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Ep. 1380 - AOC For President


The judge in the Rittenhouse case bars MSNBC from the courtroom after a reporter allegedly follows jurors; Democrats in the House make yet another push for Build Back Better; and the groundswell begins for an AOC presidential run.

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The judge in the written house case bars MSNBC from the court room after a porter allegedly follows jurors Democrats in the house: they get another push for bill. Back, better n groundswell begin for an ale z, presidential run. God help us all I'm bench promises the bench Bianca, yeah then spiritual sponsored by Express Vps your data? Is your business protected, express Vps outcome, slash all the news in just one moment. First black Fridays, start saving money right. Well, might you start save money now like? Why wait until black Friday, you could having a ton of money by switching your cell phone coverage provider, running we too much money for that right now, because you want those great ivory towers right. Well, what did you get the exact same coverage like half the price? This is where pure talk comes in pure top will give you. there are five g coverage, I'm one of the largest five you networks in the country and still save the average family over eight hundred dollars year I made the switch. The coverage is excellent. Their use based
most of service, actually cares about you in your touch. Prices are pretty much wholesale. Unlimited talk to six gigs of data. Just thirty dollars month. Keep your number keep your phone or this month in a black Friday is our new phones like the Iphone twelve for just for seventy nine bucks to big savings, not authority, risk free guarantee, she literally have nothing to lose, but a pure talked icon shop for the plan and phone, it's right for you and then and her promo code Shapiro, and you will say fifty percent off your very first month. An save on a new phone at the same time, that is pure talk, dotcom promo Code, Shapiro, pure talk simply smarter wireless. Some restrictions apply, see site for details already, so another crazy development in the written house trial. Now remember. The jury is still out at this point. We don't know what is going on with the jury. Population seems to me that Hungary is coming Mccarthy, writing for national review. He says that he believe that Hungary is likely is it midday on Thursday, as the thirtieth deliberations dragged on in their growth Voting sense of jury may be deadlocked and are very straightforward case. The judges
he had banned MSNBC from the courtroom is. The judge, of course, is Bruce trader. Traitor elaborated that on Wednesday evening, a man we identified himself is affiliated with MSNBC addendum dreams. Morrison was stopped by police as you track the jury, a close range running, a red light, that pursuit the jurors when a large vehicle with covered windows from which they ve been escorted. And from court trader to them. wars and claim to have been acting under the direction of an MSNBC producer in new. We all know that MSNBC has been blatantly answer Rittenhouse with all of its hosts attacks. Rittenhouse, suggesting that he's guilty suggesting he's a racist and a white supremacist, and that the outcome of this trial is going to speak for the few for of race relations in America, despite the fact that only three white people got shot here was
Here is the judge announcing that he had barred MSNBC from the quorum after this, I have instructed that no one from MSNBC News will be permitted in this building for the duration of this trial. This is a very serious matter and I don't know what the ultimate truth of it is, but absolute Lee would go without much thinking that someone who is following the jury, bus that is a very really serious matter, and there will be referred to the proper authorities. Obviously, that is insanity airport following jurors. Apparently some of these reporters claim they do. This thing at the new license plate numbers of the jurors, and they do is fair. regularly apparently in earnest, they can ask the jurors about what they were thinking after the case over that's enough.
In its especially insane, given the high profile nature of the trial and the fact that many of these jurors, all of them living Canosa, which means that they are subject the problems that are going to rising Canosa if they come down the wrong way according to an MSNBC spokespersons. Had last night, a freelance received a traffic citation, while the traffic violation place near the jury, then the freelance, I contacted or intended to contact the jurors during deliberations and never photographed are intended to photograph them. We regret the incident and will fully cooperate with the authorities on any investigation, now see any Mccarthy see suggest he says I say I think a quick birds would favour Rittenhouse. Its deliberations instead drag out. There is a greater chance of Hungary or a compromise. In this case. Any Mccarthy said the compromise verdicts former prosecutor, which can be skin was, but is nevertheless permissible in our system, jurors, avoid a hopeless deadlocked by agreeing convicted used on somebody out other charges or unless charges that is now Those who believe that affected should be acquainted nor those who want an convicted on severe charges get what they want, but events is reached even it is not rational. Eight years
internally consistent or line, but the proof a compromise, I think, a tie in a sense the defendant, neither walks nor faces life imprisonment in Rio. the victory for the states is written house, stand convicted of a felony and face significant prison time. What is a quick verdict says Mccarthy depends on the cage. I was a junior prosecutor in the longest federal criminal trail in american history. The pizza connection case night. Eighty five, eighty seven, the jury is out Six days for the Rittenhouse case, Thou like an eternity narco. After seventeen months, a frying, a raft of charges against twenty to defend It seemed extraordinarily quick, as I write peace where seven hours in the third Dave deliberations in the written house proudly already seems long especial because the trial was less than two weeks of testimony, and the question is whether the defendant didn't justifiable self defence or even when there is reasonable doubt that it still remember the standard. Isn't, did he act in self defence? It is their right hold up, and he might have done so. My dad's would offence and that's the standard is the reasonable doubt is the clearest cascade amateur clerk.
