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Ep. 192 - Can Conservatives Unite?

2016-10-07 | 🔗
Debate preview, why you might want to boycott Ben and Jerry's, and we deconstruct the culture!
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All black people are Leftists Clarence Thomas is not a leftist. Therefore, Clarence Thomas is not a black people. All those logic at the New Smithsonian National Museum of african american history and culture. Museum according to the standard Thomas is nowhere to be found only one of only two Supreme Court justices have been black in american history. Perhaps the court's finest, Thank you. Yes, I think even better than Justice Scalia who's, distance on starry Decisis mark the consistency of his originalism Thomas is a major judicial figure in the history of the United States. There is only one reason: he's missing: he's: conservative, that's the is HBO, made a full scale documentary documentary about the discredit. I don't need a hill charges. It's why the left gets. Assistant. Lee insists that Thomas is some sort of idiot for not asking questions during oral argument. I use procedure, given that the justices have generally made up their minds already. Even the museum includes items from the need to help the bottle. According to the weekly standard, they say quote inside the museum, hello and her
supporters received significant attention with photos in quotations and on the museum's website. You can see a button that reads, I believe, Anita Hill Museum those conceded to circle reporter Raffi Williams, that Justice Thomas his own story has quote very little presence in any exhibitions, that's putting it rather generously. This is this double standard of the left, if you're a leftist black person, commit virtually any sin and with stand it if you're a prominent Server, black person. You must be memory hold, that's because the identifies people by group characteristic and insist it is the greatest protector of victimized groups in certain members of those supposed victim groups, refuse to see themselves as victims and, yeah? They insist, I'm thinking along conservative lines. They must be Doubtless they represent a living test, to the falsity of leftist thought. Still Clarence Thomas disappears and the same.
Little Cratic Party that reams Donald Trump for doubting Barack Obama's point of origin has no problem disappearing, Thomas. After all, it's racist to pretend that President Obama isn't authentically african American, but it's perfectly acceptable to do so to a man born in segregated Georgeana farm speaking Gullah as his native tongue, the descendants of american slaves abandoned by his father left homeless, by a fire raised by his maternal grandparents. He doesn't think like Obama does, and so he must excised, I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro. Show yes, graduations to you if you're wondering why you're watching us here on a Friday is because the earlier this week was Russia Shawna, and that meant that we had to take two days off. So he didn't want to leave you completely beer after this week and so unbeknownst to me. Even yesterday, we had scheduled another show today and made all of our minions. Anoop Olympus come in and participate in the show. So, congratulations to me and congratulations to them, but mostly congratulations to you because your day has been made just a little bit more bright or
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Spend make sure you use the slash bend, so they know that we sent you and they continue to advertise with us making possible all of the genius in which about to participate. Ok, so we have a lot coming up today we're going to deconstructing the culture we had to skip that earlier this week. So will do that today and we have it with thanks to one of our email emailers who insist that we do a heavy metal version of deconstructing the culture yesterday. We will do it, constructing the culture of a corn song today, and it spelled with a k which is because the courtesan spelled with a k, but we will discuss and uh will deconstruct the culture in a little bit. We will also be talking about. I do have an epic things. I like today, actually a really great things I like that is. Areas that want to stick around for and and subscribe to daily wire to, so that you can actually see it 'cause, it's sort of a visual joke, but we begin today we begin today with what Trump has to do in the debate in order to win. So, in order for Donald Trump to win in the debate on Sunday, he has to walk very fine line. On the one hand he has to he, he
as to make the case that Hillary hunting is utterly unfit for office. Yes, to throw her off her game has to be aggressive. On the other hand, he's too aggressive than he looks crazy and he looks like he's bullying her and that's a very fine line to walk for a guy who is a hammer. Not a scalpel had been saying this entire election cycle. Donald Trump is a hammer in search of a nail. Sometimes he had to nail actually much more often in the beginning of this election cycle. Hidden ale, now tends to hit babies and puppies, but he seems to be a scalpel, not Judge, hammer good NEWS, Hillary has provided all sorts of material for him to use in the debate on Sunday, there is no shortage of material, for example, come to use in the debate on Sunday. So, for example, according to the Wall Street Journal today Quote newly closed emails, show top Obama administration officials were in his contact with Hillary Clinton's name in presidential campaign in early two thousand and fifteen about the potential fallout from revelations. The form
secretary of state used a private email server. In other words, the Obama White House was coordinating with Hilary about something that the Obama White House was supposed to be investigating. The Obama Doj was in the middle criminal investigation of Hillary's private email server and the White House is working with Hillary Clinton and the State Department is unbelievable the coordination Would it communications between the white mouse and the State Department asking Secretary of State John Kerry, not to talk about the emails. The state department also told Hillary's lawyers. The state department hadn't told Congress that Hillary did anything wrong at all, so they were coordinating with Hillary this entire time, which is amazing. She was outside the government. Their government agency two things that wasn't coordination between the White House in the Doj and the FBI. At this point you gotta smoking something to believe that. Second, the FBI notes show that Hillary destroyed documents, the FBI's report it contains notes from a twenty fifteen interview with a nun
in the Office of information programs and services employee according to those nodes? Hillarys people told the I ps that she had fourteen boxes of emails to turn over when the Doj lawyers arrived to pick up. These emails at Hillary's lawyers office is how many boxes were there. There were twelve questions, one. Why don't you just turned over the emails? You know like not the diversions like the actual emails when somebody. If somebody asked me to forward an email, I wouldn't print it out and fax it to them. I just forward it to them they destroyed all the records, they printed them all out and then, apparently they burned two boxes of 'em. So just wonderful. By the way state Department also tried to convince the FBI to re label documents less classified so that it wouldn't look like Hillary had passed, really highly classified material across her server third good news. The Donald Trump should be using in the debate on Sunday, Russia, now wants to open bases in Vietnam and Cuba so Hillary, who is supposed to be given the russian reset button. She's going to be so tough on Russia, Russia Is currently an expansionist Aaron I mean a tear,
