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Ep. 357 - The Corporate Fascists Are Here

2017-08-08 | 🔗
Google goes totalitarian, Republicans and Democrats push their own loyalty tests, and transgender camps for small children make the news. Date: 17-08-08
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Well, hey there we're going to talk about everything. Google memo related we're going to talk about the fact that they're bunch of people think that Colin Kaepernick must must must be hired back into the NFL plus the greatest ad you'll ever see for gay rights from the royal Dutch Airlines That's going on, I'm bench bear this is the venture bureau we have many. Is to get to today, and I will be discussing all things that have to do with his Google memories. Went through in depth. Yesterday, here on, the programme be spitting. Hot fire, like one of the Andes Dragons on game of thrones in sinner, eating entire lines of enemy troops, but before we do the first I want to say thank you to our sponsors over a bull and branch too. As you know, these have set it a thousand times. This point I suck at sleeping I'm really bad at it. That means that when I get into my bad at night. It must be comfortable, it must be wonderful, it must be the greatest bed that ever was, and that means the sheets have to be really good. So people tend to think about all the other aspects.
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Roy. I e the evil evil employee who suggests in a memo that Google was leftist and close minded, which is weird if you don't want to prove that your leftist and closed minded? Perhaps you shouldn't fire? The guy who says your leftist and closed minded, that's kind of a bad move, but they fired him we'll Revolutionary Brigade has often that employee his name's is James DE more and this Google CEO, Sundar Peach? I stated that the DE ten page member had called violated line by advancing harmful gender stereotypes in our place, to suggest a group of our colleagues have traits and make them less biologically suited to that work is offensive and not ok. I love Linda left, used the phrase, not ok, because they really mean by that is we should take you out at sunrise to the stake, and let you on fire not ok is. Is it's. There is their understate of way of saying you're see and we should be the crap out of you. But here is the problem just as with the rest of media, nobody read them. Nobody read the mental. Nothing in the memo says that women as a group are less biologically suited
to being in tat. There is nothing in the memo that says that ok the media, obviously didn't, read them. And now they are simply hunting to make up what they wish. The memo, sad because easier to make a case that the guy should be fired. If you make up what he said, so here are some of the things that it didn't say over. Let me start with this: here's what the mental, actually did that because of the members have made three main contentions first into the Google had a leftist bias which prevented them from hearing other viewpoints, usually drew, because you just fired the guy who said you had enough this bias. Second, it said that part not all, but part of the discrepancy in and plunder between, men and women. A Google was attributable not to sexism, but to large scale group differences between men and women. Again this makes perfect sense and is obviously true in the same way that it is true that the wage gap is largely explained in the United States by different choice of jobs, different amount of time that women want to spend in the workplace
seven individual woman cannot perform a man. Is I'd say that an individual woman can perform the same job. A man can do depending on the job. It is to say that group differences do make a difference when you are looking at abrogate when you are looking at the aggregate. And finally, Mossad, Google should actually try to make employment easier for women in general through a series of non illegal means, in other words, not through hiring quotas in diversity quotas, but through making it more attractive for women to be a Google. Does any of that sound rather we'll deal. If so, your moron you personally, I don't mean on average I mean, if you actually think that's a horrible thing. That seems memo than you are stupid person, but the media are just lying about what this mammal actually said. So, first of all their lying about people like me, who I see them Oh is fine and Google is ridiculous for having fired the guy, so Newsweek Ray peace today saying the all right kicks back against Google, the all right do they, even Why am I was the number one target of the all right, according to the anti defamation last last year, news weeks- and I was all right, what was a media?
there there is another. There are several other publications that suggested that I was all right. Ok, I understand the less desperate attempt to paint everyone on the right is all right. Let's just nonsense, but in terms of the memo itself, the memo itself does not say all the things you're hurting the media. So today, on CNN Cnn ran a segment claiming that James Timor's memo stated that women are quorum, hold biologically unfit for attack theirs nothing in the memo that remotely says that, in fact more says the opposite. The media can comprehend a basic basic truth. Ok when I say a group on average is different from another group on average. That does not mean that individuals in that group can be outstanding. Ok, it's not mean that they can't be outstanding individuals who can be outstanding right back to devise a seven year old as each as an average are not as smart as fifteen year olds.