Cases of defence. It is one hundred and ninety seven percent clear cut case, there's reasonable doubt as to whether he engaged in self defence. That is what this does suggest is that there may be a situation in which the judge simply declares a mistrial. If the jury comes back deadlocked, you miss trout with prejudices, we're not doing this again. There has certainly been enough cases of of mistrial laden behaviour by the prosecution to support that if the jury comes back and acquits the judges off the hook, if the jury comes an says, Hungary. The judge could dear we declare a mistrial. Is that no one impact is a hungarian must he did so with prejudice, which means that they can't revile the case. If the combat guilty, he could still declare a mistrial or mistrial of prejudice based on what is going on? So, there's a long way to go in this trial, even once the jury comes back and in any Mccarthy's, fairly critical about trader,
He says, I'm an unconstrained, observed ones. Assessment of Judge Bruce shredded does not improve with extended observation in the latest. Grey session. Traitor bleeding about had been how he'd been handled for how he'd been criticised for its handling of hence motion for a mistrial. He said he had not even had a chance to read since it at all been filed the previous day. But the motion is pages long double doubles based. He says it appear. the trader made up his mind before the trial. There would be no sequestration and he is mulisher sticking to that allows mistake, because now they ve not been sequestered the jury they can be easily intimidate, and it appears that that is at the very least possibility, given the fact that MSNBC is now apparently sending reporters stringer is to follow members of the jury. So that is that that is bad stuff already in one second, we'll get to the chaos that has now broken out on what side of the out everybody knows. Joe Biden is not running for re election at this point because he cannot even walk, is very difficult to run for re election when you cannot walk
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from California she'd shall act Joe Biden in the first debate. By suggesting that he was a racist and later in the re, suggested that he was a sexual assault her and they he dropped out of the rates, because she's terrible at everything is all she is for her entire career is fail up We are so disquieted with her that CNN report the other day that we're talking about elevating her to the Supreme Court just to get her out of the way That would be the greatest case of filling up with an american history. You go forming a crappy agee to being a crappy senator to being a crappy, vice presidents, being a crappy Supreme Court justice really. America is land of opportunity. A while calmly rested yet another national interview yesterday and they get they all go badly for. She was George definite plus. I will never ever ever get over the fact that George Stefano was, is presented as a news person. I will never get over it as an objective news person. This guy was an adviser to Hilary and Bill Clinton again, if Carl, were presented as an objective news reporter. That is the.
Making George stuff Annapolis Objective resource media as is so right, but here's the thing Kamel Harris can't even sound good when speaking with George Stuff Annapolis, whose job it to carry around drool cup for her age insane here is commonly Harris explaining that you can't fix the border months ago. The present gave you the job of dressing, the root causes of migration, but last month we learn, in the past year. Had the highest number of illegal border course insist. They started to be recorded. in nineteen sixty. What are you doing to turn that around? How long will it take? Well, not gonna, be overnight. We can't just flip a switch and make it better The reality is that we inherited a system and immigration system that was deeply broken and requiring us to actually put it back together in terms of creating a fair process that is effective and efficient, ok, yeah, we can fix it,
is it really not a good answer considering this was delegated to you. This was your job. Joe Biden sent you down not to the border, to the to the latin american central american triangle. To try and solve this thing you done nothing. And then you said that you had visited the border when you're not visited the border, and then you said you don't understand why you should miss it. The border and you're almost laughed we can tell your almost laughing the nervous bizarre, all that breaks out. Every time commonly Harris's asked a question she's almost there, with every one of these questions in these are not super tough questions, a Georgia Nobblers then ask for us off. While does she feel under used, as vice president of the United States in here his her ears, her inspiring answer for getting things stand and we're doing together, so you don't feel misused or under used now tat. I am honoured as very excited about the work that we have accomplished, but I am also
absolutely absolutely clear. Eyed that there is a lot Doing we're gonna get a done. Yeah man, Then she said she want to bring down the cost of living. This worked out well for her for her boss, Joe Biden. Remember last year suggested he was going to get them to cost of living since then, two things giving dinner, has exploded about twenty percent. There is common Harris, the consequences this gun up, the cost of gas, has gone up and it as this is all happening in the context of two years of a pandemic as one of the highest priorities actually for the president and for me, and so we're dealing with this issue in a number of ways. Short term. One of the issues is the supply chain which a bottleneck, and we need to relieve that bottleneck. So we brought together everyone from the Teamsters to target to say: hey, let's all bring everyone together,
Firstly, the folks were moving product and, let's open up some of our major ports for work, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Okay, so does not going down for somewhere is not going well. and the Democrats in looking for twenty four and the other person they keep trotting out p booty, judge. Good luck with that agreement. and people are definitely going to that. I went missing on job for two months: guess: who's on paternity leave, despite the fact that again, paternally was originally designs and can help care for a person who just experienced physical trauma. Wife people a two month paternity leave in the middle of supply, chain price and no one noticed, and then he came, can brag about how he was a wonderful person for having taken too much on paternity leave on the public dime. So yeah good luck really good luck that, in the end sectional firefight between the algae, BT, wing of the Democratic Party and the and the people of Chad. A wing of the Democratic Party is going to be a wonder to watch but says political. There is one person
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and his team have explicitly said he isn't doing. This has left a void in the parties. Left wing Causing anxiety among progressive operatives. Believes yonder's is great. Discovery was that in the era of online politics, a presidential campaign was an effective tool to push unapologetic liberalism, and this is true, but it For a huge number of members of the government is that they are, sickly instagram influencers. They are not in the business of drawing compromise deals and trying to fit. A good policy there Instagram influencers edit they're out there, trying to clicks and trying at the legs and drag the attention and on their little videos, because many of them make a lot of money after leaving office based on the sort of following they have built while they were in office as ever. Long time. I have a pretty easy job. My job is to tell you I think on a daily basis, and I can be as honest about it as I want to be, which is purely just about how I feel about all these issues, politicians have a job, politicians have to sort of smooth the sharp edges. Politicians have to me