They want to reopen military bases in in Cuba. They want military bases in Vietnam. Then beyond that this is really the story of the day. That's going to get no attention whatsoever. Russia is now putting short range missiles in, in areas that are that are right next to next in NATO allies, so they they've actually put what they call the Iskender missile system. I think I'm pronouncing that correctly. This gonna missile system, a short range missile system in Kaliningrad, which is kind of this, is a weird little territory. That's rush! in territory, but it's not contiguous with Russia. It's not connected to Russia. It's sort of curls around and Poland is to its s. Ann. Not being Estonia are very close by and Finland is just a cross, a body of water and the outgoing president of the outgoing president of when he is saying now that is Thomas Heinrich The recent incidents with planes violating Finish Anna Stonean airspace in recent days show that Russia's use of force tactics had reached
Estonia's region as well. Sorry, the outgoing Estonian is estonian president so Estonia is, is feeling the pressure, clear that Russia, moving iskander missiles to Kaliningrad was alarming. There now obviously moving in offensive directions because they feel like whoever wins this election. They are going to be to achieve what they want to achieve their they're feeling their oats. They know that Obama is not going to stop them. So this is something that that obviously Trump should hit with You know well we'll see if that, if that works or not, fourth Aleppo is absolutely collapsing What is a level a level is a city in Syria, Gary Johnson, a lot of the city in Syria that is been sort of a battleground between the resistance to Assad and Assad, and the russian and syrian forces are now pounding Aleppo. Three hundred and seventy six people have been killed in the last couple of weeks. One slash three of those: are children carry is doing nothing. John Kerry's doing nothing he's threatening to stop speaking with the Russians, which I'm sure would be. Great relief to them. Because who wants to hear our John carries picked them he threat.
Steps. He also said today that he wants to. He wants a Human Rights Commission to investigate yeah, I'm sure the Un Security Council will get right on that. You know, counseling Russia I'm sure she's going to get right on investigating Russia. I'm sure that that's that's coming next fifth story: terrible jobs, numbers department released yet another week, jobs report, one hundred and fifty six thousand jobs added in September. That's really not a good number payroll growth was revised lower by seven one thousand jobs. Unemployment rates go rate. Unemployment rate goes up employment rate is still nine point percent. So he couldn't mention all these things, and he should mention all of these things he spend his time going after Hillary and all these things, of course, that would require him to know policy. So that's an uphill battle for Trump, because he doesn't study and he doesn't pay attention to this, personally Donald Trump Justice of about ten minutes ago decided that he was going to Revivify the case of the central Park jogger the Central Park jogger for people who don't know this case white woman was jogging in central park. I believe this is one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine and she was assaulted,
rigidly by five people, six people like- group of young guys who beat her up left her in a coma for twelve days and raped her the original case. There are six people who are tried: five black one hispanic. If I get if this is I think it is all six of them confessed to being involved, all six were convicted and then in two thousand and two, a guy who is a life convict rapist, came out and he was the one who actually did it and he did the rape alone, so and then the his bodily material matched up with the with the the kit that was on file and so These guys were released from prison. Now there still is to be fair to Trump. There still some controversy over confessions more colors to let the confessions were real, whether there is some level involvement by these guys, but in the end there's a forty one million dollar settlement with the with the central park. Five is that recalls as five people central Park, five as they were called and they were paid off by the city for some odd reason, Trump feels the need to revivify. This now forget
other trump is right or wrong for a second, because nobody really knows whether Trump is right or wrong. We do know that the guy who was the shall rapist, or at least one of the as far as we know, the only rapist, as far as we know that that guys connect material was on the woman and that there was no other genetic material connecting these other guys, but put the whole case side for just a second. Why is he an issue can be a hot button for Hillary to him on to in Sunday night's debate. Why is he? Why is he opening the door now it now. You know what Hillary is going to she's going to say: five guys were exonerated for black guys want hispanic. They were exonerated their paid off by the city and Donald Trump still thinks they're guilty and you're telling me. There's no criminal justice system bias you're telling me that there's no racism in the criminal justice system. These guys were exonerated their innocent and Donald Trump is still out there pushing these cases from nineteen. Eighty, nine, it's just it's stupid politics, it's stupid there are so many great things to talk about it's just not, particularly smart, so that- and that's sort of the latest
on the Donald on the Donald Trump lead up to the debate and he has to win. He to win. It's not enough for him to just do. Ok in this particular debate. He has to away, the clear victor. It has to be a MIKE Pence over TIM Kaine style victory. He has to throw Hillary and will see if he's capable of doing that Trump for some odd reason. It's I'm not sure what he's doing and I can say that most of the time, but I'm really not sure what he's doing in the lead up to this debate here yesterday he was speaking. I think this is in Nevada and here he is talking about how he doesn't like getting into the gutter with Hillary Clinton, which comes as a shock to everybody yeah I did hold back. I thought it was just inappropriate to say what I was really thinking I would say- and I held back, I think, for I think for good reason. I think for good reason. I'd much rather have it be on policy, and I didn't like getting into the into the gutter, and so I did go back ok, so he doesn't like getting into the gutter, and so he held back he's going to hold back on Sunday night
that you should hold back. Is that he doesn't want to look like he's a crazy attack dog. The Kc and is he's gotta say something to throw her off her game. I'm also is sounding off about the media, of course, and he's right I mean he says the media is out again by the New Hampshire, not Nevada. Of course here is trump talking about it John Harwood was the. Moderate are at of all the debates we had. How many did we have eleven or twelve? He was so bad, this kind of nothing about me. I was so happy and I What today is it? and CNN the Clinton NEWS Network, who knows now think about us. You know they use John king actually is a nice guy like him on the map. She does a good job with the maps. I like him better now than I did a couple of months ago, 'cause a couple of months ago. I had no chance now, all of a sudden that map is getting very red, but John King said you know they always have a source. There was ever source a source within nobody. Talks to him.
