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Ep. 364 - The Left Defends Evil Of Its Own

2017-08-17 | 🔗
The Left comes to full-scale defense of Antifa, we trace the history of violent Communist bands, and Trump tries to regain control of his administration. Date: 17-08-17
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The left defends anti fa. We talk about confederate statutes and why we are really talking about confederate statues, and we talk about the report in response to everything trump related, I'm bench appear. This is the venture Piero show. So if possible. Everything is worse. Yesterday, If the show by Saint can we have a good day? Apparently no one listen, so they decided Devon incredibly crappy day. Well done everyone just a great job of a round. We'll talk today a lot about why the left seems to now be defined. Violence. Why does that? I has to be turned into heroes, why that was their ultimate goal in the first place, also we'll talk about confederate statues should they be removed, confederate monuments? Why are we even talking about and better monuments. What the goals are of the various political size and even discussing this and will go, the various arguments for and against keeping them, but before we do any of that first, I want to thank you to sponsors over at link. So if you feel like you need a drink like me right now, then you should sign up. Is a member
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is a deeply violent movement that seeks to use against all the people they oppose, and the media have basically covered up. The level islands that anti fire is engaged in. So yesterday we got news that another round Play in Richmond Virginia where a bunch of Antifa people showed up are, there was a journalist to really got clocked that we have a couple of pictures. What happened to that journalist So here is a picture of the journalist after the journalist got clocks by an anti for member in here is another picture of the journalists head after the journalist was classed by the anti for member for staples in the head and from the anti for member. This was not covered in the real way by the media. More broadly, they basically suggested that none of this sort of stuff happened and it when Trump said that the alt left was charging into people. That was it that was not true again it was true, ok what from said there was true, he said some things during that press conference. That really I thought were quite upsetting morally, but that was not one of them when he went after the what he called the all left by which he meant Antigua. He was
happily right to do so. Antivirus a violent, vile group and yeah you're, seeing this. Unfortunately, this note spread around the country that anti for violence against Nazis. Okay, we have this conversation awhile back when Richard Spencer, who is a NEO Nazi white supremacist, was punished in the head and a lot of you I'm left, celebrated, yea, richer Spencer is punished in the head, and I said at the time I think richer Spencer is vile, but you can't punch nazis in the head, in a civilised country asian, be punching people and This is why we have police. Ideally Amy. It's one thing to defend yourself to form other thing to do. Go somewhere with the intensive engaging in. I was that the left seems now ensconced in this idea that were to Washington Post up edge in the course of forty eight hours, basically endorsing anti us. A one of them was from a professor and envy Connally of Johns Hopkins University and he wrote. An entire peace called Charlottesville showed that liberals that liberalism can't defeated
supremacy. Only direct action can, in other words we can't have votes. We can't have conversations we can't have debates. No only white supremacy is the white supremacy can only be defeated by throwing what he calls rocks, and this is the seriously what you re right. Liberalism paper preserves our countries, long commitment to contracts under liberalism, citizen standing contract with their government that governments job in turn has been to enforce contracts between individuals and groups, but currently contained white supremacy represents our culture scissors. There have been people hist, cut out of our social contract, but there is Iraq, raids, rock they persist. Are there? Is Iraq resistance? Ok, resistance! Is the right me says: rocks can look like armed self defence or non violent. Direct action campaigns. Lives are not the same thing at all in non violence. Actually campaigns, I boycott that's not the same thing is punching somebody in the head or throwing rocks He goes on to talk about why violence is all cases in April, nineteen sixty eight amid flurry of other rocks riots,
look american Citys following the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. It took that rolling unrest, not the problem further economic growth to spur President Lyndon Johnson in Congress to action. Within a week. They passed the fair housing act. Over the past century. Liberalism vexed by an ever sharp ever cutting white supremacist needed these rocks of rights or necessary, so burning down Detroit burning down LOS Angeles in the watch right that was necessary and then it can cause segregation is have a seat again assume their pedestals in the Justice Department, the White House, many other american Temple temples and by the way, just sessions me, We call this a hate crimes had who's going to investigate. This is a terrorist incidents, ashes nonsense and segregation in the White House from isn't segregationist. Ok, I don't like what, from set I've, been very clear that I didn't like what from said and on Tuesday or on Saturday. I think Trump. Sometimes fellow travels with the all right because he thinks there his friends but he's not a segregationist. Ok. Connally concludes paper alone, I'm them out start throwing rocks so overtly calling for violence overtly calling for violence in the streets in a country that is
the highly law abiding we're level. The violence are at their lowest levels on average than in fifty years. Basically I mean this is this is really really v. I'll stuff, it's by which also historically ignorance- and this is another point I think worth making rights in america- have not for The cause right in America have made the cause worse Detroit before the Detroit Riot of nineteen sixty seven nineteen sixty eight, are those Detroit riots happen. Detroit was the fastest black City in America? It was. It was an economic hub. Black families earned ninety five percent on average. What white families earned in the city of Detroit Desegregation was happening wholesale. Try housing was being. Segregation in Detroit and then after the right you got white flight people left the tax base eroded. They raise taxes in order to take advantage of whatever smaller tax base was left. More people left in there Are you how to major city like Detroit righted the same thing and allay Eliza? Ellie segregated city, others. My entire life here allay is very, very segregate.