deals that may stray from principle in order to get things done I think it's important that right is important, but politicians who masquerade as principled people work, who are just too principle. They can really well in the principled space is why Bernie Sanders has great popular and use might never having done anything of uses, entire life and being an old communists which, on the public dollar, the The question on the Democratic Party. I was this: if you ve got cobble errors and We will judge in their running against each other, and neither one of them have the sort of soft spoke and he's a dead person appeal. The Joe Biden had in twenty twenty write. His appeal was, he wasn't Bernie his appeal was, he was kind of just the thing was there and now that threatening or people judges, pretty threatening attitude, says crazy stuff. all the time and when people judge first declared for the presidency, he seemed like kind of an interesting candidate specifically because he wasn't spitting on people from Middle America. Then within five minutes he start treating himself like past peat and explain that everybody who believed in the Bible
in traditional ways, was actually a brutal gay Haider and that, if you Herbert. Had the Bible properly should just be a pro gay marriage socialist, essentially that was there's people judges new page then go over great, and there's come when I read that with democratic based in government with anybody else, he has no appeal with the with the black population in the Democratic party. Come has not yet with anybody valleys. Pretty white opening Asher there's a wider it. Here's the dirty, but there is wide opening any so called moderate link with wing of the Democratic Party, and there is a huge, on the progressive wing of the Democratic Party and the question is which one of those wings actually pushes forward in the next primary cycle, so in the Sanders wing political says, asked veterans, enchanters world. Do they think and feel that way and you get a host. recognizable banana, not necessarily national names. Most common. Our ban of house progressives like we'll drive off from Washington or Oconnor or cow of California or Katy Porter of California or members of the squad. I think the next year
was Bernie to point on colours as Chuck Roca, a former union organizer who serve that centres is Senor campaign adviser. Then General Motors is it will follow the path laid out by one of burning major influences, Jesse Jackson, whose Ray Well coalition presidential campaign to nineteen eighty four nineteen, eighty fused worker rights, multiculturalism into a potent. A political force. Jackson had dismissed that's, including one fairly infamous tat one, and they linked to the story now be the one where he called me or tie me down My suggestion is vicious anti semite, but the Democratic Party also wanted to abject panic at the prospect of unwitting row. two things. The parties in a new place now haven't seen obvious slippage with white working class in hispanic voters. He surmises Politicians like Reuben, Diego of Arizona or a net, but a gun of California or Austin Council City member Gregg costs are a self democratic socialist are the clear again but clearest embodiment of the Jackson Vision but yeah nobody ever heard of these peoples. Then they say what about Elizabeth warrant? Well. Elizabeth Warren is all
She flamed out her best shot was actually in twenty. Sixteen, when you didn't take the shot. There is one other name in political floated. Will there is one lawmaker who rota and several others said it did? Have the ideological make up an infrastructure already in place and its Andrews connection to boot? representative, Alexandria, casual Cortez, Democratic New York, who turns five, the legal age to be president under the constitution on October thirteenth, twenty twenty four is no different than when he was a little crazy. Whiter congressmen says Raja while legitimize him grace tens of millions of dollars. That made him real. Do every power broker in America and no and beyond. Elsie has been able to do that so get ready, for the Ale Z, twenty twenty four presidential run. I don't think this is fantasy. I really doubt because here's the thing What are they? Ll sees, she's, congresswoman from a heavily blue district in New York, she's, not Wednesday White Office in order to be a senator in New York, you have at least
pose as a non democratic socialist. You do trucks humor. Played the sort of inside outside progressive game for a very, very long time. Kristen children, when she first ran for the Senate in New York, ran as a gun token Pro second amendment was Pro life person and then shifted to the left c is most obvious progressive in America and Japan progressive wild eyed, progressive, she's, crazy crap and regular basis She drove Amazon adversity and she has a record That is just terrible. Inner homestead, Joe her homeless way like or because again it is a very, very blue district, but the rest of the state there's upstate New York. I gotta worry about Elsie is not gonna, be the governor of New York. You're not is under from New York? She couldn't, theoretically, you know run for mayor of New York, I build a blog you just flamed out trying the same routine videos, you would Bush Derek atoms. So what is her trajectory and the answer is if you're re ass, he went run for president really went on.
The media already lobby The media slavishly pretend they earn entails. In human being with something interesting to say, even though you have fewer than ten brain cells. Rub together your camera, we obviously so. Why wouldn't you run and how could what? Why not concern would it be democratic Party around you. After all, you ve got that interest national coalition running for you you're a woman of color who solidifies, that democratic Party Progressive Base and Europe or by the right wing according to Democrats, that you are inherently good, which my It's gonna stand up to that giving Kamel Harris to veto see in a presidential primary. some fairly serious doubts about that. Fascinating to watch as this as this war goes on in the Democratic Party and I'm here, for they built her up and now they're gonna have to own it enjoy embrace the sucker guys. Can be really bad and twenty twenty four for the Democrats already enjoy One second we'll get you the Democrats and build backbone.
They voted on that this morning. Cramming A progressive laden garbage bill that is going to damage half their congress. People get that one moment. First struggling to watch Joe Biden push a sentence out of his face. Now that there that's difficult it's probably even more difficult trying to figure out what in the hell he's saying. If you don't have a hearing it that's why you need to check out MD hearing aid empty hearing. It is the FDA registered rechargeable hearing aid across a fraction of what typical hearing AIDS cost the average The hearing in America is over. Twenty four hundred dollars appear, but their vote plus model just two hundred ninety nine dollars. Ninety nine cents, each when you buy appear empty here. It was founded by Nancy surgeon who saw him any of his patients needed hearing aids but couldn't afford them. He made his mission to develop equality, hearing aid that anyone could afford their sleep. Does if it so well known or even knowing your wearing it? It's rechargeable back We like the last up to thirty hours, and if you get to take your hearing, AIDS off in the shower you'll have to worry the vote, plus? Is water resistance and up to three feet of water in Romania to prescription or doctors, employment rights,
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islands are proliferating, is now lower than the approval rating foretold fungus me. No one likes this guy. let's go Brandon started off as a coded chant for help. Joe Biden has now people are beginning to be. I think Insane. Let's go brands and on the options that somebody might think they actually rooting forbidden, but there are there isn t. Biden, has lore boomerangs than tromp. Ok, so rather talk about unpopular in terrible trump was Joe Biden, is making Donald Trump Look like George Washington in terms of approval, writing and theirs. Reason for that, because he is not even with it any more here is Joe Biden he was writing his eye infrastructure bell or another bill, and I though it was frankly because you forgot inimitable, so I have no idea what, how bellies signing writer, what was that
I repeat that chasm that there was an English once more I just hope that he's not yeah I'll bet he's not signing somebody else's name that bill. Maybe I do my baby, like a pocket beat you save the accidentally sign somebody else's named: Adele Resigns corn pops named Adele. ok, so this guy's no longer with us and them. Democrats ran this thing through anyway. It it just what is that it- is in this monstrosity of a bill. Well, first of all in it AIDS, the highest personal income tax rate in the developed world, increase the higher. capital gains tax rates. In the nineteen seventies, it creates situation in which aid stage pair combined federal state tax rate of over sixty percent It creates eighty seven thousand new iris auditors and agents, which is fun do of the IRS, because this place is dedicated. Eighty billion dollars to increase
