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Ep. 374 - The Scorn For The Heartland

2017-08-31 | 🔗
The worst cartoon in recent history hits Politico, Trump talks taxes, and Democrats start to get a clue.
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Political runs. The most anti Hurricane Harvey victim ever until surely have dough runs another one. That's even worse. We'll talk about the all male Lord of the flies. Yes, Hollywood is doing this stupid thing plus from talks. Taxes are reaction, gonna get tax breaks, we'll find out, I'm bench purely eventually, Russia. Another day. Another dollar were here with you and we're going to go through all of the news of the day. I want to talk at length about all female border, the flies, because I think this is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard. That does not work any sense. There already is an all female lord of the flies it's called with you and it blows it's awful, but we will talk about all of the things. Lord of the flies related puzzle, talk about Trump talking taxes and the left's bizarre reaction to Hurricane Harvey, or at least a few people on the left. But before we get to that, I first want to say thank you
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Matt Wuerker, I believe- and he can't see it. What it shows is a helicopter with the: U Dot S logo on it, I'm trying to rescue a guy. The guy is obviously supposed to be at Exton right and he is sitting there in a shirt that is a confederate a cowboy hat and boots for some reason these genes are talking to his boots, have never met a Texan who actually taxes genes and was both been any case. He's there in a basket, next to him is a flag. This is don't tread on me as you being as being picked up from the waters and the guy shouting angel sent by God and then there's a house next to him in the water is up to the roof of the house and on time There is a sign that says: secede like Texas, secede and then a a little girl on top of the roof and a rescuer who's trying polite jack, I'm a little girl and it is actually coastguard sent The governments are not angel, sent by God, coastguard sent by the government. There are so many
things wrong with this idiotic comic that it's almost impossible to hit them all number one. Let's begin with the the caricature of religious people, this angel. Sent by God, routine, hey. This is so intensely stupid. I can't even tell you the reason this is so intensely stupid, because religious people don't actually believe that angels are going to save them from the water. They believe that human beings can sometimes act as instruments of God. will in saving them. Hey there, there's very famous religious joke. Every religious person knows this job, but for those who are not religion, the audience is something religious people. Tab is a religious person junk, ok, here's the job and that good, but here's the joke gave jokers. There's a flood and there's a guy is trapped in the flood I pray to God, MRS God, please send me help and next thing. He knows a car drives up and says happen, dude it's time to get out of here and has listen. I've talked
God, God is gonna- send me help so the car drives away next need happens, both comes up and the guy in the boats, as jump in in the religious guises. Neural I've pray to God, God will help. Me said the boat motors away and here comes out. Copper in the helicopter comes and says: just guy, do jump in lorries are robbed him he's. There's no real, God is gonna. Save me so naturally he'd rounds and then goes up to Heaven and he says to got hey. I prayed. Where were you in Gaza I sent you a boat of. I think you are a car, a boat and a helicopter. What you mean, where was I hate? That's how religious people actually think of this sort of thing to this idea angel sent by God like didn't, understand that actually the coastguard. It can be both the coastguard and so human beings, can act as angels in times of need. In fact, little known fact about Hebrew that are non. Jewish friends. Probably don't know the word for the word for angel is Moloch in Hebrew toward for messenger in Hebrew, his mouth, so human, Center, an angel are the same exact word in Hebrew. Such demonstrates there's an identity. Here, human beings can act as messengers,
Lord, even when they are acting in pursuit of their everyday duty. So this had this idea that we're all just a bunch of religious morons is is ridiculous. Second of all the idea that this has weren't confederate short, and that means are obviously that he must be a racist redneck. It's worth noting that the precincts that have been flooded in this in this hurricane voted for Hillary Clinton overwhelmingly overwhelmingly. They voted for local and, in fact, the state of New Jersey voted in fewer numbers for Hillary Clinton than these districts did by percentage. So it was much the grass getting hit by this hurricane, so their ripping on the people are taxes as though they are uniformly trump voters, not even true. Finally, when it says it's the coastguard sent by the government, how dear how dear people in Texas, think today they are there. They wanted to see. It must be clear about this. The vast majority of resources that are being brought to bear in Houston are local and state. You're, not federal resources, federal resources provided ass minority of support. That means that, even if Texas workers
you think they're really wouldn't have any sort of coastguard. Facilities takes a very wealthy state text, says: don't nuclear weapons and international dark the idea Texas is going to mean their federal auspices, but still the idea the Texas is going to go completely bro. if it were to see they would be able to rescue their own citizens, is absolute nonsense. Considering the people who are actually rescuing their citizens, are folks who are working for the State of Texas and just because you believe in state sovereignty, just because you believe in state power under the constitution does not mean you're against, be they the government, helping you out with your own taxpayer, dollars net, what we pay for fire services as well. We pay for the police those cartoonist so stupid in every way. But what it's really designed to do is suggested. Texans are just a bunch of loon bag. You don't understand the beauty of government, they just understood the power of government and the beauty of government, and they would
behind a bigger, stronger government and spend more money, and it wouldn't be these crazy trump voters that they are that's what this cartoon is supposed to mean. It's cruel, it's nasty and it's stupid all at once, especially stupid, because the fact is that how are Texans in this they're not sitting around waiting. We rescued vizir picture tweed out by radio Michael bury this is that twelve. This is this is a picture of a bunch of people in Texas, in line can grab that that there is Ok, so you can see the this is giant line of people is that China, people people waiting to get services is that a giant of people and a food bank? No, it turns out These are these: are bunch people in the Centre of Houston or waiting and volunteer. Look at the size that wine hundreds of but waiting and one valid here. Those are the people that this idiot ass had met. Worker is is ripping on in Texas, get those are the people of tax as those of the people who are helping each other.
