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Ep. 274 - Trump's Judicial Pick Shines

2017-03-22 | 🔗
Gorsuch looks great in front of the judiciary committee, and does disaster loom for Trumpcare?
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On Tuesday renown, legal journal, cosmopolitan magazine ran a piece, mine ways to make your man gasping bad. No, actually they could have run nappies We know the actual ran recipes, titled, mine reasons, constitutional original ism is boldly. Written by an why you graduate Jill Philip Halibut Article evidence is all of the brilliant jurisprudential analyses we ve come to expect from the door that informs you which sex positions best tickle you're, significant other properly Heterophylla publishes nine critiques, one No one is really an original list, Philip habit. Argues: the judges don't actually pay attention to the original wording and meaning of the constitution. Instead, substituting their own policy preferences, as evidenced cheese. Is Deasey versus Heller, a decision reintroducing the individual right to keep and bear arms wizened that Regional list because Philippa, which says the founders to restrict arms ownership militia members and didn't know what hand guns war is a direct quote. Nor, of course, did handguns existing eighteenth century. Both of these
pensions are false. Militia members were members of the community. There are many state laws that required all able, bodied men of age to own a gun so as to be available for militia duty. The most the closet justifying clause, not an operative one and hand guns were news as early as the fourteenth century too. Societies evolve and that's a good thing. Philip of which argues that scientific knowledge and impact how we interpret the constitution. For example, brain science should help determine what the founders meant cruel and unusual punishment, but we have legislate just for that. The constitution bans cruel and unusual punishment, but legit teachers can outlaws certain tools. She makes the role of the courts to apply the meaning of the law and that of the legislature to make policy she even says she hopes the course would rule capital punishment unconstitutional on this basis, even though the constitution clearly contemplates capital punishment multiple times, third words, evolves, reflect changing norms, Philip published as that words like equal, meant something different in the seventeen. Ninety then they may now, particularly With regard to women and minorities, she is right. This is
America implemented constitutional amendments in order to enshrine those meetings as per the fourteenth amendments for black folks in the nineteen amendment for female folks, it is not the job of courts to rewrite meaning for knowledge of olives and law has to keep up Philip overcharging, It is difficult to apply constitutional principles to modern technology, so, for example, the private, genes of the constitution guaranteeing liberty from unreasonable, search and seizure. How would they apply? cars are wiretaps. These aren't. Controversial propositions and original circles, but doesn't mean we are merely ignore what the framers intended in principle in origin, reach our own policy preferences. Fifth, original ism as a cover for legal discrimination. Again, this ignores the fact that we have legit teachers in this country, you can't rewrite documents to implement your own version of Utopia, Philip of which says correctly, that quote a lot of our laws, originally allowed a lot of terrible acts. This is true It is also the reason we have you guessed it legislatures and amendments.
She says the plus you versus Ferguson, which said segregation was okay and was reversed by Brown. For supporting education. Is a good example of courts evolving? She ignores the fact that pleasantly was. Arguably wrongly decided on its maritime. That's the case. Just Scalia made during his career, stating the quote, in my view, the in the requirement of equal protection of the laws combined with the thirteen amendments. Abolition of the institution of black slavery leaves no for doubt that laws treating people differently because of their race are valid, even Scully was war that originally grounds that doesn't mean the legislature. Couldn't or should not have taken the proper measures again. Courts are not legislature, and just because history was full of bad stuff doesn't mean that institution doesn't provide mechanisms to fix that bad stuff outside of Joseph Public, convincing Ruth, better Ginsburg to run shot over the Republic six contention. Not even the founders, were original. This is just horse. Crap, Philip, says quote the framers of the constitution, didn't offer any instructions for how to interpret the document actually is dubious, whether the even agreed with judicial review, but if they did there's no
They would have hated. The court's usurpation of legislative power see, for example, Alice and her Hamilton and Federalist. Seventy eight quote the courts must there, the sense of the law and if they should be disposed to exercise, will instead of judgment, the consequence will be equally. The substitution of their pleasure to that of legislative body. The observation to prove anything would prove there ought not be any judges distinct from that body. All laws are applied as written know, Joe Would you interpret the Sherman antitrust ACT that way leftist encourage judges to interpret the constitution, seven contention from cars The founders weren't fortune tellers. Fortune tellers and couldn't predict every possible legal issue here, Philip of which states that Many of the realities of modern life didn't exist in the eighteenth century. That's true you know well knew that the founders, because they will I'm legislatures to create law, Philip poetry. The idiotic assessment of your original list. If the founders called didn't specifically by the government from doing something that governments really do it, that's insane
that looks only the bill of rights not to the structural constitution, which delegates powers, the founders explicitly rejected Philippa, which has logic and said so in the ninth amendment, which reserve rights to the states and to the people as fulfil a publisher, example of governments doing bad things at the state level. Again true, the founders I that in relied on people not to be complete morons, but they didn't trust the people completely, which is why created some federal right aid, No one really wants to live in the original as countries I do. Means that legislators should legislators should legislate and get this judges should adjudicate she called use your law professor, owing to marinsky for the proposition that, if the court impose its well quote. This would mean the end of constitutional protection for Liberty, such as the right to marry, the right to procreate right to custody of one's children, and the list goes on yet magically for decades the court did not read its preferences into the constitution, and yet the country didn't descend into chaos and anarchy. That's because we elect people here. Yes, legislatures exist. Ninth and final point: it comes
