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Ep. 312 - The Left Is More Anti-Trump Than Anti-Islamist

2017-06-05 | 🔗
Another terrorist attacks, more Trump tweets, and more awful responses from the left.
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The threat of islamist terrorism is absolutely real. Someone's in words unpredictable or undefined. They were carried out by a cell of terrorists. You believe that Global Sharia law ought to be implemented, that the DA are all Arab territory of war must be turned the Dar Al Islam by forceful means in order to fight the Islamism. Three myths must immediately die and we in the West must do all we can to put them to death. Myth number one only negligible minority of Muslims are Islamists. It's simply not true that the vast vast vast yes, that's majority of Muslims, don't believe in the goals of Islamism, even there unwilling to participate themselves in the Jihad Bernard Lewis, in school. Significant numbers of Muslims are ready to approve and a few of them apply this interpretation of this religion as Muslim, for Judy Jasper puts it. It's a political movement of thirty to forty percent of Muslims globally and eighty to ninety percent of establishment leadership. Due to pet, Islam of Saudis and Qataris myth number two, not everyone who is nonviolent is non islamist. President Trump has spoke about the nature of Islamism, but he made the mist
of doing so in Saudi Arabia, ignoring the saudi support for wahhabism all over the planet. In doing so, he loved his Lamason with moderate, a crucial mistake. American group the council on American Islamic Relations in the islamic society of North America also reflect an Islamist world view July also very director of the center for Islamic Pluralism, says quote: they support Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. Yet these organizations are routinely utilized as points of contact for governments on the local state and federal level, the seedbed for ism is a far larger community of people who agree with terrace views and Tut Tut. Their means myth number three, the has no part in pushing islamic reform. The notion here seems to be the only the islamic world can produce reform inside Islam. That's true, but federal government and western governments around the world, have an obligation to help identify, reformers, an moderates and provide
I did them with support. Well, excising everyone else. This doesn't mean we can't engage in real politik, but it does mean we can't blather about the threat of Islamism while standing in the middle of Riyadh. Next to one of the greatest sponsors sponsors of Islamism on the planet, we took an active role in democracy in Western Europe, rather than communism in the aftermath of world war. Two we should we playing a similar role in the muslim world now. This is why it was so egregious for President Obama to simply declare in quote Arabs Spring and do nothing to support actual moderate forces. Finally, we must fight the perception that can't kill enough make a difference. We certainly can, and we must. We must also take measures designed to protect ourselves at home, including President Trump's, extreme vetting, but the true battle, the one that will last decades. That what happens inside Islam itself, we must get active in that battle, and then this is the Ben Shapiro show. All the lots to talk about today president Trump's tweets. I want to talk about the nature of Islam. I want to talk about
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mister dot com, slash been fourteen days to try it for free. When you go to texture, dot, com, slash spending and use the slash friends you get that fourteen day free trial and also so that they know that we sent you okay, so big terror happens in London on Saturday, killing seven peep wounding another forty five group of gold Muslims, apparently just walked down. The center of London Bridge started stabbing people knifing people attacking people, people running away. They had no okay he does themselves because guns are basically illegal in Britain, so people who are at bars that were under assault or she throws beer mugs at the terrorists, the police, had to run away and come back with guns. There's an eight minute delay between when this started and when the police were actually able to put these terror down. It was not lone wolves it a full on terror cell. There also, stabbing attack nearby, apparently the police had to explode a few bombs that didn't go off so should could have been much worse. Thank God, it wasn't, but instead of the left Looking seriously about the fact, we've now had two major terrorist attacks in great bridge in the last three,
instead of looking dad and saying well, maybe got to take a look at the standards for vet immigrants coming in from muslim countries. Maybe we ought to look at the impact of wahhabi money coming in an impact in the mosques. Maybe you want to take a look at better surveil once inside the muslim community, because not all Muslims are terrorists, but these radical terrorists are all Muslims in they're. Doing that the left has decided it's very, very important instead to go after President Trump. So, president, Trump again, he this. What's on his mind, which is not a wonderful thing, I want to talk about whether is effective or not in a second. But the first thing to note is that the left is using President Trump's sweet a way of avoiding having to talk about the real issues that are cropping up inside the islamic world. So, president, which is what he tweeted this on Sunday said. We see, we need to be smart, vigilant and tough. We need the courts to give us back. Right, we need the travel ban as extra level of safety so number one,