That doesn't mean that every seven year old is not a smart fifteen year old, it means on average there dumber than fifteen year olds or maybe a seven year old, is a genius and is a smarter, some fifteen year olds. That doesn't mean that seven year olds, in fifteen year olds have seen the average level of intelligence came at the media, because their morons thirdly, right I'm saying on average the media are morons not individually every one of them's moron, but collectively the morons. Ok when they say that when they say that guys, arguing the women are unfit for tech. What he's actually saying is women on average are different from men, not that this particular woman is different from this particular man. Ok, here's what do more roads, and I'm not saying not saying I look. I love how this works. He says he's from not saying the media says, you're saying it and goals as your fire. He says: I'm not saying that all men, differ from all women in the following ways, or that these differences are just Billy stating that the distribution of preferences, inability to men women differ in part due to biological causes and that these differences may explain why we don T equal representation of women in Turkey and leadership. Many of these differences
are small and their significant overlap between men and women. She can't say, They think about an individual. Given these population level distributions right, ok, so, but according to let this The only things that every woman is worth it every man intact cats, clearly not what he is saying, the reason that it important to look at averages is because, when you're looking at statistical averages with regard to wages, when you're aggregating data, you have to look at all of the relevant confounding factors, it gave me a bad social scientists. If you, to do this, he reiterate this point later in the memories has. I am not saying that we should restrict people to certain generals, I'm advocating for quite the opposite, treat people as individuals, not as just another member of their group he's saying is Google. You said we need a higher more women. What I'm saying to you is why don't we just they are more qualified people ready. We base it on their individual qualifications? Why does it have to be willing to hire more women? You cannot simultaneously, your Google hold these two thoughts. At the same time, it is deeply important that we hire lots of women, because women make the workplace more diverse.
And women identical to men in all relevant respects, he can't hold those dude simultaneously it doesnt work as with the moral saying just to prove this. He even includes this particular chart in the memo itself. A case here is this: is the chart, AIDS as populations have significant overlap, and then it shows a trade and it chose to Bell curves right purple, Bell Carbon greenbelt curve and shows that the purple Thou curve and the Green Belcour they share some space, but the the purple. Belcour curve shifted a little but to the left, and whatever this x axis is and then he says reducing people to their group. Identity and assuming the average is represented It ignores its overlap. This is bad and they don't endorse that. He's explicitly said What they're saying that he's not saying right, he's explicitly saying you can't judge individuals by group differences, but group France's do make a difference when you're analyzing the data, which of course, is true, read this is basically showing what I told you yesterday fervour those missed it. When I said yesterday is that what this chart shows is that women
Average- probably score very similarly, two men with regard to tack, but when it comes to the outliers, when it comes to the near the end of the spectrum, theirs thicker and for men, meaning that there are more men who are in the upper echelons than women who are in the upper echelons, even if the average is a very similar. Ok, so that's the first the media is telling you about this member. That is not true that he is saying that all women are, qualified protect absolute crap. Does did it anywhere in the memo, and all that happening here is that the media are. They have come up with a preconceived notions which the disguised sexes they're going to work to turn them into a sexist. Ok, second thing: they say that this I said to more said in the Google memo that he didn't say: diversities, bad hey do more says, is literally the first words the mellow I value mercy and inclusion. In fact you are an entire section of his memo devoted to quote non when ways to reduce the gender gap. He suggests that Google makes for engineering, more people oriented with pair programming more collaboration, because women enjoy most
connection more than men. Allow those exhibiting cooperative behaviour thrive, make tech and leadership less stressful, vowing and truly endorsing as part of our culture part time work right. All this would definitely make Google more attractive place to live and work in one of the things about women in the workplace that women tend to want to work part time more than men, because when they have kids, they want to spend more time in homer kids get sister of my wife. It's true women on Average Timor says he built that arbitrary social engineering of TAT just to make an appealing to equal portions of movement Women will be foolish, but if there is a goal of help anymore, but he succeed and have more women would help. Does do that, then we should definitely try and create a cold where this thrives. That's only someone wants fewer women in the workplace or, if someone just wants to get rid of quotas, based on sex. Discouraged wants to get rid of quotas based on sex, but he said best ways that you can make to the workplace more attractive limit. The other
the media says that this guy says that he doesn't say: ok they're lying about it. They say that the more said that sexism doesn't exist, visits erect direct quote from a memo quote. I not denying that sexism exists, or I hope its clear- that I'm not saying the diverse he's dead. They cooler societies, a hundred percent fair that we should try to correct for existing biases or the minorities have the same experience of those in majority by larger point is that we have an intolerance for ideas in evidence that don't producer ideology and final lie that the media have been telling about this memo and is being told by people and left also is it. The memo promotes violence, the monopolies in some way making people feel uncomfortable its first of all, as I mentioned yesterday, when we talked about the responses that diversity and inclusion officer, Google, and when she says some troops are uncomfortable, it's funny. This guy's truths make people uncomfortable, but that's bad. We have to fire him, but if you make him uncomfortable, that's fine and he just has to go along with the programme. Here's what he actually right.
