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Ep. 138 - Trump Rips Hillary Apart

2016-06-22 | 🔗
Hillary attacks Trump, Trump smacks her back, and Democrats sit around to get us to give up our guns...or something. Plus Mathis' hair comes in for some criticism.
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Barack Obama is a dramatic failure. His economy has been a slow motion, train wreck, his domestic policy, his dream. Racial antagonism, two new heights and divided Americans each other along lines of religion and sexual orientation on foreign policy, he said world on fire in the name of a pretty meaningless verbiage and unless hegemonic, America less powerful America. But there is good news, at least he controls the information this week attorney General Loretta Lynch told Americans to believe her. Rather than there lying stupid eyes. First, she openly Did the f b. I would censor the nine one. One phone call rather jihadi a meeting rooms Forty nine Americans, at a gay nightclub in Orlando, the FBI she said, would remove explicit. France's Do Isis, ISIS leader, Apple, baccarat, back daddy and Islam. The resulting transcript is pretty hilarious. Here is a taste quote, in the name of God. The merciful, the beneficial in Arabic, praise be to God, and where's as well as peace, be upon the profit of in Arabic. I let you know I'm in Orlando, and I did the shootings my name
I pledge of allegiance to omitted. I pledge ensue. Omitted. May God protect him in Arabic on behalf of omitted this memory. Holing would make George Orwell weep. In this adoration Allah becomes gauzy. Islam is just like Judaism and Christianity game, but we can't meant in terrorist groups and their leaders, in fact, more than a week after the attack you're still telling the press, she doesn't know the jihadi motivation, even though it does what he was doing right there in the transcript. This is called for, you don't, but this is not unusual for the Obama administration. We know that in the run up to the around you, the abandonment of Russian simply altered reality to feed its narrative. It had fiction writer deputy national Security adviser Ben roads cook up an account when negotiations with the terrorists they began only after the accession of moderate President's Hassan Romani, never mind, Obama company
the negotiating with the motives behind the scenes for years before that the narrative had be falsified and upheld when the State Department was forced to admit about those lies. In a press conference, the White House chopped out that section of the TED Conference for People release. We also know the Obama administration Light openly about Obamacare. If you knew from the beginning that you couldn't keep your play, you're a doctor, you're right, but the alarm and Minister hit that we know the Obama State Department sliced out of sight in a transcript mentioning Article Islam, when french President Francois Helen, visited the United States, the person who controls the information flow controls reality and the open. Administration is already rewriting reality for the historians decades. From now, we won't find out where they had more to the bodies until too late, just as we won't find out what Hillary Clinton head in her private server until its way too late. This is why a government must not be trusted with massive power. Gang politicians have every incentive not just to lie in the press: but why, with an eye to the future, the more power they have over us, the more power they have over there Already we see and the more they
if they can get away with, manipulating that reality. Adventure of his is the venture. Piero show Things got tennysons humanize people care about you're feeling so ok for some reason in my hearing things, but we will see if that, if that holds true in a second ok, so the little boy, well, you need subscribe daily, wired outcomes. You can see the look of confusion on my face when I can't actually here what I'm supposed to be hearing, but you also be able to see magical new tricks of the trade that will be using in the midst of the show. You also be able to email us, and let us know what you want me to talk about in the mail bag sections that there exciting, as well, though daily wire dot com. For all of that, ok self. The left is on full scale attack on gun control. Today, today,
Democrats decided that they were going. They come up with a brilliant new plan, a brilliant new plan to fight on behalf of gun control. We talked about how Senate Democrats yesterday rejected, for there are four different proposals brought to the floor and send it to were terrible to what so terrible descended Democrats rejected the two that weren't so terrible. The Republicans rejected the two that were terror all four rejected. Now today, Democrats in the house, there really Superman there. So angry there so angry that they're doing this right is twenty. Eight is Democrats acting like toddlers they're here the floor of the house in what do you see a bunch of people sitting on the floor of the house sitting there? This is their there sit in sponsored by appropriate, Nature and they're they're sitting there all day apparent They're going to sit until they get a vote on the no fly list, they want the no fly list, become the no gun. Violence whatsoever this is one of the leaders on this thing was on the no fly list so properly. Apparently, he thinks he can be able by a gun is used on the no fly list they're sitting there. They been sitting there all day made their hashtag
no more silence. I do some of the things that are tweeting, it's pretty is pretty Rebecca. First of all, let me just tell you Democrats. This is not a threat. Ok, you get strike something I don't want you to be doing anyway. This is like declaring that you want me to do something so going to strike against kidnapping much child, like I didn't want you to know my child, so I would hope that you continue to strike against kidnapping my trial. Please continue, strike against voting in the House, I want you. Voting in the house are terrible. I hope these sit on the floor forever. I hope you just sit there until you decay. I hope that you sit there until you until you get bedsores absences, I hope that you sit there for all Germany and you never go anywhere and you never vote on things, and you leave me alone. That's my great hope is the girl decision of all time, I'm totally for the sitting. If, if it's you can do this every day that would be great represent.
