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Ep. 368 - Like A Phoenix From The Ashes

2017-08-23 | 🔗
Trump travels to Arizona and delivers a barnburner, the media go nuts, and Antifa takes to the streets.
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President from goes to Phoenix and things get wild. Espn decides that it has to shuttle away some asian American New named Robert Lee, because they don't want no offense people over the confederacy and the media does something so stupid that it may get Trumpery elected. I'm bench appear. This is the bench of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Wait to discuss this ESPN story because it just demonstrates why no one is watching MSNBC with footballs ever again, why they are dying. Why they deserve to go. It's really horrifying possible Goethe, in detail, president trumps, barber of his speech in if Arizona last night, it was chock full of it. Entity and fun and joy and weirdness it was, it was all the things. Make, those who have trouble trump and all those who hate from hatred? That was all of those things and more in the media files right into his trap, every single time,
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The situation in child still happened at the University of Virginia Campus in Charlottesville, and so they were going broadcast. This game is Football Game University. India and one of the announcers names, is in Guy named Robert Lee gets the name of one of the announcers. Yes plan announced that they would not allow Robert led to announce the game because his name is robber is like Robert E Lee and they're afraid. People might be offended by his name. No, I am Joking he's an asian guy named Robert Lee. Ok like that you might be. I will tell you she, people apart, this is fifteen. Maybe I'll tell these two people apart, Robert E Lee and Robert Lee can't you may you might actually be able to see the difference between them itself, It is rather striking they do not look the same in anyway, because yeah Yet these two mixed up is because you're stupid. First of all, I think the great mistake here by European is assuming the college students Noble Robert E Lee, as they have no clue. Robert E Lee is but in any case
a deal that we can have a dynamic Robert leaned asian Guy announce a football game because he has the same name as Robert E Lee is totally insane. It's totally insane, but demonstrative of why people stopped watching he s been because, yes can. That's not all people Spain has a lot to challenges from online from the fact you can see clips of your favorite games without having to watch them our of sport centre, like you did when I was a kid, but one reasons that he has been is losing the oars because they are so damn politically correct, and this is just another piece of the puzzle: yes, can release to statement from Appomattox. House. Apparently they said we collectively made the decision with Robert to switch games as the track events in Charlottesville we're unfolding simply because of the court and into his name. In a moment it felt right swap it, is a shame that this even a topic of conversation. We regret that who calls play by play for a football game has become an issue. And then and he has been executive sense, a piece of mail to Yahoo Lee of New York magazine. I said this: wasn't out offending anyone. It was about the reasonable possibility. Because of his name he would be subjected to means and jokes and who knows what else think about it rapidly comes
do a gaming Charlottesville the reactions Switching a young anonymous play by Plague Cyprus, streamed ACC Games off the chart reasonable prove that the Means possibility was real. Ok finds there can some means jokes? Who cares? It would ve been funny. I call down everyone. It wasn't like Asian an answer of college football. Robert Lee was coming to town because you want two reinflame. All the black people like debts, that that wasn't a thing and is it one protests in Charlottesville are happening. We raise with him the notion of switching games, something we do our best I wouldn't make him we asked him. Really mutually agreed to the switch, no big until someone leaves it to embarrass us in him. They got their way. That's what happened! No politically correct efforts, no raise issues. Just be supportive of the young. I felt it best to avoid the potential zoo or Alternatively, yes went to him, they said the initiated. It's a. We raised the possibility. Times than trying to blame it on Robert Lee Robert, we would have none he applied, Stonewall Jackson, his agent to argue with them, and when that failed, he tried pickets charge.
