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Ep. 261 - Is Destroying Trump A Winning Strategy?

2017-02-28 | 🔗
Democrats think their winning strategy is attacking Trump, Trump attacks his own enemies, and Trump presents his budget...plus, we deconstruct some culture!
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In the latest evidence the media have lost their minds over the election of President Trump outlets all over. Country, went nuts over Trump senior adviser, Kelly and Conway, putting her feet on a couch in the oval office about taking a photo of front with top off. There's that historically lack colleges what the picture looked like. Here's Buzzfeed suggests the new director shoes on the couch in the oval office. Here a certified John Keith Overman get your effing feet off the Mr Kelly, on Paul's this is it home here is a did The organizer for Hillary Clinton COM, with her shoes on the couch, an oval office consistent with general level of disrespect Trump team has shown here are some of the house USA, today, Kelly Uncommonly puts feet oval office, couch, twitter, Freaks mere daily. Kelly and Conway photograph. Making herself comfortable on over office. Couch tutor calls out Trump Advisor for disrespect us weekly
Kelly, unkindly Niels on Oval Office, couch Twitter, freaks out near it posed Kelly, Uncomely meals and of Olaf's couch sparks debate. The telegraph from the UK show some class Kelly and Conway accused of lacking respect after putting feet up an oval office couch. Oh no. Oh, the horror Kelly Finally, we put her feet on the couch like a human even the Washington Post Christian Liza got this. One rightly said quote this tempest he bought is, in a word dumb into words, incredibly dumb, of course, Chile. Then goes on to get one thing wrong. He equates Conway's conduct today, President Clinton in the oval office, which neglects a few facts. First, Kelly on Conway's, not the president second Bill Clinton Intern performed oral sex on him in the oval office, Kelly and Conway kneeling on a couches, and quite the same thing is Monica Lewinsky kneeling under the desk or having X, on top of the oval office desk, with Clinton secret Service members reported, as the generalised outrage, your feet on the furniture in the oval office, present oh Mamma routinely put his desk at his feet. On the resolute ask a gift from Queen Victoria Victoria. To President, would be Hazan. Eighty ninety, but so too George
We Bush and Gerald Ford. In other words, everybody needs to condemn if the biggest problem media have Kelly and Conway is where she puts her feet in the oval office, they are just awful at their jobs Shapiro. This is the entropy show so coming up with them. Talk about Donald Trump address to Congress. That's happening tonight, he's proposes new budget will go through that and talk about what's good and what's bad in it. Also talk about whether the Democrats, are smart to pitch their entire political future bashing Donald Trump. Oh, that's a winning strategy or losing strategy, their arguments both ways, but first we have to think to our friends over zip requires it proclaims whatever advertisers. If you are an employer and you are looking to get the best applicants for a job, you need to go to sip recruiter,
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you put in daily. Why are you get it for free and you can try it for free and see how it works for you again, post your job you two hundred plus site, including Facebook and Twitter, with a single click of a button tons of time, and it's an easy to use interface makes sure that you can get the employees that you need. Ok. So we begin today, with the media, the media Obviously, our overreaching right now and the biggest advantage Donald Trump has in the political debate, is clearly the in sanity of the media, because he goes out turn of ashes the media, everybody who, is on the right side of the Isle implicitly loves that we all of this, because the media haven't coming for twenty years. Twenty long as thirty years, I'm going all the way back to Ronald Reagan, going back the next in the media have been far to the left and they have unfair really targeted. Republicans like some targeting as there are some is not, but the fact that Trump is striking the media. It works well for him it looks pretty fairly. Well for him, when the media continue to override should make themselves look insane. The left in the meat
have decided. The only way the left is going to regain power is simply by attacking tromp attacking Trump attacking trap. I think, what's in their mind, was they think they're going to do? but they did George W Bush. They think that if they polarized Bush enough to get Nancy Blow unabomber- and they can polarize Trump enough to get caught, blogger or Elizabeth worn in four years. But this neglects a couple of facts. First, George, W Bush actually had to do some pretty bad things as president, nor to lose his approval rating and watch a planet press and who have over a forty percent approval rating, have a legit China, reelection you're below forty percent. Basically, your toes tromp right now is anywhere from forty four fifty per cent coin rest, in a little bit about fifty percent in terms of approve already. If you six Rain shall have a legit shot reelection and in for president really drop below that range has to do something really bad, and usually that means some sort of economic recession or a war. This prosecuted, poorly George, W Bush, George W Bush was riding really high, whose, unlike the eighties after the Gulf WAR and then there's
