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Ep. 1323 -  What Did Biden Know And When Did He Know It?


Biden continues to maintain he had no clue Afghanistan was about to fall…but his own State Department had a report predicting just that; the White House desperately seeks excuses; and the Left continues its attacks on Ron DeSantis over blocking mask mandates.

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Joe Biden continues to maintain. He had no clue. Afghanistan was about to fall, but his own state Department had a report predicting just that the White House desperately excuses and West continues, its attacks on wrong dissenters over blocking mask mandates and bench purposes. The bench bureau show this is sponsored by Express Vps dont like big taken. The government spying on you visit expressive, gps dot com, slash ban will first, we begin with the latest Afghanistan, where the situation continues to be just awful. We now have tape of TAT where's being pulled over the airport wall. I American This is because people are so desperate to get their kids out of Afghanistan ahead of the Taliban that their handing own children like small babies over to the American. Military. Here's. What that tape looks like It's just the disease,
area. Meanwhile, video has been taken outside the airport, apparently showing people based we being crowded into a ditch by the Taliban, these spokespeople, who are waiting to enter the airport again. This is not a in organised withdrawal. Shall we say. And of course you know, the gunshot, so things are going beautifully. Britannia sounds great. Meanwhile, the Taliban spent the day yesterday celebrating because, after all, it was the anniversary of the independence. Afghanistan. According to the New York Times, cobbles many things on Thursday, the castle the airport was matched by cold, another pockets of city, some businesses resumed work, many p trying to get on with their lives. Others were hiding afraid for their women were scarce. There are some The Taliban restraint, but also clear evidence its patrolling streets were not afraid to wield force. In fact, there is a story from CNN that come about a photographer, who was basically
the hell beat out from by the Taliban and then when they realise use reporter, they start trying to take selfies with them. So everything is well organised over there. The president of the United States is supposed to address the nation on Friday, apparently as United States tries to ramp up its troubled evacuation in Afghanistan by an expected today to address the fewer over the sluggish process stymied by may have in Kabul and delays in Washington. That's threatens to strand thousands of Afghans desperate to flee the Taliban takeover by and is expected to speak at one p m in Washington is defended. The pull out Ghana sand while promising not to abandon the Afghans who risked their lives. I well I mean he's, walked back that promise pretty clearly, as will see in just one moment. The United States has rushed. in diplomatic reinforcements to Kabul. In recent days to speed up, the and processing for Afghans merit commanders our negotiating daily with their Taliban counterparts to ensure the Iqs can reach the airport because we are pathetic, where we are wearing a begging. The Taliban regime negotiating tell them mean begging, was held in the british and french have been sending out military patrols, you go pick.
their citizens and bring them to the airport. The United States, however, is hooker down below walls cobble airport, fearful that if the United dates walks out. The Taliban will attack them and then Joe Biden we'll have to overturn, has promised to get all the troops out by August thirty first and insert more troops into Kabul. Turning AIDS, Ask your area into a full scale conflagration all because the man is a moron. Thousands are waiting fearfully outside the airport gates, according to the New York Times or Taliban soldiers have attacked people's people with sticks and rifle butt. Afghans clutching we'll documents camps outside amid Taliban checkpoints, entangles of concertina wire, anxious crowds, worrying pressed up against blast walls with women and children being wasted into the arms of your soldiers. On the other side, the means unpredictability and history. Brutality had set off a rush to escape, especially among Afghans who worked alongside you ass. Any other forces that, of course, is no surprise that, given the fact that so many people, I wouldn't be left their mirth Minette
that is the Taliban are apparently going door to door according to daily wire. The Taliban are intensifying their search for Afghans who helped the United States and have a list of people. They intend to call into question and punish, which is code for murder according to a third airport, from the New York Times, based on a document prepared by the United Nations, The development seems to complicate assurances from the binding ministration that the Taliban are somewhat reform from their previous adoration Biden seem too. That change the interpretation of the Talibans newfound commitment. Freedom in his recent interview with ABC George Stuff Monopolise. Meanwhile, the Taliban are also going towards or seeking, first Christians, their surgeon, from phones for Bible apt to make sure that no questions in country according to the daily, where Afghan Christians are thirdly, fleeing to the mountains, in a desperate attempt to escape the Taliban, we're going towards or trying to kill them and you're going great. In other words, internet in underground church, the partners with frontier lines international has reported that the Taliban are targeting Christians for death. According to FBI, the Taliban has a hit list of no Christians their targeting to pursue and kill. You are some is used for,
there is no longer a safe place for believers to take refuge Aubrey two neighbouring country are closed. All flights to and from had been halted with the exception of private planes, people are fleeing, into the mountains. Looking for asylum there fully reliant on God was the only one who can and will protect them. The Taliban are going door to door taking women and children. The people must mark their house with an ax if they have a girl over twelve years old to the Taliban can take them if they find a young girl and the house was not marked ill, execute the entire family. If a married woman, twenty five years or older, has been found, the Taliban promptly kill her husband do whatever they want her and then sell her as sex slave is according to again the frontier, lines international, a Christian and GEO Meanwhile, you ass, allied afghan forces are completely in hiding. According to the New York Times, thousands vaccines the forest members managed to make it out their countries over the past few weeks. As the Taliban bands others, negotiates rendering went back to their homes. Some coffee. Weapons enjoyed. The Taliban are all the sudden adaptation of the national security forces. The United States and its allies been tens of billions of dollars to our, train and stand against the Taliban
thousands of other Afghan Bruns commandos inspire. What's the and despite the talk in Washington at the afghan forces, simply gave up had been left behind are now on the Rhine, hiding and hunted by the Taliban Way out, had ridden afghan commando and a text message to an american soldiers who fought with M Fraid, who to be identified by first name only said it was hiding in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan, trapped after the regular army units surrendered around him. praying to be saved. He said Milton threatening to arrest or punish family members if they can't find the people there are looking for. According to former Afghan officials- most on condition of anonymity, protect friends and loved ones, still hiding I understand, the Taliban is calling the records of much of the Ministry of Defence and Interior and the headquarters Afghanistan's spies service, drawing up lists of operatives to search for their moral, abort militants, our exacting swift and fatal revenge when they are found, which, of course, is not exactly a shot. so things are going beautifully in a second
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it is the safety and security of the american people will continue to uphold our commitment or www. The sage and, above all, of the other departments, is untenable in the siege pharmacy disaster. Disaster area me well, Kirby over the Pentagon. He's the spokesperson use asked. You know you keep saying that were and get our people out, and yet we have not would any military patrols to go pick up. Americans were stranded in Kabul. Why is it that the Brits french can do it, but we cannot if the British can take their paratroopers and they can get in vehicles and go get their people and get them to the airport. Why can't the? U S? Do that if there is a deal with the Taliban to provide safe passage, why is it left to the Americans outside of that ring to get there on their own? Why can't we send vehicles to go? Get them? We we we not seeing any great impediments to The safe passage that the Taliban have agreed to, facilitate Americans are getting through those checkpoints and they are gaining onto the base on the airfield and they are being flown out of Kabul,
That is not exactly what we are hearing from on the ground where we are hearing the many afghan us here that many certainly the Afghans are stuck in Kabul. Many Americans are not willing to run the gauntlet, their furtive walking outside the front door, in an italian mercy last as long as the Talibans mercy. Last me, let's face what's going on here. The reality is when we say we negotiate with the Taliban. What we mean by that is robbing them is going come out over the next six months. I promise you that the United States sending palace of cash, the world's worst human beings, because Joe Biden couldn't keep it in his pants. When it came to withdrawing from Afghanistan, and we know that there really is what's going on here. According to defence, one, regulation operations and humming cars, I international airport are starting to normalize would start real. The? U S movements, including any troop extension past August thirty, first nemesis negotiated with the Taliban. The Pentagon ignored. On Thursday Junker recent court, think as a fundamental fact of reality, of where we are. The communications and a certain measure of agreement with the Taliban are what we're trying to accomplish has to occur.