in the size and scope of the IRA's sounds like fun. Looking forward to it, yeah emigrate fifty percent increase in small business audit Would you more annual iron million, more annual iris audits, about half penny households will make you than seventy five thousand dollars a year is going to American for tax reform. Is an eight billion dollar home heating tax. There's a war Point six billion dollar special tax hand out for me here: companies, which is by the way, a clear first amended violation. The federal government is not supposed to be in the. Business of deciding which companies qualify as local media companies for purpose of giving them a subsidy. clear violation of the first amendment to the United States Constitution, once the government is subsidizing particular what's in calling the media outlets and give the money and not others that is rife for ideological discrimination? It also, was high taxes on the middle class, so that the most There is thing about this bill is that after Joe Biden claim
Then it would increase the access on the millionaires millionaires and that it would not increase tax a middle class and actually gave a tax break millionaires and billionaires in the blue states because it increases the salt tax deduction, a super state and local tax reductions. The way that it worked under Trump is that he got rid of those to the rule was before from then, if you live in California and pay to thirteen percent state income tax, you could take that tax off the top of your income. And then on the lower line, income you'd, Payer federal tax from came in. He passed the tax cuts, the taxpayers. The tax cuts got rid of that provision. So now whatever your top line income was. It was a million dollars now you're paying thirteen percent for the California tax, Then you are also paying thirty seven percent for the federal tax. four Biden. It was you hit the thirteen percent which took, number down to a hundred seventy thousand dollars. Then you pay the federal tax on the eight hundred seventy thousand dollars. That's what binds trying to do is basically giving a tax break through all of his friends in blue states,
and then the White House knows this by the way, a huge Saki admitting comfortable The provisions for the state and local tax deductions give it would be a significant tat sprang up in well. Let me start by first obviously wasn't what he proposed in his initial package, as you know, but just to come back to that. The president. Also, though, it's been conveyed to him by leaders in the House and Senate that this needs to be included in order for this legislation to me fort- and I can certainly understands that- means unreal its unreal. So he promised no reason access on people were middle class and yes raising taxes on the ridge. according to him Carney most milk, There's a kerosene tax got from the Democrats, build that better bill, many middle class Taxpayers, but she attacked increase, feel quite national review, spells out setting a taxpayer he's interest study, which concludes roughly twenty, thirty percent of middle income. Households would pay more in taxes in
Monday, twenty two, a plus the centre for a centre for responsible federal budget, a house, making a million bucks per year, or even ten times as much saw from salt cap relief as middle class family or receive from the child attacks credit expansion so I guess that they now Elsie between twenty four press, actual candidate is gonna have to wear a dress to the Democratic Party caucus, saying TAT, the rich or maybe her russian set just eight has she did. I voted for a bill Raise taxes on the middle class and also give a tax cuts to the rich welcome to the oligarchy, Sandra Abkhazia, court as there is Bernie Sanders things bad policy. I think it's bad politics. It's bad policy democrats correctly have campaigned on the understanding that this mass of income and wealth inequality we ve got the man with the wealthiest club penguin FISH Europe, that's not give them what experts the bottom line is that we have to help the middle.
Not okay, so yeah there's things de away in the sense of what was the point of any of this. What's the point of it where the ceo again reported that this would raise the debt by three hundred sixty seven billion dollars? and then they had well. Maybe maybe the iris will claw back a bunch of money from people, so maybe it'll be like a hundred and sixty billion dollars. Something like that. Ok, The reality is going to be trillions of dollars in deficit, because the actual cost of this bill is not one point, eight five trillion dollars. The actual cost of this bill is four point. Six trillion dollars. According to the Wall Street Journal, the pen Wharton Budget, estimates. The house bill Whitcross nearly four point: six trillion dollars over ten years. ray provisions are made permanent, as most will be a committee responsible federal budget pigs that caution we're point nine trillion dollars if temporary tax It's in programmes are made permanent through twenty thirty one. This would add not current sixty seven billion dollars, not one hundred and twenty billion dollars. One point: five trillion dollars to deficits over the next five years without additional
max offsets. is what exactly is in this budget slave enhanced child allowance, thirty six hundred dollars for children under age, six, three thousand dollars up to age. Seventeen is the bills, expensive provision and about a hundred and thirty billion dollars a year. That's why Democrat women it's one year since anyone this can be one year, democratic, an untrained leverage this into law forever a manual begins will go along with it the earlier tax credit expansion trip the maximum ye acc value for travellers adult, but only for one year they say it because fifteen billion dollars, but if you send over aid, which is what they want to do. Two hundred and thirty five billion dollars, and by the way you can call based on your previous years earnings? You don't actually have to work to get this particular tax credit. the new childcare entitlement, households making up the jeweler fifty percent of their median income, would qualify for child care vouchers. Their payments would be counted percent of income less for low earners, develop Three two hundred billion dollars fruitful Twenty four two states:
sums as may be necessary from twenty five to twenty twenty seven and you know the spending is going in Greece. Here's the thing the price of day care is gonna, go up not now the region is gonna go up. Not down is because the same bill that subsidizes care for all of these votes, also regulate, who is allowed to receive money as he day care provider increase all sorts of new restrictions and who gets to be it care provider. So it actually limits Greece's need a ban and limits the supply, which leads to wait for inflation. Universal Pre, Cato appropriate about appropriate that eighteen billion dollars to states for universal brigades. twenty twenty four and then courting quote such sums as may be necessary through twenty twenty seven the pre k and childcare entitlements. According to the Wall Street Journal are estimated to only three hundred eighty billion dollars because they phasing gradually and expire after six years, but there are going to expire in twenty twenty seven. Once people get hurt,
The government just keep doing it, which means they cost eight hundred billion dollars of made permanent. So all of this is just a joke: ok everybody, and not going anywhere in the Senate an answer because you by the way, speaks about what's in this bill again, she says that it yeah sure it is by the way the last taxpayer funding for abortion. Germany, intended that was red line. He said he's not voting for a bill that allows taxpayer funding for abortion. They stuck in their anyway Nancy Blowsy knows full well, the entire democratic party clock is in the house knows full well. This is going nowhere in the Senate to all you just did, is make all of her. Moderate members walked the plank she's an idiot. I'm sorry she's, not that great at this There's been all this talk about what a master negotiator Nancy blows. Yes, I'm wondering under what world that is true under what blue moon. Is that true inadequacies grated? That's all she did is create a raft of ads four republican candidates against democratic candidates in purple district. That's all she did. military powers happy today. You know him.