economic recession implemented down into thirty's. George W was in the fifties further a majority of his first term after nine the news in the nineties after the Iraq war, whose in the sixties he basically spent most of his first term, hovering around fifty five fifty six percent, and then it was only after his re election when the Iraq war really started to go south before the surge that his approach, ratings dumped in tank for less and then there is a recession. So he had the doubling mean he ended up in the twenties right now, Trump isn't involved in any long. Standing war. Afghanistan is still going on, but that's really not considered. His war has started a war. That's going badly and economies going pretty well so long as those two things hold true attacking trump isn't gonna do a lot for the media, but that's us. Helping them. They think that if they just attack, tromp attack from that alleviate their responsibility, not socket their jobs and if the left keeps attacking from, they won't have one Democrats, you aren't insane so This is what we see from the media, so make abrasion ski Over MSNBC she says the Trump is clearly trying to create a dictatorship again over the top
Spies are defended the decision to limit the press. I think we have shown a bundle of accessibility. We brought more reporters into this process in the idea that every time that every single person can get their question answered a fitting to render excluding people we ve actually gone above and beyond, with making ourselves our team in a recent, more accessible and probably any fire administration. So I think you can take that to the bank said: there's a different spies, her that we have for you back in December areas. We have a response, for the press when it comes to the government, that that is something that you can ban an entity from, can a conservative, liberal or otherwise. I think that's what makes a democracy and democracy versus dictatorship
That is a lot that marinate I mean. Is that we're we're at anybody want to participate? I mean I've is he's just described himself, seventy days, maybe a long time in his mind, they are trying to create a dictatorship by munitions. I'm not I'm, not joking, and I'm not angry talking about angrier they trying to create a dictatorship if they are. This is the worst dictatorship ever honestly like. I think people are right to be afraid of authoritarian president's, but so far nobody seems pretty able to criticise him and dictator. That's usually don't make a brilliant yon they're talking about her dictatorship is being created, typical matter, emergency has been banned from the air, but again the media have to override because they think if they destroy Trump than they are going,
destroy the Republican Party. What they figures that the Republican Party has seen a major upswing since two thousand ten, thanks in large part to Brok Obama, their diamond across the country and localities and states their dominant in the federal government, but now there there. There wagons Donald Trump if they burn Donald Trump down the wagon Auburn to arguments focus all their fire on Donald Trump Chris. Now he's doing the same thing. He says our understand. Why would a word believe tramp after use, good value as they say, get up come here. They show come in here. Rigour. Do you know what I'm doing, and I just talk. I say things that people watch it sometimes, but attempts at mediation that too many people tat lay. What do you think go? earlier evening news analysis that opinion he doesn't go after lefties it is,
the centre left is. He goes out their people producing news on the front page hard working enterprise reporting, that's always going to have to have. You noticed that nets certainly the case here, but each year, due to interest pointed element here, a veto he's pig again looking for an enemy, the somebody's vendors entire career. In negotiations, we can't have a negotiation with one party evening. He can't have a superhero without a villain, there's an element of like one. Would anybody believe Trump would transfer years saying that Brok Obama isn't illegal aliens? His supporters believes that why we ably when they know, is wrong about the big thing he ran on for five years. Why would they believe he's got some new truth coming out of a well? The irony is that he has set up a lot of so much. They love the haven't. You know trash by say, he's a scientist. Nine countries, confirmation, biased people believe what they want to believe. Permission. Bias. Are you listening? Lefties we're watching Chris Matthews of our Emily is confirmation bystanders Dan. That's what you're a biased
but it confirms the basic advice it here and I say it. Donald Trump is working that ever words and people think its news. Maybe it's because they already daddy's the worst thing that ever was that's confirmation, vice president apply to make them on the left I commend the show like to eat soup with strainer, I don't know he gave the media have decided. They will understand why it is that Trump has any credibility. After all of this, happen. Here's a funny thing there's pull yesterday from Wall Street Journal NBC News and what it found that fifty two percent of Americans think the media have gone overboard on Trump because they have Kelly on Conway photos a great example of this. The fact that the media have, lost their mind over this vote, Kelly and Conway with her feet on the couch, its Absurd is just absurd. Demonstrates how far their willing to go. There is a strategy you do it again. The strategy is, if you can polarize about Trump, maybe take down the entire republican Party, because you figure the trump is the figure had for the Republican. Poverty is a really volatile figurehead, and maybe you can
maybe he's the anchor the drag down. The Republicans is that, the media. Obviously it's also Democrats, so Nancy Policy is out there. The Botox way the boat taxes now seeped into her neurological structures, and she says It is time to impeach trumpets forty days, innocent impeach shrub, but that Administration was making a strong case with the american people, and perhaps representing the american people could be cause for anti and, if so, there's plenty of grounds you're right now with the current president, but just as is the case that doesn't nobody's listening to cases that are being made in a very scientific, methodical way, to whether there are our grounds for impeachment, but this is, is that many of you are trying to unite the country. The many of the present supporters are just not ready to accept the fact that damn that they're just meant might not been so great and voting for him and
