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Ep. 278 - Leftists Crack Down On Free Speech

2017-03-29 | 🔗
California files charges against the Planned Parenthood undercover journalists, media clash with Trump, and we do some Bible talk!
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On Tuesday, singer Alisha Keys, who performed the twenty sixteen democratic national convention. Of course, posted Tweet, it says: that's, not the right one. That's threaten area is our strength is in our differences. Our power is in our diversity. We are so beautiful all of us when we see each other. We see ourselves and thence a picture. Her or another woman in any car beginning. Is the is the giant covering the covers your entire face, except for your eyes and then wearing what appears to be a black floor? fitting dress with her legs sticking out of it. So you know than it is now very thing This is just the sort of empty headed virtue, signalling you expect from a member of the political, far left, who obviously knows nothing about way. Radical Islam treats women. It's the idiot, of modern feminism. Imagine you'll be one thing: if he job, which is the Islamic, had covering that virtually all religious muslim women, where it's another to defend any Cobb, which is that face covering into which many religious muslim countries force. Women here is the fact in the countries in which women typically worthy Nikobob, like Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan, or IRAN, a woman who exposed her leg the way the woman doesn't. This photo would be criminally prosecutes
in Sudan. In two thousand, fifty nine women were flawed for wearing pants in Indonesia. Last year, a muslim woman was flogged for standing, close proximity to her boyfriend a few months ago The Arabian arrested, a woman for taking a photograph without whereby it that's the head, bring the kind of switches around the neck. Here is what that break. In hussy was wearing when the Saudis thought she was a modest. Yes, this The women received death threats even before arrest. If we can actually see the picture and, listening to this later, she lingered along dressed in a long black coat. Nothing is income Essentially, it is easy. A fetish eyes, foreign cultures, but to glamorizing symbol of oppression for millions of women across the muslim world. To pretend that the great threat to four come from the west, which is willing to tolerate women wearing pretty much anything rather than a radical muslim world that uses the criminal law to penalize. Women who violate their standards of modesty is asinine virtue, signalling that forwards the oppression of women. So much for feminism, I'm bench. A pair of this is the bench appear, OSHA, alright.
So today I actually want a fair bit about this plan. Parenthood move by the State of California, the state of California, is now charging the undercover film makers who went under cover with plant parenthood and showed that plan parenthood was selling baby body parts that they were performing abortions in ways in order to preserve the body parts of the Navy's the pill. Cars are in trouble in California, find a kill babies finest other body parts, not ok, to go under cover to film people. Doing this in New reporting, but even that is A misread of the law will go through all the law in just a second plus we'll get to the later. From from land and and burning Andrews land. Now the rest of the crazy lands that exist in this bizarre game of thrones world. We now have it, but first we have to thank you too sponsors over and he'll sleep. My wife can sleep through pretty much anything loud noises are crying. Babies are not so subtle advances for make it. She is definitely outcome. I am the opposite, any sound movement, I'm awake. I can't get comfortable sleeping at least that's what
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actually sort of what they are hooked up? It's funny! Ok, so lots it let's get to today. So let's begin with, these countries have a plan parenthood, so last it is an ounce by the state of California they charge David did settings. Pranced laden modality Sandro merit of the centre for medical progress on fifteen felony counts over their undercover reporting. Regarding plan parenthood, seventy thousand fifteen of recall I didn't mare and merit released video showing that high ranking plan. Parenthood members were joking about selling baby body parts from market rates and picking through, actual baby body parts in order to demonstrate which sorts and body parts or avail for the sale of medical research and talking about the best methods of abortion for procuring those baby body parts. I want to remind you of what's on those tapes, because this is the stuff: it's not criminal. It's the taping! That's it! so the criminal. So here is one of the heads of plan parenthood, saying that you want to buy elaborate genie, what the money that she made from selling baby body parts
without that protects us we're not going to change this, and also, I think it also illustrates things here. Is this. I talk about more parking. That's why don't we all users ladys Insurance, Lamborghini from the sale of the baby body parts, and that's not all the uncovered. Here's a little bit of the of these sort of quick and easy guides. The plan. Parenthood videos, I'm Cecile. To its present a plan pirated federation of Amerika, I want to be really clear:
the allegation that plan pirated profits in any way from tissue donation is not true that we have been given here. Certain issues like green liberal line is very much anything on them is basically, you dropped the old tissues However, in the more valuable petition more money you get so here If you can somehow procure a brain or a heart to get more money than just like carry on like this or in the court.