Charlie. I'm no did exactly the same, retaining some more blatant, Charlie, I'm Joe, which is At least there are equal opportunity offenders they. They went after Muslim, Mohammedan and Islam in such a way that they ended up as the target for for a terrorist attack a few years back. Charlie, I'm Joe ran a cartoon that showed the there that showed a bunch it as do exist day. I don't speak French, citing living God exists and they are celebrating the flawed because a bunch of people, you can't see it, but I will describe to you it's a bunch of hands going up in the higher Hitler Salute and a bunch of nazi flags that are halfway underwater steamers nazis Claude round into the cover of the magazine- is totally captain. God exists. He drowned the NEO Nazis of Texas, again the districts where a bunch of Democrats. Second, the people of taxes.
non universities. This is insane the racial make up of the city is now. Let me give you the racial make up of the city of taxes according to the census of two thousand page, forty nine point three percent white, which includes spent a twenty five percent black or african American sat means that this is what most diverse cities in Amerika and they're. Saying that it's a bunch of white supremacist, but again that the left stereotypes have no end here and there really quite a horrifying and disgusting anyone why people react by saying that double for Trump is because their reacting to stupidity like this is because the reacting to grossness like this ok, so the truth is that the vast majority of you are not reacting well to these sorts of cartoons. Even the left was was a little upset with with political, revealing the hard left biases surely have. Those cartoon is not
over like gangbusters, but it does demonstrate the cultural stereotyping, because on people and taxes, that everybody thinks that people in Texas, our buncher rednecks outside of Texas and their cultural divide, is getting worse, not better to the point where, when Chris Pratt there, the actor set at one point that Hollywood doesn't do a good job of appealing to blue collar Americans outside the major cities and use ripped up and down by the left and enforced to backtrack. It's true, however, is a horrible job of demonstrating what it is for. People who live outside the major cities, Vast majority of people who populate our pop culture. Our folks are from major cities there, people from away I've, looked in my entire life people from New York people from Chicago. They mostly come from big cities, the myth of the person who comes from Kansas, and it's a big in Hollywood. It happens, it's true, but the vast majority of people work in Hollywood. From Hollywood, vast majority of people who write are from New York or Hollywood, the vast majority people making our entertainment or like that, and that's where they have such scorn for people that they ve never met halfway across the country who are suffering at this time.