He says, quote the same compassion for those seen as we create political correctness which constrains discourse and is complacent to the extremely sensitive pc games that use violence and shaming to advance their cause. Well, Google hasn't harboured the violent leftist protest, there were seen universities, the frequent shaming in T J F in our culture, has created the same silent, psychologically unsafe environments and he's making the case against violence. He saying if you keep attributing motives to peep, without any sort of rationale, then they're going to you're going you want to get violate them. More often he's basically saying what's happening. College campuses could come to Google and it has come to Google now they're a bunch of funny things about this particular story. There trolling crown first of all, he is saying that he probably will file some sort of lawsuit against Google on the basis that they terminated him wrongly now it's out well stake out for his network state. I believe in that will implement. I don't they employ should after him,
yeah me as a right to be employed by Google, but what he is saying is that he was actually whistle blowing on illegal activity happening inside Google, discriminatory activity happening inside Google and they can't fire him for whistle blowing, which is a smart though angle? Ok, so this is an amazing still far. What story this amazing Foulon story K ready for this. I love you so much so the entire claimed by Google was how dare you say, that women are unsuited for attack. He never said that how dare you say that women on reach our more emotional, that's terrible! You can't say that women, on average, more emotional direct quote from NPR today, quote a senior software engineer reportedly has been fired by the laughter a memo he wrote. Criticising ever see, initiatives has leaked and smart protests on social media. Another software engineer who used to work for the wheel Kelly Alice, says some women who still work at the company stayed home on Monday, because the memo made them quote uncomfortable going back to work. So your entire case is that women no different from men in their emotional state and women are no different.
Men on average and yet when a memo comes out about the differences between women and men Women stay home for emotional reasons. This is your story was created. To make conservatives look good, I mean it's him, then it's really incredible like if you want a proven right and every score that women are different from men on average. That that Google has left is biased and a killer. Anyone who gets in their way. All you have to do is is this. The story makes it clear that all of this is true. It just amazing stuff. Ok, before I go any further and talk about how This sordid mentalities known fusing all society in dividing us more another. I first want to say thank you to respond Is over the? U S easier so after two years Just the other day, an army that was finally acquitted of homicide charges after a jury found his use of deadly forced to be justified under Colorado's castle doctrine. The castle doctrine is logged has a somewhat invade. Your house then you can defend your property in your in your life. Now, let me tell you the story. Once you hear the story of surprise this ever want to trial. Sergeant Michael Galvin is twelve, your army that, and he shot an intruder,
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this and check it out defend my family, now dotcom, ok, so this not the only story about corporate attempts to to crack down on the right unfortunate This is becoming more and more common. We saw just a couple of days, but we talk about the store with Lena Dunham, trying to out a couple of american airlines. Employees were supposedly talking about how the the push for transgender children is really despicable. Did that the push to to push children into transgender as Ms Groves and they wouldn't, they wouldn't involve themselves in it and Lena dunams weeded out american airlines tried to crack down on the employment. Lena dynamism is a pathological liar, because that's what she is and it just another demonstration that for the left, free speech only applies to them. Doesn't apply to any one else. Again. Google has the right fire The one american airlines is the rights by anyone who wants, but if we can't live in a society where we acknowledge that differences of view generally do not mean these should be fired. Then you know this is then, which can be
hard to live in the side. Now I will say, there's an exception. Ok, if somebody who's left wing comes to work, a daily wire, and then they start promulgating, left wing views, I think that's perfectly with sounds for me to say you don't represent our company, you gotta go, but Google is. Not about right, left, Google's entire company, is based around the idea of information. Being shy among lots of people not just because they are like infirmity that's being shared It doesn't mean that you can just dumb people, especially because we're not even talking about in this case, the guy. Actually writing a memo. Seeing women shouldn't be working. A Google right mean couldn't we say it is create a hostile work, environs, there's nothing in the memo that creates a hostile work environment. They just went over, skis and suggested that that's what was happening so they could fire the guy, but there is this tendency now to infuse every aspect of american life with politics. So another aspect of this there's new push for common cabinet in the NFL says we talked about common capron. It was a very crappy quarterback. Last couple,
here's. How is the worst rated quarterback? In the end a fell last year he was demoted so that he was playing behind some other garbage. Quarterback, for this inference is go forty, nine hours and finally he was let go and the popular media who line has been at the college cabinet was let go because he knelt from national anthem, not because he's a crappy garbage quarterback? So now the dolphins, Mammy dolphins and their quarterback dynamic, in ten and down. I believe he is he's injured and they had to pick up another quarterbacks. They picked up J Cutler, ok, J Cutler, I'm How, though, bears and J color is most did the most disappointing? Quarterback in Chicago bears history. He came in with this. Stella reputation for having a gun of an arm which it does. But he was not a good decision maker in the pocket and say through lots of interceptions. That's ed he was sort of a middling quarterback in terms of Cuba, are in terms of quarterback rating. He was not like on the very low under this back from. You is not the best quarterback Emily, but he certainly was not calling cabinet quality bat. The dolphins picked him up.