John Lewis says we don't have any intention of leaving anytime soon, which means stinky in there pretty quickly. I've already suggested that Republicans counter to sit in with a Saul Alinsky South Fart in they go up to the house with a balcony of this chamber and they just start ripping I'm sorry letting him loosen and let the democratic stew and that for the next few hours and database would be a great summary of what is anyway, a bunch of fat. All people sitting around farming on each other, that'll be there'll, be basic, Congress does in any case it now make me, don't make me happy camper, that's very exciting. My favorite call comes from Jerry near Jerry Adler, who is legitimately one of the more ridiculous figures in Congress. We don't have a picture of him, unfortunately, because he looks like George Lucas creation from STAR Wars episode for but not even like a computer generated. George looks like one of the actual and once and enjoying ever. He just said quote this house's drenched in blood and we must cleanse it like there actually get to do human sacrifice on the floor of the house which come too
think of it. I mean I have a few people I can volunteer for that. If we're going to do that, we may as well just really go for it. Let me know you mean that some of them are still live like Nancy Pelosi, but it's either. The whole thing is is just hilarious. Might my favorite tweet thread here is the is Charles Cook from National review. He's been tweeting out this, this fake conversation about about there and basically conversation goes like this. If you want, the fifth amended will sit down on the floor. Ok, sitting on the floor. Ok, not sure you understand. This will actually said on the floor, will be sitting it'll, be on the floor. Ok, in other words, you choose undermine or we sit on the floor. Sit on the floor that we'll do it was a definite, ok, that's exactly who at its roots, I love,
so much the just sitting there they expect miracles, like oh, my god, you're right, let's burn the constitution or you're gonna sit there or now again, let's, let's reiterate what the Democrats. What from all of this is they want to be able to revoke the due process right in the fifth amendment? They won't make it too that if the F B, I put you on a list, you can't buy a gun and you really know we're getting off the western. You know you're on the lessons legal trying by gunnery, try and fly in play, and then they say well, maybe we'll let you off. If you show us that you're innocent, which is not exactly how democratic countries work, but it's it's pretty. It's pretty incredible. I love it alot, so I hope that they continue to hope that by this time tomorrow there still sitting there. I hope that they continue to sit there forever. I'm happy to shipping. I these I'm happy to shipping, Andy. My daughter has, as its small toilet, that we can. Then for them has little party. I am I am so I could not be more excited about this whole thing. Honestly, I think that has just been testing. Ok, so milk, that's all going on. That's I'm going on the propaganda mill continues to turn over the other
administration, Loretta Lynch who, as Andrew claiming calls her issues issues they most sinister figure in the Obama administration. Can she sits there and talk of preternatural com about these? You put his most insane insipid crap you ve ever heard in your life, so Yesterday Loretta Engineer Press conference, and she said many a stupid thing. Many a stupid thing. Let's start with stupid thing number one this is where she says that the best she gives it the best response to Orlando jihadists shooting up gay people at an icon. Here's the best response. He says we stand with you to say that the good in this world far outweighs the evil that our car- and humanity transcends our differences and that our most effective response to terror and hatred is compassion to unity and its lead we stand with you today as we grieve together and long after the can. Where's your gone. We will continue to stand with you as we grow together and commitment,
parity and inequality, passion, unity. Ashen unity in love are the best response I could make it. In hand, gesture right now, but I'm barred by my company from doing so so passion unity, love somewhere, ISIS is going. You know why I'm in a fund a community center. Now I can't believe it. She really passion. Unity and ok, so that that's exciting. Meanwhile, the redolent continue by saying we don't know this guy's motives. Okay, so We don't know his motives. She says, except when he called mine, one one and spend three hours on the phone telling them his motive, except for that It's like the OJ, some central. What could motive have been? I dont know what was his. You will probably wasn't odious, pray mark vermin. Would he kill his ex wife? You threaten to kill many times before. This is crazy. That's the guy! hey man. He said I'm doing this rises, but why would you What is the I dont know? This is great, has Loretta Lynch sticking her head like an ostrich into the sand?
It's actually coming out in Austria by now say here is Eras Loretta Lynch we may never know the management of all a mystery wrapped in enabling MA wrapped in another mystery. I don't just it's good to condemn Erika, in particular there looking into why Martine targeted this place and this community, they have repeatedly said this is not only terrorism, it's also a hate crime. But it seems that she and the administration are trying to shit the conversation more to hate and not just terrorism. Is there a reason Paul as to why there is such a emphasis more on the hate them the terrorism? It's interesting, because Three we saw with the reductions. There were such an outcry when they try to take out his name and the terrorist organisations. Plural that inspired him and there was has pushed back saying, do not want to admit that this was a terrorist acts. It was interesting that once again she's trying to make this pivot, I will say that in her career, It already general has tried very hard for the algae Viti community to protect their rights
and the rights of other minority groups here. I think she wants to make sure this is how the reporters we're great so she's, really crappy attorney general she's, the most morally bankrupt attorney general since, like Eric Holder, who is the last, but she celebrate that I love the reporter saying so. She's The better job, but she super pro gay while that fixes everything my favorite part of this is that Loretta Lynch yesterday announced that the wife of this tree hottest was texting with him during the attack and apparently humped scout out the site. Here's Loretta lunch explaining what happened to his wife really for this to work. You have to be imagining the Benny Hill Music in the background Deodar out under the code of conduct, an ode to becoming a note to have to sort of an enemy that music playing underneath Loretta leisure now? I do not know exactly the answer to that. I believe she was gonna travel, but I do not know exactly her location mouth you gone, we you know where she could be
she sort of his escape to the FBI, righteous mastermind criminal. I don't know where she is you she I like I like her. She says that she was going travelling she's going travelling, Gretel, she's vacationing unleashes again, reclaiming than she summers in New Hampshire like well. What are we talking about here, so it is that this whole thing just continues to be increasingly ridiculous. In the end, the purposeful blindness of all of it is truly amazing. John carries the Secretary of State John Kerry. He comes out and right after this happens, right up. As happens in remember this guy's father, the Orlando Shooters Father, was in afghan refugees, we let him in and then he came in and he brought up this crappy son. We now have a case in Idaho, that's being looked into where it appears that some muslim refugees may have raped a five year old, disable mentally disabled girl.