Seven thousand people, a native Americans, Afghans and other foreign nationals have left cobble on. U S. Military aircraft since I'm combatant evacuation operations began last week. You asshole, twelve thousand people out of Afghanistan since July. However, we're still we Thousands and thousands of Americans are still stuck in Kabul and Tens of thousands of afghan allies are stuck in Kabul. Restate farming press conference, Thursday spokesmen NED Acknowledge processing has been slow but was improving. He says there thousand people at the airport right now we ve been fully process by consular team and will soon warplanes In the meantime, however, their planes dinner, but leaving literally half empty twenty planes for export to depart overnight on Thursday state will double the number of consular offices. Officers on the ground by Friday says NED price. Have the capacity we need. A process has many individuals as we can fill the flights evacuees has more of a rhythm and the twenty four hours, the last twenty four hours. He said, for example, yes, troops have open and man more gates at the airport, allowing faster processes of vacuum, ease
crowds of its warm that harm acts have been pushed out, but there are currently more Europe and each than there are passengers which mean that the processing is not going all that. Well, you lied to. between five and nine thousand people per day overlap Twenty four hours they flew out two thousand said Taylor these fifteen thousand Americans still in Kabul and more than seventy thousand Afghans words with the US government and their families. All those people can be stopped by the way even if our citizens may his hesitate to move from their homes according to defence. One, U S, gun on Wednesday. I cannot guarantee their safe passage. Pray. Had ever report of someone unable, for whatever reason to reach the airport is something we take seriously we're doing everything we can mechanically logistically, but then, of course, there is also the diplomatic element of this as well. So, in other words, no Americans are still stuck there and this process is not in fact going particularly smoothly. Meanwhile, there is this debacle of the last twenty four hours where the United States State Department apparently was selling flight. I'm not kidding you
selling flights probate, essentially two thousand dollars according to political Even though you US officials tell Knapsack daily and there's, that evaluations, light from Kabul will be free. People trying to catch a plane in the can capital say differently. One person said State Department staff were seeking large payments of the two thousand dollars from american passengers, nor from Non EU citizens When we relate what this person told us State Department. Spokesperson didn't deny. This is happening. The spokesperson said lot requires evacuation assistance to private. You are citizens or third country nationals be provided on a reimbursable basis to the maximum extent practicable the situation extremely fluid we're working to overcome obstacles as they arise so now, they're trying to work this back there saying that it now or to make the flights free, but it took the press discovered Frankie charge people trying to escape Afghanistan, two thousand dollars nor to leave for that to become an issue.
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a taser, dotcom, promo code bans, but see a as e r dotcom promo code Ben Restrictions applies. You cited for details, taser, dot com, promo code Ben too, It started out of his eyes international implications as well. Apparently, the United States asked what were now not what we're just asking our enemies for help in their alike. Ah, here is the latest on. According to the Wall Street Journal rest. President Vladimir Putin, during a June sixteenth summit meeting with President Biden, objected to any role for american forces in central asian countries at all Senior? U S in russian officials said undercutting. Thus militaries efforts to act against new terrorist dangers after its Afghanistan withdrawal, remember Joe Biden, said, he'll be able to carry out the over the horizon missions, we needed you, we'd have airbases, would be able to distil monitored terrorist traffic. In Afghanistan note we want. Mean any story? Not we don't have any resources on the ground have no basis in country and we ve no basis. Anyone nearby Pakistan cut a deal with the Taliban to take us out in Russia is denying us the ability to build any bases or have a base anywhere near by.
The previously unreported exchange between the? U S and russian leaders has complicated U S military options for basing drones and other counterterrorism forces in countries bordering landlocked Afghanistan. That challenge has deepened, but the collapse over the weekend of the afghan government. Armed forces exchange also indicates. Moscow is more determined to try to maintain central Asia is a sphere of influence and to expand cooperation with the new american President over the turmoil in Afghanistan, former incredulous, Michel said yet no nobly, and then as a shock you mean the Russians are interested in helping us who could have foreseen this cataclysmic event who could have seeing that the Russians and the Chinese and the Taliban may not be all that helpful in fighting terrorism. Without access to central asian nations. Like Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan The US would need to rely on bases in cutter. Other arrogance its annual navy aircraft carriers in the Indian Ocean to fly aircraft to Afghanistan flight times.
on the Gulf states are so long. A u S drawn, might spend more than sixty percent of its mission flights to and from Afghanistan, from a U S base in cutter that would limit the timeframe. reconnaissance are carrying out strikes over the country, because the drones busily run on a fuel cell this is all going really really really well, you gonna do The Joe Biden is enamoured with it. He loves it here and what is not lying about how this decision here, so we got to the decision. You woke up one morning, he had a kind of ensure you watch party, Ramallah and then I read out his decision. That's how he came to this decision. There's no logic to it. He was told events. I pretty much everyone that this was the world's worst decision. He was told by this deal d, that Unita leaves and skeletal troops there at least until the evacuation was complete. He was told by his state department. Was a mistake he was told by everyone is, was a bad idea, but bad ideas, have never stopped Joe Biden before it's kind of amusing. When Donald was president. There is all this talk about how trumpet running his administration, the people around him a running his administration and
on many of the people around from we're constant checks on his bad ideas, are very in front would have a bad idea militarily speaking like what, if we precipitously that from Syria and James Madison, step in and go you're. Mr President, you can't do that. It's a bad idea and trembled up: ok, fine and then you'd. Listen. Joe Biden listens to no one, and so advisers and he's gone along with this, foreign policy decision in my lifetime is when Rachel with it, enabled it revising and those terrible idea. There is no internal bucking. There is no they're, not least to the press. There is no talk, in advance about how this we're gonna go. They went along with it. They look. Addled old man figure out what the policy would be a policy that he had locked in from two thousand TED and even though the war in Afghanistan is radically shifted since two thousand and given the fact that we radically down scaled are true commitment in Afghanistan, postponing fourteen United States is not had more than twelve thirteen thousand troops in the country at any time since twenty fourteen and its title after twenty five hundred troops, officially in country.