The last jumps all over that because they say okay, what does this have to do with the travel ban, because the travel ban, none these people are actually from any of the countries covered by the travel then, and then he tweets now. Whatever the United States, can do to help out in London. U K will be there. We are with you, God bless you, okay, see, that's actually what the president should be tweeting and they should save all the rest of the policy. Talk for a big policy speech Did he give on Monday about the threat of radical Islam and how we're actually going to counter it and who are allies are in that fight and what policies on to be promulgated up to and including the travel ban? continues. We must stop being politically correct and get down to the business of security for our people. If we don't get It will only get worse. Okay, so I that's true, but you. A suggest some solutions: Ann Coulter, who is a big trump supporter. Obviously she wrote in Trump we trust and culture said This is why we like to do to do these things not to blather about them, and then he also tweeted at least seven dead and forty eight wounded in terror attack and mayor of one and says: there's no reason to be alarmed and he,
he's talking about that. The mayor of London is Adam City Con, who is a muslim guy who is downplayed the threat of terrorism in the recent past, one and said, there's no reason to be alarmed because of the extra police presence, obviously that silly I'd be If I in London right now, I'm not sure why, who's going after city con per say. On this I mean there are many reasons to after the mayor of London. This seems like a bad reason to go after the mayor of London. And so that's that is that one more from sweet here again. Finally, we notice that we are not having a gun debate right now, that's because they use knives in a truck, that's true, but the way that phrases that makes it sound like it would have been better if they had guns. So we could have a gun debate, which is weird, but in any case, is any it's really egregious stuff is truly terrible. No none of it is truly terrible. It's also not a I'll discuss the effective point, a second, but the point I really want to make is that the left is due. On Trump's tweets in order to go after Trump. So you have Idiot raise Aslan on CNN, who is just an awful awful commentator, a guy who's, eating human brains by the way, and
and raise it Aslan. He says that Trump is a clinical piece piece of and to commentator, saying that the President of the United States and then MSNBC Anchor comes out and says: maybe Trump is trying to provoke a terror attack in the United States. To prove a point here is that this MSNBC anchor had to say is say trying to provoke a domestic terrorist attack with this twitter rant because only to prove himself right, this time, Roberts, which is just idiotic, no he's not trying to provoke a domestic terror Jack with his twitter rant that so stupid. It's not like ISIS is sitting around going all Trump tweeted, something nasty. Let's go kill. Americans like they want to kill me. They have plenty of them during Obama's time. This idea that Trump is his tweets. Responsible for not taking, terror is just silly, and then you idiots like Bette Midler, who Just I mean there are no words to describe the stupidity of this week said more sorrow, INC and grief at the hands of mad men in London may and religion are worthless. Ok,
How about like the guys who the soldiers killing the terrorists? Are they worthless as well about the men who were killed by the terrorists? Are they worthless The police work was about the guy who's Father. I assume that you find him not worth. Is he worth less? As well also I'm weirded out the fact that she lumps in all religion together. There's something left likes to do so they can avoid having to talk about the real threat of radical Islam and the fact that Islam has unique relationship with terrorism that does not exist in Christianity or Judaism men and religion are worthless. Really, like all religion is verse like the giants are problem the Jane? the problem, I'm I'm confused. I am a the problem now again anything to avoid discussing the real issues here? The real issues of what percentage of Muslims are actually radicalize. What percentage of those radicalized Muslims are actually terrorists? Susan price of the of the Obama administration she of Benghazi lies. She came out from National Security Advisor and she says that Trump's travel ban
slate to Muslim, so she's again attacking Trump, as opposed to talking about what strategy should actually be used with regard to combating radical Islam. Well, George, there's really no evidence to suggest that by banning Muslims or banning Muslims from, particular set of six countries that we would ourselves here in the United States safer and that I believe, one of the major reasons why the courts thus far I've been very skeptical, of the travel ban. Moreover, I think, there's a very real risk that by our stigmatizing and isolating Muslims from countries in and Muslims in general that alienate the very communities here in the United States whose cooperation we most need to detect and prevent these homegrown extremists from being able to about the travel ban against Trump, it's uh
