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Ep. 288 - O'Reilly's Out -- What Does It Mean For The Right?

2017-04-20 | 🔗
Fox dumps its top host, the left thinks it's finally got a winning strategy, and Berkeley tries to ban Ann Coulter.
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With the release of Jonathan Allinson Amie Parnes shattered inside Hillary Clinton's doomed campaign, the patina credibility surrounding Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign has finally imploded. We know that her campaign, played by infighting, stupidity and arrogance, we know that all of this makes you can unify debate democrats during the primaries, and you can unify Democrats even after the primaries. We know that you take the most rudimentary polling data in swing states for weeks before the election, and we no centralized message to our campaign. Get today. Democrats it worked on Hillary's campaign were concerned with demonstrating that everybody on the campaign got along famously famous. Do you hear never. My Did Hillary lost most winnable election in history against Donald Trump Donald Trump? Well, everything was hunky, Dory so like moths to the twitter flame. Hillary efforts emerged to show the mutual love from the campaign trail. Yep. Look at these. These happy people with Hillary. They love each other off. Look it's all! It's so nice, everybody so happy
she's, losing the Donald Trump yeah see people sometimes mounted each other like they like each other. Everything then awesome time while losing to Donald Trump. You guys, because we know picture, always demonstrate the people love other and are not engage in dysfunctional relationships that end in disaster right like Stalin and all those people and OJ and Nicole on their own and as brothers and your calling on the Beatles and Bill and Hillary Clinton. Well, oh well, so much for that. I'm Ben Shapiro! This is the Ben Shapiro, show they that nothing gang I mean really Hillary's campaign was complete disaster. It was a complete clusterin, and and the reason that was because the person of top didn't know what she was doing, but we will get Do all of that plus I want to get to Bill O'Reilly being ousted from Fox NEWS. What does that mean there? Bunch of lessons to be learned from that part?
one plus a little bit later in the program we're going to be having on based stick man base. Stick man, it's Kyle Chapman, who became famous because he wack somebody with a stick during March. Two thousand and seventeen Raleigh Rally for Donald Trump in which Antifa attacked he defended so will be taught with him in just a little while about the goings on the latest goings on at Berkeley and Ann Coulter and everything else, but first I want to say, you to our sponsors over my patriot supply. So if you are, can learn about the fact that the North Koreans are actually interested, nuking us and seem rather predictable and keep testing missiles and our job the building up their thermonuclear capacity? If concerns you at all and you are worried about the possibility of that or natural disaster, basically anything going wrong where you're in need of food, but you haven't the grocery store or there's a rush on the grocery stores and the government can't get to you. That's why over to prepare with Ben dot com, prepare with Ben dot com. Eight hundred and eighty eight eight hundred and three one thousand four hundred and thirteen for your four week: emergency food supply. It's only ninety nine dollars, plus free shipping at last for four weeks. Obviously- and that means
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there's a reason why this happened, and that is that all of these women are coming forward and telling stories about how Bill O'Reilly was hitting on them. They're all you for using the bill. O'reilly had had tried to solicit them, for and then when they had not given in, then he had refused to help them with their careers to basically how out the carrot, does your career. If you have sex with me and then he and backed off of that the minute they wouldn't or he had to call them up on. Phone and dirty things to them. You all of this is bad stuff and he had so I doubt apparently many many times and Fox NEWS and settled down many many times and they did internal review of all of O'Reilly's supposed escapades and they had. Call Weis, which is a major law firm to the internal review and a There was a split in the Murdoch family Rupert wanted to keep bill, O'Reilly and the sun I want to get rid of bill rally because they thought he was a liability. Now, a lot of advertisers who dropped out- and this, I think is- is the first thing to say. The first thing to say is: there is a real tendency on the right to run from people because
they've lost their advertisers, and the left knows this and that's why media matters has been used for years as the tip of the spear for inviting the right wing media. When we're truth, revolt we tried to apply the same tactics to MSNBC were actually successful. We wanted to establish a mutually assured destruction. Here is my view. Advertisers should generally not be boycotted based on the the show's upon which they advertise. I think secondary boycotts are generally not a good thing. I think they create a less free culture in that's a legal thing, but it is a a culture thing. If the he is you don't like Bill O'Reilly and so you're going to boycott his advertisers, then you are effectively cracking down on a certain amount of free speech. Not can't do it legally, not that it's not in so cases, moral to do it, but, as a general rule, this kind of ease with which we do this now or we call up advertisers and say that we're going to your company, unless you pull advertising from particular show, is how the left really slammed.