Didn't work either and eventually he was moved off. The Charlottesville Virginia get its didn't just inside. I love that the left has been President Trump is totally crazy when he says that we would want to remove things like George Washington. Statues are Thomas Jefferson statues how dare burger You're Donald Trump suggests that we would go overboard with this stuff, you just ban in Asian Guy named properly from announcing it even Charlottesville, because he has the same name as Robert E Lee was stupid in fact needs even dumber than there. The Oregon, Schoolboy wants to remove the name Lynch from various buildings, because their named after peep was last name is Lynch not after lynching, but they think it might be offensive. You know who else would be funded by this, maybe like Loretta Lynch as a former attorney general under brought about Lynch, be black running back for these Seattle Seahawks, but apparently will were now so stupid that we can tell the difference between this dude and this dude. We can tell the difference between Robert leaned robber
Ellie. You know they live two centuries apart and I look, nothing one another and do not share, and that MRS Iii or apparently a mental initial, so pray Pretty may have amazing work, ESPN, the same network that tells you the Caitlin Jenner is the the US is heroism, Caitlin Genera, who has not been athletics, relevance and before I was born and gushed overcoming Cabernet can spend time. Seeing how common cabinet must must must be put on the playing field, and they had several announcers. This week suggests the national anthem you shouldn't be played against the black people in the NFL, wouldn't have the burden of trying to Neil during the anthem. You wonder why cartooning out your network is because Europe morons. That's that's why they're turning out your network? Ok with debt as backdrop we can now discuss president from Beach in Phoenix. You wonder why things are so politicized, it's because the NIT picking the stew De the minor point making on both sides is just reached. Epic fever Age, and it really is amazing and horrifying, so trunk posavina to speak and there's a lot of hubbub in the streets about Trump speaking.
Some protesters show up to two yell at the other. People who are coming in and they get by, in the end they get terrible. I do want to show you one club of the is the greatest clip of a protest or I've ever seen this one protester, who decides to kick a gas canister back at the at the police. Officers and things go wildly wrong from this clip nine. This is pretty pretty amazing stuff. I will never get over loving this Mr Leinen has ended, teach it. I want you to ask for their walk the path. We believe you right now to go out, and there goes the cabotage Jersey doing better blocking Worthing colleague gambling zoning years, not stray dogs, our ability to see that again, because it was just you wonderful inspector
were I alone, then you just someone the protesters go in there and he was right in the cracks and then your thumbs Gallagher Cabinet to save him and offer the nationalistic of announcing the Dragon I have an army full of loyal listeners who, like me, in videos like this, I need someone to need someone to cut a video of this with the music with did it with the I can member, they the name, the songs. I will always love you. I need to any TAT Don T Don T done and then right is it hits when the crash. I need and will always love you that's. Why need any that? So, if you do that outwitted out, because that will be amazing thanks, hey ok, so I just had to show that, because little light, hearted revelry never heard anyone except right in the balls so that pretty pretty spectacular trump. In speaking inside the arena, and in his
reach is wow General John Callaghan Bit Beth it is always a general Kelly was the guy- is trumps new chief of staff and he's gonna be like Tom in from Gamma thrones at this point is like walking over that window and taking a had her because, my goodness, my goodness use to have from under control from gives what I thought was quite a good speech on Afghanistan, and I predict that yesterday on the programme, I talked at length about why I thought the trunk was doing a lot of the right things in Afghanistan. Then from like you know what I can't look like, I know them doing boom and then it goes to Phoenix just starts ranting. Now, what's amazing is that the media? will always pull trumps chestnuts out of the fire, no matter what for as the media will always do something stupid or it's just I do they call it the Shapiro law, the media, no matter what Trump does the media will do something dumber than eventually forces people right back into trumps core and that sort of what happened yesterday, someone
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and the amusing thing about. President Trump, as you can certainly tell when he's off teleprompter, because the difference between trouble on teleprompter and drove off teleprompter is stark amazing. So here's from on teleprompter talking about you're right, he's doing needed routine that all these president's do Bush did it about how Mine is a movement of Lear. It's love. People love like my love. Well, you d I envy lobbying. I love it go our movement is a movement built on love, It's love for a fellow citizens, its love for struggling Americans who brindle behind its built. I you understand love except for the media. They are either and I wish that a steamroller would run them over just like at the end of the present Roger Rabbit paper. You remember that the judgments rolled over and then he been flat and inside pop out its occupants
I wished to steamroller would do that too. Like Jack Capper is the worst. I hate this paper paper paper. Ok, here he goes talking about other people. He doesn't love. What happened in Charlottesville strikes at the core of America on teleprompter tonight. This entire arena says united in forceful condemnation of the thugs who perpetrate hatred and violence, but the very designers media those people right up there with all the cow- and I mean really dishonest people, the media and the fake media. They make up stories. They have no sources in many cases they said a sore says there is no such thing, but they dont report the facts just like that Don't want to report that I spoke forcefully against hatred, bigotry and violence