Naturally, the media are now suggesting that the NFL must force some team to take calling cap ethnic, Hiroshima and Sharp over Fox sports one making this case hands if they never bad, but it often is a bad move is- and this is embarrassing, quite frankly, and- and I like I get, the dolphin there were by ten here- goes down with the the injury the severity it seems to be as more news trickles out, there's a great chance that he'd, probably gonna, be done for the entire region. So I get so I'm just trying to figure. Did Jay Cutler call all thirty two teams and say: if somebody goes down. I'm willing to come out of retirement. Probably not! I wonder if Jay Cutler call the Miami Darwin said I want to play, and this narrative about cap say: ok what he was too much money is made
by results, bounty two billion dollars for gas, a retired guy. Not a gather last through a passing J, we are retired guy. Not we don't. We wouldn't want you, but here was the most agreed as part of its skill. They loved carbon capture and make a guy that last through a pressing Jared, were of twenty seven teen. Ok, so a couple of things number one it's right hand held not right hand in batteries. Now remember the royal ten about family, but by it what he says. You know why are they going after J Cutler, ok, Jake, Color, retired May? Fifth, twenty seventeen you're tired five minutes ago. This idea that he's been retired for five years and the dragon out of retirement and they got in higher Brett far. Maybe there's a case there. But this idea that discrimination against cabinet, that's preventing him from getting a job, maybe was preventing them from getting a job. These two things. He creates a backlash among the fan base and to he's really crappy quarterback, but sharp is not the only person who saying that politics ought to infuse the grid
It's even Smith is saying the same thing. The NFL should actually cram down on teams should find some team to cram down Capron icon It's gonna, be an uproar and rising to some degree, and I think that the NFL is going to feel compelled to make sure This man has a job. Yes, you have the naysayers and detract as a user I understand that there are no f Eric and owners and, in the end, the sport of the National Football League. A vast majority of them are what are white as opposed to shed con whose in Jackson Villain these Pakistan is, I think everybody in Pakistan. Pakistan. Rather so, when you take that into consideration, it looks daunting, but nevertheless do believe as a whole, bunch of people out there who are in support of colleague, cap and making as this continues, transpire with Scrubbs are being picked before him. You're going to see an uproar and potentially enough rising, that's not something that again, I felt was going to want. That's not going to be good for business.
I think, ultimately somebody's going to capitulate. Ok, so again, it's bad for business, for the NFL, Madame They did the same thing I remember with Michael SAM who is a seventh round traffic by the NFL. Apparently, the heads of the NFL called up all of the various NFL teams. And they said you need to pick Michael SAM. We need to get him on the on the field we need. They haven't signed by a team because he was openly gain, came out, Rep for the draft on the cover of sports illustrated and so is impossible. That agenda fell wooden, engage in this candidate, its Larry's to watch left spent itself encircles over dictating to private business. Is what they can and must do. Ok. So, according to the left, it is a must to force a religious baker to cater a gay wedding must happen. Ok, the government must force that also, The same people will say that Google must fire. Somebody who disagrees with them to understand religious people must cater to people with whom they disagree, but Google must fire people with whom
Disagree if this all seems a little weird, if this all seems like it's just outcome, driven, that's because it is from the left. All it is about promulgating. Leftist values is not really about free speech or about the ability to express yourself in any way again. Do I think that calling Capron should be higher regardless its stance on the national anthem I actually sort of do, but I will say that there is a dead that his businesses actually two things. Ok, unlike Google, where the guy who works at Google, whose job is to code, that's his entire job and has no backlash. We know that really matters outside the workplace. With regard to his personal views on on females calling cabinet has to jobs, one is to throw pass well what you can do. Second is to actually draw a crowd which he has succeeded in alienating. Ok, so before I go any further, I want to get too Trump material next and what's going on with the Trump administration, I think there's a lesson that Donald Trump should be learning from this week. That's really good lesson before we get to any of that first
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all the angel conversation about police brutality and raise for no apparent reason ray, and it was polarize among racial lines now using the same Google you're gonna, see conservatives who say: ok, I'm no longer than to use Google Chrome, instead be downloading safari and I'm in a user or some other browser in Germany. That wouldn't be using different sources of information, because Google is felt to have a bias which they clearly do. There's can be companies that are started to fight that bias. This already exists on the right with a bunch of other web companies minutes. What is Why the entire conservative? What media exists? Why dearly wire exists if they left it sucks so much of their media job? Then we hear of it. Where wooden exists, where we have to exist to counterbalance the force of the left wing media, that's a good thing. It would be a better if everybody we just honest in their reporting instead of lying about everything, ok, so unjust!