Nobody stop because he's like the enemy he's like the enemy. Ok, so he's lashing out at the media. Again, I don't know that's the world's worst tactic. I just don't know how it really helps him at this point look not every word that he says is going to be helpful. Warren he's talking at these town halls for an hour, a piece but not sure what his strategy is on Sunday, I'm not sure he has one. He said yesterday that his prodigy. Is he doesn't think Hillary Clinton is really doing debate prep? I promise you. Hillary Clinton is doing serious debate prep. He says he's not that he should you serious debate, prep, because after all, you got to go in and kind of wing it. There is a rumor today that was confirmed pulled out, add money from Florida, Ohio and North Carolina. Maybe he'll reinvest it. We don't know yet, but that's that's a weird sign for sure. So things are sort of in case. Has one last chance to do something big in that comes on Sunday. We have to break here from people who are watching this live on Facebook. If you want to continue watching it, live, go to dailywire dot com and subscribe right now, eight bucks a month gets you subscription. You get to be part of our team watch, this lively part of the mailbag
response you in real time on the air on Thursdays, when we do the mailbag Andrew Klavan get show live. And there are other goodies that are going to be coming to members in the near make sure your dailywire dot com check out, live the number conservative podcast in America, Uhhuh okay. So meanwhile, Hillary Clinton, it's able to Donald Trump is losing to Hillary Clinton in the polls. Right now are not good for Trump. It is crazy thing. It's really crazy thing that he's losing to a woman. Who is this bad at this, and she truly is Hillary Clinton. Let me give you an example of Hillary Clinton. It had a little girl ask her a question and one of her events. Everything for Hillary has to be scripted. It's mandatory that everything that sorry does- is scripted because she's, incapable of sticking and moving she can't really do on the run which doesn't which it, which is her problem in this new town hall format. Is she going to be good on The door is going to collapse on her feet here. Here's a little girl asking her a question, then we'll explain something about the little girl.
My school body images are really big issue for girls. My age, I see my own eyes, the damage, Donald Trump does when he talks about women. They look as though This female president. How would you undo some of that damage and help girls understand that they are so much more than just what they look like spectacular question because it's not really a question: it's really an attack by little girl on Donald Trump. I love it. Thank you. Thank you, the queen of hearts, as an Elizabeth thanks it's there and jeers on because yeah abortion, okay. So a couple of things to know so her father According to the New York Times, her father asked her. It helped her from the question that had so excited MRS Clinton she's. Also a little actress. Ok, she's is, it still is she's she's listed on like Imdb like she she's or she do she. She she acts in all of these kind of local productions. Apparently
the child actress and that's been revealed her facebook page, Meanwhile, it turns out who's her daddy. Her daddy is democratic State Senator Daylin leach the chairman of the Senate Democratic Campaign Campaign Committee Legion. Just Clinton over Bernie Sanders during the primary saying at a time when the republican presidential candidates seem to be soaking the flames of fear and anger, I have never been more proud to support Hillary Clinton for President yeah. I'm sure that this was totally spontaneous thing in the Hillary Clinton campaign has to be scripted. Include. In her exchanges with Steve Harvey. Every single element has to be scripted and so all Campaign now comes down to is scripted exchanges and people shouting about why the giant is make people better qualified to be president of the United States, although let it be, let me just remind you for all you left us in the audience for all you. People were watching on the left. Let me remind you not always have vaginas, let's not be Cisgender Dick Durbin, makes the vagina case the probe vagina case, though he says origins just don't want the reason that he she's having trouble is because America
I don't want a woman to be President Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois. You also have the fact that is an art delete it very often here woman aspiring to the highest office of the land and there's some who will never say the words, but they aren't buying it. They can't swallow it it's something that others have a latent sexism, and there is no question about so you've got that that's overlay that nobody would guess this campaign. They know you have guessed that overlay in this campaign, no one I guess that no one in the world would have guessed that people would be talking about Hillary Clinton being the first major party female candidate. No one ever would except for all of us, have been functioning as human beings for the last twenty years. No one knew that was going to happen. What surprise. This is my surprised face. Ok, so Hillary's got nothing but trump. You know it has less than nothing. At this point, he's gotta dig himself out of a whole. All of this that's the all of this sets the stage for some very bad
if Donald Trump loses now Donald Trump Donald Trump may not lose. Maybe Donald Trump wins. Maybe Donald Trump polls last rabbit out of that. That giant hat and suddenly he does a great job. He comes back and who wins. But let's assume for a second that Donald Trump loses over the last couple of days. We talked yesterday Sean Hannity, going after Megyn, Kelly and Megyn Kelly, saying on Hannity, was lacking for Trump, which clearly is true and and it today, Megan Kelly and Jon Tenney STAR made up the to get a picture of themselves together, saying were irish, it's complicated, hashtag friends, good good, okay, look good, and that was whatever it's worth the that? That's I'm glad that that's happening. I think that is better that we all get along because after this election cycle, we're going to have to get along Chuck Todd. Ask some questions. He says you know. If Trump has bad debate. The GOP could publicly split. There could be a bunch of people who sort of away from from Donald Trump, if he has another bad debate, what are they life- will change the dynamic of the race, especially if you're Donald Trump might give you Donald Trump. Just any normalized debate is going to at least stop