South, Central, LOS Angeles or South, LOS Angeles. They like to call it now. It is very black. An easterly is very hispanic and see me galleys very well. Ok did needs a very segregated city and one of the reasons is because of riots like the Ella Riots or as clean waters that disgusting human being called on the alleged uprising, when black folks decided to many Blackfoot said to burn their own neighbourhoods and and target korean shopkeepers in in South Central over the ripening king verdict. Hate riots, throwing rocks is not a worthwhile thing in the United States. Again cell Events is wondering. Riots are not self defence rights are not self defense, I'm not can hear about the Lynch MOB comes to get a black eye, any shoots and good for him. More power to him that's why the energy is useful, but I'm talking here about what he's talking about dead. You didn't even needs to go on the streets and if the Nazis are marching, anti vineyards forgotten push them in. There he's not the only person saying this mark brazen historian, lecturer, Dartmouth, University and he's defending anti,
he was on MSNBC fully defending this- this vile, violent communist anarchist group. How does how do far right movements grow? I say they grow by becoming normalized. By not being confronted by being able to present themselves as family, friendly and and respectable. So part of the reason why the all right called themselves all right is to present that mainstream image and the opposition that that people showed in Charlottesville really marred untainted that. So I think that by showing up in confronting it prevents the ability of being able to be presented as mainstream and- and to that? I think really. You need to be able to to prevent them from being able to organise. People who are involved in politics know that from movements to expand, they need to be able to organise and grow, and if you stop that prevents
ok, sure nonsense. What he is saying here that people who engaged in violence with the Nazis and in which the premises and child spell did that did this country's herbs absolute absolute crap is- is there he wrote in his peace that the Anti Four has been in clansmen and fascist for years and then he specifically talks about how they helped stop pillar Extemporarily didn't stop. Hitler raises in retrospect, I pashas have concluded, it would be much easier to stop Mussolini back and nineteen nineteen, when his first ashes nucleus had a hundred men or to stamp out the my german workers party, which I had only fifty four members when Hitler attended his first meeting before he transformed into the national socialist german Workers party, says that in not just to better policing, they shouldn't just do this through education. This is the first anti fascist fought. Benito Mussolini blackboards in the italian countryside, exchanged fire with Adolf Hitler, Brown, shirts and the taverns an ally.
Of Munich and defended Madrid from Francisco Franco's insurgent nationalist Army a back up how they got all three of those times the bad guys one. So how back up? I want to talk a little bit about this myth that armed violence by communists in the Weimar Republic would have stopped the Nazis. There was armed violence by Communism, Weimar Republic. It was one of the dry forces behind the nazi success. People looked at the calmness. They said cave we have to decide between communist violence and fascist violence will go into fascists. It is from Richard Evans is book. The coming of the third rife quote a graphic accounts in the life of the committed communist activists during the Weimar Republic was later provided by the memoirs of Richard Krebs clashes with the police, strengthened his hatred of them and their bosses, the social democratic rulers of the city, the communist regime to work with the Social Democrats says Krebs later describes. How committed communist would attend street demonstrations with pieces of lead piping in there, Elton stones in their pocket, ready to help the police with
the rest of the story and why it is that groups like anti for only grow. The all right only grow the NEO Nazis only grow the NEO confederates only grow the white supremacist, but before I do that, I first want to say: thank you. Tore sponsors over at framed bridge framework. Extra com is the best. To get a frame and to get a really nice framer customized frame for very inexpensive praises the here's. The way works, your frame bridge would not come. You upload your photo from your computer or directly from Instagram feed off, single item? You can send it directly to them and they provide secure, secure, prepay pact. Things you can melanin for free clear photos online and any frame. Stoutly like you can choose your favouring free help from a consultant expertise, framework that delivers the frame it to your your door in days, not weeks or months. They deliver it ready to hang Senor. Stick it right on the wall and instead of the hundreds they would pay in framing store for accustomed frame. Their prices started thirty nine box. All shipping is, free as wide use frame bridge for my own posters. They they
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all militia groups, basically local militia groups that wandered the countryside. In each other and cortical defending the population from various entities from nineteen one. Forty one thousand nine hundred and twenty nine. It was claimed. The two thousand nine hundred and ninety activists have been killed by communism four. Ninety two workers have been killed in clashes with fascists. From twenty four to thirty twenty six where's. The steel helmets, steel helmets were sort of to decide. This veterans, group or sexual fallen in the fight against communism. In nineteen thirty The figures rose dramatically in the lead up to the Nazis, taking power. This was a key factor in the rise of the Nazis. In nineteen thirty, the figures rose dramatically. The Nazis claim have suffered seventeen doubts rising to forty two in nineteen, thirty one, eighty four, nineteen thirty to remember: nineteen. Thirty! Two as the year, the Nazis essentially pay their way to power in nineteen. Thirty, two the Nazis reported nearly ten. Thousand of the rank and file had been wounded in clashes with our opponents. Recording my brave Let us stop them resistance. Why did that stop them? The communist reported forty four deaths in fights with the Nazis, and I can 3052a one thousand nine hundred and thirty one. Seventy five in the first six months of nineteen, thirty,