Have you and your mansion and Christian Cinema available, but it's it Amazing, here's Nancy Blowsy, admitting it taxpayer, taxpayer funding for abortion the higher than usually two weeks ago, german Jeffreys anything is on the table that still in the bill, it's not in the Dell. Thank you for your question is not in the interim agreement. Darwin stand about rapid vineyards, delight and then this crazy lady. She says on spending on climate change, to there's a ton of spending on climate change here, which is just a waste of money, because most of the spending on climate change at all, as far as I am aware, is not directed. towards eight building. New sea walls or shoring up infrastructure is all geared green energy boondoggle for political allies, doll, Cylindrical Writ large, there's Nancy blows up. I love you, gotta love. The religious principles of
for Democrats, like Nancy plus he's such a wonderful Catholic Nancy policy that she believed that abortion is a positive good, but spending on climate age is religious issue. For me, it's a religious thing. I believe this is God's creation and we're moral abbot education to be good stuarts. But if you don't share that view, you must share the view that we have an obligation to future generations, so were very excited about what is in there and it is paid for, Kate, the kind of blasphemy that she speaks from the podium yellows expect the sky to open up, and the sun reports just come down. The gas believe their stated tat creation, so we can spend unbeliever amounts of money to pay off. I'm a political I've wage latter us up their babies are found that doesn't care about their babies, good luck with this? So congratulations to the Democrats. I guess
for passing a bill that will go nowhere in the Senate and completely screws all the moderates the democratic. I don't even know how they have convinced the monetarist vote. For this thing, how you convince The Josh got hammers the world is a good idea. I guess I just wanna take crap from the democratic primary, but they did. They did take crap from the democratic party. Therefore, they will give you get a job with their friends after their out a congress but they're all them Beata Congress. There he's right now are running its ten point. Two had on the generic ballot, that is the biggest led in the history of the polling. Republicans are set to pick up. fifty sixty seeds in the house and Anti ballistic. What, if I show through his peace, crap built as filled with just garbage, and no one, can both in the Senate that'd be great my God Joe Biden, addled, all Joe Biden, saying that Bilbil Better is gonna lower than deficit between here. Yesterday Mobile web when Europe is going to reduce the deficit, more than two hundred billion over ten years when he fell asleep, they will come up.
yet and he continued it's going to lower costs, create jobs and rebuild our economy, but this time It's not can reduce the deficit. Cbs Socrates is offset you're lying about the cost of the bill, so Kevin Mccarthy decided training the thing up you spoke for eight hours in thirty seven minutes now, just gonna put it out are any politician. Speaking for eight hours and thirty, seven minutes is basically Dante. Seven circle of how, but yours cover Mccarthy. Ripping into the bill as appropriate, the bill is a basic rabbits. It's it's garbage. This week. We are minutes away from voting on a five trillion dollar two thousand more than two thousand page bill, some of its effects will be quickly felt others not for a few years, but guarantee you that, no matter the timeframe,
all the new Washington spending in this bill is only the beginning of disaster gay. While that is true and if you don't believe, come Mccarthy, I believe divine Administration, which continues to maintain that its policies are wonderful, even as they have precisely the effect. They were intended to hear crushing Americans. Yesterday, John Saki defended when the Keystone exile pipeline. Despite the fact that oil prices are speaking, I think the problem with that argument is that the Keystone pipeline isn't even really function. Emanates was only partially built. It is even really functioning so suggesting that changing that would lower the price of gas and honour that that makes substantive sense. He looked round to look at where we will be in the future. Having carefully
by not allowing other privilege for challenging other might reduce, causing concern. We look at every pipeline on an individual basis. The present made their decision, but only about I think eight percent of the pipeline had been built not to move forward as we looked at the environmental impacts and waved them at the economic impacts, and the decision was certainly made. I know you didn't you do not look at any of those factors. You just knew that the left wing was fighting. We're keystones, Elsie cancelled it, and then the gas prices have risen, because you have taken an anti oil and gas position in the middle of a gas price bike. Does you guys are idiots ain't, just one. Second, we'll talk about the demo, party continuing to double down on the most radical policy match it like. Are they just delusional? I dont understand what they're doing just for again from it. medical perspective is gonna go down in history as when the great acts of political malpractice for all time, the job Entered office every highly unpopular one term president and proceeded to do everything he said would not do embracing the positions of the person he defeated in the primary it's insane. Its will.