as usual it doesn't reflect changing norms and realities is a constitution that would eventually prove itself ineffectual and irrelevant. Fella public says The judicial system cannot be neutered lest it failed to check the other branches except It was the other branches to be incapable of checking the mystical wisdom of the judicial oligarchy, a constitution that changes at the whim of nine on what did judges me? the country ruled by a click not by people or their elected representatives even further. Well the chance to admit court. Of course the constitution should be interpreted as its written, but you didn't say, what she means is that you should interpret it as they wish had been written. The constitution, in other words, should have more positions and then Cosmo, and they will all be less satisfying Shapiro. This is the bench of Hiroshima. Ok that links the introduction was meant to illuminate you to the issues surrounding what the left things of what judges are supposed to do and what the right things much edges are supposed to do. And then means, as you can hear, the other logic. All of the decency is on the side of the right on this one. When it comes to original ism the decency,
in the judiciary is all on the side of the right and we're about to go through what should be the best time from presidency. So far, the gorse each hearings that happened yesterday the day before their happening today as well judged. It is doing a terrific job in front of the Judiciary committee I'll talk about some problems with the system. Judicial nominations and why there a problem Why they why? That system is crappy? What rather than just a second, but first I want to say: you two hour advertisers over at tracker dot com tracker- may have saved my marriage. My wife loses for phone every single Chelsea loses her keys will actually, I have to admit, I lose my keys and wallet a lot to tracker. Is things like the size of a coin and you attach it to the object that you're afraid you're going to lose and then you can call it and then it you exactly where it is rings. It beats its finding over a million misplaced items every day order yours right now and you will never lose anything again. I promise you. I use it all the time myself. It's the tracker dot com, promo code, then, and Europe, tracker, Bravo with any or great product, very tend to be so
It would demand- and thank you tracker for helping my marriage, we better because it means that I mustn't ordered my wife. My wife is less annoyed with me. And once you tracker, dotcom flat ben any get that this council? It's it's really terrific again into terrific piece of technology. And they too are often in the crew for making that beautiful animation. My wife are looking to kill me really really appreciate that. Ok, so, the news yesterday and this week outside of the gorse issue, has not been good for president trample talk about from care in a little while also about some of the issues surrounding russian connections, that big story about poor man afford who's the former from campaign manager. Apparently he was working very closely with Lattimer Putin's allies for a number of years. I will get it. In ITALY, while the first. I want to talk about what should be the high water mark for trumps presidency, The reason I want to talk about this is because I want to point something out: a lot of people have been saying that national. Populism, this kind of a new style trumpets, and that that is where
The popularity of republicanism in conservatism are going to lie that if we change over to this nationalist populism, that's what conservatism is really going to be great. That's where that's working But this is really can be able to do ye work. The goal such hearing. It shows the opposite. The gorse a cheering shows that traditional conservatism- and I mean small government, traditional conservatism with checks and balances. Separation of powers is still a more powerful idea than the idea of some great God, king on a hill deciding who gets to have a job and who doesn't get to have a job. Gorse itches hearing are the best thing that could happen to trump there. Great judge course it did. It reflect job You can see it started off a TED crews, the senator from taxes King NEO Gore such about, regional, isn't in stating democratic caricature the thing it serves well to rebut the caricature that some on the left try to pain of original is and so under the caricature. That's with a democratic suggested, you would assume the original list in the case.
What all line up on the side of saying? Well, gosh, the fourth amendment doesnt cover that an end. Yet the Carlo case, the majority opinion five four was written by justice, Galicia, perhaps the leading original list on the court. UK end and he's right about that course, which proved in this hearing that are journalism is a hearty philosophy that makes perfect sense again. The judiciary has a different role than the legislature. Can legislatures make law. The judiciary applies the law according to the wording of the law, when the judiciary starts doing its own thing. As Alexander Hamilton said, it loses its reason for assistance. In course, it is very clear on this, which is why you know it's it's interesting. I'm not sure that Trump is gonna, be all entirely happy with every decision gorse, which makes so all credit to triumph for nominating somebody who may rule against him in certain cases here is judged. Talking about what it means to be a judge says your personal views should not decide the law. My purse Your views had also tell you, Mr Chairman, belong over here. I leave those it
to cartel yesterday, said that what he wants is a fair judge. That's what I wanted as a lawyer, I just wanted to judge, come in and decide on the facts and the law of my clients case and leave what he had for breakfast at the breakfast table and part of being. A good judge is coming in and taking precedent as it stands, and your personal views about the precedent of absolute. We now face to do with a good job of a truck. Ok, so the last thing that he says there is actually somewhat troubling for conservatives, and I would like to see conservatives drill down on this. So there's something in judicial philosophy called STAR, decisive, star, decisive means, a cases argument decided. It just means precedent: theirs we spend a lot of controversy over how much respect to give to president the case has already been decided is something follow or is it not so in some cases in american history, where the judiciary has decided that a case was wrongly decided fifty years before and they overturning Romeo. It would be a good one to do right now that we still don't know what gorse it would.