And John Kerry selling us don't worry about these these refugees they oppose any rest, come on. There is absolutely no evidence by friends zero evidence that refugees who make it through this arduous process, prose any greater threat to our society. Then the members of any other and it is important for people to know that is no. I icon show you evidence. My face is going to state of structural glass. What There is no, let me be very clear, preventing any group from entering the United States solely because of their race or because of their nationality or because of a religious affiliation, is directly contrary to the very deals on which our country is very serious and John Kerry. We believe things are given only to hear more of him his nose deal,
thing. That seems consistent from his face two years ago. It's like they took each part of his face and replace it with another face book weather, but through a sort of left. Her looks like it looks like silly party in the silly party was left out in the in the rain or something it's just its it's bizarre world, but, aside from making fun of John, carries sagging facial structure, which looks like a mudslide in San Fernando Health, From that John Kerry, saying that refugees don't pose a risk. I asked Franz how that's going for them asked asked the Germans have that's going for them an energy continues like this Josh earnest from the from the White House. He came out yesterday's as radical Islam. Extremism is just a talking point. Why the basic so upset about radical islamic extremists. Thing I mean come on. It's too talking point not like when we say that gun control needs to be pursued in the aftermath of a jihadist killing. Lot. That's not a talking point. That's reality like when we have bunch people sitting around the floor of the house whooping on themselves. For no reason: no,
This is a real talking point when people say radical islamic extremism, Pineau Cressets outrageous. Actually, the truth of the matter is the individuals who spend most there. I am talking about radical islamic terrorism- are individuals like Republicans in the Senate, who voted against legislation that would pay. Those individuals from being able to buy a gun and those individuals who have not actually put forward their own strategy for keeping the country safe, using the term radical islamic extremism is not a counter terrorism strategy. It is a political talking. Point plain and simple, and with the presence of the United States has done, has put forward a compromise, the strategy to squeeze islamic the islamic State, in Iraq and Syria to inhibit their ability to recruit and radicalized people around the globe. He is aggressively supported proposals that would make it harder for individuals who are suspected of having ties that extremist organisations from being able to walk into a gun store and by gun. So the president,
Damn right say about. Mrs aggressively pursued people have ties to terrorist organisations from getting on wizened his FBI aggressively pursuing deporting those people, because they're not because here is the inconvenient problem here- is a friend of your land or terrorist. From many years ago, saying I told the FBI this guy was a creeper. I told him shortly after that Malik says he heard machine in talking about our lackeys, videos, it conservative so much. He called the fbi- he's only knew a very powerful and that, for you is troubling the rays of the room. Flagging even higher. For me, the F B, I did investigate machine for the second time in two years and cleared him of any suspicion. Malik says the F B. I never asked Good John and again, but I did contact him slope for the FBI. I am so this so then so that their new narrative is that we have to take away my gun sake way. Europeans take way everybody's guns, because, although you ought to be real about this as soon as the federal gum,
Has the power to ban you from buying guns, based on your presence on a terror watch list there just going to put you on a terror watch list in it, as you know, look, that's are in power, just gonna say anybody who opposes the administration anybody who opposes sir, How is he is anybody who has ties to any organisation they don't like up to and including just normal glory innovation centres and abandon from buying guns. That's that's where this is going. Ok. So meanwhile, as the Democrats continue to implode, overdone control and Orlando, Hillary Clinton is going on attack against brought against a Donald Trump, so Hilary and Trumpery now going at each other directly and- and this is what it was kind of thought about. This is that there are legitimately to have the worst people in America. And when they attack each other, they only say true things about each other. They also falls things about them elves, but they only say true things about each other and so watching them attack each other is kind of amusing. I think that Hilary is would make it worse, president than tromp as I've articulated before, because I think all four principles are wrong. I think to slash three
principles are wrong. The proud. The reason I am not voting for tromp is because I think that there are a lot of people as we'll get to, and just a little while here are willing to sell out principle we're not to sell out principle undermine principle in order backdrop, his initial act any but here is Hillary Clinton attacking Trump over the economy. Yesterday, just look up. Get in Atlantic City, he put his name, my buildings, his favorite thing to do. He convinced other people that is properties were a great investment, so they would go in with them, but he array, just so. He got paid no matter how his companies perform. Someone has Casino and hotel went bankrupt because of how badly hit manage them. He still walked way with millions, while everybody else paid the price today. Those properties are sold, shuddered or falling apart
and so are a lot of people's lives. We cannot put a person like this with all his empty. Promises in a position of power over our lives. We can't let him thank wrapped America like we are one of his failed casinos. Ok suing stabber there. Yes, that's true his his. He is gone bankrupt. He has companies gone bankrupt many times he says he likes to play off of daddy Italy does like to play off of dead. Hilary goes after trumps. She says you don't even pay his own employees properly and small businesses that did work for Trump and never got paying pagers waiters plumbers. People who needed the money and didn't get it not because he couldn't pay them, but because he could still
them, sometimes he offered damn thirty cents on the dollar for projects they had already completed hundred. Of wings have been filed against him by contract there's going back decades and they all tell again factual true. All of this is true. Donald Trump is ACE, sleaze, ok, that all this is true. Then Hilary says the Donald trumps policies would lead to an economic recession again kind of true what on my case, former economic advisers, actually calculated what would happen to us country if tromp gets his way he described The results of a trump recession we would lose. Three and a half million jobs incomes would stagnate, debt would explode and stock prices would plummet. She's, talking specifically about its trade policy and trade policy, is in fact disastrous. Its