Completely insane. You have to wonder whether this geriatric pavement is even in control of his own brain at this point to make that kind of politically unpalatable move it so wild I've never seen anything remotely like it gets more of this in just one. Second, first we're talking about the price of gas, Raina yeah, you have you seen it like that stickers is pretty wild. I'm thrilled to introduce an incredible at that. Everyone who buys gas needs to know about get upside. My listeners are making up to twenty five for every gallon of gas. Every time they fill up just download the free get upside up in the Alps, or Google play right now used chronicled Shapiro, any bonused one five cents per gallon on your first, Philip, that's up to fifty cents. Cash back, don't pay full price at the company; more get cash back using it get upside, just download the upper free use problem Shapiro, get up to fifty cents per gallon cash. Back on your very first, a tank of gas, some people I have a lot are making as much as two to three hundred dollars a month in cash back. There is no catch. The cash back attended directly to Europe, in cash at any time your bank account pay pal or an Eagle
card for Amazon, another brands just download that free get upside app use, promo Code, Shapiro Scope to fifty cents per gallon cash back on your very first, a tank of gas that is promo code, Shapiro again, that's up to fifty cents per gallon cash back on the first thing and then beyond that up to twenty five cents per gallon every single gallon of gas like for the rest time, that's a pretty great deal for his downloading the upper hand over to get upside right. and download that apathy appstore. Already we'll get you more on all this in just one. Second, first history: being made right here at the daily. Where, with your help, we were the first company American avail suit against the binding ministration for their unconstitutional. That mandate. We are pleased to see the bite. Restoration, suspended their implementation and enforcement this week continuing by the way you tell people that they ought to continue enforcement of this, Lou of regulation. Don't do it if you're a company, stop it don't make their job easy, but where what we ve done so far is huge. It's not gonna stop yet again. The fact is this going to end up at the Supreme Court A lot of businesses were enforcing mandate.
Three, doesn't mean anything unless those businesses do the right thing and stop this nonsense right now. I understand you guys what Pressure from the federal government now you're, not so stop it. If you're an employee, your company cannot force you to take it. I've seen you do not want or should not force you to take a vaccine. You do not want don't let them, hi behind a vaccine mandate unless we lose no. But he should have to comply or are going we're going to win this case, having consolidated at the sixth circuit court of appeals. Lee plaintiffs in that case so far sign our petition against job that mandate over a daily wired outcomes that do not comply, send a message to the buyer. illustration that Americans, don't you do whatever you tell them to do, oversight, thousand people already signed a petition more signatures. We get the louder the message as what we are aiming that's one million signatures so had an the daily wired, Comets Lasher, do not comply and sign the petition today. Also big announcement this Sunday, I am join by my favorite governor because he's my governor Florida, Governor Rhonda Sands
who's, taking a firm stance against the binding ministrations unconstitutional backs mandate, just like we have here at the daily wire we sat down and sensible. It is truly worth lesson we get to everything from Rhonda Senses, handling of covert to wife, lorries, people down here to his philosophy of government in general. Go check it out this Sunday daily. Why? A calmer on my Youtube Channel bench appears a pleasure to sit down with the government to really gonna enjoy Delaware members get access to special bonus content from Sunday special episodes synonymous out joint today, where I come. Slash subscribe at twenty five percent off with code do not comply in listening to the largest fast escort sort of progress in radio show in the nation Are you Meanwhile, again, I don't know what is driving so many thinkers on the democratic side of the Isle these days, but certainly Reality there's a piece from Christina women who is author of the forthcoming novel job breaker? She writes for NBC News, Chaz apiece today titled schools.
face parents want to ban critical race theory and dont get how teaching works and educators hapless to teach students to think. who did take regular with their personal opinions, ideologies and biases hinder that go. Did you know the teachers have no none, they ve? No. Personal opinions, ideologies revises teachers, none there. Just perfect advocates of socratic truth: or alternatively, the one on doctrine. It, your kids- and I don't want you to know what they're doing Christina women's his parents and politicians across the country are interfering with the curricula. The public schools used to teach students. State legislation are passing laws. Keep critical race, you re out of schools, literary classified Tony Morrison's, the bluest ire ban for sexual content, school lab are coming under attack for containing book. by gender, there are even parents or she'll do from learning about mental health and suicide, as though help children build. Emotional fortitude is a bad thing, while the political class but a national involvement in school districts gave the phenomenon of our planet warm and more serious ramifications. This behaviour is nothing new parents of all.
He's tried to interfere with curricula, as I observed when teaching middle school in the mid, thousands Even then, there is no shortage of parental input about the content of my instruction from books test questions. Part of the problem is that parents think they have the right to control teaching and learning, because their children are the ones being educated, but it actually gasp. It doesn't work that way, it sort of like entering a surgical unit. Thinking you can for viewers in operation, simply because the patient is your child my god, okay. So let's begin with the false algae between being a surgeon and being a middle school teacher. I'm sorry! did you go to like eight years of stems glowing, in order to determine how to operate, a kidney or you just go to a crappy edged school where they what you're bunch of social justice nonsense, and now you think they are qualified to teach children despite never having dealt with actual real life. Children yourself, very often like who makes me ology between a surgeon like a heart surgeon and a person whose main job is to read it
regular designed by other people and then infused with their own biases, and so that this ridiculous, honestly, second of all, she says in appearance, are misinformed. If they think that they can control their kids education, the way that they can control measures, wait hold up. Parents do control their kids medical care. You idiot some time it is job to decide whether our children need surgery, for example. Now, once I We need that surgery to a surgeon. I shouldn't. Bursting into the room and trying to fix it and one of the ways the surgeon is by asking the surgeon ahead of time. What exactly there going to be doing. I know this because I have had to have watch my kid. Surgery, it's no fun, and then this is bizarre. idea that you'd promoting and when you hear Your kid over the state, the state, is now the expert on how to educate region. is Korea, easy towns. The analogy is proper in terms of parental action. I get to decide whether make it s surgery. I get to decide whether my kid needs medical treatment and I get to decide which doktor does it
