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Ep. 260 - Oscar Night's Big Winner: Trump!

2017-02-27 | 🔗
The Oscars can't help themselves, Democrats pick a new leader, and is Trump getting things done, or just posturing?
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On Sunday night Moonlight, shocked America by defeating heavily favour best picture competitor, Lala Land, and one for one simple reason: those in Hollywood decided that intersection reality should defeat Hollywood self aggrandizement this year. Here's the thing about moonlight sort of argument is interesting in the way that all character studies are kind of interesting to look at a place and at a time and at a person, but it doesn't truly laughter sore, naturally do much of anything it won me. The Academy voters preferred not to hear another year of griping about hashtag, SK or so white, and because the same voters could feel good about supposedly slapping Donald Trump Interface with diversity is, A coincidence that an Oscar ceremony that open with Kimmel tweeting, tweaking president Trump remember you're when it seemed like the Oscars was racist, ended with the academy giving the best picturesque or to Brokeback inner city Miami. This is to say there can be a great movie made about a black day coming of age story? There can. But this wasn't it. This is. The first time the academy, his bad political correctness rather than quality, of course, and this year's for battle, feature to battling Hollywood priorities honouring itself
then honouring the most politically correct picture of the earth in recent years? This battle has become pretty much the entirety of the best picture race in two thousand fourteen Hollywood, rewarded its own importance with bird man instead of the far superior whiplash or american sniper in two thousand Thirteen Hollywood rewarded the rather forgettable twelve years, a slave instead of gravity or Dallas buyers, club in twenty two of how it will give an Oscar to Argo, Yea Hollywood does foreign policy instead of zero, dark, thirty or Lincoln in two thousand I've Hollywood had its biggest pc off in a best picture, fight between Brokeback Mountain crash in Munich capacity was actually better picture than all of those three one of the reasons how it would no longer rakes in the big bucks other than on Temple features. Is that its Only be profound movies, as those that centre on intersection concerns upholding the virtue of identity, politics or the importance art itself rather than movies. People stories that they want to see while the land is eight our better, more watchful movie, they moonlight, but there are at least three other movies that we're better than either this year hell or high water, rival and Hacksaw Ridge and all three were nominated that doesn't
bluebird. What I thought was the most entertaining flick of the herb ten clover field lane, unfortunately, for those pictures they weren't concerned with black eight children or the wonders of Hollywood, if someone ever makes movie about a half black have native american, bisexual transgender trying to make his or her way in Hollywood. You can then the asker right now, and this is how you know how it but his dying instead of telling particular stories with general appeal. How the tell stories that appeal only to themselves. They reassure themselves of their importance every single year, either by Movies, telling them how important they are, or by making movies trying to show how important they are by taking on the issue of the day and after schools, she'll fashion. It doesn't make for the entertainment which is why tv right, which We tell stories rather than getting up hung up on this, important nonsense of the movie industry now the movie industry in terms of quality adventure. Here, this is the bench of Hiroshima. So we'll talk everything Oscars in just a minute. We will also be talking about the Democrats, picking a new leader and what to know about Tom, whereas that new leader, but first we have to
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of MSNBC, an infant remember, her hands up, don't shoot Sally Current weeded out before the Oscars than she hoped every single speech was political twitch. I tweeted, so do you So it is ever republican the country we all every speech to be political, because the more political these speeches are the better off Republicans. Because watching all of these Darwin, these sort of comforted rich, limousine liberal socialists ripping on America, is really something that off puts a lot of voters and people react to that by voting for people on there. Look inside of the isle. Hollywood has never driven people into the arms of the Democrats, except through and of their subtle cultural moments, but they don't drive people in the arms. The Democrats by your shouting about terrible Republicans, artisans Hollywood gets wrong. This up that Hollywood is good at creating story, creating character that stuff can help convince people that seven That's all right, but it doesn't convince people. Democrats are right when Marlon Brando sends up such a little further at the Oscars nineteen? Seventy three native american spokeswoman to pick up his award and rant and re
America's means, the native Americans. Nobody voted Democrat because of that nobody vote democratic, two thousand three, because Michael more got up at the Oscars and talks about the fictional President, George W we're getting us into a fictional war. Hollywood people think that we want hear what they have to say? We don't we want to hear the stories they have to tell, but we don't actually want to hear the things they have to say because the things they have to say are generally stupid. You don't know anything about politics, so why in the world, would we listened to them when it comes to politics? But Hollywood doesn't know that's. Instead, what Hollywood does is they into were watching because you want to hear their opinions on politics, so Jimmy Kimmel just couldn't help himself. He opened up with a bunch about twenty we're just a few of them, it so easy to reach out and he'll weekend. I wanted so maybe it is not a popular thing to say, but I want to say thank you to president from I mean member last year want to seem like the Oscars were racist,