strongly condemned the NEO Nazi, the wiser premises and the gay gape? Ok, so drunk now feels to reiterate his entire Charlottesville response, which again is really stupid. Politics. He just did a p m in here. This is now the third time Second time is the second time he is now swivel back. I'm Charlottesville respond, so he gave the proper Charlottesville response a week ago yesterday right. It was you gave it on the Monday before last Monday, he gave his the proper Charlottesville response, which was the state about white supremacist indicate a k, a NEO Nazis and the next day it is crazy press conference where it talks about what is the already? Does anyone who knows how to spell it, and then he did the routine about very time. People remember he did all of this and then on Monday, he did his speech about Afghanistan. Work. Ok, we're done with this. Ok, we can move on with the new cycle, but no now and Venus He feels the need to reiterate this and he related get dishonestly. Ok, I'm just gonna be honest about this. The way the trumpery litigated. This thing is, you read his,
regional statement, but he left off the key words. We said that he had condemns the agreed just display of hatred, bigotry and violence. Here is Trump trying to rehash this case, but he leaves off a few key words. Because you know where my heart is. Ok really during this will show you how damn designers these people are so here, My first statement when I about Charlottesville, and I have home in Charlottesville, alot of people don't now here's the firs Campbell they haven't figured that one out yet now they know now they finally now- but I just I- don't- want to bore you with us, but it shows you how dishonesty and most of you know this anyway. So here's what I said really This is what I said on Saturday we're closely for knowing the terrible events unfolding in Charlottesville Virginia. This is me speaking. We can-
I in the strongest possible terms. This is ages display of hatred, bigotry and violence, ok and then there. Do you remember what he said next in his? your press conference, he said on many. Besides, I that that was the inspire controversy, legitimate means higher controversy, with words that he just failed to read from the piece of paper. Ok, so He is really getting this and purpose Henry litigating. This is because not a lot really unifies the republican Party. At this point there disagree it's over foreign policy on Afghanistan, their disagreements on immigration, their disagreements on taxes, their disagreements on infrastructure. There are disagreements on reconciliation, verses, verses attempting to I'm through bills that reconciliation their disagreement. On virtually every issue under the sun. But there is not a lot of disagreement on the right side of the island, the media suck and the reason that people think the media suck. Because they respond emotionally to everything, There's been a motion, so this is where Trump is really going. He decided to make the focus of this
attacks on the media and attacks on anti for two things that the Republicans and conservatives rightly dislike. Ok here is from going after antigua- is pretty Spectre there are actually No, they show up in their helmets and the black masks they ve got club, so they got everything and develop. Do you know I was gonna. Do it in things like an I'm, just gonna have to take us with great care and into it. Now this cannot be. Is. This is present in trumps, anti facade
It is supposed to a about That would his genius well done. Well done. Ok, so back to the speeches. A good antivirus ripping other media? And then you start talking now he's leap in the media, which did this is what his people love about him. They dislike the media so much that anybody who will just insult the media for the purpose of insulting the media is worthwhile. So here is Toronto. Now he was a good student hint, no evidence of this, and then
about how he has an Acer houses than any of the people in the media, pretty amazing stuff. Then I was a good student. I always hear about the elite. You know the elite narrowly. I want to better schools. Are they did? I was a better student than they were. I live in a bigger, more beautiful parliament and I live in the White House- do which is really great I think you know what I think where the elites then the elites as an, I think what he would do. You guys. They really numbers like wait, a second even ripping on the elites like years, where what now as it, but I don't care because poop on them, you see poop. It comes out here, but right on the back, soberly, and then he goes. Further then he gets to the real me to marry, gets angry exercising that media throughout the speeches. Saying that the media are turning off the cameras. He keeps saying in the back they're turning off the cameras. They won't show the crowd. He says, CNN, cut up CNN cut off the cameras. People are
watching him say this on CNN or use are clearly true many saying they won't show the crowds. Every feed is showing me every single one, so either, but people on my side peep on the right. You don't care about that, because we think the media or dishonest and as I was the Shapiro rule will begin to applying. Just among these I'll show you how the media blue this wide open in ridiculous fatter. Here is Trump saying: the media are unpatriotic. These are real really really dishonest people and they are bad people and I really think they don't like our country. I really believe that. And I dont believe they're going to change and that's why I do this if they work I would never say at the outset, people giving a platform to these hate groups is. The media is often the fake news that so funny looked back there. The live red lights, turning turn those suckers affairs makes it did they weren't they.