play stupid. As I've talked about before you don't make an economy richer by shutting it off to all the other economies, then we can trade with them. They won't buy our products. We can't buy cheaper products from them. We don't get cool stuff. We just generate whatever you think of it. This way, if you could only trade, the people inside your own house name like you and your immediate family. Would you be poorer or richer than if you can trade with everybody around you? Keeping the grocery store and the gas station. The answer as you'd be allow poor. Ok, the same thing holds true for the american economy as a whole and here's. The problem here is the problem. Hillary Clinton can make a fire, I trump case She can't make a pro Hilary case because there is no pro Hilary case. So here is Hillary Clinton, economic adviser being asked again. This is the fourth time this has happened where somebody's asked pillars: people. What's the difference between a socialist, a democrat- and they have no idea how to answer the question, what the Devil between a demo ran a socialist look at me. A new general definitions, but I believe that the kind of progressive demo
at the cheese is one that understands that. We are, of course, a market economy that we, of course rely on on job creation, small business entrepreneurship here, but believes that we as a country have a responsibility in the face of strong economic change, to make sure that we are shaping their change. So that is not. How will we now the middle class or been indifferent to the middle class, as I think we ve seen from too many? look and ministries in the republican leadership and one that is actively seeking to shape economic change, so that it strengthens the middle class that the focus is on our middle class family seen their wages, their hopes there ascertain if it answer, dignity and seeds, is badly babble make babble days because there's no good answer here. Ok, so Hilary is perhaps so now he turned a tramp tramp has his opportunity. The Democrats are doing. Citizens on the house, for the Democrats are are proclaiming that Islam has nothing to do with a radical jihadist, murdering forty nine people,
Orlando Florida, Hillary Clinton, has no capacity to defend herself. So as always now it's time for some good trump bad, trompe good drum bathroom. So should we start with bad temperature? We start with good will start with good trump. Today there is an awful lot of good from today. Aren't you excited about it and in in just out of it did the significance of this moment it's time for some good trump? Oh, yes, it's time for some good troops out. Ok, Donald Trump made a speech today, thanks made a speech today from a teleprompter. So normally this sort of how this works right. Donald Trump speaks from the teleprompter and its yeah good, trompe speaking from a teleprompter America's wonderful place, then the teleprompter shuts shots offer. He turned his face away from the teleprompter and we get bad Trump, then we get oh well. That's when the mexican judge came after me up Donald Trump.
Was actually more on teleprompter. Today he was in this thing: teleprompter tromp Trump is much better than unscripted Donald much better than on scripted Donald. So he gave a speech today in which you went after Hillary Clinton. Wasn't a perfect speech, he still had moments that were stupid, he still made his main point about trade, which are just again economically illiterate still said his silly things about how he's the only one who can save America, but he got in some. Good jobs, Hillary Clinton- and this does a couple of things for him. It says a couple of things: were him one? It justifies the the argument that a lot of folks were making about trumpet primaries that he was the only one case. Both really hitting Hilary cleanly, that he was the only one who get capable of really punching Hilary heart. This beach punch Hilary hard, there's, no question it. Right he had Hilary heart, isn't it or clean lady has trump his dirty. So because he's dirty he's open up him, also Hilary setting him there there hitting each other member in trading, it's in in rocky too rocky too at the very end. They have the fight in The various fight, Rocky and APOLLO
I hate each other at the same time, and they Let's go down and Rocky gets up, wrote his rocky by the way, those movies, the idea that some, just alone would ever be Carl others in a fight is a joke or whether it would destroy Sylvester Stallone, and, if I put aside from that, they hit each other They both go down and Sylvester Stallone gets up trump an Hilary like that. He's giving he's getting a lot of the shots, ended Hilary but he's not really clean on any of the shots and I'll explain why, but he is justifying the the contention made by Trump people that Trump was capable. Maybe The field capable of really hitting Hilary heart if from starts to be effective it this. If he stays on message floods, he spends the next six months, just hitting haleran next five months, just hitting Hilary, it's gonna put a lot of pressure on people. Like me, to support trump. The reason for that is because there will be less for me, two point two and say: well, that's why or guys right. That's why I'm not gonna miss important, we'll get a bad trump in a minute and you'll see why ok, so here is Donald Trump, being good trumpets time for some Good Donald
and here he begins by calling Hilary a world class liars to quit. Fourteen Hillary Clinton and as you know, she most people now she's a world less liar, just look at her that a mail server statements, or her phony landing in Bosnia where she said: she was under attack and the attack turned out to be young girls, handing or flowers a total, and so I look this was this- was one of the builds a total and self serving lie. Brian Williams Career was destroyed, four, paying less. Just remember that. Ok, yes, Higgins unease along those lines. He calls rely on and that's all right, that's all good. It doesnt have, I think, be. The kind of this particular section didn't have the residents that you and hope that it had, because if the soon come up with, is her lying about the tarmac in Bosnia. Ninety, ninety nine, that's a little bit
we d, I mean she lies much worse and that's when he gets to that stuff. Then this speech gets good, then suddenly start to see good trumpery, you start to see the trump whales against people. You'd have to ask again the reasons dozen totally work is because Trump lies all that so he could accuse Hilary of lying all the time it doesn't have the same impact as it would from somebody who tells the truth more often and when you as they did. Hillary Clinton falsifiedst things in the past, You have quite the same way as it would from some, who didn't masqueraders his own publicity guy to talk about which women you stop. It say it's in it makes a very odd but what Trump is saying about her is right, and this is a good trumps. I cannot the bad from section. So more good tramp tramp says that Hilary beholden special interest groups The other candidate in his race has spent her entire life, making money for special interests, and I will tell you she's made plenty of money for them and she's been taking plenty of money out for herself. Hillary Clinton has perfected the politics of personal power.