re part in this room and he's not gonna unite us even now stand above you what everybody please join me: giving morosely totally undeserved round of applause, www standing ovation tomorrow, because she's now free beyond these. But it does mean good retorted years and it was used joke after joke about Donald robbing a terrible trump. Wasn't look how wonderful we are. We love Merrill strengthen airstrips the best cause she made funded Donald Trump at one time, ceremony, and yet we lover and churches and really crappy movie, Florence Foster Jenkins that nobody ever saw, but it doesn't matter because Merrill Straight Guys Merrill Street. So he does all of these jokes unroll about Donald Trump and we're auspices, that there and be like here. This is great yeah, the real reaction Can you get over yourselves place? Will really this the best that you can do these your best jokes about Alfred
calling him racist and calling? Presumably people? voted for in racist. A great way to alienate naughty and the tardy not watching any of your best picture nominees thing that was nominated for best picture this year did well at the box office, and then the only exception is far as movie that did well to box office was arrival I am not aware of any other movie that was nominated from US picture this year that it over really to business, did arrival and of doing a hundred million a business. If it did, it was real close, so I knew it was it was. It was not. It was not a blockbuster blow out. Proxies get movie enjoyed it, but of the movies that are nominated this year again were seen by pretty much the people in this particular room and then it didn't stop there. The self aggrandizement of Hollywood is Unending Viola Davis, one by supporting actress for her role in suicide squad No, no, no sorry this to do. Is it no not for suicide squad. It was. It was for her role in what was the name of that movie. Sorry, sorry, I got that wrong Violet Davis? Who was? I thought you didn't african suicides guy? That's why thought that she had to win. So is that guy
like shot fire from his fingers, another anyone by Allah Davis, she gets up and she gives this speech. I became an artist and thank God I did, because we are the only profession that celebrates what it means. To live a life where the only profession, the only one that celebrate What it means to live a life sentence complain before this before they show started today, then I'm kind of tired and other regional kind of tired today, because my wife has woken up, the last several mornings at four o clock in the morning to go into the hospital because she is a she is a doctor and she's. Her residency, which mean she's, getting up at four o clock in the morning to help people who, in some cases are terminally ill. Clearly, the only profession that cares about living, a life that honours and celebrates living life is Hollywood and its so just we. I won Viola David, says stuff like this. The fact is, the vast majority of people in the United States work jobs where their helping each other live better lives, but the artists have to patents
on the back and is rising at the very beginning, the artisan, how we would have to make themselves feel important one of two ways, as otherwise there just reading lines for living and wearing funny costumes, so that make themselves fuel important one of two ways: one is they make em Morton stories right when you make a story about a black gay ute living in Miami. That's gonna be the thing It makes us important or Alternatively, we have to talk about how important we are to everybody else now, don't get on the air every morning and talk about how important my job is. I dont be it's either important yours on important to you, but I have to preach how important what I do is to you, because you will decide for yourself and I think that's true- for the vast majority people, when you call a plumber he's in trouble housing up. You know what it's the important I fix your toilet tonight, I'm the who stands between you and crap running over your floor, I know the do that. Just goes any fixes your stuff, but the art community, because they understand that people sort of see them is frivolous. They feel the necessity to go out talk about how special they are all the time, and this is undress. Meeting our I love our. I love the movies. I love books, I
plays. I drew, I love the art. I grew up in the arts. My dad was somebody in the arts. My mom is somebody in the art. My sister is somebody in the UN to my sisters are people in the art. I love the arts. There testing I write novels. I love the arts, but your art is one foliage enriching connected to each other, but the ever Eric the true arrogance of seeing the only profession that celebrate what it means to live a life. I mean that's right, The astounding you know well celebrates like literally every one that you know well celebrates what it means to live life morticians right, rhythmic, permit navy. She put together the funeral arrangements or you remember, people there's also something that really it's really high handed about sex The only the lives we choose to honour in Hollywood are the important ones which he said in his speech. She said there's one place all the people with the greatest potential are gathered. The graveyard people ask me all the time. What kind of stories you wanna tell viola- and I say, exam those bodies zoom those stories, the stories of the people who dream big. Ever saw those dreams of relation, and this kind of stuff goes over big in Hollywood who the dreams of the dreams The reality is that
