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Ep. 238 - Obama Goes Full Traitor

2017-01-18 | 🔗
Chelsea Manning becomes a free man, Democrats lose their credibility on Russian hacks, and Vladimir Putin does his best Trump impression.
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Ashley fetters of Geek you magazine wants to thank President Barack Obama on Wednesday. She specifically expressed her gratitude to Obama for giving her the best sex of her life in a columns. Thanks. Obama for four years of glorious worry free sex. She praised about for ending her fears of accidents or pregnancy here is our basic. Take quote: I don't have to tell you how quickly the fear of accidental prickly accidentally getting someone pregnant, can kill. You Sex drive, but you know who's been therefore the last eight years tirelessly waging war and this horrible boner killing feeling of dread present obama- if you ve had sex with a woman in the last four years and found the encounter totally gloriously on plagued by angst about the risk of surprise fatherhood, you probably A burial. A moment of gratitude seemed all areas while people who somehow disconnect sex with the risk of pregnancy could have thereby allow logically based fears alleviated by simply keeping their hats so to speak to the man, could cure all Barack Obama. What gave Obama this godlike power. Well, you want, Everyone else to pay for your contraceptives says: fetters quote, has arisen,
the second term of Albanos presidency and the twenty. Sixteen in particular is already being called a golden age of birth control. Burma also gifted you a golden era: Fun Lois banging with your wife, your girlfriend or the friendly gale was nice enough to accompany you home from the bar, because surprise turns out we're all more fun to have sex with when we're not preoccupy with the worry of not accidentally creating babies, act they turned out to be from personal experience, Ex actually kind of fun, even when you're trying to have babies- and it's not actually up to the taxpayers to guarantee your level of fun. If you can only feel orgasm EC, if you're not worried about baby making, here suggestion pay for your own contraception it turns out. Society doesn't have much fun and much interest in up in your game, plus it turns contraceptives, don't actually protect you from the risks associated with picking up randalls in bars for a quickie according to the he std erase rates are rising again. Now some stats does It Obama's massive coverage plan, nearly half of all pregnancies and twenty eleven run intended the rate of accidental,
let among poor woman was a hundred and twelve per one thousand quintet the rate among middle class women. The accidental pregnancy rate among black women with seventeen for one thousand, yes, accidental, accidental pregnancy, decline generally in slight fashion. Poor women more substantially under President Obama, but accidental pregnancy among poor women remain sky high compared to the rest of the population, which suggest that perhaps The problem here is that access to contraceptives, but personal sexual choices and the exit, And pregnancy read, it should be noted husbands having steadily since the nineteen eighties, though it did itself drop under President Obama. But there is another issue here too who, in the world declared that people have a right quota to have sex enthusiastically and fearlessly without concern what consequences on the taxpayer die? It turns out. Sex often has consequences, but those consequences can be made. Aided by a bit of personal responsibility. We are all the level of not putting that their without that thing on it, contraceptives are cheap, thereby
the available and believe it or not. Human beings are not animals who must have sex right now, this very minute, rather than you. In some self restraint, but a court the fetters and much left without Obama. I'll be knocking each other about insane raters. What she says called, in other words, something five million american women may have to say. Choosing again between low risk sex with men and all the other myriad out of pocket expenses of adult life anxiety free sex or dinner on the table, things If we sex or the rent for many women, these could soon become everyday tradeoff seriously, really the average friends in the United States, as of twenty thirteen about twelve hundred bucks per month, Let's assume the average woman in the United States has set a couple of times per week, that's probably on the upper end or eight times per month. You can Currently, by thirty six pack of trojans on Amazon for under fourteen box, so a full year of contraception either. You're using trojans during the non period would be approximately four. You two dollars. Realistically speaking, very few Americans are choosing between rent twelve hundred bucks a month and condom. Under forty cents, a pop, but when you worshipped government,
ass have to praise your God for his benevolence, and that means Boeing before the big man who ensure you. Never have to worry about being punished with basic adventure, This is the bench barrage of all right, so. We are going to get to people trying to burn themselves to death before its trump is going. We inaugurated we'll be getting to Vladimir Putin doing his best Donald Trump impersonation. Really, all sorts of other goods, but first we have to say thank you to friends over at Tracker tracker is the this device that allows you to keep track of all the things that you lose: the coin size device, locates misplaced keys and wallets and bags and compeers anything insight and your parents, your smartphone, you attach to anything you can find it. Size location with the tap button. Also, if attached to your phone theirs thing in the tracker that allows it to actually override your silent this island setting on your phone? So if you call your phone from another, phone rings rules he call and the track
Where is on the phone, which is super cool? That's great for me, because my wife loses her phone at literally every day the track has been one of the handiest devices that we have. It has received our marriage because there is nothing more irritating to me than spending forty five, looking around for her phone before she discovered exactly where she left it in her purse. Tracker solve that problem in about ten seconds and right if you listen to the target of free tracker, Bravo with any Origo to tracker dot com, the tracker dot, Conti, H, e tracker, dot com. You enter a promo code Ben if you get that, if you do that, you get a free tracker, Bravo with any order again, It makes losing things something you dont have to worry about anymore, that tracker dotcom enterprise local. Ben. That shows that we sent you and also it means that that you're never going to lose anything ever again. Thought tracker, dotcom, slash, bend get that free tracker. Bravo with that with your purchase over at the tracker that come. Ok, so the Democrats are preparing for this inauguration and though the wailing in the national teeth is a site
behold. I mean it is utter madness: dude actually trying to set himself on fire, apparently from the trunk tower the other day, but being a democratic. Even failed it s so here is the dude setting on fire. Find the light myself on fire as an act of protest as an act of protest. I protest me what the protesting, the fact that we've elected somebody who is completely incapable of respecting So I guess you have to give us the protesters of Vietnam in Vietnam. Particular they actually set themselves on fire successfully. You could even set on fire successfully so Darwin nearly accomplished his mission but currently, when you're too stupid, to actually set yourself on fire successfully. You don't take yourself out of the gene pool, so This, do try to set himself on fire, but being that leftist is incapable of actually
nursing himself in fire hazy of self emulating, his self was as much a failure as Hilary campaign so well done there, Sir other left, these are very upset. Snoop dog is variable. Then he may not be invited to the White House to talk oh. He is he's threatening any black performer who performed the inauguration. You saying that he will bring the vast wealth of his reign each down upon their benighted heads yours, Snoop dog. What great cultural icons speaking about he's going to do to stop the trumpet operation nobody will prefer photographer, which one are you don't be the first ones to do away and roasted what are you a good time? with their own cause. He's gonna aroused the warders perform for himself
Nothing says racial unity quite like calling people who want to give Trump a chance and Uncle Tom and really I mean I can see why Barack Obama invited Snoop done to the White House. So many times you, two dogs at the White House Multiple times, but I guess that means That's no dog is now a political commentator. I'd like to see Markleham up hill and my cleric Dyson Talk about why soup dogs should shut up about politics and clearly he doesn't know anything or if they only reserve their iron score for Steve Harvey and Jim Brown Meals actual top level. Democrat continue to say that, in a legitimate from presidency. There very very upset about the term presidency, Debbie Waterman, shoulder she said but she won't say the trumpets legitimate president. Do you we ve Trump is illegitimate. President, I believe that there is no question that the outcome of this election was affected by the russian Interference with the campaign do the legitimate president, then or not. It means there. Is there a distinction between those two things in your mind, I'm not.