Limbaugh after the Sandra Flock incident. This is how the left is going after people like Michael Savage, The left is also gone after obviously now Bill O'Reilly, so media matters basically Astro. Five hundred one thousand people to call up the advertisers on Fox NEWS and say we don't want to see your. We don't want to see your commercial on bill, O'Reilly or pull all the money. They don't see going back as well, basically for anybody on the right and you've reached the level of notoriety, the left will at some point attempt to go after your advertisers, which is really see stuff, and advertisers should know going forward that this stuff happens there is the Astro Astroturfed attempts to destroy. In particular host, because the left wants to destroy the house, not because the ad Is it really in any danger, usually a five hundred people sort of in in the advertising industry. They don't want controversy and they are not interested in having five hundred people call their headquarters, and so the easiest thing to do is pull your ad and put it someplace else. Where can get an equal number of eyeballs, but it would be great to see advertisers actually a little bit deeper digging and see whether it's media matters
creating a listserv the day they send out to a hundred thousand people and then five hundred of them call or whether it's actually five hundred potential it's. The advertiser, who have decided they're, really really angry, but there's really widespread outrage over all of this now. So that's point number one is that just because boycotting on a rally? Work doesn't mean the boycotting in general is a good tactic or worthwhile tactic or a useful tactic, particularly mainstream commentators of either side. I think that's that sort of a problem. The second point here is the specific points that was not specific to Riley, because this happens. I say to a lot of can it hosts from time to time in there career, which is why, for example, you will see- and in doesn't engage in this- the right will will not boycott advertisers because they advertise on Chris Hayes or or Rachel Maddow. The left will boycott Advertisers are really say: they're going to boycott boycott advertisers based on stuff that the advertised based on the advertising on Sean Hannity show, for example, and that's why, when you watch Fox NEWS a of the fertilizers are gold companies or walk in shower
companies? Anyone watch MSNBC, it's all institutional advertisers meeting your car companies. Yes, beer companies, because the even though MSNBC has way lower ratings than Fox NEWS and the reason for That is obvious and that's because these advertisers are wary of being slammed at publicity now boycotts work. Both sides and in some cases I think boycotts are justified, like I think that you're perfectly within right to say I don't feel like going to target if I'm afraid that I'm gonna bring my child into a bathroom and the man is going to walk into the bathroom in the girls bathroom. I think it's perfectly legit. It's Lee responsible action. I don't think legit when you say I don't like the point of view on this particular show. Therefore, in boycotting advertiser on this particular show, that's directed at the at the exercise of free speech. Again legal. I don't think it's particularly moral, I'm not big fan of it. So that's point number one point two is the is the O'Reilly specifically point. This is a real problem for the right, so they're, a bunch of with now come out made allegations about Bill O'Reilly Margaret, who
was one of the women who used to be on Fox NEWS, a fair bit and yesterday she was talking about never being alone in a room with Bill O'Reilly Bill. O'reilly never put on me Bill O'Reilly, never sexually. Harass me. I will say: so as a young woman. Many of us have experiences that are on place and I have some experiences were uncomfortable enough for me to know never to put myself in a position where I was alone, with bill or alone with people that made me feel uncomfortable. And so, when I heard first read progressions complaint and when Gretchen Carlson plane who was really the hero and the unsung hero of all of the story. But she is the one woman who stood up in the face of a culture that was condoning bad behavior for years in you in years and years, it was eminently believable, because there was just a feel interacting at times. That was the plan comfortable it. It was easy for me to extrapolate that if I hadn't been doing is a factor myself that I might have ended up in a position where I could have been focused. So ok, so there's to make sure that I think is, is kind of amusing. In one sense she says
did, she makes a point never to be alone in room with a man and the entire, because yeah that makes perfect sense, because men are pigs MIKE Pence, as he makes a never be alone in a room with a woman, and the entire left goes insane in his assumption, is that men are pigs, so MIKE Pence makes the exact same assumption Margaret Hoover and Hoover's right MIKE Pence is wrong, but the broader point that she is that there is a culture of Fox NEWS: the tolerated this sort of stuff cursed ours is the same thing. Here's what she said I was on our actual with Margaret Hoover, who is at CNN now. Out on a regular segment, we're on every Mondays and he got markets name wrong and Margaret said: hey get my name right and he said. Oh, I'm, sorry, there's a lot of ones in this operation. I can't keep you all straight. Making Kelly's coming up start trying always want and then at the end of the statement says. Thank you for your bond to both of us. So I went to his executive producer and I said he needs to apologize and he needs to never do that. Again. Not doing a show anymore- and I was told basic
well. You know bill there's nothing we can do about it, he's a throwback, he's kind of an Archie Bunker and I said well. I mean- is any under fall- then we're on the same page. He can never do that again. I'm a political analyst here went to Bell, came back said: no, it's not an apologize. So then I went to my bought my I was called into my boss's office. I was told: what can we do its builders? Nothing? We can do you know. Sorry. This happened to you, but there's nothing. We can do. I complain to Roger Ailes. I was told the same exact thing nothing. We can do it spell he's a jerk, nobody likes him. Roger said you know bill. He likes to put up pick dirty pictures and that's pretty girls talk talk about that. Okay, so the the idea that that you know all right, we would have to apologize for the fact that Fox NEWS has lots of ones on there. He made a comment about it. I think that's a bit of a stretch. I mean, let's be real about this fox news- has lots of Blinds Dana. I think there is definitely a blonde affirmative action program that existed Fox NEWS and
making making a comment about that. That is not even close to the bad stuff. The bill O'Reilly is accused of doing when there's an entire list of bad things that Bill O'Reilly has been accused of doing this one does not even chart but here's the problem. There was indeed a culture at Fox NEWS that basically was tolerant of appears to be a lot of allegations of sexual harassment, not just about O'Reilly, but also about Roger Ailes, of course, Roger Ailes was said to have said, really dirty things and threaten people. Jobs based on their refusal to have sex with him. All of that is is deeply troubling stuff and, as far is the O'Reilly allegations, I always find I believe that none of the allegations are true when you have like ten allegations, there's a bunch of allegations about the About this whole. This whole stick: there's people who This is one of his producers. I knew when, when she actually has had me on a rally show while ago she
what is she, she won the a ten million dollars settlement from a rally that was the famous case where he was calling her up in the middle of the night allegedly, and then he was suggesting that there was a that that there is a date she's a little fun all this kind of stuff. You know that that sort of stuff, too many allegations to simply dismiss. Although I'll give you a quick list, Andrea Mackris, is that nine million dollars settlement after O'Reilly allegedly made sexual references to her via phone former. The wall should O'Reilly Rally of offering to help provides the cutting her dad when she refused his sexual advances. Former guest how do you receive one point? Six million dollars settlement from Fox NEWS after she allegedly Sexual phone calls to her and then tried to harm her career former host. Ten terrace filed a lawsuit against O'Reilly and Roger Ailes was ousted. Last year after similar allegations were do similarly should both both over similar allegations received a settlement in excess of a million bucks. Former house for back in diamond alleged sexual phone calls from O'Reilly, and then there's a report this from attorney LISA Bloom and one of our clients, is called hot chocolate by by O'Reilly and then leer at her