Second, I wanna get to everything trump related and a big lesson for president from that is coming from this week. That, I think, is a really good lesson for President Trump, if he's going to take it, but but for that, you're gonna have to go for daily wire dotcom. So, first of all, if you listen up in in just a few minutes, it is about half an hour now. Forty five minutes, Stick around four Andrew claimants show. If you subscribe to daily word our common nine ninety nine a month. You can watch that entire thing. Why you can watch our shall live it's not just an audio show. It is a video show. You can watch it daily wire dot com Andrew eleven show, starts, live at ten fifteen Pacific time Michael Knowles Show starts live, and I think one thousand two hundred and thirty today, pacific time. So we have a lot of content for you over at daily. Why are you can part of the mailbag can be part of the mailbag? Get your life's questions answered. Being part of the Delaware teams and nine. Ninety nine a month gets you that plus the website for free makes her by the way. Like Apple Moses, podcast enclaves podcast regardless, even if you don't get the subscription or for ninety nine dollars. You can get this this greatest of tumblers ready at the annual subscription all the things I just mention, plus the left his tears
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You leave us review and subscribe. If you do it fast, we can overtake Oprah people. Let's do this thing, let's make it happen, go check it out wired, icon or checks out later in Itunes or sound clout. We are the largest insisted upon it is already so here is the I keep saying there is. There is a lesson for President Rob here is the lesson for president from the tap and from this week is on vacation, is weak and guess what things are going really well like a lot of the news. That's coming from the Trump administration is really good. You know why construct busy. Tweet stupid grab, because if not firing and hiring he's not grabbing, people like Anthony Scary Movie from his american cycle, psycho coketown and bringing him in and using him as his as his does communications guy we're not getting the chaos every time Trump opens his mouth from, is quiet and guess
man. You see stories like this appearing in the press because guess what the media actually has to fill the time. Ok, here's the deal dirty little secret by media. We need content if Trump isn't providing content, we'll get content from somewhere else. The content this week for Trump has been quite good. Yes, Today we are so you did the day before Monday. There's a fifteen zero. You a resolution that was passed to create new sanctions on North Korea, including China and Russia, voting for at a major accomplishment by the Trump administration. Today, the daily mail is boarding and shows the Washington Post quote the war against ices has taken dramatic strides since Donald Trump became president with the: U S and its allies, reclaiming swathes of Iraq and Syria, in fact, of all the land reclaim by the? U s coalition, since twenty fourteen, nearly one third has been taken since trumped, took office. That's thanks to trumpet, vision to delegate decisions engage in it. On pain of annihilation, Brett Magog, the State Department Senior on
to the Anti Islamic State Coalition, told the Washington Post since its peak in early twenty fifteen, ices has lost seventy eight percent of its occupied territories in Iraq and fifty eight percent in Syria in total, that is, twenty seven thousand square miles of territory, eight thousand of which has been taken since February of this year. So what should this teach president Trump? It should teach him a few things one when you delegates people and leave them alone and don't mess around with a good things happen, and this has been true at the EPA were cutting regulations. This has been true with regard to hiring and firing, or that we're Trump has cut eleven thousand jobs, delegate to the right people and shot up he's on vacation right now, he's disappeared, the media doesn't have anything to feed off. This is why this great lighted trumps tweet make his presidency stronger. No, streets make his presidency eminently weaker. If you were just to go quiet and to start the media of material, then all that would happen is that the media would be forced to actually cover the news. They actually be forced to cover in the news and they look more more desperate right, because the left is
spread at this point was in a desperate they sound, ok, MSNBC had on a guest named dean, Obadiah he's actually, usually it CNN and he's a muslim comic which is in his case oxy moronic. He is he's not a funny man, but he says that the trump it just swastika its Trump swastika, that either we're trumpet swastika. I spoke to the executive director of the mosque earlier today and he was saying that the The relations that they enjoy with the community are generally structure you know. Muslims have been in Amerika for a long time. There's a n n n. In some of these areas there is slightly newer communities. Some of them are first generation and in here that the community's not hostile towards them, that grey thing, and you saw that I saw immediately that within hours the attack- the least of different faith communities, standing up and saying we're with you this morning, According to local media reports, they d get some emails and hate mail before just a week. Another muslim cemetery in