The majority of people in the graveyard. Their stories will never be told, but they are still remember. By their families. Their impact is still felt your life doesn't end when your life ends. I must ve Viola Davis zooms you and makes a story about you. You know with its that's not, real right unless, in the fictional story about a person who never existed. No, what actually makes your life important is the friends and family around you. The way you impact the world in a better way and the way you, honourable things for friends and neighbors and make the world a better place, that's how you make the world a better place there, a lot People who are remembered were really evil that doesn't make them important? It doesn't make them more special, being remembered. People who actually matter is. I think more important than Viola Davis, remembering you and me yet. Hollywood is what confers value on people is really kind of gross any another element of this. Some people like to some people hated it. I didn't like it was Jimmy camels. Routine, where he ushered in a bunch of peace. Off the Hollywood tour bus directly into the Oscars and here's what it looked like three, two one
the surest way to, or bus and AIDS walk directly into the asker ceremony, Goby bitter above the academy awards. We are in fact happening right now: you are, I see Gary's. Your name is scary, Gary on the call from Chicago where you from- oh God, Sir, in our on tv say you don't need to do that. I know that won't. Let me give you a little tour. This is the call kid men, one fact she was discovered in regard to be tried acquires knows area. This is
in Gaza Link is very handsome, don't look into his eyes. Oh that's! Nice, Ryan. Yes, yes, yes, we have quite a few stars years as Emma Stone at our brothers Spencer. Ever broader brother I feel, like you, ignoring a white celebrities, Gary's issue like over here, Peggy Minds. I can assure you here we can see that the whole point of this little Look here is to demonstrate just have special Hollywood. Is it so specially can bring people it off the street and then you can show I'm just a magical hollow. Let me look at all these important people. Look at all these. Do well robes, you know just walking out what an honour for them wouldn't. For that we brought in the peasantry off the street, and now the peasants gets
hobnob with Ahoy polloi. They get to be among the stars. She would have been great honestly and we ve been funnier if Kimmel had before this taken a bunch of stars to visit people on their actual jobs are taken like me, they didn't they movies about these actual jobs. Looking really funny to take Chris Pine for apple and hell or high water and take him to an oil Derek, unlike show him, the people working in all fields, Barrack right or be really funny. Nicole Kidman and take her down to the local plumbers union and have received people. Actually doing over there, because that would have said. Ok, look, we're Hollywood and we know what we do is kind of frivolous and it brings meaning to some people, but we I also understand what you do is really important. Instead, this whole event, Hollywood is super duper important. All of our lives and look fun. I enjoy the Oscars much the next cowboy amid I did not watch a lot of it live last night, but at the same time, this sort of this sort, I'm going to look down on you because we're from Hollywood more special in manner itself, not just in terms of general attitude towards it the people live in the middle, the country there a bunch of rednecks in robes and also manifest
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You have scorn for the normal in the forefront of the normal american ones. The normal American is seen as somebody there's some room. We take advantage of then it's no wonder that you feel the necessity to speak politics to because, after all, they are the unwashed. There are the masses they just don't and you get situations like this one have it an who who wins and award and he gets up any sites. The Koran at the Oscars and in his would look like provides allow the head of the Wye homeless is not able to join us tonight. We wish very short statement from that we'd like to share with you we're so grateful that this film has highlighted our work to the world. Health is guided by a verse from the Koran to save one life is to save all of humanity. We are safe, Morton. Two two thousand and seven lives on by anyone here. You hear me to work on the side of life to stop the bloodshed in Syria and around the world. Ok, so
No. This is dashing after these are the people who are reading a statement on behalf of our aid else. Allow who's the head of the white helmets white helmets are your organization who gained a lot of fame because they ve been uncovering people stuck in rubble in in war torn Syria and the sharing of First in the Koran, this went nuts on social media. Look how beautiful it is that people are sharing verses from the Koran and social media. It's just wonderful! It's just since you that some sort of reaction, if somebody gets up there, start citing Leviticus That seems a reaction of somebody gets up there and start citing the Bible, and it just I'm in straits again that there is a sort of there's a sort of exoticism nation of of the other. There is that these people in Syria we have to we have to pass them on the head for what they are doing. We have to celebrate them, citing the Koran I mean. The fact is the people on the other side of that battle are also citing the Koran, and so the idea here is supposed to be that this demonstrates that that the Hollywood is not Islamophobia that they don't fear. Islam look cite the Koran inside the Koran. It makes very little difference to me, but the
Liberation of the Koran as document to freedom, sort of ignores the fact that a huge preponderance org the huge number of people who are ardent advocates, for the Koran Ross Arden advocates for chronic law, which is so last sir slightly less helpful. Then it is for the White House. That's! So again, I am happy that the white helmets are trying to use the Koran too to push Agnes yeah, that's great, but for the west to celebrate the corona, some sort of document of freedom- that's a little bit for the top. Given the situation in the world, the currently that wasn't there, The worst was this arranging director, who one besta best foreign film for for a film called the sale, men and- and here is the and he didn't show up. Instead, he sent some some lady who, I guess was the first uranium. Space travel tourist or something to to get up and speak you read the letter talk now terrible America is we'll be reading a statement by MR far hardy