alone in the number of dead in the union in the year to March nineteen thirty day into it to a March nineteen thirty one was no one, no fewer than three hundred dead in these various battles having serious serious stuff makes Charlottesville look like look like bikers game. The number of people who are dying in these meetings communism, Brigham Nazi meetings at one meeting crabs went and you broke up a nazi speed. By Herman Goring glaringly would become the second in command to Hitler. He said that he quote made sure that each man was arms, the black jack or brass knuckles, a terrifying they followed Blackjacks brass knuckles clubs, heavy buckled belts, glass bottles with weapons used during he said calmly. Other stages, dishonest hips Evans report seems like this in played out all over Germany in the early nineties, thirty's the Nazis made their money off these sorts of things. If you want to make the outright more popular, I have to do. Is God in the streets and fight them, then they get to a tough. They get to look like they when they get to look like their victims are the same.
I'm like to fighting a defensive battle, one really. What they're doing is promulgating in evil ideology against Richard Evans. Ok, girls made his reputation, above all, as regional leader of Berlin or expiry speeches. Incessant activity is outrageous provocations of the Nazis opponents and its culture the staging of street fight and meeting hall brawls to gain the attention of the press. When the party, a mass of new adherents young disenchanted men nothing better to do it there lies are looking for a moment to belong to and that will engage in violence and makes them feel tough. It makes them feel special. This is why you see Christopher account. Well, in in that vice video talking about having guns he carries and how it works out all the time it makes itself more ready for violence. This is a thing, ok and went in if a place right into their hands, not only are they doing something evil when they shut down normal conservatives they're doing something evil when they fight these Nazis in the street, with their fists. Can that's why we have police in this country and we are very able police in this country
and the idea that we need anti find the streets of some sort of grand inglorious mission is really discuss. It's a wave legitimizing, a group that, by the way, is communist anarchist and fights law. Abiding people too, not just white supremacist, not just what you promised us, but this is just in line with its something that I think is really terrible, which is that I think everyone is taking advantage of racial conflagrations like this. There they're taking advantage of hot points like this to promulgate an image of their opponents, so the whole point- and that is why we're talking about conservative stare, confederate statues rather so the reason there were talk, met, confederate statute has become a major issue, because President Trump decided to make an issue at a press conference a couple of days ago, because the rally for the White supremacist took place around the Robert E Lee Statue and because the left is now calling for stone and to be taken down in their talking about how they need to get rid of Yes, monuments, all over the United States, that include confederate figures or pre confederate figures. So we need to ask ourselves. Why are we even having this conversation? I think worth recalling that, in the aftermath of
that evil piece of Crap Dylan Storm Roof, shooting nineteen black people, murdering writing black people and a black church historically black church. Dylan storm Roof and there's picture of him with a confederate flag and we had a whole national conversation Vatican better reflect. Why is and whenever somebody does something evil, we immediately jumped to try to find some d ass, a symbol that we can all right play around organs. Why do we do that, and I would Just it has very little to do with the symbol and a lot more to do with political gamesmanship. It has a lot more to do with people trying to make political, hey hey. So, let's start at the beginning here the controversy over confederate statues a high potential for decades. There are good arguments on both sides in the second, owing to go through the arguments on both sides and what they mean and and whether they are worthwhile but the question is why, in the aftermath of what we just saw in Charlottesville, are we now
lookin would have all the confederate stature to me like a year ago we got rid of all the confederate flag supposedly and that, obviously, in ten things down, so why is it that we keep going back to icon classroom? I kind of pleasant, literally means taking down icons wise. They were were attempting to do that now. Why is that? An important thing k were actually participating? I think in a politically advantageous proxy argument, the people who want to get rid of the statues want to label every. And who wants to keep the statues a member of the all white right, supremacists? Ok, that's actually what they want to do so. People who say if you wanna, keep the statues. That's because your white supremacist and then people who don't wanna, get rid of the statues. They say In contrast, that everyone wants to get rid of the statues just wants to wipe away american history. Now there are people who back the confederate statues who actually are white supremacist, as we saw in Charlottesville and there are a lot of people on the left who want to use the confederate statues is clear. Issue, and want to get rid of all the american history, the Montgomery Jefferson in Washington, and what