You know stop clintons momentum a little bit, but I think it's. Ok, listen to the subtle signals that congressional Republicans were sending yesterday few blind quotes here there you heard, if Donald Trump doesn't have a good night on on Sunday and it's uh, and it's more if it's similar to the first debate, then you may start seeing the down ballot exodus in some form. Is it is it just candidates, actively running away whatever it is You said you now have the sense that Trump said and we've been before with them, but one of these and do or die moments with the Republican Party with the Mcconnell, where, if it's a, if it's a if it's a debate, performance like the first night, it may be unrecoverable- and you may see the party publicly split Well, I don't know the parties going to publicly split. I think they'll hold it together through the election, but it does question what happens if Trump loses after all of this is over now one
this bit. This election has basically come down to for people on the on the right. You know that this come down to, and I discussed this at length yesterday on a podcast, but this is I'm down to. I think in the end, question. Do you think this is the last election? Or do you not think this is the last election? Do you think there's a possibility that Republicans come back and win in four years with some, who's better than Donald Trump. Or do you sacrifice that possibility in favor of trump is the best we can do and we better get it now, because otherwise we're totally screwed Hillary's president and she ruins everything and there's no way. Republicans ever get elected again. Ann Coulter sort of articulates this perspective, nature says this election is the end of western civilization if it goes the wrong way, I'm not really interested in day to day politics, but this is, as you say, bigger than dated I've, mostly written. You know the truth about Joe Mccarthy, the truth about Darwinism that sort of and not not particularly involved in elections, but this this will determine the survival of western civilization
and it is it is because of because of cultures and demographics. Well, those are people bringing particular cultures with them. It's taken centuries to create the freist most prosperous, fairest societies in the and there's been lots of studies about this, as you probably know out of especially Samuel Huntington, some professors at Harvard at UCLA, you never hear about about this, so that the left can go on persuading Americans and, I suppose, Canadians and British, and so on that american culture is the worst culture in the world and the sooner we replace ourselves the better off we are we are. We are somehow oppressing. You know these throngs of the third world that are now being brought in to replace us. Ok, so I have sympathy the argument that multicultural is not sympathy. I agree with the argument that multiculturalism is a blight on
civilization, because if you have cultures that are posed western civilization, that's not a good thing. That's a bad thing, however. The that Hillary Clinton's election is going to end it all? That's really. You know that That's really the break point, and I understand both sides understand people who say that it's going to end it all, but I've heard that every four years my entire life in four years will hear it again, and all I think, a lot of the people who say that western civilization is over, you might as well. Top shop and go home. America is done, it's not America anymore. We have a lot of people. I respect believe this. None of them will be quitting their comment area jobs on November. Ninth, if Donald Trump loses they'll all stick, So even they don't believe this deep down in their heart. They believe that they're still a fighting chance and they have a chance to make a dip if they didn't believe that I assume they would quit and to the mountains somewhere and prepare for the bunker mentality. I don't think that's what's it happened? I think everyone really knows that November. Ninth- yes, things could be worse. Things could always be worse. Hillary Clinton could be an awful awful president, but That'S- not absolve us of our duty to fight back, and it does not mean that we don't have a chance of winning if we do fight back, and that is
I'm hoping for November. Ninth, if things go downhill, things go downhill. There's only one thing: that's going to guarantee the dominance of the for years because, let's face it, if Hillary Clinton is elected, she's going to be unpopular, nobody likes her now she stinks she's awful everything. She touches: she's unpopular she's, unlikeable, she's, annoying she's, corrupt she's, greedy she's, selfish, she's nasty. All these things are true, the id she's going to be some sort of world beating president with a republican Congress. I just don't buy it. I don't see it. What I see is a woman who is going to be very deeply unpopular from the first day. She steps into office will remain unpopular were likely just thanks to the vicissitudes of the economy. To undergo I'm sort of brutal session in the near future. Because people is usually know every ten there's is a recession, and there was one two thousand one two thousand and eight there was one in one thousand, nine hundred and ninety one every eight to ten years. There's a recession were do so. That means that if it hits during Hillary Clinton's cycle. Well, she's. Well, she's. President, then, that hurts her too, so you know
and there's a lot to be optimistic about, even if Hillary Clinton is elected president, but that's going to require us to do one thing and what that requires to do is, unify and stop blaming each other. So I can already see the everybody is, is getting set to blame each other after this election cycle and listen, I've been a part of it and, and I apologize for having been a part of it. I I think that everybody's been a part of the kind of blue in each other for the trump phenomenon. Blaming people for vote stupidly in the primaries look. I think people voted wrong in the primaries. I'm not going to lie about that, but I stand why people voted for Trump in the primaries. They were angry from avatar. Of that anger. Trump was the only person on stage who seemed to be reflecting that anger back at them. He was the only one who seemed to be fighting the kind of political incorrectness that people see in the culture he seemed like the only one who is willing to say things that he ticked off the right people like I get there. I get the rationales, I don't agree with them. I think they're wrong. I understand the rationales. If we're going to move together, So after this election cycle. The people who didn't vote for and the people who voted for Trump and the people who reluctantly voted for Trump we're all going to
stand together to oppose Hillary Clinton and hopefully come up with somebody who's better next time. That first requires just took knowledge that this is Donald, Trump's fault. We need someone better? Next time we can't have another Donald Trump. This is on if Trump loses to Hillary Clinton aide deeply flawed. And it the most deeply flawed candidate of my lifetime. If Donna trump loses to Hillary Clinton. That's not on me, That's not on Sean Hannity, that's not on the so who is not even more Ingram who, I think, really pushed him in an unfair way. It's not on any of those people. In the end, it's only on one person, and that is Donald Trump, because it's the candidates, the candidates, job to garner support his job is to earn my vote. If he didn't earn my vote, he didn't do his job and my job is not to vote for him. My job is to be conservative and vote for the candidate, who, I feel not only best reflects the principles, but the person is best capable of forwarding those principles. So when we talk about republican unity, everybody is going to to look inside their own house everybody's, going to have to look back at them,