the times a cases made perhaps they'll be ready to accept that, but it is clearly Democrats already united country around impeaching tromp. This assembly locrians policy only has one speed and that speed is impeach, Bush, impeach, tromp, wouldn't matter cuban Rubio could win Rami Woodman exactly the same case made by the Democrats. Maxine Waters, another one, these radical Democrats from California. She says the Trump obviously colluded with Russia to steal the election. By lay the same lady, who said the allay rights when Ella Uprisings, when people are burning down, storefront by Koreans, ends in South Central LOS Angeles thousand uprising cordon Maxine waters. She also said that from colluded with Russia here just say that my colleagues leadership with
like to hear me say that I word, but I say it over and over again, impeachment impeachment impedes president absolutely was in collusion with the Kremlin and pull in Russia during the campaign. I believe that I believe that they undermined our democracy by interfering with our election, and I think that meets the criteria for impeachment. On trying to get out is the connection of all of those around him with Russia and with the Kremlin, and the fact that they are going for the oil. That's why you hear a lot about lifting the sanction, for the oil. What does she even talking about issued in same per yeah she's in its iversen? Actually, the answer is yes. Is a crazy person going
Oil oil prices are the lowest they ve been in twenty years. What does she saying going for the oil? whenever Maxine Waters appears on the show like this, I'm just waiting for Jerry Springer to pop out and briskly we're going to paternity to last year, critical issue Maxine waters. In any case, The democratic decided that the general Trump is is impeach of all and again. This is part of a broader strategy, the attraction, whereas a bit of a different strategy, not get structure more strategy and a little bit prefer. We have to say thank you to hazards over at birch gold. So if you are somebody's looking in the economy and figuring yourself, well, things are A good, but maybe they'll go south media to diversify. If you're somebody who is looking at the at the global financial market It's in saying that doesn't seem to be a tremendous amount of stability. Here you gotta have a little but your money and precious metals, and if you wanna put some your money and precious metals, you need to talk to my friends over at Birch Gold group, a plus waiting for better Business Bureau, Alot of five star ratings and
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They don't agree with the way the greatness of american government and their journalists Gowan Footloose, they wanna start having taken from dancing and all the rest of it. I d always been the patch Republicans, are the enemy and Republicans for most of the twentieth century, made the case the real enemy, where the Soviets, The communists, the international Communist worthy, where the greatest threat to american security and most of the time, and looked at the Soviet Union and they said right. That's a bigger threat in the report, kids and that's why you, under the President, Eisenhower and President Nixon in President Reagan? because Americans generally believed the Republicans when they said your enemy is the is the Russians, your enemies, the soviets they didn't believe. Democrats much when the Democrats in your enemies, the Republicans, then the Soviet Union falls and basically Republicans Poland, presidential elections, ready they win one to pop the presidential elections of one since the fall of the Soviet Union in the popular vote that one one popular presidential election in two thousand for, and that was a real act right, because Bush, Lhasa, around two thousand and Trump loss, unpopular and twenty. Sixteen, basically the case, the democratic
aid is still the same case. Republicans are the enemies of the american people and Republicans have sorted it's a variety of enemies. It's been. You know the it's been the radical Muslims or it's been. Chinese or it's been the Russians and the his Maroni. They pick he's in the american people go. Where are? They really thus Gary either really so scared, so the only time that workers in two thousand for when the answer is yes, they really are that scary. Radical islamic terrorism could act The column Americans it as the only time that worked a lot of elections take place under the rubric. Whose enemies do you most want to fight. Whose enemies you most want to fight. So do you one Republicans already most want to fight. The Russians the Chinese now think about Trump right now. Is that the Democrats are saying that the great enemy is tromp. Trump is the enemy same case. They always made its the Republicans in trumped there. The enemy, Donald Trump has another series of enemies and those enemies are pretty popular people, don't like those means very much so Donald Trump, for example. He really
it's the press. It turns out. Americans really don't like the press attacking the press is good. Four Donald Trump Donald Trump has its own set of enemies: net, pretty good, too here's Donald Trump saying yesterday. He doesn't want to do the White House Correspondence dinner because The media is terrible. The stories are made up. I believe a lot of the stories of pure fiction. They just pull it out of here now. With all of that being said, I just thought it would be better. If I didn't do the dinner, that doesn't mean I'm not gonna do not just here, but I just thought it would be better. If I didn't do ok, so the meat, our air, his enemies. The media are being. Oh, the main public view, the media are not our friends right, there also our enemies in many ways, and this is why the media, publicity, there there sort of approval ratings are very low, actually much lower than president drums Donald Trump says your enemies are Democrats. Democrats approval ratings right now are far below those of President Trump from says. Brok. Obama is the enemy America. Approval rating for care is really not very good. Here's Donald Trump saying that Obama is behind the recent protests against. Things trying to do we talk about
