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Ep. 264 - Did Democrats Get Another Scalp?

2017-03-03 | 🔗
Attorney General Sessions recuses himself, Republicans struggle to recapture the narrative, and even the media knows what's going on here.
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For the past two weeks, the Trump Administration has been slam. First supposedly tepid responds to anti semitic. Attacks on cemeteries and threats to do community centres troubles I was smashed over and over for suggesting that the threats made becoming from left wing provoke tours something to cast a shadow on his administration, whose widely for such an assertion. Pretty much everyone on the left assumed the Jason he's had to be coming from from supporters, including the interceptor leftwing publication. That headline just two days ago, Trump can't accept his allies are targeting Jews. So he blames his opponents and now turns out that the corporate at one point work for the intercept on Friday. Missouri man into on Thompson was arrested for making multiple threats to Jesus he's across the country in order ass. His ex girlfriend Thomson is suspected of being a copycat of hearing J, C c phone calls and then conducting his own campaign, a phone terrorism. According to the FBI, Thompson Data, jewish woman. After their relationship ended, he sent a family or emu and faxes to her employer, hidden stalker. After that he may quota
least eight Jesus, you threats nationwide as part of his campaign against his ex girlfriend. He then the blame. The woman in order to have a prosecutor, Twitty quote know any good. Lawyers need to stop this nasty racist, hashtag white girl. I did it who sensible threatened my name and wants me to be raped in jail, unquote. So here's what we about Thompson, he's they left, Reporter, who made a material our well working at the intercept, he was fired in February, sixteen for fabricating, quotes in his stories and creating called fake mail accounts that he used to impersonate people, one of which a Gmail account in the name of the editor in chief of the publication. He says he in four Bernie Sanders Thompson was Black treated, just two to go. The trunk was attempting to quote remove black people from this. Outside of Chicago Natural, the vote on the right are triumphantly pointing out the irony, the guy behind the juicy threats, isn't Trump backer, but left fake news guy who hates Trump who for weeks the what stated when four left would we what stated this had been algorithm, trumpet Anti Semitism, but let's be verified.
The guy sounds like incomplete, not job, not just a left wing you're gonna write according to the FBI. This is all designed to act at some sort of personal vendetta against an old girlfriend who is jewish? The Jews were only involves insofar as they could be used as a tool against her. It doesn't make the guy's contact any less, egregious or anti semitic doesn't really seem to connect to an ideology so much as a desire to hurt somebody he knew by using Anti Semitism for them Are there still another suspect out, their dozens of J species have been called and this terrorist was a copycat, but but this is evidence that level doing. Media constantly accuses the right of jumping to conclusions about terrorism and ignoring rightwing terror involvement. The left as me you're blind spot for its own extremists, and you just now The trumps twitter feed this morning will be totally epoch. Adventure peril is the main Shapiro show cases, not all the more about that store elsewhere and talk about these Yemen raids and what we know about them and why exam Wade's ridiculous, where the Democrats are treating this whole thing, but first I wants it,
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What happened? The other night with Donald Trump in his speech to a joint session of Congress was. Moment with carry Owens who's, the wife of the current ones, the wife of Ryan Owens who's, the Navy seal, whose killed in his Yemen right and the left has been saying that it is terrible, Donald Trump used her. He brought her out there and he used her, and I got a bunch of questions about people who are saying that it's just ridicule he did use her or is it bad that he used her cares? view of politicians. You just be clear about this. My view of politicians using victims to promote their political agenda, its bad. I don't like it. I dont know that's what tromp was doing with Karen Owens if he was doing it in order to get the ammunition off the table, yeah, that's Henny. Ok, at the same time what it really was with him honouring of that and if the issue as we need to draw closer to our vats, then am all for it. So is not quite the same as bring out the victim of a gun. Violence issue like peers, Morgan did
in order to in order to claim that everyone who disagrees with the ongoing violence is some sort of evil person who wants people to get shot. It's more. Here's the widow of all over here. Let's pay tribute, that's not the same thing and I mind whatsoever talk about the Democrats, reactions the Yemen re because it really is telling so here's what you need, not the Yemen right, let's go through what actually happened. We haven't talked at length, bout. This won't. The timeline is according to the washing in posts. One November seventh of last year sent com Central Command, told the Pentagon about plan to rate all Qaeda in Yemen. The defence department the planned December nineteenth. While Obama was still president and you Amendment administration apparently took a look at it. Then, once was president. He was briefed and defence Secretary Mantis recommended support for the raid we reached a bunch times. You finally authorize the re January. Twenty six and twenty seventh JANET twenty eight, the radio and apparently went wrong AL. Apparently New, the Americans were coming and attacked from a building upon which can forces had to call in an air strikes, there were using the building as a front. Basically behind women and children, is ETA terrorists do now? then an air strike took out the building and killed a bunch of civilians.
