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Ep. 335 - The Soul Of The Left, Revealed

2017-07-07 | 🔗
The Left attacks Trump’s Poland speech because it’s too pro-America, defend Linda Sarsour’s call for “jihad” against Trump, and we check the mailbag! This episode is brought to you by: Birch Gold! Contact Birch Gold Group now to request a FREE Information Kit on physical precious metals. USCCA! Go to DefendMyFamilyNow.com for your free shot at $1,776 worth of guns and ammo. Cannae Pro Gear! Get 15% off your entire order when you go to www.CannaeProGear.com and enter promo code BEN.
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For centuries, one of the great fears from racist was the spectre of interracial relationships. Racist in the post civil war era worked strenuously to enshrine in time assassination was nineteen. Twenty one constitution and laws of the K K K, for example, called for here to quote avowed. The distinction between the raises the infamously racist birth of a nation was based on the fear of rape of white women by black men. Modern era cake cave, lighters complain about the ultimate abomination, Miss education, which decrease the death of a race race, mixing as against gods law. This sort of thing propaganda has, thank God, fallen out of I'm in fashion, except on the left. To do over it. Just now this headline, actually Rand's is a direct quote quote. Tired of watching brown men fall in love with white women on screen. This is pretty incredible stuff. in the world would be a terrible for a person with one skin color to form of the person made different skin color. In fact, the left has been in writing trumped up headlines about suppose. It conservative objections to Cheerios commercials, an old lady commercials who stay
farm commercials involving interracial relationships. The left can't come up with any a jet sources who actually objective these commercials. So instead they find random twitter followers and then build a story out of them. But Jesus is relatively mainstream left out there, a d Natasha keenly rights quote the big sick, which the new show has been roundly loud it in the press lately including heritage as well, and not without good reason. It's funny, heartwarming love story based on true, life experiences of coal writers married couple command lunch hour, Non Johnny and Emily Gordon, but as much as I would and I did- I also found myself exhausted yet again by the on screen depiction of a brown man wanting to data white woman, while brown women are portrayed, alternatively, as caricatures, stereotypes, inconsequential and or the butt of a joke. So the story is actually based on true road life relationship, but it's still owing to this lady, that's because even using a white woman as romantically means quote in the complex hierarchy of power and race in America, paying quote lip service
to the one notion that his shapes, the history of south asian and american culture alike whiteness as the ultimate Zaire the highest goal in defining oneself as an American so racism against white women who have sex with brown man is fine, but racism against brown men who have sex with white women is terrible as guinea as equal representation like this furthers white supremacy and does not engage with critiques of white ally ship, the is agreement between Canyon, the KKK, isn't on robbery Agnes of Interracial relationships, but whether such relationships advance or inhibit white supremacy the seams weird, but For such basically, the flip side of white supremacy, interracial sex is a no no because it might imply that separateness for non white races is taboo. The only strange element here is that many people in LA failed to see their own hypocrisy when they don't stand up to racism emanating from their own side of the Isle. I'm bench. A pair of this is the Venture Bureau shop. All right. So Trump was in Europe
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we went to a little town in the middle of nowhere. We're talk with some of the people there, and they are talking about how they were basically just able to build their houses without any state permitting without any local permitting they just go out and build a house that America man- I mean- that's awesome, California, let's get a permit to retail your bathroom mean legitimately you have to get up, its retail, your bathroom in my house, its. It is an amazing state. I it's why written was ran, shiny new over in the seat of taxes, and so in honour of the great state of Texas I am wearing this hat it does look that we get a picture yesterday of me, stand extra truck wearing this. Had it does look like I'm about to release a really bad country album, and I do understand. We'll talk a little bit more about this later why'd. You understand me cowboy. How does a little bit in Congress, but am I? have a piece of music and play there. I think what will help? That's all there. Ok, so back to the news, a present from is over in Poland a he gives. What is a very, very good speeches speech in Poland is, I think, the best way
of his presidency. Heading is much better actually than his speech in Saudi Arabia. I was not a big fan of his speech in Saudi Arabia thought it was weak tee. I thought it didn't really focus on the issues that needed to be talked about, but his speech in Poland, I thought was really quite good. I thought the Trump speech in Poland really I'll out? The clash of civilizations that is happening he's not shying away from the fact that western civilization is in a Samuel thinking style battle with others. Nations that are attempting to rise and take its place. So trunk had this to say he said the We are going to have to ask whether the West has the will to survive fence of the west, ultimately rests not only on means, but also on the will of its people to prevail and be six small and get. What you have to have. The fundamental question of our time is where the west has the will to survive. Do we have the confidence in our values to defend them at any cost. Do
we have enough respect for our citizens to protect our borders, we have the desire and the courage to preserve our civilization in the face of those who would subvert and destroy it. We can have the largest economies and the most lethal. Its anywhere on earth. But if we do not have strong families and strong values, then we will be weak and we will not survive. Everything when he says there is a hundred percent true and I think the values they talked about. Preserving. I would like to see him talk about a little bit more explicit. What are those values that are worth preserving and is not just the value of being able to do whatever you want? It's judeo christian moral systems that suggest not Way that you have rights, but do you have responsibilities and I'd like to hear from talk a little bit more about what