And even death. She ran the state Department like our own personal hedge fund. Doing favours for oppressive regimes and many others, and really many many others in exchange for cash pure and so Then, when she left she made twenty one point: six million dollars, speeches to Wall Street banks and other special interests and in less two years secret speeches that she does not want to reveal under any circumstances to the public. I wonder why together. She and bill made one hundred and fifty three million dollars giving speeches to lobbyists. See egos and foreign governments in the years since two thousand and one ITALY owner again and that will never ever chain of including, if she ever because
presently they totally on right. Yes, totally true totally tourism could side note it. Weird when Donald Trump inhales, like he's gonna line of cocaine between phrases, but for what and by what he saying. There is, of course true when you, when you say when he says Hilary clan, is totally own, in a way that no one else has ever been totally owned. This is true. She is owned. The problem, of course, is the Donald Trump has also brag about owning politicians and engaging in buying and selling of politicians, but he's not wrong here. He's not wrong here. These are solid jabs Hillary Clinton, and that this is It is the best moment for this I thought was the best moment for Trump is clip. Sixteen Donald Trump goes after Hillary Clinton, Slow, he's going precisely after Hilary biggest weakness, which is people think Hilary is a narcissist who is self serving in the autumn. Reason she's running. If for personal, of aggrandizement right and from hits or on that any hits or solid. She believed she is entitled to the office. Her campaign slogan is I'm with her. You know what my responses to that, I'm with
You, the american people and budgetary. Having is because again see a better embassies sitting there doing his mug self satisfied grid, but he's doing men did it's exactly discredit shall I end and in from visiting their doing that, and he suddenly just mouths to people. But here I don't know he- can his his mouth expand beyond like this radius of his face. So it's like just below his nose. So there is in any case it from says the big, but he's right, that's the best line was beat right. He says that where he says that Hillary Clinton Her slogan is I'm with her. I'm with you right, I'm with you. This would resonate better if, if you're, actually
without, but your I mean this is this. This is actually a great line at eighty legit grade a political line at a great line. Donald Trump just dropped on her, and he ought to keep repeating it as often loudly as you possibly can. He continues along these lines. He says that Hilary is getting rich off your back again good stuff Hilary, gave China millions of jobs in our best jobs, an effect. Let China completely rebuild itself in return. Hillary Clinton got rich. The book Clinton Cash by Peter Schweitzer Documents- Bill in here: use the state department to a rich, their family and a man. It is an ad America's expense. She gets ridge making you poor. He gets rich, making you poor as a great line. Ok, that is wrong Chinese policy could again, he doesn't understand rate, but he does under but he does hid it right on the head he's here. We're in search of in it, I said, is a hammer in search of a nail Heller
a nail, and so he just keeps hammering her and if, hammering her. It's gonna put a lot of pressure on people to support in, even though he is not a very good guy and he's not a good candidate, and he doesn't believe any the right things. People are gonna, say yeah, but he's a hammer, unease hitting the nails. How can you oppose the hammer for hitting the nail? I dont opposed the hammer for heading the now. I hope I oppose the hammer because he sometimes it Second judges, and sometimes he hits disabled people and some had puppies. But when he's hitting a nail, you have to celebrate the heading of the nail, because it is very satisfying- is hitting the now flush right here, most of the time, his his attack on here Oakland's foreign policy is is similarly good. Here's trump going after Hillary Clinton, foreign policy, perhaps the most terrifying thing about Hillary Clinton. Far The sea is that she refuses to acknowledge the threat posed by radical Islam. In fact, Hillary Clinton supports a radical five hundred and fifty percent increase in syrian refugees coming into the United States and that's an increase over present.
A bomb is already high number under her plan. We would admit hundreds of thousands of refugees from the most dangerous countries on earth with no way to screen who they are, what they are, what they believe where they come from already hundreds of recent immigrants and their children have been convicted of terrorist activity inside the United States. The father of the Orlando shooter was a Taliban support from Afghanistan, one of the most repressive antigay, gay and anti woman regimes honour. I only want to admit people who share our values and love. Our p, right, that's correct.
And we went to egos after Hilary and Ambassador Stevens DO, which is great. In the middle of the speech she talked about, Ambassador Stevens, any said Hilary slept right through already hit or with the kitchen sink into the kitchen sink. This is good. Tromp. Good Trump, his Hillary Clinton with the kitchen sink and that's great, it's great, ok now it's time, there's been a lot of good from an that's the new cycle today, because the bad from actually took place before the good from, because the way that this works is, you, say something stupid, but any say something smart app for where we pay attention to the latest thing that you said this was good from this is Trump in his basket was his second best beach for the campaign is best before the campaign was about radical Islam last week, if all Trump war, or just the guy who said things teleprompter. He would actually be a lot more palatable candidate he's not so here It is now we ve done the trump now the time has come. The time has come for bad trump, so bad from has arrived, he kind of creeps year, nine, so bad rubber And I M bedroom is egg. I who doesn't really.