Going to use I'm not going to and on the application of term legitimate or not, and if someone qualified. U way and on whether something is legitimate. It is sir the woman who helped rigged the primaries against Bernie Sanders in favour of Hillary Clinton and then had to resign her post as head of the Dnc, because of it a leg to stand on talking about legitimacy she's, not the only ones, the only ones and it minority leader chucks humor from New York. He says that here specks. All of the inauguration boycott is because hey Trump is merely a legitimate. So I respect for the coming from I mean I think each person has to make his overtures choice on his own, but I dont begrudge those who have says they're, like recharge Senate Democrats, to attempts at each person make his or her own decision, and he says the heat and, as you know, the orders and a democratic state godly admiration, but none of the centres are actually boycotting because a lot of them are vulnerable and the last thing we want to do is take off those voters in the middle. So there is Chuck humor, saying that this is of a democratic built up its entire big narrative about how this
What she was a legitimate because of russian hacking because of Wikileaks. Sponsored by Russia, hacking, the decency and hacking, John Pilasters emails and therefore the Election is illegitimate and trumps an illegitimate president. Well, along comes Barack Obama. Oh Mamma has, because you actually cable well said his own party on fire. Unlike self immolation die, you could even set himself on fire successfully broke up. I didn't try to set himself on fire. He sent all the other Democrats on fire destroyed them down ballot destroyed. The house destroyed them in the Senate to earn forty one members of the Republican House, fifty two men of the republican Senate. Thirty two governor its own by Republicans, brought on a loss, democratic, thousands, each across the country and on his way out the door he wants to torch there. Only narrative too. So there now right now is that Trump is totally illegitimate, because the Russians have the election, so Wikileaks, bad Raymond is what we ve been hearing for the past few months. Wiki leaks are just the worst thing in the world. According to the left, wickedly are now terrible because Wikileaks impact the election and Wikileaks our
working hand in glove with the Russians to help Donald Trump, so Barack Obama, he comes along and his asked move in office, hopefully it'll be one of his last moves in office because he saw his forty eight hours to screw things up to more, his last movies that each he pardons or doesn't commute the sentence for Chelsea Manning who has betrayed her, who hands in a lot of the original information to Wikileaks, including the names of american soldiers, including confidence, information about american ops that put american lives in harm's way, including information. There are some of the Latin himself said he found valuable Chelsea Manning who was then private, first class Bradley Manning all this information to Wikileaks and Morocco, who's, the guy who was actually an office when, when Bradley, but in jail. Then, of course, Bradley Manning decides that Bradley Manning is transgender, Bradley, manageable Is that he's a woman now, and so he calls himself Chelsea Manning, so I call them Chelsea Manning now, because it is possible in
in America and everywhere else to change your name. It is not possible change or sack so he's a man and his name is Chelsea Manning. If he wants you to call Chelsea Manning, just like Caitlin Jenner is a man who calls himself Caitlin generous to put the transgender stuff to decide for a second here. Is the Problem for Morocco Obama, so the inside left has now made this case. That Wiki leagues is the worst thing that ever was in the history of mankind. It's terrible, terrible, terrible terrible. They impact the election. They did droid everything and then along comes Obama, and he says oh yeah. He likes guy in a one, is in jail and endangered american National Security and put american soldiers in harm's way, yemeni, let him out so we links is ok as long as it endangers american soldiers, but it's not ok when their hacking, John put us, does emails about spirit. Dinners about spirit that's when Wikileaks becomes bad? It exposes the entire democratic routine other. How terrible wiki leagues is when he releasing the Wikileaks guy these releasing one of the lead, wiki leakers and excuse for doing so, is really ridiculous uses Manning is. Is it feels
at about what Manning did? which is insane watch how long now ass in two seconds manually hired by. University, probably to lecture terrorism in war have become professor does in and talk of L B bill airs it is not a situation where Chelsea Manning is somehow really really sorry that what Chelsea Manning dead here, that's that's ridiculous now said the Chelsea Manning had serve part of of his sentence thirty five percent of seven years, but really what this about in large part, was the fact that Chelsea Manning its transgender, so that the left values transgender politics, above all else, algae bt, politics matter more than anything else into its literally get out of jail for card in this particular scenario, so Chelsea Manning handsome hormone treatment, believe Chelsea Manning's have snips. No, but I think Chelsea meetings at the hormone treatment, and that means the Chelsea Manning must be let out of prison, less Chelsea Manning be an immense prison and be a man thinks he's woman them. That would be absolutely terrible, left, Launcelot, Chelsea, meaning out of prison, and this of course