public schools, I don't get the reside any of that you force might get to go to public school. If I can't afford to go to a private school, which is why vouchers should be a thing, so I can choose where to put my kids, of course, appearance chairman roll over education, especially when you're talking about subjects like English or history,. yes, if apparent burst into a classroom and said you're teaching, calculus wrong and then suggested that we break out the abacus, as that would be silly But that's what we're talking about your we're talking about the values that are taught your kids. As you have now democratic thinkers, saying no teaching english history and social Sciences exactly like teaching math adjudged? Incredibly stupid! Please do this! Please. She talked about what s virtues: first pursued teaching? Nearly two decades ago I was struck by the list of requirements. I heard of the bill for the state of New Jersey to determine our qualified several years have focused college instruction, followed by intense mentorship state level, exams and more exams. I wanted grad school,
I got a phd in curriculum instruction and teacher education. Well, what d frickin do and, by the way, those state educational standards have made New Jersey, the crown critically, inner city, New Jersey, the Crown jewel of the world's edge shall systems. so yeah handed over to add to the experts and shut up. I hope Democrats run on US Really what they do they keep doubling down there, just doubling down its absolutely unbelievable. Meanwhile, environment attraction continues to double down, so we discussed the case of South America over the past couple of weeks. Is the person that the Democrats want to be calm. Fuller of the bank's centrally run the banking industry in the United States she has had in the past that she wishes to abolish all private holdings of of savings accounts. tracking accounts. I should all be done through the Federal Reserve. So then the FED determine, who gets alone? Who does not? She said wants to bankrupt the oil and gas industry. Yesterday she said she doesn't like Bitcoin, Bluebeard, like Bitcoin, there's a shock. You mean a person
in favour of centralized government control over every aspect of the economy doesn't like Bitcoin, which is the alternative to centralize government control. The economy. Color me shocked, there is a law. Moreover, he bind administrations communist nominee for the banks by the way, when I say communist nominee, I mean she earned the one in price at the University of Moscow and will not reveal her Phd thesis for being nominated to this position. Do you believe that a government issued representation of currency of value is superior to private commerce. I believe that we do here government issued mine you right now in this country and its working great, and I worry about allowing private. innovation to undermine a lot of important public policies. Ok, so Bitcoin. Is that it quite a super because it undermines public policies, elements
women's ability to control all aspects of the currency it is now Bitcoin is a great alternative to the government in full. in currency, doing whatever it wants with your dollar. Don't ever wants of your savings per diem. desire to nationalize. Nearly everything should scared the hell out of everyone. Now the ledge Trying to pretend that is not true. Love is trying to pretend that she is actually Anti communist achieve some sort of free market here, which is amazing since, like two years ago, she treated out that there is no gender pay gap. In the Soviet Union. I things were wonderful in the Soviet Union. she says the deck she chose in her php programs. You study american democratic theory, She was on Exchange University Wisconsin. When Soviet Union collapsed. She simply stayed a bottom. This this is an absurdity, so her academic writing about the banking industry was about centralizing all power a so in her book, the people,
ledger how to democratize, money and finance the economy, a seventy One page academic study. I had a separate big banks lending visas from their role as safe keepers of Americans savings. She the Federal Reserve's Replace Bank deposits and she's been defended by Elisabeth Warrant is out. Kennedy from Louisiana here. He whenever I'm pretty colorful fashion, is of course made make many people very angry. You're not allowed to mention communism of Marxism ever ever, because people might notice entered thousand and nineteen you join the Facebook group, a marxist Facebook group too, socialist and anti capitalist huge now When I see from your record and Have the right to boys every one of these thanks you do. This is America, but I don't mean any disrespect, that's what they call you, professor, comrade how dare he, how dear
We note she says now that she has Nick appreciation for a dynamic nevers markets, but all things that you said about our dynamic nevers markets are critical of those dynamic endeavours markets. So far as I am aware, she said Her articles are designed to expand the boundaries of academic debate. Otherwise you just raising issues is raising issues. Ok, as with warn, of course, as its red square. It isn't. It How dare he it's a red scares Elizabeth Warren who herself embody the lot of a sort of marxist ideals in her own campaigning, professor on over? I noted the giant bank subject to your willingness to an First, the law to keep our system safe and that you may cut into big bank profits, so they and their republican bodies have declared war on you. The attacks on your nomination have been vicious and personal. We ve just seen them sex
some racism pages straight out of Joe Mccarthy's nineteen fifties red scare tactics. It is all there on full display, welcome to Washington in twenty twenty one. By the way the name of rational thesis was both Karl Marx is economic analysis and the theory. revolution in the capital, so yeah I mean it seems that there should be some open questions. Sure grounded. and things that the senator from Ohio trying to defend our. Moreover, we know that a shadowy political group founded functions, funded funded by former tromp staff has been fomenting. These personal attacks and pushing radical right new right wing new sites to spread misinformation. These inflammable insinuations continue to stoke the young And rhetoric that is poisoner politics now now we know what happens when Tromp ism meets Mccarthyism its cruelty
No person should experience so tiresome. I'm sorry. This is so tiresome how about we find out what she actually things and wonder whether somebody with marshes leanings ought to control the banking industry in the United States, but really democrats keep. Apparently they just think. If they keep shouting, from over and over and over and like beetle juice, you will here and then when elections for them this seems to be their opinion of the situation. It really is quite amazing. Meanwhile, People will continue to kowtow to the Chinese Jen Saki yesterday was asked Joe Biden will raise a covert investigation with China. Joe Biden has their hands off with regard to the human rights crisis. The China has been prevailing. Hong Kong threats against Taiwan. Joe Biden has been relatively relatively sanguine about all of us and, of course he neither your John Kerry, brought up the carbon investigations with China, which unleashed a virus from who had on the world which has killed some four million people Herriston Saki, trying to defend it. Did he asked?
president she to cooperate. Specifically with this. U S. Intel agency led investigation into the origins of Cuban Peter its clear that that's what we want. That's weight and pressing on have any more to Peru to read out you from the meeting. Yours either is clear Is it clear to somebody who has a zoo meeting with the president that that's what it means? If that's not weigh, says, I think the president has spoken publicly on this a number of times our national security officials have conveyed very clearly, I dont think its secret. That's we want that's, we ve been pressing. Ok, but yes, Biden, didn't, say g because he's a aid of saying such things degree. Meanwhile, Joe Biden was asked about a diplomatic boycott of them King Olympics, which are coming up in just a couple of years here, in their arguments and talk that the administration is going to do it and Abiden seems to be a little bit walking back Malaysia. Something were considered some.