If we alter process, rear, able and cadavers challenges, mare line items that would be a hundred dollars per specimen, fifty specimens per day would be five thousand dollars per day that plane parenthood was collecting from fetal tissue. Extrapolate got a hundred and twenty thousand dollars per month. That is certainly not recouping cost. I knew exactly what are the seventy, so I went to the cases that we might as well. That's what I like research by their guidelines will ever be able to keep up their speaks. I like best near there are mechanisms by with contracts, procedures or longer so than anything that we piggy back onto their for collection purposes, obviously, would have to reflect that additional time cost right. Administrative burden for working with almost tripled digit number unex. So it's it's alive. Memorial, lush, ghoulish stuff mean you're talking about the killing of the unborn and in the sale of by the body parts. So this obviously creed
major firestorm. There is talk about funding plan parenthood. Hopefully they will still be fun and parenthood that doesn't have anything due to healthcare. Village just be done on its own. There's no need to provide federal funding for plan parenthood or state funding for plan parenthood, which is, as I said, before, a baby genocide clinic. That's what plan parenthood does now. What does California do so? worn to recognise the person who initiated the crusade again Stevens Laden and Andrew Merit the person who actually initiated that was Kemal heresies. Now the senator from California. She was then he's hurry general of the State of California she's the one who ordered arrayed insulators home to try and get her hold of of all of the of the tapes now they charge fifteen felony council. Here's we need no legally for me is what we call a two party consent state. That means that, if you- and on the phone together and I take it. I can't release that tape. It is actually legal for me to do the taping itself that is actually wiretapping in the informal sense of the term I cant do. Without your permission, however,
if you are, I you and I are in a public place and there is no reasonable expectation of privacy. That's the way the law is is written if there is no reasonable expectation of privacy, then me taping problems over Disneyland. We're talking out loud about baby tissue, then no reasonable expectation privacy, but it actually goes even further than that of fourteen and fifteen charges come from the California Penal Code, section six, thirty, two, a that's Satan! in part, quote The person who intentionally and without the consent of all parties, to a confidential communication by means of any electronic amplifying recording device eavesdropping shall be punished by a fine not exceeding twenty five hundred bucks or imprisoned in the county jail not exceeding one year or in state prison or by both that fine and imprisonment now know the language there confidential raised. Not just any confidential. All parties to a confidential communications are. What does that mean? What is a confidential indication first off in sea from these states clearly that some of this obviously not confidential they're doing in the middle, the crowded restaurant there talking openly and loudly. It's obviously not meant to be secretive Plan terminated, Shall Cecile Richard said that people are saying
publicly in restaurants, and it wasn't a privacy issue. What they are saying is that some of the other conversations like there's a point where they went into someone Medical labs, there's point where they went into India Private Office with some the heads plan paranoia they're, saying those are private conversations, so be plausible, except for this two thousand suitcase from the Ninth Circuit Court of appeals in two thousand to resign Circuit was asked to rule on a case bits bring from Arizona, so ABC News, ABC News did segment for primetime live and ninety ninety four and the segment actual ended up winning a Peabody award for Great Journalism and what they do is they went into a place. Medical laboratory management consultants and they were talking about mammograms and their effective or not, and whether they were over prescribes they went in under cover, and here is what the court found this direct quote average is the person who is the representative for medical laboratory management, consonances, it
barrages willingness to invite these strangers into the administrative offices for a meeting and then on a tour of the premises indicated the devil. I should not have an objectively reasonable expectation of solitude or seclusion in the parts of medical lab that he showed the ABC representatives and then We also found no reasonable expectation of privacy regarding the conversations between the ABC undercover reporters and the medical technicians. This direct quote from the nine Circuit Court of Appeals, the most liberal court in the country Devereux. I didn't reveal any information about his personal life for affairs, but only generally discussed medical labs business operations, the taps, mere testing industries that past midnight mammograms and Gordon's suppose it plans to open her own laboratory, so the ABC pretended to be something they weren't, which is exactly what this case was an they wouldn't talk to people any private setting, which is exactly what this case was, and the court found no problem, in fact the nine circuit said: Arizona was not like California. La maybe would be different if this were in California, but then they add. This quote the expectation of private limited privacy and communication, namely,
the expectation that a communication shared with or possibly overheard by a limited group of persons will nonetheless remain relatively private and secluded from the public at large is reasonable. Only the extent the communication conveys information, private and personal to the declarant to decorate, meaning that none plan planned members are talking about this stuff. They do their personal life. Specifically there's no problem here. That's a nice circuit court of appeals. This case is directly on point is what we call good precedent from the Ninth Circuit Court of appeals. So here's the question where the media today the media, the you know that the people who we ve been hearing for months and months and months Tyrannical Donald Trump renegades gonna, destroy everything, tyrannical awful evil. Donald Trump he's going to crack down on press freedoms and he's going to ensure that no one is freezing to throw people in jail. Where are they today, when the state of California is taken under cover journalists, which is what the Latin America taking them threatening to throw them in jail for at least fifteen years apiece right into their talk.