Understand much about policy but says he does. He says silly things about the economy. Here is bad from talking about how he's going to beat Hillary Clinton. Be off limits for you in going after well. I know why she says that, and I think that's why I think that's warfare to say that I hid bill couplet, find me cuz once he's in the campaign, you know he's in the campaign. I guess she deserves to be hit but I would much rather have based on issues and policy. I think we would on issues and policy. He'd read much rather have the basic issues in policy see. This is cannot get from this. Is this is kind of situation but the even this is kind of tromp right this summer between the Trump and bad from this is like resting, resting angry face, drop actual bad from it Here's. A desert he's on CBS, Neuro, Donald and he's asked about his economic policy I specifically about what he would do about America's national debt and what he says here is just utterly asinine. Because, again, when he's
on attacking and sillery is enough to talk about himself. It doesn't have to talk about himself Can you gonna take your as much as you want and he's unsafe ground the minute he starts talking policy. The man is like a drowning sailor here then the king of that I'm great with nobody knows that better than me. I've made a fortune for using debt and things worked out our renegotiate the debt and may lead to smart thing, not a stupid thing, and I made it probably renegotiate the death. Do you go back and you say: hey guess what the economy just crashed. I'm gonna give you back half I like that. For me, I don't like death for the country. I like it for my company, but I don't like debt for the countries that I wouldn't renegotiated. Negotiate. If I We deal in a cooperation as an example. The economy has been oftentimes renegotiate that debt, but that's a different thing. That's just a copper thing and other people like me, very big people in the world. Business they do that No, I wouldn't do that, but I think it could be a good time to borrow and pay off debt
our debt make longer term debt. Ok, so so is as easy as a few things here that are that are ridiculous. Soap. First of all, he says that he would written renegotiated at a man's what he says at the top. He says we got people and our economies, bad we're gonna pay back half what we owe this call defaulting. At length and when the? U S economy defaults on its debt, the problem, We can no longer borrow if we can do Meanwhile, we can't pay off any of the debt that we have to, for example, the people on social security or the people on Medicare. We can't pay back any of the people we previously borrowed from six percent of our national budget. Six percent of it is just that service. It's just that though we older people, the interest on it at the time in the debt itself is just the interest on that. We do that. You, the dollar ends up dropping because we're gonna have to print dollars to pay this off, agent. It's bad news. All the way around everybody knows that, except for tromp, so Trump back tractor than is all I wouldn't renegotiated out, but I would kind of renegotiated outright. May I wouldn't renegotiate debit, one thousand business. I renegotiated debts and worked out great for me, and but I wouldn't
for the country, but I kind of wood, but not so much because it's just because I don't really know, but I'm telling you I don't know what what right backdrop. Ok so having too much fun with the good from bad from. Thank you, too Linsey for the production. This new, this new, very sophisticate, production element. We have added to the bench of Hiroshima, ok, so all of that being said it more more bad trumpet here is the spokeswoman for dollars. You talked about the Donald Trump campaign down from spokeswoman Katrina Pearson, whose just amazing amazing Katrina, Harrison who has what would be for. In one of the hardest jobs in life. Freedom Harrison His on CNN issues asked about the fact that the term campaign, which only has one
we three million dollars cash here. It's been two hundred thousand dollars in the month of May on hats on hats like over that crazy here, two years could ridden appears in explaining herself. Why think? Moving forward you're going to say some of those number shift again we're just now transitioning into more of a fund raising mechanism simply because Donald Trump does want to help the hour and say in a joint effort and absolutely no. Everyone loves the hats and everyone has their making Amerika great again had than those are big commodities. For that pain and it's a white people first for them to show their support. People of hats, people of hats, ok, gray, so we have no campaign. Employees and no interest actually raise nobody, but people love their hats. They love the hat by them I don't understand why I mean that there's there's something about that: the entire Trump brand there's just nineteen ninety, to style. Mice read like word perfect style, nice like when you state clip art and make a card for your mom rates. It's like that, so it's it's,
but in any case that's not even really bathroom. So here's here's the reason why again and I keep having to reiterate because I feel like people need the explanation. The reason I'm not supporting tromp, even though Trump when utilities right on the money is because I'm seeing so many people, so many people pervert the values of conservatism indecency to fit Donald Trump. You don't have to do that. You can say I support trump, but he's absolute garbage is only better than Hilary right. You could do that. That's not what people are doing. That's not what people are doing here is Ben Carson Soviet. Yesterday Donald Trump met with her rigid Angelica hundreds evangelicals written in an attempt to woo them and I'm not gonna, let Joe Scarborough hair in this particular club. It looks like you caught in a winds. Form or he was- or he was in a scene in take from there's something about Mary, but in any case the Carson was on with Joe Scarborough any he was asked about. Evangelicals is backing Donald Trump, zero buncher came out, so they would backdrop
I think the image Erika community realises that we're not choosing the preacher and chief we're looking for manner and chief, but we want commander in chief who understands the importance, for instance, of the first amendment and and not penalizing people for living according to their faith. They want a commander in chief who understands the sanctity of life, who understands the importance of the family and how the family is the basic unit for a strong society. So those are the kinds of things at that
the really looking for not necessarily somebody who can quote verse and chapter of the Bible. Ok, so that's actually not a terrible argument. Natasha not been Carson's worst argument has made many wars, arguments and now that's that's, not Ben Carson's worst argument right, there's only one problem. That is that Ben Carson's statements here are not reflective of what other people are saying. So one of the most ironic photos ever is Jerry. Firewall junior took a photo with Trump endorsing Trump and we should hold the photo. It's my fault. I didn't send it to Mathis Buddy, but the photo is a photo of trumps day next to fall well, behind them behind them is a picture of Donald Trump. On the cover of Playboy magazine, with eight with a porn star legitimately right like right behind his left shoulder and it's ok, while you know yet you you can endorse tromp without endorsing tromp right, you can say, will back him to stop Hilary without going on current, but instead you have a bunch of people going all its Jerry Firewall and Ralph Reed and Franklin Gram they're all in Antwerp. Now they said,
been convinced that they see in the way they ve been there on the road and damascus and and and this Guy appeared in the sky to them and that face just grazed the sky, like the sun, and then they and then they realise that they had to support Donald from because you just such a wonderful fellow here's grub events austrian in the parts of her face. The move talking to the other three Reverend Franklin, Gram, Ralph rate and Jerry, followed junior all go on the record. I should note, as of today, Ralph and carry out both on trumps Advisory board, so welcome to our welcomed Oliver Reverend First, you what happened today we were ass. I was asked to come to a meeting and I hear of Donald Trump did you know I'm not supporting or endorse, and anyone this year on one off? If you stay capitals to whole paralyse on capital steps and that's what I'm doing, promise people, won't get aboard endorse any one, but I was invited to hear
men a latter day because he think he answered everyone's questions are people that had nothing good concerns was a good and concerns, and they were among honest concerns. Ethic Donald Trump address most of those today Gary where there is well. Were you in fact, having an early door served out trouble I'm going to correct? What did you think today? I was very impressed. He was very presidential and he's really showing a deeper understanding than I've ever seen before of issues that are important to conservatives in the Christians. He talked a lot about a Supreme Court now many is, he talked about how they are going to be pro life. He talked about support for the nation of Israel and he was strong on that issue that something is very important to the group in that room. He also talked about so many other issues that are so important.