When our soldiers were in trouble. We also I descended in envy twenty two aspirate aircraft, like seventy five million dollar aircraft. Edit, ended up crashing and we had to destroy the aircraft to the enemy, didn't get a hold of it, though should impose reported that fourteen militants were killed. Terrorists were killed, now, we're Owens numerous civilians, the settings the eight year old daughter of unreality who is the declared that we droned under President Obama a few years ago, several female terrorist ran to plan fighting positions opened fire on the seals according to use military officials troubles in the White House during the raid and who is tweeting during right. So what's the great objection, over this whole thing. What is the grand objection? So there are two objections: One is there is an objection saying that Trump never should agree. Let the raid there was. You re he didn't nor to show that it was match up. I have rarely seen the evidence of that madness approved it. It seems, that man is approves it? It's totally fairford from to rely on the judgment of a guy who should know much better than he should general matters. Who has been doing a sort of stuff, is entire life and then
the second problem- and this is where the left as this mission was a disaster and it was giant failure. This is the part I objective, so I The idea here is that of programme just drawn the site, our Obama not rest american lives. That would mean better and now even better, it is specifically because no intelligence was downstairs now controversy over whether we found usable there. Viable Intel at this place or not Clearly the seals went in there grabbed hard drive Zagreb. Perhaps they grab cell phones and there is no argument from girls, verses, Administration Administration says there's intellectual there, there's intel that we can use, and the legal There is no internal that we can use, but here's my question: why should that matter. How does Suppose you know what entails. Has the defence department supposed to know what in tell us on the phones or the computer, then we have the founder of the computer if they could impact than they would act them right, so they collected materials and so many died in the line of duty I dont understand why? This is why if the mission went bad, that is somehow a referendum on the president, and I don't like it
in general. I really dont like this in general, because the idea scene, to be that if somebody is part of a mission that fail somehow their life was wasted or somehow that's the fall to the president, that the mission failed it's very dangerous standard and, to be fair, I think trembling- he was just Donald Trump was but he promulgated those whose sort of fellow whose Ripley administration and in sort of implied that we wasted thousands of lives in Iraq, which is really rose because here's the truth in a war and terror in any war? There will be missions that are successful in there will be missions that are unsuccessful, you're not of more veil you, because you are part of a mission that was unsuccessful and if your parliamentary, that was successful, if you die, this battle, run as a union soldier, doesn't make your life any less valuable than if you died as union soldier at the second battle of bull run, which the union on AIDS very it's silly to try and say that if a mission goes bad or about those bad, the people who are in the bad mission are somehow us valuable. They wasted their lives or the botch was definitely the
the president of the United States is, though every mission is going to be successful war science and not every operation is gonna, go as planned. Now what People on the left are saying: well, you don't trumpets and getting the sort of lack over the oven rate that Obama that over Benghazi right and he shouldn't, because these are to come lately different things. Ok, I'll. Tell you why they're alive military missions under Obama that went wrong there in their emissions, where seals guy killed and you really didn't hear the the can people or people on the right making two big an issue of it because we understand in a war there can be some missions that go wrong that are badly planned, badly coordinator or were the crap, just it's the van, but happening in Gaza in Benghazi. Wasn't emission Benghazi was an ambassador sitting there requesting help from ten months and months didn't get it, and then things went back. That's not the same thing as a military mission where we don't have all the information they had every bit of information, it wasn't a military attack, it wasn't- attack intended to go after and I was literally a guy sitting in an office in Benghazi and he was attacked by a bunch of terrorists and
bomb administration should have no. That was going to happen and done something you protect him or withdraw him a sap. That's therefore also so equating Ben Darcy with Yemen raid is really illogical and quite foolish, but just demonstrates the extent to which the left is going to go in order to push this agenda and it's. It's really, I think incredible extent which they'll go in order pushed their agenda. The latest example of this is the attempted Jeff sessions. As I said yesterday, I talked about the Jeff Sessions issue attorney general sessions has now accused himself for any investigation of Trump Russia connections or connections between the Trump campaign and the Russians and and the democratic thinks, I'm afraid to accuse. You should resign so go through how this broke down, because the truth is he should refuse. You should not resign and it is very silly for the Democrats who claim this and also from administration, really has to get their coms office in order they they do need to get their communications office in order because it just like