snow behaviour looks like in that context. What political behaviour looks like in that context? Why did The government was instituted in the first place. Foundational principles need to be rethought, Trump, obviously can get eyeballs whenever he wants, and I think that that were wonderful quality and president? I would like to see him use it for good. I think he did that in poland- and so I thought the drowsy by really first rate speech. Naturally the left hated it from also went harder. Russia in speech actually talked about Russia invading Ukraine. He said that it was that he proposes russian action in Syria. He's talked about instituting missile defence, in Poland, which is something that did Obama withdrew from and all of that the media ignore, because that cuts against their narrative, which is the trumpet Putin's pocket here is speaking very proudly to the puzzles about the fact that they need missile defence about the The Vladimir Putin on the board is not a good thing and he is indeed being scoria by the media. None the less. So here is tat. Talking about Russia little that during a speech yesterday,
We urge Russia to cease its destabilizing activities in Ukraine and elsewhere, and its support four hostile regimes, including Syria and IRAN, and doing dead joined the community of responsible nations in our fight. It and common enemies and defence of civilization itself. Ok, there? Is it he's he's trying to draw a useful line here, and I think that it is useful, so it Only when it comes to Russia, lotta people on the left have very different story them Stu Saudi Arabia, for example, so they'll say, it's out your radio and members of these Lama growth. We need them as allies in the war on terror. Is you have to make overtures to them when it comes also you can never making overtures Russia, because if you do you're just emboldened them these, positions are somewhat inconsistent. I think what Trump is doing here is he saying to run listen, you Furthermore, let us stop you, but why don't you join us now? Do I think, that's too
Nor do I think Russia's actually get to join us in our battle on behalf of western civilization. No I'm like a lot of the people at sort of the all right. I dont think that Russia is part of the com cause for western civilization, nor have they really ever been in Russia, has always had its own interests at heart. It trying to convert them into modern Day, Germany or modern Day, France Modern Day, Britain is your silly. It's not happening, but what? What says there is, is just fine is really not a huge problem within is not any different than anything. The bush sad or anything that Obama said the medium not on all of their self. As always, the media design this was racist sexist and Nazi. Okay, so vocs has a peace today called Trump. In Poland sounds like an outright manifesto and here's what it says this morning in Warsaw, Poland, President Donald Trump you do battle cry for family, for freedom for cunt rain for God in his speech that often resorted to rhetorical concedes typically used by the European American all right, wait what so
families, something I talk about a lot. Freedom is something to talk about a lot countries, something to talk about a lot, and God is something I talk about a lot. I think we all right are a bunch of crap bags. Ok, so I was unaware that the language George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and Abraham, Lincoln and and every great american think are of ass, you centuries all which focused on fan. in freedom in countries that I'm not sure What is that's not blood in soil? What the alright focuses on blood in soil? In fact, the alright basically says that freedom is not even something that is necessary that that freedom can be quashed by a powerful central government. On behalf of lukewarm civilization read the always not small government group and the all. Large segment of the all right are not pro God. We needed the larvae. Alright thinkers actually think that God, judeo christian values, are weakening it four Nietzsche and thinkers and in many ways I saw it it's a very weird critique from the left. It there defined a fit in ideology, Will score peg into the round hole of the of the all right? Does it drafted by sea?
that the architect of the travel ban from speed use the type of dire last transporting often utilized by the far right, sides of the Atlantic? The fundamental question of our time whether the West has the will to survive J F K. a very similar type stuff in nineteen sixty two in winter, first, we have confidence in our values to defend them at any cost. Can we protect our borders will preserve our civilization. Why is that A far right thing is not a far right thing is, typical american rhetoric again for two centuries, and it is this central question for any country is whether you have values you are willing to preserve, and will you preserve those internal action in order to preserve freedom or end will be present those by outward facing action. But the left is: oh concerned with labeling trumpet Nazi that their wounds a language that is eminently non nazi and then try and pretended its Nazis, o Peter Barnard, who is just intellectual, simple, Peter Binary. I am he's respected on the left, because he's anti Israel in his youth He has a has a piece in the Atlantic in which he said
the racial and religious, paranoia, trumps. Warsaw speeches, as in his speech in Poland on Thursday Donald Trump prefer ten times to the west and five to our civilization. His white now your support will understand exactly what he means. Well, why's that white nationalism, like our civil, I'm jewish, I'm part of our civilization, the west as a judeo Christian one, it judeo Christian one. The west is not just a location. By not notes, but it is an ideology ends and ideology based on judeo christian guys that under a system of constitutional freedoms, that's what the west wise remnants, what we're talking about here, but binary redefines the west and redefine our civilization to make them racist. Extending honestly, you can't use the word, our civilization, the phrase, our civilization or the west, then I don't know what you're talking about the arrogant or racist in Lord of the rings, when he says men of the West, when it was was Churchill. When he talked about the west, the defence of the West was
it was he a racist sex estimable? What what? What is this nonsense of binary as the West does not geographic term Poland is further EAST Morocco, Francis further EAST in Haiti, while so so. What it's a culture. I think everyone acknowledges that no one says it's west on a map it wasn't an ideological or economic term either the India is the world's largest democracy, Japan, among the most economically advanced nations. No one can seriously- part of the west? Well, that's actually not super true. Actually now I mean it like it. Japan is is largely considered if not technically a part of the west than than an outgrowth of the last I mean Japan is in the Far EAST, but their government is much closer to the west than it is to what we are typically term. The court unquote ease did. What is the thing we talk about the west, the polar opposite the west in geographies, the east, but the polar opposite of the west in political terms is not the way its islamic civilization, islamist civilization right. That's it talking about the west is here is values, and since the wasted by binary, says the west is a racial and religious term to be considered westerners.
