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Ep. 356 - Is Trump On The Brink?

2017-08-07 | 🔗
The media latches onto stories of a grand jury impaneling, Democrats struggle to come up with a strategy, and will some Republican primary Trump? Date: 17-08-07
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Google cracks down on the right, a charming master under fire from the Outright plus Chelsea are those for fascist, we'll talk about all of that and more and go. This is the bench of Hiroshima, Oh so many things to talk. First of all, I want to thank you our audience. You have now made us number one in news in politics over Itunes, where the number one podcasting using possible number two overall in the country right this very instant, which it pretty awesome if you go over and you subscribe Leave us review right now. There is the possibility that pushes all the way up the number one which would be awesome and a testament to your wireless inertia, which we are always thankful for lots To get to tat, I wouldn T let Chelsea handler going full Marty. We also going to talk about the the Google memo. That's good manifesto that has been making the rounds plus it will give you the update from Trump World, but first I want to say thank you to respond. There's over at texture, dotcom, so texture.
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captain his name anonymous. He wrote this memo called Google's ideological echo chamber and then Google's vice president of diverse. The integrity and governance, which is the most orwellian title in history. Daniele Brown, Should her own Amazon go through this memo because the left has claimed. This is just a disgrace to Google, it's just terrible. How dare this individual human being put out? this metal. Now what hilarious gives MOTA, which is a lucky site there, just humiliating to Google, that someone would put out a document pointing out that perhaps Google's pay spare me between men and women is not due to discrimination. It's you do. Women working fewer hours are taking different jobs, maybe its due to the fact that less in our view are women are hired intact because their fewer women at the upper end of the of the Bell curve in terms of performance intact, which is true, perhaps it's because it now that's. The memo says and gives MOTA was very angry to mental, so they put up the memo they omitted. All of it heart and links that were included in the memo, which is really quite gross. If you're going to
clear the entire memo, you really should include charts and links, demonstrating that it substantiated is not just some crazy persons, men's right activist radical, whose issue all of this information out to go through this, because it's so moderate this particular memo and the left his tree, it as insane anyway. So this mammal begins. Remember it's all about Google, which is the largest company in the its age. I believe earth is Google bigger than apple, and they, though, those two are in a competition, I'm not sure but Google is obviously most powerful force on the internet anyway, and Google is very angry about the so the guy from Google writes that sees I value diversity and inclusion. I am not denying that sexism exists and don't endorse using stereotypes so already we have, started off with somebody who is moderate occurs, not somebody who's coming in and just trying to show. Ok, this is not. Feminism is cancer. The memo okay. This is this is something differences. When addressing the gap in representation in the population, we need to look at population level differences in distributions. If we can't have an honest discussion about this, we can never truly solved
problem, psychological safety is built on mutual respect and acceptance. But unfortunately, our culture of shaming and misrepresentation is disrespectful and unexpected If anyone outside its echoed chamber- and then he goes on explain why it is that men are being paid differently than women, a google of why the employment is different, and one of the things that he talks about is something Laurent Summers, the former president of Harvard whose ousted for mentioning this this little fact nobody wants to talk about is the Bell curve when it comes to distributions regarding math and science. So when it comes to men, verses women there are but indifference is on average, between men and women, their individual women, who grew up a ferment, their individual men who outperform women. Ok, that boat talk about individuals. Now we are talking about the broad scope of humanity, so we are really talking about on average. So if you're the Bell curve of women, the Bell curve for women in in the math and science is is relatively eyes, is relatively steep. So look something like this right and what that means that there are a lot of women who are close to the average. There are women who are just low average lot of women who are just above average,
but when you get to the tales details are very skinny, he's lemmings. When you get to the very very upper echelons of performance and the very very lower upper echelons of performance, there, not a lot of work. Now most of the women are in the middle, more than with the man. It's a shallow. Its shallower bell, curves. What you end up with something looks a little bit more like that. So that means is that there are few and in the middle, the average score might be very close to the same, but there are fewer men that are actually close to the middle and there are a lot more men at the top end. So if the tale of that Bell curve is thicker for men and thinner for women damning if you just take a cross section of the Bell curve, all the way out here at the extremes of performance in terms of really high performance are really low. Performance. You're gonna get more men than you are women for everyone. There will be several men look at one time at a tap company like Google. That means that, on average will probably get more male applicants than female applicants to meet your minimum standards. Ok, that's not arrived on women, something women are stupid. That is aimed at women brain function differently than men on average their areas where women dramatically outperform monopoly spatial differences.