undercuts the entire democratic cases there saying trumps illegitimate because of Wikileaks, but Wikileaks is so not a problem that we can release the Wikileaks guy. It shows them. Policy on the part of let neither so accuracy and the right to so the right has determined that Julian Assange, hero now Sean Hannity, wants Julian Assange. Pardoned Sean things Julian Assange is wonderful now, social, energy all that mad about Chelsea Manning being let out of prison, as is shown in what excuse does he have if he isn't the Chelsea men who led out Ok, when people are hacking, american institutions like the Dnc but bad when their revealing secrets about the army is that the way this works, lotta to toss over here, and then we have to get to But what is Barack Obama's actual true motive in all of this, I'll get to that in just a second, but first we have to say thank you to another one of our advertisers. This, of course, is ring. So if you have to
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slash men for a hundred and fifty bucks off your kid. It helps from it hum burglaries and helps ensure that property is safe at all times. You can always keep an eye on whose their rings outcomes, lifespan, four hundred and fifty bucks off your security kit and to thank them for sponsoring arson ok, I'm gonna get you, President Obama's actual motive in all of this Obama want from the Chelsea Manning Pardon is, I think, rock Obama, vastly interested in undermining the national defence of the country. I really think that President Obama doesn't I believe that the National Defence, the country, is as important as the social justice that he pursues. This is he's used the Department of Defense as serve test in ground for various social justice theories. I'm getting all sorts of emails by the way from from during the last couple of days, horsing there being There there being trained on this new transgender policy put in by President Obama, and it basically that soldiers have no right to privacy that now if you have a man he's in the female bathroom, that all the women who have to deal with it in this.
Barack Obama, not attempting to make the military stronger, is Barack Obama. Attempting to use the military is sort of like Pretoria experiment for his politics. I need this throughout. He doesn't if ye, endangers the national security of the United States. By sending terrorist abroad and shutting down get money doesn't care if he endangers the national security of our allies. In fact, one of the other people that Obama, pardon yesterday. One of the people of Burma, Pardon yesterday was General Cartwright who helped to the New York Times all the information about the Stuxnet virus that Israel in the United States cooperated on in order to hamper the Iranian Nuclear programme. Obama pardon back! I why? Because Obama haters rolling, he likes IRAN. He things around could be a regional power. So, president about this up, in parcel of Obama's jewel goal here, which is social justice, warrior stuff with the army. She's, which makes them the happiest mean if the social justice warriors can take over that reply, The story of my cheese MO in me, tourism, the? U S military, then they can they cover anything until Obama takes a little bit ugly and in doing that beyond that
didn't of really doesn't care much about the safety and security of the kind for he thinks that safety and security of the country is achieved through softness heating it's a through kindness and generosity that it's not achieve throw by being. This We have got the bloc which of course, is idiotic, but Left is beginning to realise that what Obama adjusted really hurts left Jake Tapir over on CNN. He says this man in commutation. It really destroys President Obama's entire line that he cares about leaks and it also destroys the entire democratic line that they care about. Lakes, commuting the sentence of one of the most notorious leakers. You could argue that just remaining did it for good reason to expose war crimes or whatever you case I want to make, but but it it's only contradicts, though, state years of policy in terms of legal and It absolutely does, of course, is not the only one saying this Bob Menendez democratically jerseys puzzled by this duties, as I'm not sure what message this is supposed to send. A Wikileaks we're trying to police, Wikileaks and Harry are releasing the regulator. What's wrong,
Indeed, as it relates to our recent elections and the role that wiki leaks and a different adoration has played in that regard, I'm not sure what I have a message we send here and self. I'm really surprised that the president took action in that have concerns about what message we sent about ultimately revealing a sense if national security documents again, the Democrats, not to do with President Obama, and he doesn't care about them. He only cares about is on legacy. He pleased the fire left, as CNN Jeffson Lady said, he said it's almost. Small to imagine. This commutation happens in the first place if Chelsea Manning is just a dude and doesn't then doesn't believe the woman you have to wonder, The outcome would be the same. He became my transition exam we re actually transition from a man to one. I think that certainly pay into this, without that it's hard to imagine, I think this president would have done so OJ. Simpson is busily attempting cut off his own dinghy right now, so that he can commutation from President Obama at the last minute.