there's some people who write this kind of stuff off. I don't need somebody who works in an office and runs in office. I don't think it's appropriate for people to be acting in this manner. I I think, just as a gentleman forget about the often manages the gentleman it's not appropriate to be acting in this manner, and there was tolerance of this sort of behavior, obviously up to and including Roger Ailes and by Roger Ailes. Also, and that's a big problem, now. The reason that I point this out is not to see yes, that all males are pigs and all males are sexual harassers and there's a rape culture in the United States. What it is to suggest is that powerful people are able to get away on both sides of the aisle with behavior that would have the rest of us in C is trouble and that's a problem and that's not just because powerful are able to manipulate the system. That's also because We as citizens look up to powerful people, people we see on tv a lot people who, in politics and we are willing to excuse their sins based on the fact we, like all the other things that they are saying and doing so when you, while she was one of the people who sued all Riley or alleged bad activity by O'Reilly, she
is spoke out yesterday. She talked about all Riley and Trump and remember Trump defended all Riley over all these allegations originally arm. Do you would you like to see the president of the United States address and do you think he was it was appropriate for him to do it in the first place yeah I mean, does he have better things to do? We got a problem with career right now. In Syria, I mean come on, but I do think these two are birds of a feather their men of a certain generation who thought of women, as you know, ornaments in workplaces, and I'm hoping I have faith in the president's daughter Ivanka that she is going to do more for women than her phone okay. So the reason that I have a problem with Republicans going a with all this. The Democrats always going around. I, the hypocrisy point, Democrats always want with this right. Democrats are fine with Bill Clinton, sexually molesting the help they don't have any problem with that whatsoever want on the right side of the aisle it's the end of the world, but this is a tendency that now crosses the aisle. I was always under the impression that people on my
side of the aisle people on the right, we're not willing to stand for bad behavior. Just because you happen to agree If somebody is one thing, if the allegations are not credible or it's one allegation to get settled out of court for purposes of just getting it off the table, but if it's multiple allegations, you do not look askance at the people. Who are alleging it if it's tons and tons of allegations just because you like and I it's one thing if the allegations are not credible. But again, if you have lots of credible allegations, lots of settlements out of court, the law firm Fox NEWS, saying this is a problem, then you do have to look, self and determine whether the reason that you are supporting a character is because you think that they are in the right and truly innocent or is the reason you're supporting the character, because you agree with a lot of the things they have to say, and that is a problem because it means the hijacking of particular philosophy is about character, about life, about the economy, about everything simply because like a lot of what the guy is saying when we saw this with regard to polls, were about trump. You know that say that now more Republicans than Democrats think it's ok for a politician to cheat on his wife for have sex outside of marriage that that's only do today
and that's because there's a follow the leader mentality, that is natural to human beings, that we all have to fight and the idea of having a good ideology, a good philosophy, a good religious perspective is that you follow principle of personality, I want to talk a little bit more about that in just a second. But first I want to say thank you: to our new advertisers over at Realty Cher's realty sure such our e, a l t y r e l, T Y, like Realty Cher's, com, Slash Spencer. Here is what Realty Cher's dot com does. So, if you are and did investor, which means that you have to make one hundred thousand dollars a year. You can qualify to use realtyshares, dot, com, Slash Ben, you can bro and sign up and and browse their investments. They have a whole series of re LT investments, and you can put some of your money in like five thousand dollars increments into these real estate projects. You can become a real estate investor,
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to investigate one hundred dollars for your first investment also use that Slash Ben, so they know that we sent you as well, really cool service excited to be associated with them so the reason that I lead with all this O'Reilly stuff and the and the tendency of the human tendency of attempting to follow the bad, along with the good that somebody does something bad and now we're just going to go along with him the whole way. This involves a certain amount of corruption of the soul, and that means corruption of the political soul. An the perfect example of this yeah I didn't it is aside from the the sexual stuff, with Trump and and Riley, there's a tendency, because people like Donald Trump they're going to swallow. His Jen wholesale, even stuff. That is clearly heretical to basic conservative principles. So today, perfect example today Bright Bart news runs apiece in which they be simply say that there is a libertarian case for Trump in distribution ISM
they run. It is actually written in Breitbart NEWS. Today, it's called the libertarian case for Donald Trump's, buy american order. John Carney Right says today's critics of trade orthodoxy are so far removed from those of the past that perhaps we shouldn't call them protectionist at all. Let's call them what they are economic nationalists. No protection is our protection, as he says, but here's the part, that's crazy, says it is altogether possible that one made prefer lower living standards in favor of a more humane distribution of wealth or a government. Pro current policy that recycles dollars tax and borrowed back into the domestic economy. I'll read that again, because it's insane ok, it is altogether possible. One may prefer low we're living standards in favor of a more humane distribution of wealth. Now I'm going to that in the voice in which it belongs already, it is altogether possible that one may prefer lower government loving standards in favor of a more humane distribution of wealth. It's Bernie Sanders, it's the mark, Bernie Sanders. Okay and there now parroting this stuff. People on the supposed right are parroting this stuff because they like Donald Trump, that is not excusable and it's not
just bright Bart NEWS, which you would expect because Breitbart NEWS, Breitbart NEWS and they love Trump. Ok, that's fine! It's also Tucker Carlson the Tucker Carlson has on Mark cuban Mark when is billionaire, and here is Tucker Carlson with Mark cuban and cuban shock only is taking a more capitalist position is about H1B visa's. This is the program that allows people with high tech degrees to come in United States and work for a job. The and that is good, is because otherwise these companies are simply going to outsource the jobs or they're going to move the company altogether they're going to lower their labor costs or raise their prices. Ok, free flow of labor is a crucial ingredient to having lower prices and better product. Here is Tucker Carlson mark cuban Cuban is right and Carlson's about to say something that is full on Marxism. It's pretty crazy, You apply market forces to your marriage to your family. I mean there are limits to how far on I'm serious capitalism is not a religion. It's anaf, active way of generating wealth, but, to the extent it hurts Americans shouldn't we respond.