it's a great honour to be receiving this valuable award for the second time. I would like to thank the member of the academy, my crew in IRAN by producer Alex on my leg, guy current media, Amazon, on my fellow nominees in the foreign film category, I'm sorry, I'm not with you tonight. My absence is out of respect for the people of my country, those of other six nations whom have been disrespected by humane laws that bans entry of immigrants to the. U S: dividing line, dividing the world into the US and our enemies, categories creates fear a deceitful justification, send for aggression and wore these wars, prevent
democracy and human rights in countries which have themselves been victims of aggression. Film makers, and turned our cameras to capture shared human qualities and break stereotypes of there Yes, nationalities and religions. These they create empathy between us and others. An empty which we today, more than ever organization, administration and she's as they did, this travel ban is quite terrible, and it's just its disrespectful and creates wars, is deceitful justification progression and work. The foreign Minister Veronica Unendurable Sharif. He then tweets how proud of care to improve the salesman for Oscar and stance against me, Dan Iranians have represent. Culture and civilization for millennia. This ignores a couple of fact such is the fact that artists who don't were not approved by the regime immediately end up in prison in IRAN, the imprisoned dissidents, the imprisoned artists on a regular basis, uranium contributions to culture in civilization, now come almost entirely from Romanians who live,
broad and operate abroad. If you're working in IRAN right now, there's a good shot that the iranian regime is not a good shot. There's one hundred percent shot. The iranian regime is sponsoring you the same raining regime. That is the global sponsor of terrorism, the same rainy and regime, the calls for genocide against the Jews so to hear a didn't of IRAN, whose coming from a country that that's obviously in favour of what he saying, rip on the United States in the travel ban is really pretty discussing in watching these other Americans cheer this, as though some and ran in great for the array in government sponsored entry here. What Basically what this is apparently to to? ripping on the United States about terrorism and all the rest. I not have a leg to stand on here. Ok, IRAN is not exactly a friend's minorities. Live within its borders. Are honest: friends of the Jews. Iran is global sponsor of terrorism, and then you have some guy who is coming from IRAN. Talking to a terrible America is for imposing restrictions on travel from people who are coming from again the leading state sponsor of terror on planet earth. Hollywood!
Is this because Hollywood feels that it is above you We would believes that it is above you you're, just those groups who are standing there, gawking with the phones you're, not somebody who can actually have an opinion on politics and lecture you about politics, even if their lecturing you by bringing up to stage somebody who, speaking on behalf of it, response or state again. It was in again thing. All of this helps trump, because there is a backlash to a lot of this right now. Politics so reactionary that people don't reacts to critics of the Oscars by saying here what strew here's? What falls they react by saying cures you mean Kimmel, ripping Trump again and treating it Trump and is just obnoxious, so all I'd rather support from in a battle between Trump and Hollywood. I pick trump rather how people think people think I in a battle between trumpet acts, I'll pick Trump, This is why Trump is able to succeed it for just a second, the left's doing what they're doing and instead started talking in terms of truth and falsity, then we'd all women better operate. Hollywood is incapable of doing that because they believe they are the sole purveyors of truth, speaking of which, by the way, I just have to point this out. How isn't a coconut clapping here?
is it a? What in the world is how does the shingle lesson and how to clap when so confused? I thought the best theory from their country. Yesterday he said that he thinks that her fingertips our polarized magnets in there she actually has no way of bringing her hands close together. That's a very weird clap their from Nicole Kidman, very confused, the best moment. The night is when they picked the wrong winter. They warn baby and fade Dunaway coming there, and this was the worst ending forewarned. Adrian Faye Dunaway since Bonnie Incline and here is worn, baby screwing up the reading of the winter. The Academy award for best picture. It's not his fault, actual la la la we lost by the way. Did I m sorry now this? There is a mistake like you, got one best picture. This is
joke moonlight is one best picture moonlight. This picture I in trying to be funny work on a very modest agreement. While this is this is moonlight. The best Ok, instead Harvey somewhere, sits there and laughs, and that's it. We're and Steve Harvey's group in this universe contests and announced the wrongly so again that they spend internet ripping on how Donald Trump as incompetent, and then they can't even announced the correct best picture one. So that's pretty asylum meanwhile, and actual serious news. The Democrats pick a new leader, their new leaders again in Tom Pariahs Tom, as is a very, very radical fellow it's funny, because everybody is calling him a moderate Tom. Paris is not a moderate this. This guy who's the new leader over here. He is easy very, very radical dude, and I want to give you some facts when he's Department of Labour Secretary under under Barack obama- and he was a big fan