to provide again a base from which to fight terrorism. Joe Biden Elite, yes sort of these moments of refreshing honesty, because every so often it breaks through and Joe Biden Degenerative George Stuff Annapolis, I freely admit that whether it like He first friend of limbs, trompe l, recall memories from had cut is really bad deal in Doha, Qatar with the with the Taliban, and we, to abide by that deal in Belgium I doubt whether or not the ideal is made I was gonna, do it, which is the actual truth. Would you Withdrawn troops like this, even if President Trump had not made that deal with the Taliban I would have tried to figure out how to withdraw those troops. Yes, because look George. There is no good times to me. In Afghanistan, fifteen years ago, would amend our problem. ten years from now the basic choices am I going to send your sons in your daughters to war in Africa, understand in Afghanistan in perpetuity. Ok. So what
he says: there's no, the term lead Afghanistan, the answer that is right, which programmes you left some skeleton troops there at a minimum, but he was committed to this is committed to this. By the way There's news breaking it this morning at the situation in Afghanistan is getting worse according to you Russia Inburst National Security Rapporteur for newsy, previously NPR National Geographic, a sources situation in Afghanistan is rapid? deteriorating, had Americans get b rather night, one of them American One was beaten twice. You know she was carrying a: U S passport their report, sure chaos breaking out again in Afghanistan For all the talk about how this thing is starting to lockdown, it continues to be chaos at the airport in Afghanistan. It's it's it's a disaster area. And yes, Joe Biden was warned about this. Yes, Joe Biden was Of course he was German right about that ruminant stuff, an opposite in the course of about thirty seconds said he wasn't warned about it and then realize
that was going to be out in his. Why and then he went to the I don't recall, defence ready. I don't recall events in politics is what you do. It's the loyally way of avoiding any sort of actual blame, Don't recall that can't be argued with. And since everybody assumes the Joe Biden has some form of memory loss anyway, it's actually credible here's your mind going from. I was never told you. I don't recall in an interface about thirty seconds, Todd, military advisers, ward against withdrawing this time line. They wanted to keep about twenty five hundred to know they did. It was split that that one true I was a child. They didn't tell you that they wanted troops to stay no not in terms of whether we were going to get out in a time frame. All troops. They didn't argue against that. So no, no one told your military version and not tell you know we should just keep twenty five the troops. It's been a stable situation for the last three years. We can do that. We can continue to do that now, no one, so that move in our can we call ok. Now you can tell his line right there.
Where he realizes trapped himself end and that he's lying. I in fact we know for a fact He was informed by many of his advisers that this was a terrible idea has been widely reported. In fact, back in April Jensen, he confirmed that some advisers, retelling bodily drooped right- is publicly Can you explain the rationale for why President finally went against the advice of military commanders, who recommended we twenty five hundred troops on the ground in Afghanistan? Well, I think that's over characterisation of every military leader, and I don't think they ve all provided their point of view. No military commander wants to stay forever. They insist that this is not some and since this is not in sight the time to leave some opponents of his decision. Oh so someone said so what so I was told that was not. There was no opposition to that, but by Joe Biden Red then writers recall anybody saying that we have reports from the Wall Street Journal, they are times from pre much major media publication sang the job. I was told by everyone up to anything
by the way, Lloyd, Austin, his Secretary of defence, as well as the wonderful marked by way the chairman of the joint Chiefs of staff? You saw by everyone says about idea and one Did you, anyway, stubborn old good, and he is That is bad foreign policy ideas need to be, as is Morocco Babylon, set about Joe Biden. Don't underestimate Jos ability to screw things up out of the american people dead, and now I'm gonna pay for it in pretty serious. What is more or less in just one? Second, because we now have a breaking story at the State Department overtly informed job. This was gonna, be a disaster like weeks ago. First, let us talk about a great gifting get for your family. You get for your friends yourself. I am talking about the gift of a professionally painted portrait in a professional hand, painted port recruited from any photo at a truly affordable price paint. Your life that come in my house with you, for hand painted portrait of me oh I've into my three kids, Beach and why we actually meet it. Go get a new portrait because we have its wish. You baby
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and continues to be just an utter, completed master area, Richard angle reporting this morning. What what supposed to be an organised evacuation of foreigners and Afghans worked with us, who is rapidly becoming chaotic humanitarian airlift, edged complete chaos breaking out over there there's Colonel State Department, cable to warn the Kabul would collapse in July. According to them regional and internal they form a memo. Last month, war and top agency officials of the potential collapse, Kabul soon. After the U S is August. Thirty. First troop withdrawal deadline in Afghanistan, according to a user any person familiar with document. The classified cable represent clearest evidence. Yet at the end, station had been warned by its own officials on the ground that the Talibans advance was imminent and after the stands military may be unable to stop at the table was sent via the state, the partner confidential descent channel and warned of rapid Territorial DE gained by the Taliban and the subsequent collapse of afghan security forces and of recommendations and ways to mitigate the crisis and speed up evacuation. The cable was dated July Thirteenth
July? Thirteen now the reason I mention these significance. For that day, days earlier. Joe Biden had gone a national television and assure the american people. The Taliban would not take over the country, and this would not look like a Saigon five days earlier. As a last weekend. Some eighteen thousand Afghans replied for the. U S is special immigrant bees programme as well Their families remained on the ground in Afghanistan. In all Gee three: U S! Embassy! Staffers! All Americans sign the joy, thirteenth, cable Josephine. said, there is a rational, ever had given circumstances on the ground. The cables sent to our wonderful secretary of State, Anthony blinking and of policy planning. Solomon Osman Lincoln the cable and reviewed it according to people familiar the exchange who The contingency planning was already under way when it was when it was received and blinking welcome their feedback state department spokesmen their price decline to address the cable but told the Wall Street Journal Lincoln reach every descent and reviews. Every reply: the exists of the confidential State Department cable adds to an expanding debate involving the White House Pentagon.