messy and now that feeling of chaos is not helpful. So here's how the started flashbacks January of this year, S Frank and senator from and soda. He asked Our sessions during his confirmation hearings did you have talks with Russians and here's, what session says these dark comments. Also allegedly say quote: there. Was a continuing exchange of information during the campaign between from surrogates. Intermediaries for the russian government. And if there is any evidence that anyone affiliated with the Trump campaign communicate with, the russian government in the course of this I'm paying? What will you do surfer in a matter aware all any of those activities, then called surrogate everytime I too, and that campaign- and I demand- and I have communications with the russians- and I'm unable to comment? Ok, so people take this
then, there's no way to read this exchange. One is that sessions is saying, as it I'm paying surrogate. I did not have contact with the Russians, and the other is. I didn't, have contacted the Russians and I was a campaign surrogate and those are both plausible readings. It seems to me that the question. Why You know if anyone from the trunk campaign had contact with the Russians and he is saying I never had contacted the Russians and it turns out the two meetings with the ambassador of any sort of surrogate critically ACT, which has just said that the russian ambassador name. He, by the way, sorry grisly act is getting more attention this can he well up to the weak they put murders, but in any case the Molly S, Hand Griffith about this, and this comes a big issue, because the idea now is that somehow Sessions has something to hide. Somehow he's working with the Russians do something the various now. I think that that is wildly exaggerate. I think there's a lot of evidence that Sessions was doing anything of areas. There are lots of senders who have met, but there
really the issue. The issue is whether he lied about it. It's it whether he covered it up. Whether there is anything to cover up is another issue, but just like in part, is Everything in politics now boils down to. If you're not we transparent forthright at the very beginning that he gets Matt, which is lacking Maybe you can identify any wrong doing, but all you can I and to is that somebody miss her question or answered wrong, or even if you lied in eighty one is this pressure and you should resign, but if it just looks like what it is which is he answered. The question is either as campaign surrogate for Trump and I didn't have any means with the Russians, and you never thought I'm a senator, and I had a meeting with the russian ambassador that seems to me. Ok, refuse because it is, a b. It gives a scalps. The Democrats, I suppose, but the truth is that it looks the compromise, Eric use, what you're deputy do all the work. What's the big deal but don't resigned at the left has to play this over the tops of trucks. Numerous, as isn't it,
processions to accuse himself. They sent a minority leader says that sessions should resign for weeks. I have said that attorney general sessions needs to accuse himself from anyone. Instigation and contacts between the President and his associates on the campaign. Transition and Russia. For weeks, I made clear that I believe attorney general sessions. Close relationship with the Trump campaign requires then he refuse himself from the exact a branch investigation into ties between the Trump campaign and Russia. Ok, and so this is over the top. Obviously, as Democrats feel it there's blood in the water now part of it, I'm here is how the Trump Administration handled, so what they should have said is session should we answer more specifically Higgins nothing wrong, but to avoid the appearance of improprieties, refuse himself.
So are you handle, is instead what you end up with, because this is always the way it works with the Trump administration. They need to get there office in order. Instead, You got is this this mass confusion before us reduce himself. So trunk comes out. He says we're total confidence in sessions, and you shouldn't reduce himself for itself in Russia for legal migration flows in the russian ambassador. During that he should have spoken about the rapid growth of us, and I think he has a right to be grumpy about all costs. Really silly is really silly. Ok, every senator has met with Chris Lack or russian
or russian members of the administration Obama? I guess head crisply akin to the White House twenty two times, so again. There is no underlying problem here, but should, dozens of answered that he never ever spoke with anybody from Russia. Clearly, not could you ve missed, remembered shore? Is it a big deal now but again from says he shouldn't accuse himself and then Paul Ryan says that sessions should not reduce himself. Well, ok, two questions. First, I would refer to the Judiciary Committee. I'd check. The transcript are all of that. So I can't speak to what the Judiciary Committee transcript is frankly ever read that I'm shooting community queues and reduce himself. I think he answered question this morning, which is if he himself is the subject of an investigation. Of course you would, but if he's not, I don't see any purpose or region to doing this, and so that's the that's the answer is a consistent answer. Tat Grozny said the same thing as a lot of political theater and he's right. So there is a good grounds here.