About because the penalty for each one of these violations at least a year. There were no more than a year, so fifteen years, they're talking about in prison for people taping relations that obviously are under. Cover journalism and in There is no reasonable expectation of privacy. According to nine Circuit Court of Appeals, where the Washington Post today, where CNN, whereas Imagine for a second imagine for a second it can she doesn't twelve Mitt Romney gets taped by Jimmy where's grants and Jimmy Cars grandson gets this tape at a private events were Mitt Romney speaking, ok and Morocco. That speaking even to hit me, you speaking to a private group of people and this guy table are we talking about the forty seven percent? Imagine if Romney sued, the guy or more, certainly imagine if the state in which the supply side to prosecute Jimmy Carter, Junior or Jimmy Carter. The third what? What do you mean? What do you think the media would stand up for that? You think they would say. Oh no problem, you know those violation of privacy expectations here. What do you think would happen if an undercover journalist, let's say for it, ample that there is an undercover.
Somebody released without the permission Donald Trump. Promoting access Hollywood bus in California. There is an excess. However, Bus- and there is tape that I will try. New microphone was animated. Another microphones on obviously, let's say that somebody took that tape in which Trump had any reasonable expectation of privacy and the release of publicly and the state of mind for he decided to go after in, persecute the people over at NBC, wherever this was taken, playthings embassy. Imagine that happened you think that the press will stand up for me person who leaked all of us- and this is the point when it comes to pray, people the left is completely missing. It just doesn't exist if David's away and had been a member of plan parenthood, and they went in recover investigation of people target plan parenthood if they had done an undercover investigation of live action while roses organization and found some sort of corruption or something damning, and then they release that up play. Do you think the media would be ok with the prosecutor, none of the people who actually did that work. Of course not
just demonstrates that when it comes to principle, people are almost always willing to put their own political preferences above the importance of principle- and this is just another case of that. This is just another case of that, and it really is quite horrifying. If you are in favour of press freedom, there is no way in Hell. You should be standing still for any of this the mainstream, where's Brien's Delta CNN, who are those where those wonders of freedom over the Asia Elliot. Where are all the people on the left on this their missing? action, because they think is more important to kill babies and this guy was a bad guy because he exposed the fact that killing babe he was a bad thing. Plan turn it was in the business of killing. Babies mean there's video of them actually picking through baby body parts on a tray and then alike, tat anything it makes plant look bad is inherently evil. It must be prosecuted, that's what it's like prosecution on the basis of political preference is Definition of political evil,
ok. Well, I want to talk more about what's going on here. As far as the media going, nuts on Trump is actually the big story of the day is the media losing their mind? Hilary is back out there. Hilary is back, but first I want to say things. Its responses over stamps that comes up. If you're, tired of waiting in line at Post office, you tired of using one of those old ash weighing your postage machines and you have to go to that that post obsolete in line for wild it to get the postage, to go to stem start come visit. They are the best in the business. You gotta stamps that common right. Now, if you go to There's a little microphone in the corner: click on that enter Shapiro, Anita for weak trial with post age and digital scale, and that means that you can print the postage out directly onto your envelope. You can print postage out on a piece of paper, cut it out tape it on the table on the envelope you can. You can so Prince Andrew Sticker, and they will send you jewel scales that you can actually way the most angel olive at home. You never have to worry about going the post office again and have to worry about using one of those old fashioned scales. You can do all that just
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At the White House, press briefing, Sean Spacer, Israel Press briefing in April Ryan, whose from urban radio networks, I believe America urban radio network she starts questioning, spacer and most of noxious possible way, I'm not assurance by survey, and I think that John Spacers is far too closely analyse Mccarthy's impression of Sean's by Sir for comfort, but on spacer is, is dealing with with April Ryan's questioned and everybody I saw this could tweeted. Yesterday people going crazy over night. I watch announcing to understand what the problem is here. It here's the club in you, I've yourself, I get it, but you keep I've said it from the day. Then I got here until whatever that that there is no connection. You got Russia if the It puts Russia salad dressing on your salad tonight. Somehow russian connection, but everything person. I know well now that that's I appreciate your agenda here, but the reality is under a hold on at some point report. The facts. The facts are that every single person who has been breached
on this subject, is come away with the same conclusion Republican Democrat. So I'm sorry that that discussed you you're, shaking your head, I appreciated, but but I understand that at some point the facts are what they are. In every single person who has been briefed on the situation with respect to The situation with Russia, Republican Democrats Obama appointee career have all come to the same conclusion at some point April, you're gonna, to take no for an answer with respect to whether or not there is collusion, Homer negative might not have been able to lie. You you. It seems like your hell, bent on trying to make sure that whatever age you want to tell about This White House sees At the end of the day. Let me it's ok, we're going! Why don't you ask me a question and answer which is the present? I'm sorry, please stop. In your head again. Ok, and that was the thing the bigger always stop shaking her head again is a sexist he's, a racist. You never said anything like this millennium, a car.
