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Ep. 322 - All The World's A Stage, And The Play Sucks

2017-06-19 | 🔗
Alt-right provocateurs storm the stage at "Julius Caesar," leftists continue to make a mockery of themselves, and Trump's lawyer makes the rounds.
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In a horrific, active anti muslim terrorism. A forty eight year old man drove a van into a group of Muslims near a mosque in Finsbury Park in London. On Sunday he shouted. I want to kill all Muslims. I did my bet. You deserve it. One man was killed, ten others were wounded according to the daily mail quote, the unnamed man was clean even with curly, hair and wore white T shirt, suffered cuts to his face and hands and was films repeatedly, shouting kill me to the men who grabbed him after his arrest, the terrorist suspect continue to go the crowds, the witness the attack by smiling waving and even blowing kisses at them. The incident to reflect the perpetrator should spend the rest of his life in prison, because the UK has no death penalty. The left isn't wrong to connected with an upsurge in anti muslim crime. According to London, Mayor City Kind has been far too permissive with regard to his logic, radicalism, on his own soil. He released police figures that showed according to news, we quote islamic phobic attacks
risen fivefold. Since the ramming a knife assault, a forty percent increase in racist attacks, the numbers from London's metropolitan police show that Anti muslim motivated incidents had risen to a daily twenty. Seventeen average of four to as many as twenty but it is wrong to use the anti muslim attack as justification for the equivalency between the dangers of the rise, radical Islam and the rise of anti muslim xenophobia. That is absurd. Yes, attacks on most have risen, and that is unjustifiable and awful. Major attacks on Muslims by Anti muslim terror are far less common, however, than major radical Muslim it here.
On non Muslims across Europe and they are supported by no major terrorist group, let alone state actors. Radical Muslims run states. Anti muslim countries do not exist in the same way. Even most extreme anti muslim countries have muslim populations. For example, this London attack marks the first major terror attack in great Britain against Muslims, since twenty thirteen, when the ukrainian student attempted to bomb a mosque in Birmingham and stabs young muslim anti death. If I missed one, I apologise in advance in the last four months. However, within the westminster
attack, the Manchester Arena Bombing and the London Bridge attack. This is not to suggest that violent, anti muslim terror attacks are somehow better or less disgusting and violent, radical muslim terror attacks on others, but they are far less statistically frequent, have nearly no global support and earn the round condemnation of the entire western world. The left has attempted to broaden the conversation to include individual hate crimes, for example harassing woman and a huge job. But if we do that, we also have to include the rate of hate crimes by Muslims against others, e G Jews across Europe. We have a moral obligation to fight against terrorism wherever we see it, but you pretend that a widespread anti muslim terror network is spreading across the west. Organised or disorganized is a deliberate misreading, the situation by people who are politically motivated to waive away the continuing threat of radical muslim terrorism. I'm bench appear of this- is the bench of Hiroshima all right, so we have a lot to talk about today. I want to talk about what looks like you could be looming war over Syria. President Trump seems to be.
In a position where the russian, We are now trying to push him around in Syria, so we'll talk about that mom Terribly will also talk about making Kelly and Alex Jones, and I want to talk a fair bit today about these. Situation with these alt right protesters storming these stage Julius Caesar Shakespeare in the parks. I think indicative of something else that's happening in the modern right wing movement that is troubling to say the least bubble. Where we get to any of that. I first want to say thank you to our sponsors over envy empty over em, the empty, so movement watches was founded on the belief that stuff should not break the bank, and this watch right here, which I, where every single day it is an awesome, awesome lodgings. He it really classy and minimalist that is, their design lives the vermilion watches to consumers in hundred sixty countries around the world. I love this watch. It gets compliments all the time it's lightweight, but it, but it's really sleek end in solid as well feels great in looks great and that the company started by two broke