One of them there there other areas when it comes to when it comes to anything having to do with them. Compassion women generally outperform men on all of the IQ test, but when it comes to when it comes to math and scientists I mean this is not sexist because it's just reality. Okay, this is one of those tax. Don't care about your feelings moments, the Bell curse for men and women. Do not look exactly the same. Ok, so this guy, was on the memo to explain, as he says, Google's political bias has equated the freedom from offends would say logical safety, but shaming into silence is the antithesis of psychological, say, she's knows making my point when I make on campus all time whenever we talk about psychological safety, and you suggest that differences of opinion unsafe, while you are really doing, is shutting down people who disagree with you. If you are going to quit, were in violence. Then you can given this uncomfortable area where somebody else's words are violence. You this, their says. The silencing has created an ideological echo chamber where some ideas are two sacred to be honestly discussed, and then he says difference
in distributions of trade between men and women may in part, explain why we don't have fifty percent representation of women in Turkey and leadership. Discrimination to reach equal representation is unfair, divisive and bad for business. This is the case against affirmative action and diversity. Screening and then you talk now Google's biases. He says political orientation is result of deep moral preference and thus biases considering the overwhelming majority of the Social Sciences, media and googling left. We should critically examine these prejudices and then he goes through left by as he and he actually is taking this, I believe from Jonathan Haidt the righteous mind This is well substantiate. Ok, that's making things up. This is not just him I mean the women or anything he talks about left, biases being compassion for the weak, saying, disparities are due to injustices. The right is biased towards respect for authority, disparities are natural, and just when then he says mean their sides, hundred percent, correct both viewpoints are necessary for a functioning society or in this case company laces. Google's left bias has created a politically correct monoculture. That maintains its hold by shaming dissenters in silence. The silence removes any
acts against ex and authoritarian policies. It is one of the reasons, the reasons why people have suspected that Google biases insurgent biases. Its search results against conservative outcomes and they may not. Another doing it right. They may think that they are just doing what is just and right, but if everyone there, in the same way, then you in devising search results if you're Youtube, Yonah banning particular videos or restricting particular videos that ought not be restricted, then he goes through the facts. This particular memo author, nowadays would be very ironic that turns out to be a woman, Abbe hilarious. But what what This guy says I assumes a guy. He says I Google, we are regularly hold an implicit unconscious and explicit biases are holding women back in Tekken leadership. The first of all implicit bias test do not work. Okay, implicit bias, training does not work. Implicit bias is a bunch of.
There is no actual connection in the Social Science data between implicit, biasing, others tests. They give you, when you're in university, where you click on a black face in a bad word or white, face in a bad word at different rates that shows the racist. Those tests are absolute garbage, there's no statistical significance to them their non reputable, so you can take the test twice and get it right. The second time in get wrong. The first time That's not how any test is supposed to work right. Every test that works. You have the same results if you take it twice, but again that this is used by the left as as club to be people, and is it what we can't tell the you're actually racist, but we can suggest the erases because of implicit bias right. You don't do anything racist, but deep down in the cockles of your shrivelled little heart. We know that you're I asked and racist so the author says, on average men and women biologically different many ways. True side break it to the transgender unfeminine advocates. These differences are not just socially constructed their universal across human cultures. They often have clear biological causes. Links to prenatal testosterone
logical males that we're castrated at birth and raises females often still identified act like males the underlying traits are highly heritable their exactly what we are predicting an evolutionary psychology perspective again. This is true. So in terms of so try to explain the disparities between men and women at Google. In terms of some of these biological differences, he says women on average have more openness directed towards. Feelings and aesthetics rather than ideas. These did. They also have stronger interesting people rather than things there into empathizing versus systematizing, and then he talked about women have a return, negotiate salary asking for raises. Speaking up and leading this is true. Ok, all the Social Science data suggest this now women have higher levels of anxiety and lower stress tolerance again. This is true. According to social Science data, he says the man have a higher driver status. Men are driven by respect of others. Women are not as much then by all of that, which is why men go into dangerous jobs for higher pay things like coal mining and garbage collection and fire fighting in some four nine three percent of workers.