About Roby Wade, in any case in history where we overturn a judgment, including classy versus Ferguson, Embrowned or support, as I mentioned, plus you versus Ferguson since was ok brown versus boards. It's not another. Obvious case is a fell about gay marriage which overturns a bunch a whole string of cases at the Supreme Court level, Morrissey taxes, which said that there was no state capacity to criminalize homosexual activity that overturned much earlier case called powers versus hardworking knights and eighty nine. So started. Decisive is really away for judges to pick and choose, and this is why I hope that the conservatives in this committee drill down on gorse. It should say: ok, how do you decide when pressing rules and when president does not the most concerned In person philosophically on this at the court was not Scully. Actually, it's Clarence, Thomas, you say sorry decisive, is stupid, basically case was wrongly decided, I'm not going to pretend it's a better decision just because it was decided ten years ago, twenty years ago, the region these matters, because here is for
we'll go or such talking about really wade as precedent is clear date, one of the facts and one of the features of law that you have decided on the basis of precedent, as you point out and for a judge, president, is a very important thing. We dont go reinvent the wheel every day and an that's equivalent point of the law of president. We have an entire law about press into law. You shall President president about President, if you will notice all factors that a good judge will take into consideration.
When examining any Preston, you start with a heavy heavy presumption in favour. Oppressed Alexander Hamilton said: that's one important feature think was hailed. Him said one important feature of judges: if we're gonna give him life tenure and allow them that extraordinary privilege, they should be down by strict rules and precedents. Ok, so they can hear hear here's the problem with some of this. In the reason I'm leaving precedent again, it allows you to pick which presidency choose followed, which ones you dont want to be really eight in these hearings honestly and the reason, the only reason have these hearings Democrats destroyed the notion of a judicial hearing. It used to be the could just say to a judge: ok Roby Way, dad case are good case every law student. Every person basically has an opinion on whether overweight is a bad case. Her that can certainly anyone has ever read the decision with any sort of legal had understands too. A decision legally. Even if you like the outcome, shouldn't, be out of balance, a railway, bad decision or their decision Rhodesia B.
These are questions we should want to have answered before we actually get to somebody on the Supreme Court and Democrats, don't have any qualms about asking these questions. They say openly that they have litmus test with regard to their own people that they issued. These Mr Esteve, people would would uphold Robin in their appropriate for the court. If not, then they wouldn't, but because demo that's a vow to basically shut down any justice who has a clear cut opinion about important cases. Will you end up these these very milk toast hearings in any case gorse. It shows a good job with the milk toast hearings units That's him to come out and say really wages crappy case, because if he did, and presumably a bunch of Democrats would attempt to Philip for him in some Republicans would break off and enjoying because their weaklings, that's gorse, ich There are the job navigating smoothly. What these hearings are, which is basically an opportunity for him to explain his philosophy and most all possible terms and smacked and allegations against him so here is in? exchange. That was pretty great, where Dick Durban from Illinois, whose just an idiot claims that
such as anti woman, because he wants taught and ethics class in which you talk about the law regarding sexual harassment and here's gorse issue smacking Durban around like a paniagua set of those or not my words and I would never have set them. I didn't say that, asked. If you agree with this statement tell you, I don't I worry and here's Denmark, or essentially than I do like, is that he seems like somebody who is not to be beholden to political interest? So he was ass specifically about president trumps. Attacks on the judiciary- and here is his answer. This is the five I know these people and I know how decent they are and when anyone criticizes the honesty or integrity the motives of a federal judge. I find that disheartening. I find that demoralize because I know the truth
Everyone, including the press, United States, anyone is anyone ok and in that is the speaks. You know well, from that he nominated guy, was willing, gotten say stuff like this. Of course, it's really matter on a bunch democrats, yesterday, L Frank and was was- was criticising confirmation process. Angora such smasher, I'm frank and is well centre. There's a lot about this process among comfortable with a lot, but I'm not God. No one asked me to fix it. I'm here as a witness, trying to faithfully answer your questions as best I can consistent with the constraints I have as a sitting, judge, ok and in again that's the thing good stuff. The fact it L Frank and me these Stuarts is Stuarts. Molly is out there like quizzing. Him is just insane. Ok, the fact that Stuarts Molly's on the Judiciary Committee quizzing him. Cases. He knows nothing about him. He knows nothing about chevron deference. He knows nothing about. Any of these issues is just come, Lee crazy, but you know that
the system works, this problem, as I say what these judicial hearings, you never get any good answers, you never get the answers that you actually want and that you actually care about so for ample gorse inches asked again about Roby Wade, Berlin, he ground this time. He's asked if trumpet asked him to over her Roby waiting. Yours Gore, such as answer, and that in you did, he ever ask you to overrule roving way, no set for what you have done. If it, if you ask Center, I wouldn't walked out the door not judges do they dont, do it at that and Pennsylvania Avenue, and they shouldn't to this end. I imagine acting to disease objecting to the idea that trumpet ask him to overturn the ruling. The fact is that true hope I asked him. How would you rule unruly way? Not you have to ruled overturn it, but how would you rule? I would ask If our President out ask any judicial pointy they would rule uncontroversial cases, because this is so but the only reason you what we knew appointed judges. If you know if they have a good long history