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occur because terror is terror is tearing, doesn't mean the terror We are all the same. It does mean the terror is the same danger from all quarters, but is in. To mention when a terrorist act like this occurs, because otherwise we are not being we're not being observed give or honest in in what's happening around the world They're. Big news today is that the russian government is basically now threatening war with United States over Syria, witches in, I think, they're bluffing, I think, there's a pretty solid show that they are bluffing. It's dangerous anyway. Obviously right now, if you, if you look at the sitting nation. Basically, in Syria, you ve got the Kurds, although it north and then in the west. You have the you have I mean in the east, you have ISIS, which is big block of territory, in the east and then the rest the country's sort of the everywhere from the South EAST to the northwest, is split between, the free syrian army that be the syrian rebels and Bashar sides government Bashar sides. Government is being propped up right now by Vladimir Putin. So here is
situation according CNN on Sunday in american jet shot down A syrian jack shoot down came a little more than two hours after forces. Allied with the syrian regime of Bashar, Al Assad attack the North Central Syria tell them should dean, which was controlled by the syrian defence forces in accordance with rules of engagement and collective self defence of coalition. Our forces. The Syrian shows mediately shot down by a: U S: F, F: eighteen tv super hornets. I hope then, I'm reading that correctly Is we shot down a syrian jet and the Russians mealy threatened retaliation? The Russian Defence Ministry announced quote all kinds of air vehicles, including aircraft, and you are these. The international coalition detected Western Euphrates River, which includes part of Iraq, will be tracked by the Russian asylum systems is a retard gets, so there threatening shooting down american planes once they start threatened to shoot down american planes. Then we are on the brink of war, which is obviously a frightening sinner
We owe this was created by Brok Obama. This has nothing to do with president trumped. President trumpet say during the campaign to Hillary Clinton that her attempt to her suggestion. Set up a no fly zone over Syria could lead the World WAR three. Now it appears that we, engaging in an air war would Syrians. That is I, think a not bad move actually by president trumpet. I think we have to acknowledge the risks that it in our entails. Here, David French has suggested partition of the country. We support the Kurds up north to create their own independent state and that we guarantee era coverage over that area. The guarantee air coverage over various other areas, but we're playing, you're a scheme of chicken with the Russians, and this is all because Brok Obama never had a russian strategy, assyrian strategy and didn't do anything back in twenty thirteen when he could have and should have so again. I can't Madam president, Trump for this, and I warbling president from four situation he was handed by his unbelievably incompetent predecessor, again
don't think, there's any long, lasting great solution here, but the only solution here is going to be something that nobody really likes variable. Ok, so the Big NEWS over the weekend, at least in the domestic political area, was that there are these alright protestors, who have decided you run up on stage at the Julius Caesar production in Shakespeare in the partner we talked about this production last week is the production where the jewel Caesar parties stage. Clearly as President trump his wife is stay. Clearly, as Maloney Trump, and then he is assassinated. Not for those you don't know the play basic concept plays the Julius Caesar is has overweening ambition, but his assassinated by a bunch of senators who want to restore the republic and then the entire thing breaks down. The assassination of Caesar is not seen in a particularly good light in the play. The assassination of Caesar is seen as a big mistake by Brutus caches and all the conspirators, and there mob is basically whipped into a frenzy by Mark Antony to permanently and democracy and republic republicanism in Rome. So at the very least, if you read the play, it is not
here that the play is in favour of Trump quoted from seas, are being assassinated, but the imagery is disturbing. Obviously we played at last week. I ended, I think, is it obvious and silly representation by the by the people who decided to do the play. It is not, however, linked- and this is this annoys me- it is not advocacy or defence of violence, and it is not linked. It is not linked to the assassination attempts on congressional members by this far left Anti Trump guy There's no evidence whatsoever that you want to see the plain that was inspired you this even if there had been. I am deeply uncomfortable with this notion then, if you was initially handy or Russia limbo, and then you go shoot, somebody that has shown Hannity or Ruslan boss fault if they are not but getting violence. It is not their fault. It is a game that work and we can play all day long, but it's a stupid game and it's a counter productive game. So nonetheless, bunch of people who want to get their, namely the paper, so they decided in a rush on stage at these events. Now I m against, as a general rule, snowflake