Plus suburbs was vandalized swastikas graffiti. John, have five moss burned down in America. By Those accords. The police we ve, swastikas we're on Mars. We ve had the word trump painted on New Jersey Eye when Europe for some the word. Is becoming a modern day swastika for some they lay it why? Why is becoming a modern day, lasting, peaceful. We don't have any evidence. You did that Maybe his suggestion here seems to be that that there are people who are all writers who use trump is their stand and but like that, then that's that such an exaggeration trumpets in modern day, swastika massing waters. Most corrupt person in Congress, she's, gonna, impeach Trump by December hate the nearly the letter go. So I, believe it is possible to impeach him how long is it gonna take? I don't know, but I guess but to about December Nothing! Look I gathered to December okay. So that's it going to happen, but the left is so crazy that this is what their promulgating
You know what makes them sound crazy when nothing's happening it makes them sound totally over the moon. When nothing is happening, it makes them some bat poop, ok, when they, when they're going crazy and from its just quiet, it makes them sound like loon bags, because they are loon bags and here's the other thing all the divisions on the right road. In Trump they go away when trumped up good things and when the left is crazy. Ok, these are the things that unify the right. If you want a unified right, what you want is trumpeted you positive things, and you want the left to continue acting the way that their acting at places like Google, shutting down debate, making peace on the right, make moderate feel threatened right that helps the right that unifies the right. Then you don't have to do. The whole trump is lit. This test now Lord Ingram was hosting for Tucker Karlsson last night and listen to her dividing concern. As amongst themselves on the issue of Trump. You know what a liberal idea of Armageddon is now with that's what tromp presidency. You know what they never trump Republicans on capital.
You know what that never trump Republicans and have oil fair the most now it's not. I think it's not a fool, thousand point drop in the DOW, but a successful tromp president's. Ok. So that less statement. Is the one that's really dumb? Ok, this idea that never trump Republicans are looking for trouble to fail. That's what they feel here is Trump success, know what if you're, losing their seat if you're, losing their seats. If Trump continues Did you silly thing so again, Mr President, taken off from this week, you're having a really good week? Ok, this week has been great for you thus far. I understand it's only Tuesday, but been a great weak. Ok, that's better than has been in the past couple of weeks ago, so you knew ended last week. A relatively high note now. The first couple of days have gone great. Why? Because you were quiet, just be Why it ok and everyone will unify around the good policies your administration pushes and round the idiocy of the left. You can create another brick.
Where coalition round those who thinks you're going to break the coalition. If you decide that you have to meddle, create chaos jabber be the centre of attention. All those things need to stop. If you stop that every day can be like today. Everyday can be me just doing good from all day. That's what I would like to do. I let you that burden present, ok forget whether to bomb or trump. I wish they all the things that I want them to do right now, the trumpet ministration, doing things this week that I want them to do, and it is not being, graded by you tweeting, how attorney general just sessions a jerk right? So why don't we just stick with that lesson? That's it that's a positive lesson, ok time for some things. I, like things, I hate and then we'll deconstruct a culture a little so things I like we're doing sort of cold war classics. In honour of Venezuela analogous in honour of Google since the gulags Iraq, but there the book is witness, as by the core chambers, this sort of the classic of of key,
The war espionage thrillers its aids. Have it's not fiction right. It is a non fiction book about this. This guy named Whittaker chambers who testified against the elder, has Alger has, with top states, Partlet official in the rainy, after and from administrations, and turned out that he was actually a soviet spy and Whittaker chambers knew about it and was slandered by the press and called a liar, and he was threat. His life was threatened by the Communist Party and its all about what the Communist Party actually was doing in the United States and have left centrally lent them cover the book as witness to learn books about five hundred pages, but it is a very quick read. It is very well written Whittaker Chambers, a terrific writer witness in check that out over an Amazon, Dotcom, ok, other things that I like, so I have to. That I love this so much a royal dutch airlines I under, as I said before, I dont, see the need for corporations to political themselves, but they also seem to feel the need to make everything political now irritates may be I just want to fly airline. I don't want to hear about gay propaganda, transgender propaganda. I just want to fly. My airlines