ruling in a certain way. Another reason I like gorse inches nominees because he does have a pretty good judicial history of ruling some controversial issues and he has generally ruled that the correct way, but what we then up with is a judicial confirmation process that actually makes them, system, more vague, not less vague and that's that's. A real problem. For example. Gorse exist asked how he would ruin the muslim ban. Same sort of thing here is what he says. Does the first member allow the use of her religious litmus test for entry into the United States Senate? that's an issue that is currently being litigated active As you know, what I'm not asking about the litigation nine circular anything has I'm asking about. The fact is a blanket religious tests his are consistent with the first amendment center. We have it free exercise clause that protects thief, free exercise of religious liberties by
all persons in this country, this year's clarity and then somebody. Let me now he just a minute ago, Gore section in the hearings was asked whether here after the roadway was long land. He said yes, I accept that it's the laudable and it doesn't mean you wouldn't overturn it right. He could still overturn it and accept that is currently belong land. These issues, confirmation hearing you don't do anybody any favours because they actually make the answers more vague. Now, it's taken. That's the fault of the democratic politicized. These hearings to the point where anybody who disagrees with them about a case must immediately be ruled out of line because actually want to use the judiciary as a way of cramming down their own policy preferences. We have to say thank you right now and the like say thank you to our friends over and my patriot supply right now. If our concern North Korea's making all sorts of noises about violent things that they want to do. They just released a video yesterday about how they want to blow up a? U s ship. They fired a missile, Japan. It failed thank God, but there are rats out there and emergencies happened when you least expect them. If you, while eighty eight o three fourteen thirteen right now or go to prepare with Ben dot com right now prepare with Benda com. You can do
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Of course, it shows a really good job. I endorse it does is, is very solid in these hearings he navigate the shoals. Well, the Democrats make fools of themselves. They just keep saying stupid things over and over and over again just repeatedly and it's a great four trump brightness. This would be the best moment for Trump. If we weren't I'll destroy with Russia, stuff interim care staff and all the other things that Trump is busy shooting himself in the footlights. Democrats have been struggling because they don't actually know what to do with this. So what they decided is that their didn't come up within an alternative strategy. They can't actually glove on Gore such so. What do they do? So? Brien Williams, the fake news anchored MSNBC, he says, That is obviously have to lay a glove ongoing. Since you knows what he's doing stuff lay a glove on this guy, I didn't see a single glove laid on him. This has been a slam Duncan terms. Have his initial q he's an ace you're going to see some of the more intensive questioning, but they have not, as you put it, a glove on him and in their their upset about that's what they do. Chris Map Euro estate gather
to show a gun, I D Artagnan Carthage. Why? I know who you guys it was talking to go it's about starting to fix the system. President nominates, a Supreme Court justice, this Deliberates on the nomination, we will not get back to such respect if we live trump exploit them. I can see MRS Pagano created. We cannot allow these two opportunities to complete what we call in basketball. The Al play one guy throws the bar high up there above the Baskin, the guy stating their right in jams it in. I don't want to see Donald Trump, so his nominee through the hoop. Why? Because That is turn its Murray garlands turn, and everyone knows it. Nay, on gorse demand, this sixty votes and don't give them the trump. It's not. This turn is not his guys turn and all the charm and dancing, and Mr Nice Guy- it's not going to change it. It's not the gorse, it even trumpets about Mitch Mcconnell. Brand of low level politics he stands for, get it done
don't let em, please don't. Let me make three points, then there's a Ribera free, throw light in Jordan goes up and any alyosha Scotty Pippen gems it through you shouldn't do that with judges, because judges don't fit through hopes. That's the thing, there's things bring explain you right now? Good, may I say they show dogma back about well showed I like that. Is that their new cases, basically the course which is great nominee, but he can't be put through being The Republicans refuse to vote and when there are Garland whose President Obama's nominated fiscally a slot. Listen going anywhere, but the Democrats blow themselves up on this one. It should be a great moment for trot now As we continue to talk about not so great moments which, from plus there is a breaking news story that I have to tell you about a couple of stories. They did. I think, going to the outside world political from them at their pretty incredible stories will talk about them, but you're gonna, go to daily Wired. Our common subscribe right now for that eight dollars a month, get your subscription to daily wire come right now.
Becoming annual subscriber you get a free, signed copy of magical signed copy of the most comprehensive book on Democrats ever sort of written reasons Democratic, comprehensive died by Michael Knolls, these the Amazon vessel ursule tens of thousands of copies, making a sickening about money off of it, but we are giving it for free, and you get to see. A free signed copy, Delaware, dot com when you become an annual subscriber if you want to listen to the rest of the show later, governor, Itunes or sound cloud. Make sure that you leave us a rating. We are the largest can whereupon cast in the United States is other stories that are benefiting Trump right now. There's it's! It's not bad for triumphantly gets the bad for Trump in a little while because he does have some problems, There are not great. First of all, there is breaking story into Britain. It looks very much like a terror attack. When I say There is political, followed that helps trumpets, because if the left continues to pursue this policy of multiculturalism. There Yet more terror attacks This is another case of that on Wednesday.