Deaths many talks about non discriminatory ways to reduce the gender gap. He actually says: ok secure some solutions of what more women than what we should do is we should show we should software engineering, more people, oriented repair programming, so that empathy matters a little bit more. He says that women on average look from a work life balance, and maybe we should start biasing tore part time work instead of full time work, and he says that feminism is made great progress in freeing women from female generals
men are still tied to the male general. Maybe if we allow men to get out of that, then that will help a little bit, but that does not mean that we should have ever city candidates. It does not mean that we should lower the standards for admission to Google. It does not mean that we should create illegal discrimination actual okay, so all of this sounds really moderate and fine. I don't see anything, that's a problem here. He says we should stop suggesting that if your against diversity candidacies that your immoral, we should stop alienating conservatives, we should confront our own biases. We should have honest discussions about costs and benefits of diversity. Programme again now We should stop at the Micro, Russians, micro, russian training, incorrectly and dangerously equate speech with violence is not backed by evidence and reconsider, making unconscious bias. Training mandatory for promo committees I get all of this is fine, moderate, true right, all of its fine theirs. It there's really not a huge problem here, everything they sang is well substantiated. There are links to
various studies, Christina hot summers, is a feminist scholar who spends Oliver time studying this stuff. Basically signs off on this entire member. I'll? Tell you what Google's response to that has been, because this really incredible before it gets adapt. I first want to say thank you. Tore sponsors over Asia. Also zeal, One of my favorite services zeal massage undermine they come to your house. They come to your house with the table. With the massage oils with the music the whole deal, they turn your home into a spy. It is cheaper, less expensive than going to your local spot. You don't have to make a reservation like you to your local spot. We can advance you can get it. Times within an hour reggio- will bring you same day in homeless ashes with the best licence invaded massage therapist right, your home. I'm big on the idea, You shouldn't have to spend a lot of money to feel like a wealthy person, and this is one of those well. You don't have to spend a lot of money to feel wealthy zeal makes that happen, for you is becoming huge meals in New York. The other day and I was seeing people zeal, but says wheeling around the
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views on the natural abilities and characteristics of different genders, as well as whether one can speak freely of these things, a Google and, like many of you, I found that it advanced incorrect assumptions about gender. Incorrect. Ok, not we disagree incorrect. Again, nothing in the memo ever said that all women are incapable times or tat nothing in the member states. That all women are capable of working a Google, nothing in the metals all women are incapable of the dancing in tech careers at Google. The whole point of the memo is, if you're going to suggest that systematic bias is it work inside Google? Perhaps you ought to look at the average differences between men and women, how they act in the workplace and what the average qualifications are. That is not an excuse to discriminate against individuals That is an excuse not to discriminate against individuals, because you shouldn't be discriminating against people on the basis of phantom social justice. Warrior bull, crap, ok! So this this idiotic letter continues, I'm not going to Lincoln link it here, as is not a viewpoint it I or this company, endorsed,
promotes or encourages up. I'm just going to send a nasty letter without telling you what the underlying material was. Diversity and inclusion are a fundamental part of our values and the culture. We continue to cultivate boy, ok, so diversity and inclusion, except for how you're sending better specifically sang disguised use are out of bounds and must be earned. Adam from the reference, if he float, if you vote, is which, if he'd rounds, he's not. We are unequivocal in our belief that diversity and inclusion are critical to our successes, accompany and will continue to stand for that and be committed to it for the long haul. As our Balog said in his internal g plus posed quote, building an open, inclusive environment is core to we are in the right thing to do. Nuff said, Google has taken a strong stand on this issue by releasing its demographic data and creating a company wide. Ok, our diversity and inclusion, stronger and it was strong reactions. Changing a culture is hard and its often uncomfortable screw
You, lady, I'm really sick of that. I am so sick of this nonsense where people say well, you know us changing your mind. It might be uncomfortable for Eu Us, you know taking your eyes and propping them open. While we show you montages had to Beethoven's knife, tat might be uncomfortable for you as re educate, I'm sorry it's uncomfortable when Chairman MAO takes you out to re, educate you in the ways of communism. I'm sorry, if that's a little uncomfortable it's only because you're so narrow minded and we have to broaden your mind by force. That's only way visitors can it it's really nasty, and we have to change you into my pills. Trouble free will, haven't you change? Ok, maybe you're wrong is uncomfortable for acknowledge that its uncomfortable for you to acknowledge and basic truths. No, it's only uncomfortable for people you disagree with and I'm sorry, if that eleven people apologize bit uncomfortable for you, you know, like your torturing, so I'm sorry, Ramsay Bolton Theon, I'm sorry! If this uncomfortable for you, you know it's just a chain
it had to undergo, but I'm really really sorry, if you find this a little bit irritating are uncomfortable, it on me than it is on you just know, Your horizons will be broadened as we perform this surgery upon. I firmly believe Google is doing the right things as the VP of diversity, inclusion of the US, and that's why I took this job part of building an an inclusive environment means fostering a culture in which those with alternative use, including different political views, safe, sharing their opinions? Yes, I'm sure Thea feels very safe under these circumstances very, very safe. I'm sorry, if some comfortable for you, we won't linked to your paper and you might get fired here. Are you ready for this? That discourse needs to work alongside the principles of equal employment, found our code of conduct policies and anti discrimination laws interstellar? That means that's an overt threat. That is, if you say these sorts of things you may have to fire, you you may violator a coat of car.
