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Ep. 24 - Recapping The Republican Debate

2015-11-11 | 🔗
Ben talks about Jeb's great collapse, plus the University of Missouri's ongoing attempts to teach Americans about white privilege.
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Here we are halfway through the weak and the day after the republican debate before for public debates will be talking all about the Republicans abate, the latest from the University of Missouri plus a very interesting tv appearance that I had with Huffington posts live we'll get to all that I'm bench apparel, and this is the bench a bureau shall attend to humanize people, thereby feeling already said the big for from public and debate happened last night. It was not as interesting is the previous debates, because the moderators did their job. They stayed out of the way the previous debates were serve like watching a food fight. Is news entertaining but didn't really accomplished a lot. Last night you sorta got a better picture of who the candidates were. They were given time to talk. It did the where they had ninety seconds. To answer the question than sixty seconds for follow up. That's a long time to talk. Most people don't think of how they speak in terms of time, link for those of us who are in radio tv. You do think of how much you're talking in terms of time like ninety seconds, are very low
time, you're my words, perimeter ratio is extremely eyes were ninety seconds. I could probably do about three paragraphs attacks minutes, that's a lot of room to expand and for some folks, that's good and for some folks, that's bad to give kind of my brief debate grade. How did the big winners last night or Marco, Rubio and TED Cruz I've had both of them did very well? I thought the big losers were JEB Bush, as always, because he just is HIPAA and there's no way around it will get to all of us what everybody had to say in just a moment, Job Bush was a big loser. He's dead man walking, he doesn't know. I was joking with with Linsey earlier that we should really just we should recall job bushes campaign, trailer assets, century walking around these actually dad and everybody in the world knows it except for job she's gonna wandering around and interacting with people, but they're, not really acting with him, he thinks they are there. That's just bushes. and that is why, at this point he needs for more exclamation point. I think, really put the move. Into his candidacy. Again suggest Bush did not have
and I ran Paul. Didn't have a good night. He had a couple of great moments actually ran Paul, but then you proceeded actually blow them wide open with his isolationism. So he had a bad night and John case. It is just insufferable the man is just insufferable junkies. last night said that when he was in Washington DC, he stepped on every toll in Washington DC and then to prove it. He walked around this Each stamping on everyone's feel has not eight and then went into the audience in search of more toes upon which to stop. He is unbelievably have not just by his father was a mailman, so breaking news. His father was a mailman John case, like the most important point is that his father carried mail on his back John case. It is, is based. Please John Huntsmen, if you hate charm and also like social disorders, that's that's the churn case, a candid as they are. So a jump into the debate itself will start with the lower your debate. frontier debate was actually a bunch. People are pretty well qualified. It was Bobby gentle, the current governor of Louisiana and Chris Christie, the current governor of the jury
and it was my Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas and Recurrent Santorum. The former sender from Pennsylvania, all of them are between one and two percent in the national poles. Don't have a lot of support. The two big winners were Bobby gentle rancorous Christie, their wonders for different reasons. The gentlest packing Christie incessantly. That makes him a winner. What sort of his right wing base the people who is looking to win in Iowa Chris Christie is trying to get a stab lament support social job fall. Some of that support false to him, not just market Rubio, and to that end he was making entire case about how terrible Hillary Clinton was, who start with Bobby Gentle, taking Chris Christie and turning him over his me and putting the apple wait over his knee and then spanking Chris Christian National Television, here's Bobby Gentle going after Christie for his record instead of New Jersey. Chris, look I'll give you a ribbon for participation and juice box, but in the real world it's about resolves it's about. Actually, cutting government spending, not just talking about cutting government spending, got our agenda. Thank you.