what they call the disparate impact ass. We should basically, where you say that everything is racist, just if it has surely disparate impact, so if they're more black people than why people in prison, for example, that must be racism just because their more black people than white people in prison. Broccoli, and Hillary Clinton, big fans of Paris they wanted him in as opposed to Keith. Ellison is a very close race lot. People thought it was kind of rigged the Peres, only one two hundred and thirty five votes out of four hundred and forty seven now on the second ballot on the first ballot, he didn't have no votes. Finally, when Paris, as you work with Trump in, he immediately went out on the circuit and started talking about how the election was rigged. The devil. My party has moved so far left so quickly that the only hope that they have here is to basically called Donald Trump illegitimate. They use this plan of attack on Georgia, The motion was actually quite effective. These are going to put the with Nancy Policy as the head of the house since two thousand six him Barack Obama presidency thousand eight. So well. We can laugh and then looking kind of incompetent them. Looking like they're they're sort of impotence it ripping on Trump. This is an actual, a concerted strategy. Here's Peres on the news
a signal that a Senate and has democratic. You can't work with President no matter what he proposes, while he hasn't caused anything by chaos and carnage he's done trillion dollar infrastructure proposal, something Bernie Sanders have been talking about for a decade, see no evidence shock of anything constructive from this president hours into his presidency. He may harder for first time homebuyers to buy a home. A few later he may get out. Try to make it harder for people to safer retirement nominative somewhere. The Labour department who wants to God overtime, pay is continually. In one way, but I judge people by their actions will look at the look at the ill advised and frankly, racist exists of action against Muslims has governed from the far right in everything. He's done. Ok, so
again this is going to be the way the Democrats attack trump all the way through, and this is gonna- be there point of of coordination, It's funny everybody is right now saying all that neither gonna have to do more than that. It They can do because the truth is that the Democratic Party has a serious problem on its hands. This part of the party that wants to move in a more socialist directional, less intersection all race based direction that sort of party led by Bernie Sanders and then there's the Keith Ellison part of the party that that is, that is race based. There is some coordination. I think that the gaps in the Democratic Party a little bit overstated Paris, is is an attempt to sort of bridge the gaps, because he's closer Obama is causing Clinton but is also far left a lot of the Gatt that are being exposing the during the Democratic Party. Right now are not real, but they are that's it funny, I don't think they're they're overloaded territory, but there's a lot of hard feeling. Nonetheless, Bernie Sanders, for example He was not happy. The Paris was appointed, he says the Democratic Party clearly is not working. When you saw president trumps tweet suggesting that the system was rigged against
Keith Alison in the same way that the DMZ system was rigged against you in the past marries. Does he have a point? No, he doesn't have a boy, that's what the system is. One of the things that Tom is going to have to change is the figure out how we elect national democratic leaders item that quite impressed with the process that now exist. Ok and so that those fishers are now can be bridged other than my opposition to tramp, which means the Trump actual S put forward, a really solid agenda, a popular agenda so over the weekend, Trump spoke the Governors Association, who is speaking there last night during the Oscars Jimmy penalty. Did him. I thought I'd been really funny if trumpeted back you're doing a terrible job. Sad register- something you have been really funny, but he didn't do that. Instead of speaking to the governors and here's, what you had to say about a bomb occur Do you know the Obamacare has had tremendous problems. I won't say in front of the Democrats, I'll just say it to the Republican because of what, but we're going to fixed and we're going to reveal and replace
there's something very, very special and for all of you and even tonight, because we have to compress witness you see something or wanted to discuss it, we don't have to discuss all friendly stuff. We can discuss a little bit of the healthcare we money. We'll start tomorrow morning. Let me add: absent the accessions on health care and the things whatever you myself. Here. This is a record number of governors. Forty six the highest bennets. I love that everything has to be. A record number from successes is completely tied in with him in a governor short, but who, but ok, so the question is trunk into good. Supper is gonna, do bad stuff, so repeal and replace Obamacare the prom business, so they they released their draft Obamacare plan just Friday, and it hasn't good stuff, and it has not such good stuff and that's not unusual, unfortunately, so cure summit that is in the in the Obama care. Repeal plan has been put forward by the House
publicans. Here's. Some of the good ideas are going over the individual mandate. They're not gonna, make you pay for of care, if you dont want to buy their going into line, is there then create the delayed death of medicate expansion so right now the federal government is basically pledging to expand. Medicaid and pay for the poor. People in the states under Obamacare, that's been them in the main. The people of Joint Obamacare have done through. So many through have done so through Medicaid, which is actually buying insurance is actually just Walter. Basically we're gonna start close, then walking up a little bit and there were restrictions on age charging. That means that the insurers can charge more if you're older, which makes sense your morven liability risk. If you are older, it dumps federal funding for abortion providers, which spoke, which takes away the funding from plant parenthood grandfathers in old plants of your plan. You like you, do actually get to keep it and finally, it kills Obama their taxes like attaining that taxes are all good things, then there's some bad things. They want to pay for this by taxing Cadillac plan. So