To talk about religious freedom? That was a number one concern of religious liberty, because the government now is impinging on the religious freedoms of people of faith and those where they, those were the key issues here, Is he went a lot longer than he promised the group he would go? I was very impressed, and here I was honoured chain or do some men. I tried to point out to the crowd. We have such a simple choice. This election, we we can vote for somebody, who's promised to support and defend the values that are important to conservatives and Christians, and a point the right nominated to the Supreme Court, or we can vote for this. Is this wildly enthusiastic bunch? They they decided to two back Donald Trump, but they're much backing him. There talking help his character and talking of his character, which is utterly unnecessary. Look this is a sales ban. She brought bunch indulge articles and were roaming tell them what they wanted to hear. If you put him in a room with a budget
hey. You then jellicoe. You would tell them what they want to hear this. What Donald Trump does he saw the people in some of them we'll had already been sold him Alberta from National Review. He he wrote about this. He said draw the hype. Nothing was said or done to fundamentally alter the uneasy relationship between Trump and Christian right in interviews with in attendees, most common assessment of trumps performance was a shrug. He check boxes on policy issues they said and played to the crowds greatest and secure. Edie. I repeatedly referencing the Supreme Court. Some activists reluctantly acknowledged they plan to personally vote for him, but many were present due to their leadership roles, and none of them are yet willing to extend from an endorsement. I told you reconciling family Research Council, they say I ll. Of social. Conservatives want to be withdrawn because they see the alternative, but he said that he hasn't taken the leap of endorsing Trump yet, and this is true for a lot of these people, but some people have some people have, and this is the court. I want to focus on because it pretty amazing Franklin, Graham and how I go out, what Franklin Grandpa
to say in respect of his religious leader, Franklin Graham said about Donald Trump. He say he gave a speech for Donald Trump in which he said that Donald Trump was like Moses because Moses disobeyed Garden was punished David, because David committed adultery and killed a man. Ok, Frank, Reverend, grant! Ok! A couple couple acquit biblical notes. This particular Ex Jesus a couple, a quick thanks Moses repented. Also David repented, Azure, recall David had sex with Bathsheba and then centre, has been Riah out to get killed. Every got her pregnant, remember this and that and what happened. The prophet Nathan came and yell Let him and told him that his kingship was basically over because of all this and David, then repentant Moses hit the right and then you repented before God, but God wasn't willing to forgive him because God, in wanting to lead in led the nation into Israel,
Neither of them said alone. I did the right thing. I did the right thing. I was as sarcastically tweeting out Moses Trump and David tromp. How they would have other would play these situations and David Trumpets was like yeah. It next the married woman. Of course, I had sex with a married woman. My sword is long beautiful and in Moses Trumbull, like, of course, I hit, the rock in the olden days, no taken that rock out on a structure as it is in this kind of stuff is is just it's just silly is just silly the the idea that that Donald Trump is reflective of any sort of real Christian thought. I thought the Basque. What is more, the eventual leaders he said something to the effect of Donald Trump speaks Christian, like somebody who just got the Rosetta stone version at his warning, I think that's probably right, and this is what perverse that this is what I dont like about any of this is that is the perversion of conservative principle. In order to make room for Donald Trump, you don't have to provoke conservative principle, just say ye Trump
isn't particularly question. You doesn't believe in a lot of these things, but you better Hilary you. You trust him to defend our values a little bit more, don't pervert the standard, don't pervert the principle. If you change the principle to fit the man, the principle no longer means anything. Ok time for some things that I like. And some things that I hate. Ok things that I like imagine your game of thrones, I'm not talking about game of Thrones the tv series. I don't watch gamma thrones the tv series. I watched the first three episodes. And there is too much gratuitous nudity. For me, I just was not into that. Rather, I was into it, but it's not a good thing for us. Also, in any case, gratuitous nudity is not something that I am in favour of the first books. The first book is great: the first book of the first game of firms, because legitimately Agrippa book to his weaker book, three is very There are some suck, so if you're gonna read the game of frontier is one in three: are the good ones you sort after? He too is there between after the red wedding, whichever one but that is now after the running, the series basically died. For me, it's been meandering around nonsensical lay for awhile. I think the same is
I still read the summaries online because George, our Martin is never gonna finish. The series is gonna die before finishing it, so that the tv he's no ahead of the book series how misusing early and for having their forces enough, I their sixty and then really started. Six years are six seasons in on came of thrones and George. Our market is released. One extra credit so there now ahead of him. They started off with book, one he's already completed in books, seven book six or seven and there's there now ahead of. That just shows how slow he has, but I the summary still and it's not Goin anywhere. Ok, we all know, what's gonna happen right, John Snow has survived and generic is gonna come back and maybe they got together and what we do, but the first, but the first book is released but it's really a change in the nature of fantasy eviction, because, as our by now the main character- dying at the inverse book, which is a shocker rights, are ok, so the first book is good. Ok, things that I hate besides math.