We must be largely christian, preferably Protestants or catholic and largely white where there is ambiguity that a country's westerners? It's because there is ambiguity about our attention between these two characteristics? That's that's nonsense. Israel is western country, Israel, pretty far east and entirely jewish. It's all jewish and arab revenue, What what? What but again the left? is so extreme now they ve really box themselves and because they are so extreme that they have to The Indian there so interested in getting from that they actually have to promote real. Michael Insane rhetoric in order two in in where to get what they want to go there, defending such an tenable position, then feel the necessity to pretended mainstream rhetoric is now all right. Rhetoric on the part of truck. What's weird about this, is that there's plenty of the trunk is done? The? U can label alright friendly, it means the primary she's routinely, retreating and associated with members of the all right means weight she's Roger said the bright bar was an outlet for the already you don't have to stretch to get here, but the left, his soul
They are so insane not lost their minds so much. They lost their more and that any reference to the west is considered fascist or all right. goodness gracious Amene Winston Churchill spent his life opposing fascism and communism. When he talked about the west, incessantly in that would make him, according to penal, Brian and Peter, by not a racist and at a dinner bigot that the left is so far left now, then, They are embracing. I that the left was unmasked over the last forty eight hours between their attacks on trial, for using the terms the West and our civilization and them going after Mark Penrith, penance consultants agenda The consultants who wrote a column saying that the Democrats should move back to the centre if they wished when elections again, which makes a lot of and you're gonna win all the states the trumpeters took from you, then you're going to have to abandon four section garbage that you ve, been pushing for the last several years. Mark pen is getting justice, score aided by the entire democratic party. Here's my pen on Fox news getting too Roy by another member left. Look at what happened.
The last two years of the Obama administration and what happened in primary? I think the the Sanders a campaign and its right also, I think, pushed Hillary Clinton to the left. The Democrats, Party got fundamentally reposition much farther to the left and out of touch for the working class voters working class voters? really want to see the values of hard work, family religion as a strong part of a party that they could support for economic progress, and I think they got left behind in the shift that occurred at that time. Where can I have breaking NOS four mark- is not the ninety nine these. You know that straight in that he served in locked up more black african american and in those enslaved in eighteen. Fifty, so everyone doesn't have bombed memories of the fall out of them. and his administration right now is not about the Democrats losing their identity. The party it's about the identity of the messenger, not the message, I'm not talking about
Going back to the past are merely saying it's time for us to to look at new issues: hey, let's look at the concentration of of wealth and power in the tech industry. Is that working out for working people, let's looking at gig economy job do they have. The kind of Coming here, you can see is a reasonable things about the building Europe built, like air, was most successful era for Democrats of the last twenty years. More successful little bomb Obama Thou things done in his first two years and then destroy the entire democratic party wholesale across the country built unnaturally a bunch of things done that ended up paving the way for a more successful country, because He was willing to move to the centre aiming for all of billions myriad flaws as a human being and as a and as a political thinker. He was at least willing to move to the metal in order to in order to get some good stuffed, unlike welfare reform in he. Actually after for a massive The increase is actually lower the capital gains tax, but the Democrats or so crazy. There so far left their sole ensconced with Intersection Albion Bernie Sanders socialism that they are
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and I believe that you can still register to win that one thousand seven hundred and seventy six dollars for the guns and ammo of your choice to defend my family now: dot, com, okay, so the greatest proof that the left has completely lost its. Things and is just pandering to the most radical constituency on every side came out yesterday. yesterday, Linda Sorcerer, who is just in egregiously him being lenders, our swords, the women's March organizer and the left loves her birth, Sanders tweeted out that he loved her any one of her support Obama gave her an agent of change ward at the White House song you a little bit Opera Belinda's, our sore before we play the clap. That's got everybody buzzing, right. She actually said on Sunday she called Reggie hard against Tromp Rachel she use that word and we'll talk about whether human peacefully or non peacefully. But first I think we need to set the stage for who, under our sort is because the West keep saying well don't take tat quote out of context. Ok, why don't want it we're out of context all played in contact and explain it, but I also don't wanting Linda's our Linda out of context. Okay, she's, not just some random who used the word,