And the other people laughing and jeering I'd so druids, none of it was true, will get worse if both now and then he talked about his favorite media outlets rights are, of course, of course he see. This is what stupid, is that I think that there are people at are trying to do a good job and covering the president. It doesn't help them when the president into Is there any more than it would have helped MSNBC for Brok Obama to endorse their coverage? If you think the fox is doing a good job. Mr President, no. He feels the need to do talk about facts and Fox is treating him barely been everyone else's remained to him and who are the fairest of all the fairest people. You guessed, it shone Hannity. You have some great networks. I must tell you Fox, has treated refer, we were treated me I'll. Let you know you know what some day they might not treat me fairly and I'll. Tell you about it.
But they ve treated me fairly, and I don't mean all good. I get plenty a bear on Fox too, but at least it within reason and how did he? How good as added he sat by the way is the transmission Hannity almost every evening, that is, that is an ongoing rumour and sort of media circles. So all of This is to say the trunk is now trying for a punch in the media because number one feels that the media is unfair to him but number two, because he understands that. What unifies the Republican Party right now is not policy. It's not him. It's not the Congress. What unifies him is this up additional feel toward the media. Now. The thing is, the trump actually did makes news in this speech. It wasn't just him railing against the media in typical, trompe in fashion for half an hour, yes, you made some news and middle of speech. For example, he dumped the news that he was basically a pardon sheriff jar. Pile who should be pardoned sheriff Joe, is the share of Guiana Maricopa County, very colorful guy. He was famous for addressing all of the inmates in pink theirs
restraining order that was put out against him, suggesting whose engaging in racial profiling. He did not believe engaging and racial pro violence we can do and what he was doing. So they jailed him for violation of a court order, and from is saying that he's gonna pardon him, but he had said beforehand for the speech that he was in a part of him in front of a crowd, but then he basically said that you ve been a part of him in front of the crowd. Do the paper in this room. Like sure of Joe, was sure of Joe convicted for doing his. Job, that's what we should have had a jury, but you know what I'll make a prediction I think he's going to be just ok, please let loose actual knows any makes more actual nosey says that when it comes to the border, while he's two he's going to check out he's going to countenance government shut down in order to get his ball.