According to daily wire. Today, an alleged sailor was shot by british police. After one policeman was stabbed inside the palaces Westminster homes. If parliament, at least a dozen people were injured on Nearby Westminster Bridge and according to one member of parliament to people were shot outside peril, their describing the guy as an Asian, so the way that they described things in the british press when they say that somebody is an Asian what they mean is that they are a south asian, meaning that they are of arabic or pakistani extraction. That's you what they mean when this Asian, unless they mean natural person from like Japan, but that doesn't sound like this- is what it as police court enough streets, metabolic helicopter, landed in the area of witnessed Sky NEWS, he saw a man looking ass if he was carrying a knife or small firearm walking, tore police officers inside the parliament camp, his eye witnesses, described seeing a car crash into the perimeter fence on Westminster, bridge hitting pedestrian before the driver ran toward police officers guarding parliament at least three. I also heard people described seeing to people laid on the ground apparent
the alleged assailant was shot by armed police, but one police officer was stabbed. Apparently our Prime Minister Teresa may was there, but she was spirited away. She is safe and okay, so keep bringing you updates on that other stories from that Helping Donald Trump today again Trump has been making the case very convincing case that we need to control our borders again, regardless you feel about illegal immigration and in our eyes somebody who actually doesn't believe in the notion that illegal immigrants are cortical, stealing american jobs or undermining the economy or any of that stuff. I dont think that illegal immigrants should be able to get government benefits in any way shape or form. I don't agree with the idea that if you have a baby on this side of the border, suddenly you're getting thanks of dollars of government benefits? I think that's a problem, but I do. I think that it is imperative- and I thought this- my entire career, that is imperative. We know whose crossing the border for safety, security reasons, no country worth it. Salt should have completely open border, where there's a story is coming to a head now in Iraq, Phil High School in Maryland last
stay to illegal immigrants are charged with raping a fourteen year old girl in a bathroom Iraq fail school in Maryland at a press conference on Tuesday, the superintendent of the school district, addressed the crime by default. The schools admittance, The illegal immigrants declaring quoted is wholly and entirely inappropriate for any of us, anytime anywhere to say we're going to private six year old in Europe while we all the fourteen or fifteen and eighteen year old of occasion because of one corner court. Horrible incident, according to the charter, the two illegal aliens corner, the girl in the bathroom good morning, while school was insertion into turns holding her down while sexually assaulting her no school a fish, apparently heard her crying out the team, railroad when the attack to the officials and they called the authorities, they rested. Both suspects care on campus on thursdays degree of on charges of first degree, rape and two council first degree. Sexual affair The reason this matters is because the government supposedly didn't have any sort of of control over these people. They just went to public schools and the governments bother actually letting them the two large rate.
This had recently entered the country recently, Haiti's aren't six years old, see here the superintendent saying we can bear six world for coming to public school. First of all, I don't think that that's true, I think that one of the reasons for having a public school that is available to american citizens is that is available to us. European citizens. You actually have to be a citizen to go to public school. I don't agree with the with the general soup in court decision that says that every child in America, regardless of immigration status, has a right to go to a taxpayer and at school that doesn't seem correct to me. It seems to me of parents want their kids, you gotta taxpayer funded schools. They should go through the city because the education is first and foremost on the parents Secondarily airily on society at large, but this and even a case of a six year old, who is admitted when it was an illegal immigrant and now, at seventeen rate somebody these people apparently admitted to the country legally. Very recently, they ve outstanding orders from ice That's how recently there here there, the outstanding orders from nice to get these kids get begin, their not kid. Seventy eighteen is young men because the school
system does it require any information regarding a student's legal status. There recently enrolled in the ninth grade class. Ok again wouldn't be a problem. Their seventeen and eighteen, their ninth grade classes, and that in itself is a problem illegal immigrants who are coming in without any sort of of say so the federal government there being admitted to school that any sort of background check and then are being put in classes of the bunch a thirteen year old yeah that's like a recipe for four genius, the school again didn't hold a press conference until yesterday. Again. None of this is good Smith The issue is the deed. Superintendent. He said I want to reassure our parents of the children are safe. In that we will work vigilantly over the coming days. We ve been all we can in yesterday to look at every single aspect of our safety plan, everything we do put something out in the next few days is certainly by early next week, with the latest, to our principles and then he said we do not know if anyone's immigration status is in the school system, because the loss as we dont collect that and we don't know her not doing everything again. Are you
not doing everything again end of story. It's really insane. The school district sent a letter to parents by the way, noting the incident and then refusing to actually acknowledged the kids were illegal immigrants. So again this disease is help trumps case that we ought to be having better vetting of people crossing the borders. For sure all of that said Donald Trump, having a fantastic new cycle, actually, politically speaking, if it weren't for the fact that his team just seems to be chaotic all the way through a trump care it still. It was for a vote tomorrow is the original plan. There are no plans that Paul Ryan is gonna, bring up from care for a vote tomorrow. The problem is that it is why the unpopular there's a good shot. The Republicans get killed in the house. If they pass this thing and it doesn't pay off here's the thing, they revealed Obamacare, and then things got cortical worse for the time being, making Elisa Luck, made a promise that we're gonna get rid of this system and more in the process of making a better, that's gonna, take a little while and then people would here that what people aren't willing,
here is we replace it with a system that we like butter and that system socks by the system does actually which would signal accomplished, senator unlikely, a veto who is one of the? Maybe I think the most conservative member of the Senate here ass, most it's not even bring classroom in their talk about bringing premium, Trump card does not even bring costume in their talk about bringing premiums down. That's not what this bill does, one of the things that has caused a cost of healthcare. Despite so significantly is the regulatory section of the affair Voltaire ACT, which is put insurance companies in a position where they increase their premiums in the cost of health you're across the board has gone up. This bill does far too little. But that it does very little at all would bring premiums down and that's the concern I have with it is what this would do to the cost of healthcare we ve gotta bring that under control. This bill doesn't do that to a degree sufficient for me to vote for it and good for him. The fact is that this bill is not a good bill. Apparently there
and your centres who oppose it ran Paul oppose it is well MIKE Lee is, is standing in opposition to it. That puts should there's one more whose already said that he standing against the bells. That means that this bill only Forty, nine in the Senate, apparently there twenty six members of the house who already saying that you're not gonna vote for this, which put This thing right, unreserved edge and firms will pass the house or will it not an culture? who's been obviously a big trump. Then machine is actually good. Good ran culture for being ideologically consistent. She said trumps. Numbers are tanking here and that's because he's focusing on Obamacare light. She tweeted terms drop. It dropping a significant from got elected from all: deportations and trade in studies do in tax cuts and but your light and there's some Do that, by the way, if you're just doing, tax cuts would be much better off the Obama. Lighting is taking. His numbers needs over said the same thing as applause. You warned that Republicans will be held accountable if they pass a bad bill here.