Brazil but said you personally get along with them. You guys are going out each other, it's three for maybe eight years it turns out. His organization is, since we do not have the organizing system of the protest and a lot of these republicans are seeing around the country and against. You do believe prison behind it, and if the issue is that of violation of the calls so called unsaid, President's code new, I think he is behind it. I also think its politics. That's the way it is look. I have approach because it ever push wasn't going after clicking Clinton was going to have to Bush. When you never know, what's exactly happening behind the scenes, you know you're, probably right or possibly right, but you never know. No. I think that President Obama's behind it, because its people, certainly behind it and some of the leaks, possibly come from that group in some of the links which are really very seriously because they very bad in terms of national security to write the end if Obama is still out there here, you yes,
he blamed Hollywood leftism for their floods at the Oscars. He said you know, you're wasting so much time. Bashing me for that's actually hand at the right time looks at the Oscars bashing. Hollywood will actually there. There are good enemy, their enemy, the most Americans, don't like he doesn't like China rate is like Mexico. These are. These are enemies that most Americans are pretty much. Ok with, Americans are ok with Mexico. Actually, Americans, I think we have a sixty two percent of providing a mexico, but on China, Americans are real kind of China, in other words, Trump has his own series of enemies and by attacking those enemies he makes himself more popular if democrats keep attacking trump theirs. Guarantee that makes them more popular or that it makes trump any less popular, because Trump is unknown quantity. The electorate is already so polarized in an area where the electrodes not polarized, attacking Bush works. When Bush had a forty, recent approval rating from Democrats going in and echoes down to zero, but what happens when trumps at forty five percent priority among Democrats is three there is no room to move. There's no actually move that crowd so much that the actual best strategy for Democrats is attacking Trump as easier
target, as he seems to be an that's one of the Secret strengthened Donald Trump. Meanwhile, the paranoia of politics. The trump engages in a sort of everybody is my enemy routine. There's some to that end. If everybody is your enemy, there is very little to be cross over with the american public on their enemies. Review. Lots of enemies, good shot that you and Donald Trump have some enemies in common, whether you are on the right or the left, if you're on the left, then you I also believe that the globalists read the globalist are in charge of the world economy. Symbolism of your enemies are Donald Trump enemies if you're on the right down trumpeting The bureaucracy to bureaucracy is running so Donald Trump. I tons of enemies? It looks like a pair what style of politics but is actually kind of smart, so tunnel about that. I also want to talk about Donald Trump on policy, because we're gonna get his joy dress to Congress, and but for that you have to go to the daily wire dot com and subsidy. Ideally, where to come, epochs bucks a month will ensure that you are able to see the rest of this shall be part of the mail bag on. These days, you're asking get, did they Shapiro store? I promise is opening soon.
You getting matter were also giving away free copies of the royal d D, the fictional movie, about what's going on our southern border, rancher taking on the drug cartels horse going ITALY, illegal immigrants across american land that for free over a daily wired com when you become an annual subscribers or eight bucks a month or becoming too subscriber, if you just wireless, The rest of the show later than go over to Itunes or sound cloud, and can check it out later. We are the number one conservative podcasting America, ok, so what would be a our strategy for democratic, think chucks humor actually has a smarter strategy which is not good for Republicans, because trucks humor is actually making Democrat structure more democratic, New York sent a minority leader and he talks about how the problem with is that Trump actually is and doing anything. Here's what yesterday and on the big promise Is that could help Working America infrastructure trade even on the OECD. The trumpet
illustration has not even presented a proposal to Congress. Folks close to the president says to be a president of great impact. Thus far. These demonstrated himself to be a president of little impact and all off in the little he's done seems to be a broken promise to working people. Ok, so it's a little early for Chuck Mercedes. What smart about what you saying is it there is likely to be some pretty significant conflict between The Republican Congress and Donald Trump it hasn't manifested so far has been forty days and the Congress has basically done nothing. The Congress has decided to take a back seat to Trump, but there are a couple indicators that some conflict in the future, which means Neither trumpets gonna have to move and he doesn't have recorded that or Paul Ryan is gonna, have to move and unclear whether going to do that so yesterday, poorer was talking about Trump and he said quote. I see him is more of a chairman as president much like many success, four presidents have been what he gets: people around him, more detailed people who can execute those plans. This Paul Ryan wish casting its programme.