She had to mean a model, muslim struggle within themselves for greater. virtuality, ok, she's, not a she's, not doktor, Doktor doctrine, Zuzu Jasper, amnesia, she's, not she's, not any of these people. She is a very, very extreme person. For example, here what do we do about eye on her sally? I personally is a victim of female genital mutilation at the hands of Muslims. She is now an atheist and she speaks out against radical Islamism. limits are sorted out about her and gap. Gabriel, another another Ex Muslim, Reggie, Gabriel, equals eye on her sally. She asked for an asked weapon. I wish I could take. of a giant as away they don't deserve to be women's. Linda's, our sore the leader of the women's March rights issues, issues a feminist, icon gate. This is what you tweet about. Honours Irish, which was a which was a A movie about honour killings and how they are now endemic in parts of the muslim world she didn't like that's issued, will
Honor diaries is hashtag. Dishonor diaries, because its disingenuous, when its funded by representatives in organizations labelled hate groups to skin argued, the content, can a label anybody who funds a movie about The killings? I hate group, hey. Here's to now. Sharia law limits are so big and of Sharia LAW. Here's what she had to say about your real on: I'm not talking about Sharia LAW like the internal double of the muslim community, one. How financial disputing you and your fellow Muslims go to like an islamic court. We have introduced into his call Baden. It's not that big deal raisin ecclesiastical court, but that's aren't you that she's talking about the government of a country by islamic law, including areas including criminal law she's as you'll, when you're living under should realise. Suddenly all your loans and credit cards become interest. Free sounds Doesn't it will mean number one doesn't sound very nice can't buy anything in countries that have only interest free loans and credit cards because who their right mind would provide such things. Right interest actually happens to be a morning. Something about this. Now biblical takes on interests, interests happens. We are rather crucial part of the financial markets, but she's treated worse things about
I realize she's tweeted with regard to women's riding in Saudi Arabia. For example, shoes asked about wealth also great working women drive in Saudi Arabia. Here's what she treated ride. She tweeted eastward, attend we have paid maternity leave in Saudi Arabia. Yes, paid and you're worried about women driving, puts us to shame having just ridiculous just ridiculous Ramage defending pay. The Saudi Arabia paid maternity leave, but maybe, because women in Saudi Arabia aren't working very often again not allowing them drive is still a rather large problem paid. This area is not it is for women's rights. She also happens to be close associate of of many groups that are associated with terrorism and the speech the chair she gave few of these long sighted, North America, which has been linked to terror funding groups, for years and years and years and years Andy went. was to tear incidents, she has a long. An unpleasant history of saying, reject was things about terrorism, so, for example, here is what she said about the UN. where bomber your member d, the guy who try to
A bomb in his underwear and then bombed the plane coming into Detroit on Christmas day during the Bush administration should underwear bomber CIA, all along. Why did I already know that shame on us scaring the american people. Ok, and were banner was not see, I again whose radical Muslim, whose attempting to bomb in american play. So this is who Linda our sore issues also posed next to people who are convicted. crimes in association with Hamas and photographs she has brag about. Relatives in jail in Israel. She has tweeted out. I believe photos of of people getting ready to stone is really soldiers. She a really egregious figure in the left has embraced her now. What the impact now what they done now. Is they ve actually embraced her talking about hot against the Trump administrations will go talk about that will put into its complete context, but for that you're gonna have to we're daily wires. Our common subscribe eight dollars monk get subscription to daily wired outcome. That's your by the way expires July. Tansy have like three days left
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As we say, there is a headline that came out their Linda's, our sore this women's March, organizer, championed by the left treated as just gold plated, wonder, Bible, Obama and Bernie Sanders that she's in a speech that you called for jihad against the Trump Administration, now She didn't even those were her words to pretend that jihad does not mean what she had means is very silly. Jihad has many meetings. Ok, jihad can mean anything from an internal struggle for four spirituality to actual violent war, and so, when she called for jihad against the Trump administration she gave them an extra we will play the contacts, but I want to give the constitution as it is. I think there's a little bit more here then. Just oh, she meant jihad, like always just say stuff, that's trumpet ministration! I think that's disingenuous, so in order I understand what you said. You have to listen to a lot of the speech after its twenty minutes, walk right and play the whole thing, we'll play the crucial segment she open by thinking, I named so Raj were hush, ok, here's her think, thine, insarov Joie shall explain why that's important just a second
in the United States of America. If you sit back in the face of injustice, if you maintain the current status quo, that not only oppresses Muslims but oh presses black people inside our community and outside our community- undocumented people- other minority groups and all press groups you, my dear sister, their brothers, are then allow allied with the old pressure if you as a Muslim, our standing on the sidelines. If you are neutral in the face of oppression in this country, you are not a patriot. You are eating bang process in these United States of America cases not an accurate, but she did open by thanking sky Seraglio harsh in did this person's arouse rehash is in actual terrorists support Remy. He was listed as a possible unindicted conspirator in the ninety ninety three world trade center bombings. He testify on behalf of the blind, shake his alone.