at that point, Chris Christie accepted the juice backs and asked for three more, but their general general did a good job in this debate of excoriated Christy's record because Christy's record is, is not particularly conservative or at least not that conservative in it. Christy, meanwhile, had other priorities. He was busy going after Hillary Clinton. His whole goal here was to kind of sore above the debate like a free blimp, just flying the wind and- and he succeeded in that here's Chris Christie going after him Clinton, while ignoring attacks on him by Bobby Gentle, but the bottom line is believe me, Hillary Clinton, common for your wallet, everybody Don't worry about Huckabee could be worry about her Well, you know the crowd mean everybody hates Hillary Clinton, so that once it that one too big winner for him, so Christine the fine Nigel had a fine night, none of its particularly relevant. If somebody set to rise, it is Christie because job bushes falling in some of that establishment money has to go someplace. Ok. Now, let's move on
debate that actually matter the debate. Nothing really changed in this debate. People who you thought, who you be pretty good, be pretty good people. He thought people Heath outward indistinct. Basically, I end and nothing really change, but there were a couple of moments that were there were telling so ten crews, for example, on immigration. This was a great moment for TED crews, because crews is making a play for the Trump voter he's, making the right most play for the immigration crap. He understands that. Big contrast between him and Ruby. Up is really only on one issue, and that is immigration. So he took a very right wing. Stance on immigrants in whose very articulate about it, hears what the centre from taxes had to say about immigration. I understand that when the mainstream media covers immigration, it doesn't often see it as an economic issue, but I can tell you for millions of Americans at home watching this.
Is a very personal economic issue and I will say the politics of it would be very, very different if a bunch of lawyers or bankers were crossing the Rio Grande or if a bunch of people with journalism degrees were coming over and driving down the wages, in the press. Then we would see stories about the economic calamity that is befalling our nation, and I will say for those of us who believe people ought to come to this country legally and we should enforce the law were tired of being told its anti immigrant its offensive. Ok, this is this is Texas, did TED Cruz. This is the best TED Cruz will ever be on the debate stage, and then you can see when he's less scripted he's actually better TED. Cruz's. Big problem in this debate has been that he is too scripted the one who speaks to.
it feels insincere when he did his closing statement. I didn't see his closing statements has given a speech last night, but I've been told that TED crews basically told a story about how his father came over Cuba and the wind in his hair and the sky was full of birds and feel see salt brushing his face, and then he could see the tyranny behind a freedom ahead of and I in the table, it's gets purple, it's it's gross, it's it's vulgar it just it is not good stuff, he doesn't do it as well as Rubio does the my personal story- portion id story. Time with Marco Rubio is better than story. Time attend crews. Basically, you have to pick some he's going to be your Mr Rogers Neighbourhood story, time guy, it's Marco Rubio. I don't like my president's based on that, but Michael Rubeus Hole You know I might my father and mother worked in the back of a bar, so I could. I could stand in front of you too That, then already that's that's Rubio specialty! It's not cruises! Specialty cruises specialty is when he fights that's what made him popular. He should double down on that. That's where he lives, and you can see that right there
Meanwhile, the crusader good night, I will say one thing about Eggers one of cruises. Big problems is that he is too honest, and so he answers questions. I what he doesn't understand that these debates are basically designed, so you can reach out to an audience there not designs. We can answer the moderators. There are a couple of points at which Neil Caboodle was really asking for details from TED crews. Particularly Chris was asked about woody of bail out the banks during the final she'll down turn. He said no, which is a good answer and then caboodle follows up, and he says no again and any just keeps going round and round in circles and crews is focused on answering kudos question when he really sure just moved off the point and in Britain redirected
something else. The same thing happened when he was asked about his tax plan to go into details of his tax plan. Now. Folks, I'm about is first on this stuff. Is anybody in politics I mean I'm not Jim PET, the cook s it at American Enterprise Institute, but I'm pretty first on various candidates in their tax plans- and even I was was nodding off at this point and when he starts to get into the vagaries of corporate tax rates, for individual tax rates are somewhat sixteen percent versus fourteen percent. Everybody was waiting for Ben Carson to attack them with a hammer just to be put out of the reserve That's basically how basically, how bad that part of it was in this is the problem with crews have to answer the question understand who your audience is understand your audiences now. Meanwhile, somebody who always understands his audience is Donald Trump. This white Trump is doing well because Donald Trump understands is audience and Donald Trump had had a couple of fantastic fantastic, might yet one moment those really awful and yet a couple months that really fantastic trump is a roller coaster. His mean he's
