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Ep. 1333 - Joe Biden’s Presidency is Collapsing.


Senator Joe Manchin says it’s time to hit pause on Joe Biden’s spending plans as Biden’s approval ratings crater; the Afghanistan debacle has destroyed Biden’s credibility; and the Biden economy is flailing.

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Senator Joe Mansions, has its time hit paws on Joe Biden spending plans as binds approval ratings. Greater you, Afghanistan's by was destroyed by the credibility and abiding economy is flailing. Adventure of this is the bench I'll, show you eventually Arusha. Sponsor my express dp in your data is your business protected, express vps outcomes Spain will get all the news in just one moment first. This is your reminder that, your day, is indeed vulnerable to people who are not? U online. In your ear constantly using the online world right, making payments worsening, email, All of that data is accessible by people who are not you. What we're talking about your eye, SB or whether we are talking about hackers every time you connect unencrypted, networking, cafes, hotels, airports, etc. Your data is not secured any. on the same networking and access to and steal your personal data, passwords financial details, you name it and today it does.
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look take back Congress, Joe Biden, effectively nothing done for the next couple of years, which and is a very short window of time to ram things through. Here is the problem. In order for him to ram things, he needs complete solidarity, particularly in the Senate, whereas fifty fifty split with the Republicans with commonly Harris is vice president breaking the type again that would have happened. If Donald Trump had not intervened in the Georgia Senate races and talked all about how drawer voting system was simply wasted time at all of this, but put that beaten be that as it may put it, beside the bottom line. Here is that he still has a very, very narrow pathway to getting things done in the United States, and that requires solidarity among Democrats. In order to cudgel people like in Cinema and Joe Mansion into doing what Joe Biden once he really needs to. Have some coattails Joe Biden, him health needs to have coattails, because here's the thing when it comes to think budget reconciliation, you can do this thing with fifty votes privilege. Everything, require Sixty mansion and cinema or both from Red States, Cinema
might save one purple state, but the one the rest the country is West Virginia. Neither of them are going to be the fellow must really made this very clear over and over and over the matter, how many times the activists media asks them about, its Mps have, basically everything has to get done through budget. conciliation well the giant omnibus packages They are being pushed by. Joe Biden. Are not on their face, particularly pleasant for either of those centres, whither Cinema or for mansion, not popular There is on an unpopular West, Virginia and remember: senators are not answerable to the quota. Would national pulling areas specifically to the people who are in their own state, so the chances that mansion and cinema are not going to be super happy with these giant, does he proposals, which means the only reason why would do what Joe Biden wants if they believe the Joe Biden cartels are strong enough to carry them through. Even in Red Slash purple states that he's overwhelmingly popular and therefore they will be able to go back to their voters and say we did all of these things, because Joe Biden told us that you all of these things and therefore it is good that we did all of these things. If
by his popularity craters, therefore his chances of being able to ram through his gender completely part of the broader majority, maybe real ratings would matter so much, but Israel ratings matter, an awful lot, especially because waiting in the wings and everybody knows this is commonly harris- is a deeply unpopular policy. So if you're, drawer, mansion charting a political future and thinking of my still here in four or five years. Don't get reelected it's your wagon to Joe Biden, Uncommonly Harris or are going to start your own course something for Chris. Cinema over in Arizona she's, pretty good approval ratings, three She's pretty good approval. Ratings is because she seen as a sort of democratic version of John Mccain itself, maverick character, willing to buck her own party and say two things to the people inside her own party, about, for example, the filibuster or about too much spending. So this now enormous power in the hands of romantic. That power only grows when Joe Biden is not good news. Job so It means in matters an awful lot whether Joe Biden is liked or whether he disliked on the net.