And intelligence services over what? U S? Officials understood about assessments of Afghanistan's stability. Again, it is very clear at this point that bind was warned eight ways from Sunday. It is very obvious to anyone whose watching this was a disaster area unfolding ends up, we can care less, you couldn't care less. It is. It is incredible how this this glowing. in this giant glowing son of empathy President Biden has no empathy whatsoever of what's going on on the ground over in Afghanistan, for the Americans or sector for the Afghans who are stuck there for anybody because he wanted to do the things that he wanted to do and gets his umbrage begins when you start asking of questions this been through by the way throughout his career. There's always this picture. He was a wonderful warmed. I anytime, whose acetone question by literally anyone throughout his campaign Turning to the look fact, I remember that there's a guy, Bernie Sanders supporter who estimates have question in starting holding him, is that well, that's you, Joe Biden is.
So, in this interview, George Definite was: he was fully delusional end in umbrage mode so at one point, by the way he mentioned, that he said we don't have any troops in Syria, which is weird, since we have nine hundred troops in Syria, but I'm in them can be forgiven that, since he doesn't remember what he had for breakfast this morning, but more than he then did visited is an amazing what jobs hold your stuff and apples nobody's being killed at the cobbler, but right now is that it everything's fine over there out of pandemonium outside the airport, other aid, but looked but no one. Being killed right now. God gave me for, if I'm wrong about that, but no one being killed right now is being held a name he knocked on wood, on would do the present of the United States knocking on what they know. It's been you no good could ensure that knowing gets killed over there if you hadn't, abandoned the country without any plan whatsoever, that would ensure that nobody I killed or since the Taliban. Listen you at all. A rise in or american AIR power is going to start going after you may, We are putting aims for the moment, but just remember we suffer most
awful Airforce on planet earth, so you at all people through right now or the bonds falling on this and has very soldiers, but he's not doing any that by the way he is wrong? when he says that people are being killed. It knock on. Would heresy yesterday the Taliban ceased, although on Sunday, twelve people have been killed that, according courting Reuters NEWS Agency I've been fighters, tardy machine guns and a sound track of gunfire or feeling this unease and anxiety among after look here, Cnet photographer capturing these images, huddled asked his outside Kabul, airports, EAST gate rose in rows of men, women and children clustered together waiting on a way out that, for some may never materialised battle. A lot of people are pointing out. People don't want taken. These afghan refugees again, if you, if you are translator with the American Armed Services and you have a mirror Soldiers are vouchers for you. It seems to me that your case to be onto the United States, the refugees pre good, but in any case, if you'd,
came out. There's a lot of people been say, look at how many men there are in these farmers relics. Those are the ones who worked the translators and once a lot of women who are working as translators for the American Armed Services in Afghanistan, in any case, why when he says nobody's been killed. Not a lot of people fell from aeroplanes dude on tape, on tape, but remember. Captain empathy over here he's never been sympathetic towards the sort of stuff maybe go all the way back to the actual fall of Saigon. You remember that I naturally set by the actual I got the United States had no obligation to evacuate, a single member of Shall Vietnam but not a single person, well we'd, abandoned to their fate. Hundreds of thousands of people got into boats to float close to Vietnam to escape the on russian communist towards, and Joe Biden said. This quote I do not believe the United States has an obligation, moral or otherwise to evacuate foreign nationals other than perhaps in us eighteen hundred diplomatic personnel, assigns foreign embassies in Saigon. The United States has no obligation to evacuate one or one hundred thousand in one's healthy enemies, as our
the language of the bell. The evacuation of Americans in South Vietnam conceivably could be endangered because of the provisions also permitting the evacuation of untold numbers of foreign nationals. Just goes back forty years for this jackass I mean it's amazing. It goes back almost half a century, Joe Biden, complete lack of about people were being victimized by the regimes that a demo after them. Power is pretty incredible, meanwhile, by the way What about the other nationals for a second, the Americans are still stuck. There knows it. Time has been trying to downplay that there was no price yesterday saying that It has been blocked from the airport. There are small number, it's anxious. Congestion is not cast this is where'd you every report we are receiving from on the ground. We have a relatively large contra of consular officers on in Kabul. Right now they are in regular in constant contact with american citizens. I can tell you that they have received as of a couple hours ago, a small handful of reports,
american citizens who were able to reach the airport, for whatever reason we seen the reports of congestion. My understanding is that I things are moving quite efficiently at this hour at the airport at the airport now leads things are moving well now: Clarissa WAR, reporting for CNN has called. This is one of the most more harrowing things I've experienced. What are you talking about the scene at a couple airport, according to the Washington Post, a chaotic and dangerous dynamic, cobbles airports with few signs of relenting Thursday, as thousands of people attempting to board flights faced beatings by Taliban guards, the crush of even greater an interminable spells in the dust and heat waiting to escape Afghanistan. Several people there is indeed received confusing signals from the: U S about how exactly they were supposed to lead setting from the State Department urging them to go to the airport. Only find there is no and receive them or to answer their questions on how to of lights. We re
its exams and a thirty nine year old, librarian, a dual use: Afghan citizen who came with his wife and two kids after receiving an email invitation from the State Department from six a m until six p m, the gate did not open. There is no person to address our concerns, and now we are The Taliban is targeting journalists report on the chaos the german broadcast Deutsche well said a close relative of one of its journalists have been murdered by Taliban fighters. To be shot as Milton's when House to house searching for the journalist in western Afghanistan, according to the news organization, and yet There is a war and who are now inside the airport she saying that again inside the airport is not a lot better than is outside the airport. The Pentagon, spokesperson by the way, Nebraska he candidate or John Kirby rather heading and say, many Americans are even in Afghanistan at this point. America's american citizens remain in. Of course, I don't know debatable would be a better place to go for an estimate of how many Americans are Afghanistan or in and around cobble. That is not a figure that the United States military
with no end, as you also know, not every american citizen in another country that no obligation that the register their presence and and that we, and that you can have a perfect, accurate count in order to make any We believe that the right administration has any level of control the binding. The situation has now been put in a position of becoming the pr win for the Taliban does not surprise. You saw dividing the Obama administration to the exact same thing, with IRAN about Mohammed Office, warning IRAN to be stopped. as a sort of regional power for no reason at all, because he again here First, foreign policy ideas that made no sense in the real world and so This man is, you wanted how to deal with Taliban. What would the with Europeans so he lied to the american people and so have been roads is national. Dirty by these lied in there out there and they said that there is a moderate wing of the Iranian and we're emboldened moderate written wing of the iranian government, and then we spent you defending the iranian government, all really their money