Finally, when you think about twenty twenty, when you think about the next presidential arrangement, how do you think they'll trumpets gonna make it for years? Do you think it's a play him up to him? If you base the law, but the night thinking of twenty two I am thinking of two thousand a teen matter of a year and a half from now, but almost, there are more than a year and a half from now the referendum, the first regular referendum on Donald Trump will come forward. This vote that they're asking their members to take is a terrible, terrible vote for them, even if the bill is changed in the Senate, which The president would have he's even saying all be changed or be changed. What that there still accountable for the vote that they took in the house Energy policy should now right actually showed him international wrong in this actually should now, because the fact is, the Nancy Plaza sixty three seats in the house. After passing that wrap known as Obamacare, so she shouldn't and she's right that if the state has a really unpopular bill, it doesn't lower premiums, it doesn't
costs until twenty twenty one, which means the cost lowering never materializes republicans will pay a price for that and they're not We have to go back to their constituents and just say: look we repealed and replaced if the actual outcome is garbage It's not gonna work. That way meanwhile I dont know what from steam thinks they are doing with regard to this Russia thing, but they are handling this so ineptly. It's really insane Today there is an associated press report about from campaign manager per man affords a metaphor presided over trumps campaign for five months. Here is the report. According to the ape, he is a visit crazy report quote. President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman Pollyanna Fort secretly, for a russian billion here today. The interests of russian President Vladimir Putin a decade ago and proposing ambitious political strategy to undermine anti russian opposition across former soviet republics. These. It learn manner for proposing a influential strategy plan as early June two thousand five men he would influence. Take some business dealings and news come
inside the United States, Europe and the former soviet republics to benefit the Putin government? Even as U S Russia, relations on a republican president, George W Bush grew worse. I don't find a shocking at all. By the way I was approached must have been two thousand eleven. I was approached by a fellow who shall remain nameless. Who is right, again operative. Who said that he had a good story on Hillary Clinton about What was going on in Ukraine? This is somebody who worked very closely upon Manifold. I've never heard a call. Man afore, I know about man, affords sort of connections, although I found out so I wrote story because seem like a pretty good story for bright Bart. I just on the base of doing a little bit of research on my own and seeing that basically The story was essentially a victory on a college who was then the ukrainian Prime Minister, why a was a fellow who is being used in the Ivory Coast Putin he was on the other. So the opposition, but a lot of the people in the opposition also had, living in connections to anti semitic parties, which is true, said dab, I think her name is Tomasz Anko shed some
inefficient connections to anti semitic parties inside you create so about the story about how Hillary Clinton was very close to two, a bunch of people on the other side who were who a who are close to anti Israel groups. We put up that peace. Little bit more research and then I find that man effort is is very, very tight with not only on a college but also with Putin. So the idea that there attempting to shape media coverage inside the United States on fine shocking because they successfully were able to pitch me a story that they pay me Obviously I don't get paid for my stories. Somebody else to pay me that they are able successfully pitcher story to me, and I know that they put stories other people that helped shape coverage regard Ukraine now I was in favour by the way of the ouster of Vienna Kovich in Ukraine in any case manner. Or was obviously involved in a lot of this sort of stuff. He proposed in that car central business strategy that he would help shape all of these politics and business deals in news coverage. He pitched the plans, The AP to Russian Alot aluminum magnates, although there are passing
close Putin Ally, but who metaphor eventually Sunday, ten million dollar annual contract, beginning in two thousand six, ten, million dollars annually amounts like playing shorts after the New York Yankees accordingly, interviews, and several people familiar with payments, demand, effort and business. Is obtained by the AP metaphor there are Pasqua, meaning the business relationship until at least two thousand nine. According to one person familiar with the work metaphor, wrote in a memo to dare Pascal, were now of the belief that this man can greatly benefit the Putin government, if employed at the correct levels, with the appropriate commitment to success now here is but from should have done when he found out the metaphor was involved. The Russians fired him right soon, as I found out, the manifold was involved with the Russians. Just as rapporteur, I am never using these people as in remotely resembling a source again, even though I had independently verified a lot of the details they are talking about just because I'm and trust the foreign press agency for the ukrainian government that is in. With Lattimer potent ok all of that being the case, man afford
denied in March two thousand. Sixteen any ties of Putney called such allegations absurd. They were not absurd. My guest What happened here is that Trump hired men afford hearing from a lot of people that he was this expert black ops operated in republican circles and he and was able to heat. He was then able to get in metaphor. We'll get in with Trump and interim found out about it, then from fired him now would be the best possible. Full explanation here is structures that look. I didn't you my wedding. I shouldn't providing a man of fort, wouldn't hurt him at all. Now he's president already and they could citizen, that might Flynn. You could say the same thing Carter, page former foreign policy adviser to trumpet ties to the Russians instead team trumpet going out. There are pretending these people simply don't exist, which is right, really stupid, because when you say I never knew this person all doing is tempting the media to dig into your relationship with all of these people. So he had shown Spacer saying the man of Fort had a cold, very limited role for very limited amount of time with the campaign. That's insane he's the campaign manager for five months car page he was near