You're going to say, don't refuse yourself in everybody's Emil, gonna say: don't accuser, solvent argues yourself, the problem is seconds then reduce himself, which makes it look like. There is something more going on. It's just stupid politics. They should come out yesterday morning and as a body they should have set exactly what I sat right, they should have said he didn't you, anything wrong, but he must remember and that gives the appearance of impropriety he's gonna accuse himself just so that everything looks perfectly clean. Now, before I go any further, I want to you guys in offer as listeners in watchers of the bench appear, OSHA there's an offer. The can't get anywhere else, because it is actually super duper cool? Would you like fifteen four dollars to buy the gun of your dreams. Really, fifteen hundred bucks to buy the gun of your dreams when the need to work with my in the United States, concealed carry associations are new s easier, is changing the aim for responsible donors like you and me, and preparing us for everything they come before during and after a self defence they have shooting cleaner. They teach you how to use your nine is sure to act during you know some say: if something bad happens: tourism breaks in your house how to treat it
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recommendations are right and just therefore, kill myself in the matters deal with the campaign exact language that refusal in a press release it. We will do so again. The thing looks shady here than it is just because when you bought communications and matters, he needs to get that White House press their way has communications in order. They really need to get this crap in order, because again, the more they do this. The more amateur ask it looks in that's just a problem into problems. Dog them. Also, like to see a full investigation that we can get all this behind us. It's either true or not. True. If it's not true, then I'd like this cloud to dissipate and if is true. I'd like to know at nothing, we have a right to know it. Ok, if you want to listen to the rest of the show, you're gonna have to go over to daily wired outcome, was thrust the shot daily wired I come a bucks month will gain you access for going. About more today, including the democratic narrative about Trump. What how they're trying to destroy Trump there are public and counter narrative
shocking. The media actually sorting out to write a little bit yesterday, which will talk about to be active the daily wired outcome. For all of that, eight bucks month makes you a subscriber where the Shapiro you're coming soon it you're an annual subscriber then you're going to be to get a copy of free dvd copy of the royal, which is it sick movie from jail. Boring about. What's going on, the southern border of fictional film really exciting, really topical the Arroyo? Yet Africa when you become the annual subscriber over a daily wired com or listen later tinge and sound clad when we upload the entire show and make sure they leave review at Itunes. We are the top conservative, Pakistan, the nation. So one of the things that in people more suspicious about sessions, even though there really is not much to be suspicious about. Is that session originally said that you never met with the Russians and then he said I never about the Russians about the campaign, and then he said I don't really remember what we talked about in the story of can changing a little better. Here's session saying you never met with the Russians about the campaign,
First about the comments that I made to the committee that have been said to be incorrect and false. Let me be clear: I never had meetings with russian operatives are russian intermediaries about the trunk campaign and the idea that I was part of a float, continuing exchange of information during the campaign between trunk surrogates and intermediaries for the russian government is totally so. I believe- and here I think that he's telling the truth, but then he Seventy didn't really remember the conversation, and now he says he totally remembers every aspect of it again. All of this. Could have been very simply avoiding easily avoided. So the counter narrative, the trumpets trying now is that everybody on the left met with the Russians. So what's the big deal again, I think that the left is focusing on the fact that sessions may have feared
oh, please Miss remembered what happened when he met with the Russians from him It is now tweeting out, so he he reads the drugs report. Obviously so Drudge report ran a big picture of church humor having adona with Lead Maputo important visit in New York and in Trump then weeded out this morning we should start an immediate investigation into senders, humor and his ties to rush into a total hypocrite as though the only issue here, was that the was that people met with with Putin and the Russians. That's really not what the issue was that the entire issue, if there was one is sessions didn't tell the truth under oath about it. It is a little bit of a problem. Chucks humor immediately responded by the way, happily talk remake contact with Mr Putin and his associates took place in two thousand three in full view of pressing public under oath. Would you and your team? and this is why it's a little bit of a box of worms, and this is why transparency is always the best policy on the sort of stuff, because the longer this drags out, the more people than asked questions justified or unjustified, and that's a demos are doing their using the absence of evidence to prove
that there is actually evidence there trying to say that we do we see inside this black box over here. That means, what's in the Black Box, is something nefarious or another. No they're using a new. This is, of course, from tax returns. I would like to see terms tasks friends I dont know why he's hiding his tax returns. I've said consistently throughout campaign. I think that the President of the United States, we should know all of their financial relationships. Chris these are Amazon, say he's trying to make the case now that it's deeply deeply important that that trumps tax returns be shown because that there might be some nefarious in its present form, wouldn't releases tax returns during his campaign by political pressure is voting for the president. Do just that at least turn it over the intelligent squeeze, so they can look at it. I tell you that there are not more horrible by the way is not getting ever witnessed accidents. We can count on our door handle that door, and he ain't given awakens there's a lot and there he doesn't want us to now like not pay taxes. Okay, so again now is implying that truck, never pay taxes at all, but that removes already out there again transfer This would be the best policy they're using the fact that Trump isn't transparent in order to hit him,
which means to me the trumps should be as transparent as pals possible. Almost there is actually something there he's. Not the only one saying this. Obviously Chris Matthews Aromas say Gavin coming, I show integra tackling he's, not the only one job in as a former Clinton campaign official, and he says the rush influence should have been a major influence in the election while states. Very close great. I mean, if you look, it was concentration in Pennsylvania. It's a total of about seventy five thousand votes across three states that Tipp the Elect college. One way or the other look, I think campaign in the later stages. It's always knew. Information anticipated events that have a dramatic effect, just like FBI directors call me Commies letter to Congress some October twenty I had a dramatic effect, and it turned out to be nothing but this Therefore, when he says this is pretty clear. That Trump is right when he says they are just piss that they lost election. That's why they're making a big deal out of that and that sort of, look in there, and so just sessions comes out yesterday and he says base.