of all forms. I dont like when people rush on stage when I am speaking, I would be a hypocrite I said it was ok for people to rush on site. When someone else is speaking the justification people use when they were onstage and trying to shut down my speeches or an culture speeches or miles or Charles Murray's, Ryan, Hersey alleys or haven't Mcdonald. Whenever they do this, what they say they are trying to prevent hate speech, because that hate speech will generate violence. This is always there excuse always, and here is what it was like when they do these things, and it is bad okay. This is what happened in House data lay back in February, two thousand fifteen. Here's what happened- and this is how it's written you and there it is gang, guess why you know what they're not going to stop? Let us hold the fire alarm in the middle of the speech we had put his but there's a big right outside. Basically, people were assaulting people in the ground. It was disk
sitting. Then it is disgusting. Now. Ok here is protesters blocking State University Wisconsin is very similar to what just happened in Shakespeare in the park as being the universe Wisconsin Scots and bunch of protesters decided to get up and shout at me and disrupt the proceedings. The policeman do anything about it and then they all stood in front of the stage and they started blocking the proceedings. With that look like Ok, so again, You know this notion that I'm unfamiliar with people doing this. Thing is ridiculous, or the notion that I am how against this sort of stuff because of cowardice. Go on college campuses, accomplices all the time, and I speak to crowds in which this kind of stuff occurs. It is always stupid. It always grows. It is always counter productive. It is always antifreeze speech over its appalling university. I rest arrest to walk on the campus. Here's what it looked like when they, when the administration there decided that they would not let me even enter the cap, is to speak now. One point something out after the info
Neither the arrest me because it would be trespass. It's a private university. I dont have a right to be there. So I left here is what that look like. Just to be just to be clear, if I attempt to ensure that all right there and sit down just to listen to somebody speak or if I attempt to ask questions or engaging free speech, you will have me arrested to support this. Ok, and so I took all of the people from all when to a place of canvas where we then proceeded to engage in our free speech event anyway. So all of that is prelude to what happened in Shakespeare. The reason I put that out. There is number one because I've lived this experience many times and number two, because it is wrong when the left It is similarly stupid and wrong when the right does it. Ok, here is what happened. This is on Friday evening. Eating is Jack, plus a bigger did, but don't really know how to be who he is, or his name until started tweeting at me and Laura Laura Lauren, Jabez Jim, don't know who they are, but in any case
drawn decision in a big deal out of it now the raising all sorts money themselves here is the first alright storming of the stage we're going to pause, going to pause security security, shouting liberal he kills, and MRS violence in En Passant agenda dupe. He get Up any start, shouting how everybody is devils and Everyone here is a Nazi. Everyone here is gobbles because they come to watch a production Julius Caesar in which the current leader of the country is portrayed as Julius Caesar which, by the way, happening thousand eleven in Minneapolis Theatre, portrayed President Obama as they now I thought it was ridiculous ends. Stupid when the left went insane after a road
oh clown in Missouri, dressed up as President Obama, the left went nuts. It was ridiculous, then it is ridiculous now for people to go crazy over a piece of art that they don't like. It's really really stupid but that's, not stopping the right from now engaging in the same sort of snowflake rate and make. Let me make something clear if people have been acting like this is oh well, you know we're just using their tactics against them. No, that's! Not what this is. Ok, that's not what this is, because, even if the West Stop shutting down my speeches or an speeches or Milo speeches. Rennie the recipes Prs I believe these all right protesters would still go into this stuff It was still going do it? Why not because they're trying to demonstrate that the tactic is wrong, they're doing it, because they are offended by the content, which makes them wings snowflakes, although there not even really right wing, because I have yet to identify the right wing principles other than that they don't like the left. It's just is just. And here's Lord Ingram tweeting about us and she tweeted quote the left, doesn't like it their tactics, are used against their expression. How many, storm stage if Obama was stabbed first of all in Minneapolis, none of them.