he's all the highs and he's all willows and you'll get all of it in the course of one debate, Yet the well was when he was talking about the transpacific partnership agreement, the TV be Obama, trade and he was saying that it should include in their provisions about currency manipulation with regard to China and ran Paul promptly tournaments at you stand the China isn't a signatory to that treaty and an Donald Trump looked at him utterly befuddled and in his hair, even stop moving for a second and, and it was just kind of dead, awkward silence, like the silence that you have during a date, when your day tells you that that she once dated you know a member of the of the of the Saint Louis Rams or something like edges, it's off random and you don't know what what's going on and then that's and that's exactly how Trump wants it was just a weird first date moment he looked and it would be kind of froze and stare at each other, and I got real awkward. Creepy sexual tension
moved on and and so that those those from slow moment, then there is from Simon trumps better moment during the hearing. This was, I thought the best moment and in the debate period was John K, sick, who just isn't obnoxious. Human being I mean John K sick. If you look up not just in the dictionary, there is a picture of John case egg, and his bat mouth blabbing. The worse moment in the entire debate is when John case started lecturing the american people about how the how the President of the United States has to care and when their shooting victims he asked to be empathetic and yes to care and yes to care. And yes, a kerosene, your money that he's gonna get cash, you are bound by the audience in the audience was was sick of hearing from John casing about how much he cares when he's busy, yelling I mean like wandering around the stage. Yelling people he's not, like a charming drunk uncle, like Joe Biden he's like a belligerent, drunk uncle who never want to see ever, he just shows up at the family barbecues once a year, because you have Yucas grandma, we passed if he doesn't show shows up any drinks heavily and since, the coroner muttering to himself about about how the bare suck and then
Surely you get so mad that stands up and just started yelling at you for no reason in and then and then ask you Another beer, that's John CASE Ex John case. It was doing this routine last. blow obviating stepping all over people being of noxious and and Donald Trump? Just shreds? and then tunnel trump giving you a great deal for wine, precedes the shredder bushes. But Donald Rob. Aids is really the weight from handles Bush pushes the job is the best thing that ever happened to travel. job isn't in this race. I don't know that that trumpets ahead seriously and the reason I say that is because every time trumps lambs anyone it so gratuitous. He goes out of his way. Taking to slap JEB Bush I mean he's like a teenage boys who's taking away while battle mailbox for no reason is driving down the street. There's a bail box. I got a bad back here I might as well. You know: that's that's, which is likely with job Bush anytime. Here has the capacity to slap, a job, he just does it. What you see here is the hearing case it get into it,
for no reason at all from just turns around a beats, the living crap job Betty does it and most handed just dismissive fashion. It's it's really really entertaining here, is Donald from taking on John case again, George Bush, they moved a million and a half people out. We have no choice. We have No, no. He junk mail given, and I want to give an approach that area viral that was just going to happen. I'm gonna knock. I have my back on my back. Look, I wanna get couple things your forgiven ball, we gonna issued legacy. We have right now, it's a stay of no use, so you can see case it. The whole time use this belligerent entire, the entire debate. It was this belligerent. and went where we ve being this belligerent and everybody is groaning at the belligerents and then and then Trump
doesn't hidden by Saint John. You really are to sit down and shut up instead trumps, hidden Trump, and by saying you really like job over here, poor job, sitting here being sad sell. You really want to talk with snow This is set at meaning and any get the feeling that This is how the there's too can metaphors they come too. I endorse or similes they come to my this is like one, and you have you ever younger sibling who isn't participating in the group effort and who says really. You need a wet year, younger sibling play with the group right. That's exactly what this webs jaded Trump saying to kiss. You really need the ledger poor job just sitting over here. I know you think, he's too little better. He can
the word. He'll be fine there there is that feeling. Then there is also the feeling that there is only one. I've never been on an awkward Doubleday with, like you have a friend in your friend has wife and in this life is kind of a wallflower, can a kind of dull and in at a certain point everybody, because, let's see what lets you would Amanda thinks every kind of stairs the boring person. That's what thou Is it really know what he's just a feeling included and it certainly we're having a whole fun. Conversation is just not feeling included sites, it so dismissive and so wonderful, The same thing to Carly fearing up near fearing a she say, she's a good debater. She does interrupt people a lot on stage. I would like to see some sort of statistical analysis, our north. It's just my perception, but I do it the perception she tries to interrupt but a fair bit when they're talking unusually in this debate, particularly when she interrupted people want to say anything that was really of note. You kept saying things like zero based budgeting.