was saying, is true. There is a country of people who absolute need that is on the agenda, but those aren't the real honest arguments about this particular confederate statue, or that particular confederate statue all of this. All of us can all this chaos all this fighting all It is being done in order to build particular movement, so start with the outright. Why did they have their Allie around the writ. The Robert E Lee statue in Charlottesville Virginia in the first place. Well, they chose to, protest and local for two reasons: one their actual white supremacist who find the arguments of the confederacy attractive about the racial supremacy of whites, two black, More importantly, the real reason they did. This is because the no, there are many non white supremacist right there. A lot of people were not white supremacist, who also oppose getting rid of the Robert E Lee statue on other grounds, historic grounds, cultural grounds, the grounds that made this? Is a good opportunity, teach their children about
evils of slavery and the problems and confederacy hid the what the all right used. These statutes is rallying cry because they're trying to draw closer to norms raided they're, trying to say the normal people who don't wanna, get rid of a statute by loophole show a vast majority. Americans are not interested in getting rid of the statues, including important samples majority of blacks. The idea that everyone wants to get rid of the statute is nonsense. The all right knows this, and so they pick a cause, they think has majority support like Let's not get rid of this Robert E Lee Statue Where then, they rally around that opening to broaden their cause, so the left reacts in exactly the flip side way. So, just as with Dylan Storm roof. The left decides that its very important now to label everyone who is their opponents are naughty whatsoever. And who opposes getting rid of the statues, is now a member of the right according to left. According he found the hard left, there are no good people who believe that, Now is not the same thing is what trumps interim said. There were good people who want to that. Rarely on Friday night, I seriously doubt that, but what the writer
saying is that there are some good people who believe they should get rid of statue. Undoubtedly true, the left the saying there are no good people than there aren't other people who believe they shouldn't get rid of the statue and it is the same thing with confederate flag. The idea was anybody who flies confederate flag must be a redneck racist who wants to murder black people wasn't true, then it's not true now and for about statues. Have a president Trump or President Trump also is acting out of political convenience. Some left has no broaden the rubric of guys to include anybody who opposes getting rid of the least statue so trumpet bonds by defending anyone. Anyone who doesn't want statues of letters down as decent. This is why he's tried to broaden the art right he's tried to say that not all Are there a lot of decent people? Don't want to get rid of least statues, but you know those people hang out with white supremacist on Friday night right, that's the problem, so everybody is now so so it's the worst of all worlds. You got the outright trying to unite with enormous who don't wanna get rid of the hour of the confederate stature, and then you ve got the left
trying to unite the Normans with right by saying all of them we don't want to get rid of inveterate snatching than you have prancing saying on behalf of the norm is well You know, we're sort on the same side is the all right. I don't wanna get rid of the confederate statues, and so we end up with his this very, very polarized politics and you're, seeing it on the left routinely in. I think the left started this by by trying to use the confederate statues, flashpoint and suggesting that everybody who wants to keep them is but I think the right and the alt right jumped on it, and now the right is falling into the trap, and then I don't say that the right should get rid of the statues, but I think that we should at least stand which arguments are really going on. Ok, yeah There are really going on or not the honest arguments, and we talk about the honest arguments over confederate statues in just a minute, because there are honest arguments on size I really do see them. But I really see the honest arguments on both sides and I'll tell you about them. But first I want to say things you two hour sponsors over at each body on demand. So you wouldn't know it. Look at me, but do I'm chiseled? Ok, I am just a month
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the entire platform for free for free for their trial. Memberships, you get that trial. Membership and again this step by step programme, dies we're gonna calendars, comprehensive nutrition plans, everything you need for working everything you need for being healthy and living a healthier life. You can do a beach body on demand. All you have to do is text the word Shapiro, so thirty, thirty thirty, of course, by taxing Shapiro to thirty thirty, three, you're, also letting them know that we sent you as well. Ok, so now want to go through a couple of the actual honest arguments with regard to the can, red statues, because the only reason we're having to submit in the first place as everyone can demagogue it. So they all right. Can demagogic pretend that everybody who opposes them wants to wipe away american history and they are religious, siding with the normal American. You ve got president Trump demagoguery it by saying that there are lots of people who oppose getting rid of the confederate statues. Therefore, a lot of people on Friday night here with this way The premises are fine, and then you have left demagoguery it by saying anyone doesn't want to get rid of the confederate. Statues is obviously
in evil, NEO Confederate everyone's demagogic itself. Let's talk about the actual arguments here so this morning, President Trump tweet out three tweets on this. The first week he's sweets he's make into sad to see history and culture of our great country being ripped apart with the removal of our beautiful statues and monuments, you can't change history. You can learn from it. Robert Stonewall, Jackson, who's next Washington and Jefferson so foolish. Also the beauty, it is being taken out of our cities, towns and parts will be greatly missed. Ever able to be comparably, replaced. Ok, so he's basically making three arguments here, and the first argument is that statues of confederate history should be left up. Preserve our history and culture. He's not the only one who made this argument before kindly to rice has made it from a slightly less from us