Stage one second of all, if they did I would say that was bad and stupid. I would say that it's a damn thing to do, because you don't have a right to destroy people's place of business. You dont have a Right to interfere with someone else's freedom of speech now this is not the same thing as establishing a mutually assured destruction. With regard to boycotts, for example, I've rights you with my money, what I want you have directly with your money, what you want if you want to boycott check the late, and I want a boycott MSNBC that is perfectly within our purview. What cannot do and what you cannot do you can't walk down the czech fillet occupy the place. Ok, when black lives matter did that to launch a branches in New York City, it was stupid, it was counterproductive and it was growth and, by the way it lead. People to react by electing Donald Trump trumps responds to this kind of behaviour by the way was not to go and shut down. Leftist events is to point out that the left wing shutting down his events, which was eminently correct for all the people, keep saying what we have to use their strategies because their winning no
they are not. They glossed lost over a thousand seats all across the country. Trump is the president and we and Republicans control the the Congress as well as the Senate. The notion that the left is winning because anti for snowflakes, because the People University Wisconsin shutting things down. It's just idiocy. It's just idiocy! So no that's not even strategically deserves our strategic genus. So they do it again, on Sunday night and, of course again, because so much of the right has become tribal instead of smart or conservative there, a lot of people who defend did this activity, which I'll show you in a second, so here's the second protest or jumping on stage on Sunday night. Those will be brown. He kills. Liberal hails. I've been on the receiving end of this region, in from the left. Ok vote,
it does not kill. Words are not violence in the middle of preach denseness for years. Ok, the minute you starts thing that words are violence. We grow ever closer to violence. The minute you start suggesting that simple political discourse discords you dont like is equivalent to violence. Then you are justify violence in the name of shutting down their discourse. It's disgusting and it's wrong. Ok, it's wrong it's just as wrong- is one left us it. I don't understand. Why have to explain this to people more conservative than are supposed to be rounded intraday christian values system, that's just the value of other human beings and the value of free speech. It's really quite disgusting, an orphan! Then a guy gets starts yelling that's yet and at this issue again very helpful it is worth pointing out. Every keeps shouting: gables, ok, linguists camels in and the Nazis. What they actually used to do is shut down marxist events. Ok, there's,
artists, political event, Newton Storm troopers to shut down, and not one were in the night when they were elected. Ok, like independent little anti for tight groups- MRS just it's just on, but Sean Hannity, who again? I love John Kennedy is a person, but John is, is, I think, I think, he's pandering to the worst group of people on the right. Sean Hannity tweets this raids. Sean is treating about this last night. I tweeted this. This has to say he. Twitter wild might liberal. He kills chance, protester! Ok, now Sean gives Opinions for living he's an opinion hosting is not an objective journalist. When I called him on it, and I said this is this- is the last chance conservative hate, conservative, hey kills and you call them snuff. Which is right, stop with the stupidity and then Sweden back the only person being stupid here as you I was sweet. Exactly what was said with video. I mature enough to let people decide, but you do have an opinion,
opinion. On this shot I mean and then later Sean did express his opinion, which is that he thinks it's perfectly fine. They shut this thing down because it was disrespectful to the President of the United States and in his opinion it was boarding. Violence again, I'm gonna, be God forbid. Somebody should- shoot a person on the left who, in the end the shooter happens to be somebody once listen to John Henry, shall I was somebody who too, weeks ago to wreaking weeks ago two weeks ago, folks sitting here. Defending Sean Hannity from boycott over the south, rich stuff came but the higher left was going after him in what Chauncey he said, just because I was coming store in a particular way doesn't mean that the left retarget me for destruction so they are all of this is, is highly irritating and I will talk about a few more points I have to make on this before I get to see how the left has reacted too getting these letters rat and justice abysmally, as you would expect them to. But first I want to say thank you.
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and the idea is that your baby you're whining about my principles, you have principle still, if you're one of these people, your friends, must you, but you need to name them for me, because those principles Obviously, don't include the idea that you don't get to destroy somebody's establishment just because you are what they're saying I assume you say your principle as winning. That's not a principle. That is a goal. Ok principle is thing that you are willing to lose to uphold hey. What are you willing to share her face in order to uphold the principle. I am willing to sacrifice the notion that a play offends me based on them. Simple. They shouldn't shut down free speech even for people. I don't like I'm willing to sacrifice that by the way, I don't think they're winning because of that freedom of speech speeches they principle storming my speeches storming place. It is wrong to want we do it. It is wrong whether they do it not the same thing as an economic boycott and there's that other principle that I mentioned to that words are not violence