Guessing its Paul Ryan, saying what I really hope We'll trump is, as I hope, he's the sultan from Aladdin and its role building, little towers of little animals. Remember this and any less. Far or latin. Take care of the actual policy. The kingdom wages are figurehead and then, in the background you been in order, Steve, Miller or Paul Ryan, they're, the ones we're actually making the policy. This is not. Real, ok, Donald Trump, actually have some policy preferences of his own. His business is micromanage. There's no reason to think is: White House is not also micromanage. The chaos is managed by Donald Trump. It is chaos. But it is also managed by Donald Trump and it's part of a broader strategy, so right has two choices. One is he can pass a bunch of legislation in the house, work with much Mcconnell and send it to pass it and then forced from sea. The fire design, conservative legislation or he can wait for trumped elite. If you wait Branford from to lead he's not gonna get of what he wants. If you put passes a bunch of legislation to possess tramp tramp, maybe veto it. So this is the part of the trunk
the Trump administration we haven't seen? Yet he can do a lot of stuff of Japan and the phone. You can use the exam, it of order, but what happened when it comes time for the pedal the mental you such humor list off reel off a bunch of priorities. Trump. Has it hasn't done anything about repeal and replace right now, is very unclear that we're gonna get full repeal of Obamacare or replacement with anything that is not Obamacare light so very, very unclear the plan. Therefore, by the house, maintains a bunch of the problems with Obamacare, including tax subsidies for various people, and it Sickly is a better form of I'm a cabinet still Obamacare light. That's the problem is Can we all the past that, especially having said that he believes that insurance companies should cover pre existing conditions and nobody should lose their health insurance in it people, be dying in the streets in such. Is there a way that republican seeking to bridge that gap at an open question. I think innovation, upon tax it right now, Donald Trump, once tariffs, Poland, I want airs unclear,
not in clarifying, doesn't want tariffs, attainment of border adjustment taxes, what they call it not quite the same thing as a tariff, but from apparently not fond of eggs. He doesn't really understand it serious. It is what he says. He hasn't got it it's too complicated, so happens when there's conflict there. What happens in this conflict over this massive one trillion dollar infrastructure, boondoggle trump wants to push as these big project. What happens when the Republican Congress is no way Jose. We're not gonna. Do that not interested that should be state. Mortality. Yesterday, for example, Donald Trump talking about policy, and he said that we spend trillions in Middle EAST and in Then we need to be spending. Trillions on infrastructure we never win and we will fight to win win By doing so, they gonna win or don't fight. It at all, but where we are seventeen years, almost seventeen years of fighting in the Middle EAST, we're up by so chart the other day as of about a month ago, six trillion, dollars. We see in the Middle EAST,
six trillion dollars, and I want to tell you that just unacceptable and we know where actually Do you think about it with less than nowhere, the middle, is far worse than it was sixteen. Seventeen years ago is not even a contest, so we spend six trillion dollars. We have a hornets nest. It's a mess like you, ve, never seen before. We nowhere so within a straightened out plans is training. Apple really, the case that he makes than all the money spent the Middle EAST chins detriment, and on infrastructure? So does that mean- he's going to actually cut the budget now it's means you raise the budget. Although there is budget proposal really asked here, because you gonna talk about it a little, but tonight there a couple the things in their some bad things in his budget proposal, first off Donald Trump does raise defensible and he raises defence spending by apparently fifty four billion dollars the only problem. Four billion is, it is pretty insufficient to fill the gap I brought about Mr Brok Obama's
plans to slash the military, the sequester that he pushed through that had fifty percent of the cuts coming from the military budget that really cripple the military Four billion isn't enough to fix it, but obviously just up in the right direction. That's a very good thing. He says all. He wants to find four billion dollars by targeting waste fraud. Libias is a good thing and about it. It's a good thing and that waste from abuse should be targeted. He sought met slashing the EPA budget, cutting the IRS budget by fourteen percent. That's terrific here is the problem. Trump he's going to blood he wants to dump money into infrastructure. He wants a trillion dollar infrastructure plan when it was nine hundred million. It was bad from Brok, Obama. No reason it should be better wanted a billion, a trillion dollars from Donald Trump trumps cuts. Don't come clean, to making up the difference here. The fact is down from peace talks. Cutting foreign aid and he's talking about spending much more than that in infrastructure spending. Forty everybody, it's really ridiculous. How little people know about America and how much money we spend. The fact is foreign aid, which Trump targets as though we're spinning
Gillian dollars trillions of dollars on for it, for it, like forty seven billion dollars a year, something like that, which is a lot of money, but it isn't very much money. I get these like one percent of the federal budget every single year I can think that it proved that attacks a huge percentage of the federal budget every year. That's a bunch of crap is twenty percent of the budget. The reality as the budget is being eaten up by Social Security, Medicare medicate. Those are the three biggest costs in the american budget. They combined for, eighty percent of the american budget. Only twenty percent of the american budget is on defence but trumpets Eddie doesn't want a touch, those things which means deficit from out into the future. He wants tax cuts to in the end that may increase tax revenue over time is laugh, recurved suggest, but at the very beginning it means it means a decline in the amount of tax revenue. It's taken ITALY's for a couple of years and which would be. With me if we are actually cutting, though not cutting where's blow open a hole in the budget It also says that he doesn't want. Touch those entitlements, he thinks there that's dead dead instead
he's going to continue those out into the future, causes politically unpalatable. So again, there and everybody pre sanguine about this- but I don't think that's exactly right to hear them It is what about this, but I don't think that's exactly right. Here's Donald from yesterday talking about healthcare, for example. We have come up with a solution. That's really really I think very good, now have to tell you it's an unbelievably complex subject. Nobody knew that healthcare could be so complicated and so hatchet and for budget purposes. As you know, we have to do healthcare before we do to tax cuts. The text cut is gonna, be major. It's going to be simple, and the whole tax plan is wonderful, but I can't do it until we do healthcare because we have to know what the healthcare is going to cost and statutorily that's the way it is so for those people who say oh gee, I wish we could do you know the taxpayer suggest as it work out way. I would like to do that for us. It's actually tax cutting has never been that easy, but it's a