That says, since you must never ever under any circumstances, mention differences between men and women. Ever ever, we love diversity, and if your violence is prince, you should be punished. I've been in the industry for a long time. I can tell you: I've never worked in a company that has so many platforms for employees to express themselves. I know conversation doesn't end with my email today. I look forward to continuing to hear your thought, as I settlement with Google or is across the company thanks Daniel a genial. How about this? You should stop being an ideological fascists. Ok, if you want to provide some alternative evidence that robots the presumptions created in this mammal, you can do it, but you're just making this guy's point. This guy's entire point is that you're, a bunch of fascist who cannot tolerate descends with regard to obvious obvious socio,
Google and scientific facts just terrible, just terrible, and then you wonder why society a large so screwed up as one of the reasons societies so screwed up, because you have that the quorum quote. Great science advocates bashing the cork. What science deniers over things that are actually scientific ridiculous. I want to get to another element of the left, cracked and the sort of fascist cracked em. It's happening on the hard left, but for that you gonna have to go to daily, where we can talk about one of our favour. People Chelsea Handler just a delight to talk about her in just one second get over to daily wire for that nine. Ninety nine a month gets you a subscription to daily wire the greatest of all podcast in the greatest of all. Said you get rid of all the ads on the website. You get the read this not just in audio show folks to video shop. You get to see the brilliance of the show unfold in real time magic by just going over and subscribing for nine. Ninety nine. And you also get Andrew Cravens show any yet Michael, noisy show which is really charging up the Itunes charts as well. For some reason people seem to like it, so you can get that for just nine ninety nine a month and for the
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our pockets number two in all its actions, number one in use in politics, so keep the subscription and their views coming neighbouring gaps in number. One should be super cool. I would then have an excuse to take my wife out to dinner. I wish you'd be happy for her and sad for me just joking. I, like my wife, It is of major governed, subscribe and also leave review. We always appreciate it. We are the largest by far conservative in the name So speaking of the fascist tendencies of the hard luck, see handler who is now she she. She was second level bad comic and now she's elevator herself to a first level ban comic. She is now up there with Trevor. No and Amy Humor, mean its enemies, sort of a comedian I guess by, but however, no one Amy humour that the top three
our Trevor, Noah Amy, humour in Chelsea Hammer and pantheon of unbelievably crappy leftist comics, I would die, would have put W camel bell on their he's really awful, but he's not as offensively awful as these others are so he remained secondary, but those are the three they are in a running gun battle to see. Who is the worst comic of all time in any case on Sunday to chinese tourists, stood in front of the rat start building in Germany. They made a nazi salute. Why? Because they're stupid, ok, they're promptly arrested in Germany is actually illegal to do. Such things are not allowed make the Nazi salute in Germany, which is, I think, as is bad luck as I do, I think, that's bad law. I don't think that you should make illegal? I think the EU should use social shaming to do the fight back against that sort of symbolic symbolism. According to the government A programme on suspicion of using the symbols and anti constitutional organisations was opened against the two chinese man aged thirty, six and forty nine. Obviously a couple morons they paid fifty dollar finds in their released.
However, was not enough for alleged comedian Chelsea handler who promptly tweeted this our club. Chinese guys were arrested in Berlin for making Nazi salute. Wouldn't it be nice to have was here for people who think racism is funny. No, that would not be nice I'll, be a violation of the first amendment as someone who desperately hates racism, hates Anti Semitism hate sexism. Ok, I hate all of these things. I think their terrible. I dont think it should be illegal for people to express these. He is because we live in a free country, and once you start policing what people say with the government, then you are going to inevitably end up quashing viewpoints that you find unpalatable and those viewpoints may end up being your own eventually one once the guns wings back on you, but Another point, four Chelsea Hunter. Who gets you decide what racist or not like, for example, what did there a comedian who joked about the race
I'm Angelina, Jolie and Brad Pitt cats. Kids. Let's say that they joked that about being african in origin, but then they did, that would that be racist should be prosecuted person, nor have they jumped likeness Angelina Jolie has filed for for divorce from Brad Pitt. He wants to China. She wants packs and Maddox Hashtag. Sorry couldn't help myself so first of all, crappy joke, but second of all should be jelly for that kind of racist and he wants to China, but she wants. Apparently, I guess the Africans is that these that what the joke is supposed to be here, because I believe TAT Maddox our from Africa, the not so that is or or not where they from were passing attics from. I can't remember they from who no one to look up their ethnicities, but is not a joke. I'm trying I'm trying to remember where they are actually from. Are they Chinese were worth now We'll have to look at the bottom line. Is it is erases joke? Okay? So