without in any way explaining what that her means, which is the first rule of debate, the first rule of education. For going to use the term, you need to explain what the term means you can just throw out something like zero based budgeting and expect it begins at home will cheer you. No one knows what zero based budgeting is: zero based budgeting for those you don't know, it just means that the budget procedures of government should all be taken back to zero, meaning that we should see every dollar that spent on every programme and how every tax dollars stacked up to every programme. Instead of when we say that there's a budget increase, we all base it on. What's the budget increasing this year as opposed to what is the total budget right, we always look at how much did that the budget of the EPA increase year over year? That's not zero based budgeting and gives you a false perspective, should explain any of that just gonna through that up well at one point fearing his interrupting again and trouble. Just can't help himself I mean he is. He is on the attack all the time, as I've said before, fat lie and don't poker and and fat lying kind of saunters over and then sits down for a month on Carly fearing his head. Here is Donald Trump going after Carly Florina,
you can be strong without being involved in We civil war around the world wrong your response. Ronald Reagan was strong Ronald Reagan, denial want delay Reykjavik. He walked away, he quit taught I'm gonna shining eyes to quit, and I've lost my daughter. She keep interrupting everybody. Yeah. I'd like to hear what I said earlier is our response. Basically again, it's what's what's funny about that again. here's, trunk playing, moderator remain frozen involved in conversation, rage ran and few arena, and others and here's Trump Germans come unkindly. Look let them finnish is in trouble enshrining everybody and is really really funny. Ok, so from ended up can maintain He did what he does. He always entertaining he's always is always funny, and I am very glad that part of this process just for the Father, it is,
As me. Doing shows like this. One Ben Carson is is continuing to do well in the polls and he really did say much last night, that was of interest. In fact, Ben Carson does something that's pretty smart. He doesn't always use every second of his time does actually important most of their betters, feel the need, or I'm givin. Ninety seconds. I will use my ninety seconds. They will be used and will use all ninety seconds of this. You don't have to some time, because the truth is very few. People watch, thing beginning to end right when they, when they take the ratings they're. Taking the number of people who watched it for a certain period of time within the two hours that it's down another fifteen minutes or ten minutes or whatever it is it's not to ours- is not its twenty million people wash it for two hours right. It's to ten million people watched it for five meant in the course of two hours. Most of us are gonna watch this debate way we're doing it right now. Right we'll see clips of it then Carson under and that in so he doesn't you'll need to feel ninety seconds. If you speaks for fifteen seconds and it's a good fifteen seconds, then that's great
so the only thing anyone will remember that Carson said last night was that he was asked about the media. Attacks on him in here has been Carson's response or, first of all, thank you for not ask me what I said in the tenth growing pressure I'll drive, you forget that follow up, but the fact of the matter is in what we say. We we should that all candidates, I have no problem with being fed it. What I do have a problem with is being lied about and then putting that out, and I dont even mine that so much if they do it about with everybody like people on the other side, you know when I look at somebody like Clinton who who sits there,