not from sweet because it from hadn't said anything then wear it now would be talking about the nature of radical Islam and what we actually have to do to fight it, but instead because Trump tweet at all stuff, the left, is jumping on that Sally Kohn. She tweets political correctness, remember Trump tweeted a few minutes ago about political correctness being a problem sally, political correctness is simple idea. Everyone should be treated with equal dignity and respect. It's not causing terrorism, its antidote, first of all, Correct is not the idea that everyone should be treated with equal dignity and respect. That's called the local golden rule right, but the idea that political Correctness is crippling. Us is because, if you treat terrorists with dignity and respect, if you treat radical Islam with dignity and respect, you actually forwarding their agenda. He says political correctness isn't because cause of terrorism. It's the antidote, the number one islamist terrorist don't deserve respect and they're, not killing Londoners, because people were mean to them dot, but then she said, look Oregon again between Islamophobic attack and then up to him who believes Billy, who do you believe,
in being politically correct whose side you on and then she said, of those multicultural kids in Manchester versus Maniac bomber. Who do you think, believes in treating everyone with equality and respect? Well, the good guys, but that doesn't mean they would treat attackers an Islamist with equality and respect said, please name the situation in which tolerance and quality rather than resistance, has defeated hate. The point I'm making is the tolerance and equality toward terror. This is not to terrorists. What political correctness does the reason correct this is wrong. Is because insist that we apply respect and did the two people who deserve none of them. Resistance is, and some people are saying to me. Well, you know tolerance, equality, if you intolerance during the civil rights movement rate, with passive resistance to resist the bad guys. That's the point, political correctness, cripples you resisting the bad guys, but again all of this is just about. All of this, unfortunately, is is just about anti
trumpism as avoid as opposed to Anti Islamism. They rather have conversations about how Trump is terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible and have conversations about what we can do to actually stop. The growth of radical Islam. Now, with that said, okay sin, as I say, the left is the real continues to be the real obstacle to fighting Islam, but present trump is not making things any easier when he does silly things. So, president, Trump this morning, it's back on Twitter and he's been watching apparently morning, gel and fox and friends, and he gets back on Twitter and he issues, this series of tweets? Here's what he tweeted quote: people the lawyers in, course you can call it whatever they want, but I am calling it what we need and what it is, a travel ban. The reason that he saying this is because he was watching morning Joe this morning and they ran a montage of people inside the Trump administration. Trying to say it's, not a travel ban, it is a travel ban. So now he's going to clarify because it's very important that respond to morning Joe a show with presumably nine sure, seven of whom are actually on the set he continues. They just
department should have stayed with the original travel ban, not the water down politically correct version. They submitted to Supreme Court the justice and to ask for an expedited hearing of the water down travel ban before the Supreme Court and seek much tougher version. In any event, we are extreme vetting people coming into the US in order to help keep our country safe. It's are slow and political, and then he flipped over to Fox in and since we Dems are he he tweeted, aflatoxin friends Dems are taking. Or to approve my people, including ambassadors, they're, nothing but obstructionists want to, levels. Now we can all I think resonate to the fact that President Trump sees radical Islam. Much more clearly than President Obama did President Obama's radical Islam as this tiny minority of people, it wasn't really a threat. Why are we worried about radical Islam and we should be worried about things like global warming me trump doesn't do that routine, thank God, but I'm going to talk in a second about just what Trump is doing and whether it's effective or not, because listen, it's all well and good for a bright bar
commenter to say things that you agree with it well and then for me to say things that you agree with her disagree with, but the president of the United States has a job and is to implement policy not to sound off on Twitter and if it's sounding off on Twitter actually makes it harder for him to implement policy, then he's not doing his job before I go. To that. I want to say thank you to our sponsors overhead zeal, so if you want to Makes anybody in your family extremely happy. You need to download the lap right now go to seal dot, com, promo code, then, and then you need to order a massage for family or friends makes for a great father's day gift. I remember first time we use IL this massage supposed to for me and my mother in laws in town, I decided to be much more useful to have her Heaven massage, so I gave it to her relationship has been even The normally is ever since, but everyone in my family has used all my sister, his usiel, I think three times I've used it twice. I have used it. My father has used in my mother has used it. That's because zeal what they do.