they are there not from the United States and an letting their packs is is, is vietnamese? Is ours taxes vietnamese ends, and So let's eat Vivian. Sorry, I don't mean tastes, machine pockets, looking stuff up online, but I won't make sure that I get this right so pay so packs, I believe, is the enemies and matter I as he's from Bottom bang, which I'm not sure where that is that vat and bang is in Cambodia, ok. So what is the enemies? And one is from Cambodia? Ok, so Paso is it shall see how that makes a joke about chinese and vietnamese people? Ok. Is that exactly the thing? Is that a wonderful thing now so apparently going Chelsea hammer? Maybe she should go to jail, also amazing, the fascist instincts of people on the left They did it. There is this instinct for people on the right as well. I think there's some alright people who have the same instinct, but it is a bad. Instead,
and it is something that we should fight. Ok, so on. I want to go through all that, because I think that it is more important to the society than the latest trot news, but let's get to Wait, astronomy itself. The waiters in front news is that President Trump is on vacation for seventeen days, and that means that Hr Mc Master general matters and John Kelly are not sending next to him, taking his phone away from him and hiding and under the seat, cushions and plain warm recalled with him with the phone, so he found his Iphone. He discovered the past code and now he's tweeting again about fake news in this net. He's got his phone again, but the bigger problem for him is that on Friday, it was announced that the that the special prosecutor wrote ROD Rosen seen while ashes Greece, Mahler Robber, Mahler, imperil the grand jury, and that means that they are going to be when subpoenas about documents, they'll be issuing subpoenas. Two human beings do testify about from Russia collusion about financial matters and all of the rest ROD Rosen scheme came out. I he obviously trying to keep his job in the trumpet administration. He says that it did what
as Europe's. True, though he says in the grand jury implies nothing about about the indictment itself. Does the front that a prosecutor takes a case to a grand jury. What does that say about the likelihood of indictments Chris? you're right that I'm not going to comment on the case. I'm not gonna come about whether direct or Miller has or has an open a grand jury, and I read a lot about criminal. Allegations in the media, and so stories are false. We just don't comment on investigations. That's important for a number of reasons. First of all, we don't know spare Jane body who may be a subject in the estimation of or two we don't interfere with the investigation by. But I'm asking you a different question: what does it say when a prosecutor takes a case in general, grand jury about the likelihood of indictments in General Chris. It doesn't anything but the likelihood of indictments because we conduct investigations and we make a determination at some point in the course the investigation about whether charges are appropriate.
We want saying there is obviously droop and its good that he saying it, because I think that it is important because the entire left is jumping to conclusions about this. The right is jumping to conclusions do and the conclusions there jumping to is that Mahler hasn't penalty grand jury to get trumpet did that He cares about now is getting Trump Alan's. Auschwitz, you obviously knows a fair bit about jury selection, considering that he was involved in the jury selection for the OJ trial. He said mother looks like he stacking the grand jury against Trump and ethnic or racial composition. That might be very unfair about who the proper administration. So I see the significance, not so much better in panel major gap and that of the jury gets being about, but where the impact that it needs listing point. Do you believe that it kind of stacks the deck against the president? By doing that? Yes, yes, I do it's a tactical move, designed to send a message that, if the
Peter decides to prosecute. You will have a real advantage during pool where the case will be how provided there is jurisdiction in Colombia, and it would be generally jurisdiction almost anywhere. Ok, so he he's suggesting that the reason they have handled the grand jury and easy as opposed to an Iowa, is because they want this grand jury to start bringing charges as soon as possible. And strong, that's not out of the realm of possibility, and I respect Dershowitz has taken this maxim waters had whose races, because how dare you suggest that right and the grand jury mean something, and yet again she doesn't know what you're talking about, because the fact is that when you are looking at juries when you're looking jury. Selection. Of course, Thrace comes into account of the people, because you make assumptions about. On average, black people are going to vote Democrat more likely than widely spoken about Democrat, so the chance of the union, You're on the grand jury, who is anti tromp, is higher just statistically speaking you all of this is a danger to Trump and it's a problem for Trump
The response from the Trump Administration has been that all of this is pony, phony, phony and maybe he'll firewall or which would obviously be a crisis. We may be reaching breaking point very soon with Mahler, which is a serious problem here. Ellie and Conway on day. I guess this is a this week. Talking about here. This Russia narrative is cheating the country Let me just say something else about Russia. The president took on a new tack in West Virginia speaking about this the other night. He told the people there and around the country that those.