what did we do to bring ourselves to this sort of impasse? I think a lot of the Trump voters going to have to look and say: did we make the most intelligent decision to channel our anger? standable anger at the status quo of feeling that Congress doesn't do anything, but the Republicans sellout did we do the this thing by pushing somebody who is a Democrat who doesn't know think about policy and just says absurd because he's famous was not the wisest decision. Conservatives are going to have to stop thing is that every single battle is the end of the republic, because it's that mentality that lead the idea he got a back, the guy, the only one who can win one is going to punch the hardest. You gotta back the guy who's going to forestall the apocalypse, even if he is the second worst thing to the apocalypse. Not every is the apocalypse. Things are bad things really bad. I'm not be asking you that doesn't mean that that every single moment is the moment when America is over. It isn't, Eric is getting worse were on the wrong path, and yes, we're sort of cliff and that cliff is coming, but we're not quite if over the cliff there be no
for me, podcast for you to listen, put conservatives have to do. We need to recognize that, yes, our principles are right, but we don't have to just that every single hill is the hill water. Public dies, have to be willing to die on every hill, but we can't we can't give up ground to the left, but we have to stop but the crisis mentality that suggests that every single, battle is the end of the Republican. So if we lose we're all going to die and and let's just get the guy who can win even if he doesn't represent us, meanwhile, the establishment, which I think is largely responsible for the rise of trump by not listening to its own base by scoring by presenting everything, was hunky dory by caving to Democrats by making deals start listening to the outrage of the american public and they're going to have to recognizing that go along to get along because things are basically, ok isn't accurate for the it's majority of Americans. We don't think things are ok and conservatives. Don't think that and Trump voters don't think that nobody thinks that. So that's all
but we have to do all of us. We have to look into our own houses and figure and clean up our own houses, but we also have to have sympathy for people who are trying to clean up their house, and we all have to acknowledge that we're trying to move in the right direction, we're going to need some unity after this election is over no matter which way it goes, but that's particularly true. If Trump loses we're going to have to have a unified, movement. So we can come back in four years and we also have to recognize something if we just we're going to be better off John Mccain lost in two thousand, because he wasn't a good candidate in twenty ten Republicans united and they elected. Can Congress now the Republican Congress didn't do enough to do what we wanted them to do, but that was it victory two thousand and fourteen wanna sweeping victory after recognizing Mitt Romney was not the right guy, Mitt Romney, not do a good job as a cans in it. We can either sit around smacking each other and you continue to waste our works in the house in the Senate in two thousand eighteen if Trump loses, or we can as it were still in the fight of our lives here and the dawn Trump is not the right guy to lead us forward and the truth is hard to find the right guy to lead us forward
hard to find a leader because human beings are inherently flawed, all of them, including Ronald Reagan. Everybody is flawed. We tend to overlook there if they win, but that it's hard find the presidential candidate than it is to win Congress, but unify around republican base. Ideology ticket That's what we ought to be doing that the I unifying around the ideology recognize our own flaws. Try to fix those for the future, get rid of the crisis, mentality for the for conservatives, or at least minimize it a little bit wrecking is that there is a crisis if you're somebody in the establishment and if you're, a Trump supporter, if you who voted trump to burn it all down, recognize burn it all down is not a responsible response to the system the in response to the system, is to destroy the that are bad and maintain the parts of it that are good, the guy, who just just to go in there and break everything up with a hammer is probably the least likely guy. Actually do it and by the way, if he does destroy everything with a hammer, then you're left with nothing nothing and no plan for building okay. Well, That said, speaking of somebody who's absolutely destroying the country, President Obama is having himself.
A grand old time over at the White House. People miss this because President Obama has We turned the White House now in two again: lesbian culture, Lecture Hall from a college campus, so he had bisexual celebration day. This is, I guess, a week and a half ago, or two inside the White House, because every sexual behavior must now be insect, every sexual drive now be celebrated. I very much, look forward to polygamous behavior day at the White House, one day. I look forward to two furry porn the White House: we should celebrate every sort of sexual behavior consensual after an infant, have sex with an inanimate object. That's your problem so, so this is some of the stuff. That's not happening at the Peoples house right. The White House used to be known, as the people's house here is some of the stuff happening at the White House. Here is a bisexual native american praying to the two Spirit today, here here at the White House, and I call upon the ancestors to witness our presence and for the great Spirit one con, funk:
To guide her words and thoughts so that we can speak true and strong. Okay and he's a praise to the praise to thee by actually in any talks about how bi sexuality native american culture is wonderful. That wasn't even the most ridiculous moment. The most ridiculous moment was this bisexual poet, reading her poetry, about Bi, sexuality and capitalism- an this is happening at the White House at the White House. This isn't happening at your local community college. This isn't happening over the local homeless, shelter. This happening at the White House hosted by President Obama bag. Lady manifesto hashtag say her name: Hashtag Black Trans live matter. A transgender person, understanding of race and culture requires the following and then some. Truth telling for immortality a record.