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is Iphone or Android app and then make sure to click. Add promo code at the checkout to use my code Ben and you get twenty five dollars you first in home, on demand, massage again fantastic service, and it makes a great press for family and friends Great Father's day gift as well. Okay self, as as I think President Trump got on we got on Twitter. This more and this is an on going problem for President Trump. I agree with many of the things that he says travel ban, as I said before, I don't think it's fantastic. I don't think it's terrible. I think it's insufficient in some ways in overbroad and others. In other words, it covers some people have we covered, it covers it and- and it doesn't cover people coming from Britain by these terrorists are from our friends, were many terrorists are from or Germany or many terrorists are from or Saudi Arabia or many terrorists are from or easy for many terrorists are from? It covers a series of countries that are high terror, but height are mostly inside the country, not necessarily exporting terrorism, super sayin in mass numbers. So what Andrew you said- and I think this is correct- is that if you actually stop import
winter is when we actually need to focus on is less the travel ban and more on the extreme vetting trump talks about, and this would be increased these standards with regard to vetting of people coming into the country, screening for ideology, screening for values, screening for yes, which mask you go to and was that masked funded by Saudi Arabia, for example. These are question it ought to be asked instead, Trump's folks, the travel ban and his toy, as I mentioned before, are actually counterproductive. They don't help implement the travel ban, but even he wants so in order. We need to understand that when the Fourth Circuit Court of appeals knocked down the second executive order, travel ban there justification for doing so. Is they and one it's a muslim ban too. It's the same as that first executive order that we knocked down, which was overbroad and it's just an uh, way of doing that back door? Basically, that was their argument. So what does trump do? He comes out and he basically says it's a travel ban and then he says he links it to the in attacks by linking it to the London attacks, which have nothing to do with any
the people from these particular countries. It makes it sound like he actually would like to implement a muslim ban, which is what the courts were say. So he should shut up because stupid, like don't. Do this and then him to attack his own justice Department, understand the first travel An executive order goes down in flames and Trump comes back the second one right. He signs it. His tweets, he's now saying that it's the Doj's fault that he signed it. He signed it. This is too. The Justice Department, should have stayed with the original travel ban, not the water down politically correct version they submitted to the Supreme Court. He signed it. What does he I'm talking about? He signed it like you, don't complain about a travel band that you sign, dude and by the way that This department works for you there, though, for appealing this thing at your behest Sentara attorney. General sessions was hired by you. He can be fired by you that just department is under the purview of the executive branch. You know if I would, like the Justice Department to seek an expedited hearing. You obviously have a phone you are switching from it. Why don't you pick it
open call attorney general sessions. All of this is just counterproductive. It's a waste it. She makes it less likely that he's going to get the votes he needs on the Supreme Court to uphold the travel ban and this guy. These two is what Trump is doing is it smart? Ok, that's not! The same thing is: is he right in his general take on radical Islam? I think he is right in his Jenner take on radical Islam, but he's going to need to do more than that he's going to need to implement policies that make us safe and if he thinks that travel ban is one of those policies. Then why would you go on twitter and undermine your own legal case at the same time that you're trying to argue it? It doesn't make any sense. I'm not create room for his perspective. I think it's perspective is probably correct, but I think that his competence is in question here. The president of the red state is there to do things. He is now just there to say things, and I know everyone on our side of the aisle everybody on the right is just over joy, that he saying a lot of the things that we like people to say now it is his job to implement, has a republican Congress. I can't listen. I can all the things you want to hurt to hear said, rush Limbaugh
him. Sean Hannity can say the mark. Levin can say them. There are plenty of us on the right. Do the things you want to hear you can save them in the comment section over daily wire, the question isn't: other people are saying the things you want to say. The question is: are they implementing the things that will keep you safe right? Now, President these tweets are actually getting in. The way of that they were giving left is something to swivel to, instead of having to argue on the ground that Trump had chosen. Imagine for a second. The London attacks happen on Saturday in Trump, instead of tweeting out just tweets Austin powers with the UK we're going to do everything we can to help and then wait till Monday, and he gives a national address, and he says here's what the radical Islam is all about. It's about the idea of imposing Sharia law globally. It is believe we buy a significant percentage of Muslims all around the world and we have to distinguish between the so called moderate groups like Karen is not from actual moderates like Zuhdi Jasser or like some of the other people who are discussed in a in a book. I recommended it last week about moderate Islam in there, but they there are plenty of moderate Muslims reform.