And we are building a wall on the southern border, which is absolutely necessary that war now the obstruct shooters Democrats we'd like us, not to do it, but believe me. We have to close down our government. A building that wall? This is on there's other news that he may be talked about getting where the filibuster rule he talked about how he was ripping on Jeff Lake and John Mccain, not by name not by name but whose ripping on all of these people in any topic, who's gonna terminate NAFTA. There are some actual needs and reduce the media's response. That was really astonishing. Talk about media response in just a second, but first I want to say thank you answers over a? U s easier. So, two years ago, there's gonna Steve manage and whose attacked by a three hunter, How do they took four grown men just to pull him off, but the man was attacked again and see quick, realize the only thing that was going to stop the attacker was a bullet, but after defending himself he was the guy who got arrested so learn our pouring then after two years, a gruelling trial and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Steeples final
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in Phoenix before we get to the insane media response. President Trump also talked about Jeff Lake, you talked about John Mccain that's filibuster rule one will do the next one. He talked about how me how he didn't want to mention any names but clearly means John Mccain here, didn't want mention any names but clearly means John Mccain here. As far as Obamacare being being maintained want one Juan vodka, you're the crowd chatting Mccain's name. We were one vote I think of it so the Republicans out again, you have some great senators one vote away from repealed, but you know they all said. Mr President, your speech was so good. Last
please please, Mr President, don't mention any names, so I won't. I oh, yes, the zeal areas, olives, advisers, John Kelly, right now, oh my god, I told him to do this in here attacking senders and on party Arizona is a purple state. Now, ok, there are democratically elected in Arizona if Jeff Lake or John Mccain were to go down if they were to go down to some sort of primary challenge, and then they would lose The sea doubt beyond Trump sought to say their authority candidates in Arizona there may very well be, but this attack on his own party is pretty astonishing. Actually, so all of this is news all this is news, but the media find a way to blow at momentum. But that in just a second, but for that you're gonna have to go for daily wired. Our common subscribe for nine ninety nine a month. You too, you can get your subscription to daily.
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Podcast termination, ok, the meat a could cover trumps rally in a variety of ways. They could report the news from it: the self about NAFTA, the self about the government shutdown they could report. The things that he said- that our material instead, the media fall right in trans traffickers, trumps entire trap is this: he tells Americans a guys, the media the very mean to me the very unfair there, all the time they were hatred. They hate you. They hate me they hate America they hate. So what he's really saying is the media are an emotional machine dedicated to my destruction and work with them you need to do to counter that, while they will need to act and dispassionate fashion, they will need to go on tv and set it up from gave a speech, and I very well received by his crowd. Here are the things he said: there are factually untrue, then you take them off together, a bunch of them like in the middle of the speech. From said something about how clean coal is about, taking coal and cleaning it, which
make any signs how'd you clean coal, clean cars, Finding new methods of mining that are actually there that are there are cleaner for the environment, but the media instead of critiquing. These actual points from speech or saying in a president from his attack on the media, because he's attempting to disrupt but here is what the real agenda was in this particular speech. Instead of doing that, the media just decide to go absolutely not to download on CNN hee hee, had a segment last night with the Edinburgh in which they, basically sat around talking about how Trump was crazy. How troubles is nut and down lemons and a monologue? Last night, immediately following the speech in which he ripped president trumped up and down talked about, President Trump was obvious now qualified how he's trying to start a civil war. This, of course, please write neutral. Hands, because his entire based believes that the media are out to get trump and so the more you act like this, the more you tell his base that Europe that their right and about the people who are in the middle there we're in the middle just use, lap fight, they don't necessarily side with diamond
over Trump NATO necessarily cyber tremble resign, London, but they look at this in legal terms, latin media. The media look like their slapping him back. It looks like just to look the clown fight it like I, it looks like you know, in old, in old boxing match between a couple, a three hundred pound Ladys, I mean that's what this is like so here's down lemon slapping trump in a way that that actually helps Trump he's unhinged. It's embarrassing. I dont mean for us the media, because he went after us but or the country. This is who we like the President of the United States and who is so Piddock petty that he has to go after people who we deem to be enemy like an imaginary friend of a six year old. His speech was without thought was without reason. It was devoid of facts. It was devoid of wisdom. There was no gravity there was no sanity there. He was like a child blaming a sibling on something else. He did it. I didn't do it. He certainly open up the race wound from