Because this is a witch hunt, Trump called it a witch hunt as well. So the president, whom you serve has says, describe these questions as a witch hunt, and said that we need to investigate the leaks that led to this end to a bunch of these different story, do agree with that. Well, we. I am in a lot of lakes today in Washington that do believe our troubling a lot of it. What appear to be in violation of the law and it's an unhealthy trend and we ve. Today that our about it, they believe every day my name's to take greater, First, in maintaining our proper security, this is right. Wing narrative. It is the right one narrative here and he goes on. He says that kind of which, on the road leftwing narrative is nefarious contacts with Russia, that of rubies lying about not a lot of evidence that that's really what's going on here and then the love the right wing yard. It is it's a witch hunt. It's coming from inside the Obama stakes, Obama left a bunch of leftovers staffers in their leaking everything you they're making trouble there. Some truth. Both of these things from shore,
be transparent about all of his connections. All of his officials should be completely transparent about his connections. If you want to have a successful administration, he should be out front about all of this, and there is still a lot that we don't know about. Donald from relationship with Russia and with his advisers relationships with Russia, and I wouldn't know the answers. I don't think that's a partisan point I think that we should know why Pollyanna Fort had contacts with Russia. I would like to know why Michael Flynn had contacts with Russia. Just sessions most worried about has again here senator who meets with the russian ambassador that doesn't seem to me. The same thing is Michael flag. Flying to Russia. Hanging out with We're Putin in Russia today or opponents were actually making money from the ukrainian regime. That was allied with the Putin administration that that I dont think is the same, but that's it in token. I- it is fair to call for more information from the trunk administration. I also think that the proper of leads to serious problems are both. Things can be true at once and Obama clear. Who stack this administration with a bunch of insiders who are now going to link is much material as they can about President Trump, which is,
egregious in its white from needs to wipe the place top to bottom. Amazingly enough. Even the media is starting to realise and even the media starting to to say that a lot of us, Overblown is what the media should be doing. The media should be tamping this step down and should be tamping down speculation. What they should, instead of playing up. Why Don't we know about Trump in Russia in settling should be saying, is here's what we do know? We know that there were some communications between Trump campaign officials and the rush we don't know what the content of those was. We don't have evidence that it was nefarious. There's a lot of contact between foreign officials in campaigns on a regular basis in campaigns, the mere more investigation sure, but to jump immediately to trumpet some sort of russian agents are just sessions is some sort of russian Asia, which is just absurd, it makes the media look really stupid. By the same token, them The aim should be saying about these leaks. Yes, we're glad we get more information out of them, but the leaks themselves. Those are a problem in their problem for any administration, it seems like
enough? There's some members, the media? Starting to do this? I was shocked by the CNN Erin Burnett. She, talking about Clare, mechanical lemme, casket senator from Missouri and she said that she had never met the russian ambassador cause she's, a member of the Armed Services Committee thing it's weird procession to do it and then it turns out the chimera them in two thousand thirteen watch clinic Ethical actually asking me Louis Gutierrez about it, When you say I don't believe the attorney general of the United States are right. So so so you believe is not telling the truth when he said that I have to ask you about this: because its Import understand whether this is partisan centre. Claremont on the same committee sessions was on when he met with russian ambassador. Today she tweet there's this morning. You probably saw me waited for anyone who didn't I've been on the services Committee for ten years, no call or meeting with russian Ambassador period ever period. Ambassadors call them There's a formulations committee That's right. We were able to determine that was false. Based on her twitter feed itself, she'd tweeted twice she met with the russian ambassador. She clarified. Well, things was on adoptions, but how is that any different than sessions who says when he was asked you didn't bring it up because it was about
Ukraine is a very big difference. He said it after he said he would tell the truth to the whole truth, errand and nothing, but the truth just not credible, to believe what does it mean that what we all those things on one July as many other than I did why? Why did? Why? Did he wait Why did he wait until yesterday, when the Washington post? We know what they do they have an incredible. They have this credible inability to tell the truth and one that is, we cleaves already air is good for I actually want to. I want point out when the media do something right, because I dont think that its fair, the media, to only point out when they things that are wrong. Errand Burnett is asking exactly the right question here. It is a partisan which haunted absolutely. Is that mean again that we should have more information? Of course, we should have more information the partisan witch hunt you bet it is near at hand supporters are now saying that is pretty clear: that Obama's people are leaving trails of bread crumbs everywhere and this again he's good reporting by the New York Times