stage and that's why matters that his pole, members have been absolutely cradling now they're catering for basic one specific reason and then one general reason. So these specific reason is because we have. The general reason is because Joe Biden is a houseplant, so he was elected, confusing houseplant. But he was a house plan whose supposed to provide stability. The thing about house plants is that they are barely alive. They cover the water state and then move around a lot. You have to worry about that You leave the house for the for work in the morning back to house in exactly the same place. Maybe it's grown a little bit. That's pretty much it, but Joe Biden elected as houseplant is actually turning out to be the planned from little shop of horrors right, he's eating everything else, he's was a policy is very much alive. Even though in terms of sentience he has not, and so, if you voted for Joe Biden or If you are, somebody in the Middle EAST can of Worms Joe Biden, your kind of getting the worst of both world you're. Getting me none, sentience non charismatic president, but he's not like Obama in any of the areas charisma or magnetism or personal, draw Andrew, getting there
a policy of Brok abomination on steroids has actually Joe Biden. Policies are way more radical than Morocco, We were at this point even in his presidency and Obama, was really radical on policy this early on in his presidency and so every time you buy now appears and seems doddering his way through a press conference, it hurts him rather than helping if you're a moderate and he were doddering his way through people would be willing to say that that's kind of a feature not above all, right doddering. But the reason is dotterine is because we elected somebody to daughter. The whole point wanted somebody who moved slowly. Incrementally somebody was not going to be threatening here, but if he's threat and also doddering now just seems like things are spending out of control and so every pressing friends that he has regimes incapable of linking together is a serious problem for him. That's why the Afghanistan debacle made so clear that he is is just not in control right, even when he makes a call. Those calls are so incapable. Of meeting with any sort of good policy. But this seems like an administration,
The brakes had been taken off and you literally haven't octogenarian in charge of the car driving directly to crowd but he's got a friggin out about that which mean but if you're immoderate on the fence, vigil by your mansion or for Christians and what I want to be in the square in the scar, the future, this car is not good it. So, let's go to the doddering of Joe Biden. and then we'll get to the policy of Joe Biden. So Tecumseh dotterine of Joe Biden here. He just continues: you lie in front around. It really is not good for all of these things at up, but the way that that people make It- genes about politicians typically is that over and over and over their preconceived notions about those politicians, are either rejected or reinforced by an everyday is reinforcing the fact that he is not with us that he is not with us. He's a radical and he's not control at this is our careening out of control, no brakes octogenarian at the wheel, who should have had his license revoked at least five years ago here is your buying yesterday, whose doing a a kind of meat and greet with a with a bus
of June, so called jewish leaders. I say so because a lot of the jewish leaders, at whose meeting with our particularly Jewish in any sort of religious said in a kind of lead reconstruction is synagogues that they reflect any of the principles of the Torah that an article interested in your philosophy, but put that aside, Germania speaking to them and I was just telling lies about visiting realising a dog. It turns out that he did not the privileged synagogue, of course, with the site of the supremacy shooting a couple of years ago, and he said he visited, he absolutely did not. He making things up now remember spending time at the go go into her. They are you now. The tree of life, synagogue. Speaking with the mat just justice, Maisie. These things are happening happening in America now and then he started doddering through a story about his daughters wedding. You can remember What's going on it's very awkward.
Minutes. Your grandpa is wandering off script nights, its reminiscent anger, Mitch, Hedberg or I or Jack handiwork. And then, when I go, I wanna go like my grandfather did peacefully in his sleep, not like the passage in his car screaming. That's that's the Democratic Party at this point by her ears is Joe Biden again can of wandering os script into the cornfield, my daughter, jewish young man, And I dream of every every every catholic Father she married jewish doctor, but there are kinda side, he did his great surgeon and they pay my mind going blind now, what's the song that has plagued where everybody on the chair, but you know what, but I can't remember anyway, and that's the song was played So you know what the hell's Goin on here inspiring stuff there from the president of
United States very, very, very inspiring stuff, and then he added on top of this. He says you certainly never again now this were. You move from the senile to the rather unforgettable, Joe Biden Toddler, never again, which of course, is verbiage that is used surrounding the Holocaust, that we as the world will never allow this sort of stuff to happen again. I have some questions for Joe Biden about this particular perspective. Coming out of his face his doddering old collapsing. is. There is a president of the United States, as the point I want to make, is that it just shows that if walk away from never again, it's gonna happen again. I can't happen again, and so I guess point I'm making it is at the top. Can Pittsburgh those attacks. All anti semitic attacks are just a strike against the jewish community like against the soul of our nation,
I'm gonna pointed out when he says we can never again to happen. This is the same president was cut by attempting to cut a deal with the genocidal iranian regime to allow them a pathway to nuclear weapons. It is the same president of the United States is currently talking about opening a pale Guinean Consulate in Jerusalem, reopening the wounds of a process, completely failed and incentive icing terror attacks in the region against Jews, is the same president of the United States, who the fragrant I've. Never again, just me thirty, eight million people to today's nazis. The Taliban are litter can go around just murmuring everybody. They don't like desired happening in Afghanistan. Right now is the same president. Who's been making kind overtures to China which had become increasingly aggressive, meanwhile, holding indulging one million. We are Muslims in concentration camps, Chauvelin, this guy says, I'm anti. never again means something we know. Doesn't it absolutely one hundred percent is not bunch of words that he thinks he has to say in front and here's the thing he has.