you spend money to buy a really really nice healthcare plan. They want attacks you on that. That's where the money is going to come from, which seems counter intuitive and selling. They want to create age based subsidies, sons, handing out income based subsidy, so more money for poor people and they give you some today the older you get, which actually encourages people not to get insurance and encourages older people to get Sharon's, because someone else paying for it. They want to create subsidy. For high risk pools they want. The federal government ten billion dollars a year in state innovation, grants that is always likely increase whenever she programme its design like this, it always ends up being the federal government taking care of the bill, and finally, Finally, they want to penalize lapses. So, if you have an insurance, program you lose your insurance and by new insurance. You don't wanna, buy it right. Now, you buy a year later. They want to pay you make you pay an extra thirty percent premium to force you to buy health insurance again is a lot of this free market based some of it, is somebody's and it's not the greatest right now. The devil publicans are having a very, very difficult time coming up with what exactly the repeal plan looks like four Obamacare speed,
ethically because they're afraid of reaping the whirlwind, they're afraid that allowed people will get thrown off their health insurance plans, and then they will feel repercussions of that, and so they don't want to take the political risk. Listen since thousand ten. They have in claiming their willing to take the political rest. There were elected to the house and twenty, and on this basis there were elected to the house and twenty fourteen and the Senate. Twenty fourteen on this basis, president Tromp was elected on this basis, if they dont repeal and replace with something that is more free market oriented that will be a massive failure and will demonstrate the Brok Obama and the Democrats always have the right idea when they enshrine these giant benefit programmes that are very difficult to get rid of Nancy policies. They, we german trumped to do it. She saying Trump has nothing to show for its presidency, thus far. What has the Trump administration down? from their inaugural address, where they talked about the k and carnage. They've done nothing except put Wall Street first make America sick again and still fear in our immigrant population in our country and make sure that Russia maintains its grip
its grip on our foreign policy, thereby so they say, she's daring trumped to do this basically, and so we right now is a bit of an impasse, because a lot of stuff, the Republicans want to do- is apparently politically risky, alot of the stuff, a demo what'd you they can't. So it you its aim is a world where the dam, crash, going to make political hereby attacking Trump and Trump is gonna make the list. Well hey by attacking the media and the media star, catch on this little games for Chris Wallace S, core Lewandowski, who was trumps campaign manager. One point is still basically an adviser to trumpet informally Criswell at the Lewandowski, Israel, Do anything is again to accomplish anything for you to attack the media freight new Media knowingly doesn't tell the truth, a great danger to our country here be right on that I may be wrong and of but how many jobs does not create answer? Is it doesnt create a lot of jobs, but it does create a lot of solidity behind president from now it's important You're. Looking at some the Poles right now, that's hated. President Trump is not super popular. Is it like forty four percent popularity raining? Yes,
anti policies in negative twenty five she's, really underwater from psych underwater by for policies underwater by twenty five, so you do have to look at to compare of ratings Trump is not wildly unpopular. Yet he sees not super popular for sure, but he certainly not while the unpopular alot of Americans are still optimistic here. But from going to happen, eggs and political risks at some point, I'm not sure what kind of political risks is willing to take. I hope that is willing to take the risk that are necessary to actually put the country back on good footing right now, he's making obvious, an open that he does change. The entitlement programmes if you don't change, the entitlement programmes were bankrupt. It's as simple as that. Meanwhile, he says he wants to blow out the infrastructure budget. He he gave a little speech this morning about how our roads and bridges are in bad shape, some of which is true, but that's really the stated Junior up to the federal government to fix roads and bridges that are inside particular state. He talked about how the Lincoln Tunnel their tiles falling they. Therefore, people are getting killed by the fallen tiles, not sure if he has any data to back them up. In any case, my trillion dollar infrastructure plan did you seems much enthusiastic about then what exact
This european replaced plan looks like he pledged lasted two weeks ago. He said he's gonna bring out a plan last week that never happen. So, let's, let's hope the field looking to the fire. Not just tromp is such that from the Republican are going to in Congress, are going to have to stop being part of the vestigial organ or can basically have right now is. Is the legislature has become a vestigial organ of american government? They don't do anything, they don't do anything trumpet executive orders and talks a lot and Paul Ryan. Sits there and cuts little videos their acute about a better way Youtube and Facebook and Twitter, and thing happens. Has anything big happened in the last month from Congress? Nothing big, as happened in the last month from Congress and Paul Ryan should be willing to take. The hit for tromp was in. This was the was the deal he made. He should be willing to take. The had four he should be able to say I'm passing this plan and from skin aside it doesnt sign it I'll take the head, but Paul Ryan was, most of the gray, the hero we didn't, what we didn't want, both the hero, the Gotham deserved. Ok, we'll now's the time for Paul Ryan show what a hero is biased