Pushing this phony fabricated. Russian investigation are cheating you, the voters. Out of what you clearly thing you want. You want a new and different direction. You don't want the same policies. You want free markets, you want democracy, you want national security, american exceptionalism prosperity at home, he's making good on those promises. Look at the stock market. Look at the jobs that we look at the growth. Look at the regulatory role back on things that were hurting taxpayers and property owners and end job creators and end and look at you and look at what he has promised those people they voted for him, and if my mother's going to contain investigation will cooperate, hammer best became the president is not a target of any investigation location and she goes on to say that the Trump is not going to commit to not firing. The special best together if he gets too close to something that did to prosecuting Trump, doesn't like it bottom line Kelly? I guess,
the President commit to not firing Robert Mahler. The present has not even discussed that that the present is not discussing firing about Malerba. Willie commitment to fighting and cooperating with here is not even discuss, not fire ease, not discuss firing. Bob Malek has now what will hold on I'm, not the president's lawyer here, but I will tell you, as this cows are he's not discussing that ok, so she refuses about eight times. Necklace did mobile besides. What we have here is situation where there is obviously Witch hunt going on from the left. With regard to present in triumph, I dont know that Mahler is engaged in a witch hunt, yet I think that its little much to say the mother is obviously out to get the point at this point I dont know on the base of the grand jury in it- will have to see him so the indictment, if there's some indictment brought, will have to look at the material in the incitement and determine whether this fit within the scope of the investigation or what it was actually just a reach by Mahler. I can't prejudge the product that I haven't seen they some room.
As there are coming out, that our unsubstantiated on this, I believe have on the right is jumped to mothers, bad God be fired. It jump on the left to mother is going to take out Trump and then once you takes our trump and we're gonna have to take up my pen. Central Maxine Waters is not job most corrupt woman in Congress. She says that once we finish with Trump now We have to step up and go after my pen steward and got for everybody now remember, remember what they are hoping with. The Democrats are hoping they win back Congress in twenty eighteen and then they move to impeach Trump and impeach pants. Ok, because how does the line of succession go gang? Remember because President vice president, speaker of the house, so they were actually able to impeach Trump and hence they won't be able to because they they won't, have any votes in the Senate, but if the radically they were able to do so, if there are some, are wiped out in an Publicans lost the House and Senate, you could end up with President Nancy Pillows,
if that's not incentive to God and vote in twenty eighteen, I dont know what is here is Maxine Waters, making the case our planning his inauguration. Is that a joke ready was it showed how what I wanted to do was needed them little Hansel they better than tromp. If he were always when we finish withdraw, if we have to go and get potent, that's our necks, Putin opens a pin. You mean that forgets helpful one backdrop that we gotta go after Badge: ok, so I love tee. I do love this crazy old bat is do in the EU we have two after Putin, we ve got a pen swifter governor, Gingrich, Randalls, just and everybody out there. Some left is suggesting that this is the end of the world from is done. The right is scared. The trump might be done, because Mahler again now
of evidence on any of this, but it is opening up gaps inside the Republican Party itself. So you have my report in the New York Times over the weekend that people like my pants, are now looking to step up for twenty twenty that Ben SAS, is visiting Iowa that John Cassock God help us is, is visit. In iowa- oh god, no, please, God, no, not John casing he's coming out in an campaigning against from now there there's a couple, a split in the republican Party that are worth talking about because they continue after the election. One is the split between the right and the so called moderate, and the second is the split between people who don't care about trumps behaviour and people do care about forms of behaviour. I think You can be right wing and care about trumps behaviour. That's where I am. I think you can we right wing and not care about from behaviour. That's where, like Dennis Prager Progress, you can be. You can be moderate and not care about trumps behaviour and that's where Jordan our presumably and then you can immoderate and care about forms. Behaviour in this region case against
The bottom line is that, just because John CASE, it says that he wants to run against Trump and twenty twenty, which is what he's going to does not mean that the right is going to move with John cases or the moderates argument with John case it, because this is the weird thing: ok, Trump actually crosses currents. Trump is both moderate on politics, not particular rightwing he's much closer to John case it on politics, and it had grows and he doesn't care about behaviour not like John cases, but like a lot of the right wingers. So you got the attitude of a hard core right winger with regard to the media, for example, but he's got the policies, there are much closer to John K sex. So when John K success well, you know I'm in a run against him, like on what basis, aside from being awarded piece of a wanted peace of receipt in my pocket, the one through the wash three here is raising in the Sunshine Cassock John Hacking Loop, and I are doing at the present is he's going to have his staff and my staff, and we ve had preliminary conversations. Cuz John and our becoming friends and they're going to sit down and they're gonna look at the differences, and one of the problems is that there are some in the Democratic Party
I think the whole system needs to be changed at once, and there are some in the republican Party that say: look let's let the market work to drive down health care costs, but we're going to have to make a commitment, a serious, significant commitment to those people who are left behind. So I think Democrats are gonna, have to get to the point where they say. Let's let the market work, give people more choice, bring down the cost of health insurance and Republicans you're gonna have to admit that there's gonna be a is a group of people out there who are going to need help that these are some philosophical differences between the parties. But if you have a good spirit- and you understand that I just go away just go away- just go away Calvin talk about primary sitting republican president. Basically you primary publican president. Even if you were to win the nomination are going to lose the general there's never been a primary challenger. Who is number one? What I mean? That's that that's incredibly rare you had situations like one thousand, nine hundred and sixty eight, president drops out like obesity dropped out. Nineteen sixty eight, but then his successor, Hubert Humphrey, goes onto loose Richard Nixon if