Our credibility on these issues- he just doesn't good administration is completely for. Afghanistan is a perfect case in point. He literally just said were for human rights when we have to say nothing about it, say things about it, but when we actually have to do something basically living twenty five hundred troops there with knows no actual combat casualties in support role, then I won't do that he's so willing to stand up for human rights mean, don't don't talk, the language of human rights, if your really unwilling to make even the most minute sacrifices on behalf of human rights. not just given rise by american interests in Afghanistan, but as long as these can we say never again that there is a lot theirs in the jewish community. There has been talk for decades about. Why wasn't the allies didn't bombed the rail lines during her? cost widened about. Why didn't the allies send a few plain he's bond the rail lines that were connecting various cities to the concentration camps and their friends, We ve been in the middle of a war. You have to use those bombs where they are best utilised, namely against nazi troops in Mostar, Golly necessary areas better.
been argument. Historically speaking, Gabriel we are not even talking about even that kind of sacrifice we are talking about. The United States of America, leaving in place people were already there doing the thing. We're already doing to prevent? both shot in the face for walking in the street without avail and your mind was unwilling to do that. No, I'm not particularly interested in hearing about never again from this dubious basis it his credibility, shot. we're gonna get to his credibility. Being shot on Afghanistan in just one second, first, as you know, began. Beginning secondment. I believe that if your law abiding citizens given obligations, your family to learn how to use gone into own one as well to protect yourself, protect your family, protect your rights owning a rifle is an Some responsibility. Building rifles is no different. That's why I'm so impressive! Bravo companies manufacturing, company started in the garage we use Marine Corps Veteran Heartland, Wisconsin the people at Bravo Company manufacturing support the rights of private individuals to access the same too.
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He was really a better yesterday that the United States left several hundred years funded journalists in Afghanistan. yeah. They hear voice where there are contractors rather and how many family members so I don't have a firm figure with me. I it has been reported publicly that there are several hundred involved involved. Macro bouquet also the ape he's Matt Lee, whose pretty good foreign policy report, grow pricing, humming green cardholders stuck over there. You just don't care about those people anymore. Apparently, you must have some estimate of help. Yours were still there who want we want to get out, and if you do
Why, though, will that we? Let me when he first start with this issue of the one hundred to two hundred and two hundred, I'm just asking about green card holders? Was there a decision made at some point to forget about those people? Nothing only allow? U S passport holders in and onto other end into the airport, through your check points not tell them your checkpoints and onto and onto plants, because a lot of them feel like they found we got screwed here and if they were lied to, and of course they were screwed and they were lied to their parades by the way of Taliban fighters were walking around in suicide so these are new allies over in the Middle EAST. One report slammed dependent John Kirby, who again has become the Baghdad Bob of this particular operation saying you keep saying this is a strategic success and wondering exactly how how handy department of Defense
before the american people, those military service, members, annals veterans and say that the mission was accomplished when people were left by a victory so, we ve been very clear that that we don't believe the effort is concluded the military mission of Evaluation is over. We know there are people that didn't make it american citizens, as well as special immigrant visa applicants, and we are in U S government it is. continue to look for ways to try to help them find safe passage out of the country. Now them predictably are beginning to spin on behalf of the binding ministration throughout. All of this is peace in the New York Times they talking about how the Taliban are going, be pragmatic, early autumn, a court the New York Times MAX Fisher, as Taliban commanders exchange their guns for the reins of power. Some thirty, eight million Afghans can do little well their breath and wait to see how the latest conquerors will rule that uncertainty, also palpable in in capitals from Washington to Beijing is compounded by the deep contradiction between the groups, Rex
extremism and brutality during its prior rain from ninety ninety six to two thousand and its promises moderation today, there's no uncertainty line Can we moderate than we do exactly what they want to do by the way Beijing has already said, they're going to recognise the Taliban regime but says MAX Fisher then our depending on how to take one cat, depending on how one counts, something like sixty seventh rebel group to take over a country in the modern era. While to our exactly like certain patterns have emerged and how rebels rule some learn to govern effect we even to modernize others collapsing ass, a renewed war, so crueler empower lashing out at their subjects in fear and insecurity. Others moderate the mostly in search of legitimacy and foreign aid, but all seem to share a few traits, are totally bureaucratic. Authoritarian is I'll, be it sometimes allowing a degree of political opening, a focus on. Can or coercing elements in society, Siena's the old order and a quest for Florence, what an recognition as they strain to overcome the pariah status that tends to greet militants who shoot their way into power we can? We can expect them that? Probably there going to be, you know eventually, they're gonna turn