this positive plenty of yours kindly cerise, making pretty much exactly that case. I am a firm believer in keep your history before you, and so I dont actually want to rename things that were named for slaveowners. I want to have to look at those names and recognise what they did and be able to tell our kids what they did and for them to have a sense of their own history when you started wiping your history sanitizing, your husband, it make you feel better, it's a bad thing: ok, she's, making the same case the trumpets making- and I agree with this basic case having this case is basically right- that you leave the ugly parts of your history up to the people, know about it, and also when is worth while, noting that there are a lot of people who are just of confederate soldiers who see the monuments not as hostages to slavery, as I'm offers to slavery, but as a Matias to people who thought they were defender their states from federal encroachment, even if there are defending an evil causing the process right. So I think there is a little bit more complexity than just everyone who likes the confederate statues. Is a racist, bigot, sexist homophobic. Ok, I think that Conny makes a good case
and I think the case there is- is relatively strong. What's under cutting their cases, two premises actively doing what the left thinks most of America thinks about the confederates. So I made that clear. The left believes that most Americans think that these statutes should step because the racist, the actual reason that the white supremacist wants, you stay up is because their race, so it's hard, it's it's. It's a serious problem that the Way Supremacists are too, in using these symbols. As rallying point is really quite demoralising and gives the second argument, the trump makes is the slippery argument. This is actually Trump strongest argument is the one that you made on my on Tuesday. He said that the left wants to wipe away all vestiges of american history. They want to get rid of Washington, they want to get rid of Jefferson. This is certainly true. Ok, there are members of the left who want to do that there is already talk. Al sharpen is talking about how he wants to get rid of statues. People are talking about changing the name. Of Washington DC. We know that, as I mentioned yesterday, University Missouri, there is a strong push to get rid of statutory, Thomas Jefferson. In fact, I showed you, video
From that, I showed you video from advice documentary about what happened in Charlottesville and one of the things that happen is theirs black woman who's talking. She said, Thomas Jefferson House, it's up to and held a slave masters house. It's up there on that hill and we should get that's just another monument that Charlottesville okay, so the idea This stops with Robert E Lee is not true. It will go back to Thomas Jefferson, no question, no, it doesn't have to it doesn't have to, and if we're illogical, I think, there's fairly strong case for getting rid of monuments to Lee, but keeping monuments to Thomas Jefferson The case for getting rid of amendment two Lieber keeping the cave but keeping the one for Thomas Jefferson is that number one. We himself opposed building moments the confederate soldiers, because he thought that it would prevent unity which apparently he was right, but second, Robert E Lee was fighting for a rebel cause to break away from the union. Georgia. Who is fighting to uphold the union. The question when you build a monument is: what are you celebrating? What do you do when you build them? I too am ok, you're, not celebrating and they'll case sexual peccadilloes right when you,
when you, when you build my maternal, hey you're, celebrating his message on race relations, when you build a monument to George Washington, you're, not celebrating slaveholding you're, celebrating his actions in there. Loosened warns establishment of the constitution in his presidency right. These are the things are celebrating money. And celebrate causes not just people who are on the monuments and so that I could distinguish them Rachel Lee was for them billion, what are you celebrating any Celebrate Lee right? Maybe maybe you're, making the case that you're celebrating a man who honourably thought that he was right, four states rights, even though he opposed slavery and or or apparently supposed labour and wiser and after he lost the war was it was mental in trying to rally the country round a common point. Again. Maybe that's the monument is for, but that's conversation with having there's no question when you have a Jefferson memorial, for example, that that is not on monuments, Jefferson's affair with Sally Hemmings- that is a monument to two Jefferson being the Father of the declaration of independence and clearly that at the moment is
for, so you don't have to engage in a slippery slope. This difference between slippery slope arguments. People get this wrong over time. This is the difference between slippery, of arguments and application of principle arguments slip. Slob argument says: if you allow them do a then they'll do be. If you allow them to be, then they'll do see and application of principle argument like four ample: the argument that gay marriage will lead to polygamy. That's not actually a slippery slope argument. The argument there is that sex marriage, redefines marriage as people who love each other public. It can also be people who love each other, so you're applying the same principle and you're just filling out what that principle means rights. That's not the same thing as a slippery slope argument. Is an actual slippery slope argument. If you allow them to take leave, then they will also Jefferson in Washington. Unfortunately, its true argument as the left is showing every day and from is not wrong about all of this now get to the third argument that truck makes in just a second, but for that You're gonna have to go over daily wired outcome right now and subscribe for nine. Ninety nine a month you get