I've spent my entire careers in words, are not violence. Left says they are violence, and now it got half the writing that words are violence. This is the predicate to legislation. Camptown on speech, in order that this is how you get to Canada going to get the canadian version of free speech or people get sued for things that they don't like, and the reason is because they're, a bunch of people who say that it causes violence and then there's the tactical AR So my friend John Naughty, who I love- John ok but John- wrote this peace today attack me by and because at daily, where I want to have a site where we have a multiplicity of viewpoint, I printed it. He used the mob principles line. I printed it. I disagree every word of it, including and an the he talks about how these people storming Julius Caesar, it was like Lincoln, suspending habeas corpus. Hey this. This is just Riddick. It was to me for a couple of reasons. One Lincoln suspended habeas corpus during an actual civil war like there's a war on We use wartime morality in peacetime, would presume gonna be in a war between actual war. If we use wartime morality in peacetime, they dont court, Sherman
unless you're willing to burn Atlanta. Furthermore, to pretend that the left is winning because they Johnson break windows, her legs shoot us shouted down there, they're losing because of all this, the more extreme left becomes, the more they lose. The what's inside they drove the right to victory across the country. Does not pretend that Donald Trump came along and suddenly the right one. The right had one thousand seats across the country threatened one back the house and the Senate before Donald Trump was even mentioned. Its presidential candidate Trump did a lot of things, other things he did what he called out. What we needed to stop. One of the things he did do was attempt to shut down left to speech. John asked for a plan is what's yours and if you not storming stages. Here's my plan begun college campuses point out to the press as loudly in as often as possible when they refused to allow us to speak, way. It works, Bernie Sanders Elizabeth, worn Brok above all, have come out against the college. Snowflake rate that is being evidence from the right and finally,
there's morality, the tactics, question. Ok, some of these tactics are just not moral. Ok, they are not doing this again because they are attempting to stop the left from doing there. It because they are offended. If you are trying shutdown, someone's free speech, because you are offended, you are the problem, you are the snowflake you're the person doing something wrong. Ok. Now as we continue here, I want to talk about the the left's responds to the shootings, because the fall out from that just insane. The left has lost its mind as well, but in our view you see that and I have to go over and subscribe over a daily wired icon eight dollars month. Get you a subscription to daily, where lots of extra that he's coming, that we are You see we're moving into new studios here is not can actually be funeral where we are currently doing the shell, but there's beautiful studio being built to take a little longer than we thought, was going to end. The acoustics are better in her than they were in my library. So we are going to be moving into brandished. You guess he can see all that we have lots of other goods coming for subscribers. If you become an annual,
subscriber you get a free signed copy of, say it so Papa. Dad me in the two thousand five white socks championships ease and if you didn't get your data fathers they gift. Your remit because your terrible trial they now you can fix all that by getting him an annual subscription or get yourself. The angel subscription give him the book. He signed copy, orbital, analysed and later Governor Itunes or sound cloud. Give us a lesson subscribed, give us a rating, we always appreciated. We are the largest conservative pod cast in the country, Ok, so the leftist reactions to the shooting in nearly as agreed by the right wing reactions to the left. Of course. Now suddenly has fallen in love with free speech has fallen in love with civility. And they did this funny that they they just want to avoid, did blow back that they create for the right. So there embracing these principles, but that's nice now we can hold them to it, but there are some people, Heart are not really holding to adopt
I read is one of the mouse on MSNBC this morning on morning, Joe, as you know, I am not a fan of MSNBC, but I like appearing on tv to give perspectives that I think, are valuable. I too, opportunity and MSNBC to bash joy red who is the host they hosting MSNBC asked for on MSNBC. Here is what joy red had to say about Steve's Scalise, who was the house majority whipped who was shot nearly killed? this in this congressional terror attack and trump also tweeted about his pole members this morning, setting a new Newport by the conservative Rasmussen reports that puts his approval waiting at fifty percent and noting that's higher than owes numbers obsessive. The little bottle. Much ok, so she's very upset about trumps tweet, but here's the thing that is really troublesome about about joyride, so dry red went ahead and talked about how She hopes Scully recovers, but it's a delicate situation because of his positions. She actually said this is a direct. What from it's a delicate thing,
because everybody is wishing the congressmen well in hoping that he recovers, but still police has a history. We ve all been forced to sort of ignore on race. He did come to leadership after some controversy. Turning a white nationalist event which he says know what it was. He also cosponsor to bill to amend the constitution, to define marriages between a man and a woman. He voted for the House Healthcare bill which, as you said, we got health care millions of people because use in jeopardy, and everybody is point from our we required in the moral sense to put that aside at the moment. Well, since its arrival, yes, since the yes ones, One tries to assassinate a politician. You don't start talking about his positions, because they're not relevant to the actual story is just discussing what Like I pointed joy, read out as part of the problem on her own network this morning, which I think was was useful Not the only one saying these sorts of silly things. Formerly our times. Jill Abrams and she is my mouth trump is benefiting from the rage machine is, though the left isn't. At the same time. I do that thing.