and tells her daughter, Anna Government official. That know this was a terrorist attack and then tells everybody else that it was a video where I came from the call that a and we can possibly I need media will make Ben Carson President. If this continues series it was me are so bad and people hate the media so much that whenever been Carson, says stuff like this we're talkin like looking looked crowd. Major innovation in this is by the way, if you'd send one more line, he actually wins all the primary right. If you If you just says right, there is, if Carson says the media are out to get me, because I am a black Republican and the media cannot stand the sight of a black Republican because their racist, if he says there or he drops that line right there. He wins
the primary outright ever republican primary. He wins because we all believe that we all know that's true. We all know that these attacks on Carson aren't just cause. He's conservative, it's because you, Black and conservative, and so he's a living rebuke to the leftist self perception that they represent all black folks, because there, the voices of minority. So this is a good moment for Bank Carson. He didn't hurt himself ran. Paul did hurt himself grandpa made a very good point with regard. Marco Rubio Rubio is talking about the child tax credit. If the child tax credit is misnamed, Rubio's wrong. Paul was right when Rand Paul said that the tat, the child taxpayers, basically welfare check that that is what it is, because, again it's going out to people who do not pay that much in taxes, so they're getting more back in their putting in, but then Rand goes too far as Rand always does, and he feels the need to slap them. Jerry and why rainfall thinks that, in a republican debate, the day before memorial day that people are we like yeah, let's cut the military budget zero, why things that are winning
it is beyond me, but Marco Rubio ends up winning the night for himself by taking ran Paul and basically just coming from the third from the third year of the of the wrestling with breaking jumping off of the rope and pile driving him here is Marco Rubio beating, Ran Paul about the ears on military spending, I do want to rebuild the american military cancer. I know that Rand as a committed isolationist. I'm not. I feel that the world is a stronger and a better place on the United States of America. Conservative. How is it conservative to add a trillion dollar expenditure for the federal government does not always bore how is another area, how is it conservative to add a trillion hours in military expenditures. You cannot be a conservative, is you're gonna keep promoting new programme, you're, not gonna, break quicker, but we can't you have an economy. If we're not safe. There are radical gene
in the Middle EAST, beheading people on crucifying Christians around I can see a clerical around trying to get a nuclear weapon. The Chinese taking over the south trying to say yes, I believe, the world a safer. No, no! I don't believe. I know that the world is a safer and better place when America is the strongest military power in the world. Rainy here Billy, you Grady, Yea Military Rebel, If you like, the military ran Paul apparently forgot TAT if he's, if which is really bizarre, bad bad moment for ramparts and, finally, finally, last click the deck Lowe's, at least with regard to the bed. That have a couple other comments on a couple. Other topics, JEB Bush. We have to at least give him we have to let him talk is Donald Trump says we have to let JEB have his time here is JEB Bush talking about how he would repeal all of Obama's regulations Sally Home ever get to do you'll never be. President here is George Bush. On the regulatory side, I think we need to repeal every rule that Barack Obama has in terms of work
every one of us start over those that are already in existence, the regulation of the internet. We have to start over, but we ought to do that. The clean power act. We oughta repeal that, and in start over on that- the waters of the United States ACT, which is gonna, be devastating for agriculture and many industries. We should repeal that we should repeal the rules, because the economic So this far exceed the social benefit captain awkward there with his moment, we gave him a moment. It requires no com Ok, meanwhile, on the undemocratic ideologies, amazing, double standard between media coverage of the right in media coverage of the left here is a clip that you all the on any of the network news last night. Remember a couple of weeks ago we talked about it you're. Member a couple of weeks ago. Donald Trump was was at a arrayed in event.