The again is getting reef AMOS off of beings, in space are taking his podium bulldozing it into the crap out of practice. The idea that they transposed or send this to April Ryan, because April Ryan is particular because she's, black or because she's a woman ab Whitley, asinine, absolutely assigned in the April Ryan is playing the thing up like she was or something here she is on CNN, acting as though this is one of the worst moments of her life. Honestly, if Sean space are telling you to stop, your head is the worse moment of your life. He was pretty fantastic life years April line playing it up. Two and a half months it there's a frustration. There is something we ve never seen before here at this White House, and Sean has to do what he has to do. He is the spokesperson for this White Ass Bernard, more affordable, and I come at all things presidential to include what is presidential those investigations on the hill. It pertains to what's happening here so with every
that's going on with everything that's going on. That was the question. How do you revamp the image of this White House? This administration has come in to a new world. Donald Trump. Is this this this mobile, this real estate mobile, he's a businessman. But he is now present a president who has never had governance and he's finding his way and whose finding his way in ways tat are hurtful to him and hopefully not hurtful to the country turkey. So she she's telling this whole thing up and everybody displaying this up this morning, Jones Visor resuming the April Rhine. First of all, I have defended April before I defended rebel line. There is that situation in the in the White House Press briefing on during during their our trump himself was due in the press conference and at one point thirty April ranking you fix up a meeting between the congressional black HAWK S, innocent, wait a second, that's, not her job. That's where This one is just absurd on its face, but this wasn't the only example of the media losing their mind over something that was almost meaningless.
Or at least was wildly overblown, would be more accurate. But to hear about it you have to go to daily wire dot com and become a subscriber eight dollars a month gets you subscription to daily wired outcome, or if you become an annual subscriber, then right I'll go get it then annual subscription and you get a free signed copy of the master work. That is reasons to vote. Democratic, comprehensive guide from gold chain, all sure the book is blank but is, as I say, completely thorough. You should go and then she even to democratic friends, will then become a democratic enemy. You can't stand to see a family dinners which is good, because then you have to invite them anymore, more food for you, daily wired com is where you go to become an annual subscriber or irregular subscriber or if you just want to watch you just listen to the show later English you I tunes or sound cloud or Youtube angle, give it a little bit later. If you got itunes, please leave us review. We always appreciate. We are the largest conservative, Pakistan, the ok, so Here is so so the
The situation that has become a big press issue is the bill. O Reilly was on Fox NEWS and their talk Maxine waters. Now, as someone who lives in LOS Angeles, who knows me amassing waters congresswoman going all the way back to my childhood age, is the dumbest, Worst Congress person in history. She is awful matching waters. The lady who insisted well Now- there were written in South LOS Angeles, South Central LOS Angeles, in which Reginald was getting beaten with a brick and green business owners were being were being hurt and businesses were being burned down she's, calling it an uprising she's calling an uprising in defending people who are basically riding in the straits. Now her big thing we play agriculture. For lately, because Maxine Waters is big things that Trump is getting impeach. There's no evidence to actually support. Does she keeps saying that from now on the ropes she keeps saying that from should be impeach because he's an pollutants pocket or because space, alien or something but massing water is an awful congressperson, so Bill, O Reilly is talking about her and makes some sort of silly joke about her hair.