Both sides are not equally at fault and that there has been a bit fast of say work, especially in the dust caution over the past couple of days. Sir, I think that, in terms of political leadership. Right now that both present tromp and the congressional leadership on the republican side are. Stream Way division of and that they are really benefit ANG Farm. I always always scheme armoury from jail Abrams in this school armoury. Our trump is benefiting from the rage, but we're not benefiting from the rich Bernie Sanders: easy rage, machine he's, crazy old, loom bag rage. Machine, yes, he's benefiting from the rage, yes, power, Nations on both sides benefit from the anger and benefit from the rich, but if anything, it's leopards benefited from the age more than the right, considering that their entire platform is now built on. Here is the person you
I hate now he's higher you on the hierarchy of intersection reality and therefore you are a victim of this person. The entire leftists premise is built on the sort of hate and rage. So again, the left is not showing itself to be anything but hypocritical when it comes to other civility talk as well. Basically, everything is stupid. Everyone's off, ok, now onto president trumps troublesome President Trump is supposed to announce this week, whether something about the tapes remember he treated the he had tapes of himself talking with Jim call me and that he and they call me better- we can actually say habitat. You said: come you better hope there aren't tapes, then he's refuse to acknowledge that he doesn't habitats making trouble from sultry secular his lawyer. He says they trump is gonna. Come out this we can talk about the tapes resident. Not under investigation. James call me said it. Nothing has changed since the president said last week. He would release the tapes of if their work tapes of conversation this week that hasn't happened. Where is that, at present,
redress that, in the weeks ahead, yours in the past, I think the Zol giant- nothing Berger, I think to call me thing- is going to turn out to be nothing burger, as I said, the entire theories that my theory, which is right just telling you now it's right theory, is that James Communist Fire, because trumpets pissed Adam that even publicly say that Trump was not under investigation and by doing that and stupid as possible way and then connecting into the Russia investigation. Trump made this but for himself, and then he tweets out without thinking about it, because he just needs to control himself he's making trouble, for he could be pushing the policy right now. Let's do that, but he too at last week that he was under investigation and that forces J, secular, where to go in with Chris Wallace and explain that, even though the President says he's under investigation he's not actually under investigation, it gets very confusing my router instead you stated something. First of all, you ve now said that he is doing investigated after saying that you do know you You just said we are having this debate and you just said that he is being investigated. No Chris, I said that the invent any let me be Crystal clear, so you're you completely understand. We have
receive, nor we aware of any investigation The president of the United States are you just area to time? Was that being investigated? No the context of tweet. I just gave you the legal theory Chris of how the constitution works. In fact that it is correct that the present was being investigated, he would be investigating for taking action that an ages he told them to take, so that is protected, Constitution as his article one power? That's all I said so pretty trying to rephrase it but for your life or, at any rate rises leaving that J. This tape will speak, Sal, you said he is being together with John all this speaks. Do we wouldn't have to have this argument from hadn't started? Tweeting about the Washington Post is report today, the trump may not be under investigation that Robber Mahler who's. The special council may not be investigating him again. I think all this is a giant, nothing burger I think that it will come to nothing. I dont think Mahler is dishonest enough to push a prosecution against the sitting. President of the United,
based on a giant nothing, but I think we can all wait for that to happen before we start getting out overseas. On this whole thing, time for a thing I like and then we'll do a couple of things that I hate so things I like, since we are talking about which ones I think we're gonna do things that involve, which is this. We could do the devil. Weeks ago. This shows getting very dark about. And things involving witch hunts. This there's a pretty good version of the movie, the crucible, which is the we are familiar play and the movie is with when, on writer and Daniel De Louis really great cast so The play is all about these Salem, which trials, and it's really about how people's paranoia about each other leads them to make very terrible decisions about judging one another. Basically, the backbone of play is the deed. The person who there there's a married guy, who is used by young woman s an affair with her and then
Later she starts a rumour that she's, basically a wedge mentioned girl started images which he has to come to her too. The truth is the reason she is acting like this is because she's after him and wants to have an affair with him, but he, if you say so, and the rest of the crowd is cracking down on him. Here's a lowering of the premium soft. What have you may think she softly from time to time but I will cut off hand before I reach few again never touched sweet What some hard desire They must possess. I know you, John Proctor me. Whatever it is? You love me yet what they cannot possess them?