Weakens it. Somebody should inform him. His administration already floated to travel and badge is doing it. Meanwhile, speaking of that, when virus investigation now people are trying to claim that it was at the wet market, according to a scientist was poured over public accounts of early cover. Nineteen cases in China. He reported on Is there an influential w actual inquiry and most likely gotten the early chronology of the pandemic? Wrong? No analysis suggests the four known patient sickened with corona virus was vendor large will hand animal market, not an accounting to live while from it airport was published? The results in the prestigious journal science will revive certainly not settled the debate of one. The pandemic started with spill over from wild life so that the market illegally, one rail, virology, lab or some other way. The scientist Michael WAR, as a leading experts in tracing the evolution of viruses at University of Arizona came upon him one discrepancies I coming through what had Are you been made public and medical journals as well he'll interviews in a chinese news ALA with people believed have the first. You documented infections
They argues the vendors ties, the one and seafood wholesale market, as well as a new analysis of the earliest hospitalized patients, have strongly suggest that the pandemic began there, but here's the thing we're never gonna find out whether this is true, because jobs, really doesn't care all that much about whether this is true Joe Biden has certainly said that he wants to see China as a strategic competitor? not as an enemy or here's the thing kind of uses, an enemy, and there we, doing their power over corporate institutions in order to get what they want We thought that by opening up China we'll be liberalizing China and, to a certain extent, yet we liberalized parts of their economy. We certainly did not liberalized and political system and instead you ve done is they ve now hooked us on the opium of cheap markets and cheap goods? That is what they have done. When they taken corporations and turn them inside out now. Listen, I think, he's got patients are doubtless hadn't. These corporations should stand up. I think they should not go
with this, but I also think that the federal government, at a certain point, western civilization at a certain point, has to tell the Chinese and we're going to cut them off economically at the knees if they continue to pervade the kind of political terrorism in which they are currently engaged, but instead we ve got corporations that are the rigid kowtowing to them. It's unbelievable! according to access. The merrier hotel in Prague declined to host a conference of activists leaders, China's weaker diaspora this month, citing local neutrality in email share with you'll showed the chinese when has condemned the World weaker Congress, which has attempted to rally global attention to the agenda, the genocide in challenging China. The decision to reject the conference flax, China's growing ability to extend authoritarian control beyond its borders by making clear to corporations that crime the parties. Red lines would be bad for business about you, wanna delegates from twenty five he's gathered in Prague from November twelve to fourteen, so lucky
organizations at new leadership and hold discussions with politicians, academics and civil society representatives from around the world. The primary hotel declined to host the conference they said they were afraid of pissing off the Chinese. Basically, so it's not just then, by the way obviously be seen. The NBA kowtow to the Chinese as well in his cancer is, I will say, he's ease. What are you saying that China right now he's just greater use? Cancer is the centre for the Boston, Celtics they're playing the Lakers tonight and he is he's going to be wearing sneakers that show vision. Ping pudding Brown on King James. It's really not money over morals. For the king saddened, casting how these athletes pretend they care about social justice. It really just shut up and rebel when big boss, China says so since to educate yourself about the slave labour, the major shoes or they're, not part of your research.
He's going after Lebron, James and naturally soap and dead This report from the Europe Times like why are conserved it so excited about this. Well, maybe because labelling when those famous people on earth and use backing chinese tyranny over freedom. Maybe it's that sovereign debt why are you so angry it at Tillman for TAT? But how did that? The whatever the hell that the owner of the Houston Rockets has no one's ever heard of a monument? Remember his name, the branch? however, as one most popular and powerful political and cultural figures in America. So yeah, that's why it's great that units cancer is going after him good for him really good for him Also good for the w g so the way his tennis association is now called on China to explain what the hell just happen to perish. Why a penny Schweizer chinese tennis player a post on social media, alleging that a high ranking Communist Party official had raped her opposes immediately taken down and she was disappeared and then a statement was issued
W G in her name that was obviously written by the Communist Party, clearly written by the Communist Party, Oh, it was deleted within thirty minutes publication. Her way ball account, which has More than half a million dollars is still blocked from searchers. On the platform earlier, this chinese state media released in email, purportedly from paying walking backwards, nations saying they weren't drew in claiming she's mine. It was clearly staged clearly was not true whence it has put the doubly j and vine. Do they alienate the Chinese and stand up for this tennis player or do they symbol kowtow to the chinese government, where the NBA House and good for them w G, I was like no one. I don't it accordingly, CNN. Of the women's Tennis Association, Steve Simon, I said he is willing to whose hundreds of millions of dollars worth of business in China, if tennis player pangs, why is not fully accounted for and her allegations are not properly investigated? Simon said every Thursday, when CNN, are definitely going to pull our business and deal with all the complications that come with it.
This is certainly bigger than the business women need to be respected and not censored good for him servicing more of this more of this Simon said when you for in the commitment to prize money and commitments to the double easier, in fact: the stadium building real estate. Omens it's over billion dollar commemorative, maids, the W J finals, and W G intention currently the willing to pull out. Serena Williams also put out a statement. I am devastated and shocked to hear about the news, my pure pangs, why I hope she safe and as soon as possible. This must be investigated. We must not stay silent, Naomi Osaka, so released a statement with hashtag. Where is page, why we'll see if any of these people have the stones to separate off from Nike for continuing to do business this way, but at least are speaking up? North only really credit, Serena Williams units. Should, I think our ties with Nike earthquake
against the chinese government, and the risk of putting off Nike is a good thing. Leubronn is: is the pathetic specimen, a pathetic moral specimen who, on behalf of his shoe dollars, stands up for the chinese gum? so I am glad to see more people standing up to chinese relations. It is deeply necessary at this point already. We will be back a little bit later with an additional our content. First, you can't forget to ensure we by Chechnya. Andrew claiming Joe drew shows. Every Friday he's got an exciting evening plan for you, hadn't over to daily work at seven p M eastern six pm central tonight. I'm bench paralyses the bench of erosion. If you enjoyed this episode, dont forget to subscribe and if you want to help spread the word. Please give us a five star review and tell your friends to subscribe to were available on Apple podcast, Spotify and wherever you listen to podcast also be sure to check out the other daily, whereupon CAS, including the Andrew,
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