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verse. So if you actually read Lord of the flies, it is a book about boys becoming men. It is a book about what happens to boys in the absence of civilization, is a book about the violent nature of poverty. Only men and its funding words when all female version of this, because the fact is that one of the things that feminist constantly ripping about men. Is the men, are vital right. This is the regime we got from Hillary Clinton that if Hilary had been elected president there ever be another violent thing that happened ever because wars in history have been man. You got that right. from the feminist all the time, but now they want, Lord the flies, which is based on physical violence being done between groups. I guess that now that they ve done the all female go Busters analysis smashing success in such a horrible movie. Scott Magee. He and David Seagoing made a dealer waters. The new version of Lord of the flies they plan be faithful to the but with one major twist, the other students,
friend on remote island to descend into a savage social order, will be girls, and so here's they say is grim Pablo over a daily wire, the diva Siegel says we wanted to a very faithful, but can temporized adaptation about personal? Why would you have to do a contemporary adaptation of the book is literally a bunch of voice on an island. Then you a lot of updating, he's like it's like you're, updating, Shakespeare or something, and you have to update the language. Isn't there a bunch of cultural totems Lord of the flies, literally, there is a conscious shell that is needed. is the entirety of the props in Lord of the flies getting a pig head, that's pretty much it they can have Lena dead there, the glass of extra. Thank you tell them that. I guess that you could theoretically gasoline autonomous Peggy, which might make some sense, but David, see says. We want to do a faithful, but can temporized the adaptation books as it is a timely store that is especially relevant today with the interpersonal conflict and bullying and the idea of cheap, informing society and replicating them Maybe they sign grownups before they were marooned. That really is not what the book is about. The book is really
about that. But if you read the book, the book is really not about them. Imitating the adults, the point of the book is they get to the when they realise there are no adults here we can do whatever we want. That is the first three chapters of the book. They even read it the entire point of the book. is that men without civilization, descends into anarchy and violence. That's the entire points of the stupid book and is modifications stupid, but this is ridiculous. Magee says the sub matter, is aggressively, suspend civil and taking the opportunity. To tell it in a way that hasn't been told before, with girls rather than boys, is that it things in a way that might help people see the story anew. It breaks away from some of the conventions. The way we think boys and aggression. We don't think of boys and aggression. Boys are aggressive. Ok, I have a, I have a girl and they have a boy. The girl is three and a half years old. She is calm. She's delightful she's, not aggressive, I have a boy who is a year and a half all. I love him very much. He is awesome. He also will beat the living crap out of you if you cross him. Ok he's a boy, that's what they did. That's just what they offer. People still talk about the movie in the book.
From the standpoint of your story telling? It is a great adventure story, real entertainment, but has a lot of meaning embedded in it as well. We ve got to think about this How is the right to work out or super eager to put pen to paper? So They say that this is just ridiculous. A few things about this that are particularly ridiculous. First of all, boys and girls are not the same. Is one of my pet peeves in film is one of the reasons I think I said on the show by Thomas Blonde fail. I think the reason atomic Blonde failed is because the character could have been a man, there would be no difference to the story at all, like legitimately down the disruption of alone. there's, literally no difference in in atomic line between being a man and a woman, any movie where there's no difference in the main characters like an action movie that actually implicates the differences between men and women any movie. That's that focuses on many women being exactly substitute able being exactly the same. It just does not work that way. It's it's it doesnt work. For the viewer, because the viewer knows there. Differences between boys and Girls- here is the fact. Ok, the movie
not work in any real sense, because girls do not act as him. His boys quick question for you how many physical, it's not like yelling at each other and then crying on the phone fight like physical fight have most girls been in because even in very, very few physical fight, if any investment short girls that I know have been in any physical fights. How many fight to have the best mature boys been in. The answer is probably grey than five boys particulars boys fight with each other all the time they have physical fights with each other their violence. Is there arguments escalate to physical aggression in short order, in a way that girls, don't girls, don't sit around smacking each other in the face of not what girls do when I was school, there is, a group of guys would legitimately go to bars, get drunk and sock each other in the balls. This was like their way of having fun. Ok, the idea that there Rosalie. I've never heard of girls. Doing this. Ok is our much more aggressive, then girls, which is why guys joined the army and murder each other. This is why the best majority of murderers in every culture and history have been men-
the women and men are examined seems stupid, Derriman Group, the same way. You know it happen if a bunch of girls got stuck an island together. First of all, we would actually share and talk about their feelings because they like that stuff, guys don't like that stuff. Half of the beginning of Lord the Flies is the guys I dont want to share feelings in picking wants to share feeling, so they murder him case that which Emily what happens in the book? we'll try to share her feelings in an island with a bunch of other girls were just shipwrecked. They will it around in bond over this. That's what they will do granted beyond that girls, don't tend break in the giant groups, now break into giant tried few, thereby studies at the head that have shown There is one from the National Institute of Healthy, came out and just recently, and what they found is that girls actually like to get together in sort of best friend forever come since they were very close. Knit circle of friends right, they have a girls will have their best friend, and that's it right guys. We'll get together, impacts, and they Rome around in packs- that's what they do, because guys are based.