I mean we don't do something just because it's like consistent with capital, I don't know you're going to say well. Are you against capitalism? I like capitalism, but when it, Americans, I'm willing to make adjustments. Wouldn't you be that's when he says, would you apply market forces to your family, to your marriage, market forces, We have to do with anything. A marriage is a voluntary agreement I make with my wife. Ok. That is nothing to do market forces. I don't want the government intervening. Ok, we're talking about and interventionism now and here's the crazy part when he says capitalism is not a religion, it's an effective way of generating wealth, capitalism, not only good, because it generates more wealth and better products and services. Capitalism is good because it is virtuous cake. Capital is the free market is virtuous. You know either free market is virtuous because it says you own your own labor. You own, your own money, you own the fruits of your own labor, and no one can tell you how to spend those fruits. No one can tell you with whom he can do trade. No one can tell you that you are not able to do trade because there's some other guys somewhere else, who's been hurt in because
you're, not doing trade with him he'd be better off. If you trade with him, if you were forced to trade with him, he'd be better off, so we're going to force you to trade with that guy. Instead, Carlson, says right: there is anathema to conservatism when he says I like capitalism, but when it hurts Americans I'm willing to make adjustments the is Bernie Sanders his case. It is almost word for word. Bernie Sanders this case. He says I like capitalism I like private property, but but whenever someone finishes with, but you know they're going to go in the direction that has nothing to do with capitalism or conservatism, and again, that's being done, because people want to be loyal to Trump, not because it's actually good pouch. Z or anything like that. Well, we're going to have to go to break right now, but you want to see the rest of the program going to talk more about this plus we're going to have an based, stick man, so you're going to want to subscribe for that, dailywire dot, com, eight dollars a month. We're going to be talking about an culture at Berkeley with lot more to talk about here on the program today, dailywire dot com, eight dollars a month gets his subscription and plus
these subscribe annually right now, then, you get Jeremy brings the Arroyo fictional film set on our southern border about the drug cartels using the southern border as a thoroughfare, and you can also see the show live. You can also be part of the mailbag which we're going. Be doing on a special Friday mailbag tomorrow. And get Klavan show live and be part of his mailbag, so lots of goodies coming if you're, a daily wire subscriber go over there and subscribe or Do you want to listen later in Itunes and Soundcloud? Make sure you subscribe over at Itunes? Make sure you hit that subscribe? button and review. We always appreciate it. We are the largest conservative podcast in the country, conservative, okay, so the country Talk more about. You know the sort of corruption of conservatism that seems to be happening because we have allegiance to particular personalities and why we need to avoid that. But first I want to talk with based stick man about what's going on in Berkeley, so right now at
Lee Ann Coulter has now basically been banned, so Ann Coulter, who is a friend of mine. We disagree about Trump, but we are very friendly. We've been friendly for years and culture was supposed to go and speak at Berkeley about Trump about about immigration, particularly I and she It was essentially band so what she asked for they they said you can only students come to lecture. You can't have any fun from the outside, because we can't control that. If you do that- and she said fine, which is already an insane requirement, then they and that we want to make sure that you're in a room of our choosing it's going to be restricted by size. She said yes that too, and then she said, here's what I want. I want you to tell the Berkeley police, not stand down if violence breaks out. I want you to tell the the university police that they should not. I wanted to ask the university police: please do not stand down if violence breaks out and the university said no, and then they cancelled the event all together and they said we can't keep this safe, there's no way for us to keep. To say so. We now have a rioters veto over a Berkeley. If people choose to riot, then they
vido the appearance by Miley Annapolis or by Ann Coulter or by me, as soon as the writer show up. Basically, these universities cave and that's what's been happening in Berkeley. That's also manifesting in terms of the police backing down in situations where they shouldn't back down. So we talked yesterday with Laurence Other about this riot broke out in Berkeley. Now I want to talk with somebody else who was there based stick man so Kyle Chapman is California resident. He became an internet sensation in early two thousand and seventeen bring a pro Trump rally in Berkeley ca when get an Antifa protester over the head with a stick after that, in turn and so he's been in several of these Kyle. So much for joining the Ben Shapiro show appreciate it Ben thanks for have So I'll tell me a little bit about why you go these rallies and then what's been happening at these rallies in what the police are doing. Sure. So you know I go to the rallies uh so can help support my fellow right wingers, my fellow conservatives, so to provide protection if necessary, defense, if necessary and
and what happens at these rallies so Antifa these I'm pretty new. This seems like new routine they're, showing up to these rallies to make trouble how violent have they gotten for people who haven't seen all the tapes extremely violent when they show up as soon as they show up. There is one hundred percent chance of violence on their part. There's no doubt about it. It will turn violent. That is their modus operandi. You know talking, you know showing up with bags full of grapefruit and Orange sized rocks that they would lob at us. Many people a totally innocent people, by the way that weren't even on the front lines, were struck in the head. We even had a lady get struck in the head with a carburetor from car, and it just it fileted The side of her face at the last rally we had a gentleman get stabbed, we've had men get their their head split open that