Somebody in the audience yielded. Him asked a question about by why Barack Obama was muslim or some such nonsense and Trump didn't corrected, guy rank and laughed at often you moved on this. What led the neutral? right. Why didn't Donald Trump say Barack Obama? Isn't a Muslim he's a Christian not only as a Christian he's a devout christian? Not only is it over, christian. He secret the canonized himself as a saint, and he may in fact be the Pope right. Why didn't Donald Trump do any of those things? Ok, here's Hillary Clinton at a town, hall and you'll see the question and you'll see the answer not covered at all by the network news. She says she's very feet, Every time I see her on tv, I want to reach through strain I know that doesn't sound very
and I want to mess with you you're every time she laughs at the mob. Hell opens engine burst forth without horrible. Soon she looked is laughing it ETA guys any wants to strangle female candidate. Now we know for a fact that if this were set about Hillary Clinton by anyone on the right side of the island of their campaign right there sexist their terrible here Clinton, accused Bernie Sanders being a success for saying that he'd love, Hillary Clinton is VP. Can you imagine if this were and about Hillary Clinton, but Hilary gets away with it, because Hilary is Hilary, and this is the media double standard which brings me to the latest overview. Our city of misery and I do want to take a moment to talk about. What's going on at the University of Missouri, there have been false accusations all day today that the K K, K has suddenly become After a hundred years of inactivity, they suddenly revived and the entire cast the birth of a nation has arrived at camp of you.
receive Missouri in order to terrorize all the black students for raping white women or some such nonsense, and it's all crap. It's all not true. It's been developed by the police, none of it real, but this race Hysteria University of Missouri continues apace and you can see the level of the of the hysteria from When appearance I did last night, I was on making Kelly's show we taped it beforehand in aired during the debates of the five people who are watching. The debate actually saw me homemaking kellet, but he hears here's. What happened now zone with with a lady on the other side? Forgive me I can remember her name. I can remember her name because on this issue too crazy for me to remember her name, but she she starts babbling nonsensical about what was happening at the university. zira and how terrible things right yesterday is no Mickey concept, and I think that's when it ends ashes. Professional useless person and in here is what he had to say about. What's going on at university of misery break it down after she says it, because I think it's important to understand where the
media and the campus left her coming coming from. They did. These are not administration that these are. These are student, These are twenty year olds who are reacting and it's a very racially charged environment, words matter, and so when that that letter was sent on behalf of administration, official somebody's must represent the students to create you. Look at the the documents that yell sends out the application documents is all about. Having an inclusive community was defending. How are we well? He was a defining how we he was defending being offensive to to a community of people, let our being marginalize mean seven percent of the hill saying. If you wanna go, is Tatyana. Now the frame dress ass, you should be allowed to net are now he was he was. He was acknowledging that somebody shows up in black face it's. Ok, it's a joke and think that should be banned. We that should be banned, and what, if you wanted to a guy who wants a dress like a girl, should be banned? Listen there are there stereotypes, there's plenty of stereotypes that we have changed over time things that will now be torn. We accept
they have been lying? Genuine expression would be offensive if you, if you want so step as it as a female nerve, local, the interim- that's not. These things are not for the people who are doing to determine its for those who feel hurt. If you hurt. I hope I helped, You have young kids like just exactly like his age. Ok, so it's not for white people to determine rights for everybody else to determine why? Because white people, of course, have white privilege right. This is what we ve learned Learn that why people have why privileged, I do want to take a moment and define what we mean by white privilege. What does white privilege me, because we hear this phrase bandied about all the time? What is white privilege? What is privilege, while in order to discuss what exactly white privilege is, I think that is important. We take a look at the definition that is proposed by the left for four. Why privilege so took a look at the these Southern Poverty war centre? Definition that southern poverty law centre is a radical left group that routinely accuses Republicans?
while stripes of being secretive members of John Burke Society or the KKK everybody's, a racist according to the US see there s a hard core left wing crazy group, I mean they're they're, so crazy that actually drove a guy to train shoot up. The family research centre has had the family Research Council family Research Centre was. It was a hate group against gays, which drove a guy named Floyd Corkins, actually walk into the F r C, with a gun and try to shew people each on security Guard s, policies that is left as a possibly get too is there a definition of white privilege, they have a website and the website is called tolerance, dot org, because this is the way that it works. Tolerance according to the left means that we have to tolerate everything the left does, but the left doesn't have to tolerate anything that we do not, then call the cops therefore offensive so on their website tolerance, dot, Org, which they want to use this website to teach children Cholet like Elementary School kid about their white privilege. They they couldn't article from awakening Jennifer Holiday and her massively popular best selling book. anti racist activism a personal.