Muslims, but they're, not the ones that government goes to here, we're going to reach out to this person. This person, this person, this person we're going to start working with, to demand of the saudi government. They stopped funding wahhabism in masks. If they don't we're going to freeze their bank accounts, These are all things that Trump could be doing and he could have done it with Well stated policy speech that would be so wrong with waiting like so that everyone had this gut level like I'm glad he treated you, I'm glad that he said things need to be said they would be. They do need to be said they need to be said in a smart fashion and that this is not forty chest is doing right now it is just him watching morning, Joe and tweeting, and that is not good for his agenda. If you want the agenda last week I missed English. Now, ok are conservative who wants the agenda, where you just someone who feels good, because Donald Trump is punching things if you're, if you're, just a person who feels good because Donald Trump in Random fashion, like the hulk, is just breaking things. Then let me just, you you're not doing your job as a conservative, your job
the conservative, is to forward policy that makes your children safer. It is his job, to implement that policy. If he is, undercutting the implementation because he can't control himself. That is no better than saying the wrong thing. It's a slightly better, be saying the right thing, it's better to say the right thing, then, to save wrong answer the wrong thing, but it's not that much better than saying the right thing and doing the wrong thing. I would prefer that he the right thing and do the right thing, but not require him to actually use his prefrontal cortex as opposed to his lizard brain that just wants to lash out of things on twitter, I'm angry not because I think he has the wrong perspective. You understand, I agree with him on a lot of this stuff, I'm angry because he has a job I agree with a lot of the people who work in my company, but they so have jobs if they came in. If Mathis in Austin came in here every day, they said, then your show is just great and then they did. Play the audio at the correct times, cut off the show at the wrong point and didn't. Allow me to read my ads. I was at your doing a crappy job you're fired because they say will have a job. It is really stupid to act as though
trump doesn't have a job or that his only job is to say things, and it's really stupid. If you say his only job is to say things, but then, when he says things you say well, don't take him seriously. Don't take him literally. Take him seriously this job to say things or is it to do things you can't switch randomly his job is to say things: and do things and he should do both of those things correctly. Ok, so with that said, we're going to talk about the falling apart on global warming and a few notes on Vladimir Putin and such but first going go to daily, wear dot com and become a subscriber for eight dollars. A month you can become a subscriber, a daily wired dot com that gets you access to the rest of the show live and let to be part of the mailbag which we are now going to be doing on. Fridays were five days a week gang five days a week boom. Right I know everyone is very excited particularly employees who are used to having Fridays sort of off, but we I'm going to be going five days a week beginning this week, so be part of that by subscribing over the dailywire dot com you can also see Andrew Klavan Show live, is Andrew, going five days a week as well. No ok the stories we give me five days a week in any case, goal
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I and leave us a at leave us a review. We always appreciate over actions. We are the largest concern apart cast in the nation, okay. Well, I think one of the great things was exposed. This last week is on Friday President Trump pulls out of the Paris treaties, the Paris it's really isn't. We did, but they call it an accord. He pulls this Paris accord and the entire left goes nuts. They say the world is going to implode. It's super duper. Important super duper terrible, The mayor of London who city was just attacked two days before the attacks he said the worst thing that happened was it climate change? Really. He said this. He said he be scared of climate change, but terror. Not so much here but he said the city Coney tweeted this June. First, ok, the attacks happened June. Second, I believe he treated. Now more than ever, world leaders must recognize the threat of climate change and join forces to protect public health, reduce pollution and help,
sustaining greener planet. I remain committed to the Paris agreement and working with other world cities on solution This is tackling emissions harmful pollutants in safeguarding the environment. We can overlook the fact that climate change remains one of the biggest environmental risks to humanity Well, that's one of the biggest risks to humanity. The day after that is, he said. Londoners will see an increase. These presents and over the course of the next few days, no re don't be alarmed one of seems the police and all of us need to do is make sure we're safe as we possibly can be no reason to be alarmed over terrorism and the increasing police presence, but we should be deeply alarmed over an increase in temperature of seven degrees, seven degrees Fahrenheit over the course of the next. One hundred years. That's something we should We deeply alarmed about Al Gore is b Try it out again Al Gore, I mean they had a we limit on a crane. Al Gore, because I mean he's become just a bowling ball of wreckage. And- and here he is apparent with global warming- is bloated him somewhat here he is discussing how weather is out of the book of revelations. It's not
Just the scientific community warning us now, it's mother nature. Every night on the tv news is like a nature hike through the book of revelation. Ever not so that maybe just gained weight. You're sweating, alot nude, like the weather in that bad. Every night on the evening. Is it first of all we found Hurricanes have actually gone down in recent years. There were, they is always there it's been natural disasters, but the alarm is on the over global warming is truly astonishing and the left is trying to make the case that that is more of a threat to humanity than terrorist attacks or or than the rise of radical Islam, which is taking over countries, understand something Terrorism is not just a function of people bomb. Western cities is also function. Taking over countries that have western minorities and then forcing them bye, bye, Sharia LAW, Christians are and wiped out in the Middle EAST wiped out. It is a genocide that is happening in the Middle EAST, against Christians. There are places all over the globe where islamic radicals are rising in government and is not the question of them attacking us here. It's a question of them. Making there
in countries Christian Free, Anju, free- and I know ignore all of that, but the it is. These regimes are in no way non terrorist, just because they're using terrorist methods against their own citizenry Nancy. Poulos e said I think the craziest thing of all. She said that I'm pulling out of the Paris accords. We discussed this on Friday. It was a good move, because the Paris accord didn't actually do anything plus they basically tried to lock the United States into certain reforms that that were essentially in effect, here is Nancy Polo, see her are dentures all movement. Talking about this sing, a dishonor to God, really the