oh really, the moderating all right they're getting better I'll get other there really not so bad. Is there anything really to worry about mean that that, like they're gonna get paradise mean they want to be logical players on the world stage. We became the pr way for the iranian mullahs, even as they feel for terrorism around the region, even as they murdered tens of thousands of people in places like Syria and Lebanon and Yemen even as they funded Hamas raised, had stayed and Brocklebridge administration or soft peddling the evils of iranian regime now we're doing the exact same thing with the Taliban, because you see in order to make Americans believe everything's gonna be ok in Afghanistan. We have to believe the detail then are a different sort of Taliban. The maid changing their striped you'll know guaranteed. Maybe they're gonna be better this time around now. Is there evidence whatsoever like at all that there better this time round, their literally just shooting people hunting journalist a pleasure. The same thing in ninety six when they first took over Afghanistan that they have now, which is part for everybody, and then by pardon I mean you will be dead,
We know that basically they mean by you ve now turn the White House of Vienna It states into a pr wing for the worse people on earth the same, whether Abominate with iranian so different. Was the presence of the United States, Joe Biden saying it up the Taliban. Probably going to some sort of existential crisis right now They have to decide whether they want to be part of the international community. Here's the thing they very decided. The answer is no they are not going through an existential crisis. The west is Goin. you're, an existential crisis because the has no idea what to believe it. Just doesn't. Stands for aside from the evil. I suppose it inherent white supremacy, embedded in all of our institutions and trenchant I am nonetheless his s basically very few principles to which it is certainly committed. At this point, we don't know We stand for. We don't know why we stand for the things we stand for. We are going through an existential crisis. The Taliban are going a victory dance because a bunch of rested barbaric caveman from the eighth century just defeated. You must pay for military in the history of the world,
Wait for the second time exit. Do this. The Soviets me eightys to another their proclaiming victory on the exact same thing, even though We did that you're instances shouldn't be comparable. The United States was holding the wine Afghanistan. Twenty five hundred troops. the differences that held then have one thousand year time HORIZON, and we have about twenty or time horizon in the United States. We get bored after twenty years. We're like all well, this is the endless war. this war means to the Taliban. You know an endless warnings to the people in Afghanistan, Afghanistan is essentially been in a state of war. Since it was nineteen. Seventy nine zone was warned them, does not look like an endless word us, and so they can declare it. after having their asses kicked Oliver, the man for twenty years because they are asked us here, but in any Joe Biden has now become the pr wing for the Taliban. This is what he asked. You know. I think they're going through firm existential crisis about do they want to be recognised by the international community is being a legitimate government
I'm not sure they do, but look I have taken by their beliefs more well. They do also care about where they are fully. Whether they have an income that can make any money and run in the economy. They care about whether or not they can hold together. Society that they in fact say they care so much about what an absolute job the president of the Euro there. He is they want legitimacy in the name of the Hamas once legitimacy, guys it's all these terrorist groups. They just want legitimacy the president of the United States, now running Covereth held it s, the old, then you can take away from Antwerp. Sure that they want legitimacy, but you know they do want to make sure that they can run the economy. They want to make sure. Wouldn't they wanna be welcomed into the family of nations by the way it's this. that same sort of arrogance that led to a lot of nation building project in the first place there just like us guys they want to make sure that their there are countries still runs. They have the same priorities. We do John, be it the Pentagon was specifically
whether the by an administration considers the Taliban an enemy. Now this shit, a pretty obvious answer. The answer is yes. How, then, are the worst people on the planet the table responsible for thousands of Americans deaths the Taliban are going round, murdering our allies. Yes, there are enemy if continued beer enemy, because your binder surrendered to them. He now has. It say that it's not a surrender by pretending, they're, not or enemies. So that's what John Kirby does you're just avoids the question as to whether the Taliban are our enemy. You smell Turk, and consider the Taliban and enemy- where focused right now with the that nothing were or were working against right now it is time and space, and we want to get as many people out of cobble as we can in as little amount of time as we can. That is called they not answer at all. The question was are the hell bitter enemy near because we're trying to get Americans out so with appealing for the Taliban. Now that's exciting in a second
That's what Joe Biden Calculus Europe, because pretty obvious was calculus is why he's doing all of this in what his angle here is because you look at this Look at this and we say this is the worst foreign policy disaster of the last forty years, at least the fall of IRAN in seventy nine, maybe since the inward were to considering it so self inflicted ITALY's. When IRAN fell, we really had very little to do with it when it comes, as we are the complete cause of it I think it's worth one policy disaster for America, men. I honestly, I am hard pressed you think of a war, format the end? Vietnam was not even as much of a foreign policy disasters. This is truly. but but Joe Biden has a plan. What gets me Proclaiming one second: first, let us talk about it. That if you have a medical problem that could be taken care of quickly and easily, why didn't you just go? Get involved with Roman free online evaluation and ongoing Carrefour, Redtail dysfunction. All from the comfort and privacy of your home, Roman Ready means conference the conference? You know you can rise to the occasion in the moment. A U S, life
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in the form of Youtube. Video links will be Judge american idol style by me and other daily warehouse. I think you know who I am and Kehl will be you, the viewer will be voting on which some winds tenter go to daily wired outcome. Slash S, be g submissions end on August. Twenty fifth, you think you ve got when it takes from President wash you better started. Voting will take place on Labour day, so tune in to met, washes Youtube Channel to watch the judges of the submissions The winner will be announced September. Eighth on them at all, show where the crown of the creator of most important aunt to have ever been anthem again tend to yours. competition but a daily work accomplished as BT. We all look forward to hearing it it listening largest fastest growing in Pakistan. Radio show the nation Meanwhile, the me Your reaction to what your Biden is doing is beginning to Russian. It is not good to what is bad and think that he is doing here according to there's Biden basically thinks he's gonna, wait it out. Rudders President Joe Biden, his brush off criticism of his administrations, chaotic Afghanistan, withdrawal because he has,
I believe the political followed at home will be limited according to White House allies in administration officials. That, of course, is not a giant chalk considering said ten years ago, that the f that, with her are too whether there be consequences for throng exiting Kissinger got away with it, which is an amazing thing, considering that neither Nick nor Kissinger were actually responsible for the Vietnam withdraw. My Gerald Ford was president. The time Nixon had been gone for awhile and was the democratic Congress. It actually caused the Vietnam withdrawal in the first place, but here here- is that he's just going to be able to outline this job. I noticed all of this right while forget about it. We'll move on I'm not nearly so sanguine, particularly since it seems like this administration is still trying to figure out whether or not the gonna leave people behind Rihanna overt CNN, she actually asked directly, White House communications director. This would be Kate betting field. Jasper directly, are you prefer we believe it had to lead people behind Afghanistan and keeping
we're doing everything we can to get as many people have want to get out before the August. Thirty first deadline who set the deadline that that that's the Taliban setting a deadline? I have a feeling that if you leave a bunch of Americans, their Kate and Joe, I have a feeling, the fall out may not be limited. I view The people can be kind of pest if you thousands of Americans in Kabul, because you're so stupid, They left him in the hands of the Taliban. Meanwhile, the british and French some Harrison in there representing people out. I'm feeling Americans might not take particular kindly to all that's one of the things that fascinated me about the situation. Afghanistan right now is the media. Umbrage thereof. These media coverage has been really good, like really accurate, quite good hypercritical of President Biden where, from like. The european Press to the american press You got me wondering why. Why are the media- and this is literally the first time in my lifetime that identical has done something egregious and the media have been all over it. The media never do this, even one billion