history of speaking now jihad in the traditional way and is a direct quote, Romania's reuniting eighty to quote. I will never ever tell people dont be violent. That is not the islamic way. The violence has to be selected Gazer when people hide behind the while she The energy hardly mentioned a number of different ways: either it, can be met in a number of different ways and to pretend it can't be mentioned a number of different ways or that when you use the word you hot it doesnt have certain connotations is just ridiculous. So in that what you hear her, talking what is basically typical, leftism and putting it in the in the context of jihadist radio or in the context of nonviolent jihadism by but rather is low, resistance, it's kind of leftist resistance, guy leftist resistance in his life like Mass right. If you sit back idly, then you are part of the oppressor and you are not doing your duty as a Muslim. Ok, so that part is just typical. Lefty rhetoric here is the part that got all the headlines There was a man who once asked our beloved prophet Muhammad sallallahu idea. He was telling me he said to him what is the best form of jihad or struggle,
and our beloved prophet Mohammed, so was, I know, said to him a word of truth. Truth in front of a tyrant. Ruler or leader that the best form of jihad- and I hope that we, when we stand up to those who will press our communities that are like steps from us that as a form of jihad, though we are struggling against tyrants rulers, not only a broad and the Middle EAST or in the other side of the world, but here in the United States of America, where you have fascists and wiser premises and Islamophobia reining in the White House. So the word of these hard in this. The use of the word Ye Jihad in this context is disturbing, so she's large up by saying that what you means is a word of truth in front of a tyrant, ruler leader, that is the best form of jihad, but notice which language very specifically right. She she says eminent. Do a close Rubik's left keeps accusing people are taken out of context, I'm giving you the entire context of cape very important. She says there. I hope
and when we stand up to those who oppress our communities, Allah accepts from us that, as a form of jihad, we are struggling against tyrants and rulers not only abroad. In the Middle EAST or the other side of the world, but here in these United States of America, where you have fascist and white supremacist Islamophobia reining in the White House, so she's number one equating the Trump administration to quarrel, tyrants and rulers abroad. I assume that this means Bashar, Al Assad, this means from her breast What is the Israelis but this means the saudi government- or I guess you I'd society, governments or maybe the iranian government. I know where she stands on on these various islamic supremacist come two countries, but that the phrase that shook out to me here is that she says I that allow accepts from us that, as a form of jihad, a form of cheese What's it, we acknowledging in that phrase that there are many form jihad and she is not disavowing? All of the other forms of jihads is nothing. The only form of decent jihad is speaking out against bad people. That's fine right! No one cares about there
she's saying there are many forms of jihad, and I hope that allow will accept this as one form of jihad. Ok, there's an implicit statement there are other forms of jihad. There are legitimate. There is ok, there's no other way to read that, intellectually, honestly, now she's not Yasser Arafat's because she's not actively engaged in terrorism, because our did the exact same thing, a ninety. Ninety two during the Oslo Court, he went out. He talked crowds of actually hot, really government protest, it any said. No, no, I don't mean jihadi hot. I mean like in internal struggle. Let's begin words of truth, so I'm saying that source or is actively supporting terrorism, but I am saying she's using verbiage that is specifically designed to be vague. she's using the word jihad advisedly here in the West no led to stand on when they pretend that she, this is totally non associated with terror support again she started the speech by thanking a guy who has significant terror ties the Islamic. I ve North America has significant ties to funding of is terrorist organisations and has for twenty.
Odd years. Ok, the tit british age in the speech recommends care, which was another unindicted cookin spirit in the Holy Land Foundation, trial, funding, terrorism, the all he's? All of these organizations have serious questions to be asked about and she is a fundraiser for all of them, and she speaks out openly about Sharia LAW and she pretence Terrorists are plants and the left defends her and when the letter, the left, the same left that was very of seventy thousand one of your called way back, although back to two thousand and one and two thousand and one President Bush gave a speech She called for a crusade against islamic terrorism and the entire life what insane how President Bush sameness. How could present Bush do so? things are horrible as to mention the word crusade, because it's just like Thou Crusades when we fought against islamic invaders when western countries fight against the Christian, countries, fight against islamic invaders and push them back. out of Jerusalem and brutal and horrible. How could he use the language of religious war? so thousand one. The word crusade had been stripped of it.
religious meaning essentially for several hundred years? By that point, I, when most people said Crusade. They didn't mean religious conquest, The crusade was a lot less vague award, then then Jihad crusade was secular early used by people objective anyway, said: this is the language of religious war. Lindisfarne get up there and she uses the word jihad in a time when our legitimate these one, murdering Americans investors around the world, use Lord jihads, justify their behaviour and she says the gene, jobs that her speaking against Trump is a form of GM is taken as a form of jihad and we're supposed to pretend that this doesn't do anything. This is perfectly legitimate, but she is a total advocate of non violence. Machine not be advocating violence against the american government. She not been. She may not be advocating for you, no actual violence, against the american government, but she certainly isn't telling everybody around the world. Hey guys back off the violence and she certainly not quashing talk. how the american system governed
it is less tyrannical there. It is Justice tyrannical, rather, as as all these other dictatorships an evil regimes that oppress according to lend us ardour, though naturally left comes outward. they pretend that all of this is totally fine and how? How could we be so upset about this. Why do we care for use? The word? Jihadi Hodges mean struggle, listen software not a dummy. Okay, I wanted to use the word struggle. She could use the words trouble if you the word resistance, which the entire left is used you used the word resistance, but to use jihad, which literally means holy war in discussion about from is really troubling Should be troubling if the left wants to me, its programme if the left wants to make its programme for Twenty eight. We are going to run on the programme of we are. angry at the use of the west in our civilization, but we are totally cool with somebody saying Jihad against these administration Gulf war? Again I mean a visit Democrats wanna do enjoy I hope that you enjoy the flaming to feed the experience, and twenty eight in really is not good for the country, and I am glad the demo
its are exposing who they are everyday, that the left exposes what it is every day It is amazing when we covered this, we said that call for jihad against the Trumpet Administration left immediately. All that's inaccurate. It's not inaccurate. She did ok, we didn't say the jihad the truth, however, terrorism against the Trump administration she used. The word we didn't commit the left, but the left end declared but everything she said was totally normal and not objectionable, NASCAR, silly okay. So before I get to some stuff I like and some stuff, I hate in the mail bag. First, I want to say that to sponsors over economic, so can I programme it see a an end, a you at the battle programme. see an eight programme and they deliver. Phenomenal reliable, incredibly bill, functional, backpacks and as in ammo bags and go bad just fantastic. I have illegally day packed with homer carry and, aside from looking really cool and being extraordinarily durable. Now, I'm somebody who goes shooting a time in a way but
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then Shapiro, I am wearing a cowboy out. I thought that I pay I was looking for songs with jewish cowboys and I can really only think of of one until we'll play it here and the things I like kinky Friedmann and the Texas you, which is the name, is banned. Here? He has a song Kobe, making Jews like Jesus anymore. So here we go red Mcnerney, Poland was alone start talking to that apologies for all the world. They ought to send you back to Russia, border yard city. It was you just want to do. A christian girl ended. You gotta, listen, I say it has it occurred to you that that's not there in nice, which believe defiant, lousy Jesus. How are you now look do? As you said, there is better lampposts, my man, they may well there S.