If only Julian Assange, had decided that he was a woman and guns move implants, then maybe President Obama would consider letting him off the hook as well. Have to break here at Facebook and Youtube, but we have much more coming up at the inauguration. We have more coming up about Vladimir Putin and about delusional Democrats and a pretty epic things. I hate today so we'll have to go to daily wired, combat, checked out or to listen later on Itunes and sound cloud subscriber Itunes review us at Itunes. We know you love us and make sure that you sender, of five star of you and over it Itunes. If your fan Delaware, it comes very subscribe, eight dollars a month, and for that eight dollars a month, you not only get to see the rest of the show live right now right this instinct of the way for us to post it later. You also get to be part of the mail bag. Tomorrow you also get a free signed copy of my books, religions, and we have more goods that are coming out. This Shapiro store is gonna, be opening in just the next couple of weeks, and we have other benefits that are coming as well. Get CN reclaiming show live in color
he shows great, as well as part of the mail bag. On his show, he and I are gonna start launching some some additional kind of content that we're gonna be putting out. First fibres, only similar daily wire dont right now and subscribe. We are the largest conservative podcast in the United States, so it is amusing to watch. Democrats run around like chickens with their heads cut off on this whole Wikileaks thing, but, as I say, there is hypocrisy on the right side of the Isle too, because hypocrisy. If what, if it from has done anything, Obama, have done anything. They are an acid test for hypocrisy. Now you to determine whose a hypocrite and whose not and the bottom line is, as always, our constant theme here on the bench. Everyone show everyone's a hypocrite everybody's. Credit turns out. Republicans are hypocrites. They like Julian Assange now because he was mean to Hell, but they will, Chelsea Manning disdain. Prison Democrats want Chelsea mounting out, but the very concerned by Julian Assange. So it's amazing how the outcome of leak seems matter more than the actual leaking itself demonstrably
tat, most Americans actually don't know much about politics or care much about it. This is this the fascinating that people like me have made I think that one of the mistakes- it people like me have made. Historically, we assume that the american people actually have political theories that they actually listen to theories about. Politics are that actually care about political philosophy, and the fact is. That most Americans really don't most Americans really don't, doesn't mean they're, making terrible decisions on every front. It just me is that really valuable, and that's why leadership matters? That's. Why is there a lot of people or holding I'm going to talk about hopes and fears for the Trump administration a lot of we are hoping that Donald trumps can mouthing off on Twitter, that it's just a mouthing off on Twitter and that the policy will actually be very good, and there is a real possibility that that happens, that the people, who actually if the policy are his appointees? There's a bunch of regulators that he appoints a Tom price at age? Ass is the person who creates the Obama CARE replacement and that its people, like Roy Perry, terminate policy at the Department of Energy and that in it
general matters over at at defence is helping determine our foreign policy and its very possible Ah that's true. It's also a real concern that the President of the United States has an enormous amount of power to shape public opinion in really bad these are really good ways and that matters matters, because the american public doesnt watch this stuff all that closely. So right now, the first pull since two thousand nine has come out. That shows that that a plurality of Americans think Obamacare is a good idea. Really is it in Newport from the West, journal. Forty five The forty one, plurality of Americans think that Obama is a good idea or as opposed to a bad idea in Sudan. That's that's a new move, its largely because the press have decided they're going to an all out push on good news about Obamacare, because they they love Obama. They they sort of covered Obama CARE
its flaws from last several years, but now they're, not gonna, do that anymore. They're, just gonna talk about how a bomb occurs. Grades went from repeals it and when I went Republicans appeal repeal it that sinks their approval rating, and you can see that the public is open, to being shaped on this when Donald says things like he wants to make sure that every single person has insurance when he says every single person should have insurance that will shape hell. Americans think about all this Jimmy, does a routine on his show where he asks people, whether they like Obamacare or the affordable care act when and when he poses them as alternatives, people say they like the affordable care act, but they don't like Obamacare. There exactly the same thing. They pulse Americans don't know much about any this pulls also show, for example, in there all over the place, pulse you're, the most Americans, don't think the Donald Trump should set. His businesses. There's a pause from my think this one is from the ABC News in Washington Post. It shows fifty, percent of respondents thing Trump has done enough about his business- is only forty. Two percent want him to see. But forty four percent believe that his family,
advisors, are not following federal ethics laws compared to forty three percent, who think they are complying, if that makes any sense to you, then you're the only one hour, which demonstrates the american public when it comes to politics, are highly malleable, and that means that the President of the United States actually matters and so the question is: how are we going to approach the presidency, and my case is that we should approach the as you can see the same way, we approach Obama do this. We approach boy the name on the on the door of the oval office. Does Change, how we approach the presidency? If something smart is sad, you praise it. If something good, he said you praise it. If something stupid aside, you criticise it, you don't just go along with the rhetoric, because your home, to get good policy, because it out Not your job, maybe that's the job of people. Income, that's not your job, it's not my job. Our job is to call out falsehood where we see it, because truth can only when in the end, if it's in the light of day when trading through away for a couple of policy things that you want in Walmart. It's not gonna help you because falsehood comes his policy, false its wings back and this policy in the short term
may get what you want, but if you're, probably a falsehood in order to achieve that, then, in the end The falsehood end up biting you directly on the bottom, so I think the proper, attitude going into the inauguration is cautious optimism, meaning or skeptical optimism I trust, but verifies Reagan would put it lets. Let's see trumped does what's beatin Mrs about all, the things he can do, because the fact is he has an open field. Is you can do some broken field running now and the fact is he's got the Senate, he's got the house he's got A huge majority of state legislatures bind him. He can do pretty much anything you want legislatively now. Let's see him perform perfume says we're gonna have to give from perchance. Let's give another look so You know he need people need to take another. Look at this now, there's more than they do not. I think that doesn't mean he's gonna hate me may not maybe a failed present right angles. Waiter projection now get machines. Act like that's! That's! What's fairness in our republic is scheme a chance to see what he does?