trump is so bad that you end up being primaried and losing the chance to become president are virtually no, so Republicans are are with Trump Boomer bus time. Two thousand and twenty to the extent that they want to win a national election. Almost things. So dire and so desperate. That Trump is just another disaster, all the way through and there, and they have no choice so the puts on the right are reopening in the wake of Trump not being done his job. What's funny about all this is again in the area we're Trump is not public in the areas where, from is not involved. His administration is going fine case it there There is a story that just came out five minutes ago. That says that Donald Trump Administration has now cut eleven thousand federal jobs, eleven thousand of them in the last in the last six months- that's the first reverse in federal and I meant that happen in a long time. That's really good. There's been verse regulations right. Sixteen regulations cut for every new one at all. Of these are really good things, but that's our people, on they actually dont vote on these little things. I know the people to flatter themselves that this is what people vote on people to vote on that day,
on generalised perception of the people who are running. Ok, so with all of that, The Democrats are no better shape ray. The Democrats seems seem to think that all this is going to fall into their lap when there's no evidence of that whatsoever. The poles right now have Democrats in the generic ballot up plus seven, but there is a rather unconvincing plus seven because get a lot of the lot of the districts are either solid, redder, solid blues. The question is: what happens in these very few purple districts and the left is tearing up a parcel Howard dean. He comes out he's ripping the these Bernie Sanders Wing of the party. At the same time they need the burning. When the party the, when there has always been a section of the left, which I call call as the the whining party Marty that doesn't really want to win. They just want to be pure and if they go down swinging purely then, that's fine. Well, the problem with that is, it leaves behind the people who really need their help. If we're going to have a single paramedic care for all or whatever we're going to have
care the covers every American as every other industrialized country have then, and we all have to pull together and people who sit out or prepared crank on some candidate because they did this or that it wasn't to their purity test are basically turn their back on the very people they pretender representatives, monoplane anti dispossessed Republicans and at the same sort of states that are happening inside the writer happening inside the left, Jerry Brown, whose delusional governor of California he thinks they did their owing to swing laughed and did bread Democrats who abroad victory by the way jury Brownstone wants to run for president. One thousand years old, we actually exhumed him to make him californian. California's governor again, here's John Brown talking about what he thinks he's going to have it in twenty eight, the historic when Lyndon Johnson won overwhelmingly against Goldwater people were writing, and I read it at the time the Roma Robust Party was gone and then, it comes back and the Democratic Party comes back. So the nature of our business is that
swing to the pendulum and It is definitely already swinging back toward a nun, republican kind of future. We hope these on general trends that will win. We only have an affirmative case. I we should, and also I don't know where I am why I'm here, who you are, why I'm talking or I think I made myself governors Abraham ok, so bottom line is there is chaos inside both parties. You suggest otherwise is to be ignorant of how the Republican Party is working and also how the democratic parties working that means it will arrive. Climate is happening, but I dont think the realignment is inside the Republican, party or inside the Democratic Party. I think the realignment is largely a bunch of people who are dispossessed with both parties and are just looking for people who are reasonable to follow or vote for in any case, ok time for some things I like in some things I hate.
So things I like. First of all, I want to thank again Joe Rogan for have me on last week. It was really fantastic thing. Joe is great. I thought the conversation was really good. If you haven't you go over and check out the podcast that I did with Joe last week, it really good, conversationally two and a half hours to our forty and we went through a nun. Of topics everything from environmentalism, transgender ism, to free speech, and I think that when I talk the sort of new centre that's forming. I dont think its centre in terms of political outcome. I think it's a centre in terms of people who actually wanna hear reasoned argument, reason debate as opposed to a bunch of people who just get on your tv and talk about republican versus democratic, but I'm ok, other things that I like, so I've decided to do exposes of communism and socialism. Last week I talked a lot about. What's happening as well as it continues to breakdown in Venezuela. There is supposedly a terrorist attack that is causing the president, the dictator of Venezuela, to crack down on his opposition. Again, this looks again a lot like virtually every dictate dictatorial crackdown. It looks like the coup that happened in Turkey that failed us
Could that happened in Turkey still unaware that was that allowed airline to maximize its power here is a book is probably the best book ever written on communism. The no one has ever read its considerable tattoo novels Wall Time, but very few people read. These is very, very short, called darkness at noon by Arthur Kessler, and it's all about a really trotzky figure, who was part of the russian Revolution and now has been imprisoned and is awaiting his in his waiting. The carrying out of his death sentence and sort of the thoughts that are going through his head. Him become disillusioned with the cause he spent his tireless fighting for really dark. Really, terrific short, very short, read very readable darkness at noon. By Arthur Kessler, they try to make a movie, I think at one point, but it is more of a psychological novel than anything else.