like regular ruling people seeking pragmatic actions with the rest of it or, alternatively, they are going to continue being the bunch other drug running which have support themselves from any sixty thousand one drug running Beijing supported terror group that they have always been, but that a swing that we met that behind by by manufacturers are doing humans. Work on this is amazing If you just want to see what the binding ministration assign factors are doing today, check them hand, side of the twitter feed the twitter, feed reasonable day as some sort of backtrack, targeting a minor fact that was without bear that was knows wrong, while ignoring the far broader narratives, so there'll be a fact check it out here. There's a helicopter news flying a guy around each member tell them we're in the harnessing of look like, maybe it I was hanging from underneath, and people mentioned this. That was not true. I was not sure Of course, the idea that this is a very important fact super important we're going to act like the present If the United States saying he always had a plan for this or other factors
friends of the United States and no one expected that this thing was going to collapse as fast as was you're, not gonna factory of the United States when he says this is historic. Success like none of those things are worthy of a fast track, but it is worth backtrack that and hanging from underneath the helicopter. This time was not the body of an enemy used to Taliban fighter, which means good that they have our black hawk helicopters. Obviously the other check the made the rounds yesterday is the media hunting to defend Joe Biden for tracking his watch repeatedly at the at the ceremony for the fallen at Dover AIR Force Base the USA to actually had to change its ongoing national claimed, whose outright false the Joe Biden checked. His wife During the ceremony origin, they windows outright false benatar, other multiple bolts, Our family members, who said no Joe Biden contract, means watch over and over and over attractive five ten thirteen times during the actual ceremony honouring the fallen. So what did you say today? Do Did they revise their fabric they only changed it to missing context, I'm not getting it
I didn't say now, but it's true the job I must reckon his watch. It literally changed it to missing context. There is our correction. This story was updated September, second note that Biden touches watch multiple times at the dignified transfer event, including during the ceremony itself. The writing on the square been changed from partly falls to missing. Context I was missing context you see it's amazing that they'll never just say Joe Biden, tractors, watch battle at the White House demons and I he checked his watch. Gents argues strategy of what the question but the media are in spend mode four by because this has been very, very damaging for him women who can always be counted on to defend the as members of the democratic and ministries and he's ending up buttons can beat up too much on Afghanistan, Madison tapping the elements and ladys and accident or something I think people should stop, up on the administration so much because, no matter how it ended. Everyone wasn't going to be happy with the way it ended. So if there's any
silver lining in this. It's gonna be what happens going forward. You can't change the pass. You can't bring those eyes back as awful is that is, and so you know, I just think that sometimes I think the administration is good, beaten up on this a little bit. Much as a lot of blame to go around from four different president's and who actually didn't have the guts get us out of Afghanistan because they were afraid of this moment and what an exit might look like men a guy, just journalists, being everywhere all over the binding ministration all over their head diminished, wild that the left journalism that are going on right now, therefore, from dominant really really well that you by the way, also defending the administration. So when I he's defending by new nothing's going wildly wrong for the administration I dont know
what the measure or expectations of what according put successful withdrawn is, but I hope people understand that this is what war looks like. It is not meet and it is not pretty, it is violence. It is through brutal and am we're out here and we're out here expecting like he's supposed to be a cake walk. I mean this. This is war ok, this is the same person will condemn these really every time a civilian is killed. When you have terrorists hiding behind civilians, the same person who will make
Light of riots in american cities, but in a war is warm and if we get leave bunch Americans behind Afghanistan as what will do this is famed. Women's rights advocate a Yossi who basis usually you know man what's ok, so we pulled out their nineteen million women, most of whom are under the age of twenty five living living in Afghanistan. There can be subjected to vicious rape repeatedly, but you know it was rough. It was so that offences are not working, and here in lies the problem for job, I will get it at just one moment. First, we are proud that GC, you An canyon university is a supporter of the men. Shapiro show. As you know, I am very critical of the lot. Institutions of higher learning, I think guaranteed values. I don't think they teach things that are worth while, not so a grand canyon, universities and affordable christian University. the largest fastest growing universities in the country located in We Phoenix Arizona GC. You is rent top twenty four best college campuses in America, offers over two hundred seventy five engaging economic programmes with over two hundred and forty online, but wait a beautiful place to be visited.