This new haircut, sorry math as it had a visa. Linsey loves his Erika. Lindsey also has a tattoo that says brave and, as we all know, people tattoos say brave, particularly women are not allowed to are not washing men to the utmost, unless my my rule about men who have tat used to brave is if you're, gay or if you fought in Afghanistan, those are basically not even Iraq, Afghanistan, if you have one of those two, your man who can have a tattoo array of your woman, you just put a tattoo brave on because That's true! India's in charge of Mila Belinda cut. Math is his hair, so you're not risk. Possible for that. So many heads, in any case math is Mathis had really good. Then James Dean Hair is basically now shave all the way around the sides. So he looks like a half biker half James Dean Mashup looks like a match. The town fire ends
and so yeah. Sorry math is by them yeah. I missed the old here I missed the on. I miss the old here. It's it's yeah, it's a little sad! So I'll get other things that I hate. So Broadway stars decided to react to the Orlando shooting with their typical savoir faire and ingenious They decided that what they needed to do is sing a song sing, a song. What song was That is how to sing on NBC what the world needs now is love, sweet love hosted by Martin Short and that woman who supposed
we funny, but I dont remember her name. Thank you, my rode off. Ok, so we can plan following the tragedy in Orlando Broadway performers came together to record a song in support of the victims and their families. What the world needs now is. Love was released yesterday on Itunes to benefit the g, L B, T community Center of central floor, so performing that's on your denied. Please welcome Broadway. For Orlando. I gather needs now. Nobody knows where these people are runways. Nobody knows, to actually enter a more generous terrorist. We ah
bound to listen to this whole thing Samantha, I should probably be singing over and there's the guy from Rice there's guy, here's, my shit, ok bunch of obscure is ok, so somewhere I this has gone like this. There are, they gonna, lighter and really enjoying themselves, and then they just go castrating person from off building. So that's it so it gets. It gets awkward when, if brow we were in charge of America. Amerika would last precisely negative three seconds. If you did the ISIS or is it planning to go back in time and destroy America? That's that's how it what at Absolute utter inanity. You get from the laugh, it's true amazing, so we got that demonstrates in Congress. We ve got abroad.
They start singing. There's an amazing, ok, fine, final thing that will we'll talk about your so Michel fields. Had her book come out yesterday, bends emails, Baku I'm friendly with, and I've been on, Steve's show the only I'm playing this club is not because I want to relegate the Michel Fields incident. God knows we done this enough. I want to point out the unfairness of of something at sea miles, but does here that I keep hearing and this this is Michel fields. They mean come on guys. They give it up. Lewandowski grabbed rounded who's your end of story, if you think that's a good thing, then celebrate Lewandowski, you think that's a bad thing then say that he is not a great I for doing it. Then slandering Michel feels really and very complicated, but baby the twists and turns the princeling that that people who defend from have to go through on this particular scores. Pretty is pretty egregious your sleeve malls. We're going after Michel fields it. If I do not
hot. He which wasn't supply with the partner. The prosecutor conducted an investigation with a preconceived condition that that there would be no court case that the prosecutor would aim to get you an apology. That's what you're telling me yeah! That's not news! I mean it something that I had spoken about before during the whole. I know you want giving apology. I know you wanted an apology, but why would the prosecutor? Why would a prosecutor spend taxpayers money when you're saying I mean if the wife, if a wife is beaten by her husband, she doesn't press charges? I dont think that she could say: hey go ahead with the investigation. I don't want you to private one. I think they have do? I want to go to court, but I wanted to apologize. I think it works that way. I'll get it wasn't. Depositors did Mozart he's doing routine where he is suggesting that what happened as Michel fields went to the police and she found the police report the police, independently Michel fields, decided to go ahead and recommended charge the reason Michel Fields file. The police report is because people like
he was wearing, were claiming that this thing never happen. In the first place, the police, of course, founded had uncovered taped. It showed that it had she's louder. To do that, you're allowed to file a police report based on an incident that happened. It's then the police, this decision and prosecutors decision go forward, he's actually run by the way. If a wife goes in and says, I want to press charges against my husband and they me and the prosecutor say: ok, we're going to negotiate some sort of deal where you and your husband, break. This happens all the time in formal deals like this actually are relatively calm in the relatively common, but this is the way that the narrative shift, because Trump was line because Lewandowski was lying. People decided that they had to shift the attack on Michel Fields from Michel fields was lying and she made up her bruises and who issues that were grab and is all made up to go. She never should have filed the police report the reason she via the police report, because you people are calling our liar. They just want to point out that the can shifty nature of how politics works. Is it really is tiny? Yucky, It really is going to ask you whether you think the internet was overblown or not. The shifting defence routine here is really kind of ridicule
ok, so tomorrow, we'll be back with much much more, including the Ben Shapiro show. Mailbag we'll see if, if, if good from or bathroom sharp once more, we'll see which and we get. I think that most Republicans praying Donald Trump to shut his face for twenty four hours and doesn't destroy the good cycle of headlines about him attacking Hilary, but we'll find out we'll find out, because it's been now like an hour to have two hours since Trump gave the speech and we may be reaching expiration date before he can generate another Let me bench of Euro. This is the bench a bureau shop
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