We are saying to those who say they pay to adding, but they turned a blind eye to the destruction that he's about to cause this country. You are not nearly as patriotic as we are, so what does that mean that we really listening? All morning now, you didn't hear worry she's had I was looking at the James Brown Wig. Real visual gave its the same, say more use than all wrong. Just syndrome that she's a we can cooperate woman's looks, I think, she's very a trap which I didn't say she was an attractive aims. Brown same air, James Brown are the godfather soul had and he had girl here I would ever it is. I just couldn't, but ok, and he ripped for this. In later he apologized, there's all end of the world. Using our here looks like James rounds. Here. Do actually have a picture around here? Ok, so little I just want to show this, because the and I want to make here is not that bill. O Reilly should be comparing matching water, Sir James Brown, but let's put it
Any other way is lit. I guess that he's posts we racist, because he said that her hair is like a bull persons hair, but it's not like a blackboard, Sounds like a specific persons here, James Browns here. Presumably if he had said that her hair looks like a framework on how then Nobody would again just does not think you don't call him a sexist, but everyone makes one Donald Trump there all the time. Everybody makes one of critics. We have had so all the time. It's amazing how this works. You can make fun of anybody, but if you make fun of the wrong person in just the wrong way that it's the total and of the world's waiting a bill, rallies erases because of this, are you willing to say the billow rallies racist because it compared matching waters, his hair to James Brown, hair It wasn't even saying that, like people are saying this is the same thing is Don Imus went on. I must add that horrible thing about a women's basketball team on he said I think the direct. What with someone like nappy headed hose? Ok, that's actually racist because he's talking about
lack women as hose and saying that their hair is inherently nappy. That's not the same thing. Ok, that's not the same thing as as what Billow Riley Zanger, that's just absurd, but everybody loses their dear mind over this thing and then Maxine Waters is punches. I'm a strong she. She too, she plays the victim again just the hair here for a second ok. In any case she goes out she. She then goes on MSNBC in talks about how visitors moment of her life, it's just awful awful awful. It's the worst thing that ever happened. Listen it's stupid for Bill O Reilly to say that yes, it's stupid because he knows where the sensitivities lie. He knows that if he says that he's gonna get alot of blow back, he knows all that what are you willing to say really? This is like super giant racism because he compared to people's hair really now that we're we're going over this. I wish that I could say that This was like an egregious him, but I really don't see why this is like the world's most egregious James Remedy, very famous person. Presumably he couldn't come up with a better comp
but even if he had come up with a better competition, recalled him sexist anyways. What does it really matter in any case here? She is tat, now. This was just offers awful awful, often the worst and reduce say this. Strong black woman and I cannot be intimidated. I cannot be undermined. I cannot be thought too, you afraid of bill, a wily or anybody and I'd like to say to women out they're everywhere, don't allow these ride. We too, king had these this honourable people to intimidate. You scare you be who you are you giving me? Are you kidding me. This is a woman called the Ellie Riots and uprisen people are getting more heard in the streets thousand uprising, but don't be intimidated, dont be into by a guy who says the earth looks like this other famous guys here. Don't you ever be intimidated by that women's? You can be strong you can be strong enough. Just like Maxine Waters, and I love Chris Slash Rachel Meadow. Let's go,
he's right, precise, says standing there and in nodding, along with this whole thing here, The embassy embassy glasses that sort of hard to tell they all have the same pair of glass if they leave it on the table after their show, and then the next person takes up the glasses and put them on, except for Christmas. These waters around the second class. I make Dubai stagnating. In any case, she knew she she shut her routine. Here, I'm a strong black woman and I can withstand the barrage of criticism of my hair- not sure anyone thought you couldn't Maxine, I'm pretty sure everyone thought that you could handle it. I'm pretty sure everyone thought that it would be ok because you know what it one that bad. It wasn't I'm sorry, sorry, Brigadier Hillary Clinton has gotten, ah ha a hell of a lot more than you. Ok, Every woman in politics has gotten a hell of a lot more than that. Every man in politics gotten a hell of a lot more than that. You know how many colleagues. I personally have had to endure about my height over last year and a half.
It's insane case, I'll, get used to a world where people make silly jokes about how other people look, because that's the real world and here's the thing the Democrats don't understand about this in Hilary- doesn't either amateur he ll arrange. Second, what Democrats don't understand this whole poor little me routine? That's all! I'm! the term routine. They tried it in the last election cycle and it didn't work at all because no one looks a maxim waters after that bill, or rather Clippin they got all Maxie needs grief, counselling should have, Mr Garcia psychiatrists. Now because I was just so brutal she's just PTSD from below rallies comments, no one that Hillary Clinton three weeks saying that Donald Trump was Satan because peace, because you said the deletion. Machado was a former Miss universe. Contestant was over. When she was overweight, and everyone lost their dear mine on the left, and you know what, didn't one was singled out. Did we singled out certain continue to do this routine, where this inheres Hilary doing that redeem itself. Only she the it's obvious that she's gonna try and run again. If she continues along these lines here she was Lastly, it last night after apparently beating today,