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This is a lot, was charming and can see it reflected in the approval ratings. So, according to a new and pr Ball, Joe Biden NET ratings down thirteen percent. There is a new from NPR Pbs News, our embarrassed, it shows approval rating, is always under forty. Three I remembered Donald Trump was widely considered what most unpaid or president's while he was president in american history. Joe Biden has now at those levels mine is down in love. What is the problem is Joe Biden in gotta basement. There was hope so Donald Trump, floor. His war was a solid forty percent, no matter what he did. He was never going below forty percent. and probably no matter what he did was never going about. Forty eight percent, Joe Biden, has no ceiling, and he has no four Rachel Joe Biden could be sixty presentable. Seventy percent approval because there are times when it when he has been- or you could be twenty five percent approval, because no one loves joe- and people merely tolerate the existence of Joe Biden he's a stand in he was We voted for because she was running against Donald Trump, the only person
Joe Biden could probably be was Donald Trump because he's never. successful campaign for anything other than senator of the very small state is run for president three times he lost all eighty three times. The only reason he is a famous person is because whose put from relative obscured? by young, Barack Obama, who needed an elderly white man to accompany him on the ticket, is now job as president of the United States, and nobody is a job and then no one Had there been a disguise great thinker, he's a great speaker. He has great ideas, everybody kind of watching him pottle over to me, Lunch counter a Dennys like that guy, I write it lets you need as one who does bad stuff, that means that his approval rating is gonna continue to crater and chances are that if continued go. Poorly forbidden, they'll get worse, so he now be in a a cycle where he could now be taken a nosedive, because on the domestic front,
his basic idea was ok, we'll will bring all the troops home I'll, get a big boost from that, and then because I got a big boost from ending the afghan war, which was a big issue. Now his you must read the room. It was not a big issue for anybody in America. Democrats think that, because in their cocktail, parties They themselves been a lot of time talking about how the Afghan where is America's endless work? Americans may that we should get out of Afghanistan, but that is not a top one hundred and seventy five priority for Americans. Americans generally only care about foreign policy when there are serious losses attached if you're just like. If you ask Americans right now, what are your opinion? on fruit levels in South Korea, Americans may an opinion on it. Maybe act. They want some of the troops removed from South Korea. Is that anything that is cross they're mine in the last twenty five years? Probably not the same thing Afghanistan it had become another one, just America's protracted conflict where we are troops on the ground and where we want brings Europe casualties and serious losses, Joe Biden, made it a top priority and he misinterpreted because he thought that by doing this he would be gone.
we're some sort of public support and earning political capital. He could then expended home. The problem is actually lost political capital and now he's running a political capital deficit and has no place to borrow from the bank is closed according apple. Seventy one percent of EU citizens deem the: U S, role in Afghanistan, a failure sixty one percent disapproval presidents handling of the withdraw. Fifty six percent disapprove of its foreign policy as a whole are brutal. Ratings president approval rating drop by six percentage points from nearest August bore it, which Biden earned a rating of forty nine percent. His support from Democrats has dropped by far point by ten among independence the brutal rating is also dropped since July's approval rating of fifty percent. net approval. Ready was plus five August plus seventeen July. He is now at minus eight, since they must withdraw from. Ghana, Stan Biden has lost the support of the majority of independence. A key voting group Biden, one in twenty twenty.
so that is a lot that is a disaster area for Joe Biden meanwhile imposed that are even worse for him. There's pull out from ABC News and Is that a huge percentage of Americans now believe we are less safe. Its American. many things simultaneously, some of which conflict with each other example, a majority of Americans believe it is good to get out of Afghanistan, but then a huge majority of Americans also believe that we are now less safe because you get out of Afghanistan now, maybe that's a risk willing to take. I highly doubt it. I think that here can only respond to the question that is put in front of them is one the problems of pulling. It is also true that when people answer poles yet It is true. Every social sign, study social sign studies demonstrate that the worst and of social sign study is when people do. self assessment? This is for example, there is pulling recently on how many people had taken the vaccine view in went Rachel grew by racial Reuben, its head in the pool that a huge number of,
Americans had taken. The vaccine, CDC has actually measured, who is take Maxine by race, and it turns out the black Kids are far less likely to have taken a vaccine very often people self assertion. self lettering. Ways is also happens with regard to foreign policy. So, if you ask people, Do you think that we are less safe? Now that we're out of Afghanistan, people will say yes and if, I am also, should we have gotten out of Afghanistan, they might also say us a bit no obligation for them to be ideologically consistent since he being the hobgoblin of little mind. Thirty. Six percent of Americans in war was worth fighting. There are seventy seven percent who support America withdrawing but sick, percent of Americans disapprove of the way that job naturally handled this thing now, the most I think Potent thing here is that, when asked exactly whether they feel it,
safer. Because of German, which is the question for president's right, it is not whether they think that what he did, it's gonna hold right or wrong. Forty four percent of Americans think withdraw left United States less less safe from terrorism. Eight percent think the country is safer as result that that's pretty shocking right. Forty four to eight forty four percent of Americans think let us withdrawing means that we are never safe. Presenting we are safer All, although are immediate members, Joe Biden, family, Antonio, his family, the rest see no difference means they don't care about the issues. If we care about the issue is pretty obvious: we're not as safe as war when we had those troops on the ground and the Taliban. has provided a new terrorist. Eight haven he's this made it means again. Joe Biden has no leverage over his own membership, none which mean Joe Biden could be in serious trouble here, which is why yesterday Jonathan Shade was right angrily about how Joe