We started this out. Ok, did the moral of the songs of this is this jerk in the bar who's using all sorts of racial slurs ends up being knocked on his ass by the by the Jew who's, not like he's anymore, because he punches it can give remit, would end up running for governor and the independent ticket in Texas. He did not win, but that you should run again since trumpets President, thank you for making probably do well, I think an inn republican primary. I so there? It is another another Texas, Jus boy, so ok the things that I like good for Savannah Jefferies
would point out that the media have been just awful about president from obviously and about all of the hour, the trying to track down people who have created gifts in all this region, Samantha Duff from mum and these dynamic msnbc. She said that the media that the media needs to take her vice treating every single molehill like a mountaineer meat a writ large? I mean you can't even talk about the media anymore, it's not monolithic, but I do think that we need to play the longing we don't need to play. small ball. I've seen a lot of reporters who have snarking twitter feeds. I dont think that helps I dont think when we're trying to say hey, we are fair, we are neutral, are produced. We do care about the truth. We do care about facts. I don't wanna, give people who disagree. With that end, ammunition whatsoever. So I thing for all I knew my view is like businesses, best possible reporters
we can be for those of us who aren't writing for the editorial pages, and you know every mountain I've been seeing every more hell, not a mountain. I mean I saw reporters breathlessly talking about the disorganisation of the White House, Easter Egg role will that's. At the same as giving away intelligent secrets to the Russians in the oval office, and I think, the medium take a breath and know the difference and have proportionality in terms of its coverage. Ok, it is exactly right ends and if the media doesn't take this advice that continue to blow themselves up. Another thing I like is the CNN ratings. Are below Nick at night I mean they're, just destroying them, so As I said last week, it's not the trumpet so much destroying the media is that he is the tempter whose tempting them on is the siren calling into into murky murky depths and they will drowned by their own accord, ok time for some things, that I hate, so it's CNN I is is.
It is ridiculous. There, a there's, a handshake between Trump and the first lady of Poland and is pretty cool that what happens the first lady, Poland's infancy and she walked by More- might buy him shook Maloney S hand, because that's typical, you first, the first lady Hagen, then you change partners right and so Trump apparently didn't know this, and so he went out for the Hendrick Joe try buying shapes malines and interns shakes his head. No big deal the entire Media goes insane into they all looked at from guts, different handshake Chris Please overt CNN heatwave, oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god, all capital letters who she is so woke, except that's not happened. Here's the actual video, a handshake it is a good bit of news and, I would say, positive news for our european allies. There were packed in the two minutes of this speech. You see that rights trunk got handshake, she got to handshake. but didn't matter. Everybody treated it from the media as those the end of the World- oh my god, oh my god, oh my god- and of the world. So is it
that you wonder why CNN is blowing itself up. It's their blood suffer because again, Nothing is treated as a full scale disaster. Every single thing is treated as an insane full scale. Disasters adjust just crazy town from Vienna. No wonder their ratings are so egregiously bad. At this point I mean they. Truly really socks up. Would you which is exactly what it is. Our ok time for some mailbag. So here we Gulf Zack rights. what is the minimum government intervention that is necessary to run a successful capitalistic republic in a society, successful by pure capitalism alone. Or does the society require a hybrid of socialism and capitalism? The age old question, so I dont want that society requires a hybrid of socialism and capitalism in the sense that I dont think that the government has a job and redistributing wealth which is really what socialism is about. The government is there to provide protection for property rights. Is there to protect life, liberty and property? which means that if you're doing something that doesn't affect somebody else's life, liberty or property than the governor
It has no right to intervene to affect you so in consensual market transactions. The government does not have a right to step in and stop, though, so you know I'm very libertarian on the stuff. I think it even the FDA is is unnecessary. I think that we could have private organization that are paid by that are paid to evaluate sources. I mean we have Zagat's to write restaurant. I don't think I need a government agency to write a b and c that gets perfectly good at it. I don't see why have the same thing with the scientific organization that actually looks at the studies and doesn't hold of drugs for fifteen years, where the FDA does the most government market intervention, is really really negative. I The minimum of government is, is the best possible and government, is really only necessary where you have a problem of the commons, so you have a com, resource like the oceans or alike a national forest where everybody sort of taking what they want. Their have a problem, because you can't have everybody taking what they want from from a common pile, but because you might be