a nineteen seventies pimp and stealing his is clothing here is Hillary Clinton work. I am. Does that make me a success that I think her off? It is awful or wherever an awful outfit. Ok well, are awful efforts in any case here is Hillary Clinton saying that people April Ryan, Maxie, more as they are. The bravest among us the soldiers on the front that the bravest among us and people who have to endure being told not to shake their heads like it, I'm not just person and people who have to end people insulting their hair cut April right, a respected journalist, with I've old integrity was doing her job just this afternoon, and the White House Press room when she was patronized and cut off, trying to ask a question one of your own California, Congress, women Maxine Waters, was taunted with a raise joke about her hair. Now too many women, especially
collar, I've had a lifetime of practice, taking precisely These kinds of indignities and stride ok. If this- he's gonna be her continuing pitch. As always. We are women here s wine, if if that's her new pay, this it was her picture the entire campaign. I'm such a strong woman that I have to point out every slight any woman is ever experienced and pretend that it's the end of the world. This is the kind of stuff that women have to endure this. This is that women are literally being cane in islamic countries for standing next to men and driving. No just now the idea that men don't have to endure this in politics. Can I make fun of down from all the time all that I'm not the only one as it now has Alec Ball, Play Donald Trump as an orange face buffoon, Every single week this place is played by Melissa, Mccarthy, aggressive, not job. Can the idea that didn't
wow. It's just look Maxine waters in April, Rhine women are so weak. We can't handle this. We can have that. We will handle this because we're so strong if you're, but stronger Hilary, maybe wouldn't worried, Alice crappy. It turns out that in politics there's a lot of water, yet what role orthodox back, but instead it turns out that everything has to be blown way out of proportion and bill. O Reilly is now Jim Crow racist he's holding down black people in the streets because he thinks that maximum waters, his hair, is silly. Looking just like games, brown hair was silly. Looking come back on ok time for some things. I like him in some things I hate, so we are doing The trail this week, betrayal, because betrayal was sort of the theme of what happened with the Republicans Trump care. Certainly do this. This book is. Has the symbol worst villain in human history, actions in human history, they species history, because not means the book, of course, Morton hatches the egg the single worse villain in all of literature is in this book Maisie. The lazy bird is the single worst villain in the history of literature,
amazing, the lazy bird at the very beginning she should and in her aggravates easy, has the egg and then too lazy to sit on the egg, so convinces Horton to come, sit on the egg and then takes off for vacation in his mother. Each really takes off then Horton entire plot of the book, and it's not spoil our kind of thing. These children's books- you can read it in ten minutes if you a very slow reader and the end in in they take the people, the people from the circus that that some hunters are hunting, and they see important sitting on the tree in essence- is really really weird and taken and capture, implement a cage and put it in the circus. They bring him to the circus into mob each and here comes Maisie, the lazy bird and she immediately says why I'm here regional. The word you're not going to do all the work. I was yours, my kid. It's my get up that egg. How dare you Horton? Is heart, broken of course, because he's? that egg for fifty one weeks as the books as and he's any sat there through sleet and snow to do his their responsible thing, and here comes the bird who abandoned the entire responsibility back to claim the
egg, as the child in it's a great ending, its great ending, as I once more it for you, fine, but its event, ass again again, The word zeal in literature she's did good horrific character and it is a good lesson about responsibility- is its some of them. This is his books in their there's. Some democracies books are actually quite lefty. There's one called the butter. Butter battle. It's really really far left by this it is a very conservative, but because it is all about responsibility we have to take and what the consequences should be. If you don't take us incivility great book, Horton, hatches the egg, ok things that I hate. So I'm morally obligated to play this tribute to Michael Malta, somebody animals for those of you who don't know, is the Yale graduate who spent all of his time, by which I mean like an hour slapping they're a cover putting out a blank book and selling of Julian copies of it end
now that's great drollery! I mean I have to make this one of those things where I'm completely split on it I love the fact that the trolling was so funny. I hate the fact that knolls gonna make up a jelly and hours after the blank book when I'm stupid enough to write words in my books. That annoys me. I've said to people in the office that are my death bed I'll be screaming. Nor does the old. At the end, will be the real surprised west, because you think I'm just yelling knows I die, but it turns out that the old, at the very end, really change the meaning, in any case, those Fifthly, pointed that out all credit math is in any case the in any case, the need somebody actually spent time doing this because they have no life. I dont know why it would do this. They cut a tribute to go malls, the king of the trolls it legitimately the worst thing I have ever seen online, which is one of the reasons that I I hate it so much. It is so awful in every way. Strangely hilarious, because it's awful yes, what
at the time to watch it, it's so bad he's king of the trolls is the troll is the case. A cave for all this is from Lord of the rings for those you can't see this way needed subscribes. You can see garbage like this agency. They they in the person who did this actually took a picture of Michael noses face and stuck it on gave trolls and all the other trolls in the scene. The first Lord of the rings, the fellowship of the ring right, what suffer through a gap