by Joe Biden presidency might be ended by romantic. Why will draw mansion put out an up ad in the regional yesterday titled, why I won't support spending another three point: five trillion dollars. He said The nation faces an unprecedented array of challenges and will inevitably encounter additional crises in the future. Yet summon com a strange believe. There's an infant supply of money to deal with any current or future crisis, and then spending trillions VON trillions of no negative consequence for the future. I disagree. Where heating economy has imposed a costly quantum, put inflation tax on every middle Working Class American at twenty point seven trillion dollars and growing the nation that has reached record levels. By the way, it is a myth, doing what the levels of national debt were going back historically mean. I remember when George W Bush was blowing out the national debt and ever booze freaking out about it and this it back in thousand two thousand three. We are spending tons and tons of money, the federal that held
by the public as a percentage of GDP in like to that breed two thousand war was about thirty percent. Thirty five percent today the most national that, as a percentage of the federal GDP is approaching its over eighty percent now is approaching nine you're, a hundred percent it These are shocking statistics. Obviously enemy like a kind of the one hundred and fifty year view of the US national that you can that we are now up to actually ninety eight point, two percent of GDP right, which is pretty unbelievable because the amount of mass and spending we did last year and that we are about to do now. So we are, we are entering Roy a dangerous territory in terms of the national debt. Now people and left on because I think we can just print money for ever. here's the reality about about what you are doing when you continue to sell debt, which is basically what you have to do it flayed the currency in the process. There's only a few ways out of this one is you pay people? with inflated currency. You actually start
digitally generating dollars and enhancing those dollars to bondholders. The second is that you just radically raise taxes on people, including no class people there just are not enough tax dollars at the top of the income spectrum. The United States has one of those progressed. Tax systems on planet earth people on top one percent are paying a huge percentage of the taxes. People top half are paying all of the taxes people want ten percent of income or, as in the United States, are paying all met, taxes, meaning no government benefits and they're paying all the taxes, z contacts with people much more. So if you really want to- spend the mounting the worst running right now you really have to broaden the tax base, which, of course, is going to hamper growth is so you can, theoretically inflate the currency. You can theoretically raise your taxes, or you can get into a situation where you are defaulting than the United States is based We hoping that were still. The best relative bet compared to the russian market, but this is also why the United States is not going to be in the future in favour of a lot of economic innovation like Bitcoin being used. Now as an alternative currency because debases the United States currency and makes it less.
likely than Americans are going to invest their money in things like bonds, they're, afraid. Going to be paid back with inflated dollars. So why would a worthy pay back in inflated dollars? Would that be something worthwhile This is where cruising fray financial bruising. I guess the story and your mansion is correct about this. He says, over the past eighteen months, we spend more than five trillion dollars responding to the grown virus pandemic. Now democratic congressional leaders, was to pass the largest single spinning bill in history, with no one rising inflation, crippling debt or the inevitability of future crises, ignoring the fiscal, consequences of our policy choices will create a disastrous future. for the next generation of Americans. Those who believe such concerns are overstated, should ask themselves what do we do if the pin it gets worse under the next viral mutation. What do we do if there's, actual crisis like the one that led to the great recession. What We face a terrorist attack or major international conflict. How America respond
such crises, and we needlessly spend trillions of dollars rate is right. I mean obviously, if you're going to fire financial bullets crises, we should wait for national crisis. We are now at this, under the pandemic? There's a study came out, and AIDS is probably upwards of. Eighty percent of Americans have form of immunity carbon, whether its natural immunity or vaccine immunity, so What exactly are we talking about spending five trillion dollars, for, I know, says your mansion again because he is a senator from West Virginia and not a centre for me, or instead of rushing to spend trillions, a new government programmes and additional stimulus funding Congress should hit a strategic paws on the budget. Conciliation legislation. Applause is warranted because, provide more clarity on the trajectory of pandemic allows determine whether inflation is transitory or not. While some of us have tested this reconciliation legislation must be has now. I believe, budgetary decisions under artificial political deadlines doesn't need a good policy. Are sound. Decisions have always said. If I can't explain it, I can vote for it. I cannot explain
Why my democratic colleagues are rushing spend three point: five trillion dollars. Also, we must have for complete reporting an analysis of the implications of multi trillion dollar bill will have for this generation in the next such a step he should pause. Has your mansion will allow every member of Congress to use the transparent committee process today? What should be fun? What can we simply not afford? He says I, for one won't support a three point. Five we now know built or anywhere near that level of additional spending, without greater clarity about why Congress chooses to ignore the serious effects, inflation and that have an existing government programmes is even more Now, as social security and medical atrocities have sounded the alarm that these lights in programmes will be insolvent and benefits could be reduced. As soon as twenty twenty six romantic air and twenty thirty three a year earlier,. than previously projected for social security established artificial, three point: five trillion dollars spending number and reverse engineering the partisan social priorities. That should be That isn't how you make good policy. undoubtedly some argue. Bold social policy action should be taken ass, his mansion, but I share the belief we should help us.