we have a moral responsibility to be good stewards of God's creation, and in doing so we must pay special attention to the needs of the poor when he saw it as an environmental justice issue as well the image of local community. When the Pope went to the White House, he talked about the dangers of air pollution when he was here and just last week the Pope met with President Trump and gave him a copy of his encyclical. Now that tastes see which make made the case for strong urgent action to halt the climate crisis, the Pope wrote the comet is the common good belonging to a long and men, for all bible- tells us to to minister to the needs of God's creation- is an act of worship to ignore those needs is to dishonor the God who made us. Sorry, when is I want to be away from the cell phone cut her off before she kills our entire audience of boredom
but when she I love, the Nancy Polo see who wants you to be So a border baby until your Nancy Polo sees age like until the baby is Nancy. Polo sees age that is, under God is pulling out of a useless agreement that was non binding effect. That was the designer to God, not the killing of the babies, not the backing of taxpayer funded killing of babies. It's done, cider the overheated language the left uses with regard to with regard, global warming is, in March, in contrast to the way that they treat terrorism, Paul Krugman, who is just a turd of a human being Paul Crook in tweet it out. I actually want to get this right. I'm going to go over to his twitter accounts right now. Here is what he treated he treated, see I'm going to London later this week. Omg, I might be stabbed- or I might hit by a drunk driver tonight or run over by a cab. Tomorrow I mean seriously. Terrorism equals bad, but panicking about this stuff or worse, is inciting panic is unforgivable, especially for president, so
entire left is inciting panic about climate change that they predict will happen. Over the course of the next century and which we have technologies that will adapt, but Terrorism is something that we shouldn't worry about: the disconnect between this is really amazing and what it really comes down to is. The left is not believe that humanity has the capacity for actual evil. The left believes is one of the things I like about. The wonder, woman, film Is that wonder, woman? It doesn't give anything away, but one of the great themes of the film is human beings are capable of evil, that it doesn't require an external force for human beings to be human beings are capable of being. For themselves, and the LE just refuses to acknowledge this. The left simply says that terrorism is a function of poverty, its external forces that cause everything. So if the environment is really screwed up, but that's cause more terrorism. This is why they actually have tried to blame terrorism on global warming. Bernie Sanders tried to do this if you recall in the last election cycle, but the real threats of the planet is not the planet getting. A little bit warmer of the course of the next century. That is not the threat to human
we will all survive that the planet has warmed and cooled in the past. I'm not talking about whether we should do things to curb that. I think that there are things we can do to but like, for example, encouraging fracking fracking is significantly cleaner than coal, but life. Doesn't want to hear that, but the left is folk, global warming because it allows them to virtue signal without actually having to do anything about the problem of human evil that must be confronted on a daily basis. Meanwhile, there is a big interview that Megyn Kelly she's now back and she's on NBC, so she doesn't show on NBC on Sunday nights in her fur interview she interviewed Vladimir Putin, a dictator of Russia and Vladimir Putin drops full of lines about MIKE Flynn about russian meddling in the election, and have some notes here is here is Megyn Kelly with Latimer Putin from yesterday I mean you and I you and I personally have a much closer relationship than I had with Mister Flynn. You and I met yesterday evening
you and I have been working together old day today and now we're meeting again when I came to the event for our company rush it's day and sat down at the table next to me. There was a gentleman sitting on one side, but the I made my speech that we talked about some of the stuff and I got up and left and then after I was told you know that was an american gentleman. He was involved in some things he used to be in security services, that's it. I didn't even really talk to him. That's the extent of my acquaintance with Mister Flynn okay, so he says they they did that that, of course not. The question is how often he personally talked with MIKE Flynn. The the former national security adviser from the question is: was MIKE Flynn being paid by the by the Russians by Russia today. The answer is yes presume we put it, wouldn't get on the phone with Flynn directly. Every five seconds: why was he at that in the first place, is a question and then put in remarks the idea that the Russians meddled in the election at all doesn't
there wasn't even any kind of specific discussion about sanctions or anything else. For me, this is just a may. Sing. We created a sensation out of nothing you out of the sensation it into a weapon of war against the current President Lou Lou. Well, this is what you know you're just you, people are so creative over there good job. Your lives must be boring. So the entire right is jumping on the same uh with Ladimir Putin said they weren't meddling in the election right, the form, Kgb agent is saying they weren't meddling in the election. Here's the thing about, all this and the right is so eager to exonerate Trump, which is fine, you know again, there is no evidence implicating Trump in anything himself. There's evidence in England, there's evidence linking Manafort, but there's nothing really linking can the campaign itself or Trump. To the Russians, there is no smoking gun, there's not even any hard evidence at this point. You know all of that said Vladimir Putin,
Word is not something that you should take at face value, and I see people who I respect. You know treating this stuff like oh well. If Putin says it, it must be true. No, It could also be put in effing with you right. It could be put in screwing with you and saying that you know the Russia. So we didn't metal what weather is talking about v metal in your election like crazy? Why would we do this and then in the back, he's like hacking, the Dnc again? The point is this: when you play baseball I I was a little league player and I still am capable of turning on a fastball. Austin can testify to this. So the the fact is that one of the things they talk, about in baseball's. You really want to screw with a header. Catcher what you do. You tell them what's coming next right, because if you say it's a fastball, then they don't believe it or not, is a fastball, or is it a if they said, ball is in a fastball curveball, you know so good hit.