you know it took twelve or fourteen staples to close the wound, it's extremely violent antenna and what are the police doing this whole time, because I used to in a country where, when this sort of crap broke out, the police were actually there to stop at what have they been doing just sitting around pretty much and but where is that coming from? Is that coming from the cops or is that coming from their higher ups, it's from the police chief in the mayor. The rank and file officers are very frustrated about this. They it's very difficult for them to stand by and watch innocent civilians, be attacked mercilessly, but obv see if they break or if they you know, do their job as they see fit, then they'll get fired or demoted so how's it going for you, so you've actually involved Elvin defending your fellow protesters against the violence of Antifa, and it seems like in everyone of these cases, despite the media attempts to equate the two sides, it looks like an
FIFA is starting it. Always I've never seen one of these rallies where the Trump side starts the violence. It looks like always the anti this I started and I getting that wrong, or is that basically what's happening every time? Okay, so it seems like it is a the videos and it's clear you know and that's that's the football thing is we have the alternative media. Now that's putting out the truth. You know, it's so you'll have these these media mainstream media propagandists organizations that are blaming it on us and then, You just go online and it's clear who's doing it. I mean they were, throwing quarter, sticks of dynamite that they would light drop inside of wine bottles her. Let us the wine bottle would explode like a grenade and she trapnell uh would hit many of our participants, Laisa rating them and cutting. So have you guys gotten lawyered up? I mean his anybody from the from the free speech side, gotten lawyered up and gone out for summer Antifa members 'cause, I saw four Chan. Some of the people over there have been identifying some of the call
it's in this sort of stuff. I had there been any lawsuits filed yet against the people who are engaged in violence. Mike certain bitches is trying to put something together right now, myself, Augustus Invictus, we're trying to get a lawyer, Gildea based lawyer, guild, where we can come together and not only defend people that are participating, these rallies and and participating in defense of the attendees, but also looking the filing civil rights lawsuits against the cities that failed to protect us in our first amendment right. So would you call on President Trump to actually send in the National Guard to defend these rallies of the city is not going to do it, Absolutely I mean- and I know that a miracle then actually called for that yesterday- he's saying that if there to be violence in these places that it's the obligation of the federal government in order to prevent nation of civil rights laws, you say I to come in and defend against it. Well,
I appreciate you going out there and defending your fellow citizen. Obviously, if the police, I'm gonna, do it, I mean we all wanted a it's amazing. You know we're all bread in in the United States not to engage in violence with other people, except for the left, and I got the authorities in Berkeley that are willing to allow all this to go on. I, and it's a good for you for for not standing down from it. Also you know, have you gotten any blowback from the police? Have you gotten? Have you gotten any trouble with the police for having defended other people at these rallies sure I've been arrested three times, I have my felonies hanging over my head that I will have to at some point if they indict me with the charges have to fight him fight those charges in court. Unbelievable and in so you know, I I think that it is imperative. Obviously, it's imperative that impressed if pray, if Jerry Brown, the over California, I'm gonna do anything and the city going to do anything, then. Obviously the government is going to have to do something in order to prevent
violation of civil rights in these areas, because otherwise it's just putting people like you on the front lines and then leaving you alone, as you have to battle it out with a tyrannical system. That says that you can't defend your fellow citizens from people, hurling bricks and dynamite out, yet unbelievable. Well, and until that happens, I need my my fellow right wing conservatives and patriots to turn out to these events and in step up and and do the protection do the defense that we need to have for these events to be successful, so working people go to work and people go to work with you and help you out. Yeah you go to baystateband dot com is my web page uh. You can follow me on base. Stick man underscore on twitter and then I have a base. Stick man at on Facebook as well a fan page the process of forming a coalition getting everybody together. The big thing is: if we people turned out in numbers- and then
people that we have turned out that they are ready to defend themself helmets? You know various forms of protection, stab vest, even taping national geographics around your midsection. So a knife can't penetrate into your your vital organs on the list. This is where it's at, and you know we need our war, your class to step up and down and folks on the left when you say that you know you're watching this and you get all freaked out, because we're talking about defending ourselves here is the fact of the matter. Defense is defense. Nobody's talk about offense of action, nobody's talking about attacking anybody else. The only people who are doing the attacking are on the left, the body on our side, including including Kyle and Kyle. I'm sure you would say the same thing here. No one is saying that people who are rallying in favor of free speech are going to go out and commit acts of violence, unprovoked, obviously everyone's against that everybody needs to be defended in their pursuit of free speech. Obviously,.