map which, as sold as as now a grand total of negative three copies, meaning that people were to her house, took the manuscript from her and proceeded to burn it so that it's negative three copies here is the definition of of white privilege from her from her house Ian Book White Anti Racist activism, which sounds like maybe the worst book ever written here. We go is not something that white people do create or enjoy on purpose. Only the more overt individual and institutional manifestations of racism, white skin privileges, a transparent preference for whiteness that saturate our society white skin privilege serve several functions first, it provides why people with parks that we do not and that people of color do not enjoy.
Second, it creates real advantages for us why people are immune to a lot of challenges. Finally, white privilege shapes the world in which we live the way that we navigate and interact with one another and with the world whether she describes what privilege is basically how colds described the presence of God or phaetons. If your scientologists right White Privileged attaches to you, there's nothing, you can about it. It's because aliens dropped bodies and of all Cato several thousand years ago, unexploded the ash attached to restore right. This is this: what white privileges it attached to you and I can't get it off the matter, how hard you scrub, and so you guys- and so you have to learn just to identify what white privileges right where privileges like the matrix. wanna, see it or do not want to see it and so will end. She goes on. She discusses what white privilege looks like here are some examples: why privilege seriously procure it? She says they're, perks too. I privilege here is one of the parts a park is quote when you under the righted. The flesh, colored bandaid, generally matches my skin tone and also com
country. Hotel shampoo generally worked with the texture of my hair. This privilege? You never knew that you are enjoying. Is that way You go over the grocery store to buy a band aid. It matches your skin tone, relics of your black, even Matra Skins Uncas, his badge is another word, for this is called the free market them or white people than black people in the United States, and so you're gonna sell a band aid. You probably want to match the most populous skin tone. You would think, and the same holds true of hotels him. No, that's what privilege you're enjoying your privilege every time you put on the bandit first of all, your black person top priority. Life is finding a band aid of your skin color. Let me suggest that you re prioritize it is for, regardless of color, ok they're there other things that you get from white privilege to. They say that their advantages that attached to being white or being jewish, which is like being why because Jews are successful. This is the way it works in the United States is white is a constant com
only expanding group to include people of all nations, ethnic cities and creeds so long as their successful Rachel irish people, when they first got to the United States, were considered the underclass anymore white rather wasps they weren't white, Anglo Saxon Protestants, because there were catholic. Then, as irish people became more successful, suddenly they were white talons same deal. They became why german same deal that now: Jews right back in the nineteen fifties. Why people were banning Jews from country clubs now are the widest people in America right. I'm a white guy you're wearing my amicable, didn't within with very very jewish name, very jewish name right. So I'm awake, I so what what? What advantages attached to me? They say these advance is include skin color, not working court against me in terms of how people perceive my financial responsibility, style of dress, public speaking skills or job performance. I that's an advantage that attaches to you as a member of the White privileged class. So let me go through those briefly right.
Have the advantage of people not proceeding. My of people perceive in my financial responsibilities differently. So, for example, as a white guy mortgages more easily subsidized from the government with that credit away? No that's if I'm a black eye or if I dress, yellow, shaggy pants and somebody precise me, because I'm wearing shaggy pans in mind my butt gracchi, showing then that isn't it How I get I get away with it cuz light accepted. If your black, and you do, that anyone criticise you there are racist stress, goes a racist and an like I'm privilege, because public speaking skills job performance, its Alec, their specific steps. The specific standards to protect me is why away no they're just visiting statues that protect people as black people, but not as why people so white advantages from white privilege include also being disadvantaged. I'm so it and most of all, most of all my love this. They say that white privileges,
its people, not assuming I got where I am professionally because of my race or affirmative action programmes. That's why privilege they assume that, because you didn't, if your white, you didn't get there through an affirmative action programme. At the very least, there are no affirmative action programmes for why people so so, given the choice, so white privilege here's a choice right, given the choice between getting into jail with lower score right, which is true for black folks in America. On average, the getting universities lower scores, given the choice between getting into yell, with lower score or being able to bitch about a black eye getting into yell of lower score. My white privilege is it it? I do. I feel privilege that I get to bitch about somebody getting into a yell of lawyers. I feel really privileged about that. It's a real, it's real winner. For me, it's really help me in my life that he had to comply somebody else guardian with lower score denied it. This is the white privilege that we're talking about in this video theirs. They wait privilege this. This crate.