warning sign it? It's just its actual minor lifelessly, occasional maritime security and all the trials of carrier
not a threat of once last night, amazing, because it actually Michael Malls, he is an actor I won't say that that's great acting, but it's it's amazing people you'd make me want to my acting the other day. Ok, well, like says I went to the Ben Afflux School of acting were acting, doesn't care about your feelings, but But that is just the fact that they end with Michael malls. Answering Liam Neeson Ok, so I dont totally hated I sort of like it by that was her and is now haunt me in my in my dreams. Ok, other things that I hate so the ends he doubled way has now issued an ultimatum to North Carolina. This is the worst sort of stupid, virtues signalling. That's it you're forty eight hours to repeal hp to which is the bill. The prohibits men who believe their women from going peeping x to women in the women's bathrooms in public restrooms and they say european or we will, not allow nor Carolinas
words, arena to host anything until twenty twenty two's over four years will allow anybody to host anything over in Carolina. I'd just like to point out a couple of things the unsuitable has actually held games in Cuba. Cuba, ok, look a place people are jumping on. Ninety if these cars still and attempting to ride over to Florida to get away from this purchasing ruling of the stupidest sort. I also like to recommend the anti double if they care this much about cortical gender disk. Donation, because men, can be women. Women can be managed just abolish the ends. You double a women's issue, just get rid of it Rihanna can find another job, the Yukon Women's basket team, which has one hundred and forty two stray game, something like that in their dominant amino. They were on tv the other day and I was forced to wash, and while I was working out because never by choice, what I actually watch women's basketball, they were you're playing on them in there really good for women, but if you put the men's tournament, they would not make the MIT ok the fact is that men are better at sports than women. I'm sorry to break this to the Ladys their lot
the things that women are better at naturally including bear children there, they just have greater skills at these things, but that not limited to that by the way, but it is it, but in terms physical capacity men are stronger and faster than women. If the unsuitable they really thinks that did so terrible that than men should be forced to go to the people in the men's bathroom and when should be forced to go to women's fathom everything. That's a terrible issued, abolish the separate divisions for men and women. We can combine them and then no woman will ever play basketball again in college, because that's really what the effect will be. But you know and the UN's Dublin has no standards. They have no brains in this virtue. You garbage other things. I hate Scarlett Johansson has now come out and said but she wants to run for office, which would be the same. The worst thing that she's done this year after that movie that's like of take off on the hang over, but with Ladys that no one's gonna watch, Probably that's that's the first worse thing. So here is here: Scarlett Johansson, saying that you might run for office. You met
that you would possibly one day run for off signed, always been interested in local power It takes the right now. I think you know with my young daughter and also was my car, There is gone right now. You know, there's just there's: it's not the right time but eventually you know, maybe daughter was older, and I could totally focused myself on something like that, I think it could be it We should not Hilary hair cut away the mail and mental and make fun of women's haricots correct, ok, medication. That's the greatest haircut, I've ever seen in my life, it's an amazing Erika, Scarlett Johansson. Says that she wants to run for public office again. This is one of the tragedies of having a celebrity presidency. It didn't start with trumpeted actually started with Obama, but its back all the way around? Because now we have a bunch of bubble heads you don't know anything about politics, thinking that they should be. President of the United States, including Scott Joe, who can't even read a script. Apparently when she decides to be in movies
She has anyone ever actually seem goes in the shell, or are they just commercials there? Actually movie of ghost in the shell or is it just comes in a week? Ok saucy, how that dies? I do other D. The entire trailer for the movie is basically Scarlett Johansson in a body to know. What's going on, but Scarlett Johansson flesh, colored bodies usage is not actually make it just looks kind naked. I guess marketing campaign. In any case, that should qualify her to run for president ok final thing that eight and then I will do a brief moment of Bible talks up Adam silver, the NBA commissioner, has said there definitely will be a female and be a coach whose whether women will be charged for leading and be a team sundays at their definitely will in any added. Think it is on me to sort of ensure that it happen sooner rather than later, no it isn't. It is your job to ensure that the competitive
level and professional basketball. As at the highest possible standard. It is not your job to ensure that anyone of any race, color creed, sexual orientation or sex becomes a basketball coach and the idea that you're gonna regicide someone who maybe more qualified but mail in favour of someone who is less qualified female because we have to have a female basketball coach. It's just stupid out to point out something that is politically incorrect, and that is that there are a lot of Madame school. This is there are a lot of men who play professional basketball, who aren't going to listen to a female basketball coach? That is not something that should be true, but it is true. Ok, speaking described them not to ignore monopoly. In the best of all possible worlds, men would take advice from a female basketball coach exactly the same way. They take advice from a male basketball coach. Obviously, we all hope that that would be true it In truth, there are a lot of men in professional basketball. Would ignore a female basketball coach for whatever reason, whether it's because their sexist over there, because they just don't have respect for women in positions of authority which are basically the same thing is being sexist whatever it is. It is quite right