getting caught me? I've lost his pants down the media, Ah, well, you boys will be boys. Even it was rock Obama completely by doing things in Iraq to the extent that ices rose it was well. You know there was real The consequences are bad Iraq WAR and he can't be blamed in Africa with Biden who's gonna go, it was who is going to go in and fix the problem? This is the first time I've scene. I think my entire lifetime, where Democrats do something so egregious that even the media are forced to look at it and go. This is horrifying and it really is whilst the spectrum there very few media defenders of the vine ministration. At this point, seen in chorus award has been doing excellent work on the ground at CNN, of course is incredibly brave. She'd been on the ground in Kabul. Dealing with all of this and She is leading the charge here. The lack of your information, the rumour Millicent Overdrive, there's hysteria. You have Taliban fighters with whips with guns, you have: U S and UK soldiers who are not allowing people in you have mixed messaging coming through about what kind of
paperwork you need and how you can get on flight of where you can go, I mean it is just an app The loot mess- and we heard President Biden say yesterday in his comments to ABC News that this is not a failure and I think a lot of people outside that airport, particularly those the kinds of extreme actions were just talking about, would like to know if this is. and failure. What does failure look like Equally, in your hearing the same thing from J Tapir Oversee and on your hearing, the same thing from earth embassies, Kelly, O Donnell, MRS Biden, pretty obviously ducking the precipice way, which is pretty clearly, as does the Let us have a good explanation. So, if the President now says, chaos was inevitable, then are they acknowledging that he misled us? So was that mislead a month ago on purpose, because
they didn't want to offend the afghan government while they're not acknowledging that discrepancy. Yet we ve had no opportunity. You know, breathing no ability to get a real sense of that. What they are saying is that they had planned for an expected that there could be a fall, but the timing has been what they ve been focused on, that it wouldn't be a precipitous, as we have seen happen everybody acknowledging this is a mess than your time, Jonathan Martinique says yeah pretty clear that by administration ministrations lying to us, you have the president about chaos being inevitable sure the chaos was inevitable. You're talking about a Taliban takeover of cobble, if you're talking about a dangerous situation and just the crumbling monetary and and human rights, but it was not expected, the chaos when you're talking about evacuating embassy staff at the very last minute, evacuating, try and figure out what Do the Afghans tapirs at the very last minute that was not predicted unnatural, have been ample different? Wasn't he said the opposite the previous month? I think that's the virtual. Ram politically is that he is a paper trail of state.
And literally job, I would say, saying the opposite, then in fact what happened- and I think there is willingness on his part to acknowledge his previous statements here and sort of eat that first time in my lifetime the media are actually covering the stuff accurately, the first time- and you know it- it does raise the question as to why I think there are a couple of answers. The first answer is that the media actually thought Afghanistan was the good war. Many of them are embedded with american troops. Many them got to know Afghans on the ground. and now they are their realizing, that they been lied to buy Joe Biden, I think they're insulted by that, and they should be insulted by that. First, let us talk about your self protection, so, let's eight for whatever reason, you're, not comfortable carrying a gun, maybe live in a state where conceal, carry is really not available or Maybe they wanna use doubly forced taser there,
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to be the narrative. The job I hope prompt him up, and so so much right now is Joe by blowing things in Afghanistan and then turning and wheeling and trying to clock somebody over covered now. Here's the thing it was Joe Biden, I July. Fourth, that we're done, and if set the metrics properly. We would have been done on July. Fourth, meaning does adult in America have the ability to get the shot. The answer is yes, so what are we talking about now? Really? What are we talking about. Meet the Democrats setting unrealistic standard with regard to cover and the it was extended, was euro covered. It will never acknowledged this that their goal is actually zero covered, but that is their goal. and in not realistic, because covert is going to be with us until the end of time There are hundreds of millions of people who have code right now, their hundreds, millions people have already had covered? We already have large majority of the adult population of the United States. That has had either made or the job at this point, So there's no end point there's no end for the Democrats and so Democrats continue to train manually,
sure this idea, they know how to deal with covered and normal Kids are obstructing that in the hope that the american people will blame Republicans for number one job. I Failure to set any sort of actual reasonable measures with regard to covet number two democratic odd scale, desired? Lockdown unmask people for the end of time and three to distract from his gigantic enormous historic worlds. failure in Afghanistan, and so they're gonna go right back to the cover. Drawing board so runs. As has become their their target of opportunity. It headed dissented since the beginning of the pandemic, because he presides over the old state in a country outside remain, which again has seven people in a most the census. Has when the admirably I live in Florida. Is he We need to see a politician who actually follows the data and recognises the mask Mandy. are completely useless. There is no actual evidence that mass mandates not asked mask manage do anything when it comes to. Delta, it is pretty clear that cloth masks are very, effective, it is not me saying this. This is Michael Ostro, home before by devising saying this is
sky golly, pointing out the cloth mass are not particularly effective against Delta, because if viral load on Delta is much higher than the viral load on the alpha variant, be one one seven. So when when Braun Descent says, there's no evidence that kid's should be massed in schools. He's absolutely correct. Now, let's be clear about what Rhonda sensed is done informed about what he has not said. The kids cannot mask and school. That's how he said he said. Local school districts will not receive funding if they ban kids from school for not masking. That is a different media of light. Thus they to be banned, masks and schools. That is not correct if you want to master in school. You are still capable of doing so. There's no evidence. You should there's no evidence. Masking in schools particularly effective, first one. you're, not gonna, wearing a second of almost to the kids are in cloth masks. Third of all, if master kid within a ninety five. I suppose you are free to do so. Although there are a lot of study suggesting that mass masking around kids is not, for their mental development and that their maybe physical consequences to get breathing in their own carbon dioxide all day, but
putting all of that aside rounded. This is not handled things poorly, we're seeing optics in virtually every state in the union. Florida by the way already has seen its peak in terms of cases and doubts according to world amateurs, you can The case numbers are already declining over the last week, or so the death numbers have been declining, pretty steeply overlap week or so in floor. Despite the media, focusing incessantly unfortunate, not Louisiana, which is an actual large scale, rolling disaster, but Florida because Louisiana has a democratic governor for that is not, but dissenters was ripping Biden. the democratic to redirect toward Kobe because began they'll want anybody. Talking about Afghanistan. Here is around us answers slamming Biden. I think Trump was right to say we needed to come home from Afghanistan. How you do that matters when you're leaving thousands of Americans to fend for themselves. behind enemy lines that matter, when you're leaving billions of dollars in military equipment for our enemy suggests. Take that matters it.