I'm a chance does not mean signing off on everything. Doesn't mean signing off on everything. It does mean ignoring some of his some, his silliness that doesn't matter so, for example, Donald Trump, says things on a routine basis that are clearly not true, but they dont really matter, and so we're gonna make an attempt to sort of ignore these things and not give them a lot of credence because there's lives. I hears Donald from, for example, talking about tweeting, here's what you say about waiting. He says he doesn't like tweeting his club. Ten. What about twitter? You gonna continue to tweet yeah, look like waiting. I have other things I could be done, but I get very dishonest media, very dishonest press and it's my only way that I can count direct ok, so and this is the kind of stuff we're gonna have to ignore when he says like. I don't like to eating. Of course, that's bull. Ok, he loves tweeting, it's his favorite thing in the universe. To do it's. Why he's up three I M doing it pretending that he doesn't loved. We, of course he loves tweeting, any loves the battle, and that's ok-
that's not a huge deal this one As things I'm saying we're too fib It's annoying because I don't like untruth, but it's a small thing that doesn't really matter very much is another kind of trumpets and small it doesn't matter very much it sort of lens the overall or other that you're not being told the truth. But again, I think this small thing that doesn't matter very much. Here's Donald from talking about how you This is an operation to a man of the people passed on from one question. I have a couple, Trump on these well Holly, which snowflakes not going to the inauguration, here's the answer to that? interesting, what's happening, Jesse understand about the celebrities like I read where some of em decided they tell us like a single rests, only the Nite Owl celebrities there well saying. Well, I don't wanna go to one of them said I have I'm not gonna say that whenever assisting many of the celebrities that are saying going there whenever invited well, I don't want the servers. I want the peoples and we hope that this new regime
That's not true. He didn't celebrities. He originally said using amuses me star, studied, was Gimme a festival of Light, and that's not what it is. Again is this a thing that matters? No, it doesn't matter its trump rewriting history, but we're done to get used to that. It's what he does nothing They do matter. There are things that do matters of Lattimer. Putin is now the biggest from defender- and this should not be something to make you happy I understand that a lot of people have suddenly following in love, Lattimer Putin, who is a thug, he's a KGB. Thug once you expand Russia's borders, he murderous is. Opponents. He kills. Dissidents he is since people he doesn't like, and now I understand their bunch. People on the right are very fond of report makes Vladimir Putin is for trampling he's just pure partisan hackberry, neither the closeness between trump important, I don't know that Is anything corrupt there? It's very possible very possible effect. This sort, my theory, my working theory, is the reason that trumped likes Putin is because Putin is Trump. Three the trunk likes. Putin is because prudent as a great Job of personality mirroring Trump and from sees himself in Putin that
strong man who will never backed out it's almost will the watch this next, what they're going to show you Vladimir Putin talking and see Donald Trump talking here as well more potent using a press conference and the topic of done trumpet russian. They did the ridiculous russian hooker story. Comes up in here. Is Vladimir Putin talking from vehicle to Jupiter straightaway. Rushed must meet with Moscow prostitutes which lies in its old man. First of all, a little apart from that is man. I'm a furniture who for many years, took part of organizing viewed in Canada waters and you must have been used at sea arenas. Is socialized to the most beautiful woman in the world of Joseph someone, the receiver, meta nature. It is difficult to believe whom he ran into a hotel to meet a visual. What the future is not a mere gear which commands our girls of reducing pollution for advertising ability.
January this year we also semester ones in the world's most some new AIDS, but put up with it. Ok, there's What did you couple who order hugs? I says no, nine that are now authorities red against the United States President Elect who face them. Nobody could spread against the United to end use them leave little oil run awful are worse than prostitution prostitute. When you need you got that comes directly from Donald Trump Playbook of politics, but If I literally read that internal transfers, you would think the Donald from said that right, under it. That's that's what it is right that these could trouble. I've been straightway rushed to meet with Moscow. Prostitutes visited dogmas, first of all, an apartment, and who, for many years I departed, organizing beauty contest. I have socialized with the most beautiful woman in the world.
I find it difficult to believe you eating. I ran to a hotel to meet with girls, have reduced social responsibility, although I will say we have the best one vast, the greatest Maybe the reason the boot MIKE's from a trumpet Putin is because they like they are actually each other. They like each other, because they are actually like each other. That's something keep an eye on ok. So this is serious stuff. This part not serious because you have, let me put in talking about the quality of russian horse, but it is There is concern because it actually impact policy, because the lashing impact policy again in the White House, is now saying that Mr Putin is getting his talking points from Trump and fire be it from me to agree with the White House, but when Vladimir Putin is ripping into fake news reports about science, I remember lad report, defending Barack Obama. This way or George W Bush. This way or Hillary Clinton this way, but so this is it. This is a running concern. It is running. Concern
Meanwhile, the Democrats don't know how to separate the wheat from the chaff instead of giving Trump affair shot and saying, let's call him out when he does something terrible and that's been praise him when he does something right, instead of them saying, let's try to work with him to craft the best policy. Instead, you have Democrats losing their minds and acting like complete tools. So Elizabeth WAR and Senator Elizabeth worn from Massachusetts, its focal. As we like to call her. She was, At a hearing for Betsy devised, Betsy Devices is trumps, picked for secretary education and F the hearing concludes. Betsy divorce goes up to shake hands with centres. Here's what happens when she approaches Elizabeth learn about shake hands while Frank and see she goes to shake hands with worn ends of the largest gives with him, because it was Foreign is a nasty piece of goods. I know was with orange, professor one thousand law, snowshoes nasty, then she's nasty. Now
being now he's not gonna win them any battles junk. Reading. Delusional is also not gonna win the many battles, sir we're terrorist stay jaw of care. He was in Davos riding around on his bicycle. Did you know he served in Vietnam? and he says that we shouldn't worry about Donald Trump: don't worry, help me gone, and maybe one or two years, and it doesn't matter now my face maybe undergoing some sort of catastrophic structural collapse but long before its lies. All the way to the floor. Tromp will be gone here. We go people here, Mr Secretary myself included, who are, can of the pit in their stomachs. Fear that so many things you just articulated and achieve could be reversed in a week globally, there will be I just don't believe that take a round roses.
States where to decide suddenly inside hey we're not going to pursue this, and so I'll bet you I haven't talked all of them, but I'll bet you there Our friends and allies who negotiated this with us will get together and that right. China, Germany, France and Britain will say you know what this video we're going to keep it. And around and the rustle, and they will keep them, and we were made ourselves. The odd personnel will have injured our own credibility in conceivably, irreparable way and not irreparable things, time and assist to dramatic, but but we will have downgraded it works out? Animal heard for the endurance of every year to here's, what every while administrations there but is unnecessary because lines one these people, however long administration, is there one or two any saying it in Davos, Yams in a window in the hearts and minds of those voters in Ohio. Anyone
We are concerned about their jobs. Is he is John Kerry in Davos talking about why trumpet bigger trumpet going anywhere gang troubled me they're all four years. I must have some sort of catastrophic health and God forbid, Trump is gonna, be there all four years he's not going anywhere. You. Wanna know reason number one busy. You think applicants are gonna, stand up to Donald Trump Unimpeached em. You are out of your damn mind again, ain't gonna happen Donald shortly the EU could show Republicans at this point a sign check from Vladimir Putin to Donald Trump and Republicans would not impeach Donald Trump he's gonna, be there for years. Yet that's it! That's that's at baseline, practical level, but democratically. Instead cells that they must be living in some sort of awful dream and so on. We'll just come crashing down around them. They ve also loose the insane who Karlsson He I've been critical our conclusion before, but this was done hilarious. Talkin Karlsson was on Fox last night with child off and He is not actually shall, above, although you could be forgiven but shut above look alike.