specifically by Trump as one of its foreign policy advisers, Kelly Conway sent on Fox NEWS that the president, doesn't know these gentlemen. He didn't work with them, then. Why did Trump specifically named them? Spacer repeated that FED the car pages and individual, the President Elect, does not know most of it, different car page they did the same thing with my Flynn, who is the actual national security advisor for five minutes spices. Flynn was only a volunteer for the campaign like internationally was involved with the campaign. All of this does the region that stupid is not because anything nefarious actually had to happen here. The reason You stupid is because the more you deny things that are obvious to everyone, like you, had a relationship with people who are promoting the more got a problem and either or you are attempting fate, because the medium keep digging here until they had bedrock, ok time some things I like things, I hate and I will do little, but a bible talk so things I like monster movies this week I I will actually go. Let me let me do first, let me say first thank you to our sponsors at birch, gold,
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Edmunds, one. My mouth is clever last night and I have to admit that it was not good day. I saw the hosts last night, and operators. From my eyes, I am, I saw producer math is recommended. It's me. I, like a lot of the movies math is like this was not one of them I did it- lose goofy and overlong it it took a long time for and for them to get to the point It is also interesting, a little butter reading that the movie also it has a significant amount of anti american material in it. Apparently it's based on the situation in which american soldiers polluted River and They actually exaggerated that for the film and and they they said that was supposed to be sort of an anti american diatribe. Look at these Americans, you don't really care about us. We can in any case it was. It was not my not my favorite film, better monitoring of the ivory watched Godzilla with my wife last night per hour are things I like s today and she really enjoyed it, but the original king Kong is still the king of all monster movies. The original King Kong is grateful. This is, of course, one of the most famous scenes from the original.
And I made a nineteen thirty three, it's like an hour in twenty five minutes long, I'm with my I found this. I think that half the movies that are out there right now could benefit from being an hour and a half rather than to everybody. Two hours at the theatre in our movies would be much better. It can cause a really short tight movie, a lot happens in it and the facts are actually still didn't information. Thirty but you know, they're going to choose either from nineteen thirty three. They still hold up to a certain extent, because the complexity of the special facts we need that you stop action for the entire food much is an amazing thing here's a little bit from the thumb stations is going West, is making for the entire state building and by before the report goes up there. What can we do? We will be able to get married, climbing the empire state building is carrying and arrow at all. I'd like this one thing, we have thought of what aeroplanes that we should put. I am down
and they can fly close enough to pick him up without getting your right play climbing the empire state Building and his words were more famous scenes and movie history. World of planes are flying around new economies biting off the planes levels gives
the ending the movie, which everybody already knows, little point of information- that's kind of fun, so com in this film is about twenty five feet off. That's it! That's how that's how Kong is in this film his his size has varied widely across, the various com, films and its really a problem because it now they're gonna make this king Congresses, Godzilla movie and dealers, the size it like com is climbing the empire state building Godzilla is the size of the empire state building right, if you wash new the new Godzilla, the two thousand fourteen Godzilla he's, as is the buildings at his age, I just like. He creates Dunamis by get out of the water, so it's so you have a bit of a like. If it were that delivers this calm. He would step on him an embryo fire on him and I would be the end of that particular wrap up. Because gang is like twenty five feet up: they increase the size of com. I think in the new film day they say that he's like that two hundred feet also still so. Godzilla still has a sizeable hydra vantage gazelles like three hundred and sixty feet tall, something like that, but he has varied why
the other times. Only in the Peter Jackson version of calm. He still only about thirty feet. Tall excuse me. But there is a, but they don't have to fix that. That discrepancy, I think. Maybe what they're the say is: they're gonna sit economies so growing right in the new king Kong found. They said that he still young, so maybe they said that he is going to continue to grow in that you had these time anti giant monsters going at each other. I don't have to figure out something to do, because otherwise, conscious gets mash by Godzilla, almost immediately. Ok, The other things that I like, so I have, not that I laughed at the judicial hearing yesterday, of course it was. He asked a question by centres, flake of Arizona and It was one of more bizarre questions. Ever is because in in ready interviews, apparently like they, they do these. It s amazing to have done before, and and people ask this predicament question that flag is about task or such ask him if he would rather fight a hundred duck size, horses or one horse size doc. I never lie either. I hate it
I did last hour. I will admit that that I laughed at this about those at that there's one. By the way they deprive answers that you'd rather firefight, one horses duck. That is that that is the actual Branford, they ve actually done science, it nay they when they asked a bunch of scientists like ornithologist about this, but they basically said number one horse, size, Doc wouldn't be Why? Because his wings have to expand pro an exponential. I will not on an arithmetic level in order to make it fly. Here too, the duck is action. A pretty placid creature that doesn't really know what's going on, and even if it bit you would be able to really by all that hard. So you really want to go after them. The horses duck a thousand small horses would probably run you over and it would be unpleasant army against a thousand of anything. In any case, ok time for a in that I hate ok. So there is this hippy who was interviewed after some sort of criminal incident. These interviews are really hilarious, but it just demonstrates that that has a serious public education problem here.