idea there was that didn't you dont want to be in a situation where we so many people know what its much eating came at increased, so you spread it out, and then you take outline how you take the most information sources names, human intelligence, ain't you put that into the ex compartment. You can find something to places where only people with intelligence clearance is gonna. Get to it. You could get a political point is looking at things like that. That was kind of a bigger I got was the big idea that you want to get the cloud bear any one of them leave a bit of a trail of bread, crumbs settled. It is for indicators explicitly rational investigators. One way you can do that and we were told people did it ever greater, intelligent greeting to go on you after previous to the questions that are to come back with an answer to those reactors are archived and any face an investigator would notice look at. That is the reason I say this to deploring is because, when using right, here's the deal bombing people to basically plans.
Of material. There now is the material fake. Is it real? Presumably it's real, but there Wesley is an attempt to sabotage from before, even gets into office and that something that we have to keep in mind, ok time some stuff I like and then some stuff. I hate. So things like this week this entire week we ve been doing movies. That should have one best picture, but didn't this one's a little bit more controversial, so nineteen, eighty four forest Gump wins best picture. I I'm not a huge forest campaign. I think there is any sustained hassock in the film, but I'm. Tom Hanks, then I think that the film itself is really haphazard, sloppy! It's it's not my favorite by any stretch of the imagination, there's another movie that I think people now know to be a much better movie, but at the time made. No money at the Box office based on a short story by Stephen King Stephen Kings, short story by the way are significantly better than his novels, his novels around one thousand pages and have no ending all of his novels. Basically end with everything blew up and that's the end of the story. At the end of the hungarian recycle, all his books are about Julia. Ages and they always end with, and then every burn great. You can just gets last
You can save me all the trouble, his short story. A good his asian Shawshank redemption is the film. Of course They should have one vast picture in nineteen. Eighty four really good script real the movie, is it the world faster, more, it's it's a strangely addictive movie, it s really slow movie, but strangely two, because the script is really good and score, is quite good as well. Here's, but of the Shawshank redemption. If you ve never seen it, I'm sure you have if you ever browser tv, it's always on somewhere bands and it is also the most easily imitated film of all time, with her with me in framing doing the voice adversary. Here is a bit of the charging production.
Ladies and gentlemen, you ve heard all the evidence. I submit that this was not hot blooded crime of passion. Consider this a revolver homes, six, not aid. That means that he fired the gun empty then stop to reload power vested in me by the state may hear my order. You serve to life sentences, backed back one for each factors sending for life. That's exactly what I believe in two things. Discipline by here you received both and decaying Vishalshekhar prison in nineteen. Forty seven do I didn't ask you can sit ready and I must admit I didn't think much of anger. First time Mummy eyes on him. We about walk, talk, just wasn't normal around their places in the world that we obviously have to ensure everyone seen it. But it's a great movie, shocking credentials should check it out and diminishing
walk around doing your own voice of generations that members your family, because it is humorous. She was coming out of the bathroom and she had left a cent behind it You can really do about anyone and I'm not talking about my wife, their cunning, in any case Let's talk about other things like so Sean Spacer, apparently It is the second time that he's worked as the Easter Bunny or has worked at the White House, the first time he was the Easter Bunny really does a picture. Sean's baser as the Easter Bunny at the White House and people are making one of them for this good for Sean's by Sir, that he did it, but he was actually really the Easter money, the Bush White House at the idea maybe for the Easter Egg Raw and he was an administration official who is tasked with wearing the costume. He said he said the limited vision. Can you be dangerous? Not so much for the money has been little. Kids are running underfoot. Early morning is key because he,
because if you do a later in the day, then it's you hot. It seems to me that he had a better job when he was the Easter Bunny being the press. Our growth area now is a is kind of a rough job. Ok time for something I hate. Let's do it so anything. I think I have never been a huge fan of of Sir Patrick Stuart in STAR Trek. I always liked Shatner, better than Patrick, Stuart. Patrick store was sort of the Obama, the interplay of the interstellar world, and in that sense not a huge fan of his character. He was always the guy who was who is trying to make these Shatner always said that he was trying my peace and then would go to war for no reason which is great and- draw the alien women. You know you're a real, really live out the american fantasy and space. In any case, Patrick Stewart, now says he wants to move to the United States. Why did you want to move to the United States I'll, give you three guesses and they all rhyme with Trump? And I hear? Is it sir, tricks stored beyond