passing some legislation that doesn't damage to Obamacare and fixes the health care system puts it along or free market lines. As I have said before, it can be a transitional process. A lot of people have been made promises that cannot be fulfilled by this process. The problem I don't see the Republicans making and transitional process, I see them doing Obamacare light and that's not a good thing in the end. Ok, some things I like and then some things that I hate so things I like We're gonna do best picture winners that should have one but didn't write. Edward, wouldn't talk about movies. That should have one vast picture, but didn't like this year, arrival or ten chlorophyll lane, which wasn't even nominated or and high water did there lower limbs about removing the moonlight so nineteen forty eight, the movie, that one was Lawrence levies, Hamlet, it's good, it's good remunerated it's Olivier doing Hamlet and that's good for what it is, but not something where you easier tv and you have to watch. It is not something that is really stood the test of time in any major. Why, in fact, I think they're other other Olivier performance is that of students two time in terms of Shakespeare, bitterness, and there is
farmers in the nineteen, forty and fifty four british film from the American Academy because is considered sophisticated, the best that Europe is moving, call the treasure of this year, a moderate you never seen this movie. It is an actual classic with Humphrey Bogart and it's not it's hump Bogart in a part that he really is the headings thus Humphrey Bogart part over his trade of the Sierra Moderate AIDS, always there puzzling to me in Casablanca. Why Humphrey Bogart is love interest. It makes no sense. Paul hundred is better looking he's more honorable disease or to Ingrid Ingrid Bergmann. It doesn't it doesnt really make a ton of sense but in treasure of this year, a moderate he places kind of sleazy grafter who ends up keeping company What these guys we're gonna go find this. This goal, they're gonna, go find all this goal has been buried somewhere and it's got a bunch famous lines, there's a little bit of the trailer from the original treasure. This era moderate
up into the orbiting majesty of the grey Monterrey Range GO man there passed buried in silent secrecy, their futures, hidden in the mystery of adventure. Men drawn together in their search for gold down soldier of fortune, how the old timer curtain, the youngest Cody, the intruder. These are the man low tried to tap the treasure of the Sierra Madre men with on our lips but men with Greece? in our hearts, ready to break their backs to sell their very souls for gold
fighting shoulder to shoulder against the forces of nature. Only the greatest enemy is human nature. Traffic problems flag, proud. Without me, you do or die airborne, liberal Democrats agency, the old man's, not your third argument, not what you're on it's great movie and he's, got a bunch of iconic performance is, as I say, as I say, Bogart in this movie is terrific, the other we are in the movie. Indians, Walter Dramatic, negates the old man whose dancing over there and he's terrific in the movies are really iconic provides got the line. The blind everybody knows what are its Walter accused. Him is what is no altered or Anti Walter Houston. Is these the older guy in this town, This is the one word the iconic line, badges only those thinkin badges read that this that's from this movie, it's a great guy,
movie. Its adventure found that really holds up in a major way and has a pretty moral message behind it. So check it out. Trust of the Sierra moderator effects on other things, like so the Oscars last night and hate everything I do have a special lovers celebrity mean to setting the really funny as somebody who receives more hatred online and virtually anybody else. I can. I think that it's really funny they did. They sort of treat mean tweets. The way they should be treated terrorism of celebrity mean to its last night. I feel like if you black, to lunch with Natalie Port men, should only order a hot tea with lemon, and maybe some toast definitely not and on trade out. Oh look at me. I'm Ryan, Gosling, perfect bone structure and kind eyes go your cell phone Samuel Johnson has resting far face. Yes, I do
I'm goin to. Why balance my tv on Jessica, chastised chest? Are we oldest ignoring the fact that any Redmain and Felicity Jones have the same face? Dear ready, Redman strength, you girls, you make revolts you're the scum between my toes agenda,
scan and raises some. My dad looks at his armpit hair and says you look like you have would become we're gonna handler freely. They limit all Miranda looks like he's getting. Nineteen thirty six embassy sitcom with established case here, argues the real life version of Billy Bob or hurt edmonstone looks like a crack whore in every role. She plays great miles. Taylor has the face of a guy who would request gang had a wedding worried know either. The bride now is probably a good time to remind everyone about this dog that look
like tell the swift gift is where's pass a lot less than we all think it essential to, rather than there was too old to be making gauged the movie still dude needs to start playing grandfather roles is something the I M playing grandfather roles and pretty soon be playing great grandfather roles. You sick of all those due to reclaim really clever, that stuff, ok, tempers things that I hate: okay, so the story the weekend. Is they Rachel dollars all human Rachel dollars all? She was my favorite story of last year. I talked about her affair, but last year, because she was at hand hassock story. She was the head of local De Lacey Peach after talking about why privilege entered she was a white lady. She said black are holding a leadership position with the local in Tbilisi pay and then she was exposed.