To make that area disaster. Obviously, Americans are at risk in Sean. You know who's looking at this China, Russia. North Korea, all of our adversaries, are taking the measure of Joe Biden and they see This is not somebody who's capable of leading with conviction. and and leading on the world stage Everybody knows this, so Joe Biden, ideas, let's redirect toward covert and still with policy that has never ending them king of children has become be. The point is your business Democrats and left would love to talk about is masking kids, so Anthony value? always be counted on to take us seriously conflicting decisions, and can also because it wants to do so with great confidence that he'll take two positions that are comply. Conflict with one another over the course of a year, and then he will say each it will have evidence to Harry is saying it sound, Damascus, kids, again canny site, ah study like one study showing the mandatory mass and of children has been effective you cannot because those studies do not exist the accuracy.
Not because the studies do not exist. There is no evidence that masking of kids, effective or by the way necessary because, thank God, Egypt, Arians is no more deadly for kids. As far as the data that we have seen, then was Avebury, which means it is highly, not deadly. For kids. I'm going to say to you the CDC statistics on age, ok, you're the CDC statistics on age, I'm looking at them right now, according to the CDC, a grand total. This is updated as if August eighteen two thousand twenty one twenty two days ago be granted of people in the United States under the age of eighteen who have died, involving Kova nineteen involving Cobb nineteen right, not I've got the nineteen involving combinations, the CDC language, zero to seventeen, a cohort of seventy three million Americans, three honey. Sixty one. We are not seeing a radical chicken death among young we're, not. They anybody whose telling you have really is lying to you. It is not true. I wanted the stats. A week ago since August, the one in the grand total of seven children, people under the
rigging have died of covered nineteen in the United States. Out of a cohort of seventy three million. Made no, we are not seeing a radical exponential spike in deathrays forget but If the left can convince you that your kids are in danger, they can continue to focus on an issue where they think they have winning hand because then they ethical. The Republicans. Just don't care of kids die as here's answer How you doing this routine masks are an important thing, for the mitigation, the transmission and the act? vision of infection that they are. They are very important particularly when you have a highly highly transmissible wires in the form of the delta variant and that's the reason why, when you talk about the extra And degree of protection, even in the school system where you may have vaccinated teachers and some the children may be vaccinated. You to wear a mass to protect the children so that they can continue to be in school in person in classes?
so that we don't get the deleterious effect on the child of again keeping them school you want to do that, but you want to do it safe, noticed the lack of logic here? Ok, so he says have to make sure that we may ask all the kids, because otherwise the kids might get sick. Ok, no number one kids. What sick from carbon as a general rule, and I'm talking statistically do not get seriously ill from covered If so, then he says we have to make sure that we do shut down schools where we have to keep them in school. I have a question: what is your standard for keeping them in school. jurists. It was your standard if your standard, because their this shows that all the care about zero covet. If your kid had a cold just take a completely different disease, different corona where's, your kid had a cold in school Europe can transmitted that cold in schools, the other kids. Do they, down the classes that ever happened anytime. Your entire life did. Haven't you workin on your kids records, of course not but very silly. case count is not necessarily what matters here. The question is: is anyone getting seriously ill among the children
The answer is no wiring shutting down classes why you usually have to explain what is the metric for shutting down classes, the matrix to these euro covered. If there are no case covered among kids. We keep the classes open, but what I am saying is that that is an idiotic standard. Why should I care of particularly much? a bunch of kids get cold, I never have. Before I don't particularly now, and if a word about the teachers, the teachers should all be vaccinate and if one get vaccinated they can learn and ninety five that one's on them. What we are really doing here- and everybody knows It- is where asking up the kids to protect the teachers or to make people's fainthearted parents feel better about themselves? That's what we are doing here that is not rooted in data linked to danger for children, because, again the danger to children from cold. It is extraordinary, low, extremely low three hundred and sixty one kid dead. in the course of last how you're, not everyone, was a tragedy, but real and sixty one kids under the age of eighteen have died in the United States from coded over the course last year and a half at the sea,
exact period of time same exact period of time, a number of kids Died from other diseases is much much much higher or of kids who have died from, for example, pneumonia is eight hundred and sixty five over the course of the same amount of time they even the flu which We didn't exist last year got wiped out by covered. Barely even a hundred eighty kids die too the flu, you're unhappy about half the number of kids out of the blue as I'd have covered every the amount of deadlines you have to look back at b, the asian flu epidemic that that happen. I introduce ninety- doesn't have that particularly flu epidemic didn't actually it was more deadly. Forget them. Is it like there's no metric here, none at all which, by the way I mean this is this by the way, is the reason why not Swine flu, swine flu from well two thousand ninety able two thousand ten resulted About twelve hundred and eighty two deaths kids under the age of eighteen issues, deadlier today
shut down schools for it, of course, not it's incredibly silly. Can it they continue to argue about masking kids? Why? Because it allows them to do the political thing of suggesting the Republicans are the worst people in the world, so here, for example, is done lemon doing just that again, completely data free, just nonsense: how is it freedom to forestall Dron who too young to be vaccinated into schools where they could be seen, to a deadly virus surrounded by people in for a second policing until where they can be? to a deadly virus not for them not for them Where are the stats showing z, highly deadly virus for children? They don't exist, they don't exist. But this clause God is saying the sort of stuff, too scared the Hell out appearance. I know happening because in my own community there, a bunch of parents who are freaked out thou covert, hitting their kids when the stats do not it out. They do not bear it out at all, and by the way, there's no evidence that even you may ask your kids going into a damn thing, that there's no effort into this anyway.
Diamond can negatives all political. This is not data driven, it is not science Riven put putting politics ahead of life. Saving science like those Donors are encouraging people to do it is just depraved people are dying all across the country, people with loved ones were grieving tonight. These are people, didn't have to die, ok, stab irregular, ok, boosted and he's such a he's such a wire. These are people who didn't have to die. If only we had mask mandate. Mask mandate have not worked anywhere on earth. There is no evidence that mass mandate not masks mask mandate here's the thing when people are scared, the virus, the mask up, you only demanding scared, the virus does matter via the mandate into a mask up and what comes to call it It comes to the Delta variant club. Ain't, doing the job and in their ninety five. Ok, ninety five, according to available data. By the way in Sweden, they never mast, kids going to Martin Cold or A professor at Harvard Medical School quote with open.