Mission of historical trauma, an honest assessment of capitalism and its inherent violence. Don't want me in pilot, said to the updated finger, but they could perform all that. Jazz. What Carmen said burning black arts is a sin we do what we do. We do what they don't know. We know What they don't know, wow blocks of art talks are walked our dances on needles, all scratchy like and as seventy eight wax recording of Bessie Smith yeah Lyons Sleepin dread, locked hair, with grey streaks of wisdom and with the Blue House brother. I yes, Sir Brother Blue,
person am I blue hand over one eye: ok, good one am I blue. Am I green I'm at the big purple green machine. I mean I don't know. If this is. I don't know. I said the White House, I'm just I'm wildly confused by what have to do with enriching the culture of the United States, capitalism and its inherent violence case. Socialism is about the idea that the government gets you. But they got in steel. Crap from you camp isn't inherent violence and then- and then we get this bizarre poem about fingers- and you don't know what I don't know, but no one knows what I know and the no no and here's my nose, I'm just what ok. Alright Thank you, President Obama, for really enriching the country with this sort of culture, and yesterday was national poetry day. So some of his resurfaced but it is sort of sad. What's happened to poetry, if you like Andrew Klavan, the devil: take poetry, I'm not a poetry, Guy Clayton's, the kind of guy who read poems out loud on his podcast. If that's your sort of thing, then make sure that you listen to his show, but it but the he reads are usually pretty good they're. Not this
insane babbling nonsense in the home series actually have meaning and words that are nice and not the stream of consciousness musings of crazy people, this is this is just him him. Thank you, President Obama, for making America great place. Okay time. Some things I like things, I hate and then we're going to construct culture a little bit so things I like. So I do. I've done this one before and there's a there's, a series called the the there's, a series called the expanse series, it's on a Sci FI network now and The book is the first book in the series called leviathan wakes by James, say: Corey James, doesn't quarries, actually two different dudes and then They write these books together and their and there there you're fine. I mean I won't say that there are masterful literature because they're not but they are fun reads their interesting reads: they hold your attention. They have kind of cool ideas, the notion is that a human being ranged off into space and they've built
Bases on Mars and the moon and they've built bases all the way out and kind of the far reaches of the universe of the solar system, but they're breaking down, the various groups. The martians are sort of at war with the people from earth and the people in the in the balance where they call the belt around Jupiter. Those people aren't the martian. So it's it's. It's really. It's it's an interesting. It's an interesting. And it is kind of like game of thrones and there's sort of an existential threat that threatens all these people, while they're at war with each other at the same time, but it's It is yeah. It's a it's a whole series of books, I'm not sure how many they're going to go. I know they written five at this point, I'm in the middle of three, and there they're they're. Definitely they hold your attention. Ok, other things, like so this one is going to be hard for you to understand if you just listening to the podcast, which is why you really need to subscribe to daily wear dot com, because this is a joke these or need to see. This is one of my favorite internet videos, a man it was sent to me by the never mention poet, Andrew Klavan, and it is Steve Harvey and who is the host of family feud,
and you'll see all the all the people giving answers about sex, and genitalia and this video is reaction, shots of Steve Harvey and fitting Muse. Because he realizes that western civilization is dead, I'm your man Steve hard. We gotta go and fight you today, open gas, flatulating. Porn making them accountable details about.
Well, I'm going to go there and I'm going to be made Watch what me it's magnificent well, it's spectacular is the
she tried to see Harvard which are which are supposed to be kind of funny like. I can't believe she said that, but when you put that music over it, it looks like he's come. To the existential conclusion that he's a waste, his entire life and he's about to die. It's really spectacular so I need to check that. Ok, other things that I like so if you've ever been watching. There's this entire series of apparently scary clowns are showing up all around the United States. Now, because two thousand, needed to get worse so they're like what can we do? We already killed her ombey. What can we do like? Let's get all this scary, clowns from it. Let's make them prey on children, so now love this, this group Arizona has decided that they are planning a peace walk a clown lives matter. Peace, walk in and see the social media frenzy about creepy clowns in Arizona. Ms in this woman said that that she's getting all sorts of black because she called it clown lives matter in your tendency in an oven, Collie said this is a peaceful walk to show clowns are not psycho killers. We want the public to feel safe and not afraid to come out
the family me to clown, get a hug and uh it's been so invited to dress up like clowns, so AIDS. Is so clown lives matter? I I I love it. It's it's a spectacular because it was as cloud lives don't matter. I think that this is Collette. This is Cloud IST, its cloud Instead they did like was anyone suggesting it would be ok to go around killing clowns? It's ok, Corral Kelly, no, it's not okay to go around killing clowns. He said that. No! go around thanks yeah? I do but Stephen King tweeted out that people should stop being scared of clowns. It's your fault, we're all scared of clowns, Stephen King! What did you do? You wrote it? Ok with the creepy clown that hangs out under the bridge and then murders children. That's your fault, idiot! Ok, there are some things that I like? Ok sometime for some things, I hate. Let's do it
Ben and Jerry's has now released a new statement of Ben and Jerry's a real leftist company. The two owners of it are are socialists, which is hilarious, because that but Gillian years, because they make ice cream and I do love the fact that Bernie Sanders in the primaries. Yes, why do we have to have forty five types of deodorant? I don't know it's been injuries, have fifty different types of labor and he supported Bernie Sanders in in his debacles run and yeah, and so Ben and Jerry's is now released a statement about black lives matter which makes per because what you really when you, when you want to hear about black lives matter, what you really want is to elderly white guys who live in legitimately the state to state in the union. Vermont right there there, by the way there, like five black people in Vermont. Ok, never mind is one of the whitest states in the union, just to point out that that you know Ben and Jerry, are not seeing a lot of crime and run ins with with black criminals in Vermont, here statement they put out. We believe that saying black lives matter is not to say that the lives of those who serve in law enforcement community. Don't you respect? really the commitment to our communities. Those in law enforcement make their respective