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desired. I got an email from a guy yesterday who tried to make his own by posed by placing a piece of paper onto a hot mug. No, no, no. That is not right. This is the only the inevitable that Youtube. You cannot duplicated. It cannot be imitated the leftist years hot or cold mug you get that I knew nine dollars year, plus all those other wonderful things. Any support us allow us to bring you the shell, which is, of course, the most important thing so go over there and check it out there was a later govern itunes or sound clout, sure they leave us review unsubscribe. We always do appreciate it. We continue. Very, very strong. On the charts. We are by far the largest conservative podcast, asian markets. The third argument: the Trump makes with regard to these confederates address, is it the statues our stated. Pleasing this is a very dumb arguments. So this is the worst of his arguments that will never be able to view to Firefox again, if we don't have a statue of Nathaniel Bedford Forest I'm pretty sure it'll be ok, I'm pretty sure obi that that's not
a particularly good argument, I think, there's argument for some of them like. I think that stone Mountain is an amazing monument images, aesthetically an amazing payment card, these giant monuments until mountain. That's pretty incredible, but I dont think that there are some of the seventies statues that exist on street corners that nobody's look at in forty years. I don't Those are that's a very weak case, as opposed to the case that you see from a lot of a lot of people on the left, which I think is a fair case where they say: hey, I'm a black taxpayer and I don't feel like paying for somebody polish, the shoes Nathaniel Bedford Forest writing that solely there and there is a totally their arguments. Those are arguments we can have the right to me. I'm just presenting you all the arrogance, those arguments we can now we're not gonna have any of those are since we're gonna stand in our various quarters and swim at each other, because that's a politics had become outstanding each in the corners screaming at each other, the fringes getting less fringy.
The fringes getting more violence and things getting worse, and I think that unfortunately Charlottesville may be the beginning, rather than the end, which is which is terrifying in its own right between Anti find and the all right. I just I think things are moving in the right direction. Ok, meanwhile, President trumpets trying to recover from the foolishness of of holding a press conference that was completely counterproductive. His business council basically resigned on him in the sea of IBM presented. Letter, saying we disbanded business Council, he wrote team by now. You ve heard the news we had to say the president strategy and policy form. In the past week we have seen and heard of public events and statements, counter to our values as a country and a company, in his long said, and more importantly, demonstrated its commitment to a workplace and a society that is open, inclusive, improvise opportunities to all. Then they yeah Charlottesville, and then they say we TAT every yours President's Woodrow Wilson, where determinedly
non partisan and we have always lily. Dialogue is critical to progress. That's why join the President's form earlier this year. This group can no longer serve the purpose for which it was formed. We agreed to disband the group. Ok, so they reach disband the group, so Trump tweets out that you can't you can't quit your fire. It is I'm sending the council rather than putting pressure on the business people of the Manufacturing council and strategy and policy form. I am ending both thank you. All ok what and when they, when the issue of liquid, you believe you think from demanded the form or anything to the people. Who are the yeah we're going to leave and then Trump disbanded the forum or they decided to disband it themselves. This is good apparently trump is, is very proud of himself. Its press conference, as you ve, been and is very proud of him for this press conference because it feels like. Finally, we get down to the the root of the battle. Finally,
down to the identity. Politics battle. In fact, Steve said: that's a record you than your time to set the less been engaging in identity politics, for while let them continue to do that and we'll just play off of that. It's not a good thing. The president of the United States should not be celebrating the rise, I definitely politics on the left, even though its destroying the left, I don't think we should be celebrating that it should be fighting it with every tooth and nail in his body. Every bones body should be fighting now with. Instead, I think that he's engaging with it apparently Trump was telling people that he has no regrets. I think that he should actually get the tattoo that has no regards its business You should at this point. I have some regrets about about what state you see the country and obviously is not all trumps fault. It was like this before Obama, exacerbated racial tensions to tremendous degree. Looked a gallop holes, but this is definitely not helping band and, by the way, seems to be in trouble abandoned that they didn't interview with the american prospect. He called up a guy at the american prospect
which is very far less organization and began ranting to him about globalists like Gary Cone and he started yelling about trumps North Korea policy saying there no chance for an undulating military, North Korea, obviously, and and then the guy printed it and so ban has been trying to backtrack ever since I think that it is part of this particular Where is that clearly, whenever disease, the mood Chad is infectious, it is contagious disease. The moon calls up reporter forgets to sets off the record, then apparently ban and says he did the exact same thing, not smart but then maybe on the skids. The easiest thing for trumpeted you right now by the way, is fire ban in and then say listen. I have disassociate from all these people there really bad is trunk. Gonna do that, I'm skeptical am sceptical. Maybe he pyres abandoned, but I dont think that he him Trump is a guy who always doubles down, always doubles down, and that means that if you know he's bluff you should definitely play poker with him, because you will just continue to double down Hobo Owen on nothing. He'll go at all and are not even apparent two's hello.