And this this child look alike, is somebody who suppose we organizing a protest it turns out. He just to complete, not job is complete whack job and here is tackled Karlsson, making his pen It confused and in puzzled face at that. Child often is pretty funny what is the real story here? Why are you doing this? What point trying to me? yeah The main point, basically, is that we are greatly greatly supportive of national treasures such as Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Peyton Manning Right, and we really support their efforts to really get the truth out there and, in the case of the current claim that we have right now. Client is very interested in releasing the Roswell papers, It really is very supportive of Peyton Manning Area extremely get out get out made up. It's ok, this is performance are, I will say you're pretty good at it. When you convince papers like the wash in times of train, this pretty straight,
to run your lies to run this hoax, which I will can see this kind of music. What was the point of that? I mean beyond, just amusing yourself. Are you trying to make a political statement? I don't know I mean it. Pretty pretty darn easy these days to just say whatever the hell you want on national tv and have it pass off his truth? And you know it's pretty just pretty incredible to me how easy it was to get the coverage we got by the way. I'm not saying any. This is a hoax or any. This isn't true. We have actually got a hundred thousand protesters going to war. Tintin Dc. To avoid anybody who is up was to Donald Trump, I mean the reason we shift. Another main reason shifted from being against tromp to trump about thirty minutes ago was basically, we realized. Initially, he didn't really like you didn't really like Julian Assange, were Peyton Manning and
when he kind of change when the election and the Assange connection was made here. Essentially became a supporter of a sergeant, so we are now supporting prompt in the hope that the rules will back events from nineteen. Forty seven are finally released and put back into the hands of fun picture statement. The Algarve this guy occasions I gotta, say accredited he's. Clearly this can be real right. I mean he's clearly just there forever a joke and its funding, everybody's, taking it real seriously, but when you watch this, there's no way to wash does not realise that even Tucker has been had rights at birth ache. Having Tucker is realising halfway through this that this guy actually is like a performance artists and that he's in there. He, though, the whole thing is, is ridiculous. It is the rails. He calls himself this guy dumb tulip, so as it is, thousands of down to lips out then he says that he he did it again a little bit later in the evening and a couple times an interview, recalls Chelsea Manning Paden, ethnic and, as he shifted to being pro Trump, because they want the Roswell documents released the pretty good, pretty good stuff
Ok, so that's it! That's all this of the problem is that is almost impossible to tell trial, above here from child above nympho from China above in Indiana Jones. In the end, the crystal skull of, or so it's In other words, all the Democrats are acting like crazy people. How can tell the difference between? fake trial above here and emulating guy at the beginning of the show. You can't because they're all part of the same party, ok time some things I like and then some things I hit. Natasha double sell things Let's do it, so my friend you put a reamer. Who is to work with over a truth. Revolt he's come with a new children's book that is guaranteed to drive the left insane to children's books, safety on the internet. Since the world of firearms, for children and actually is a good introduction to guns mean and why you have to be safe with them and how guns work and what they do for kids. Well illustrated it's out right now at Amazon. So if you have a young kid, you want to introduce two firearms and im, not sure to do that without being scary and freaky, then this book
As for you, you safety on by my friend, you who dreamer check that out also things I like that Democrats we're losing their minds being of guns. Democrats were absolutely losing their minds because, but he's of assets, the incoming possum, Secretary of Education, she says that she she's asked about firearms in school by Christopher Murphy of Connecticut. Who is one of the guys who push, because he's from Connecticut he's push for on free zones at schools has a sandy hook. He questions seed of arson listener answered left, loses it over this. If the underlying question is to that, you can't say definitively today that guns shouldn't be in schools well I will refer back to centre envy and the school that he was talking about and weighty arming, I think, probably there. I would Imagine that there's probably a gun the school to protect from potential grizzlies president, if President Trump moves forward with his plan to ban gun for
schools ounce. Will you support that proposal? I will support what the President Elect does but centre If the question is around gun violence and the results of that. Please note that I, my heart, bleeds and and is broken for those families that have lost any individual duty and violent. I look forward to working with you, but I also look forward to you coming to Connecticut and talking about the role of guns and schools ok says. As Democrats very upset about this device is totally right. Of course they have these gun free zones. It turns out the gun free zone in sandy hook. Didn't do a damn thing: it was reason there is a sign outside I've, been to college is where you walk on Camp residences, gun free zone and I think so uh yeah. Now I feel safe. Now I feel secure it. This is why Security guards even begun. Free zones the universities so good for bandied about for not giving in on that.
The things that I like I was on Martha Maccallum show last you can check it out, a daily wire dot com. I can assure tape of myself, because that would be even too arrogant for me, but I'll say, is that I am a hand. And brilliant Philip. So just go go daily wired. I come you can check out the actual video there is looking quite steadily. I should have tied my tie a little bit tighter. There, though I could see the upper button in any case now, it's do some things that I hate so I went. Allow alleged felt, like I had to tell the story- and I didn't know where to put it in the show some students- often enough so things I hate have you ever know movie or people to start shouting each other and back in the theater is really irritating. I hate when people talk at the theatre. In fact it's I will tut tut my If you start talking in the theater, if she starts whispering in a theater all kind of tell her that weren't a theatre somebody, for some reason things: it's ok to talk in the theater, so we were at la la land over the weekend and
in the middle of the moon or better which threaten the two thirds the way through the mud, we're sitting like in the middle of Europe in the back We suddenly here this guy just get up and starts. Screaming at someone else. If you're gonna talk through the entire effing film, then just wow like really lucid cursing screaming in the back for solidarity arc light so the arc light. I will just say that there are attendance. If you have a problem, go talk to detain, you have disturbed the entire theatre. Just this guy's disturbing you, but Does that wasn't whether to put doesn't things I like things, I hate, because I have to admire the enthusiasm of someone who is watching a movie musical and screaming about talking in the back row. And die hard, raising the middle or die hard. It's like a bunch of testify run written macho dude coercion in this sitting around going growing at each other. Instead it somebody the back, I was enjoying the orchestration get out. Colours in the car palette, really had me going at some.