This here's this this biker, this hippy skateboard talking criminal incident in just makes you weep for America and one of the euro. We learnt that what happened today, straight out, Dogtown, skateboarding, town Serbian. It before I say anything I want to say, no matter what you done. You deserve respect, even if you make mistakes lovable and doesn't matter look skills or age. Or any thing you're worth while no one could ever take that away from laugh now stop right. Here I was driving hours ago. I was in the past and decided car and he comes over there. He was over by the way. Coming century says. Oh and I was in the Virgin islands, thirty years old, on a business trip, our I saw this fourteen year old. Are you worried that rate this fourteen users crying gives me big values like greater power? Guy public owes me man like. What's he talking about and take seriously approves contravened? This is like you know, I'm coming to realise
Oh Jesus Christ. I can do anything I want to and watch the bow many smashed into this guy right, their opinions between that control. So you are about a look over guys, pin their army leg freight train riders notice like if you gave pain between something, do not move that shit. I was plead out like mother In writing. I grabbed the keys sittin there like no ganging deal than I can show that this right here the case against universal health care, the paying for this guy self. I'm sorry, I'm not like you can pay for his own frickin healthcare again Y Y Y know no, I don't want to rule this. Guy's life means that I can't make decisions for him if I can make decisions for him and certainly not can be held responsible for the decisions that he makes because come on come on. Well we're loving this interview yesterday. This is definitely an end up. Auto turned at some point because it is pretty spectacular,
credit to Dogtown Guy who has inspired millions of children the world over with his acknowledgement. You have values, human being. He said regardless of your age or your looks or what you ve done. Special and you have value. I love it get off the interview that way and then launched into rant, replete with the F word just genius stuff. Her is our country finished Well, you look at this fellow anything, maybe time for a little bit of Babel talks up, but that out of the way. This week's Bible portion and the jewish community comes from. Book of exodus visited one part of the rural exodus where it talks about the construction of the of the Temple and really about the of the tabernacle, more specifically citizen from exodus, thirty, seven one and die, and it is. It has been a bit sallow whose the priest made the arc of acacia would two and a half cubits long and keep it in half way to keep it and have high. He made you go Jerusalem he made them of hammered work from to enter the hour cover. One from one and in the other, chair from the other and from the recovery
the true them from its two ends, and they have wings spread upwards shielding the art cover with their wings with their fate. He's towards one another turned toward the ark Where were the faces of the chair them? Ok, so why is this important so today First of all, you should resources for for any Jones and enraged lost arc? So this is why they, reconstructed network because it actually described this way in the Bible, but, second of all, they there there a couple once we made by this number one there is in order in the in the Bible that you're not supposed to make graven images and then commands the jewish people to make some grave and images which actually is sort of contradictory right, you think Wise are doing that. He says not to do that. The answer is that guy is allowed to make his own rules okay. So we think that we understand all of God's roles is actually really difficult, one for all people who are reasonable of if you think that suppose we able to understand all of God's rules, the answer Is your not what
Oh God wants you to avoid the reason he doesn't want you to make idols without his direct. You know approval Making would, first of all that the Ark is not now that's a sort of a condom. The reason that they, God does not want you doing. It is because when you establish drone idols, it is your reason that. Deriving you to establish an idle and that idle is supposed to be a stand in for U K, one guy tells you that he wants you to build a conduit like the Ark in order. That you can have a closer relationship with him. Is God reaching out to you not the other way around? You do not dictate your relationship with God, God dictators relationship with you, and that means he gets to dictate. The terms the relationship which seems a sort of way, which seems very difficult, but that's just the way that it is the other thing. That's cool about the way the Ark was constructed. It says that Bible talks about how the true Ruben these angels, when they were on top of the Ark and there are facing each other that showed that God was happy with. People and when I faced away from each other, the God was angry with the jewish people again India. Being that happy,
by the number and quality of the relationship ships by the number and quality of the relationship ships you have with other people the happiest people. My further people who see the face of God in each other, and that the two of them are supposed to represent when we turn our backs on each other, and we don't, in the face of God in each other God is angry with us as well. Ok, we'll be tomorrow with the mail bag and untrue there'll be plenty to address plus, I guess the big vote is supposed to happen tomorrow. We will see if it goes forward so much When I mention here this is the bench a bureau shall
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