but I'm not a citizen. However, there is maybe it's the only good thing as a result of this election. I am now applying for citizens. We american too, because all my friends in Washington said there is one thing you can do, fight fight oppose. Ok, so you want to come here and then you also fight by being so four Stuart: why didn't we? Do we need you here like when there aren't enough what these here that are bothering us. We needed you here to bother us too. I was deeply deeply important that we did this again. This is this is silly towns and I'm just demonstrates the self importance of actors that they think that is very important that they come here just approach strongly, as I'm sure that trouble resign, because their Patrick stored is now on the bridge, ensure double face poem for Serbia. Stewart? Ok other things I hate. So I'm
the only college speaker has been shut down at universities before apparently Charles Murray, the the professor a sociologist who wrote to me. There is little bell curve, but he also become coming apart about disparities in the white community. He I protested at Middlebury College, which is this very upscale college in Vermont and of college students protested the speaker and they cause. I love this headline. Charles Marine number. One is not a white nationalist or cats Insane Charles Murray's book. The bell curve talks about suppose it he's differentials among populations, which is the most controversial parsing at three. Section four hundred fifty page book about IQ changes over time and TAT caviar added and yet that is defined his entire career because buddy, whose racist wanted to say all black people have lower accused and then all why people, which is really really silly Thomas all, has talked about the differentials and I q and how they move overtime. How the fact is that one eastern European Jews came to the United States and twentieth century early on they actually have
Much lower, accusing the average population have higher accused than the average population and part of it is learning in language learning, culture and part of that is is values put on education. In any case, the in any case they branded the headline from Washington, posters, college students, protests, speaker, brand and white nationalist, who Brandon him away nationalist you did this you can stay with. Students are areas they. They call me a white nationalist which is insane its patently insane. Here's Washington Post Speaker, Charles Marie wrote, the Bell Curve Intelligence in class structure in american life, incoming apart the state of weight, Erica. Nineteen sixty two twenty ten and You know the incoming apart as one of the great books of the last of the last ten years coming apart is a really really important book at that That's really for about a lot of reasons that you ve seen the sort of living standards, in its solely in White America. He talked about in coming apart. Between sort of rich and poor in White America
very college. Students turn their backs on Murray, just as he started to speak enchanted. Who is the enemy white supremacy racist, sexist antigay, Charles Murray, go away and your message his hated? We can tolerate you're is hatred, we cannot tolerate it so yeah, that's not a message of hatred and all its message of tolerance. This is fully crazy near. The fact is that they could asked questions about Charles Murray and his research, they could have said they, Charles Marie, will you know they didn't like his research by the idea. That Charles Murray is some sort of racist is just Riddick, was in Charles Murray, as talked openly about what the Bell Curve said and the count? pussy surrounding all of this is it's amazing to me, it's amazing to me that that he gets so much flak. Here's what here what he said this is in an interview that he did twenty years after Del curve came out there's a couple years ago. He said: why did we
talk about race at all, not because we thought it was important to tone. In fact, if we lived in a society where people are judged by what they brought to the tables individuals, group differences like you, would be relevant, but we're can pronouncements about America. Social structure. If we hadn't discussed, raise the bell curve would have been dismissed on the grounds that we refuse to comment on the reality that IQ test our invalid four blocks, which their whole analysis meaningless. We had to establish that in fact, IQ test measure the same thing in black and white and doing so quiet us to discuss the elephant in the corner, the main difference in test scores between black and white. Here's what we said. We there's. A mean difference in black and white scores on mental test historically about one standard deviation in magnitude, IQ test, these differences. The result of test biased, but reflects differences in cognitive functioning. The prudent the validity of IQ scores for educational and social. Economic outcomes, is about the same. For blacks and whites, those workers potentially confidently stated, conclusions about black white difference and argue, and none of them was scientifically controversial, and he says that not much has changed between then. Since then