Media most, we must also be honest, not the present, the present economic reality inflation is rising its bleeding the value of Americans wages in income. More than ten million jobs remain open. Our economy has reached record levels of quarterly growth. This positive I'm a reality makes clear the purpose of the three point: five trillion dollars in spending is not to solve urgent problems, but you reinvention America's social policies. On my fellow Democrat will disagree. I believe truly, is more dollars not only ignores present economic reality. That makes certain America will be fiscally weaken when it faces a future accession or national emergency. Since many in Washington and commenced themselves. We can add trillions of dollars more to their knees. Twenty nine trillion dollar national, that with no repercussions regardless of political party, elected leaders, are sent to Washington to make tough decisions and not simply go along you get along for those who
dismiss my unwillingness to support a three point: five trillion dollar bill S, political posturing. I hope they he'd be powerful words that moment Molin former chairman of the Joint Chiefs, who calls that the biggest threat to national security, so mansion is basically saying that job. I needs to wait while if this thing way do you think the conditions are going to get riper for people to vote for three point. Five million dollar is then needs to the now everybody knows that it needs to happen now. This is what look at our freaking out is why Jonathan Shape has apiece titled Joe man. Has put binds presidency in mortal danger. mercurial centre, calls for a pause when Democrats desperately need to move fast. he says this is most bearish indicator forbidden says, mentions rationale for demanding applause, is farcical, etc, etc, etc. And it's really bad at super terrible, but he said The compromise negotiated in the house requires an expedited schedule with an infrastructure, but by the month the sequence is still workable, because all of them
Actions have an understanding of what they'll, including the social spending bill. Without then undressed In place progressive Every incentive divulge on the infrastructure bill, which will in turn contributes the impression of dysfunctional chaos. So in other words, there is a deal in place. deal basically was that your mansion and cinema would vote for the infrastructure. Bell and then Nancy Policy would immediately ran through a reconciliation bill mansion nothing had paused Zambians, the timeline just got blown up. This is Jonathan traders pointing out is a disease whence it mentions negotiations, especially likely to provoke distrust, he helped create a demand for a fast infrastructure vote which necessitates the scramble to speed up Second bill. Indeed, the most reasonable demand has moderates have is not before for larger, build imagined. Ultimately agreed you insistence on waiting freezes. Everything in place the danger This pause sets off a cycle of failure, while the end our belatedly mobilizing against the bill. Now the Democrats best chances move as fast,
as possible, delay creates the impression of dysfunction, making binding Congress less popular in turn. Reducing the popularity of any bill they pass in turn, making Congress more reluctant to support its Joe Biden. Has your coattails. He can't force this thing through is a serious problem. Or the Democratic Party will get more of this in just one second. First, let us talk about the fact that the unknown came in twenty twenty. It changed the workplace forever. Some are getting back to the office. Some of us are finding themselves in a new normal at home. The future of work is changed so as the future of the chair, you must sit on the x chair. Let me time at the extra. This thing is like sitting on a little slice of heaven: extra newest innovation Ellen. Temperature regulation will take your seat and comfort to a whole new level patent pending MAX, allows you to experience cooing heat, a massage in your low back feeling a bit one. The summary containing Ellen Extra going air conditioning in homer officers went up to high set your elements to heating warm up ensued. Tired muscles, revealing press them too many zoom calls turn on elements, massage therapy and relax mixtures patented.
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An awesome, instead of just tuning and from your home will be able to see us I've been on stage of the famous Riman Auditorium, a national doing. What we do best making sense so join me, zones. German boring, Michael Knolls, mouthwash, Nn Clayton from backstage like never before so we have sell tickets they sold out little within an hour yesterday. general mission tickets, those one on sale at ten a m. Today we are offering three kinds of tickets: the IP tickets, those come with an exclusive gives it a meat agreed with us, followed by they get that comes with operated sitting in a show poster, and finally, we got general seeding tickets. Whichever ticket you choose, I personally guarantee is going to be an awesome time, hurry Had on over to daily wired, I come slash riman to purchase your ticket before they sell out. Also this Sunday with special episode of the Sunday special. Obviously next week marks. September eleventh twentyth anniversary thereof, we're leaving. Afghanistan and ignominious to feed handing the country back to the very people who helped perform nine eleven joining us
Gus all of that is congolese writers, national security adviser on nine eleven and then secretary of State under George W Bush at eight fastened. in sobering conversation, here's a sneak beak We were on afghan territory, fighting the counter terrorism, fight alongside Afghans. alongside allies from NATO, using intelligence assets that we had developed to find been Lawton and kill him in Pakistan that twenty years bought us a peace that I did not think possible on September, twelve sure to check it out over a daily wired outcome: Apple TV, rogue, who acts or on my Youtube, Channel Ben Shapiro. Again how things really important episode is something you're going to want to share with friends and family. If your member, nine eleven I believe you know people who don't. It must watch your listening to the largest fastest growing concern to Pakistan, reddish on the nation,