And now it turns out that she is, she is homeless so She, according to the guardian today, dollars all his jobless and feeding her family with food stamps. Awesome friend helped repay this month. At next month's expects to be homeless, she has applied for more than a hundred jobs, normal higher, her, not even suspect soup. Like a child, she applied for a position at the university where she used to teach says she was interview a former colleagues who Britain They have no recollection of having met her. The only one she's been offered is reality tv and porn. She changed her name on offer legal documents, but is still recognised wherever she goes. People pointed her at last. She wrote a memoir, but it is rejected by thirty publishers before finally being picked up, and she said to dinner was that I defended both communities in an unforgivable way entered. She said. She's perceived as a liar and a frightening on the reason this is understood. I hate that stuff. I like is for two reasons one I think It is amazing that the country will give everybody a second chance, except for the lady who said that she was black. Second of all, If she had you, ok, let's go this way. White woman says she's a black woman, but
Actually a white woman, she was her job. She lives. Career she seen as a crazy person. Normal higher her she's homeless food stamps. If a white woman said you the black man or a man, then we praise ugly, say, she's a hero, and we give a real the tv show- and we say that actually is a man rage. If she said Rachel dollars all had. Instead of saying she was a black woman said that she was a white man Rudolf you know what she is the greatest year of our lifetimes, She is just somebody we oughta honour every day we ought to honour Rachel dollars are because she is here not only she hero she's, a he she's a he. But if you say you black than that we can take seriously because commanded silly, it yourself harmonization black. But it's totally not solely for her to say, she's a man. This is It was in a wide variety of ways. Men and women are much more genetically different than black people in why people erased, far more malleable genetically and the boundaries Our fuzzy are genetically than the bounds.
Between male and female. And yet, as a society, we have decided that if a man has now woman, then he ought to be treated as a woman. And if a woman says she's a man and not to be treated as man. If a white person says the black person or black presence as a white person, that's crazy. And out of their mine, and she must be a nut job put on food stamps and homelessness that just demonstrate the sickness that has prevailed in our culture, because that's really stupid when it's really. It's really messed up, right, she's being called, not job. Meanwhile, transgender boy arrived, meaning a girl who thinks she's a boy down in Texas is been take testosterone because she wants to be a boy which he can't because she's a girl, wrestling the other girls, and she want to state title in wrestling. Because she's a girl who's on hormone she's on testosterone, should basically taken stare right, so girl, the wins, the state title and wrestling and the left to declare Sir a hero, but if you presumably melanin injections and then said she was a black woman, would have said that she's crazy person would have destroyed her career in life
all of which demonstrates there is no logic to the left whatsoever. It's all made up. It's all silly. It's all based on a deep desire to maintain boundaries of race, that you can divide race from race, but also to get rid of all distinctions between male and female, because those are not useful to their game, which is to claim the male and female are exactly the same for all intents and purposes, and therefore any sort of disparity between men and women must be created by societal discrimination, but that's the purpose of all that final thing that I hate David Brooks is considered, some people are conservative, I don't understand why he is the New York Times in house conserved along with raw stewed hat and and he is now talking about- how the democratic parties. This Socialist Party in the entire world. Again, if you feel this way then just become a Democrat David Franklin, Roosevelt. Nuclear line, while Reagan have greek airline people who rescue parties and it does
three the same line that we ve had the last forty years, because that clearly isn't working on any level. But you gotta have a pretty clear line on this. Crucial issue is the global capitalism basically do supported or to be opposed? Is international were loaded we supported, or is it to be pose? Republicans have taken a very clear line. Democrats can have a different version of that line, or they can say no we're the Party of international peace and activism, and where the parties can have a civilised capitalism. Ok, so again, I think that this is a bizarre taken. Democrats have made very clear there, not in favour of international capitalism. In fact, most of their programme is about. How capitalism, socks and unwanted defeated the international order, I'm looking for the poor or the Power Where it says that the international order has to be done through the, U N and where's delegation of power and weakening of american every front. If David Brookfield, this way how to become a democratic, really silly, Pickwick correction, then we'll go quick correction. There are three pictures now made:
The best picture made over a hundred million dollars which, by the way, is not a huge amount of money for what a big picture anymore arrival may just over a hundred million Lollo ended up at a hundred and forty one million and hidden figures which the I haven't seen is hundred and fifty three million dollars, none of those like a massive blockbuster. But those are the debate. The three biggest ers of the obviously no those one one and one was- was moonlight which I think, with twenty six million dollars something ok, so we that tomorrow and tomorrow, the varying for Donald Trump State of the union address. I hate to. The union dress in general. So I have a lot to say about just the state of the union address as an institution, and we also get to what from will say and what he should say. I've been Shapiro is the venture Shapiro
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