But they do have a catcher tries to do this? Is they ignore what the catcher is saying to them, because they're better off using their reflexes, to respond to the picture? That's coming at them, then trying to outthink whether the catcher is lying to them or not, because The catcher will do is sometimes the line. Sometimes they'll tell the truth. They'll say here comes a fastball. Here comes the fastball here comes a fastball. It's a fastball here comes a curveball is a fastball right, so instead what you do is you just ignore the catcher right? You just do what you're going to do. That is how the treating Vladimir Putin, Vladimir Putin, there are two screw with us he's there to screw with us he's there to screw. The Democrats is there to screw with the United States is interest our adversarial to ours, treating him out as though he has something valuable to say here, tweeting him out as though he is somehow exonerating Trump and that when he says things we should the face value. If Obama had done. The same thing would have said boy: are you a Putin shill, so don't fall into this trap? This it's convenient that mean it's true. Ok, where we going further. I want to say thank you to our sponsors over at blinds dot com. So
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access group general ideology of Sharia law dominating the planet, and so will pursue Sheria law through Alternative Means, Bernard Lewis, spell this out and he talks about it and he uses language like a huge now. Or of Muslims, believe in these bad things, and then he but a majority of Muslims, it may not believe in these bad things. The bottom line is it's very hard to get an estimate on how many Muslims globally believe in globally like Sharia LAW, but it is not a tiny minority to pretend that it's five percent or ten percent or three percent is just absurd. One of the things that I think is actually pretty hilarious is that at one point, Politifact did a fact check on the notion that um on this video that I did where I talked about how many Muslims are radicalized. How many of them have radical beliefs- and all I did was I took a bunch of pulling data, and I pointed out how many of them believe in honor killings, for example, or how many of them believe in the application of Sharia LAW by the government, their own government, other governments, which is radical and if we in the United States, if there are group
people in the United States who say that separation of church and state should be overthrown in favor of christian theological governments that would be rad. Would it not, but according to Politifact, that's not radical to come over with their own their own. Like I love this, according to twenty thousand here's what Politifact he said. Looking at a twenty thirteen pew report on Muslims, we found the picture is more calm, located pew reported. Eighty four percent of pakistani Muslims wanted Sheria LAW, but of those nearly two slash three said it should apply only to Muslims run. Those now there's through and you get about fifty four million Muslims who think all Pakistan it should be subject to Sharia law. That's about sixty percent fewer than I said, because I said seventy six. The Muslims want Sharia LAW in all muslim countries. Okay. So what? If you you know what that means. If you want muslim law applied to all Muslims, that is still a theocracy enter, He is the Muslim tries to convert away. That is apostasy and you can be killed in Islam for that. So that's still pretty radical, but they do they do their they're sort of they do
their their own analysis and what they come up with at the end is I said that you know I went through all these countries and then I average I said, seventy two percent of the people in these countries could be identified as radicalized. Pew or Politifact, which hates me went through and they said nineteen percent could be identified as radicalized and then they back away, they said to be, We are not saying. Nineteen percent were not saying one hundred and eighty one million radical Muslims. So, even though, I can't come up with an estimate. Everyone shies away from the estimates, because the fact is there are lots and lots and lots of radical Muslims all over the world. The crisis of his explains why ok time for some things that I hate so Bill Maher dropped, a really terrible joke on HBO on Friday night Ben Sasse, who we had on the show last week, was in studio with Bill Maher and both of them were getting all sorts of flak. I will explain who should get flack and why we'd love to have you work in the fields with us work in the Senate? I'm a house,
okay, so people are saying they SAS was laughing at him. No sass is not laughing about an awkward and look as we can get I mean. Can you go back to that? Look on sasses face yeah. I mean that is like. Oh God get me out of here when he makes the house and we're joke yeah and so people tripping on sat there saying Sass should have immediately chided MAR on air now should have immediately chided marinara. Yes, you should have the absolute should we should have said. That is. Why are making an joke that is totally inappropriate and wild now? Can we honest about something for a second, how many of you I've ever been in a room where someone told a joke that was sexist, racist, bigoted, homophobic and you laughed awkwardly because you didn't know what to do and then later you thought I really should have said something. If you're saying that's never happened to you, I'm going to go with your fitting right now. He's happened to be much everyone. I've been in rooms where somebody started telling openly racist, jokes and I live.