this is what royal Dutch Airlines tweeted out yesterday for those you can't see, it is a picture of three separate sets of Belgium. One is to battle buckles One is to insertion in inserts into the buckle and one is the insert in the buckle written there and all of the belts themselves are painted rainbow colours, and then it says it doesn't matter who you click with Happy Hashtag pride, Amsterdam, then gay pride flag. There is a problem with this particular tweet that I love very. Very much came in would be an error turbulence. Two of these three buckles do not work. Ok, you're sitting there are trying to certain buckle into the buckle, you die while the plane becomes turbulent at thirty thousand feet. If your truck to insert the insight into the insert. Then everything will we'll go dark for you, as your head smashes into the overhead compartment during turbulence. Only one of these three topics, I thank you for making the thank you for making me by
logical case, in favour of heterosexuality royal, airlines in your inane and stupid attempts to demonstrate to the world just how just how taller and diverse You are pretty incredible: stop speaking of ridiculous Agape, again, there goes wrong. This gay clothing company is now try. To date, no joke trying to restore the swamp. Got to its original symbolism as an element of peace. Good luck with that gang so plays video young plant says this is a way stick our interpreters, Hoskins five thousand years old. It's Bill of peace is symbol of love, infinity of life, but one day nazi fascism, they took the swastika wrote edited by forty five degrees in turn into hatred and turn it into power. They stigmatized the swastika forever. They want they limited our freedom or,
Maybe not the swastika is coming back together with these together with love, together with respect, together with freedom, introducing the new swastika and then that's. What's that got rotated forty five. Greece looking just like Hitler, swastika, they didn't even have the brains to make the swastika. It's a regional angle right. They just left at forty five degrees in half of their dear, and then it is peace with swastika love with twice, because that is what was that, yes, I love it. So much so I hope that I only hope that, one day when the gay swastika flies above companies that have fired all of the religious people that we can understand that peace love then we're all with the swastika. They have these person the wheel That is John naughty. Husbands. These been time at the gay swastika for years with regard to companies destroying religious people's lives. We dont decide participate in same sex weddings. I loved cages,
claims their intention behind using the symbol commonly associated the Nazi Party was reclaim the symbol to represent the algae, be taking a few community. Go for a gang. Just joy, yourselves, love, it love it and, of course everybody is like way why? What it? What are you doing now? I see her What's so I assume that their next campaign will be to reclaim crematorium, because it turns out that credit whereas, if used for thousands of years for actual cremation, like people want to be cremated, so I guess we'll just reclaim criminal Sometimes a symbol is so poison that you might just want to let it go the same people. I assume were in favour. The swastika I'd like see them try to reclaim the confederate flag. Next, since apparently the we decide the confederate flag is the root of all evil in the United States, a spectacular job, everybody who's up with gay propaganda this week, well done role. Dutch airlines K, designs, you'd only omens, work well done. Ok time for
a lot of things that I hate. Ok, so even Colbert last night Spencer, I'm going after Eric Bowling Eric Boeing has been suspended from me. Show the specialist on Fox NEWS effort Alley nations of sexual harassment against guests and hear Stephen Colbert playing high and mighty with with Eric Boeing. Three hopping PO is reporting that co host of the specialists and guy Cologne, you can smell through the tv air sent coworkers and unsolicited photo of male genitalia, be a text message, my God, whatever happened to old fashioned courtship What a gentleman would telegram his jenadab here is my penis: stop they did it. Stop sending me your penis seriously. Stop stop bowling
has been suspended, while Fox NEWS investigates, but he denies the charges sort of, according to his lawyer, Mr Bowling recalls calls no such inappropriate communications. Doesnt recall how do you against sending someone you're bits and pieces. Ok so obviously call bear in the rest of media? Oh my god, look at our bowling. It's ok, ok! So I would just like to remind people- and it is by the way, if you see these texting, his generals unsolicited to people that is sexual harassment. Is disgusting? Ok, now, with that said, Stephen Colbert. Took over four, does anyone remember David Letter and yes, David Letterman, ok, David Letterman, told the audience openly on his show that he had sexual relationships with female staffers on his staff, adding the need for October
over two million dollar check as part of an extortion plot on the matter. Ok, so what happened? He did it for years, and yet no one seemed to mine Hollywood playing hypocrite when it comes to this kind of stuff. Again, I'm fine with ribbon people have a down for sexual harassment. Have no problem with that, but I just find a little ironic that people in Hollywood are one to forego ripping their left, his colleagues engaged in sexual harassment like little consistency to be good, and I am not in favour of sexual harassment, somebody on the right. Does it make if Eric bubbling did it, he should not have a job. Ok and if left, what it say. Not have job either, but I'm consistent in this Letterman's audience into there's a little bit of irony to this whole stack. Ok knows you a little bit of deconstructing the culture so deconstructing the today I ABC News and the Associated Press are pushing very very hard. This new idea that young tiny children should be able to determine their own gender. Oh yes, ABC News has apiece today is in some ways Rainbow De Camp is very ordinary. Kids, arrived with the pact, launch, make friendship bracelets play ask it bossing songs and get silly whenever there is a store