Certainly, and then we also need to take other actions like getting these Antifa groups. Groups like Bam by any means necessary, led by your vet felarca. A fourth grade teacher we need to get These groups designated as domestic terrorist groups so than the FED's, can move and and break them up and if they are participating in politically driven violence. That is the obvious definition of politically driven tears up Kyle thing What you're doing I appreciate it and folks go over and check him out, obviously, on twitter at based. Stick man underscore aura based Stick man's outcome. Kyle appreciate you coming on. The show is talking about it. Thanks for having me been absolutely so mean why you know with all this going on. It does and straight to the left really has no program at this point other than to shout and scream. But this is what I going back to the sort of a rally point in the in the point about economics and and Trump is a is that the Democrats are looking for a focal point and one of the ways they're going to
find a focal point is if we on the right are willing to excuse bad behavior, because we agree with the general things that people are saying when we excuse bad things. We open the left and we give the left an opening. Forget about the moral point that you should never defend him or How do you shouldn't be defending bad things as a general rule, but beyond that you're also doing something that dad. Politically, because you're opening the door for the left to attack you so all this O'Reilly stuff going on you end up with people like Stephen Cole. Bear you going. After Bill O'Reilly openly now an he feels justified in doing so, because Fox NEWS for years and years and years tolerated a culture where Bill O'Reilly's alleged behavior was allowed. Apparently so here is here. Is Steven Cole Bear going after Bill O'Reilly? I said he said so he called him. What was a self righteous self righteous? and fill of of sundry garbage of angry garbage yeah I mean so so he's just
yeah, and I mean when you talk about a self righteous landfill of angry garbage Mean Stefan Cole Bear is right there at the top of the list self righteous and he spent his entire crew. We're living off of off of bill. O'reilly he's actually got the status guy in the world that Bill O'Reilly just went away since he made his career off of them. But this is what the LE loves. I mean this is why the left loves it when the right basically look the other way on some of the things that Donald Trump said. Elizabeth Warren is still trying to play that card. She says that Donald Trump one because he used an ugly stew of racism and sexism and then she for some reason put on address and started doing a rain dance, which was weird but in his direction. How do you explain the difference between in those types of outcome for describing how people, I think can usually intelligently perceive their own self interests and the way people vote I talk about this at the book. Part of it is and uh release two of racism part what is Donald Trump tapped to anger. He got that people are deeply angry. They're angry that their kids camp graduate from school without getting crushed by student loan did angry that there aren't good
Jobs being created right here angry, but after a lifetime of working hard, you can't retire with a little dignity and security and people are right to be angry, but Donald Trump said it's, their fault does other people the people who don't worship like you, those people who don't look like you. Those people aren't ST color issue. That was a big part. He told a story, it's just the wrong story, Donald the crap, going to pour under Republicans every time. Republicans look the other way on somebody do something wrong, then this is what the left is going to or on them, and then we're going to say well, you're misconstruing. It perfect example. Today, so Donald invite Sarah Palin to the White House: ok, that's fine, Sarah Palin go to the White House. Has a big trump supporters won the first people to support from former governor of Alaska former Vice Pres initial candidate, and she brings along with her a couple of other people. She brings along with her kid Rock and TED Nugent, so who cares that kid rock went? I don't see why that's a big deal that kid Rock was there. Obama needs to have celebrities all the time TED Nugent,
is obviously a little bit different story, and the reasons had Nugent is a different story is because TED Nugent is put out some material. That is if not borderline, racist, overtly, racist or over at Leon. He during the last election cycle they put out a graphic with a bunch of jewish, bars on people who disagreed with he's, also put out graphics of the with with the n word on it. I mean Ted Nugent is a very free guy in and so here's having with the White House and then all of these people go and they put who is in front of a picture of Hillary Clinton now the reason that I think Trump did this- I mean it's troll level, one thousand obviously you're having all these people who said that Obama wasn't born Erica? Wasn't an american citizen you're having that TED Nugent is you're having those people stand in front of Hillary. Picture to troll her, and you know it's it's and I know that our side thinks that anything that is Anti Hillary Clinton is funny, but let's see it from the other side. You're just a second, let's put the shoe on the other foot. We all complained when Jay Z and Beyonc went to the White House and Jay Z was wearing black Nasha this jewelry. We all complain when
dog was at the White House and was meanwhile saying nasty things about the police. We all complained about that, so we can't pretend it's okay, when the right does this, when we didn't like it, when the left did that and it open the door now we're going to have to wait all day over whether Donald Trump is a racist again, because TED Nugent was there. That's just unforced error and I understand the people on the right are going to go. Well, that's just because people on the left don't understand the culture, that's outside of Washington, DC and New York City. They don't understand people who are blue collar, who listen to TED Nugent and like TED Nugent. That may will be true, but it doesn't matter when it comes to politics. It doesn't matter whether it's a matter of them understanding and whether there's a disconnect or weather. They're just going to use this as a club with which to be Trump is a controversy, Trump didn't need, and now Trump is going to have to deal with it. So I'm not sure how that's good for Trump. I also just in general simple, am not a fan of the idea that somebody who tweets out Bands with the word on it should be the White House, whether that's a wrapper or whether that is uh or that's a country music star? So no, I I just, I think it's an unforced error and it gives the left-
another talking point that they're going to be used and I'm not I'm not in favor of giving the left useless talking points. This is not like a big win that you get something from its not even like a big bargain here, you're bringing TED new to the White House and left going to complain about the media will cover it for three days. Trump will say: it's perfectly fine TED Nugent was there and then people on the left will say: ok what about TED Nugent, saying Xy and Z and he'll say. Well, I didn't know. Ted Nugent said that or he'll say well. Ted Nugent said that, but it doesn't represent me and they'll say well, then why did you have him that's be the conversation for the next three days because of this set of photos that was solely designed to just try all the left. Just not smart politics, not smart politics. Now that said, it is true that the Democrats are unable to capitalize off of these mistakes. 'cause they are so over the top. So Sean Spicer is correct that the Democrats have been overplaying their hand on every score. Yesterday he was talking about the Georgia election in the Georgia Sixth, and he said that the Democrats lost there, but the media is trying to treat it like? They won because they're overplaying their hand that
Press went all in on this race. They spent over eight point three million dollars. They said on the record that they were. Their goal was to win this race, they lossed and the The reaction has somewhat, then you know that they almost one. No, they lossed they've, made very clear with their goal. Was in this race, they spent Eight point three million dollars in through everything, including the kitchen sink at it in laws, and so you know not in terms of what their stated goal was. They said that their goal last night was too. Who win the race with over fifty percent. They spent eight three million dollars they didn't and for a runoff. They run to win last night and they lossed in case it's just and he's right. He's right. Camille Polly also says that I should professor One professor who's on the left. She says, Democrats have overplayed.