we just chimpanzees like male chimpanzees, they walk around impact. That's what happens in mortal applies. They break down into packed and then they fight each other, because men are looking for physical safety from other men and they ban together to provide their physical safety for one another. Girls in the EP You guys are not deeply worried about other girls physically attacking them, and so they only need somebody with whom they can fill with whom they can can spiritually and mentally bond. That's what they're looking for this Hi guys, don't understand girls and girls on understand guys when guys get angry guys get upset guys get silent. Girls get angry and upset the get very talkative. Girls actually want to talk about their feelings and we'll talk about was upsetting them, guys, tentacles, guys, so quiet and then grows. Look. Why don't you talk to me like this? Is what guys do using girls are largely, doesn't mean every guide, every girl these are generalizations, but these generations exit realizations exist for reason and arson, Typically back here. There's a study doktor by researchers at the National Institute of Mental Health and Georgia state. University and what they found is that girls again like you,
get together in one on one relationships? Be a vast and boys are more attuned to group dynamics in competition? That's not The girls are not interested in engaging in beyond that point. Like sharing regret like sharing. This is according to this, according to the Ba the American Psychological Association quote: Reed which has long shown the boys are less likely to disclose thoughts and feelings of one another than girls. Are popular psychology had positive that boys reticence to talk about feelings was a fear of being embarrassed to ridicule by years, but new research in impress a child development suggest differently, rather than feeling embarrassing finds boy perceive that sharing is simply a waste of time. Yes, this is correct. This is what men think when people want to share feelings were like shot up No one cares came when girls want to share feelings. They think cheering feelings make social on stronger girls are right on this and guys are wrong, but guys are right that we spend our time sharing feelings. Nothing gets done
But this is why you have societal breakdown in Lord of the flies, because it's not a bunch of guys sitting around a talking about how she added is that some of their friends just drown and how they wish they could get back to civilization and how much they must their parents, its bunch, a guy's going. I want to talk a creditable killer, big right, that's what Lord Why is it so? The reason I'm upset about. This is once again, Hollywood is trying to promote this idea. Boys and girls are the same boys and girls. At the same, people who say the boys and girls are the same, are super super stupid in every possible way. Boys and girls are not the same boys camp become girls, girls can become boys. There are some boys who ten toward more feminine beauty. learn: some girls tend towards more masculine behavior, but on the whole, there are massive differences in just plopping girls into boys roles doesn't do the trick its It's so annoying. Can you imagine like Heaven, only beaches Finally, as long as we're just substituting Saxons haven't, we just do all male beaches. You know like that. Meddler bad with that movie right away This ban is an all female. Lord supplies
Do you really want a movie that currently has in it at my Lord? Barbara Hershey and my Bialik, and then instead, you have like Arnold Schwarzenegger and sliced alone there just sitting around. Talking about their feelings, knows a picture on the piano Vernal Schwarzenegger and sliced alone in the poster for the film I didn't think so. Either people can make you understand that human beings, like watching human beings, act like the actual human beings that they see in real life there, women who act like that, it's one it does not say women, Campi action, stars right. If you watch aliens, then you see Ripley right. You see the easy security weaver picking up the mantle, What could be a male ashen private whole pointed because everyone else is dead and there's no one there to save her rage. She has to fulfil that role happens in real life. Do and that's why it that what that's? Why brings true Linda and intermediate or to she's, also forced into the circumstance like the transition between Hamilton and Terminator One and Linda Hamilton and Terminator two's, really fascinating in in Terminator one g, very feminine character, whose being protect by this guy, who has come to protect her
unborn child right protect her from being murdered in social areas. many character in Terminator too there's no one. There. sector, and so she has to step up and do it yourself. It's not the same thing as saying that, Linda Hamilton, Terminator too, should have been Linen Hamilton and Terminator one and told the guy who came back from the future to those groups. All she can protect yourself. Debbie, dumb movie known unwatched imo because it be stupid, ok but meanwhile money on a less light. Note president from two Missouri yesterday to talk about tax zone, to talk about that, but first you have to go over ends. grab for nine ninety nine a month you get. This podcast live this magical unbent. Viable indescribable podcast live. You get it later without commercials. Getting on video Plus you get Michael noses. Interminable show that in about an hour or a couple hours, I guess twelve thirty bigger and reclaim and show coming up thirty as well. Both of these are excellent chosen. You should go wash them in subscribe for nine ninety nine a month to do so, also in view of the annual subscription. Then you get this very finest in all beverage carrying vessels. They left his tears.