Lady is talking about, and then that means that we can say anything about it. We have to say status, stay silent, really, will wipe privileges club with which to beat everyone who could possibly too, I agree with you right, which is why TIM Wulf, the president of the university, was it was somebody who enjoyed white privilege, but the coach at university, sorry who makes three point: one billion dollars a year and a white guy, but sided with this movement. He's not wipe privileged. They d, the administrator, who earns one sixth of that salary- is why privileged, even if you agree with them, but the guy who is the coach and makes a Julian hours a year and taxpayers money he's not wipe privilege. It is amazing how this work. Finally, I promise that I will close with death- and I really works are running late close with this, because I just have to show you this zoos VON yesterday I have posed live and have posed live as it is channel for the Huffington posted they do what the livestock. When they have their own now several million homes, by the way, whenever anyone says there in several million homes, the channel, that just means you have the option to flip to their channel, it doesn't mean anyone's,
watching them. So you haven't seen this quite because no one has ever seen have posed. Live it sort of a method that, like a unicorn, its mythical, would it may exist. It may not exist, but I appeared on it yesterday and This is, if you don't believe in media bias, if you'll believe open Carson has been saying about media by us. This is demonstrative of media biased, as at its finest and, as I said before, there is a reason left networks, don't really enjoy. Having me on this because the things like you're about to see here, there is no question that last week has risen and republican estimation specifically because of all the failed attack on him. In the end, I suppose it is exaggerations and wisely Nobody on the left has been able to back up what has his own campaign admitted that they lied about the two of West Point right, that what was real they up in his language is only about aid, has overcome pain, say that's what he never actually applied for knowledge, ship and an order. Listen to me ways, it goes on to his own campaign admitted that they never applied for a scholarship or the bank card numbers are denied for a scholarship for a scholarship and in political had to revise both its headline
its lead in issuing editors notes you. This is the sort of thing whereby carcinogens, how I hope that you and the media continue to do this. The more you do this, the more you describe yourselves and the more people in the republican field, catchword the media which, frankly I enjoy? Let them I'm a member that idea, a number of which you are banned? Let's also just point out, you are also a number of these, so called media here by other mainstream media freedom. The on the right of very clear about my agenda, you are I'm there you're, not my agenda. I have absolutely nothing to hide. Seasonably aren't ya. Go ahead This is why didn't like having me on, and this is why they lower my volume when when the anchors talking, because if you couldn't hear there, I'm saying over and over her you're lying you're lying you're lying, that's a lie: that's a lie, that's life, and this is why didn't you? me having them on their programmes, and they also like face to face interviews. They like it much, but I haven't, got it So if you ever wonder why I'm not on CNN more or MSNBC more there, there is, is pretty much who are happy by them.
later in the interview at the very end of the interview this list, this post tried to revise her stay went and got a revision wrong, and I said even when you correct yourself, you're still, while thanking her for ages never ends at these belgian, as I say, Ben Carson. Maybe president, yet thanks to people like folks, it have posts, live, the you enjoyed the debate much more than I did. I made the sacrifice of watching it for you, dear listeners, in and your watchers, and make sure that you stick around for tonight where's episode. When I'm sure we will learn that, then Carson in fact lied about being married and, in fact, is married to several goats, a chicken and a monkey of some sort. This is bench appear on this. Eventually, Russia.
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