Schools and no masks for ages won through fifteen. In Sweden, there were zero Kobe debts It's one point: eight million children during the first wave teachers had a lower risk an average of other professions, so we early on in schools, are safe without masks. And we also know that the UK didn't really mask according to the earth. fourchan dot com as delta infections, spiked, common cases in was actually fell, Where is where are you sending their kids off to school? Here is a rare bit of comforting data more than one in one hundred school students and staff in England tested positive for Covid nineteen in June, There is no mass mandate in the schools at the time. This case as delta bearing cases or peeking across not just England, but the whole of the UK and again other countries are not super crazy that we are. Apparently there is the head of the Uk Department, education or an adviser named after Susan Hopkins talking about. Why can sony masks?
looking at it. We ve talked to educationalist public health and cynical specialists and the consumer This view is very strongly to not advise schoolchildren a primary school age to wear face coverings this for two reasons one is that they can have difficulties wearing them and keeping them on all day and the second where's, that is, it is really important that they can see facial expressions in orders about there communications and language skills tat. Yes, the case of the UK. Has it we'll worry us we're doing how much crap and superstitious pagan nonsense get another lamentably superstitious pagan nonsense. Remember I'm all these plastic barriers that people have put up all last year in my kids, glass from, for example, they have these plexiglas barriers in front of them where they supposed to block covered. For some reason, kid sitting behind a placid barrier, not on all four sides. Right now, like it was a box made of plastic like just a screen in front of them. This was posted block of it now, according to the New York Times, turns up its crap terror. Parker Popes has covered precautions.
Turn many parts of our world into a giant salad bar with plastic barrier separating sales, clothes from shoppers dividing shoppers entails lawns and shielding students from their classmates. intuition tells us a plastic shield would be protected against germs, but science who study, aerosols, airborne ventilation, say much of the time the barriers don't help and probably give people a false sense of security sometimes the barriers can make things worse. Reed search suggests that in some instances, a barrier protecting a clerk behind a check. Our counter may redirect the germs to another worker or customer rows of clear plastic shield like you might find. A nails want, or a classroom can also impede normal airflow and ventilation normal conditions in stores, classrooms offices, exhale breath particles dispersed by air currents and depending on the ventilation system, are replaced by fresh air, roughly every three fifteen to thirty minutes. But if you're wrecked plastic Barry that can change airflow in a room disrupted. Normal insulation and create dead zones where viral aerosol particles can build up and become highly concentrated says: Lindsey, MAR professor of civil and environmental engineering at Virginia Attack and one of the world's leading experts on viral transmission quote. If you have it
waste of barriers in a classroom, it's going to interfere with for ventilation of that road everybody's aerosols, we're gonna, be trapped and stuck there in building up, and they will end up spreading beyond your own desk. Ok, so what just get this straight With, of course, a dynamic went from maths or bad going too far to mass are not only good, but the best too. need? Plastic buried. Super important plus bears may in fact make things worse too. We have have six feet of distancing, but also six feet of distancing comes from absolutely nowhere like. If you ask CDC were six feet of social distancing come from, they have They ve no idea and easy standard that come from nowhere. All the signs guys it's the signs, goes down. Women says it's the science and by the way, anybody who worried about getting a vaccine. A majority vaccine third young writers, anybody who actually look at their own risk factors and says: listen, I think I'm young and unhealthy and probably not gonna, get supersonic from covert nineteen, because just this The odds are in my favour. An ear and I'm not super, come Well with like the Madonna backing those people are
we antibiotics crazies according to everybody, quote from the Washington posted. A federal health officials are investigating emerging reports that the matter the corona virus vaccine may be associated with a higher risk of a heart condition, called Maya our data and younger girls than previously believed, according to you more familiar with the review, investing which involves the FDA and Centre for Disease Control, is focused on canadian data. That suggests the majority vaccine may carry a higher risk for young people and the Pfizer biotech vaccine, especially for males below the age of thirty or so the tube who described the investigation spoke on condition of anonymity because there are not authorized to discuss it. We're gonna, do not respond to requests for comment. In a statement the city set its advisory committee on Immunization Praxis hasn't continues to review reports of Mile Cardenas impair Cardenas following cold I've seen em rna vaccination, CDS, FDA or vaccines. Eighty partners are actively monitoring these reports. one individual said the canadian Data indicates there the two and a half times higher incidence. Meyer Cardenas in those who get maternal compared with the Pfizer, violent tech vaccine.
Still extremely wrapped up again, there's none anti vaccine point. I still think that all fact being taken into consideration for the best for nearly everyone. The vaccine is a good idea. At least four people were not children, but people who are looking around and say I feel, like I'm, not being told all the risks- men, that's not totally irrational, especially again, if you are a very young and if your risk factors are very low. to go back to the CDC Dust Data by age. There is not just But this thing is very not doubly forget. This thing is: is not practical. deadly for adults who are under the age of thirty or if you The actual statistics from the CDC the end the course of its entire pandemic. Entire pandemic, more people in the United States, aged eighteen to twenty nine have died of pneumonia theirs. I discovered in the same period it's much more deadly than the flu for people, eighteen to twenty nine, like a lot more deadly than the flu, where people were
eighteen to twenty nine, but what I mean pneumonia and also again, like. You are a rational human being. You get to take a risk factors into account, but the here here is that if you take risk factors into account, this means that are very bad. Here's my mind: everybody gets Mcnerney, we are all rational him beings. We all make a decision about our own health, but when it comes to we take a vaccine or not. I have ideas, whether you should take it. I think, generally issued unless you have some. really compelling reason, not you. I think you should take the vaccine if you're an adult with that's it, we all have a free choice. It's been available for it. Were now done, but the left has to keep this life and it must keep this alive explicitly for political purposes. and now more than ever, they have to keep it alive for political purposes, because, as we at the summer and we entered the winter and the delta spike shift from the seasonably hot states like Florida and taxes and shifts into the middle and maybe in the northeast, we're gonna start seeing all the covert talk start up phase,
although it can be quite as political as has been and right now is the time may pay for the Democrats they have make a right now, because their president is completely destroying America's foreign policy, and it turns out that debt their push for tyranny at home is not all that popular either already we'll be back here, but later today, with an additional hour of content. First, you cannot forget to ensure we buy. looking at the end, reclaiming job drew shows every Friday he's got an exciting evening plan for you handed over to Daily weren't com at seven p M eastern six pm central Tuning adventure girl. This is the bench Barroso If you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe and if you want to help spread the word. Please give us a fight STAR Review and tell your friends to subscribe to were available on Apple podcast, Spotify and wherever you listened to podcast also be sure to check out the other daily wire podcast, including the Andrew Craven, show that Michael moles show, and the Mat Wall show. Thanks for listening, dementia, Piero Show is produced by Elliot, fell, executive producer, Jeremy boring our supervising producer is math is clever,
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