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some of the same stuff with Obama enjoy thing. It's a huge deal that in a speech on taxes. No, the hurricane, I don't think you should delayed it. Probably just it seems like a little not now untoward so much, but just today it doesn't seem like great timing. If you wanna make headlines about taxes, don't you in the middle of the worst natural disaster in one of the worst natural disasters in the history of the country Do. I think it's a huge deal. I really don't trump demo read some of that fabled empathy that the media, as he has none of in his speech in Missouri. Here's what he had to say, on the ground in Texas yesterday to meet with the governor abbot, is doing by the way, an incredible job, local officials, so that we could ordinary, the very big and unprecedented federal response. In difficult times such as these, we see the true character of the american people, their strength, their love, and their resolve we see for.
and helping friend, neighbour, helping neighbour and stranger, helping stranger and together we will endure and we will overcome all the time. I don't see a huge problem with any of that and, of course, everything that he is saying there is fine and good their people saying he seems insincere. I hate this kind of analysis. I think it's really dumb this kind of stuff words? They all we're. Gonna read his brain. Ok, there's not like a huge amount of stuff to read their in any case, The idea that wouldn't sit around reading. emotions on Hurricane and Non Hurricane Harvey. I just find absolutely asinine, ok and then he gets into the real tax or from talking to explain what I think is is right and what is wrong here? he says that this is the opportunity to deliver real tax reform and he's committed to working on it.
So this is our once in a generation opportunity to deliver real tax reform for every day, hardworking americans- and I am fully committed to working with Congress to get this job done, and I don't want to disappointed by Congress. Do you understand against AIDS ripping where's, which is fully his prerogative That is actually not a bad thing for him. We ripping on Congress, Macfarlane Ryan didn't get the job done on healthcare, but once again,. We're going to see the trunk is running into some serious problems here, because he doesn't know specifics and he doesn't care about specifics. Just as with healthcare, he seems to be laying out broad guidelines and then see asking that Ryan and Mcconnell have to have them out themselves. They prove themselves in competence that that means that trumpet actually has to get his hands dirty. This is a problem here someone who legitimately is not only not a policy work, he does anyone have bunch people whose around him for real policy walks on taxes like who's gonna pitch this thing, jirga, vodka, who's, gonna, pensioners, things diminution, who is democratical five minutes ago,
Gary cone is still a Democrat. As far as I know, it's a sum stop that he says about taxes. I think is correct when he talks about getting bigger rid of loopholes in complexity he talks about lowering the competitive tax code. This clip forward talks about getting of some of the upper tax brackets on corporate tax rate. Second, we need a competitive tax code, It creates more jobs and higher wages for Americans. It's time to give american workers the pay raise that they ve been looking for for many many years. Ok, so then that's about right. I mean everything you saying there is correct. We do have some of the highest business rates among developed nations. It says that the average business tax rate has fallen is is from cells from forty five. four percent in developed nations- and we are at thirty five percent corporations pillar, less than that in their effective tax rate, but that's because they're doing what everyone does their taking every deduction, they're moving jobs.
off shore. They are moving their money, offshore, their reverse, merging with companies outside the United States. They don't have to pay american tax rates. So, yes, we have to do all those things. He talks about his sort of theory for of of how we are going to helping to bring about economic growth with tax cuts, but five we will, our taxes for middle income, Americans. So they can keep me or of their hard earned paychecks, and they can do lots of things with those patronymics and that really means buying products. Ideally maiden, country. One is the theory that has often put out about tax cuts in general to the middle class. First of all, the middle class is not the hardest hit bracket by any stretch of the imagination by taxes in the United States. It is the upper class that is hit by the top tax brackets. They are destroyed by the top tax brackets, the top five percent of income, please. Let me look at the exact statistics. They pay. I believe something like thirty percent of all taxes, the top one percent
CNBC, not exactly a lot this sort a rowing source, the top earning one percent of Americans pay, half of federal income taxes for twenty fourteen, and that's a pretty astonishing statistic: they'll pay forty five point: seven percent of all individual income taxes in twenty fourteen that is up from forty three percent. thirteen and forty percent in twenty twelve, the bottom. Eighty percent of Americans are expected to pay only fifteen percent of all federal income tax or the idea that it's the middle class tax caught the boost. The economy is not true. What boost the economy is people who have money to invest in the creation of new products and services actually doing that in creating jobs right, we the daily wire have created an enormous number of jobs. Why? Because we have funders four billion, who decided to invest their capital in building a new company and trying to generate more profit and in generating new profit that has made people who work for the company more wealthy. It's made, people who work for the company more employed in all of this is how I can almost She works. No one has ever work for a poor person doesn't work that way can hired by poor person even middle class people. It's