Not doesn't really lend itself to movie making as much as it does for for a red, but it is due to great kind of almost forgotten classic darkness. It new, ok time for a couple of things that I hate. So a couple of things that I hate up. And Conway was asked on one the Sunday shows about president trumps, Trans genders and military bans. You call a couple weeks ago that Donald Trump tweeted out almost seemingly are nowhere. That trend genders would no longer be allowed the military- and there are people like me who, I generally agree with the policy, but I will z, general matters laid out. I'd like to the military Amber Alex you what the Pentagon does. I want to see their opinion on this. I won't even laid out in the most free and full fashion, so we can have a good open debate about it and see what the rationales are. And Kelly Conway's asked okay, so trumped we did. This was the Miller or even aware that he was doing this in here- is what you had to say
he's too did the chairman of the joint chiefs? Did this difference secretary? Did the commandant of the coastguard? Did the other service chiefs sign off on their policy on that tweet before the president sent it out? I can answer that because I wasn't in the room when they discuss it with him, and I am- and I certainly are on the National Security Council, but I will tell you, having spoken with the president's erectly about this and having been involved a little bit in the discussions that the president had consulted for quite a while with different stakeholders, including his generals. What he says, no tweet is absolutely true. He consulted the generals and others about this issue. Ok, so again here, the problem- and I said this at the time. How use you things is just as important is what you do If you do it wrong, you end up actually backfiring. What's happened. Now's the Pentagon has said we have had no specific instruction from the White House. We are not carrying out anything without any sort of planner specific instructions or Trump just tweeted, something out toxify it in the public debt
wars and then threw down its military which promptly ignores it. This is not how policy ought to be done if Trump, once good policy implemented, he should do same thing is doing with regulations and with employment. He should just let his chiefs take care of it. Ok, they know what they're doing when it comes to the specifics of the stuff. He does not let him be the face of it. Let them develop the policy, let him pitch it, but he has two hundred. And tat. He ought to be doing exactly region on the apprentice. Ok he's the pitch man he's not the idea creator, nor is he be implemented. Ok, other things that I hate. This is a weird thing: Kelly MAC and any who's been a pro trump member. The trunk campaign shoes on CNN and now she's, no we're on CNN and she popped up on something you're calling Trump tv which is from the White House apparently end it is. It is Dial J trumped I come and it is her bring new fate, real news, not fake.
His real name is everybody on Kayleigh Mcenany. Thank you for joining us as we provide you, the news of the week from Trump Tower here in New York, more great economic news. On Friday, the July Jobs Report added a better than expected two hundred and nine thousand jobs overalls The president took office president trumpet created more than one million jobs climate rate is that a sixteen year low and consumer confidence is at a sixteen year high all while the DOW Jones continues to break records, president Tromp has clearly the economy back in the right direction. I didn't like it when Obama. This is not new. A retreat and like this is new. Ok, Obama, if you recall actually for wild man, press photos and was only issuing Whitehouse press photos, so this is a centralisation of the communication strategy that I just do not like from either side I understand is: why have why has press office this way of allies in the press? But this idea they didn't, have state sponsored tv too the president. I like it when I was a bomb, I don't like it when its trump. I don't appreciate it, and I think the cayley Makin
he is better than this is obviously smart, should obviously talented and working for Trump TV seems to me a misuse of those talents actually because you're not gonna, get real newsroom get trumps news, which is fine, that's fine, but I think that you know having it openly sponsored by the White House is is a little bit. Ok, so we'll be back here tomorrow with all of the latest news again make sure that you leave us go subscribe, thus a review and makes your also that you give a lesson to Michael Moses Brand new showing that in Itunes, that is also doing really well in the news in politics. Section, overt Itunes, it's fun to listen to US reclaiming show is coming up next to make sure that you go over to Itunes and subscribes to that as well. Drew's show has been fantastic, a long time, and it is always a well informed and funny take if you never listened to it, go give it in reclaiming, show Listen. We don't agree on everything trump related, but it's really wildly entertaining to go check it out and reclaim. Ok, we'll be back here tomorrow, I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the entropy Russia, yeah.
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