it starts this way. You know that it's gonna go off the deep and very shortly, but what are they? It started off like any normal day until by murdered his wife and fed her to the dog render all these sort? It seem like a to be normal place until it turned out to be one of linens graveyard the it always start that, what's up in certain, they packed lunch, make friendship bracelets, but it is unique from the moment campers arrive each morning I check in each day campers make a name tat with their pronoun of choice, some up for she or he or a combination of she. He or they no brown, and there are some change their pronouns daily to see what feels right, the camp in the San Francisco Bay Area,
caters. Transgender engender fluid children aged four to twelve, ok, so once you get to twelve, I think that we can start having conversations about. You know whether you are experiencing generous for you at the age of four. If your apparent sending your for Europe to a camp that is reinforcing gender identity disorder agenda, this Florio, whichever term you choose to use your doing something deeply wrong. I have a three and a half year old. It is insane insane to suggest that if more Europe is capable of deciding his or her sex. That's utterly crazy, and parents who are doing this are doing something deeply sinful, something deeply nasty to their own travel. It is your job to guide your child. This idea that your child support The way you into something like sexual identity, when they have no clue what sectors have no idea of their generals are for don't have hormones or get as ITALY did just ridiculous. It's just ridiculous. His is the in Roman has tripled to about six young campers, and this is demonstrated that by the way, this is true across the borders from Australia. It's from great Britain every place where the
and gender movement has started to push what they ve seen is in enormous number at the number of kids, who are now looking to transition has skyrocketed dramatically. Not left would say is all these people are just waiting to transition, announced societies become more accepting and using more of his behaviour. Ok or it is possible that gender confused can be created by environments, are exacerbated by environment. This notion: Ireland has nothing to do with sexual identity or sexual orientation or sexual behaviour is just asinine. It's not true. There's been no evidence of this whatsoever. According to the left, sexual orientation. Sexual behaviour, gender- all of those things are hard wired, but sex itself is not hard. Wired sex itself is complete, malleable. This is a scientific, potentially anti scientific and to pretend that small, in four year olds should be going to camps where they are encouraged to revel engender confusion is, is purely disgusting is purely disgusting, particularly since, statistically speaking, eighty percent
small children who suffer from even gender identity disorder right actually suffer from it grow out of it by the time they have puberty. So just what what a terrible society were creating or when we suggest that children are to be making decisions about their own sex lives, but adults ought to be abdicating on that score. Really really terrible did they. The article contains a six year old, Gracie Natural was dancing in the sunshine. At my ass, Cyrus Blaster from outdoor speakers, the freckled blue eye blonde were her hair on brain on one side graces a boy. By the way, once you talk and remember a time when she didn't say I'm a girl had sent her the Molly match what we still trips of opponents but tries to stick to. She then grown intensity. I'm a sister, I'm a daughter, Emma Princess. We would argue with her. She was confused. We were confused, live liberal minded barrier made it easier. The maxwells kind found a transgender playroom sought specialists in it for year old. She Grover hairdresser girl and eventually change her name. What what a joyous occasion? I mean look at Loo Loo this kid here on the right. Let's look out. Skidded Ethan made six five, the one on the right there with them
tat color hair here gets a decision by the parents due to allow this kind of this kind of stuff. It's a decision by the parents to revel in this kind of stuff make themselves feel better as parents in this kind of stuff. Listen. I wouldn't want to be apparent and has a kid who has to deal with tenderness, warrior gender identity disorder, but for me to abdicate, the decision to the four year old is just its non adult, ok to anti adult and its anti civilization; ok, so that this unfortunately, is going to continue because the left is fully ensconced in its own navel gazing. With regard to the new civil rights movement is created for itself, it's not a civil rights movement at all. It's way destroying childhood innocence. Ok, we'll be back here tomorrow,. To talk about more followed, I'm sure from Google and the latest in the news I'm Ben Shapiro. This is the Ben Shapiro show
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