He got up and walked out of the room and then later I like, I really should have told him to stop it like in the room. But I I remember at the time I was like this is so awful and I got up and I walked out of the room and I, told him to stop. This is not appropriate, but since it wasn't, you know because because it wasn't a place where I felt comfortable doing that then data very awkward, does that mean do the right thing and telling him know so she should That said something sure, but to say that in the moment Saturday, pectin Edward and were joking then jumped in. I think is. I'm pretty uncharitable toward Senator Sass. I think a lot of the people who are upset with him here are really You are upset that he doesn't, like President Trump very much and they're using this as a cudgel to beat him as far as MAR making a bad joke here. It is a really bad joke doesn't mean that MAR is racist. I don't think that that is that he meant to be racist here. I think that would be a weird statement, no regarding MAR Mar, come out and apologize now, there's crusade to get him thrown off.
There. I'm getting tired of these crusades to get people thrown off the air unless we are trying to achieve a mutually assured destruction so that people will stop it altogether, which is why I started truth revolt. I don't like the idea that somebody makes a joke you like and now the goal is to get them thrown off the air. I think it's a mistake and so and so should the joke, of course not does mark knowledge. Shouldn't made the joke, of course, but this these over the top and the virtue signaling and the let's fire everybody, because they said something we don't like. It will come around to you too. Ok, all the people who say this are people who will apply to the. Three year twitter and find something they don't like and then they'll initiate boy It's against you and try and destroy. I don't like it other things that I hate, Shannon Sharpe, who was a former tight ends in the in the NFL he was talking about being black on Fox sports one and he said that being black is the hardest job in America, I've said numerous times the hardest job in America isn't being a professional athlete is not.
Being a bull bull fighter or mad adore some having some job that Pusha life at risk, the hardest job in America is being black. Because it's the one thing you cannot run. He skipped. I was born dirt, poor boy I rolled through the rank because God gave mentality are cultivated it and our roles up through the rings, but even if I became more famous and more financially secure, guess what I still was black. If I didn't have education, no one in my grip, the in my family, to graduate from college until my brother, the it in that idea. So I went and if educated, but I got an education but guess what I still will come. Will I'm well lost and found that you secure, educated, still black and that's how they see the evil of brown. J
Guy is famous beyond famous make seventy seven million dollars a year he's going to send a letter kid from the Akron area to college on his dad. But we still got the reminder Lebron. I need you to hold down that night. You know. So this whole notion that being black is the hardest job in America. This morning I received a he. Huge series of emails that are just astonishingly anti semitic. I mean from from one guy who I can only assume is some sort of alt right troll and It's tough about how my kids should die in gas chambers and all the keywords should be have their throats cut. I literally see this in my email box today. So is it the hardest? there could be. Could you is even one of the top ten jobs? No, it's not a g is on the job and you okay did that job as well. You do for a living, I'm not a Jew. Living I'm a Jew by choice in terms of my religion and by ethnicity, otherwise, the id The Shannon Sharpe has the hardest job in America, because he's black or Lebron job has the hardest job in America, because he's black, I'm going to go with
soldier on the front lines in Afghanistan has the hardest job. A cop policing, high crime area has the hardest job. A fire fighting running in number of fire fight running in burning buildings is the hardest job. Not all black people have hardest job, because not all black people live equivalent lives and this this attempt to paint all black people as victims and evil white society again. Are there evil people out? There will target people because they're black, yes, are there evil people out? There will target people because they're Jews absolutely are there evil people out there? Yes, Does that mean Lebron James has the hardest job in America or Shannon Shaw. The hardest job in America. Absolutely not and pretending that that being black is is basically putting it. Find the eight ball in the United States is not acknowledging the reality of behavior when in decision making when it comes to you, success in America is blaming society at large, for whatever players, you see again, I'm happy to blame individual ray This is for racism, but all of american society is, though we want to vandalize Lebron James Garage when all
American society is currently watching Lebron James and a lot of other black folks play in the NBA finals, as well as some white folks. That's just absurd! It's absurd! find James gets paid. A lot of money to play a basketball game and Shannon Sharpe got paid a lot of money to play. Football will be back here tomorrow with more up dates and more news in all of your favorite things, so be there or be square I'm venture period. This is the Ben Shapiro show.
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