No, none! You know to seven offshoot, its aids or it's really it's an unfortunate it is for publicans and in a weaker position. So the left has been saying a lot of people. Media became one, do the Republicans dissociate. When do they turn on Trump Jeffrey tube? In, for example, on CNN, he says Republicans I just remind me rebuking, and when will they really turned on him? Now we're talking about whether you can function as president of the United States and he can certainly function because the Republican Party is not going to abandon him Mitch. Mcconnell said he was upset. You know upset when I can't find a good parking place immediately. The mildest kind of rebuke do you. Mitch. Mcconnell is not going to fight for tax reform now. Do you think that the Republican Party is going to stop trying to disenfranchise african Americans like it's doing all over the country, because Donald Trump said something bad? This is what they were
book parties stand on why the Republicans aren't abandoning Trump, because what the left means by abandoning Trump is not a can keep hearing this I'm I'm hearing is actually from some people with my largely grand politics saying you know that if you call balls and strikes on Trump, then you're doing it wrong because you just have to dissociate totally from trucks. It's not a matter of just how do to disassociate from a human being like what does that mean? Did you say like never talk to me I'll talk Trump now? What does it mean to to disassociate from him? I can support anything he does ever. I have to. I have to yell at every single thing he does like. This is clearly what the media would like. Chuck tides has that Republicans have to call out trump they're, not doing it enough, but I tell you: how on earth is the party going to confront this crisis if its unwilling to stand up against the people? who arguably instigated we invited every single republican senator on this programme tonight, all fifty two, we have roughly a dozen house Republicans including a bunch of committee chairs, and we have roughly half dozen form
Republican elected officials and none of them agreed to discuss this issue with us today. So is going to stop the president has lost his moral authority for now and in the process, try to destroy or discredit everyone else's have all of Leaks lost their moral authority or they afraid to find out that the answer, might be yes, ok, so I did. This is it. This is a pity. Media that every Republican ought to be coming out. Yelling about this. Ok, it's a number one! There's someone who many owing about that's right, I'm in a like I've, obviously been very exercised over president trumps failures to dissociate from the from the all right. However, what the left really wants- and this is why I think you're, seeing your Republicans who are resonating to what the left once left is not intellectually honest about what they, Ok, Google I'd like I don't know what they're talkin on that you're high level. Republicans won't say anything right here is here's a Rhonda Mcdaniels he's the head of the Rnc and she's directly addressing white supremacist, and I think this is right, while the president condemned the white supremacist than the KKK and the NEO Nazis unequivocally
forty eight hours for him to do that, but he did it and he should have any dead, and our party has across the board said. This is unacceptable. We have no place in our party at all for KKK Anti Semitism race, racism, bigotry, it has no place in the Republican Party. There is no home here. We don't want your vote, we don't support. You will speak out against you. The president has said so. The vice president leaders across our party. This is the beginning of what needs to be a longer conversation. We are seeing This rhetoric ramp up. We are seeing more violence and we need to take a stand against the location, obviously everybody's, going to condemn such promises. Why won't they condemn trump? Why won't they when they speak trumps, name because they are stand, and this is really one of the problems with political partisanship. I'm willing to say the President Trump did something wrong, so I think I think he did something wrong here, but what you are seeing is it with the left really want. Is they think that you have not condemned from strongly enough unless you embrace their agenda? That's really what they want.
I just sessions is trumps attorney general. He came out immediately inside this could be civil rights violation or hate crime right beside enough here's, what session said? I don't think we should just the allied. We ve got to do it in a matter of hours or guys. This investigation is ongoing around the country- could be too forty five, a civil rights violation, final eighteen to forty five or two Forty nine, which is a hate crime and might be. Other charges could be brought. Ok, so he's obviously, taking the thing very seriously what the left to actually want- and this is why you're seeing there's a pull today. That said, sixty seven percent of Republicans approve of trumps response. That's because, once again, when you pull republicans about what they think of trump you're really polling them that what they think of the media and when you pull republicans about what what they think of Trump there, Julie, responding to what they think of the media, because they know the media are asking them a question, and I think the ulterior motive of the media is to destroy Trump and by proxy to destroy the republican policy and governing agenda. Some people say sure I support it.