Areas enthusiasm about movie musical self laws for that person. So I like that guy It may or may not have been me. I will not, I will not say in any way other things, that eighty eight Rio has this new, shall I love a lot of HBO shows that this new show called the young Pope. It looks like absolute bitch, I'll watch, the entire show or part of the show before I comment, but just as clip demonstrates the cowardice of Hollywood in, in not shall hear acres bit of the club is Jude LAW playing God Mass Bank. To get abortion to celebrate. To allow praise to love each other to get
we got the weaker and decides ubiquitous living. We have forgotten to have sexual relations for purposes other than recreational without feeling guilty to divorce. Babies in all the way science has discovered and will continue to this novel short, my dear dear children, not only have we forgotten where we have forgotten to be so again this is it. So. The premise of the show is first American Pope, it's a young guy and he overturns everything that the catholic church stands for and suppose we making fun of the Paypal hierarchy. The idea that the Pope would come interest overturned centuries of doctrine just because
feels like it and of course they have too much reality. In doing so, and of course, this is, did the precious things. This is the bravest most wonder one thing, they think that this is just it's just now standing up to power its demonstrating how corrupt the churches, because if they weren't corrupt then they would have than they really would have embraced of these days is a long time ago. This is his his. Molly is says. Oh, this is actually part of his dream. Apparently does what he dreams that he could say, but then he goes down. He doesn't deliver that dream, but idea here is that if you are really honest, if the catholic church really honest they'll, just throw over the whole God check, they drove in her Bible Stick and they would instead embrace what We all know to be true right, which that abortions are totally call. We should celebrate them. Just one note about that too. The bravery of Hollywood in making this kind of turd Hollywood would never, in one million years in one million years, make a show of the young Emma. They would never ever ever. Do it. And then, when you and do it about things that
actually need change in radical Islam, not stuff. Doesn't change like, for example, the fact that the catholic church in favour of gay marriage that totally fine guy agree with opposition, but things like honour a killer. In radical Islam. Imagine if they actually made a series that was about wasn't satire it was just about the young man whose a young guy who decides that he doesn't even want to overthrow Islam? He just wants to moderate Islam and move away from some of the more barbarous practices inhabited and in used by more by radical Muslims in place like Afghanistan and Iraq. Do you think that the courage to use they won't even drawn the harm it. Of course they would not have the courage to do that if they did, that would immediately be under threat. There would immediately be threatened, it would immediately be killed. Everyone call them racist and xenophobic. They dont understand the true nature of Islam. There understand that Nature of Islam, but they're. Happy make the young pope and spin I mean to lush seriously salesmen tens of millions of dollars on this year. You lost starring in it, for goodness sake, and that's
not only consider great concern brave its consider brave by other of yours, how brave them take on the catholic church by telling the left ever, left wants to believe about the catholic church? Forget about other things? The catholic church does in the modern world actually alleviate poverty and help people forget about that instead focus on the fact that the catholic church like it when you kill babies and say that that's really terrible because we forgotten how to live, don't understand the essence of living is killing babies and we ve forgotten how to live. The left is so out of touch They think that this is a sign of bravery rather than a sign of what it really is closed. Mindedness other thing that I hate Bernie Sanders attacked Betsy Devices. Well, there's the Secretary of Education, a burning hinders. I dont know why he still here. Has he I've gotten the memo it's time for him to leave that he's going to stick around forever.
Here is Bernie Sanders attacking Betsy Divorce before he forgets where he is and suddenly starts talking about. Why do they need to be seventy three flavors of ice cream, one, a good old chocolate milkshake will do, but not too much sugar. I have diabetes areas. Would you be so kind to tell us how much money you. Emily has contributed to the Republican Party over the years, senator First of all, thank you for that question. I'm again was pleased to meet you in your office last week. I wish He give you that number I dont know I have heard bonobo was too four million. Does that sound and the ball back collective? baby, don't over the entire family. That's put that's possible My question is, and I don't mean to be rude, but do you think if you were not a multi billion now, if you are, Emily has not made hundreds of billions of dollars a contributions. The republican party you would be sitting here today.
Centre. As a matter of fact, I do think that there would be that possibility. I've worked very hard on behalf of parents and children for the last, almost thirty years to be avoided. For parents and to a boy voice for students and to empower parents to make decisions on behalf of their children? Are ever wonder? I merely and remember when Janine garage flow is going around campaign with Bernie Sanders at any point, did he say what advise as you to speak for me, you're in a bunch of crappy comedies. No one has ever seen democratic Tunisia was Bernie Sanders qualification for making policy of any sort of any sort mean the guy's wife, maybe College Bankrupt, no hardish make a college bankrupt. Bernie Sanders has been a leech on society for the last forty years and he's talking up policy. Expertise is a guy actually things. But if you tax people exorbitant rates that grows the economy, so it is, the sort of stuff is really ridiculous. Ok, final, no will to a very quick Bible study thing here, so
this week's bible portion for those who don't know is: every week the Jews rid the union, Rita, Rita, different portion of the Bible and a portion of the Bible that we are meeting this week is the very beginning of the book of exodus, this most so beginning. The book of accidents is all about kind of is Moses. Origin story is really the only origin story that you see in the Bible, other than David's detail on origin stories in the Bible, you're gonna get Abraham is fully forming a Jacob when he's when fully forms. Aren't you don't get all that you get all of the major characterise fully form Moses is the only one Regan Origin story and the reasoning and origin story for Moses is because he's supposed to be the model of not just jewish leadership but leadership. Overall and you get a few interspersed things that happened he's a very young man. He doesn't come back. Did use in place of eighty years old. So all the stuff that you got to the beginning is all the stuff that's happening early in his wife's will start with the end. It will just flash a couple of different stuck in a couple during versus this exodus to eleven. When, since came to pass in those days. Moses grew up and went out his brothers and looked at.