I'll tell a man clearly wounded by the rational people? who are abandoned near him in droves, meaning those business people and the people. And Washington now, who are questioning his fitness for office, whether he is stable, certainly journalism advocacy that help from or does it hurt. Him is my view that is help, strengthen trumps entire narratives, that the media are out to get him billions on lemon says: such an I'm sure diamond fields, all the stuff when he says all this stuff. All it does. Is it grants credence to trumps argument It is an emotional response, because, again, dispassionate analysis should be wanting. That's not what you got Media last night, Lord, so dont want MSNBC actually cut into the speech in order to save the Trump is lying about the media they do. Indeed, sorry about me. I know of its honest to force. This is the pleasant lying about the media. He is telling his audience that the media lies about him. The president just quoted his remarks on Saturday after Charlottesville and
falsely quoted his remarks. He said on that Saturday. We condemn in the strongest not months the terms agreed just display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many odds on many sides. He repeated that twice. He did not include that. Just now, in his he's lying to this audience about what he said, and he is lying to this audience about what the media said about what he supplicated nature of media. The nature of tv is that you the nature of media and the nature of tv is that your emotions come across even more than your word and its obvious that learn to do now is very pest, but is he pissed because he's lying or Japan, because Trump is lying about the media? Haiti with, because the lie that he just said, from told, was not aligned necessarily about the media, is about what from himself said, what it feel like in this is when media go wrong. The media entire. They their entire reason for being is and the interests of the american people is to defend the trends there even a is to bring truth to the people. If the media
feel that they themselves are insulted. That's irrelevant to the question of media are supposed to be sort of way. Faster in a church they're supposed to bring you truth that supposedly the goal the media, that's their self stated goal. What would happen if you insulted the pastor in your church? Well, Only one thing: if you insulted the pastor- and he said, listen I'll try me is an attack on this particular institution, and you know if you're too, me personally, I can take it, but obviously I feel it. I need to speak. The truth anyway, but if the past or get angry, because your attacking impersonally, you might think that he's an ego test. Well, when you look at the media, it seems as though they are full of people who are just focused on trumps dislike for them personal. Trouble wants to make this personal. That's his entire goal is to make this personal and when the media allow this to become a personal slap by between them in Trump Trump winds trouble because he's the one with the based media don't have a base. I trumps bits bigger than Enzo dials or done Don lemons, the idea that them hang out there and ripping from up and down on character grounds for attacking the media. It's just bad strategy. Put aside
truth are untruth: it's just bad strategy by the media and they are falling. Right into trans trap. These are not the only ones by the way former Obama officials James clapper dangle lied in front of Congress about the nature of the gun surveillance efforts. He goes on CNN and he says that the trunk is enough, security threat. You have you, The question has his fitness. Is he a threat to national security? The president? well. I certainly could be again having some understanding of of the lovers that president can exercise. I, reboot frankly access to nuclear cards in a fit of peace. He decides to do something kill me alone, Others are actually very little to to stop him.
There is no evidence that trumpets done anything like this. I'm policy there's there's a sense that he says crazy things. All the time which is true but again bring on gene. Clapper Obama official to call Trump unhinged is not smart policy, it's also unfair and its end its it sort of derogatory to people that actual mental illness. Like this idea, the Trump is a deeply mentally human being who can be trusted with the nuclear codes lesson I didn't boat for tromp, but this over the top, it is over the top stuff and it's not helpful to anyone. Cecilia Vague, a journalist who was good morning, america- and she said this- was incitement, pure and simple. That's it. She said she said this was incitement to violence is not incitement to violence by resident trump. We all need to get over this. I didn't think it was incitement when Bernie Sanders suggested that Medicare going to that that trumps cuts to Medicaid we're going to kill people I'd only incitement. I think it's stupid. I don't think so. I met one trumps as journalists, our patriarch, I think it's dumb, but it's not incitement. The media and the Democrats attempts to club from to death over these sorts of comments and to suggested
he is unfit for office space. I'm comments like this are you really doing is easier, reinforcing his basis support. We feel it is under attack anyway, and then how much attention to the media actually pay to the riots that were happening outside so right after this rarely happens. Trunk genes, antifraud, don't turn on and then their actual right outside from Anti us. Here is some of the footage.
See shout really someday ones. Wombs, ok, stages, delightful vote there. It there were very near the police were firing. Gas canisters at the attendant teeth.