everyone of their lives, but we do believe that weather black brown, white or blue our nation, in our very way of life, is dependent on the principle of all people. Sort of equal justice under the law and it's clear. The effects of the and justice system are not colorblind That very last sentence here is so idiotic. The effects of the criminal justice system are not colorblind the effects of the criminal justice, there should not be colorblind the admin stration of the criminal justice system should be color blind. The effects should be color colored the effects, the effects she just knew it effects. Are I mean is the implication is that the effects should be color blind, meaning an equal number of blacks proportionately are in prison compared to whites. That's not! That's! Not a criminal the system as a racial apportionment system. Now the fact is, administration of the criminal justice system should be color. Blind people who commit the same crimes should go to jail for the same amount of time. If the same crime, history but end of the day, the same number people from different groups are not going to go to jail, but silly, as I said, Sally Kohn and should never good response for it. What percentage? People in prison are mail. It's like ninety five,
the people is that, because the criminal justice system is sexist against men, I effects of the criminal justice system, the reverse, Just just ok other things, and what was that Miss Andrus? Thank you. Wow well done there for finally making his salary at least partially worth our while there's math is sounding off with a good word: choice that the only time that ever happens in your life celebrated put it on your epitaph, alright, so other things that I hate, in this innocent on today's show. So the daily show making fun of Jesse Waters Jesse Waters did this ridiculous video and it's ridiculous video for Fox NEWS. We went around Chinatown and basically, just did stereo. Apps that asian People- and it's not funny and it's stupid and it's borderline, racist for sure and The daily show did correspondence, sent, corresponded out there to mock this and I'll explain why this is so dominant. Second, so we
at waters down to New York Chinatown to sample political opinion. Ok, first of all, let me get this straight. They say China, the debate, so you go to Chinatown. In New York So when they mentioned Mexico, do you send someone to Taco Bell? Chinatown is nothing like China. They got nothing to do with each other, that's like if they brought women's right. So I decided to go into Fox news to get some opinions, not as dumb as that premise is. It is nothing compared to the idiocy that followed by the way we haven't had anything to this? This is the original footage from Fox NEWS. Am, I supposed to bow to say hello, play how I like these watches. Are they hot jcpenney, three hundred and ninety eight,
Are you going to vote for Clinton like Clinton's? Wife has a name. What is it? Oh man, I'm forgetting snap out of it, but you know karate yeah. I know I hit my hand. The dragon? rabbit. No, it's actually the year. What the hell was that. How is that on? The news on TV. Where did this come from everyone's been wondering would be the target of 2016's worst racism asian going running and by If you're going to be racist, at least scheduled stereotypes still white, you ignorant sack of but it isn't chinese. It's Japanese
doing it in a taekwando studio, which is korean. If you want to come, and chinese people make fun of China's high pollution or the fact that they send some most of the internet, which in this case might actually be a good thing. There's no personal China will I have to watch. Dolly, don't disagree with a lot of what this guy is saying. The part that I think is hilarious, that comedy. If Jesse waters his routine had appeared on body central everybody would just ignore it right could be on comedy central, so the problem how many central and what they've done with the news, they've merged comedy in the news, and then they pretend that it's all one Jesse waters his routine on Fox News- is much closer to what they do in comedy central than it is to normal news and everybody who watch is Jesse waters a segment on O'Reilly knows this. I mean they know that Jesse Waters, his routine on Bill O'Reilly's show, is not meant to be Brett Baer, it's not meant to be Britt Hume, it's not meant to be Shep Smith, even Alex Smith, has joking material is on the fact is that what what comedy central has done? is they've merged news and comedy in such a way that it's impossible to tell them apart. Young people use
Jon Stewart or use Jon Stewart as their source of news while he was still on the air they used. Steven Cole is their source of news, they merged comedy in news and then they're objecting. When somebody merges comedy news now, all it I'll be the first to say, I think that's really crappy comedy, I think racial stereotypes of the. Why do I think it's ugly? I don't like it. I think it's stupid, I think standing is it. You know all the things that you can say about this segment. I think that's what it is that said, from comedy central. This guy would probably be laughing at it because it was on comedy central and you can kind of slides it in there. He says: what's this even doing on a news channel well, except that, and in a non new segment mean anybody who thinks that Jesse Waters is like a news guy is, it has not watched Jesse Waters ever ok, so that's my critique of comedy central Yes, I don't like Jesse Waters segment. I think it's ridiculous. That said, I think the comedy central criticizing it for merging news and opinion, and and stereo types in comedy: has it had let them watch their own network and they were seen in I mean with comedy central, does on a regular regular basis. They do it all the time
okay. Now, let's do some deconstructing at the culture already deconstructing the culture normal do this earlier in the week, but obviously is Russia Shawna and celebrating the new year. Obviously the new year has gotten off to a stellar start gang thanks. So much to all of you, but I did, but nonetheless, request yesterday in the mail bag, woods what I please do I deconstructing the culture of heavy metal, now I will be the first to admit. Heavy metal is not my forte, of course, pop music. Isn't my to either and neither is rapid. I do those every every single week, so I can't really so I mean that's the way it is. If I have to, about death metal than Austin is always here to guide me in the right direction, because apparently he likes ram staining. We played a little bit of that earlier and he was rocking out like in brotherhood member. He apparently the The the the one that we're choosing for today, I think is number three on the heavy metal on the heavy metal charts is by
morning. I want to it's called rotting in vain. Now I want to just point out that every kind of genre has its own sin that it likes to basket. It has its own milieu likes it. Is all about sex. It's all about sex is the only thing anybody cares about pop is sex and how, get over it or how to get it or why you're upset about it or why it makes you happy the only thing that people care about in pop music anymore sex, not love, not emotion, just sex, that's all they care about, and then move over app and all they care about is is islands in crime and sex and drugs. Those are the things that they care about you over to heavy metal and what they care about is pain and suffering and death all three of these all three of these genres are things in the absence of God, so pain and suffering and death become me. Rainfall fall in the presence of a religious of a religious belief right, believe the death has a meaning and life has a meaning. If there's nothing beyond you and beyond this plane. What What heavy metal seems to suggest is that pain?