then again that goes back to you might be invading somebody else's property rights. Might be invading the collective property rights against the city is built and then there's a collective park, and I can't go to sleep on the bench there and just declared his home, because again we all pay taxes. for that area. If we have decided as a community that we won't do that, ok, Anthony so speaking, an anxious heart as you a generation of very dangerous drought of original thought in rational reasoning. Where do you think this leads? If the word society how quickly and how can we stop it? Well, Obviously you know these eight you. If it did, it is overwhelmingly. We now live in a society devalues victimhood and emotion is currency, so emotion is the only thing that matters. If you are sad you will generally, if you're angry, that gives you legitimacy the It's going to lead to society where, were you are encouraged to act out on your worst inclinations, because that actually gives you more legitimacy. The worse you act, the morgue you must be and more
grieved you must be- you must be grieved by the system, so must change the system. That sort of the left logic it when it comes to emotion, politics really really dangerous stuff in that's why it is imperative to say to people that you emotions do not make you good, and that is why, as it you I'm a big fan of acts based religion, gay big threat, act based politics as well. I don't care what in your head and ok what emotions you feel if you do the right thing. I care more about that. So, for example, Brock, Leviathan, a lot of the wrong things, but he said many things about Jews that were nice, Richard Nixon said privately many things address the really really nasty, but the nineteen seventy three war. He was the one shipping weapons to Israel. I care more about his actions than his thoughts as in these four varied from it. Are you That is just one example, but there are plenty of examples where the act is good and thought is bad. We seem to be a society where I don't care if the act is good so long as the thought is bad, we would prefer to have a bad act and a good thought than a bad thought and a good act which I think is insane Jackson's as Haven.
I recently got a job of easy money and in the break room there is assigned to reduce L Gb Deprive month. I feel that I have you been public buggy, sharing the companies with the algae BT community. Since I work for a company that supports them, religious person in highly uncomfortable. With that, I thought about for a while. We're to draw the line at four when a company sort of touch of my own values that would be justifiable from adequate as really this person. Where should that line be drawn, and should I feel it legation work for companies that represent my values, while I think did you know I'm lucky I live in a world where I get to say what I think every down the drop. In fact, that is my job is to say what I think, which is just wonderful, it's very difficult when you're working in a market that did feel does that it is necessary to participate in what you believe to be religiously immoral behaviour, and I can't give you a I'd as to when you should sacrifice your financial livelihood, because I think it is a complex question. I mean if you're talking about now, your kids camp choose, because you're not working at a store that supports L Gb pride month now. I think that's a problem again
you think, there's a distinction by limiting store that, as everyone is welcome, We are in charge and store that says we are going to foster the notion. Transgender, ism and weird and fostered the notion where we're going to fund a gay rights groups that that are try attempting to threaten churches. For example, there are groups, did they give I glad you're dead. Therefore, these yoyo, he added it's the same question in a different guise eve would you have worked for a company in the nineteen sixty that was discriminatory? against people of races. It's easy, For me to sit here in my free world, and so what I want and say yeah quit. You disagree with principles the company, but I think that There is a little bit more complexity to it than that, including did the higher moral question right now of how you feed your family, but I do that. the world. We live in a kind of their plenty of jobs available and if you can find a company that they better alliance, your values, I think we should try and pursue that as fast as possible. Austin
as is a hot dog, a sandwich. So a hot dog is not technically a sandwich. The regional hotdogs, not technically a sandwich is because a sandwich, in my point of view, requires two pieces of bread, we hear dog, is easier, is on a bun. The bun is not cut right. The so. Therefore, if you cut the back of it, then I guess sandwich now, but because it is not an area because it is not a piece of bread. Definition way. Cannot be. A a appeal is not also sandwich when people put peed on under the sandwich, menu they're, doing it wrong, ok, Peters or not. which is their Peters Mitch says: Hey Mr Shapiro, I made it a goal in life to ten live performances verbatim Beethoven Symphony. Seventy nine or in the badge of honor and which will debate When symphonies, would you go here if you could pick only one? What do you think the one you almost half a year: nine, because it such a magnificent work in western in western cannon by its, and it also dramatic because obviously have the coral aspect to the final movement of Beethoven's night. Everyone misses the first remove into Beethoven's life on earth. Are fantastic
I was the first moment Beethoven's at the opening of Beethoven's ninth is just the most fantastic, really creative thing ever. It sounds like the orchestra? Is tuning? He did it because they are raids. Bunch of open fits into the orchestra is tuning and inform he comes in with the theme, and it feels like it is: illegal musical version of the creation of the world right. The world was Togo. Above all, who are the world? Was chaos, ends and nothingness, and then boom God spoken, and there was life. I think that at the beginning of Beethoven's ninth feels like and by all the Beethoven symphonies our great age, really funny alot of people download Beethoven, one, that's because people think ok. Well too, symphonies now means that it must be really good. It's actually mean First, to our concern is weaker symphonies, starting with three, the Erika, which is change, how symphonies we're done symphonies used to be relatively shortly twenty minutes. Twenty five minutes heroic has like an hour its insufficient asking Piece of music, starting with three ages gets more more. More creative aid is really under appreciated.