From handled Charlottesville it doesn't necessarily mean they actually like our Trump handled Charlottesville, many of them problem in the in the privacy of their own homes and when they discuss what their republican friends are not particularly happy with what trumpeted with Charlottesville but they're, not going to tell that to upholsterer from the Washington Post. And said what they're going to say is fine. If it's you against Trump, I'm a trump, because that that's the way that the left has drawn the battle lines and that's the way the right has responded by drawing about a line, so instead of the here's, the way normal conversation should go right. The left says trumpeted something wrong here and the rights as yet trumpeted something wrong here. Unless as good, we all agree it does not have a conversation goes what happens. The left has prompted something wrong here in the rights as yes trumpeted something wrong here, or they prepared to say that and then what do you know? What? Even if you say from TAT something wrong here, you still agree with him, because you want to pass this tax agenda and so what this leads? who is a sort of a game of chicken is removed
prisoners dilemma as I've. Explain again, there's more prisoners dilemma where the best option for both sides. The dominant strategy for both sides is to fall into the trap of defending them. And so, if you're republican, and you know that the Democrats next step is to say, even if you condemn it, you're still a racist, and you say fine, I'm stuck and economic. I know it real agenda here. Is your real agenda. You slander makes us screw. You are not engaging, that's it. These poles are actually showing. I dont think that are showing the Republicans, racists or bigots. I think the poles chile, showing, as the Republican eight, the media, and so they are unwilling to answer the questions of the media. Honestly, I really and it's what it comes down to ok, soap time for equipping. I like anything. I hate other enough big ideas tonight you big idea, Thursday, I so things I like I just I couldn't stop laughing at this last night? The lesson I went to a ball game? and my white socks who are fifty games under five hundred we're playing the dodgers? Who are fifty game's over five hundred
and the white talks were winning an day. They were winning. Forty two, I never knew young guy named Nikita Monocles, just a terrific where they had to whom runs in the game in a single eye and use plants, rivet, terrific, Whitefield, indict just great layer, everything is going swimmingly and then my job, and I know that the wheeler Gonna come off. So we leave at the bottom of the evening and naturally the wheels do come off, the Dodgers when five or so that, where a lot of fun it, the game is nice there, a couple of people who tweeted so that I was at the game. Tweeted, where I was so. Why I I did some pictures. That was my eyes. Oh hello, all of you who are listening, who were worth again last night, but they do best baseball was not just mean right out of the game last night and which is a blast best baseball moment of yesterday was the worst first pitch ever. This is an amazing for
patch. In this I guess happened at the Red Sox game. Pretty incredible. I mean you gotta, give credit to this guy. This is this is hard to do so. We can see it do destroying us first pitch and the guy right in the NASDAQ eyes, debate outside the jets develop side man. That is not a good first pitch, I'm not sure who, through their first patch but could I see him for bring America together again he's making Amerika great again, I think without first patch, here even tweeted. I think the eighth retreated who knew that America could begin its healing process with it with a fast maldiva testicles. So well done red sash first pitch guy. Ok, now for thing. I hate so the thing hey. Today is a thing that I've headed for many many and many a month, and that, of course, is John Mccain,
a reason in the son, a man who looks like wanted receipt. You left in your pocket and then sent through the wash John K sake: the governor of Ohio, myself, aggrandizing human being ever the person who single. Currently allowed Donald Trump, become the nominee of the party by refusing to get out and let us have an honest vote between tied, cruising Donald Trump in the latter part of the of the race stating for no reason other than he's an ego is digging moron and now he's He wants to primary tromp vision, so he's he's out there bashing trump because he wants to primary trump. Pathetic, isn't just pathetic! Listening to this and hearing these marchers think if you were Eight, nine or ten year old get ready to go to school like they aren't Ohio and are you happen to come from, wish family Irving, Euro, African American and you hear this kind of hatred, and we know about bullying that goes on in the schools and what are we doing? who are children and not condemn these people, who were
there are to carry out violence and somehow draw some kind of equivalency to somebody else reduces the ability to totally condemn these hate grow up. Hey, so here's my problem. Ok, my problem is not with something that he is saying here, but my problem is that John K, obviously has political and ambition and political agenda, and that's what infuses. All this I mean it. It doesn't sound like an honest hake from case to case it has been criticising for Trump by criticising Trump over every large and small, and, as I have said since the beginning of this administration, you gotta wait to turn the needle up to eleven four times when it deserves to be turned up to eleven John K. Six seems like a cynical manipulated. The idea that he's gonna run in the primary against tromp is just idiotic. Okay, if you runs in the primary against rumpled at twenty percent of the vote, maximum and it's been, is largely because most of the people who opposed Trump opposed him from the right, not from the left in case it is coming at him from his wife,
so does I can be helpful at all John K, sick, I? U egotist! It is largely your father Donald Trump One, the nomination, the Republican Party in the first Place- and here you are doing this routine- just go way just go away, ok, so willing, backer tomorrow. I implore you again. Everyone. Try to have a nice day, and then tomorrow can talk that nice things. Andalusia mailbag tomorrow's that'll be fine. At least I'm sure this is the bench of Hiroshima. Yeah
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