So that is the case, and it is not the fault of the general manager he's trying to put a competitiveness about him on the floor that he thinks that the team play better. If have a male basketball coach that is not the end of the world. It really is not in fact, Adam Silver thinks that that has to be cram down the throats of not only NBA players, but also it has to be cram down the throats people over the age of more qualified people again. If that makes most highly qualified person, is a woman who be wondering if he said eventually there'll be female basketball, coach, Debbie one thing: ok: fine, because if the most territory, person is a female grape micro basket. Coaches in assisting coach right now for the San Antonio spurs is a lady Anne. That's because she was a really good basketball, Gittin Olympic basketball player, fine issues, the most I personally package. I have no problem with that, but I do have I'm with the idea that we are going to force a male into a coaching position, because we have to ensure some sort of diversity- that's just silly to me. It doesn't make a whole held a lot of sense, especially because the truth is that where
the market wants it. There are women, a basketball right now that the Lakers urges to big story, Genie Bus we're stout her brother thing. It's industry has forced now Jim Bus and replace Jim with Janey. So out two sisters running the LOS Angeles Lakers after the death of their father, Jerry Joe apparently only likes a letter. James or all of his kids are Genie Jane. What does it it's Genie, Jane Jim and then there is another guys like Bob. His is actually begins at Jane is locked in any case. This is this is the kind of it is the same thing that silver did with regard to the friends, gender bathroom stuff with regard to. Illegal immigration. He used the NBA to virtue signal the NBA four virtue signalling the NBA is for competitive basketball and again, if meritorious reason, the color line should have broken is because a huge most meritorious baseball players were black, like these sex line here that exists on cabins broke, based on merit the same whether the color line was broken based on merit. It wasn't like the M m l b for small sheriff segregated originally intended you ve never should have illegal, but in any case
the idea that The idea that that they were that said desegregation was innovation. Not America was can be based on forcing forced every that silly. Silly policy. Ok time for a little bit of idle talk. So this week's Partia every week the the Jews, go through a specific section of the Torah. This week, section is beginning of the most boring book of the Bible Leviticus. So this is a party Nobody understands you. Nobody gets because all that sacrifices and well things after five, zero, Barrack and terrible, even though we eat animals on a regular basis, the The idea of this portion of the Bible is There is a special relationship between God in the jewish people that is reflected in theirs. She'll representatives in the priestly case, but the part I want, about is, is this kind of interesting parted? Everybody seems to me and he actually I'm a but Hebrew for you to understand what's going on here, so this comes from Leviticus Chapter four verse, two and three to speak to the children of Israel saying person sins unintentionally by committing one of all
the commandments Lord, which may not be committed and commits part of one of them. If the anointed Collins sings sends the content, is the priest bringing guilt to the people than he I'll bring for his in which has committed an unblemished young bull as in offering to the Lord now the language pointing out here is as if the Kohen said, if the, if the priest sins and the world, in Hebrew, for if his aim aim is it in Hebrew, then, it goes to all various people in Israel sinning what happens if they said, but the language changes. When it comes to leadership. It says when in the translation is actually not corrects is when a leader of Israel sends an unintentionally commits one of all of the commitments Lord, which may not be incurring guilt is soon that he is committees made known him. He shall bring his offering an unblemished male go. The part that's interesting here is not the sacrifice of the park. That's interesting here is the difference in language such aim right if but for a leader it's our share, which means when not, if, when so the idea is that leaders are always going to send. We have to
going in that leaders are going to send. Why? Because, if you are a leader, you're going to be put in a position of making hard decisions, all the time and the choices that fall upon, you are probably going to lead you into sin. What does that mean it means that we need to be harsher on our leaders, not less harsh, he still has to bring in offering. Right? We know he's going to send. He still has to bring in offering we don't you say, he's a leader he was gonna, send whatever part. Job, he still has to bring in offering our share right when he sins and that's why we have to have high standards for our leader higher standards for our leaders than we do. For ourselves really do for ourselves we don't have higher standards for our leaders than ourselves, then the when they sing when becomes when they all the time and that's unforced, What would happen in american politics where, depending on yours, the political value of excused, everyone- has people on their own side of the political while doing things they would never excuse from a leader on the other side of the political standards matter, they matter in life, they matter in ethics and they matter when it comes to the kingdom of God. Well, we will.
Back tomorrow and we'll have the mail that I will be broadcasting at large will be noted aim tomorrow. So, if you're around noted aim our left open to the public, if it is then show up, if not then say hump. In any case, we, we here tomorrow and we will be doing the mailbag live with you. I am bench appear. This is the venture bureau show.
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