And and she's totally right. My feeling is that in election occured and it is incumbent on the defeated party to pull itself together, our else we're going to get a re election of the present administration. That's what that's what I feel right now, if you feel like he's going to get reelected. Yes, I think that the bill that the Democrats have overplayed their hand and the you know I I just can't imagine you're already betting on his re election less than one hundred days own yes, because of the with the Democrats to do and with a major media Frank needed to do- was to do some soul and by that you mean the failing New York Times. Yes, because if you were going to rebrand this failing times, talks has been a lot of you and and she's right. The Democrats keep overplaying their hand. Ok. Before I get to things
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I've been doing. I did a strategy book yesterday, so I figured I would do another strategy book today. This is a great interesting strategy book by Bevin Alexander. It's called how great generals win and it's ' it's military historian who looks at the history of great commanders from Hannibal to Macarthur and looks at what they did right and what they did long. His b is really counter intuitive in some ways. He says that Robert E Lee was actually not that great. A battle general and he says that Lee see that Stonewall Jackson was a great battle general, but Robert E Lee relied on far too much on the full frontal assault. He basically says that in politics in life in battle- the way that you win is through the indirect assault. You don't win by just going directly at somebody playing strength to strength. Instead, you have to move around, you have to flank them. You have to attack from the rear. You have to use this eh and that is certainly true in polity as well as it is in in Terry matters. The question in politics is how you do that, while still telling the truth, but how great is one great book on military strategy. I, and also will you'll, do a lot more history after you've. Read it so check that out.
Ok, there's this other thing: that's going around the internet that I just love dearly is fantastic bottom in I have long along to play it there's father whose live in now. He lives in a farm community, obviously, and his his son is working with that worked with him on the farm, for the with no reward, but here is here is that this video is great I'll, say the video from Indiana tell us a little bit today. We how you react to the new retired, but he never once and for no work hard. This is something here that
You and I are gonna, do and it's gonna take a whole day to do it. Ok, so do you wanna? Do you wanna? Do it be sure you don't even know what it is, what you wanna do it be careful and open it up. The real issue, I think it's great and it is a great father- gave his son two tickets to the cops get and now the kids crying so happy is a cutscene Louis Cardinals game. Really that is, that is good parenting right there. You don't give the reward until after the kid has done it, but then you're where the kid for their behavior, I never bribed children. Just like you, never bribe dictators, never bribe children, children just little that caters, never bribe people and you can reward them for a job. Well done. This is fantastic parenting. And uh really moving is just great. My own
regret in this video is that the kid has to go to a cubs game, but I guess that the The cubs are good, I know they're good, but you know the Cubs still gray, video and good for the parents and as John hot horse head on line. You hope that the exposure it doesn't change their parenting style one iota, because it's just fantastic, that's the way that you should handle kids, give them toward until after they've done something and you don't bribe them with the reward. The expectation is they do something good, ok time for some things that I eight, so Chelsea Clinton has all the some of a wet paper bag she's like a bag of soggy cardboard, that they've decided to prop up and turn into a a real person Chelsea The media have been pushing her incredibly hard ever since Hillary lost. The idea is that she has to come back now and she's going to fix everything and now there's a tape of her talk talking about how everyone needs to rise up in her own inimitable Karisma.