Last night was wearing flash things now. Can lend credence to what I've been saying. What trump has been saying? There's one thing I think from that right over the past week is labeling Antigua, a group that is enough on enmeshed in violence like war were concerned, it antifreeze going to show up at the speech that I want to give at Berkeley on September, fourteen by the way, I'm encouraging all the people. You know who are forcing them to show up in self defense transceiver. Please do not show up ready to do battle with Antigua it is the police is job to take care of this. This is a good object. Lesson: ok, yeah yeah them transition. There can spend fifteen thousand dollar sixty thousand dollars on extra security mandated by you see, Berkeley, hey, let's watch the police do their jobs if they don't
mobile to blame. You see Berkeley administration and the and the city, police and the and the city government will mobutu blame. So please don't get involved in these in which we in fighting antifraud. It doesn't do anybody any good when anti budget there doing what the police take care of them, then, if the police won't take care of them, approves everything want approve about anti via. So please all the people horsing going to come. Find my speech. I need you to come to find my speech. I need you to come and attend my speech. I will give out the link. We have two would their two thousand seats. We should fill all We want to make sure that you can come, but please don't come cortical prepared for violence, because that's what the police are Therefore, we just paid through the nose to ensure that the police are there if they dont do the job they're supposed to do it tells you everything you need to know its Antigua, that is promoting violence, across the country. I have a piece in national view today talking specifically about the left embrace of mainstream violence and why that's the danger to the country, not some schmuck piece of garbage white supremacist who march with torch with torches if they act violent their part of the problem.
Two by America can survive horrible to use America cancer by violence in the streets. Ok, so time for something I like and then some things I hate and quick Bible talk so things I like this week doing things that are related to blindness self and that his thanks you present interim sneering directly into the sun during solar eclipse so the yesterday, with the day of the profits of the best did the best movie about the about blindness? It's not really Dublin is what is called dark victory and, at the very end of the film there is some involved. There is some blindness, Betty Davis and Humphrey Bobo, in George, Brent, Humphrey, Bogart, actually has a bit of a bit part, is one of the earlier Ronald Reagan is in the film is well. He has a small part, Very charming. Betty Davis, in Victor issue on an Oscar for best efforts for dark victory. She is terrific in the film a tenement old classic romance film, and it is quite good. It's about she she's a a she's. A rich socialite
here's a little bit of the of the preview, actress won Rolex forever by desperation or brother, now proudly present most exciting started screen in the story: the lights before the players Virginia's. I love you very much why doesn't anyone strong enough it can me going to you know, I'm in love with you are you afraid to burn Michael? I will bring the die, what a relief to knowledge or know better than I am
it was not made for the best time for best picture, and she one best address as well in its own time for some things that I hate so Trevor, no, I was, I say, is in a running freeway street battle. For at least funny comedian in America, with Amy Humor and in the third person always sends a very sometimes. I have said that it is John Oliver. Also that I think John Oliver is is better than that. Sometimes I said W Amabel, who truly is an awful comedian, but Trevor Noah He did a segment on his show last night about how he was back in South Africa, which is the country from which he held, and he came back
turns out that America is these. The third Reich so now, I was like ok, this is not a vacation is chaos, but I still had a week of my break live, so I thought you know what I want to go back to America and just she'll turns out. I left the third world and landed in the third Reich. Ok, I know you didn't you stupid. More on you did not. In the third Reich. Ok, I promise you see this I had you see HANS, you're doing a show. You see I mind Family is fine. This is not the third My friend, this nonsense, where you compare America to the third wrath because pray, in terms of stupid crap all the time that is just it's insane and again you turn on the media. Driving people inside front when you label everyone and Nazi it turns out people get mad, it turns out people get mad, it turns out the people have a right to angry when you suggest that America is Nazi Germany in two thousand seventeen