any little and compared to what we're talking about with Obamacare, ok, so I don't know what he's talking about that. We can cut taxes without looking at a healthcare. First, that's not true. We could cut taxes that looking at health care first someone's convinced him of the opposite, and the problem is health care. Is complicated. He keep saying it simple that he's just gonna fix it, but it's actually pretty complicated and in those details is the conflict and finally trumps. Ass. If he is just not the philosophy of the Republican Congress, it keeps saying he's a nationalist and a true sense. What he means by this is that he's a big government guys, a big Women nationalists he's a nationalist, populist he's not in lines the smaller government plans of Paul Ryan, that's conflict, that's gonna break out the open, I think sooner rather than later here is trumped up. About how he's a nationalist because I believe in free trade. I want so much trade. Somebody said all maybe he's a total nationalist, which I am in the true sense, but I on trade- I went great trade between countries but the word free is very deceiving because
good for them. It's not good. For us. I want fair trade and of what to be taxed. They should be doing stayed the same amount, the other, What he sang right now is not even close to true, economically speaking, the idea that freedom is unfair. Trade is ridiculous. The hopeless free trade is, you have to consenting parties. How to consenting parties is unfair, is beyond me by again This is a philosophical difference. That's going to manifest so look, maybe they bridge the gap. Maybe Donald Trump works of Paul Ryan, but you know, Donald Trump is not someone whose name is working with others. He isn't. It says the art of the deal that the art of the deal. That fact is the Donald. In his business career was famous running roughshod over people and then giving them when it came to pay the bill This is not a guy who is who is custom to making great deals for everybody, everybody walks away happy, except when it comes to licensing his brand. So the real question This presidency is well done. From licence the Trump brand to the Rhine, agenda or moral
clay designed from actually have an agenda of zone and Paul Ryan going to deal with it in the fact is that more people and their public inside of the eye like trumped up my Paul Ryan? So, if that's the case, then How does this actually shakedown in terms of policy and what happens if they come to an impasse and chuck tremors, Dixon than nothing gets done is actually right. Then his desk Greece, Spain, twenty eighteen, probably by the way, It is important to mention of Donald Trump around forty percent when it comes to two thousand a eighteen. Then there is a a decent shot. There's decent shot, publicans lose the house is don't to elevate does approval ratings. Twins means he's. Gonna have to get some stuff done. That people like ok time, some stuff. I like him in some stuff. I hate to stuff like this week. We are doing best picture said should have been meaning that it was. It was a year where the wrong best picture now many one nineteen sixty eight ruins Oliver's. Finally, hours find movie musical, there's nothing Was it Oliver Red is, is one the main characters in and he's, but it's not
favorite movie the year. I think the best movie of the earth, one that stands out better, is a line in winter. The line and winter has an amazing casters Peter tools, Henry the seconds and its cost, when happiness, Eleanor of Aquitaine Anthony Hopkins as the as as Richard Lionheart? It's it's it was based on a play. Its really complex play is basically about how hundred second does want to give up his kingdom to any of his sons and Eleanor of Aquitaine is trying to force him to give up his kingdom too. Of his sons as he's getting older, that's why it's called the line in winter right he's getting older now, Peter O Toole played this. He's not forty sees a lot too young for the part, but it's really terrific till the terrific performances lie in winter. Here's a little bit the preview.
Eleven. Eighty three, with a second king Lear and Ellen Banqueting, his wife killed Christmas Court of the council on the occasion provided an opportunity for Henry to name successor, to settle a dispute with the king of France and to spend some time with his family. For me, me me do give out, gave out a modest how about it tat s what we originally these ten years, who lived with everything, I've lost and loved another woman saw it all. I couldn t you like up, then, God himself, what common justice spoke about this? We bury you anything. I love your love. He was never happen again. Fears body now shall I used within the entire these home movies. Eleanor back was ended, Henry Torture, each other about whose guinea, in her the kingdom really good movie
so very literate, so check it. The line in winter rather Oliver do we have that sweet from Brianna will ok, so The other thing that I like today is that there is a candidate is running for Congress, to choose its democratic candidate. Very while she went she just tweeted warm the stupidest things that has ever happened in human history, so here but she treated there talking right now about space acts and space acts is going to allow commercial flights alone, which is super cool they. So she treated this being covered as a fun hygiene for its people, but the idea of a private corporation having access to moon should give you pause them Probably the most tactically valuable military ground for earth rocks drop from there have our of hundreds of nuclear bombs Why While there are few problems but is particular treat one. You can't just drop Iraq from the moon, that's stupid. I guess as the number one thing number two
Similarly, if you drop Iraq from the moon, it would actually have to pass through. You know. The this fear, at which point they burn up like there's crap, that falls into the atmosphere, all the time and burns up as past through the atmosphere. I mean we had satellites. Do that I'm ready. What basis. So if you have you drop from the moon. It's not going to actually destroy New York, this lady, whose crazy lady, nothing Congress which would may Congress more interesting. So I like it, I a big fan of this, and I hope that I hope the gens of income ok time for some things that I have so the left, is really insistence that the Party of Science, the things you can drop, rocks from the moon and they will actually destroy the earth, let them hardy assigned also doesn't seem to understand that men are men and women are winner. Women and they can't magically sex, so Ben Ferguson whose Atocha hosting, though the country he was CNN, with Chris Cuomo, whose talk about this case in taxes that we talked about earlier in the week in which this girl who is on steroids measures on testosterone. She Russell
bunch of other girls in the Texas I school rest championships- and she won because it turns the girls on steroids are able to compete other girls- and this is problem ever since the EAST Germans used to draw up there in four swimming in an age when all the metals and then it would come out later, that they're all drugged up. This has been around for a long time Chris formal, bronze, Vienna CNN, who is thick as a block of wood, can understand why anyone would have objections to any of this. The irony is that if there were acceptance, we wouldn't have this issue, because this kid would be wrestling against boys, but just so we know, and for those as you're learning about even now here's limit here's the thing involve on better just clarify one thing: this science, you have to be very careful about. Ok, let's just say that we should change the entire way that sports has done because of one person and their decision to write something that is unrealistic with the premises flawed, because the laws,