but that they should have more money in their pocket that they earn just as a moral principle, but the way that economics really moves forward. The reason you better products and services for the same day he used to spend an Iphone three you're now spending on an Iphone seven is because their people at the top, who are actually directing this fund toward investment not just directing this fund's toward the toward the buying of things where the National Keynesian viewed the trumpet espousing there axis and twelve is using the tax issue to stump against Democrats years. Trunk dashing Claremont Castle is the senator from his airy. So we must. We have no choice. We must lower our taxes and your senator Platt mechanical. She must do this for you and if she doesn't do it for you, you have to vote her out of the problem here is that Trump is not really gonna. Take a leadership role of Congress, which is what he needs to do. He was elected on the back of the the other, Paul Ryan and Mutual Kyler untrustworthy. They need
to be let around like dogs with a leash. Ok, they cannot be allowed to run the show and yet trumpets. Basically, Caden said let you guys handle it and I'll just gotten stuff for it. I don't think that's going to work here. I don't think that's going to be an effective tactic, another bunch of people who are Trump's so who are upset with him that if he's gonna uses political capital wise using it on tax cuts in the first place and culture has been going after try very hard. She says this is a tone. Deaf speech, wise you paying tension to Wall Street wise you paying attention to. All of this will explain why corporate tax rates need to come down in a second, but there are a lot of US base is not particularly concerned with us and report, Hence in Congress, it's a question of whether get this together, Senator unlikely for mutual. He said: listen if we, get tat of one we're dead. Of course, Republicans had been saying the same thing about it my care of the elderly, and they can get that either. The american people elected us expecting us to repeal Obama CARE and bring about tax reform. We haven't repealed Obamacare. If we don't get tax reform dump we're dead. We might as well filled up our tendon go home. Ok, while they
saying that, except for the Democrats, continue to suck at their jobs or almost doesn't matter. What republicans do in any of this? They can continue to think at their jobs and nothing major, we'll have a note. What's interesting. Is the Democrats indistinctly at their job and come down along two lines? One version of the Democrats. They say, let's hold our fire, let's keep. Let's, let's keep our powdered. Aye aye, let's wait till TAT makes a big issue and then we can jump on him with both you and the other group of Democrats are the people who are still rabbit over the last election and their interests. in turn down from everyday Diane Feinstein was a much more clever democrat and most of them. She, my senator out, in California. I think she's a garbage senator but she's, a clever woman and here's what she had to say about President Trump, that kind of shot her own constituents when she's doing an event out here in California. Look this man, it's gonna, be president most likely for the rest of this term- I just hope he has the ability to learn and to change, and if he does, he can be a good precedent and that's my hope.
Ok, so she said she hopes he's a good president. This is anathema People unless that she smart by saying is it allows her to draw lessons from the money actually does something wrong. It sounds like she's propping up, but you just gonna kick that, that crutch away as soon as it becomes convenience to do so. This is the smart version of what Democrats are doing here is the dumb version of what Democrats are doing your trunk got ahead of the eighth Elsie IO says that he would support trumpets of that so horrible terrible noted, very bad racist, two facts in the White House. You had one for sure that actually had some of the policies that we would have supported on trade infrastructure, but they turn to be races. On the other hand, you heard people a worthwhile work racists, but they were Wall Street. Ok, so the idea that all the people he was. He was trying to do business with them. All a bunch of terrible horrible raises again is kind of funny hearing this from a lot of these. This idea Elsie. I owe their me
age or union issues in the first part of the twentieth century and most of the twentyth century, actual it in The union's would not allow black people to join because they was considered a union against a lot of the freed slaves who we're going to swim the labour market that the union was designed to do actually, for example, the Pullman car strike any in the late nineteenth century was designed to keep black people out of job. So it's funny to hear the union's talk about their their land, racism. Ok, so I want to get you some things I like and then some things I hate that I want to get to. The big idea to take us today is a Thursday, which means we talk about a big idea. Ok, so let's do some things that I like so the thing that I like tat. I've been talking philosophy all week. I stumbled on this new podcast, that's been feature overt Itunes and I really really enjoyed it- how philosophize this and the guy who hosts it is not a university professors, namely Stephen West. He is a really knows how to bring the the philosophers, sort,