Next I'll again all the charisma of a speed bump here she is- and I think it's also a real challenge to anyone who thinks this is not the moment to stand up and speak out, because this is certainly not the moment to be silent and whether you want to share your voice on stage or on twitter or on the streets. I think and we need everyone to rise up. Ok, yeah! I was that you find inspiring and they tried to put the inspirational music behind it, but it there's only so much that anyone can do when it sounds like a bunch of he's droning at you and the left has been trying shop Hillary to it help Hillary Clinton's child is something special I tweet out yesterday. Why is that we're constantly hearing from Chelsea? We never hear from any of that run these kids as much of a one that run these kids running for and they were and for Senator Governor, that's true, but how you heard about that anything she couldn't even running for anything and they keep
down stories every day they put it on the cover of variety magazine, for God, sakes she's, not in a Hollywood star, and they put it on the variety magazine. The the left obsession with the Clintons just will not end under any circumstances, and it's really awful. Ok other things that I hate so there's the weird misconception that things that are natural are good. There's a new There's new article out from Yahoo NEWS about how women are now using marijuana during pregnancy to deal with the and the cravings in with the nausea, and this quote is pregnancy in pie is twenty. One percent of Americans think it's ok for a pregnant woman to you spot for nausea or pain among America. And to use marijuana regularly. Forty percent think it's ok for a pregnant Womans, you spot for now sharp pain and fifty percent don't care because they're hungry for cheetahs, but this quote from the art is really got me quote. I was more nervous about the pharmaceuticals, then I was about the marijuana because it is a natural substance, no no stupid
person. This is not a smart thing to say. The reason this is not a smart thing to say is because just because something is natural and occurs in nature does not make it better for you. This is one of these idiotic left wing means that has been going around for the last thirty years who it's organic. That means it's Gmos are GM, owes are evale drugs, terrible for you, but if we can, somehow find the ancient native Medison Man and we can make him take a mortar and pestle and grind up a few berries for you. All of their wounds shall be healed. No, no! So does it? No just no ok, science test things, and then they either or they don't just because something naturally occurs in nature doesn't mean it's good. You know it naturally occurs in nature syphilis. You know it naturally occurs in nature cancer. You know it naturally occurs in nature. Poison, ivy do not rub poison ivy on your cancer. It won't solve anything. They do not use marijuana. If you are pregnant, there has not been enough research that has been done yet to say that marijuana is safe to use. While you are pregnant k, justice to
taco naturally occurs in nature. You shouldn't smoke it when you're pregnant, because if you do, you're going to have low birth weight, you could have underdeveloped babies, they ever say there is some evidence, there's not enough evidence yet, because there are not enough women stupid enough to smoke pot, while they're pregnant there saying there evidence of low birth weight and neural development. Lack of neural development in babies. If you smoke pot, while you're pregnant, don't fall for the old stupid saw that that pharmaceuticals are evil but natch The current marijuana is good, some pharmaceuticals are great, and so pharmaceutical suck and some naturally occur products are are okay and some suck. There are very few naturally occurring products that cure disease. Virtually all of them had become up within labs, which is why people millions of dollars on research and development. Ok, quick thing on the Bible and then we will leave because otherwise I'll be beaten with a stick by Andrew Klavan and I'll have to call it basic man to my defense. Ok, so it's a little bit of Bible talk. So every week, as I always say, we, the union. We read a particular section from the Bible, this particular section
from the Bible. It comes in the middle of Leviticus and and it is about Aaron and his sons, the recall it when last we left our story Erin it had that committed the sin of the golden calf and then his date. The Jews have been forgiven. The the pledges are forgiven now Aeryn Sun's not out to be who they are a it's in Hebrew, it's not out of the who sell in English. It is not I'm gonna be who are they each took out their pan and they bring on fire in them, and they put incense upon it and they bring them before the Lord. It's a foreign fire which had not commanded them, and then fire went for before the Lord and consume them, and they died before the Lord, so these two guys come and they try to give a sacrificed to God. They've not been commanded to do so, and God kills them basically and- and so the question is why what did they do? That was so wrong, so there's a lot of commentaries on what they did. That was so wrong, but it's the next passage that I found interesting, because this is the one that he started. Human beings. Moses says his brother, and he says this is what the Lord spoke when he said, I will be sanctified
Lowe's near me and before all the people I will be glorified and Aaron was silent. So why was here in silence there a couple of opinions on why Aaron was on what is he doesn't buy? One Moses is selling her and Moses says you know basically, the reason that these guys died is there were two holy and then they committed a sin and God had to punish them because they should have known better and Aaron doesn't like that, and so he silent one is that Aaron is sort of satisfied with the answer, because it's the best answer he's going to get he's not gonna get any better answer. One is that he's a satisfied, but he's he knows any better answer, so we remain silent. I have a slightly different answer that I think would be interesting, and that is. Moses says I'll be sanctified through those near to me and for all the people glorified here's what Aaron Aaron might be thinking to himself a Aaron might be thinking himself committed way. Bigger sin then not often available right. I was not commanded to make a gold. I was not commanded to make an idol for all the people to worship as a sort of as a sort of thoroughfare to to God.
I was not commanded to do that, but was I killed? No, I wasn't killed right. I through the the gold into the fire. Now came the golden calf, that's what it says in the Bible and I wasn't killed God and God didn't destroy me, and clearly I did something that was so bad. It literally tens of thousands of Jews are killed. So why? Why wasn't? I was in Taking take him at my sons were wiser than Ottavi who die for bringing. A foreign flame in front of God in front of God. But but why was I? Okay? Even after I brought the the golden calf, and so it is possible, though He actually takes Moses words as a chastisement of him, meaning that Aaron feels distant God, because Aaron feels like I wasn't. Even a guy didn't have expectations of me great enough for him to punish me properly. I've lost my connection with God. I've lost what it was that made me special an he goes to an end and it for the rest of the Bible. They're sort of this decline in the people's respect for Erin. That springs from this point Moses ends up taking away certain priestly duties from air.
And giving them to pin class another number another member of the community. So the point here is this: the better, the leader, the greater the leader, the more God, holds them accountable, not the opposite. If somebody is very powerful, if somebody has a lot of impact God holds the more accountable because what they say has more impact on more people if they lose the impact gods and told him quite as accountable. What Moses saying here is that if you want to be, if you want to have the fame, if you want to have the power, if you want to be close, God, you have to understand, there's risk that it tends to that and that risk. Is that you have to be cleaner than everyone else. You have to live better than everyone else, and I think that It would be wise to remember that, because we should demand more from our own leaders, not less from our own leaders, just because our leaders are leaders. God knows that we are more likely to go along to get along with leaders we like, but
he also knows that those leaders have a lot of power over us, which is why it's so important that we choose good leaders and they got sanctified those leaders as through his commandments, okay, so we'll. Baxter will be doing the mailbag tomorrow will bring you all the latest updates, as always I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro Show
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