yeah already so in breaking news by the way, the August Jobs Report is out, complete veil complete absolute utter failure, which of course is not surprising because we are paying people to stay home and then we're talking inflating more or time that more stimulus, we're talking about by telling people they must stay on because the pandemic, one? That is obviously not true. If your vaccinated, you should know, be afraid of other people were on vaccinated, because your vaccinated, the whole damned point of getting vaccinated in the first place, the reality, it there's a reason why these states there are Best in terms of the unemployment rate are all state in the states are all doing. Wars are the blue states. There is a reason for that. The August jobs report how bad wasn't economists had forecast seven hundred and twenty five thousand jobs being create. Remember there ten million open jobs in the United States. Right now, seventeen twenty five thousand jobs. What the economists have been forecasting the actual number of jobs created
was two hundred and thirty five thousand jobs you're off by a factor of three Europe by a factor of three that is a disaster area for the binding ministration and again they keep missing the mark. They keep missing at all And over the hamlet, one Goodman and then not three terrible months. That is because you have complete destroyed all of the incentive structures causing people to go back to work you destroy, supply lines. Your artificial we boosting demand by pouring money into people's pockets, but you can tell, by the way, that that sort inflation is not actual price. Inflation is not sort of heat. Is it's not I'm getting? You know, Hyena Israel, the low numbers like whether people are actually yet loans. The answer is: no people are not take loans under these circumstances, because they're afraid of nothing it will pay them back, and that is good, the underlying fundamentals that are being created by the regulate and spend and tax burden economy. Our lot weaker,
the fundamentals of the economy. There was much more laissez faire under Donald Trump. This is this wild, I mean so the FED is now saying that the auto shop supporters was a failure, but because of the epidemic buying assets. It ever occur to them reason the job of ports of failures, because you keep inflating the currency is because you keep paying. To stay home is because unemployment benefits is because your creating enormous pressure, businesses to spend more money than they are actually taking in on employees. Dissolve, causing inflation of course end, but there's things transitory, which is fine, terrible news for the economy not a shock. The unemployment rate fell to five point two percent in August from five point four percent before The Bureau of Labour statistics there's a reason Bitcoin by the wages rose past fifty thousand dollars per Bitcoin. The reason for that because people are now investing in some form
of more solid asset in the United States dollar, given what the federal government is doing right now by the way. According to the the economic report, there are job losses in certain sectors in the retail sector, almost thirty thousand jobs lost in the restaurant sector, forty two thousand jobs lost, There are thirty. Six thousand job picked up in the entertainment sector. That's probably an taken nosedive considering the Joe Biden, continues to shut down the economy. That's amazing! What that people in the media they're going to contribute, as do the delta spike The reality is that the only reason that you're seeing shut down I now tremendous fear right now is because the media have made it seem So, even if you are vaccinated, you should be afraid. This goes back to a point I was making yesterday about Covet, which really is thus alien point if you had to draw a chart of the worried and the unworried when it comes to when it comes
to covet, I'm actually do it for you right now. Here we have a circle. Is the worried here we have a circle. It is the unworried, ok are the two circle of the american population. The unworried contain some people who are vaccinated, work, vaccinate right, I'm unworried and I'm vaccinated, sell. Some part of this circle are the vaccinated. Ok, but the rest of the circle. Are the unbalanced, the entirety the people who are on backed our unworried? I say that because if they were worried, they would go get backed. It is the best ocean to your worry, is to get that gate. But then, if you work the circle of the worried there, the entire circle The entire circle is vaccinated, of the worried the entirety of the circle is vaccinated. So right now You have the Biden administration, basically telling accident to shut down the economy. Worry about the vaccinated. Worry worry worry, worried gay, but those are
we shouldn't be worried were now at the point where, if you are a sentience adults in the United States you don't have some unbelievably severe just in condition in which your doctors, as you shouldn't, get of asking you now the to do whatever the hell. You want the economy, shutting down it's because of Joe Biden turbines credibility shredded using gonna stop the virus has not he said that he was going to kill the economy. Has you said but he was going to shore up our credibility onto the international stage. Not only is it not time that is destroying our credibility on the international stage and now I'll be it hopes that he had for restructuring the nature of american government. They ride on mansion and persons Emma. It is an unsuccessful, failed presidency and we are not even a year in that house plant is beginning to wilt serious fashion, already we'll be back her later today, with an additional hour of content. First, you cannot forget to end your week by checking up and reclaiming children's shows, every Friday he's got an exciting evening plan for you had an over to daily weren't a calm at seven p M Eastern six came central to did I venture others has the bench of erosion
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