a tremor! No is sitting there doing nationally televised tv show talking about the third Reich in America. Do you think that Hitler allowed people to do that? Its such stupid exaggerate It's not even funny. It's not even funny. It's just dumb and other things so now the Cleveland answer kneeling during the national anthem like enough is enough guys it's just your football players. It's it's ridiculous that the big story Is that apparently one of the guys you kneeled for the Cleveland Round Sway, oh well, now it's beginning cross racial lines who who cares, who you're my four players? Whatever you have the right to do? You're doing, I think you're We're on yes, I think you're stupid. Yes, do I think that you are disrespect also, the veterans were fought and died for the flag for the national anthem. Yes, there are unifying symbols in America, so mean something, and I think it's ridiculous that your kneeling during the national anthem, instead of trying to perfect the union, you are seeking to tear it down and visit people like Frederick Douglass. The great with me, but this is it. This is really foolishness. Harris here somewhere, Cleveland, Browns, doing this routine,
to draw attention to the fact that there is a things in this country that still need to change, and I myself will be raising children that don't look like me. I want to do my part as well too Can I can to raise them in a better environment than we have right now, so I want wanted to take them to me with my team to during the anthem to pray, for our country and I do think that really does the EU. The favour that it really doesn't exacerbate tensions when you Neil during the national anthem. If you wanna pray weren't, you wait till ass the national anthem and then do a team. Prayer and then get out media. What you're praying for is a better future for their country. Why do you have to use the national anthem? Is the ledge really foolish again counterproductive when the left does this stuff? They are not achieving their goals there actually driving people into trumps camp. The let's keep doing this trouble with
real action and in a landslide, ok time for a brief Bible talk. So every week we go through a little portion of the Bible, the Jews go through a different portion of the Bible each week, but went through the entire Bible last year. So this year we are going through the sections of the profits in the writings that corresponds to the portion of the Bible ever read every week. So this week we read from Isaiah fifty two and we just answer the The element of L is considered that we're we're getting close to the data Indeed, the lead up to Russia, the beginning of the jewish new year and a young people, which is the holiest day on the jewish calendar. This is a period of time or used to their for all of the things Dixon for over the last year, and so we read aloud. Literature that sort of about us returning to God. This is from ASEAN. Fifty two verses, eighth returned the voice of your watchmen, They raised a voice together they shall sitting for either. I they shall see when the Lord returns design burst out and so on. Sing together, a ruins of Jerusalem for the Lord, consoles is people he has. Jeanne Jerusalem, the Lord
reveals, is wholly armed before the eyes of obligations and all the ends of the earth shall see the salvation of our God. Don't focusing on that. Second verse for a second part towards has burst out in silencing together, a ruins of Jerusalem is very. A story in atomic that its aim is for Jews anyway, intimate Rubbia, Kieva Rabbit Ebay is very famous rabbi in jewish history. Part of the bar Costa Revolt against roman rule was killed for his participation in that revolt, but rather keep on a bunch. Rabbis were supposedly walking through the ruins of the second temple after The the simple to second Temple and ever seeing animals run through the the ruins of jurists one, the ruins of the Temple and all the Advise were crying, and rather Kieva starts laughing and so on. Friends turn it and they say Rebecca. What's going on right where you laughing and he says I'm laughing because the same prophecy that says that the Thames we'll be destroyed, also says that the Temple will be rebuilt, and I have faith that it will be rebuilt. The same is true for the United States in western civilization. I dont
well we're watching right now that a k of western civilization, the decay of Amerika, is permanent. I think there can be renewed. I think there can be a restoration but requires work. We can have faith in the restoration if we take a hands, it We cannot have faith in the restoration if we fail to take a hand and if we sit around doing nothing and simply lamenting our fate, it's important, I'll, take a hand in educating our children to believe in a better America. We stand up and tell the truth when we see something wrong happening, that we stand together in the face of stupidity and in the face of political polarisation for political purposes that I'll have stand, then we too can be part of arrest. Because that's the restoration that was promised by the founders, you know things may ebb and flow in the United States. But Overall America has gotten better. Amerika can continue to get better, but Only if we stand against random divisiveness for purposes of political gain, if every Do that then were doomed to watch the ruins grow around us? Ok, so we'll be back tomorrow with all the latest breaking news on Ben Shapiro, the entropy Russia.
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