it required. I believe that Turkey, of course you do that's. Why we're having a discussion that transgender doesn't count, but it does count and that's why we're having this bigger debate about what you loud, trans, kinda, kids to have access to and what you don't. Let it are born a boy that you use the boys restroom sash locker, and what, if you are you- and I are girl- you go in for you all- that you don't you're saying we find the idea of juveniles are insects. Your look we ve this measure is not a novel concepts. We have the report circuit cries of Fort Circuit, just said what I'm saying: ok and afford It is wrong because the Sicilian gave. The fact is this: if you're elements separated from Saxony, just gonna say that what gender is is. However, you feeling your head, then there two genders rather no trenchant as it does now to genders- there's not differ. Gender is as Facebook would have. You believe there are infinite numbers again. Why? Because I am Ben gendered right in my head, I my gender, is exactly what I say is in your head. You have the number gender is that you say you have. The fact is that if you want
gender so specific. That has just what's going on in your mind and why boxing into various series of categories, why not as you say, that you are you're Bob Gender, or military or Milly gender right. You, you, you have your own. You have your own gender. The problem is one separate off biology engender than you are up in this Lala Land were basically we just ok, fine will treat use individuals with regard to your court uncle gender, but your sex is still the governing body and that's the problem. The left can't deal what sunset would they try to do as they try to create this tenuous linkage between engender, even though gender is prison is basic, it made up term. Sexy sacks end of story. They ve tried to simply say that you can have female brain male body, there's no evidence that the these, and studies to try and make claims about. Neurologic density between transgender men and transgender women being similar to the sex they claim. Membership to the studies are very, very small and sample size. They typically survey like seven or eight people who are transgender theirself selected, so don't actually a good basis for comparison. Really. What you want to do is sample a thousand women and then see if
The women who had the most neurological density in certain parts of their brain were all those women, transgender, if the answer is yes, then maybe have something. If the answer is no than theirs, correlation. Even so. These studies, really poorly done. They don't hold up under scrutiny. The fact is this: we just don't know that much about how the human brain works- and I would assume that if you are transgender- and if you have some sort, Mental disorder, that there is a biological basis for the mental disorder nobody's claiming that is here. You're faking enter that your choosing to be this thing, but that doesn't change. The fact that you're ear taxes. Your Saxon, your sex, is chromosomal determined. It is biologically determined Chris Clonmel, pretending I understand that maybe doesn't under and it may be just that- dump other things in which the left is, is claiming that they are there no science, but they apparently don't Bernie Sanders and bill. My two old men screaming at the clouds, were too talking about global warming, and anyone like this, what all before,
long term implications of a president who has done so when I say that the long term implications are potentially catastrophic everybody. You can hate me, you can eat everything I understand, but the problem is the speed at which the world is warming and the climate change is not that the climate is changing. Its the rate have to people in the world live near coastlines, as the motion gets a tiny bit warmer gets a tiny bit bigger, but the ocean as big a tiny bit is huge. So it is to be hoped that we can have this off ok, so You ve got these two old guys, who can't explain so so bill. My was on with Tucker Karlsson last night about this and tucking Karlsson Basic grilled them, and can you get specific about what exactly is causing global warming? What is making global warming happen and buildings? really was not very specific about enough. I'm not some
who believes that man made causes have nothing to do with climate, because the greenhouse gas the fact is actually a real thing. It's been proven and laboratories. The question is what level of activities causing what level of temperature change, and that is really unclear. Every computer model ever done has been wildly inaccurate. The further out you get, which actually. Is is kind of strange, because the fact is that weatherman are very good at predicting, What's gonna happen today, and they should be really good at what's gonna happen at ten years, you can predict trends, but the trends have not the lines of not been exactly correct, there's all a good amount of evidence that suggested solar activity has something to do with the temperature. Fluctuations on planet earth and, of course, there have been cut. Global warming, global cooling long before man had any impact on the environment whatsoever. Bottom and is that even people who say that there is tremendous global warming happening because of man. They can't come what solution would actually mitigate the global warming warming, that's happening without sending us back to pre industrial era technologies, or perhaps we should just wait a few
kids and then we'll get rid of a lot of the fossil fuels upon which were aligns manufacturers, the teslas, doing it right now. There's no reason to think that sort of energy is gonna, get cheaper overtime, but to ripen. Carbon based. Energy is, though they haven't had any good impact for humanity, and It is solely responsible for temperature fluctuation and as though you can alleviate all this by getting rid of carbon based energy. Now, that's just silly altogether final thing that I hate the New York Times ran and add during the scores and here's? What does it? Look like the truth is, I nation, is more divided than ever. Alternative fact needs to be noted. When someone told me we need an investigation
The truth is hard to find. You know, is more important now than ever. The New York Times, because the idea is that there's all this chapter and then your time seeking to cut through it, except for the fact that in your times in many cases really doesn't cut through. It then times has its own biases than your time zone priorities and one. Then Time says the truth is, important now than ever. Why wise important? Now than ever? Why was an important like two years ago, an important. My brok, Obama was president of the United States the media's newfound enthusiasm for the truth, I'm happy with it, but it be nice if they stuck with it instead of ditch for the past eight years now been good, ok, build you, a brief deconstructing the culture one, the one of the songs that is now and tat. Forty is a hip hop song called Caroline and from a group called anime emanate I guess Ammonites and way move. So here is here. Is this brilliant piece of music from from Cairo?