is something to revel in and suffer in and enjoy and of itself that mentality people have about Halloween, that people are really into kind of the dark side of Halloween or like I don't have to be scared of death by mock death, and if I involve myself and every day, if I become a part of death, then death can't scare me: scares you I mean you're lying. Anybody who says death isn't scary, is lying to you. Death, of course, is scary for religious people, just like the religious people, but there's this there's a notion that pain and death are of wallowing suffering is is in Roebling, but not enabling because you're doing anything useful just in and of itself, because you're going to live and mix it deep to suffer. It makes you deep to be ensconce. In the serious things were going to be frivolous, we're going to talk about death all day, death and pain, that's what we're into and then pop. It's like. We don't need God. We don't need relationships, we just want to get in. We just wanna get layed, because after all, that's all that matters in life is
nobody does my body is going to stop moving and let's get that down. Speed going in the body won't stop moving until were forty and then he's creek, and then the life is basically over and everybody who's over. He doesn't listen to pop music and then you get RAP Man rap is do whatever you want so long as it is opposed to the generalized perception of decent behavior and proclaim that it empowering in some way. So that so this is the problem with all modern music. All modern music now does not hold anything a value and that's an over generalization there. Some songs. Of course, that they do not do this, but those are the well kind of descriptions of the various genres of of modern music. They don't they don't uphold beauty, they don't hold truth, they have hold wallowing in one aspect of human life without any spirituality or meaning attached to it. So this is so that's and that's how you end up with a song called rotting in vain by Korn, spelled with a k which doesn't make any sense, because corn is actually spelled with a c and is delicious. So here is corn with a K. The song is rotting in vain,
okay. Anyway, then there are seventy five. Whatever happened to be, if you enjoyed it, this is your sort of thing feeding his grand use, all of the skull everything's
is grimm physical content, then you know have at it, but here's what here's the actual lyric can be angry. If you just effing cry, your tears would arouse me reflect refreshing. My supplies he suffering makes you stronger and your suffering makes me stronger. Suffering is something in which to revel suffering is what makes us deep and worthwhile the more we suffer the more worthwhile we are because we understand the existential angst of being. Out here in things are brutal, and so I may agree about it and I live in a crappy apartment with pictures of all people on the walls. Ok, it says that stuff thing is fading ice cream into the sky. Repulsion invades me, I say goodbye, and that makes you deep, because these are like the creepy gots in high school It would get a date by just sitting there and brooding, and there would be some trivia. He must be deep because he's brooding We know he's not because he's brooding, he needs to get a life and figure out some interests outside of outside, of drawing of skulls, the chorus
digging deep inside of me getting past this agony. I can't things get away another day rotting in vain, so if you're rotting in vain. If it's, if things are really that crappy, you might want to look for a solution now, you could do that resolution or which is revel in your own pain and suffering 'cause. It makes you awesome. There's a part of this. You are it's just in the event that I love this in the lyrics. As I can't take this and then to scatting- and I want when I read the lyrics originally is like Ella Fitzgerald, suddenly appears and started scanning, or is it just them guys that bad and then says? I can't f this. I can't take this digging deep inside of me getting past this agony. It's all about you in the end, it's all about you and your suffering, there's no element of what matter other people, in fact they're suffering, makes you happier it makes you stronger. If you would just effing cry, it would make me feel better. I drink thirty years it sounds like. First of all, everyone of these singer sounds like Alex Jones is doing the vocals, but it, but it's
yeah it's it's. This kind of this for show- and I understand that some of it is done half in jest He's done, I assume half people take this fully seriously. They just think it's kind of funny and they think it's interesting. It's Halloween e and their people into this sort of thing. But if this is what you there's no way to watch five of these videos in a row without walking out and being depressed. I mean there's just no way to do it. It's depressing stuff, and it's meant to Be- because the more depressed you are, the more deep you are and the more you found, the meaning of life and, at the sense, of life is a rootless. Nihilism is Justin empty bag and there's nothing in it. No soul, no meaning nothing! Just people in a crappy apartment breaking through cement floors and screaming at each other. If that's what you think life, then let me just suggest that you find a better way of life that's all find a better way of hip hop music, don't listen to the lyrics, another way of life. If you listen to rap music, don't listen to lyrics, find a better over life. That is the find better
of life is the theme of today's deconstructing, the culture, because this does not. Is it like a series of happy people? Did anyone with these people and say God? I wish living like the people in this music video. This looks great. This just looks awesome and the only good thing about this music video. So far, as I can tell, is that there is that the the one of the crazy people from Braveheart is still alive and it. So that's exciting. Ok, Isn't getting pretty hard to get this car in this space I get. No, nobody else gets there Okay is in my a he might also be Michael Collins. Ok, so we finally have actually reached the end of the week. The end of the week has been reached obviously because now I'm just speaking nonsense so that is that on Sunday go to dailywire dot com for live coverage of this final debate. This final- it's not the final debate, there's one more after this, but if Trump doesn't show up it's the end of this election cycle, so everything my turn, this debate, we will be live covering, it will be, live blogging about it, it'll be all sorts of tons, so show up.
They are dailywire dot com become a subscriber dailywire dot com and have yourself a merry little weekend, we will see you on Monday and will see you Sunday, night, dailywire, dot. Com
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