Six is really unappreciated to the ones that are really knows. Of course, our food seventy nine, ok Jeffreys us here I was wondering whether you hadn't input on Aristotle's quote man is by nature little animal he's did the true purpose of gum. One, is to enable citizens to live a full and happy life. do, you think, is still relevant. Or do you think that our government is too caught up in its own? Political gains, actually are actually helped citizens where now also believed in a rule of the aristocracy. So he believed in a rule of the wisest right, a group of people who are so wise that they could in theory they become. Of civilization. That would that would that would foster people's grow. and in which there was an elite that got to sit around and think all day and everybody else who gets to fill their own aspirations by working in whatever group they wanted to work, and we don't have a government. Why? Right in a democracy which is, as Winston Churchill said, that the worst system, except for all the others in a dream. Creasy Aristotle, red and management for political animal. That means that man is by nature and animal that wants to control other people and that's true even of the aristocrats, through even of the oligarchs that Aristotle spoke of, which is why the found
broke away from such an oligarchy? In they said okay, we would rather be as as William Butler, had listened governed by the first fifteen aims in the Boston phone book than by the justices. Of the Supreme Court lawyers from Harvard eighty. I think that these safer of your government, is not that its job is to foster the creativity of public, but it's to prevent other people from invading my right, it's my job. As a human being, I have personal responsibility to fulfil my potential within the rights there. Protected. For me by government Diana says Haven, european, I'm a divorce rate being nearly fifty percent. How can the countries oh bring that right down so Diana Universal. is actually not really fifty percent. It's it's fifty sensible marriages, ending divorces, but not fifty percent of all people who are married. Divorce There is a distinction there, the statistical distinction as if I am married three times there. and your married one time. Then that means the divorce rate is now fifty percent right, because fifty percent of all marriages, ended in divorce. Two of my marriage has ended in divorce, but that doesn't mean that fifty percent of all people are divorced
right, it is so it in that that sort of problem in statistics I most people who get married stole stay, Mary divorce is still waiting the problem. I think that the way to to fix that is by number one ready. I think what it is that you expect our marriage people have wildly wrong expectations of marriage they watch from any wrong comes living there. It can be an unending series of vacations on the beach with Corona beer is now a marriages. Marriage is it's not work, it is, but it is. It is a myth. to better yourself into better your family and it is not all about your personal happiness. Maybe this setting the greatest mistake. People make marriages, not about what actions have marriage, not about personal joy, because not every aspect of Mary maybe joys, their rules in marriage rules don't make people happy, but what does make people? happy in the long run. What does maybe having more one is the film in Seville they can only be had when you decide to wed yourself to a person who you think is going to you better as a human being and whose capable of being made better by you so that you complete each other. I visited
local idea of marriage and then completion completion is filled with generation of children that you then bring up in the best possible way. Marriage must have willingly can ever do, but you have to go in with expectation that you are going to change your spouse is going to change and that you are not going to be a change spouse in ways that you want to change your spouse. You have to gauge realistically is person? Why want to marry somebody who is going to change in ways that I like or all the things that annoy me now going to be around thirty years? Everybody gets wildly unrealistic about this, particularly women. They think all married guy, then I'll change him. I get a person you Mary is basically and be the person you're married to accept worse. In ten years in the worst waste will be better and best ways and worsen. The worst ways I think is, is fairly typical. People are not big on change, but it does make better person to be married, because you are suddenly hemmed in by being required by the by the restrictions of marriage to actually put yourself. Second,
to be to be giving Andy, and unfortunately, societies built or unselfishness a society built around selfishness is going to destroy it, detention based on unselfishness in this true in religion, it's true in marriage that all over the place. Ok, final question: Nick Right: Heaven! Thank you for speaking the truth, you think it's wrong take somebody s life support. If they are financial burden, please let the viewers know that put the burden in quotation marks: okay, so there it is, so I think that the wishes of the person are paramount The person wanted to be kept on life support. Then. I think that it is imperative to keep them on life. Support it. Also pens on whether the person is brain dead or not. In my opinion, if the person is brain dead, and on life support the bewildered by the way. This is a separate did. The jewish worldview is that you are sure to be very careful here, putting people on life support, because once you put people on life support, then it's hard to tell their dad right, because there are harder, still beating and see sort have to keep my life were until they die, so there's actual active consideration and Judaism if somebody is brain dead and the
have a choice as to whether to put them on life support. Maybe you don't, maybe just let them go, because the life support is going to keep alive the body that no longer has a brain functioning inside of it. I dont think that financial burden is really the question. I think moral is the question, because once you start making health decisions based on financial burden Inga did some pretty dicey territory because pretty expensive to take care of people who are sick. It's pretty expensive to take care of people who are suffering it's pretty expensive figure of children, I so as a general principle, I don't agree with the idea that should take me bluff life support if they are, financial burden, but I do think you should think about whether to put somebody on life support with their own consent if they are capable of the consent. That's that's my general perspective. I want to know more about accepting that one's worthy of a full was in a good question. All right we'll be back here they, and we should be in our brand new studios. We have hijacked the blazes studios. Yesterday we are now broadcasting and
today in front of a blackboard with a picture of Jeremy Borings dog upon it next time we will actually be real studio. I hope we will be in the end. The funeral parlor studio anymore, and then you can see what we have been building. It is indeed magnificent add by the way we have made your announcement coming up on Tuesday, who are you excited you should be because it shall be magnificent I've been Shapiro, have a wonderful weakened.
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