say maybe types Are you in and got you a piecemeal one of them: Beyonce Meagan types, is I've wanted? Now? Probably a means to be honest, the tomb she's a days, funding is like gas. Don't ever try mining, really lack of proper Cuba. Against. I guess
lowries point all browsers nowadays, what still sat up? Nor can we get out of here good set of Albania, St Vincent researchers, except maybe you ve been hearing cancer. There are ours, oh my god, it's ok! So it begins they're saying: that's because I not speaking in anything that remotely resembles English the wool. I'm sorry I can't eat. You cannot do this without a translator. Man, that's not! an insult to black folks because doing has nothing to do with the fact that this is not english. Ok, there's lots of white folks! You talk in in this way, also when they're doing rapid it doesn't sound like english years. What there's a bad thing mine as hell thick as F O. My God. That's me baby Caroline, you divine, might fine Shorty
we blow the pipe. That's true like a pro aha after you thought holy. Leap. I'm really lit is looking like it's about time too, up: Caroline, listen up, don't want to hear about your horoscope or what the future holds shut up and shut up and lets. Gory like a guarantee, no movie by the way, nothing, nothing is says. Sexy proposition quite like let's get gory like a tyrant, he no film. I saw him my wife up with as a honey, you're looking quite attractive tonight. Let's get gory like Guaranteeing o film you and really an inglorious bastards mood tonight that no no ok here is the problem. There's a bunch of stuff here says like if you want safe sex baby use. The knee pads freaky with the sticky Ikey baby Give me kitty kitty. So I have a question. The left is Super duper upset with rape, culture. Lots of super duper upset with objectification of women. This for
This kind of music is all objectification of women. It is all right culture. It is all about how women are nothing but sexual objects and meet the kind of tying together of sex and violence. Let's get gory like adherents. You know movie wonder why there are so many guys getting aggressive. You know with women made some of it has to do with the fact that the culture suffused with stuff like this there's not a call for regulation, this kind of music, obviously, but it is a call for a restoration of a culture that actually cares about women. She's women is something more than sex objects and doesn't see sex itself as some sort of violent activity in which one party demonstrates mastery over the other. No, this is considered bourgeois, to say now, but the idea of honor of the idea of doing for women. I understand them. Movement has had the men are not allowed to honour or three women with dignity, but it seems to me that. If you want to ensure women safety. If you want to ensure that women have better lives, then maybe we ought to encourage a culture that doesn't encourage this sort of stuff and again because blacks
way: women in the inter sexual hierarchy. We know until avatar bout hell so much rap music is really sexist. An awful the women you're not allowed to talk about it, because if you do so you're only coming from a place of white privilege and that's really. Well, because I'm in this, this song particularly doesn't seem to me like a balloon for women. I will point not all music and pop culture sphere is like this. This is in older song by what other the Randy Rogers beyond this is like Texas Country music. Does it differently, cook- has one woman by the Randy Rogers Band. Ok, the lyrics the lira sir. I dont need empty words coming from somebody that will never loved me like you do. I don't need to feel a warm touch from somebody else cause it. No other touch could be this trip. Can't reach, because I'm tied to one woman you for me, I know that you're all ever need forever beside you spending my life loving one woman. He says well back, when I was selfish. I thought I needed more, but that road, let me nowhere and I closed the door, and now I love for one woman, you for me,
That's all you're you're! All I ever need forever beside you spending my life, loving one woman. That seems to me like a better model as he A better model, then Caroline from Amman, name a name, a see an enemy. It seems like a better way of life and better culture, but I guess that makes me some sort of big it, because I think that certain cultures that actually promote- I don't know gimme interests. One woman, I better than cultures that promote calling women thick as ass and then talking about treating them like guaranteeing them. Ok. So we be back tomorrow, we'll analyze President Trump's speech before a joint session of Congress. I'm sure he's going to have a lot to say and we'll be there to cover it all on Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro Show.
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