down to root level, you don't have to have a phd in order to listen to this podcast. and understand it. He goes through. All the major philosophers discusses their major views in a really user friendly way. I really enjoy this podcast. I think that it's really terrific I actually reached out to him and I it was. It was kind of funny every shot him just to tell him I enjoyed whose work I do this a lot with with folks whose work I enjoy and and he actually wrote back and said. I was in years our daily, the big vans. So thank you I appreciate it go give it a lesson: it's a really good, educate and if you look at the episodes, then you will see they. He goes through everything from marks right now, judging the Frankfurt school. Actually so that may that's pretty fascinating. He's talked about Ayn Rand he's talked about start he talks about Aristotle. He goes all the way back to the beginnings of western history. He goes into eastern philosophy. Talks about I dunno, I mean it's just it's, it's really eclectic and he's done a really good job. I think popularizing. What are some pretty abstruse philosophies? I said yesterday about reading somebody's philosophers in their original language,
early translations is that their motion are really crappy writers. I really don't know how to write very well at all and so sometimes you're, better peering into summary from somebody, who's read them understands that this this podcast is highly recommended. Philosophize, that's ok, other! things that I like some as I recall there was a white supremacist NEO Nazi Guy named Christopher Cantwell. You remember him. We talked about him after the Charlottesville attacks. There is tape of him talking to this report from vice with enormous glasses, in which Christopher Cantwell does ride his point of view on life. I'm I'm here to spread out as talk in the hopes that somebody more capable will come along and do that somebody like Donald Trump, who does not give his daughter to a Jew, sit down, jump at length Maurice lot more ranges than Donald Trump? I dont think that you could feel about raised the way I do and watch that cushion or walk around with that
Furthermore, we are opening the law, we're doing everything that we're supposed to do fine tune to express opinions and criminals are all they get their way, and that is that is about patients, Robin aren't society. Whatever you think of my opinion, that's gotta be something which view in danger, and that is because this sitting is run by jewish communist. That's exactly what its name or nice guy you're, really really that charming. Fellow so yesterday he did and intervene what the daily bees and here's what he said when I come down four per minute demonstration championed by the easier you where the police are supposed to be clear in our own is for our path, and then I find most involved in a riot facing twenty years in prison? I got emotional shockingly enough, one minute, I'm nothing white, supremacist terrorist and the next minute, I'm enough in cry very cry baby. I may gene a human being, so the reason that Put this in things like, rather than things I hate is because I think there is something to this one,
Is there something to this? I don't mean that he's a victim. I mean that bad people are human beings. We have tenancy as human beings to take people who, we think are absolute crap human beings and that a monster persons a monster. You know on the show, I never culpable monsters, the regional local monsters. These monsters don't exist here. There are evil people, but there still people and the reason it s. An important distinction is because we should all recognise their deep down in the cockles of our little heart. We all have the capacity for evil, which is why we constantly be examining ourselves? Are we doing things because we think that they are actually forwarding good purposes? Are retreat people as means rather than ends. Are we looking at the world in the most rational possible way, or are we just as they are? We attempting to just justify our own nasty biases about other people in order to to the actions that we take. Where we all have capacity, I mean it's hard to say but we all have the capacity to become somebody like Christopher can't one of the things that drives absolutely up a wall is whenever people discuss the nazi period makes you just do it
they treated as though it was like a collective psychosis. Just came over germs. my dear just sitting there one day and then Burma miasma of insanity, hit the german people and they were all night he's my range? That's not how evil works can do more when the Soviet Union. It didn't work that way in Germany, there are a lot of people who you would consider very good went along with Hitler because they thought they were doing the right thing for their country. There a lot of the people who went along with the confederacy, because they thought that they were doing the right thing and it turned out your believing something really evil in order to justify their own behaviour, everyone has the capacity to be evil. Okay. This is the difference between the religious and by the way scientific worldview and these sort of posts, enlightenment, rationalistic, secular, humanist, worldview, deposed russia- that did the person like my worldview, the secular humanist is the human beings created to do good. It's only are circumstanced or social environment that has made us bad if it weren't for that social environment, we would have the capacity to raw eyes to the stars. The religious worldview says we are born. usually sinful creatures, their limitations to our good
we can try to overcome them. The jewish view is that yours that you're good sign your bad set are basically for it out. There's some coffee aids are, which is your desire to do evil, and then there's you create you drink your gates are hotels, which is your desires good. I end those are in constant conflict with one another. That notion is a lot closer to the scientists notion of what human beings are. We are not blank slate, as John Locke actually thought. We are much more tend to be the sort of free written vehicles, the deed Hume or or Emmanuel contact about their these. These folks, who thought that we were we were stamped with from its war of nature and and God that means that we are capable of both good and evil. We can all become this piece of garbage UK. He is a human being, is a human being, that's a recommendation for him. It's a warning to us the label human being, isn't a recommendation of evil human beings to warning to us that we can become evil human beings. So that's. Why put this in things like ok time, for a couple of things that I hate?