and he talked about the the talks about, you know how I q changes and what did he say What we are not saying that there is a danger that genetically blacks and whites are different. He saying that the you test measures, things and people's Ike user. What people like use are that's what he said while covenant looking at the interview right now here, paragraph they said this it? If the reader is now comments this in the belcour right, if you read the bulk of you notice, if the reader is I am convinced that either the genetic or environmental explanation has won out to the exclusion of the other. We have not done a sufficiently good job of presenting one side or the other. It seems highly likely to us that both genes and the environment has something with racial differences. What might the mixed be? We are ready, we ignore on that issue, as far as we can determine the evidence does not yet justifying estimate and other anybody who says that their book is basically saying the blacks are genetically inferior to whites. Didn't read the book, didn't read the book so, but
it doesn't matter, they call em white supremacist anyway, just demonstrating once and for all that they don't know to hell they're talking about and are willing to say anything in order to smear people, which is truly disgusting. Ok, final thing: final thing that I want to talk about today and things. I hate lots of things that I hate today, because I didn't. I shall be here in any case, resolve is a Muslim who start in row? Goin Muslim ACT restarted, wrote one which they we then I enjoyed and explained on some sort of telecast, he said if we fail to represent he's anyone's where Muslims on tv. If we failed represent. We are in danger of losing people to extremism in them. Of the ices recruit he's next James Bond right. Have you seen somebody's ISIS propaganda videos, their colleague action movies? Where the counter narrative. Where are we telling these kids? They can be heroes in our stories that they valued people are for the message that they belong, that they are part of something that they are seen and heard and that, despite or perhaps because of their difference, they are valued, they want to feel scented in that task. We have failed if we don't stop
until a representative story, we're gonna start losing british teenagers to the story. The next after their lives is written with ice in Syria. What In other words, you don't Cassa Muslim is James Bond. Muslim youths, are going to go to Syria and Joint ISIS. This What kind of what's the word? I'm looking for? Oh yeah islamophobia to me that much. Are right on the verge of joining ISIS. If they don't you muslim, on tv beyond the disease, A part of a broader conversation left constantly wants to say they want to say. If we don T major cultural figures who are gay or black or jewish or muslim than that mean, the various members of these sub groups. They will be to my in american life. This is half a brought them on this case. If you, let me president, then black kids, all over the country, back it's all over the country, though, no I'm, although they can thrive, but if you like, might I promise you both black and from now on, they will know like can be anything they want wasn't any opportunity to break out my awesome about my impression of India?
and then you had Hillary Clinton in the last election cycle. She did the same thing all her people said Lina done about there Hilary wins now our children that we don't aboard. They will know that they can be president. Do everything daughter she can be president Any Hilary president vertically President fact I'd prefer not, but this is the intersection reality of the left it you can only have heroes. One of your raise you can only have heroes were of your sex. You can have only heroes, for others, sexual orientation care when I was growing up offspring pictures. That's when I was growing up, my hero in terms of history and public policy, my hero was John Adams, and so every pore him the other is the jewish holiday coming up in we can have here every every every one of those poems I dressed up as John Adams. May I put on the put under the Red Code the long coat I put on the white Wig the whole deal, was John Adams. Jewish turns out. John Adams was not a Jew.
It turns out in John Adams was not an orthodox do in fact, or many of my heroes, Orthodox Jews. You know like famous Orthodox Jude Noakes, it turns out there and that many super famous orthodox Jews actually, so that meant that My heroes were baseball players and astronauts, mostly historical figures, Winston Churchill, John Adams, Abraham Lincoln, those are the people I admired, none of whom had anything culturally contadino in in common with me, except for the fact that they were, they were. Well of western civilization in christian values. Just as I am here, thing, I'm better than anybody else. In this respect, I think it can find heroes who are virtuous, no matter what their race, no matter, what their gender, no matter, what their sexual orientation, no matter who they are. I think you can find heroes this idea that you have to see Muslims on tv in order for Muslims not to join. Ices is pretty grading to Muslims all over the planet. I didn't need a guy wearing a Yamaha tv to teach me how to be here. I have a cultural heroes in truth, be told my cultural here not nearly as important as my actual Hiroshima people, like my father, who did where are you? Monica and mild behaviour. For me that I followed my dear
my hair out my mom's, my hero she's, an orthodox Jew in Hollywood everyday rate, those are my heroes and those are most people's heroes. Habitats have instead of worrying about the number of actors who look like you on tv about. We start worrying about the idea that, the people around. You should provide Roma, as for you and the people were virtuous in public life should be a role models, no matter what they look like. That seems to me a recipe for a better, so Some and about our civilization, ok, well, today, I lied yesterday today. Actually is the end of the week from here, I shall we will be back here on Monday. Try not to run things while I'm gone. I mentioned here. This is the entropy Russia. Yeah
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