Burdens, and he saw an egyptian man. Strychnia hebrew man of his brothers. He turned way in that way, and he saw that there was no man, so he struck the Egyptian any hidden in the sand. He went out second day and behold you, he remember quarrelling any said the wicked one. Why are you going to strike your friend and he retorted, who made you a man a prince and adjudge over us? Do you plan to slay me, as you have slain the Egyptian and so Moses runs away so a couple of things about leadership that are obviously inherent to Moses, the easy right away. First of all, he takes his hope. Reason for being is not he's not eager for conflict. Moses he's not eager, to be the person whose leader this is actually the greatest thing that most they talk about him in Judaism is being most humble, personal ever lived, and you can see it right here. He looks
this way and he looks that way and he sees there's no one here looking around because afraid somebody's gonna tell somebody does tell right, everybody knows about it. Everybody figures the sound pretty quickly. What he's looking around for is anyone else going to do anything and when he realizes there's no one else to pick up the baton, that's when he strikes and he kills. The egyptian person he's constantly attempting to deflate conflict diffuse conflict in this take a look at you couldn't defuse the conflict, the conflict, because it was an egyptian beating, a Jew, wasn't a Jew hitting another. Do you can diffuse that conflict because the two you see themselves as equals in this particular case is an egyptian overseer. He doesn't see himself as equal with the Hebrew with the and so Moses has to go and kill him, but he does that once he realized that it's his responsibility to ask Moses a person realizes it's his responsibility to a slightly later exodus, two hundred and sixteen This is when Moses meets his wife the same sort of story, the chief of median, had seven daughters? They came in through water, they filled the troughs to water,
their daughter, their fathers flocks, but the shepherds came and drove them away, so Moses arose and rescued them and water their flocks again. Situation where Moses is coming in and he's taking care of the vulnerable, not because he thinks he's the only person people of doing it, but because he is the only person capable of doing it and see the sort of this guy who's willing to stand up to the occasion, but he's also somebody who's very shy about his relationship. He's not somebody that the best people are people who believe that God has chosen the wrong guy. Basically, if you believe- the God is chosen you to be the guy you're, not the guy and this is what you see- that Moses Right- here's what Moses has to say, A belated is an exodus three eleven Moses has to guide, who am I that I should Pharaoh and that I should take the children of Israel out of Egypt? Well, the truth is, is pretty good case. You should be the guy, but he grew up in Pharaoh's palace, Noah you can say that he is Obviously, a pretty articulate fellow. He somebody is willing to act. He kills corruption he he drives
way of full flock of sheep shipowners where you were trying to harm women, so there's pretty case that most is the guy, but he says it's not me and keeps emphasis it's not me Ray exodus for money does the same thing. He says the people can you believe me they're, not gonna, keep my voice. They'll say the Lord has not appeared you'd. Why would they placidly? Believe me? I think not I was for himself he sing they're, not gonna, listen to you because I'm an imperfect messenger, I'm not the guy, and most keeps emphasising this all the way through the Bible he keeps saying to God, I'm not the guy is what very under the Bible when he turns to to the jewish people is as listen. I didn't want to be the guy. You and your people have been such a pain in my but the entire the entire last floorboards Moses. You ve just been an entire pain in my rear, but I stood up you over and over the great? of Moses. Is there again he's he's? for God, in his zealotry forgot, he understands he's an imperfect vessel, an exodus for ten. He says beseech you o Lord, I'm, not a man of words neither from yesterday nor from the day before yesterday, nor from the time you have spoken to your servant, prime heavy of mouth and heavy of tongue, and
and he saying it's not about him being humiliated It's about him saying, listen, God, pick. Somebody might take the best guy wanting pics somebody who's ray Gonna be good at us in Gaza, it's because you know they are not the best guy that I'm gonna pick. You it also because you know you're not gonna, be popular phenomena pick. You write Moses said just a minute ago that the people, can you believe me, I'm not popular with them. People. They see me as an outsider, I'm not even one of them. I grew up in Pharaoh's palace. Why would they So we listen to me, God, pissed. Moses specifically because of these shortcomings, because he's not a man of words, because Moses is not a person who is going to be accepted. The people because he's not one of Them- God picks Moses because God wants to show the God can pick any of us, will he chooses in order to in order to push what he wants to happen also because only the people who understand half law. They are our the goal of standing or even kneeling in the presence of God to understand your own flaws, nor an understanding your job is not to do your. Will your job You God's well Mozart, Stands that perfectly that's the thing the Moses really does understand is why God treats most
is better than you ever treat any other person according to Judaism. It's why Moses is profit beyond which no one will ever go according to encourage the jewish faith and as a model for all later, All leaders should understand that they're, not just they are to do the people's, whether there to do the right thing, but they should go. They should go What would the humility that, with understanding are flawed human being, and that me that outsize egos standing there. They, believing that everything you say is inherently right or following the people. Much believing everything that people say is inherently right. All of these are deeply you have to attend to your job with the humility of knowing that you're, not the right. I because no one is the right guy and I when pray that has as Donald Trump approaches the inauguration, let's all hope there He starts learning some of these lessons, because true leadership is understanding your flaws, understanding your mission and being willing to to follow that mission, despite your flaws and in service, if something higher I've been Shapiro is the bench of Hiroshima. Yeah.
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