more people who buy ends that contract and then decide their they're going to be a member of the oppressed group, because there is only victims and victimizing american society, the more United States going be in serious, serious problem. We can see that each and every day already we'll be back later today with initial hour of content in the meantime, check out the Michael knows show that is available right now, I'm bench purposes. The venture Barroso. If you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe and if you wanna help spread the word. Please give us a five star review and tell your friends to subscribe to were available on Apple podcast, Spotify and wherever you listen to podcast, also be sure to check out the other daily, whereupon CAS, including the Andrew,
I venture to micromanage, show and the Mat Wall show. Thanks for listening, Dementia Bureau show is produced by Elliot, felt, executive producer. Jeremy boring our supervising producer is math is clever. Manager of a white asking associate producer, Bradford Carrington Post producer, just in barber, show is ended. Item silent audio is mixed. I make a comment to make up my fabulous, Christina Reduction Assistant, Jessica. Grand adventure Barroso is a daily wire production, copyright daily wire, twenty twenty, Prominent leftist DIS America. On independence day, the nations largest teachers union promises to push critical race theory in all fifty states and NPR National Public radio adds a trigger warning to the declaration of independence check it out on the Michael ownership
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