So my clarity. I believe the professor Overhead Georgetown he was giving a speech yesterday and again he's trotting out this. This same nonsense. They say about Mitt Romney that if Donald Trump doesn't like you, it's just because your black, so you suggested Donald Trump- does like Barack Obama, not because he disagreed with Brok Obama authorities that president, but because he hated the fact that a black man was in charge The reason we are here is, to my mind, this nation, that God is on the throne. That no matter how much will you think you got you ain't got now. Let's be real, we ain't it. much about it today, but we know part of the world Don't know now is caused one guy an obvious hated. The guy who came before when you
Madame Negro, was in charge the anti blackness that we see manifest with lethal ferocity and troubling reality is mirrored in the fact that the ages hate the fact that a black man, I was in charge smarter than you are tired of this nonsense. Maybe Trump just didn't, like Obama, you didn't, like Obama, is like lots of people. This attempt by the left to paint everything is racist, including the things that the Republican take everything Republicans Haters, because races it has its natural outcome in cartoons like that idiotic cartoons some political or the one from Charlie. I doubt if you disagree with my letter Dyson it's because you must not like having a black eye in charge, not cause. You thought Obama was a crappy president. Am I want to get right to the big ideas before run out of time here, so I want to talk about taxes and why it is imperative to lower taxes. Okay, so this is something cobble. Africa is very famous thing. I'm explain you what this
It's ok, basically Laffer curve, which is something that an economist new aren't laffer, basically driven back when napkin, to show to the Reagan, administration and the speed, sort of their guiding policy. What he said is, if you are there, there's tax rate zero to one hundred percent and then there's tax revenue. How much the government takes in if you go to zero percent, the government takes in zero dollars right because it takes zero percent. Memories income. The government has no money. If you take one hundred percent of everybody, The government also has zero dollars because people just stop producing. Why would you produce for a government? It's gonna, take your money anyway, without compulsion, that's the laffer curve shows. so he says. Is there some point in the middle of that curve, where you reach maximum possible tax revenue brought into the government, and what you see is that Strictly speaking, every time taxes are dramatically decreased income to the government revenue due government goes up. So when That's right we're slash dramatically during the nineteen. Twenty is dropping from over seventy percent, so less than twenty five percent personal income, tax revenues to increase substantially revenues rose from?
A hundred nineteen million, a nineteen twenty one to one point, one six, four billion in nineteen. Twenty eight: an increase of sixty one percent in the sixties. Same thing: John F, Kennedy, lowered tax rate reductions, move the top tax regime from ninety percent to seventy percent tax revenues from ninety four billion in nineteen sixty one two hundred and fifty three billion in nineteen sixty eight an increase of sixty two percent, still thirty. Three percent increase after adjusted for inflation under the Reagan, tax cuts, the the tax regime, received by the government rose from five hundred. Seventeen billion tonight hundred nine billion in nineteen. Eighty eight. Now, because the laboratory right. The idea is that we're too far over toward the right side of this chart. But this behind me the left side child were too far over toward the left side of this chart and therefore we have to move back toward the place labelled tee and that's almost always true, because the government is always gonna, be on the side of taking too much revenue, not too little the probable Africa region. people have begun to using the laughter carve as an excuse for what tax rates ought to be
you see a lower tax, or it would be better because the government can then taken more money. The laughter covers a defensive argument for conservative, not an office of arguing, The argument in favour of lowering taxes is not. We want the government to have more money. The argument in favour of lowering taxes that you deserve to keep your own any because you're gonna use your money better than the government well and then, with somebody Well, that's going to lower the amount of money the government has to spend. Then you say well, no, not necessarily if you move the tax rate down the governing council, taken more money because the got the economy grows the whole but people, started using this on. The right is in office of argument. You see we should lower taxes, because then they go and can taken more money. The problem with this is the Democrats, we have the easier argument which is they say what what if we just for actually below that pointy, but we just moved the pointy up. Would you some of the tax right up because maybe we're actually on the wrong side of this court. Maybe if we move the tax rate up, then we'll hit the point. We have reached maximum government revenue, so the it is a defensive argument, not an office of arguments be used, but the idea that lower intact.
inherently leads to deficit, is not long run in the short term. A true because anytime, you lower them. Money that your taxing from people in there Here you can get less money, but over the next five here. It will get more money because the pie itself will expand. This is what they call dynamic scoring when you hear people talking about congressional budget off his views on how the economy is going to go over the next ten years demo. Like to use the call static, scoring assume that the economy is exactly the same and Republicans To use dynamic scoring assume that the economy is going to shift and grow as result of the economic policies that we take today to theirs. the ban on Animal Africa. When you hear people talk about it now, you know what the laboratories whites important and what exactly it means. Ok, we'll be back here tomorrow without delay, to stuff dates and will do the male back, I'm going if this is the bench of Hiroshima,
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