destroy the wine for your life. What crime who tries to navigate William charge ailments? Excuse my wife. It will be the interview I am, but God swing she would condemn. Elizabeth surprisingly method is the practice. Wife is the actual, which it's actually have we very good production. Very solid production z should check that out. Next time you took on a witch hunt, that's that thousand actual, which aren't like an Salem, ok now time for a couple of things that I hate Ok, so everybody What was coming down on making Kelly because they were suggesting from the left to making Kelly was going to be unduly nice to Alex Jones, announced Jones Release tape of Megan Kelly talking about how she's going to treat unfair
which is what every rapporteur ever says to every interviewee. Then the actual interview broadcast- and it turns out that Megan Kelly did a very the job of grilling Alex Jones because Alex Jones is it conspiratorial, much job so Megan? has on Alex Jones and remember everybody right left in centres going nuts over this. The right has suggested that it it's a turns out to get Alex Jones, and I don't like Megan anyway, because making a Fox news and you're never latterly Fox news, because that means a Fox news and every loves Fox news. She left her NBC and she wasn't nice to present. France. We don't like her and then the lap doesn't like making college, because she was once on Fox NEWS. Here is the truth, this interview it's better than anything. We could have expected from the left. She's a very in our view or she's, a very good prosecutor, she always was, which is why her ratings on Fox NEWS were always good here making Kelly versus Alex Jones doing something I think is worthwhile sends out Jones is a major figure in the culture he's not major figure in the conservative movement, but he is a major figure on the right and he is closely socio. The president of the United States hears what some of that interview? Look like our report,
incendiary radio host Alex Jones for years. Bones has been spreading conspiracy theories, claiming, for instance, elements of the? U S: government allowed the nine eleven attacks to happen and that the horrific sandy hook massacre was a hoax. Many people looked at the victims, many of whom fifteen fourteen. It was a lot. No I'm sorry! I didn't Lama did some bad, though no that that new channels that ensures that an eight year old right there is safety, those Roussel eight years? that she was a liberal trendy. I guess that's what you said about the victims is: what has people know that Chap Nano the media, misrepresenting and clipping that the way you did Jones speaks to his listeners four hours a day their six days a week, issues Rance can be vulgar and hate filled. Jones began developing his conspiracy theories ass, a teenager. He grew. The oldest child of a dentist and a homemaker.
Jones use that money to spread his message. A mess that has caused enormous pain. Ok, so She really ripped the crap. I a very brutal coverage of Alex Jones. It didn't get the ratings part. There is then get good ratings is again because Megan is a polar, rising figure and in the end, even though I think that you should actually not been earliest polarizing as she is, but everybody before you prejudging interview you ve, never even watch wanting. It should wait for the stupid interview to come out before you prejudge the Mullah investigation. While you wait for his results to come out, this is all not super tough. I mean honestly just wait for more evidence, ok the things that I hate. This is actually bad media coverage so soon and mercury sellers use, I guess irregular on the network. He's talking about be healthcare, build that is currently being pushed through the Senate. I think it can be a garbage healthcare bill by the way we'll talk about had looked more tomorrow when we have more time carry sellers doesn't actually talk about. The policies of the healthcare bill instead says, which really bad. Is that it's a bunch of white guys writing it They are literally literally drafting a piece of legislation that affects ones
six of our economy under the cover of darkness. We just thirteen or males in the back room, and this is the problem that Americans have in- why they distrust the process and why they distrust Democrats and Republicans alike, because we move too fast in two thousand and nine, but the Republicans didn't learn a lesson and they are now the ones who have the ball and is a travesty of justice. That's ok! So I He really behaves. What what the democratic thousand nine. I really don't like what the Republicans are doing now, but it's not because that white and this demonstrates. Why trump want by the rebel continued when again, the anger these to radicalism of the left that has to polarized, everything along lines of race rather than politicians are doing stupid things having nothing to do with their race. It's it's just its demands for with the fact that people are not doing some critical thinking on this stuff on the left and it's going to hurt them, and the right should acknowledge that it's going to hurt them. The right keeps operating from this,
given that there are losing all the time, we're not losing guys. Ok, if we're losing them wooden, beginning seats in every single luncheon and just very silly. Ok, we'll get you. Talk more about the health care bill in President Trump's, basically quasi second, and if you will talk about all of that stuff plus what President Trump's can do about Syria what's happening in the world, very, very busy bench grow. This is the bench of
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